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General Mills

General Mills, Inc. is an American Fortune 500 corporation, primarily concerned with food products, which is headquartered in Golden Valley, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis.

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General Mills removes bee from Honey Nut Cheerios box to increase pollinator awareness.
General Mills will donate 12 meals to your local food bank if you text MEALS to 35350, they will reply and ask you for your z…
Why explain anything. Remind her of General Mills, SW Rogue One and Budweiser Boycott. Pathetic flops
Oh my god, what a time to be alive. General Mills created Girl Scout cereal 😍😍
the color of all other mills in the "set". Why intruder is laundering mill color??? General Mills is in golden valley. Flax mill, blue.
In 1971, General Mills introduced the first two "monster" themed breakfast cereals: Count Chocula and Franken Berry.
Kevin's role in corporate social media of General Mills gives a lot of variety and interesting opportunities!
Kevin Hunt from General Mills speaks tonight about his career path in PR
This Old El Paso spot was 1 of 17 spots that shot earlier this year for General Mills.
Note the quote about interpersonal chemistry.. 72andSunny, Redscout Win General Mills U.S. account
Diversity was a requirement in criteria used by General Mills to select new ad agency partners: minimum 50% women an…
Should you be taking profits in General Mills?
I also saw a sign that you guys won General Mills..So you should check out the signs in my portfolio.
General Mills Chanhassen Plant: ... serve the world by making food people love. As one of the world's leading...
With demand outpacing supply of organic food, General Mills and Organic Valley get creative
is in theaters Friday November 4. has a fun giveaway! Find your happy place!
Girl Scout cookies for breakfast, anyone?
Enter the Jinxy Kids for a chance to a Movie Prize Pack!
love PA I'm sometimes in the steel mills and breworks.. just downtown in general.
Big producers like General Mills, Organic Valley get creative with ... - Minneapolis Star Tribune
I'm Ann Monty. I gave $200 to I live in Saint Johns, FL. I work as a Commissary Sales Representative at General Mills.
General Mills released the new Chex Mix commercial with Sound Checks: The Story of Snackstreet.
Quilly says he dropped the Millz because of General Mills & Forman Mills 😂😂😂😭
does Mike Dillon own a chain of independent grocers or does General Mills just want this hip young image for its brand
Reed: DI decision impact? Has brought more people to town. Being a DI school makes people pause and look. General Mills in research park.
Don't forget to look for us at the ! We'll be at booth showing Beaver Street, Thompson Foods, & General Mills!
General Mills Expands Flour Recall Due to Possible E. Coli Outbreak: General Mills has announced that it is e...
CONSUMER ALERT: General Mills recalling some of its flour due to E-Coli. We'll have those details this AM
General Mills expands flour recall after 4 more E. Coli illnesses.
General Mills expands flour recall after four more illnesses:
More sick; General Mills recalls 15 million more pounds of flour
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
What does the future hold for $GIS amid a weakened demand for cereal?
General Mills flour has been recalled for containing e.coli
General Mills widens recall of contaminated flour after 46 sickened
General Mills expands flour recall after more illnesses
General Mills expands flour after 4 more illnesses
Millions of pounds of flour being recalled after people suffer kidney failure
I love the Box Tops for education program from General Mills. It is a great (& easy) money maker for the school...
General Mills expands flour recall issued over possible link to E. coli outbreak.
General Mills expands flour recall to 45 million pounds |
Most comprehensive info about General Mills Recall: stats, states, retailers & more.
brings gluten-free Cheerios to Canada. Read more: $GIS
the Lord spoke and said there will be recalls in the food :. "MORE E. COLI CASES PROMPT GENERAL MILLS FLOUR RECALL EXPANSION"
General Mills expands flour recall to 45M pounds after E. coli outbreak
General Mills widens flour recall again after 4 more people get sick
General Mills recalls more flour used in well-known brands
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
General Mills Expands Retail Flour Recall - Consumers are reminded not to eat uncooked dough or batter made wit...
General Mills brings gluten-free Cheerios to Canada - U.S. creative will be adapted for Canadian campaign next ...
More E. coli cases prompt General Mills to announce another expansion of its flour recall
13 hospitalized after E.Coli outbreak caused by General Mills Flour.
.+ open Oats Research Lab to breed more oats in key US growing region
General Mills expands flour recall to more batches
RECALL: General Mills issued a third recall for flour that could be tainted with E. coli bacteria.
General Mills is expanding a flour recall issued after four new illnesses were reported
If you've eaten raw dough & used General Mills flour you may be at risk of E. coli.
General Mills expands flour recall to more batches - Yahoo Finance Canada via
CONSUMER ALERT: General Mills has announced a voluntary national recall of four varieties of Nature Valley...
Credit Suisse hikes target price for General Mills
Congrats to TR chef Christina Halstead for winning the $50K grand prize in General Mills'…
General Mills announces flour recall: A person from Grant County and another from Spokane County are among 38...
BRIEF-General Mills issues recall of 4 flavors of Nature Valley bars
General Mills recalls 10 million lbs of flour
General Mills recalls flour over possible link to E.coli outbreak
Play for the chance to win Star Wars gear instantly from General Mills in the Far, Far Away Getaway Sweepstakes!.
General Mills, Inc. (GIS) Earns “Sell” Rating from Bank of America: Bank of America restated…
Food VC: 301 Inc, the VC arm of General Mills invests in plant-based food maker Kite Hill
General Mills, other food giants, seek out start-ups.
General Mills, Inc. (GIS) price at close, May 25, 2016, is 62.395. *want some milk with that? Just passing it intent to buy or sell
NEW YORK: General Mills exec &on plant proteins, algae and even crickets
General Mills files patent on using yogurt whey in food: General Mills, Inc. has filed a patent that relates ...
Troll *** General Mills is going to send me a UPS truck full of Fruity Pebbles, watch. I'll be furious
Healthier eating: Del Monte joins Hershey's and General Mills in moving away from GMO products
Unless one of these legendary musicians isn't really dead nobody will pull off a better troll this year than General Mills
im not with it. This what happens when art is commodified. Pandering to the youth like Kellogg's & General Mills
Del Monte joins Hershey's & General Mills - moving away from GMOs as a result of public pressure!...
Breakfast as we know it is an invention of a General Mills 1944 advertising campaign.
sadly this is not a deal at all but I needed milk then I get a General Mills Cereal that not included fail all around
Judge Kelley issues protective order to protect General Mills’ business in suit alleging gold tooth in biscuit
The General Strike to Corbyn: takes us thru 90 years of BBC establishment bias: https:…
*** Fawkes doesn't much like Jeremy Corbyn. But he loves General Pinochet //
Here is what we know so far about the body found in the trunk of a car at the Ontario Mills Mall.
A bullish Big MAC (Bullish) has occurred at 3:30 PM May 09 at $62.84 on General Mills Inc (GIS) $GIS
Staff Required for Spinning Mills: General manager jobs opening for spinning mills.
Cheerios giving bees a buzz-worthy 3,300 acres of flowers to pollinate
Felt like a toy inside a cereal box exploring the archives at General Mills. Talk about a …
Bernie should be put in a General Mills Cereal factory lab to make fruit loops. A complete waste of effort and time
.A body was found in the trunk of a parked car at Ontario Mills parking lot Monday morning. https:/…
Excellent survey of historic hostility to British people's movements leading up to Corbyn, by https:/…
General Mills and Mars have both announced new labeling initiatives, putting back in the spotlight. >>
As a "special promotion" I'm going to eat only Gushers until I die or General Mills pays me to stop. I'm like the oppos…
Body found in car trunk at Ontario Mills Mall
[Inspiration] General Mills engages in skill-based volunteerism across the globe
General Mills to label all GMO foods - thanks to Vermont!
Campbell’s, General Mills, Mars, Kellogg Company ConAgra Foods, give consumers more info about genetically modified organisms in our food
Awe, but General Mills is based in Minneapolis. I don't get the fuss. They loved him in that city.
Countdown to Summer with Canteen and be entered to win a General Mills and Canteen prize package.
"General Mills and 7-Eleven Join the Venture Capital Crowd" by RANDALL SMITH via NYT
Touring Mill City Museum, birthplace of General Mills. Operated as mill on the Mississippi from 1880s-1965.
How is General Mills gonna take artificial colors out of trix cereal tho
Cereal packing machine from Pillsbury A Mill 1934. Empty boxes on conveyor belt. Machine now owned by General Mills.
.refuses to buy Wheaties because General Mills and the whole Big Cereal industry must be broken up as they're too big to fail
I'm so psyched that my professor thinks I should patent my product design and pitch it to General Mills! 🔥
General Mills building bran equity with cereal ads. $GIS
Me 2! General Mills had me on their Halloween Cereal Podcast talking about my love 4 Boo Berry.
Breaking: General Mills & Sony to produce animated Count Chocula, Frankenberry, Boo-Berry films as part of new cinematic un…
FRC is boycotting General Mills, Starbucks, and many other pro-LGBT companies. But THIS is economic blackmail. LOL.
Text HUNGER to 35350 and Sam's Club along with General Mills will donate 12 meals to national and local food banks till M…
Daryl Hall ? Hall & Oates ? Hey if I drove a truck for General Mills would I be Haulin Oats ?
General Mills will label its products with genetically-modified organisms.
Gary here. In the U.S. Mars and General Mills will include the labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMO)...
General Mills announced that the company would begin labeling its products that contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
Transparency is coming to a grocery store near you! Cambell's, Mars, Kellog's, and General Mills have all...
Like Campbell's and General Mills, Mars have now announced they will label GMOs nationwide
General Mills removes iconic mascot from Honey Nut Cheerios for good cause |
BLOG: Why we should delay applauding General Mills' campaign
Kudos to Cheerios and General Mills for addressing a major environmental issue.
County moves forward on General Mills $80m expansion: Bernalillo County Commissioners voted to...
Nice video from General Mills to bring awareness to the declining bee population. .
$GIS:. General Mills (NYSE:GIS): Analysts Maintain an average rating of Buy:.
Tech: Instacart says ads from General Mills, PepsiCo, and other consumer goods…
Volunteers from General Mills, Aveda, Best Buy & Blue Cross Blue Shield worked with Second Harvest Heartland to...
Breast Cancer Awareness
Recent additions to the speaker line-up include DIRECTV, Getty Images, General Mills & Gilt Groupe
Watch Executive Chef Tim Gee present at General Mills' webinar "Strategies for Reducing Sodium."
PepsiCo, General Mills & more big brands spent millions in hidden campaign to thwart GMO labeling. Read:
General Mills new slogan is "love cereal again.". Yeah, as if I ever stopped loving cereal to begin with.
General Mills highlights product performance and innovation at
In town today, says General Mills in downtown has $85 million impact on economy.
Proud to see General Mills donating today to a major Minneapolis riverfront project
Recap of the MIMA session on business podcasting, enjoyed talking about our General Mills podcast...
Yes! Homegate Taco Bar For The Win - This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of General Mills.
Earn 20 eBoxTops™ when you buy 5 participating General Mills, Hefty or Mott’s participating Box Tops for...
It's a beautiful morning at the hosted by General Mills on behalf of the United *** College...
Have you forgotten you old deal with General Mills in the Mushroom Kingdom?
General Mills announces new food products launching in 2016
Suit alleges gluten-free Cheerios mislabeled: 18 in the Eastern District of California against General Mills, ... …
Letters to the editor, Dec. 21: Ramp up GMO coverage. Recently Kroger's food circular included a General Mills...
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
General Mills Misses on Sales Estimates Due to Weak Demand: General Mills stock has been consolidating sin…
Financial Analyst at General Mills (Berkeley, CA) Purpose. You. We serve the wor...
Check out this Business Partner - Winnipeg Plant at General Mills in
"Superintendent situation is another demerit for the district". .
"Reeeallly, areas on a university campus where studying is forbidden?".
is this the same general mills that is sending out BvsS cereal. Is this coming to the UK? any chance of trying it out for you?
Lol. All of his comics are close to home. I read that the guy even interned at General Mills at one point...
General Mills France looked to inject innovation into the retail ice
General Mills: Stop Making Food with Factory Farmed Eggs - Sign the Petition! via
Why are companies embracing animal welfare?
Changing consumer tastes are forcing big food companies like General Mills to change — fast
Changing consumer tastes forcing companies like General Mills to change — fast
Business Partner - Winnipeg Plant needed in at General Mills Canada. Apply now!
MARKETING MANAGER: MARKETING MANAGER. General Mills, Inc. has an opportunity for a Marketing Manage...
Changing consumer tastes force Big companies like General Mills to change —fast. $GIS
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Save on delicious, chewy, and fruity snacks with this coupon today!
Annie's Homegrown is now owned by General Mills > How is it different?
Inspired by case study on General Mills measurement strategy
General Mills and Kraft Foods are way larger than Tyson😂 every company has a competitor so no monopoly's
the chair of the organization for that link is the ceo for ConAgra foods, the vice chair the CeO of General Mills
I remember General Mills making Captain Crunch look more like George Lucas
General Mills: Put Greg Louganis on the Wheaties box! - Sign the Petition! via
"General Mills has enlisted the musical styling of rapper Biz Markie with a cereal-themed remix to late 1980s classic 'Just a Friend.' "
General Mills and Biz Markie launch marshmallow-only Lucky Charms contest:
General Mills is hiring a - Marketing Communications Planner, apply now!
General Mills recalls Cascadian Farms Frozen Green Beans for Listeria, second time this year:
Twin Cities drivers: not above average; General Mills recalls green beans; and more in the morning Glean
NEW Inclusion Chair Ken Charles, chief diversity officer of General Mills, tells NEW Leadership Summit that you...
"Judge people by their actions," says General Mills' Chief Diversity Officer
Buying more stock in Lennar Corp., General Mills, Inc., & Darden Restaurants, Inc.
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
if you get picked up by General Mills after college then I feel like this is gonna happen
Our winner is General Mills for the Haagen Dazs ‘Real’ Campaign
Native Chiefs who met with General Mills and ended the Indian War: 1. Standing Bull, 2. Bear Who Looks Back...
Belvidere plant will lose 160 jobs from General Mills sale of Green Giant - Rockford Register Star
Speechless-General Mills plans to sell its vegetable brands Green Giant and Le Sueur to B&G foods for $765 million!
General Mills to sell Green Giant, Le Sueur for $765 million
General Mills is selling its Green Giant and Le Sueur vegetable businesses for $765 million. http…
General Mills to Sell Green Giant and Le Sueur for $765 Million -
B&G Foods is about to buy vegetable brands Green Giant and Le Sueur from General Mills for $765 million. The deal...
General Mills product lines will still be produced at Belvidere plant, which is undergoing expansion.
General Mills still owns Belvidere facility. Funderburg hoping company will move new product line to Belvidere to replace Green Giant.
Funderburg: General Mills still very committed to Belvidere plant
General Mills' move on climate change is 'leadership that makes America great' prof Bob Inglis
Breaking: hearing reports Belvidere Green Giant Plant sold as part of General Mills deal with B&G.
General Mills Cereal is perfect for breakfast!! What is your favorite type of General Mills Cereal!? Tell us in...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
General Mills wants to try new "feel good" recipe for your breakfast cereal...Read
General Mills : sets ambitious goal for greenhouse gas cuts - from farm to fork to landfill
- Credit Union needed in at General Mills. Apply now!
$GIS:US General Mills fruit snacks will drop artificial flavors and colors MILLS INC
B&G Foods Inc. is in late-stage discussions to acquire Green Giant from General Mills
General Mills to remove artificial colors, flavors from fruit snacks - Minneapolis Star Tribune
$GIS:US General Mills to remove artificial colors from fruit snacks MILLS INC
General Mills recalls frozen green beans after listeria detected: General Mills Inc. says it has recalled a "l...
plus my aunt works for General Mills, so I literally get coupons that get me stuff like ol del paso and Hagen Dazs for free
General Mills is getting rid of blue & green Trix as companies move away from artificial dyes http:/…
The Stephanie Miller Show, today brought to you by General Mills and random fellas, I love it. ;)
-Mercedes-Benz now builds more models off the basic E-class platform than General Mills has flavors o...
Thank you General Mills. My first bowl of Cheerios in eight years.
General Mills unveils new product innovation to address trends including wellness and convenience. More here:
I like Shreddies and the only ingredients are wheat, sugar, and salt. Nice try General Mills but you won't get me through my cereal choice
CEREAL KILLERS. General Mills to remove artificial colors, flavors from cereals .
General Mills to ax artificial flavors from cereals via Please tell me they make Fruit Loops!
General Mills is refreshed and relevant | Food Business News
General Mills obtains cancellation of trademark squatter&mark
Take a look at the 20+ new jobs on the WVU IMC job board from Universal, General Mills, Disney, AARP and more!
General Mills has a clear plan in cereal, snacks, natural & organic - but what about more…
College students would be willing to support . Congressman John Stamos, General Mills, Senator Bruce Lee...omg!!
Hi John, interested in speaking with you about General Mills & trend against artificial flavour/dyes. Are you available?
Lucky Charms, the New Superfood - General Mills will phase out “artificial colors and flavors” from all cereals while continuing to market …
.is definitely speaking my language regarding employee advocacy at General Mills.
General Mills: No More Glow-in-the-Dark Cereals: Great news from the largest cereal manufacturer in the US. Ge...
GREAT NEWS! . General Mills is getting rid of artificial Flavors and dyes from their cereals by 2016! . Take a...
This is a great move for General Mills $GIS
Another great example of how General Mills employees support the community they work and live in
Read on General Mills Cereals ditching artificial ingredients (great comments by
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
General Mills drops artificial colors, flavors from cereals; Trix and Reese's Puffs among 1st to change
Making Family Time Fun with Chex Mix Popped The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills thr
General Mills is making a big change to cereal via
General Mills to drop artificial ingredients: New York : General Mills is dropping artificial colors and flav...
Health to Drop From NEW YORK—General Mills is dropping artificial…
reveals General Mills to drop artificial ingredients from cereals: NEW YORK (AP) -- General Mills is dropp...
Innovation is key in FMCG. Now looks at packages for consumers Via
Stop in this week for HOT 5 For $10 sale items like: General Mills Cereals, Swiss Premium Teas or Drinks and...
Planner - Philadelphia, PA needed in at General Mills. Apply now!
General Mills is looking for a Analyst in apply now!
Examples of companies "killing it" w/content from Red Bull, REI, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Whisper, Doritos, General Mills …
GENERAL MILLS MARKET OPEN. . ...have a great trading day.
General Mills boasted about its decision to make Cheerios GMO-free. But accordin…
yes, United States of Monsanto ... and PepsiCo, General Mills, Kellogg's, ... etc
No post has better described my life
Little Giant Ladders
It's Kraft Foods. It's in a list of supporters with P&G, Pillsbury, and General Mills. Come on man.
Cocoa Puffs Cereal, Only $0.99 at Walgreens!: Select General Mills Cereals will be on sale for $1.99...
Analyst needed in at General Mills. Apply now!
Don't know if anyone from General Mills' social media department is watching, but the consensus seems to be that plain-old C…
We have a total of 1 media experts at the agency and at least half of them eat breakfast and General Mills won't take my call.
I wish I could eat Raisin Nut without the Bran! General Mills: that is a money maker idea for you! Your welcome.
General Mills is looking for a in apply now!
ICYMI: How Kellogg, General Mills and Kraft are reversing the Big Food curse by
In new reports, make greening freight a priority:
General Mills yanks ads from '19 Kids and Counting'
General Mills begins first major media review in 14 years
Big Food Just Bought Your Favorite Organic Mac and Cheese Company via Don't buy Annie's, will be GMO by GM.
I wish everyone knew how corrupt General Mills, Inc. is
In 1987, the Anti-Defamation League sued General Mills for its depiction of Count Chocula wearing a six-sided star. http:…
Great quick read from The 3 pillars of technology at General Mills
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
The 3 pillars of technology at General Mills
Finally spotted some! FREE tshirt pins on boxes of General Mills Cereal!. Hmm now which one to order?…
it smells like Cheerios by the hockey arena (used to? Don't know if general mills is still there)
Stock Up on General Mills Cereal for the Summer -...
100 yrs on and “on-pack” promotions are better than ever thanks to spoonfuls of Zappar magic!
Your business description has been updated: Darden, a General Mills s--- View here:
You all need to realize Raritan just *** there is no denying it and all they care about is their funding and not you
Meetings and Special Events Manager - General Mills - Minneapolis, MN: Design and develop ...
With the help of a grant from the General Mills Foundation, Girl Scouts of Central & Southern NJ, Inc. is helping...
You can make 1 general statement and have 10 people swear you're talking about them 😂✋
Target recently gathered representatives from major food companies like General Mills, Campbell's, and Kraft...
General Mills - Sign up for the Tablespoon Newsletter - Get a free Rainbow Recipe Book (US)
General Mills launches"tasty" Greek yoghurt: General Mills has launched a Greek yoghurt and fruit snack to respond to the growing tre...
The 3 pillars of marketing technology at General Mills
Can we take it for granted that Kellogg's > Post > General Mills?
Small food makers on fast path to US store shelves, threatening big - Reuters General Mills bought organic...
she sits, I squirt toothpaste in my mouth
How naive general son is. He doesnot know it's not outsource but is running fake mills
Actually, you know what I miss? Somethin from the '80s & early '90s..From General Mills: S'Mores Crunch!
Apply now to work for General Mills as Analyst in
General Mills Inc is looking for a Planner - Philadelphia, PA in apply now!
Shout out to mills. Saw, General, wind and of course Heather.
Thank you College of Social & Behavioral Sciences, Rio Ranch Market and General Mills for donating…
In 1994, Reese Puffs was invented by General Mills. Too bad I was eating Reeses for breakfast long before that.
If you buy Chex, it's the General Mills version :)
Beneficiaries of possible “checkoff” tax on organic food include Dean Foods and General Mills. Hm.
TV Clipster Alert - General Mills has been mentioned just now >
Love the mornings when the General Mills plant makes Lodi smell like Cheerios.
a) yes b) these are actually Motts' gushers but c) Motts "Fruit Centers" and Gushers are both made by General Mills
well friends, General Mills is in full HR Transformation mode, fun stuff! More to come on our journey
[NEW POST last night] General Mills (GIS) Looking Solid for the Rest of the Year $GIS
Kansas State, General Mills allot $400,000 to develop new wheat varieties: via
Join the General Mills Engineering team at our facility in Martel, OH!
General Mills was a client a million year ago when you were still running R/2. Delighted to "meet" you.
Just checked in with Gates Mills PD dispatch. No new info yet on crash that killed 2 seniors:
New opening at General Mills Inc in - Planner - Philadelphia, PA
Helen Kurtz T'01, VP General Mills "Technology doesn't change what we do. Technology changes how we do it"
Please boycott these organic brands that are owned by General Mills & spent $1.2 million to stop labeling
Associates Join us on 05/27 for a best practice data quality webinar with at General Mills http:/…
$BNNY General Mills to acquire Berkeley-based Annie&Inc. foods for $820 million
Did the concept of "breakfast foods" and what society says is acceptable at breakfast originate with General Mills or Kellogg's?
Got a way to detect food pathogens? General Mills might like a word with you: Food comp...
General Mills was harassed into bringing back French Toast Crunch. Can we all come together and force Post to give me back my Waffle Crisp.
I've been a member of this one for nearly 4 years now - definitely on my "must-join" list! (jamie)
City of Kingston police officers Michael Mills and Barry Rell met at the Dietz Stadium Diner last Monday as part...
Cherrios and other General Mills Cereal are carrying free Star Wars movie posters. 😱 I got that one!
Want General Mills coupons for cereals? Check out or
󾕆 You will get one of these Recipe Books FREE 󾕆 Just for Joining General Mills EXCLUSIVE Email List Free! . Click...
May the spoons (not forks) be with you! to launch Star Wars cereal ahead of launch of new film:
now in specially marked Cereal a prize pack from thr 5/11
I just entered to win a General Mills Cereal prize pack from
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