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General Tso

General Tsos chicken (sometimes Governor Tso's chicken, General Tao's chicken, General Tsao's chicken, General Tang's chicken or simply General's Chicken) is a sweet, slightly spicy, deep-fried chicken dish that is popularly served in North American Chinese restaurants.

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Being a huge lover of Asian food, inc. the fast food, I really enjoyed The Search for General Tso on Netflix. Not very in depth, but fun.
Maybe it's wanton - sounds Chinese but it's not or General Tso
General Tso Tofu was the dinner highlight of my weekend. Courtesy of Rochester
Craving beef fried rice, General Tso's chicken and Singapore mei fun for breakfast. And, maybe some egg rolls.
You'll never miss the chicken in this addictive General Tso's cauliflower:
" These Shoes" by General Tso's Fury is now playing on SKAspotRadio. at
And what if General Tso suddenly gets the courage to go to the press with all of this? / Don't worry. Everyone knows General Tso's chicken.
this girl made general tso's chicken but with cauliflower instead n it was p good AND THEN SHE THREW IT OUT AND I SCREAMED "WAG SAYANG!"
I knew I was a fat *** when people asked if I served in the military under General Tso
This General Tso sauce messed up my Stir Fry 😒
I think I volunteered to work on a Sunday because subconsciously I knew I'd be coping with it with General Tso and…
I miss the pizza, diners, bagels and general tso chicken but I'll take the bally and tacos.
I've had a piece of general tso's chicken stuck in my teeth for like 3 hours. This garbage *** floss from the dentist does not work.
Then I get a food that has sauce, like general tso's chicken
Thank you General Tso, for your chicken.
Right on! Would you say General Tso's chicken is your favorite Chinese dish?
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Okay, I made tofu General Tso's with broccoli. I'm not vegan, I just really love tofu. And this Trader Joe's sauce was AMAZING.
General TSO'S Bone in Pork Chops with spiced taters. Love cooking
what is THIS?! I ordered General Tso's chicken not this garbage! :/
General Tso's chicken is named after Zuo Zongtang a Qing dynasty statesman & military leader although there is no recorded connection to him
I'm bored with my usual order of general tso. Someone gimme a new Chinese food order. Plz.
Facts some general tso chicken and pork fried rice 😩😋
My General Tso's tofu was particularly bittersweet tonight :/
Always craving el nopal queso, tbell, general tso chicken, and potatoes all at once
I got general tso chicken on the stove tonight
General Tso, half a dozen on the stick. Just so I can whet the appetite of *** What you talkin' about?
General Tso's chicken, Xbox and a paid day off tomorrow. Yay Sunday!
General Tso's shrimp just hit the spot
This general tso shrimp is like hot sex on a platter. 👌🏽
Better than Take-out General Tso's Cauliflower - Crispy Cauliflower in a Sweet Chili Sauce - Vegan ,
*wakes up at noon, immediately thinks of general Tso's chicken from Scott for whatever this meal is called
for inspiring millions of Chinese restaurants to change the name of General Tso Chicken to Matt Dam…
This segment break isn't long enough to for me to go get some General Tso's Chicken. FAIL!
Last night I fell asleep eating general tso chicken, I woke up with it dumped all over myself and my couch. Fml
New restaurant idea: Chinese Chicken and Waffles. General tso's and waffles is delicious.
The only way The Great Wall could be more offensive is if Matt Damon was playing General Tso
has been trending the most this week since 1996 Taiwan Strait Crisis - Probs Bc the death of General Tso's chicken cr…
Days after Big Mac inventor, 98, died. Chef, 98, who came up w General Tso's chicken died. They're being buried in styrof…
Peng Chang-kuei, chef credited with bringing General Tso's Chicken to U.S., has died in Taiwan at age 98
Oh my god... not General Tso!. His units fought in the fowlest conditions, but. they never turned chicken under...
The guy who created General Tso's died at age 98. How did he live so long? Must've been all that MSG.
"General Tso? I hear he cooks chicken wonderfully. President Tsai, tell him I want him cooking for me. I only hire the best."
"I want to give my condolences to the Chinese people on the loss of the great General Tso and his excellent chicken" -Donald Trump probably
The only reason I haven't commented on the General Tso's inventor dying is that I don't know which Chinese food joke to use.
So apparently the inventor of General Tso's Chicken died?
Chef Peng Chang-kuei, the originator of General Tso's chicken, died on Nov. 30
General Tso's chicken creator dies at 98
For my man that invented General Tso's
The inventor of General Tso's chicken has died aged 97
First the guy who invented Big Macs, then the inventor of General Tso's Chicken... somebody check the Pizza Rolls guy, w…
Peng Chang-kuei, chef credited with inventing General Tso's Chicken, has died
Donald Trump has a phone call with Taiwan the SAME DAY the creator of General Tso's dies in Taiwan. Coincidence???
Remembering the inventor of General Tso's chicken, who helped defined Chinese cooking on both sides of the world
The most delicious crisis in the history of US-Taiwan relations
General Tso's chicken creator dies at 98 via
Historic role of in creation of General Tso's Chicken duly noted.
Chef credited with inventing General Tso's Chicken has died He came up with a good dish
Inventor of General Tso's Chicken dies in Taipei at age 98 | Taiwan News
Peng Chang-kuei, creator of General Tso's Chicken, dies at 98
The long journey of General Tso's chicken - cc
Inventor of General Tso's chicken dies of pneumonia aged 97
The man who invented General Tso's Chicken has died:
Chef credited with creating General Tso's chicken has died at age 98.
The creator of The Big Mac and the creator of General Tso's Chicken both died this week. Up next on the death list: America!
If it keeps me alive until 98 I'll keep ordering -- Chef Peng Chang-kuei, General Tso's chicken inventor, dies at 98 ht…
Black folks lost Prince & the inventor of General Tso's Chicken in the same year? 2016 really has been the worst year ever. h…
Rest in That Good ole General Tso chicken that's 1 *** of ay Recipe Lol😂
Chef Peng Chang-kuei, inventor of General Tso's chicken, who was a chef for the Taiwan government, dies at 98.
First the Big Mac inventor dies. Now the General Tso's inventor has died. I hope the Stuffed Crust guy is ok.
Washington Post: Peng Chang-kuei, credited as creator of General Tso’s chicken, dies at 97…
The day has finally come. Chef Peng, the creator of General Tso's Chicken, has died.
First the Big Mac guy died and now General Tso. Who's next? The guy who invented the Crunch Wrap Supreme?
The Big Mac and General Tso's inventors both died this week at 98. If that's not a glitch in the matrix then I don't know what…
Taiwanese chef who invented General Tso's chicken has died at 98. Chicken was named after Chinese war hero despite no con…
the creator of General Tso's Chicken passed away In lieu of burial he has asked to be deep fried and covered in a horrible orange glaze
⚡ The chef who invented General Tso's chicken has died.
Chef who invented General Tso's chicken has died, following death of Big Mac inventor earlier this week.
RIP Chef Peng, the inventor of General Tso's chicken
Chef credited with inventing General Tso\'s chicken has died(Orlando news)
The inventor of Big Mac and General Tso's gone in the same week? Uncle, 2016. Uncle.
Sometimes you just have to have General Tso. And egg drop soup. And an egg roll. — eating Chinese food at Plum...
.calling Senator Warren "Pocahontas" is akin to calling a Chinese person "General Tso" not cool.
If our WF doesn't have the vegan General Tso's I got hooked on in Virginia, it's dead to me.
She gave a slightly disgusted look as she ordered General Tso's chicken, folding her arms across her chest.
*** [hel]. noun. 1. The place/state of punishment of the wicked after death. 2. Ordering General Tso's Tofu instead of chicken .
pretty sure you can at least get The Invitation on Amazon legit. The Search for General Tso was a great food-related movie.
Homemade stir fry rice and general tso chicken? Let's get it!
tasty has a video of General Tso's chicken . Does that count?
ohh I was afraid of Colonel Sanders. Didn't know General Tso was so close
Me when Mrs Yeng starts putting veg in my general tso's with no veg at the chinese
Abnormal shapes in my general tso chicken cause me to take a break, recognize that this might not be chicken, and then continue eating
I just remembered I had it long time ago and the general Tso was just aight
Thanks Amber Michelle for the excellent dinner tonight. White rice and Grilled Chicken with General Tso sauce.
I had General Tso's Chicken and Garlic Chicken, I hope it burns this junk out of me..Have any of you ever heard...
Teapot delivery times were like they had to get clearance from General Tso himself before they brought you your food.
Glad someone in this house can follow instructions from the living room to the kitchen enough to cook supper tonight! General Tso's & rice
I don't think I could handle watching people pile plates full of general tso in the company of a local clown
General Tso's Tofu 🍚 It was delicious! I loved it so much I'm going to go get more tofu tomorrow…
General Tso's cauliflower is the vegetarian/vegan version of the beloved Chinese American dish, Gene
Plainville pizza, chicken Cesar salad from Panera bread, lo mein, general tso, curly & waffle fries, fettuccine, can I have any of these?😩
I liked a video from Asian at Home | General Tso's Chicken
General Tso's chicken is extremely spicy. My mouth is on fire
General tso greatr or da with Betsy Ross Ben Franklin and Walt Whitman Ughkay
"We cant even park here, why did it say general admission?". "Why did it say general tso's chicken?"
I got you, I'll send you egg rolls and some general tso chicken !!
Did he order General Tso's, Kung Pao, or Orange Chicken? Inquiring minds want to know..
Breast Cancer Awareness
but really please let me know when you make General Tso's chicken pizza a thing
I just dice up some chicken, open a can of Asian veggies, cook some rice noodles, and fry it together with General Tso sauce.
"General Tso's chicken.". "He is not!!! That was a strategic retreat!". Is a conversation my dad just had with himself.
.knows I'm ALWAYS on the fence between General Tso's chicken and a lobster roll.
I'm going to make the General Tso's chicken from Aldi that so many have been raving about. Anyone else try it?...
Lacking greens today but I'm too sleepy to drive and to hungry to wait. General Tso's chicken.
Does anyone actually know who General Tso is??? And why I keep eating his chicken at Chinese Buffets?
I need me a Asian girl who can cook me General Tso's chicken bruh that's all I ask
I'm betting on General Tso's chicken. Wait. Nevermind. I'm ordering that in a second.
I'd say go for it. To me, at least, it'd look fine. Fiery like General Tso's Chicken, to say the least.
Watching a doc about the origins of General Tso chicken is really doing wonders for my appetite considering dinner's not for 2 more hours.
General Tso's Chicken Wings with a Pale Ale, talk about Come by for lunch and dinner!
but what about making General Tso's chicken pizza? That'd be tight
Lol I forgot who I first got HoChi with but I know my first meal from there was General Tso's chicken
This girl just called General Tso chicken... T-So... As in two words... Let me out the hood please
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- The broccoli in General Tso's chicken is my euphoria.
When you haven't had Chinese food in months so you want vegetable lo mein, dumplings, AND General Tso's chicken 🙄🙄
Both are proven masters of chicken, but who's better in battle: Colonel Sanders or General Tso?
. "And I'm gonna need some fried chicken, General Tso's chicken, that kielbasa thingy and lotsa bagels"
What's next? A picture of him eating General Tso's Chicken with the caption, "I love Orientals!"
General Tso's chicken at Chubby Rice. Ran into here thanks to the sauces…
I'm not really a "cat person" unless you're talking about General Tso's Chicken.
Nah not my thing, I don't like kids cooking either. I've moved over to Iron Chef America for a bit and Search for General Tso.
Debating between meals for dinner tonight. General Tso's and Rice, Lasagna, Potato Stroganoff with Turkey, or Chicken Casserole
I'd rather have like 5 sides than an order of General Tso's Chicken.
My Chinese takeout order looks the same every time. General Tso, crab rangoon, pork fried rice and an egg roll.
Fried rice and General Tso on the left and shrimp fried rice and sesame chicken on the right
WholeFoods has General Tso's chicken and fried catfish in their prepared foods section...
General Tso's chicken is my favorite, along with cashew chicken :)
General Tso's or curry chicken. Dumplings and egg drop soup also.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
My typical order is steamed dumplings, egg roll, and either pork lo mein or General Tso's chicken.
Chilling at having a General Tso's faux chicken burrito from Reno, Nevada.
General Tso sesame orange chicken or chicken fried rice?
Dates with Brandon are my favorite. Last night we made General Tso's Chicken from scratch. We…
Finally got around to attempting to make some of the "famous" General Tso's Chicken last night.…
This is why I stopped eating Chinese food. They done used his paws to make General Tso's Chicken! 😩😣
Two wrongs don't make a right, but two Wongs made my General Tso chicken last night
Egg roll, chicken & broccoli, General Tso's, & a big wine. Tonight is Food Town, and I'm the mayor. wat
Hey Hollywood, call me. I've got an idea. Superhero IP meets the precious Chinese market. . "General Zod vs. General Tso's Chicken".
You can head to for General Tso's Wings during or get the recipe here:
Get chicken wings with a side of General Tso's sauce delivered to your home in time for kick off.
General Tso chicken not Tso good the next day in microwave...
Drunk me couldn't appreciate how delicious that General Tso's chicken was.
Heems's blood is the General Tso's chicken of Indian mosquito food.
I liked a video from General Tso's Chicken Vol: 3 featured in NBC s Science of Love
General Tso's chicken, spring rolls, hot and sour soup. Rice choice is yours.
Idk who General Tso was but I woulda followed that man anywhere if it meant getting some of that CHICKEN
General Tso's chicken from Asia King... $7. Realizing that you never got your other container. Rice less.
I just had a straight up bowl of General Tso's chicken, no Rice or anything. I'm a borderlands Badass.
DC Chinese is weird af. Why can I buy a cheeseburger and Rotisserie Chicken from the same place that I get my General Tso's ?
I only had bone in thighs, so I did your General Tso's Chicken by dipping it in the sauce at the end 😁🙌🐷
General Tso's Cauliflower. Maybe you need a sub for chicken. Or tofu. This is awesome! Recipe on…
I was eating General Tso's chicken and it was delicious until the last piece and now I feel so nauseous
Instead of ordering takeout made your General Tso's chicken. Super yummy! I'm the star of football Sunday💁🏈
An easy slow cooker version of the family favorite General Tso's chicken and it's so much better
who would in a fight between and General Tso?
The sign came on, and now I'm waiting on a quart of pork and broccoli as well as a General Tso's chicken combo plate with fried rice.
I don't know who this General Tso dude is, but he sure does make some awesome chicken.
I am just sayin' the Netflix doc. on General Tso's Chicken is really good and interesting. Just don't watch it hungry
I liked a video How to make General Tso' Chicken
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"The Search for General Tso" was very entertaining. Yes, there was a General Tso (Zuo Zongtang). No, it wasn't his chicken. ;)
Watching the doc on General Tso's chicken while eating Chinese. But not eating General Tso's chicken.
Yeah I just watched a documentary about General Tso's chicken and I def don't regret it. 🐓
Mmmm, a lil General Tso's chicken :). Thank you
Not bad. I'd go if it was good. I mean Buffalo Wild Wings? It's ok. Certainly it's General Tso's chicken.
It's General Tso's everywhere else but General Gau's in Greater Boston. Both are a spicy version of sesame chicken. Hmmm!
boys are taught from a young age to look up to figures such as: Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Yao Ming, Mao Zedong, General Tso, and confucius.
Chris Wallace should be fired. Feel bad for Pera but he should have known better than to put General Tso in charge.
I haven't had General Tso from Thai Express in months. Who am I becoming 🤔
well, yes, General Tso is delicious, but I am a bit surprised. At least you didn't say ham
when the Chinese delivery man drunk as shyt off dat general tso flavored Ciroc n u Griind him up in Chinese
already did that, made a delicious General Tso's Pizza a couple of months ago with Xavier.
"It sounded like I said your mom but I really said General Tso's chicken."
General Tso's chicken would be life right now
I want some general tso wings and rice 😩😋😋
General Tso’s Chicken Got its Start in a Fancy Restaurant in Taiwan
All you need is love and General Tso's tofu.
really enjoyed general tso. Thanks for putting it together!
What is the best thing you have ever cooked? — My general tso's chicken turned out pretty well! You can see all the…
On my way to the hood with Moms. General Tso Puppy 😋
First time I've had Chinese takeout in so long! General Tso's Tofu from…
//send me some Belgian waffles in the mail! :) that is unless that's an American thing like French fries and General Tso`s.
"Combo wombo General Tso?" Yes, that one. Still get the wrong stuff.
I jus got this general tso tofu and it straight up taste like eating a mouth ful of flour
General tso chicken with combination rice
had me some Shrimp Fried Rice, General Tso chicken and Fried Chicken 😋
I'm getting some general tso chicken from the spot next to me .
Want some general tso chicken w white rice. Spicy.
General Tso's chicken is love General Tso's chicken is life
If someone could bring me general tso's that's be greatly appreciated
I'm watching a docu on the origins of General Tso Chicken. And that's why Neftlix has quadrupled their value in two years.
Craving general tso so bad haven't had it in years🍱🍲
General tso chicken or sweet and sour chicken?? Hurry help
General Tso prolly got caught behind enemy lines and they were ready to kill him and he was like "WAIT, I HAVE SOMETHI…
Congrats to the Peke, GCH CH Pequest General Tso, judge Ken McDermott's BIS at today's Hatboro Dog Club show!
Cleaned house, did laundry, and made General Tso's Chicken for dinner.
beef lo mein is good. I love me some general tso's chicken.
Is my general tso done yet I'm hangry
Crock pot style General Tso's wings with noodles and broccoli..hungry??.
That is correct. General Tso believed to have subsisted mainly on Hot Pockets and Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies.
Burrito with general tso chicken in it lmao
I made some general tso's chicken, but I used turkey instead and *** ma gawd
GENERAL Tso? I wonder if he means Old Ben Tso...
General Tso's Chicken, named for a 19th century Hunanese general, is nothing like what he ate
I want some white rice, general tso chicken, and mm m
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General Tso chicken is a weird food... it smells like booty but tastes like groceries
This general tso shrimp fried rice bout to be everything
Just order some general tso chicken 😊
I love me som General Tso's everything Chinese food
Spicy general tso's chicken with fresh cut jalapeños got me sweatin
Spicy 9's General Tso's chicken is pretty much a disappointment. Should've just got the Tom Yum.
The True Cost, Kids for Cash, Search for General Tso, Tems and Conditions May Apply, The Imposter, How to Survive a Plague
Did you know chicken Mcnuggets were inspired by General Tso chicken?
I would really like to see a General Tso's chicken or bourbon (mall-like) chicken!
Spontaneity [or General Tso's Teriyaki Chicken Stir-fry] at our finest moment.
Watching a documentary on General Tso's chicken and remembering eating Chinese food in Tanzania, and Mexican in Hong Kong.
The Toronto Small Press Book Fair's website is now selling General Tso's Chicken. Good thing I watched the documentary about it last night.
it was actually a container of General Tso's chicken from Marketplace but yes I do remember
"They weren't kidding when they said there's a documentary for every topic" I say to my vegan bf as he plays 'General Tso's Chicken'
General Tso's chicken with white rice 😍
I'll be moving to Seattle July of next year. Where's my Washington pals @ Where's Audrey Horne @ where's the General Tso's tofu @
What you know about General Tso chicken Wings? . 😍😍😍
Swearrr Eddies on Marlboro Pike make da best General Tso chicken
S/o to General Tso. Idk what he fought for or if he's even a real General but his chicken is wild tasty. ✊🏾👲🏻
On this Labor Day, I salute General Tso and his chicken.
Watched a documentary on General Tso chicken. Immediately looked up local Chinese take out
General Tso's chicken makes its appearance!
TMW you go to open a box of General Tso's chicken, only to see that the ENTIRE box is full of sauce that came from ripped sauce packets >__>
My mom got so mad when I told her I'd vacuum later cus I'm watching a documentary on General Tso's Chicken LOLL
So, Netflix has an entire documentary on General Tso chicken? Utterly ridiculous! (presses play...)
Roger that. Can't wait for the next scene on that show, in which the same ppl make "*awesome* General Tso's chicken."
That weird moment when you wake up to find the people you live with are watching a documentary on General Tso's Chicken.
Is everywhere closed today cause I need some General Tso chicken in my life right now
Checking out this Search for General Tso chicken
There's a FASCINATING documentary on Netflix called "The Search for General Tso's Chicken." Check it out for real.
BOO. I love Rob Reiner! Why isn't he an expert on General Tso's chicken?
I do love broccoli though..especially when it's surrounded by General Tso or Kung Pao or Sweet & Sour chicken...& those miniature corns
Who is General Tso and what's his secret recipe
General Tso's chicken extra spicy and an order of goons 😋
But in general tso when it comes to chopping up
I really liked that documentary film about General Tso's Chicken on Netflix.
I'm watching a documentary about general tso chicken.
It appears so far no one knows who General Tso is...
Who is General Tso? Idk, but good news there's a Netflix movie about it and I'm for sure watching it
sorry General Public. Do you happen to know General Tso?
Gonna get me some general tso's chicken after work.
General Tso's chicken alone accounts for billions of dollars in Chinese revenue.
Can't put too much stock into Ariel's opinions when she's never eaten general tso's chicken
Watched the documentary on Netflix. Had to make it immediately. General Tso Chicken!
That general tso chicken was just nasty
Because the Lion loves his General Tso chicken.
I've been craving General Tso's shrimp all night!
Shrimp & broccoli with white rice, chicken wings, general tso, pork or shrimp fried rice & veggie lo mein.
My dad is making me watch a documentary about general tso chicken 😂
that and I just watched a documentary about general Tso's chicken so I'm hungry
General Tso's Fury has a show on 08/07/2015 at 08:00 PM @ Jack Rabbits in Jacksonville, FL
“that’s some good lookin Chinese… U can see where my priorities are 😂” general tso’s i…
I liked a video from Chinese Food Burrito (General Tso's Chicken)
Is there a Chinese restaurant in that will serve me General Tso's NOT set to "old white people" heat?
Guess I'll order general tso wit 4 wings
General Tso's sous vide, from by Chef Scott Peabody (formerly of Jean-Georges).
yes! General Tso tofu and veggie egg rolls. Then ended the night
General Tso deserves a spot on the trap Mount Rushmore, next to Guwop, Freeway Ricky Ross, the guy who invented Gemstar Razors and Dr Pyrex
General Tso didn't stare down Russian aggression in Xinjiang and suppress Yakub Beg's uprising for this garbage
I'm gonna get me some General Tso's Chicken today. And it's going to be delicious.
Little Giant Ladders
Omg I found a tub of General Tso's chicken in my fridge praise Jesus
Just ordered General Tso's chicken, enchiladas, and French Fries from the same place.
General Tso's chicken and watermelon bubble tea
Fancy rice from an upscale Japanese restaurant mixed with General Tso's chicken from a hole in the wall it is, then
Barbara Stanwyck was unavailable for the planned sequel, The Spicy Chicken of General Tso.
Idk how y'all eat Chinese food. I stay far away from them places! Unless I smell that General Tso chicken, dog, cat, whatever it is!
Someone wanna order me Chinese food i'm hungry and angry and i desperately want Chinese food. General Tso's and fried rice form China King .
General Tso's chicken, fried rice and egg rolls. Local place called Bien Hoa. We love it.
Til that at the United States Naval Academy, "General Tso's chicken" is served in the main mess hall, as "Admiral T…
Did Gen. Robert E. Lee have his own fried chicken recipe like Colonel Sanders or General Tso? I think not.
US History: General Tso chicken is related to 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act
The Search for General Tso is an amazing film about Chinese American history, the exclusion act and OH YAH - food!
There used to be a place named Hong Kong Inn, at 38th & Franklin. Their Egg Drop Soup was the standard that I held other restaurants to. I found my new favorite (best ever Egg Drop Soup) Chinese restaurant. General Tso's House at 79th & Fall Creek. Everythnig we had was fresh and tasty!
Pun alert: "Genghis Cohen", a Chinese restaurant specializing in Jewish Xmas. Found in "The Search for General Tso" /cc
Reheating my General Tso's chicken, singing this Monty Python- I Like Chinese (1980):
American Chinese food is a special breed. Hope you got some General Tso's, aka candy fried chicken.
Similar to General Tso in America, General Petraeus is regarded as a tasty chicken dish in China
Wow! I just won this for free, RECIPE GENERAL TSO'S CHICKEN!!
They moved General Tso's chicken from "specialties" to "chicken".
Happy to throw some General Tso's in the for ya! May still be warm when it arrives!!!
Can't beat the general tso's chicken
That broccoli they put in the General Tso don't even be done. Throw it away every time
Also I made general tso's chicken tonight and it actually turned out ok
Dustin is eating general tso next to me while I'm chewing mint gum. It tastes like I'm chewing general tso flavored gum.
My hubby, Brian, loves himself some general tso's chicken from Sesame Inn. Pittsburgers, you know what I am...
Fireball, General Tso's Chicken & Pinot Noir. Still got 50 minutes to go.
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