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Gene Clark

Harold Eugene Gene Clark (November 17, 1944 – May 24, 1991) was an American singer-songwriter, and one of the founding members of the folk-rock group The Byrds.

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David, what are your thoughts about Gene Clark, looking back...musically, personally, as bandmate etc?
Yup - just reached that chapter in my Gene Clark book, so been listening to it toda…
If you love The Byrds, Gene Clark , check this new album. The Cairo Gang - Take Your Time via
Carla Olson & Gene Clark on stage in Santa Monica, 1987. 📸 Gary Nichamin
guys just had to tell anyone that in NIGHT MOVES Gene Hackman makes an Alex Karras reference and his wife in the movie is Susan Clark.
Clark Kent on congas behind me and Gene Temple. ..
It is Teacher Appreciation Week! Thanks to our awesome teachers: Tom Clark, Bonita Keene, Larry Crosswell, Gene Wel…
New video, Shades of Blues (by Gene Clark live somewhere in space and time). Visuals: My riffs on a photo...
On this day in 1955: Gene Orcutt had 3 hits and threw a CG in the 1st game of Clark’s 11-0 & 12-2 sweep vs Lower Columbia.
First up - Michael Clark from university of Oxford. Expression of CACNA1C in the brain (schz / bipolar gene via GWAS)
It didnt have to be this way all you had to do is get that documentary about Gene Clark
Echoes no.1 featured Next one coming soon! Sign up at
Teenage Fanclub. "Gene Clark" (song) "No matter what you do, it all returns to you."…
You're absolutely correct. If I could only pick one band from that scene then it'd have to be them…
I was hired before I graduated from I think Gene Clark once said "havent come across…
should be in the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Please help his cause by signing the petition. ✍🏼 
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A priceless trove of too well kept secrets. The Lost Studio Sessions Albums Reviews
Gene Clark & Roger McGuinn in matching ca.1973.
There's so many great ones to choose from that era. I love Dylan, Gene Clark and Sly S…
Hey when can I expect my vinyl copy of Gene Clark Sessions in Germany?
I had to post this great Gene Clark original. This really showcases how beautiful his voice was
Christy Clark and her BC Liberals lack the empathy gene.
Check out 2 CD - Gene Clark - Live at Ebbets Field, Denver new, sealed. via
New video, Honest I Do (by Rick Danko with Gene Clark and Friends live in Indiana '85). Visuals: my riffs...
From Leon Russell's arranging work in 60's listen to this: Gene Clark's "Echoes" a monolithic masterwork
Gene Clark himself could've closed "No Other" with this, easy. Desert Raven by what a stunner. 🎸🎶🎵
RIP Pat Robinson who co-wrote this song with Gene Clark. My Marie-Gene Clark live in concert at the Mountain Stag...
"There's a train leaves here this morning, I don't know what I might be on..." ~Bernie Leadon/Gene Clark~
agree with you...together with Doug Dillard and Gene Clark
Author Ray Robertson supports the Gene Clark petition - do you? There's an 8,000 word essay...
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Trying to blog more. Enter the Daily* Deep Cut. Today, a dandy by Doug Dillard & Gene Clark
Get Gene In! Induct Gene Clark into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. - Sign the P... via
Just not crazy about Gene Clark's voice. The odd song, OK, but listening to a whole album is apparently beyond me.
I liked a video The Gene Clark No Other Band at Music Hall of Williamsburg
My sister was born with the kind of lips people are paying for and I'm so jealous that I didn't get that gene
Gene Clark demos are better than most albums.
to the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Please sign the petition!. .
My favourite Gene Clark song remains Feel A Whole Lot Better, on account of its being utterly perfect
An evening of Gene Clark. There are worse ways to spend an evening
Visit & sign to induct GENE CLARK in the Songwriters HoF.
“[Gene Clark] was a major talent and gifted musician. He should be recognized for his talent.” Lee Sklar, legend of studio bass
For the Byrd: Remembering the Sad and Incredible Life of Gene Clark «
UPDATE: Multiple suspects remain on the run following one arrest in Clark County manhunt -
Manhunt ongoing for potentially armed and dangerous subjects in Clark County:
Music writer Johnny Rogan will introduce unreleased, rarely heard songs on May 24th at 7pm
The great Gene Clark "saved himself from another lonely Saturday." Essay by
we need your support to get Gene Clark into the Songwriters HOF .
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help us to Get Gene Clark recognized for his incredible songwriting.
Pre-order our new album Here Without You - the Songs of Gene Clark on iTunes and receive "8 Miles High," "Set You... https:…
Love Gene Clark? Then sign the petition to Get Gene In the Songwriters HoF!.
Gene Clark and do a great job of a wonderful Gene song!
This Gene Clark written track didn't make the cut onto the Byrds' debut album (I've no idea why.)
Cracked the code on the DNA of Genes!. THE GENE FACTOR by
As Clark Kent always reminds of Gene Kelly from "Singin' The Rain". I can't explain why, he just does!
If Gene Belcher from Bobs Burgers and Naomi Clark from 9O21O had a baby, it would be me.
folks say Gram is under appreciated, and i agree, but Gene Clark is tragically forgotten in the genre, shame...
FACT: April's First Monday Breakfast is not on the first Monday of the month. See you 4/11! https:…
Song for the day: Life's Greatest Fool, Gene Clark - No Other . . .
Roy Peter Clark with Gene Patterson photo at amazing event tonight
. Sign the petition to induct Gene Clark into the Songwriters Hall of Fame!.
not exactly but it's more conventional. He's not obligated to become my Merle/late period Gene Clark j/o fantasy tho :)
Daffodil gene proved rice could produce beta carotene, then changed to corn genes in increase bT levels 32 times
Gene Clark with ciggie in mouth, 1965.
Musicians wanted in Portmouth to help singer/songwriter to record album.Influences 60s,90s Brit pop especially Richard As…
Gene Clark and making music ca. 1965.
More Fabby Gene Clark hair shots for your viewing pleasure!.
We're still 140 signatures shy of reaching the 1,500 milestone signed for Hall of Fame for Gene Clark.
Among its myriad pleasures, THE AMERICAN DREAMER has maybe the best folk soundtrack of its time. Gene Clark, John's Mannin…
Ray Robertson's esaays on Gene Clark & orhers. Tales of guitar greats make familiar feel new.
Eight Miles (Too) High for Gene Clark, who left the Byrds this day 50 yrs ago. . What a disc... MBRS
Sam and Han napping. I’m doing dinner with a beer on the go and a Gene Clark record on. Marvellous.
The Byrds Version of "For Free" is Amazing and the whole 73 Album is really good, a lot of Gene Clark.
Kevin Ayers, my loud dad, Crazy Horse, a folklore walk, Gene Clark, the Stones... my radio show from earlier today.
Coming up on my show today: Townes Van Zandt, Bridget St John, Gene Clark, Joe Walsh, Linda Perhacs, Kevin Ayers. Essentially:…
Strength Of Strings by Gene Clark on Classic af - Robin Pecknold also does a great version
▶"You Showed Me". Jakob Dylan & Cat Power. (great version of this Byrds tune written by Roger McGuinn & Gene Clark)
Gene Clark - In A Misty Morning. An appropriately paranoid song for today.
Join us in Congratulating Mr. September Part II - Gene Clark!. A year ago I was named Club Member of the Month for...
Jon Hamm was born to star in a Gene Clark biopic.
better than anything they did with Neil? Wow. Going to have to get a copy. (cf Cosmic American Music, try Gene Clark 'No Other'!)
why is Gene Clark's solo work so overlooked? I just got to it, and its good. No, GREAT!
"A classic record", writes Wo. on WoNoBloG: Gene Clark with the Gosdin Brothers. Gene Clark wi...
Wet Autumn morning made so much better by Lady of the North by Gene Clark.
Secrets of longevity may lie in long-lived smokers, a 'biologically distinct' group with extraordinary gene variants
Photo: the–byrds: Gene Clark and David Crosby in the studio, 1965.
Me and Dad in pic up front, Dad was good friends with Gene Clark and drove 1 wrecker for Gene at..Caraway
(2/2) my pal the late Gene Clark on left and David Crosby on right. All five original life is done.
If you think The God Delusion is rude I suspect you haven't got past the title. Like anyone who thinks The Selfish Gene…
Anyone got a pregame picture of Gene Clark Field in the ran?☔💧
I like it. And later they both get displaced by Gene Clark's "From a Silver Phial."
This guy spent $100K on Gene Clark's No Other, brought Jerry Garcia to Link Wray's session, & Steely Dan to his.
Songs of the wind, for a blustery Portland morning: w Nina Simone, Roger Miller, Gene Clark, Nolan Smith...
He must have been just next to Michael Nesmith, Jesse Winchester, Butch Hancock, Gene Clark, etc etc:
What is the point of getting the Sunday paper if it doesn't arrive until Sunday afternoon?
Going to be trying out coffee crusted burgers based on lamb burger from season 10 of
Enjoyed Radio 2 Byrds documentary, but once again, Gene Clark gets a raw deal & is almost glossed over in the show. Just fleeting mentions.
Gene-Rita Clark love and miss you every day! Xoxo
Same here; especially Sweet Mary and Gene Clark's songs. Forever play and sing along to this album.
fair enough, mate. The first vol has the Byrds, Dylan, Monkees, Gene Clark, you might be pleasantly surprised?!
what's your favorite gene clark song? Just curious.
she don't care about time, I'll feel a whole lot better... Gene Clark. So great.
I added a video to a playlist Gene Clark - White light (1971) )))
We're giving away bk 1 of A Vested Interest series. Top 10 
Great night out with pals in Tokyo tonight. A few beer gardens and a few pubs. A bit of Gene Clark before bed:
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Having breakfast with Gene Tierney (and Clark Gable). Lovely way to start August
It's been at least a couple of days since we had a Gene Clark track so here's a classic to atone. "Spanish Guitar".
sadly, none near me. I will stay tuned.
Good to hear. Stay tuned for deals. You can also get a code by buying a Big Gulp from 7-11 if you have one near you.
lol auto-correct. I am signed up for text alerts.
Free dads are cool, but free DVD's are way better ;) Are you signed up for Text Club?
I always love a free dad on the weekend. Any promos coming up?
Love the Byrds? Love Gene Clark's music? See the documentary Friday, August 7th at 8 pm. Gene's brother will be there
Classic dilemma. Do I dress like 66' version of Gene Clark or George Harrison for the wedding? Mike Love for the gig obvs.
Yeah I learned bout that in biology thank got we got that good Clark gene
Spending my day in the original MGM commissary where all the legends dined...Myrna Loy,Clark Gable,Judy Garland,Gene Kelly,Esther Williams
Life is a change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely. ~ Karen Kaiser Clark
loving this gene clark doc, wonderful to hear your candid thoughts and wonderful music. What's your favorite gene song?
well you asked so trucking songs Gram Parsons truck driving man or gene Clark roadmaster and of course convoy c.w. Mccall
Thank you. I will certainly make sure not to disappoint and to put Gene's check in the mail.
Gene therapy is back, more than a decade after the death of a patient nearly ended the field via
Don't bring your confederate flag to Clark Co fair..that's what Sheriff Gene Kelly is ordering
Tragedy of the Desert 1912 with Gene Gauntier and Jack J. Clark in the leading roles. Filmed Luxor, Egypt.
Top 20 technothriller still in the UK - AVI - Immortality Gene - Check it out at
PREVIEW: Lois Lane Exposes Clark Kent's Secret in "Superman" Finally, the moment of "Truth" arrives in Gene...
The American Dreamer - Full documentary about Dennis Hopper on YouTube Soundtrack by Gene Clark and others...
Thoughts & Prayers for our sweet girlfriend Gene Clark and her lovely family! Her daughter Tracy has been her...
They do some cool covers on their three albums: Big Star, Chris Bell, & Gene Clark, among others.
I'm loving the new Father John Misty lp. Reminds me of Gene Clark's 'No Other' or Tim Hardin's 'Suite For Susan Moore' .
This is supposed to be Roy Wood's tribute to the Everly Brothers, but sounds like a great, lost Gene Clark track:
The final set of images from Wisconsin Sea Grant staffers Marie Zhuikov and Gene Clark's road trip with members of the Lake Superior National Estuarine Research Reserve mix the creepy and the pastoral. That diver statue from the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary in Alpena is as spooky as the lighthouse at Lake t Tawas Point State Park near Lake Huron was peaceful.
My only Gene Clark experience is w/ the Dillard & Clark LP. Out on the Side is such a good song. Looks like I have work to do.
The Byrds' Roger McGuinn, Gene Clark and Chris Hillman join forces on "Eight Miles High" and others in this 1978 set.
Birthday salute this weekend for Byrds founding member Gene Clark - Los Angeles Times
Gene Clark, co-founder of the Byrds with Roger McGuinn and David Crosby, will be saluted at KC events
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After seeing No Other Band at went back to the original Gene Clark album. It is indeed a masterpiece
Good morning. A capella and country-rock to mark the occasion. Bob Lind, Gene Clark, Doug Dillard.
In 1965, The Byrds' Gene Clark, Roger McGuinn, and David Crosby wrote the song Eight Miles High about their plane trip to England. Two years later, the group returned to London and McGuinn took along his home movie camera -- now he's unveiling the film.
Clark: sequencing of head and body lice support they are ecotypes of the same species. EST analysis, 1 gene difference b/t head & body
John Clark is next: differential gene expression in human head & body lice when challenged with Bartonella quintana (trench fever)
Listening to Gene Clark's "Here Tonight: The White Light Demos" last night. Great, poignant stuff from early '70s
Thanks for Gene Clark tip. Hadn't heard it before. Title track is so cool.
the late, pretty feckin' great, Gene Clark...
Glad.or shocked and surprised? ;-). Gram was cool, but Gene Clark's even cooler.
Congratulations and welcome to our new Clark family: Marie and Gene, Mark, and Michael!
My Gene Clark continues tomorrow with numbers 40 to 31.
Gram Parsons one of many stellar talents that passed thru Byrds - Gene Clark, McGuinn, Crosby, Hillman and the brilliant Clarence White
Zen, per se, is not just an art, it's not just a religion, it's a realisation. - Gene Clark
Gene Clark of the Byrds and Bob Dylan performing together c.1965 …
Sunday mornings: It is either the most productive time of the week, or the least productive time of the week.
Changes by Gene Clark is in Swan and Mitre, Bromley. Download it now at
Good heavens, Katie Holmes doesn't look any older than she did on "Dawson's". She's got the *** Clark" gene.
The have confirmed their beloved former broadcaster Pete Van Wieren passed away this morning after a long battle wi…
woah! - Gene Clark's No Other to be played in its entirety festival by all-star line-up. That is seriously cool
Favorite. When I'm practiced up on guitar I can play this one pretty. Gene Clark - Gypsy Rider: via
“Strength Of Strings” by The Gene Clark No Other Band is my new jam. Listen:
Immortality with not a vampire in sight - AVI - Immortality Gene (Free)
Good man, glad you enjoyed it. The CBTR feature on GC is excellent:
The gene could be passed on, u know?"Am not clark kent nah!!
not surprised. like Gene Clark, one of the most underappreciated of that genre
Listening to The Rain Parade: Think they may have been influenced by Gene Clark & The Byrds - shimmering, chiming & lovely.
goes real well with some overcast...Gene Clark and Carla Olson's 'So Rebellious A Lover'..come start a gorgeous grey day with us!
Shouldered the journalism wheel all day but started off by finding Gene Clark CDs shared that I'd lost. Grunted with pleasure!
loving that Clark is back. Tell him that I continued to take care of you like I usually do on Friday nights while he was gone
Shoutout to and for saying hi to Clark today! He thought it was the sweetest thing. 😊❤️
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One of the BEST fathers in the World. He might have gotten upset about some of the "crazy" things the boys did. But he'd always pitch in and help them fix whatever they were trying to do. Still does. And, he was Sharon's audience when she'd dance to Mary Tyler Moore's theme or the theme music to M*A*S*H. He's stood by all of the kids, including the ones we acquired through marriage. We love ALL of our kids. ALL six. They are his pride and joy. No matter whether he agrees with their decisions, he gives them his full support. Thank you Gene Clark---you're
In remembrance. Happy Birthday Clarence White. Clarence White (born Clarence Joseph LeBlanc; June 7, 1944 – July 14, 1973), was an American bluegrass and country guitarist and singer. He is best known as a member of the bluegrass ensemble the Kentucky Colonels and the rock band The Byrds, as well as for being a pioneer of the musical genre of country rock during the late 1960s. White also worked extensively as a session musician, appearing on recordings by The Everly Brothers, Joe Cocker, Ricky Nelson, Pat Boone, The Monkees, Randy Newman, Gene Clark, Linda Ronstadt, Arlo Guthrie, and Jackson Browne amongst others.
One of the unfortunate stories of Rock and Roll. On June 3, 1983, Jim Gordon, the drummer for Derek and the Dominos, and co-writer of the song "Layla" murdered his mother with a hammer and a butcher knife. First about Jim. He was a Grammy Award winner and one of the most requested session drummers in the late 1960s and 1970s, recording albums with many well-known musicians of the time, and was the drummer Little Richard, and Delaney & Bonnie. Gordon began his career in 1963, at age seventeen, backing The Everly Brothers, and went on to become one of the most sought-after recording session drummers in Los Angeles. The protégé of legendary studio drummer Hal Blaine, Gordon performed on many notable recordings in the 1960s, including Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys, Gene Clark with the Gosdin Brothers by Gene Clark, The Notorious Byrd Brothers by The Byrds and the hit "Classical Gas" by Mason Williams. At the height of his career Gordon was reportedly so busy as a studio musician that he would fly back to Los ...
That ole Delta dawg and some salmon steaks. Gene Clark on the boom box.
Just a heads-up to all L.A. area, live, music enthusiasts. I'm looking forward to seeing The Texas Space Monster Jalopy's this Tuesday, June 3, at 8PM, (FREE !!) at Viva Cantina in Burbank, at 900 W. Riverside Drive, south side of street, just across the street from the bowling alley. Featuring Carla Olson (formerly of The Textones, and also producer of albums by Gene Clark, *** Taylor, and others). Also featuring Tony Sales, veteran of Iggy Pop, and also David Bowie's band, Tin Machine. Also an excellent drummer, who's been playing with Dwight Yoakum for years, who's name I can't recall at the moment. BTW, to Mexican Food at the Cantina is outstanding, too. A rare opportunity to this this aggregation tear it up at a local club !!
I try to avoid postings that aren't directly related to Chris, or his experiences in the Scottsville Barkers, the Hillmen, Byrds, the Burritos, Manassas, S-H-F, McGuinn-Clark-Hillman, Desert Rose or Chris and Herb, but occasionally, as in the case of our friend Greg Collier and his band Silver, this was too good to pass up sharing. Furthermore, Chris, Herb, Chris Darrow, David Lindley, Clarence White, Larry Murray and so many others were part of that tight-woven Folk-Bluegrass circle that revolved around clubs in San Diego, L.A. and most notably the Ice House in Pasadena, owned by my friend (and theirs) Bob Stane. Hillman himself joined in the pickings with Darrow and Lindley in Claremont for a spell, then went off to join McGuinn, Crosby, and Gene Clark in this certain Beefeaters band. Darrow didn't know what had happened to his friend, according to a story I read, until about a year later, when he turned on the tv and saw his curly-haired friend sporting a mop-top plunking his Bass to a song called "Mr. ...
A few more and I'm outta yer hair for the evening. QOTSA - Mexicola. Teenage Fanclub - Gene Clark. Lee Bains III - Opelika
My uncle Gene Clark's car on the outside driven Jim Moughan Sr and my uncle *** Clark's car on the inside driven by Jim Moughan Jr.
BBC4 docu triggered first listen of Gene Clark's No Other. It's amazing. Hillbilly space rock carnival. Kids: it's like Kanye…
New Film Reveals the Sad Flight of the Byrds' Gene Clark via
My cat is sad because my other cats are arguing about who the best member of the Byrds is: Gene Clark or David Crosby
Some great new music in today's newsletter: Blackbird Raum, Robert Ellis, Jo Harman, Gene Clark of the Byrds & more!
12 ALBUMS THAT HAVE STAYED WITH ME IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER AT ALL ... Forever Changes by Love.. No Other by Gene Clark..Howdy by Teenage Fanclub.. Teenage Head by The Flamin Groovies.. Down By The Jetty by Dr Feelgood..Happy Trails by the Quicksilver Messenger Service, Screamadelica by Primal Scream... Notorious Byrd Brothers by The Byrds, Magnetic South by Michael Nesmith.. The Girl From Ipanema Gilberto Gil .. Lady Soul by Aretha Franklin.. A Salty Dog by Procol Harum.Rules; In your status update, list 12 albums that have stayed with you in some way. Don't take too long and don't think too hard. They don't have to be "right" and they don't have to be "great" records, just ones that have touched you. Tag ten or more friends to do the same thing, including me, so I'll see your list. Pia Meijer Paul Wolfe Ian M. Shipp Philip Hill Mike Masterton Wendy Schweiger Elliot Schneider Carmen Castro Jerry Sander Mike Halpern
Concert: Greg Brown & Steve Forbert When Fri, January 17, 8:00pm – 9:30pm Where Tarrytown Music Hall, 13 Main Street, Tarrytown, NY 10591 (map) Description An inspired co-bill with two critically acclaimed singer/songwriters. Greg Brown is a two-time Grammy Award nominee for Best Traditional Folk Album, and a 2000 Association for Independent Music’s award winner for Best Contemporary Folk Album. Widely respected as a songwriter, An Artist’s Tribute to Greg Brown was released featuring some of today’s best female songwriters including Lucinda Williams, Ani DiFranco, Iris Dement, Gillian Welch, and Mary Chapin Carpenter. Steve Forbert’s lengthy discography has established him as an American icon. His music was pure Americana before that genre was recognized. Fourteen albums on, Forbert’s stamp on American music is akin to the legendary footprints of Warren Zevon, Gene Clark, Gram Parsons and other top American songwriters, and he has often been compared to the likes of Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, and ...
Ruby Rose Fox and Anthony Conley perform Gene Clark's Gypsy Rider live at The Sound Museum in Cambridge, MA. The second installment in the Roger Metcalf "Sou...
"The fabulous expedition of Dillard and Clark" by Doug Dillard and Gene Clark. "Teenage symphonies to God" - Velvet Crush
Original Gram Parsons tribute song written by Daniel Johnston. Performed as part of "Byrds of a Feather Tribute to Gram Parsons and Gene Clark" at the Grey E...
Gene Clark - - Polly .First heard Robinson bros version then Percy & Alison, but this's this.
Daily tune. 1963. I saw these guys about ten years later when they were touring in support of their Tribute to an American Duck album. Doug Dillard (d.) went on to play with Gene Clark. Rodney Dillard still maintains the band.
Hello Record Lovers, Big Thanks to everyone that came out and supported CFBG during our huge Black Friday sale. While a lot of amazing records went out the door this past weekend there is still a copious amount of tremendous records left. Lots of exclusive Black Friday releases still available such as Gene Clark, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, the Band of Horses Live at Ryman Auditorium 7 inch and so many more. In the world of used records we've got classic & indie rock, soul & blues, and some of the most groundbreaking jazz we've ever had in the shop. So come take a bite out of these bountiful leftovers. Black Friday Exclusive Full Lengths & 12 Inches: Nas - Nasty 12" Gene Clark - Here Tonight I Am The Resurrection - A Tribute To John Fahey The Replacements - All Shook Down Billy Bragg & Wilco - Mermaid Avenue Vol. II, Vol. III Rockabye Baby - Lullabye Renditions Of Pearl Jam Lee Scratch Perry & The Upsetters - Super Ape Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Live At KCRW Lana Del Rey - Born To Die Picture Disc Nick .. ...
'Vincent's voice, by 1966, was not dissimilar to that of Gene Clark.' in the magnificent Yeah Yeah Yeah:
TODAY IN MUSIC HISTORY--NOVEMBER 17 Birthdays— Gordon Lightfoot (1938) Gene Clark, vocalist for the Byrds (1941) Singer-songwriter Jeff Buckley (1966) ABBA performs their first dates outside of Sweden, opening in Copenhagen on their first European tour (1974) Just 5 years later, the Guinness Book of World Records certifies ABBA as the biggest selling recording group in history (1979)
Coming up on the Country Mag Show - Lee Hazlewood, Patty Griffin, Ralph Stanley, Dolly Parton, Gene Clark & more!
Today 20-10-13 on and 104.8 locally it's 'The California Music Show' from 5 - 7pm UK time. Today Celebrating 50 years since the release of The Beach Boys 'Little Deuce Coupe' album. Included in the show The Byrds, Poco, Jellyfish, the Walker Brothers and much more. Starting a countdown of the greatest songs of Gene Clark and the mighty Tony Rivers is in the spotlight with his eight 'Santa Catalina Island Songs'. Please join me for two hours of 'Magic Music'.
Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for Conundrum Marketing Ex-Beach Boy Blondie Chaplin Reunites With Brian Wilson After 40 Years By Andy Greene | October 14, 2:00 PM ET Blondie Chaplin is truly the Zelig of rock & roll. The South African-born musician first made his mark when the Beach Boys hired him in 1972 as a full member of the group. He sang lead on their classic "Sail On Sailor" and contributed substantially to their woefully underrated albums Holland and Carl & The Passions - So Tough before leaving in late 1973. He went on to record artists ranging from Bonnie Raitt and David Johansen to Gene Clark and the Band. The Rolling Stones brought him into their backing band in 1997 and he remained there for a solid decade, playing just about every arena and stadium on the planet. See Where Brian Wilson Ranks on Our List of the 100 Greatest Singers He's now playing select dates on the ongoing Brian Wilson-Jeff Beck tour, and he's working with a new band called Skollie with Anton Fig and Keith Lentin. We spo . ...
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Who's on? We're in the non TV room listening to Gene Clark on vinyl...
Clues that it's Saturday night:. a) I'm eating cheese. b) I'm drinking red wine. c) I'm listening to Gene Clark. . Yes to all three - bingo!
Gene Clark - No Other. Butch Trucks has to be the most American name ever :-)
Grab the new issue of featuring a cover story on Nilsson, plus my piece on the Gene-ius from the Byrds, G…
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New song practically in the bag. Inspired by the wonderful Gene Clark...
that is a gene clark cover off of my new record coming out in March. it's called Polly.
I have purchased said item. Nice Gene Clark thing in it!
Gene Clark briefly rejoined the Byrds in 1967, but by the end of the year, he left once again.
My Ship by Miles followed by Orange Skies/Love then Echoes by Gene Clark then a wee glass of Rioja etc.
Gene Clark former member of The Byrds. This album is a masterpiece
Gene Clark great track from the album 'So Rebellious lover'
Listening to "The White Light Demos". I'll never be able to pinpoint how or why Gene Clark's music changed my life for the better.
Don't get me started on Gene Clark. And really, really, DON'T get me started on Donna Washburn.
Everyone - well, largely people aged 30 and above - needs a bit of Gene Clark in their life.
Roger McGuinn, Chris Hillman and Gene Clark got back together in 1979 and released this groovy single.
Gene Clark deserves more recognition, this album is bloody superb -
Gene Clark's NO OTHER. Such a perfect LP that once listened to there is musically no where left to go.
this. is. SO. good. Gene Clark . on the record the player
LISTOMANIA: Top 10 songs. Took some digging (act of), listening + digging (enjoying). via
Top 10 Gene Clark Songs: As legend has it, the Byrds’ early singer and lead songwriter Ge...
Byrds, CSN&Y, Gene Clark, Townes Van Zandt (know him?), Moby Grape... But I love the blues and Elvis is a god! Im English
"Every song they are playing is about a love that's gone" - Doug Dillard & Gene Clark: The Radio Song
TODAY IN: 1959 - CBS journalist Edward R. Murrow interviewed his 500th -- and final -- guest on Person to Person: actress Lee Remick. Just hours before this final broadcast, Murrow had presented his last news broadcast on the CBS radio network. CBS-TV had reportedly made $20 million from Murrow’s Person to Person series. 1964 - A Hard Day’s Night was released by United Artists Records. The album featured all original material by The Beatles and became the top album in the country by July 25, 1964. 1965 - Mr. Tambourine Man, by The Byrds, reached the number one spot on the pop music charts. The song was considered by many to be the first folk-rock hit. The tune was written by Bob Dylan, as were two other hits for the group: All I Really Want to Do and My Back Pages. The group of James Roger McGinn, David Crosby, Gene Clark, Chris Hillman and Mike Clarke charted seven hits. The Byrds were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1991. 1985 - You’ve heard of players, managers and owners being ej ...
On this day in 1965, "The Byrds",go to number one with "Mr.Tambourine man". Bob Dylan wrote "Mr.Tambourine man". I was a few years away from making the Dylan discovery. "The Byrds" came from a folk music background. Jim McGuinn {who later changed his name to Roger}, Gene Clark and David Crosby had all been members of Folksinging groups {see the mockumentary "A mighty wind"}. These three musicians were bitten by The "Beatle bug",got electric guitars,found a Bass player {Chris Hillman} and a drummer {Michael Clarke}. They formed a band. Hillman was from a country and bluegrass background and Michael Clarke looked cool. Electric guitars have a very different playing technique that acoustic guitars...Crosby and McGuinn played Electric guitars in a"finger picky" folk style. They also played Folk songs with rock and roll instrumentation and attitude. They also knew about Bob Dylan! Roger McGuinn played an electric 12 string guitar. Listen to the intro. to "Mr.Tambourine man", classic. These guys could play and ...
Ours hearts are so heavy tonight due to the passing of our wonderful uncle, Gene Clark. He was a wonderful Christian husband, grandfather and father. His love extended out to his nieces and nephews. I could always count on him to be there for me after my dad passed away. Over the years I told him he was my adopted daddy. He will be so missed on this earth but has gone now to a place of no more sorrow and pain. I will always treasure our little quiet time last night as you laid calmly while I sang Amazing Grace. I knew then that was our good-bye but will see you again one day. My family loved you!
Here is a list of classmates we have no email or mailing address for. If you know them, please message Mitzi Snyder Gallagher their info and/or let them know we are looking for them! Pat Adams, Joanna Aspinwall, Chris Aungst, Heidi Aungst, Bill Baird, Kevin Bauder, Jeanette Bauer, Sue Breidinger, Steve Brion, Melody Bryan, Gene Clark, Tim Clark, Christina Conner, Gayle Cunningham,
THIS DAY IN MUSIC HISTORY (May 24th): 1941: Robert Zimmerman, (Bob Dylan) was born 1946: Steve Upton (Wishbone Ash, drums) was born 1947: Albert Bouchard (Blue Oyster Cult, drums and guitar) was born 1966: Captain Beefheart appeared at the Whisky a Go Go in West Hollywood, California and was supported by The Doors and Buffalo Springfield 1968: "Jumpin' Jack Flash", the single, was released by The Rolling Stones -- the lyrics were written while Jagger and Richards stayed at Richards' country home and were awakened by noise made by Jack Dyer, the gardener (often called "Jumpin' Jack" by Richards) 1969: "Get Back" started a five-week run at on the US singles charts for The Beatles and Billy Preston (the only artist ever to be credited on a Beatles single) 1969: Rich Robinson (The Black Crowes, guitar) was born 1970: At the Bath Festival in Somerset,England, it was Peter Green's last gig with Fleetwood Mac 1974: Duke Ellington died of lung cancer at the age of 75 1991: Gene Clark, a founding member of The Byr ...
A tribute for Harold Eugene Clark, better known as Gene Clark, former member of the Byrds from 1964 to 1966. Certainly a talented musician, sadly underrated.
Comin soon... Buffy Sainte-Marie, The Fall, Gene Clark, The Peddlers, Simone Felice - plus your best of the best
Just saw myself in an old folks home listening to Teenage Fanclub's "Gene Clark." The last of my life fading out with the song.
From their debut album (1972); co-written by Bernie Leadon and Gene Clark. I lost ten points just for being in the right place At exactly the wrong time I lo...
is setting up CDs: Hymn for Her, Albert King, Randall Bramblett, Hot Club of Cowtown, Tea Leaf Green, Gene Clark.
Gene Clark, stuck at the back of the studio, sports Paul Mariner's hair. Tremendous record.
A lost pop classic from the late '60s. Larry Marks would go on to produce Phil Ochs, Gene Clark, and The Flying Burrito Brothers, among others. If you like t...
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Chestnut Mare by the Byrds McGuinn had been writing songs with psychologist and Broadway impresario Jacques Levy for a country rock stage production of Henrik Ibsen's Peer Gynt that the pair were developing.[7] The intended title for the musical was Gene Tryp, an anagram of the title of Ibsen's play.[8] McGuinn and Levy's production was to loosely follow the storyline of Peer Gynt, albeit with some modifications to transpose the story from Norway to south-west America during the mid-19th century One of my all time favorite Byrds songs...its a stunning half spoken half sung narrative featuring some beautiful 12 string work alongside Clarence White's spare country licks...a magical bridge about falling through a canyon (there's a bootleg version where Gene Clark sings harmony on the bridge...another sad reminder of what might have been.
Tonights just not my night. thanks for the conversations Bradley Harper and Josh Morgan made me feel a lil better. I've got a big day tomorrow do god night sweet dreams. Oh and plz pray for my dad Gene Clark he's gtn sick and feeling horrible! Missing my daughter cheyenne but I kno she's in good hands with my wonderful mother Theresa Terrill. U btr not spoil her too much punk ;)
Superb first song off an album so forgotten it was released under the name 'The Unissued Capitol Album'. Otis Redding goes to Nashville and gets drunk with Gene Clark. Thanks to musical encyclopaedia Kjetil Duvold for this one.
3/1 - this day in music 1958, Buddy Holly played the first of 25 dates on his only UK tour at the Trocadero, Elephant & Castle, London. Also on the bill was Gary Miller, The Tanner Sisters, Des O'Connor, The Montanas, Ronnie Keene & His Orchestra. 1961, Elvis Presley signed a five-year movie deal with producer Hal Wallis. 1966, Gene Clark of The Byrds announced he was leaving the group due to his fear of flying. 1966, During an 11-date tour of Australia and New Zealand The Rolling Stones played at the Civic Theatre, Auckland, New Zealand. 1967, Working at Abbey Road studios, London, The Beatles started recording a new John Lennon song 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds'. The song was inspired by a drawing his 3 year-old son Julian returned home from school with one day. The picture, which was of a little girl with lots of stars, was his classmate - Lucy O’Donnell, who also lived in Weybridge, and attended the same school as Julian. Read the full story 1968, Elton John's first single 'I've Been Loving You To ...
Today in Rock Featured Artist The Who- The Who’s singer, Roger Daltrey is born. 1944 1940's Mike D'Abo, lead vocalist for Manfred Mann, is born in Betchworth, Surrey. 1944 1950's Already operating a recording studio, Memphis Recording Service, Sam Phillips starts Sun Records. The label launches the careers of Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins. 1952 Chuck Berry’s classic “School Days” is released. 1957 The Everly Brothers cut "Bye Bye Love" in Nashville. 1957 Buddy Holly & The Crickets launch their one and only U.K. tour in London. 1958 1960's Gene Clark announces he’s left the Byrds. A fear of flying is given as the reason. An inability to handle touring and the accompanying lifestyle appear a more likely cause. 1966 In Ottawa, the Animals refuse to go on unless they are paid in advance. The concert is canceled. As a result, the audience riots resulting in several thousands of dollars worth of damage. 1967 The Doors’ infamous “Miami Concert.” Singer Jim Mo ...
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 23, 2013 GENE CLARK’S HERE TONIGHT: THE WHITE LIGHT DEMOS COMING FROM OMNIVORE RECORDINGS ON MARCH 26 In 1970 former Byrds singer and songwriter moved to Northern California to escape Los Angeles. There he found inspiration for the songs that became his first solo album of the ’70s, White Light. Los Angeles, Calif. — By 1970, weary and wary of the fame game in Los Angeles with the trappings of “the star-maker machinery” surrounding him at every turn, ex-Byrds songwriter and singer Gene Clark was looking for a refuge. On March 26, 2013, Omnivore Recordings will release Clark’s Here Tonight: The White Light Demos, a glimpse into the songwriting craft of Clark at the inception of the compositions that would become his first ’70s solo album, White Light, for A&M Records, released in August of 1971. Of the tracks on this 12-song album, six (“White Light,” “For a Spanish Guitar,” “Where My Love Lies Asleep,” “The Virgin” “Because of You” and “Wit ...
Charlotte and I had another fabulous experience this evening. We made our first visit to the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) Music Theater -- WOW!! What a place! We had front row seats for the concert. The theater stage this evening was wonderful.the stage architecture was minimalist, just the stage and a piano - a Yamaha so polished it reflected every string on the inside like a mirror - but it worked perfectly and provided a warm, intimate feeling. The doors on the side of the stage opened, and out walked a legend.Jimmy Webb. Jimmy is one of the all time great singer, composer and songwritters of the American music scene. AllMusic says of Jimmy -- "Jimmy Webb is that rarity in rock music, a professional songwriter who achieved stardom in that capacity. Rock music has its share of great songwriters, but most of them -- Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Gene Clark, *** Jagger, Keith Richards, Pete Townshend -- became best known for their own recordings of their best work. Web ...
Newsletter - Duane Allman, Gene Clark, Foals, UFO, Steve Wilson, Dead Vinyl ..all available to pre-order now
Eagles (often referred to as "The Eagles") is an American rock band formed in Los Angeles, California during the early 1970s. The group chose the name Eagles as a nod to The Byrds (as founding member Bernie Leadon had been in Dillard & Clark with former Byrds singer Gene Clark and in The Flying Burrito Brothers with former Byrds Gram Parsons, Chris Hillman, and Michael Clarke). Steve Martin records in his autobiography, Born Standing Up, that Frey was very particular that the name was Eagles and not The Eagles. The band played initially as Linda Ronstadt's backing group.With five number one singles, six Grammies, five American Music Awards, and six number one albums, the Eagles were one of the most successful musical acts of the 1970s. At the end of the 20th century, two of their albums, Their Greatest Hits (1971–1975) and Hotel California, ranked among the 20 best-selling albums in the U.S. according to the Recording Industry Association of America. The group's eponymous debut album was recorded in Eng ...
Fans of Gram Parsons. Fans of Willie Nelson. Fans of Gene Clark. Fans of the New Riders. Here's Daniel Romano.
With some fb chat today about Dan Folgelberg, I thought I'd share this 2002 photo of Dan & I trading licks at Red Rocks for a few fleeting moments in time. Mark Andes was playin bass in his touring band.. & when he found out Rick Roberts, David Muse and I would be in attendance, Dan asked us all up to play on 'Strange Way' (which was already in their set, in A minor instead of Dm, with Mark singing it). The next photo in this gallery is of all of us playing on stage on that one song! Great memories. Fantastic musical night.. & we all got to hang in the dressing room aftershow for a long time. :( Last time I saw Mr. Folgelberg. He's definitely playing in that stellar band in heaven with Levon Helm, Rick Danko, George Harrison, Roy Orbison, Gene Clark, Gram Parsons, Michael Clarke, Carl Wilson, Brian Jones, Elvis (!) and so many others. Jammin til the cows come home.
This year we have made some changes to the store. We brought back the original counter used by the Clarence and Joanna Barnes in 1947. I would like to thank all the people who helped me with this endeavor. To Gene Skelton, Bob Englbrecht, Jim Stabile, Mike Selbee, Woody Woodrich, David Ferguson, Chris Kruizenga, Roger Clark, Gerald Roach, Zach Ferguson and my husband John (for listening to my plans for years before I finally did this), thanks for helping me make this a reality!!
Clark County Sheriff Gene Kelly has downgraded to a Level 1 snow emergency. The area had been on a Level 2 since yesterday. Roads are still hazardous with blowing and drifting snow. Roads are also icy, and caution is urged while driving. Tell us what you are experiencing out there today.
Peter Parker would lose to Bruce Wayne, who'd lose to Clark Kent, who'd lose to Gene Gray
...So I could not repeat could not guess them and now I feel so bad about myself like wow I guess I did not get the smart gene woops
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just bought a gene Clark record on the back of that mention. Love a random purchase.
I'm bringing home a couple Gene Clark albums and Chris Isaak's first CD in 7 years! Miss you, too and merry Xmas!
Having listened to his Gene Clark LP, Rebus is off for a walk. He loves the city when it’s quiet like this…
Christmas Eve Monday: "Pray for Your Family." Talk to God about each family member, immediate and extended. For some it’s a brief update. For others there’s a pressing need. Entrust them to God, perhaps praying a promise from Scripture on their behalf (e.g., “Thank You that _ is Your workmanship, created in You to do good works that You have prepared in advance,” Ephesians 2:10). Tell them that you’re praying!
We're watching LotR and we're talking about Middle Earth and what not and my grandfather, who has watched this movie a few times, is all, "Where the *** is Middle Earth?" My dad and I tell him that's it's a fictional realm because he thinks Middle Earth is an actual place. And he completely ignores what we said and goes, "OH WAIT, I REMEMBER. IT'S IN SOUTHEAST ASIA." What is air?
Preparing myself to go SM Clark to watch Orchestra by Gene, Stella, Sam and Blahblah
My nearly time for bed tunes tonight are No Woman No Cry, With Tomorrow (Gene Clark) & Just Now (John Martyn). Great end to a great night.
Listening to Gerry Love (TFC) solo Lightships album. A bit late on this I know but it's delicious blissed out pop with shades of Gene Clark.
Fanq i been with my s.o. for yrs he got fix but never went bk to make sure it workd i ended up preg child can pass as his identical twin they look so much like. But test says says he not. Cud test b wrong? Plz no hate i only been wit 2 peeps my whole life thx anonymous. -Michelle
Congratulations. Family size doubled! Great names, Gene Clark's No Other is one of my fave records. Lovely news :)
This Chris & Thomas album is ticking all the required Gene Clark / Simon & Garfunkel boxes for a smoother ride through Friday afternoon :)
Happy Birthday today (Dec. 13) to guitarist Jeff 'Skunk' Baxter, best remembered for his '70s work with Steely Dan on their first three albums ('72 'Can't Buy a Thrill', '73 'Countdown to Ecstasy' & '74 'Pretzel Logic') & The Doobie Brothers (from '75 'Stampede' until '79) - also for his signature handlebar moustache!; he continued working as a session guitarist for the likes of Eric Clapton, Gene Clark, Sheryl Crow, Joni Mitchell, Rick Nelson, Dolly Parton, Carly Simon, Ringo Starr & Rod Stewart; in more recent years, he has been working as a defense consultant & chairs a Congressional Advisory Board on missile defense (!)…
An afternoon listening to Gene Clark, Ronnie Lane and Neil Young. You can keep your Mumford and Sons, you poor misguided fools.
Silver Raven (acoustic version) by Gene Clark from the No Other Album, 1974 Gene Clark had Native American heritage that became a more significant influence ...
Alec and I can't go because of another commitment but this sounds really great. Audrey wrote: "Tonight at 8 pm at Traditions Fair Trade, exceptional folk musician James Talley is performing to a woefully undersold house, due to a combination of poor publicity and Stupid Friday. In the vein of Pete Seeger, he has been covered by artists including Johnny Cash, Gene Clark, and Hazel Dickens-- and BB King got his start as Talley's lead guitarist!! This guy is a legend and if you've got a free evening, please consider coming down. Also, SHARE THIS!"
Update your maps at Navteq
Since it is not possible to upload the original song by Gene Clark 'Full Circle Song' included in his brilliant solo album "Roadmaster" (1973) - the reason i...
Great time! Had fun at Arthur Lee's house, stayed at Tandem Almer's, met Mickey Dolenz & Gene Clark!
Happy Birthday to Vernon Taylor (a Virginia born rockabilly artist, had several songs released on DOT, appeared on American Bandstand, in '58 signed with Sun Records, in Rockabilly Hall of Fame), James Talley (Oklahoma born singer, songwriter, began writing songs in New Mexico, in '68 moved to Nashville, artists Johnny Cash, Johnny Paycheck, Gene Clark, Alan Jackson and Hazel Dickens would record some of his songs, wrote "Heartaches By The Number") and Joyce Shaffer (Colorado country singer, songwriter, Grammy nominated for her song "Loretta's Shoes"). Also born on the 9th of November were George D. Hay (radio personality, founder of the Grand Ole Opry, member of Country Music Hall of Fame), Shorty Fincher (Mississippi born musician, played mouth harp, bazooka, drum, and the five string banjo, one of his first bands were the Cotton Pickers, Rosalie Allen would join his band, the Prairie Pals, on Penn. radio and on WWVA Jamboree, would own performance park in Penn. "Valley View Park"), Curly Fox (fiddler, ...
In a news conference at Monaco Air Duluth on Wednesday, Honor Flight Northland co-chairman Gerry Herrington accepted $10,000 from Gene Clark, who was a member of the former Lakewood American Legion Post 571. Clark also presented $10,000 to the Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans-Duluth chapter...
Jeff Lynne joining The Move was to me like Gene Clark leaving The Byrds, in reverse.
Gene Kelly and Judy garland in summer stock... And then after.. Clark gable in Across the wide Missouri.
This is a bit more up tempo then the original that GENE CLARK played for McGuinn (Preflyte). ROGER then arranged it for this recording. R.M. has said this was one of the first songs he and G.C. wrote, inspired by the Beatles.
I bet I am the only person in the UK sat in a supermarket car park listening to Gene Clark.
We are proud to support this weekend's Springfield Speedway Reunion! Our family's racing endeavors started there with racers such as Jim Agans, Jim Moughan Sr, Joe Ross Jr. & Jim Patrick in the gold late models sponsored by Law's Garage & son, and owned by our founder- Butch Law and our uncle Gene Clark. Thanks to Terry Young & volunteers for putting this all together!
Clark to Prial give and go Boston scores 9-5
In special recognition to the proud and brave parents of Hazel Gene Clark, she was born, today, October 25th, she is so Beautiful, Sweet, Kind, a very good soul seems to be, that is coming from a PROUD GRANDMA! I Love You Sweet Lil Princess. Dear Alax Weekley and Steven Clark, (Stevo Clark) I am so very proud of you, I realize it is all still so knew (obviously) but the braveness that you both showed, especially Alax (sorry son(guys don’t have a lot to do with the actual birth PAIN), she was so very calm, didn’t seem to be in a great deal of pain or just hides it very well. Thank you so much for giving our entire Family this blessing. I will always try to be there if you need me for anything. I can’t wait to our new baby girl. I hope all is well even though I haven’t been gone long, I truly wish I could still be with you, but you are now parents, so I guess I have to let that be, but man is it hard, I wanna hold her again :( Please give her rub’s and kisses for me, tell her I LOVE HER. I ...
dubbed who cause I beat u in Clark room
Jay Clark reels in the huck for chain. Warms up a disappointing spike
Early turn for subzero on an overthrown huck from tunnell to clark
Listening to Gene Clark with The Gosdin Brothers - we could all do with more Gene Clark in our lives...
..One of the best song ever.. by Gene Clark.Soulsavers : Some Misunderstanding (Mark Lanegan 2009): via
Only just started to get into Gene Clark recently. Sort of like finding out you have gold buried in your backyard.
live capture of the last encore "Tried So Hard" (Gene Clark) performed by B-J Baartmans & Eric Devries live at Ramble On Tuesday, Nijmegen, Trianon. Recordin...
Demoing two new songs tomorrow that I will be making into a single!! One is called "She Won't Be Lonely For Long", the other "She Told Me To Tell You". The single will be called the "She" single. The former is a kind of early 60's melody with darkish lyrics and is best described as a Big Star/Gene Clark type thing. The latter is built over a loud, two chord riff with a psych-y lead line, also darkish lyrically. Not very IT!! like, admittedly--I would call these songs "power pop" in the vein of the Shoes or Marshall Crenshaw. Don't worry--there will be twang in there!
words in my head keep repeating things that you said when I was with you an I wonder is it true do you feel the same way too it's so hard being here without ...
If this video violates a copyright, PLEASE contact me FIRST, and I will remove it immediately. Great clip of Gene & Michael and company doing "Rodeo Rider" o...
I don't own ay rights. I've see that there's no this song on YouTube, just some covers. Song is from the album No Other.
Tommy Berg is listening to Gypsy Rider by Gene Clark & Carla Olson on Vinyl
You know it's an all-star band when Rick Danko doesn't even sing - Gene Clark & Friends, 'Chimes of Freedom' ('85):
This is a repost of a song by one of the greatest songwritters ever, mr. Gene Clark.
If you build me an arena, I'll fetch *** Jagger and let him fight Gene Clark and David Crosby. Let's see if one Stone can kill two Byrds.
In his CGT article, out tomorrow, Richard Curtis namechecks country-rock hero Gene Clark, who recorded this mighty tune
Strange that A&M didn't acknowledge Gene Clark and Flying Burrito Brothers.
Saturday's 'finishing work record' is: Gene Clark singing Lennon now I'm on Daisy Duke's back porch watching her dance
I'd forgotten just how fantastic a track I Won't Be The Same Without Her by the Monkees is.Like the best bits of Gene Clark and Phil Spector
Anfield to family BBQ & into the night with good craic & Talking Heads, Gene Clark, Dylan's Modern Times & that's August BH 4 another year!
"I took my Gram Parsons photo and had all of the members sign it. Gene Clark wrote: 'To my Brother up yonder.' ":
Lip synched performance from *** Clark's "Where The Action Is". Notice how Chris Hillman & Gene Clark are right at home on horseback, while city slicker Dav...
Gene Clark is trying to help the OLD MISS fans out.
Just finished the Gene Clark biography. Anybody want to party?
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