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General Patraeus

David Howell Petraeus (born November 7, 1952) is an American former military officer and public official.

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General Patraeus would be given a warm welcome in Europe whom was informed he is a rare non bigoted General in America.
General Patraeus is one of the most consistently intelligent and well spoken men I have had the privilege of hearin…
Patraeus says No: General Patraeus takes his name out of contention for the NSA job, said dispute over authority?
General Patraeus turned you down too? . Looking exactly like a fine tuned machine.😳
OK, now it's time to tap General Patraeus for the job! He is a patriot and did nothing wrong.
GENERAL Patraeus is a NWO Bilderburg meat puppet that cant be trusted, they got to much blackmail dirt on him.
Like general Patraeus, Trump's likely pick for Nat Sec advisor? This is as partisan as it gets
General Patraeus name being thrown know, the guy who actually did what they accused of...…
a gear choice but I think General Patraeus has something to prove and an edge now we need after what happened
I vote for Poetic JUSTICE I vote General Patraeus ! .ram it down the throats
Give the NSA job to General David Patraeus, first time someone appointed in that position that has to check in with his probation officer.
My vote if I had one would be for General Patraeus as the next National Security Adviser! True patriot 🇺🇸
Do powerful folks ever go to jail? General Patraeus has 2 mos probation left for a leak, Private got 35 yrs!
Sir General Patraeus may be a very good man, but he comes with baggage! Not the right choice! Dems will just have a ball!
.needs loyal people around. Maybe he'll consider bringing in a patriot like General Patraeus!
General Patraeus was never charged with a felony, therefore did not serve prison time. This explains it:
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📢 BREAKING : Gen Petraeus Maybe...Next Secr of State 🙏🎅 Just in! Big news for General Patraeus from Team Trump
Would you consider appointing General Patraeus to a position?
Open letter to General Patraeus from a former Navy SEAL.every American should read this letter!... -…
the honor of hosting General Patraeus and General Mattis
OBAMA MUST PARDON General Patraeus if he is going to protect Hillary Clinton for crimes many times greater than his! Write WH Letter!
You should be ashamed to even have her on your show. General David Patraeus has earned better.
General Patraeus Scandal Raises Questions of U.S. Security - As the founder of
It's about time, why not use the agents who hung General Patraeus, that was quick Justice
And they still can't get an indictment, how many agents were on the "Hang General Patraeus" investigation?? How long did that take
General Patraeus wades into British politics warning leaving EU would make UK, and West, less safe.
Here's a reminder that General Patraeus was forced to step down for FAR less than what Hillary has done.
The Special Relationship is now to become solely a US - one? Former US General David Patraeus, he of the Patraeus Scandal.
General David Patraeus effectively redefines the Special Relationship as being between the US and the EU?
Seems highly experienced General with 12months experience at thinks should remain in Real eh?
In General Patraeus explains that the EU won World War 2 before EU existed.
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In a time of global challenges General Patraeus says we stronger and safer in the EU.
Went to Reagan Library to listen to General David Patraeus speak about our Country and the…
Now what did General Patraeus do again?😱😱
So basically high level political elite like Patraeus and Clinton get out of jail free for compromising...
GENERAL PATRAEUS who turned over tons of classified documents to his *** to
Should Hillary Clinton be charged like General David Patraeus for mishandling classified documents? Forget party
No dude. You broke the law. Unfortunately You'll be doing a General Patraeus and not do time.
Hey General Patraeus gave classified information to his reporter mistress. No punishment, full pension..
Good, I dont think General Patraeus will not be demoted, ex post facto rules for the military really *** me off, anyhow.
After what the DOJ did to General Patraeus, there will be rioting if Hillary does not go to prison!
No "MORE" punishment for Patraeus. Seriously. When does ANY punishment for Hillary begin?...
No clearance here, just an American w/ a military lineage of combat VETS. General Patraeus served all. Even his sentence. Who's threatened?
I wonder how General Patraeus views this situation?
By not punishing further Administration can rationalize less punishment for Hillary Clinton, although pleased for the General.
all I want 2 know is a simple question what would do 2 subordinate w/ same circumstances?
Interesting that General Patraeus indictment was for merely having classified materials. Think about that.
I'm sure General Patraeus would have something to say about the "email" issue being "unfair" to Hillary
If Hillary is above the law, why not General Patraeus?
neither did General Patraeus but he was indicted. And there were SAPs on her unsecured hard drive.
Hillary violated the same laws General Patraeus did but 21 more times. Time to get out and save your party Hillary
No person is to big to jail. Saying your sorry doesn't work. Ask General Patraeus time for Hillary to bow out!
a la Rev Billy Graham if DOJ does not indict Hillary they will have to forgive General Patraeus
but he will pardon General patraeus. The general is well respected by Muslim leaders and that is why he is attacked by left
Patraeus' 'General' Demurrer. Undemure mistress gets off. "How..avoided felony charges..prison time."
One who convicted General Patraeus, a legend as great as Patton, and is committing the same crime
General Patraeus gets slammed and rightfully so but Clinton is running for President! This is crazy town!
yeah right, tell that to General Patraeus...
And to think that back in 2010 I had people like General David Patraeus & Richard Holbrooke lobbying on my behalf to use available--
Now you are close you are right ,General Patraeus has all the answers period,
they covered up for GENERAL PATRAEUS by attempting to use our next PRESIDENT, Hillary Clinton as their
General Patraeus. call the NSA, ASAP. Pi will now replace 1 in binary code. Now all pi's and zeros.
the REPUBLICANS on the committee who white washed,the private hearing they pretended to have had, ,GENERAL Patraeus has all
covered his crimes up big time, GENERAL PATRAEUS knows the full facts on BENGHAZI and REPUBLICANS know it, General Patraeus
Iam aware of that, but an FBI INVESTIGATION,should have been done on the crimes, GENERAL PATRAEUS committed REPUBLICANS
Yes there is one abd if its done like it should have been done, it will lead directly back to GENERAL PATRAEUS and that CIA
criminal violation of the highest charges possible, General Patraeus is the real BENGHAZI criminal, the terrorist knew the
DONALD TRUMP is lieing GENERAL PATRAEUS should be in prison fir what he did, I worked in and with CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS, to
If the justice department ignores this,General Patraeus conviction should be reversed and everything taken returned
.“General Patraeus life was destroyed over a tiny fraction of what she's (Hillary) done.” Thinks HRC will have to quit.
It should be noted that the DOJ threw the book at General Patraeus for far less than what Hillary is accused of doing …
You still have faith? This is Obamaland. Was bad about Patraeus, who HRC once called General Betrayus!
General Patraeus was quite clear, they will change our country's sovereignty under the Trade agreements.
Did you make the same statement re: General Patraeus?
I am one of those people. Good enough for General Patraeus good enough for Hillary!
ask General Patraeus if that was a "crime."
domain names
*** the great General Patraeus lost his job over a lot less
If the government is not going to pursue this criminally, then they need to reversed the conviction of General Patraeus.
Inspector General: Hillary Clinton had Top Secret Info on Private Email. Will she be prosecuted like David Patraeus?
because General Patraeus who did less cost him his job 100K in fines and 2 yrs probation... This is very serious
Is Hillary's top secret email breach worse than what General Patraeus was charged with?
obama set a dumb precedent in vindictively going after General Patraeus for security violations. HRC's are far worse.
supporters already trying to use the other people did it too excuse. General Patraeus yet to offer opinion.
Hillary needs to be handled just like General Patraeus Top Secret info on her server. She swore under oath and lied
I love our Vets & General Patraeus,BUT ONLY $5,000 for such a worthy cause? you girls give up hair and make up for a week!! pfst!?
Petraeus is a war criminal, just like the Clintons. General Petraeus and Clinton to the ICC! Probation for Patraeus...
General David Patraeus answering a question on ISIL at event, "North America, Time for a New Focus."
At one point, General Patraeus said Clinton would be a 'tremendous president'
I'm incorrect abut lots of things.But not in what was General Patraeus's views on the subject.
Governor Mike Huckabee wants us to respect General Patraeus just because he is a four star general. Hmmm,but the general admitted to marital infidelity. If he won't honor his marriage vows, how can he be trusted to honor his Oath to the rest of us. I can't respect the man. I'm sorry. Once he was unfaithful to his wife he became unqualified to hold a security clearance.
The judge in the Zimmerman trial and General Patraeus' wife... "Sisters! Sisters! There were never such devoted sisters!"...Irving Berlin
I read this in the book "All In" the Education of General Patraeus - by Paula Broadwell Strategic Leaders: 1. Get the big ideas right. 2. Effectively communicating the big ideas. 3. Overseeing the implementation of the big ideas. 4. Capturing best practices and lessons and cycling them back through the system to help refine the big ideas.
A Boring Profile of General Patraeus: Perianne Boring, that is. Starts at 16:45 - Eco Pol Journal
Iran has almost total control over the Strait of Hormuz. Hormuz is the tight waterway that connects the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean. Over 17 million barrels of oil have to pass through Hormuz every day. That's 40% of all the oil shipped in the world. And 90% of all the daily oil shipments from the entire Middle East. With Hormuz alone, Iran could cripple the world overnight. Today, Iran backs Shia militants in Iraq. They give them money and guns. They've even helped Shia politicians take over the Iraqi government. Why? Because gaining control in Iraq takes the Iranians one step closer in their twisted plot for secret revenge. For another one of those steps, just look further south to Yemen. The Pentagon has just tripled its budget on Yemen. Top U.S. General Patraeus just had a not-so-secret meeting with Yemen's president. And our own State Department calls Yemen a “threat... to global stability.” What gives? Even ABC News just called Yemen the next "top target" in the terror war and a "near-per ...
Alex Wong/Getty Images Former New Mexico Senator Pete Domenici revealed today that he fathered a son in an extramarital affair with another senator’s daughter more than 30 years ago and ha...
Pompous General Patraeus and Oscar Pistorius took a trip to a Paris palace in their Prius.
Chinese army behind US hackings. i bet they were after more compromising pics of General Patraeus ne simbi yake!
Remember General Patraeus, who resigned for having an "alledged" affair with Paula Broadwell? Did you know his tenure at the CIA was short?
I never cease to be amazed at how much I underestimate people. Especially those that I hold in the highest regard.
Lamb told the truth, Hillary lied, Obama lied, General Patraeus told the truth, tried. We had live video! Lamb confirmed!
Help me out with this one, folks...I'm having a hard time grasping the concept... In a country where the military budget is nearly half of what all other countries spend combined and we spend over 5x as much as the country (China), do we REALLY begrudge anyone who wants to spend a fraction of the military bill on public education, health insurance, disaster relief, new infrastructure, and a little aid for those down on their luck? How come those of you who are against using government money for good things like that are perfectly content to see our country grossly outspend the rest of the world on the war machine? Military spending is by far our biggest expenditure, and IMHO it's gross overkill. So what am I missing here? Where's the disconnect? Granted, I'm against wasteful spending where I find it, but I sure don't see the military taking a good hard look at its spending, unless of course it comes to enlisted salaries.
I attended several memorial services when I was in Iraq. The sacrafice that our military has gone through will never be forgotten. The most memorable was in Mugtadiya when General Patraeus came and shook my hand and thanked me for what I did for our warfighters
I'm going to Washington tomorrow evening. General Patraeus is giving a 2 hour seminar on bombing people with drones. I have to get a 33% or higher on the test to qualify to kill Americans abroad, and 67% to kill them domestically.
“People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” ~ General David Patraeus ~ ? You tell me.
Jan. 31, 2013: Secretary Clinton delivers remarks on American leadership at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington, DC.
Here's the best evidence that the Benghazi requests for assistance got to the President's desk: It involved THREE DEPARTMENTS: Department of State (Hillary Clinton, Secretary) Department of Defense (Leon Panetta, Secretary) Central Intelligence Agency. (General David Patraeus, Director) Each department head is unable to give operational orders into another department. Hillary, Secretary of State, would be unable to order Department of Defense assets to stand down. That means the order to commander of U.S. Africa Command General Carter Ham to stand down. That order came within a few seconds of him announcing he was going to help the mission in Benghazi. Hillary, Secretary of State, SHOULD not be able to order the assets of the CIA to stand down. That would have to come from General Patraeus. And, he made it clear it didn't come from him. That is very strange. I believe Patraeus. Even though he was cheating on his wife, he would never compromise his operational command. Whenever an operational issue rises t ...
Can't help but to look up the record of General Patraeus... For what he has done for this Country, coupled with the fact that he was about to testify against the Benghazi attacks during election time, it makes sense that they highly publicized his "affairs" in order to discredit him. If he testified, Obama likely would not have been re-elected due to how much controversy was surround the attack, around the time of the election. To this day we still don't have the testimonies of the key Benghazi players. Then I look up Jill Kelley and it just further feeds into my theory that Petraeus was falsely framed, and she was paid well for it. Even if Jill Kelley is telling the truth, and he was guilty of the affair, it was nothing that held priority over his testimony. Which made me look into past US Generals... It seems like Obama and Bush as replaced many figures that I would consider to be American Heroes. Petraeus "resigned" over an "affair" with a socialite, after serving in the Army for 37 years, inducing as ...
Paula Broadwell, biographer of General Patraeus, has 13% bodyfat
Congratulations to Jerry! He is today's HuHot Off the Press winner by knowing that General Patraeus is the "Most...
Is this what got General Patraeus into so much trouble? Paula Broadwell spilling secret CIA information: via
Kathryn Leigh Stevens, Dr. Jack Van Impe spoke about the General Patraeus scandal, he said that he knows that something is fishy going on in Washington, 6 weeks ago, before the scandal took place. There's something going on since Watergate, a cover-up. I believe it's not only in Washington, D.C. but here in Virginia. All black people must listen because here in Norfolk, no one wants me to succeed, why I can never get a life of my own because the social life in Virginia has been corrupted. Maury High School has a good deal of scandals, street gangs being embrassed by whites but they don't like the blacks from church street. The truth is coming out about our nation's capital, about why the women out here are involved in these scandals. There's the scandal within' Naval Station Norfolk, Patraeus wasn't the only one. Keri Bonham Hamilton Tokisha Hannon Payne Shaun Free Payne Heather Morris Glass Joseph Harry Carrie Coleman-Hurt Jim Hurt Courtney Ankerson Violette Ada Thibault Armstrong and Todd Curling God wi ...
Jesse Jackson Jr is claiming bi-polar disease, once he got caught stealing campaign funds, and will not resign unless he's placed on disablity.Ok my suggestion to General Patraeus is to do the same thing..Claim insanity and when the Judge questions him about his affair and his insanity claim all he has to do day is say "Judge, I plead guilty on the grounds of insanity, I'm crazy about that stuff!"
Irony - 'All in', the title of Paula Broadwell's book about General Patraeus.
Finnaly, we are going to get to the bottom of Bengahzi. General Patraeus is going to go on the Jerry Springer show.
General Patraeus. General Allen. General Ham. Rear Admiral Gaouette. All of them replaced in the last month. *** is going on?
My 2¢. David Patraeus is a 40-year veteran with exemplary service to and for our country. Yes, he took a political appointment to the CIA but you cannot become a four-star general without knowing the realities of politics. A person with his career, training and dedication offers up a lifetime for us to judge his character. An 3 month long extra-marital affair at this late stage is but a blip on the radar, but it was strong enough to challenge his fitness for the office he held. Democrat senators emerged from the hearing saying Patraeus was wrong - nobody at the White House would change the intel report. Susan Rice did not lie or mislead anyone. Given the smell test, gut reaction and common sense I will take General Patraeus at his word. NOBODY in this administration offers up the same level of dedication, honor or credibility. AND I DO BELIEVE Susan Rice said and did exactly what the President and his campaign staff told her to say. We all watched and read and heard the Benghazi news unfold. We al ...
Them people in Washington need to just calm down. General Patraeus didn't compromise national security or anything. Paula Broadwell only had the launch codes to HIS missile!
Mexican poverty rates are soaring per web pages reporting on the expected results of Obama's re-election. That is bound to cost the tax payers more than expected by those who voted for him. Now we see how Obama's transparcy is clearly a myth. General Patraeus expected to drop a bomb in tomorrow's closedd door hearing. Jill Kelley is probably a Matta Hari, born in Lebanon hand self declared a representative of the State Department and a key figure in a transaction to gasefy coal with Korea. This is all very doubtrul Where will this saga end? Listen to Rush Limbaugh who is having a field day with this issue
General Patraeus, General Allen.look what happens when you allow straights in the Military.
...General Patraeus is testifying in front of a House Committee (behind closed doors) on Friday regarding the Benghazi massacre. Thoughts?
Kerry Washington covers the latest (and sexier) issue of "Women's Health" where she talks about her role in Django Unchained and what she would do if she wasn't an actress. Get the deets insde and find out about the real life "Olivia Pope" Judy Smith getting called in for the General Patraeus scanda...
Wolf Blitzer: "Up next, we'll speak with someone who just got off the phone with General Patraeus." What a scoop! Let me guess... "Did he order pepperoni?"
For how long will America continue to sacrifice their bests on the the alter of Morality. The recent forced resignation of General David Patraeus the CIA director is a case in point. In as much as I do not support his actions, I think since he admitted to keeping a mistress in marriage, his services to his nation cannot just be stopped like that. It was a professional tragedy. I remember seeing General Patraeus on TV on many occasions directing his men in Iraq and Afghanistan, what really strikes me most is his professionalism and dedication to duty. On the other side of the Atlantic, keeping mistesses is a symbol of masculine prowess. The case of Silvio Berlusconi comes to mind, infact his poll numbers soared when he was accused of having 'mistresses'. What an irony!!!
General Patraeus, General Allen, two men in power had affairs, gasp. Can we just grow up now America and let them get on with their jobs ?
Your analysis is naive and suspect to say the least. According to you, General Patraeus had us all fooled. Non-sense. The regime has, in less than two weeks, sacked the Navy's leader in the mideast over his questionable judgment. The CIA head, and Army 4 star general is smeared and investigated for ...
Who would protect Rachel Maddow's precious *** liberties, if not men like Oliver North and General Patraeus?
Hollywood is already in the planning stages, I'm sure. My picks for casting for the inevitable movie: General Patraeus - Steve Buscemi; Paula Broadwell - Mary-Louise Parker; Jill Kelley - Bethenny Frankel; General Allen - Ian McKellan. Oops, too soon?
OK this whole General Patraeus news cycle has officially reached gossip status. When it comes down to who flirted with who while who was watching, it's time to start talking about something else. Like... anything else. Headline story on BBC: "The White House says it has "faith" in Gen John Allen despite reports he 'flirted' with a woman harassed by the lover of CIA Director David Petraeus."
I've seen a lot of people upset by the fact that the news is focusing on General Patraeus's affair. Many ask why we should know or even care about the sexual exploits of this man. Let me explain: As a four star General he is expected to exemplify the best that our military has to offer, as well as conform to the Uniform Code of Military Justice. The UCMJ is a set of military laws that govern ALL active military, even an especially a four star general. The UCMJ prohibits both the act of adultery as well as conduct deemed unbecoming--which having an affair certainly is. More importantly though, as the head of the Central Intelligence Agency, Gen. Patraeus 's life is subject to strict examination. He accepted the job with full understanding of this. To those of you who do not understand the intelligence community let me fill you in. ANY dirt, skeletons, or shady behavior can be used to BLACKMAIL intelligence officers out of highly classified government information. This is a security risk to each and every . ...
Why is it we know everything about General Patraeus and his sex scandal, but we know nothing of Eric Holder the the head of the DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE getting a border agent killed or we know NOTHING about 4 AMERICANS being killed in Benghazi? So is it only when americans die it should not be investigated? By the way great hire on patraeus Obama that worked out well
BREAKING NEWS: Now General John Allen commander in Afghanistan that took over for General Petraeus is under investigation by Department of Defense connecting to this mess. They are looking over 10,000 emails connected to two women including the mistress of General Petraeus Paula Broadwell and Jill Kelley. Jill Kelley was born in Lebanon and Lives in Tampa. Paula Broadwell is the mistress of General Patraeus. She is claiming she has security clearance. She says this is all connected to secret CIA interrogation in Libya prior to 9-11 and the killing of our Ambassador with three others. One week after the election this is all coming out while they were investigating it all summer. How far down the rabbit hole will this go?
Ok, General Patraeus caught with his m in someone other than his wife's cookie jar, the head of ISAF General Allen is now implicated in an affair as well with Tampa socialite Jill Kelley, the same woman who supposedly was having an affair with Patreus, and when Patraeus other hoochie (Paula Broadwell) found out she emailed Kelley with threatening emails so Kelley told the FBI this? and then got found out on her affair with General Allen? Ok so everyone is doing everyone from what I have gathered here,lol. General Allen and Kelley have 30 pages of email a day over 30 thousand pages all of a sexual nature. Lord. And, then the McAfee mogul John McAfee is wanted for questioning in the murder of his neigbor in Belize, McAfee is said to have been under heavy drug use and have issues with his neighbors for months. The neighbor was found in his home shot in the head. McAfee is known for starting his own software company and providing McAfee security for like every computer. Ok, so are people losing their minds h ...
An FBI Agent tells Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor, General Patraeus had an affair w/his Biographer and National Security may have been compromised. Was Eric Cantor trying to protect Patraeus's secret? Why was the President not informed before Cantor? What was the Republican party up to??? Sounding more and more like a cover up on the republican side to protect one of their own. Now don't get me wrong.I don't care what that man did with his personal life. But, if National Security may have been compromised *** it, "the President had the right to know."-Keith Olbermann
OBAMA SHOULD BE IMPEACHED: Everyone is jumping up and down about General Patraeus when we have a “President” privy to our nation’s most important secrets who if properly vetted would not have passed the test for any government position. The cover up for the Bengasi fiasco in collusion with the FBI lays at the feet of Obama who has blood on his hands for his failed foreign policy and deliberately failing to protect our foreign service personnel for political purposes and he should be impeached and removed, and for that matter so should Biden for continually lying to Congress and the public in the VP debate that he and Obama knew nothing about anything – If Obama had any class he would resign!
I was reading about the affair that General Patraeus & Paula Broadwell had (no I don't care whos doing who) because of the point of the matter which in all honesty would be the internet. He got busted because someone ran their mouth & the FBI monitored the emails they sent each other. One could say it was immoral & they should not have done it but my point is that with the internet & todays technology we can basically have little to no expectation of privacy & that my friends *** !!
Paula Broadwell's book about General Patraeus entitled "All In" is accurately named.
First, General Patraeus resigns, and now Hillary has turned down testifying next week as well. Of co
Not to probe, so to speak, the scandal of others, for the sake of levity, but to a logo nerd it's funny as *** that General Patraeus's inamorata/ biographer is named Paula Broadwell, and she calls her biography "All In."
THIS IS AN EMAIL I SENT TO SENATORS FEINSTEIN AND CHAMBLISS, SENATE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE. ALSO TO SENATORS GRASSLEY AND TO CONGRESSMAN ISSA Part of it refers to what iSSA and Grassley's committee's are investigating. (Fast & Furious). Senator, I saw where you stated that General Patraeus would not be testifying before your committee next week. As a citizen of this great country I would like to know why? Gen Patraeus was deeply involved in the events that were unfolding in Benghazi on 9/11/12. He would undoubtedly be in possession of extremely important information regarding the events and how things unfolded. The mere fact that the General resigned as D/CIA has no bearing on his obligation to provide the Intelligence Committee Members with whatever facts he has pertaining to the situation. I urge you and your committee to require Gen Patraeus to testify under oath. I have a feeling that the General is somehow being made a scapegoat in all this, to save a lot of high ranking members of the Presidents adm ...
I understand Jesse Jackson will be appointed the next secretary of state and the Rev. Wright will take over General Patraeus job
too bad General Patraeus's last name isn't Clinton...I guess we hold our Generals (military personnel) to a higher standard than our Presidents (politicians). Thank you for your service General Patraeus and Happy Veterans day to all who wear or wore a uniform. Anybody want to take a bet that the Libya debacle will somehow end up being blamed on someone in the military?/
After admitting to an extramarital affair, General Patraeus has resigned as Director of CIA. More here. I have to wonder if there’s something more to this, something more like the Benghaz...
Got this in a work email on Friday and don't think it should just be for the troops. I think the 99.55% of people that either are unable or just refuse to stand up should read too.ENJOY AND FEEL FREE TO SHARE/LIKE/COPY/PASTE! Subject: General Patraeus' message = I remember the day I found out I got into West Point. My mom actually showed up in the hallway of my high school and waited for me to get out of class. She was bawling her eyes out and apologizing that she had opened up my admission letter. She wasn't crying because it had been her dream for me to go there. She was crying because she knew how hard I'd worked to get in, how much I wanted to attend, and how much I wanted to be an infantry officer. I was going to get that opportunity. That same day two of my teachers took me aside and essentially told me the following: "David, you're a smart guy. You don't have to join the military. You should go to college, instead." I could easily write a theme defending West Point and the military as I did that da ...
Hillary Clinton basically calls General Patraeus a liar to his face during his appearance before the Senate.
And by the way, State Department, your Head, Hilary Clinton, hates General Patraeus, and Imma nail her for this when she blames the CIA.
The CIA taught us how to drug smuggle real good. General Patraeus supervised the entire thing. Spoils of war never go to the countries.but only to bankers.
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