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General Election

In a parliamentary system, a general election is an election in which all or most members of a given political body are chosen.

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Like we didn't know. . Alex Salmond says General Election is a vote on indyref2
Alex Salmond has insisted the General Election is a vote on
Alex Salmond contradicts Nicola Sturgeon by saying the General Election is a vote on
They weren't refused. The electorate was the same as for a UK General Election.
General Election not a referendum re-run
Investing and the General Election: brand new podcast on Money Makers with Mark Dampier, Tim Price & Charlie Morris http…
Breaking News: The Prime Minister has called for a General Election on 8th June.
That might be the case in the general election, but house elections? I don't think so. Especially not $8 million+ dolla…
General Election 2017 Jeremy Corbyn referred to as "C word" by Labour MPs.
A quick guide to how to vote in the forthcoming general election.
Theresa May refuses to spell out Tory tax policy:
SNP blocks two sitting MPs from standing in General Election - Herald Scotland
BREAKING NEWS: The Prime Minister, Theresa May has called an early general election. It will be held on Thursday 8 June 2…
General Election video. UKPM not giving the true fact…
Corbyn comes across as a decent chap who just has a blind spot for politics. Unfortunately he is a politician
Jeremy Corbyn insists ‘future of Warrington matters to Labour’ on visit to town ahead of General Election
North Carolina election officials say about 500 ineligible voters cast ballots in the 2016 general election
BBC News - SNP rules not to endorse two sitting MPs as general election candidates
What a silly individual she is kh. Will she keep being silly if the general election doesn't go her way too.
Your country needs you UK. Can you run in the General election against Co…
A bit more data: Comey's letter drove more "scandal-related" coverage of Clinton than any other point in campaign.
Sorry, Peter. That’s not what a Harvard study showed in a post-election media analysis.
MP Jacob Rees-Mogg always has good insights-here he discusses the UK's upcoming general election
Britons abroad for longer than 15 years denied vote in general election
Watch folks hate me for this:. GOP WANTS & NEEDS hard debate questions, to ready candidates for general election. It…
General Election video. UKPM not giving the true…
it's the same reason DC wallowed in emails stolen by Russia: she's gonna win and it'll be fun to watch her squirm during…
European Parliament Brexit coordinator accuses Theresa May of 'opportunistic power grab' over general election…
NEW: Polling by Panelbase puts Ruth Davidson's Scottish Tories on 33%, up 18 points on the 2015 General Election.
General election 2017: Jeremy Corbyn vows to 'overturn the rigged system'
'Don't mention the C-word' Jeremy Corbyn blasted by Labour MPs
Little Giant Ladders
Theresa May can run away, but she has nowhere to hide:. Please read/share.
BREAKING NEWS: Theresa May has called for a General Election to be held on 8 June due to division in Westminster:
Corbyn insider's full account of life inside the "chaotic, anti-Semitic" Corbyn machine: only in the Sunday Times
. "NI does not want Brexit. Yet Brexit is being FORCED upon it– by a WM govt with NO vested interest in its future". https…
With the impending General Election I am considering my options more so this time!
What the *** they just said on the radio breaking news there is a general election to be held in June??
General election 2017: PM says Tories are 'party of lower taxes' - BBC News
Ahead of the general election on 8 June, make sure you are registered and able to vote.
'This election is actually about giving Theresa May the means to ignore democracy in the future' P Ashdown
How pro-EU campaigner Gina Miller is encouraging people to vote tactically in the upcoming general election:
Jeremy Corbyn says Labour will introduce four new bank holidays
Cry me a river. She entered with universal name ID, endless $, access to best political talent and the worst general elect…
General election: Tory victory 'will not strengthen May's Brexit hand' - BBC News
Sale of pups in pet shops (&by other 3rd party dealers) 2B banned as such sales aid puppy farming. GENERAL ELECTION https:/…
General election 2017: Labour wants four new bank holidays
Update your maps at Navteq
Oh no, house next door collapse from too much war. If Remainers​ vote tactically in the UK general election, coul…
Question still relevant, old posters, General election 1972
This is from the Harvard study of media coverage of the general election. Hard to b…
Local elections, General Election, LS, essays and exams =
Breaking news - Theresa May announces that there will be a UK General Election on 8th June. Watch live here:
Here it is - my 1st General Election column for nearly 2 years...
BBSRC will be governed by purdah for the General Election until after 8 June, so we will be quieter than normal
LABOUR WOES DEEPEN: Ex-Corbyn ally defects to Liberal Democrats ahead of General Election
Andrew Neil DESTROYS SNP over 'ABSURD' criticism of Theresa May's General Election move
If this General Election does nothing else, it does shorten George Osborne's time at the trough by 3 years.
BREAKING: Former chancellor George Osborne to step down as MP ahead of General Election.
A man dressed as a fish finger is standing against Tim Farron in UK General Election. Please God, if you're there, you know wh…
MPs vote in favour of early General Election
. UK Prime Minister Theresa May, However is calling a snap General Election in June;8;2017; Woo! She is a serious and confident one
Which party do you intend to vote for in the UK General Election on June 8, 2017? Labour. What do you think?
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Live in Waltham Forest or Redbridge? Are you a member or want to support the Greens in the coming General Election?…
Ruth has given her reaction to the Prime Minister's statement regarding a General Election in June:.
My favorite member of the public today - worth a watch! Woman reacts to news of General Election
Jeremy Corbyn's logic is that once a General Election is called, the BBC are required to give him balanced & fair coverage.…
Birmingham: Jeremy Corbyn's first speech after General Election announcement
Has the General Election been triggered by Brexit or Jeremy Corbyn? reports
Jeremy Corbyn releases a statement in response to the announcement of a snap General Election...
Jeremy Corbyn seems pleased with the announcement of a General Election, he's been in here all day knocking back Jägerb…
Pity us poor folks in Manchester Gorton. We have a by-election on 4th May followed by a General Election on 8th June.
Former Prime Minister David Cameron says Theresa May's decision to call for an early General Election on 8 June is "brave - and right.
Dont forget, in the General Election, you'll be voting for the future of your national health service
The Conservatives, Labour and the Lib Dems have all revealed their campaign buses for the 2017
A motion seeking an early parliamentary general election will be voted on tomorrow, confirms
If it happens, this will be the first general election since 1987 that the Conservatives have been expected to win with an…
"This is no way to heal. It is a deliberate attempt to bulldoze MPs over the cliff."
Obsessed with this woman's reaction to the general election
Surely those Labour MPs who refused to work Corbyn should now be deselected. General elec…
Istg I will end the friendship with anyone who doesn't vote in the next general election who is able to 🙄
David Davis tells the government won't stop EU negotiations for general election
What happens next in the run-up to the general election? outlines the next steps in Parliament
Paper 2 of the new GCSE Maths will be sat on the same day as the general election - crikey!
Nicola Sturgeon rips into Theresa May saying general election is 'HUGE MISCALCULATION'
Lib Dems hope to gain dozens of seats with anti-Brexit campaign
Quite glad theres a general election soon, May says she puts workers first 🤔 NHS is a shambles..only problem theres nobody else to vote for!
If you live in Georgia's 6th district don't fall for the MsM progressive propaganda tricks. same blueprint they use…
the opportunity to revisit fiscal commitments cld be important for the NHS and social care
Tories could have 140 seat majority after snap General Election - Sky News
‘She’s RIGHT!’ Ex-Remainer backs PM to win general election & get best deal for UK.
How students can register to vote for the general election
To be honest this is probably the best approach to this general election campaign...
Theresa May currently after making the decision to call a general election.
By 49% to 17%, the public thinks that Theresa May is right to seek an early general election
NEW PUBLICATION | The UK’s general election: Mandate for softer Brexit or preparation for going over the cliff edge?
Crown Prosecution Service have just released a statement. The General Election will not prevent them taking charges for Tor…
The Prime Minister is (X) to call an early general election:. Right: 49%. Wrong: 17%. (via YouGov / 18 Apr)
I've seen her on PMQT and she'd be lost against the others. Same as our local MP after her appearance on QT imo.
Its a joke that we may be having another general election already
Make this General Election about social care say sector leaders -
The media is the most powerful tool in political campaigning. If there are no TV debates for this general election ask your…
Whole point of the Fixed-Term Parliament Act was to prevent PMs from calling a General Election based on polls. Theresa Ma…
So we have a general election on June 8th. Theresa May wants a mandate for a hard Brexit, a privatised NHS & more suff…
The first lesson of Theresa May calling a General Election she repeatedly ruled out is in future to treat the PM's denia…
Remove as many Labour, Lib Dem & SNP MP's as possible in the general election along with Anna Soubry & Ken Clarke. CANT.BL…
8th June for the General Election? That'll be 9th June for the start of the Labour leadership contest then.
Chants of '5 more years!' as Theresa May addresses Tory MPs - live updates
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So Theresa May says there is no time for Scot Ref,but plenty time for General Election, nice equality there from UK Gov...
Theresa May "This General Election is about Leadership". Reporter "So, will you debate with Jeremy Corbyn". Theresa May "No w…
This is no general election, it’s a coup – MPs have a duty to stop Theresa May |
Complete cowardice from our spineless Prime Minister - if Corbyn is so 'rubbish' why not debate him? Scared much?
A general election and no debate from our leader, she's out-trumping Trump!
UK PM announces snap general election. by via
I am Going to stand in the General Election. .
Odds slashes within minutes for Tory WIN after Theresa May calls general election
Are you allowed to call a general election while people are investigating whether you bought the last one?
Theresa May has handed us our final chance to stop Brexit
Britain needs BRIGHT CHARISMATIC candidate to IMMEDIATELY put her/himself forwards to lead a REMAIN campaign in General E…
Tim Farron calls on broadcasters to empty chair Theresa May after she rules out taking part in televised debates.
General Election called, but we will still be electing a GM Mayor. That's the only election I'm standing in.
How do you plan to vote on the 8th June for the General Election? KD
Labour has been planning for an early general election since Theresa May was anointed Prime Minister. They are very prepared…
'She said she wasn't going to call a general election'. Theresa May:
The Tories intend to hold another General election without Answering for this in a court of Law! It Is illegal, They will…
Who will you vote for in this general election? [Vote and RT]
Theresa May calls snap general election in UK -
The most British response to this General Election. 😂
EU leaders react to Theresa May's call for early General Election - Sky News
Snap election will give Theresa May mandate to negotiate right Brexit deal – David Davis
Theresa May might see a general election as referendum on Brexit. In Scotland it will be a treated as a referendum on in…
ICE's responds to today's announcement of a general election on 8 June 🗳
Woman who said she wouldn't call a general election asks nation to trust what she says as she calls a general election.
"NOT ANOTHER ONE!". Watch Brenda's reaction when I tell her that the PM wants a General Election. Safe to say, she's not impr…
"May promised there wouldn't be a general election"
Visceral, deafening roar from Conservative MPs at the end of the emergency 1922 meeting to discuss the June 8 general…
Conveniently an early General Election avoids by-elections which could've been triggered by police inquiries into 2015 C…
Believe the returning officer fee for the General Election should be £14029.
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Back in September, PM told that she will not call a snap General Election before 2020
.will seek a General Election on 8 June 2017. Latest on Sky News
General Election two days before Scotland v England? What a week of peace, love and harmony.
Harborough MP 'as surprised as everyone else' at PM's call for General Election - hear more on Hfm News
A snap General Election has been announced for June 8th 2017. It is not yet known who will stand against James Wharton in Stockton South.
Theresa May wants the General Election to be a referendum on Brexit. No. No. No. We had that referendum. This election will…
IMakini's lower primary school kids shud be hired 2 be returning officers during the forthcoming General Election. These…
Top Milibanter Why didn't you do this before the last General Election?! Boris got to be Mayor from d…
NEW: Vinny Palermo advances to General Election for City Council 4th dist. seat. If he wins, he said he'll resign from OPS…
So Douglas Carswell quits UKIP, meaning 4m people voted UKIP in the General Election and they have nobody to represent in Parliament. Mental
Conservative Party 'cheated' election laws to win seats in General Election, whistleblowers claim
Should there be an early General Election? Here's my view on Radio Ulster (1:14)...
William Hague has called on Theresa May to hold an early General Election before negotiations start. . Should she?
Former Tory leader William Hague has called for Theresa May to trigger an early General Election. Do you think she should?
Lab membership // Jeremy Corbyn should... Stand down before the next General Election: 50%. Remain: 43%. (via YouGov) featured in NBC s Science of Love
Jeremy Corbyn says he'll be leader at 2020 General Election.
To put it in Star Wars terms, this by-election result was the Death Star taking out Jedha. 2020 general election is going…
1950: The General Election results were in. If you've spent 67 years avoiding the result, waiting for highlights, it's…
If called a general election today.bye bye Labor
Yes but the EU referendum is considered by many Brits to be the greatest vote since the 1945 general election.
Jamie that is total nonsense. It's more like 100. Even in 1922 Labour got 29% in the General Election.
This is the kind of political genius that is going to win us the next General Election.
If you wish to dig then "A Prime Minister yet to win a general election" would be correct. Educate & inform.
Labour obliterated & fat majority for the Tories. In the words of Moody Blues song has to "GO NOW". https:/…
because Labour will not win a General Election with him as leader
will you say it when labour splits or loses even more PMs next general election?
yup - more like what a General Election would be like. The hard left have this rhetoric about "listening to the people" when...
How so? How will we win a General Election when voters don't trust our MPs?
.Im already working with people to ensure these electeds face a primary & general election.
A fantastic scoop from declassified docs. US was preparing to back another coup in Brazil should Brizola have won the 1989…
If the EU Referendum had been a General Election, the 'Leave' party would have a majority of 166 seats
Ffs! Give it a rest... Anyone would think she'd won a general the mighty will fall... TICK…
(As would be the case in a general election year)
The 1931 General Election was the last in the UK not to be held on a Thursday.
How could he have gained power when there hasn't been a general election?
This cretin will never win a general election. Just forget it
All I'm saying is 3 different days were designated for the General Election
Perth the Media in general L&R have been out of hand for some time. This last election has shown that. I think there needs to
It's simple. With a new leader, Labour might win the next General Election. With Corbyn, no matter how many followers he has, they are toast
I watched primaries & general election. I heard Trump's words with my own ears. He is narcissistic.
Every1 when is running for the general election. HE IS OKAY WITH OUR MOST VULNERABLE SLEEPING IN BLOOD.
.getting trended as is the closest he's going to get to winning a General Election for :-P
The only reason May doesn't call a general election is she knows destroying Labour will oust Corbyn. Then it may actually be game on!?!
Look in the mirror and ask am I doing my best to win a general election You can only do your best
Even the Unions are turning on Jeremy Corbyn
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If the Copeland swing was replicated at a general election, Labour could go down to 150 seats, says
In keeping with recent Arsenal tradition, Corbyn - if given the chance - should be able to come 3rd or 4th at the next…
The world has woken up to what's happening in Sweden. But will the Swedes do anything themselves about it? Their genera…
Tories will win the 2020 general election if Corbyn is Labour Leader. Labour members need to wake up to this fact before…
on and win the 2020 general Election
Shami Chakrabarti squirms after claiming Jeremy Corbyn should call for a general election LMAO> S…
Theresa May should call a General Election now & put Corbyn out of his, and the Labour Party's, misery. Tories would have…
Tony Blair won three General Elections. You don't want Labour to win a General Election as you support usel…
IDEA! There is still time for a SNAP General Election, before the "trigger" deadline. Make EU-exit and reform of...
Mary Lou McDonald on coalitions before the 2007 General Election.
I trust that this now sees the LibDem party totally wiped out at the next General Election never to rise and...
Even Francis Urquhart had to win General Election to be PM
A British PM cannot call a General Election without the consent of 66% of all MPs - but can try to quit the EU with no Parl…
I won't be the person to divide Kalenjin Nation Votes in this Year's General Election. ~ Gideon Moi
seems to have resurrected since no top DEMS/ came to her aid during General Election fi…
.is facing wipeout in the 2020 General Election. is not fit to lead a Parish Council. He's useless. Without.
The Jackson County Board of Elections (BOE) has released the official General Election results. The official...
Kenneth Clarke certainly is a miserable old git...and getting worse.. I think he'll stand down at the next General Election.
Harvard study: Trump received more negative media coverage than Clinton did during General Election; less overall
We move one step closer to an earlier General Election & a hard Brexit
Early Voting for the December 10th General Election is underway in Louisiana. Stop by your Registrar of Voters...
Imagine how stupid we're going to feel when Eric Bristow wins the next General Election.
In Malaysia, what else can the average voter vote for, other than their constituency's MP during the General Election?
The Pueblo county canvass board has certified the 2016 General Election. One more in the books!
New Zealanders... how many of you felt this exact same way on the night of our last General Election?
The Conservatives received almost 3X the number of votes as the Liberal Democrats at the last General Election in N…
NOT ABOUT THE ELECTION: For councilman, fall is time to make your own hard cider…
It's time we take to the streets and demand a general election
Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White has announced that all DMV locations will be closed on Tuesday, Nov. 8, for Gen…
Last poll, Berners!. Who gets your vote in the general election?.
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Based on 2012 numbers +1% in the general election is 1,130,000 xtra votes. Just sayin
People ask me all the time why I don't post about the election or politics in general. Well, because who I vote...
Voters get to hold accountable general election liars. But who delivers accountability in a Referendum?
We need a reminder on the eve of this general election that we can engage electoral organizing differently.
specifically because of their election coverage being a big "caring about stuff is lame". But more just in general.
A 2017 general election? Here’s why the Tories may not storm to victory | John Curtice
Ballot catch-up: Your guide to the candidates and issues via
I'm not so sure! Would you say the same in a general election? I think not.
Here's who we recommend you vote for on
Govt announce they will sell Stonehouse by 2023. So much for Tory promise to protect barracks made during the General Elec…
If a Bernie Sanders ran against a John Kasich, he wouldn't fair as well in the general election as he did in the primary
I wish I had a stronger sense of urgency concerning this election and politics in general.
The general election will have the same outcome! will become
I'm not tripping over the election. In general I don't expect good things for the USA and expect its continuous decline. Superpower no more.
President Trump. Attorney General Rudy Giuliani. Secretary of State Newt Gingrich. When you're done gagging, vote. http…
Still waiting for that general election pivot, I guess.
KS advance in-person voting over. Polls open 7 am Tue for General Election. Until then, it’s like that rain delay in Game 7
The 3000 year old quote that nails the US election and democracy in general
The procrastinator's guide to the 2016 General via
The ballot of this election makes me want to pay more attention to primaries and just the beginning of the next election in general...
For the day before the general election, spent some quality time canvassing at Clear Lake, Angola, and Pleasant Lake.…
If a General Election is called, I will only vote for who promises 2nd referendum.
🚨Is it time to assume fixed debate ?s for general election. After all it was the who label Trump a sexual predator.
N.J. attorney general: 350 deputies will be dispatched across the state on Election Day
With Hillary's plunging poll numbers, she can only win the general election through mass voter fraud. P…
Not voting for the republican on the ticket in the general election always means a vote for the democrat.November 07, 2016 at 12:00PM
Read up on the candidates up for office in Alabama state & local elections before heading to the polls tomorrow:…
SEATTLE VOTERS: Your SECB cheat sheet is here! (But ignore our Jayapal endorsement and vote for Walkinshaw instead!) htt…
If May wins the next general election will she declare that the people have spoken and there will be no further electio…
if Mr & Tory Remainers gang up on May, the PM will have to call a General Election to get her own way. http…
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I am one position away from voting for in my very first general election!
Early voting totals for have broken records in West Virginia. 220,275 voters cast early ballots in th…
Absolutely right, Peter. needs to get it's act together pretty quickly - if a General Election is looming on the ***
Does anyone else think this is like the "Who Shot JR" parties? Same general outcome?
Thanks. What is the general attitude about this election and its impact?
Which is not enough to win the general election.
in any case I suspect a general election will be called if some MPs try and block article 50 from being triggered
Idaho Republicans expected to win big in general election
We estimate correlations from individual voter-level data, not historic trends. Methodology here: https…
Expensive election will set course for Illinois General Assembly
Uhh, so what? This is a general election not a primary.
I have terrific news—county accepted my ballot, and it will be counted towards the 2016 General Election!.
Blame the general election campaign! It turned me into a cynicist. In April, I was still a real sonnyboy. :(
A Former Attorney General Dies on the Eve of the National Election
Only one more day until the general election. I'll be a relief to get past it knowing that the aftermath will still be a…
The Stranger endorses Cindy Ryu for the state House. She's for safe consumption sites and against charter schools.
What might a Trump administration look like? Newt Gingrich as Secretary of State, Rudy Giuliani as Attorney General:
Hillary overthrew Lybia in order to use it as a feather in her cap for the general Election! 40K deaths, europe migrant Cris…
Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt says General Election is the "last thing voters want" Perhaps he means the "last thing the…
Things that have gone up today:. Chance of General Election. Chance of A50 triggered later than March. MPs scrutiny of Brex…
33,551,983 voted in referendum. 30,513,068 voted in General Election. And we now have to let Parliament decide?
The deadline to pre-register to vote for the General Election is 5:00 p.m. today. The Grundy County Auditor’s...
Voting UKIP at a General Election would be the best bet, given all our broken promises by Tories, Labour a…
General Election, Presidential, referendums, by-elections throughout past six years with / . Hairsty…
Tory Election Fraud: Accused of buying elections, there could be another General Election sooner than you think…
Planning to vote by mail in the Nov 8 General Election? Request yours today, here’s how:
So Zac Goldsmith "will tender his resignation" doesn't say when he'll go though, probably not till 2020 General Election
Sample ballots for the 2016 General Election are now available on our website. Find your ballot at
.This week, Venice High School overwhelming voted for Sanchez (65%) over Harris (35%) in a mock 2016 General Election.
TOMORROW is the LAST DAY to register to vote so you can participate in the General Election. You can tomorrow 6 AM -11:59 PM.
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Returning officers appointed for 2017 General Election: Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato says all ...
Theresa May defends decision not to hold General Election despite the PM, its policies & its cabinet all having changed rad…
The deadline to register to vote in the November 8th General Election is October 10th. The Chamber Office in...
did you see that sky poll yesterday 45% of members believe they will NEVER win ANY general election again
Fact Check: Clinton did call TPP 'the gold standard'
Trump continues to argue that we don't know who hacked the DNC
The Clinton campaign’s greatest fear throughout the general election has been that some other Trump would emerge ―
Waiting until the general election to want a third-party is too late, America.
So much enthusiasm amongst Indians about the US Presidential debate!!...Wish there was half of this enthusiasm for Indian General election!.
.A lot of Corbynistas don't care about winning general election. They want Corbyn leading Labour, nothing more.
& have all came out and said Corbyn could win the next general election…
Mathira Parliamentary hopeful Nancy Murage has announced that she will use DP party ticket 4 the general election.
"Maybe he isn't as rich as he says he is," muses about tax returns:
But when all is said and done, this fact remains : the US has debates before a general election. We don't.
See the fact checks we’ve done on the candidates’ claims: And more live fact checks here: https:/…
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You've been there Joanne, how do we get a general election now/soonest
The election year is becoming a weird referendum on how poorly this country views competent women. Actually, just women in general.
.just said NYC murder numbers are up, citing 2015 numbers. They *were* up last year, are down this year https:/…
That was the strongest statement against free trade that's been aired in a general election debate since Perot
BREAKING NEWS : Labour pledges to ban fracking in favour of clean energy sources.
Trump opens debate with inaccurate statement about Ford
5 times Donald Trump was live fact-checked: In his first general election Presidential…
Trump made no effort to appeal to general election voters - and Hillary came w an arsenal of oppo. Our story >.
Fact check: Hillary denied saying the TPP "sets the gold standard" for trade deals. She lied:
- Completely agree, in which case we will force an early General Election and remove May from power
Me at half of America right now for getting Trump to the general election.
This is obvious but also should be underlined:. For the first time ever, tonight, a woman will be in a general-election presid…
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