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Geoff Shreeves

Geoff Shreeves is a reporter on Sky Sports. He joined the channel in 1992, the first season of The Premiership.

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More plastic to be added to the Sky News studio later.join Geoff Shreeves from 6.
Good news about - let's hope his road to recovery is swift. Was Geoff Shreeves there to tell him the score as he came round? ;)
is that how he actually mean it though? Humberside and Geoff Shreeves saying that Silva said after the game it was injury
Did Hull make it hard for you today Antonio? Cutting edge questioning from Geoff Shreeves.
Geoff Shreeves questions are getting more and more and more and more bizarre by the week
Good old Geoff Shreeves. "8 points clear at the top now Gary, when you look at the table, how do you see it?" . Uuuh 🤔
Put Geoff Shreeves and Gabriel Clarke out of a job.
Geoff Shreeves asks the most uninteresting questions I have ever heard
Remember this is the broadcaster that employs Geoff Shreeves!
I wouldn't mind seeing him chinning Geoff Shreeves to be honest.
tbh if I achieved what he has, only to be grilled by thickos like Geoff Shreeves, I'd throw a wobbler also
Lad does a better job than Geoff Shreeves
Klopp was saying last week to Geoff Shreeves that we can't sign players and then have them around not doing anything when everyone is fit.
Geoff Shreeves: he's lost his legs but he should be ok to carry on he's a tough lad
Watching explain to Geoff shreeves the difference between chicken McNuggets and chicken selects 😂😂 tv gold
That Gary Neville documentary is brilliant. Him, Carra and Geoff Shreeves going to a McDonalds Drive Thru 😂😂😂
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So it turns out Geoff Shreeves is a decent singer
Geoff Shreeves has got good banter though
Something about watching Gary Neville, Geoff Shreeves and Jamie Carragher go through a McDonalds drive through is strangely quite hilarious
Wilshere grew up in the gangs of North London. Now he's walked down Bournemouth beach with Geoff Shreeves. Never give up on your dreams
Geoff Shreeves warning Kevin De Bruyne of the dangers of playing in the sunshine without appropriate sun cream... https…
actually Geoff shreeves got in touch he's on fire on the touchline but he's a tough cookie and will be on later
Next it'll be Geoff Shreeves "He's just witnessed a homicide. But he's a tough cookie so I think he'll stay on". Cheers Geoff!
jus got word from Geoff shreeves on the touchline that he's resigning due to the humiliation. Heartbreaking indeed
Kay Burley or Geoff Shreeves. I can't decide who I find more irritating as an interviewer 🤔
Jose Mourinho refuses to tell Geoff Shreeves the tactics that led Chelse...
FIFA logic - ' And now we go down to our man Geoff Shreeves!' 'Yea I think he's been stabbed to death & drove into but he'll carry on''
Voted. Gutted Geoff Shreeves wasn't outside polling station to get my immediate reaction
is Geoff Shreeves anywhere in the stadium? Right up his street...
Geoff Shreeves injury update he's a bit wet but should be alright to continue
Games w/ Martin Tyler commentating is weird.. I feel like he's going to make a random cross to Geoff Shreeves at any moment
Even though Geoff Shreeves works for Sky on the touchline updates and they arent even showing the Euros, he still annoys me tonight.
Geoff shreeves making a fool of himself I see
Geoff shreeves doing the mike Davis interview?
Sky Sports flying Geoff Shreeves to Oakmont to inform DJ that, "you do know Dustin that you haven't won the US Open"
I know, are u Geoff shreeves or nah? Xo
Alan Pardew loses his cool with Geoff Shreeves and Jamie Carragher after Benteke 'dive'.
Live at the Emirates! Geoff Shreeves quizzes Alan Smith on his Arsenal and Leicester career!: via
ICYMI: Geoff Shreeves doing his best Steve Harvey impression yesterday.
Look at the reporter at the Barcelona match. We get Geoff Shreeves.
Golf with Geoff Shreeves sounds worse than a Partridge suggestion
Big Sam been in romanos in cleadon with Geoff shreeves most of the day on the wine mortal. What a guy
I'm more bothered about the fact Geoff shreeves isn't covering the injuries
And when are skysports going to sack Geoff shreeves and hire instead?
Geoff Shreeves watch out. Elton John doing a top class job with these post-race interviews at the Grand Prix
nah the worst is when Geoff Shreeves appears telling u about an injury
Geoff Shreeves "what will be key to getting all 3 points" - winning the game perhaps!!
What did Geoff Shreeves say about the injury?
Saw Geoff Shreeves at Euston before, he agreed Howard was terrible.
geoff shreeves' åpning post match med mourinho: do you want a chair for this interview?
Quick someone make gifs of both the Matic tackles and email them to Geoff Shreeves or whoever else is going to interview Jose.
He will just top himself in front of Geoff Shreeves
And now to our man on the sideline, Geoff Shreeves. Geoff?. *** was Hingert doing srsly . Thanks Geoff. .
I wish I knew as much as Geoff Shreeves
FIFA commentary is awful. It made me sub a player who had a serious injury. Geoff Shreeves then says: "he's tough, and can carry on" ***
Doing well Geoff Shreeves, keep up the good work brother!
Geoff Shreeves gimme a shout out😉 I'm in the youth development team 😉
A small Spanish step for Sky, another Galaxy for Geoff Shreeves - Belfast Telegraph
Des Kelly doing his best Geoff Shreeves impression on BT Sport there
I'll pay Geoff Shreeves £250m if he opens the interview with Jose by saying "well Jose, that's not what the doctor ordered…
*fast forward* March 1st it's Liverpool vs Man City. Let's go over to Geoff Shreeves for team news, Geoff. "Sterling ruled out"
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but Jeff Stelling is irrelevant in this argument. The reference is relating to Geoff Shreeves. I was right. Have a nice day.
I long for the day Jürgen Klopp manages in Premier League.. Geoff Shreeves is gonna get owned
Do they have little Geoff Shreeves models now for on-the-whistle reaction?
Would love to see as many faces there as possible. Some big names already confirmed e.g. Geoff Shreeves, Dave Keenleyside and SJL ultras
awful. And seeking out Geoff Shreeves who he "trusts implicitly" is weak and dodging potentially tough Q's
if I can get a seat, me n geoff shreeves
He was as partisan as he possibly could be post match with Geoff Shreeves. It's probably on Youtube.
Geoff Shreeves- Steven,What do u have to say abt ur sending off?. Stevie- None of your business. ha!. times have changed since last season
Van Gaal's exclusive extended interview with Geoff Shreeves before Liverpool match,
Louis Van Gaal interrupts the Sky Sports analysis with Geoff shreeves and .
Pls Keep Geoff Shreeves off la liga coverage..It's the only intelligent football coverage on sky and he is out of his depth
Christ on a bike, Geoff Shreeves doing the 😫😫😫 still needs a new suit jacket!
Geoff Shreeves has no taste buds. All he tastes is the *** that he licks 24/7.
I think Geoff Shreeves needs a new suit jacket!
is Geoff Shreeves sleeping rough. His suit today was 3 sizes too small whilst interviewing you!!!
Geoff Shreeves looks like he borrowed one of Jamie Redknapp's suit jackets. Too small for his big fat kite
I think Geoff Shreeves needs a blazer in the next size up.
Is that Geoff Shreeves on Sky Sports or Mr Tumble
Geoff Shreeves' suit a bit tight there...
Has Geoff Shreeves eaten all the pies.
Geoff Shreeves interview with Louis Van Gaal was interesting feel I understand Louis much better saying the way he likes his teams to play👍
he came on after with Geoff Shreeves & apologised. It was a definite red.
i think geoff shreeves is on the case. Cheers Geoff.
Geoff Shreeves: So Steven, what do you have to say about that incident?. Gerrard: me me me me me me me me me
Geoff Shreeves interviews are always hilarious.
Fair Play Stevie. ...took some balls to hold your hands up and get cozy with Geoff Shreeves doing that interview.YNWA
Geoff shreeves: What made you do such a tackle. Gerrad: Hayo ni mapepo
Geoff Shreeves doing the Geoff Shreeves thing of asking Gerrard why he stamped despite the fact he just said why he thought it happened.
Costa would tried to get Geoff Shreeves sent off though.
I can't think of a worse situation tbh; being sent-off in the Liv-Man derby. Losing and then having to have an interview with Geoff Shreeves
Stevie Me not to miss an opportunity heads straight to Geoff Shreeves at the end of the game.
How much would you pay for a Steven Gerrard interview with Geoff Shreeves right now?
Still amazed that geoff shreeves gets paid for these questions
Someone please get Geoff shreeves to interview gerrard
the fans turned on him to massage Mancini's ego. Mancini didn't have to say that stuff to Geoff Shreeves.
let's hear the latest on this injury from our man Geoff Shreeves
Would love Geoff Shreeves to ask Rodgers at the end of the game 'soo what do you think? doesn't MATA what you think!!!' 😂🙈
over to the sideline to Geoff Shreeves!
Geoff Shreeves crowbars in the fact that Pele was in Subway midweek while Pele wears a Subway badge. I wonder who paid for h…
"He's got a good shrug on him, Marouanne Fellaini, when required" - Geoff Shreeves. Cheers Geoff.
LVG assures Geoff Shreeves that he's used the same formation of twenty one at the back all season.
An Aussie has just called Geoff Shreeves Peter Shreeves. What am I watching?
Waiting for Geoff Shreeves to ask Van Gaal if he's a fan of brookside
I hate Van Gaal during interviews. I'd hate to be Geoff Shreeves
"Daley, you came to this ground as a 10-year-old with your Father". Such a 'creep' element to that coming from Geoff S…
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Geoff Shreeves gets an honourable mention.
Pele has a poster of Geoff Shreeves on his bedroom wall at home, is a big fan.
Did Ed Chamberlain just say that Geoff Shreeves “made out” with Chelsea captain John Terry? I’m sure I just heard him say that
Robin Van Persie Interview (Extended) with Geoff Shreeves for Sky Sports Any negative comments will be removed.
Geoff Shreeves: Brendan, what's your thinking behind your team selection? Brendan Rodgers: Well we needed to change it up a bit, a few tired legs from midweek and it taken it out of us. We need to pick ourselves up a bit today. We haven't started with an out an out striker due to lack of creativity we have had. My strikers haven't done anything wrong to be forced out but we're starting with Raheem up top for more pace with Couthino Lallana just off him, gives us more creativity. Brad Jones gets the nod today, Mignolet needs time off to get back to his best and I have no doubts about Brads ability, he's very good professional and he waits for his chance. We set the defense and midfield up to be more aggressive today and take the game to them and hopefully we get the result we want. Geoff Shreeves: Louis, what's your thinking behind your team selection? Van Gaal: Why don't you just watch the game and see. Legend -smg
Don't know who I hate more, Geoff Shreeves or Martin Tyler.
Geoff Shreeves chats with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels at the Emirates Stadium
but unvelievable Jeff is talking to Jeff Stelling not Geoff Shreeves because kris kamara says it
Charissa Thompson is much better at the sideline reporting & hotter than Geoff Shreeves
Has anyone managed to spot Geoff Shreeves, Peter Sarstedt and Aileen Wuornos in that BBC Music video yet?
"Over to Geoff Shreeves" . "It looks like he's caught Ebola, he's a tough cookie, I think he'll carry on"
Geoff shreeves about to turn to kid and tell him with age life will slowly squeeze away his hopes and aspirations
Geoff Shreeves has said it mate you boys think you're Turkish all of a sudden
According to Geoff Shreeves, our fans have been letting off flares? KO at 14:20 now.
Eden Hazard speaks to Geoff Shreeves about his start to the season and the arrivals of Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas. Watch the extended interview on Sky Go, On Demand and Sky Sports for iPad.
Chelsea-Arsenal game delayed kick-off due to 'an incident'. Geoff Shreeves says it's bcs police not letting Arsenal fans in due to flares.
Does Geoff shreeves ever give good news?
Geoff Shreeves reporting on the backstage banter.
Geoff Shreeves is the type of guy you just want to punch in the face
WATCH: speaks to Geoff Shreeves about Diego Costa and arrival:
I think I'd rather be set on fire than watch any more interviews by Geoff Shreeves.
After scoring his hat trick later on, Geoff Shreeves will ask Cesc whether or not Arsenal were his first choice...
Geoff Shreeves spoke to Manchester United's new signing Radamel Falcao, as he entered Old Trafford's changing room for the first time Radamel Falcao Radamel ...
Arsene Wenger sits down with Geoff Shreeves to discuss Arsenal's season, financial fair play and his future at the club. Hit the subscribe button for more Ar...
“. meets the team of carraghers and Geoff Shreeves! Lol,look at Cheers Geoff @ d back
I can't wait to see him tell off Geoff shreeves
Bumped into Carragher and Geoff Shreeves who photobombed my selfie today (guys in white tees)
The thought of random Scottish people going home and saying 'You'll never guess who I met, Geoff Shreeves' daughter' makes me so happy
Nigel's pre-match interviews with Geoff Shreeves for the sky games next season are going to be quality 😂👌⚽️
Geoff Shreeves - '' Louis, why are you Manchester United manager ?''. Louis Van Gaal - '' That's a stupid question.''.
I'd love to ask Steven Gerrard how he's doing. Geoff Shreeves style
geoff shreeves is letting Messi know he hasn't won
All we need now is Geoff Shreeves interviewing Gonzalo Higuain. . "It was YOUR miss that cost your team the World Cup."
Geoff Shreeves looking forward to telling Higuain his goal did NOT count.
"Now to Geoff Shreeves." " thanks Alan, it appears the young German has been knocked the $&%k out.." "Brilliant work Geoff"
Geoff Shreeves be like "Kramer has a concussion but it looks like he'll carry on just fine"
Geoff shreeves - it seems he's broke his leg, but he's fine and it looks like he'll carry on
". meets the team of carraghers and Geoff Shreeves! THE LEGEND obliges Pele with a pic
. meets the team of carraghers and Geoff Shreeves!
Fox is showing the next World Cup.that means excited Gus Johnson and the man the myth the legend Geoff Shreeves
but Geoff Shreeves has just said that Keith Moon doesn't look good after crashing the Rolls Royce into the pool
Star player Paul Collins reflects on last night's victory with Geoff Shreeves. Cheers Geoff.
Geoff Shreeves has just arrived at the Allianz Arena to let Xabi Alonso know he's out of the Champions League Final.
"BREAKING NEWS. Geoff Shreeves has just called Xavi Alonso to tell him he'll miss the Final!!" . Sian Massey. Proper lad you
Geoff Shreeves: "Can you explain your tactics?" Jose Mourinho:"Ask Jamie Redknapp, he knows everything, he has a brilliant football brain"
Jose Mourinho and Brendan Rodgers spoke to Geoff Shreeves after the Liverpool vs Chelsea match. In typical Mourinho fashion he talks 'clowns' and refuses to ...
Mourinho 'congratulates' referee Jose Mourinho refused to answer any questions to Geoff Shreeves or at the press conference and 'congratulated' Mike Dean after Chelsea's 2-1 loss to Sunderland at Stamford Bridge.
Steven Gerrard rallied his team mates before giving an emotional post match interview with Geoff Shreeves following Liverpool's 3-2 victory over Manchester C...
CL Podcast - Apr 10: Geoff Shreeves is joined by Alan Smith and Alan Parry to debate Man Utd's exit and what it...
BREAKING: Geoff Shreeves makes his way to the tunnel, as Branislav Ivanovic misses the next Champions League match through su…
him, Alan Smith, and Geoff Shreeves will burn in the hottest fires of ***
Includes this lot and a few more. Still trying to figure out how to illustrate the voice of Geoff Shreeves.
Just had a word with our man Geoff Shreeves he said they are both tough cookies and should be okay to play on. 👍
Geoff shreeves here. Reports that apsa medical team are doing all they can to get striker olugu fit for saturdays game
in the great words of Geoff shreeves 'he's a tough lad, I'm sure he'll carry on' I feel this applies to you Saskia lucy
Be mint if someone turned up and lectured Geoff Shreeves for 20 minutes about how they, and they alone, are bloody brilliant.
Geoff Shreeves "Emmanuel you didnt play up to your normal standards in the derby, why was that?". Adebayor..
never liked the man! Interesting quotes by Henry winter, Geoff shreeves among others on his exit..
so embarrassing. Geoff shreeves nearly choked when he said it.
Wouldn't mind wrapping up Geoff Shreeves in a bloody bed sheet and throwing him in the Ship Canal.
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Geoff Shreeves has annihilated tufty there
It was Geoff Shreeves that actually gave Moyes a hint of what not to say by his reaction. Total hogwash from Moyes.
Just bucked man like Geoff Shreeves for a quick post cook interview
Geoff Shreeves asked if that's what he needed to do and he said yes in the sense that we need to be challenging for the league
Geoff shreeves: isn't it nice if aguero gets injured you can bring in dzeko or negredo yeah that's what spending £150 gets you
Well that was so disappointing ...and then to hear your manager say that! He got tied up in knots by Geoff Shreeves ...nowhere to hide
Highlight of my night, seeing Geoff shreeves...
I don’t think he did. Geoff Shreeves asked that question and he said “we just need to be better”
Geoff Shreeves: Do you think you played the champions tonight?. Moyes: No, THEY were playing the champions
Geoff Shreeves to David Moyes - "were ManCity just better than u tonight?" . Instead of simply just saying yes, he talks crap for 2 minutes!
Very poor interview by Geoff Shreeves with David Moyes.
Geoff Shreeves set up Moyesy lovely there, and Moyesy fell for it!!
Did Moyes write the questions Geoff Shreeves asked him?
Geoff Shreeves just said "it didn't help losing Tom Cleverley" to David Moyes. I'm not exaggerating this is the worst thing I've ever heard.
Geoff Shreeves to Moyes: "..and it didn't help losing Tom Cleverly at HT did it?". Are the media on drugs?
There has to be a parallel universe where there's a Geoff Shreeves that doesn't ask any leading questions.
Geoff Shreeves turning into Garth Crooks with his tedious post match questions! Can't believe he gets paid for that interview!
But did you hear Geoff Shreeves call Zabaleta "Ablazabeta"?
I don't really see the point in geoff shreeves
Geoff Shreeves just called Zabaleta, "Ablazabeta". Why has no one commented on this?
Geoff Shreeves asks the dumbest questions ever
I know English is some of the players/managers second language but some of the questions Geoff Shreeves asks are ridiculous
Geoff Shreeves goes nowhere in an interview
Geoff Shreeves asks the questions only a 4 year old would ask. How is he still in a job?
Geoff Shreeves, the master of the cretinous question.
"Are you fortunate to have the squad that you have?" Geoff Shreeves still trying. Fair play.
Watch Geoff Shreeves gives Moyes an easy ride now whilst also massaging the chosen one's balls off camera.
Geoff Shreeves "Was it a deliberate tactic to start quickly?" ...Ah, as opposed to the wait for a bit before trying appr…
Nemanja Vidic speaks exclusively to Geoff Shreeves about his decision to leave Manchester Utd and his favourite memories from his eight seasons at the club. Here is the link :-
Had the pleasure of assisting Arsene Wenger and Steve Bould today for Arsenals pre-game prep against Tottenham. Dont care a bit for Arsenal, but a lovely, lovely guy. Even signed me a birthday treat for Denzel Artois. The pre-match teamtalk and tactics flipcharts for the big derby!!! (i shan't upload the sneaky video i made in case) I Knew his 4-1-4-1 formation before Geoff Shreeves did!
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How is Geoff Shreeves or Natalie Sawyer qualified to mentor an Athlete? What a load of utter garbage
Swansea to beat Cardiff on Saturday, and Geoff Shreeves' first question for Garry Monk to be: "It's easy, this managem…
Now to our man Geoff Shreeves on the sidelines...
Moronhio moaning about biased anti Chavski punditry, don't worry Jose you'll always have Geoff Shreeves head up your *** to fall back on.
Robin van Persie Interview His Time At Man Utd So Far Geoff Shreeves Don't forget to like!!! Subscribe to see more videos: Follow...
“GEOFF SHREEVES: Joe Hart has a cut below his eye, but it’s not dangerous and he can play
"“Cheers Geoff! Geoff shreeves knows a thing or two about injuries tom!
Now thinking about 2013 Imbecile Of The Year: top cand. is 's Geoff Shreeves 4 his questions. I could easily find a... (1)
Pretty galling that Mourinho can spout barefaced *** to a snivelling and unquestioning Geoff Shreeves and that sets the media narrative
Ray Houghton is bang on point on the radio. Geoff Shreeves had no balls to question José on Hazard's dive. Why Sky employ him is beyond me.
Geoff Shreeves on Anderson Silva's injury: "He appears to have a slight problem with his leg, but he's a tough guy I think he'll carry on." Cheers Geoff.
Geoff Shreeves, up to the minute as always.
Billy Davies would kick Geoff Shreeves to death, Notts Forest should be promoted for that alone
Geoff Shreeves has just soiled himself and his 'Premier League IZ DA BEST' underpants at this interview with Mourinho.
Geoff Shreeves, our medical expert on the sideline.
When Geoff shreeves tells ivanovic he's not playing in the final tho... That is comedy gold
That awkward moment when Geoff Shreeves tries to get involved in a Chelsea in-joke
Have a look at my TL. Just know I had a reply (kindly) from Geoff Shreeves.
Podsłuchane: Geoff Shreeves: You're 3th now, so for what are you fighting in the title race? Eden: .
Jose interrupts Geoff Shreeves post-match interview with Luiz and says 'He got a yellow on purpose to go on holiday in Po…
well said. Get Webb in front of the camera and Geoff Shreeves at the end of the game.
Hazard kissed the badge when he scored. Mourinho interrupted Geoff Shreeves to hug Luiz and Hazard. Oh, the little thi…
Why doesn't Geoff Shreeves just get off with Jose Mourinho? Unbelievable.
Mourinho claims Suarez dived for what should have been blatant pen, but Geoff Shreeves typically let's ludicrous comment go unchallenged.
Geoff Shreeves - 'Edin Hazard, talk me through your goal as we play it on this TV here.' Edin Hazard - 'Er the ball come to my feet er and I shoot er and I score.' That's cleared up then. Great, cutting edge insight.
Why has Geoff Shreeves done an interview with Sideshow bob on Sky Sports ???
QPR manager Harry Redknapp logs onto his Fakebook account and partakes in some classic banter with the likes of Darren Bent and Geoff Shreeves!
"Yeah he's went over on his ankle and he seems to have broken it, but he's a tough cookie i think he'll be able to play" Is it just me that thinks that Geoff Shreeves on fifa is a retard ?
Okay so Geoff shreeves has just walked into the pub I'm in, when he goes to the bar I'm going to get as selfie and say Cheers Geoff!!
Funniest ever last night! Playing FIFA last night and Geoff Shreeves is doing the classified check and Kim sits up in the bed, eyes still closed and goes "Who is that guy and why is he in our room!" Lol
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Plot twist: Dr Geoff Shreeves is really Santa -Æ
Geoff Shreeves (Sky Sports) analyzes Arsenal's lack of depth on SiriusXM FC's The Football Show with Neil Barnett and Charlie Stillitano.
Lol I just saw Geoff Shreeves talking on Sky Sports about injuries in real life!!! -AZZ
For more from talkSPORT visit: talkSPORT bring you exclusive footage of the showdown between Geoff Shreeves and ...
David Moyes has hailed Patrice Evra as one of the best leaders he has ever seen in the dressing room ahead of tomorrow’s game against West Ham. The 32-year-old has once again been one of Manchester United’s most important players in a season of transition because he has been there during the strongest periods of the club. So much experience has left Old Trafford this year which is why the likes of Evra, Ferdinand and Vidic are so important to the team as they need to make sure that the winning mentality doesn’t ever wane. “Pat is one of the finest men and leaders around the dressing room that I have ever seen,” Moyes said. “He speaks well about everything he does, speaks great about the club. He reminds all the boys what their jobs and their duties are. He has been very good. He is inspirational behind the scenes. “He is great for me and he has been great for the team because he has been a really top player for a long time now. “Pat knows we have to have a strong Manchester United. He know ...
David George interviews me like Geoff Shreeves every time I go Morrison's "one final question, where do you think United will finish?" "Do United need to spend big in January?" He thinks he's on Sky Sports News
Watching Fernando Torres interview with Geoff shreeves and he asked was it better at Liverpool Torres answers no I wasn't winning trophies that's why I joined Chelsea I'm winning trophies :)
Geoff Shreeves is interviewing an ex professional footballer, Fernando Torres.
Geoff Shreeves genuinely just asked Fernando Torres what he'd rather win out of the World Cup & the English Premier League! Hmm...
What's the problem Geoff shreeves? Yep looks like he's broken his ankle. He's out for the rest of the season I'd say. Thanks Geoff! "Glenn Johnson has broken his ankle and will be out for the duration of 2 months"
"And down on the touchline to Geoff Shreeves" "Well it looks like Spurs have been anihilated and destroyed left right and centre, but I'm sure they can carry on. "Cheers Geoff." -AAM10.
Evra sat down with Geoff Shreeves in an interview aired by Sky Sports before Manchester United’s 3-0 win over Aston Villa.
Wow. Tough interview from Geoff Shreeves just now for AVB. Actually respect him for how he just conducted himself.
Geoff Shreeves, "We're only 1/3 of the way through the season." What, are we playing 48 games this season, Geoff?
where my big kiss lady i want some magic blanket - Geoff Shreeves Magnet
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Jake Humphrey is possibly the coolest man in Football put's Geoff Shreeves to shame! C'mon you Gooners!
Geoff Shreeves doing the interview, me being the interviewe
One does not play a game of FIFA without hearing Geoff Shreeves. -Cam
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THE BRAND NEW GALAXY CUP VIDEO IS NOW LIVE ON BACKSTAGE! Watch last week’s action from Dudley and keep an eye out for the FREE KICK CHALLENGE! Remember, if you want the chance to have GEOFF SHREEVES interview you and your team, send us in your Galaxy Cup clips to galaxystars
Geoff Shreeves = The cruelest interviewer in football
Happy news for fans; Dennis Bergkamp tells Geoff Shreeves he wants to coach Arsenal in the future,...
I a played a game on FIFA 14 with Aaron on Sunday night and was pleased to see that Jeff Stelling now introduces the games. I still think they should switch Geoff Shreeves for Chris Kamara though. Commentator: lets go down to the touchline to hear more on that injury from Chris Kamara. Chris: "I dunno Jeff; I thought he was sunbathing" :P
Geoff Shreeves has just visited Ched Evans in prison to tell him he still has 4 years 357 days left to do!
has just done a Geoff Shreeves on the GB performance director. "You've been disqualified!"
Phil Jones is really the Geoff Shreeves of post-race athletic interviews.
Geoff Shreeves, just so after he says the results the presenters can say "Cheers Geoff"!
“Geoff Shreeves opinion on vertonghen's injury
Geoff Shreeves opinion on vertonghen's injury
Geoff Shreeves is the touchline guy that reports injuries 💇🌝🌚
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he's to busy partying hard with his mates Geoff Shreeves and Anne Robinson
Jeremy Kyle and Geoff Shreeves on the same beach! How lucky am I
Geoff Shreeves is on his way "So you've got a does it feel to know you won't sleep for the next 3 years?"
I'm like Geoff Shreeves. If only my seminar debates at Uni were this interesting.
If Kay Burley is bad...imagine how scared we'd all be if Geoff Shreeves was stood outside
“This coverage is missing one thing...Geoff Shreeves.”
This coverage is missing one thing...Geoff Shreeves.
Geoff shreeves is the most annoying bint on fifa
Geoff Shreeves: 'Andrey, have you ever scored 4 goals before?'. Andrey Arshavin: 'Never, only 2 times'
my sister is playing fifa I can hear geoff shreeves talking lol
Geoff Shreeves knows what he's on about, when he pops up you know it's a bad injury
In the words of Geoff Shreeves - "He's got a mild concussion but he's carrying on for now"
Geoff Shreeves on his way to King Herod's dressing room to tell him he's not the King of the Jews.
How long until someone posts about Geoff Shreeves telling Prince Harry he's no longer 3rd in line.
Geoff Shreeves is on his way to St Mary's hospital now to inform the royal baby that he likely won't ever be king
Nah, they had Geoff Shreeves asking Charles what it was like to know there was another boy who'd be king before him
Geoff Shreeves is with Prince Harry now. "You know that means you won't be king now, unfortunately you won't be king".
Geoff Shreeves has just broke the news to prince William that the baby has got ginger hair.
Geoff Shreeves at the palace..."so William, you must be disappointed its not a girl..."
Has Geoff Shreeves told the Royal baby about Camilla yet?
Has Geoff Shreeves told William that he's not the father yet?
Geoff Shreeves to break the news that as Monday's Child is merely only fair of face.
Geoff Shreeves has told Will and Kate it's a boy
Geoff Shreeves on the scene to tell William the baby isn't his
Geoff Shreeves will appear soon to let everyone know the baby isn't Williams
Get Geoff Shreeves down at the hospital, that would be entertaining
Since when has giving birth been a sport. And now here's Geoff Shreeves with the post match placenta.
Geoff Shreeves ready to break the news to William. The baby's not yours fella.
probably got Geoff Shreeves in there telling William the news.
Kay Burley, walking up to the public, saying its a boy... It's like Geoff Shreeves and Ivanovic all over again.
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BREAKING NEWS: Geoff Shreeves interviews the Royal couple - "So, how does it feel knowing yours is the ugliest baby born today?"
or Geoff Shreeves: "How do you feel about the fact that any subsequent children will forever live in this one's shadow?"
Can't help thanking Geoff Shreeves for injury news on FIFA.
Geoff Shreeves is on his way to Wimbledon to tell Gary Richardson that he's had a nightmare.
I can see FIFA 14 now. Now we go down to Geoff Shreeves and Mark Lawrenson on the touchline. Geoff : "It looks like he's broken his ankle but seems to be carrying on." Mark : "Ack, he's alright." Cheers Mark & Geoff. - Kyle.
I would like to see Geoff Shreeves interview Pirlo after the game and ask him "What's with the Peter Sutcliffe look"
The moment Mark Chapman becomes Geoff Shreeves and let’s Gus Poyet know he’s been sacked live on air
Geoff Shreeves: Gus, did you know you are not the Brighton manager? - Kev
Geoff Shreeves : "So who do you think will win tonight Gus , Spain or Nigeria" Gus Poyet : "Well I think Spain will win this Game" Geoff Shreeves : "That's Great Gus .. But Unfortunately you have been sacked by Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club"
Look, if you still make Heskey, Torres or Geoff Shreeves jokes then you might wanna find something new to joke about... |Luke|
Moyes first job at Manchester United? Sell Wayne Rooney Nobody said following Sir Alex Ferguson was easy; and yesterday David Moyes began to find out just how hard it will be. Just minutes after bidding farewell to Old Trafford and urging Manchester United fans to back the new manager, Fergie placed item number one in Moyes’s inbox. Asked a perfectly swervable question by Sky’s Geoff Shreeves about Wayne Rooney’s non-involvement, Ferguson played a straight bat. “He’s asked for a transfer ... We’re not going to let him go.” Though his influence around Old Trafford will remain immense, that second statement will depend on the man Ferguson chose as his successor. The decision could define the early stages of Moyes’s tenure. Rooney must go. Why? Simply, he is not the player he used to be. Moyes will not succeed merely by imitating his predecessor, but here is a chance to show a dab of Ferguson’s decisive ruthlessness. Now, Ferguson was not as brutal as people assume - he axed troublesome big ...
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