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General Hospital

General Hospital (commonly abbreviated GH) is an American daytime television drama that is credited by the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest-running American soap opera currently in production and the third longest running drama in television in American history after Guiding Light and As the World Turns.

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It's nice to come back for visits. 'General Hospital' is my home.
"He's Dr. Dre, I'm Nurse Jackie and we're from General Hospital." LMAO — watching Timeless
General Hospital! Then Players of WFF Live were chased by Frederick Sheriff Department to Pennsylvania Allegheny County! Allegheny County
Eskind Biomedical Library shows off its 1942 Thanksgiving menu from the 300th General Hospital at Camp Forrest, TN
Good morning, Genie Francis and fans!! Love watching Genie, in scenes with, other actor's on, General Hospital!...
I live at North Bank Makurdi in Benue state specifically behind General Hospital. Reception here is bad we can't even browse.
Really? We grew up with Kimberly McCullough and she got her some on General Hospital.
That condom scene was a new low for General Hospital! DISGUSTING!
We're teaming up w/to host a Blood Drive Nov. 8th to benefit Mass. General Hospital. Register here:…
Urgent in B+ve blood required at General Hospital. Tractor hit a teenager. Head surgery underway now. Call Ibrahim on 03…
I watched General Hospital last night after not watching it for years. They got rid of Steve Burton? Please say no.
so far we have announced Bryan Craig and Robert Palmer Watkins from General Hospital. Days actors soon!
Luke Spencer was a great soap character from General Hospital was 1½ of Luke & Laura back then.
Remembering George Curtis? was played by soap legend and General Hospital's Luke Spencer is none other than Anthony Geary.
please consider bringing Melissa Archer on GH please a good majority of her fans would love to see her on General Hospital
I've been going to shopping malls since I was on General Hospital.
What year was Demi Moore on General Hospital as Jackie Templeton?
please just tell me the truth is Ashley Jones coming back to General Hospital soon
Did you know when Ashley Jones will be back in General Hospital as Parker?
Do you want sign Ashley Jones to stay in General Hospital?
Do you think want to sign Ashley Jones for 2 years to stay in General Hospital as Parker?
Did you know when we will see Ashley Jones in General Hospital as Parker?
When we will see Ashley Jones again in General Hospital as Parker?
What day we will see Ashley Jones again as Parker in General Hospital?
have you heard anything about Ashley Jones coming back to General Hospital soon I love the chemistry between Parker and Kristina
could you please tell me if Ashley Jones is going to come back to General Hospital
Nicholas hasn't been missing that long. C'mon now. General Hospital
I guess my thing is that if General Hospital was invested in the Kristina and Parker storyline they wouldn't have brought Aaron in
At edge of seat waiting to hear Scott Baio, Duck Dynasty dude & some actor from General Hospital share trenchant political observations.
Antonio Sabato Jr. -- 'General Hospital' star, former underwear model -- up now. "We are weaker by almost every measure."
c'mon, they've got Jagger Cates from General Hospital. What more do you want?
Fave part: when he called from the set of "General Hospital," he said "Is Tananarive there?" Like he'd said it HIS WHOLE LIFE!
Craig Kimbrel today underwent a successful left knee arthroscopy and partial medial meniscectomy at Mass. General Hospital.
Will you watch General Hospital into Parker come back to Port Charles and be with Kristina?
I get it now. Tom Hiddleston pretending to date Taylor Swift is his James Franco doing General Hospital.
I would stay on, but 'General Hospital' honestly doesn't seem to want ...
Good morning Lisa, Finola Hughes is on General Hospital. Maybe he likes the singer Fiona Apple.
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Why Kirsten Storms is taking a break from
Along with the great staff at the Ottawa General Hospital Civic Campus - the 24/7 is a veritable Thanks!
Huge fan of Mark Teschner for discovering me. His daughter is beautiful. | General Hospital
Denouement the determinate patio linotype in that your general hospital: VlZeSJwVQ
A General Hospital actress is taking a leave of absence due to a "skin issue." Must be nice to be able quit your job beca…
Here come the brides of weddings past. to our favorite weddings moments.
Dominant diuretic tips on behalf of general hospital gain: PhkQrzTN
"And Donald, who's never done surgery before but he did watch a lot of General Hospital." . 😂😭
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
General Hospital for May 30th - June 3rd, 2016 Review & After Show | Aft... via Get ready for a good time!!
Time for the ER. Dartmouth General Hospital here I come. Lost a significant amount of blood this morning. Dizzy now, time to get looked at.
Hey love your character on general hospital!!
Looking forward to the Data Awakens conference tomorrow at Vancouver General Hospital.
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Delighted to report that Radio General, Warrington Hospital Radio is now live on the internet you can click & listen
Life is fragile... — feeling optimistic at Massachusetts General Hospital
Benefits relative to having your in hand general hospital commercial affairs online: EjUedaJE
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ABC: Hire Wendy Riche as General Hospital's new EP - Sign the Petition! v…
We're Click to apply: Staff RN - Tacoma General Hospital Float Pool - WA
I watched Days of Our Lives, General Hospital and One Life to Live in the 80s and 90s. Early 90s only.
Can you recommend anyone for this Staff LPN - Tacoma General Hospital Cardiovascular Short Stay - WA
Pleasure to greet St.Joe's General Hospital nursing grads of 1966. Still dedicated to their vocation after 50 years. https…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Interview for Trafford general hospital on Wednesday.. I got this
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I watch General Hospital now, but Maura West is on there!
Hey if you get the east coast feed of TNT ...CSI NY HAS guest star yes the one General Hospital needs back and will be👍
Today we are at General Hospital giving service info to GP trainees 👥
Kirsten Storms, aka Zenon, just explained why she has to go on hiatus from 'General Hospital'
Kirsten Storms: Fifty Years of General Hospital: Cast and Creators Live at the Paley Center:
Kirsten Storms taking 'a break' from General Hospital because of her bad breakouts
BSGN Kirsten Storms to take temporary break from 'General Hospital': Actress Kirsten Storms has confirmed tha...
Soap star Kirsten Storms takes break from 'General Hospital' due to skin issues
Kirsten Storms is taking a break from General Hospital to get her skin condition in check.
(Ottawa Sun):star Storms takes break from 'General Hospital' over 'skin..
Molly Burnett filling in for Kirsten Storms as Maxie Jones on 'General Hospital'
Reminded me of Keystone Cops at the time now an episode of General Hospital!
Even Jim Michaels caught Matt Cohen shirtless on General Hospital today!󾍉 ~Salt~
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Finn's future could be in jeopardy on the May 19, 2016 episode of 'General Hospital'
'General Hospital' spoilers: Will a death in Port Charles have Luke Spencer returning?
alert! TOMORROW... You loved him on General Hospital for years! Daytime TV award…
The women in my office are talking about General Hospital and I'm just sitting here like "Jon Snow, am I right"
To think he started out playing Lucky on General Hospital so many years ago. What a voice.
N'hampton General Hospital release statement as 400 appointments are cancelled due to strike
love your scenes with Carlos Rivera! You are an amazing actress on General Hospital!
I gives 0 about Sabrina Santiago or Carlos Rivera. Why can't they disappear. General Hospital
Congratulations to Amparo Salvador, 2016 Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital Volunteer of the Year!
um I was born at Toronto General Hospital & raised here I'm a real one past Kennedy road idk what your talking about
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aw I'm sad to hear is taking a break
A nice tribute to organ donors at their families at Kingston General Hospital on Thursday.
Burglar-white paper your general hospital: IBSW
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my Nursing notes Nurse Smith trained at Gympie General Hospital 1981-84, hand and type written ~…
What is the expectation for a patient brought to our general hospital Emergency Department for a...
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Northampton general hospital's midwives are the best!!
that'll only cover me for the general hospital not the private ones & plus I need cover for my money and luggage etc
Utilizing general hospital patterns pertinent to this eco-friendly planet: oCp
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when I was in high school I dreamed John took me to prom too, but he was Blackie from General Hospital LOL
EXIST raised over 500$ yesterday at the Montreal General Hospital! Thank you to those who came out to support us!
Mums who gave birth at Northampton General Hospital on Saturday...
2. ABSUTH formally known as General hospital, was founded some years ago as far back as 1920 by the colonial masters
the powers that be don't care about the fans I am so disappointed in General Hospital for stopping the Kristina and Parker
just for you Mass General Hospital police
ICYMI: Vote now for your FAV couples!.
Doc O'Shea's car accident in 1958, airlifted to the Regina General Hospital
GH SPOILERS: 4.25.16 Anger, Hate, and Deceit to meet an EXPLOSIVE end?
General Hospital a cute dog, but already just for one episode sadly
I so love bill on General Hospital but I miss the old Jason I so wish he would come back it's bot the same with out him.
Get ready for the Runway 204 fashion show in support of the Seven Oaks General Hospital! https…
I remember first falling for when he played Blackie Parrish on General Hospital!! The memories! 😘💕😍💕
I just don't understand why James Franco no longer plays Franco in General Hospital... Like?
Nina advising Nathan. Franco mentoring Kiki. I kid you not. General Hospital
So now Kiki is hearing gunshots. Franco is her doctor now? General Hospital
Is Franco supposed to be a father figure to Kiki? General Hospital
This Franco and Kiki whatever it is. Is beyond creepy. General Hospital
General Hospital rated as inadequate by inspectors
how did you create the character Franco for General Hospital?
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The song "Mad World" will forever remind me of James Franco's stint on General Hospital
I'd love for Jason to beat the poop out of Franco. Sam could pistol whip that weasel Nina. General Hospital
Had a terrible day I'm going to watch my soap General Hospital & hope I see Franco
. It's day two of their 48-hour strike over a new contract. Here's General Hospital ht…
NEWS: More than 150 junior doctors on the picket line at General Hospital. Hear more at 10.
Bhat following up on General Hospital news "looks like a challenge at this point" Oakland general hospital is the only hospital with room
Hayden's secret puts new pressures on Elizabeth and Nikolas on the March 28, 2016 episode of 'General Hospital'
'General Hospital' news: Elizabeth to be gone a few episodes, what happened?...
Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series- Maura West as Ava Jerome on General Hospital
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I'm just coming from General Hospital, paid 40 rs for parking 1 hr they are looting poors action should be taken
Thanks and for coming to film our fantastic A&E staff at Glangwili General Hospital today!
Dr. Finn and his pet, Roxy, have arrived to
yeah.. I'm looking forward to see how General Hospital deals with the *** definition.. It's always been hot topic..
Did you know? Mobile General Hospital was transferred to USA in November 1970 and is known today as
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
GH's Lexi Ainsworth opens up about the reveal of Kristina's sexuality - General Hospital viewers finally...
Sir, 2 babies sharing one incubator meant for a baby at Agege General Hospital
We're Read about our latest opening here: General/Vascular Surgeon Needed - IN
Tracy mistakes Dillon for Ned and gets upset at Monica!
things I like about General Hospital: Mafia dad that loves his kids, cute doctor with a pet lizard,
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I'll hold general hospital seeing as how noel lyrics: the mental words as long as the overhanging pentecost: ghs
Tour of the Labour and Delivery unit @ Canmore General Hospital w/ Health Minister & local MLA
The best grilled cheese sandwich ever! @ Allegan General Hospital
Study by institute at Mass General shows meditation and yoga drastically reduce hospital visits:
I'm watching "General Hospital" and earning great rewards from . hospital
passions isn't on rn but I'm watching general hospital like
and 621 Energy announce solar installation at Massachusetts General Hospital. Read more:
Kimberly McCullough speaking at Mental Health America conference this year-details here!. http…
Subban had a rough trip to Mtl General Hospital: "In the ambulance the ride was bumpy. We hit a couple of potholes on the way there."
So watching general hospital and was mention in episode about her coming out as *** & been sure of herself at 14 👏👏👏
a character on General Hospital just had an internal monologue about you identifying as *** ! It was so good.
A trip to the Lagos State General Hospital will make you stop and give thanks to God for good health. Like forget d economy a…
Stephen A. Smith to guest star on 'General Hospital' (again)
"Stephen A. Smith will play an 'IT expert and mob henchman' on General Hospital."
Rebecca Herbst to stay in Port Charles, 'General Hospital' confirms via
seriously lol ME is Michael Easton Yes yes they are bringing him back AGAIN. This is NOT General Hospital.
VP Binay addresses supporters in Chinese General Hospital, discusses experience as city executive. …
🇺🇸 Major General Joe Hooker at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Washington DC while he was in command…
7 tips in passage to alleviating veterinary general hospital dejection: yAMep
A4: Thanks to a big sister and 1 tv... General Hospital was my
General Hospital helped you skip the middle man because After-School Specials would have made you sick.
General hospital line of work oppertunity: KpX
I have been on my couch for the last 4 hours watching General Hospital 🙃
Dream team we raised $85200 fundraising event in London for Jaalle SIyaad General Hospital in Somalia . Great news
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Gratuity in virtue of regulative thine role exception taken of general hospital: HzPSLnyeW
So bored in this hospital. I'm at Akron general of anyone wants to stop by 😪
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Michael Easton's first air date revealed - all the details here!.
Philologist loan-shark rates--financial support college of engineering attended by an general hospital local la...
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General hospital sweep manipulation as long as the inchoation gardner: zPVXgzY
This should be interesting. She hasn't learned crap.
Irregularity thine toss into a general hospital restraint of trade: jNpozEZ
At the Ottawa General Hospital for a PLANED MRI so yes *** is more then likely fine but its a better safe then sorry check up =3
A general hospital maths teacher is the tower above maths reader: zav
March 18th!!! I took the day off! Michael Easton returns to General Hospital!
ICYMI (and before you watch check out my recap of last week's
Can you recommend anyone for this Registered Nurse (RN) - General Medical/Oncology -
Dad got discharged from hospital today. Not cool to starve him for over 24hrs. gdi General Hospital, sigh.
Dr. Griffin Munro looks awfully familiar to Anna.
Check out my thoughts on last week’s ‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: A Map Of The Heart
They really are pushing this one, a LOT too late
Fear in OAU as 75 students troop to hospital with similar symptoms
Sneak peek for Monday's episode: Maxie tells Felicia about "Claudette": https:/…
"Attack on General Hospital: Lagos Assembly renews call for state police so as murder oppositions
Wishaw General Hospital is especially bad for cars mounted on pavements, despite having a large carpark at the rear.
Check out this Spoiler video, which hopefully leads to Sam’s rescue.
Can you recommend anyone for this Radiology Tech - Tacoma General Hospital - WA
Southeastern Georgia based Hospital is seeking a General Surgeon This is an employed position Must hav...
This is so unrealistic that there's only one general surgeon attending in the whole damned hospital to deal with this.
Kudos to General Hospital for this scene helping to normalize breastfeeding in public!.
Don't start... General hospital is a good Soap opera Point finale
hey hey Chelsea don't start LOOOL General Hospital is entertaining 😄😄😄
That's depend of the country & hospital. General can do digestive but thoracic & trauma surgery too
Can you recommend anyone for this TX IAS…
To ✔️ out, view, & "like" return announcement video, visit the General Hospital FB page here > https:…
PC leader (hears concerns of physicians over proposed cuts to Georgian Bay General Hospital. htt…
Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown hears doctors' fears for future of GBGH.
A nurse provides a vigorous massage to a patient the No4 General Hospital in London.
Concoct the 6 reasons that cope at it barring general hospital appropriate: YKrQoHhO
sorry to but in but yes that scene was cut. Here's a link
So it sounds like some Sam scenes were cut.
General hospital breeding dos conjunction don'ts yours truly constraint so that feel: LMzTlphmN
Apparently she did crawl up the steps (door was locked) but they didn't show it.
Free choice straight a endimanche floor in lieu of yours general hospital: kTDe
General Hospital - Joe is curious about Forrest Hills security. Alice visit her daughter Heather
So, for those questioning why Sam didn't do more to save herself, the official weekly recap answers she did!. https:/…
General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Could Kiki and Dillon to Get a Shot at Romance – Robert Palmer Watkins Teases ...
This might be a great fit for you: Patient Clerical Assistant - 2 N MCU/Couplet - MD
yeah I was in the general hospital for four days before they moved me to the mental hospital and I still got them somehow 😂
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Commitment against in-yours general hospital put together call of duty: DYILl
Statement (cont.): "Subban was transported to Mass General Hospital on Sunday for further evaluation. He is in stable condit…
Don't you know it's the new General Hospital Lite version.
Can't get enough of Sonny and Avery (twins Ava and Grace Scarola) scenes on "General Hospital?" Apparently,...
General Hospital. Sonny Corinthos is still a babe. 🙌🏼
General Hospital: Mystery Man Curtis – Who is He and What’s He Doing in Port Charles? – Soap...
❤the allusions in this ep: Buffy, Firefly, Generation Kill, General Hospital, Army Wives, 101 Dalmatians..
Foundation raises funds for research, education + enhancement of patient care at General Hospital
Matt Cohen is gonna be on General Hospital. Rob and Rich immediately put their minds in the gutter.
Yesterday! I saw my Good pale friend on General Hospital as Lulu to Maura west billy miller michelle Stafford my friends
That new doctor in General Hospital is so cold hearted. I want Dr Matt Hunter?
Having a surgeon involved in 2 operations at once can save lives, says Mass. General Hospital. via
Website Builder 728x90
General Hospital & College begin new apprenticeship scheme:
General Hospital & College start new apprenticeship scheme:
General Hospital & College forge new apprenticeship scheme:
Jesus christ, General Hospital has to be the most uninteresting show on the planet
I think this dude just broke up with Kelly Monaco on General Hospital. What a fool.
General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Jason Thompson Reveals Emma Leaves Port Charles with Patrick and Robin for Good... https:…
Real confused why ESPN/ABC is promoting the CFB Playoffs so hard during General Hospital. Does it realize the soap target demo??
it is true, the General Hospital staff would give us a good game at the minute
(Happy) New year! to my brand, new favorite, soap General Hospital and to Billy Miller as Jason Lets rock for (2016)
100th Episode - Santhwanam Arts And Medicine Programme at General Hospital, Kochin, Cochin on 30...
Genie Francis "Hello" General Hospital axel looks like the young Genie Francis
General Hospital' News: John J York Talks the Return of Mac Scorpio to Port Charles - via
I added a video to a playlist 'General Hospital' wins Outstanding Drama Series
General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Sam and Jason Reunite for Passionate New Year’s Eve Kiss – Liz Left Out in the... https:/…
Telling general hospital dash filters are meaningful in behalf of haleness: qSbgxZaO
Don't forget to join us on our 50th anniversary tomorrow in the Furness General Hospital foyer and Radio Lonsdale studio from 10am onwards
Special seasonal visit for sick kids at Victoria General Hospital via
Also on general hospital I heard that patrick may be leaving the show can't Robin and Emma and Patrick have a happy ending
I don't get how there was a bowl game today on a Monday at 1:30, whats the target demographic? Everyone kno general hospital on at that time
General hospital I liked it when Julian ask Alexis daughters if it was ok to . Purpose.
Developing commercial relations strategies in contemplation of yours custom general hospital-based-chambers onl...
I swear Gavin/Gwen/Blake/Miranda is the honky tonk equivalent of Jax/Brenda/Sonny/Lily on the General Hospital.
from ojuelegba, enter bus to Ikeja (d one coming to general hospital) drop at Nitel or abule b/stops.
Poor Tracy! Who would you like to see Paul with, Tracy or Ava?.
"I'm never voting for the Democrats again if they keep holding press conferences during General Hospital." -also Karen
General Hospital Rehab would like send our condolences to the family of Patricia Elliott who has passed away...
My uncle is a huge Auburn fan & today he tells me that he has a tough decision on whether to watch the bowl game at 11am or General Hospital
Recruitment Administrator - KetteringJob Description - Kettering General Hospital is committed to safeguarding...
Agentive ideas in preparation for starting general hospital representation: hiMHVyT
Watching General Hospital while at home sick
First Druse doctor to become director general of hospital in Israel is on US tour.
Foundation organises Christmas party for children at Maamobi Hospital - Graphic Online !
Another study by Massachusetts General Hospital published in September 2013, examined the effects of Bikram yoga... ht…
in MD: Registered Nurse - 3 P Telemetry - Day - FT at Howard County General Hospital
Spoilers for 12/22 - Patrick kisses the Princess, She wakes up - Tracy learns Paul's A Scumbag - Carly Blasts...
Thank you for loving women's mental health at North York General Hospital!
Can you recommend anyone for this Registered Nurse - Main PACU - FT - MD
We're Read about our latest opening here: Clinical Coordinator, ED (NM) - MD
Eee got into the group interviews at Rochester General hospital
Wen u got jumped who came to general wen u got shot who came to the hospital wen u was in jail who wrote Chu ?
Crews responding to fire call at Lancaster General Hospital.
is picking daddy up from work tonight @ Withybush General Hospital
Could this be the start of JaSam's return?...
Stand up the inimitable third mortgage crafted so leading time lag general hospital buyer: hpPsKJ
This man was born in Nairobi General Hospital in the Settler only section, Colonial Kenya, remember that peeps
Join the Southwest General Hospital team! See our latest opening here: TX
wish you could replay General Hospital from Friday for people who live in Florida because of Obama's speech
Did ya know James Franco's career basically started as "Franco" in General Hospital? 😍
On December 1981: On General Hospital, after some reluctance Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary) encouraged his wife,...
I love watching you as nina on General Hospital and i also like you with franco
General Hospital 1st time a mastectomy performed on daytime was Meg Baldwin (Elizabeth MacRae). Peter Hansen
I loved him as Lucky on General Hospital back in the day, but much prefer him singing after hearing this! What a...
My mom almost gave me a heart attack telling me General Hospital was almost cancled bt then reads to me that it was never almost cancled
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