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General Zod

General Zod (full name Dru-Zod) is a fictional character who appears in comic books published by DC Comics, a supervillain who is one of Superman's more-prominent enemies.

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The referee of the City game looks like Michael Shannon as General Zod
As bad as some of the MCU villains are, I personally think DCEU has much worse villains than them. General Zod is a…
General Zod is the only one that is interesting or has depth. . The rest suck.
That sounds like our board - the club are going down, but i'm not trying to fix it.
stream has gone down. I'm not trying to fix it.
A bit of balance for a change. Rooney should be the player coming on from the bench. Hopefully it t…
Did u actually realise that this isn't Terence Stamp as General Zod? Don't think u did as it's not 80's. That's funny tho lol
Maybe he figured that plan was blown when he jackknife-powerbombed General Zod through the Empire State Building.
Michael Shannon as General Zod. Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. Viola Davis as Amanda Waller. David Thewlis as Ares. Ciaran Hin…
I see Basil Fawlty and General Zod are charging a bit for autographs at London Film and Comic Con.
Is that SCROTUS reenacting GC Scott from Patton or is he channeling his inner General Zod? Kneel before SCROTUS!
Michael Shannon admits he fell asleep watching explains why he said 'yes' to General Zod.
good thing he's got a respectable neckline or else we'd think he was Terence Stamp as General Zod.
reminds me of scene in Superman with Trevor Howard & Marlon Brando passing sentence on General Zod.
4/1 for that gormless billionaire to beat the former FLOTUS. UK voted Brexit and GE was a CON majority. . Dont be surprised if he wins it.
My lads 2nd away tomoz (his first was the utd semi 😢) . Very much looking forward to it. 👍.
You are James May and I claim my five pound note
if only we could imprison trolls in online comment sections like General Zod & co in that glass thing in Superman
When did our country go back to being spiteful, baneful and xenophobic?. I want MY Britain backward. Not this backwa…
you talkin General "get real" Zod? Cause I'm right there with you my man!
My name is general Zod I traveled a stellar ocean to reach you. his world took one of my citizens it looks like you but it's not one of you
I liked a video General Zod's Trial - Man of Steel
❝If you love these people so much, you can mourn for them!❞. -General Zod. -Descriptive. -Not new to DCRP. RT?
Voting in the US election must be like having to choose between Emperor Palpatine and General Zod.
Aye aye Zod is trying to get on a 5% list. *Checks dental records.
No - I mean the list he used to thow up every so often of old school posters.
Itd be simpler to chuck up a list of 5 percents.
No-one has more respect for General Zod than me.
So I'm a pretty big Clinton fan, but she really looks like she's about to send General Zod to the Phantom Zone.
When this is all said and done, will we be able to hurl into space like General Zod?
Orange General Zod seems a bit worked up. Maybe someone should coach him on smiling more and not being so over-emotional.
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Why does Trump always wear the sane outfits? He should come out in a General Zod outfit instead. More fitting.
I'm off. Bed beckons. Night nocturnes and assorted ne'er d'wells.
Should I block dailymail in work?..nah, I believe in free expression. 😀
overheard someone moan about these "kids coming over here but they're 30!". Thats just racism.
enjoy the good times, prepare for the not so good. You'll be sound mate.
makes another stunning last minute pre announcement! Bringing Superman nemesis, General Zod, to "rea…
"we did just fine before the eu." People got along before electricity but id rather we didnt get rid of it
The people don't look white enough. Brexit ***
Will see. Doing some catch up atm. Cheers ears.
saw something like that early morning (6am) in Peterborough last week!
Yup, The ballad of John Stones by Space. remember Space, John? You're meant to close it down and not give play…
That's what my arm looked like after burglarizing my nosey neighbour General Zod. Dude needs to get his chimney swept. *salutes*⚓
🎶You'll never know but you saved our lives. (John Stones, John Stones). I could never throw my knickers at you. And you don't come from Wales🎶
Love writing General Zod. So much fun. Why's he not been used more in recent years? You're all crazy. Zod's not. No…
Oh. Well. All my female friends say they're going to vote SuperGirl, so General Zod is going down.
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In fact, I just decided I'm going to call him "General Zod" from now on.
Now that I think of it, Trump is a mash of so many villains. Bickle. General Zod. DeLarge. Blofeld. But mostly Gordon Gecko.
Work colleague ordered a cake for a friend. Arrived with "Your Special" on it. Sake.
Radulov may be the son of Ramsey Bolton and General Zod
I remember people rooting for General Zod to make a big comeback
Kneel before General Zod this planet's krypton no asgard, asgard so you be Thor i'll be Odin you rodent i'm omnipotent
there aren’t many things I hate more than a music snob.
I hope your Dad buys you a decent gift for taking him!
I know lid, work in the food ingredient industry...
UK imports 50% of food. Given price rises/falling pound the UK will not be able to spare its jam or cheese.
It's a fun going to Mars scifi movie with Carrie, Val Kilmer, Tom Sizemore, General Zod and some others.
Good article, Terry. Pretty much how I feel on the topic.
I've just got the game replaying on a loop on the red button
Me ma is way too old for all that celebrating stuff. Won't stop her though. The mad fool
Wiped out here. Must be all that adrenalin. Watched the goals about 20 times. Great stuff.
Genetically engineered him. He is still bouncing after yesterday.
See who we get in the semi before planning trip. I have this little fella to accompany.
General Zod was actually a really good villain
Whoa, hey Nolte, that's general Zod's tall henchmen Non!! Get him back in the Phantom Zone!!!
even better, you're 15ft from General Zod!
In the movie General Zod's kid has “Children of the Damned” glowing eyes. (Surprise, surprise.)
I'm staring at General Zod right now. And he looks like Michael Shannon
I liked a video from General Zod's Dance Recital
Finished version with a better quality photo of General Zod pencils on toned paper
The destruction of Metropolis only caused 1 casualty: General Zod. ... ... ... What?
Only thing that could get and to cut from this Trump rally would be General Zod jamming the airwaves.
Scary times. Growing up... I'm proper ancient.
shes gone to the cinema with her new mates today. Now takes herself off to costa for hot chocolate and cake. State of her!
“Following his titanic struggle against General Zod, Metropolis has been razed to the ground and Superman is t...
Yep! All the kids in her year have them done. But she did decide herself. I feel like an American pageant queen MOM. :)
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Ous had her eyebrows waxed! I'm not really into that - but she asked so I let her. I feel WELL OLD.
Coincidently, Mira went today; cut and blow. Changed her hair product to something with less conditioner too. Fingers crossed.
for a general, Zod wasn't that smart... he could've rebuilt Krypton on another planet in the solar system.
We took Em the hairdresser today - curly blow and everything! Hoping that it encourages her to look after it now!
Frog spawn in the pond. Spring has sprung. Get in.
Great place. Cant book though so you may have to give your name in pop off for a pint. er coffee before going back.
Mattas is a great place to shop and theres a few on bold st now. Neon Jamon is ace. Amalia too. Greek try Bacchus.
The Egg cafe off bold street is ace for a bite. Yuet Ben top notch Chinese. Raggas do ace veg curry with rice n pea.
dying to try Bagelry. Maharajah. Am sure will be able to advise. Matta's great for shopping.
always been lucky has Tommy. Like when Real bought him rather than lee carsley.
surely its free to get in but you pay to get out?. Bum-tish.
Superman Vs General Zod fight scene still cold
I'm holding out for General Zod... :-)
General Zod black and white polychromos pencils on toned paper
i like all sorts of music. Just dislike the predictable.
you like The Wonder Stuff? Yet called The Beatles a lucky pub band? *sideways glance to the camera*
The Wonder Stuff. That was a most excellent gig.
I don't know why but I always found Yellow Diamond similar to General Zod
You know what the latest General Zod was missing? A plunging V neckline.
the LEAD SINGER of THREE DOORS DOWN, popular for their song KRYPTONITE, looks just like GENERAL ZOD??!?!? OUTRAGE>>?
General Zod was giving Supes the business during that last fight
I liked a video from VEGETA VS GENERAL ZOD | BATTLE BITS | Ei Nerd
Think I've got it; you send most people to Friend-Jail, but the dangerous ones like General Zod go to the Phantom Friend-Zone!
Did no one mention General Zod from Superman? I mean: Terence Stamp!
Hey Hollywood, call me. I've got an idea. Superhero IP meets the precious Chinese market. . "General Zod vs. General Tso's Chicken".
man, General Zod seems to have lost his budget this quarter.
loved Treme. . Just about people getting on with the mundane. Great music too.
I see had take some positive action over Bryan Oviedo's tibia.
no 😢. Still, you'll feel better for a while 🍻
Port doesn't. I tried that last night. Whisky is getting a cracking tonight.
it's a *** when you fall asleep on the train. Taxi home might expensive
How's that for *** Sorry, guys, no front entry this week. But as far as mouth and *** go, it's all up for grabs! https:/…
Catering to affluent gentlemen at my place located in the Jardins neighborhood. Incalls ONLY. FULL SERVICE, GF EXP https:…
I'm a *** hungry MFM threesome FREAK! Catering today to men in the SAO PAULO metropolitan area. Incalls only.
in that shirt you look like a *** tapeworm version of General Zod's minion .
If it's Goosebumps our two said it was ace. (12 an 9)
This planet deserves to be invaded by General Zod
Had written this piece, how many General Zod references would have been in it?
mines refusing to go out so the dog isn't happy as he wants his walk. She is only 3 though
Half term . Eldest sent packing to do home work, youngest challenged to a match on Fifa.
Eldest watching Austin and Allie. Will this torture ever end?.
sounds good. I reckon he'll pick A on the boobs thing like all the other fellas.
I shall ask CC to take the test later and come back with the result!
and what did you pick for boob size on women? Just trying to measure the accuracy of the test.
I presume you picked cake to eat, shrubs on the front lawn. There weren't many bloke specific questions. Perhaps Mrs Logic?
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I can confirm this. He has a bandage on his wrist in Fifa 16.
that's heartening. What does it make me tho as a female?
my timeline is littered with Mr Logic. Seems most fellas are normal.
ha this is tongue in cheek sexist but I took it anyway and I am Mr Logic too *** !!
I thought this. Shows how fickle I am.
Not gonna lie if this movie has even a glimpse of general zod I'm already in. Tho. I'm getting the impression that won't happen
Regina's mother deserves to be shoved into the Phantom Zone with General Zod.
LOVE that General Zod is raising Superman correctly
isn't it ironic that General Zod is in ?
General Zod, they've already thrown Non and whoever that chick was that you have as pets, I'm not allowed to see her.
The smashed car I came upon Sunday. Why did the old dear drive with frost all over her windscreen? . Because people are ***
Can't find a screengrab of President E. G. Marshall's TV address announcing his surrender to General Zod.
No mucking about here. I've brought the bottle out 😀
I was pretty disappointed when Superman killed General Zod. And when Rachel hooked up with Ross...well, don't get me started.
I was thinking they look like they came out of the Phantom Zone just after General Zod.
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Today's word: fantod. -a state of irritability or an emotional outburst. General Zod must have had the fantods when sent to t…
I just noticed the Supreme Chancellor from Episode I is General Zod (from Superman II [1980]). Kneel before Zod, Galactic Republic!
Michael Shannon as General Zod is DC's best villain casting choice.
LEGO Dimensions has so many amazing moments. It doesn't get much better than fighting General Zod with the Ghostbusters theme in the bg.
I am general zod...U have one of my citizens..I request u to return him or face consequences
Having trouble sleeping. There's a loud noise outside that's either transformers battling it out or General Zod terraforming around Wyview.
Although the Man of Steel General Zod was actually Dan Fredinburg and I think that Faora-Ul was
In The Dark Knight I'm Batman and Jared is The Joker but really I'm Superman, he's General Zod, and Joseph is Lor Zod/Superman.
Black Eye 10: GENERAL ZOD has earned the title of Lieutenant Commander
You See The Chosen One is Kal-El Superman But Luke Skywalker is Lor Zod Superman and Darth Vader is General Zod.
Anakin and Luke Skywalker are General Zod and Lor Did, Ackbar is Kal-El, and Darth Sidious is Brainiac.
Star Wars is about Lor Zod as Luke Skywalker fighting his father General Zod as Darth Vader and AckbarS KALEL
Yeah guys Anakin and Luke Skywalker are actually General Zod and his son Lor Zod who's good.
Anakin Skywalker is like General Zod and Luke Skywalker is his son Lor Zod or something.
General Zod fight with the Ghostbusters theme as the music is just right.
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Shannon plays someone more terrifying and more realistic than General Zod.
Tomorrow is election day in Canada, vote for General Zod!
I am general Zod, I am here on behalf to eat your souls.
Cameron says he will treat extremists like paedophiles? Does that mean he’s inviting them to spend New Year at Chequer…
General Zod is such a beanhead in Man of Steel.
thank you. Could well be past its best, mum hadn't a clue what to do with it!
Yeah red kuri is a type of Hubbard.
I think it's a variety of Hubbard. Or poss an acorn past its best. I can't see anything definitive but there's loads of varieties.
thanks. Dad planted it but didn't label it.
looks somewhere between a Hubbard and a masquee de provence. Will look it up.
Me as General Zod someone on Earth willing to challenge me?
What on earth is that scary looking creature?? Looks like General Zod from Supeman II!
park end doesn't need pulling down, it's already designed for a 2nd tier to be added. Take your point tho
name it then pull it down? Seems a bit daft. Still think statue more fitting. Onions etc.
renaming a stand is pretty short term given some want either new stadium or Park End pulled down + redeveloped.
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Was he completely booted off "Civil War"? Rumor has it that the inclusion of General Ross means a Red Hulk appearance
ain't no party like a General Zod party
True enough, especially given the state of some that were posted online
does anyone remember the run on brown leather shoes 2 seasons ago? Just as embarrassing.
A classic from 1993, Buttercup by Brad. Great album, didn't get much press or advertising.
Very sad news about Howard Kendall. A true Everton great. My thoughts are with his friends and family at this sad time.
General Zod account is almost ready.
Looking for General Zod icons and found this. Hmm, quite a colorful man.
Howard Kendall: a life in pictures by on
I'd like a holy trinity statue honour all 3 of the legends
We are devastated to learn of the passing of Everton Giant Howard Kendall.
man of steel general zod suit: Download Man of Steel and also other movies you can here -
99 HOMES - the Federal Reserve sends General Zod to make Spiderman its plumber and give sermons on how the US only bails out winners. 7.5/10
In all my comic experience only these few have faced Superman in a fair fight and won:. Doomsday. Darkseid. Lobo. General Zod. Kryptonite Man.
Come on guys, the obvious people: Doomsday, Lobo, Darkseid, General Zod. Sadiq come dey mention Shazam. Smh.😕
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I just got it, is just Gordon slowly but surely snapping General Zod's neck. o_o
Kneel before General Zod, "is there anyone on this planet that can challenge me?"
My favorite general of all time is General Zod.
have your hands sucked all the colour out of the strawberries? Frightening powers you have, General Zod.
their inspector looks like General Zod?
ha ha. No but one lad was dressed like a "YouTuber". Apparently they wear headphones.
Harvest festival today. Theme was dress like someone you aspire to be. One lad was dressed like pirate.
Apparently my grandmother went to school with Terence Stamp, the proper General Zod
How did I not know until now that Michael Sembello was in cahoots with General Zod?
Hard to think of any other character (fictional or otherwise) with such stone cold panache as Terence Stamp's General Zod.
Terence Stamp was brilliant as General Zod. So calm with his posh accent but goes all cockney wideboy when he's angry
Superman II gave us Terence Stamp's General Zod, for which I will be forever grateful. Despite the diner fight scene.
Christopher Reeve in with Terence Stamp as General Zod. Classic. Favourite when growing up.
The Adjustment Bureau works at a slow boil but is quite good, especially when they're like "Roger Sterling failed, bring in General Zod."
Terrance Stamp as General Zod was brilliantly arrogant, he owned that role.
General Zod himself, Michael Shannon, was in GSA HQ and showed his support for our Breathe programme by taking a...
Is it me or Stamp's General Zod performance in the opening scene of Superman was more appealing then Michael Shannon's Zod.
Me too, but I've got Papa Shango instead of General Zod
Good to see the two cities working together rather than the usual childish backbiting.
Top gear going Keyes then?. Its not the 90s you bells, its not hard.
A player from each of the 22 founding teams line up to celebrate the start of the Premier League in 1992.
I just noticed that 'Mossi Kasic' looks like the original 'General Zod' after hearing it on Lets Be Cops.
Just watched a film with General Zod, Agent Smith, and The Mandarin all dressed in drag - wwooaahhh
Remember when Superman gave away his powers so he could shag Lois and then General Zod arrived?
Troop is articulate and moderately intelligent. It makes his ignorance and trolling the more frustrating.
Aw heck. Can't you just unfollow me? You'll be bored to tears.
Sean, didn't you want to be General Zod when you grew up?
I liked a video from Injustice: Gods Among Us - Man of Steel General Zod Super Attack
If an alien came down right now and handed you a cape or a suit that gave you powes like General Zod for the next 7 days, what would you do?
I have to ask people to unfollow me, I reckon its harder than a follow.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Just started watching Alien v Predator Requiem. I might regret this
I added a video to a playlist General Zod at U-Con 2011
Much more likely to click if it includes pics of General Zod.
Yeh.There's one in Asda I love though a Farmer's wine £10 but it's £5 now and again, always grab a few when it's on offer.
in a nutshell, he rainchecked them. Good job we're not in the f a cup, he'd never get across.
her TL suggests she's planning it after Kiev. Moby, Andrew W K on the story. Her job is in tatters while he's watching the match.
So he's got the choice of LA paid for and loads of women, or Ukraine where its going loco and Tim Howard
He can't make the date that casandra planned as he's in Kiev. Bizarre story. She's having issues with celebs and snides.
1-0 Everton. Ledson with a brilliant first-time finish into the top corner from outside the box
I like the simply ganache by Tesco for a flim. Some great wines out there.
Can't go wrong for the price really. Even the cheapo Toro Loco one is nice and that's about £3.79 ha ha.
I need to stock up on booze this weekend. I'm all over that
This is one of my favourite wines at the minute
Except that isn't General Zod...Terence Stamp played Zod...and that sure isn't him...
If General Zod had tried to colonize Mars instead of Earth… NOBODY would have died & he could have saved the Kryptonian race ☕️🐸
Seriously? This is who they chose for General Zod? No wonder this movie sucked.
I added a video to a playlist Speed Drawing: General Zod
Honestly, no point in following me. And I know for certain I ain't following back.
Ha ha, there's always one who bites on that. I bet I've lost about 20 followers too.
Didnt shave since Thursday. Looked like captain birdseye. Looks like I missed the hipster look and caught the 70s paedo one instead.
It's General Zod!!! This Adjustment Bureau film just picked up!!!
Black Eye 8: Planet M28981.M1 was raided by GENERAL ZOD and 20160 resources were captured.
take a whistle and a balloon with you. Problem solved.
Wait until she uses your butter knife of 25+ years to open a tin of paint. You'll be glowering until its retrieved from the bin
Black Eye 8: GENERAL ZOD has earned the title of Commodore
I can really picture Michael Shannon playing The Joker. Zack Snyder shouldn't have used him as General Zod in Man Of Steel.
LOL - This kinda reminded me of when General Zod was sentenced to the Phantom Zone in Superman 2
Almost confused General Synod with General Zod (out of Superman 2) while talking just now. Anyway, excellent move by the CofE today.
her first one was a secondhand thing for £50. approaching secondary school she needs it really.
She has an old cast-off one of mine, she needs a new one so I don't mind. Still a lot for aged 11 but that's the way it is
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Fair enough. Eldest wants a new laptop for her Minecraft obsession, if she gets that she won't be getting much else.
It's stupid. And pretty boring and depressing too. We never go mad anyway, it's all about time off for us. Oh and wine.
do one about Christmas stock in shops. I was in McColl's on Altway on Monday and saw this
That you are not alone in the universe. And I, General Zod, can terraform Earth into Krypton.
Magna Carta was the best album of 2013
I was in McColl's on Monday and they had sweets on a Christmas display. The kids were still on their summer hols
I wanted to keep texting you but it feels so awkward
This next hour needs to hurry up I want to be 17
Late night, I'm stayin' up stressin'. Girl I got you on my mind
Obama should give a speech similiar to General Zod for Superman in Man of Steel. Lol
They're the reason why terrorists did what they did
I feel so cool because Allahna followed me on instagram
The development of the story is pretty sickening. Clinical decisions must be heeded but ultimately if life has a chance. Do it.
it's weird. The symbol on General Zod looks different.
imaginext bruce wayne, and imaginext General Zod
Meet Black Singles 300x250
. thinks it's General Zod, I don't think so.
A nightmare on Elm Street. Does that count?
It's that day when you feel like changing your name to reflect who you truly are. I am General Zod.
General Zod vs. Superman was so nice
Lille booked. I cannot flipping wait.
HA, YouTubers are flying to Toronto to play NHL 15 but we get to see the General Zod Finale b4 them smh
So far in this film General Zod has turned into a mobster, Green Goblin got shot to death & Captain America turned up looking like Jesus.
Honestly, alongwith General Zod in MoS, this is the best casting by DC yet!
what did you want them to do? Sit down and talk about it lol. Only thing I didn't really like as the dude that played general zod
why don't you leave your stupid kryptonite in your pocket!! you have lied to me AND BETRAYED me General Zod!!
Negative: Accidentally dressed as General Zod today. Positive: made a good "Neil before Zod" joke when allowing a friend to go ahead of me.
I am General Zod, and you will kneel before me. KNEL!
I can do a great General Zod impression
I really cant get over how cute you are
Unbeknownst to many, General Zod and crew were also talented, and passionate, laser sketch artists.
Dang just text me when the first home game is and I'll bring them 😊
Not confirming anything but I may be returning to Glide second semester 😏
I promise to always treat you like I'm trying to win you over and never like I'm trying to keep you from lea…
Photoset: superheroes-or-whatever: General Zod vs the Justice League of America Superman/Wonder Woman...
General Zod & a bearded Peter Parker among the many stars at the 71st
Meanwhile, Nostalgia Critic's final enemy will be General Zod, as also played by Doug Walker.
I also know that the villains in this film is General Zod, played by Terrance Stamp, and Lex Luthor played by Gene Hackman.
There's a club if you'd like to go,. You could meet som - NO, NOT YOU. PLEASE STEP AWAY FROM THE BUILDING IMMEDIATELY. ht…
Kneel before General Zod, this planet's Krypton, no Asgard. . So you be Thor, and I'll be Odin.
The actor who played General Zod in Man of Steel didn't get much credit, he done an amazing job acting
Hospitals freak me out but the hospital cafeteria doesn't. Fig Newtons calm the fear
I want to see the symbol leap of superman's chest and wrap general zod up like a burrito
Black Adam because the villains always outshine the heroes in the movie universe: Joker, Bane, Loki, General Zod & etc.
in case you needed gift ideas for General Zod - perfect for storing her ‘gifts’ to you
Happy birthday to my favorite general Zod ever ❤. Have a great one
I gave up on trying to look sexy. We will never be as fit as General Zod.
We'll start anew. We'll sever the degenerative bloodlines that led us to this state. General Zod had the right idea.
Can't believe General Zod is helping us RT!
At this point i resemble either general zod or blue from 'old school'. Shave it is
My single will be dropping Wednesday everyone, sorry for the delay.
General Zod and his duty to his people scenes are too funny to me lol
I can't watch Man of Steel without chuckling at the fact General Zod looks like my friend Buffaloe with a stupid haircut.
In return for your obedience, you will enjoy my generous protection. In other words, you will be allowed to live." - General Zod;Superman II
Watching the superman vs general zod man steel that movie gives me goosebumps!!!
Got a general zod AND commissioner Gordon figure today! Stoked! Of course my 4 year thinks they're hers, but yeah we all know the truth!
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