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General Lee

The General Lee is the Dodge Charger driven by the Duke cousins Bo and Luke in the television series The Dukes of Hazzard.

Bubba Watson Bo Duke Daisy Duke Luke Duke Warner Bros Confederate Flag General Grant Stonewall Jackson Boss Hog John Schneider Muscle Car George Barris Warner Brothers Jefferson Davis David Duke Hazard County

The Moral Equivalency of Confederate Statues, General Lee worship and Jim Crow signage. Return the Jim Crow Signage to the American public.
Apologies to Giraldo's fam, comparing Greg to Rivera is like comparing General Lee to Washington or…
"General Lee needs to be in the history books not our streets"
Weren't they mad over the removal of the General Lee statue? A man FRIENDS with Ulysses S Grant?
So, they want the state of VA to embrace the policies of General Lee? Ok, but election is over. Why now? And, they…
So was "David Duke"/ "Daisy Duke"/ the "General Lee/Confederate Flag"/ "Dukes of Hazard"one whole sad coincidence or is my childhood ruined?
Pastor, the People that are protesting General Lee.being removed aren't Nazis or…
Theres violent riots over the planned destruction of a statue to General Lee in it will be international when Daisy Duke goes!
If they scrub General Lee, they should scrub Washington and Winfield Scott too. Not to mention Thomas J…
Johnny Cash - General Lee via Since we're talking about legend a tribute to Johnny Cash
General Lee said to Longstreet at Gettysburg,I will take that hill.That hill would have been a win for Lee.Slavery continues.
General Lee pay tribute to Singapore's armed forces in 'Opium Hill' — watch
I need Murphy to chase you down in our h2h, he needs another 120 to get you by 1 pt lol
General Lee would be disgusted with that bigoted rabble .. via
proud to be born in virginia cuz you *** WHO KNOW WHO YOU ARE ain't gonna bring back *** w/your flags + whatever
Imagine if the general lee was a hybrid or a full electric car!
I live in Argentina (south america) I'd like drive the General Lee. It's can be possible rent it in…
Know who else was outnumbered and lost? General Lee.
Robert E Lee was a general & engineer of great repute. Where does it say he supported KKK ideals?
That is a shame. General Lee only fought for the south because his family lived there. He knew the north w…
I use to like this car? But after I found out that General Lee was Confederate? I just don't give a.f
The general Tommy Lee Jones played in the first cap movie. But of course I just love TLJ always awesome.
KKK supporters are to march in Virginia to protest planned removal of a statue of General Robert E. Lee ht…
Klan Members Rally against Removal of General Lee Statue in Virginia - Newsmax
Posted my Support for the 50 Loyal White Knights removal of General Robert E. Lee in VA 3xs deleted 🇺🇸
Klan members rally against removal of General Lee statue in Virginia
Vote for General Lee's southern hillbilly rock from Singapore as your Track Of The Week:
Well, the pedestal that was once supported General Lee must be reserved for Mitch and the city…
I would love to put my best die cast the General Lee in that case
Oh wow! I just saw Orville Wright, John Adams, and General Lee.
Day one in Nashville. Sounds baseball, toured The Ryman, and got my picture made in the General Lee. Got dam what a day
Even Robert E. Lee Wanted the Confederate Flag Gone via According to General Lee and Jefferson Davis!
At the Joint Committee on Reconstruction, General Lee provided a very HBD/bell curve answer regarding black intelli…
you still look the same as the guy outrunning Boss Hog in the General Lee! So whatever you're doing is working! 😊
General Lee, Nathan Bedford Forrest, Stonewall Jackson, Jefferson Davis, I have a great deal of respect for these noble, honorable men.
General Lee a man who fought for his state then fought for his country again along side Ulysses S. Grant.
I get demolishing the obelisk honoring white supremacists, but why destroy one of General Lee? Wasn't he a…
Prospect alert! . Pistol Pete x General Lee . THIS is the kind of cattle we strive for! Buy her up, before she become…
Jeff Davis & General Lee aren't the only ones in the balance. and
Yes, the original Daisy and Luke Duke -- and General Lee -- will be at via
smdh he drove the General Lee and not the General Nathan Bedford Forrest
A General Lee mock up driving through the protest area.
John Schneider in front of the General Lee after a single A baseball game
Black velvet Stonewall Jackson jumping over Boss Hog with the General Lee
Congrats to Zeke, General Lee, Tryon, Zack, and Travis for being named to the "real" All-Pro team by the...
That's awesome you drive the General Lee. Take that liberals.
Getting in the mood by watching 45 minutes of General Lee jumps.
General Lee, this is no place for you. These men behind you are ...
Bubba Watson because he owns a General Lee 🏁
a quick peek also revealed pics of Shawn Michaels, Jared Fogle, Harambe, the General Lee (car, not m…
Is it wrong that one of the reasons I want to upgrade my ham license is so I can announce it like General Lee in Hamilton?
She looked like Boss Hog. Wonder if she was driving the General Lee...
"Don't get me wrong I'm a huge General Lee fan" -Cody Rudy
given turnover rate and general competence of tech industries at handling even basic critique I'm not sure any of them hire great anythings
Not sure who is worse, Ernie at baseball "Sandy Lee-yon" or Cal Ripken at baseball commentary in general.
and all whingers, one must take their chances in sport how ever it falls, NR had his own dramas that Ham capitalised on
Hey there, people are also electing governors, statehouses and attorneys general. Here's who aired 383,300 TV ads:
New online science game allows the general public to contribute to Alzheimer's disease research and help find a cure
how a guy in GA doesn't make one of the sounds the General Lee, I'll never know😂😂
A day at the dragway with a golf cart named General Lee (and amazing photos from
I fell in love with a girl named after a Confederate general. A like Lee story.
Website Builder 728x90
If you want this General Lee signed clearly by John Schneider. This is being auctioned off. The current bid is...
Shami Chakrabati perfect for shadow attorney general. She only has to review criminal activity and it miraculously disappe…
Just saw a real life mint condition General Lee. My day has been made.
Widespread price gouging in FL right now. The Attorney General: "Don't do it." Investigations are underway. Report all inc…
TBT: saw the general Lee on a ride to Shenandoah last year. Lots of Confederate Flags, but also…
General Lee is a fan of your work Joey! WoOoo! WoOoo! WoOOoO!
Ryan Fitzpatrick signaling for reinforcements from General Lee.
Lol! "butterfingers pickens" sounds like the whacky civil war general who was only there cuz Robert E Lee was his uncle.
Country track of the day: The General Lee by Johnny Cash from The Dukes of Hazzard TV Soundtrack...
I liked a video The General Lee by Johnny Cash
Shame she will only ever be the Shadow Attorney General. Depressing.
"She is far and away the choice for the presidency of the United States in 2016." —
will make an inspirational Attorney General. Very strong appointment.
Someone pls find at Daisies and tell him his new content in general is absolute trash . Thanks
ace aiming for European Senior Tour spot
This might be a great fit for you: Registered Nurse - General Medical - FL
Aww, thanks! I came to that conclusion, but I also think there are just a lot of selfish ppl, bad ppl, unhinged ppl in general!
Organic Chemistry test has me feeling like General Lee
They were about as illiterate as a Harvard scholar! At least Lincoln & his generals were as well as was General Lee
Just saw the General Lee on the highway. So jealous of whoever owns that fabulous beast.
153 years ago tonight, the boys in grey filtered back from cemetery ridge, General Lee met them, saying It's all my fault-Gettysburg 1863
Ulysses Grant on Broadway, expect it by 2020, starring against a very, very vilified General Lee
Bo, Luke, and Daisy Duke will all be at in Knoxville this weekend! Just pretend this is a General Lee flag emoji. -> 🦄
What? Bo Duke is here in St Paul this weekend? Is it PC to like Dukes of Hazard despite their use of "General Lee"
if you are on the stan collymore block list or in general cause hes a FUD 😂😂
DOWNLOAD VIDEO: General Pype – “The Seed”: General Pype drops the official video to his latest... (Via
After retiring from command of the U.S. Strategic Command, George Lee Butler became a critic of nuclear arms.
And there are those of us who grew up flying it for our Rebels at HS football and thinking General Lee was the coolest car EVER
General Robert E. Lee did not continue to Washing D. C. because he did not know where the Army of the Patomic was.
I'm not trying to settle with anything. My dreams, goals, life in general, I need everything pushed to my full potential.
Great article for and fans to check out. Interview with about the pair's recent strife .
It's been tears and heartache for on — Now some happiness! -->
so would General Lee. That book is fantastic.
I'm from Minnesota. About the only times I remember seeing a Confederate Flag were the times some *** drove a look-a-like General Lee.
"I'm not here to goof around!" (Jumps in hovercart painted like the General Lee, drives away)
Gen. George Lee Butler: arms “immoral and therefore anathema to societies premised on the sanctity of life” htt…
An epic new bio of Sherman challenges the portrayal of the Civil War general as the father of scorched-earth combat. http…
Thinking of writing a fanfiction?? Or just a general book of how amazing he is 😂
When I was a kid I used to imagine Mohammad Ali, Bruce Lee, and Chuck Norris driving around in the General Lee solving crimes.
Clement Warner, politician and US Army colonel who was present at the surrender of General Lee, has passed away:
*Edgar Allan Poe Voice* I was a charger, she was a charger, me and my General Lee
General Lee ordered 12,000 from the Confederate Army out over this field. Only 5,000 returned an hour later.
US Hot Ranking News : Catherine Bach as Daisy Duke in The Dukes of Hazzard posing by General Lee 8x10...
General Lee, Stonewall Jackson and myself in Charlottesville today.
Bubba Watson played better when the Rebel Flag was on the roof of the General Lee!
Students enlisted yesterday!Here are students turning in their enlistment papers to General Lee.
General Lee car :) !. I love The Dukes of Hazzard !. Who else does ? Who is your favorite Bo or Luke Duke ?
The night that stuntman Corey Eubanks autographed my General Lee! . He was working on the Terminator Genesis movie... htt…
General Lee lookin at Ulysses S. Grant in the Appomattox courthouse like
I'm gonna pull up in the General Lee, with Bo and Luke and David Duke!
The "Confederacy" may have had General Lee, but we had General George G. Meade.
I think he should be in the General Lee instead of a truck while honking a whistlin' Dixie horn.
"Buck antlers, Colonel Sanders, General Lee, home of the brave and land of that YeeYee." New Earl Dibbles song &…
Driving through Hazzard County with a General Lee sighting. I was coming ...
Which would win in a race, Slave I or the General Lee?
well all we need is the General Lee out front and a different neighborhood
A Daisy Duke tribute band but which one gets a ride on your General Lee?
The Dukes of Hazzard Windows 95/98. Play as Bo and Luke Duke as You Drive the General Lee and a Slew of Famous
Bo & Luke Duke drove the General Lee into America's living for the first time today in 1979. “The Dukes of Hazzard”
I'm related to John Hancock... And my friend Lee is related to General Lee...
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
To still be General Lee, but unique, I'm going with General Charged Cemetery Hill 19 Times In a Row Like a Dumb ***
Everytime someone comes into Sybergs and sees the Jack Daniels statue they're like is that General Lee or McClellan??? I'm like? *** ?
My granddaddy, Lemuel Rollins Cutwright, fought against General Lee and defeated him in West Virginia under Lincoln's rule.
David Lee dies at 95; ran popular General Lee's restaurant in Chinatown
If you don't think Adolph Rupp did more damage to blacks than the General Lee car, you're being intentionally obtuse.
"I'm a charger that charges through the night". (Johnny Cash - General Lee).
General Lee never made it to Linesville, Pennsylvania...but they made it to The DINO COSTA Show! Thank you!.
Litmus test: Are you willing to wave the Rebel flag and drive the General Lee in a *** pride parade in San Francisco?
*Wheelspins off in Robin Reliant painted like the General Lee.*
Sad to see the passing of George Barris.He designed the Batmobile, Munster Koach, KITT and General Lee for TV. Great car designer.
George Barris left his mark. General Lee, The Munstermobile, Batmobile. Built numerous cars for celebrities, lived for and loved cars.
George Barris, creator of such awesome cars as the Batmobile, KITT from Nightrider, and the General Lee has died.
Need Footer from Hazard County to fix things. He was a wiz with the General Lee.
Maybe *** from Hazard County can help. He kept the General Lee running.
Cross between dukes of Hazzard general Lee and my very one fruity fruit loops GTA V crew sign
domain names
What are your views on homophobia? — Let's just say I don't like phobias in general :)
NEW PETITION - Please sign today! Will be sent to AG Lynch, Rep.Conyers&Barbara Lee.
Salute to the homie 🔋✅💯 I came out to see him & His lee general Teammates tonight & Boy it was very Impressive
I love to see General Lee's picture my ancestors are from Virginia!
Me: Dollar General, Ashlee speaking, how may I help you?. Lady: Hi, is this Dollar General?. Me: No ma'am *click*
Thank you so much I received my General Lee today and the first thing I did was throw that trashy paper covering up the flag!
what is wrong with Robert E. Lee? He was a West Point grad and general of a group of states that wanted to be its own nation
Too bad you don't have that General Lee tractor anymore 😂😭😂😂
yea but the way i look at it. I wouldnt want to follow someone who posts that in general. :p
in 1 word what should a General Manager be?
my hubby and I luv the show. He wants to see the General Lee
Someone outside New Haven Union Station has the same car horn as the General Lee. What is happening?
.Odd, General Grant owned slaves, not General Lee. Lincoln wanted slavery to be permanent.
IDK. maybe lee naeun! or or hyeri? or jimin? . but i suck at rping girls in general cries.
Pastor Lee addresses the UN general Assembly and gives his stunning testimony of his miraculous resurrection from...
Update your maps at Navteq
Jokes about the American Civil War?. I General Lee don't find them funny 😂. Have a good weekend everyone 😊
Meet Nobility's General Manager. A.J. Lee; the current number one contender for the Queen's Championship.
Today in Comics History: In today's politically correct atmosphere, the General Lee tries to disgu...
There used to be a replica of the General Lee in Springfield. I heard it was still around a few years ago.
That's a brilliant idea! I love squalane in general but the Indie Lee packaging is just so *** pretty to look at.
and honor great men like General Lee.
Today is the 145th anniversary of General Robert E Lee's death. 10/12/1870. in remembrance!
General Robert E. Lee what a man! Don't forget to today in remembrance of our hero!
What a view from General Lee's house in Arlington! Look at all that ground we covered!
UN general assembly described slow motion epidemic in. 2011
I can't get enough General Lee jump videos. This one has it all, and the Dixie horn! http…
My guess is that he was one of General Lee's top lieutenants during their campaign in the Gettysburg.
Jimmy Roberts just referred to Bubba's "Robert E. Lee" car. Then corrected it to "General Lee." Uh, Jimmy, didn't Lee go w/ the flag?
by the way, why General Lee, I always thought Longstreet was the South's best commander
5/10, not as good as the General Lee can be replaced with a walkie-talkie.
Live After the General Election The WP's Aljunied team posing for pictures. (Photo: Amanda Lee/TODAY...
so is Lee ... Just general excitement to see good wildlife images!
I can't believe in this day and age you refer to General Lee
Special Surprise for The Kids from Their Parents, They Find a GENERAL LEE in a Barn
“Rance has been the General Lee” - ummm not great historical reference there Bruce
PM congratulates Prime Minister of Singapore, Mr. Lee Hsien Loong and his People's Action Party (PAP), on winning Singapore general election
Looking forward to working with PM Lee to further deepen India-Singapore ties: PM Modi
If your *** jumped over a river it'd be the general Lee! …
General Lee vs The Bandit Trans AM - BEST CAR CHASE EVER!. from Muscle Car . Click for more -...
I will erect a big memorial statue of trousers on top of the General Lee plaque currently next to the Hillsborough river.
PM Lee Hsien Loong and his party PAP, won the Singapore General election 2015. . He is PM since 2004. to em General Lee extra sauce: 👑
Tonight, I overtook a lorry transporting the the car from The Dukes Of Hazard: the General Lee. Yeah, I'm kind of a badass.
Hearts and prayers sent out to the family of Hun Lee.
I want a relationship like Bo Duke and the General Lee 👌
There are 2 Confederate Flags being flown at this car show. I can kind of understand the General Lee car but not the teal Dodge Dakota.
Noting, however, Confederate Flag and General Lee on his horse are next to USA Flag and General Grant on horse. Historical context.
Everytime people say the Confederate Flag on the General Lee was racist, I remember this rap song from my days:
I can't imagine why people don't like him other than ruining the General Lee of course.
Growing up in the 1980s I loved the Dukes of Hazzard and the General Lee. Needless to say I still…
General lee car wheels can I have all of them please?
I don't care if he hits it 8,000 yards, owns the General Lee, makes 10 golf boy videos-- Bubba Watson is the biggest *** in sports.
Wanna see the Rockford, Bandit, Bullet and General Lee go karts?Get us in the Coyote!.
Sign the petition to include female composers in A-level music syllabus. 6000 female composers: 0 included! h…
Clinton emails should also be reviewed by inspector general: lawmaker: WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Hillary Clinton'...
.Calling on you to STOP agst other Dems. How else can you win the "general"? We're not yours for the taking.
I checked all the official media.. They filmed for 3 days like general scenes without famous people involved..
Witnessed a new *** cat challenger painted as the general lee being chased down i85 by about 10 black people but he was smoking there ***
Unstoppable Chen defeats Lee again at badminton worlds
Make Ya Own General Lee!. from Muscle Car . Click for more -...
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
SpeedeNews: WATCH: Panther Vs M3 General Lee - Panther Vs M3 General Lee, a German propaganda movie from the secon...
that and heightened sensibilities in general, yes. Peaceful protests have a sense of community also that's important 2 some.
Hamid Gul, Pakistan’s Former Spy Chief, Dies at 78: Mr. Gul, a three-star general, was deeply involved in the ...
Unstoppable Chen defeats Lee at badminton worlds
We're looking for a team to take Singapore forward: PM Lee Hsien Loong: … upcoming General Election...
On this day in 1864, Confederate General John Chambliss is killed during a cavalry charge at Deep Bottom, Virginia,
We'll end up doing a Newcastle soon eg protest, have mock funerals, general whinging. Good.
Hi Lee, because we're posting a general link that takes you to the STFC section, not a particular story.
Surgeon general has no regrets about gun-violence statement - SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- The nation's chief doctor said...
I liked a video from GoA in GTA: The General Lee - Part: 1
"I don't believe we can have an army without music." General Robert E. Lee, quoted in Burke Davis, Gray Fox, 1956
really the only place I think the flag should be allowed is on the general lee and leave it at that
Just saw a 2015 Dodge Charger painted like the General Lee flying down 64W. Now I'm watching for Roscoe P. Coltrane to be in hot pursuit.
Cool, folks playing the General Lee on trumpet in the street. Way classy.
Betty Sue has gotten more pumped than the General Lee.. *** . that girl has more mileage than ol' general
Has the erased and now banned any past or future reference to the "General Lee?"
General Lee selfie is never complete without a Bo Duke photobomb.…
What's you're opinion 'bout the Confederate Flag, and the banning of General Lee?
Bubba Watson lost today because he pussed out and changed the General Lee to appease everyone.
Bubba Watson Says He is Painting Over the Confederate Flag on the General Lee
Pretty awesome Jason Day won and not the shameful General Lee destroyer Bubba Watson
Pensacola News Journal: Bubba Watson to paint over General Lee - Rapid News Network
Don't worry. Bubba Watson is going to remove the flag from the General Lee. That'll make a difference for sure.
If Bubba Watson paints over the Rebel flag on the "General Lee" is one of the biggest sell out n America..a used to b fan
Bubba Watson to remove Confederate Flag from General Lee
Does Bubba Watson realize that it will no longer be the General Lee just a orange car
The amount of hate Bubba Watson has been receiving for taking the Confederate Flag of off the General Lee is laughable and sad. So dumb.
NASCAR Three years ago, angered PGA ,Bubba Watson by preventing him from driving his General Lee car ?
Golfer Bubba Watson will paint over Confederate Flag on his General Lee
Watson said he decided this week to paint over the Confederate Flag on the car, known as the General Lee, and add an Ameri…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Still can't believe that Bubba Watson would repaint the original General Lee.
There's a closer link between Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez and what moved him to kill than between Roof and the General Lee.
It'd be pretty neat if the general on the General Insurance commercials rolled up in the General Lee, for their next commercial
goes out to Bo Duke and the oh so gorgeous General Lee
To paraphrase Willie Nelson, my heroes have always been Southern warriors: General Washington, General Lee, General Fo…
No more General Lee? Well how about the General Santa Anna
This could mean the end of Bo and Luke Duke and Daisy too. General Lee up for sale
If you think you're comin in between me and Bo Duke's skin tight crotch jeans, think again, General Lee.
This just in.. Bo and Luke Duke repainting the General Lee to pacify all the …
I am a Catholic and a conservative sitting in a General Lee. Pretty sure I could easily offend the majority of USA.
If the General Lee had just been the Captain Rogers from the beginning, no one would be complaining right now.
General Lee was a west point graduate from Virginia, a state on the Mason/Dixon line, who was forced to choose sides.
OMG. On the way back home, just saw a car painted up like the General Lee. First time I've EVER seen that here. Wow. cc:
Remember when Jamie once had General Lee trunks?
Hey Are we still going 2 be able 2 see the restoration of the General Lee on b/c it might be its last time on TV?!
ICYMI: Pro golfer is removing the Confederate Flag from his "General Lee" »
saved the General Lee this is getting ridiculous
Flag going I know. Written is Gen Lee on car too. Isn't it time now that we can't say or print General Lee as it is racist?
If I ever somehow become president, I'm painting Air Force One like the General Lee. 🇺🇸
All men ARE created equal, I believe that so I will be painting the American flag over the roof of the General Lee
Bubba Watson (2 time Masters Champ), co-owner of the Pensacola Blue Wahoos (Reds), is taking the flag off his General Lee.
after repaints the General Lee he can rename it The Michelle Obama
Is Watson going to change the name of the General Lee to the General Grant, Sherman, Hooker or McClellan? ***
Bubba Watson to remove Confederate Flag from 'General Lee': Bubba Watson says he'... . FILE - In this ...
Now Bubba Watson is painting over the Confederate Flag on his General Lee. What the *** is happening?
Golfer Bubba Watson to paint over Confederate Flag on iconic General Lee car(Orlando news)
Bill Kristol calls his bad *** "the General Lee" and just like Lee, it often gets beaten in Northern Virginia.
Again, I love you but this is a hyper-overraction. I implore you to sell the General Lee before you change the lo…
ICYMI: Golfer is making a change to his General Lee car from "Dukes of Hazzard":
here is an idea for your General Lee. See comments on pic
Before puts the Dukes of Hazzard back on the air, they have to make some changes to the General Lee
Can't they just digitally remove the Confederate Flag from the General Lee? And maybe put some pants on that Daisy Duke hu…
Now that the General Lee with it's Confederate Flag have been pulled from TV, all racism in America will cease...
I watched Dukes Of Hazzard for the pure love of Daisy Duke not the General Lee, get real way to lose viewers!
Will and outlaw Daisy Duke shorts next cause she rode n General Lee. we watched TVLand 4 fun, no more!!
I watched it for Daisy Duke not the General Lee how stupid is
If rich people didn't hate poor people, the General Lee's paint job would be fixed w/CGI and I'd be watching Roscoe P. Coltrane right now.
I would suck Daisy Duke off while she was driving the General Lee with Roscoe P. Coltrane in hot pursuit.
Breaking News - Kit from Knight Rider comments on the banning of General Lee
Are you flippin' kidding me?! This is SO RIDICULOUS & OUT OF CONTROL! *insert sound of General Lee's Dixie horn*
We'd be pretty okay with this remodel of General Lee car from The Dukes of Hazzard.
Jonny Cash loved the General Lee so much... he wronte a song about it.
There takin the General Lee,, out of Wal-mart Becuz of a Rebel Flag, I'm not Shopping, at Wal-mart Anymore, What...
along with 'Gone With The Wind' and General Lee's house at Arlington National Cemetery.
Warner Brothers has announced the re-release of a less offensive General Lee that is great for the whole family! http:/…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Does this "redo" on the General Lee mean that we need to look into that pen thing-a-majig that Will Smith held up...
It's just not the General Lee without it...
Dear SC shooter, thank you for taking the General Lee away from us non-racists who are simply fans of the car and show. ***
My favorite General Lee/Dukes of Hazzard news story: "Jason Thompson, 17, was found hiding inside a Dumpster..."
Very minor question: what's going to happen to the Dukes of Hazzard? Will they have to blur out the General Lee?
They sure do mate, mine are 22, 21, almost 18 & almost 14, with a grandson almost 3, blink & it's gone & they're not ya babies
Here's a new logo they can put on the General Lee.
I am with the general Lee I will also fight the Liberals until *** freezes over and then we will fight on ice
BTW, the citizens of New Orleans need to vote on whether or not the General Lee statue in Lee Circle comes down or not.
Warner Bros. says it will stop licensing General Lee toys with the Confederate Flag. Thoughts?
Warner Bros has announced that all merchandise featuring the General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard will now have the...
Warner Brothers has stopped production of toy Dukes of Hazzard car, the General Lee
ICYMI: Warner Bros. is removing the Confederate Flag from the roof of The Dukes Of Hazzard’s General Lee
Beverly Hillbillies still 1 of my favorite shows " Confederate Flag " General Lee and NASCAR lives on .. Rebels are Ppl 2
can't be mad about having our military & intel assets compromised AS LONG AS THERE'S A FLAG ON THE GENERAL …
Liberals are rich, white, racist, lonely, spiteful people and they hate General Lee. Just like Boss Hogg. h…
Dukes of Hazzard merchandise discontinued = over. .
Something a lot of Southerns don't know, General Robert E Lee was opposed to the Rebel Flag flying after the Civil War was over.
Taking the Confederate Flag off the General Lee is so messed up
Our prayers have been answered, Warner Bros. will take the Confederate Flag off the General Lee.
Now General Lee toy cars from Dukes of Hazzard will be banned from having the Confederate Flag on their roofs!
RIP General Lee. I always thought Luke and Bo Duke were redneck moonshiners, not racist white supremacists. 🙌
Libtards ruin everything. . General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard losing its Confederate Flag.
If anyone sees the original General Lee on sale for pennies on the dollar, y'all let me know.
so that was you I saw driving a General Lee the other day wasn't it, Darren?
Remember that Ben Jones played *** the guy who painted the stars and bars on the Dukes' General Lee.
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