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Geoffrey Boycott

Geoffrey Boycott OBE (born 21 October 1940) is a former Yorkshire and England cricketer. In a prolific and sometimes controversial playing career from 1962 to 1986, Boycott established himself as one of England's most successful opening batsmen.

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.This survey is an absolute dog's breakfast - cooked up in a rush and Australians have to pay. MORE: https…
Hiya Geoffrey Boycott, what's your opinion on Glamorgan tonight?
Penny Wong: Yes this postal ploy hurts, but I plead with you - don't boycott it.
Fresh from her speech yesterday, writes for us to urge LGBTI Australians to NOT boycott the postal vote http…
I was involved in the making of this short film about 's 100th test century
Geoffrey Boycott them, that would really *** them off!
All set for the celebration of Geoffrey Boycott's hundred 100. Delighted are part of it.
📰 Tomorrow's TCP:. Geoffrey Boycott talks hundreds 40 years on from his 100th hundred
Geoffrey Boycott reflects on scoring his hundredth hundred, 40 years on from reaching the special landmark
Great night ahead for Geoffrey Boycott. Celebrating his 40th anniversary in scoring 100 hundreds at Headingley. LN tonight 630.
Good question for - how many different grounds did our Lord Geoffrey Boycott score his 151 hundreds at?
The boycott approach is giving the SSM plebiscite a doomed feel the way the splintered republic campaign killed off the 1…
All this time I've been telling people the word boycott comes from Geoffrey Boycott refusing to play for England fr…
Geoffrey Boycott, The Only Batsman to take 2 days to make a 100, He reminds me of…
Greens source tells me they won't boycott postal plebiscite
My XI - Geoffrey Boycott: Shane Warne: 'I don't remember anyone as good ... via
Senator Derryn Hinch says he hopes the Greens do not advise people not to vote in the postal plebiscite
Sir Geoffrey Boycott obviously...does tha' know nowt?
Where would British cricket be without Geoffrey Boycott? I don't even want to think about it...
🏏 I like to believe that one day, if I am very *very* good, I shall be rewarded with the chance to shake Geoffrey Boycott's hand.
Update to this: the former High Court judge now says he will also boycott the poll and not vote
embarrassingly I wanted to be Geoffrey Boycott .. crikey did I say that out loud ?
nice show guys inspiring but perhaps think again about the Geoffrey Boycott *** hat?
Gone are the days of Geoffrey Boycott, Tony Grieg, Richie Benaud, Ian Chappel and Harsha Bhogle in unison. Nostalgia.
Geoffrey boycott wat do. You about being bowled around your legs
Rodney Croome says 56% of LGBTI community said in poll that if plebiscite goes ahead, they should fight to win it. Only 15% sa…
Watch an exclusive on England, the Ashes, his favourite team-mates ... and .
Oh, I know it's radio, but Geoffrey Boycott on TMS is GOLD!!
As long as no one calls you Geoffrey Boycott
QUIZ: How well do you know Geoffrey Boycott?. 20 tough questions about the Great Living Yorkshireman:…
BT Sport, nearly as bad as the Sky rubbish, thank heavens for TSM with Geoffrey Boycott
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Geoffrey Boycott in the background . "His bat is too far from pad. Any ball in the corridor…
I dunno, it was great wanting to kill Geoffrey Boycott as he occupied the crease ninth day of a Test match on 17 no boundaries
South Africa, please don't take Geoffrey Boycott's graceless gloating as being representative of *all* English cricket fans. Ta.
Can you please get rid of Geoffrey Boycott off your commentary team? The bloke has the charisma of a cricket bail. . Zzz...
Good to see Essex beat Yorkshire at cricket today. Geoffrey boycott, Freddie Trueman, Michael Vaughn your boys have been thrashed
ahhh l still recall the halcyon days of Sir Geoffrey Boycott stating 'Moeen Ali is not the answer'.
Latest: Elsecar go ‘all out’ for and evening with Geoffrey Boycott
After all these years, it's still hard to believe that Geoffrey Boycott smashed up his missus with a cricket bat!
When Geoffrey Boycott heard his 100th 100 was being removed, he didn't expect this... wait until the end! (http…
When Dutch street signs make you think of Geoffrey Boycott.
Ashes under threat as Australian team threaten industrial action >Geoffrey Boycott must mediate
Surprised to hear that Geoffrey Boycott will apparently be making an appearance at Trump's Inauguration
These are stuffs that Geoffrey Boycott would have read in fantasy tales. This is an innings of the highest order from Eoin Morgan.
There's nothing I'd like more than to hear Geoffrey Boycott's opinion on Hales' shot to get out
Is Nasser the new Geoffrey Boycott on air?
Even Geoffrey Boycott's mum is ahead of . She can hit a ball with a stick of Rhubarb wearing her pinny. Impressive
commentary given by one Geoffrey Boycott. Can you imagine?
Trump inauguration boycott escalates // what has Sir Geoffrey been up to now?
Probably not the only one to ask this, but what is it like working with Geoffrey Boycott?
Sir Geoffrey Boycott would have liked it
He was a top man and a good professional. He was one of those who ...
Symonds does his best Geoffrey Boycott impersonation massive fans…
Symonds does his best Geoffrey Boycott impersonation massi…
Geoffrey Boycott's Barmy Army back from the Christmas break, and back for the win! Scoped out by…
Might wear my locket with the picture of Geoffrey Boycott in it. Many a man was repelled by that back in the day. Could be useful again. :)
this reminds of Geoffrey Boycott saying if Eng loses now(target 140)he'll sell all hs property & were bowled out fr 72vs Pak
dunno abt Manjrekar... Geoffrey Boycott was on air though... said "aiyaiyayai ya" cant get it out of my head. :D
Trying to imagine Geoffrey Boycott doing something like this with the Everly Pregnant Brothers via
did you hear Andrew Symonds Geoffrey Boycott impression yesterday? It sounded more like you!
.is to politics what Geoffrey Boycott was to cricket defending his wicket all day long against Q's about what follows failure
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Andrew Symonds does his best Geoffrey Boycott impersonation :D
Andrew Symonds does a Geoffrey Boycott impression and gets it bang on.
If you haven't listened to doing his best in the - do yourself a favour
Just saw Andrew Symonds impression of Geoffrey Boycott . superb. "Back at WACA." Love great impression work.
Just watching the bbl highlights on BT sport.I can't stop laughing at the Aussie commentators taking the *** out of Geoffrey boycott
Happy birthday to Andrew Symonds. Or is that Geoffrey Boycott?!
Andrew Symonds did a brilliant Geoffrey Boycott impression!
Andrew Symonds impersonation of Geoffrey Boycott is absolute GOLD.
Why did Roy wait until his last night in the comm box to bring out Geoffrey Boycott!!! 🎙😂🏏
Which commentator is trying to do a Geoffrey Boycott impression? Its terrible
Okay this commentary from Perth imitating Geoffrey Boycott is Brilliant! :-) Moor ov playz luds
so you playing inning of life like Geoffrey boycott and Mudashir Nazur well may Allah give you best of both world happyBday
Geoffrey Boycott saying "I were wrong" live on air. It'll never happen again.
India v England: Geoffrey Boycott feels Alastair Cook should step down as captain -
I think Geoffrey Boycott's mother can. Even if she uses the ubiquitous stick of rhubarb
when will England produce another Geoffrey Boycott or Colin cowdrey or David Gower
Geoffrey Boycott picked a World XI, has Imran Khan as the leader. Team features the likes of Don Bradman, Garfield Sobers & Vivian Richards.
Gary Mills is York City's answer to Geoffrey Boycott. He says it as it is!
who wouldnt stay up for early morning Geoffrey Boycott comments?
Once I got cancer of the tongue and throat, I realised that stres...
Very much enjoyed the (presumably accidental) slow fade out of Geoffrey Boycott on today's podcast.
Save brain space by forgetting which county Geoffrey Boycott comes from. He's bound to remind you at every opportunity.
I'm fairly sure Geoffrey Boycott would be having stern words with any Yorkshireman caught dabbing.
From the press box in Rajkot - some of the great men of our time. Mandela, Gandhi, and Geoffrey Boycott
so many, but Sir Geoffrey Boycott has to be up there!
Beard Liberation Front condemns Geoffrey Boycott's pogonophobia as he praises Woakes for not having a beard
Geoffrey Boycott wants to know, what would happen if girls didn't shave🤔
Rumours is to head a Truth & Reconciliation Commission to review all Geoffrey Boycott's lbw decisions in the light of DRS
Also some philosophy from Geoffrey Boycott 'Im a Yorkshireman'
Theresa May is 'like Thatcher' says ex-cricketer Geoffrey Boycott.
Geoffrey Boycott described Moeen's 99no stint as "one of his best innings" and "Moeen and Joe... took the game away from India"
Stokes likened to cricket legend after impressive batting performance in India:
Until you've had depression I don't think you're qualified to talk ...
I played football for Leeds United under-18s, but at 17 my eyes sta...
Former England skipper Geoffrey Boycott with his wife at the Beautiful Taj Mahal
ICYMI: full Yorkshire England XI. . 📺 Find out the reasons behind his team selections here:…
Geoffrey Boycott bingo:scoreboard pressure, airy-fairy, don't *** up now HOUSE!
God I wish my radio had a Geoffrey Boycott filter on it.
To have some idea what it's like, stand in the outside lane of a mo...
Geoffrey Boycott says it's a flat pitch & Moeen Ali hasn't missed out - here's how he's scored his runs…
Would Geoffrey Boycott appreciate a picture of a nice roast dinner on Sunday?
Instead of supporting a boycott of the industry, Mr Wilkie should be talking to the sector and the Government.
I could listen to Bob Willis and Geoffrey boycott all day every day
I was moving to the cricket by 03.45am. A more interesting contest (& it has Geoffrey Boycott)
u get in lad.. Old Geoff picks him Sen
🎙 "If one of the three openers had to drop to three...". Who is talking about?. 📺 Full team here:…
Having flashbacks to the middle of the night, listening to the cricket. Even Boycott was horrified by the election. Geoffrey Boycott.
@ fredboycott Geoffrey Boycott: Theresa May will be as good as Margaret Thatcher via
"If he's not nervous then he's a fool". Geoffrey Boycott on 'Baby Boycott' Haseeb Hameed's England debut .
Trump wins and now Geoffrey Boycott is back on TMS. There is no escape.
Geoffrey Boycott on TMS: "How can you say the presidency of the United States of America is more important than England bat…
If Mahesh Sharma visits UK .. He will address Prince Charles as Geoffrey Boycott ..
I didnt like to watch Geoffrey Boycott batting, now I have had to turn off Test Match Special cos cant stand his commentry
I'm struggling to even imagine a young Geoffrey Boycott. I've always assumed he was born old.
Geoffrey Boycott arrives at and immediately berates autograph hunters - "You'll be selling them on eBay"
So excited at the prospect of a Prime Minister who used to have a picture of Geoffrey Boycott on her bedroom wall...
Liked what I saw of Theresa May until I found out she likes. Geoffrey Boycott 👎👎👎👎
Geoffrey Boycott says his mum would do well v Babar’s bowling. Is this how the Boycott XI would get on?
Finally, after a week of uncertainty and anguish, Geoffrey Boycott is calming public fears about Brexit with his usually conciliatory tone
On the other hand it emerges that Geoffrey Boycott was Theresa May's childhood hero.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
I read in Times that Theresa May is a cricket fan and that her childhood idol was Geoffrey Boycott.
boycott Food network Geoffrey Zacharian new show
It's her Geoffrey Boycott lip that makes me laugh... 😆
Presstitutes need a serious drubbing or a "smack on the butt" as Geoffrey Boycott used to say
just read that is cricket fan and fan of Yorkshire greatest batsman Geoffrey Boycott great stuff
"though she had made it known that Geoffrey Boycott was her one pin-up." The viable alternative to Gove running the country
YCCC is pleased to announce that it will be holding an evening with
I couldn't bear to see Geoffrey Boycott manage the England team. You know how many millions of Yorkshire men are out there😨😨
have seen the lightest drizzle at the oval. Been outside the whole time. Drier than Geoffrey Boycott
Politicians who use cricket metaphors should be drowned in Geoffrey Boycott's ***
Geoffrey Boycott and the ghost of Fred Trueman.
"Do you think Geoffrey Boycott could be the next england manager ?"
expanding on the earlier one: Geoffrey Ball-Boycott
It's scrapped! I'm spending the money on relandscaping Filey's coastline into the profile of Geoffrey Boycott
I believe Geoffrey Boycott's mother could do a better job
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Geoffrey Boycott's mom was other deserving candidate
to be new UK football manager. Geoffrey Boycott to be PM of Yorkshire & secede, Boris to give up cricket & lead Scotland.
😂😂 to paraphrase Geoffrey Boycott, "my nan could have saved that with her pinny!"
All 3 pundits are like Geoffrey Boycott with different accents :P
Danny Mills is rapidly 'maturing' into the excessively garrulous footballing equivalent of Geoffrey Boycott. Not a good thing
Ditto James, though a decade or so earlier. Did my best Geoffrey Boycott impersonation. :)
another amazing fact passed on by - did know Geoffrey Boycott has never owned a pair of jeans!!
It's got to be remains of Geoffrey Boycott who was involved in bizarre sex game last night . .
George, originally Geoffrey after Boycott but people got puzzled coz wuz a girl
"I'm. glad two sides of the cherry have been put forward" - Geoffrey Boycott.
"This. can only help England's cause" - Ian Botham on hearing that Geoffrey. Boycott is to coach the Pakistan batsmen in 2001.
Geoffrey Boycott and Chris Tavare were both for
.120* rushes past Geoffrey Boycott into 31st spot all time
I think we should totally boycott this foreign thing called saf n go for our own Equitel. Let that baldheaded man go!
"The world needs to see Geoffrey Boycott on Celebrity Masterchef. Whipping up a rhubarb crumble, perhaps wearing his grandmother's pinny."
Geoffrey Boycott (between 1974 and 1977, and after the 1981/2 rebel tour).
My dream drinking buddy would be Geoffrey Boycott because he put his "heart and soul" into playing cricket.
Legendary cricket commentator Tony Cozier has passed on. R.I.P. Imagine him and Geoffrey Boycott will have a grand time of it together
My favourite commentator after Geoffrey Boycott was Tony Cozier. A great voice departs. - A sad day for cricket.
skip /Geoffrey Boycott changes his bat.Finally gets off the mark, 10 overs after arriving at the crease
Clearly these rabid thieves are too busy stabbing each other to govern Australia.
Abbott supporters ‘planning Eden-Monaro boycott’. they want Peter Hendy to lose Eden-Monaro’. exp
Never been the same since Geoffrey Boycott nicked his ice cream and shat in his cornet
Today I ruthlessly did not let Geoffrey Boycott out of his drive. Feel it was kind of revenge for him not letting anyone else bat in the 70s
YES :) So would Geoffrey Boycott, but he stays at the wicket for 2 days, so I'm first up Scott
Cracks starting to show in Turnbull gov as Abbott supporters 'planning Eden-Monaro boycott to punish MP'
I can't even begin to imagine what is going on in Geoffrey Boycott's with this Root and Bairstow partnership. Outrageous.
According to Harry Pearson's dad, mouth of the Mersey to mouth of the Humber, which would make Geoffrey Boycott a southerner.
oh hello Geoffrey Boycott has had a pint of Yorkshire bitter
That Geoffrey Boycott bit from was gold stuff :)
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Geoffrey Boycott carried his bat and was 74 not out at the close.
First Class cricket during the 1926 General Strike >no evidence yet found of activity by Geoffrey Boycott's family
Since I had cancer I've realised that every day is a bonus.
I say boycott any company that employs the scum in the current gov after they leave politics.
what beautiful prose for a Northern Cricketer! Geoffrey Boycott take note 📝👀🏏
Cricket legend Geoffrey Boycott believes that is a ‘world class’ player. More at
Late but felt. Me on Prince for (incl. guest appearance by Geoffrey Boycott)
Geoffrey Boycott sums up the state of United's squad
TMS' finest, Geoffrey Boycott, summed up the state of squad brilliantly
Journalist Sue MacGregor: ‘Cricketer Geoffrey Boycott refused to speak to a f* woman’
DTelegraph: Geoffrey Boycott 'saddened' as Yorkshire reject his bid to join cricket board
Robbie Savage is the football commentators Geoffrey Boycott
"Why does every Board of Directors need a Geoffrey Boycott?" . (318 views + 14 comments).
Hold the front page, its Geoffrey Boycott. For see page 3
"Why does every Board need a Geoffrey Boycott?" BTW this is how we are in - simply the best :-)
Before you know Geoffrey Boycott will be dragged in. folk.
Yorkshire chairman Steve Denison asks club members not to back Geoffrey Boycott's return to the board of directors.
. In words of Geoffrey Boycott . Even my granny would field better than Md. Irfan and other Pakistani players
Would love to see our Geoffrey on t'Yorkshire CCC board voice of experience v stuffed suits
Michael Vaughan tells Geoffrey Boycott to back down in his row with Yorkshire
BBC Sport - Yorkshire: Geoffrey Boycott should back down over return - Michael Vaughan
Michael Vaughan urges Geoffrey Boycott to "back down" in his attempt to rejoin Yorkshire.
You might like: "Why does every Board need a Geoffrey Boycott?".
"Why does every Board need a Geoffrey Boycott?" Keep the comments (14) coming they're better than the post - thx
"Why does every Board need a Geoffrey Boycott?". (see all the comments too).
"Why does every Board need a Geoffrey Boycott?" on Customer focused critical friends can add great value
Why does every Board need a Geoffrey Boycott? via
"Why does every Board need a Geoffrey Boycott?" by on Critical friends add real value.
Screw this is more important! Geoffrey Boycott: Yorks chairman asks members not to back board return
Yorkshire snub 'disappoints' Boycott - Geoffrey Boycott is "disappointed" with Yorkshire's chairman fo...
Yorkshire Cricket Club are an absolute disgrace. Geoffrey Boycott would be an asset to their board not a hindrance. Shame on you!!
Geoffrey Boycott: I just said to myself, where the *** has this he been?? Stephen Cook looked at home out there.
Martin Johnson on KP in the Sunday Times has clearly forgotten Dennis Lillee's verdict on Geoffrey Boycott.
is this like Geoffrey Boycott's Corridor of Uncertainty?
David Winnick MP was the Geoffrey Boycott of the Home Affairs Select Committee.
Pakistan v England:Drop Bell & Buttler-Geoffrey Boycott - Boycotts right.Bell needs to go and Buttler needs dropping
Hard to argue with Geoffrey here, makes fair points/ Boycott calls for England changes
Geoffrey Boycott 'must be knighted' after new evidence points to his innocence over domestic abuse case.
BBC announces plans to continue employing Geoffrey Boycott despite his domestic violence conviction.
VIDEO: Cricket legend Geoffrey Boycott to use his clout for Yorkshire Air Ambulance: As a formidable batsman he…
Geoffrey Boycott believes Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir deserve a second chance, but “if they do...
Thanks, that's great & relevant. Not sure whether Geoffrey Boycott is a "beloved sports personality" though!
Can't blame Smith,he's an Aussie,but Geoffrey Boycott,hang you're head!
Geoffrey Boycott: Ian Bell should not rush into retirement - England have few alternatives
Never seen batting as bad in 50 years says Geoffrey Boycott
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The Ashes 2015: England far from home and hosed as rivals reveal their flaws, says Geoffrey Boycott - via
Happy Yorkshire Day! Let's celebrate the Dales, York Minster, Leeds Town Hall, men going down hills in bath tubs, and Geoffrey Boycott.
Boycott lashes out at Australia considers their embarrassing day: Former England player Geoffrey Boycott has d...
If you want sports punditry doing properly, get a Yorkshireman:. Brian Moore, Geoffrey Boycott, Jon Wells, Michael Vaughan...
I have to go for three, John Motson, Murray Walker and Geoffrey Boycott.
the next episode will have to be 'Geoffrey Boycott's guide to North Atlantic Oscillation'
Gotta love that guy! He's right up there with Geoffrey Boycott and David Mitchell as one of the great ranters of our time
Geoffrey Boycott slams England cricket; terms it ‘shambolic’: Boycott did praise James Anderson but added Engl...
Geoffrey Boycott is spot on about Marlon Samuels & Chris Gayle. Wonderful talent, absolutely no patience or desire for tests.
IPL is missing legendary voices in commentary box 1. Tony Greig 2. Richie Benaud and 3. Geoffrey Boycott
Until namby pambies ruined sport in schools every child wanted to "be" Bobby Moore or Geoffrey Boycott or Billy Jean at home.
Q: Can you sum up England's World Cup campaign in 3 words A: Rubbish - Geoffrey Boycott when being interview earlier today. Brilliant
Jonathan Trott should be recalled to England Test team for West Indies tour, says Geoffrey Boycott. Good shout or should they go with youth?
Boycott calls for Trott's return: Geoffrey Boycott says England should recall Jonathan Trott for...
It is my sincere opinion that Geoffrey Boycott is growing to look ever more like Miroslav Holub. There must be a reason…
Cannot take Geoffrey Boycott serious even when he talks about cricket, not since he became a convicted woman beater, his opinions means zero
Sat here in Warwick England wondering if Geoffrey Boycott, Sir Ian Botham and Bob Willis can make a comeback for England!
Ian Botham has grown up to be Geoffrey Boycott! :D
I think someone told Tim Southee what Geoffrey Boycott was saying about him on
Just been on John Murray show analysing . brilliant victory over the West out Geoffrey Boycott !!
Geoffrey Boycott says Suresh Raina is "one of the best middle-order batsman in the world"
Only Tony Grieg, Richie Benaud and Geoffrey Boycott can make me watch cricket on TV again.
England bowler James Anderson has hit back at Geoffrey Boycott's Eoin Morgan comments
James Anderson ridicules criticism by Geoffrey Boycott about the batting of Englands World Cup captain Eoin Morgan.
casting an eye on the Big Bash note Simmons has snapped handle off bat. Dont make them like they did in Geoffrey Boycott's day...
Every time I pass this shop, the t shirt speaks to me in Geoffrey Boycott's voice...
Michael Slater's happiness is very annoying here. Off to YouTube to watch 2005 Ashes videos of Geoffrey Boycott bullying him on commentary.
I recall Geoffrey Boycott saying (in '13) that Steve Smith would never be a batsman while he had a hole in his backside. God bless you Geoff
"A friend in need is a pain in the backside". I come for the cricket but I stay for Geoffrey Boycott.
Seems we have a couple of coaching cheats in the Super Bowl. Maybe a tv boycott is in order. I'm not going to watch it.
Dunno what they said, but you are equipped with a forward defensive like Geoffrey Boycott.
These guys are making Michael Bevan look like Geoffrey Boycott.
The English cricket board will today introduce Quantative easing. 'Bonkers' says Geoffrey Boycott.
I have always thought Geoffrey Boycott was a complete pain on the ***
Geoffrey Boycott is going to be very busy...
Eriksen is a great player! But corner taking The Great Geoffrey Boycott would say "My Mum could do better with a stick of Rhubarb".
that's nonsense lad, it says on't box it's from Yorkshire! Our Geoffrey (boycott) says he grows it in't back yard!
First life-saving organ transplants from a baby in Britain take place
Geoffrey Boycott checking out his career runs total on our famous stats wall... http…
Fed up of people talking about cricket in the oldern days, thats why i'm proposing this 'Geoffrey' Boycott.
Raina just charged down the wicket and been stumped THIRD ball with the team 65-3 (now 4). As Geoffrey Boycott would say - It's just Stupid!
*Paging Geoffrey Boycott for his view on that Raina dismissal
bacon it's proof that God exists. Cos' Geoffrey Boycott eats it!
The last time I saw a person demand that they speak english was Geoffrey Boycott in a French court room.
You could always change your name! I've got personalised books signed by Sir Geoffrey Boycott. R
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How come you've not included the one only Geoffrey Boycott!
De Villiers' innings was a few slogs that got lucky. Geoffrey Boycott would have blocked every ball of that innings
has made look like Geoffrey Boycott.
in the words of our infamous cricket commentator: Geoffrey Boycott: The West Indies don't deserve lunch man!! 😆
think Geoffrey Boycott could get a 100 today off these West Indian bowlers.
nonsense. Make a decision man. In or out. Less of this non committal silliness. What would Geoffrey Boycott say?
not a protest a Boycott...Geoffrey Boycott I think couldn't even organise a *** up in brewery...
Should Geoffrey Boycott have received a knighthood? Vote in this poll
Geoffrey Boycott one of the few likeable people in sport, shunned over a false action, the miscrients are closing ranks
'Sir' Geoffrey Boycott denied knighthood Yorkshiremen and cricket fans have been using the honorific "Sir" in fr...
Gado cartoos might cost its funs.we going to boycott.
Geoffrey Boycott 'saddened' over blocked knighthood for something ...
Geoffrey Boycott was the victim of an injustice in the French courts; now compounded by Whitehall, says biographer
Players with 4+ scores of 50+ at the age of 40+ since 1980: Geoffrey Boycott, Graham *** Misbah-ul-Haq, Shiv Chanderpaul.
Boycott’s delight at calls for a knighthood: Former Yorkshire and England cricketer Geoffrey Boycot...
UTD supporter Boycott 'saddened' as blocked knighthood for something 'I didn't do' . via
Boycott was a brilliant batsman-but for himself & not the England team. Knighted for what? Himself! No Sir Geoffrey!
Cricket legend Geoffrey Boycott has broken his silence after ...
Whitehall officials are better at blocking than "Sir" Geoffrey these days
Geoffrey Boycott has been robbed twice - first by the French courts, then by Whitehall [Books ...
Boycott should be knighted. Summed up well here
No knighthood for Geoffrey Boycott via *** hath no fury like a woman scorned. Ripe coming from T' French
Geoffrey Boycott denied knighthood over attack on girlfriend (Pic: Getty)
Tory MP describes Geoff Boycott's conviction for punching his girlfriend in the face as 'a brush with the law'
How about a instead ? Geoffrey denied knighthood by Whitehall 'jobsworth'
And never mind Sir Geoffrey Boycott, why don't we have Sir Gordon Banks? Services to sport & charity.
Geoffrey Boycott was denied a knighthood in the New Year Honours by government officials:
Geoffrey Boycott denied knighthood by Whitehall 'jobsworth'
Geoffrey Boycott today, does judge Bagnall think she's applying Napoleonic law to
Cricket legend Geoffrey Boycott hits back over claims he lost knighthood over assault conviction
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good to see Geoffrey Boycott on there. Can't help but think he was flying back for £79 Simpson suit sale
BCCI's enormous power not good for cricket, says Geoffrey Boycott
Legend only. Was debating strike rate with Geoffrey Boycott the other day.
England batting legend Geoffrey Boycott feels that 'helmets have made batsmen feel too safe' - thinking or spot on?
Haan,usko ignore hi karna chahiye. Afterall, we are Dravidians :)) but how bad Geoffrey Boycott must be feeling! :(
Geoffrey Boycott called Raina a 'Rubbish Test Player' only bcz of that guy...What a disgrace...
As Geoffrey Boycott would say: "Good mourning Richie, good mourning everybody."
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