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Geert Wilders

Geert Wilders (or , born 6 September 1963 in Venlo) is a Dutch right-wing politician and the founder and leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid – PVV), the third-largest political party in the Netherlands.

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Geert Wilders. Removing Marine Le Pen's immunity for telling the truth on terror is "scandalous"!.
V interesting description of Geert Wilders in this interview with his liberal brother Paul, in English
Geert Wilders and Marine Le Penn will seize Dutch and French national destiny. Marxist nation-traitors will be brushed a…
Dutch populist Geert Wilders calls some Moroccans 'scum' people need to vote for this chap
Geert Wilders and all racists like him are the real scum.
What a shock! far right muslim hating extremist and likely next PM of Netherlands has ties to Israel: http…
Geert Wilders promises to rid the Netherlands of 'Moroccan scum'; launches election campaign:
. Actually same goes for lapdogs in UK and EU Parliaments
Geert Wilders couldn't look more like a comic book villain if he tried
Dutch populist Geert Wilders calls Moroccans 'scum' by via
Geert Wilders under constant threat as he desperately tries to sound the alarm and save Europe
March 15th. Another great day for the people and a hammer blow for the EU.
TrumpWatch DAY 30 'Dutch Donald Trump' Geert Wilders flanked by security as he kicks off election campaign
Geert Wilders attacks 'Moroccan scum' as launches election campaign -
Dutch, stop your ranting grandpas & grandpas from telling you what 2 do for the next 25 yrs long after they're gone.
Wilders vows to crack down on 'Moroccan scum' ^RTE
We need to get rid of the traitors in Gov.. Bring them down, save Europe. Nigel Farage, Geert Wilders, Le Pen, Orban etc
Pssst! You there, the fella who thinks he's an expert in the Dutch far-right. This is how to say "Geert Wilders".
Geert Wilders looks weird, but he calls Moroccans / muslims scum which is pretty badass!
Far-right populist Geert Wilders kicks off election campaign
Geert Wilders, who leads Dutch polls, calls Moroccans "scum," vows to ban Muslim immigration and to close mosques
I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:. Dutch populist Geert Wilders calls some Moroccans 'scum' -
Who is the polarising Dutch politician Geert Wilders, and will his anti-Islamic policies raise him to power?
Geert Wilders attacks 'Moroccan scum' as he launches election campaign 
Dutch populist Geert Wilders calls some Moroccans 'scum'. Was the selfie-maker screened by safety personnel...?.
Dutch populist Geert Wilders calls some Moroccans 'scum'
Geert Wilders' hate of Islam has absolutely no place in a civilized world. His views are rotten to the core. Absurd. https:/…
Geert Wilders attacks 'Moroccan scum' in election campaign launch while LEADING in polls
Geert Wilders visits Spijkenisse. He needs a lot of protection, and that for over 10 years. https…
Geert Wilders is the only person who can save Holland
Can’t Fool the Free World Anymore states Geert Wilders whose party is leading in the polls   10% Off
People don't realize how dangerous Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders are. Basically Trump and Bannon in one. Smart Trumps.
Actually you can thank Merkel, also the EU may not be around in 5 years. Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders coming up next.
GERMANY - Leaders of the new Europe gather in Koblenz for conference. (Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders, Frauke Petry). https:…
You may not have heard of them, your buddies are Frauke Petry, Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen, Nigel Farage. Congrats.
Geert Wilders and Tunahan Kuzu have a Liquid Snake/Solid Snake thing going on.
Europe must 'de-Islamise' in the wake of Berlin terror attack, claims Geert Wilders
From Hal Lindsey:. "December 16th, 2016. Mr. Geert Wilders leads the main opposition party in the Netherlands...
LMAO. The terrorist arrested yesterday after Geert Wilders was found guilty of saying there are too Moroccans in Holland i…
Are Dutch voters really turning to populist Geert Wilders? - it's not his vision, it's failing of other parties.
Ahead of hate speech verdict..tells me who is and what he stands for htt…
Geert Wilders won't be silenced by this political trial filled with multiple fake police reports.
Reaction of Geert Wilders to His Conviction: Netherlands going down - Wilders convicted because he…
Geert Wilders convicted of discrimination against Moroccans via
I invited Geert Wilders to my college in 2009. I would invite him again
Geert Wilders dindu nuffin. Hate speech laws shouldn't exist. And we're working towards a world where they don't exist.
Geert Wilders is just Draco Malloy grown up but more evil.
Dutch lawmaker Wilders guilty of hate crime
Dutch kangaroo-court finds guilty of the heinous crime of free expression of an unapproved opinion. h…
Geert Wilders getting convicted in his own country for criticizing Islam is the antithesis of freedom. Europeans ar…
Trump should be charged w/ same: Dutch far-right bigot leader Geert Wilders is convicted of inciting discrimination https:…
Geert Wilders, whose campaign slogan is “Make the Netherlands Great Again," is convicted of inciting discrimination. http…
Dutch court finds Geert Wilders guilty of hate speech; he calls verdict 'madness,' vows to continue
Geert Wilders has a huge head. That's what I think when I see his videos/pictures referenced.
Dutch far-right anti-Islam party is now leading in polls
Sign of the times: Dutch politician Geert Wilders is convicted for inciting discrimination, but no penalty and his party…
G.Wilders Anti-Muslim xenophobic party is leading the polls.Don't underestimate the Far-Right. Populism keeps rising.
I think this court just made Geert Wilders the next Dutch prime minister.
EU set for ANOTHER hammerblow: Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party soars ahead in polls
Geert Wilders found guilty of inciting discrimination | World news | The Guardian
Geert Wilders found guilty of hate speech for saying,"there are too many Moroccans in Holland" - Europe has become a tota…
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Anti-Islam Dutch MP Geert Wilders found guilty of hate speech via
Geert Wilders is the only Dutch politician the rest of the world has even heard of that's why he will walk the election.…
Wait, did the Netherlands sentence Geert Wilders for inciting hate *and* foil an ISIS plot in the same day
Dutch Court convicts Geert Wilders of inciting discrimination against Muslims. It's a good day when Islamophobia loses in co…
Stirring 06/16 — Geert Wilders: "The Patriot Spring has arrived. Stand up for freedom!" |
(Flashback) Geert Wilders' closing statement at his "hate speech" trial
🆘‼️🔥 Netherlands: Geert Wilders was sentenced to a fine of 5000 euros because he spoke against Islam.
Dutch court: Populist anti-Islam lawmaker Geert Wilders guilty of hate speech.
Geert Wilders Reacts to His Conviction: I will never be silent -
Anti-Islam Dutch politician Geert Wilders found guilty of discrimination
The Dutch politician convicted of inciting anti-immigrant rage is going up in the polls
Anti-Islam Dutch politician Geert Wilders has been found guilty of inciting discrimination and hatred of Moroccans.
Geert Wilders convicted of discrimination against Moroccans. via
Geert Wilders, the leader of the far-right Dutch Freedom Party, was found guilty Friday of inciting discrimination: http…
Highly likely this will prove Geert Wilders right and those who silence him the stupid hypocrites they are.
A court has convicted lawmaker Geert Wilders of hate speech for speaking out against the dangers of
Dutch politician convicted of a crime for criticizing Islam. This is exceedingly dangerous, folks.
I disagree w/ Geert Wilders's political views. But that a Dutch court convicts him for expressing them is revolting. https…
Dutch anti-Islam political leader Geert Wilders convicted in hate speech trial but no penalty imposed
. Geert Wilders is a Zionist Jew. Do not use him as an example of European Pride. Pamela Gellar isalsoa Zionist Jew
Gates of Vienna: Geert Wilders: “I Had to Give up my Freedom to do This, and I Will Continue” -
Boris Johnson, Donald Trump, Milo Yiannopoulos and Geert Wilders do not only share the same ideology..
Marine Le Pen, Beppe Grillo, Geert Wilders, Frauke Petry: has their big moment arrived?
While the UK banned Geert Wilders and debated banning Trump from their soil, they welcome extremist Julius Malema
'and next week we'll have a special 'Bake Off' with Geert Wilders and Farage', part of our normalising fascism season'
After Brexit, Trump, the next steps are Marie Le Pen winning the Presidency in France and Geert Wilders becoming Dutch P…
Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders went on trial for discrimination and inciting hatred, in a case that could have far-r...
Geert Wilders is on trial in the Netherlands for remarks that are standard fare for
The Netherlands are playing with fire by putting Geert Wilders on trial. He's possibly their next leader. Will gain hug…
MP Geert refuses to attend his trial, wishes his lawyer a lot of success and call the a dictatorship.
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The trial against Geert Wilders is a political process, it's a shame for the Netherlands.
In a rational country, Wilders would be hailed as a national hero. Not so much in the Netherlands, where the Dutch…
Geert Wilders, the far-right Dutch politician, boycotts his hate-speech trial
Dutch politician Geert Wilders on trial over hate speech
Dutch far-right leader and anti-Islam campaigner Geert Wilders on trial for inciting hatred
Hate speech trial of Dutch anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders opens without him | A three-judge bench is hearing the case…
Geert Wilders' trial on inciting hatred charges opens without him
Geert Wilders on trial for 'fewer Moroccans' comment
Dutch anti-Islam politician, on trial on hate speech charges, case tests boundaries of free speech in Netherlands.
Geert Wilders, a far-right politician, boycotts his hate-speech trial in the Netherlands
Salman Rushdie, Zwarte Piet, Geert Wilders, Theo van Gogh we have to do away with them, the people who came to Euro…
Cool hashtag bro. Do you also include the fans of Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and Geert Wilders along with Narendra Modi?
NETHERLANDS: Geert Wilders calls for permanent ban on Muslim immigration, closing of mosques & banning of quran https:/…
Names of people that every 1 should know. Dr. Bill Warner. Robert Spencer. David Wood. Sarah Haider. Geert Wilders. Pamela Gel…
'Masses of young men with beards singing Allahu Akbar across Europe. It's an invasion..' ~ Geert Wilders
Geert Wilders says if he becomes Dutch president he would close the country's borders to Muslim immigrants
Geert Wilders says he would strip dual-nationality criminals of their Dutch nationality and "send them packing" https:/…
Milo, Ann Coulter, Geert Wilders, and Roger Stone! I'm so excited I'm gunna have to poppa titty out.
'I hope Donald Trump will be the next US President. Good for America, good for Europe.' ~ Geert Wilders
Thanks to you and other brave souls...Mark Steyn, Robert Spencer, Geert Wilders... How did we end up with Hillary and Donald?
Dutch politician Geert Wilders made this short film about islam and was put on trial for telling the truth.
Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin have all welcomed the UK's decision
Dutch anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders calls for the Netherlands to hold a referendum on whether to leave in the EU
Next week on Tony Parsons, Paul Burrell, Kelvin Mackenzie, George Galloway, and Geert Wilders "for balance".
EU will burst at seams after European Parliament elections – Dutch MP Geert Wilders
We've got endorsements coming up from Jim Davidson, Roy "Chubby" Brown and Geert Wilders.
How can Gove "liberate Europe" from euro and EU without help from Le Pen? Also Geert Wilders, Jobbik and Golden Dawn?
Federal party based on Geert Wilders views to host meeting in tonight >>
The battle for free speech in the West didn't start with Geert Wilders, Mark Steyn or Ezra Levant. It started w/ Ernst Zu…
"A free society should not grant freedom to those who want to destroy it". Geert Wilders, Dutch politician
Trump, Marie le Pen, Viktor Orbán, Geert Wilders, True Finns, UKIP... but in Germany it's the voting system?? hmmm
About his complaints, he must have been in touch with Geert Wilders who these days does nothing but ranting on fake
Geert Wilders, Mark Steyn etc have built whole careers & mass followings on being banned from countries & platforms
will burst at seams after elections–MP Older article but relevant
Geert Wilders:. He's not a rapist, he's not a murderer, but he does need protection 24/7, because he critisised Islam htt…
I liked a video The Refugee Crisis in Europe Debate | Geert Wilders speaks of an Islamic invasion
Not that different from the way Geert Wilders operates in NL
Former Dutch left wing politician wants extinction of the 'Geert Wilders species'.
You really should keep your focus on supporting Geert Wilders I'm kind of doubting you've ever been to America.
Geert Wilders to Vlaams Belang: “We Are the Vanguard of a Powerful Worldwide Movement”
oh two is Geert Wilders from Netherlands & Tommy Robinson from England.. but I hav SO MANY MANY more.. bye 4 now
Geert Wilders does the same here un Holland
Geert Wilders' PVV would *still* be the biggest party in the Netherlands if elections were held today
Geert Wilders hate speech criminal charges revealed So if one objects to muslim criminality it's construed as hate?
.of Queen Beatrix against Geert Wilders and the ...
He's saying what Geert Wilders is saying, almost to the word. Amazing stuff
TRUMP SUPPORTER Geert Wilders is a Dutch politician and the founder and leader of the Party for Freedom
Geert Wilders speaks in Brussels on resisting Islam and much more via
Last Man Standing: Dutch Geert Wilders is the only politician in the Netherlands blocking Islamization.
If you want to understand Islam's agenda see Geert Wilders youtube video "Fitna"
Geert Wilders in Belgium, March 4 2016 with German subtitles via
Geert Wilders is one of the brave few to speak clear and obvious truths about what is happening to Europe and lead a fight-back against it.
In Holland we have Geert Wilders. He talks about muslims in the...
Dutch politician Geert Wilders has an opinion and needs protection, because some can't deal with freedom of speech. http…
Testimony of Dr. Wafa Sultan at the trial of Geert Wilders(1of2).flv
Geert Wilders should be worried now. Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar launched the "islamization" of space. htt…
Geert Wilders going on about protecting Dutch women the same weekend his supporters were telling women they deserve rape!
Geert Wilders is a Dutch Member of Parliament Here is the speech of Geert Wilders, Chairman, Party for Freedom,... https:/…
Netherlands: Geert Wilders trial for inciting hatred to start on March 18
The silly naive damaging unrealistic Left in Europe are being marginalized as they should have been long ago
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Turkey would fit in Europe with the likes of Geert Wilders.
Geert Wilders debate in Dutch Parliament post Paris attacks
Dutch Parliament member calls for direct democracy.
I liked a video Geert Wilders on BBC Hardtalk, 2/2
I added a video to a playlist Geert Wilders on BBC Hardtalk, 1/2 "Islam is not our culture, should
except Donald Trump and Geert Wilders. May they have the worst years of their lives
Happy New Year Geert Wilders, many of us in the UK support you and your aims, hope you are successful in 2016
do you have a simmular filter for our Dutch winger Geert Wilders, here in The Netherlands? I would be very grateful!
Americans have the GOP to fight against muslims europe only has one man : geert wilders
Muhammad Manipulated the Koran. by Geert Wilders . My book about Islam…
I think you don't know who geert wilders is? Dutch people are the most racist ppl on this planet
+ Britain First, Geert Wilders and Tommy Robinson but show Dawkins getting a foot massage from an anti-Islam ex Muslim...
I added a video to a playlist GEERT WILDERS "WARNING TO ISRAEL"
vote in a geert wilders like politician. SIMPLE AS THAT
I think it's "suspicious" that Geert Wilders is "politician" of the year every year.according to Breitbart. I'm almost
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Geert Wilders did that. Many times.Then he has to apologise for thát too, to which he replies that they can etc etc.
I guess your idol is Geert Wilders you are both from the same stock
Now I'm absolutely certain my hair is getting too long because I'm pretty sure it's starting to enter a "Geert Wilders" phase.
Same in PC Oz for any Conservative speaker such as Geert Wilders or Lord Monckton. Labelled 'controversial'.
I hope for Europe that Geert Wilders will be the next Prime Minister of the Netherlands. He is my 'man of …
Geert Wilders tells Turks: Turkey not welcome in Europe via
Holland: Geert Wilders flooded with over 350 people who want to become an MP for the anti-Islam PVV
how to get a block from Geert Wilders
After getting the support of Geert Wilders and David Duke, Trump clinches endorsement of neo-Nazi AFP leader William Daniel Johnson.
Scandinavia was alway held up as modern progressive liberal. Like the Netherlands & Geert Wilders. Fascists everywhere
Geert Wilders and minders knock over disabled Perth activist Seamus Doherty:.
Dutch MP Geert Wilders coming to Oz to launch anti-Islamic party. Here's my profile from 2011.
More rwnj vaudeville! Entering, stage right, the Geert Wilders political theatre of fear
Geert Wilders is a fringe-dweller and does not speak for mainstream Australia.The Labor party has no time for him.
We are not going to welcome Geert Wilders & his view into Australia just because via
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It's not just Marine Le Pen's Front National or Geert Wilders' Party in Holland or other Nationalist parties such as in Hungary,
Geert Wilders said the same in Dutch Parliament. They are the true heroes, speaking out!
Geert Wilders opposes announced budget cuts but he shouldn't: ending welfare will automatically limit immigration and improve its quality.
I've read about Geert Wilders and Vlams Belang, and the nazis in Golden Dawn. Vile characters all.
What famous people were born in your city? — geert wilders
all Islamic countries are evil. Nobody is seriously taking Islam as evil except a very few politicians like Geert Wilders
Are these Oath Keepers posing with Geert Wilders at his event? (At what appears to be an elementary school.)
" This is what i've learned in Israel, if you negotiate with terrorists they see it as weakness. " Geert Wilders.
they do it to Geert Wilders all the time and he's def not far right. Its mud throwing
Muslim-hatred of the Geert Wilders, Marine LePens, Daniel Pipes, Pamela Geller was key influence on Dylann Roof, according to manifesto.
[The Muslim-hatred of the Geert Wilders and Marine LePens in Europe, for which Daniel Pipes, and Pamela Geller,...
Dutch politician, Geert Wilders, says he will broadcast cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammed on public TV in the Netherlands today.
Geert Wilders in DK: "We have been born in free Western nations. Freedom is our birthright." http…
Why is Pamela Geller friends with the extremely racist English Defence League and Geert Wilders?
'Talking Points Memo' editor: Pam Geller, Geert Wilders 'shouldn't exist at all' via
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“We are harassed, but sympathizers of the Islamic State are left in peace.” Geert Wilders speaks out after Garland
Senate should invite and Geert Wilders to testify before Senate Homeland Sec & Gov Affairs cmte. How 'bout it
Congress should invite both and Geert Wilders to testify before House Homeland Sec. Comittee. How 'bout it
Nonie Darwish, Geert Wilders are anything but quiet. May I suggest that you reflect upon Paul Revere? He, too, was NOT quiet
remember when Bill Maher approvingly interviewed Geert Wilders in 'Religulous'
Flashback: Dems, CAIR wanted to keep Geert Wilders' 'hateful speech' out of the U.S.
The most extreme New Atheists do sound similar to the likes of Varg Vikernes and Geert Wilders anyway.
If you cannot see the harm Geert Wilders or Le Pen have in their attitudes, then you are not helping secularism or the freedom of people 2/2
Geert Wilders: "It is Islam... get rid of the political correctness and see it for what it is." (via
Geert Wilders of Holland's Party For Freedom Paul Weston of UK, Brigitte Gabriel formerly of Lebanon Britain First
The Muslim assassins of journalists and cartoonists in Paris were enforcing Islamic blasphemy law, the barbarous essence of mainstream authoritative Islam, against the satirical magazine which famously included Islam among its subjects for lampoon. Such blasphemy law is embraced by Muslims around the world, and that includes in the United States. In a 2012 election poll, nearly 60 percent of American Muslims said that criticism of Islam should not be permitted under the US Constitution’s First Amendment. A highly alarming 11.5 percent of respondents said that those who parody Islam should be put to death. The existential threat is contained within Islam itself – within the totalitarian impulse that expresses itself in Islamically correct death penalties for free speech, reviled in Islam as “blasphemy”; and freedom of conscience, reviled in Islam as “apostasy”. People should listen to the Netherlands’ Geert Wilders, who responded to the Paris massacre with a statement: “The assassinations . ...
The British Parliament was threatened by The Muslim Popuation when Geert Wilders wanted to speak in Britain. Parliament caved.
Two of the war against Islamization on one stage – Geert Wilders and Marine LePen
Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen are Islam in a different guise?!
It is reminiscent of Geert Wilders' mentality claiming mosques could not be polling stations
I am sitting with Geert Wilders, leader of the Netherlands’ Party for Freedom, and the news has just flashed that Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the Canadian convert to Islam who terrorized Ottawa on Wednesday, had previously had his passport lifted by the Canadian government as an officially designated “hig…
Just like the U.S., the Netherlands are also ignoring the problem of Islamic terrorism. Truth Teller and Freedom Fighter Geert Wilders
VIDEO: Geert Wilders on Islamic terrorism in Canada -
Dutch politician and leader of the Party for Freedom Geert Wilders speaks with Michael about the terrorist attack by a Muslim revert in Ottawa.
Geert Wilders is indeed in the book The Fat Boy with the Bomb & 299 of the World's Craziest Politicians
"The Netherlands has been too tolerant to intolerant people for too long. We should not import a retarded political Islamic society into our country".[Geert Wilders
Great interview with Geert Wilders:. "What we are seeing, is the core business of Islam…The killing of people, the...
Also UKIPS Gerard's engagement with Dutch politician Geert Wilders at the House of Lords 'FITNA' etc..
- Pace is picking up but govts. r slow to react. More Geert Wilders will emerge around the world. Even India.
Geert Wilders offers several partial solutions. Geert Wilders' Plan to Save the West
The Patriot Factor: Geert Wilders' Plan to Save the West Let would-be jihadists go join ISIS, but never come back.
Geert Wilders on “The West’s Battle For Freedom” – the only way the West will be able to preserve itself.
Geert Wilders: Ukip will join our far-Right bloc in the EU | via
"You Shall Know Them By Their Fruits"-- JESUS CHRIST (Matthew 7:16). In christianity, extremism is being regenerated or renewed in mind and character by the HOLY SPIRIT through the Word of GOD/CHRIST--The Scriptures, and becoming like CHRIST (Luke 6:40;, John 15:1-27, Galatians 3:26-29). In Islam, extremism is becoming like who, and through what??? In Kosovo it used to be the case that families were culturally Muslim, but rarely devout believers. Recently though some young people have become radicalised. Up to 200 are thought to be fighting in Syria and Iraq causing heartbreak for those left behind. Click the link to read more Isis; branches of the same poisonous tree."-- Benjamin Netanyahu (Edited). "Stop Denying the Obvious: Islam is a Problem" -- Geert Wilders (Love & Cares)
Cory Bernardi: Australia’s most Islamophobic politician? has obtained exclusive documents that reinforce the belief that Senator Bernardi’s espouses the same Islamophobic ideology as Geert Wilders. Revelations by notorious Islamophobe Dutch MP Geert Wilders that he has been invited to Australia by Liberal Senator for South Australia Cory Bernardi to “help him”. This should come as no surprise to anybody who has been following Cory Bernardi’s public comments regarding Islam and Australian Muslims over the last few years. Wilders told ABC’s ‘Foreign Correspondent’ program in Amsterdam on Tuesday that he had met with Bernardi. “I met one of your senators, Senator Cory Bernardi, not so long ago. “He invited me to help him at least when I would visit Australia, and I will certainly do that as soon as I can.” To “help him” in exactly what is not clear as yet, but if Senator Bernardi’s previous comments are anything to go by, it is not suprising that he would enlist ...
Geert Wilders slams Western leaders for denying that the Islamic State (ISIS) has anything to do with Islam
speech by Geert Wilders during Dutch Parliamentary debate about military mission to fight ISIS.
Video: Robert Spencer, Geert Wilders, David Wood, more on the Islamic State and Islam : Jihad Watch -
The US government allows those citizens who leave our country to fight alongside ISIS re-entry with impunity back into the US, increasing the jihad threat in America. British Prime Minister David Cameron is exploring measures to keep British Muslims from leaving the UK to fight alongside civilization’s enemies, as if that is going to lessen the threat to Britain. Dutch lawmaker and head of the “Party for Freedom” (PVV), Geert Wilders indicates in his address to parliament in the Hague, Netherlands that those who are supportive of ISIS, wishing to fight in Iraq and Syria, should be allowed to leave and never return. According to, Wilders, once put on trial for his views on Islam, expressed to the Dutch Parliament in his address, “Anyone who expresses support for terror as a means to overthrow our constitutional democracy, as far as I’m concerned, should leave the country at once. If you are waving an ISIS flag, you are waving an exit ticket. Leave!” Wilders disagrees with the Britis ...
Geert Wilders is portrayed as an extreme right lunatic , he's not ! Please watch this video !
Tom Trento interviews the controversial Mr. Geert Wilders, MP, Netherlands who, unlike many spineless politicians, stands proudly with Israel and boldly against HAMAS and Islamic jihad worldwide.
yep thts true.. Israel is d beacon of hope 4 free civilization in MidEast... Geert wilders in Europe
Could this be of some interest for coaxer Mathilde Santing, PM Asscher (whose stomach went wild) or Geert Wilders Islam-basher)?
A kind of proverb from Western nations regarding to Israel and the so-called "rocket attacks" by Hamas is: "Israel has the right to defend herself".The truth is, however, that as Israel itself is a terroristic state, she, herself, has no any rights.The foramentioned proverb, is repeately announced by Western governments; the reality, however, is this: Israel has the blood of numerous innocent Palestinians on her hands; this is also the case with the Western heads of state and their administrations; as conclusion a (maybe strange) question: Can someone expain, why it is that anti-Semitism is rising in our current world? (of course, this is just a question; maybe. mr. Asscher (whose stomach went wild when he heard about the claim of Yasmina Haifi) or Geert Wilders can give a good explanation?)
every time I check out a Dutch pro-Russian tweep it turns out to be a Geert Wilders sympathizer, this is no coincidence anymore..
I liked a video The True Face of Islam - Geert Wilders warning to America
anti-Muslim politician Geert Wilders visits He is agnostic, so what is he doing in this photo?
Geert Wilders endorses Islamophobic extreme right street demo in the Hague...
The threat of Islam, this is a great piece.
He was so right!! I wish the UK had its own Geert Wilders!
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Maajid Nawaz sounds like Geert Wilders at times.
be associated with. Far right. Geert Wilders supporters, those kind of ppl. But will be happy to see no more protests
maar Geert Wilders is love, Geert Wilders is life :(
Isis. taliban. al-qaeda. hamas.we bring in Geert Wilders and tax payers paid David Irvings costs we ban Uthman Badar...
May b Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Geert Wilders or Taslima Nasreen can explain 'fighting intellectually' better!
We need more politicians like Yogi Adityanath and Geert Wilders who call out Islam for what it is
Geert Wilders: America as the Last Man Standing via Read this. Radical Islam Europe
"We're not attacking Islam .. we're attacking terrorism" Sure.. . We let in Geert Wilders , Bolt spreads it, and we ban Uthman Badar
Geert Wilders is hardly a 'right winger' - a realist maybe!
Geert Wilders Nails It, he dont mind dog bothels in his country, its the brownskins he's worried about
Of people being refused entry? Won’t generally be made public. Geert Wilders was shut out of course.
Fitna (film) by Geert Wilders, the Dutch politician! as mentioned in his speech,
America as the Last Man Standing! Dutch politician Geert Wilders' speech on the Islamisation of Europe!
Geert Wilders has 24hr protection because of these verses out of Quran
Geert Wilders Anti-Islam film screened at House of Lords, showing victory 4 Freedom of Speech http…
Did you see this little text Geert Wilders wrote a few years ago? If not, worth a read...
“Dutch grapple with jihadist threat Geert Wilders has been right. Enoch Powell was right..
should've listened to Wilders a long time ago!!“Dutch grapple with jihadist threat
Geert Wilders in 2008: What will the loss of Europe mean to America?:
Geert Wilders spoke at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver, Colorado. What follows is the complete transcript of his speech: Thank you, dear friends, ladies and gentlemen, for inviting me to the Western Conservative Summit. It is always a pleasure to come to America. I was here a few weeks ago…
Sharia4Holland & Belgium threaten Geert Wilders. what is not clear to you yet?? they gave you 4 choices!! THEY gave YOU four choices. in YOUR own countries!! how lovely!! WAKE UP BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!! SPREAD IT LIKE A VIRUS!
probably going over to get some anti Islamic strategy tips from Geert Wilders
Arsene, Ox, Thom Yorke, Cobain, Waters, Hendrix and Geert Wilders so we can murder him.
A Dutch Jewish group dropped the politician Geert Wilders from a petition against anti-Semitism. The Center for ...
Geert Wilders: “It is a waste of time to talk or negotiate with ISIL or Hamas. They are barbarians”
I'm sure Geert Wilders dances to this one
Geert Wilders: ‘‘Now is the time for The Netherlands to stand with Israel’’
Like the open letter from Geert Wilders to the Dutch government! He is very clear about this scum.( did you read it?)
Geert Wilders: 'The must now stand behind
Geert Wilders stirs controversy with comment on anti-Semitism
DutchNews. Geert Wilders' name was 'consciously' removed from an advert against anti-semitism
Please read this "message from Geert Wilders; it is important to us all if we wish to retain our wonderful...
Poor Owen, if he had 2 put up with 10% of what Tommy Robinson or Geert Wilders has 2 from ppl who will kill
ISIS and Hamas are the best thing that ever happened for Pamela Geller and Geert Wilders. I'm sure they feel justified in their beliefs, which they should. There is this very ugly sector within Islam which should be unacceptable to the civilized world. It is not in anyway acceptable to make a minority pay a tax for being different. It is not acceptable to destroy ancient human history just because it predates your falling empire. It is only so sad that Geller and Wilders proved to be so devisive. Really there are allot of people in the Middle East region who believe in freedom, peace and prosperity for all, they are just silenced and called "collaborators" which apparently is a synonym in Arabic for traitor. :-\ Collaboration should be seen in a positive light. One of the major obstacles to peace is that the foreign support is often empowering the people who do not want to find ways to coexist. Internationally sponsored organizations that identify themselves as peace groups spend millions of dollars pro . ...
Dutch politician Geert Wilders gives an interview on Islam in Holland, and changes he would make to Islamic freedoms in the country.
Geert Wilders is getting there. Polarization is good in his scheme.
Geert Wilders responds to critics over Moroccan chant:
Geert Wilders is a hero who shouldn't have been banned, either. You're welcome to have Bentley. :-)
Hans Janmaat was convicted a few times for hate speech. Geert Wilders can yell “less Moroccans” without fear of legal reprisal.
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