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General Hospital

General Hospital (commonly abbreviated GH) is an American daytime television drama that is credited by the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest-running American soap opera currently in production and the third longest running drama in television in American history after Guiding Light and As the World Turns.

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I promised my auntie Karen that I would watch General Hospital today. IDK Auntie Karen.thinking about
Disabled girl collecting General Hospital celebrity autograph pictures already have 37. Can I get one of u?
I watch General Hospital like everyday in my lonely *** life and I have no regrets. Kristina Davis is the love of my life
Not sure if our bartender is Nick Nolte, Josh Brolin, Jeff Bridges, or Blake Gibbons from General Hospital.
Stop ruining General Hospital with this dumb twin storyline. Steve…
My favorite is Rebecca Herbst from General Hospital she would also do on Dancing With The Stars like Cat Deeley she's been…
TODAY @ 4:10 PM: Dr. Vasdev of Mass. General Hospital will present “Carbon-11 and Fluorine-18 Radiochemistry for Me…
Meet the amazing team at General Hospital-
Would you like to see the operating theatres at General Hospital? There's an open day tomorrow.…
this weekend is the at General Hospital great fun for…
verdict: At least 70 ppl injured in violent protests in Panchkula, admitted in Sec 6 General Hospital.
Genie Francis Returning to General Hospital. Did you guys know she'd even left?
*** It took 2yrs for to report the news 😂😂 Genie Francis Returning to General Hospital
Well at least there is a good view from st marys @ St. Mary's General Hospital
Good for Richard Simmons! I'm old enough to remember when he was on General Hospital in the early 80s... 1/2
Yup, that's it. Joe Kelly from General Hospital and Billie from Lou Grant. Even so it was rather average outside JLD
Kerala Government Medical Officers' Association condemned the attack against its secretary K A Raoof at Manjeri government General Hospital.
So over Nina! It's like she is "General Hospital" *** This is sooo wrong. Can she be instutionalized again, please
'General Hospital' star Kristina Wagner shows off bikini body at age 54 |
Been sat in parking queue for 45 minutes plus at SOUTHAMPTON General Hospital .
If you become iill and are parenting, check PACT, Parenting at a Challenging Time, run thru Mass. General Hospital or write me via Fb.
Good morning,Genie Francis and fans!! We really need to see more of these three on General Hospital!!☺️ Have a...
Mass. General Hospital launches phase II trial of
It's embarrassing that after a mass shooting in SF the whole world thinks we call SF General Hospital the "Zuckerberg" General Hospital.
I know Avery as the original Lucky Spencer on General Hospital lol. That's all I see when I see him on
SMASHville General Hospital and are ready for game 4 of THANK YOU
I explain why the General Hospital/ Incyte partnership is problematic. LISTEN HERE cc https…
I am very disappointed in John Stamos for not returning to General Hospital for its 50th Anniversary
Theatre Bizarre Orchestra, Leonard Maltin, General Hospital and more in today's Arts section
This reminds me a lot of that Prospect Park lawsuit against General Hospital for GH using the real Todd Manning character/actor.
I heard that Maurice Bernard from General Hospital fame will be signing autographs at the PNE this year.
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Frisco Jones is the character Back Wagner played on General Hospital
A sign that Vincent Irizarry (and Dr. David Hayward)could be making his way to General Hospital? I'd love that! https:…
General Hospital for making the great Frisco Jones into a deadbeat dad. 😔😏
Last game of season when we stayed up. Mass brawl in General Hospital car park. Luckily only yds from A&E 😂
8 April, 1963: Morning: John Charles Julian Lennon is born at the General Hospital, Sefton, Liverpool. h…
(Global News):to provide baby hugging services at General Hospital : Babies in need of..
Tucked in one of the books was this helpful pamphlet for the new General Hospital (architect's conceptio…
star airlifted to General Hospital via
Good morning, Genie Francis and fans! Be sure no, to miss today's episode of General Hospital, with Kevin and...
Proposed tower raises fears of displacement of residents near General Hospital
Ex-Florida State Seminoles star Myron Rolle to begin residency at Harvard Medical School and Mass. General Hospital
Despite the Award, No single General Hospital or Primary Health Centre between Mowe to Wawa, may be not part of Ogun state.
Been a long standing fan since he was Blackie Parrish on General Hospital. I'm close to John's age too!! 😍❤️
It's "back to quare one" week on General Hospital, between art therapy and Lucy Coe.
Good morning, Genie Francis and fans! Make sure not, to miss another, exciting episode of, General Hospital with...
I loved Kevin Collins as a villain on Port Charles. Writers underutilize Jon Lindstrom and Lynn Herring's talents on General Hospital.
Used to watch this after General Hospital every day. RIP
Thank you General Hospital - Neurosciences Dept for attending an in-service presentation to learn about…
Stunning over the mountains from Mom's room at General Hospital. Wish she…
World-leading surgeons to get world-leading operating rooms at General Hospital,
Enhancing surgical capacity at General Hospital for today & future generations,
is this how? I nominate Franco and Elizabeth from General Hospital for
One of our most read stories today is General Hospital earning a coveted good rating in record time:…
The actor who plays Dillon Quartermaine on General Hospital just liked one of my Instagram pics from Fort Sill. Carry on
"Any death on the waiting list is unacceptable" - Dr. Leslie Lilley (Toronto General Hospital) addressing the OSU H…
A young woman w/ cystic fibrosis has survived 6 days without lungs at General Hospital. A world 1st.…
Is Ingo Rademacher returning to 'General Hospital' as Jax Jacks full-time? Stay or Go
General Hospital ok, you don't want to give us core GH families how about Brian and Claudia phillips twin girls. https:/…
spoilers for General Hospital episodes Mon Jan 16 - Thurs Jan 19 (no show on Fri Jan 20)
Gunfire breaks out near General Hospital, one person wounded, report
I'm not sure if San Franciscans know how lucky we are to have SF General Hospital & this piece captures it well: https:/…
For all my fellow hockey fans. Greg Vaughan and Jason Thompson on set of General Hospital with…
Barbara Tarbuck, stage actress and 'General Hospital's' Jane Jacks, dies at 74
Barbara Tarbuck, Mother Superior of Asylum died on December 26 at age 74. Tarbuck was also known for work on ABC's General Hospital.
ICYMI: 'AHS: Asylum' and 'General Hospital' actress Barbara Tarbuck dies at 74
Barbara Tarbuck of General Hospital dead at 74 -
"General Hospital" actress Barbara Tarbuck has passed away at 74.
We miss you Barbara ! . 'General Hospital' and 'AHS' Actress Barbara Tarbuck Dies at 74 via
Barbara Tarbuck, best known for her long-running role as Lady Jane Jacks in ” General Hospital,” died of...
Barbara Tarbuck Dead: 'General Hospital' Dies at 74 -Besides all the celebrities there has been 2 many this year.
Barbara Tarbuck of 'General Hospital' dies at 74 - Tarbuck's films included "Big Trouble" (1986) from director ...
General Hospital star has sadly died aged 74 after suffering from Creut…
Barbara Tarbuck, actress on 'General Hospital' and 'American Horror Story,' dies at 74
"General Hospital" and "American Horror Story" actress Barbara Tarbuck has died at 74
Barbara Tarbuck of 'General Hospital' and 'American Horror Story' dies via - rest wi…
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Barbara Tarbuck, an actress who played Jane Jacks on 'General Hospital' has died. She was 74.
Tarbuck appeared in ABC's "General Hospital" from 1996 to 2010, playing the Australian billionaire Lady Jane.
Now Barbara Tarbuck has died as well, she was 74 and portrayed Lady Jane Jacks on General Hospital.
General Hospital and AHS actress Barbara Tarbuck dies at 74 - Entertainment Weekly
What it dies if Barbara Tarbuck names General Hospital a currency manipulator
Actress Barbara Tarbuck, of General Hospital and fame, has died at age 74
An icon in our theatre company. You will be so missed. Barbara Tarbuck, 'GH' & 'AHS' Actress, Dies at 74 Barbara Tarbuck of 'General Hospital' dies at 74 - Myrtle Beach Sun News
Actress Barbara Tarbuck who played Jane Jacks on ``General Hospital'' and Mother Superior Claudia on ``American Horror Story" has died.
Barbara Tarbuck of General Hospital fame has died- I knew her as Maj. Judy "Parallel" Parker from the 8063 on MASH
Barbara Tarbuck, longtime "General Hospital" actress, dead at 74, here's the story:
RIP Barbara Tarbuck of fame. A tour de force in STILL LIFE Inspiring!
and actress Barbara Tarbuck has sadly passed away:
Barbara Tarbuck, and actress, dies at 74
It's nice to come back for visits. 'General Hospital' is my home.
"He's Dr. Dre, I'm Nurse Jackie and we're from General Hospital." LMAO — watching Timeless
General Hospital! Then Players of WFF Live were chased by Frederick Sheriff Department to Pennsylvania Allegheny County! Allegheny County
Eskind Biomedical Library shows off its 1942 Thanksgiving menu from the 300th General Hospital at Camp Forrest, TN
Good morning, Genie Francis and fans!! Love watching Genie, in scenes with, other actor's on, General Hospital!...
I live at North Bank Makurdi in Benue state specifically behind General Hospital. Reception here is bad we can't even browse.
Really? We grew up with Kimberly McCullough and she got her some on General Hospital.
That condom scene was a new low for General Hospital! DISGUSTING!
We're teaming up w/to host a Blood Drive Nov. 8th to benefit Mass. General Hospital. Register here:…
Urgent in B+ve blood required at General Hospital. Tractor hit a teenager. Head surgery underway now. Call Ibrahim on 03…
I watched General Hospital last night after not watching it for years. They got rid of Steve Burton? Please say no.
so far we have announced Bryan Craig and Robert Palmer Watkins from General Hospital. Days actors soon!
Luke Spencer was a great soap character from General Hospital was 1½ of Luke & Laura back then.
Remembering George Curtis? was played by soap legend and General Hospital's Luke Spencer is none other than Anthony Geary.
please consider bringing Melissa Archer on GH please a good majority of her fans would love to see her on General Hospital
I've been going to shopping malls since I was on General Hospital.
What year was Demi Moore on General Hospital as Jackie Templeton?
please just tell me the truth is Ashley Jones coming back to General Hospital soon
Did you know when Ashley Jones will be back in General Hospital as Parker?
Do you want sign Ashley Jones to stay in General Hospital?
Do you think want to sign Ashley Jones for 2 years to stay in General Hospital as Parker?
Did you know when we will see Ashley Jones in General Hospital as Parker?
When we will see Ashley Jones again in General Hospital as Parker?
What day we will see Ashley Jones again as Parker in General Hospital?
have you heard anything about Ashley Jones coming back to General Hospital soon I love the chemistry between Parker and Kristina
could you please tell me if Ashley Jones is going to come back to General Hospital
Nicholas hasn't been missing that long. C'mon now. General Hospital
I guess my thing is that if General Hospital was invested in the Kristina and Parker storyline they wouldn't have brought Aaron in
At edge of seat waiting to hear Scott Baio, Duck Dynasty dude & some actor from General Hospital share trenchant political observations.
Antonio Sabato Jr. -- 'General Hospital' star, former underwear model -- up now. "We are weaker by almost every measure."
c'mon, they've got Jagger Cates from General Hospital. What more do you want?
Fave part: when he called from the set of "General Hospital," he said "Is Tananarive there?" Like he'd said it HIS WHOLE LIFE!
Craig Kimbrel today underwent a successful left knee arthroscopy and partial medial meniscectomy at Mass. General Hospital.
Will you watch General Hospital into Parker come back to Port Charles and be with Kristina?
I get it now. Tom Hiddleston pretending to date Taylor Swift is his James Franco doing General Hospital.
I would stay on, but 'General Hospital' honestly doesn't seem to want ...
Good morning Lisa, Finola Hughes is on General Hospital. Maybe he likes the singer Fiona Apple.
We're Read about our latest opening here: RN - Psychiatric Intake- Full Time-Days - TX
Why Kirsten Storms is taking a break from
Along with the great staff at the Ottawa General Hospital Civic Campus - the 24/7 is a veritable Thanks!
Huge fan of Mark Teschner for discovering me. His daughter is beautiful. | General Hospital
Denouement the determinate patio linotype in that your general hospital: VlZeSJwVQ
A General Hospital actress is taking a leave of absence due to a "skin issue." Must be nice to be able quit your job beca…
Here come the brides of weddings past. to our favorite weddings moments.
Dominant diuretic tips on behalf of general hospital gain: PhkQrzTN
"And Donald, who's never done surgery before but he did watch a lot of General Hospital." . 😂😭
General Hospital for May 30th - June 3rd, 2016 Review & After Show | Aft... via Get ready for a good time!!
Time for the ER. Dartmouth General Hospital here I come. Lost a significant amount of blood this morning. Dizzy now, time to get looked at.
Hey love your character on general hospital!!
Looking forward to the Data Awakens conference tomorrow at Vancouver General Hospital.
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This might be a great fit for you: Registered Nurse - CNCU - On call - Varied - CA
Delighted to report that Radio General, Warrington Hospital Radio is now live on the internet you can click & listen
Life is fragile... — feeling optimistic at Massachusetts General Hospital
Benefits relative to having your in hand general hospital commercial affairs online: EjUedaJE
See our latest WA and click to apply: Bed Capacity Coordinator - Tacoma General Hospital -
ABC: Hire Wendy Riche as General Hospital's new EP - Sign the Petition! v…
We're Click to apply: Staff RN - Tacoma General Hospital Float Pool - WA
I watched Days of Our Lives, General Hospital and One Life to Live in the 80s and 90s. Early 90s only.
Can you recommend anyone for this Staff LPN - Tacoma General Hospital Cardiovascular Short Stay - WA
Pleasure to greet St.Joe's General Hospital nursing grads of 1966. Still dedicated to their vocation after 50 years. https…
Interview for Trafford general hospital on Wednesday.. I got this
See our latest WA and click to apply: Clinical Director - Tacoma General Hospital ED -
I watch General Hospital now, but Maura West is on there!
Hey if you get the east coast feed of TNT ...CSI NY HAS guest star yes the one General Hospital needs back and will be👍
Today we are at General Hospital giving service info to GP trainees 👥
Kirsten Storms, aka Zenon, just explained why she has to go on hiatus from 'General Hospital'
Kirsten Storms: Fifty Years of General Hospital: Cast and Creators Live at the Paley Center:
Kirsten Storms taking 'a break' from General Hospital because of her bad breakouts
BSGN Kirsten Storms to take temporary break from 'General Hospital': Actress Kirsten Storms has confirmed tha...
Soap star Kirsten Storms takes break from 'General Hospital' due to skin issues
Kirsten Storms is taking a break from General Hospital to get her skin condition in check.
(Ottawa Sun):star Storms takes break from 'General Hospital' over 'skin..
Molly Burnett filling in for Kirsten Storms as Maxie Jones on 'General Hospital'
Reminded me of Keystone Cops at the time now an episode of General Hospital!
Even Jim Michaels caught Matt Cohen shirtless on General Hospital today!󾍉 ~Salt~
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Finn's future could be in jeopardy on the May 19, 2016 episode of 'General Hospital'
'General Hospital' spoilers: Will a death in Port Charles have Luke Spencer returning?
alert! TOMORROW... You loved him on General Hospital for years! Daytime TV award…
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