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General Motors

General Motors Company , commonly known as GM, formerly incorporated (until 2009) as General Motors Corporation, is an American multinational automotive corporation headquartered in Detroit, Michigan and the world's largest automaker, by vehicle unit sales, in 2011.

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France's PSA Group has reached a deal with General Motors to buy its Opel and Vauxhall brands, according to reports:
Reports in France say PSA Group has reached an agreement with General Motors to buy Vauxhall and Opel:
PSA close to deal for General Motors' Vauxhall and Opel brands | Business | The Guardian
2017 Buick LaCrosse recalled to fix power steering glitch: General Motors is recalling more…
Isuzu buys out General Motors in surprise deal via
US General Motors sells stake to Isuzu, to exit Kenya in April via
Thank you, General Motors, for providing Haas and Co. with an economic incentive to write in a flirty Linstead scene.
General Motors to sell 57.7% stake in East Africa assets to Isuzu: General Motors Co. said…
American automaker General Motors to exit East Africa after more than 40 years
General Motors $GM sell majority stake in East African business unit to Isuzu Motors
Time Warner Inc. reviews 750 six-year postal service, where the rate is prepared with General Motors.
General Motors Considers exiting the European market, as well as selling Opel, a German automobile manufacture company
General Motors : German economy minister in Paris for talks next week amid Opel worries
"Vauxhall is an affiliated company of the GERMAN Adam OPEL AG, both being wholly owned subsidiaries of General Motors"
Talks between General Motors and the parent company of Citroën, DS and Peugeot are said to be at an advanced stage…
General Motors : GM CEO, President at Opel HQ for talks with management
Len McCluskey is seeking urgent assurances from the company | General Motors looks to sell Vauxhall and Opel
Solyndra. General Motors. Enron. Arthur Anderson. HealthSouth. Tyco, Ltd. And, best of all, Trump Bankruptcies. I have a…
.General Motors Mary Barra As DT's key advisor, time to take a public stand against Muslim Ban wall-of-us Ad Stri…
General Motors claimed to be in talks for sale of its European operations, inc Opel & Vauxhall brands to PSA Group
General Motors looks to sell loss-making Vauxhall and Opel ... Any Takers?
How can use analytics to retain employees. does people to lower turnover rate.
Street Swag: engineer swerves over to fashion
Is he? And General Motors owes me 41k. Pick up your 🎤
BREAKING: Peugeot's owner is in talks to buy General Motors' European business, sources say
Thank you for 147 diplomats and general motors ceo of those registered to friday.… !
General Motors used to be American Muscle but soon will be Mexican mystery and if we are smart we won't buy it
Investment trust snaps up General Motors' big logistics facility in Grand Prairie: $GM
This is incredible, the power of an industry. GM hourly workers will get bonus checks of up to $12,000 via
Honda and General Motors have taken the next step to car evolution: hydrogen powered cars. .
in talks to sell European auto business to
General Motors in talks with Peugeot's parent company about Opel sale - Fox News
Huge breaking news: PSA Peugeot Citroen in late talks with General Motors about merging with Opel/Vauxhall.
General Motors : Barra's move to sell Opel signals a deeper change at GM
Smithsonian says didnt stop with Franklin Delano Roosevelt, he brought in the President of General Motors
General Motors, Honda team up to mass produce fuel cell systems via
Trump's council md of the wealthiest C-executives in the country Mary Barra of General Motors, Robert Iger of Disney & Virginia Rometty IBM
UPDATED: General Motors moving more than 600 jobs in Ontario to Mexico for cheaper labour: union
General Motors to cut 625 jobs at Ingersoll, Ont., plant, union says.
General Motors cutting 625 jobs in Ingersoll demonstrates why NAFTA has been bad deal, union officials say.
General Motors moving 600 jobs in Ontario to Mexico for cheaper la...
A touch sweet, bready pale malt, wheat, lemon zest, minimally tart, some lemon scent. Taste is the General Motors is sneaky
This should be a great event -Jonathan Owen is on the Board of and is Director of OR at General Motors
General Motors announces a full line up of 20 different diesel models all approved for use with B20
Thank you to General Motors and Walmart for starting the big jobs push back into the U.S.!
Ford Europe is a subsidiary of Ford (American co:) Opel and Vauxhall are subsidiaries of General Motors (American co:)
AMERICAN VICTORY: plans to invest approximately $1 BILLION in its U.S. factories
GM plans at least $1B in fresh U.S. investment Never under O & anti-US filth in his admin
Great News: General Motors Plans $1 Billion in New U.S. Investment. Should create more than 1,000 jobs.
Reuters: General Motors to announce $1 billion in U.S. investment
Great again: General Motors to invest $1Billion in America, create 1,000 new jobs for Americans.
Source: GM to invest $1B in U.S. factories: The move follows criticism by Donald Trump, but an official notes that…
General Motors will invest $1 billion in U.S. plants as it faces pressure from Donald Trump
GM to announce $1B investment in U.S. plants, 1K jobs
General Motors set to announce $1B factory investment, new jobs via the Android app
General Motors planning a $1 billion investment that will create or keep about 1,000 jobs
General Motors plans at least $1 billion in fresh U.S. investment $GM via
General Motors plans to invest $1 billion and add 1,000 jobs in U.S.
Just one week after Ford & Amazon promise more American jobs, GENERAL MOTORS joins the party! h…
General Motors is perhaps not the best example to pick on, is what I'm saying. Opel, Vauxhall, Chevrolet, basically the same platforms.
Whereas the exact opposite happened in Detroit: The Michigan government acquired the historic General Motors bldg.
Ford to scrap $1.6 billion plant in Mexico as Trump targets General Motors: Ford Motor Company has said it will…
Ford cancels plans for Mexican plant as Trump blasts General Motors - The Telegraph
Ford axes plan for $1.6 billion Mexico plant as Trump shifts public criticism to General Motors
Trump reiterates threat of a border tax. This time, General Motors is in the crosshairs.
GM threatened by Trump with 'big border tax' over imports. GM says he doesn't know what he's talking about
It's complicated: 5 reasons Trump, automakers have love-hate relationship
Trump threatens to impose 'big border tax' on General Motors
Not hard, but most people don't bother. And headlines like these don't help. This headline not true.
Pres.-elect Trump threatens General Motors with a border tax on its vehicles assembled at a GM factory in Mexico.
Trump doesn't want General Motors cars to be made in Mexico. I don't want our politics to be made in Russia.
Donald Trump shamed General Motors for making cars in Mexico. . Then this happened...
So why does GM have a plant making Chevrolet Cruzes in Mexico? The answer may surprise Donald Trump:
Trump threatens to slap a tax on General Motors
Trump blasts General Motors: Make Chevy Cruze model in US or 'pay big border tax'
Trump threatens GM with a tax if they move more car production to Mexico
Buy Miche Bag Online!
General Motors is sending Mexican made model of Chevy Cruze to U.S. car dealers-tax free across border. Make in U.S.A.…
Beijing also could look to pressure U.S. multinationals such as General Motors Co., which relies on China as its largest sales market
Has General Motors found a solution to their vibration & buffeting noise on the 2016 Yukon yet ?
Thrilled to announce that we will produce and test autonomous vehicles in Michigan. This is the future of mobility!
GM sends layoff notices to 1,300 workers
GM has 5K cars in Lyft rental program, to add Bolt EVs via
ha! GM cares about environment or safety? Go get your own coffee bean in the jungle! Take it from me
UAW wants to meet with Trump on NAFTA, trade deals via
See our wide selection of products. Email us if you have any questions on accessorizing your ride!
Morrissey Shares Letter Asking General Motors To Offer Vegan Leather. Morrissey is scheduled to perform at the Ro…
"SAIC-GM will respect the views of the National Development and Reform Commission."
Beijing has fined the Chinese unit of General Motors nearly $29 million for "infringing on the rights of consumers…
General Motors' China unit slapped with $30 million in fine for infringing on the rights of consumers and competitors via pri…
The real group behind the poison water is General Motors- Put this in the Wall Street Journal- Internet search Ge…
Germany makes the Volkswagen, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Porsche (Opel, not anymore ; bought by General Motors).
"[NHTSA] has become increasingly captive — it’s essentially run by General Motors and the other auto companies.”.
"There is no royal road; you've got to work a good deal harder than most people want to work." --Charles Wilson, CEO, General Motors
This day in history: The United Auto Workers launch a huge strike against General Motors for better pay (194…
Nearly three years into her tenure as CEO of General Motors, Mary Barra has instilled a level of discipline within…
21.11.1945 – The United Auto Workers strike 92 General Motors plants in 50 cities to back up worker demands for a 30-percent raise.
I started at General Motors at 18 years old as a co-op student at the G...
General Motors to lay off 2,000 at Ohio, Michigan assembly plants.. Related Articles:
General Motors begins manufacturing the 200-mile range Chevrolet Bolt at a factory near
The car is an unmonetized ad impression
General Motors OnStar tunes into to sell you stuff in your car
The first Chevrolet Corvette rolled off a General Motors assembly line in Flint Michigan June 30 1953
Looking forward to speaking with IBM CEO tomorrow about IBM + GM & Watson's next chapter
GM wants to use to sell you stuff while driving. Great, just what we need while we drive.
General Motors and IBM have partnered to bring personalized content to drivers. GM's new OnStar system, which…
Brexit: Vauxhall owner General Motors warns of more cuts after pound value crash via
Get your iPhone insurance today!
GM wants to use artificial intelligence to sell you stuff while driving via
This is extremely worrying- Vauxhall owner General Motors may cut jobs after the pound's crash
GM brings IBM's Watson into it's vehicles
IBM CEO Ginni Rometty: Watson is becoming the "AI platform for business," like its new role in OnStar --
TTAC News Round-up: GM Plans to Sell You Things Inside Your Own Car: General Motors is teaming up with IBM to…
General Motors brings IBM’s Watson and mobile commerce services into its vehicles via
$GM is using Watson for its OnStar service. Head to head with $AMZN Alexa.
Thousands of jobs at risk after Vauxhall's owner lost $400 million on Brexit
Hacker News - GM brings IBM's Watson into it's vehicles
IBM and bring OnStar and Watson together, connecting car and driver like never before. https:/…
General Motors introduced a hydrogen fuel cell-powered pickup truck At the fall meeting of the Association of the …
I'd follow General Chemistry into battle. Better than General Motors.
Well, as you know, General Motors does not make hybrids. Ford only made 4,000 hybrids last yea
General Motors (GM) to mentor SSPF Engineers, Degrees of Freedom for the First Robotics Competition in April 2017.
General Motors vows to run entirely on renewable energy by 2050
Our expanding Canadian operations are concrete evidence of General Motors Confidence in
NOT Whats good for General Motors is good for the country. Charles Erwin Wilson
General Motors has developed a great new electric car, but only for left-hand drive markets. And yes, my asylum has wifi.
We've been waiting. You've been waiting. General Motors just over delivered with the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV.
General Motors is testing self-driving cars on the streets of Scottsdale, Arizona.
The president of General Motors was in a foul humor.
Isuzu KB 250 X-Rider will be reaching General Motors showrooms from July 2016. Details:
Just because head of General Motors which was bailed out by Government is voting for Hillary don't mean all GM employees will.
General Motors (GM) India to extend production at Halol pla... |
In 2009, General Motors declared bankruptcy, took billions in government bailout money and issued new stock for the “New GM,”
Nigerian Genius: Nigerian Born US General Motors designer Jelani Aliyu is the man who designed Chevrolet Volt.
: Navistar enters into agreement with General Motors (NYSE:GM): L-3 Communications Holding...
“We see more change in the next 5 years than there’s been in the last 50,” says the president of General Motors $GM.
General Motors doing it like a boss! Thanks from National Wildlife Federation
But, that's just a fact, the US Federal Government bailed out General Motors, and a portion of that money went to Lyft.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
General Motors, Lyft Partner to Develop Driverless Taxis - Voice of America (blog)
There sure is a market in Wall Street for that to right !!! Bud well I know thats when architects like me are getting robbed again !!! And no I sure do not want to work for a boss !!! And sure dont want to become ore work for General Electrics ore General Motors ore what have you , you know !!! So what are this people on Wall Street good for actually ??? Are they planning all kind of wars ?!! YES YOUR Bianca Dordrecht Holland Brandon Bruce Lee !!!
Gotta love the classic Chevy Nova. But not sure if General Motors knew the car shared a name with stars that just exploded.
I will never get married to the head of General Motors. I will never be the...
General Motors to temporarily close 4 North American plants
General Motors' Earnings Rise 47% as Profit Margins Jump: New GM products like the Chevrolet Malibu sedan are ...
Barron's is gung *** on General Motors and Ford but cautious on Tesla via
It's like suing General Motors for a death from a motor vehicle or Budweiser for a drunk driving death. Absurd...
DTN India: GM to recall over 1 million pickups to fix seat belt problem: General Motors is recalling more than...
: Nissan, Ford, Volkswagen, General Motors exports from India more than domestic sales in FY16: Th...
Why 'Hack the Pentagon' is a good idea: What does General Motors, AT&T, IBM, Samsung, and Tesla all have in co...
: Better Buy: Ford Motor Co. vs. General Motors: Over the past year, that's what investors ...
General Motors doesn't want to be left out of the Tesla Motors Model 3's 215 miles of range love fest, by announcin…
No matter where you go,you'll lose weight initially and gain it after coming back. Best bet is to try the General Motors 1/2
General Motors was named Most Supportive OEM at the fourth-annual Automotive Leaders Summit held in Las Vegas
A circular economy is more important than ever before. Read how we're joining in:
In photos: Greatest hits from GM's top designer.
Apple is quickly becoming the new General Motors. The latest version of ITunes makes the Pontiac Aztek and the...
GENERAL MOTORS DIESEL DIVISION (GMDD) Vignette . CN GP9 4603 was built in London, ON in 1957 and was renumbered...
Greatest hits from GM's top designer
Greatest hits from GM's top designer via
Tesla Model 3 preorder frenzy should have Chevy Bolt EV green with…
General Motors is recalling about 3,200 of its 2016 Chevrolet Malibus
General Motors is now hiring Production Group Lead (General Assembly) - Detroit, MI.
Check out the questions your fellow interviewees are being asked in their interviews.
1980-1990: Flint, Michigan. Failure of the General Motors plant drove the city, and its people, into a deep depression.
General Motors is now hiring Entry Level - Manufacturing.
Most GM Vehicles will be Hybrids by 2020: Via the Detroit News : General Motors vice chairman Bob Lutz said on...
A7: One great case study we have is working with General Motors on predictive maintenance:
BMW goes Airbnb way for cars with launch of ReachNow in Seattle: Ford and General Motors are also said to be o...
Game changing Head of Design Ed Welburn is retiring from General Motors effective July 1.
General Motors found liable in first verdict over ignition switch defect
General Motors found liable in 1st verdict over ignition switch defect - Reuters
Trivia Answer: US Secretary of Defense is known for saying that what's good for which company is also good for his country? A:General Motors
General Motors recently announced its February sales numbers and, while the company gained a retail share of 0
General Motors is trying to crash the driverless car party - Reuters/Jason Lee Let's be clear about one thing: ...
Tenneco Recognized by General Motors as a 2015 Supplier of the Year Winner
Vauxhall owner General Motors and 11 of the UK’s biggest manufacturers have written a letter to Chancellor George Osbor…
The fact is that General Motors, Ford, & Chrysler were declining for DECADES before NAFTA passed. Chrysler had to be bailed out in 1979...
General Motors' Green Cars at the Detroit Auto Show... - via
Your petrol-fueled car will become a thing of the past - Mary Barra, CEO General Motors. htt…
Mary Barra is the first female CEO of General Motors.
"My definition of 'innovative' is providing value to the customer." -- Mary Barra, CEO General Motors
General Motors shutting off Flint River water at engine plant over corrosion worries
Enough $ for schools. Public unions aren't negotiating against General Motors. When they win big, the $ doesn't come from
Eight Tips to Extend Battery Life of Your Electric Car. Nissan and General Motors and other carmakers currently...
General Motors says it owns your car's software .
Today we honor Mary Barra, the first woman to be named CEO of a major global automaker (General Motors).
The new compact will be both sportier and safer -- how's that for a nice trick?
- The History of General Motors: From Buick, Cadillac and Pontiac to Chevr... via
Global Propulsion Systems is the new name for our operations.
General Motors announces new eAssist for pickup trucks
President Obama saved General Motors and my fathers pension. Saved us from economic disaster.
dare greatly. Now that was a good ad. Surprised to see that which was nice. motors
Volume Alert - GM 30.11 General Motors Company $GM Hit a high today of 30.25 Closing the day 10:29 at 30.11 +0
Hot cars from GM, FCA to star at Geneva auto show
The Chevrolet Nova sold very well in Latin American markets; General Motors did not need to rename the car. While "no va" does mean...
The two largest tank producers in Hitler's Germany were Opel. owned subsidiary of General Motors (controlled by the J.P. Morgan firm)
Curious about why is battling over the right to sell cars in Indiana? Read about it here:
Remarkable to hear Hillary Clinton praise General Motors for aiding Flint since GM is almost single-handedly responsible f…
General Motors new car sales drop in February; All other companies see increase and ... -
Hi,. Electric car : Tesla, Toyota and now. General Motors !!!. Best for you and your country
Add Tata Motors and General Motors. But no noise like TN. Silently working.
Bid by Belgian entrepreneur to take over Holden plant collapses: General Motors and the Punch Corporation say ...
'Kill Tesla': car maker fights General Motors over ... via
Covisint Corporation: Covisint Recognized as Supplier of the Year by SAIC General Motors
! Always loved this awesome machine from the fine engineering genius's at General Motors!!!
Valet who stopped stabbing at General Motors lauded by Warren mayor
Today in class a girl said "the Porsche Cayenne is made by General Motors" ...I give up on people
Not by their governor. By General Motors! When General Motors moved to China they dumped lead into the river!
General Motors made a lot of money in 2015
General Motors’ stock surges after profit outlook,...
Chevrolet to introduce 5 vehicles at Chicago Auto Show
Little Ceasar's Arena? General Motors Arena? Meijer Arena? || Name of new Red Wings arena to be revealed soon
General Motors is recalling more than 473,000 trucks and SUVs in the U.S. and Canada because the brake pedals can...
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Stabbing reported at General Motors Technical Center in Warren. Details developing:
General Motors ups Randy Arickx to VP of IR and corporate comms...
has a segment with Mark Reuss, Executive VP, General Motors, on his radio show globalEDGE Business Beat
Wow! What do you think of driverless cars?
GM and Kelley Blue Book launch used vehicle website
Finally, a parking space to buy in And it’s only £350,000 – I’ll take two!
is it like General Motors or something ?
General Motors and Ford Motors both enjoyed an excellent 2015. Both American... ®
We’re more likely to see Uber succeed at making cars than General Motors creating a ride-sharing service like Uber.
reveals updated models of a few cars at Read more:
The first Chevrolet Corvette Corvette, built at the General Motors facility in Flint, Michigan.
Tony Searing – New Franchisee in Upstate New York: Tony was an engineer and worked for General Motors for many...
General Motors new car-sharing service has roots in N.Y.C. - New York Business Journal
Poletown was actually the neighborhood south of Hamtramck, in Detroit. It was destroyed by General Motors & Coleman Young
General Motors unveils its first major upgrades to its RenCen HQ is a decade and it's pretty stunning
Detroit Update: More investment in downtown: General Motors to overhaul its RenCen headquarters
General Motors is looking for a Manager - Infotainment Software in apply now!
Shout out to "..if u wanna aspire to be the CEO of General Motors u need to pursue math & science..”
Connie Dieken | The One to Watch: Mary Barra, Chairman and CEO of General Motors via
General Motors is the first major car maker to invest in a ride-sharing service such as Lyft
General Motors faces bellwether trial in ignition switch case
TODAY IN HISTORY: In 1936, the United Auto Workers union staged its first “sit-down” strike at the General Motors plant in Flint, Michigan.
General Motors-owned manufacturing powerhouse Vauxhall says it would be fine outside the EU | Telegraph …
General Motors, Deutsche Bank & ConocoPhillips pulled out of in 2015. The great from the Russian has began.
GM Recall News: BMW hit with $40M fine for recall violations: NHTSA has penalized General Motors and Fiat Chry...
POLITICO Playbook, presented by General Motors -- SIREN: Brock and Podesta think Cruz will be GOP nominee; prepping…
i'm sure you argue the same thing for every corp that receives gov subsidies (Boeing, General Motors, Dow Chemical, etc)?
So glad for the General Motors bailout- a lot of well paying American jobs were saved.
CEO Sergio Marchionne says the company will not make a hostile bid for General Motors
General Motors is discontinuing the Camaro and I'm heart broken
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
The United Auto Workers union has given the final OK to a new four-year contract with General Motors.
Cadillac XT5 North American Debut: As the latest General Motors luxury product, it is follow...
Had the Nazis won, General Motors and Ford would have appeared impeccably Nazi.
It's like General Motors owning Vauxhall and Chevrolet. They're completely separate companies with different products. Same here
GM Canada experts have connected car mandate: General Motors' Canadian Engineering Centre is, as GM...
Make most of holiday car deals: DETROIT — Lexus put the red bows atop its cars a month early, and General Motors is…
General Motors: As a GM retiree I try and support my company but...every time I try to buy or lease a GM vehicle I - h…
More recalls, a fine, and a consent order for General Motors on Driving the Nation
*** ..They are Driving AMERICAN General Motors cars.The same GM Bailed out by OBAMA!!!
ICYMI: unions avoid strike for now after reaching deal with General Motors last night. .
: Lawsuits hit General Motors profits: Final trim is installed on a Buick Verano at the Ori...
Henry Ford received the "Grand Cross of the German Eagle", & VP of General Motors got a German Consul award too.
General Motors $GM creates about $1.85 of market value per dollar of physical assets, while Tesla $TSLA creates about $11.
Do you own a Volkswagen USA, Ford Motor Company, Hyundai Worldwide or General Motors vehicle? Than check to see...
On this day in 1983, General Motors agreed to hire more women and minorities as part of a Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
Yeah, at some point General Motors will go out of business, just like Daewoo did.
not THE GM ... GENERAL MOTORS ... Some non-JEW in a PONTIAC forced Ron Washington to try cocaine
One thing we do know: It helped Obama win the 2012 election. "Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive."
Motors worth millions on show in HK
in general, I replace motors on equipment as I can with 1ph 220 systems
Takata air bag problem widens; GM recalls over 400 cars and SUVs: GM is recalling more than 400 vehicles from ...
General Motors and the taxpayers allocated almost a billion dollars to clean up their toxic properties.
“52 – General Motors officially begins using the name “Corvette” for its new sports car”
RECAP - OSHAWA, CANADA - General Motors Centre welcomes today -
T-minus 3 seconds before you're about to high five Paul Brandt @ General Motors Centre
Lawyers accuse GM of violating DOJ consent agreement
Lawyers accuse of violating DOJ consent agreement
show DFW TX benefit for poor children with General Motors. Love U to play,bring your friends Dec 6/7
General Motors has another ignition switch problem that can make engines stall, but this one was discovered quickly and no one has been hurt
Plus saved General Motors provided health care n took out bin laden...n why do u haters hate him again? Im listening http:…
GM global sales off slightly this year: General Motors saw a slight dip in global sales through the first nine...
Waiting for the doors to open.. Wooho a night of Canadian country music!! (@ General Motors Centre -
is bringing to America's biggest city. Will this program expand to other cities, too?
when General Motors was responsible for the death of 174 people due to parts that weren´t working the company paid 900 million
GM recalling some 2015 vehicles over explosive Takata airbag defect: ... General Motors is re...
General new switch issue, recalls 3300 vehicles
Mary Barra: GM will succeed by putting customers first: General Motors CEO Mary Barra says her company is not ...
Via . General motors paid what would be $50/hr now & were lrgst employer. Wal-Mart is now & pays 10/hr
: Takata air bag problem widens to over 400 General Motors cars and SUVs from 2015 model ye...
MBurden_DN: Takata air bag problem widens to some 2015 GM vehicles via detroitnews
GM running promo to attract more 2016 Chevrolet Volt buyers: General Motors (GM) is quietly r...
Like the Genius Bar in every Apple store, General Motors aims to bring a Connection Center to its dealerships to...
General Motors, Ford Motor and the United States operations of Fiat Chrysler benefited from cheap gasoline and ultra-low interest rates.
OMG, I'm dying - US government spent so much money in saving Damon (almost every film), he's like General Motors in real life
: General Motors: too big to jail: A recent settlement between the US government and Genera...
After the break: | From before General Motors rationalised its brands down to Vauxhall in…
Correction to your summary of Mind the Gap: General Motors owns Opel/Vauxhall, not Mercedes (Daimler AG).
MOSCOW, Oct 5 (Reuters) - A Russian government regulator said on Monday that General Motors was recalling 70,200…
General Motors plans drive into autonomous cars. Peter D, And the benefits are ?
BBC News - General Motors plans drive into autonomous cars
General Motors plans drive into autonomous cars -
General Motors plans drive into autonomous cars
General Motors plans drive into autonomous cars - BBC News -
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