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General Election

In a parliamentary system, a general election is an election in which all or most members of a given political body are chosen.

Theresa May Jeremy Corbyn General Election 2017 Bernard Ponsonby

This year's petition cases reprints an 88-case rise from the 188 petitions filed after the 2013 General Election.
Let lead the Tory party into the next General Election- it'll mean they are absolutely guaranteed to lose.
Corbyn promised he would leave the single market. He has now betrayed every Labour voter at the General Election. Liar! h…
2017 General Election the one stop shop for all your information
£46m Garden Bridge. £143m General Election. £1bn DUP Bung. £44k Hunt's Bathroom. Tories really know how to waste money.
For the first time we know how Leave voters switched party at the general election
What was credible, Seth? The part where she couldn't win a g…
They act like all of this *started* at the general election. YOU had a choice. YOU looked at HRC and accepted that risk.
it’s rhetoric, genius. Our Rev is never going to endorse a Republican in a general ele…
General Sahab, when & if u meet general kyani sometime,somewhere, please ask him that y GHQ rigged election 20…
p.s. tell your buddy Jim congrats on the resounding success…
Hanging might be a tad extreme. He should be disqualified from holding public for using "ba…
Kenya election: Police fire teargas at Odinga's supporters
You're 100% correct. And if Superdelegate Politburo allowed to handpick 2020 Dem nominee agai…
I'm not sure if you should start trusting the polls, but they did slightly redeem themselves this general election.
I voted brexit. But times have changed and we need stability. We need another vote, referendum and general e…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Kinda like the cared more about demonizing Dems than fighting the right in the general…
If only there had been a warning sign before the primaries or the general election that Trump was unfit to lead...
Meant more before the recent general election when I meant before
We did try again with a general election, however turns out the parties supporting Brexit, gained more votes than t…
"Latest data?" Next General Election is, like, almost five years away...
Azerbaijan releases results of its discredited general election a day BEFORE voting begins
So, they want the state of VA to embrace the policies of General Lee? Ok, but election is over. Why now? And, they…
What Does It Mean To Be A First-Time Voter In The General Election?. "We are an age group determined to make a…
This is awesome. Someone please tell about this so we can see this technology in next election cam…
Where is the option of BJP winning 2019 general election 😁
General election probably won't be that competitive, but we'll look at this week at
You need to win the Labour leadership contest to win a general election, he didn't so he's clearly not electable.
Hey I heard these BMG guys are really accurate. You should call another general election and get your maj…
promoting Ju JingYi, Li YiTong, and Huang TingTing, winners of the 4th General Election, in Shanghai
Thousands will will be killed around, during and after the 2019 general election. Mark my words.
... great reporting this week on Kenya's General Election ! Thanks!.
What's happening now in Kenya's General Election is exactly what's going to happen in 2019 because of Zuma.
Are you even reading? I'm telling you I voted for, canvassed & phonebanked f…
Were you asleep during the recent General Election?
The 2017 general election was nearly far worse for the Liberal Democrats
Germany’s general election campaign kicked off in earnest and it promises to be a nail-biter—for third place
He's seen a surge in popularity since the general election
1/ The first main point in BJP manifesto for 2014 general election was Price Rise and how BJP will control it once come in…
As you pressure to concede an election he squarel…
Brexit talks stall because of political crisis in Northern Ireland :: The Scotsman -- Paris Gourtsoyannis…
There's only one solution for her failure - and that's resignation and a general election. May - trying to retain…
Stop Brexit - cut ties with Trump then call a general election and step down at the same time!
Hi Pastor Debra. Pray for our country Kenya facing challenges after the 8/8/2017 general election.
Don't understand the thinking among Scots Indy voters that "it's a general election so it's OK to support Corbyn". Is he best for Scotland?
Didn't Jeremy Corbyn just lose a general election? That's a failed politician and a failed policy right there.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Here's 538 citing others on not extrapolating primary to general
Duale's war on Auditor General Ouko and analyzing the post election landscape now on
would bring to the Tory party - he would eviscerate the Labour party at a General Election htt…
Cornyn has to be defeated in the primary. If he makes it to the general election again, all is…
The truth here is that Rees-Mogg could easily wipe out Corbyn in a general election. Did you see t…
Bet lgao, will sweep general election all over Pakistan in 2018.
Unbiased prediction in general election: easily will win to finish Jeff Sessions' term. Good Luck!
Theresa's 'May-a culpa': PM to apologise for election failure at Tory party conference
Russian MFA: welcomes successful general election in reaffirms readiness to further strengthen Russia-…
Over 80% of votes cast in the General Election were for parties committed to leaving single market and customs union ht…
New Zealand's General Election is happening next month. All the info for Kiwis abroad:
10/23 and issue same to the Runner-up in the General Election into the Kano State House of Assembly; iv) That the Speak…
I proudly voted for in Wisconsin Primary and General Election and Russia had nothing to do with it
Former First Lady to lead Fiji Labour Party into the 2018 General Election.
Who would you support in the General Election
Electronic Device Insurance
Thousands of students may have voted TWICE for Jeremy Corbyn in General Election, watchdog says
Every student who voted TWICE for Corbyn in General Election should be prosecuted. They think democracy is a game. https:/…
'I'm available any time!': appears happy to fight a General Election campaign every week of the year
On 15th July 2017, less than a month prior to Kenya's General Election, there seems to be no plan to resolve nurses' strike on its 40th day
When do you want Theresa May to call the next General Election? . Please RT.
The policies of any party in a General Election are set out to gain votes,…
Church leaders’ statement in advance of the General Election
125 years ago today, the General Election of 4 July 1892 was held and Keir Hardie was elected as Labour’s first MP. https…
You mean in the 2015 General Election? I voted David Cameron.
Pippa Middleton's wedding and the General Election by Scott Clissold - political cartoon gallery
Ghana's 2016 General Election: Accounting for the monumental defeat of NDC
The Day Today, 2017: Chris Morris is conducting bad interviews for a General Election, while Peter O'Hanraha-hanrahan has quit to be a Trot
Watch: Fund Manger Richard Buxton discuss the impact of the General Election result on the markets.
Episode 3 of the Serious Sound Off features full analysis of the fallout from the UK General Election.
Young people voted in record numbers in the General Election because they wanted real change and a government that will w…
Gerry Adams: Referendum on Irish unity now inevitable after General Election results >
Make this the last General Election to use our broken voting system - Sign the Petition!
- EU Referendum. - Hard Brexit. - General Election. - Coalition with DUP. All in the interests of the Conservative Party, not…
FORMER SNP voters in Scotland have issued damning verdicts on Nicola Sturgeon and her party’s General Election c...
"Create a cause/consequence diagram of the 2017 General Election (6 marks)
Following the shock result of Thursday’s General Election, the Prime Minister has announced her intention to form... https:…
German government spokeswoman says it will not comment on the outcome of the General Election out of respect and politene…
So may is gunna risk reigniting the troubles in Northern Ireland just to avoid another general election??. Good to know
Seven challenges facing PM in next 10 days
The biggest swing of the general election was 20.4% in Alex Salmond's constituency of Gordon; which went from SNP to Conservativ…
The death of Scottish nationalism: 62.5% of Scottish voters backed unionist parties in the 2017 General Election.
Watch the PM's statement outside No10 when she announced she would be forming a government following the general election.…
It seems that Sir Lynton Crosby's obsession with mindless slogans was as bad for May as it was for Turnbull
Bernie, he of the 1% who bashes the 1%? HRC beat him badly in primaries so why would he…
Cebr comment on the implications of the UK General Election 2017
These volunteers are serious about their ballot duties for Britain's general election. 💯
Could Brexit be reversed, cancelled? The answer is "maybe." Or perhaps "it depends."
Politico: Murphy opens general election with a focus on women's issues
I'd hate to be the person that advised " Go on Theresa call a General Election, what could possibly go wrong?"
5 terrifying facts about the party now propping up Theresa May
also need swift compulsory reselection. We don't want winning a new election with unrepresentative R MPs
Despite that abstaining from the general election and then wondering what could've been seems too absurd to entertain
The only vote that Theresa May acknowledged was the Brexit referendum. No mention of the general election she just nearly…
bbc: 'General Election 2017: What are the parties promising disabled people? - BBC News'
I mean Bernie primary supporters who voted HRC in general election.
"A leader's mettle is tested in a General Election" - speaking on about this evening.
Very pretty UK election infographics by
Will there be another general election? Latest odds
Everything You Need to Know About Lord Buckethead, the Spacelord Star of the General Election |…
General Election 2017: The smallest majorities of the night
Plus, Bernie would have received votes from more independen…
Is the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon more likely now we know the General Election result?
Wow. To say the media bias against has been extreme would be an understatement. (via
Theresa May waited a year to trigger Art 50, called a snap general election & then promptly lost it. Brussels must be so sca…
Tonight, Tory MP Bernard Jenkin has said Theresa May is "stronger" as a result of the General Election. They are utter…
Here in the USA we have already implemented Corbyn's radical vision of a publicly owned postal service and railroad. http…
UK election results 2017: When will election results be announced? Timetable of the night
So they should make no mistake Theresa May won President Trump understands media misinformation and Macron that the…
Why have a general election but then ask queeny to make you PM anyway.. Totally ignoring peoples votes..
The next question tonight asks if the General Election result spelled the end of Brexit
Democratic Primary, when voters evaluate who has best chance to win general election, the AG had the FBI downplay risk…
Breaking News, Theresa May creates Time Machines so she can tell herself in the past to not run a General Election.
"But when the general election came around, a model that used the Modern Sexism score was “highly significant”...
I don't think she should have called the general election in the first place, not with Brexit negotiations looming within…
Labour is tipped to gain Croydon Central from tories
British-Muslims think Jeremy Corbyn has Ramadan to thank for his success in the UK general election
How will the General Election move the Pound? Download the app and trade on currencies.
DUP claims General Election 2017 bolstered the union in NIreland - taking 10 of the 18 seats
The 10 strangest moments of general election night by
'Let's RIOT all over UK' Angry mob heading for No10 as PM clings to power - Daily Star
I am sick to death of hearing about Russia hacking our general election,what did the Russians do?What?
Here’s what readers think about the UK general election results via
Find out what UK architects and designers think of the surprise election result:
Statement on the UK general election.
Most importantly: the *2017 General Election is now over... and I get to go to bed in about 45 minutes. *June 2017 tha…
The best! Dogs at Polling Stations: Voters share photos of their democratic dogs on general election day…
Muslim Pressure group boasts it made all the difference at yesterdays British General Election https…
Cameron holds unnecessary referendum and loses his job. May holds unnecessary general election and could now lose her job…
'Still don't know UK position on Brexit' EU chief launches scathing attack after election
I bet drake tried to vote in the General Election
Revenge of the youth! How 18 to 24-year-olds furious over Brexit gave Theresa May a general election nightmare
Winners and losers in the UK general election, including composition of the incoming parliament
General Election 2017: These are all the MPs in the Black Country
The Tory "Master/Servant" world view, like the Tories themselves, should only be found in a history book...
Diane Abbott's majority is nearly as big as Theresa May's entire vote
The General Election for the Tories in a nutshell.
Pound to euro exchange rate: Experts predict further DROP after May triumph - Daily Star
Last nights General Election summed up in 7 seconds
Watch CBRE's Miles Gibson discuss what impact the General Election result is likely to have on the property market
In truth Bernard Ponsonby won the General Election in Scotland.
Diane Abbott claims Labour's General Election campaign has been vindicated as she gets huge……
(Mirror):Osborne couldn't be happier to see Theresa May's disastrous General Election results :..
Nick Clegg is booted out of his Sheffield Hallam seat in the 2017 General Election as ex-deputy PM loses to Labour
1987 General Election we had the then Lord Provost John Mackay on the back of a tandem with a loud hailer
June 8 2017: will launch his book, UK General Election, James Comey to testify, and Sean Spicer will be restless. Busy Day!
WATCH South Derbyshire's General Election candidates tell you what they will do if they are elected | Burton Mail
Stephen Hawking announces he is voting Labour in the General Election …
Live tonight on Bernard Ponsonby chairs STV's General Election debate live from the Tron Theatre in Glasgow - tune…
Dear colleagues, Below is a video on the General Election from Dave Ward.
General Election manifestos put deposit reform on agenda via
UK set to break record for highest number of LGBTQ MPs after General Election
The Guardian backs the SNP in Scotland in the General Election. Help us keep the Tories out.
Focus on trying to beat the Conservatives in a general election you absolute ***
The defining aspect of this General Election campaign has been the complicity and moral c…
[INFO] Miori, Satchan, and Kaew will go to Okinawa to watch AKB48 49th Single General Election
Banksy is offering free art to people who vote against the Tories
Younger voters must turn out for Jeremy to win.
What are Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem promises for
Why should I not vote Conservative? 29 nasty policies you shouldn't forget in the 2017 general election
Labour will lose the election because they have lost the North & the Midlands
What happened to Kezia Dugdale at the 2017 general election?. She lobster job.
I could not have anticipated was a speech as good as this. Jeremy Corbyn has grown into the role of Labour leader...
92% of poll respondents want Basshunter to be prime minister over Theresa May
Jeremy Corbyn is 51 points ahead of Conservatives among young people.
Nearly two thirds of young people 'absolutely certain' to vote in general election
May’s private health dystopia or Corbyn’s public health vision...well? Brilliant by
We are well underway at Legal Cheek and Shearman & Sterling's General Election debate
If GST is not postponed to July1, 2019 i.e., after the General Lok Sabha election, I will have t…
Janan Ganesh: The attacks on Manchester and London have forced a serious end to a frivolous general election.
UK General Election: Theresa May’s approach to social mobility is incoherent via
.letter among those describing the evil and un-Islamic actions of terrorists on
Five days to save Brexit: Vote Conservative or there WILL be second referendum, says Davis
A poll for you all - since all these terrorism incidents that have occurred... who are you voting for in the general electio…
Theresa May's latest campaign visit couldn't be more apt.
We asked all the main parties to blog for us on their mental health plans. Read them all here > ht…
All the latest results in our General Election poll tracker
Any doubt about whether Corbyn wants to stay in EU?. Compare his performance in EU ref and general election campaigns.
Why did censor remarks on links with terrorism made by after
Chance of majority hits new low of 78%, according to betting markets
General Election 2017: What your vote means for and
Theresa May announces she wants to bring back fox hunting. 🦊
The truth about Theresa May's police cuts
Why Corbyn's cuts in police numbers attack spells big trouble for May's chances on Thursday
All I've learnt during this election is that people seem very fond of using nukes and the general public can't ask decent questions
MY MESSAGE ON THE GENERAL ELECTION. "Changing the country is not a spectator sport - we will get one chance at this".
✅ Our website maintenance has been completed & we're now back online! Have you caught up with our content?
Only want net ZERO immigration,will stop jihadis returning,will scrap TV licence,slash foreign aid to fund NHS. ht…
No environment - no economy. Our message for the General Election
Statement in relation to the offer of a free print in exchange for people voting a certain way in the forthcoming gen…
Jeremy Corbyn interview: 'Live venues are absolutely crucial to the UK music scene' .
Stephen Hawking announces he is voting Labour: 'The Tories would be a disaster' .
This former policy adviser just wrote a letter of apology to Jeremy Corbyn, saying he underestimated him
Stephen Hawking, the world’s smartest man, backs Jeremy Corbyn
Does anyone know why so many people voted for two candidates (and hence spoilt their ballot papers) in the 1979 gen…
Professor Stephen Hawking backs Labour in general election because Tories would be a 'disaster for NHS and police' http…
A Home Office spokesman said a decision about the future of the report would be taken after the general election. https:…
I don't believe this for a minute because it assumes 78% of 18-35 years olds will vote ...
How will the General Election affect the pound?
‘Your water is changing your sexuality,’ says Lib Dem candidate for UK General Election
Who will you be backing in the General Election? My answer: The Conservatives. What do you think?
SNP accused of 'misusing' NHS logo to attack Conservatives
Possible ! Not good. General Election: Five charts showing how Labour's support is increasing.
The snap general election caught many by surprise, particularly those MPs who had just become parents.
TRUE and Brexit is not the be all and end all of a general election campaign Theresa
has a single other Republican campaign EVER spent the entire general election season meeting w/ Russians--or with ANY for…
"Guards are an absolute necessity to travel w confidence" → No more rail staff cuts!
Be prepared to vote in the General Election.
Boris Johnson warns Britain could end up REMAINING in EU if Corbyn wins general election
ICYMI: Here's a video round up of yesterday's General Election news.
GdnPolitics: The live blog is up and running - all the campaign news as it happens guardianvia
GdnPolitics: 4️⃣ We spoke to some people who are planning to vote Conservative for the first time guardianvia
1⃣ week until . How the parties compare on cycling 🚴. ➡️
Theresa May's political rivals lined up to criticise her for not taking part in a seven-way general election debate.
Listen to party hack lawyers including justify election manifestos Latest from
Great interview. I've no idea how he is still enjoying it after the stuff he has had to put up with. True strength.
Only Ukip takes fishing industry seriously- LibLabCon will sell out the UK fishing industry yet again
May called an election and is now complaining that Corbyn is fighting a general election campaign. They are in freefall
So why did she call a general election then?! She is an absolute farce of a politician.
Theresa May losing the general election would be good for the pound, says JP Morgan.
Lovely piece abt being on the campaign trail with a baby!
Bookmakers took more money on who will win Britains Got Talent than general election during TV debate. Tells you everyth…
'Under a government, will become an offshore haven' via
How can politicians cop out of answering hypothetical questions? A general election is one huge hypothetical question
The BBC are trying to help Corbyn win the election
The only General Election TV debate involving all the main parties has taken place WITHOUT Theresa May. Join me after 8…
Guildford Green Party candidate to protect the Uni of Surrey and Royal Surrey County Hospital post-Brexit if elect…
Jeremy Corbyn interview: 'A good result? Winning the election'
Can't understand all this fuss re a General Election. 3000 people all fighting for 660 seats is something I see everyday…
Theresa May's pro fox hunting stance may be behind collapse in Tory lead, new poll shows
Check to see if the Tory candidate is pro hunting, if the Tories get re-elected they will push to bring it back👎
How Theresa May blew a huge lead in the U.K. general election
Tory candidate says 'Theresa May has totally f* it up' as Labour closes gap in the polls yet again.
"You don’t call a general election saying it’s the most important in her lifetime and then not even…
Get ready for and see how it relates to tourism. Check out handy GE hub here
Caroline Lucas: 'You are more likely to be treated by a migrant in the NHS than behind them in the queue'
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Spot on Emily: "She called the General Election. Look at her she is wooden nervous can't meet the public" h…
Given an utterly abysmal election campaign, how can May & co be trusted with Brexit lling-dementia-tax…
EU SPONSERED FRAUD = 'Paid up Corbynistas' Nigel Farage urges BBC to SACK chiefs for 'biased' debate audience
Looking for easy-read manifestos ahead of You can download them here:
Who do you think will win the General Election?
Point of fact: Thatcher refused to do general election leaders debates in 1983, 1987 & 1992.
Caroline Lucas: "This country is not a poor country - the money is in the wrong hands" .
YouGov poll suggests Jeremy Corbyn's Labour has narrowed Tory lead to just three points htt…
General Election 2017: On the campaign trail with a baby
UK general election: A Tory dystopia in the making
8 best jokes and funniest moments of the BBC General Election Leader's debate
"How dare you call a general election & run away from the debate?" - Farron attacks May on leadership
Russell Brand endorses Jeremy Corbyn as he backs Labour in General Election |
Who are the General Election candidates in Nuneaton?
"Manchester, the General Election and Britain's International Security Narrative" - Oxford Resarch Group briefing:.
I just uploaded “Hustings for Lanark & Hamilton East Constituency in UK General Election 2017” to
Come and join us for a public meeting on why we advocate a boycott of the General Election on 8th June!
General Election polls and projections: May 27 its all going backwards FFs
"Is a man who could win a General Election in this country?". Gove: "Yes, and we have to face up to tha…
If Corbyn wins the General Election, we’ll have a PM who thinks Britain is the problem. Jeremy hates Britain
Voices and votes: Why the Guardian wants to find out what Britain is really thinking
Bernie didnt get the votes Hillary got because he wasn't in the General election. She cheated him out…
The real damage to Labour was last year!. The enemy within!
There’s no real contest between Theresa May and liar Jeremy Corbyn after PM’s calm and…
rightwing pundits don't get it. Tory poll dive is due 2 May being the worst possible candidate and labour manifesto
Find My Seat: Use our interactive guide to the big General Election issues in YOUR area
Conservatives' rebrand as 'party of the workers' failing as they struggle to shake off 'nasty' tag, poll shows
Read the stark warning thousands of headteachers are giving parents ahead of the general election | The Canary
In '08, Karen Handel illegally told 1000s of people weeks b4 general election that they'd have 2 prove their identity in co…
Theresa May left the G7 after just one day, so that she can spend more time avoiding the general public during the electio…   10% Off
Will you be focusing on SNP policy again, or is this a General Election?
Of course, Teddy went the extra mile & ran in the General Election too. So it's a little different case.
The Labour brand has strengthened, and May's leadership weakened in the election campaign -.
I've run & won in the party, & my wife has won a general election. In the words of Yoda, "Try not. Do."
This piece from Fraser Nelson is a shrewd analysis of what's gone wrong in May World -
If the General Election had been legitimate, who would you have voted for?
Profile of the two-person power structure behind May & possible cause of her rapid poll decline -
It's time to ask what candidates will do to ensure our wildlife laws remain strong after Brexit:
1 million hours of police time a year spent fighting a cannabis market that is out of control. Time to regulate it
You misunderstand. You voted for a democrat if you voted in the general election.
General Election 2017: Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn face-off over security
new poll says support for is sinking I wont lie. this is worrying
DNC obviously suppressed vote in the primary, while GOP suppressed v…
Andrew is not going anywhere in general election,not mainstream, Ontario and Quebec will not vote for him.
Theresa May faces disaster after new poll finds Corbyn slashing her majority to just 2 seats v…
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Pollsters puzzle over Labour surge – and volatile electorate could keep them guessing
Election 2017 LIVE updates: UK polls latest as Conservatives and Labour resume campaigns
General Election 2017: 'Dementia tax' backlash hurts Tories as May tries to shift focus to Brexit – politics live
Theresa May is still heavy favourite to win the election despite Labour's poll surge
Heading into the 1972 general election, Seaga on what the incumbent JLP campaigned on:
General Election 2017: Workers' rights v robo jobs - a quandary for all campaigns |
Excellent news: Theresa May reportedly considering bringing Michael Gove and Iain Duncan Smith back to the cabinet. http…
The future of mobile and broadband: 2017 general election manifestos in focus
So Liar Liar Pants on Fire's too shy to dance ... Amber Rudd to represent Tories in BBC general election debate
Hillary Clinton on primary & general election debates. Last sentence is gold.
Jeremy Corbyn closes in as dramatic poll shows Tory lead has been slashed even further
May's shambolic U-turn has given everyone cause to doubt whether she is as ‘strong and stable’ as she says she is.
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