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General Contractor

A general contractor is responsible for the day-to-day oversight of a construction site, management of vendors and trades, and communication of information to involved parties throughout the course of a building project.

Construction Manager

Construction Project Superintendents Wanted!! Greystone Construction, a well-established General Contractor and Specialty Products Contractor based in Shakopee, MN, and Bismarck, ND is seeking Project Superintendents for projects in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa. The Project Superintendent is responsible for ensuring that each and every project undertaken is completed on-time and under the budgeted cost estimate while meeting management and customer objectives for safety, quality and flexibility. To carry out these responsibilities on a daily basis, the Project Superintendent is to produce and utilize management tools such as (but not limited to) time cards, daily reports, safety inspections, submittal logs, change order logs, quality control logs and project schedules. Contact our Shakopee office to learn more.
Administrative Assistant for General Contractor (hayes valley): Part-time Admin Assistant n...
NO OTHER TYPES OF ADVERTISEMENT POSTINGS PERMITTED!! Orchard Services Los Angeles Chapter is now Parented/Partnered with 4 Seasons All Phases of Landscape and Construction. 4 Seasons All Phases of Landscape and Construction About us: Four Seasons Gardening & Landscape is comprised of a Botanical Consultant, an Exterior Decorator and a General Contractor. Our Company can fix everything from Electrical to Plumbing as well as anything associated with your home & garden. Our Services are as artful and creative as they are mechanically diverse. We'll bring you that many-pronged attack capable of putting in that Patio Deck & Cover so you can enjoy the entire scenic appeal. We do not just landscape your lawn, we showcase it! We are equipped for Commercial and Residential Properties for all 'Hard' & 'Soft' scape Design, Maintenance and Repairs. Let us be the reason your lawn looks great four all seasons... Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area... Call for your Free Estimate (Senior Discount of 10%) From Design to ...
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Construction Estimator: Details: A leading general contractor who is known for quality construction and premie...
Sen Fulcher backs attorney general's call for investigation of prison contractor
Remodeling your residence. View our Index for everything home related. General Contractor
I should just be a general contractor at this point. Look at this for a late night ceiling leak. Apartment living
Mini rant.everyone please use reliable sources before jumping on the earthquake bandwagon. for example is a great site. Oh, and if your house really was shaking and rocking that bad, message me and I'll give you the number of a really good home builder/general contractor.
As many of you are aware, we have been spending a lot of time and effort - or I should say my General Contractor, has been spending a lot of time and effort in managing the Re-model and addition to our home - yesterday we started moving into the space - we are not there yet - need to get more furniture. The Painters are finishing up on the outdoor painting of the 3rd floor Terrance, the cement workers are done and have moved to the 2nd floor - we are getting there. After a day of moving from our 2nd Floor digs to our Apartment I was beat, but I was reminded that one of the Ice Cream Stores at SM (Shopping Center) was giving ice cream away. All you had to do is kiss your partner. Now please keep this under your hat - don't let my wife know - OK? I took the General Contractor out - First we stopped at an ATM to get more money. Then to Sbarro's well it is mine and my wife's favorite fast food place, so I figured the General Contractor would like it. After that we took a walk through the Mall to work of ...
See past project info for Bowen's Custom Building including photos, cost and more. Beulaville, NC - General Contractor.
Looking for general contractor for a bathroom remodel insurance claim. Need some estimates asap! Anyone here I know or someone you would refer? Thank you!!
MACC Philippines is a General Contractor currently hiring for engineers and architects... Pls see my new added photo for details ;)
I don't usually answer phone calls if it's from a number I don't recognize. However, today, for some reason I decided to answer the call from "Chun, Elizabeth" - I had seen that number call before & not answer it - so I thought maybe it was someone calling for Ed's business. So I answered it. The woman came on the line and asked if our electricity bill seemed high, (blah, blah, blah) and then she tried to try to sell me solar panels. I told her we live in a condo development so, no I wasn't interested. Then she asked if there was any other remodel work I needed done around our home, (& more blah, blah, blah). When I was able to answer her, I told her my husband was a general contractor. To which she very rudely replied, "Why didn't you say that first?" "(click). Needless to say, I have renewed my resolve not to answer the phone unless I recognize the number on caller ID I think that lady needs to find a new job. :/
Loker: PT. FAMILI KITA: PT. FAMILI KITA estabilished  in 1988 as a general supplier and contractor...
If you are thinking to renovated you kitchen or bathrooms!! Coming soon Bretmend, inc General contractor commercial and residential
Open HB Match alert General Contractor needed for restaurant fit-out in - ending Monday:
If anyone is looking for a general contractor, residential or commercial, feel free to reach out to me
Thanks Dan. Your off-season work so far has been superb. One typo: the line is "independent contractor" (vs employee) not general
PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH EVERYONE YOU KNOW!! THANK YOU!! GOD BLESS! The Dallas Solution: I have a friend who is president of his homeowners association in the Dallas , Texas suburbs. They were having a terrible problem with litter near some of his association's homes. The reason, according to my friend, is that six very large, luxurious new houses are being built right next to their community. The trash was coming from the Mexican laborers working at the construction sites and included bags from McDonald's, Burger King and 7-11, plus coffee cups, napkins, cigarette butts, coke cans, empty bottles, etc. He went to see the site supervisor and even the general contractor, politely urging them to get their workers not to litter the neighborhood, to no avail. He called the city, county, and police and got no help there either. So here's what his community did. They organized about twenty folks, named themselves the "Inner Neighborhood Services" group, and arranged to go out at lunch time and "police" the trash t ...
This is what your Free 21-Point Roof Inspection may find! We are experts at ensuring we fully *** your roof with our expertise and provide a quote thereafter. If there's No Damage to report... We advise you of those findings as well. Loyal. Honest. The Job is Done Right, the First Time. JNT Developers, Inc - General Contractor - Remodeler - Dallas Fort Worth 214.614.8177 or email Faith
Town Hall Meetings will be held in the Lake Dallas City Hall Community Room (212 Main Street) on Wed., Feb. 19 at 7 pm and Thu., Feb. 20 at 7 pm. The meetings are to discuss the Lakeview Drive paving project and how it will impact you. In addition, the General Contractor will personally contact everyone who has a driveway on Lakeview Drive. Please plan to attend one of the meetings for more information regarding the Lakeview project. We look forward to meeting with you.
Does anyone have a licensed General Contractor they can refer to me that works in the La Junta area (Colorado)?
Roofer admits stealing jewelry from Red Hill home while on the job: NORRISTOWN — A roofing contractor faces se...
We officially got awarded for New Three lakes Middle School Moore Middle school one of the two lower bidders Boulter Middle School one of the two lower bidders as well. But over budget with 3.5 millions The General Contractor will have two of the lower bidders to rebid and get value engineering this will apply to all trades. So exited about this
Concrete Finishers and General Labor: Perkins and Perkins Construction is a growing contractor wit...
Always thought it might be fun to be the general contractor on a bigger job. Sure glad I never have to do it again! And good thing we have the best subs anywhere!
“It’s like going to the dentist. You've got to do what you've got to do." - General Contractor on pulling sunken Corvettes from sinkhole.
New Habitat Inc is a Framing and General Contractor in Santa Cruz County serving Aptos Capitola Soquel Watsonville and Scotts Valley Construction
[1/2] US SOFCOM angle for [1] CDN fmr general turned contractor still in Afghan jail for gun smuglng
Framing Carpenter (NPR): General Contractor looking for someone with experience in installing door...
Looking for a General Contractor recommendation. Anyone local have an excellent personal experience with one?
Looking for a general contractor to tear out the last bit of our old deck and bust out a rock patio to prepare to have new deck poured. Any recommendations?
Client in need of a general contractor, Orlando area. Any recommendations?
With over 23 years as a general contractor, Damon Carlson of DCarlson Building & Design recently began operating in the Kokomo area.
Jardine Renovations - NB - General Contractor specializing in Home Remodeling, and...
Hey FB friends, wanted to see if anyone can recommend a great general contractor to come out to our home and see if we have mold. I think its coming from our pantry and guest bathroom. Thanks!
Portland YouthBuilders (PYB) is now hiring! PYB, a non-profit vocational alternative high school and a residential general contractor, is seeking a qualified Construction Trainer. Students are culturally diverse, low-income young adults aged 17-24 years. Our state-certified pre-apprenticeship program integrates academic education with hands-on construction training on actual construction sites providing a rich, disciplined and transformative learning environment. Women and people of color are encouraged to apply. Click the link for more info, and please share!
congrats to my brother its official he is an general contractor "Richard Clay Construction LLC"
Are you looking to make some EXTRA MONEY?? We are an established and growing business in need of a licensed General Contractor who currently is not too busy to make some extra money :) We are currently in Clermont and will be moved to Orlando (32810 [...]
Can anyone in the LA area recommend a good reliable general contractor. I have some things I'd like to get a quote for. This person MUST have a contractors license. Also must be able to show me previous work that was done. And Preferably will actually complete the job they were hired to do. Sorry if I'm being picky but I'm not going down that road again. Lesson learned. Thanks!
My General Contractor's wife took the day off just to spend the day with him, just riding around in the truck to the job sites >>>>
Napa Valley General Contractor educates audiences on how to complete a construction project on time - great info!
Joeris General Contractors receives top safety award By North SA Chamber EditorPosted on February 14, 2014 by North SA Chamber EditorJoeris General Contractors was recently awarded the prestigious Gold Step Award from the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) for its safety performance on the ma...
What is Fibroblast Growth Factor? To put it simply: Fibroblast Growth Factor ( FGFs ) are like a GENERAL CONTRACTOR showing up the construction site while building a bridge... He can COMMUNICATE with the wokers carrying the matirials, telling them exactly where to properly place each piece of the bridge as it was the designed. OTHER BENEFITS OF ( FGF ) FGFs also help in 1.Stroke Recovery 2.Vision 3.Depression 4.Blood Pressure 5.Arthritic And Joint Pain 6.Tissue Regeneration Destroy Mutant Genes - Especially n Huntington Disease And Alzheimer's Cheryl Libor Gella Ito at ni re-type ko yung WHY WE NEED AMINO ACIDS? , WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS OF AMINO ACIDS DEFICIENCY , What is Fibroblast Growth Factor? . galing ito sa youtube at niri-search ko ang Laminine... kaylangan ko talaga to at maganda ibenta to... ill be expecting you on sunday ha? Thank you and Grace to you cheche :)
Happy Valentines Day to my sister, Annette King, she can do it all!! ( sometimes better and faster than the boys round here) she drives the delivery trucks, roofs houses, kills BIG BUCKS and catches the most fish, and the biggest if them as well!! She's not only a outdoors lady she's a general contractor too and a realtor too , not just a realtor but a broker as well And she can kick your butt; if need be!..The list goes on and on as to what she can do. She has helped me in so many ways with my own car/house; whatever needed repairing and she will give you the shirt of your back, if you need it and I love her to the moon and back!
Just thought we would let you all know. If anyone is ever in need of a trades-person, contractor or supplier, please feel free to send us a private message, we would be more than happy to recommend someone we work with and trust. (general contractors, tilers, plumbers, electricians, flooring suppliers etc.) We partly gauge our success by the success of the professionals we surround ourselves with. Also, if we recommend them, you better believe they do a good job. We are pretty particular about how we like things done. :) Happy Friday!
As a Victoria general contractor I've purchased many excellent Lee Valley tools and have never been disappointed!
Aaron Aguirre is working for the General Dynamics Corporation as an independent contractor.
Idaho Statesman - Fulcher backs Idaho attorney general's call for investigation of prison contractor
Fulcher backs general's call for of contractor - Feb 14 @ 11:25 AM ET
Did a personality test and this is what it came up with as for jobs... its weird because i wanted to be a paralegal when I was little, security, data base and military or some type of goby job. I'm not sure about the other things. Careers This lists represent careers and jobs people of your type tend to enjoy doing. The job requirements are similar to the personality tendencies of your personality type. It is important to remember that this is not a list of all the jobs possible. And it is very important to remember that people can, and frequently do, fill jobs that are dissimilar to their personality... this happens all the time...and sometimes works out quite well. government employee pharmaceutical sales auditor computer analyst technical trainer project manager officer manager factory supervisor credit analyst electrical engineer stockbroker regulatory compliance...officer chief information officer construction worker general contractor paralegal industrial engineer budget analyst data base manager fu ...
Any for a General in Water and Electrical damage. Sounds like a project!
If anything goes wrong on a project, it’s the general contractor that has to make things right. Any cost of repairs comes out of the contract budget, not your pocket. That’s what professional contractors bring to your project; security through a license, insurance and workman’s compensation.
Looking to make a change in your home? A general contractor can help with small jobs—replacing a window or putting down vinyl flooring—to big, whole house re-models that involve everything from walls to floors to cabinets to entire rooms and levels.
Updating a kitchen does not always involve a lot of renovation. A general contractor can help give your dated kitchen a new, lighter, airy look by changing cabinetry and flooring. With today’s wide array of colors, materials, and styles, you can easily begin enjoying an updated and efficient kitchen renovation.
View Gallary of Home Projects before & after. Unique Home Construction, Licensed general contractor
So, Im a general contractor and I've been getting out of state calls and not leaving message. I looked up the number and it's for some racket called Home Advisor. They are absolute rude. If you can avoid this company like the plague.
If you are looking to add to your family's living space, a home renovation conducted by a qualified general contractor might be in order. From home theater rooms to children's play rooms to game rooms to an enhanced kitchen or bath to an extra bedroom or storage room, a general contractor can help enhance your home's living spaces and its overall value.
General Contractor as well as a subcontractor for large GC companies. ~
If you’re thinking about starting a new construction project, hiring a licensed general contractor should be at the top of your to-do list. Here is a list of ten reasons why you as a home owner need a general contractor for your construction project. 1. Saving A Whole Lot of Time Let’s face it. Even...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
SmartBidNet now includes a ConsensusDocs form to provide advanced subcontractor prequalification tools to commercial general contractors. he latest update to the SmartBidNet cloud software for commercial construction bidding includes a completely redesigned Prequalification module including a ConsensusDocs standard prequalification form. All SmartBidnet clients, across the US, Canada, Caribbean and Middle East will now be able to utilize the ConsensusDocs 721 form built into the prequalification module of the system at no extra cost. Advanced prequalification and custom forms are still available to Premium and Professional users. “The ConsensusDocs Coalition of 40 leading organizations is glad to work with SmartBidNet in providing another tool to help the industry and construction stakeholders to select their contractors wisely. In today’s competitive marketplace, asking the right prequalification questions can easily mean the difference between success and failure,” comments Brian Perlberg, Executi ...
Construction Services 15139 South Post Oak Rd Houston TX 77053 713-413-226 CAMP Construction Services | VIDEO CAMP Construction Services is a full service general contractor in the multi-family industry. For over thirty years CAMP has been meeting the needs of our customers in every aspect of construction. CAMP conducts full-scale new construction projects, minor repairs and everything in between. We will complete your project on time at a fair price with the utmost attention to detail. With our decades of experience, CAMP is your clear choice. Exterior Renovations Interior Renovations Disaster Recovery & Rebuilds Roofing services Connect with us! Map | more of Camps exclusive videos | Camp Construction Services Construction Overview Construction Testimonials in and check us out on Foursquare | + |
That's why I said drywall initially b/c IA does the initial framing. Perhaps General Contractor then? /
Got to drive to my job site today because the subcontractor didn't bother to call and tell the General Contractor they cancelled the concrete pour. Now I get to sit for 3 hours on site because it's a 4 hour call out due to the weather\road conditions, so they want me to sit so they get their money's worth. Yay!
I am involved as a partner in the mixed use project, The 951. It is a 4 story building consisting of 68 apartments (some of which will be Live/Work units) and 4000 square feet of retail/office on the first floor. It is located on the corner of Park and Front, a great location on the east side of downtown. Glenn Levi is our Architect and Developer; Steed Construction is our General Contractor; Kristin Dudley of Highnoon is our designer for our marketing materials and website. A great team I am honored to be involved with not only as a partner but with consulting. We have broken ground and it's full steam ahead!
5Star Room Additions 90240: UAC General Contractors CA is an skilled and reliable general contractor for both ...
1st General Contractors Downey: 1st General Contractors 90240 is an experienced and loyal general contractor f...
UAC General Contractors 90240: 1st General Contractors CA is an skilled and dependable general contractor for ...
Meeting with a general contractor this AM to discuss my wife's ideas to update our master bath... she has plenty of ideas, thanks to HGTV. Guess I should be trying to pick up more hour$ in 'Cuse.
Today at Tilson our construction IT team is helping a general contractor with a Sage 300 CRE (Timberline) server migration project
Yesterday at Tilson on construction IT team helped a general contractor with health insurance fringe setup in Sage 300 CRE ERP (Timberline)
Being up at 1:30 am is NOT all bad, When we rebuilt 359, We figured out How to run a 3 way switch as there are 2 in the house, Being up this early, I watched a show that explained the terminology where it made sense. Giddy's is still learning and for ya'll that thought we were a Plumbing outfit ( I've been asked that 3 times in the past 2 weeks), NOPE, we were a general contractor, plus had equipment for Snow Plowing, and Mowing along with the contacts for Snow Removal and anything you can put in a dump truck. From the Concrete to your Shingles on a Home. We tried to stay with hiring the concrete work out. BOTH of our kids have had their hands in all matters of Home Renovation and Home Construction. If they NEVER use that info again on a job, I would hope they retain it for their own homes for when I'm GONE
This is really becoming a habbit... (at Permata Padiepadie - General Contractor) [pic] —
Daniel Menard, allgd gun smuggling contractor for former Canadian general, still in jail
We are looking for an inspector, general contractor or ICC certified.
Can anyone recommend a general contractor in ventura county?
When we were last in Brian Young General Contractor Inc, we were thrilled. See more
Boy what a day I had,, been a very busy day but thats everyday thank God,,, Just got in ,with me doing service calls and putting in that big resturant in Franklin has worn me thin,,, now I think Ive got another one to start in Huntsville, Alabama,, the good thing is,, Im right in the middle of Huntsville and Nashville which is a very good thing,, takes me the same to travel to either place,,, Im thankful dont get me wrong but General Contractor also is starting a great big bar on Broadway,, so Im going to need alot of FUEL IN A BOTTLE lol ...
IAS BUILDERS is a great general contractor. Thank you Isaac for doing a great job and stress free! I highly recommended IAS BUILDERS!
Does this mean I'm a contractor,getting to know Admiral Bill McCraven,President Obama,and General Petraeus say something?
**Warehouse frame and trim Carpenter needed** (wichita): I'm a general contractor in search of...
Surveillance can be very important to a homeowner/business owner. Contact us to learn more:
Please vote for us in the General Contractor category for the Fabio awards!
Rest In Peace Hotel Oneonta :'( It was exactly 95 years ago that The Hotel Oneonta Burned down at Harvey's Lake, PA. It was at 6:00 PM on Sunday, February 2, 1919 that Harvey's Lake lost it's best building. Here is very descriptive details about the Oneonta. The Hotel Oneonta was a benchmark of the Lake’s Golden Era. No public building at Harvey’s Lake—before or since—matched the Oneonta for its grandeur or status. The hotel, situated between Oneonta Hill and the shoreline, the hotel’s towering gables, elegant verandas and boat house dominated the Sunset area of the Lake. Like most public houses at the Lake, the hotel was seasonal, open from late May to late September, with the Independence Day celebrations as its annual high point. Days in advance of the holiday, preparations began in Wyoming Valley homes for the annual “basket picnic” at the Lake. Crowds would assemble on Wilkes-Barre’s Public Square to catch the trolleys that ran to the Lake from 4:00 A.M. until 11:00 P.M. Family member ...
Hello all! Does anyone have the contact info for a great roofer/general contractor? I've got 6+ inches of snow/ice covering my flat roof and am now dealing with water coming into the house, so I'd like to get someone who can come out as soon as possible! Thanks!
Anybody know a general contractor that might help us with the skatuary
Tom the Plumber, Inc. will soon be working for another local, family owned general contractor in the near future on their upcoming remodel and new construction projects. We can't wait to partner with them, and build this business relationship.
Can anyone recommend a General Contractor that works in the West End (Portland) and understands west end pricing? My full time maintenance guy is getting backed up and I have a couple rehabs I need to get done in time for those tax checks (aka deposit money) to come in ;)
Looking for a general contractor. Any recommendations?
BEWARE if u are looking for someone to do work at your home: Don't call William Lynch owner/ general contractor with S&W Homes construction and remodeling BECAUSE he is a con artist theft an a lair he done it to me
Anyone know of a reputable general contractor? We had a pipe burst, which caused damage to our kitchen, garage and basement. Our contractor moved.
Am a man of 44 years old with a son but no wife which simply means am divorced going to three years now but the only problem about me now is that i need a loving and caring lady that will be taking care of me am a general contractor i've worked with so many companies all over the world in short am well okay financially but the only problem is how to find a truthful companion any interested lady can inbox me so serious about it.
Ernest Construction Company is a General Contractor with 2 locations to serve all of New Jersey. Our services include ground up new construction, renovations, remodels, and small projects. Whether you are looking for a General Contractor for residential or commercial projects we can tailor our compa...
Looking for a honest and reasonable general contractor to convert garage. I also need an electrician for some existing problems at my in laws home that need looking at.
Looking forward to spending the day at the Dallas convention center with my hubby. Who wouldn't love going to a building/ general contractor expo? This gal loves it...yawn... hope Ed knows how much I love him for
Hi everyone! We've just bought a house in Leslieville (yay!), and are interested in meeting with a general contractor about some upgrades and renovations, hopefully this weekend. Any recommendations for local companies? Thanks in advance!
Listening to the amount of children some guys have by different women blows my mind. No wonder they are broke every week. Is it cultural? Is it fixable? It's almost a game, maybe that is what it is for them. I live such a simple life ha ha. I only wanted two children (preferably girls) the same wife, no girlfriends with or without kids on the side. Being a general contractor can be frustrating enough, rock climbing, kayaking snowboarding can step up the excitement to any level you want.
When you’re having remodeling work done in your home, it’s important to understand the experience of the people you have working. While a general contractor may be familiar with wiring, it’s best to bring in an experienced electrician to handle any electrical work.
Although I am now booked for the complete summer (I will be working in Glen Haven) I am glad to recommend subcontractors and/or suppliers to those who choose to go it on their own. I will also be glad to swing by and look at any work being done if you have concerns (This is for subcontractors if you are contracting as your own general contractor only, I do not critique other General Contractors work if they are currently under contract to you as I do not consider this ethical). Again, advice is free for the Glen Haven Strong. Once I start work you are welcome to swing by and say hello. I will let you know my schedule as I would love to meet you! Bring coffee!
Last night was an awesome Night of Worship, for everyone who labored so hard to make it happen it was a double night of joy. As the General Contractor of the job I want to give a special thanks to everyone who came out to help, for some it was only a few hours for others it was more and for those who physically could not labor it was bringing food and supplies. It was a group effort done by all who had the opportunity to come for those who just could not make it was Prayers! I would like to give special recognition to workers who were able to labor extremely long hours everyday with me (and put up with me) to "get r' done". It was a group effort but these people really went above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you, Kevin & Shelly, Daniel & Cathy, Virgil & Thomas (they used vacation time to get off of work to work 14 hour days) Elliot (my right hand man), Pam & Melvin (the landscaping out front). The list of those who were able to come for a few days and after work is to long to list! This was not onl ...
Lord, walk beside me to guide my steps today. Lord, put your arm across my shoulders today . so you can reach my mouth faster than I can tell an architect that he is an *** Lord, hold my hands today . to keep me from choking out the general contractor that can't read his own plans. Amen
We are looking for a general contractor who would like to bid a small kitchen remodel. Someone that can design it on the computer so we can see a visual. Have them PM me, thanks.
Looking to a for good general Contractor for a pretty large scale job .Hit me up now anyone. I have to get things rolling asap
Tips on Remodeling: Kitchen Remodeling, As the premier design/build contractor of choice in the Dayton and surrounding areas our team is dedicated to taking the guesswork out of Kitchen remodeling. With uncompromising quality, on time at a fair price; we plan and manage every phase of the process from start to finish with no guesswork involved. Bathroom Remodeling, When it comes to bathrooms, we use our straight forward, “no guesswork” approach. Because, when it comes to the bathroom, we pay particular attention to safety. Did you know that most injuries sustained in the home happen in the bathroom? Creating a safe AND beautiful living environment is job one, especially when it comes to your bathroom. Senior Friendly Remodeling, It’s important that your home is adapted to accommodate for easy mobility as you age. Your home should be safe, secure and easy to move around in. We will *** your current living environment and offer recommendations to make your home more safe and accessible for you and ...
I have a breakfast event in North Andover on Thursday morning ( tomorrow ) from 8am to 9am with a 20 admission fee. I have two seats left here are the list of professions I am looking for. Appraiser, home inspector, lawn care, Pest control, cleaner, carpet cleaning, flooring, security company, handyman, plumber, roofer, general contractor, home stager. Please let me know if you are interested.
This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shares eight tips to selecting and working with a qualified contractor
We're underway on another commercial project where we are the General Contractor for a Cumberland Farms reconstruction project. We will be demolishing and replacing two existing buildings, which will be combined into one structure on the Warwick and West Warwick Town line.
Fixing up your residence. View our Listings for everything dwelling related. General Contractor
What is a General Contractor? has different rules. Only go with insured, bonded, references, A+.
Find this &More Construction General Laborer (Jacksonville/Little Rock): We are a general contractor so w...
Don't take chances on this all-important team member. Find the best general contractor for your remodel or new build by heeding this...
My answer on to: How do i release a general contractor for breach of contract?
The ultimate house warming gift allows a homeowner to maintain and improve their new purchase more affordably.
Wasting money on your home is easy. Adding value takes strategy. This helps:
Your home is your castle. Protect the castle!
Quality materials and workmanship + low cost = maximum value in home improvement. Here's how to do it:
Since Dobbins wants to be a general contractor I think it's time to let him go be one.
Ever wondered why remodeling costs so much? Ever wondered how to get around that? Here's the apple hitting your head:
The success of your home renovation depends on 4 key strategic decisions. Do you know what they are?
This is what homeowners WISHED they knew before they hired the wrong contractor...
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
MaxCon Software is designed by a general Contractor for roofing and speciality trade contractors. MaxCon leads...
Many peoples bios say they work in 'social media ' I guess it's better than saying general contractor and is the new code for unemployed
General in is looking for a subcontractor for ongoing projects.
Nothing, apparently. A friend who's a general contractor already looked at it. Just Slopes pricing.
One of our readers is a general contractor in the midwest. He sent me this pic of a shower he recently finished...
Building your house. View our Listings for everything dwelling related. General
Remodeling your home. Look through our Listings for everything dwelling related. General Contractor
You might think a General Contractor would realize he is painting his entire living room semi gloss instead of eggshell. You would be wrong
AMP UP your home and make it your castle. Here's how to do that without it costing a King's ransom...
Pleased to say we've hired Watson-Forsberg as our general contractor for Prior Crossing. Demolition to begin this fall.
Ever wonder what a General Contractor is? Check this out to learn more:
Hiring The Right Texas General Contractor: By Cathy MercerProperty development is one of the most rising inves...
M-1 Rail has selected Stacy and Witbeck, Inc., to serve as construction. manager/general contractor for the...
The Easiest Way To Find A General Contractor Within Your Budget: It can sometimes be difficult for homeowners ...
General Contractor Software Developed by Nsquareit: NSquareIT has established web based…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Project Manager Electrical Engineer Construction in Phoenix, AZ, 85013: dan, general contractor, us
If anyone needs a general contractor in Tulsa, is fantastic. A+ customer service and attention to detail.
Steve Petersen (lawyer, dentist, pilot, general contractor, guitar picker) and Dave Krasnow (Intellectual Property lawyer to the stars) pla…
Multi-family estimator for for a local general contractor. Great advancement opportunity.
LET US SPONSOR GIFTS FOR YOUR CLIENTS. Are you a realtor, general contractor, an architect or other home industry related service? We...
Landmark Structures Corp has been selected as general contractor for a $6M senior housing in Tewksbury
Railing fabricated by Superior and installed by the General Contractor.
Congratulations to & Area Development Group, Inc. on the grand opening in New Kent. We're proud to be the General Contractor!
$299 for a General Contractor for a Day
I am currently searching for qualified project managers for a strong, reputable general contractor in the New Orleans market.
I favorited a video Las Vegas Electrician and General Contractor
need general contractor, 3 apartments to rehab (N. Charlotte)
I'm working for a flooring company and a general contractor. Industry is getting better y'all.
.Were there no Michigan firms able to be Construction Manager and general contractor? Did any bid?
Working on your residence. Graze our Listings for everything home related. General Contractor
Kids Play On Big Cats At Avalon Site: North American Properties and its general contractor hosted the families of...
Looking for a qualified trade or General Contractor? Or are you looking for FREE advertising for you company? Visit tr…
Hiring a contractor doesn't have to be hard. Here's how you can find one right for you.
Five-star general contractor fraternal insurance: signification in respect to contractor loss of ground security
To see if a general contractor is licensed in the state of Florida go to the Florida Department of Business and...
Does anyone know a general contractor to do some demo work? Looking for some quotes on the new store buildout.
UAC General Contractors 93010: UAC General Contractors Camarillo is an practiced and trusty general contractor...
The general contractor for my construction told my mom she had a mental issue, what's new
Building your house. Browse our Listings for everything house related. General
Join us Aug 6 for a webinar on Project Management & Field Operations told from the general contractor’s point-of-view
What to Look for in a General Contractor WATCH VIDEO:
I own a remodeling company as my partner is a general contractor; however, my background for 15 years has been in...
Market Hog, exhibited by Grace Sydnor, sold for $5.00/lb to Shelby Richards General Contractor.
yeah I been having this early *** shifts but I use to it now. Ima general contractor, today were working on some concrete.
[3/8]. Kazakhstan to upgrade, expand Pavlodar refinery. Rominserv Valves Iaifo Zalau, the general contractor of...
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The movement to go being sprearheaded by our JV partner, is so important. via
local contractor looking for a good electrician (hollywood): Local general contractor looking for a...
My grandpa has one (he's a general contractor) and it's come in to use more than just for his job.
Time to put my general contractor swagg on. Finishing my basement by myself
Did you know that CORE was the general contractor for newest bar, Enter to win a gift card!
We have hired the general contractor for the Blues Hall of Fame build out and some construction has begun! These...
General contractor or underwater construction foreman
UAC General Contractors 90280: UAC General Contractors CA is an knowledgeable and steadfast general contractor...
I work for a very prestigious national general contractor in No VA as a Director of Subcontractor Relations. U do ask too many questio ...
I'm now my landlord personal general contractor and got a part time job at a hotel too !
General Contractor is looking for finishers, framers, drywall hangers (Miami/surrounding area): Gen...
my general contractor brought over Dungeness crabs for us one day. Almost texted husband "the handyman gave me crabs".
Just finished a great appointment with a General Contractor to pursue cross marketing opportunities
General contractor coalition forms to draft PDF creation guidelines.
excited to announce our partnership as the River Front Apartments General Contractor
That's true. but if you work for a general contractor or co. they still have a duty to find work for you to do
Site Superintendent: AB-Calgary, A leading General Contractor is currently searching for a Superintendent to j...
Lease Crutcher Lewis to take on exciting improvements to Seattle's Livery Stable building
Juan, the General Contractor on the job is really hard to understand. Speaks half in English and half in Spanish. Dude is the man though.
Ammex Roofing General Contractor LLC: In need of roofing to get done at your home at a good cost. Call Today!
Commercial General Contractor looking for an experienced Assistant Project Manager / Project Engineer. Apply Now!
PDFs and the shifting roles of project engineers -
Because nothing says general contractor like hydraulic bounce in their work car.
Can anyone recommend a general contractor in the area you've worked with before? Someone who would do ceiling repairs?
I need a general contractor/ plumber that I can pay in beer. Seriously. Today.
Great post on finding a reliable contractor.
5Star Room Additions 91362: UAC General Contractors CA is an practiced and trustworthy general contractor for ...
what do you want to be when you get older? — A general contractor that specializes in architect
"Need a reliable general contractor in Toronto? Here's what to look for good points.
a guy who is a general contractor. Met him while wiring a house hes building.
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Serching for an MSHA safety manager for an opportunity in Southeastern Wisconsin to lead the MSHA program for a large general contractor.
Tuesday Testimonial's Thank you Debbie and Michelle!! You have been a pleasure to work with! Kirk T of Hawthorne (General Contractor)
*** is up w/ the 80s Bob Villa videos. C'mon jean shorts?
Saunders Construction Inc., the general contractor, for Sheridan's new school, is seeking subcontractors to prequalify for bidding.
M1 Rail says it's still in due diligence period for Construction Manager and general contractor bids for $137M Woodward streetcar project.
General Contractor's Safetyman tried to kick me off the job for a cup of coffee I had in my tool box. Lame dude power tripping. Nothing new
Liability of a General Contractor for Injuries Caused by Negligent Subcontractor
I wanna become a general contractor kid!
Keep in mind that in order to obtain their license, your general contractor had to pass a series of examinations...
Already started off the day with a good morning, finally a general contractor.
Working on your abode. Browse our Listings for everything house related. General Contractor
Haas Construction is an all purpose general contractor that can help with all of your home construction needs.
…of the measurement issue. And now with these details and the general contractor not wanting to pay them, we may lose the project.
Lawyer for son of construction worker killed on campus told me today he expects OSHA report by end of summer. Recall:
How to Build a Simple Deck from general contractor Tom Silva.
Do any of my Bay Area friends have a general contractor they really like?
New Winona Bridge will be MnDOT's first-ever "Construction Manager/general contractor" project. Details to come in F&C.
do you do any work in NYC (Queens), if not, can you recommend someone w/your skills/general contractor in my area.
Lunchtime Rant: How an information theorist and Quentin Tarantino kept me from killing a general contractor…
Posted sign @ the back of a general contractor truck " We fix your husbands projects "
Whether you need a general contractor, insurance or even new lightbulbs, indie biz community has you covered.
We are so excited to have our work featured on the front page of the local paper! We are grateful to be the General Contractor on a project that creates such a hopeful outlook for our city.
Visiting A Construction Site by Ron Winter The following Do's and Don'ts are guidelines only. Nothing can take the place of common sense and good manners. Safety rules vary widely and circumstances sometimes call for different actions. Never the less, many things are universal. Be polite. You may represent the owner of the project, but you don't own the construction area. As an independent contractor, the General Contractor (GC) has the responsibility and authority in this area. If he or she tells you to leave - you leave (complain later.) Any other response opens you for delay and interference claims. No matter what the provocation, your company will not thank you for starting a lawsuit. Don't get involved. When walking around (especially wearing a borrowed hard hat with the Construction Manager's or GC's label on the front,) don't direct any workers or even answer questions. Laborers don't know you from the GC and might act upon your "polite suggestion" as if it were an order. What seems like an obvious ...
Business Title Mechanical Construction Inspector HR Job Title Inspector 1 Requisition ID 753BR Physical Location Columbia, MD Division PM PM/CM Employment Type regular Time Type full-time Job Description The PM/CM Division of ARCADIS is hiring for a Mechanical Construction Inspector for the Front Royal, VA office. The ideal candidate will have expertise in waste water treatment plants, construction field management, quality assurance, quality control, and report documentation. Will serve as a field contact between the Construction Manager (CM) and the General Contractor. May manage other inspection staff. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: · Utilize testing procedures, inspection protocols, construction techniques and perform QA on behalf of Clients and Owners · Observe and inspect construction work performed by others · Proficient in the installation of welded SS piping systems, valve, WWTP equipment and HVAC equipment. · Verify that all work is installed per contract requirements · .. ...
We have had so many extraordinary events since the renovations began, not the least of which is being blessed with the best building inspector in the world. Jon Davis, City of Sanford Commercial Building Inspector, has been an invaluable partner since our first courtesy inspection back in mid-April. The new rescue/adoption center is being created inside a building that was built in 1926 and we’ve encountered issues and breakdowns that the architectural design team could never have anticipated. Jon has a deep appreciation for the historic value of the structure and has been at our beck and call to answer questions as they’ve come up. It’s not an easy task to bring an 86 year old building up to code and Jon has brought his background as a General Contractor and expert advice to the game every step of the way. We could not and would not be where we are so far without his guidance and support. As we were preparing the facility for the new concrete floor, we were stripping away some of a wall that was de ...
PUBLIC NOTICE -- NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Glide Rural Fire Protection District will hold a joint public hearing of its Board of Directors and its Public Contract Review Board regarding use of the Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC) alternative contracting method for construction of Glide Fire's new Main Station. The meeting will be held on the 13th day of June, 2013 at 7 p.m., at 18910 N. Umpqua Hwy., Glide, Oregon. This hearing will be for the purpose of receiving public comment on Glide Fire's draft findings supporting the CM/GC alternative contracting method and exempting this project from competitive bidding requirements.
Summer internship available for 25 hours a week (9-2 M-F) in the Marketing Department of a General Contractor in Orland Park.  Required skills are InDesign and Microsoft Office.  Energetic and reliability are a must.  Fast paced and deadline oriented work environment.  Responsibilities include assisting Marketing Department with marketing materials, new layouts for marketing collateral, research and other misc. duties as required. Email resumes to employer at stacy.connelly
Nice to see our sister company movin' on up! i2 Recognized as Top 25 Front Range General Contractor by DBJ
TEAM Construction is a locally owned general contractor specializing in all type of commercial construction in Oregon and Washington. We work closely with owners, architects and engineers to help you make the best possible choices for your new project. We currently have projects under construction f...
I work for a general contractor out of Boston.. branched in CT.
The industry responsible for monitoring labor and safety practices of multinational suppliers has failed miserably.
Yea I'll take a free lunch from the general contractor from my job... Buffalo Wild Wings !!!
Anyone know a good general contractor or reno/contracting company to reno a condo?? Suggestions please?
The Amelia Earhart hangar at International Airport's Contractor Complex is now available for lease. The hangar measures at 100' wide by 180' d...
Check out RightQuest has delivered proven results in the acquisition, development and management of multifamily and commercial real estate.
Hi, Jon Sten here and this is a little about me... I'm a third generation carpenter, which means I've been around "Home Improvement Projects" all my life. Over the past 20+ years, I've had the opportunity to experience just about every facet of residential construction, from digging to trimming.
More than 100,000 people have spoken. And they say this will be the year renovations come back...
Rainbow Covenant Church searching SE Houston for general construction contractor who will donate services to help build-out new church. :-)
The new Texas Acceptance Facility in Cockeysville, MD is nearly complete and will be ready for trash in approximately one month. This $5 million, 12,300 square-foot waste transfer station will serve Baltimore County. Maryland Environmental Service is managing the construction performed by general co...
This is the 60 unit project just finished for Many Mansions in Thousand Oaks. Lauterbach is the architects & Dreyfuss the General Contractor.
General Contractor (Akron): Help Wanted: Must Have Experience in Siding, Roofing & All home Repairs. Must be R...
Entrust your remodeling job to an experienced professional! Your local builders association can help you hire a reliable contractor. (Great photo and awesome deck by PBA member Mihalko's General Contracting.)
The story of young engineers who resurrected an engine nearly twice their age.
When the general tells you to go ahead with a change order, do you:
As a leading Coronado General Contractor, Arledge Design Build takes pride in delivering customized building plans that add elegance to your home remodeling.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Thanks! MT ICS listed as a largest General Contractor. Kudos to for top 10!
A permit has been issued to demolish the former Hotel Charlevoix, where falling bricks last year tore through the roof of a parked Chrysler 300, narrowly missing a child who had just gotten out of the car.
hopefully get hired on as a construction engineer with a general contractor. I graduate in December! Miss ya man!
WatServ is like that general contractor you hire to remodel the bathroom: risk-free and convenient.
Hall BOE will reorganize at 6 p.m. Also, Healy, Bender will give present on General Contractor vs Construction Manager for new school.
Get Qualification and License of a General or Specialty Contractor. Click here
This is what's wrong with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration - besides being understaffed and underfunded, it has a pro employer bias. Here's an example - they gave a SAFETY AWARD to AJax Building Corp, a non union general contractor which had a fatal accident last year - 4 of their cement workers died in a building collapse that OSHA's own inspectors and the Florida courts have said was Ajax's fault! can you give a SAFETY AWARD to the contractor that had more on the job deaths than any other construction company in the state last year?
Jesse from Boston needs a General Contractor -
1st Contractors School provides a host of educational resources for Florida Contractors License. We are one of the finest Contractor Schools in Florida.
KIMEP University is the leading independent, American-styled, English-speaking academic institution in the CIS. Currently, we have nearly 4,000 students who are enrolled in our four academic colleges: the College of Social Sciences, the Bang College of Business (BCB) the College of General Education...
You know who SAC is? They're the general contractor who comes in w/lowest bid,then rakes you over coals w/hidden costs & overruns
GM plans no pullout from South Korea but workforce a worry: CEO quoted: SEOUL (Reuters) - General Motors Co wi...
Steve Jobs hired architect Norman Foster to build the greatest headquarters known to mankind. As construction nears, the project is behind schedule and a billion over budget
Having Nonna visit to be a night nurse and general contractor for the new house has been amazeballs.
New Blog Post: Here are some tips on 'What NOT to look for in a General Contractor.
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Watch the video Bank denies widow access to late husband’s savings on Yahoo! News. Julia Bolena’s husband of 53 years passed away 16 months ago of cancer. Since then, the Jacksonville, Florida woman has been trying to access her deceased husband’s Wells Fargo savings account. Bolena was named on her...
Ah well, you know those General Contractor, Magician, work, work..
Keep in your thoughts tomorrow as he takes the General Contractor exam 🔨🔧👍
A.C.C.L. Waterproofing is the leading foundation repair contractor in the greater Toronto area in Ontario.
We've been lucky. First, the husband made friends with a local handyman/general contractor who's been working on...
As upon judge the unturned general hospital regeneration contractor
We were wrong - JLP was bullied by the then contractor general into ending LNG deal with EXMAR
The contractor general sounds calm & level headed, let's hope that's not a sign of weakness cause these politicians will pounce!
BofA, Wells Fargo sued for mortgage settlement violation: Lawsuits from New York Attorney General ... ..
The future starts right now and you're the architect (general contractor too)!
A general contractor is a person or company in charge of every part of a construction project. This includes overseeing the...
Brian D Waltes Custom Building & Remodeling has been serving areas within Southeastern PA for over 35 years. As a fully insured and licensed general contractor, Brian & his team will make your dream home projects a reality. Whether you are looking to build your dream home, add/update an addition, or...
Having liability insurance for a small business or company is proving to be more than worth the cost. Discover more ways to save money by accessing a free business liability insurance quote from
How headed for mind in lieu of from la one-star general contractor
Just wrong on so many levels. And hidden from view. Always hidden from view.God forbid that we ever wake up and start asking the really hard why? why? or why?
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
We are a general contracting company that specializes in hardwood flooring, kitchen remodeling, room additions, and decks in Gadsden, AL.
I created group General Contractor jobs by AEC on Linkedin.:
Basically I have been blessed to be close to people who work in hiring and were very, very willing to pass along their knowledge and tips and since a lot of people I know on here seem mystified by...
Count on The Cat® Rental Store for all your equipment rental needs. From concrete saws to heavy construction equipment, Cat® Rental Stores offer products from Cat® and other leading brands to meet most jobsite needs.
Need a general Contractor in North Bay Ontario? Contact SD Paint and Design
Governor Chris Christie's ad didn't exactly tell the full story on the last four years in New Jersey. It is time to nominate Barbara Buono for governor of Ne...
The BNI Elite Chapter of Winnipeg is a business networking group that meets for lunch every Thursday at the Winnipeg Winter Club from 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. BNI (Business Network International) is a pr...
Met with the last general contractor. Things are looking to be on the up and up!
Registration under HICPA is not an endorsement, recommendation or approval by the Office of Attorney General of the contractor's competency or skill.
Are you a General Contractor? While buildings are being constructed they are subject to many different risks. Builders risk insurance is there to protect you against such risks. Purchased by the general contractor or the property owner, it can be customized to cover a host of tools, equipment, and s...
UNEMPLOYED...WHERE ARE THE JOB? May 4, 2013 (Aug. 13, 2012) If you are not aware that Obama’s obscene $787 BILLION stimulus program now stands at $1.2 TRILLION and growing, please read that story here, but not before taking a look at the foreign companies receiving your tax money from the ever growing Obama Stimulus. Let your friends know the BILLIONS intended to stimulate the American economy, stimulated the rest of the world, and in the tsunami that resulted, thousands of Americans lost their jobs: A record of a President’s stimulus failure goes round the world: AUSTRALIA: $162,000 for Melanoma Tumor Samples to be sent to the National Cancer Institute CHINA: Outsourced jobs to China. ● $30 MILLION to an American LED manufacturer to open plants. It did, and half of the company’s employees are now located in China. ● $337 MILLION for an Arizona solar plant – the panels will be supplied by a Chinese solar panel manufacturer. ● GE cancelled a contract with an American manufacturer of parts for ...
       I grew up always feeling like the outsider.  Sometimes I put myself there.  Sometimes others put me there.  Sometimes I would put myself there before others could put me there.  Regardless, I always had the desire to be an insider.  I was awkward, nerdy, smart and non sporty.  I didn't fit into the world of men.  My father and brother were in an emotionally dependent relationship that excluded me for decades.  No matter how much I tried to enter the world of men, every entrance was blocked.  It was painful and isolating.  So I simply stopped trying to enter the arena where masculinity was forged and set up shop just outside.  If they didn't want me, I didn't want them either.  Or so I tried to convince myself.   When my father did eventually venture into my kingdom I had established a life without him.  I considered his presence an interruption in the daily ebb and flow of my life.  My resistance was met with his resistance and a lifetime struggle for dominance began.  I moved t ...
PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD! We are growing fast! IC&D is looking to hire a part time (possible full time) employee as soon as possible. Please send resumes to kimby Thursday, 5/9/13 at 5:00 pm. No phone calls - emails only at this time please. Please note: We are a drug free work zone. Must be clean in appearance! NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Good work ethics is a MUST! Provide your phone number so that we can call to set up an interview.
Be it remodeling projects, renovations or additional constructions, Arledge Design Build have the expertise to offer high quality services that are cost effective.
Don't carry the bricks but maintain a visual of what the last house looked like. So if you see it in your new design. You can fire the general contractor.
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
As a result of continued growth and expansion, FARA Premium Audit Services has a need for Independent Contractor Premium Auditors in the following areas. As a Premium Auditor, you will work independently in the field, and meet with various companies to conduct insurance premium audits. In this posi...
Don’t call it a glitch – Indiana’s ISTEP+ testing meltdown is a disaster.A glitch would be a harmless disruption. Last week’s fiasco crumbled the foundation of an accountability system
Liberty Star Construction LLC Project Managers and teams bring an extensive background of experience and have completed projects for Nationwide retailers, hospitality, automotive, big box, restaurant, office, health, beauty, fitness, sectors
Who says we need admiral general al adeen...
A forklift driver on a construction project at Wichita North High accidentally ran over another worker at 7:35 a.m. Saturday, sending the victim to the hospital with possible broken legs.
Chris Burrous found a little-known federally backed loan that can help you turn your dream of remodeling your home into a reality.
Another thank you for our wonderful Michael Provow (general contractor) that had our office roof re-shingled for...
General Superintendent, Austin, TX: Top ENR Contractor offers exceptional opportunity for an experienced Gene...
Last week our construction IT team helped a Maine based general contractor go live on Timberline ERP
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