General Motors & Affordable Care Act

General Motors Company , commonly known as GM, formerly incorporated (until 2009) as General Motors Corporation, is an American multinational automotive corporation headquartered in Detroit, Michigan and the world's largest automaker, by vehicle unit sales, in 2011. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), informally referred to as Obamacare, is a United States federal statute signed into law by President Barack Obama on March 23, 2010. The law (along with the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010) is the principal Health Care reform legislation of the 111th United States Congress. 5.0/5

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Just food for thought. Now knowing that Benghazi was a cover up for election purposes. Knowing that all the solar tax funded factories failed, it may be that after the General Motors bailout the President didn't want the bad publicity on General Motors like he has on all of his genius ideas on spending tax payers money. If you look at the history, Benghazi (4 Americans dead) they lied about it, fast and furious (1 American dead) they lied about it, stimulus to solar panels companies (failed), IRS targeting ( not one smidgen of targeting) lied about it and Affordable Care Act (in bed with the Insurance companies already screwing Americans) 3 times the cost after the President was trying to rein the out control insurance companies. Maybe the trust just isn't there any longer. DID I FORGET ANYTHING?
More facts about the untrue emails. Dueling graphics on the debt both overstated and understated President Obama’s contribution to the debt. No, Obama didn’t give Alaskan islands to Russia, and his early records weren’t “sealed.” Over-the-top “death panel” claims about the Affordable Care Act included purely invented stories about elderly Americans being denied dialysis or brain surgery. Vote-rigging conspiracies claimed that Tagg Romney owned voting machines in Ohio (he doesn’t) and that uncounted military ballots swung the election for Obama (from a “faux news” site). In the tin-foil-hat category, one conspiracy said Obama was creating martial law and a “standing army of government youth.” The adult-aged FEMA Corps members help with natural disasters and can’t carry weapons. General Motors is still firmly based in the U.S., despite claims that it’s becoming “China Motors.” Old-but-still-kicking emails percolated, claiming that Medicare premiums were about to skyrocket, ev ...
Here is a list of five lies that Paul Ryan told when he gave his speech at the Republican National Convention. Every single news outlet should report on these lies. 1. Lie: President Obama is the "greatest threat" to Medicare. Truth: Obama didn't make any cuts to Medicare benefits; he made cuts to provider reimbursements, to improve cost efficiency and extend the fiscal security of Medicare by eight years. According to the Medicare actuary, "[Obama's] Affordable Care Act makes important changes to the Medicare program and substantially improves its financial outlook." But Ryan actually does want to cut benefits. He proposed dismantling Medicare and replacing it with a voucher system, leaving millions of seniors to come up with more money to pay for care out of pocket. 2. Lie: President Obama didn't save a General Motors plant in Wisconsin. Truth: First, Obama wasn't even in office when the GM plant closed. Second, Obama never made a promise to save it. 3. Lie: President Obama ignored recommendations of a ...
Despite the solid Republican opposition to President Barack Obama since 2009, the president has several achievements that clearly warrant his re-election, including Mitt's right wing radical VP pick Paul Ryan... Most importantly, he signed into law the Affordable Care Act (a goal of his predecessors), recently upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court. This law expands medical coverage to millions of Amer - icans, and offers new protections for women and children. A growing number of citizens are pleased with its provisions, yet House Republicans have voted to repeal it. One of his first acts was signing the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act in 2009, which clarifies the laws against pay discrimination based on race, gender, religion, age, disability and national origin. This set the tone for the president’s commitment to expand and protect the rights of women. The president’s auto bailout saved the American auto industry and the millions of jobs depending on it throughout the country. General Motors and Chrysler ha ...
"I passed the Affordable Care Act, I got Osama bin Laden, and I saved General Motors." - Barrack Obama (4 more years!)
Applying the same logic John Roberts used in writing the majority opinion upholding the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act, the federal government can order citizens to purchase General Motors cars or pay a tax for not doing so.
So my president saved General Motors.. historic. Killed Bin Laden.historic.Passed the Affordable Care Act... historic. The history Obama has made in one term says something to what can really be done in that big white house. Please don't forget he has his eyes on immigration laws too! If you didn't care about voting this Winter, please reconsider.
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