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General Hospital

General Hospital (commonly abbreviated GH) is an American daytime television drama that is credited by the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest-running American Soap Opera currently in production and the third longest running drama in television in American history after Guiding Light and As the World Turns.

Donna Mills Steve Burton Jason Morgan Port Charles Knots Landing Tampa General Hospital Jack Wagner Massachusetts General Hospital Michael Muhney Intensive Care Unit Sonny Corinthos Forrest General Hospital Rob Ford May God Bless

This person was found unconscious in road following trauma. He was brought by 108 Ambulance to Chennai Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital. CT Scan revealed two blood clots in Brain and he was operated and clots were evacuated. He has slowly regarding consciousness. (For detailed description, see the first few comments) He is under hospitalisation for a month now. At present he tells his name as Hari and that he is from Orissa / Odisha Sharing this photo might help his family reach him. Since he his not able to recollect his correct address, we have to hope that this photo reaches his family / friends / acquaintances who have not heard from him for the past one month and must be worried,
An episode up to general hospital confidence solutions: WnFhOH
off to Wishaw General Hospital this morning, not lookin gofrward to this at all. good luck to my wee mum xx
Start a new at Massachusetts General Hospital (GHC) in Boston, MA. CLINICAL RESEARCH COORD. I
My aunt is watching general hospital . *Throws myself off a cliff into shark infested waters*
Mason General Hospital & Family, looking for openning hours?
XPECT MORE DIVIDENDS OF DEMOCRACY, FAYEMI TELLS ELECTORATEEkiti State Governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, has urged the people of the state to expect more dividends of democracy if he wins re-election in the June 21 governorship election.The governor who made the promise on Tuesday during the second leg of his campaign tour to Ekiti East Local Government Area promised to work harder to improve the standard of living if he secures second term in office.He said the various projects executed and commissioned by his administration are having positive impact on the lives of the benefiting communities.Fayemi stressed that his administration has touched all parts of the state and the need to consolidate on the achievements recorded in the last three and half years formed the basis for a quest for a fresh term in office.The governor held rallies to drum support for his re-election bid in communities like Omuo, Eda-Ile and Isinbode and was received by traditional rulers, community leaders and other interest groups.Fayemi ...
Watching General Hospital and just shouted, "GOD *** IT, LULU," so loud I woke up the cats.
Here's the info on Ava's blue dress
Please keep my mom in your prayers she has been admitted to Lancaster General Hospital
Rehab update: I have really no quarrel with the program at the Montreal General Hospital for those of us on an out-patient basis. The set-up is that we see a psychologist, one on one, Group Therapy (we all know what that is) and a psychiatrist (in my case, who spends roughly 30 minutes to ascertain how I am functioning with each reduction of the medication. So here's the thing, the itch, the rub, the whatever. They say, if you have extra medication at home, you should hand it over. I understand that. I also understand that doctors can be late phoning in your prescription or even worse, they need to see you before they will phone it in. That makes sense but not always very practical. I, for one, do not take public transportation because I am concerned about being in enclosed spaces with strangers who may have colds or flu ...and I have a terribly suppressed immune system. Which leads me to the point, a STICKING point that I am all to familiar with EVERY time I had to go to the hospital for anything at all. ...
APPRECIATE THOSE PEOPLE WHO REALLY CARE FOR YOU I had three friends. Eric, Cathleen, Carol. Eric was chased by all the girls in our high school. Cathlyn was one of those popular girls. Cheerleader, sexy, and stylish. Carol was just one of those plain and average girls but still awfully pretty. Cathlyn and Carol were both totally crazy and wacko over Eric. Cathlyn didn't have to do anything to attract Eric, for she was already attractive enough. Carol on the other hand, showered Eric with love and care. Carol wasn't ugly at all. In fact, she looked sweet and pleasant. However, she wasn't a cheerleader and she didn't wear spaghetti-straps or tubes. So like everyone expected, Eric chose Cathleen. While Cathleen was labelled as the cool and attractive type, Carol was just one ordinary and plain girl. Eric always insulted Carol. He was always telling her what a 'Plain Jane' she was and how dumb she looked. It made Carol felt hurt and useless. Despite Eric's insults, Carol never gave up. She wanted to prove som ...
A large group of sisters and staff and officers from No. 3 Australian General Hospital (3AGH) waiting at the wharf for evacuation.
Taking this opportunity to thank the nurses at Jackson General Hospital for their patience, Kindness, and professionalism in taking care of my mother during her stay in the hospital.
Donna Mills, from 'Falcon's Crest' is now on 'General Hospital'! Laurie Reyes, we have NOW, seen it all.
New favorite past time. Watching Sonya watch general hospital.
2nd day visit grandma at SICU Changi General Hospital... Condition worsen, aunty told me tat grandma have been unconscious since mrng... This is wat happen.. Me : "nenek..." - she open her eyes... Me : "kenal tak ni siapa..?". Nenek : (whisper to me softly) "anak pilip.." My tears start to fall.
Was watching General Hospital with Bella today ... and Emily and Aubrey sat down and actually watched it with us. So cute listening to Bella explain to them who everyone was and all their story lines. I was probably their age when I started watching with my mom, so as silly as it sounds, it made me nostalgic and warmed my heart. They got such a kick out of the little kid love triangle (Emma, Cameron and Spencer, for anyone who watches it) - they kept asking for just "one more episode" lol
Ha got Gianna Recio hooked on General Hospital I luv this time
So apparently I was sitting right next to a star on General Hospital on my flight to Lax but didn't even know. lol Cool. Even cooler? He asked me if I was a model and said I should definitely pursue it! Awesome :)
Anyone that watches General Hospital ---what happened today? Our dvr decided I didn't need to watch it & stopped recording after about 10 minutes!
Season 1 episode 1 of house they are watching General Hospital and They are watching Greys Anatomy. thought it was funny. and i figured i would share.
Another shocking and dramatic episode of General Hospital aired today on ABC, leaving GH fans buzzing and speculating for spoilers about recent revelations
please please please lift up your prayer for my daughter and son-in-law. there might be a second blood clot. if there is , she will have surgery to filter it out. baby is five months and doing great! ultrasound in the morning to see if there is another blood clot. Mark and Amanda are their names. also pray for my grandson Jonathon. at advocate Lutheran general hospital.
Man I got it plays Nathan west on General Hospital is hot!!!
Off to Allegheny general hospital in the morning for my follow up echocardiogram it has been about a year praying for good results!
Last night was a sad night for Debbie & I, we had to take Dad in Broward General Hospital. So we could get him placed in a retirement home. To keep him safe 24/7.
I bless the Lord for restoring my health, after having been confined for 4 days at the Chinese General Hospital due to vomiting & LBM for 14X. He is truly our great Healer. I thank the Lord that in the absence of my husband, ate Kim Celis Gan, Maribel Perez Aguada, & Lorie Lozada Diaz never left my son from morning till 11:30 PM, to assist him in rushing me to the hospital.. first at Dr. Yanga, then finally at Chinese Gen where I was admitted.Thank you for being a family to us. I would like to thank sis. Margaret Yu Riveral, & Ninong Mariano Yu, for always extending assistance everytime I'm hospitalized, before i even ask for one. You are one in a million Ninong! I will always be grateful for treating me like your own daughter. Thank you te Net Lobres, & kuya Nono who rushed to the ER.. ate Edna Geronimo, Marilou Cu Pabustan, Nora Mateo, Lolit Vargas, Zeny Santos Maningas, Remy Fajardo, Elsa Basilio,Loida Policarpio for your time, & gifts. Thank you to our Pastor.. Ptr. Eli Rivera, ate Cecil, nanay Ester, ...
frustrations ths tym, imagin a fellow staff @ general hospital calling us stupid as urban clinic, God help me deal wit my temper
Mum had eye surgery yesterday at Lismore general hospital, with only local anaesthetic. Had cataract removed and a corneal implant in her left eye. Today it's all bloodshot and weepy. Needs eye drops for six weeks. She is very happy I can stay here to help her for a little while. She and Allan are both "granny napping". Think I'll have some too.
Update on Momma: We started at Texas General hospital but they didn't have the equipment or surgeon to fix her finger so we went to Medical Center of Arlington. They stitched up her finger for tonight and we'll have to go to Parkland tomorrow for a surgeon to fix it there. She's in a lot of pain and stressed. Please be praying for healing and for peace.
Daily General Hospital episodes on wonderful!!! ♡
The General Hospital is really really good...the doctors and nurses are very patient and attentive...their service are even better compare to private hospitals...I really appreciate their service...thank you very much to all the medical staff tat involves...
Thank God, Finally we're going home na from Quezon City General Hospital
I'm just getting into The Haves and Have Nots. I'm sitting through my fourth episode. Lawd have mercy! The Young and the Restless, Days of Our Lives, and General Hospital combined doesn't have this much drama and back stabbing. Good gravy. And I never thought I'd see Tyler Perry deal with *** issues in one of his productions.
Makenzi just said are you up too Teen Mom she said,I'm up too teen mom, Aunt Kelsey up too General Hospital,and Daddy is up to Football God I love this kid
Frances Rose Verbeem, late of Forget, SK passed away at the Regina General Hospital on Monday, April 7, 2014 at the age of 76 years. Frances will be lovingly remembered by her daughter Jocelyn (Allen) Raynard of Stoughton, SK; sons, Glenn Verbeem (Bruce Howell) of Volcano, HI, U.S.A. and Reg Verbeem (Mary Jane Pineo) of Stoughton; grandchildren, Kendra Verbeem (Rick Davies) and their daughter Harper of Estevan, SK, Reine Verbeem of Stoughton, Bailey Verbeem (Kris Burton) and their son Heatley of Arcola, SK, Keeley and Lacey Raynard of Stoughton; siblings, Jeanne Wanner, Leonard (Beatrice) Neumeier, Lucy Senek, Joe (Eileen) Neumeier, Ed (Gloria) Neumeier, Bert Neumeier, Mary Sinclair and Gabriel (Rose) Neumeier, as well as numerous nieces, nephews and in-laws. She was predeceased by her by her husband Maurice Verbeem; parents, Michael and Marie Neumeier; brother Aime Neumeier and in-laws, Adele Neumeier, Matt Wanner, Simon Zentner, Mike Senek and Clarence Sinclair. Prayers will be held on Friday, April 11, ...
Getting cozy in the chair next to my mom at Tampa General Hospital, will pull an all-nighter with my cousin Jan... The meds have made momma loopy (with some comical stories to tell her later), but the goal is to keep her in bed so she can heal.Staff has been helpful and kind, and with my sister Wendy managing her healthcare, she has had family/friends by her side at all times. She only deserves the best. :)
just arrived from Wabag General Hospital...neway thank so much to a man like brother to me Dr.Hoga for helping me with my qury...peace
I hate when my favorite show general hospital end right at the good part and I have to wait for like a week before i can see what happens.!:(
Good mornin!   I am Margie Jadormio Naval. My official nickname is Rita; they also call me Ritarits, Taratitat, Marge, Magi and Maggie. I am born on Feb 6, 1985 and I am 29 y/o now.   I am the daughter of the businessman *** miner *** farmer Engr. Philip Gutierrez Naval and dentist *** Health Emergency Medicine Coordinator Dr. Mildred Marzan Jadormio-Naval. I’m their eldest daughter. I have three sisters and one brother. We are a broken extended family who is learning to get along with each other despite our idiosyncracy. We are not rich, we are Class C, upper middle class.   Grade School: Everyone sing, dance, draw and slogan in every activity that’s why I’m multitalented. I’m enthusiastic too that’s why. I won every interbatch poster making contest from Grade 1-Grade 6. I was also volleyball varsity player and table tennis mix reserve player.  I finished grade school Third Honors.   High School: I was in the top section amongst the 10 sections. I always led group activities and won every ...
Last week on General Hospital fans were in for a very special treat when for the show’s broadcast of their 51st anniversary episode, executive producer Frank Valentini and head writer Ron Carlivati, crafted a series of scenes detailing the stormy past and present of the relationship between So
Yay we are getting upgraded boxes etc from Directv on Friday - wait...what... I can't transfer the 23 episodes of General Hospital over?? FEVERISHLY watching GH!!
On April 7th,1996, my Brother David and I took a trip up to the Victoria General Hospital to wait for my first Granddaughter to be born, we waited and waited and waited.:).we were getting tired, so we headed back home.just when we settled in for the night, the phone rang, and it was from my son Troy, saying Christine Cora Jane Vita McDougall was was around 12:30 or I got dressed and went back up myself, as David was tired and said he would go up the next day to see her. I arrived to hold her, she was only 1/2 hour old, and she was squirming around already.Happy Birthday Granddaughter.we love you Christine Mcdougall.hope you are having an awesome day!!
NEVER again! Forrest General Hospital is full of shii.If I tell you I can't walk on my foot..apparently that mean I need support...not a *** boot to walk in.What kinda sense does that make...I can't walk on it so why put me in a *** boot w/o crutches.. ANYBODY GOT CRUTCHES I CAN GET???
I am hooked on General Hospital again. Feel like I'm in high school, although then it was Luke and Laura!
First day of clinicals at Marion general hospital for EKG was successful really enjoyed it ! ✔️
finally getting up and about a bit after my skiing accident. Not a lot of good to say about OHIP or Scarborough General Hospital, but so thankful for friends who stood in the gap, especially the folks at The Rez. This will not be forgotten.Thank you so much! Can now hobble well on my crutches enough to consider a visit to the local Starbucks.
At queens general hospital visiting my friend shericka, everyone pray 4 her please, she going through alot
What the HECK? My daily General Hospital recording was interrupted by a 36 news brief . I thought basketball was over? I guess this does answer Eldo Hall's question. The ball players did not go to class this morning because they didn't back til noonish today!
please pray for Tami Pena, she was transferred to Allegheny general hospital in Pittsburgh for surgery for a a lot of pain...COME ON GOLDEN GIRL , GET BETTER WE NEED YOU.
I am asking all my Prayer Warriors, Friends, Family to please Pray for my son, T-Boo, Ricky Theriot Jr.'s father, Ricky Paul Theriot, Sr. Right now, it is very Critical, please Pray & Pass it in to all your Family, Friends, Enemy's, right now. May God Bless all of you. He was rushed to Opelousas General Hospital Saturday Late! His Liver & alot of other Critical Problems, In Jesus Christ, my Lord & Saviour, The one who payed down his life for all! Thank you all, AMEN!
Dear Friends, The surgery was VERY successful. Dr. Moses and Dr. Tang did a beautiful job. Twenty-some lymph nodes, some other non-essential tissue, and his prostate are gone – BUT his bladder is intact, as is the neck of the bladder with the all-important sphincter. One lymph node looked iffy, but was benign. We’ll get the rest of the pathology in about a week, but are very optimistic. The doctors and nurses at General Hospital are terrific. They are staying on top of the pain, which is such a blessing. They are cheerful, pleasant, and answer questions, just such gifts. Our nurse, Susan, has in incredible sense of humor and a lilting laugh and she teases Robert. Karma. We’re almost giddy that this major surgery actually went well, that all the surprises were GOOD ones. I’m afraid I don’t even have the presence of mind to write with any elegance or humor…. But I will say this, God, you know what? She does really, really good work. I’m thanking her with every breath. We’re in the ...
Hugh thank you to my sister nurses at Olean general hospital for taking care of my family many of u have watched them grow over the years I worked there !! Thank u I can't thank you enough & the comfort it gives me knowing the nurses who r caring for Tasha elliott Kinnaird & her family !! Blessings to all you !!! See u soon
So yes one of my additions is general hospital never though I would love a soap so much I cant miss it may need a a meetings lol
I think it's awfully nice that curry General Hospital just happened to lose my grandfather's only pair of glasses
Gosh I have so much general hospital to catch up on! Good thing I have the rest of the evening to do nothing!
Last night we launched Townsville Relay for Life 2014 - a brief run down Our theme for 2014 - "Carnival of HOPE'" Our Youth face of Relay - Miss Keely Johnson --Keely is only 15 years of age and and ex HSS student.-- (a strong young lady who is fighting cancer in many ways and is doing her bit to fight childhood cancer - a true inspiration.) Our Adult Face of Relay - Dr Will Cairns (A long time physician connected in the support and treatment of cancer patients. Dr Cairns heads the palliative care unit at the Townsville General Hospital) Our patron of Relay - Deputy Mayor Vern Veitch (A true supportor of fighting cancer. It is great to have our Deputy mayor onboard to assist and aid in the sharing of the relay for life message) SOME THANK YOU MESSAGES- - to Sophie and Kelly Morris who performed the revised Cancer Cup Song, Waka Waka and Happy to name a few. - Tony Ireland staff (very generous support) - the organising committee. (A top team) Thank you to all for a great night. Thank you to Mayor Jenny Hil ...
Looking for my birth mother, going to be posting the same information regularly to try and locate her. trying to get the name out there in hopes that someone recognizes it. born 11-16-1985 at Manassas General Hospital and this is my original birth name. thank you to everyone for any help they can provide. I don't have any information other than that.
At Mercy General hospital with the wife Ashley Wilson
Yesterday the The Junior League of Tampa and the Children's Dream Fund hosted a Spring Fair event in the Child Life Playroom at Tampa General Hospital. Pediatric patients from the Hematology/Oncology unit, Dialysis unit, and the Intensive Care Unit enjoyed yummy treats, colored Easter eggs, made paper flowers, decorated cookies and played a super-sized game of Connect Four! Special thanks to the amazing ladies of the Junior League of Tampa for all their support in giving our children a day of pure spring fun!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Name: Lauren Ashley Hartle D.O.B: 12/08/2012 Weight: 6.5 lbs Time: 10:12 PM Rotherham General Hospital I love my daughter more than life itself! Would never be the same without her
this is all abt the previous event i created on face book few hours ago Its a charity show for our Kid Emmanuel who is in Marondera General Hospital ward 2 .He was found dumped by Morning side all alone in an unfinished house only abt two weeks old .an nw he is all most a year old.pple its all for him.pliz come tommorow from 10 am to around 5 or 6.its his charity show
Jelly Belly So that was me settled in yesterday at Ward 4 Southern General Hospital with what appeared to be a very cheery and funny day shift (two of them thought I looked like Charlie Sheen!) when I was told I could go home. "But my bowels haven't moved yet." "It's early days for that," said the excellent Mr W, the surgeon who had removed my colon tumour on Friday, "We no longer wait for that before you can go home." And now I'm back home with orders to not lift heavy things or do hoovering for several weeks. What's not to like? Another upside is I've found an old pair of jeans that can be zipped and fastened beneath my swollen belly as my going-home trousers had been too tight to fasten at the waist. (I've found it's true what they say about blokes of my vintage: by the time you have hitched up your trousers and fastened the button and belt, there's not enough muscle memory left to do up the zip.) I've just got two things to say: first of all to thank my darling wife Rosemary and family for their suppo ...
Congratulations to my beautiful housemates! It seems that not too long ago you were all freaking out about what you were going to be doing with your lives now that you are weeks away from graduating. Catherine J. snuck behind our backs and got accepted to Queen's Masters of Industrial Relations, Julia Dutaud was accepted to Queen's Masters of Education (Among other schools she was accepted to), and Amber Knorr just got news that she was hired full-time by Kingston General Hospital as an nurse! I can't even express how happy and proud I am to call you my housemates!
Staff and first responders at Massachusetts General Hospital share their experiences from the day and week of the Boston Marathon bombings on April 15, 2013.
I watch General Hospital regularly. Happy that today's episode was action packed and looking forward to seeing what will happen tomorrow. Finally, they are moving the story along.
Rossendale General Hospital.yes, looks like it's closed. when?
Stay away from the emergency at the general hospital it's a frickin zoo
Good evening to all my friends...Today marks three years since an event that changed my life and I want to thank the doctors from General Hospital Celje-Slovenia.God bless you doctors and nurses!!
Okay I'm never home during the day I just want to know how long has Donna Mills been on General Hospital? I think back when I was in high school she was on Knox Landing. I always thought she had the most beautiful eyes. I always tried to do my eye make up just like her never happened but I tried.
Well here i go again with the General Hospital post. LOL So come on fellow lovers and lets chat it up!! Today was great as always!!
When I was a baby I was Brighton's age I was in "Mesa General Hospital at 5:54 am on Wednesday the 10th day of October 1973. The doctor came in and ask or telling my family that your youngest Down syndrome baby boy couldn't get enough oxygen. So the doctor said that when a Down syndrome baby boy can not getting enough oxygen in his lungs if he can't get enough air. The doctor says that Ray won't live much longer so they can not do anything to keep me alive so my mother took me out of that hospital. Then she feed me and see if I can survive but I have shown them that Ray will survive and here I am now. So I am on a CPAP for me to get enough of oxygen in my lungs so that what it happen me I was having sleep apnea. And I couldn't get enough oxygen through my body so the doctor in Farmington recommend me to get CPAP machine so I have been on CPAP a lot of my whole life. That what it really happen to me for very along time in my whole life so no I can not be without it not at all and I need to wear it at nig . ...
There’s no doubt that patients who end up in the MUHC’s Intensive Care Units receive the best care possible.  But staff at the Montreal General’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) realized there was little infrastructure in place to care for the friends or families of these patients, who are often distraught and forget about their own needs as they watch over their loved ones.  That started to change with the creation of the Lauren Alexander ICU Support for Families Fund.  Previously, staff took it upon themselves to help grieving families by performing small acts of kindness, such as bringing water or snacks to those who refused to leave their loved ones, covering taxi costs, arranging long distance calls, etc.    When Dr. Hornstein, an internist/intensivist at the Montreal General Hospital ICU, realized that members of his staff were covering these costs out of their own pockets, he decided to come up with a better way. The idea came to fruition soon after he met a patient by the name of Lauren Alexa ...
Can anyone pick me up from Buffalo General Hospital?
*** Well ladies and gentlemen it's official . I'm now a Mon General Hospital employee as an Anesthesia Tech! I want thank my awesome cousin Justin Wilson for teaching me everything today & also to my uncle Bill Wilson Jr. For helping me out. Cannot wait to start my new job!! :)
Ok general hospital fans I'm calling this britt is Silas and Nina's baby that Madeline gave to obrect so Silas would never know the pills didn't kill the baby Nina had baby while in coma and Madeline needed to get rid of baby and then pills killed Nina just a guess def could happen on gh! And ideas
Pretending to watch Basketball Championship game with Darin. This must be what he does during General Hospital, The Bachelor & the Real Housewives.
Pets that I have named after favorite TV and literary characters: rats: Joey & Chandler (Friends), cat: Chandler, ferret: Phoebe (Friends) & Perrin (Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time series), exotic: Penny (Big Bang Theory), cat: Spencer (after Luke Spencer on General Hospital), dog: Goober (Andy Griffith Show), rabbit: Hazel (Watership Down), cats: Cleo & Molly (after two of MY characters), cat: Cosmo (after Cosmo Kramer on Seinfeld) & Izzy (Grey's Anatomy), and last, while an author and not a character, Ernie Hemingway.
Frank Gorshin, Actor: General Hospital. Frank Gorshin was born on April 5, 1933, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His father was a railroad worker and his mother was a seamstress. While in high school, Frank worked as an usher at the Sheridan Square Theatre and began doing impressions of some of his scr...
I had a wonderful time at university General Hospital of Dallas.
Since James Franco is a veteran of General Hospital, he should say, "If Sonny Corinthos can date 18 year olds, so can I."
*AMBER ALERT!!!* 8 YR OLD RELISHA RUDD MISSING! Last seen with suspected murderer PLEASE WATCH! SHARE! Police believe Kahlil Malik Tatum, 51, a janitor at the homeless shelter at the old D.C. General Hospital, where Relisha lived, killed his wife and now has the girl. They are looking for them up and down the East Coast. Issues over Amber Alert, officials in Maryland say alert only went out in D.C., not in Maryland, and not in Virginia and several other states along the East Coast. REWARD: The FBI is offering a reward of up to $20,000 for information that leads to Kahlil Malik Tatum’s arrest and indictment. The FBI is offering a separate reward of up to $25,000 for information leading to the location and return of Relisha Tenau Rudd. Kahlil Malik Tatum is wanted for murder in Prince George's County, Maryland. A local arrest warrant was issued for Tatum on March 21, 2014, after he was charged with first degree murder for the death of his wife. A federal arrest warrant was issued on March 25, 2014, after ...
Charles Camsell Hospital (Westmount) and General Hospital on Jasper ave are supposed to be haunted.
Writing was a little slow for me today. That chapter was too emotional combined with the sadness of General Hospital today.
Jackie Zeman joined the cast of "General Hospital" in December 1977, as Nurse Barbara "Bobbie" Jean Spencer a former prostitute turned good girl/nurse. She as well became a staple to the show and fan favorite.
Leslie Charleson joined the cast of "General Hospital" in August 1977 as Dr. Monica Bard Quartermaine. she became a staple of the show and a fan favorite.
On this day in 1963 was the debut of two daytime dramas: "General Hospital" on ABC and "The Doctors" on NBC.
Photoset: Jason Thompson &Julie Marie Berman from General Hospital in the music for; Is it Over - Thievery...
Our neighbor, Peggy passed away a few weeks ago. She was an much older woman who had poor health. Our son, Ian befriended her when he was around four. He and his sitter would go over after school and watch General Hospital, the news or the weather channel. Ian had his own chair and glass. They played scrabble ( poorly) argued politics (she was a republican) and Ian an Independable (his words) which caused lots of debates during the presidential elections. Today, her son was cleaning out her house. We went over to give our condolences. Ian saw the couch on the curb "for free" he said "I fell asleep on Peggy's lap on that couch". We saw a bookcase also "for free" and Ian wanted it for his room to remember her. We brought it home and I went to dust it and he said "no! It's Peggy's dust! ". He took a few swipes with his fingers and put it in his third eye. We went upstairs and I dusted it and Ian still protested "no!" I took the dusty paper towel and placed it in a ziplock which I will label Peggy.
SUNDAY, March 23, 2014 at 7PM PST & 10PM EST Jack Marino Warriorfilmmaker Show on on Channel 2 My guest is Award Winning Actor Michael Dante has appeared in approximately 30 films and 150 television shows and spent several years under contract to three major studios; MGM, Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox. Michael was a bonus ball player with the Boston Braves and later went to the big leagues with the Washington Senators. He has won many awards in and out of Hollywood and has a street named after him, Michael Dante Way, in his hometown of Stamford, Connecticut. Michael’s first starring role was in Westbound with Randolph Scott, co-starred in two films with Audie Murphy, Apache Rifles and Arizona Raiders, Seven Thieves with Rod Stieger, Sammy Fuller’s film noir,The Naked Kiss and starred in the title role in the film Winterhawk. He co-starred in classic TV shows such as Desilu Playhouse, Star Trek, Bonanza, General Hospital and the Custer Series, just to name a few. Michael hosted ...
My wife and I watch General Hospital and we both agree that Roger Howarth is a good Franco but you were a better version.
Time and place. Seriously. Need a sanction or two on the Obama Brackets. Like Steve Hardy and annual Xmas story on "General Hospital."
Tony Dow was born in Hollywood, California in 1945.  Exposed to creative parents and a home frequently filled with his parents’ eccentric and artistic friends, it was no surprise that Tony developed a love for art.  At an early age, he showed an unusual talent for imaginative abstract composition and drawing.  An accomplished athlete, in his youth he held numerous diving and swimming titles, including national age-group records.  In 1957 he was chosen for the role of “Wally” on the hit television show, “Leave It To Beaver”, an event which would change the course of his life. After the show ended in 1963, he became a member of the “General Hospital cast and made guest appearances on a variety of television shows.  In the eighties Tony began a career in TV directing and producing that continued for twenty years.  Throughout his lifetime he has been involved in many forms of creative activity.  He has been an actor, director, writer, visual effects designer, producer, home builder, woodwor ...
Ok SoCal friends... Our friend, Crystal Craft (Emmy Award Winner) is directing 'Abstraction' at the McGroarty Arts Center. Shows are Thursday-Sunday! The cast is from ABC's 'General Hospital'. Let's sell out the house!!! All proceeds go to support the McGroarty Arts Center. See YOU there!
'General Hospital' rumor: Nancy Lee Grahn and Maura West angry over Donna Mills via
Description: The Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (MNCARS) is a Spanish museum of contemporary art of the twentieth century, based in Madrid. Its name is often abbreviated as Reina Sofia Museum. He took office as the old General Hospital of Madrid, great eighteenth-century neoclassical building located in the Atocha, near the homonymous train and subway. This hospital was originally designed by José de Hermosilla and later continued by Francesco Sabatini, and it is now known as Sabatini building in honor of the Italian architect. The museum was inaugurated in 1992. The Reina Sofia is the southern tip known as the Triangle of Art in Madrid, which includes two other famous museums: the Prado and Thyssen-Bornemisza. In the museum's permanent collection highlights a core of works by Spanish artists of the twentieth century, especially Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí and Joan Miró, widely represented and some of his best works. They are also very relevant collections of surreal (with works by Francis ...
Power players in Port Charles, New York are about to be judged on the Abby Scale! This Friday, March 14, Knots Landing superstar Donna Mills makes her General Hospital debut.
Loving "General Hospital"-Donna Mills owned every scene she was in on Friday!
Donna Mills prepared for a General Hospital landing | via
OMG! Rob Ford was just referenced on General Hospital!! Seriously?! Nicholas: Elizabeth is bringing a date. Britt: Hmm, Rob Ford?! Nicholas: someone almost as notorious..
What do General Hospital and William Faulkner have in common?
nothing else, spend 60 seconds and play the above. People make fun of Soap Operas. In college in 1978 everyone was watching General Hospital. I don't think anyone signed up for classes in that time slot. Remember that was before VCRs. I have been watching it ever since. In April it will have been on the air for 51 years. GH is the longest running episodic TV show. In 2010 it hit 12,000 episodes. For those who have not watched it, the show has exposed its watchers to social and health issues to include rape, domestic violence, AIDS, bipolar, breast cancer, organ donation, HIV, pregnancy and childbirth while HIV positive, *** *** and transgender issues, depression, suicide, safe sex, child abuse, prostitution, addictions, to include drugs and alcohol, and those are just the ones I remember. PSA for the issues in the storylines have been added to encourage viewers to obtain help. The bipolar story is portrayed by an actor who suffers from bipolar and depression. Yes, it is a Soap Opera with silly thing ...
OMG! Donna Mills is on General Hospital! I am so in love with her! She was my very first crush! I'm glad she's back on TV.
Parker news . Donna Devlin is on General Hospital . Correction Donna Mills ! How awesome is that !
Donna Mills as Laura Donnelly Elliott (left) on "Love is a Many Splendored Thing" 1967-1970 and as Madeline Reeves (right) on "General Hospital" 2014
FINALLY! Donna Mills on General Hospital, hope she brings a little bit of Abby Ewing along for the ride.
Watch as Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was mentioned during the newest episode of the long running Soap Opera General Hospital.
Donna Mills is going 2 b on General Hospital. She was Gary Ewing's...something on Knots. Everything is 6 degrees from Dallas!
I live in HighlandPark,Michigan,and I was Born in HighlandPark,Michigan, I live in the old HighlandPark General Hospital, Which is Called The Bella Vista Glen Apartments, I grew up on The West Side, but I Mainly Lived On The East Side. My D.O.B. October 10,1969, I Graduated from Edwin Denby High School in June 29,1988 College I Graduated From is Golightly Vocational Technical School! I went there for 3 1/2 Years!
RIP Actress Sheila MacRae of General Hospital and Alice Kramden fame dies at 90. via USAToday
Sheila MacRae, Actress: General Hospital. Sheila MacRae was born on September 24, 1924 in London, England as Sheila Margaret Stephens. She is an actress and producer, known for General Hospital (1963), The Jackie Gleason Show (1966) and Caged (1950). She was previously married to Ronald Wayne and Go...
"A native of London, England, Sheila MacRae emigrated to America with her parents during World War II. She put her career on hold while she devoted herself to Gordon MacRae and their four children, Heather MacRae said. After helping her husband with his nightclub act, she decided to join him and her career took off again, her daughter said. The couple appeared together in musicals including 'Guys and Dolls' - with Sheila MacRae taking her performance as Miss Adelaide to Broadway in 1965. The couple divorced in 1967. Actress Shirley Jones, in a statement released by MacRae's family, called Sheila MacRae 'a great lady' with extraordinary talent who 'helped me to be a better mother.' After her divorce from Gordon MacRae, Sheila MacRae married Ronald Wayne, who produced Gleason's show, her daughter said. They later divorced. Sheila MacRae played the role of Madelyn Richmond on the Soap Opera 'General Hospital' and was host of 'The Sheila MacRae Show.' Survivors include children Heather and William 'Gar' MacRa ...
Daisy Ellen Caroline Ansell Dobbs was born in Portsmouth in September 1890, the daughter of Jesse and Ellen Dobbs. Before she was 10yrs old, her family relocated to Plumstead in Kent, where her father found work as a labourer in a Gun Factory. After training as a nurse, on the 3 Feb. 1915 Daisy joined the Territorial Force Nursing Service, working originally at the 4th Northern General Hospital, Lincoln. On the 20 Oct. 1916 she was posted on Active Service to Salonica, where she remained for two years. On the night of 27 Feb. 1917 she was wounded during an enemy air raid while working at No.29 General Hospital, receiving wounds to her face and chest. It was for her actions that night that she was awarded the Military Medal. However, her remarkable story doesn’t end there. She returned home from Salonica aboard the Ambulance Transport 'Warilda,' when, during the early hours of the 3 Aug. 1918 the ship was torpedoed in the English Channel, with the loss of 117 lives. After her rescue Daisy returned hom .. ...
Soap Dish Babylon History: On this Day in 1993 Famed Writer Douglas Marland passed at age 58, He was instrumental in bringing back the veterans on the front burner of "As The World Turns" and Creating Vixen Bobbie Spencer & The Quartermaine's on "General Hospital" plus a lot of other things to long to list.
Everyone has some type of drama in their house. Why does my house seem like All My Children, As the World Turns, Peyton Place, and General Hospital all wrapped into one big Nightmare on Elm Street?
Steve Burton will not be returning to 'General Hospital' as Jason Morgan via U CANT REPLACE THIS FACE GH
Steve Burton confirms future plans: Will it be 'General Hospital' or 'Y&R'? via NO STEVE, NO JASON! :(
For many years General Hospital's (Sonny Corinthos) has been by man,(except for Harold) well he just got shot out of the saddle. Matthew McConaughey just took his place. His acceptance speech on the Oscars was the best I have ever seen, I was so proud, he shocked EVERYBODY!!! When he gave God credit for EVERYTHING!!! I wish more people would speak out like that. If you did not see the Oscars last night I would recommend you watch his speech on fb, it will be well worth your time. Ladies it doesn't hurt that he is easy on the eyes. May God Bless you all, have a warm and safe day.
Can you imagine General Hospital without Sonny Corinthos? He has been a Port Charles corner stone for more than 20 years now and the thought of him
Also the guy that plays "Sonny Corinthos" on General Hospital has it for years too but he deals with it
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General Hospital, 3rd Rock from the Sun AND I Love Lucy all on Hulu? Oh my I have hit the motherload!! Oh GH how I've missed you! :)
Bracket missing LOST, General Hospital, American Idol, I Love Lucy..not all personal favorites but big tv ratings
Funny Moment: Listen Baby you know that Lady who sings the blues? Well her name is Carmen Jones. She loves the Color Purple. I guess that is because of her friend Mahogany when they were coming to America. Anyways she hooked up with Porgy and Bess.Now she thinks she is Bold and Beautiful. Chile please. She only have one life to live and she been in General Hospital more than All my Children. She ain't young and restless no more. She better understand as the World Turns she ain't on no green acres. She Betta recognized that she in a different world. She even have the audacity to mess with Sandford and his Son on 227 street. I heard she be saying AMen like she preaching in LA. I feel sorry for the Simpsons. They have to deal with that Scandal on Thursday nights. Her friend said she just being like Mary Jane. I told her she need to get hip to the game before there is a fatal attraction after all of her wilding out. One day she going to get Catfished and her story will be unsunged. Baby, have you seen her Sun ...
So far some unimportant things happened to-day. Voice on the phone : Let's start making new memories to-day. As I am hanging up, I hear the word Cayman Islands. Found De-Icing Washer Fluid in 4 l. bottle; Know where it goes, but how to get it in there, and how to find out if its needed ? General Hospital ( soap ) - have not watched it for ages, no idea who most of the actors are etc. Finding soccer game to watch instead. But the CANUCKS won last night ! Now that is important.
Cool! & a spy? ;) General Hospital's plays an Avon Lady who turns out to b a KGB spy in Granite Flats
Is real development really a mission impossible here? Taiwo Road is about a 3-km stretch of road that's the major central business district and one of the most expensive real estate business districts in Kwara State. Directly on the both sides of the road is about 2000 units (hypothetically) of building lining the stretch from Taiwo Isale up to old General Hospital. If each unit is pecked at N10m excluding road network and other infrastructure, the cost of building 2000 units at N10m would be N20b. Let's assume that the cost of infrastructure is another N5b, that could come around to about N25b. Now, if the standard of the new CBD is upscale considering the cost outlay, chances are that the government could market each unit at 25% of the cost, which could come to about N5b mark up over an investment of N20b (excluding the cost of infrastructure). An average property on Taiwo Road today has a average price tag of N40m. And the present administration has a template cost of N9b per 450-km. This present admin ...
UPDATE: 73 year old woman injured in this morning's St Peter house fire is stable in Intensive Care Unit at Jersey's General Hospital.
December 10th, 1995, the old General Hospital in Saint John, NB was "blowed up real good." My mother and I made the trip on a cold, snowy and icy Sunday morn...
chmidt was born in Andover, Kansas to Kathy and Kent Schmidt. His brother, Kevin Schmidt, is an actor.[3] He began his acting career at age five, appearing in a Chex TV commercial. When he was nine years old, he was one of two young actors who were hired to be Haley Joel Osment's stand-in and body double (they shared the same agent) in the Steven Spielberg film, A.I. Artificial Intelligence.[3] He celebrated his birthday on the set, and Spielberg and the cast surprised him with a birthday cake decorated with Star Wars figures.[3] When he was 10 years old, his family finally made the move from Kansas to California. Schmidt soon landed recurring roles on General Hospital, Titus, Raising Dad, Gilmore Girls and CSI: Miami. He guest starred on a variety of TV shows, including ER, MADtv, Frasier and Phil of the Future. Most recently, Kendall guest starred on Without a Trace and Ghost Whisperer. On the big screen, he has appeared in Minority Report and According to Spencer. In 2009, Schmidt was cast as the lead ...
I don't know how Danica Patrick can get all that racing done while watching General Hospital & eating Bon Bons in her nascar
Mr. Stone,this is for you. remember when we used to write Steven Wright type of jokes? what do think of this one? (in your head,in his delivery)- I was watching General Hospital the other day and went to make a phone call. i accidentally dialed on the remote. the doctor on the TV picked up, so i talked to him for a few minutes. now he's going to send me a bill.(Steve, if you're listening in, you can have this one).
Mary Grace Canfield dies at 89. Best known as handywoman Ralph Monroe on "Green Acres." She appeared on numerous shows during her four-decade career including "General Hospital" and she played Harriet Kravitz (sister-in-law of famous nosy neighbor Gladys) on "Bewitched." "Green Acres" was a sister show to "Petticoat Junction" and ran from 1965 - 1971. Ralph Monroe would greet folks in the town of Hootersville with a cheery "howdy doody." NOTE: She wore painters' overalls and was forever working on the Douglas family's bedroom with her brother, Alf. PROGRAMMING NOTE: "Green Acres" was cancelled during what would later be referred to as the "Rural Purge" - a series of cancellations between 1969 and 1972 of still popular rural-themed shows (mostly on CBS) with demographically skewed audiences, the majority of which occurred at the end of the 1970–71 television season. "Petticoat Junction" was the first to go with "All in the Family," which premiered in 1971, as a midseason replacement. Ratings were high wh ...
did you see Michael Muhney is going to. General Hospital. I really miss him on the show. Y&R never be the same
Haunting History of : Berry Hill Mansion, Ruffin ,Rockingham County , North Carolina The town of Ruffin (near Reidsville) has a large house called the Berry Hill Mansion and near this mansion is a bridge. Supposedly, if you drive up to this bridge, turn off your car, lock your car doors, roll up your windows and wait, the ghost of a girl dressed in white comes out of the woods and beats and pounds on your car, screaming and trying to get into your car to escape her predators. ncghostguide byethost12 com Berry Hill Plantation House Berry Hill was built c.1760 and is still standing. The name is said to have originated from "Bury Hill" during the Revolutionary War. After the Battle of Guilford Court House, not so far away, soldiers were brought to the home which was used as a hospital. Those who died were buried there. Col. Peter Perkins was paid 50 pounds for damages sustained by the General Hospital being at his home. Col. Perkins sold his property here and moved to Tennessee where he died in 1813. His f . ...
General Hospital is HILARIOUS. If the producers labeled it a comedy rather than a Soap Opera, they would win SO many comedy awards.
What is up with General Hospital? Robin is leaving again to go find Jason. Several questions here... 1) Didn't Robin just get back? and 2) Isn't Steve Burton on another Soap Opera? I am crying here watching Patrick in tears. I can't believe she is leaving her husband and Emma to go save Jason.
I'm not feeling Robin's exit from GH & I don't like the fact that Steve Burton signed yet another contract with Y&R. I would much rather see him in Port Charles than Genoa City. Don't get me wrong I am a fan of both but Port Charles is my and yes I would like to vacation there. Trust if I get a migraine while I'm there I'm going to General Hospital to see Patrick and either Elizabeth or Sabrina will administer my migraine injection. I need to look into the rates at Carley's hotel. Maybe she will cut me a good rate since we are from the same home town. lol
Michael Muhney is leaving "Young and the Restless" after this week and spoilers have been out that he could end up heading to "General Hospital." On Jan. 28, Ce
Steve Burton recently renewed his contract with The Young and the Restless -- so why is his photo popping up on ABC's General Hospital? Burton exited GH in 2012 and made his first appearance on Y&R in January 2013.
Just a short two years ago, General Hospital was staring down the barrel of cancellation as ABC took away its longtime 3 PM slot for the pricey new Katie Couric talk show. General Hospital has been...
Armed robbers parade: Doctor, pastor, musician arrested for ATM burglary Operatives of the Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) of the Lagos State Police Command have arrested a pastor, a medical practitioner and a musician for their alleged membership of a notorious armed robbery gang that has been terrorising banks in the South-West. The gang was alleged to have killed three policemen last November during an attack on Access Bank, Ayobo in Lagos and others in Ondo and Ogun states. The medical practitioner, Dr Tajudeen (surname withheld) said he joined the gang after he was sacked from the General Hospital, Ikeja, Lagos. His words: “The day I joined the armed robbery gang was when my younger brother introduced me to one Confidence, who in turn, took me to our leader, Fineboy. “The first robbery operation was when I drove the gang to a filling station at the Okoko area of Lagos.The second was the First Bank robbery and the last one was the Access Bank robbery where we killed three policemen. We did not succee .. ...
Started for the needy ones at General Hospital and Jinnah Hospital on Daily Basis by http:/…
i think it said university, you've got your own General Hospital :)
Shout out to Days of our Lives, even though I was more of a General Hospital fan growing up
Hi Michael , Im hopeing to see you on General Hospital as Jason Morgan , hope the rumour is true , your Fan London Ont
The claws are out on the set of General Hospital. Meow! It seems the ladies Maura West (Ava Jerome), Jane Elliot (Tracy Quartermaine) and Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis David) are not pleased that Knots Landing star Donna Mills is coming to Port Charles. For all of you who use to watch Knots Landing Don
I don't generally watch soaps, every few years or so I'll catch one on my day off. The last time I saw one was right before I went back to work after having Sophia 14 months ago. I actually only ever watched one, General Hospital. While reading my FB news feed I just found out Jason Morgan my favorite character on GH has gone missing and no longer on the show! I guess I will never watch GH again😭
The fans have rallied, but it is evident that Michael Muhney will not be rehired by CBS Daytime. Michael Muhney may have left Genoa City in a cloud of controversy, but the fact remains that Muhney is an incredible actor with a strong following. Someone is sure to take a chance on hiring him, will that be General Hospital? With allegations of sexual harassment against him, he could be a liability for future employers. In addition, if the allegations are true that he is very difficult to work with, is it worth it to hire him? Rumors are flying around that Muhney may have an offer from General Hospital. Perhaps Muhney will be the new Jason? Wouldn’t that be ironic that Steve Burton went to Y&R and Muhney could end up playing his old iconic role? Fans were outraged and have been boycotting the show over his firing. This popular actor played a darker role with grace and depth. That is partially why it would be feasible seeing him fitting in with the underworld in Port Charles. Some General Hospital fans were ...
Michael Muhney Transfers To 'General Hospital' After sexually harassing his co-star, 'The Young and the Restless' star, Michael Muhney, will be transferring to the show's competitor 'General Hospital.' Do you think this is a good move for Michael?
I'm so lame. trying to watch General Hospital and listen to Rush Limbaugh and the EIB Network at the same time.
General Hospital sure is sending its' viewers a clear message - Jason Morgan is alive and on his way back to Port Charles in the near future. That's why they
I'm a huge General Hospital fan and when Steve Burton who played mob enforcer Jason Morgan announced he was leaving the show to go
General Hospital fans may have nearly lost their minds when a picture of Jason Morgan was purposely displayed on screen. Things like this do not just happen and this may just be a reminder that the character portrayed by Steve Burton just made a purposeful move.
Oh my freaking holy crap god! Steve Burton who played Jason Morgan for over 20 years on General Hospital was raised here in Richmond Heights... *fan girl scream*
Oh boy, I suspect that a whole bunch of General Hospital fans nearly lost their minds yesterday when a photograph of Jason Morgan was purposely shown on camera. Any longtime soap viewer knows that these things don’t happen on accident and that reminding viewers of the character portrayed by Steve B
I was going to call into work to go do some overtime and then saw that General Hospital said Jason Morgan is back!!! Yup don't judge me going to enjoy my day off in front of tv
Letter to the Editor January 27th, 2014 DESPERATE FOR HELP – A MOTHER’S PLEA – THIS CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE! ABANDONED BY OUR GOVERNMENT, ABANDONED BY OUR HEALTH SYSTEM! I love my Country, but living in a nightmare for the last 2 years, my daughter and I feel like we live in a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY. A COUNTRY that won’t/can’t help its citizens who are seriously ill. Our Health Officials will not treat symptoms; therefore many people suffer with great pain, and are offered NO help. I moved in with my daughter in May of 2013 because she cannot function any more on her own. We were in the Emergency hospitals twice, and are going back again. Each time we were sent home, with little relief from pain, and no plan of action provided. At the General Hospital, in Hamilton, ON., my daughter went for heart pains and a breathing problem. While she was in bed in CCU, other symptoms were developing, severe huge red burning circles on torso; hot areas were changing constantly; lips turning purple; swelling and ...
Soap Opera writers should really think twice before using young impressionable children in their storylines. Example: General Hospital's "Chupcabra" storyline is using an adult to demonstrate and teach young children how to stab and kill. This is unacceptable and ethically wrong! Just the thought of...
I haven't watched this show in years, but you better believe I will when Donna Mills arrives! Thank you General Hospital!
I can't wait until Donna Mills comes on General Hospital! :)
AP News- Noe Valley, CA. The son of the long time owner of Happy Donuts was a victim of a drive by shooting early Wednesday morning. John John Nyugen, 19, son of Mae Nyugen, is in critical condition at SF General Hospital. Not much is being said by the SFPD in regards to a motive for the shooting. Department head, Greg Suhr gave a brief statement. "Basically at about 2:45 this morning, a man wearing a turban came through the front door, said 'talking did this,' opened fire and ran down Church Street. We are working on several leads and will keep you apprised of any new developments." The only witness, a former boxer who would only give the name Donald said very little. "Yeah I saw it, felt it, like Nam man." A source close to the investigation who would not give his name for fear of compromising the investigation said it may have something to do with a recent news story. "A unnamed source may have said something he shouldn't have in regards to next months Battle of the Liquor Stores. We believe Mr. Nyuge ...
Love that Dr. Bailey & her OCD issues showed up on General Hospital today. Yes I admit it, I watch GH. I have ever since I was 2 years old.
I didn?t mean that Steve Burton is returning, I meant a recast of Jason Morgan .� If you are a huge fan of General Hospital like I am you want Jason Morgan back on General Hospital.�
Counting down until Donna Mills debuts on "General Hospital"! Love her!
Michael Muhney may be coming to General Hospital (GH) and he might just play Steve Burton's character Jason Morgan after Young and the Restless (Y&R) firing
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
At first I was fine with the snow but it's 1:30 and the weather man won't get off of the TV so that I can watch General Hospital and Dish Network no longer has soap net is upsetting
Soap Dish History: On this day in 1984, Jack Wagner debuted as Frisco Jones on "General Hospital"
I'll bet you'll be just terrific on "General Hospital"! Turn Port Charles on its ear like you did in
A Knot's Landing star is coming to General Hospital in the next few weeks. According to Entertainment Weekly, Donna Mills - best known for playing Abby
Does anybody watch General Hospital.? No more soap net..fudge..yeah...I watch soaps...thats my fav...
I rarely watch Jay Leno, but the last two times I did, he's been doing a gag where he bothers people at the Oakwood Apartments, which is where Edenstreet lived when we were in LA recording. Tonight he was in building Q, which was our building. Rick James and Corey Haim both died in that apartment complex. The guy in the apartment upstairs from me and Chuck Mingis was a Jamaican rapper that sounded like he was having dog races in his apartment every night. In retrospect, it was probably something that I don't really want to know about. A girl that was in En Vogue lived in our building, as well, and we used to drink at the hot tub with a guy that wrote for "General Hospital." Freaky times.
Jack Wagner is in this... Haven't seen him since Bold & The Beautiful and Melrose Place and General Hospital
. Michael come to General Hospital . can replace Steve Burton as Jason . ..myb ?
I can't believe they had a breaking news and interrupted my General Hospital today and I can't catch up because my Soap net channel is no longer available. I did try looking for today's show on the internet but of course it did not work. I need Soap net back!!! Since I can't just count on my DVR all because of the News that also repeats over and over.
Could someone explain to me the connection between General Hospital and yogurt. I swear the yogurt ads are on Hulu and live TV. (And if I have to hear Reba McIntyre mumble "Activia non-fat light yogurt" one more time...)
DISCO DONUTS schedule this week: ** Wed Jan 22: Tampa General Hospital 11a-3p beneath the ER ** Thurs Jan 23: Matrix Medical, 10:30a-3p ** Fri Jan 24: Direct General 8a-11a in your break room! ** Sat Jan 25: Gasparilla Parade 10a-?. Look for DISCO DONUTS on the TGH end of the Davis Islands exit bridge that leads to Bayshore. ** Go nuts for donuts!
I got an early birthday present today: Billy Masters is reporting that Donna Mills will join "General Hospital" at the end of February in a role not unlike her "Knots Landing" character, Abby - minus all the semi-nudity I'm betting, presumably due to the fact that DM is now in her seventies (I know, it doesn't seem possible, does it?). GH was never one of my stories, even during all that Luke & Laura hullabaloo, but I think I just found a reason to start watching - or at least DVRing, so I can fast forward through all of the non-Donna Mills stuff. Happy birthday to me!
Confession: I loved it when Jack Wagner sang "All I Need" on General Hospital back in the day. And yes, I bought the album.
This day in Far East District history: On January 21, 2005, at 10:30 a.m., completion of Phase I of the hospital renovation was celebrated with a ribbon cutting ceremony inside the new lobby entrance of the 121st General Hospital at Yongsan Garrison.
Just read that General Hospital has cast Knots Landing alum Donna Mills. Just who is she going to portray? The character possibilities are endless. Back from the dead characters, OLIVIA ST. JOHN JEROME, (Julian and Ava's sister), CHERYL STANSBURY, (Lucas's birth mother) Ava's stepmother, or a Cassadine character, The comatose Nina Clay, Silas's wife.
What an awesome casting bombshell today from General Hospital! The ABC Soap Opera, who has had big names and blast from the pasts during their 50th anniversary season run, is adding none other than Knots Landing favorite, Donna Mills to the cast in new and big role, according to! Mil
Chad Duell, Actor: General Hospital. Chad Duell is an actor, known for General Hospital (1963), Youth Pastor Kevin (2013) and Wizards of Waverly Place (2007). He was previously married to Taylor Novack.
Primetime soap icon Donna Mills is returning to her daytime roots. The actress has been tapped for a top-secret role on General Hospital.
FRANCIS MARION4 COE (Francis P.3, Pearson2, Francis Peter1) was born October 18, 1837, in Claiborne County, MS, youngest son of Francis P. Coe and Amanda Norrell. On April 2, 1860, he acquired a 323-acre farm in Section 4, Township 19N, Range 10W, Webster Parish, LA. On May 29, 1860, he purchased land in Natchitoches Parish, LA, and sold it June 13, 1860, to D. and J.H. Munell. On June 5, 1857, January 21, and April 25, 1860, he purchased land in Bossier Parish, LA. He sold slave girls Adaline, age 13, and Laura, age 9, there to R.H. Kilgore, February 15, 1858. A planter, prior to the Civil War he lived at Bellevue, Bossier Parish, just across the Red River from Shreveport. He served as a private with Company D, 9th Louisiana Infantry, "Bossier Volunteers," Confederate Army. He enlisted July 7, 1861, at Camp Moore, LA. Captured at Gettysburg, July 5, 1863, he was paroled at DeCamp General Hospital, David's Island, NY. Received at City Point, VA, September 8, 1863, he was exchanged and released. Rejoining ...
Health is wealth and a healthy people produce a healthy nation.Health Sector appears to be the vocal point of Dr Segun Mimiko's Government in Ondo State.If this is correct how come a community like Ode Aye with over fifty thousand population do not have a Genera Hospital and a Resident Doctor.Please Dr Mimiko convert Ode Aye Comprehensive Health Centre to a General Hospital so that we can reduce the high death rate of people of the community.
Thanks to Staff Sgt. Elton Dean and 1st Lt. Angela Cincis for representing the 772nd Military Police Company and the Massachusetts Army National Guard during their visit to Mass. General Hospital on Jan. 10, 2014.
Featured Event: 01/12/2014 - Blaisdell Arena 50th Anniversary - The Beach Boys with Special Guest John Stamos: America's Band, The Beach Boys, returns to Honolulu for a special engagement marking the 50th Anniversary of the Blaisdell Arena. Joining the Beach Boys is one of the world's sexiest actor/musicians, John Stamos! Stamos, who began his acting career on the daytime Soap Opera "General Hospital" and is best known for the role of Uncle Jesse on ABC's hit TV show "Full House," is currently the face of Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt. In addition, he's been in numerous films and on Broadway, and has been involved with musical instruments since the age of four. Stamos often joins the Beach Boys when they are on tour. And as a special bonus, the Blaisdell Arena will serve a hot dog and drink for only 75 cents...a price from the past between 6:30pm and 7pm before the show! In 1964, the Arena first opened its doors to some of the most popular musical attractions of the day. The first major headliner on its sta . ...
- Ask me anything about The Fosters, Switched at Birth, General Hospital, Pretty Little Liars, & Hollywood Heights
Back in the 80's General Hospital was a huge cult classic and Jack Wagner enjoyed riding the crazy wave as super popular, Frisco Jones
Five sent to hospital after San Bernardino crash
Boy’s lost arm restored through unique microsurgery first in UAE Rashid Hospital.
When Soap Opera Network reported that ABC's "General Hospital," "The View" and "The Chew" would be made available on Hulu Plus after the network and its parent company decided to change the way in which audiences could catch their favorite ABC programming outside of the traditional method of viewing...
While character and storyline details are not yet known, a rep for ABC's "General Hospital" confirms that Shirley Jones, former star of "The Partridge Family" and "Shirley," will appear on the daytime Soap Opera in an episode airing next month.
And most importantly smart ppl..MA's dont see patients in General Hospitals ..not in Serdang definitely. ..if he...
Physician's Assistant in the ER. That's the goal. Or General Nurse Practitioner and I'll rotate all Hospital units.
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I'm going watch my shows 7th Heaven and General Hospital tonight. I'm going listen to New Kids On The Block. I'll be back later.
Five sent to hospital after San Bernardino car crash, involving SUV and semi.
Watching General Hospital: Mon, Jan 6, 2014 on Very good and a tear-jerker.
A disturbing scene that greeted me at a general hospital
CHAPTER SIX The driver was begged to stop briefly at the market to enable Nnee hand over the baby to Yanu, my Auntie and equally inform her of what happened. On getting to the City General Hospital, I was brought out and taken to the theatre, where the doctor examined my condition and instantly re-affirmed that I should be taken to St. Mary’s Hospital in Nshi-Enu Hospital for an x-ray to ascertain the extent of the damage on my badly fractured leg, as they did not have the facilities. After that, we should proceed to Allor General Hospital to amputate the leg. Without voicing any other word or applying any first aid apart from the cleaning done by the Good Samaritan housewife, I was hurriedly taken back into the waiting van on a stretcher. All this while, Nnee, Madam and Abel have always been subjected to some pacy walks – almost running after the attendants pushing my body on the stretcher to and fro the verandah lined with wooden pillars leading to the theatre and the other adjoining hospital ward . ...
Done my check up at Singapore General Hospital.
Check out our job opening for a Board Certified General Surgeon for expanding Surgical in Atlanta, GA! Piedmon
Bismillah go to Buddist Tzu Chi General hospital. . . Tetap semangat .. aje. .
I saw you on General Hospital talking about your injury.
School. Go home. Eat dinner. Watch Monsters&Mysteries of America and General Hospital with mom. Sleep. Repeat.
St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital officially opened its new mental health program Wednesday.
St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital Opens the Doors to a new Mental Health Care Program
I suggest you take that back. . (Actually, I was two seasons in when I realized it was General Hospital …
Remember playing General Hospital? I had to be Luke cuz of my singing! Wendy Fenn. Think of Laura!
Me and my mom bond by watching General Hospital together.
General Hospital's umbilical cord blood bank offers gift of life
I give up...signing out...back to duty...converting my house into a general hospital > room one: pain; room 2: burn; room 3: orthopedics
A&E Galway hospital a disgraceful shambles. One vote less for and in next general election.
While General turned all powerful President stays in hospital " weak" President Zardari shows up in court.
Atlantic General Hospital Fights Berlin Rain Tax: Atlantic General Hospital is seeking an exemption from Berlin's... h…
Omg soapnet has been discontinued now I can't watch General Hospital anymore! 😖
General Hospital Sneak Peek Beeping ruined the first few seconds of the preview.
I love General Hospital!! This is the only show that has managed to capture my interest since the first grade!!! almost there lol SN: Mareisha Yvette you should watch it instead of calling me an old lady you might like it too! Lol NEGATIVE!
Well I'm back at broward general hospital once again hope I'll get home to night. Yall pray for me.
Dan Tuckfield shared this video of a Navy helicopter arriving at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital Wednesday. It carried crewmen from an MH-53E Sea Dragon that crashed off Cape Henry.
One of my favourite! Soap Operas is General Hospital and the reason is both Maurice and Sonny and both are still so FREAKING! HOT! and so FREAKING! GORGEOUS! ever since I first saw him on AMC as Nico I remember going wow! this guy is so GORGEOUS! oh both Maurice and I are Pisces which I just about died when I heard when he looks at you with those eyes it drives me crazy! that body and especially those dimples! don't even get him started on what I'd LOVE! to do to him and have in my dreams he can be my protector anytime yeah! BABY!
On the way going to General Hospital at Batangas, Batangas City, to donate our blood to mang Victor. God bless us. :)
Figured out how to watch general hospital on I-pad. I go to YouTube.
“No kidding. They didn’t smell her, huh?” Recently released transcripts of phone calls at San Francisco General Hospital are raising questions about the attitude of those involved in the search for Lynne Spalding, who was found dead in a hospital stairwell in October:
Northampton General Hospital stuggling to cope with the soaring number of patients being admitted to A&E
I have been watching General Hospital for years and years...and I swear to God that if Heather Weber doesn't die an stay dead...I am going to scream!!!
Visiting Professor at Mass General Hospital, Boston. It's always great to collaborate with my urologic colleagues from around the country.
Here is the wisdom of Elkhart General hospital: first they release Marj with severe broncitus on Monday, tell her not to breath cold air HELLO EG its -14 degrees, the only vehicles on the road are supposed to be emergency only,called the police to make sure it was o. pick her up, then gave her presrips for medicine but forgot to put down the code for medicare part b for albuterol oh and no nebulizer. it took her family to write a prescip. for a nebulizer not the dr.who too care of her in the hospital. This is to let everybody know of the incomptance at Elkhart General. Tom.
I still watch General Hospital daily and I wish someone would off Ava Jerome. I can't stand her. Enuff said
Still in Southampton general hospital...been here since 2:45pm.a long long day.someone will b staying in over night...will b back tomoz...z
Every time I watch General Hospital I crave a BLT...we need a Kelly's in NSB!!
Staying the night at hotel Tampa General Hospital, fml
Oh General Hospital, why must you be the 1st thing I see (& get sucked into) when I turn on the tv? I still love you, but we can't be together anymore
Pop chips my girl and general hospital. What a great way to spend our last (hopefully) day home together
The GENERAL HOSPITAL family has grown by one as Kirsten Storms (Maxie) and Brandon Barash (ex-Johnny) welcomed their baby girl into the world in the wee hours of Wednesday, January 8. "
Soes anyone watch General Hospital? And does anyone else think they need to put a ball and chain or at least an ankle bracelet on Heather? Not to mention do a full revamp of their security measures?
Working at Binghamton General Hospital is going to be fun...
Carissa Amanda is making me watch General Hospital...
Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center and the Lazarex Cancer Foundation Launch $3 Million Partnership to Improve Access to Clinical Trials Program Tour and Launch Celebration set for Wednesday,
Still my father admited in general hospital m/fashi,your prayer is needed.
job opportunity Ultrasonographer Rockville General Hospital - Vernon, CT POSITION SUMMARY: Under the direction of a Radiologist the Ultrasonographer, performs exams at a technical level that does not require direct supervision over technical detail. Conducts a wide variety of Ultrasound examinations including abdominal, obstetric, gynecologic, venous, small parts and breast. Assists with interventional procedures.
Any of my fb friends watch General Hospital? I need updates cause my cable is off
gotta go to Akron General Hospital see about my nephew anybody out there wanna ride along
i want to watch general hospital on hulu or abc but cant because I dont have a tv provider to verify. is there anyway around it?
Burnley Football Club is to donate all proceeds from their matchday lottery draw at an upcoming Championship game towards a Prostate Cancer Scanner Appeal for Burnley General Hospital.
Marcela Del Carmen, MD, a gynecologic oncologist at the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center says that the risk for cervical cancer goes up, not down, as you age. Learn about your risk for cervical cancer, and the new guidelines that caution women to continue to get PAP smears into their 60s...
Here at Wilkes barre General Hospital. Waiting with my wife for surgery. Round 2. Or attempt 2. Prayers all goes well etc. I keep all posted. Thanks for the thoughts
CURRENT TOPIC: Bipolar on TV. From 90210 and General Hospital to Michael Clayton and the forthcoming Mania Days, more TV shows and movies are integrating characters with bipolar into their stories. For an upcoming feature, we'd love to hear what you think about characters like Carrie Mathison in Hom...
General Hospital has released the first photo for Chandra Wilson's visit to Port Charles.
The man who is believed to have abducted six-year-old, Keyianna Noel, a few weeks ago is still warded at Port-of-Spain General Hospital. His attorney said that the 36-year-old-man was speaking slurred and had pains in his head, abdomen and chest.
Everyone knows exercise is good for you: it’s a good way to prevent practically all the diseases that come with age, stave off weight gain, and relieve anxiety. Now, a team led by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital has identified a molecule that might be responsible for some of exercise’s...
Who remembers "General Hospital" in the early 80's? Wasn't it the Casidines and Elizabeth Taylor on a tropical island trying to freeze Port Charles? Then, Luke and Laura arrive to save everyone from the polar vortex...just sayin'!
Sometimes, it would seem that Paranormal Research is more like General Hospital... here a drama, there a drama, everywhere a drama drama. There are many people out there who say that they are all for para unity, but then in the next breath are saying something ugly about another investigator or researcher. Please let me point out that the only people you will find truly backing para unity and other teams are those who are serious minded and dedicated investigators and researchers. Anyone you find claiming to back other teams or saying they are behind para unity, but then act completely otherwise, is more than likely someone who has no clue what it means to be serious minded about their craft. I hear from so many people who shay that they were for para unity, until their team or a team mate wronged them in true dramatic fashion. It really breaks my heart to know that so many who have a real passion for this field become disheartened because of drama. The truth is, there is drama in just about every aspect ...
It is a field day at the local hospitals. Most of them have ran out of bed to house incoming patients, with patients in Changi General Hospital waiting for more than 24 hours for a bed. The hospitals have resorted to housing patients in makeshift…
At Tampa General Hospital with Michael T Sullivan hoping his arm will recover
GH General Hospital 01/06/14 FULL EPISODE Today Night HD T.J. tells Sonny that Molly spoke with Morgan, and that's why he was at the warehouse. Ava tells Car...
Northampton General Hospital says improvements have been made ahead of an inspection next week. It will be the second inspection since October. What are your experiences of using the hospital?
Traffic lights bring unhealthy food to a halt! use of colour-coded 'traffic light' food labels and changes in the way popular items are displayed on the shelf produced a long-term increase in the choice of more healthful food items among customers, said a research by Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH).
Does anyone else think the change to ABC Watch is b^||£*++. Now you can't watch anything unless you're verified and your cable carrier is one of the companies. As usual Bright House Networks is behind the ball and I can't watch any General Hospital's that didn't record when SoapNet stopped broadcasting on 12/27
Days of our lives, general hospital then back to revenge almost done with season one.
Pershing General Hospital Long Term Care is getting rid of ALL of their Christmas Trees! They have two 6.5ft pre lit w/white lights. (On one, the middle section is out but replacement lights and fuses come with), They also have a 7.5 ft tree that is full and beautiful! (This one is a bit older so rather than hinged branches you have to assemble the tree.) They will begin by offering the trees to PGH employees only, if you know a staff member that is in need of a tree but cannot afford one, PGH can donate a tree to them, please email Bobbie the name and reason why you believe that they are in need. The trees will go first come first serve, email Bobbie or stop by and let her know which tree you want and what your offer is. The money made will benefit the Long Term Care Resident's Activities. Contact Bobbie Bonta, ADC at bbontafor availability or for more information.
*** I can't watch my General Hospital anymore because I have to subscribe to a tv provider...wth, man, really?
I need help staring the general hospital quest. I'm past level 24 and I can't make vampire burns make a donation either. Any clue what I'm doing wrong?
NuStart Open House in Marion General Hospital 330 Building 1/8---3-6pm Conf. Room 330. Hope to see you there!
EDITOR'S LETTER: Northampton General Hospital prepares us for bad news
D-Day tomorrow Western General Hospital, see what they are going to do about my kidney's...
Niger State governor, Dr. Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu, on Tuesday insisted that 46- year -old Hajiya Belkisu Mahmoud did not die in his office. The governor said the late Hajiya Mahmoud died at the Minna General Hospital almost half an hour after she was rushed out of his office on Monday. Governor Aliyu...
I was admitted to general hospital last night. Praying i don't need surgery tomorrow! Does it ever end! 󾌮. Thanks to everyone who put up With me and kept me company!!
Shields & Lowell General Hospital expand their partnership with the opening of another MRI location in Lowell!
General Hospital fans, be prepared for a treat as William DeVry, aka Derek Wells, aka Julian Jerome, guest stars on NCIS tonight. 8pm CBS. With this episode having Susannah Thompson as well, sounds like a good one.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
LAGOS — One person was feared dead while another was critically injured, Tuesday, during a lone accident involving a Sports Utility Vehicle, SUV, on the Third Mainland bridge in Lagos at about 10.25 a.m. According to an eye witness, the vehicle belonging to Access Bank, was heading towards Iyana-Oworo from Lagos Island. It had a tyre burst while on high speed. It tumbled and landed on the median. Its driver died on the spot while a female passenger was critically injured and taken to General Hospital, Gbagada. *Scene of the accident As at press time, the condition of the victim was yet to be ascertained. An official of Federal Road Safety Commission,FRSC, was able to provide succour to the victim as she was later taken to the hospital in a private car. A law enforcement agent who pleaded anonymity attributed the incident to over-speeding on the part of the deceased. According to him, “the road was very free, so the deceased took advantage of the situation and drove on a high speed and could not con .. ...
Pine Belt residents have an opportunity to receive a free screening for Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) on January 13 and 14 at Forrest General Hospital. Early detection is the key! If you are over age 60 or over age 50 with risk factors such as smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol, you can qualify for this screening. Dare to C.A.R.E. is a comprehensive cardiovascular disease early detection and education program that is offered to qualifying men and women in the Pine Belt. The screening includes a non-invasive ultrasound of the carotid arteries in the neck, the aorta in the abdomen and an evaluation of leg circulation. The first day in the two-day event includes a talk by a local physician presented at 6 p.m. in Forrest General’s Elm and Hickory rooms located inside Forrester’s Cafeteria. Following the talk, those participants who qualify will schedule an appointment that evening for their screenings to be performed beginning at 1 p.m. the next day. Space is limited, so regist ...
Is tired of sitting in General Hospital. Been here since 9:00 this morning.
This is why we do what we do. We are so glad to make anyone's trip brighter! Check out this recent TripAdvisor review snippet posted yesterday: "...I was very pleased with every thing at this hotel and would return or recommend it to anyone. If you have someone at TGH [Tampa General Hospital] you definitely want to be here its safe and the drivers and desk clerks will make sure you get there." Anything we can do to help!
Bouta roll up and watch general hospital! Don't judge me!
The Georgian Bay General Hospital Foundation would like to thank the following companies currently participating in the Employee Giving Program:
Inspectors will ask for improvements at Northampton General Hospital after they visit later this month, the NGH chief has predicted.
As of this week, Kerry General Hospital is a tobacco-free campus - which means smoking is not permitted anywhere on the hospital grounds. The new policy applies to staff, patients and visitors, and is aimed at ensuring a healthier environment. That means no more smoking outside the door - or anywhere on the grounds. A good idea? Or does it punish smokers in an already-stressful situation?
Up in the southern general hospital for appointment.. omg took me 20 mins to find right its quite creepy so old fashioned giving me the heebies x
Wabash General Hospital is currently looking for a PRN receptionist and a PRN nurse to work at the doctor offices. If you are interested, you may send your resume to the Hospital or you may fill out an application online or pick one up at the switchboard.
Join Rochester General Hospital! We have current Registered Nurse opportunities in our PACU/ASC. Join our fantastic team! Enjoy the benefits of a great schedule, case overrun pay and being a part of the fastest growing health system in Rochester, NY. 1 to 2 years of critical care experience required. Apply today!
Visited brod Ricky at Hera General Hospital Makkah with his brother Boyet.
Thank you all for your continued support. Jason is still critically Ill in the ICU at Mass General hospital in Boston. We are not able to take any Photography at this time.
Thank you Massachusetts General Hospital you saved my life but I'm sick & tired of being here...missing reality!
STROUD General Hospital has been given a clean bill of health by inspectors working for the Care Quality Commission (CQC) watchdog.
General Hospital's William deVry is removing his mafia kingpin hat and replacing it with a navel officer's uniform. The hunky actor will appear on CBS monster hit NCIS on Jan. 7.
At general hospital in thompson 7 15 app. So *** early! Suppose to fast but bischi had half a cup of coffee. I wonder if that will matter? Lol
Just met Olivia Falconeri from General Hospital! Lisa LoCicero is such a sweet lady! She took time to talk with our contestants and take photos!! On our way to LA!!
In the waiting room at the general hospital
Today we visited Launceston General Hospital where we met with the play therapist Tash to give her some gifts for the children who receive treatment there. Thankfully there are not enough kids treated there to require a dedicated oncology ward but they do treat a number of kids, so we left a box and a few bags of gifts to be distributed when they come in for Chemotherapy, illness or procedures. We did meet three very special little children who were in LGH today and we were honoured to be able to take a few moments to give them gifts. One little girl had just come back from a procedure, we gave her peppa pig playing cards and some nail polish, her ear to ear smile was so uplifting. The children, their parents and the staff at the hospital where very grateful. Your donations of gifts which we are honoured to distribute to these beautiful children, really does help give them happy moments in between the tough times.
Burnley General Hospital has been told it needs to take action to *** and monitor the quality of its service provision more effectively.
Just came back from Forrest General Hospital with my lil man
Finally caught up with General Hospital. Now, it's time to watch some Monday Night Raw!
Kelly Monaco love scene on General Hospital; 1/2, 1/3: Posted by Skorge:
Daytime legend, actor Tristan Rogers, has played Robert Scorpio on ABC's "General Hospital" for several decades and most recently returned to Port Charles. He joins us as we chat about his thoughts on daytime currently, plus his fans call in to speak to their favorite.
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