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Geno Smith

Eugene Geno Smith (born October 10, 1990) is an American football quarterback. He currently plays for the West Virginia Mountaineers in his junior year.

Ryan Fitzpatrick Matt Barkley Bryce Petty Mark Sanchez Josh Johnson Colin Kaepernick Brandon Marshall Shaun Hill Josh McCown Tavon Austin Christian Ponder Stedman Bailey Chase Daniels Logan Thomas Mike Vick Christian Hackenberg

A new Geno Smith (in his mind) is playing for more than this job -
A brand new Geno Smith (in his thoughts) is taking part in for greater than this job
giants101​.com >> Geno Smith still in ‘Chapter 1′ of his career despite transition to Giants
Flying back on the New York Jets plane. Hope the pilot has a better sense of direction than Geno Smith.
Smarter, stronger, faster, and quicker, will Jets fans even recognize Geno Smith in his Giants debut?
No. Look @ the guys who have jobs Cmon sir. Austin Davis, Fitzpatrick, Ge…
Wrote about Geno Smith today in the hopes of giving one last chance to post her boots picture via
New, improved Geno Smith ready to make his debut for the Giants on Friday night. ...
preseason opener meaningful for QBs Davis Webb and Geno Smith
Geno Smith still in 'Chapter 1' of his career despite transition to Giants
Geno Smith fighting for Giants backup job with Josh Johnson
Geno Smith has the best arm in giants camp. Lmao
How is Geno Smith's career reboot going?
Geno Smith and Josh Johnson are ready to face off for the backup quarter back position starting tomorrow...
I bet Geno Smith won't be talking much
2241 passing yards, 16 TDS to 4 INT's for Kap but Geno Smith has a job lol
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Kap is a way better football player than Geno Smith
I keep seeing people say it's about Kaps play but y'all must ain't seen Geno Smith stats? Lmao
How does Geno Smith have a job and Colin Kap doesn't? Lol
I remember a guy who loved Ryan Fitzpatrick so much he went on an anti-Geno Smith ti…
Fitz def played dumb but I'm sorry geno smith and Mark Sanchez are in a class of their own. Especially geno smith
Just like country liked Geno Smith. Differences Zach wouldn't have cost us a first-round pick
Time Zones are confusing. /s/ Geno Smith. Does Brian know we can turn up the volume when he whispers?
I'm just saying u re telling me he's not better than geno smith, Brock, mcCown, Fitzpatr…
Time for me to log out. Geno Smith better than Keap , yep I'm gone
Do you nit pick Geno Smith? He was on the list too. Let's look at how many TD's he gets for games played too?
I stopped reading after TJ Yates and Geno Smith
He *** more than Fitzpatrick, or Osweiler, or Gabbert, or Geno Smith?
People will also not remember how good Tyrann Mathieu, Michael Crabtree and Geno Smith were. Also, Travis Henry
Geno Smith def looking for revenge this season
Geno Smith, Colin kaepernnick, tyrod Taylor? Are you freaking kidding me? Matt Stafford is better than t…
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Every time I remember that we signed Geno Smith
People almost defending him like he's just below Aaron Rogers, but he's closer to Geno Smith.
Kaepernick doesn't suck as much as Josh McCown, EJ Manuel, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Geno Smith, and Ma…
Check out and me talking about Browns tight ends, Bears wide receivers, Saints running backs, and d…
I can't put Cunningham or McNabb in the standings off principle. It's looking weak. Geno Smith
Only QB he was right on was Geno Smith. Everyone else is 🗑💩
I'll take Kaep over Hoyer, Glennon, McCown, Barkley, butt fu…
Don't forget people...Geno Smith is still in the NFL
Stop saying he's not signed because he's not any good. Apparently this offseason was all about signing not so...
Why everybody saying Weak tho but Geno smith still weak af and got a job smh bye
CK does not have a job because he is TERRIBLE. Why is Geno Smith a back up to Eli? look at his offseason workouts. OH AND
1st, no one is "upset." 2nd, it's awfully naive to expect Grier to be the 2nd coming of Geno Smith wit…
We are really relying on returning starters Seth Taylor, Markus Cokes, Dajwan Avant, Geno Smith, Nick McLawhorn, Tamer Ashkar
So y'all telling me geno smith, Mark Sanchez, mike Glennon, Blaine gabbertt, EJ Manuel, & osweiller are better qBs than Kap? 🤔😂🤔😂
As long as Geno Smith has a job, Kap's issue is not football related.
I'm sure that guy Jason Whitlock loved every bit of what you had to say about Kap. Bruh Geno Smith has job smh.
So Geno Smith, Brock Osw, etc better? is better t…
Geno Smith & Giovani Bernard make up today's newest Score Draft Dual Signatures insert. Get it now in Gridiron!…
16 TDs 2200 yards 4ints on a garbage team. But…
Really *** So if you put Geno Smith instead of Tom Brady in that system you'd expect t…
"He can't help a team win... " ok cool, I'll give u that. But Colt Mccoy/Matt Barkley/Geno Smith can?
Classic QB is coded language buddy. plenty of "non classic QB" guys on this list...
Since 2008 we have watched the following. Favre, Sanchez, Tebow, The Rat, Geno Smith, Fitz, Hack, Petty, Vick, McCown
no way anyone can tell me these 20 QB's are better than
I would take Kap over kellen Moore to back up dak he's better than any mccown than Hoyer and Geno Smith do white people watch 🏈
Kap has had a better couple seasons than ppl such as Geno Smith so what does cutting his hair have to…
When poor play is reason given for Kaepernick not being in NFL but Geno Smith, Matt Barkley, Chase Daniel, & Blaine…
For 1 year Spav coached him and Brandon Weeden and Geno Smith
People would actually rather have Ryan Mallet or Geno Smith running their offense because Kap exercised his right to protest lol
Matt Barkley, Case Keenum, Ryan Mallet, Chase Daniel, Matt Cassel, Josh McCown & Geno Smith are all better QB's than ?
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I added a video to a playlist Danielle McCartan and Geno Smith
I'm not saying they are perfect. But to say RT17 is Geno Smith is ridiculous.
via Giants: Josh Johnson the likely favorite to be backup quarterback over Geno Smith - Jordan Raanan; held ro…
If you don't think Colin Kaepernick is good enough to play in the NFL, then you need to google Matt Barkley, Brian Hoyer, Geno Smith.
Browns reportedly interested in former Jets QB Geno Smith, possibly for starting job
Geno Smith trying to resurrect his career with the Giants. (SPEEDonFOX)
A list of 2nd round picks, all off the team. 2015 - Devin Smith . 2014- Jace Amaro. 2013 - Geno Smith. 2012 - Stephen…
Script Judith chap 15-16: known as Geno Smith, is an American football quarterback for the New York Giants of the Nation…
Geno Smith reminds me a lot of Doug Williams.
People I never want to see again: Tyler Clippard, Geno Smith, Ben Zobrist
Giants coach Ben McAdoo believes Geno Smith can be Eli’s successor
Giants' Brandon Marshall says Geno Smith signing was 'absolutely'..
- So"he *** ... Geno Smith, Mark, Sanchez, Hoyer, Shaun Hill, Jacoby Brissett, etc. are all better. Right? Nice Try
[SB Nation: Big Blue View] - New York Giants news, 3/23: Geno Smith, Josh Johnson competing for one spot?
The have officially signed QB Geno Smith and CB Valentino Blake. 📝🏈. DETAILS:
And... Geno Smith just got a new deal. So did Matt Barkley. Christian Ponder, of all people, was under contract las…
Geno Smith is backing up Eli Manning, yet Colin Kaepernick isn't being blackballed?
Geno Smith signs with another team from New York
Former Jets quarterback Geno Smith passed a physical and signed with the Giants.
Former QB Geno Smith has passed his physical and is signing with the source said. It's a 1-year deal worth $2M…
Where do Trubisky, Watson, Kizer, and Mahommes compare to your pre-draft grades on Geno Smith and EJ Manual?
.Spike wouldn't have a case if Geno Smith, Chase Daniels and Luke McCown weren't signed or close to signing. Blacklist is obvious.
Brandon Marshall when he heard Geno Smith was signing with the Giants
Vince Young Josh Freeman even Geno Smith one yr starter next yr out league meanwhile the Chase Daniels a…
true but he can't be worst than Geno Smith
The fact that Geno Smith now has a job is all the proof anyone should need that Colin Kaepernick is being shunned.
Giants expected to sign former Jets QB Geno Smith, per and me. Smith and Brandon Marshall teammates again.
Geno Smith getting signed if he clears his physical and looked even worse for the entirety of the last 2 years.
The signing of Geno Smith is like having a smoke detector. U get it, but pray it never goes off.
My reaction to the signing Geno Smith.
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If signed, Geno Smith would join a quarterback group that includes Eli Manning, Josh Johnson and Keith Wenning.
Meanwhile, aren’t done. Geno Smith will take a physical with the team this weekend and if it goes well, is expected t…
Source confirms Geno Smith and Giants have reached a deal. He will have a physical this weekend and then sign
I'll take the JPP signing. but Geno Smith? LMFAO
The are also signing former quarterback Geno Smith, according to reports.
No. I do remember when it sabotaged by a guy who chose Geno Smith, Sheldon Richardson, Dee milliner and Calvin Pryo…
Geno Smith. Ryan Fitzpatrick . Bryce Petty. Mark Sanchez. It's sad when the only credible QB you can name in r…
But He still got A big contact last year. What'd he ever do? Geno Smith, nick foles, And others got or will get
[Akron Beacon Journal] - Browns notebook: Team interested in free-agent QB Geno Smith, according to report
Bryce Petty is way better than Hackenberg & was better than Geno Smith & he'll prove it but I agree Jay Cutler is an option.
Geno Smith not on the Jets anymore. Did you mean Bryce Petty?
[NY Daily News] - Geno Smith to Giants would be a bad deal for both sides
.Geno Smith to would be a mistake for both sides
On a sad note *** are they even talking to Geno Smith
what's up with giving Geno Smith a look
Giants bugging by even holding a meeting with Geno Smith foh
Just spoke to QB Geno Smith. Says visit w/ is "done," & it went "great. 1st class organization." Just finished dinner at 'Mastro's.'
A Geno Smith signing was not expected tonight. Possible, but unlikely. First step for him. He's recovering from ACL…
Giants are hosting QB Geno Smith for a visit.
so no word on Geno Smith? I guess dinner wasn't good enough for him.
Geno Smith walking into free agency like Forrest Gump on the bus. . "Ya can't Quarterback here" . "This team's taken" https:/…
I can live with the Fluker signing, but Geno Smith is ridiculous. There are better QBs in the draft or FA. C'mon guys!
So I guess no word on Geno Smith and the Giants?
Report: Jets free agent Geno Smith visiting the Giants
Shouldn't Geno Smith be selling cars or something, not trying to play football. Josh Gordon knows a place !
Free agent QB Geno Smith is reportedly visiting the Wait? What?
Giants will meet with quarterback Geno Smith: report
*** ??! Report: Geno Smith scheduled to meet with Giants via
Geno to G-Men? Not yet, if at all, but Big Blue hooks OL Fluke-r on a prove-it deal via
i would actually like the Giants to sign Geno Smith tomorrow, I know he's not the greatest but the thought of Eli getting injured is scary
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Geno Smith, ex-Jets QB now a free agent, expected to visit Giants
Former QB Geno Smith will meet with the today, source said (as reported). Has requests from othe…
The Geno Smith thing makes me nervous, though. Ugh.
or Eli dies cuz they only spent 3 million to protect his right side and the Geno Smith era begins
any fan of a team who's starting quarterback is Fitzpatrick Petty Geno Smith or Hackenberg that h…
who sold Jerry Reese the crack that made him call Geno Smith!
The worst part of this is that when Eli Manning dies our backup qb is gonna be GENO SMITH
Geno Smith visits Giants as possible surprise Eli backup
The giants just need to sign A.P and get geno smith on board tell him nobody wants him link up and we set for next season
Geno Smith visited the Giants today. He was inquiring about their open ball boy position.
An abbreviated list of quarterbacks he has played with: Jay Cutler, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Geno Smith, Kyle Orton, Matt…
Compared to Geno Smith and Fitzpatrick he is.
Geno Smith. Sanchez. Keenum. Shaun Hill. Cmon lol. Kirk Cousins is the only definitive better Qb
y'all tryin to take Geno Smith to Maaco for the ambassador service? Just tag Kirk and trade him..
Wow the 2013 NFL draft had some trash QBs. EJ Manuel, Geno Smith, Matt Barkley, Ryan Nassib, and Mike Glennon were the top 5 😂😭
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or Jake Locker or Ryan Tannehill or Tim Tebow or Jimmy Clausen or Geno Smith or Robert Gr
Geno Smith somewhere wondering how he can get 75 million like Brock Osweiller this FA season
Let's just take a second to remember that Geno Smith was selected before Kiko Alonso, Jamie Collins and Le'Veon Bell. 😂😂😂
Fun fact I have to credit for: Dontari Poe has as many TD passes this season as Geno Smith. Sorry, Jets fans.
Geno beat Atlanta at home and new Orleans :) shouldn't be as bad when you bring in /back (best available fa) Geno Smith
Some QBs with more career wins in less games than Blake Bortles: Matt Moore, Dak Prescott, Geno Smith, RG3, Brock Osweiler, Chr…
That's when he should have put rice Patty to play stead of Geno Smith it started rice paddy what do you guys think please let me know
Ryan Fitzpatrick, Geno Smith, & Bryce Petty walk into a bar...Every drink they order is intercepted.
Y'all were all over the place with the 2011 WVU squad. It was Geno Smith, RB Alston, WRs Austin and Bailey
Picking Luke Falk over DW4??!! This comes from the folks who had Geno Smith, Logan Thomas and Tyler Wilson as Top Q…
Yawn, tell me again how good you think Geno Smith and Logan Thomas are. Luke Falk over Watson SMH!!!
Geno Smith says knee surgery went great and he'll be back to contributing nothing to the team in no time.
We have signed LB Taiwan Jones and placed QB Geno Smith on IR. DETAILS →
This week was pretty crazy, Geno Smith tears acl, Minnesota gets their first loss to the Eagles, Arizona and Seattle tie, Foster retired 😪
Ryan Fitzpatrick gets second chance as starter after Geno Smith tears ACL
Jets' Geno Smith has torn ACL, done for season -
New Geno Smith suffers torn ACL in Jets' win over Ravens thoughts? via
Jets QB Geno Smith has a torn ACL, as first reported by the NFL Network and confirmed by
Jets QB Geno Smith reportedly tore his ACL, based on initial MRI
Geno Smith says he's "too talented" to be a backup QB. Many scouts agree, saying he could be starting for plenty of hi…
*Finds out that Geno Smith tore his ACL*
Since Aug 11, 2015:. - Geno Smith's jaw was broken by IK . - He lost job to Fitz . - Replaced Fitz on Wed . - Tears ACL in 1st st…
Ben bigger story today Geno Smith injury or Arian Foster retirement ?
Brock Osweiler, beware if you encounter management and they think you owe them money, not a pretty picture /s/ Geno Smith
Jets’ Geno Smith was actually injured on Sunday, despite Joe Namath’s claim
Classic talks woeful not guts for comeback win. No film review, just segway into Geno Smith.
Geno Smith is out for the season with a torn ACL. That dude got the worst luck
*** one wasn't enough? Stay up money. Love to bad luck Geno Smith, too.
Jets QB Geno Smith has torn ACL, according to initial MRI via
The lost yesterday, so the now hold a two-game lead in their division:
Geno Smith has a torn ACL. This means Ryan Fitzpatrick will be responsible for 100% of the Jets INTS the remainder of…
Jets' Geno Smith has torn ACL, source confirms
Jets' Geno Smith has torn ACL in knee, seeking 2nd opinion
If it weren't for bad luck Geno Smith wouldn't have any luck at all. Poor guy. Geez.
Geno Smith tears ACL; Ryan Fitzpatrick to start for Jets - ESPN
Geno Smith has torn ACL, will miss rest of season -
FACT: Quincy Enunwa is just TOO fast!. 69-yard TD pass from Geno!. SEE YA 👋
Next we jump into the Ratings issues. Who will have the better career going forward, Geno Smith or RG III
Just when Geno Smith got it right, it all went wrong... Full story:
Geno Smith believed to have torn ACL and now the Jets are stuck with Ryan Fitzpatrick
Jets' Geno Smith out for season with torn ACL: Just like that, Geno Smith's sea...
The Jets' QB Ryan Fitzpatrick had strong words for New York's management after their win vs. Baltimore.
NY Jets lose quarterback for the season
QB Geno tore his ACL in yesterday's game and will miss the remainder of the
Geno Smith has a torn ACL. This is awful news for every AFC East DB who was very excited to intercept his passes.
Geno Smith out with a torn ACL. Poor guy. Fitzpatrick' s back starting. Thinks nobody believes in him. Only 1 way to chan…
Today in QB injuries - Geno Smith has a torn ACL, so Fitz starts (for now). Hoyer out 6 weeks after surgery and Cutler…
After finally getting his chance, QB Geno Smith thought his knee was fine. MRI told the story. Brutal ACL tear. Now a n…
Sources: Based on initial MRI, belief is that QB Geno Smith tore his ACL. Incredible. Players in the locker room are le…
Ryan Fitzpatrick and Geno Smith shared a moment earlier on the sideline.
Matthew Judon with an impressive sack. He leaps over his own teammate and bulldozes Geno Smith to the ground to force punt
According to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, the will give Geno Smith a "fair chance" to keep the starting job.
QB Geno Smith, who once wondered if he should be on any team but the will start today. What to expect:
The following QBs have starting jobs and I may not:. -Geno Smith. -Colin Kaepernick. -Matt Barkley. -Case Keenum.
From Todd Bowles explains why Jets benched Ryan Fitzpatrick for Geno Smith.
Tavon Austin and Steadman Bailey were products of Geno Smith at West Virginia
When you lose your starting job to Geno Smith... 😰
You see teams like the Jets with Fitzpatrick and Geno Smith and say, "Yea, we better hold on to Drew as long as we can."
Report: Jets to name Geno Smith starting QB for Week 7 -
Geno Smith will be starting this week.". Geno:
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"We already put in some plays that are Geno Smith oriented, so we already prepared for that. We didn't hear of the change until the end."
I certainly don't consider Geno Smith's transgressions so major that he shouldn't get a 2nd shot upon Fitz faltering. Fingers crossed.
scout​.com >> Report: Geno Smith to start on Sunday
Jets turn to Geno Smith in attempt to salvage season
As reported, Jets will start Geno Smith at QB on Sunday against Baltimore.
You think head coach Todd Bowles was listening to yesterday before he named Geno Smith his new starting…
plan to name Geno Smith their starting QB.
It took 434 days for Geno Smith to get his job back after the punch by I.K. Enemkpali. That... is one heck of a punch
Too bad Manish has me blocked, his Geno Smith article is spot on!
When you lose your job to Geno Smith
thoughts on Jets QB change going to geno smith, should of they went to him from the start of the season
The are reportedly ready to hand the starting reins back to Geno Smith
BREAKING: are going to start QB Geno Smith this Sunday against the Ravens. (via
With Geno Smith at QB, Jets' turnover issues aren't likely to be halted.
If freaking Geno Smith can get his job back and I can't, I'm going to kneel in my hospital bed until I do
BREAKING: Jets name Geno Smith as their starting interception thrower for Week 7
When the Ravens defense finds out that Geno Smith will be starting for the Jets this week
Imagine being stressed that your QB is holding out then later he's benched for Geno Smith
I missed everything NFL related this weekend. Why is Geno Smith starting?
Geno Smith is starting on Sunday finally, him and Kaep need to redeem themselves this weekend
Column: How desperate are the Jets? Well, they've handed the keys to a 26-year-old child to save their season.
THIS JUST IN: Jets plan to name Geno Smith their new starting QB. (via
Geno Smith will make his first start since Week 17, 2014 at MIA when Smith threw for 358 pass yds, 3 TD & had a perfect 15…
Geno Smith will take over as the Jets starting QB. This means the Browns are gonna have some stiff competition for th…
The AFC East reacts to the news of Geno Smith being named the Jets starting QB:
"[Ryan Fitzpatrick] has had 11 interceptions. They have won one game. Why not give Geno Smith an opportunity?" —
The Jets are naming Geno Smith the starter!
POLL: Geno Smith or Ryan Fitzpatrick? Who should Jets start at QB? | via
Brandon Marshall, after watching both Ryan Fitzpatrick and Geno Smith try to play QB:
My gut tells me that next season Geno Smith will be throwing to Tavon Austin &/or Stedman Bailey for Touchdowns in the NFL.
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What Jets QB depth chart should look like going into next week- . 1. Geno Smith. 2. Bryce Petty. 3. Ryan Fitzpatrick
Geno Smith replaces Ryan Fitzpatrick vs. as make QB change
Geno Smith is so bad he wouldn't complete a pass to a wide open Randy Moss
BREAKING: Ryan Fitzpatrick's job has been intercepted by Geno Smith
They look at that depth chart and see Geno Smith. I see why Fitz remains the starter.
Ryan Fitzpatrick is warming up on the sideline. Geno Smith is not.
At least Noel Devine was nice enough to correct Geno Smith when he did this against LSU in 2010
Damien Woody needs to calm down, you'd think he worked for Geno Smith at this rate. Don't be so aggressive and angry, its just a convo
😒WVU All Americans have had awful injury luck in the past year between Geno Smith, Karl Joseph, Stedman Bailey, and…
Just how many picks does one get to throw before their job is in jeopardy. Asking for Geno Smith.
inserting Geno Smith is like subbing in a guy in crutches with a guy in a wheel chair. . Both QBs are horribl…
The Jets WR when Geno Smith was the starter was Jeremy Kerley. Jeremy freakin Kerley!
Geno Smith said he "has to roll with the punches". Really couldn't think of a better saying buddy?
Ryan Fitzpatrick is putting up numbers Geno Smith got killed for while throwing to Jeremy Kerley and David Nelson. Wild.
btw, if Ryan Fitzpatrick's name was Geno Smith, he wouldn't have a job in the NFL.
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Y'all hate Geno Smith with passion, but Geno Smith ain't ever ever ever did this .
Said the same about Leonard Fournette, Geno Smith, Denard Robinson, Kenny Hill, I can go on and on.
Why Lamar Jackson's Heisman run is different from Geno Smith's
Jets really drafted Geno Smith and Christian Hackenberg in the 2nd round lmao
have set the QB rotation Ryan Fitzpatrick is No. 1 followed by Geno Smith, Petty & rookie Christian Hackenberg https…
Geno Smith, EJ Manuel any chance, can extend plays with feet, big arms. Compliment to running game?
You never no. Do you want NY Jets Management to Trade or Release QB Geno Smith before Week One of the NFL Season?
Geno Smith, Mark Sanchez are both upgrades from Shaun Hill. Use your third round draft picks and MAKE A MOVE YOU LOSERS
NFL HOT RUMOR: offer 5th rounder for Geno Smith but want more. Next best options: Mark Sanchez, Colin Kaeperdick, John McCown
I truly feel for Bridgewater he could become another Geno Smith.
Bet the Vikings go after geno smith
Who takes over for the at QB? Geno smith could be an interesting choice?
back to Jared Goff sitting at that table look at the eyeballs just like Geno Smith look closely very obvious he will never work
Jerry golf beginning of the show sitting at the table with the evaluator he look just like Geno Smith sitting at that table Libras
If the go with Geno Smith is a QB they crazy
With bridgewater done for the season, a possible spot for Geno Smith to see playing time if traded, wouldn't be surprised if it happened
QBs that I've seen that the Vikings should be interested in today. Mark Sanchez. Sam Bradford. Geno Smith. TJ Yates. Brando…
Geno Smith to the Vikings... Wait for it.
I see a possible Geno Smith trade on the horizon...
The Vikings need to get ej Manuel or Geno Smith
The jets find themselves in every bit of news lol Geno Smith to Minnesota??
if Geno Smith is an option you're seriously considering, your season is over before it started lol
Vikings best options to trade for IMO Geno Smith and Trevone Boykins
Ryan Fitzpatrick being better than Ray Lucas, Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith means nothing to me.
The should definitely try to trade for Zach Mettenberger instead of Mark Sanchez or Geno smith
Which young mediocre black QB would be a better replacement for Teddy Bridgewater: EJ Manuel or Geno Smith?
Geno Smith is the only decent option that is affordable Late round pick or claim off waivers Ur thoughts I'll hang up and listen
may give Geno Smith or Mike Vick a call.
Vick,trade for AJ McCarren,McCown,trade for EJ Manuel,Geno Smith,Tahj Boyd would fit our system.Need I continue..
Vick would be interesting. And I'm actually higher on a guy like Geno smith than most. I still think Kaep is best option
EJ Manuel, Geno Smith, Matt Moore, AJ McCarron and Drew Stanton have to be on the Vikings' short list, right?
Ok so here is what I have been seeing for Vikings Qb options Mark Sanchez, Mike Vick, Shaun Hill, Josh McCown or geno smith 😢😢
For a presentation I'm showing off the best of Pville including a broken Geno Smith jaw and a meth bust
Guess the Vikings gonna call us to get Geno Smith off our hands 😂
Geno Smith to the Vikings makes the most sense to me.
If i was MIN I would go out and trade for Geno Smith IMMEDIATELY. I believe in you Geno.
did you answer about Geno Smith yet? 6th rd pick?
Rumor that I started; Will trade for QB Geno Smith since Bridgewater went down?
Joekel to guard Geno Smith to the bench and Eric Fischer a new deal I think the made the right decision in the 2013 draft.
looks like Geno Smith is another name to look for.
I have a feeling they make a move for Geno Smith
for the right price. I'm thinking they might trade the jets for Geno Smith
Eugene Cyril Smith III, better known as Geno Smith should be traded to the Vikings
Vikings offer the Jets a late draft pick & Madden 17 for Geno Smith.
Christian Ponder, Geno Smith, EJ Manuel and Josh McCown are all names Vikings could target if and when they are cut. According 2 1500espn
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Best thing for Geno Smith is to get traded. I really believe that. Needs a new start. Too much going on here.
Good news, Geno Smith and Bryce Petty: The Jets might keep four quarterbacks: All four quarterbacks might make the…
Top 5:. 1. Kaepernick. 2. Weeden. 3. PONDER. 4. Sanchez. 5. Geno Smith. Somehow today just got worse.
last 10 yrs are 85-44 with 5 bowl wins. 30 Current players notables Geno Smith, Tavon Austin, Bruce Irvin and Karl Joseph.
Billy Butler went to the Geno Smith school of teammate etiquette.
NYJ Star Ledger: Jets' Geno Smith booed by fans, responds with touchdown in preseason opener vs. Jaguars
REPORT: Jets veterans brutally haze rookies by forcing them to watch Geno Smith.
Gilly with his first pick of camp. Geno Smith pass sailed a bit. Nice Marcus Williams PD on Fitz pass to Marshall.
So basically the only way Geno Smith gets to start is if he pulls a Tanya Harding?
Geno Smith when he heard the news Ryan Fitzpatrick signed today...
Geno Smith introducing himself as the starting QB
Your debate is roughly this:. - Foles on a low cost, one year deal to be Geno Smith's backup . - Fitz on a 3 year deal,…
ok Mr. Egg.Tavares Jackson wasn't named the starter, Matt Flynn was and do not compare Geno Smith to Russell Wilson LOL
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