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Gennifer Flowers

Gennifer Flowers (born January 24, 1950) is a model and actress who allegedly had a sexual relationship with former U.S.

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Remember when Bill Clinton wouldn't shake hands with Gennifer Flowers?
Gennifer Flowers a . See her at 6:00. here, too. Cute as a button!
What? That is absolutely sickening. She is a liar and is disgusting. Ask Gennifer Flowers and Paul Jones how admirable she is..
I believe Rock keeps doing the current events thing until WrestleMania 14 when he was interviewed by Gennifer Flowers
I'm a married woman. I love my husband; I have a good life.
the liberals don't have a sexism problem. They treated Sarah Palin, Gennifer Flowers with much respect
The people who paraded Anita Broderick & Gennifer Flowers out at the debate want their privacy now...
Gennifer Flowers remakes herself with a jewelry line in Tampa
What dignity? I gave it away to Monica and Gennifer Flowers.
Trump threatens to bring gennifer flowers to debate what was Bill Clinton -
You want to reform the Democratic Party? Praising corruption? DWS junior? Clintons lied re Gennifer…
Stay tuned. I'll provide the TOM BANCEK How they did it PROPPING you up and DUPING you...the way they did Gennifer Flowers.
I have never lied about my relationship with Bill Clinton. The on...
you should ask people like Juanita Brodderick, Gennifer Flowers and Kathleen Wiley what that feels like.
Clinton paid $200 to Gennifer Flowers for an abortion. Happy to help. :)
Shameless Hedge fund wife Eva Moskowitz Makes $475K/year to run a hand full of NYC schools. But tell me again about G…
WWE WrestleMania 14 - Gennifer Flowers Interviews The Rock - if he :p
No he settled $ with Gennifer Flowers. He's had a few tho not our business that's Hillarys. Monica's different IMO
I'm not sure which I'm more excited about, wiping the floor with Clinton, or her face when Gennifer Flowe…
I have information on Bill Clinton who gave Gennifer Flowers $200 to get an abortion, does that help?
. I remember the Clintons from back when they tap danced around the Gennifer Flowers story. The lies never stopped.
People used to ask me: 'Well, was it the power that attracted you to...
Was that the issue with Gennifer Flowers?
shouldn't have said it in front of her I wonder what Gennifer Flowers daughter asked her
According to Gennifer Flowers, you are being far, far, far too generous.
Only Gennifer Flowers really knows for sure - I think.
this is obviously Gennifer Flowers. Are we really gonna bring up decade old pictures? Y'all are pathetic.
We're still in the ditch, and the Gennifer Flowers story about Bil...
I guessed that Hillary would come out of the closet once elected -- she's deceitful like that...
Let me tell you this, if I had wanted to have a library of audi...
I just had the pleasure of explaining to my wife who Gennifer "Buffles" Flowers is.   10% Off
Bill Clinton lied with his hand on the Bible saying he did not have sex with that woman miss Monica Lewinsky Gennifer flowers and others
. Not the best example. Enquirer broke alot of stories that turned out to be true. Ask Gennifer Flowers. Or John Edwards. Etc
I don't know about *** shaming, but Gennifer Flowers wasn't shamed enough. Not for the affair, for selling it.
I'm a sexually liberated woman that earned that liberation. I am ver...
Gennifer Flowers, his mistress for 14 years, was a victim? Is marla maples a victim?
but how is gennifer flowers relevant? Should she have had his mistresses in the audience?
gennifer flowers was his GF for 14 years. When he ran for pres, went to press with recordings of his messages. Not a victim.
Yeah, ladies. Next time vote for the woman who silenced Juanita Broderick, Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, etc etc etc
I met Bill Clinton in 1977 while I was working as a news reporte...
Gennifer Flowers Accepts invitation to . Here's the flashback video of Gennifer!. THINGS ARE HEAT…
you should invite Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky and Gennifer Flowers 2 come w/ u
You won't find this story on any American mainstream media site. Is this not as newsworthy as a hand up a skirt?. https:/…
Gennifer Flowers (and state troopers), Paula Jones...she attacked women personally and destroyed lives to cover for Bill.
Juanita Broaddrick, Gennifer Flowers.silenced by hill. Cry me a river.
He was elected in 1992, and openly carried on with Gennifer Flowers and others. Nothing to do with any sort of govt…
she was out looking for Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones
look it up. She discredited many of them and threatened then. Paula Jones, gennifer flowers, Juanita broadrick to name a few
How do you plan to explain Monica Lewinsky & Gennifer Flowers to your kids ?
I feel like I have a Ph.D. in life, I'm a survivor. I've not only s...
The Clinton's?? That was an allegation and NEVER proven. People like Gennifer Flowers and Broaderick changed thei…
On 26th Jan 1992, the Clintons lied on national TV for the first time. They denied his affair with Gennifer Flowers. https…
What about Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky and this
Far JOHNSON was beaten up by bills cronies because he saw bill go into gennifer flowers apt with a key. He was owne…
ABC's Prime Time Live that Gennifer Flowers was the daughter of Willie Horton. Intended as a throwaway line, with all the facts in now -
Bill Clinton's mistress Gennifer Flowers: 'We'd be together today if it wasn't for Chelsea' | Daily Mail Online
In old ABC interview HRC to Sam Donaldson compares Gennifer Flowers to Willie Horton.
In 1990s video, Hillary tries to tell Sam Donaldson Bill was just trying to help Gennifer Flowers.
Juanita Broaddrick, Dolly Kyle, Paula Jones, Kathleen Wiley, & Gennifer Flowers are all Bills vics attacked by Hillary! .
I will see your Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky and raise you Fidel Castro, Muammar Gaddafi, and Vladimir Putin.
Let them talk about Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinski. We've got Fidel Castro, Muammar Gaddafi, to Vladimir Putin.
Juanita Broderick, Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky, Kathleen Wiley...HRC tried to destroy women after Bill done.
I know Mark Cuban and Gennifer Flowers will have front row seats to the debate, but I wonder which row Omar Mateen's fathe…
. Hillary invites Mark Cuban to front row at Trump offers front row seat to Gennifer Flowers. https:/…
Sydney Blumenthal gave my cousin a memo from Arlen Specter that was found in a time capsule Gennifer Flowers buried in 1985
Hayes: Clinton campaign has confirmed Mark Cuban will be front-row, ringside at tonight's debate. Gennifer Flowers will not.
Gennifer Flowers will not be Donald Trump’s guest at tomorrow's debate
Why wouldn't Trump invite Gennifer Flowers to the debate?. He hosted his mistress on a family ski trip. https:…
Gennifer Flowers says she will attend debate as Donald Trump's guest
Gennifer Flowers says Bill Clinton contacted with her in 2005, hopin' for a little somethin' something'
conducted a media smear campaign against Gennifer Flowers, an Arkansas employee Bill Clinton has now admitted…
Trump threatens to bring Gennifer Flowers to the debate
Trump threatens to bring Gennifer Flowers to debate - We want to hear about proposed policies &…
Trump threatens to bring Gennifer Flowers, with whom Bill Clinton admitted having a sexual relationship, to debate
Bill Clinton Lying to American People on national TV in 60 Minutes interview about Gennifer Flowers relationship.
In this phone call, Bill Clinton & Gennifer Flowers talk about a mysterious break-in to her apartment & threatening ca…
Gennifer Flowers' neighbor was beaten and left for dead after is his security camera inadvertently recorded Bill Clint…
Media is taking the Gennifer Flowers bait! Yes, explain who she is to all the women voters :D https:…
THE ACTUAL MADMAN. Gennifer Flowers(had sexual relations w/ Bill) says she will attend the debate as Trump's Guest.
In the Gennifer Flowers one-upsmanship game, Clinton will respond with Nancy Kerrigan and Trump with Tonya Harding. Then it's the Bobbitts.
Politics|Donald Trump's Potential Guest at Debate: Gennifer Flowers: Hofstra University on Long Island will h...
"Gennifer Flowers" We all know Hillary's regretting that Mark Cuban front row seat.
Gennifer Flowers front row! LUV-IT. Media forced to cover.Used to like Mark Cuban but done w him and Sad
Breaking: Gennifer Flowers accepts Trump's invitation to sit in front next to Mark Cuban at debate.
never learns,can't out-troll the Donald 😂😂👍 he is a fighter👊🏻 Gennifer Flowers to sit next to Mark Cuban at debate…
Gennifer Flowers is going to be the "entertainment" while him, Michael Richards, Mel Gibson, and Scott Baio get angry drun…
Gennifer Flowers huh? If Hillary invited 1/4 of Trump's adulteries to the debate the place would be full of Ex wives and…
Just more PROOF has mentality of a 5 yr old!
Gennifer Flowers has forever been reduced to and known as a mistress. Only married fools like leave the…
Actually, Trump is a genius who just taught young America exactly who Gennifer Flowers is. Next they'll learn who Juanita &…
Hillary about Bill's victims including Gennifer Flowers: . "These women are trash, nobody's going to believe them" https…
Trump can't be bothered to articulate concrete plan on defeating ISIS because he's too busy with insulting antics!
Hilarious. If Trump thinks the sight of Gennifer Flowers will rattle he has not been paying attention. https…
"Gennifer Flowers" see this is what I am talking about
Hillbots turned sexist n 1second flat once Trump mentioned Gennifer Flowers. You know..that word they love using when u criti…
There isn't enough room in the auditorium for all of the women Bill Clinton has assaulted, but I really hope Gennifer Flowers…
Trump was able to make Gennifer Flowers trend nationwide for hours so all of the millennials who didn't know who she was now…
. Gennifer Flowers ‘agrees’ to sit front row at first debate. htt…
Gennifer Flowers 'agrees' to sit front row at first debate via
I welcome Gennifer Flowers to the debate, she can learn women dont have to sleep their way to the top they can wrk hard lik…
- CNN forced to explain Gennifer Flowers to the kiddies. 🤗. I really love this election.
Gennifer Flowers any little relation to "Brandon" Flowers
Gennifer Flowers accepts Trump's invitation to attend the debate
"Trump warms up for Clinton debate with Virginia rally"
Clinton camp statement on reports of Gennifer Flowers attending Monday's debate:
Trump inviting Gennifer Flowers to the first debate is proof he's not a worthy opponent for Clinton. Love or hate her, this'll be good.
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Gennifer Flowers one of a LONG line.
If Trump DOES bring Gennifer Flowers, it's a sign he's fully on tilt and will not be able to execute a "calm and presidential "…
4D chess: The media took the bait again. Many people didn't know who Gennifer Flowers was until Trump mentioned her today.…
What happened between Gennifer Flowers and Bill Clinton 30 years ago has nothing to do with global warming, gun control or…
If dopey Mark Cuban of failed Benefactor fame wants to sit in the front row, perhaps I will put Gennifer Flowers right…
For every woman who's been cheated on by her husband/boyfriend-sure will do wonders 4 Trump's problem w women voters!https…
Trump always punches back harder than they hit him. You bring Trump brings Gennifer Flowers. I want a fighter in t…
Trump playing the media like a fiddle, forcing them to explain who Gennifer Flowers is. Absolutely brilliant.
.Bringing Gennifer Flowers to the debate could backfire on Trump. Some still feel sorry for what Secretary…
Gennifer Flowers will remind Trump of something he is - an adulterer. Mark Cuban will remind hm of something he's not - a…
That's it. Pull this world over right now and let me out.
This is all about . Ugh. . Trump threatens to bring Gennifer Flowers to debate
Gennifer Flowers is beautiful women. That kills .
Since has invited Gennifer Flowers to the debate, we should invite his 13 year old rape victim & her witne…
"Gennifer Flowers" brings back the memories. Oh, and let the millenials know too.
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See how easy it was to make Trump pull this Gennifer Flowers stunt? Imagine other world leaders playing him like the bott…
It seems that we have been thrown into a garbage can that doesn't seem to have a bottom for us to hit.
TFW it is 2016 and you find out that Gennifer Flowers will be seated in the front row at the first debate next to Mark Cub…
if you also think that along with Gennifer Flowers, Trump should seat parents of the victims..
Trump should have gone balls out and put Juanita Broaddrick in the front row too.
Gennifer Flowers is trending and Mark Cuban is not. Best. Election. Ever.
Wonder if Republicans know their candidate cheated on his 1st wife with 2nd and 2nd with the 3rd, but let's talk about Gen…
Clinton Campaign invites Cuban to the debate to troll Trump, Thats OK, Trump counters with Gennifer Flowers and people lose th…
Remember Hillary saying this about Bill's rape victims.. Gennifer Flowers joins Trump at but more women deserve…
Bubba & Hillary deny his affair with Gennifer Flowers🙄😂 .
Clinton camp statement from on Trump inviting Gennifer Flowers to attend Monday's debate:
Quick facts about Gennifer Flowers for those who may not know who she is.
Things POTUS candidates should be talking about: . ISIS. Syria. Economy. Debt. What they are talking about: . Gennifer Flowers. Th…
Hillary Clinton for President she said Bill's sexual assault victims, like Gennifer Flowers were 'Bimbo Eruptions'.
Clinton campaign's response to Trump inviting Gennifer Flowers to the debate...
How did the Clintons distract from Gennifer Flowers' accusations in the 1992 campaign? . Bill executed a Black man. https:/…
THAT moment Hillary Clinton for President learned Trump may put Gennifer Flowers front row at the debate.
Gennifer Flowers says she will attend first presidential debate as Trump's guest via
I vote to put Tonya Harding vs. Nancy Kerrigan on the undercard Monday night since we got Gennifer Flowers now.
Hillary has to love that Gennifer Flowers is trending.
Even ABC News covered for Clinton's sexual harassment as late as 1992. "Gennifer Flowers"
Gennifer Flowers agreed, will Bill be in attendance. Let's make this a family affair LOL!
BREAKING. Hillary Clinton for President just learned that Gennifer Flowers agreed to attend . Watch her reaction:…
Gennifer Flowers, Broaddrick, pat smith, jamiel shaw, Marcus Lutrell are all good choices to sit next to 1% er Mark cu…
Trump threatens to bring Gennifer Flowers to debate
Trump threatens to bring Gennifer Flowers to debate: Donald Trump threatened Saturday to bring Gennifer Flowe...
If you believe her, do you also believe Juanita Broderick, Gennifer Flowers, Christy Wiley, Paula Jones and dozens of others?
And the many women Bill Clinton raped or abused over the years? Paula Jones, Juanita Broderick, Gennifer Flowers...
Also subjected to IRS audits at the request of the CLINTONS were his accusers incl. Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones & Juanita…
She made him change from Her, to Gennifer Flowers, then to Paula Jones, Then to Monica Lewinski .
Ask Paula Jones, Juanita Broderick, Monica Lewinsky, Gennifer Flowers how great you are.
Juanita Broderick, Paula Jones, and Gennifer Flowers should be given airtime at the same time somewhere.
He did more than *** in & assaulted many women:Gennifer Flowers,Paula Jones,Juanita Broaddrick +more
Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinski, many others. Been there seen that.
Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky. Funny, people know who they are
sorry, that Q about Clinton accusing others of gender biases was for Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers...
.Not according to Gennifer Flowers,.or was it Paula Jones?
Do some research on Gennifer Flowers and Bill Clinton and Paula Jones. It's your HW, cupcake.
I wonder if Monica Lewinsky, Gennifer Flowers and Vincent Foster all think you are "qualified"?
Howard, We know Your Bitter about de-fusing the 'Gennifer Flowers' scandal': & then were targeted by the Tipper Gore & the FCC !
Happy to Monica Lewinsky, Gennifer Flowers, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, & on & on htt…
I think Monica Lewinsky is still waiting for her apology. And Linda Tripp and Gennifer Flowers and.
Want to know the real Hillary? just ask Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, Gennifer Flowers, Kathleen Willey or Christy Zercher
We will hear soon from Monica, Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones.
Clinton murdered Ricky Ray Rector to deflect the public gaze from his affair with Gennifer Flowers
Q How does Bill keep Gennifer Flowers away from the White House? A He keeps offering to send Ted Kennedy over to give her a ride. :0
with Gennifer Flowers, he had an affair with Monica Lewinsky and he romanced Naomi Campbell, yes really. The film 'Primary Colors' is about
Gennifer Flowers, tells Bill Clinton she wants to 'sit down and talk via
Revealed: The real reason Hillary Clinton only wears pant suits, as told by Gennifer Flowers | Rare
Glad you think Anita Hill has class and grace... What about Juanita Broaddrick and Gennifer Flowers?
Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Gennifer Flowers, Whitewater, Benghazi - the list is endless.
and Gennifer Flowers. And Paula Jones. And Kathleen Willey and well you get the idea
... with women? Monica Lewinsky, Gennifer Flowers, Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, the latter leading to your impeachment.
Bill Clinton is Hillary's pet rapist. War on Women. Juanita Broaddrick. Gennifer Flowers
Gennifer Flowers was his mistress and admitted it. So did Monica Lewinski.
Gennifer Flowers was his mistress. Even she said so.
Paula Jones, Juanita Broderick, Kathleen Wiley and Gennifer Flowers were unavailable for comment.
I never forgot Paula Jones. Or Gennifer Flowers for that matter.
Gennifer Flowers . According to reports leaked to the press, US President Bill Clinton admitted to having an affair with Flowers
Not a quote usually associated with a president😬 . said "Hillary had eaten more p***y than he had,” she recalled.
Gennifer Flowers, who says she was Bill Clinton’s consensual mistress for more than 12 years. http…
Google it - he paid off Paula Jones with over $880k-Gennifer Flowers -Juanita Broderick -all is well known
We should ALWAYS believe women that accuse men of rape. . Unless it's Gennifer Flowers, Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, Kat…
He has Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, etc, signed up?
unless your name is Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, Juanita Broadarick, Gennifer Flowers, Kathleen W…
- Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Linda Tripp, Monica Lewinsky. A champion of women's rights? Sure you are.
Monica Lewinsky, Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones and Juanita Broaddrick might have a few words.
uhh Juanita Broaddrik, Gennifer Flowers, the Gap dress thing... that's model citizenship?
I would not be so sure after this hehe
"If you ignore the sexual abuse complaints against him by Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, Kathleen Willey…" — Rachel
I wonder what Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers and Kathleen Willey think about this.
Gennifer Flowers should take Renee Young's job if you ask me
why is Hill on Coumadin? Stroke? Hillary Clinton fears known bimbo eruption plus Gennifer Flowers.
The new breed of "JournoListers".prob don't know who these ppl are> Juanita Broaddrick,Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, Kathleen Willey
Jake, were you born after 1988? Juanita Broaddrick,Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, Kathleen Willey. All liars, right?
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Your leftist lack of self awareness is showing again...Juanita Broderick? Gennifer Flowers? Paula Jones? B Clinton = Dem HERO!
'Bill Clinton told her Hillary Clinton was 'bisexual' Jennifer Flowers
Bill repeatedly cheated on her -Gennifer Flowers, the lady he sexually harrassed, Monica Lewinsky. She stayed for the power IMO
Bill told Gennifer Flowers he was sterile...
She started appearing desperate in 1991 during the Gennifer Flowers scandal.
Barbara Bowman is 47 and she's never heard of Kathleen Willey, Gennifer Flowers, Juanita Broaddrick or Paula Jones?
Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Dept ;. In 1992, it was Gennifer Flowers & smoking pot. Yet voters had the horse sense to go over
Also that wikipedia entry you posted included Lewinsky & Gennifer Flowers. Both had consensual relationships w/ him
Willie should have dumped HRC for Gennifer Flowers, then she'd be the candidate
I think Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones would disagree with you.
where is Monica, Gennifer Flowers and all the others *** s Slick Willy banged. Family values and the Clinton
Are you brain damaged? Try googling Juanita Broaddrick, Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones just for starters.
Wouldn't it be awkward if Monica Lewinsky won and took Gennifer Flowers as her guest...?
Pie throwing contest @ team-up with Hildebeest 4 multiple target practice; Monica Lewinsky, Gennifer Flowers, or Paula Jones
Gennifer Flowers, 'mistress' of Bill Clinton, says they ended 12-year affair due to Chelsea & Hillary is bisexual
and he did this to further his political goals. And to distract from Gennifer Flowers
Linda Tripp Monica Benghazi Concussion Grandbaby Vincent Foster Whitewater Gennifer Flowers Tony Rodham, what she had for dinner.
when i think of Clinton politicking i think of him distracting from Gennifer Flowers by executing Ricky Ray Rector
Don't ever forget Gennifer Flowers' brilliant "Clinton Body Count." Probably the only thing that kept her alive!
or Lewinsky or Paula Jones or Gennifer Flowers or..
OH: 'Gennifer Flowers was the best Effie.'
I wonder what happened to the reporter who asked Gennifer Flowers if "Governor Clinton used a condom" because he seems like a real cut-up.
I remember the Newsweek my Mom got before they fired him, Gennifer Flowers all tarted up despite her presidential baby bump.
PLEASE REMEMBER THIS FOREVER Worse than you thought & worth remembering and this came from a Democrat. Dear Mr. Ex President Clinton, I recently saw a bumper sticker that said, "Thank me, I voted for Clinton-Gore." So, I sat down and reflected on that, and I am sending my "Thank you" for what you have done, specifically: 1. Thank you for introducing us to Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, Dolly Kyle Browning, Kathleen Willey, and Juanita Broderick. Did I leave anyone out? 2. Thank you for teaching my 8 year old about oral sex. I had really planned to wait until he was a little older to discuss it with him, but now he knows more about it than I did as a senior in college. 3. Thank you for showing us that sexual harassment in the work place (especially the White House) and on the job is OK, and all you have to know is what the meaning of "it" is. It really is great to know that certain sexual acts are not sex, and one person may have sex while the other one does NOT have sex. 4. Thank you for ...
True! Remember all those women that came out? Gennifer Flowers ~ yes with a G! Paula Jones! And on and on.
Donna Rice, Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers - all should be on that list.
Just thought of something funny to say about Adam Carolla. Also, finally came up with some Gennifer Flowers zingers.
actually carpooled to work with Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones.
Gennifer Flowers. Paula Jones. Monica Lewinsky. Hillary can't even control her man..and we would let her control the country because...
. Hillary was perfect partner for Bill. They stalk together.
Robben saying he dived earlier in game but not for decisive penalty is like Clinton saying he lied about Gennifer Flowers but not Lewinsky
Huma's back in in town. Ain't nothin' but a party! .
Huma's back in camp. Ain't nothin' but a party! .
No. "Random" is Gennifer Flowers interviewing at WM 14, six years after the Clinton Scandal.
i said in a post match interview w Gennifer Flowers "Typo" i meant a PRE-match interview with Gennifer Flowers..
oh and in a post match interview w Gennifer Flowers @ Wrestemania 14 he refered to Homeless ppl as "Piece's of Trash"..
Does Hillary stand up for other women like Monica, Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Katherine Willy?
As we inch closer to April 6 and WrestleMania XXX, my next viewing is WrestleMania XIV in Boston in 1998. That was a special year as the Cubs made the playoffs as the wild card and Pete Rose returned to Boston as a special guest announcer for the match with Undertaker vs. Kane. His intro was hilarious, "Last time I was in Boston, we kicked your *** I left tickets for Bill Buckner but he couldn't bend over to pick them up." At least he made one Hall of Fame, the WWE Hall of Fame. The return to tradition for WrestleMania with celebrities running wild ("Iron" Mike Tyson, Gennifer Flowers, Pete Rose) and the excitement of what WrestleMania should be was felt with this one as it also began the Attitude Era and the beginning of the white sketching of the WWF logo which has been blurred out or modified to WWE. Well, that's annoying.
No wonder Bill Clinton had to rape so many women, . Gennifer Flowers - "There’s something you need to know. I’ve...
The true War on Women. Sexual misconduct allegations against Bill Clinton From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Bill Clinton served as the 42nd President of the United States from 1993 to 2001. Before that, he was Governor of the state of Arkansas, and afterwards he has continued life in the public eye.[1] Clinton has only admitted extramarital relationships with Monica Lewinsky and Gennifer Flowers though charges were also made by Kathleen Willey.[2] Contents 1 Paula Jones 2 Monica Lewinsky 3 Other allegations 4 References Paula Jones Paula Jones brought a sexual harassment lawsuit against Clinton while he was president. Clinton argued that as a sitting president, he should not be vulnerable to a civil suit of this nature. The case landed in the U.S. Supreme Court. The Supreme Court held that "Deferral of this litigation until petitioner's Presidency ends is not constitutionally required."[3] However, a U.S. judge in Arkansas, Susan Webber Wright, ruled that since Jones had not suffered any damages, the ...
The incredible Mr. Hitchens 3:) “What do you have to forget or overlook in order to desire that this dysfunctional clan once more occupies the White House and is again in a position to rent the Lincoln Bedroom to campaign donors and to employ the Oval Office as a massage parlor? You have to be able to forget, first, what happened to those who complained, or who told the truth, last time. It's often said, by people trying to show how grown-up and unshocked they are, that all Clinton did to get himself impeached was lie about sex. That's not really true. What he actually lied about, in the perjury that also got him disbarred, was the women. And what this involved was a steady campaign of defamation, backed up by private *** (you should excuse the expression) and salaried government employees, against women who I believe were telling the truth. In my opinion, Gennifer Flowers was telling the truth; so was Monica Lewinsky, and so was Kathleen Willey, and so, lest we forget, was Juanita Broaddrick, the wom . ...
You're going to hear about Whitewater, Monica Lewinsky, Benghazi, Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers and a myriad of scandals that aren't, or haven't been for twenty years. Are they afraid of Hillary? Oh, *** yes! Those of you who have known me for a while now, may remember my poll taking whether or not we would vote for her. This was at least a year ago when many here said she won't run while I assured them, she would. Well, SHE IS! And she will be a force to be reckoned due mainly to her intellect and now, further experience. She will be a formidable force that the right cannot address. In 2008, she was a different candidate, wanting to say, depending on what audience she faced, what they wanted to hear. Now, she's come into her own and has learned a few rather painful lessons, among them, don't be a Mitt Romney! I liked Hillary back in 08, but I love Hillary (now) in 2016 because she has learned. With Chris Christie out of the picture, the remaining possible slate are Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, Ted C . ...
So the Hillary 2016 chatter has already started. The question being posed is: are Bill's infidelities fair game on the campaign trail? Any negative press on her is already being greeted with cries of "sexism", so fair or unfair her opponent will have to tread lightly. That said, I don't believe she should be faulted or be held accountable for his direct actions (in Arkansas or the White House). Where I believe his actions do become her issue is her handling of them. Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky etc. Bill humiliated Hillary time and time again and yet she stayed by his a doormat. I don't want a doormat as my President. So her lack of strength I believe is an issue. Putting aside her forgettable time in the Senate and her tragic time as Secretary of State, someone who has proven to be so weak in her personal life, should not be the leader 300 millon other lives. I'm surprised feminists (and quite frankly anyone who loves to say "the war on women") hav ...
Bill Clinton just received the Women's Day Award for his "feminist accomplishments". This is hypocrisy at its finest! Do you remember Gennifer Flowers or Paula Jones? Well, maybe you remember Monica Lewinsky??? "I did not have _ relations with that woman." I'm sure there are countless others. What is this world coming to? At what point did we lose honor, integrity, & morals in our country let alone our politicians? When we have a "women's" magazine give an award to a cheater & a liar for his "feminist accomplishments" we have a serious issue in these great states of America! (But don't get me started on the "serious" issues we have in America.)
Barbara Bush said she loves Bill Clinton. I wonder if she loves Gennifer Flowers or Juanita Broaddrick or Lewinsky or dozens of others too?
Let's go back 19', say, '88, '89, '90. If Bill Clinton had divorced Hillary and married Gennifer Flowers, would Gennifer Flowers be the Democrat front-runner for 2016?
IS ANYONE REALY SURPRISED AT THIS..LOL.Gennifer Flowers, the woman who claimed to have had a years-long sexual relationship Bill Clinton, has said in a new interview that he told her his wife Hillary was bisexual. Flowers told the Daily Mail that she wasn’t surprised about the rumors of an affair between Hillary Clinton and longtime aide Huma Abedin, the wife of ex-congressman and failed New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner. “I don’t know Huma or the Weiners. I just know what Bill told me and that was that he was aware that Hillary was bisexual and he didn’t care. He should know,” Flowers said, according to the Daily Mail.
Former mistress and current sex advice columnist Gennifer Flowers recently sat down for an interview during which she revealed many insights into the Clinton clan. In addition to recounting her affair with a pre-presidential Bill Clinton, she candidly offered knowledge of Hillary's sexuality. Though...
U.S. -- Gennifer Flowers, who claims to have had a twelve-year affair with former U.S. President Bill Clinton, has raised new rumours about his wife Hillary's séxuality, saying that the woman has had relations with more female partners than her husband.
THE woman who claims she was Bill Clinton's mistress, Gennifer Flowers, says she and Mr Clinton w...
According to Gennifer Flowers, who had an affair with Bill Clinton for many years, Bill told her that Hillary was bisexual. Flowers said that’s why she was not surprised when she heard the rumor that Hillary and Huma Abedin were having an affair. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Flowers was quo...
Gennifer Flowers reveals how former President Clinton confided in her that Hillary was bisexual
Gennifer Flowers reveals Bill Clinton confided in her that Hillary was bisexual
Gennifer Flowers,Bill Clinton. former president confided in her that Hillary was bisexual
Their 12-year affair made Gennifer Flowers one of the most high profile mistresses in America. Now, two decades after they split amid scandal, the former news reporter from Little Rock, Arkansas wants to ‘sit down and talk’ with Bill Clinton.
Gennifer Flowers, tells Bill Clinton she wants 2 'sit down & talk What an article! Clinton's past will not go away.
Gennifer Flowers qoutes Bill Clinton "Hillary has eaten more p***y than I have." Gennifer, tell us something we dont know.
Gennifer Flowers, tells Bill Clinton... via Bill told Gennifer that Hillary was Bisexual!
Well... Gennifer Flowers on Bill Clinton - they'd be together if it wasn't for Chelsea & Hillary was bisexual
Gennifer Flowers on her relationship with Bill Clinton, link at -- a bit raunchy so won't link here. Definitely some choice quotes!
Bill Clinton was given many 2nd chances. 1st- Gennifer Flowers 2d- Paula Jones 3rd- Monica Lewinsky; & those are the ones we KNOW.
Do you not remember Juanita Broaderick, Kathryn Willey, Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, et al?
No Ken Starr, no lying. Or wait are you talking Paula Jones/Gennifer's all a blur.
The Conservative Insurgent Here's something I compiled on BJ Clinton a while back: *Whitewater - the alleged banking and real estate scandals of Clinton and his friends. *Cattle Futures-gate - This involved Hillary's investment of $1,000 in cattle futures that turned into $100,000 *Travel-gate - The Clintons fired seven White House travel office employees in favor of hiring their relatives and friends. *Gennifer Flowers-gate - Bill Clinton denied a 12-year affair with Gennifer Flowers. She taped phone calls with him but he claimed they were false and branded her a liar. Now, he has admitted to at least some of the affair. It turns out Clinton was the liar... Wow, big surprise... *File-gate - This involves the discovery of over 900 Republican FBI files in the White House. The Clinton regime called it a mistake. *Vince Foster-gate - Soon after Clinton lawyer Vince Foster committed suicide, his office was cleared out, which included Whitewater billing records and several key pieces of evidence. *Whitewater B ...
Gennifer Flowers, a former Little Rock, Arkansas, news reporter, says she began a 12-year affair with Bill Clinton while he was still governor of Arkansas. G...
Missing are the escapades of Bill with Gennifer Flowers and his rape of Juanita Broderick, and various other Bimbo Eruptions smothered by Hillary. Available on google. The American Thinker June 15, 2013 Hillary Clinton's Legacy of Scandal By Jeffrey T. Brown In the midst of the eruption of near-daily scandals involving the Obama administration, let us not forget that until just a few months ago, Hillary Clinton was the most significant persona within that administration besides the president himself. Let us not also forget that notwithstanding the scandal-grenades going off all around us, Mrs. Clinton diligently plans her run for the presidency, even while several of those scandals are obviously and entirely her responsibility, exposing the State Department during her tenure as an utter sewer of corruption, cronyism, and fatal incompetence. For as long as Hillary Clinton has been on the national scene, she has left a path of destruction and wreckage in her wake that is both impressive and terrible to be . ...
Monica, Gennifer Flowers, Paula Broadwell.all back woods, hillbilly chicks with muffin top
Stephen Rogerson The IRS has been a tool of intimidation and neutralization for decades under administrations as far back as President Franklin Roosevelt’s in the 1930s. Former IRS commissioner Mortimer Caplin said that IRS audits of non-profits were “notoriously aggressive” and that the IRS was complicit in President Kennedy’s “Ideological Special Organizations Project,” which targeted conservative groups with audits and other harassment measures. During the Clinton administration, the IRS targeted Clinton accusers Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, Juanita Broaddrick, and even the White House Travel Office Director Billy Dale. In addition, conservative non-profits were aggressively audited, including Citizens for a Sound Economy, the Christian Film and Television Commission, the National Rifle Association, the Heritage Foundation, Citizens Against Government Waste, Citizens for Honest Government, National Review, American Spectator, Freedom Allian...ce, the National Center for Public Policy Rese ...
Behind the Benghazi curtain - - - - THE WORLD'S SMARTEST WOMAN Has Hillary told 1 lie too many? Jack Cashill Jack Cashill is an Emmy-award winning independent writer and producer with a Ph.D. in American Studies from Purdue. “The [Benghazi] testimony this week could be devastating to the Obama administration and to Hillary Clinton who ran the State Department at the time,” Bill O’Reilly opined earlier this week. But O’Reilly – and everyone who tracks the media – recognized one unfortunate fact: When it comes to Hillary Clinton there is a huge difference between “could be” and “will be.” Hillary has been lying to the American people since her first major TV appearance in January 1992 on CBS’ “60 Minutes.” At that time, she and Bill were scrambling to save his candidacy in the wake of the steamy Gennifer Flowers revelations. When Steve Kroft asked Bill if he had an affair with Flowers, he answered, “That allegation is false.” Hillary, her hands lovingly intertwined with Bill’ ...
I wonder if her views would be different if those tombstones were Bubba Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Monica Lewinski, & Gennifer Flowers?
"I don't think Bill is a role model for anyone."... Gennifer Flowers
actually I was referring to Gennifer Flowers
Wow! The National Father's Day Council chose Bill Clinton as father of the year. So a lifelong womanizer, groper, molester, fornicator, adulterer, sexual assaulter, and rapist, and who only has one child is considered the best there is in the category of father. Unbelievable. But I thought for the fun of it, I would gather up his resume in regards to women below: 1969: 19-year-old Eileen Wellstone said Clinton assaulted her after she met him at a pub near the Oxford University. Clinton admitted having sex with the girl, but claimed it was consensual. 1972: 22-year-old woman told campus police at Yale University that she was sexually assaulted by Clinton. 1974: Female student at the University of Arkansas said Clinton groped her and forced his hand inside her blouse. Clinton claimed the student "came on" to him. 1977: Gennifer Flowers claimed to have a 12 year affair with Clinton. Clinton admitted to a one time sexual encounter with her. 1978: Juanita Broaddrick a volunteer in Clinton's attorney general ca ...
Now that Oprah has gleaned the truth from Lance Armstrong, I have a new project for her. How about interviewing Bill Clinton - the man who has "god" status among Democrats, liberals and the Hollywood Elite that is just above Obama. Here are the questions for Oprah: 1. Did you rape Juanita Broaddick or Eileen Wellstone? 2. Did you grope Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones? 3. Did you have a long term affair with Gennifer Flowers? 4. Did you seduce White House Intern Monica Lewinsky? 5. Did you sexually assault Dollie Kyle Browning, Kathy Bradshaw or Regina Hopp Blakely? 6. Did you have affairs with Gulmora Karimore, Gina Gershon, Maria Furtwangler, Belinda Stronach, Naomi Robson, Elizabeth Hurley, Heidi Klum, Eleanor Mondale, Markie Post, Sharon Stone or Patricia Duff? Did you have an affair with Sally Perdue, Ms. Arkansas, in 1983? Did you have an affair with Elizabeth Ward Gracen, Miss America, in 1982? Did you do anything illegal in the White Water Land Scandal? Of course this is just a part ...
What! you don't believe Bill's a good father. Just ask Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, & Gennifer Flowers. :-)
Gennifer Flowers says she helped Clinton become 'household name' -
Gennifer Flowers...what does she know she's drunk!!
Will it have interviews with Monica Lewinsky, Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, et? Talk about Vince Foster? The state troopers?
Hillary's concussion is so bad she approved Bill's holiday party guest list which includes Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky.
"Call me, Paula," Gennifer Flowers offers advice to Paula Broadwell over glass of wine
Remember Bill Clinton's paramour Gennifer Flowers? She claims the ex-President looked her up recently.
Politics- Gennifer Flowers: Bill Clinton may not have won without me
Gennifer Flowers: Clinton called in 2005, she said ‘leave me alone’ Daily Caller
Adultery is, indeed, the ultimate betrayal There are no shades of gray about it.. However, extramarital affairs may tell us something abut the men involved Consider: David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell - she of West Point, Harvard and married to a doctor. Then consider: John Edwards and Riell Hunter - she the nutty, slutty photographer; Eliot Spitzer and Clint 9 - she the prostitute; and of course Big Dog Bill Clinton and the bimbo eruptions - Gennifer Flowers, et al. - and that White House intern. The moral here: even in adultery, a class act get classy *** Just sayin'.
Tonight on WGSO in Kevin Scholla is a guest on Gennifer Flowers show! They'll be talking
this is what ya got, Liar on the left and cheater on the right, just ask Monica Lewinsky,Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, & others that got pushed aside,Elizabeth Gracen, Sally Perdue, & Dolly Browing. How people chose to forget
Now all you democrats, you do just as your past President Clinton says! When you get caught with your hands in the COOKIE JAR AND GET CAUGHT - he goes out and gets more cookies!! Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, Elizabeth Ward, Cristy Zercher, Kathleen Wiley, Gennifer Flowers, Judy Gibbs, Colly Browning.Yep old Billy just couldn't keep his hands out of the cookie jar. GO BILL TELL EM HOW TO WORK IT
As I watch Mr. Obama tour around with his highest profile supporter Bill Clinton, I am reminded of Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky and begin to think, is this who you would team yourself up with, a man that his own wife cannot trust? How far the morals and values of people have fallen. I myself would not use someone like that as my champion as my character witness but as they say birds of a feather flock together. You are judged by the character of the people you associate with, if you track the people Barack has surrounded himself with throughout his life, it should scare the crap out of you!
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