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General Election

In a parliamentary system, a general election is an election in which all or most members of a given political body are chosen.

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Theresa May should call a General Election now & put Corbyn out of his, and the Labour Party's, misery. Tories would have…
Tony Blair won three General Elections. You don't want Labour to win a General Election as you support usel…
IDEA! There is still time for a SNAP General Election, before the "trigger" deadline. Make EU-exit and reform of...
Mary Lou McDonald on coalitions before the 2007 General Election.
I trust that this now sees the LibDem party totally wiped out at the next General Election never to rise and...
Even Francis Urquhart had to win General Election to be PM
A British PM cannot call a General Election without the consent of 66% of all MPs - but can try to quit the EU with no Parl…
I won't be the person to divide Kalenjin Nation Votes in this Year's General Election. ~ Gideon Moi
seems to have resurrected since no top DEMS/ came to her aid during General Election fi…
.is facing wipeout in the 2020 General Election. is not fit to lead a Parish Council. He's useless. Without.
The Jackson County Board of Elections (BOE) has released the official General Election results. The official...
Kenneth Clarke certainly is a miserable old git...and getting worse.. I think he'll stand down at the next General Election.
Harvard study: Trump received more negative media coverage than Clinton did during General Election; less overall
We move one step closer to an earlier General Election & a hard Brexit
Early Voting for the December 10th General Election is underway in Louisiana. Stop by your Registrar of Voters...
Imagine how stupid we're going to feel when Eric Bristow wins the next General Election.
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In Malaysia, what else can the average voter vote for, other than their constituency's MP during the General Election?
The Pueblo county canvass board has certified the 2016 General Election. One more in the books!
New Zealanders... how many of you felt this exact same way on the night of our last General Election?
The Conservatives received almost 3X the number of votes as the Liberal Democrats at the last General Election in N…
NOT ABOUT THE ELECTION: For councilman, fall is time to make your own hard cider…
It's time we take to the streets and demand a general election
Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White has announced that all DMV locations will be closed on Tuesday, Nov. 8, for Gen…
Last poll, Berners!. Who gets your vote in the general election?.
Based on 2012 numbers +1% in the general election is 1,130,000 xtra votes. Just sayin
People ask me all the time why I don't post about the election or politics in general. Well, because who I vote...
Voters get to hold accountable general election liars. But who delivers accountability in a Referendum?
We need a reminder on the eve of this general election that we can engage electoral organizing differently.
specifically because of their election coverage being a big "caring about stuff is lame". But more just in general.
A 2017 general election? Here’s why the Tories may not storm to victory | John Curtice
Ballot catch-up: Your guide to the candidates and issues via
I'm not so sure! Would you say the same in a general election? I think not.
Here's who we recommend you vote for on
Govt announce they will sell Stonehouse by 2023. So much for Tory promise to protect barracks made during the General Elec…
If a Bernie Sanders ran against a John Kasich, he wouldn't fair as well in the general election as he did in the primary
I wish I had a stronger sense of urgency concerning this election and politics in general.
The general election will have the same outcome! will become
I'm not tripping over the election. In general I don't expect good things for the USA and expect its continuous decline. Superpower no more.
President Trump. Attorney General Rudy Giuliani. Secretary of State Newt Gingrich. When you're done gagging, vote. http…
Still waiting for that general election pivot, I guess.
KS advance in-person voting over. Polls open 7 am Tue for General Election. Until then, it’s like that rain delay in Game 7
The 3000 year old quote that nails the US election and democracy in general
The procrastinator's guide to the 2016 General via
The ballot of this election makes me want to pay more attention to primaries and just the beginning of the next election in general...
For the day before the general election, spent some quality time canvassing at Clear Lake, Angola, and Pleasant Lake.…
If a General Election is called, I will only vote for who promises 2nd referendum.
🚨Is it time to assume fixed debate ?s for general election. After all it was the who label Trump a sexual predator.
N.J. attorney general: 350 deputies will be dispatched across the state on Election Day
With Hillary's plunging poll numbers, she can only win the general election through mass voter fraud. P…
Not voting for the republican on the ticket in the general election always means a vote for the democrat.November 07, 2016 at 12:00PM
Read up on the candidates up for office in Alabama state & local elections before heading to the polls tomorrow:…
SEATTLE VOTERS: Your SECB cheat sheet is here! (But ignore our Jayapal endorsement and vote for Walkinshaw instead!) htt…
If May wins the next general election will she declare that the people have spoken and there will be no further electio…
if Mr & Tory Remainers gang up on May, the PM will have to call a General Election to get her own way. http…
I am one position away from voting for in my very first general election!
Early voting totals for have broken records in West Virginia. 220,275 voters cast early ballots in th…
Absolutely right, Peter. needs to get it's act together pretty quickly - if a General Election is looming on the ***
Does anyone else think this is like the "Who Shot JR" parties? Same general outcome?
Thanks. What is the general attitude about this election and its impact?
Which is not enough to win the general election.
in any case I suspect a general election will be called if some MPs try and block article 50 from being triggered
Idaho Republicans expected to win big in general election
We estimate correlations from individual voter-level data, not historic trends. Methodology here: https…
Expensive election will set course for Illinois General Assembly
Uhh, so what? This is a general election not a primary.
I have terrific news—county accepted my ballot, and it will be counted towards the 2016 General Election!.
Blame the general election campaign! It turned me into a cynicist. In April, I was still a real sonnyboy. :(
A Former Attorney General Dies on the Eve of the National Election
Only one more day until the general election. I'll be a relief to get past it knowing that the aftermath will still be a…
The Stranger endorses Cindy Ryu for the state House. She's for safe consumption sites and against charter schools.
What might a Trump administration look like? Newt Gingrich as Secretary of State, Rudy Giuliani as Attorney General:
Hillary overthrew Lybia in order to use it as a feather in her cap for the general Election! 40K deaths, europe migrant Cris…
Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt says General Election is the "last thing voters want" Perhaps he means the "last thing the…
Things that have gone up today:. Chance of General Election. Chance of A50 triggered later than March. MPs scrutiny of Brex…
33,551,983 voted in referendum. 30,513,068 voted in General Election. And we now have to let Parliament decide?
The deadline to pre-register to vote for the General Election is 5:00 p.m. today. The Grundy County Auditor’s...
Voting UKIP at a General Election would be the best bet, given all our broken promises by Tories, Labour a…
General Election, Presidential, referendums, by-elections throughout past six years with / . Hairsty…
Tory Election Fraud: Accused of buying elections, there could be another General Election sooner than you think…
Planning to vote by mail in the Nov 8 General Election? Request yours today, here’s how:
So Zac Goldsmith "will tender his resignation" doesn't say when he'll go though, probably not till 2020 General Election
Sample ballots for the 2016 General Election are now available on our website. Find your ballot at
.This week, Venice High School overwhelming voted for Sanchez (65%) over Harris (35%) in a mock 2016 General Election.
TOMORROW is the LAST DAY to register to vote so you can participate in the General Election. You can tomorrow 6 AM -11:59 PM.
Returning officers appointed for 2017 General Election: Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato says all ...
Theresa May defends decision not to hold General Election despite the PM, its policies & its cabinet all having changed rad…
The deadline to register to vote in the November 8th General Election is October 10th. The Chamber Office in...
did you see that sky poll yesterday 45% of members believe they will NEVER win ANY general election again
Fact Check: Clinton did call TPP 'the gold standard'
Trump continues to argue that we don't know who hacked the DNC
The Clinton campaign’s greatest fear throughout the general election has been that some other Trump would emerge ―
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Waiting until the general election to want a third-party is too late, America.
So much enthusiasm amongst Indians about the US Presidential debate!!...Wish there was half of this enthusiasm for Indian General election!.
.A lot of Corbynistas don't care about winning general election. They want Corbyn leading Labour, nothing more.
& have all came out and said Corbyn could win the next general election…
Mathira Parliamentary hopeful Nancy Murage has announced that she will use DP party ticket 4 the general election.
"Maybe he isn't as rich as he says he is," muses about tax returns:
But when all is said and done, this fact remains : the US has debates before a general election. We don't.
See the fact checks we’ve done on the candidates’ claims: And more live fact checks here: https:/…
You've been there Joanne, how do we get a general election now/soonest
The election year is becoming a weird referendum on how poorly this country views competent women. Actually, just women in general.
.just said NYC murder numbers are up, citing 2015 numbers. They *were* up last year, are down this year https:/…
That was the strongest statement against free trade that's been aired in a general election debate since Perot
BREAKING NEWS : Labour pledges to ban fracking in favour of clean energy sources.
Trump opens debate with inaccurate statement about Ford
5 times Donald Trump was live fact-checked: In his first general election Presidential…
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Trump made no effort to appeal to general election voters - and Hillary came w an arsenal of oppo. Our story >.
Fact check: Hillary denied saying the TPP "sets the gold standard" for trade deals. She lied:
- Completely agree, in which case we will force an early General Election and remove May from power
Me at half of America right now for getting Trump to the general election.
This is obvious but also should be underlined:. For the first time ever, tonight, a woman will be in a general-election presid…
To be clear, can't remember last time, if ever, a general election candidate went to the spin room
Don’t believe the hype: Corbyn can win the next General Election via
it's as if primaries aren't the same as a general election. Hm
You Gov poll: Over 50% of those who backed Labour in the last general election, then voted to Leave the EU no longer support La…
Graham Jones MP tells in order to win the next General Election we need to win Basingstoke - current 11k Tory majority
General Election: Trump vs. Clinton stop making this a daily race, you know better!
David Davis says that if EU Referendum had been run on basis of a General Election, Leave secured a bigger majority than Tony Blair in 1997
David Cameron accuses Theresa May of "stitch up" - demands General Election by December via
The Washtenaw County Democratic Party is pleased to endorse the following candidates for the 2016 General Election:.
“11.) Aggregating the state polls usually provides a better idea of who is going to win than the national polls.”.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Early Voting & Election Day Vote Centers locations and times for the November 8, 2016 General Election -...
Merkel admits her immigration policy lost her region elections-hopefully it will lead to her general election loss htt…
John McDonnell wants to give every citizen in the UK a basic income | As the UK Labour Party is…
I persist in the notion that regardless of any perceived party advantage, there ought to be a general election around the terms of Brexit...
I particularly liked the 'biggest defeat in Scottish Politics' line, conveniently forgetting the General Election. 😀
faith is very important to the Labour Party. It will likely form the core of the next general election strateg…
This is completely inexcusable in a general election
Who will you vote for if the general election was today?
The Election Is Still Hillary Clinton’s to Lose: With nine weeks left until the general election, most s...
BTW: is everyone prepared to admit now that Sanders was always the much stronger general election candidate? What more evidenc…
"Bernie Sanders is a weak General Election candidate"
Great day for Unions in Ontario!. Wynne lost by-elction to Which means huge tax $s will be flowing to them for General Election
Want to know who your candidates for mayor and vice mayor will be in the General Election? Find out at
Is this man seriously suggesting the 1983 General Election was won by Frank Bough and Roland Rat?
Gov Peter Munya in his dreams want to complete with DP Ruto in 2022 General Election
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Governor Peter Munya: I will defeat Kiraitu next year and face Ruto in 2022 General Election - via
Chad *** wins the GOP primary for Harvey Co. Sheriff. He will face Bryan Hall in the General Election in November.
Irritated but amused by the Corbyn-Smith So here's Freddy Mercury winning the General Election in 1985. https:…
General Election: Trump vs. Clinton. Trump leads Clinton by 3 in latest poll
I must have missed a General Election. Are you talking about 2015? Led by the PLP's choice?
The greatest fraud in the history of Nigeria was the 2015 General Election. See the remix below.
FLASHBACK:When Baba was declared Winner of the 2015 General Election.
So we should re-run the 2015 General Election as well because lied? always lie !
supply of items prohibited or unauthorised by the Council”. 302. After the General Election of 7 June 2001, Mr Jack Straw was appointed
You'd be wiped out at a General Election, making Michael Foot look like a credible leader.
This Government has no mandate to negotiate the terms of brexit. We need a General Election:
I see Tim Farron is calling for a General Election. Bless him.
Theresa May MP: Call for new General Election - Sign the Petition! via
UKIP United Kingdom Independence Party : Article 50 yes, but no snap General Election
If there is a General Election this year, Labour will lose. If Jeremy Corbyn leads the party to defeat, his tenure is over. Food for thought
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1997 General Election aged 7! Parents had a house party & the kids got to stay up all night. Dad dancing in the street at 2am
[INFO] will be a special guest at the 3rd SNH48 General Election.
Deborah Cameron on her research re gendered language in General Election on BBCR4 Thinking Allowed. Plot spoiler - there is no difference!
Peter Dunne leads the Labour/Greens/UF coalition to victory in the General Election.
Labour wants a leader with real "leadership" yet they had a utter fail of a leader in Ed Miliband who lost them the last General Election.
Kenneth Clarke predicts increased support for Lib-Debs in SEast England in next General Election.
Johnson only candidate who can ensure Tories will win next General Election, polling suggest -
Cameron re Brown succeeding Blair - "no mandate to be prime minister". Same now for Johnson. General Election needed
General Election date likely to be 13 October says
Kenneth Clarke and Jim Dowd say ignore 17 million+ people. Voters have long memories and the next General Election may not be far away!
I spoke on this very subject at hustings during the General Election and was slammed by local press and the...
Keeping him would be selfish madness. We would be crushed at the next General Election
The Brexit vote of 17.4m was highest since Clement Atlee's Labour Party 13.9m in 1952 General Election and.
we vote on our PM though. A General Election has to be called now, to be democratic. Otherwise it's Gordon Brown mark 2.
Prediction: Sadiq Khan & Ruth Davidson will contest a UK General Election, one day. And Britain will be well served by it…
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UNOFFICIAL POLL VOTE: Here are the results from the 2016 Colville Business Council’s General Election poll vote,...
I agree!!! If the Delegates don't Dump Trump at Convention & take Reps. r screwed in the General Election!! htt…
Seeing comments on here & FB, saying that we're voting 'Leave' just because they doesn't like David Cameron :/ This is NOT General Election!
Ted Heath won the 1970 General Election, it's widely believed, thanks to Enoch Powell's speech on immigration. Mrs. Thatcher said she'd get
wait is the same Mark Thomas from that Wellington Central 1996 General Election tragi-comedy??
Fascinating that on average, it appears Hillary's strongest support came from conservative States she'll never win in a General Election.
Getting campaign plan together for the General Election!
I guess they plan on rigging the General Election too.
John McTernan, Chief of Staff to the Scottish Labour leader for the 2015 General Election.
If this was a General Election, consensus would be that Cameron was humiliated last night. Instead the press are lining u…
so wish we had General Election soon never mind over 2M wmn OUT votes will hv to do
With the knowledge of the DNC's tactics against Bernie, I think he should be afforded a win in the General Election. FEEL THE BERN.
African Union observer mission has called for urgent electoral and judicial reforms in Kenya to avert a crisis during 2017 General Election.
That's a wrap y'all! Primary runoff votes 100% counted: Be back for the General Election
does he know we have a General Election in this country where we can vote? We can't vote for European Commissioners though.
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.It was Douglas Alexander, not Danny Alexander that lost his seat to Mhairi Black in 2015 General Election.
Huge respect for . I think she performed well for her party and the tv debates in the General Election was refreshing.
Will we now see the BofE outlining the economic impact of a Labour government ahead of the next General Election?
This is huge! Prosecutions By-elections General Election? Will the Tory supporting tabloids cover it?
Neil Hamilton lost to Martin Bell at the 1997 General Election, not a by-elections. Sorry if I'm the 36807th person to say this.
voting in 2016 General Election at Kidapawan City National High School - KCNHS
Baguio bound to cast my vote! — voting in 2016 General Election at Victory Liner Bus Terminal
Solid progress for under twelve months after General Election - much to do but we are building…
Donald Trump Draws 12,000 at Campaign Rally in West Virginia, Talks Coal and General Election - Breitbart
Of course UKIP gained seats in Great Yarmouth. Wouldn't surprise me if they took the seat at the next General Election from Brandon Lewis.
I'm honored to have won your support in the Republican Senate Primary. Chip-in to help us win the General Election!
Two old white men in the General Election, we've seen it already! A Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump though? C'mon, as a neutral this is GOLD!
Donald Trump Far Behind in Preparing for General Election: The Republican presidential nomination may be in his…
General Election will Be Clinton - Johnson and Trump. Gary Johnson will win w & votes
If trump wins the General Election, I'm moving. I don't know where yet, but I doubt I can fit in Northern Virginia with his yuuugee ego.
.Better than Todd Akin tape for the General Election.
Kalonzo Musyoka would be a one-term President if he won the 2017 General Election. .
.is the only one who will beat in the General Election! Don't Get It Twisted! https:/…
LOL,,after you don dance with Saraki for Eagles Square prior to 2015 General Election you no sabi say him corrupt?
R4: Kenneth Clarke describes doctors strike as 'essentially a pay dispute' come the next General Election, I hope people remember that!
Traffic Regulation due to General Election to the West Bengal State Legislative Assembly, 2016
You must be registered to vote by today in order to vote in the May 3 General Election. Find out more:
and is asked to form a government? Assumption being same govt coalitions will stay in play, and no General Election required?
Clinton is UNELECTABLE in General Election with last 40 yrs of Serious Hypocrisy, Lies, Flawed Judgment and Actions
Friday April 8, 2016 - President Uhuru Kenyatta has assured Kenyans of a free and fair General Election in 2017...
General Election in the special is uncontested and scheduled for May 17. Results via
Thursday, April 7 is the last day to register to vote for the May 7, 2016 General Election
Can a candidate win the general election when he alienates 51 percent of the population? Asking for a friend.
If Republicans lose this election, we'll have the to blame. Don't waste your vote on a candidate who can't wi…
It's delusional for Dems 2 bet on Hillary who half of base hates & majority loath in general election.https…
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If Bernie Sanders runs in the general election, I'll vote.
The report of the inquiry into the polling failure at last year's general election has now been published:
If John Kasich runs in the general election, I'll vote.
Fifty years ago today Harold Wilson won a general election with a majority of 94.
They're paving the way for "In fact why bother with another general ELECTION for 20 years?
General election pollsters got result so badly wrong because they did not ask enough Tories
We are proud to present our manifesto detailing our plans, achievements, and members for the April General Election: https…
it's about Policy-Not Personal or Hero Worship.All nonissue garbage attacks hurt cause,help Democrats in general election
Believe me - he is so wide open on his record that in a general election he’ll look like a McGovern debacle all over again.
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's term expires at the end of this year. The election process to find a...
just tell Hillary to use the superdelegates cheat to win general election,like she did in primary...
Hillary's core vulnerabilities are so enormous,she won't be able to survive general election http…
Opinion polls before the 2015 general election were among the most inaccurate since surveying began more than 70... https:…
Harvard genius thinks Fort Hood is in his "home state of Florida." Imagine this guy in the general election.
Report out today on General Election polling failures with some immediate changes
Sod the vote of no confidence . . . With in charge The Tories would win a landslide General Election
Sonar-scanner. Adminism is 21st Centralized insecurity economist Monsanto: "to supports of expressing software: general election
I do not fear Trump because the hate vote is not there in a general election. Hope he makes DEMS get out and vote.
. congratulation our loved president Dr. Ali M.Shein for 91% winning in general repeated election held 20th March, 2016.
India must implement idea of holding all state n general election together as mooted by
Anti Trump social engineering will ensure Democrats win next general election. Ted Cruz is good guy but all may be now lost.
Sponsor I support Bernie Sanders but I will not Support Hillary Clinton in a general election. -
.I support won't vote for Sign the Petition
31 March 1966. Harold Wilson's Labour Party won sweeping victory in General Election, with majority of 96 seats.
POLL: NOT would beat in landslide general election
General election polls in 2015 'the most inaccurate'
Winning by Loosing an interesting strategy and approach I really don't think it will carry over 2 the general election as Winning!
By ur theory SS is fear mongering the primary while has only debated general election that SS commented on.
Tory MPs ‘broke the law to win the 2015 general election’. You can shop them.
The report of the Inquiry into the 2015 British general election opinion polls is released today:
Before the general election, John McDonnell said this. Every word of it was true, despite what the media tell you. htt…
oh wait, he's Neil's son, a Trident abstainer, and beat an LRC candidate in the general election. ***
Fortunately, I think there is a good chance that he will be killed in the general election one way or another
General Election alone is so stretched due to lack of resources only an *** can think we can hold all elections
Chances of becoming metaphorical Ernst Rohm during the General Election? 1000%
Coverage of the 1966 General Election on BBC Parliament. Harold Wilson's greatest election success
Barnsley-born Karen Lumley, 51, is a pro-Brexit MP who famously beat Jacqui Smith in the 2010 General Election. She talks to Jane Fryer
General Election: I don't like to tell people who to vote for! This time I am telling you to vote We...
'I've had more kebabs in the last year than I got votes in the General Election' Keith Vaz .
just wait til the General Election when Hillary's team digs up dirt on Gov. Rick Perry's wife
See Ron's in General Election mode where it's OK to misstate (lie) about what GOP pols say in order to help Dems
Howard didn't appoint Osborne Shadow Chancellor until after the General Election in 2005. In 2004, it was Oliver Letwin.
Once upon a time, losing a vote on a Finance Bill would cause a General Election.
Is he the only modern day major Party leader not to have fought a General Election ? (Corbyn aside obviously).
A look at the four leading candidates to replace retiring Senator Barbara Boxer in the General Election. Right...
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You don't think Trump would need donors for General Election. He will need major donors!
62. 2/28, British Prime Minister Harold Wilson calls a General Election in the United Kingdom, to be held on 31 March.
Corruption is taking a worrying trend as next year’s General Election approaches, Chief Justice Willy Mutunga has warns.
Trade takes center stage in both Trump and Clinton remarks. Preview of General Election?
If they don't put in the General Election, we MUST start a write-in campaign.
Mario Rosenstock's 'mixed emotions' about General Election as it means goodbye to characters - Irish Mirror
SSM plebiscite not being held this year is absolute kick-along-the-roadism by Turnbull. If he loses the General Election it's pointless 1/2
Is there anything else she will have to throw in the General Election etch-a-sketch to make go away?
But not until ratings & readership begin to slow: "How the Media Destroys Donald Trump in the General Election"
Could Donald Trump Win the General Election? - Last night in Palm Beach, Donald Trump’s new sidekick, Chris Chr...
Bernie's strength is getting 63% R voters against Trump in the General Election- Hillary only gets 8%.
Two elections featured today in media: and Found nothing about the General Election in Ireland
Watch how easily would be DESTROYED in a General Election bc of his TERRIBLE Track Record! https…
Yeah but that MEANS a lot in the General Election. We have to stop this NOW. Later todayIll get a petition going
General Election is in November. Not sure how he wins it in June?
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if you are ready for November 8th, 2016, when Donald Trump will win the General Election! ht…
Query: Why is everyone trying to use General Election polls against Trump?. Remember 2012 polls the night before called a Romney landslide?
the joke will be on all of us when and if Cruz does win and we lose the general election again
In GOP matchups loses to all - beat ALL! If you want to win General Election 4 him!
Hillary will not win general election.
Bernie Sanders will be decimated in a general election. All the args he makes are suited for dem primary, not for general elec.
Is Catholic-bashing part of a nutritious general election breakfast? I don't get it.
Bernie Sanders Is Beating EVERYONE So, Hillary more electable huh? Odds are, she's gonna lose the general election.
Let's face it: alienates half the country. can't energize the base. has BEST chances in a …
Smart, comprehensive dismantling of argument that Sanders is unelectable in the general by in https…
Great to see a tribal issue front and center. I hope there's more to come, esp. In general election debates.
It just continues the narrative that she can't be trusted. This never bodes well for a candidate in a General Election.
General information the insinuation with regard to financial differently amp-election returns services: AlRFNs
MoU is signed ystrday to bring 1.5m Bangladeshi workers in span of 2 yrs.. soon ohoho., guess wat's 2 yrs later. General Election in 2018
Electability? 2 different polls today show doing better than against GOP.
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Nevada Democrats: Caucus (picking a candidate to run in the general election) is Sat 11am.Find your caucus location
We can't nominate a candidate that can barely beat someone like Donald Trump in a general election. This would be disastrous.
“The problem of Africa in general and Uganda...leaders who want to overstay in power.” - Museveni, 1986.
Yes, that's not how a general election plays out. Romney wasn't even strong on abortion and got painted w/ war on women.
plus cruz would get hammered in a general election. Zero cross party appeal
we're not even to the general election yet and I've already muted so many people.
'Failures ' winning a General Election. .
I hope you understand that you crowning Hillary means a lot of Dems are staying home during the general election. Good luck
we will clean house in next general election.. house has let the lawlessness continue to allow our destruction. DONE
Would you vote for Trump in general election if your preferred candidate lost to him?.
Has Trump done math to figure out he's got enough GOP support to win nom & is running a general election campaign? http…
2015 General Election results sortable by majority
She will not win General election. I think many Dems will not even vote.
Trump's general election slogan should be 'free the west.'
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