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General Hamm

Lieutenant General George S. Hammond, USAF (Ret.) is a fictional character in the Stargate franchise. Played by Don S.

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Imagine crying on television because your school isn't named after a confederate general any longer
The idea of gravitational waves emerged from Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity
"The downside is that teachers, in general, are pretty under-respected and underpaid."
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You're right & They definitely don't - I just mean banning guns in general like a lot of people are accusing liberals of wanting
Sending this to Mr. Stafford on general principle.
.I have an occasional Hamm's, but in general I don't drink beer.
hmmm...So was this was "education" through general enlightenment and socialization? The theory of Hamm
We still need to know who issued the stand down order and who arrested General Hamm when he chose to defy the order.
General Hamm said he was told to stand down. He decided to do something. He was
It won't be General Hamm directing his SpecOps guys to changes clothes 4 times..It'll be a grab your battle rattle gear & go.
.You got General Hamm fired when he tried to rescue Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, & Tyrone Woods
"Donald Trump has tapped into the basic beliefs of the American people!" —Harold Hamm
Didn't this feces face deride and insult General Carter Hamm and David Patraeous?
.Yep the same 1 who didn't bat an eyelash that Hamm was arrested 4 trying 2 save Benghazi lives
Gen. Hamm arrested 4 trying 2 activate special forces,so they weren't
Thats why I just backed down but my general location is now available if he interested in continuing
General Hamm proved that point when he was relieved of Command before he could act. TRUTH WILL DESTROY OBAMA/HILLARY
I don't know if I miss Mad Men or just Jon Hamm's face in general.
Thank you Attorney General Thank you so much!
I wish I had more answers to life in general.
Ima go HAMM during the general election. Knocking on ya door, calling ya phone! Y'all better go vote!!! I'm not playing.
I mean different liq in general. I can't remember what made me sick
Just in general I think all artists should always be pushing themselves to be better. You will never ever be 'the best' a…
OFI Dir. Hamm on Gov's LD1631: "We can spin it any way we want, but these are general fund dollars at stake."
he was Secretary General of CSC until he went off for his PhD to Brunei. He came to know it was my ID during Fahmy's scandal @ CSC
EPRD Exec. Dir. Ellen O'Connor and Marketing Manager Lisa Hamm-Greenawalt at last week's Honoree Celebration.
any reason why Toronto *specifically*? . If you want Canada in general, Windsor is 3 and a half hours away.
General Hamm had special forces 140 miles away. They could have been there in 30 minutes ! the HAG knew This !!
Obama was hands on in Benghazi,,,general hamm was fired moments after he decided to disregard stand down order
DM all general or specific questions
Tomorrow's at RM has been called off.General schedule changes available on
What happened with General Hamm?. Who was on the other side of that phone?
When your convictions are unconventional but put to work, it creates a general upset to the average observer's mind. - Ham…
If there was no stand down orders issued, why was General Hamm relieved of his command that day?.
When General Hamm & the Admiral refused to just let them die & not try, Obama's operatives RELIEVED THEM OF DUTY.
...of details about what actually goes on in the mind of someone with ASD, but rather focused on the general facts from my own...
My proposal is this: in Disney Infinity’s Battle of Hoth, that general should instead be Hamm from Toy Story.
.General Carter Hamm was not only relieved of command but was arrested & forced out of the military !!! A good Man !
General Carter Hamm was about to take forces from Tripoli to Benghazi. He resisted the stand down order & was relieved of command.
Who are shawn differently sarah hamm? general officialdom way in online buying up alias office architecture: bhTU
I'm not even disagreeing with Umar's general premise (deliberate attack), it's just that his reasoning skills are very 1991
who gave the stand down order to General Hamm,,,who relieved him of his command???
Apply now to work for Aramark as Worker - Nike - North Campus - Mia Hamm in
I gotta get outta this state, if for no other reasons than the sake of my womenfolk and general principle.
I'm thinking I may not be the target audience for much of the MCU, or most comics-based movies, in general.
If I doubled text you about anything in general you're special😂
Jon Hamm & Zach Galifianakis' vist, first reported by Fun story:
I know you werent attempting to be insulting to Palestinians in general; I just wanted to share how it came off to me.
I'm not big on the whole puking thing in general.
. CAN'T. He was on the Phone Micromanaging & Making things WORSE!. He ordered General Hamm's ARREST When Hamm refused to Stand Down
ok, glad to hear that, sounds better situation than authors in general, then. Is that writers as well as artists?
How Harold Hamm Made, Lost, and Kept Billions in Oil Wealth Thanks to Oil Prices: via
All I'm going to say regarding boxing in general, Rocky Marciano was also undefeated, nobody considers him the greatest of all time...
To all my people and country folk in general, please watch this.
I think movies in general are more succinct and offer more satisfying endings than comics storylines, which tend to bloat.
I have just been really pleased with life in general. Even the bad things.
Ministers who refused to sign the petition today include: Min of Edu Dr. Aishath Shiham and Attorney General A…
. Which tells us where he was during BenGhazi-General Hamm was demoted on 3 minutes notice-any questions?
To be fair, he also said Stephen Merchant and Jon Hamm look alike so I think he has face blindness in general.
Will there be another chance to listen to the Jon Hamm interview?
There is a general opinion in fandom that we all live in Penthouses eating bonbons avoiding work
I bet U thought.I got relieved of command like General Hamm
Withal foreknowledge an e-mail sent by myself as an alert was intercepted by General Carter Hamm.
. The *** he did. Only guy that could demote General Hamm in that time frame wasn't named Jarret!
Poor communication does not relieve General Hamm of command in the act of responding to the call from Benghazi
Let's talk about BENGHAZI... The email in question came from Ben Rhodes, who is the brother of David Rhodes, who is the President of CBS News. Sharyl Attkison was an investigative journalist working for CBS who was told to cease and desist her investigation into the Benghazi cover up. Her computer was hacked and her phone was tapped... allegedly by the DOJ at the direction of Eric Holder... although that particular investigation has also mysteriously stagnated and turned to dust. She has since left the network because they simply isolated her from any ability to do her job. Jay Carney has said on numerous times that the talking points came from the CIA and that the White House had nothing to do with them. This new information has proven that to be either a) a blatant lie, or b) that the White House Press Secretary is oblivious to what's really going on... either way, it's certainly not what America expects from the White House administration... and is not only unprofessional, but criminal. Oh... and Carne ...
just let the cat out of the bagthat General Hamm is involved. Scare tactics yet again from that ***
Cummings reminds Lovell General Hamm is watching. hearing
Is it true that general Hamm was relieved of duty because he defied orders to stand down and tried to send support?
The Perpetrators of the Coup Against Obama August 10, 2013 Part One detailed how Obama is piling up a bigger body count with his senior command military officers than he is with Taliban forces who are opposed to the CIA’s drug trafficking activities in Afghanistan. This article will detail who are the main players involved in trying to bring down Obama’s presidency. Low Friends In High Places While leading forces in Iraq and in Afghanistan, for CIA director Patraeus had close dealings with AFRICOM commander, General Hamm. As revealed in part one, Hamm was relieved of command and arrested for disobeying orders in trying to launch a rescue mission to save Ambassador Stevens. Come the post-election period, and Patraeus was immediately gone. It now appears very likely that the former CIA director was not on board with the murder of Ambassador Stevens. It is now clear that Patraeus, Hamm and Admiral Gayoutte were all involved in a coup attempt to take Obama down. However, as will be revealed, they did not ...
Article in today's Jackson sun:Blames the attack in Benghazi.On The State Department,intelligence community and lastly The late Ambassador Chis Stevens for failure to communicate and heed warnings.It makes me want to barf,that the administration would try to put some of the blame on The deceased.Obama,Clinton will never be brought to justice for the murder of our Americans.But one thing Obama did accomplish,was the kiss of death for General Hamm's career when he was relieved of his command,for wanting to take our troops in.
Have you seen the transcript of General Hamm, on Benghazi? Now that's Nixon-esque.
BREAKING NEWS: So I'm watching Rachel Maddow (MSNBC) Figuring I'm gonna hear her talking about (what should be the number one news in America right now) After 15 months of investigations General Hamm and Defense Secretary Panetta new within 15 minutes of the Benghazi attack that "YES" it was a TERRORIST ATTACK. The two of them proceeded down the hallway to inform the wannbe Presiden Obama, Sec of State Clinton. So in fact the Four top officials factually knew within ONE HOUR what had just happened... So for the next 7 hrs these top officials that are in complete control of running OUR govt and WHO took an oath to PROTECT AMERICA AND AMERICANS sat on there pathetic *** and watched 4 Americans get slaughtered!!! These people should all lose their jobs and never be able to work in America again. Are these the kind of leaders we want and need in America? What has happened in this world that Govt officials worry more about votes than the do American LIVES! It does not surprise me that Obama sheep know abso ...
I am so ticked I don't know which disgusting Obama story to post on so I will do both and vent about the jack *** in chief! He stated without reservation today as the press looked on during a Cabinet meeting that he, "had a pen," and will use Executive Orders to change Obamacare without any legislative action. We fought the British to free ourselves from this type of tyranny. Our Constitution explicitly prevents this one Branch tyranny which places Obama in direct violation of the Constitution, his oath of office and performing illegal activies as President. He by law should be impeached and removed from office for usurping the Constitution and illegally bypassing Congress to change legislation. But the weak kneed *** in Congress don't even talk about it much less fight against the abuse of office. Now the second vent. Within ONE HOUR of the begining of the TEN HOUR attack on our Consulate in Benghazi, Obama was briefed personally that it was a terrorist attack and informed as to who was suspected as ...
Re: Benghazi: General Curtis Hamm knew the truth, and told to step down re: rescue. He was fire. Follow him in the future.
The difference between how Hillary & Obama responded to Benghazi pleas for help and General Hamm's is remarkable.
General Hamm and Leon Panetta testify that they, and Obama admin, knew Benghazi was a terror attack within 18 min of attack. O still denying
WoW. New released testimony from General Hamm indicates the top generals and Sec. of defense informed Pres. Obama and his staff within 15 minutes of Bengazi attack it was by terrorist. It then can be inferred Obama said it was a film,and supported by Clinton, because the military was not prepared and it would cost him the election. Is this an impeachable offense?
I just saw a live interview with General Hamm, who was one of the major players in the Benghazi situation. Anyone who thinks and says this is not a scandal and it is over hasn't seen the new declassified documents. There's a lot more about this than has been told. I can't wait to finally find out what the king and Hillary new!
It became crystal clear with today's news story that the first order of business in Congress must be to impeach President Barack Obama; other Presidents have been impeached for much less! It was reported today that Obama knew within an hour that the Benghazi murder of Christopher Stevens and navy seals was in fact, a planned, terrorist attack. Yet, in sworn testimony by Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, General Dempsey, and General Hamm, Obama, Clinton, Susan Rice, and Jay Carney willfully perpetuated a fraud on America by repeating over and over that the attack was because of a video. In my opinion, you can now set aside the other Obama scandals, Solyndra, Fast and Furious, IRS, NSA, etc. and impeach Obama regarding Benghazi and Obamacare (for which he also admitted to perpetuating a lie on Americans). A Republican, Richard Nixon, was impeached for lying, stonewalling, and covering up and a Democrat, Bill Clinton, was impeached for lying, stonewalling, and covering up. Obama wanted to lie to win ...
General Hamm ought to have his *** KICKED!! He seems to be taking the fall for Benghazi. I don't believe anything these *** say anymore!
What was the real reason General Carter Hamm was relieved of duty as CO of AFRICOM?
a wise man once said, make it hard to spot the General by working like a Soldier.
Find Admiral Charles Gaouette & General Cater Hamm to get the real story of Bengahzi. Incarcerate General Rodrieguz
Heck with Gates,,When is General Hamm going to talk about Benghazi!!!
This actually happend. General Hamm was relieved, on the spot. Does anyone here have any doubt that something isn't seriously wrong?
The Murder of Chris Stevens Obama was warned in advance of the coming attack in which Stevens begged for more protection and his impassioned pleas were denied by Clinton. Clinton is unquestionably dirty in the death of Ambassador Stevens. However, the buck stops with Obama. He likely gave the stand down order, but he certainly must take responsibility for Clinton’s multiple refusals to protect an Ambassador. As Stevens was begging for help after the attack had begun, AFRICOM Commander, General Hamm, had activated a special forces team within minutes of learning that the embassy, which was really a CIA safe house, was under attack. On the orders of the White House, Hamm was arrested and relieved of command and the rescue mission was cancelled. We now know from the Hicks testimony, that there were weaponized drones flying overhead which could have stopped the attack on the compound. This means that there were three separate ways that Stevens could have been saved and Obama’s Murder Inc. blocked all pot ...
I don't know who issued the order to "stand down", though from what I've read and been told is that in the military chain of command, the only person who could legally issue that order is the President as Commander-In-Chief. And General Hamm was not the only one relieved of command, in fact just days ago 9 more generals were relieved of command. Is Obama trying to get rid of command officers who he thinks would reject any order to fire on American citizens?
This is the kind of BS that has been coming out of this Obama Admin, and still no answers from Obama or Hillary Clinton to the families or the American People on what has happened in Benghazi, and why it had to happen at all. Hope everyone has been watching at all the Senior Officers that have been fired under Obama Admin. What happened to general Hamm was a disgrace as everyone knows we don't leave our brothers or sisters on the battlefield, but this Obama admin has destroyed our Military's duty as they know it.
I knew there was something fishy about the cover up & General Hamm tried to help
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This is getting absolutely no press. Where is General Hamm?
Sounds like he should be dealt with like Van Jones and, unfortunately, General Hamm...
Hamm said not enough time to scramble jets. I wonder what the Admin has on him that he would lie. This NSA thing is working.
Saw a 50 something man with a pistol at the Starbucks and felt lucky that Im not so freighted of the world that I cant go to the coffee shop without being armed. Saggy nervous people with guns make me edgy. Living here in Arizona we hear time and time again how some scoundrel on the edge takes advantage of our liberal gun laws and then shoots up a strip mall. I looked at that guy and saw no deterrent to the "bad men" but rather a question in my mind, "Is this the day when hes had enough and takes matters in his own hands?" After all were talking about a guy loaded for bear in a room full of people drinking coffee with three girls behind the counter. I stood about a foot in back of him while he bough coffee. No strap on that weapon. Easy to grab. What was to stop me as his situational awareness was clearly zero? The only thing that could stop me from taking his gun and using it one him was the only thing that could have stopped me: Im no killer or criminal. He was in no position to slow me or anyone half . ...
Jon Hamm is so unbelievably handsome in Friends with Kids. And ya know, life in general.
Does anyone have AT&T DSL in Pitt? Do you like it? Is it fast? Just trying not to give all my money to cox. Help!!
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I'm still trying to get a handle on the ramifications of all this and I won't have time to write until later tonight. A couple of things come to the forefront, though. First, why isn't the American maintream press getting any of this stuff out? Second, I've been saying for years that there is no privacy on the internet, why isn't anybody calling me paranoid any more? I give you two pictures to peruse here. The exercise I ask you to engage in is to explore each one, what this government is capable of tracking (basically, everything) and the other, what they have done recently. Then think about what happens when both sets are combined: a government that can monitor everything but can't be trusted to not be political about it.
Muhammad Idrees sb great innovation for your next construction, you could save multiple costs like tree cutting, cement, steel, sand, labour plus additional benefit of getting your building cold.
Ok friends- is it a roundabout, rotary or traffic circle?
Where is General Carter Hamm? Is Congress going to have him testify about Benghazi? Did Gen. Hamm Refused to "Standdown" in Benghazi??
My dad, Carter M. Dibrell, served with the 34th 'Red Bull' Infantry Division within the Third Army, commanded by General George S. Patton, Jr. Dad was deeply proud of the Red Bulls and devoted to General Patton.
Geraldo on Benghazi: "I have a great relationship with the Military.. embedded with them numerous times on the battlefield... I've never seen such division Between the Active and Retired then I do now. Active saying there was nothing that this administration could of been done differently at the Embassy, Veterans questioning their judgement." I'll leave it at that.. but remember, this is the man who got thrown out of Iraq for giving away their location and possibly more.
General Eisenhower gives the order of the day 'Full victory - nothing else' to paratroopers, just before the invasion
Ask General Hamm how to get fired. Disobey a Stand Down order and you're done!
I hate you, for everything. Everything you touch, you ruin; you ruined me, you ruined my life. You took everything that was ever blue in my skies and made it grey. You robbed me; of my childhood, of ease, of smiles and butterflies. You took all of my innocence and turned it into poison. You turned my love into hate, and my heart into stone. You sucked out my liveliness, and left me to die. You burned all of my bridges, sunk all of my ships, and hung me out to dry. You're the reason for every sadness, every pain, every tare in my heart. You took all of what was left. Can you ever really forgive, if you never really forget?
There comes a time in life when you have to take responsibility for your own actions and not blame everything on everyone else!!! But when you don't want to do that just remember its Tammy's fault lmao
Part 2 of my remarkable Wednesday.I think I left off telling you what a blessing this cancer has been to me.That was what I wanted to write that Wednesday night, but didn't get it done until yesterday because "something happened on the way to my computer!" That something was another episode with that mysterious (to me, anyway:) AFib.those of you who have it (and I've read that many people do have it, some not even knowing it) know what I'm talking about here. It seemed much worse to me that night, so off we went to our hospital (I think I'll see if I can buy some stock in that good place:) to get my BP and heart rate checked...yes, you guessed it.very high on both counts. We decided I should be admitted and thus began the new journey. Now, dear ones, I don't write this stuff because I love to tell about it; rather, I write it because I might learn something from you all when you see what's happening with me. So, if you have any words of wisdom from your own personal opinion, I would love to hear them ...
Watching the Today Show and just realized that the mixed-race Cheerios commercial has caused controversy...really? OMGoodness! Way to go Cheerios! Very disappointed at how judgmental some people can be 󾌼.
Just thinking about life in general...just said a prayer and asked GOD to guide me through. Guide me through the anger and hateful feelings. You could be rich with money but are your rich in life??? Can you look in the mirror and be comfortable with yourself being flat broke??? Do you wake up in the morning just happy to be breathing, to walk, to see??? You have to truly love yourself to love others. When you do whats right good things happen no i dont have no worries lord knows my faith no matter what I go through he has my back always..BLACKLIFE.
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This spoke directly to my heart. I AM afraid to harness my full potential. Why? I don't know. However, I am a work in progress. One day, I hope to shed that fear. Suzanne Gainey Helen Condon Eve Congote O'Connor Christina Luna Ioanna Metaxa Brianna K. Hargett Tim Aymar Shannon Hamm Seth Siro Anton Emelie Zorsha
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Joe and I went "out" tonight and just strolled through downtown Franklin. I love it! However.So many girls/women were wearing shorts or dresses with cowboy boots. Is this just a TN thing.or did I miss the "memo" that this is cool now? I don't get out much...and am not fashion what say you? Is this the next "thing" or does it have to do with my demographics mostly?
by Noah Rothman Fox News Channel hosts Eric Bolling and Geraldo Rivera blew up at each other on Rivera’s radio program on Tuesday amid an argument over the appropriateness of President Barack Obama’s response to the attacks on American diplomatic and service personnel in Benghazi in 2012. Bolling an...
Interesting.thanks seleny for sharing this with me :) "Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation's service. There are many stories as to its actual beginnings, with over two dozen cities and towns laying claim to being the birthplace of Memorial Day. There is also evidence that organized women's groups in the South were decorating graves before the end of the Civil War: a hymn published in 1867, "Kneel Where Our Loves are Sleeping" by Nella L. Sweet carried the dedication "To The Ladies of the South who are Decorating the Graves of the Confederate Dead" (Source: Duke University's Historic American Sheet Music, 1850-1920). While Waterloo N.Y. was officially declared the birthplace of Memorial Day by President Lyndon Johnson in May 1966, it's difficult to prove conclusively the origins of the day. It is more likely that it had many separate beginnings; each of those towns and every planned or spontaneous gathering of people to honor the war ...
"We can get together Tuesday's for bowling,and alternating Sunday's for general horseplay."
Congratulations goes to Todd A. Gimbi, Betty Henry, and Sarah Hamm for being re-elected to another 4 year term on the Board of Directors during the annual Alumni Dinner and General Membership Meeting. 115 members and guests attended today's dinner.
Now we need General Hamm to testify on what happened at
General Allen, General Hamm and 2 others fired after 20+ yrs. exp. after Benghazi over bogus charges. Worth looking into.
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this guy *** He's not efficient,full blown alcoholic.
We knew on 10/28/12 that Gen Hamm was right. And did NOTHING!
General Hamm was fired because HE WOULD NOT STAND DOWN! And you know *** well he would have told the truth to investigators!
Can we get General Hamm to tesify on
They said that a General Hamm ordered it. There was a question as to whether or not he was in DC that night.
No more General Hamm? I miss his really interesting AFN commercials.
It could not have been General Hamm as he was relieved of command almost immediately for (rumored) moving troops to assist.
Ask about why General Hamm was relieved of command and then retired 3 days later why is everyone avoiding that?..
They already blamed General Hamm for the stand down order I believe.
how about talking with general Hamm and general Allen. Why they were relieved.
General Hamm to be thrown under the bus by State Dept. and Team Obama in 3, 2, 1...
General Hamm, are you safe and under protection? Because you should be here testifying today.
Will General Hamm be bribed to take the fall for Hillary and Barack?
So the Special Forces team was attacked, then General Hamm decides to cut their force size.Brilliant..
They just said under testimony that General Hamm was in DC on the night on 9/11/12
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
general Hamm has to take his orders directly from the president told them to stand down rather than save Americans despicable!
Did General Hamm give the stand down order? Who was he with in DC on the night of 9/11?
4 star General Carter Hamm needs to testify at the Benghazi hearings as well as the rear Admiral that was relieved of his command in the Meditrrainian Sea
the reason merima's house is so close to the bus stop is cause he scared Ms. Hamm into changing it. he scared Ms. Hamm
general Hamm needs to testify as he ws arrested 4 trying to help them, guarantee his retirement benefits so he can
General Hamm was relieved of command for trying send troops to the aid of investigate that and you will find the
Perhaps during his next partisan exploitation of the tragic death of Americans at Benghazi, Libya, in political hearings paid for by American taxpayers, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.
I watched it, if you aren't available for he Benghazi hearings tomorrow, this should be seen. It's 10 min. of information as to what actually happened at the Consulate, and who is responsible and the part they played in the cover up. It's all validated with documentation. When you hear this video, you better be sitting down. When you see what went on behind the scenes, you will be fuming, to think this Evil has been going on behind our backs. If this is what they did in Benghazi, can you just imagine what they are trying to do to our Country!
A new and simpler way to dig 3 clod: I found a less confusing way to dig the 3 clodsCLOD 1-2-3 - Pickaxe, Hamm...
If General Hamm is concerned about losing his retirement pay if he speaks out then we need to assure him citizens will pitch in & help fund.
If true, THIS is treason. Still no word from General Carter Hamm. The cmdr in the field, fired by Obama days later
PLEASE invite General Hamm to testify about Benghazi rescue attempt. Do not forget 2011 Arab Spring
Check out General Carter Hamm, who was the commander of the Africa forces, was he not told to stand down...
Finally CBS is seeing the light! My Liberal friends who rejected Fox - how's this work for you. OBTW 4 Star General Hamm was relieved of his command 42 Seconds after ordering a rescue in defiance of POTUS. Also later a Fleet Admiral for launching aircraft. Obama the Traitor!
In Romeike v. Holder, the Obama Administration presented oral arguments intended to convince a federal court to revoke the asylum granted by an immigration judge.
domain names
I thought I'd spend a few posts here on Pomomusings reflecting on preaching, something that I don't get to do every week as an Associate Pastor, but something I do enough that the topic is on my mi...
in general or something more specific. Power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely
Bret: Did General try to send in assests to Libya & someone ordered him not too-who would give that order? Was General Hamm transferred?
Bret: Congressman Jason Chaffez had a conversation with General Hamm saying they did have assests in Libya-I imagine Gen. Dempsey knew too!
Bret: This statement does not make sense either about General Hamm-General Demsey & Leon Panetta not sending forces regardless of risk!
Bret: Something is wrong with Leon Panetta's statement on General Hamm & General Demnsey-General Hamm-he cares-something not right!
Good writings & reporter Stephen. Where was General Hamm in Benganxi from all I know he could tell his story...I know he wanted to.
Ya know General Hamm had some spec ops. ready to go and assist and other assets were avail like the C-130 specture...Those former seals had a laser designator for it ready for support that never came. The Obama admin watched a live stream via predator UAV and did nothing. Months of request for more security and nothing, why? All they had to do was give the green light for support that's it they don't even have to fight, these people understand nothing about war or living paycheck to paycheck like most Americans, they c us as peasants that can vote and even that wouldn't happen if they thought they could get away with it. They do as they wish and use us as pawns and manipulate those who let them...some r worse than others but this admin is the worst since FDR
BENGHAZI TRUTH from Lt Col Reasor, USAF F-15 Commander; Here is the law on military power – Obama ordered the stand down, because he is the only one besides Panetta who has the authority TO order the stand down. Standing orders are to employ to save lives, it would have happened automatically under General Ham (AFRICOM CC). You have to order it to stop. Read on if you want truth… Panetta lied about assessing the “risk” prior to sending in troops. General Hamm, the ARICOM CC constantly assesses the risk, and constantly assesses the location and threat. That was his full time job in accordance with Goldwater reorganization of 1964. Here how it is supposed to work…each region of the world has a commander in charge of intelligence, logistics, political assessment, threat and risk as well as employment. IF you trusted your regional commanders to do the job, all you do is give the boundaries of the employment doctrine and watch the pro’s do the work. YOU DO NOT PULL THE TRIGGER FROM THE White House, ...
It Makes A Lot Of Difference Secretary of State Hillary Clinton returned from her leave of absence to her post in recent weeks and came to the Senate on the 22nd to testify regarding the 9/11 attacks on the US Consulate in Benghazi. For the most part the exchanges between the Senators and the Secretary were pleasant. Knowing that this would be one of her last times Mrs. Clinton would testify before the Senate many of the Senators at the beginning of their questioning time took the opportunity to thank her for her service and wished her the best as her recovery from her concussion goes forward. What the Senators failed to do was actually question the Secretary on the specifics that occurred. Examples of questions that were not asked but should have been. 1. In your assessment, has the removal of Muammar Gadhafi in Libya destabilized North Africa to the advantage of terrorist organizations? 2. Why was General Hamm ordered to “stand down” on a strike that was set to help the trapped Americans? 3. Why ...
Even though the corporate controlled media refuses to cover the events in Benghazi, Representative Buck McKeon wrote a letter to Obama in which he boldly stated ”As we are painfully aware, despite the fact that the military had resources in the area, the military did not deploy any assets to secure U.S. personnel in Benghazi during the hours the consulate and the annex were under attack. I find it implausible that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Commander of U.S. Africa Command (author’s note: General Hamm) and the Commander of U.S. European Command would have ignored a direct order from the Commander in Chief.”
Every exploration will bring us back to where it began, our minds. December 21st, the winter solstice, I will spend this time in ceremony. The shortest day, the longest night. The Rebirth. A powerful time of year which lasts only a brief moment in this illusion of time, of space, of life. Dreaming on this day, imagining what it is I want, for myself, for mankind, for the Universe. Picturing reality as peaceful, balanced and harmonious, a pipe dream? No, reality which we all create begins with a thought, a true heartfelt desire. Energy has substance which is changeable and impressionable, it exists just as your dreams exist. A truly happy person can affect other people's energy, people they never meet. What we can not see does exist, in fact we only see 1% of all matter, amazing! Imagine what we could create if we took into consideration what we do not see knowing it is there, using it as a tool, like a different paintbrush for your painting, a different color for your canvas, imagine the beauty we could c ...
We're rolling...Atty Hamm is about to give a public briefing for interim report on general election
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It's official: The sexiest men of 2012 are...
Breast Cancer Awareness
Jon Hamm Is Prepping for His First Leading Role in a Comedy in 'Epic Fail'
MT no testifying from General Carter Hamm and Hillary?& is keeping them from testifying.
Why aren't we hearing from General Carter Hamm and Hillary? & is doing everything he can to keep them from testifying.
Another great point by on . Clapper is the fall guy for ? Why was General Hamm relieved of duty?
US, France assemble coalition to confront Islamists in Mali
Has anyone heard if General Curtis Hamm, who was told to stand down three times, and he said he was going to send help for the Ambassador, and in the wink of an eye, his second in command came and arrested him,I heard he was fired, Rear Admiral Charles Gaouette was head of the Mideast aircraft carrier group, and was also uncermoniously relieved of duty, are they going to be called to testify,just how many generals are to be smeared by obama administration? So far, General Petraeus, General Hamm, General John Allen, Rear Admiral Gaouette, why not look to Leon Panetta and obama, their hands are NOT clean, and Valerie Jarrett needs a little looking into right along with Susan Rice, a lot of communists running this country,seems in history when a tyrant wanted to silence his military there was a complete cleansing of those who did not agree with the dictators.
Benghazigate; Petraeus testimony: Post hearing briefs appear that the X-CIA head held to the protest-anti-islam film non-sense, now with the nuance that hardliners were in their ranks also presumably with pre-postioned mortars. Not very corroborable or believable but there it is. Bigger questions then. Who stood down the Blue Mountain security around the ambassador, stood down the C-130s supposedly being lazed above the consulate and stood down, then relieved the Africom Commander, General Hamm, of his command, and denied for weeks that a drone was providing live-time coverage. The whole thing is apparently going to sold to us as a talking points mix-up: classified vs unclassified; not truth vs lies.
Graham to Obama: I hold you responsible for Benghazi - Washington Times: via finally!
Bad times for generals: Pentagon demotes 4-star General Ward: PERTH (Reuters) - In more bad news about U.S. gene...
The Real Reason Petraeus Resigned via I have no doubt. Same with General Hamm.
Google General Carter Hamm (4star general) and read about how he was relieved of duty for trying to send help and...
Did you hear anything about General Hamm being relieved of duty over Oking going in to Beng. Consl.
Mike knows how to stock a fridge.General Lee doesn't mess around with his brews. He goes Hamm
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Will the US military plan a mutiny on the Bounty to topple Obama
The State Department never asked for military back up the night of the assault
“there was also supposedly some US marine casualties.” get the answers. Where is General Hamm?
are you finding out abt the General (Hamm?) who was ready to send help and was relieved of duty? Is he facing charges?!
Sandy Came at an Opportune Time for One Candidate: When you see the response to the storm warnings, right before...
So General Hamm stepped down to care for terminally ill wife. Bittersweet. Sad to hear the truth, glad it wasn't over
WOW! Rep. Chaffetz: General Hamm told me that "somebody higher up" did not request aid for Very few are higher up. via
Jason Chaffetz conversation with General Carter Hamm he found out they had resources in the area, and were in...
RedState is reporting General Hamm has been relief of duty & General Rodriguez is replacing him. This is all we know.
Very interesting cnc mill/router on youtube. Anybody know anything about it?: W1000 8mm End Mill - YouTube Hamm...
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