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Genie Bouchard

Eugenie Genie Bouchard (born February 25, 1994) is a Canadian professional tennis player. On March 4, 2013, she reached her highest WTA singles ranking of 123. In 2012, Bouchard became the first Canadian ever to win a Grand Slam in singles after her win at Wimbledon as a junior.

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Genie did that advertisement for President Choice (Canadian food company) for Canada 150 in which s…
Genie Bouchard's world ranking drops to 69 after Wimbledon. Nice 😎
Against Eugenie Bouchard, It Would have been 6/0 and 6/0. Genie is much younger but…
Chakvetadze: I talked to Bouchard's agent, she is in Vegas with Agassi's ex-fitness coach. She tries to gain some muscle mass (…
That moment when Garbine Muguruza has two GS championships but a few months older then Genie Bouchard who has none.
I think Garbine Muguruza have a better future on tour than Genie Bouchard, you heard it here first!
Of course Sam Sumyk, ex-coach of Genie Bouchard, has been coaching Muguruza for the past 2 seasons
You get to spend the night with Genie Bouchard, but you have to spend 10 minutes going down on Venus Williams. Would you do it?.
Secret weapon? So secret you haven't discovered it yet. "First round Genie"
Tennis=Must have forgotten but Genie Bouchard got in trouble few yrs back for wearing a black Bra? Those Wimbledon…
"I don’t want to be how I was in 2014 – I need to be better than that right now.” - Genie Bouchard. Read ->
Genie Bouchard now 12-3 at the Only 3 losses to top 10 players (Li, Sharapova and Radwanska). [getty]
You guys impersonate Wimbledon ballboys to get closer to Genie Bouchard. Ge…
I'm hoping one major tourney will finally reign him in to the champion slot. That's the same I'm hoping f…
Tennis=Hey Milos Raonic is a good role model but at 26 yrs old why is the Canadian media so nice? Genie Bouchard is 23 yrs old? Just Sayin
He is really good. I wish it could happen the other way around had a similar ques…
Bouchard should be in the final this year
Fingers crossed repeats last year's win over Federer. And - stop running Genie Bouchard ads - they're embarrassing!
C'mon not everyone can or should look like this e.g. Genie Melissa A…
Indeed!I just love Eugenie Bouchard in every manner a beautiful&highly versatile sportsp…
The needless dig at Genie Bouchard as well
Come on Konta sure you cheer her on.I like my tennis.Not because my next wifey is Genie Bouchard.
Tennis=When Genie Bouchard wins her majors she should send christmas cards to all the Sports Faux Journalists who s…
Justine Henin on Muguruza rising, being inspired by Venus & how Genie Bouchard can get back on track
I'd let Genie Bouchard dominate me on the court
She's like the American Genie Bouchard. Just seems so completely unfriendly (although Genie has softened some).
But can definitely pronounce the name "Genie Bouchard" properly lol. Sascha Zverev not so much lol
Genie Bouchard loses in the first round of She might as well retire and become a social media influencer at…
Definitely in village when Oracene Williams, Genie Bouchard & Tomas Berdych are in same cafe as you for lunch!
Tbh I don't care as long as they both stay slamless.. Even Bouchard has better career best at slams th…
Dayum, this Genie Bouchard is more than just a pretty face. Vs
Genie Bouchard,seriously..she has just huge fan following because of his modelling skills not bcz o…
But Genie Bouchard got knocked out in the first round
Jack Todd: Genie Bouchard has the talent, but not the focus, for tennis
Genie Bouchard. am proud of you and your efforts playing strong keep moving forward in a good orderly direction love ya
New post!. Low-profile Bouchard takes on Wimbledon. -
Genie Bouchard LOVES Wimbledon. This is her talking about it. Face lights up. Says it's like all her kid dreams come to…
- Fox of the Day vote for 7/9 - Choose wisely: Anna Kournikova, Ana Ivanovic, Genie Bouchard or Maria Sharapova?
Genie Bouchard will play Roland Garros. Said she made the decision the last few days. She has asked for a Tuesday start. Pi…
Genie Bouchard has won her grudge match with Maria Sharapova, who offered a frosty handshake at the net. WATCH:
Highlights from Genie Bouchard's three-set win over Maria Sharapova today in Madrid.
Genie Bouchard summons her vintage best to get her first win over Maria Sharapova, a woman she said should be banned for…
Genie Bouchard defeats Maria Sharapova in 1st match since calling her a 'cheater'
Genie Bouchard beats Maria Sharapova in 3 tough sets in Madrid. A big win for Bouchard and she backs up these comments: htt…
Genie Bouchard follows up her criticism of Maria Sharapova by beating the five-time Major champion 7-5 2-6 6-4 in the Madri…
Genie Bouchard d. Maria Sharapova 75 26 64 in a 2 hr 51 min battle. Saves 2 BPs in final game and closes it with a forehan…
Top seed Genie Bouchard got bageled in the first set and then lost in straight sets by world No. 896 Victoria Duval…
Genie Bouchard vs Victoria Duval or Kaitlyn Christian QF match on Friday, not before 6pm EST.
Disappointed in Genie Bouchard? Check out what Vasek Pospisil did:.
ala Genie Bouchard, if the dogs win the AflW grand final, can I get a date?
Don't tell me something is impossible, If my dude can grab a second date with Genie Bouchard off a Hail Mary bet. Anything is…
Genie Bouchard: To play on some tennis terminology, Vernon Hills&John Goehrke…
Fan gets Super Bowl date with Genie Bouchard, hopes for second: To play on some tennis terminology, Vernon Hills'……
Vernon Hills' John Goehrke got his date with Genie Bouchard, the same day the tennis star's Spo..
Tennis star Genie Bouchard goes on 'Super Bowl date' with Vernon Hills man
Tennis star Genie Bouchard goes on ‘Super Bowl date’ with Vernon Hills man quoting…
Genie Bouchard fired up for the 2015 Hopman Cup
Genie Bouchard & Sabine Lisicki. What I wouldn't do to serve these girls
Yes I know..I'm board 😅😂 Genie with that backhand dtl passing shot at Apia International Sydney
Another great picture of Maria Sharapova and Genie Bouchard
For those asking Genie should play Miami cos it's mandatory. Will be confirmed next week. Didn't make the cut for Doha but…
Wishing Genie's fellow Canadian the best of luck at the 💙😀🎾
Bouchard it was great performance from Genie to beat to reach semi final
lol we are not squabbling. The Genie Army are family! Families tease eachother! You want to join our chat? 😀
I hate Muguruza too 🙈 I hope Venus can reach the final as well as Serena, I like them! I always root for Genie Bouchard 🇨🇦
LOL. Trust me when I say that you're not speaking for *all* Genie B fans.
Genie fans agree! CoCo is really something else, this truly is her week!
Vandeweghe follows up win over Bouchard by beating No. 1 Kerber & No. 7 Muguruza easily. Genie is only one to take set off Coco at
Tennis= Vandeweghe in SF,Thinking Genie Bouchard is saying to herself that should be me.
yes! Revenge for what she did for Genie 😉😉😊 have a great night!
So I do now realize how similar Genie Bouchard and Grigor Dimitrov is to & Interesting..🤔
Comment about Genie Bouchard. First, these ladies are good. Her weight issues are well documented. Lighter, not as powerful as her big year
Why Eugenie Bouchard outfit is not included. Genie Bouchard outfit is the best. I vote for Genie Bouchard outfit.
I could be totally wrong but I'm getting the vibe that one of the guys from the will date Genie Bouchard.
take picture of Genie Bouchard the Canadian.. 😍
What an amazing week in Melbourne, it was such a great run! We believe you'll do big things this year Genie!. Until next…
if Genie Bouchard is not going to return to her former level. Who is the next women's tennis player in Canada to watch?
I'm from Upstate NY how do you think Genie Bouchard is doing, what does she need to improve on
- Tennis division - Choose wisely: Genie Bouchard or Victoria Azarenka?
in a lot of trouble if you played at the same high level as you played against Genie Bouchard in the 3rd round
what about a Genie Bouchard backhand...without the backhand.
Milos Raonic and Genie Bouchard are set to take Canadian tennis to new heights in 2017:
CoCo, if you play as GREAT a match as you did against the gritty Genie Bouchard, Angie Kerber could be eliminated!?
This week in tennis - Milos, Genie, popcorn matches, upsets & some history highlight week 1 of the
Genie Bouchard financial sponsorship deals are always brought up by Journalists in Canada when she loses?Wow the lady is still only 22
Genie Bouchard loses a match despite giving it her all and still gets kicked in the *** by some idiotic Canadian Sports Journalists
Milos Roanic and Genie Bouchard could not have gone in more opposing directions after both reaching the top 10 at the same time
Genie makes a strong start at the defeating 60 64 in the opening round
CoCo came through a tough battle with Genie 64 36 75 to reach the 4th round for the first time!…
I'm Oakes, I do not want to bore you with the detail's even though Genie Bouchard is Canadian.
Now once again, Bouchard wins match in Sydney, d Pavlyuchenkova 62 63 to reach semis vs Konta. Genie also d . Cibulkova…
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Genie Bouchard needs more Cibulkova in her. Down a set and 4-0 in the second, now leading tiebreak in second set.
There are dudes hitting up Genie Bouchard's dad on here saying they'd like to ask her out. Lols.
Genie really had a great couple of tourneys in Aus. Showed improvement from last yr. As tough as the loss was 😭, onwards an…
Bouchard: "Coming to Australia I think I did an OK job".
Bouchard: "It really *** because I felt I had so many chances"
Hey...mind if I called you Mike? Hope you don't mind me saying that Genie looks improving at tennis. Would like ask her out
The ladies are ready to rock the in their latest kits. Checkout & looks -->…
hey Genie Bouchard im available for coaching and dating.
Tennis=Radio-Canada mentions Genie Bouchard Mega Money Deal=Why?Its not like she is getting billions from Tax Payers like the CBC is?
Canadian, Genie Bouchard is out of the Australian Open .
Genie Bouchard out of Australian Open after 3-set loss ⚡🌟
I think I'm done with Genie Bouchard. . I deeply apologies to Martina Hingis for the silly comparison earlier on.
wait, she is a tennis player? I thought Genie Bouchard was a super model!?!?
Genie Bouchard's semifinal loss came against the eventual champion. Aussie Open is next.
Video: Tennis champ recalls the time she met Canadian PM and more insta-worthy moment…
Video: Canadian tennis star shares the stories behind her most-loved photos…
Genie being interviewed on Virgin Radio Montreal this morning!!!
Slay my life Cup. Genie Bouchard. She's the only one entered. Grass
Genie is scheduled to play the IPTL in Japan which takes place between December 2nd and December the 4th!
Fun interview today with Genie & discussing Justin Trudeau, Kim K, instagram & promoting
Genie Bouchard's Instagram is quite frankly exceptional
So I was in the same bar as Genie Bouchard last night..
I Genie will win 4 titles next year. Two Internationals, one Pre 5, & one Pre Mandatory.
Genie Bouchard gets that Taylor Swift money in Canada.
: Your thoughts on Madison Keys's loss? I am disappointed.Played like Genie Bouchard.
Here's your most comprehensive guide to the looks for Serena, Keys & Bouchard for this year's
Konta is no different than Bouchard when genie was getting those delicious draws in slams we saw what happened when the luck run out
Adding Genie Bouchard on snapchat was one of my better decisions in life.
Chatting with Genie Bouchard. Don't judge my hair - it was a long day. Photo courtesy of
Genie Bouchard preparing for her first Olympic Games
From last night: big crowd on small court to see Genie Bouchard win her Olympic debut
Genie Bouchard hoping for long tour at
Genie Bouchard falls to defending champ Petra Kvitova at Connecticut Open:
Genie Bouchard down 1-2 in the 3rd against Siniakova on Grandstand
Katerina Siniakova records her first career win, ousting Genie Bouchard, 6-3, 3-6, 6-2 in the first round. htt…
Genie Bouchard practicing at the US Open yesterday 😀
Tennis=Halep-Williams scream and smash their racquets=No outcry from Media but if Genie Bouchard does that?
You'd think a Genie fan would know to max bet a Petra straight sets win every time she faces Bouchard.
WATCH: Genie Bouchard discusses the upcoming and her decision on the Olympics.
New life mission: hashtag get Adam to take Genie Bouchard on an ice cream date
20-year-old Katerina Siniakova upset Genie Bouchard in three sets (photo
Tennis=Madison Keys-Thomas Hogstedt ahead of Genie Bouchard-Nick Saviano combo but long term the answer might be completely different
"Genie Bouchard has packed a lot of living into her 22 years"
Love Quebec but for Quebec Separatist Journalists stop slamming Genie Bouchard-I'm mean she could be your daughter. Be proud of her-Okay
When the Professor speaks or types, I listen . . .
US OPEN BLOG: Thoughts on Genie Bouchard, no good news in doubles for Canadians and 'Slambonis.':
Eugenie Bouchard plays swingball and meets the Genie Army at...
Well Known Quebec Separatist blasting Genie Bouchard Moms Home?Wow like that's real Journalism or is it yellow journalism?
Genie Bouchard's lawsuit takes centre stage after early exit from U.S. Open
as long as Anna Kournikova ooopps I mean Genie Bouchard plays, all will be good
Pity Jo Konta lost to Genie Bouchard. I think she could have gone far.
She really needs a sports psychologist (maybe she can get a group rate with Genie Bouchard and Sloane Stephens).
Genie Bouchard does indeed go from court 16 to Philippe-Chatrier.
Genie Bouchard at 1st round on Court 16 (Capacity of 594). 2nd round on Court Philippe-Chatrier (seats 14,911)
Genie Bouchard's 2nd round match against No. 8 Timea Bacsinszky will be at 5 am ET tomorrow ... on Court Philippe Chatrier
Anyone who wants to listen to Chris Evert opinion and prospects for Genie Bouchard.
Vasek Pospisil from Vernon BC and Genie Bouchard from Montreal cant get more opposite regions of Canada but thats what makes Canada great
according to Genie Bouchard she'll play with Vasek Pospisil in mixed doubles at Rio Olympics.
Genie Bouchard forced out of Canada's Fed Cup tie with abdominal injury, writes
What a sked today at - Madison, Sloane, Venus, Petko on stadium court, Genie Bouchard on Gibson, ex-champs Stosur, Lisicki court 3
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Happening SOON: Genie Bouchard takes on Lucie Hradecka on Stadium Court. Follow live:
This year's will include: Sloane Stephens, Genie Bouchard, Angelique Kerber, Venus Williams and more:
I do not like your hair style, but it is my opinion ☺
.at the game. Thanks to for providing the pic ☺
Tennis World=Genie Bouchard has fallen to N.61-No need to worry it has nothing to with her play-its how calculations are formulated-US Open
We're slowly getting there. Was nice to see Win Butler and Genie Bouchard represent us at All-Star.
Words cannot express how much I love
Genie Bouchard posted a Spongebob pic, be still my beating heart
so yeah this balcony is cool because Drake, Genie Bouchard, Kevin Hart, and OLIVIA WILDE are in that building
Miley Cyrus is her OverLord So queen 😂bouchard is busy learning Cyrus skill might see MTV awards like acts from genie as well
I guarantee you your gonna wish its 2016 again when the U.S. was 90% white and full of hot blondes like Genie Bouchard and
Just realized how stunning Genie Bouchard is. 😍
Dedicated to Genie Bouchard & all her Army's out there it's already a year since I wrote this Song ha…
So none of y'all Canadians ain't try to pull up on Genie Bouchard yet?
if you have Genie Bouchard's haircut, hmu so I can marry you.   10% Off
Odell X genie Bouchard at nba all stars 2016
oh on IG you mean yea she did for sure! Cool congrsts! How about a some credits there Genie!!
OMG I THINK JUST REPOSTED MY PIC! Look closely, wrinkles in the paper are THE SAME! Genie is it true?
“Ladies and gentlemen, Genie Bouchard. why geniee
amazing, edit you know very well, how long he had Genie in the game? 😃
the game was yesterday in Toronto (I attended in-person @ saw Genie 😍). The actual game is Sunday at 8PM EST.
Nadal doing his best Genie Bouchard at the celebrity all star game impression. Well off the mark in the first set. Thiem takes it 6-4.
I'm tryna catch Genie Bouchard on Tinder before the French Open so we can become romantically involved and I can get a free trip to Paris
I'm not a fan of her because the only one i love its Genie Bouchard but i can say Belinda is very cute😀
Tennis World=Genie Bouchard Haters=Serena Williams and Australian Open Champ-Kerber both withdrew from Dubai Open at last moment.Bad girls
Indeed I was! Was also waving my two yellow signs! (One "I ❤ U Genie which they showed on TV 😆 and
We are trading Genie Bouchard to the Australians since she didn't score in last nights celebrity game and hasn't won a tennis match lately
Genie Bouchard last night doe. She's my favourite women's tennis player but she looked dope in…
Genie Bouchard playing in the celebrity all star game 👌🏼
her name is Genie Bouchard she's a professional tennis player
Genie Bouchard is worth giving the celebrity game a look
*** Genie Bouchard played in the celebrity all star game. Can't believe I missed that because of a flight.
Kris and Drake interaction with T-Mac, Raonic, Genie Bouchard, my son is going surrounded with elitists
Highkey Genie Bouchard didn't really know what she was doing in the celebrity Allstar game 😂
Genie Bouchard did the game of basketball some favours tonight ...
is genie bouchard playing Doha or Dubai?
Incredible time seeing and company at the Here's a pic I took of Genie!
Still mad about that game. Cute video of Genie Bouchard talking about the All-Star game made me less mad but that only lasted for a minute.
So casual with the pic of Genie Bouchard.
Aussie Open Day 1:Genie Bouchard's fine start, Vasek Pospisil's struggles and an interview with Milos Raonic:
Chris Evert on Genie Bouchard: She's definitely a dark horse and a dangerous player, no doubt about it,” More:
Watching in Canada waiting patiently for Genie Bouchard's match to begin...
More on tennis! Mixed Troubles: Falling in Love With Nick Kyrgios and Genie Bouchard at the U.S. Open
Genie Bouchard, Caroline Wozniacki, Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams and more have worn some pretty awesome costumes.
Genie Bouchard played Madison Keys in the final of the 2012 Saguenay Challenger.
Early story about Genie Bouchard's lawsuit against USTA after her fall at US Open, seeking "millions and millions." http…
Reading the comments on Genie Bouchard's Instagram posts will never get old.
When the doorman tells u ur haircut makes you look like genie bouchard
This song is dedicated to Genie Bouchard & all her fans out there *
Episode 264: Odom Loathing in Las Vegas is ready for downloads! Lamar Odom almost dies, Genie Bouchard is our...
ICYMI, our weekly video blast featured the scoop on Genie Bouchard's case vs. USTA. See:.
Genie Bouchard is personally and singularly trying to do her patriotic duty today and turn that round, judging by replies.
Don,t recon much to this Genie Bouchard CD...
Someone take the title of professional athlete from Genie Bouchard.
Genie Bouchard won't start the 2016 season with more than 1064 points, & is currently ranked on live WTA rankings.
Just asked if I was related to Genie Bouchard 💁🏼
Genie you're the Queen of my Heart Love you Dolly, Justice for Genie Bouchard
Next in studio on Genie Bouchard's lawsuit & the .
That's how I feel about Bella Thorne and Candice Swanepoel and Genie Bouchard.
I think that genie bouchard is the cutest girl ever
Genie Bouchard is taking on the USTA... okay cool, I guess.
I write about Genie Bouchard quite a bit.Can only concur. Probably only Serena gets worse, because that goes into *other areas*
Here is what occupies my mind this morning:. 1. Will Genie Bouchard be invited to next year's US Open in the...
Genie Bouchard can't win on the pro tour so she resorts to a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the USTA. Lame!
Just got off phone with Genie Bouchard's lawyer, who will be seeking "millions and millions" from USTA in lawsuit. More …
...or, as Genie Bouchard calls it, a lawsuit waiting to happen
Genie Bouchard sueing the USTA n stadium after suffering head injury from a fall at the US Open
Genie Bouchard sues USTA after her locker-room concussion at U.S. Open
Do you think lawyers advised Genie Bouchard to travel to Asia and then retire so it makes a better case for her suing USTA?
If you go to Genie's profile and then select photos of Genie Bouchard (4th icon along). It should be there. 😀
ICYMI, Genie Bouchard has filed a lawsuit worth "millions and millions" against the USTA for her head knock:
Genie Bouchard has a little in Portugal
Genie Bouchard files negligence lawsuit after slip-fall at US Open From
Lets just say I don't think Genie Bouchard will be getting a show court like Arthur Ashe or Louis Armstrong at the US …
To no surprise, at least to me, Genie Bouchard is suing the USTA and the National Tennis Center for negligence.
. Right and I'm really not interested in Genie Bouchard, because I'm 34 and that would be wrong.
Well lots of great Canadian tennis! Really quite impressive with Raonic, and Genie Bouchard.
Sports Talk Radio in Canada=50-60 yrs old men talking about 21 yrs old Genie Bouchard Private life .Are you all sick
Canadian PC Sports Journalists=Are jealous of Genie Bouchard Beauty,Brains and unlimited Talent.Sickening our sicko phony Media
Bouchard is going to be a superstar. Forget Sloane Stephens, Genie is the real deal.
The beautiful Genie Bouchard, contemplating the sunset.
An update on who has withdrawn from a tourney in Tokyo due to lingering concussion:
Genie Bouchard pulls out of Tokyo tournament due to concussion
ICYMI - Genie Bouchard has withdrawn from Toray Pan Pacific Open; still recovering from concussion
Bouchard pulls ouf Tokyo: The trying times continue for Canada's Genie –
Get well soon Genie Bouchard (concussion). Hopefully she will be back on courts soon. Talented tennis player...
Genie Bouchard Pulls Out Of Tokyo: Eugenie Bouchard has been forced to pull out of next we...
Eugenie Bouchard is still dealing with the effects of the concussion she sustained at the US Open
Where is Genie Bouchard?: Tennis – Canadian sensation Eugenie Bouchard was playing some fi...
Here's official statement on Genie Bouchard withdrawing from tournament director David Brewer
Here's the official statement on Genie Bouchard from tournament director David Brewer.
Why can't make a pursuit of Genie Bouchard and Stan Wawrinka? :(
You've gotta be cheering for Genie Bouchard here. Her fall from grace has been Ricky Romero-esque
VIDEO: Genie Bouchard sings Celine Dion (Tennis Canada): (Source: Tennis Canada) Eugenie Bouchard is off to a ...
So to wrap up today, I saw: . Stephen Colbert. Serena Williams. The Bryan Twins. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. and Genie Bouchard.
Bencic defeated Genie Bouchard, Caroline Wozniacki, Sabine Lisicki, Ana Ivanovic and Serena Williams to win the...
LIVE on Genie Bouchard practicing on Centre Court at
Genie Bouchard takes Centre Court for a practice
Genie Bouchard when her name is pulled for the draw and when she hears Belinda Bencic will be her opponent
Belinda Bencic - 1st round opponent of Genie Bouchard at the - is off to the doubles finals of the with
Genie Bouchard is playing Belinda Bencic in the first round of the
Genie Bouchard gets Belinda Bencic in her 1st Round match-up at the .Talk about a terrible 1st round draw, yuck
Genie Bouchard here for the Rogers Cup draw. She will face Belinda Bencic of Switzerland on Tuesday.
Genie Bouchard will face Belinda Bencic in her first round match Tuesday night at
Genie Bouchard will play Belinda Bencic in the first round at the
Genie Bouchard draws Belinda Bencic of Switzerland in the opening round of the
Genie Bouchard will play Belinda Bencic in 1st round at - not an ideal 1st round matchup.
Genie Bouchard receives scrutiny from umpire for wearing a black bra at Wimbledon: (epa photo)
The comments on Genie Bouchard's Instagram profile are brutal. "You shouldn't take the day off because you absolutely suck". My word.
LOL this is how Duan Yingying prepares her Wimbledon debut against Genie Bouchard :-) via her Weibo
Hey guy's just wanted to give you a shout out Love all Genie's Army's Love Bouchard & Cant Forget xo
Genie talks about coming back to Wimbledon, injury situation & staying positive:
Genie Bouchard (abdominal injury) won't practice today, but hopes to get back on court tomorrow; 1st-round match is Tuesday
Genie Bouchard (-1400) during last year's final at Wimbledon, and now it is on the 21 line in the live ranking 😱 😵 ❤️
Time for the Genie Army to start chanting some Taylor Swift, Eugenie Bouchard ... - Yahoo Sports (blog) http:/…
New post: Genie Bouchard makes waves at WTA party
How are Petra Kvitova, Genie Bouchard and Ana Ivanovic feeling about Wimbledon?
all I want in life is my own puppy, and to marry Genie Bouchard.
oh oh oh oh and players that'll get there groove back at Wimbledon - Aga Radwanksa and Grigor Dimitrov and on a long shot - Genie Bouchard.
Genie Bouchard | 2015 WTA Live from the Red Carpet presented by Xerox at WTA Pre-Wimbledon Party
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Poor from Sloane. Remember when she was the next big thing? Like Genie Bouchard?
Genie Bouchard will face qualifier Ying-Ying Duan in first round at Wimbledon.She is in the bottom half of the draw and on Kvitova's quarter
PHOTOS | Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Genie Bouchard &more at the WTA Pre-Wimbledon Party:http:…
Youngsters: Perhaps most exciting 3rd round match could be American Madison Keys vs Canadian Genie Bouchard. If healthy could be great 1
Genie Bouchard... U make that Ralph Lauren gown Sizzle in front of shutterbugs.
Genie Bouchard faces Ying-Ying Duan in R1. Surely she cannot lose to her? 🙈
The Wimbledon draw is out and Genie Bouchard 🇨🇦 will play her R1 match against Ying-Ying Duan. . 🎾
Genie Bouchard says she will play at even if it's on one leg. Here she is proving it !
Canada v China also makes me think of tennis: who will win a Slam first - Genie Bouchard or Li Na's 5-day-old daughter?
Maria Sharapova on the challenge Genie Bouchard now faces
Let's all stop for a minute because Genie Bouchard will play mixed doubles with... Max Mirnyi. Being coached by Sumyk.
Genie Bouchard entered in mixed doubles with Max Mirnyi
Grigor Dimitrov, Nick Kyrgios, Borna Coric, Daria Gavrilova, Genie Bouchard, Madison Keys all are part of the next .
Member presale for the Boston Lobsters is on, check your email for the code! Bryan Brothers, Genie Bouchard, and Scott Lipsky at MAC!
Canadian tennis star Genie Bouchard celebrated her 21st…with her twin!
While the weekend may be a dull point from a sports perspective for the most part, Monday morning should be interesting down under in the quarter-finals as Genie Bouchard will compete against Maria Sharapova at the Australian Open. I will be PVRing this morning's action as Andy Murray will be competing against Gregor Dimitrov. This 4th round match has the potential to be an excellent match.
I like the because it is not too long. Already we have Caroline Wozniacki and Anna Ivanovic out. Genie Bouchard could be next
champs survive! Both Rafa Nadal and Maria Sharapova were pushed to the limit on Day 3 at the Australian Open while Roger Federer advanced in four and Andy Murray and No. 7 Genie Bouchard cruised. After escaping upsets, do you think Rafa and Maria can now make deep runs Down Under?
I like Rafa Nadal & Genie Bouchard. Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi, Chris Evert are among my faves of all time. ;-)
Genie Bouchard rocking Jonté Design shorts at the Australian Open available exclusively online at
.Thx for hockey shout-out w hat! Ready for puck drop Genie Bouchard, Milos Raonic, Vasek Pospisil!
Murray always starts his seasons well for me! Genie bouchard women's 😍 Madison Keys outsider
Roger Federer Ana Ivanovic Genie Bouchard Nick Kyrgios Thanasi Kokkinakis Victoria Azarenka are doing it for the kids this afternoon at the Australian Open.
Australian Open starting tomorrow & its widely open. Any guesses on the final 4 in each division? I think Genie Bouchard is a strong contender.
You know Genie Bouchard is getting serious when she considers turning off her phone for two weeks.
Genie Bouchard puts last year's success behind her to focus on 2015
Go Genie! "My past results don’t mean anything when I’m going to walk out on the court tomorrow:"
Genie Bouchard has like everything except good taste in clothes
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