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General Hospital

General Hospital (commonly abbreviated GH) is an American daytime television drama that is credited by the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest-running American soap opera currently in production and the third longest running drama in television in American history after Guiding Light and As the World Turns.

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Kwara renovates five hospitals Federal Government-owned University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital (UITH) which was sited behind the old campus of the university along Lagos Road in the heart of Ilorin has relocated to its permanent site on the outskirts of the capital at Ilorin-Jebba expressway, Oke Oyi. The relocation of the hospital was received with mixed feelings as it forced many patients from Ilorin to travel long kilometres to get to the hospital. However, the Kwara State government recently decided to turn the old UITH to a General Hospital by renovating, re-modelling and equipping the hospital to a status befitting of a General Hospital apparently to ease access to health care delivery within the metropolis. The hospital which has begun operation alongside four others spread across the three senatorial districts in the Central, North and South has, according to the government, been equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. The other general hospitals are located in Share in Ifelodun Local Governmen ...
Private P.T. Floyd Enlisted December 4, 1861 in Mount Pleasant, Captain Leland. Private Floyd was on sick furlough during the September/October 1863 muster roll and was absent without leave during the November/December 1863 muster roll. He was absent without leave April 16 to May 3, 1864. Private Floyd received a clothing allowance June 25 and September 30 1864. He was shot by a round ball in the middle of his left leg and captured at the battle of Sailers Creek April 6, 1865. He was taken to Fort McHenry, MD by the US Hospital Steamship Connecticut and treated in the USA General Hospital in Baltimore. He was released June 9, 1865. He was 22 years old at the end of the war. Floyd appeared on pension rolls as early as 1904 where he was listed as paralyzed. Floyd is visible on the extreme left of he 26th S.C. reunion photo. He died in 1920 and is buried in Pine Grove UMC Cemetery in Turbeville, S.C.
General Hospital Spoilers: Billy Miller to Play Jason Morgan – Steve Burton Comments on The Young and the Restless Favorite Heading to Port Charles!BY Cate Meighan on April 17, 2014 | 7 commentsRelated : General Hospital, Soap Opera, Spoiler, TelevisionCould General Hospital possibly be about to ben…
I only watch General Hospital for James Franco. Also the plot twists.
Experiences with Maha Periyava: Prayaschittam for going abroad! By the blessings of Maha Periyava, I have been able to do brain operations in India continuously in the government general Hospital in Madras from 1964 to 1992 and after I retired from government service, I have been in private hospitals for more than a decade. What is perhaps equally important is that I have been able to involve throughout these forty years in training several dozens of young doctors in neurosurgery in the General Hospital, Chennai from 1964 to 1992 and in Apollo Hospital, Chennai recognized for DNB qualification in neurosurgery from 1992 onwards. In those days when a Brahmin boy went abroad and returned he was supposed to go to Rameswaram and have a bath in the ocean for purification. Somehow although we are an orthodox family, I could not do this. Soon after my return I had to undergo surgery for hernia. Then I got married. Later I became very busy in hospital work and I could never get the time to plan a trip to Rameswara ...
I have a question. Did John Ingle have an uncredited role on General Hospital in 1987, as Commissioner Case?
Since the issue of soap operas came up today, I thought I would mention what they are used for. While in NYC, I started watching General Hospital during the Luke and Laura spy segment. Some type of assessment must have been done, and shortly after I found myself behind the iron curtain. The problem arose due to misjudgement of my ideology. Having been a dissident during Vietnam, the perceived problem of import correction was based on a refuge status which I sort of got, being accepted by the Polish electronics at the time (1988). I had also visited the Chinese consulate in my pre- travel attempts at change. My marriage split and I went to Yugoslavia and Greece where I hung out with the tourists. I was asked during the time in Yugoslavia to testify for the UN which is when the problems started. Based on what the US wanted, business as usual and trade, and what they got eventually, a disclosure of total system dysfunctionality, causing a global trade lapse, it was not productive. Due to the fact that I was ...
“ I Really want to be an active member as l will like to make sure this organization functions in some of our higher institutions in the south east region of the country. Am a young biochemist, and my industrial training was in a hospital in Ohafia LGA of Abia state, l know the cases of different malaria that we encountered, and the problem that is, their believes well in herbal treatment. My worst day at the hospital was the day l conducted an HIV TEST for a very wealthy and beautiful pregnant woman and she tested positive, l was very scared to tell her, until I remember the counseling that l got from seminar. It was really terrible. My people needs help o!” ( Emeka Manic) CHAMA ORGANISED A CAPACITY TRAINING SEMINAR ON HIV/AIDS IN OHAFIA LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA, MAY 10TH, 2014 By Ijeoma Sharon. She is a resident nurse at General Hospital, Ohafia. She is the Field Officer (FO) Education (testing/screening), HIV/AIDS, CHAMA. CHAMA organised a capacity training seminar on HIV/AIDS, behaviour change commun ...
On stage at the Celebrity Bachelor Auction in 2000 in Beverly Hills. Other "bachelors for sale" included Ryan Seacrest, Fabio and cast members from Baywatch and General Hospital. I remember a drunk/nasty woman coming up to me after I got off stage and she said, "How does it feel to be a piece of meat like that?" I just looked at her and said, "WOW... I had fun and I just raised a bunch of money for Big Brothers! I'm good!"
Some of your favorite soap stars are dropping by Eye on the Desert tonight. And you can see them for yourself on Friday. We'll tell you how at 6:45. Tristan Rogers, Sean Kanan, The Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital, Django Unchained, The Young and the Restless.
It was announced a few months ago that Sean Kanan was leaving General Hospital and returning to his role as Deacon Sharpe on Bold and the Beautiful
Gov. Rabi'u Musa Kwankwaso of Kano state with Hon. Bashir Abubakar an SSA to Gov. AbdulAziz Yari of Zamfara state, the governor and his deputy, Alhaji Ibrahim Wakkala at the commissioning of the N365m General Hospital at Maru in Zamfara state on Saturday. The hospital was commissioned by Gov. Kwankwaso as part of the 3-year anniversary of the Zamfara state government. Photo: Govt. House, Kano. 25/5/2014
General Hospital's Nancy Lee Grahn splains why Eric Preven is and thus her choice for county supe
Well, Steve Burton when to joined the cast of Young and the restless after many years on General Hospital. James Scott left Days of our lives 3 weeks ago, but he is still the most talk about character, His fans are just waiting to see his on one of the Daytime soaps. Never in the history of soaps has a character been talk about as much as James Scott. I don't think fans will ever stop talking about James. Still hard to believe this much loved character EJ/James quit this 50 year old soap Days suddenly. Stay tuned to Tara Days News for a update on James Scott .
We're honored to have former Miss America, veteran film/TV actress, and breast cancer survivor Mary Ann Mobley perform at this year's 10th Anniversary Benefit Concert on Sat., May 31, at the Saban Theatre. You may remember the versatile and talented Ms. Mobley from such hit TV series as General Hospital, Love, American Style, Love Boat, Falcon Crest, and many, many more. And here's a fun fact about her: when not supporting many charitable causes, including What A, she can be found scuba diving! Seriously... :)
5.21.1938 - David Lawrence Groh was born in Brooklyn, attended Brooklyn Technical H.S., then enrolled at Brown University where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a degree in English literature. He performed with the American Shakespeare Theatre, then went to Great Britain to attend the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art on a Fulbright scholarship, and served in the U.S. Army from 1963 to 1964. On his return to New York City, he studied at the Actors Studio. He made his television debut in the Gothic daytime soap opera Dark Shadows on ABC in 1966. Groh is best known for his portrayal of Joe Gerard in the 1970s television series Rhoda, opposite Valerie Harper. After Rhoda, Groh starred in his own series, the short-lived Another Day, and went on to make his Broadway theatre debut in Neil Simon's Chapter Two. From 1983 to 1985, Groh played D.L. Brock on General Hospital, leaving the show to appear in Off Broadway play Be Happy for Me (1986). Other New York City theater credits include Road Show (1987), a ...
Woot Woot !! Shout out for General Hospital putting in a word for our Richard Sherman, the best Cornerback in the league!! GO HAWKS!
Most people don't watch General Hospital but today one of the cast mentioned Richard Sherman and the fact Seahawks won Super Bowl.
My life is like a soap opera. I live in a bubble world and I have One life to live. I fight to live right; however, I fall for lust and desire. I try to tell the truth, but I keep on lying to myself. I am Young and Restless. As the Days of our lives turns, I still have Passion to help others. As the World turns, I am waited for the woman that God made for me My race, my family and my friends are Bold and the Beautiful. I will help all of God's children because we are All My Children! I need to go to General Hospital to seek help for having too much drama in my life, But one thing I learn about life is that God is my Guiding light.
Last week on General Hospital it was revealed that Luke Spencer is the secret financier that has been bankrolling Julian Jerome?s company , and funneling him money to take down Sonny Corinthos.
Who remembers when Greg Evigan from BJ and the Bear, David Hasselhoff from Night Rider and John Stamos when he played Blackie on General Hospital was at the Civic Coliseum around 1982
We are with a crowd of national and local news stations about to witness a special moment General Hospital!
The 41st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards are just a month away, and are scheduled to take place in Beverly Hills on June 22nd. The National Academy of Television Arts has released the full list of official Daytime Emmy Award nominees, and had left a few General Hospital fans scratching their heads. It a
Kimberly McCullough of General Hospital at 2014 An Evening of Women Event par - via
Why would anyone think that it would be a good idea to make viewers believe that Blackie Parrish was going be on General Hospital for the Nurses Ball? There's a reason bait and switch is illegal. We were hoping for John Stamos, expecting Ronn Moss, and we got Brad the lab guy. (Yes we did get Ronn Moss just not as Blackie). No offense to Parry Shen who performed a nice little number to swoon Lucas; but being baited with Blackie Parrish and being switched to Brad the lab is deceitful. For me. Wally Kurth's Meatloaf cover was the highlight of the ball.
Well, the Blackie site was a bust and John Stamos was a no show. So, to all you We Love Luke and Laura Spencer on General Hospital. Did you know that Blackie was Adopted by Rick Webber and hanged with Luke and Laura, that is how he because well known in Port Charles, not to mention that he and Fresco were bandmates.
and you know who else was on General Hospital? James Franco... who was Harry Osborne in Spider-Man...
Catching up on General Hospital. ...replace John Stamos Blackie with actor used to play Ridge on Bold and Beautiful! What is this world coming to? Lol...and nurses ball IS sponsored by Yoplait. Full House here.
Very disappointed with General Hospital today because they said on Friday that Blacky (played by John Stamos) was going to sing for the nurses ball! Well he did NOT! BO!
Darn...I haven't watched General Hospital regularly, or followed the story line since Jenny was a toddler, and Rhonda was a new baby. I thought I would have to watch again when "Blackie Parish" was introduced, but unfortunately when the character comes back it won't be John Stamos.
How dare General Hospital tease me like that. They said Blackie was going to perform. That would be John Stamos. But they lied.
General Hospital better not be toying with my John Stamos emotions with the mentioning of Blackie's name next week!!
John Stamos is coming to General Hospital reprising his role as blacky hot dam! I'm sure just for the nurses ball.
A very profound discussion with my friend, Kimberly - "Why do all the good high-quality shows like Mad Men, Breaking Bad and Sex in the City, etc, have the lifespan of around 7 seasons when General Hospital and Days of Our Lives, etc. have been on for 40 frikkin' years with the same actors who are old with a lot of plastic surgery?"
General Hospital is your typical cheesy soap opera but I love it! It's time for the nurses ball.
Hey!! Tiffany Fitzpatrick, Sheila Gastiger, Sarah Powers!! Just wanna give y'all a heads up. John Stamos is returning to General Hospital on Monday. Wow. It's really hard to convince people I'm not ***
Here's a little EYE CANDY for all the ladies!!! This was just on today's General Hospital it's the Nurses Ball 2014 and its only gonna get better!!! Monday John Stamos reprises his role as Singer Blackie Parish and is scheduled to perform!!! So all you gals who watched GH in the 80's are in for a treat (not Rick Springfield or Jack Wagner like last years ball for GH's 50th anniversary but still good)!!! I can't wait!!!
John Stamos coming back to General Hospital on Monday after 30 years? Have mercy!
New listing at 1867 TORONTO Street in Regina: General Hospital tons of upgrades : MLS(r) # 496054
I first learned of 'flipping a negative' on a picture when I lived in Hawaii in the 1980s. My teenage walls were plastered with posters of mostly bands, with one exception - John Stamos. The John Stamos crush was left behind in Hawaii. John Stamos played 'Blackie' on General Hospital (GH) which was, maybe still is, a soap opera. I had several posters of him from different teenage magazines with the exact same pose only 'flipped'. I showed it to my mom. She said, "Yeah they just flipped the negative". I could never watch John Stamos' TV show that was on only for a short time in the mid-1980s because it came on Wednesday nights (at least on Oahu) when we were at church. I have never seen a single episode of 'Dreams'. It was hard forcing myself to not dream at all anymore. I had to do this in Alpharetta, Georgia. I had to teach myself not to dream and not to expect ANYTHING EVER. 10:37 am Nesbit, Mississippi May 8, 2014
I forgot to do May 7th, so here it is. May 20th 1818 William Fargo---Businessman; he was one of the founders of Wells, Fargo & Company which eventually became the American Express Company. Born in Buffalo, New York. Birthdays for May 7--John Ingle (Edward Quartermaine on General Hospital), Breckin Erin Meyer (Clueless) and Roger Perry (TV actor).
Never in my wildest dreams will I ever come back to General Hospital. My son CLEARLY can't breath like..I never seen him like this and y'all still haven't rushed him a treatment! Been here for 10 min. IM ABOUT TO FLIP MY LID!
Kristina Wagner (Felicia on General Hospital) and her brother Joe, won an award at the Santa Fe Film Festival for their documentary 'Children of Internment'. What a great film they made of the interment of Germans during the second world war.
There's nothing like watching Forensic Files and seeing your hometown come up with a cold case from 1978. I was thinking, wow. It was someone murdered who worked at General Hospital at the time she was murdered. Her body was discovered at Charles Mill where as a teenager I use to go fishing at. It's kind of erie truth be known. Everything about this case I know the area; husband worked for Roadway Trucking. The Judy Bruce cold case murder. wow.
.in continuation, General Hospital, Person of Interest, Resurrection even though you scare me, Mom, The Millers, love you all, esp GH!!!
I'm so shocked and excited that Michelle Stafford has joined "General Hospital!
“It's official: is Coming to OK, I'm thrilled!
How subconscious self bare cupboard for angle for inlet general hospital electrician: nQIVxi
Connie Davis Watkins, this will give you a chuckle. You know how the sharing we do about General Hospital? Well, I suppose I talk a good bit about A.J. getting shot. Well, an old friend e-mailed me in private & said that he was sorry to learn that I had gotten shot. Dang! At least he was concerned, but I told him it was all soap opera gossip!
16 confirmed dead in Asokoro General Hospital from bombing in Unconfirmed number of injured.
All the twist and turns on GENERAL HOSPITAL bring it on GH
It's weird that Days of Our Lives received a Daytime Emmy nomination over General Hospital, considering Days has been atrocious for years.
Officials at the Asokoro general hospital are saying 17 persons dead, NEMA is saying 9 !!! I'm sure NEMA ppl are not ok.
View from my new room. Good morning! @ Chinese General Hospital Blumentrit
My mom calls me today to tell me my older brother saw me on General Hospital today!
There's so may hurt and rejected Christians out there that we need to pioneer a hospital "Rejection General Deliverance Center"
I found old of on General Hospital 3/10/06: via
Blood donation venue for the Nyanya explosion victim remains Asokoro & Nyanya General Hospital. Pls be a part of it
OMG I am so excited about you coming to General Hospital! Y&R hasn't been the same since you left!
The 15 year old who was just shot in the back was flown to Tampa General Hospital.
BhOp is the realist for that RT“bhop said "general hospital starts at 2 I can't miss it"”
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
At 10.15pm, 3rd NEMA ambulance conveyed corpses to the Mortuary. They were all at Asokoro General Hospital.
Gutsy runner who finished a half marathon with a broken leg left the hospital today: via
Southern General Hospital warned on elderly patient care
Sr Ainsley male surgical, Scarborough General Hospital 1976, she was amazing
I’m so proud and happy for all of my sons and everyone on General Hospital that was nominated
I would start on homework, but I have General Hospital to watch, and that's more important.
Oh my goodness!!! Michelle Stafford is being cast on General Hospital.! :) .
According to victims have been taken to General Hospital. Casualties will need blood. Its time to act. …
If you want to see Phyllis.she is now Nina on General Hospital. Congrats
Nyanya bomb blast latest:A journalist colleague just back form Asokoro general hospital says he counted dead bodies but no official figures given yet.Doctors have advised people to stay clear of the scene as there could be secondary explosion.
Is it true that you have joined General Hospital?
GENERAL HOSPITAL is now officially home to Y&R's 2 best Emmy-winning actresses of all time, Maura West & Michelle Stafford. B…
Casualties have been rushed to Asokoro General Hospital. Army is trying to detonate 2 other cylinders thought to be explos…
Latest News | News Break Nigeria As ambulances wait to convey Corpses out of the Asokoro General Hospital, men of...
"Death toll from the second Bomb blast is at least 20. Reports from a contact at Asokoro General Hospital" via Iman Sulaiman
106 Hurdman trip cancelled between General Hospital at 5:48 pm to Hurdman at 6:01 pm. Next trip is 10 minutes later.
Back home after a long day at Mass. General Hospital for Jenny's pancreas. Procedure didn't work but we will keep trying to keep her healthy.
He also created St. Charles General Hospital. One of my former customers.
For those interested in donating BLOOD, you can go to Asokoro & Nyanya General Hospital or visit NBTS office at Abidjan st…
"General Hospital" continues getting great news on Thursday. Not only has multi-Emmy Award-winning superstar Michelle Stafford joined the venerable ABC soap opera. But, its brilliant casting dire...
Half-marathoner who we spoke with earlier this week, leaves hospital & heads home: (via
Some 9 persons have been confirmed dead with an unspecified number of injured in a bomb blast that ripped through Nyanya, Abuja early this evening. Security agencies have condoned off the scene of the attack and prevented reporters from accessing the scene. A Saharareporters correspondent at the Asokoro General Hospital saw at least six dead bodies brought by ambulances from the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA). Security agencies said over twenty persons are receiving treatment in area hospitals within the vicinity of the blast. The latest blast will be a big blow to a planned Nigerian Economic Forum scheduled for the Nigerian capital city next week
Nine people have been confirmed dead according to a colleague who spoke to a NEMA official.One injured person in maitama general hospital but most of the victims in Nyanya and ASOKORO general hospitals.I will Keep you updated as i get more facts on the situation in Nyanya tragedy.
I need my fb peeps to keep me in your prayers, I am getting ready to hit the interstate shortlly to Jackson General hospital in Jackson tn. my aunt may have to have open heart surgery in the morning.
General Hospital head writer provides exclusive details on how the soap snagged former The Young and the Restless superstar Michelle Stafford.
Love this!! There was just a guy on General hospital talking about being a vegan. I was listening to a show on my TiVo, but when it went off, I could hear what was on the station. I have never watched General Hospital before, but I will record the next few days to see if the guy is still on there and if it's handled in a positive, intelligent way. If so, they might just have a new fan! Go vegans!!! Woohoo!!!
Emmy winner Michelle Stafford has joined the cast of General Hospital. Stafford previous spent more than 15 years as Phyllis Summers on The Young and the Restless.
men's surgical ward at Cheltenham General Hospital, Sandford Road, about 1908.
After saying adios to Genoa City last year, Young and The Restless vet Michelle Stafford made her return to daytime with a surprise entrance on Thursday’s General Hospital. Stafford’s long-rumored addition to the cast was made official when her character Nina, the presumed-dead wife of […]
I'm in Montreal working at the Montreal General Hospital!
Phyllis Newman from y & r to play on general hospital ...seriously people
Who is up for the 10km on Sunday @ Powes Pub in Ballycullane 2pm? This is for Children & Adults who have Diabetes, Wexford General Hospital. Pls post if your heading down
Today Kelowna is having a Radiothon. All donations go to Kelowna General Hospital. I will be donating my wages for the day for 2 reasons 1) I was born at Kelowna General. 2) for Sara Curveon who just had surgery there a few days ago. Shane Curveon
Congrats to the Daytime Emmy Nominees! Here are the Nominees for: Outstanding Achievement in Costume Design for a Drama Series: The Bold and the Beautiful CBS Costume Designer Glenda Maddox Days of Our Lives NBC Costume Designer Jayne Marie Kehoe General Hospital ABC Costume Designer Shawn Reeves The Young and the Restless CBS Costume Designer Mary Iannelli
Massachusetts General Hospital in received a $600k grant to open a human trafficking survivor clinic - learn more here:
Me and Tamora eating ABC's and watching general hospital! :)
Watching me some General Hospital woop woop
How weird. The Daytime Emmy nominations are out. "One Life to Live," cancelled by ABC, then resurrected briefly online, was nominated for Best Drama. "General Hospital," resuscitated by the "One Li...
well guess i will sit back and watch my ( General Hospital) love this stories ===talk by later=== fbf
The 2014 Daytime Emmy nominations were announced Thursday morning, with The Young and the Restless earning a leading 26 nominations, followed by fellow soaps The Bold and The Beautiful with 18 and General Hospital with 16. All three of those soaps are up for outstanding drama series, along with Days…
'Young and the Restless' cast reaps 11 Daytime Emmy nominations, 'General Hospital' 8: . Of the leading ...
It is with sorrow that we mourn today the unexpected passing of Paul Guthrie. Paul, his wife Kym and two daughters, Emalyn and Gabriella were in a car accident last night in Canton. Paul has passed away. Kym is in Akron General Hospital. Emalyn is in Akron Children's Hospital. Gabriella is on life support, which is maintaining her. Please pray for Paul's mother, Dora, his father Tom and brothers Michael and Joshua during this difficult time. Psalm 46:1 - "God is our Refuge and Strength, a very present help in time of trouble." May God's presence be very real to the family at this time.
We're really excited to share with you the news that PAC has been commissioned to provide a counselling service for cancer patients and their families at Weston General Hospital. Mary Taylor, ou director says “It is wonderful to be able to offer our service in Weston -super-Mare and to know that so many more people who are affected by cancer will be supported emotionally through their illness. Our aim is to reach more people affected by cancer and offer our service in many more venues so we hope that Weston is the first of many. It is especially rewarding to know that this part of the service is being fully funded by Weston Health Area Health NHS Trust”
On Saturday, September 20, 2014, the Belleville General Hospital Foundation and title sponsor, Amica at Quinte Gardens, will bring an exotic fundraising gala to Sears Atrium ”A Night at the Tiki Lounge”.
Tomorrow's internship proper is exciting,North General hospital here i come Agent j will be checking you out ;)
Got my Mum to general hospital at 6am. She accidentally ate a banana so cannot have her procedure until 10:30. Will take her home and then bring her back. Now 7:35. Nightmare.
There are 7 people on trolleys at Cavan General Hospital today; 19 are waiting for a bed in Our Lady of Lourdes in Drogheda; 2 in Navan.
Mark Moran / The Citizens' Voice Nurses at Wilkes-Barre General Hospital conduct an informational picket outside the hospital on River Street last month.
MOM UPDATE: After a fall on Monday night, Mom got progressively worse, until I ended up calling 911 yesterday. When the ambulance arrived the apparently had a non Q wave MI and had Atrial Fibrillation with a Rapid Ventricular Response. In ER it was confirmed. We waited several hours for a transfer to Mon. General Hospital Cardiac Unit. She will at least be having a heart catherization and possible rehabilitation due to the fall. She is not able to weight bear at all right now. We ask for your thoughts and prayers for this difficult time.
Happy Birthday to my daughter Brandi! You made this dad very proud on this day in Frankfort, Germany in 1984 when you were born at The 97th General Hospital...May Day!
Gary Robert Baker (Boomer) It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our husband, father, and grandfather. Gary passed away with his best friend and partner of 32 years, and family by his side on April 28, 2014 at Kelowna General Hospital. Gary was born in Sudbury, Ontario on June 7, 1939. He is predeceased by his parents, Agnes and Herbert, and his siblings, Charlotte and Glen. He is survived by his loving wife, Linda, and his daughters, Michelle (Gerald), Sheriann (Scott), Miranda (Anthony), Amber (Cory) and eight grandchildren: Keifer, Brandon, Meghan, Isaiah, Gracie, Thomas, Sophia and Olivia. Gary was known for his love of hockey, fishing, outdoors, camping and golfing. He will be remembered for entertaining his family and many friends with his numerous talents, such as playing his accordian, card games and telling stories. He loved to reminisce about the good old days. A private service for family will be held in Kelowna and a Celebration of Life will be held on June 7th, 2014 in ...
Visited ma handsome prince Haykal Chucky sicked Mom and Dad at Singapore General Hospital after breaking ma fast. Ma Doa and Prayers for ma prince parent for a speedy recovery... Insya'allah...Aamiin.
I am now officially a Permanent Staff Midwife at the Southern General Hospital. I am so happy night now I could burst! Moving to labour ward though and will miss all my 47 buddies.
Dr. O made General hospital rock yesterday! now it's not boring anymore, what will happen at the nurses ball?
DID YOU KNOW that on this day on May 1, 1660 - Dollard des Ormeaux with 16 compatriots and 44 Huron allies, intending to ambush the Iroquois, instead meets a war party of 300 Onondagas, and has to retreat into an abandoned Algonquin fort by the Long Sault Rapids on the Ottawa River; some French panic and fire on the Iroquois, leading to the desertion of Huron chief Annaotaha. When a powder cask blows up, the Iroquois attack. May 1, 1663 - Augustin de Mezy appointed First Royal Governor of New France; serves from September 15, 1663 to May 5, 1665. Paris, France May 1, 1682 - Jacques de Meulles appointed Intendant of New France; serves from October 9, 1682, to September 23, 1686. Paris, France May 1, 1822 - Opening of the Montréal General Hospital with 80 patients. May 1, 1843 - New Brunswick puts new penny and halfpenny copper tokens into circulation; province's First official coins; prices had been quoted in New Brunswick currency, even though Spanish, British, or American coins were used in commerce - M ...
Staff at Northampton General Hospital (NGH) are involved in a new development that will transform the way radiology images and reports are used, helping to improve patient care.
Woman Assaulted Overnight In Naas An appeal for witnesses to a serious assault in Naas last night has been launched. A woman sustained wounds to the face and neck during the incident, which happened at Sunday's Well between 8 O'clock and 9pm. She was subsequently taken to Naas General Hospital for treatment. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Gardai at Naas on 045-884-300.
Delays on the Neath Rd in Britton Ferry, an incident near the entrance to the old general hospital causing a big build up of traffic in the area, thanks to everyone who's been in touch. Earlier accident on the A465 has now cleared,
Bomb blast in Chennai!! Two minor intensity bomb blasts, have gone off this morning in the Guwahati to Bangalore express. The train reached Chennai central around 7:05 this morning and the blast had occurred around 7:15 am. One woman - Swathi - aged 22, native of Guntoor, has died since she was sitting directly under the seat where the bomb was placed. Two others are seriously injured and five people have sustained minor injuries. All the injured have been rushed to Rajiv Gandhi government general hospital for treatment. Railway Police and the local police are investigating the train and other coaches. 044 25357398 is the helpline number to contact for any info. All-time Safe Chennai faces the biggest bomb blast threat! Terrorist Zakir Hussain has been arrested yesterday while he was coming from Srilanka to Chennai! While investigating he has mentioned that bomb has been planted at many places in Chennai... Pls be safe... Don't go out anywhere! Public places like theatres, beaches, malls, railway stations ...
Thanks a bunch Tampa General Hospital , a bunch of that is!
Today we bid a joyful farewell to Christine Hyde as she leaves us to pursue a career in Retirement! Thank you Christine from all the staff at the Bella Coola General will be missed!
Nursing Sisters and medical staff of the 3rd Australian General Hospital (3AGH) congregate outside the entrance to the hospital. 1916, Cairo, Egypt.
urgent hiring..Al Adwani General Hospital is in need of 4 MALE NURSES for ICU department. Apply now!
Footage we took and media footage of the Old General Hospital implosion, in Saint John, New Brunswick. I worked in the vacated hospital building from 1983-19...
Here at bauan doctors general hospital
22 years ago on this day, was admitted at Singapore General Hospital for my right knee surgery. So far so good from this knee, less problem.
Police are continuing investigations into the suspected poisoning of three Spanish speaking women. One of the three was released from the San Fernando General Hospital while the others remain hospitalised in critical condition. The three women are employees of J Zee's International Steak House Restaurant located at Main Road in Couva. They were rushed to the Couva Health Facility at around 5:30 PM yesterday after they complained of feeling unwell. Investigators told C News the women fell ill after consuming a drink prepared in the kitchen of the restaurant.
A long life, lived well. But a dear friend is still gone. Krista and I will be at the funeral on Friday. GAYMAN, William (Bill) - At the St. Catharines General Hospital on Tuesday, April 29,2014, Bill Gayman of Vineland, aged 91 years. Husband of the late Olive (2005). Brother of Ruth Miller, John (Marg) Gayman and Rhoda Miller. Predeceased by brothers and sister, Mary Baillie Murray, Bob Gayman, Bruce Gayman and Jim Gayman. Bill was a longtime member of Vineland United Church and also Ivy Lodge 115 AF & AM Beamsville. Friends will be received at the VINELAND CHAPEL of the TALLMAN FUNERAL HOMES, 3277 King St., Vineland, on Thursday 2-4 and 7-8:30 pm. Funeral Service in the Chapel on Friday, May 2nd at 11 am with interment following at Vineland Cemetery. Memorial donations may be made to the charity of your choice.
Sean Kanan on his jump from General Hospital to The Bold and the Beautiful, and Jill Larson on the role she almost didn't take |
I congratulate myself on NOT knocking out the nasty nasty nurse at general hospital! UNREAL
A Massena 17-year-old who severed his arm in a restaurant’s pasta-making machine last week remained in serious condition Wednesday at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Federal investigations of the circumstances of the accident at Violi’s Restaurant that injured Brett Bouchard are underway, but OSHA officials said the investigation could take 2-3 months.
ELIHUE LEE MAYLE Elihue Lee Mayle, age 59 a resident of Philippi passed away Tuesday April 29, 2014 in the Mon General Hospital. He was born on February 14, 1955 in Taylor, Co. a son of the late Hartsel Lee and Juanita (Dalton) Mayle. He attended GHS and graduated with the class of 19__. He was united in marriage on December 27, 1974 to Debbie J. (Fagons) Mayle who survives. Also surviving are Three children; Juanita Coleman of Belington, Douglas Mayle and wife Shannon of Philippi and Kylie Mayle of Philippi; 10 brothers and sisters, Cindy Stoller and husband Bob of Fairmont, Linda Munoz and husband Juan of Grafton, Genell Sines and husband Teddy of Grafton, Teresa Reid and husband Clyde of Grafton, Donna Mayle of Grafton, Richard Mayle and wife Angie of Grafton, Clarence Mayle of Grafton, Albert Mayle and wife Debbie of Grafton, Dewayne Mayle and wife Cindy of Ohio and Dayton Mayle of NC and nine grandchildren. Elihue was preceded in death by six siblings. He worked for Murray Energy as a mechanic and El ...
Private R. R. (Robert) Hays Enlisted March 22, 1862 in Marion, S.C. by Lt. Whilden. Private Hays was hospitalized October 27, 1863 and was absent without leave December 7, 1863. He was due a $100.00 bounty for being present April 1 to October 1, 1864. He received a clothing allowance April 28 and September 30, 1864. Private Hays was shot in the right thigh March 29, 1865 near Burgess Mill, Va. He was treated at Petersburg General Hospital and captured April 2, 1865 while still hospitalized. Private Hays died from the effects of his wound April 30, 1865 in USA General Hospital, Fort Monroe, Va.
Omg General Hospital why did I get hooked !!
The lease for Marin General Hospital expires in December of 2015, and the Marin Healthcare District Board of Directors and the Marin General Hospital Board of Directors have reached tentative agreements on proposed terms for the new lease. Your feedback is important to us and that's why we will sche…
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General Hospital has featured dozens of villains over the years, however Dr. Liesl Obrecht may just be one of the craziest women yet, and if Lulu and Dante have their way she will be a free woman just in time for the month of May. Obrecht is currently sitting in the Port Charles Police Department’s
How do all these Young Doctors and Nurses on General Hospital have time to date, trick, poison, kill, entrap, blackmail, seduce, drug, molest, hang out, and get married ALL WHILE PAYING BACK THEIR MEDICAL SCHOOL LOANS?
How in the *** am i to be expected to hold down a responsible job when i am 2 weeks behind on General Hospital episodes?
Many thanks to the businesses that donated items to the raffle at our annual CandleKids Family Celebration fundraiser on Sunday, March 30th: Presenting Sponsor Howard County General Hospital, Wegmans, James Ferry Photography, Shadowland, HCC Kids on Campus, Lutfi's, Ruby Tuesday, El Azteca, Pump it Up, SoccerDome, Roots, and Sky Zone. When you patronize these businesses and organizations, be sure to mention that you saw them at the Candlelight Concert Society's CandleKids Celebration!
lunch was great and just as good as yesterday. Now messing around with Save the Dates and Announcements. Laundry is almost done again and then will take a break for General Hospital even thou it is getting silly - I don't do any reality shows so this is it for me!
sorry ya'll. I'm laying down for a little while. my head hurting & going down the right side of my shoulder & chest. gonna take some pain reliver & lay down until General Hospital comes on & hopefully I'll feel better.
There are some interesting family dynamics developing this week on ABC’s daytime drama General Hospital, in Port Charles blood truly may not be thicker than water. Ava Jerome had no problem betraying her mobster brother Julian Jerome a few months ago and handing over all of his files to his nemesis
It was more than 25 years ago, after SPM, I fractured my left collar bone in a basketball game. My friend brought me to General Hospital, I had an X-ray, then the radiographer gave me a name card, said no harm to try the bomoh stated on the card. We waited for hours before the A&E doctor gave me an arm sling, asked to return to Orthopaedics clinic the next day. The next day my friend brought me with his Kap Chai, and we waited from morning till afternoon, finally called into the consultation room. "Move your fingers.". So I did, no problem. "OK, put on the arm sling. Come back in 6 weeks." So we went on the Kap Chai again. My friend said the doctor is obviously stupid, as I fractured a bone at the upper chest, but he was only looking at fingers. I did share his sentiment. So we ended up at the Bomoh place. The Bomoh patah actually has a triage counter. The man sat in front of counter said mine was petty matter, only to be seen by Mrs Bomoh. The real Bomoh was too busy for such minor injury. Mrs Bomoh told ...
A reminder to everyone of the Community Bake Sale for Jacob Acosta's medical expenses. The schedule is as follows: Monday - 4/28 - 10 am - 3 pm at Palo Pinto General Hospital Friday - 5/2 - 1pm - 4 pm at First Financial Bank Saturday - 5/3 - 1pm - 4pm at Metro Food Store If any of you would like to donate baked goods, you can call for someone to pick it up, or you can deliver it to the location on the day of sale. For more information, please call Sylvia Saucedo at 328-5033.
MORGANTOWN — Lacy Neff successfully underwent heart-transplant surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital, in Boston on Monday, April 28. According to Dale Miller, general manager at West Virginia Radio Corp., Neff’s enduring fight against a rare heart condition, which began back in August, has been trying. He waited about six months in Boston for a heart to become available. The surgery took about 7 1/2 hours, Miller explained, and for the next 72 hours, Neff will be held in a sterile environment. If all goes well, Neff will be released in a week, but will have to remain in Boston as an outpatient for a minimum of 2-3 months in order to ensure the organ isn’t rejected and that no complications arise.
Maggie's Lanarkshire update: The interim Centre at Wishaw General Hospital is now permanently closed due to the water damage last week. We'll be re-opening very soon in our new purpose built Centre in the grounds of Monklands Hospital. Stay tuned for more details.
Walla Walla General Hospital is hosting it's "Annual Service Awards Dinner" @ the Walla Walla Country Club, May 6th, 2014. My LOVELY and MULTI-Talented wife Kristi Kristi Osborn Cook will be receiving her "10 years of service" Pin!! CONGRATULATIONS Baby,, SO PROUD of YOU!! XO- 4 Ever and a Day,,,
Dear Friends, Thanks for your kind cooperation. Here is the photograph of Mr.Hari Nayak with his parents Mr.Biswamber Nayak and Mrs.Lakshmi Naya with Dr.Raja Vignesh, Mr.Khiroda Kumar Jena & Mrs.Anita Jena united together at Rajivgandhi Government General Hospital, Chennai. They are very happy to meet him after one and half years. According to his father he was passed 10th class and driver by profession. He is Physically alright now.
Why is it that ABC only does special reports during General Hospital?? Do it during Katie Couric. Nobody watches that mess.
COL (Retired) Barbara Costello's interment at Arlington National Cemetery will be on Friday, 2 May at 1300 Hrs. She died on 11 June last year at her retirement community in San Diego. She was the first nurse consultant at HQ, Health Services Command when it was established in 1973. She had previously been an instructor at WRAIN, and later was the Chief Nurse at the 97th General Hospital in Frankfurt.
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'General Hospital' RUMOR Jason Morgan headed back to Port Charles - News - Bubblews
John Ingle (Edward Quartermaine on "General Hospital") shows his appreciation for Blue Bell Ice Cream.
I learned about my family's ties to pretty early. I was born at County-USC(then General Hospital).
A true blast from the 1980s, Tony Geary of General Hospital, doing a commercial for Members Only jackets. And he never thought he'd be doing a commercial. Bi...
SOVEREIGN DECLARATION I, John of doe family, a blessed living soul, in the physical form of a flesh and blood Man, who, according to the eye-witness testimony of my biological mother, separated from her womb in the General Hospital of the county borough of Place of Birth, on the Date of Birth, do hereby state clearly and unequivocally that the following is a Verified Plain Statement of the Facts as I perceive them. Whereas, it is my understanding that: 1. Natural Law, also known as the Law of Nature, is that which the Supreme Being, the Sovereign of the Universe and Creator of all that is, has prescribed to all Mankind, not by any formal promulgation, but by the internal dictate of reason alone, and, 2. Natural Law forms the permanent and underlying basis of all law and theories of Natural Law have been an integral part of jurisprudence throughout legal history, and, 3. Natural Law is to be distinguished from Positive Law, which is the body of law created by Man, and, 4. Natural Law is both anterior and s ...
Our very own Jennifer Aquino on set of General Hospital as a nurse. Awesome Jennifer!
.. A young pair remained dump, along with their fallen SX4, in around 55 feet deep gorge for almost 16 hours in Morni hills, a tourist destination, which is attracting hundreds of nature lovers at every weekend, on Saturday night. And when two public work department (PWD) employees, who were recarpeting the road between Morni and village Madna, spotted the fallen vehicle and reported the matter to local police, the young boy was recovered in dead condition and the girl, who was identified as Neha Sharma, was recovered unconscious and in critically injured condition on Sunday. The PWD employees spotted the fallen vehicle and informed the local authorities included civil administration, and local police around 9.45am. Deceased was identified as advocate Saman Dhanak, who was practicing in Punjab and Haryana high court, and residing in Mansa Devi Complex (MDC) in Panchkula. Injured Neha, the lone witnesses of the incident, who regained her conscious at General Hospital, sector 6, failed to divulge much det . ...
JEALOUSY is something that comes behind SUCCESS. When someone is SUCCESSFUL, there are plenty others to feel JEALOUS about it. Surprisingly, such JEALOUS people assume that they themselves are SUCCESSFUL and go on talking about it expecting to find an audience. None of them ever believe that they cannot find an audience. I have noticed that they are uneducated, ungrateful and do not belong to respectable families. Though they will die one day without achieving anything in life, good for them that there is LAW and ORDER in this country. If not, I would not mind sending them to General Hospital - Colombo to spend some time in Intensive Care Unit (ICU).
Sitting here with my husband Danny Huston and son Justin watching my nephew Nicholas as Spencer Cassadine on General Hospital. My son LOVES watching his cousin on TV! He stops what he is doing or sits right in front of the TV just to see him! I think he is one of his biggest fans! Lol! NickandJulie Bechtel
A new report hinted Elizabeth Hendrickson and Billy Miller would make a great addition to ABC’s soap opera General Hospital as Robin Scorpio and Jason Morgan
I thank God 4 2day 4 keeping my mum alive up 2 dis moment, bcus, we have plan how our Palm Sunday Thanksgiving Service is going to be, but suddenly she started vomiting, screaming, shouting and complaining of stomach pain dat her stomach is hurting and since then we have been at General Hospital, but they said the Doctor is not around she even shouting, crying so that they who attend but nobody even bother or care, not until 3hours time be4 d Doctor arrive, assume she die what are we going 2 do. But we thank God 4 his grace over her tili dis moment. This is what we face 2day, Nigeria problem
In the book "A Naturalist goes to War" by Philip Gosse, MP a General Practitioner from the New Forest who joined the Royal Army Medical Corps for the duration of WW1, Gosse explains that he was the official British Army Ratcatcher for a while on the Western Front. On page 64, Gosse quotes from a letter written by Siegfried Sassoon, who was a friend of the Gosse family, to Gosse's Mother, in which Sassoon says: "There is a young poet in the Battn., 19 years old and a temporary Captain - Robert Graves, son of Alfred Perceval Graves (rather a bad poet isn't he?). R.G. writes moderately well, and is a great admirer of Samuel Butler (“Erewhon” author), and shocks his venerable sire with violent Trench lyrics about lice and corruption. His Father retaliates with impassioned hymns in "The Observer"." It seems that Sassoon met Rosaleen Graves, Robert's sister and one of the Female Poets featured in my project, in No. 54 General Hospital in Wimereux, France where she served from 23rd November 1917 until Mar .. ...
Watching old episodes of General Hospital (like 2005-old) and I gotta say, Luke Spencer creeps me out more and more each episode.
General Hospital fans have been speculating for weeks about the mysterious behavior and true identity of Luke Spencer. Luke was recently kidnapped
General Hospital wow what an episode today, best one in awhile Sonny and "Luke" no way it's Luke Spencer!! Watching to long can't fool me!
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General Hospital board to consider property sale.
One of the Youngest Members of the 2014 Carifta Team… Trinidad and Tobago, as well as the wider Caribbean as a whole, has never been short of exciting sprinters. The latest to raise eyebrows in Trinidad and Tobago is fourteen year old, Adell Colthrust. Renamed 'The Colt” by his Coach, young Colthrust. was born on the 8tn day of January. 2000 at the General Hospital, San Fernando and grew up in Fyzabad and La Romaine. His Mother Nicole Phillip and elder sister, Nikitta, are his favourite people. "One day'' says he, "while our national anthem is playing and our flag is hoisted I will like to he standing on the highest platform of the podium at an Olympic Games while the gold medal is being hung around my neck." "And when will that be?" 'Some time soon" comes the reply. Then he quickly adds, “With the Grace of God." He pauses, then he gives you that far-away look. "Do you think 2016 in Brazil is too soon?" He stuns you with the sincerity. He is not given to much fooling around says his mother. Trainin ...
Rhian is the fab & support service manager at General Hospital
Healed from a Malignant Brain Tumor I was raised in a Christian family from the True Jesus Church. I now live in a provincial town in Fuzhou, China. My sickness began in January 1996 with headaches that I mistook for symptoms of flu. As the pain became more acute, however, I went for a CT scan at the local City Hospital on April 22nd. The results revealed a 2 x 2.5 cm tumor. One week later, I was admitted to the General Hospital of the Nanjing Military Sector in Fuzhou for a 1.5T Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) exam. The results showed a 4 x 2.5 cm tumor located at the central part of my brain. It was at the terminal stage of malignancy, and surgery was not possible. The only alternative was laser therapy, but the high cost (tens of thousands in Renminbi) and the threat of permanent brain damage and other side effects deterred us from continuing after two futile sessions. My condition worsened by the day. As the tumor swelled, it pressed against some nerves and caused me to lapse into periods of unconsci ...
I just turned on General Hospital after not seeing it for a very long time. Luke Spencer is now a drug dealer funneling monies through ELQ? What?? What is this world coming to??!!
Feeling stuck? Don't know where to head next in your life? Wanting answers to your life's circumstances? HAVE A READING! SEE WHAT IS IN ON THE CARDS FOR YOU AND YOUR FUTURE! How Exciting!!! :) Our newest blessed edition to our Healing Centre, Talent, Charm, Skill and Experience... Every TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY!! * SYLVIA ST CLAIR * CLAIRVOYANT *Rev DRMAPHP (UK) Dip CH, *MAPA Clairvoyant, *Clinical Hypnotherapist. In 2005, Sylvia St Clair was inducted into the Australian Psychics Association Hall of Fame as a tribute to her 38 year clairvoyant career and was known in the 1970s and 1980s as 'Psychic to the Stars'. Dedicated to helping people of all statuses, Sylvia read for Princess Diana, Count Von Faber-Castell, Christophe Lambert(the actor), several members of the casts of "No 96", General Hospital, Bernard King's Roxy Revue, ex-prime ministers of Australia, politicians, solicitors, barristers, wives of High Court Judges, and abundance of the USA famous actors and many more diverse souls. Sylvia has al ...
How to ‘thaw’ a frozen shoulder: Rashid Hospital is offering a regenerative therapy that heals injuries in a s...
Just leaving to visit our favourite place - Colchester General Hospital. Hopefully Georgie will get the all clear and won't need a new cast fitted. Fingers crossed xxx
APC FANATICS... SEE HOW GREAT YOUR LEADER (TINUBU) IS...! The massive looting of Lagos State by the Leader of the Action Congress of Nigeria, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has reached monumental proportion. Tinubu whose companies recently cornered a multi billion road construction job in Ogun State, has in his pocket all the juicy contract in all the Action Congress’ States. In retrospect, it might be difficult to come to terms with the fact that an individual could hold the entire South West to ransom. There is no doubt that Tinubu has succeeded in buying the Lagos State Government, and he has done this using government funds. Whenever someone in Lagos begins to wonder where their '4th Mainland Bridge' went, or what was the fate of the 'Pipe-borne Water Project', or even where the 'Schools and Hospitals' had vanished to, there is a silence that contains it all. The largest landlord in Lagos has done as he has pleased, and the rest of the State just has to deal with it. For instance: Number 4, Oyinkan Abayomi (fo ...
Help for diabetics as Support Center opens at Maamobi General Hospital in
6 people have died on a spot leaving 25 others with deep injuries when jitotwe bus overturned on a curve in kisasa a few kilometres away from mwinilunga. It is believed that a bus driver was over speeding. On more lives that will be lost will be updated for we are rushing to solwezi General hospital.
Singapore General Hospital stopped by booth this morning at
BREAKING NEWS I can confirm that jitotwe bus has overturned into kabompo river claiming a lot of lives.we have just left the scene. right now we are at solwezi general hospital where the casulty section is busy attending to the injured though we can't confirm how many are dead specifically. Wait for pictures and more details
Northampton General Hospital rated ‘about the same’ as other NHS trust in England by Care Quality Commission
Ian Thorpe: Swimming career of Australia’s ‘Thorpedo’ sunk by hospital bug
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Working at Coast Provincial General Hospital as a Nutritionist...:-) Alhamdulillah
Project Beneficiary Hope General Hospital :"> with angela18torres tintin15yu
Some people think that I hate Hakainde to the born, Noo I don't hate Hakainde atall. Hakainde is my brother, infact when I went to visit him at his home in Kabulonga Seval Road next to Dr Chiluba's house, his wife received me very well while Hakainde was having a meeting with his national leadership. He has a very respectable wife a Docus mother. I must tell the people here that Iam not happy the way Hakainde organized to houndout Patrick Chisanga, Sakwiba Sikota, Bob Sichinga and all non Tongas from UPND at Mr Nataala's farm in Mazabuka after the burial of President Anderson Mazoka. Some of us who didn't support the Idea of declaring UPND a Tonga party were beaten and admited to Mazabuka General Hospital and UPND thugs followed in our ward to finish us at the Command of Hakainde but hospital authourity evacuated us to Chikankata for safety. So it is his type politics I hate and his insults to the Head of State. Hakainde hates Bembas to the born, he organised the houndingout of Hon Miles Sampa from Southe ...
Are you looking for oppening hours Mason General Hospital & Family from Belfair? Look at
Counting Cones, I dont think you have enough tbh (@ Wansbeck General Hospital)
Nurses to rally at noon outside General Hospital ER calling for increased staffing levels.
Pistorius: we went to hospital in Mamelodi, I was taken inside reception, a doctor introduced himself, he did tests, sam…
[CNA] Parathyroid gland injection replaces surgery: Surgeons at Singapore General Hospital (SGH) and National ...
check out from Sarawak General Hospital...first cemo done...wait for the second cemo and third cemo at Miri...
Oh my God my br in law Mr sakala husbd to mercy Mufwaafwi passed on this morning choma general Hospital.
.TESTIMONY. I was in a church today!! when its time for testimony there was one family that came out nd they started spoken one by one... 1ST SON: am oluwole joshua!!! am 24 wen i graduated, thank God!! now am 28 working as a lawyer... 2ND SON: Am willians, i graduated at 24, now am 27 working as an accountant in a notable bank in ikoyi... DAUGHTER: my name is judith,am 23 years old, serving as a copper in osun state... FATHER N MOTHER: and am joshua! Ds my wife dupe, am businessman while she worked as a nurse in general hospital at lagos.THANK'S U CONGREGATION My prayer for you today is that your family will be more than dis family .say the wonderful Amen with faith n it shall be so!!!
Better get up as off to visit my daughter hannah in Kettering General Hospital in a bit - feel sorry for all the Dr's & nurses that had to put up with her yesterday as she kicked up *** lol.
Visit Igbobi general hospital today n u'll hav course 2 b grateful
Busy times in the orthoptic dept at Gartnavel General Hospital yesterday with 3 GCU and 2 students on placement!
“when Stander arrived I screamed he must help me get her to the hospital... Voice weakens...”
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One woman has been taken to Cavan General hospital after a crash on N3 Dublin Cavan road at The Square, Virginia. Injuries not serious.
I was told that I needed to get Reeva to the hospital - that I mustn't wait for them (Netcare 911 told him th…
(PT-1) A caller from Cibola General Hospital advised that a subject, Loretta Martinez, who was brought in to the Hospital via an ambulance
I just added "Another Medvac Helicopter takes off from Cobb General Hospital." to Helicopter:
I just added "Medvac Helicopter takes off from Cobb General hospital" to Helicopter:
.Authors conclude "better ψ evaluation of pts in general hospital settings deserves more attention"
End of life care: A nightmare tale from Sheffield’s Northern General hospital (now with correct …
.BJPsych Apr 2014 article focuses on deaths by suicide and relationship w general (&ψ) hospital discharge.
Ati am going to coast for internship!... gava ikuwe serious ... na hii ushamba yote hii! jamaneni. anyway the end will justify the means... in the mean tyn coast general hospital ... prepare for me... coast ninasija ...
Guy join me as we go on a condrance visit to the PSG family and fans for the lost their only semi final hope and £370 000 son who pass on the 9th of April 2014 at the Blues general hospital England. my the soul of the desist club rest in perfect peace. waiting almost 2 hour at Bintulu nyabau general hospital pharmacy...why they so slow...even dont hve many people to take mdcine today..goverment plzz improve this...
General Hospital: Edward Quartermaine Dies this scene gets me every time
at gatundu general hospital can believe all this pple in here are in one way or other come to see doctors for illness thanks God. its weathly to be in health
New post: Actress Manorama discharged from hospital
Bride with terminal bone cancer gets married in ceremony at Lebanon's Good ... - Daily Local News
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A ward in the 65th General hospital Malvern where the injured aircrew would have been taken.
Breaking news; One of de riderz who is called chipango maseka or max rider is sick, & he woz olmost admited yestaday at kaoma general hospital.
House of Representatives Communications Committee Chairman Oyetunde Ojo has urged the people of Ekiti State not to be deceived by “the aberrant populist attitude” of a former governor of the state. Ojo spoke with reporters in Aramoko-Ekiti while inspecting ongoing work on a 20-bed ward he donated to the Aramoko General Hospital. The lawmaker representing Ekiti West/Efon/Ijero Federal Constituency said it was “a confused strategy of governance” for a governor to distribute money to people on the streets. He said: “How many would receive such money and how much has been budgeted for such a happy-go-lucky attitude, where someone suddenly stops his car at a market place and begins to eat roasted plantain with the traders? “While a governor can do that occasionally if occasion demands, as Governor Kayode Fayemi has been doing, this does not equate real governance through which development can be brought to the people. “In the case of the former governor, this was all he spent three years doing, l ...
I'm watching General Hospital and earning great rewards from
This person was found unconscious in road following trauma. He was brought by 108 Ambulance to Chennai Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital. CT Scan revealed two blood clots in Brain and he was operated and clots were evacuated. He has slowly regarding consciousness. (For detailed description, see the first few comments) He is under hospitalisation for a month now. At present he tells his name as Hari and that he is from Orissa / Odisha Sharing this photo might help his family reach him. Since he his not able to recollect his correct address, we have to hope that this photo reaches his family / friends / acquaintances who have not heard from him for the past one month and must be worried,
An episode up to general hospital confidence solutions: WnFhOH
off to Wishaw General Hospital this morning, not lookin gofrward to this at all. good luck to my wee mum xx
Start a new at Massachusetts General Hospital (GHC) in Boston, MA. CLINICAL RESEARCH COORD. I
My aunt is watching general hospital . *Throws myself off a cliff into shark infested waters*
Mason General Hospital & Family, looking for openning hours?
XPECT MORE DIVIDENDS OF DEMOCRACY, FAYEMI TELLS ELECTORATEEkiti State Governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, has urged the people of the state to expect more dividends of democracy if he wins re-election in the June 21 governorship election.The governor who made the promise on Tuesday during the second leg of his campaign tour to Ekiti East Local Government Area promised to work harder to improve the standard of living if he secures second term in office.He said the various projects executed and commissioned by his administration are having positive impact on the lives of the benefiting communities.Fayemi stressed that his administration has touched all parts of the state and the need to consolidate on the achievements recorded in the last three and half years formed the basis for a quest for a fresh term in office.The governor held rallies to drum support for his re-election bid in communities like Omuo, Eda-Ile and Isinbode and was received by traditional rulers, community leaders and other interest groups.Fayemi ...
Watching General Hospital and just shouted, "GOD *** IT, LULU," so loud I woke up the cats.
Here's the info on Ava's blue dress
Please keep my mom in your prayers she has been admitted to Lancaster General Hospital
Rehab update: I have really no quarrel with the program at the Montreal General Hospital for those of us on an out-patient basis. The set-up is that we see a psychologist, one on one, Group Therapy (we all know what that is) and a psychiatrist (in my case, who spends roughly 30 minutes to ascertain how I am functioning with each reduction of the medication. So here's the thing, the itch, the rub, the whatever. They say, if you have extra medication at home, you should hand it over. I understand that. I also understand that doctors can be late phoning in your prescription or even worse, they need to see you before they will phone it in. That makes sense but not always very practical. I, for one, do not take public transportation because I am concerned about being in enclosed spaces with strangers who may have colds or flu ...and I have a terribly suppressed immune system. Which leads me to the point, a STICKING point that I am all to familiar with EVERY time I had to go to the hospital for anything at all. ...
APPRECIATE THOSE PEOPLE WHO REALLY CARE FOR YOU I had three friends. Eric, Cathleen, Carol. Eric was chased by all the girls in our high school. Cathlyn was one of those popular girls. Cheerleader, sexy, and stylish. Carol was just one of those plain and average girls but still awfully pretty. Cathlyn and Carol were both totally crazy and wacko over Eric. Cathlyn didn't have to do anything to attract Eric, for she was already attractive enough. Carol on the other hand, showered Eric with love and care. Carol wasn't ugly at all. In fact, she looked sweet and pleasant. However, she wasn't a cheerleader and she didn't wear spaghetti-straps or tubes. So like everyone expected, Eric chose Cathleen. While Cathleen was labelled as the cool and attractive type, Carol was just one ordinary and plain girl. Eric always insulted Carol. He was always telling her what a 'Plain Jane' she was and how dumb she looked. It made Carol felt hurt and useless. Despite Eric's insults, Carol never gave up. She wanted to prove som ...
Michelle Stokes, Kaylea AnnaMae Hughes,. EDWARDSBURG, Mich. — John Michael Wagers, 49, of Edwardsburg, passed away from a brief illness at Elkhart (Ind.) General Hospital at 8:22 p.m. April 2. He was born in Elkhart on Sept. 9, 1964, to the late Jake and Ann (Frantz) Wagers. He later married Michelle Bowers in Union in 1996. She preceded him in death in 2005. Surviving are his daughters, Samantha (Miguel) Avila and Tabitha (Lyle) Beadle, both of Edwardsburg; stepchildren Lori Stoltz of Berrien Springs, Brandy Stoltz of Marietta, Ga., and Tommy (Alli) Stoltz of New York; brothers Jack Wagers of Bristol, Ind., Billy Wagers of Union, Kenneth (Jamie) Wagers of Middlebury, Ind., and Homer Wagers of Paducah, Ky.; and 11 grandchildren. In accordance with John’s wishes, cremation will take place. A memorial service will be at Chapel Hill Missionary Church, 14525 Chapel Hill St., Jones, at 1:30 p.m. Saturday, April 12. Pastor Ken Bontrager will officiate. A carry-in style luncheon will follow the service. Arra ...
A large group of sisters and staff and officers from No. 3 Australian General Hospital (3AGH) waiting at the wharf for evacuation.
Taking this opportunity to thank the nurses at Jackson General Hospital for their patience, Kindness, and professionalism in taking care of my mother during her stay in the hospital.
Donna Mills, from 'Falcon's Crest' is now on 'General Hospital'! Laurie Reyes, we have NOW, seen it all.
New favorite past time. Watching Sonya watch general hospital.
2nd day visit grandma at SICU Changi General Hospital... Condition worsen, aunty told me tat grandma have been unconscious since mrng... This is wat happen.. Me : "nenek..." - she open her eyes... Me : "kenal tak ni siapa..?". Nenek : (whisper to me softly) "anak pilip.." My tears start to fall.
Was watching General Hospital with Bella today ... and Emily and Aubrey sat down and actually watched it with us. So cute listening to Bella explain to them who everyone was and all their story lines. I was probably their age when I started watching with my mom, so as silly as it sounds, it made me nostalgic and warmed my heart. They got such a kick out of the little kid love triangle (Emma, Cameron and Spencer, for anyone who watches it) - they kept asking for just "one more episode" lol
Ha got Gianna Recio hooked on General Hospital I luv this time
So apparently I was sitting right next to a star on General Hospital on my flight to Lax but didn't even know. lol Cool. Even cooler? He asked me if I was a model and said I should definitely pursue it! Awesome :)
Anyone that watches General Hospital ---what happened today? Our dvr decided I didn't need to watch it & stopped recording after about 10 minutes!
Season 1 episode 1 of house they are watching General Hospital and They are watching Greys Anatomy. thought it was funny. and i figured i would share.
Another shocking and dramatic episode of General Hospital aired today on ABC, leaving GH fans buzzing and speculating for spoilers about recent revelations
please please please lift up your prayer for my daughter and son-in-law. there might be a second blood clot. if there is , she will have surgery to filter it out. baby is five months and doing great! ultrasound in the morning to see if there is another blood clot. Mark and Amanda are their names. also pray for my grandson Jonathon. at advocate Lutheran general hospital.
Man I got it plays Nathan west on General Hospital is hot!!!
Off to Allegheny general hospital in the morning for my follow up echocardiogram it has been about a year praying for good results!
Last night was a sad night for Debbie & I, we had to take Dad in Broward General Hospital. So we could get him placed in a retirement home. To keep him safe 24/7.
I bless the Lord for restoring my health, after having been confined for 4 days at the Chinese General Hospital due to vomiting & LBM for 14X. He is truly our great Healer. I thank the Lord that in the absence of my husband, ate Kim Celis Gan, Maribel Perez Aguada, & Lorie Lozada Diaz never left my son from morning till 11:30 PM, to assist him in rushing me to the hospital.. first at Dr. Yanga, then finally at Chinese Gen where I was admitted.Thank you for being a family to us. I would like to thank sis. Margaret Yu Riveral, & Ninong Mariano Yu, for always extending assistance everytime I'm hospitalized, before i even ask for one. You are one in a million Ninong! I will always be grateful for treating me like your own daughter. Thank you te Net Lobres, & kuya Nono who rushed to the ER.. ate Edna Geronimo, Marilou Cu Pabustan, Nora Mateo, Lolit Vargas, Zeny Santos Maningas, Remy Fajardo, Elsa Basilio,Loida Policarpio for your time, & gifts. Thank you to our Pastor.. Ptr. Eli Rivera, ate Cecil, nanay Ester, ...
frustrations ths tym, imagin a fellow staff @ general hospital calling us stupid as urban clinic, God help me deal wit my temper
Mum had eye surgery yesterday at Lismore general hospital, with only local anaesthetic. Had cataract removed and a corneal implant in her left eye. Today it's all bloodshot and weepy. Needs eye drops for six weeks. She is very happy I can stay here to help her for a little while. She and Allan are both "granny napping". Think I'll have some too.
Update on Momma: We started at Texas General hospital but they didn't have the equipment or surgeon to fix her finger so we went to Medical Center of Arlington. They stitched up her finger for tonight and we'll have to go to Parkland tomorrow for a surgeon to fix it there. She's in a lot of pain and stressed. Please be praying for healing and for peace.
Daily General Hospital episodes on wonderful!!! ♡
The General Hospital is really really good...the doctors and nurses are very patient and attentive...their service are even better compare to private hospitals...I really appreciate their service...thank you very much to all the medical staff tat involves...
Thank God, Finally we're going home na from Quezon City General Hospital
I'm just getting into The Haves and Have Nots. I'm sitting through my fourth episode. Lawd have mercy! The Young and the Restless, Days of Our Lives, and General Hospital combined doesn't have this much drama and back stabbing. Good gravy. And I never thought I'd see Tyler Perry deal with *** issues in one of his productions.
Makenzi just said are you up too Teen Mom she said,I'm up too teen mom, Aunt Kelsey up too General Hospital,and Daddy is up to Football God I love this kid
Frances Rose Verbeem, late of Forget, SK passed away at the Regina General Hospital on Monday, April 7, 2014 at the age of 76 years. Frances will be lovingly remembered by her daughter Jocelyn (Allen) Raynard of Stoughton, SK; sons, Glenn Verbeem (Bruce Howell) of Volcano, HI, U.S.A. and Reg Verbeem (Mary Jane Pineo) of Stoughton; grandchildren, Kendra Verbeem (Rick Davies) and their daughter Harper of Estevan, SK, Reine Verbeem of Stoughton, Bailey Verbeem (Kris Burton) and their son Heatley of Arcola, SK, Keeley and Lacey Raynard of Stoughton; siblings, Jeanne Wanner, Leonard (Beatrice) Neumeier, Lucy Senek, Joe (Eileen) Neumeier, Ed (Gloria) Neumeier, Bert Neumeier, Mary Sinclair and Gabriel (Rose) Neumeier, as well as numerous nieces, nephews and in-laws. She was predeceased by her by her husband Maurice Verbeem; parents, Michael and Marie Neumeier; brother Aime Neumeier and in-laws, Adele Neumeier, Matt Wanner, Simon Zentner, Mike Senek and Clarence Sinclair. Prayers will be held on Friday, April 11, ...
Getting cozy in the chair next to my mom at Tampa General Hospital, will pull an all-nighter with my cousin Jan... The meds have made momma loopy (with some comical stories to tell her later), but the goal is to keep her in bed so she can heal.Staff has been helpful and kind, and with my sister Wendy managing her healthcare, she has had family/friends by her side at all times. She only deserves the best. :)
just arrived from Wabag General Hospital...neway thank so much to a man like brother to me Dr.Hoga for helping me with my qury...peace
I hate when my favorite show general hospital end right at the good part and I have to wait for like a week before i can see what happens.!:(
Good mornin!   I am Margie Jadormio Naval. My official nickname is Rita; they also call me Ritarits, Taratitat, Marge, Magi and Maggie. I am born on Feb 6, 1985 and I am 29 y/o now.   I am the daughter of the businessman *** miner *** farmer Engr. Philip Gutierrez Naval and dentist *** Health Emergency Medicine Coordinator Dr. Mildred Marzan Jadormio-Naval. I’m their eldest daughter. I have three sisters and one brother. We are a broken extended family who is learning to get along with each other despite our idiosyncracy. We are not rich, we are Class C, upper middle class.   Grade School: Everyone sing, dance, draw and slogan in every activity that’s why I’m multitalented. I’m enthusiastic too that’s why. I won every interbatch poster making contest from Grade 1-Grade 6. I was also volleyball varsity player and table tennis mix reserve player.  I finished grade school Third Honors.   High School: I was in the top section amongst the 10 sections. I always led group activities and won every ...
Last week on General Hospital fans were in for a very special treat when for the show’s broadcast of their 51st anniversary episode, executive producer Frank Valentini and head writer Ron Carlivati, crafted a series of scenes detailing the stormy past and present of the relationship between So
Yay we are getting upgraded boxes etc from Directv on Friday - wait...what... I can't transfer the 23 episodes of General Hospital over?? FEVERISHLY watching GH!!
On April 7th,1996, my Brother David and I took a trip up to the Victoria General Hospital to wait for my first Granddaughter to be born, we waited and waited and waited.:).we were getting tired, so we headed back home.just when we settled in for the night, the phone rang, and it was from my son Troy, saying Christine Cora Jane Vita McDougall was was around 12:30 or I got dressed and went back up myself, as David was tired and said he would go up the next day to see her. I arrived to hold her, she was only 1/2 hour old, and she was squirming around already.Happy Birthday Granddaughter.we love you Christine Mcdougall.hope you are having an awesome day!!
NEVER again! Forrest General Hospital is full of shii.If I tell you I can't walk on my foot..apparently that mean I need support...not a *** boot to walk in.What kinda sense does that make...I can't walk on it so why put me in a *** boot w/o crutches.. ANYBODY GOT CRUTCHES I CAN GET???
I am hooked on General Hospital again. Feel like I'm in high school, although then it was Luke and Laura!
First day of clinicals at Marion general hospital for EKG was successful really enjoyed it ! ✔️
finally getting up and about a bit after my skiing accident. Not a lot of good to say about OHIP or Scarborough General Hospital, but so thankful for friends who stood in the gap, especially the folks at The Rez. This will not be forgotten.Thank you so much! Can now hobble well on my crutches enough to consider a visit to the local Starbucks.
At queens general hospital visiting my friend shericka, everyone pray 4 her please, she going through alot
What the HECK? My daily General Hospital recording was interrupted by a 36 news brief . I thought basketball was over? I guess this does answer Eldo Hall's question. The ball players did not go to class this morning because they didn't back til noonish today!
please pray for Tami Pena, she was transferred to Allegheny general hospital in Pittsburgh for surgery for a a lot of pain...COME ON GOLDEN GIRL , GET BETTER WE NEED YOU.
I am asking all my Prayer Warriors, Friends, Family to please Pray for my son, T-Boo, Ricky Theriot Jr.'s father, Ricky Paul Theriot, Sr. Right now, it is very Critical, please Pray & Pass it in to all your Family, Friends, Enemy's, right now. May God Bless all of you. He was rushed to Opelousas General Hospital Saturday Late! His Liver & alot of other Critical Problems, In Jesus Christ, my Lord & Saviour, The one who payed down his life for all! Thank you all, AMEN!
Dear Friends, The surgery was VERY successful. Dr. Moses and Dr. Tang did a beautiful job. Twenty-some lymph nodes, some other non-essential tissue, and his prostate are gone – BUT his bladder is intact, as is the neck of the bladder with the all-important sphincter. One lymph node looked iffy, but was benign. We’ll get the rest of the pathology in about a week, but are very optimistic. The doctors and nurses at General Hospital are terrific. They are staying on top of the pain, which is such a blessing. They are cheerful, pleasant, and answer questions, just such gifts. Our nurse, Susan, has in incredible sense of humor and a lilting laugh and she teases Robert. Karma. We’re almost giddy that this major surgery actually went well, that all the surprises were GOOD ones. I’m afraid I don’t even have the presence of mind to write with any elegance or humor…. But I will say this, God, you know what? She does really, really good work. I’m thanking her with every breath. We’re in the ...
Hugh thank you to my sister nurses at Olean general hospital for taking care of my family many of u have watched them grow over the years I worked there !! Thank u I can't thank you enough & the comfort it gives me knowing the nurses who r caring for Tasha elliott Kinnaird & her family !! Blessings to all you !!! See u soon
So yes one of my additions is general hospital never though I would love a soap so much I cant miss it may need a a meetings lol
I think it's awfully nice that curry General Hospital just happened to lose my grandfather's only pair of glasses
Gosh I have so much general hospital to catch up on! Good thing I have the rest of the evening to do nothing!
Last night we launched Townsville Relay for Life 2014 - a brief run down Our theme for 2014 - "Carnival of HOPE'" Our Youth face of Relay - Miss Keely Johnson --Keely is only 15 years of age and and ex HSS student.-- (a strong young lady who is fighting cancer in many ways and is doing her bit to fight childhood cancer - a true inspiration.) Our Adult Face of Relay - Dr Will Cairns (A long time physician connected in the support and treatment of cancer patients. Dr Cairns heads the palliative care unit at the Townsville General Hospital) Our patron of Relay - Deputy Mayor Vern Veitch (A true supportor of fighting cancer. It is great to have our Deputy mayor onboard to assist and aid in the sharing of the relay for life message) SOME THANK YOU MESSAGES- - to Sophie and Kelly Morris who performed the revised Cancer Cup Song, Waka Waka and Happy to name a few. - Tony Ireland staff (very generous support) - the organising committee. (A top team) Thank you to all for a great night. Thank you to Mayor Jenny Hil ...
Looking for my birth mother, going to be posting the same information regularly to try and locate her. trying to get the name out there in hopes that someone recognizes it. born 11-16-1985 at Manassas General Hospital and this is my original birth name. thank you to everyone for any help they can provide. I don't have any information other than that.
At Mercy General hospital with the wife Ashley Wilson
Yesterday the The Junior League of Tampa and the Children's Dream Fund hosted a Spring Fair event in the Child Life Playroom at Tampa General Hospital. Pediatric patients from the Hematology/Oncology unit, Dialysis unit, and the Intensive Care Unit enjoyed yummy treats, colored Easter eggs, made paper flowers, decorated cookies and played a super-sized game of Connect Four! Special thanks to the amazing ladies of the Junior League of Tampa for all their support in giving our children a day of pure spring fun!
Name: Lauren Ashley Hartle D.O.B: 12/08/2012 Weight: 6.5 lbs Time: 10:12 PM Rotherham General Hospital I love my daughter more than life itself! Would never be the same without her
this is all abt the previous event i created on face book few hours ago Its a charity show for our Kid Emmanuel who is in Marondera General Hospital ward 2 .He was found dumped by Morning side all alone in an unfinished house only abt two weeks old .an nw he is all most a year old.pple its all for him.pliz come tommorow from 10 am to around 5 or 6.its his charity show
Jelly Belly So that was me settled in yesterday at Ward 4 Southern General Hospital with what appeared to be a very cheery and funny day shift (two of them thought I looked like Charlie Sheen!) when I was told I could go home. "But my bowels haven't moved yet." "It's early days for that," said the excellent Mr W, the surgeon who had removed my colon tumour on Friday, "We no longer wait for that before you can go home." And now I'm back home with orders to not lift heavy things or do hoovering for several weeks. What's not to like? Another upside is I've found an old pair of jeans that can be zipped and fastened beneath my swollen belly as my going-home trousers had been too tight to fasten at the waist. (I've found it's true what they say about blokes of my vintage: by the time you have hitched up your trousers and fastened the button and belt, there's not enough muscle memory left to do up the zip.) I've just got two things to say: first of all to thank my darling wife Rosemary and family for their suppo ...
Congratulations to my beautiful housemates! It seems that not too long ago you were all freaking out about what you were going to be doing with your lives now that you are weeks away from graduating. Catherine J. snuck behind our backs and got accepted to Queen's Masters of Industrial Relations, Julia Dutaud was accepted to Queen's Masters of Education (Among other schools she was accepted to), and Amber Knorr just got news that she was hired full-time by Kingston General Hospital as an nurse! I can't even express how happy and proud I am to call you my housemates!
Staff and first responders at Massachusetts General Hospital share their experiences from the day and week of the Boston Marathon bombings on April 15, 2013.
I watch General Hospital regularly. Happy that today's episode was action packed and looking forward to seeing what will happen tomorrow. Finally, they are moving the story along.
Rossendale General Hospital.yes, looks like it's closed. when?
Stay away from the emergency at the general hospital it's a frickin zoo
Good evening to all my friends...Today marks three years since an event that changed my life and I want to thank the doctors from General Hospital Celje-Slovenia.God bless you doctors and nurses!!
Okay I'm never home during the day I just want to know how long has Donna Mills been on General Hospital? I think back when I was in high school she was on Knox Landing. I always thought she had the most beautiful eyes. I always tried to do my eye make up just like her never happened but I tried.
Well here i go again with the General Hospital post. LOL So come on fellow lovers and lets chat it up!! Today was great as always!!
When I was a baby I was Brighton's age I was in "Mesa General Hospital at 5:54 am on Wednesday the 10th day of October 1973. The doctor came in and ask or telling my family that your youngest Down syndrome baby boy couldn't get enough oxygen. So the doctor said that when a Down syndrome baby boy can not getting enough oxygen in his lungs if he can't get enough air. The doctor says that Ray won't live much longer so they can not do anything to keep me alive so my mother took me out of that hospital. Then she feed me and see if I can survive but I have shown them that Ray will survive and here I am now. So I am on a CPAP for me to get enough of oxygen in my lungs so that what it happen me I was having sleep apnea. And I couldn't get enough oxygen through my body so the doctor in Farmington recommend me to get CPAP machine so I have been on CPAP a lot of my whole life. That what it really happen to me for very along time in my whole life so no I can not be without it not at all and I need to wear it at nig . ...
There’s no doubt that patients who end up in the MUHC’s Intensive Care Units receive the best care possible.  But staff at the Montreal General’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) realized there was little infrastructure in place to care for the friends or families of these patients, who are often distraught and forget about their own needs as they watch over their loved ones.  That started to change with the creation of the Lauren Alexander ICU Support for Families Fund.  Previously, staff took it upon themselves to help grieving families by performing small acts of kindness, such as bringing water or snacks to those who refused to leave their loved ones, covering taxi costs, arranging long distance calls, etc.    When Dr. Hornstein, an internist/intensivist at the Montreal General Hospital ICU, realized that members of his staff were covering these costs out of their own pockets, he decided to come up with a better way. The idea came to fruition soon after he met a patient by the name of Lauren Alexa ...
Can anyone pick me up from Buffalo General Hospital?
*** Well ladies and gentlemen it's official . I'm now a Mon General Hospital employee as an Anesthesia Tech! I want thank my awesome cousin Justin Wilson for teaching me everything today & also to my uncle Bill Wilson Jr. For helping me out. Cannot wait to start my new job!! :)
Ok general hospital fans I'm calling this britt is Silas and Nina's baby that Madeline gave to obrect so Silas would never know the pills didn't kill the baby Nina had baby while in coma and Madeline needed to get rid of baby and then pills killed Nina just a guess def could happen on gh! And ideas
Pretending to watch Basketball Championship game with Darin. This must be what he does during General Hospital, The Bachelor & the Real Housewives.
Pets that I have named after favorite TV and literary characters: rats: Joey & Chandler (Friends), cat: Chandler, ferret: Phoebe (Friends) & Perrin (Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time series), exotic: Penny (Big Bang Theory), cat: Spencer (after Luke Spencer on General Hospital), dog: Goober (Andy Griffith Show), rabbit: Hazel (Watership Down), cats: Cleo & Molly (after two of MY characters), cat: Cosmo (after Cosmo Kramer on Seinfeld) & Izzy (Grey's Anatomy), and last, while an author and not a character, Ernie Hemingway.
Frank Gorshin, Actor: General Hospital. Frank Gorshin was born on April 5, 1933, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His father was a railroad worker and his mother was a seamstress. While in high school, Frank worked as an usher at the Sheridan Square Theatre and began doing impressions of some of his scr...
I had a wonderful time at university General Hospital of Dallas.
gave me the best idea: "I work at General Hospital, Jackson. With doctors. You should be a doctor!"
Since James Franco is a veteran of General Hospital, he should say, "If Sonny Corinthos can date 18 year olds, so can I."
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