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Gayle King

Gayle King (born December 28, 1954) is a co-anchor of CBS This Morning and an editor-at-large for O, The Oprah Magazine.

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You think Julia Roberts, Oprah, Gayle King & whomever these other ladies are with Da…
Middle finger to celebrities like Gayle King, Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg, Cardi B., college and pro football athletes
What is the probability that Gayle King, Nora O'Donnell, Savanah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb DIDN'T know about their pervert co-workers?
Nora O'Donnell, Gayle King, Hoda Kotb & Savannah Guthrie need to go out for drinks. "today show" "Matt Lauer" "inapprop…
Why does Gayle King feels she needs to defend tRump & his family all the time?! Should she be on FOX4 news instead…
Forever more the lion king musical will make me sad. I was supposed to take my mom that April but she…
Gayle King,has a bad habit of interrupting guests and not letting them speak and finish…
Gayle King and Brian Molefe...same what's app group.
What's with morning talk show hosts with the K's in their name? Kathie Lee, Kelly Ripa, Hoda Kotb, Katie Couric, Ga…
Cameran trying to be Kandi's low budget Gayle King 😂😂😂😂
As Gayle King would say, all they are doing is misbehavin.
Y'all wanna know who can low key get it on the "over 50" side of things? Gayle King lol.
Gayle King, Oprah's other half, interviews fellow Serena Williams about her
Man U fans: When Pogba comes back we dominate every team. Now: 14' - Goal. 0 Newcastle 1. Gayle scores for t…
HT: 2 Newcastle 1. Goals from and put us in front following Gayle's early opener.
Manchester United hadn't conceded a Premier League goal at home from open play in 2017. . Step forward, Dwight Devon Boyd Gayl…
Even though she has no concept of the definition, she said she was 'complicit' during her…
Why is Gayle commenting on politics, isn’t that Norah O ‘s field? Everyday seems to be the Gayle King show!
See what did against .Chris Gayle is the reigning King of…
You both suck we know you are treason Scientology king treason nothing More
Incredible night with Charles Gayle John Edwards and Mark Sanders. Ecstatic moments boiled the space. https:…
flash back to that time when Kween Mother Lavern Cox set the record straight on the Gayle King Show.…
Gayle King says Oprah doesn't want anything for Christmas - Well, she is Oprah Winfrey. So it should make sense...
Hi Gayle King my name is Onaijay Scott from North Miami Beach Florida and I like watching Cbs this morning
speaking with Alex Waldman and Gayle King about her new line: from…
Shame on you Nora you're fake news like Gayle King dirty wig should be a crime
The mainstream media will never tell the truth of what happened . CBS This Morning's Discusses 20 Year A…
Getting closer to that real money like Gayle King (That's Oprah's friend) I think of nightmares that'll ruining your dreams
"I know that Oprah and I mean a lot to each other... I know at all times I have ... -
61 years ago today SCOTUS affirmed the U.S. District Court rulling in Browder v. Gayle that Bus Segregation in Mont…
Correction. Norah O'Donnell Charlie Rose and Gayle King are some of my favorite people I like to see in the morning…
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Why do I love CBS This Morning so much. Norah O'Donnell Charlie Rose and Gayle King are the favorite people I don't…
Chris Gayle man Pakistan jealousing you I love you king
Gayle King talks traveling with Oprah and conquering her fear of flying
"There's a science to ordering potatoes. Are they skinny shoestring or big, fat ... -
The line which makes me laugh. - gayle is the king of sixes!!!. N i be lik-shahid afridi is nt spelled lik dat!😂😜…
King’s finally selected a proper batsman & a devastating one this time .. very good replacement for Gayle ..…
No Morgan No Gayle i want to see Morgan in krchi king
Gayle King defending Megyn Kelly is a workplace lesson for all of us
Gayle King . Christina Applegate. Teri Hatcher. Roseanne Barr. Misha Barton. Heidi Montag. That chick in that vine who be…
Liar Gayle King. Japanese Prime Minister did NOT follow Trump in feeding fish. You are a…
I’m tryna move in and be her Gayle King i told her this morning 🌚
Where all the rich women at? I’m just tryna be Gayle King and scissor with summa yalls
Cheaters Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski had an engagement party Thursday night. Among the guests were John Kerr…
Who rocked it hotter: Gayle King vs. Dianna Agron in a Tracy Reese for Anthropologie Made in Kind Revisited Impres
Gayle King defends Barack and Michelle Obama, saying they were unaware of Harvey Weinstein's sexual harassment
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Some of the celebs I was just thinking was Sisqo, Jennifer Love-Hewitt, Dylan McDermott, Teri Hatcher, Fr…
Gayle King, STOP & allow the guests 2 finish there statement. DAM. Michael Weatherly couldn’t get a word in, she kept interrupting.SHUTUP
Gayle King watching you for 2 hrs on CBS is too much with your low cut dress.Cmon you're a news anchor not entertainment anchor
Gayle King is gracious, wise, & an interesting interview. I loved this episode of The Axe Files.
Charley Rose and Gayle King are both liberal left wing nut jobs. It's a disgrace to other true jour…
Word 4 CBS Gayle King, u call yourself a journalist, if so u know Un is a brutal dictator who self rationalizes as a president. Awaken Pls?
I love "Rocket Man" nickname. does Gayle King feel sorry for poor little Kim-Jong-un
I think Gayle King was giving him the eye. Go Gayle!
The epic is rocking challengers! Name King Gayle's or send us a step like the T&C:
Hpy bdy sixer and jamica king Gayle
Happy birthday to the King ' very own
Did Gayle king always have them tattoos? Who thought it wonder if Oprah have any lol
Gayle king: anti-American mouthpiece, uses her privilege to harm the nation that gave her her wealth And opportunities. Despicable.
Gayle king: completely unaware and far removed from the reality of our world. So far to the left, supporting totalitarian regimes.
Gayle King: referring to Rocket Man as the legitimate president of a country, instead of a totalitarian mass murderer. Brilliant.
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GAYLE KING: Was appropriate to refer to Kim Jong Un as Rocket Man. NIKKI HALEY: President of Uganda did it first. ME: THE PRESIDENT OF UGANDA
Gayle King appears to be a little ignorant when it comes to politics!
Why is it,that you,(Charlie Rose,Gayle King and Norah O'DONNELL)always interrupt your guests ?
Wow... CBS' Gayle King actually made a comment I agree with... That the attempted rapists at Wheaton College...
who taught gayle king how to speak? Her elocution is terrible. She is obviously reading sometimes leaving off the last word.
Jade Gayle for junior hoco princess, Ralph for hoco king and Anisha for hoco queen!
King when Charlie and Nora were gone you really shined taking control of everything love you continue to grow.
King Nico talking about his orgies at Gayle's house
Final team:-. Wi vs eng. Other c and vc choices-. C gayle. A hales
Ahmad rashad to Jordan is what Gayle king is to oprah!!
Gayle King loves that Cardi B song, too
Cermak nurse Gayle King said she hopes "judges realize the devastating impact that each instance of cash bond has on the broader community"
"The cash bail system treats you as guilty for living in poverty" -Gayle King, nurse at the Cook County Jail hospit…
Gayle king killed this conversation. She disrupts and that's the take away. It's not gett…
So cool they let Gayle King's best friend give out the final award.
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Having a book hangover after finishing On Writig by Stephen King. I almost want to re-read it immediately.
Father, we pray that You will help us believe - despite our circumstances - that You are the King of Kings and Lord of Lo…
Ray Dotch, Oprah and Gayle King Read the blog post at
Fun to be at a photoshoot with Jane Pauley and Gayle King. cbswatchmag
Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King get ready to kick off on their Alaskan adventure!
Dude, King got 16 goals last season. Dwight Gayle hasn't got 16 goals in 3 Premier League seasons combined.
Welcome Oprah! Post a pic if you have an O in Alaska sighting!
Gayle and king cook and lascelles Daniels and dummett all similar players imo no better no worse
Who would you want m8? king but similar to Gayle and maybe Smith, just bought begovic so didn't include him
Re-visiting an iconic moment:. Gayle King in conversation with Ieshia Evans, the mother pictured in Baton Rouge...
[NEWS] 170718 EXO "Hopes to do 'Dancing King' collaboration with Yoo Jaesuk one more time"
is more enjoyable to watch when Gayle King is not hosting!
So happy that Gayle King is gone today! She interrupts too often and dominates the show most mornings.
Lmfao. All the blank faces while is talking. Where the heck is king? 😂😂😂😂
On tennis, love and motherhood | Serena Williams and Gayle King via
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Gayle King stripes it rich. Know you're style truth. On board Alaskan…
Do Kyungsoo the hidden variety king will show his variety skills again 😂
I'd maybe upgrade king to Firmino and downgrade Rooney to Gayle?Newcastle have good fixtures Everton…
Herrera is good . He will be a regular starter alongside Pogba. Rooney is better than King, Gabbiadini…
Gayle King Picks the Best and Worst Thing About New York City (Video) via Is that real fur? I friggin hope not!
Her fusion dance with Gayle King would be 🔥
I got gayle on the bench and Lukaku with King up top
Chris Gayle dancing on the tune of 'Laila o Laila' (video via Gayle's Instagram account)
MY PIECE ON DESPERATELY SAD GAYLE NEWLAND COURT CASE ‘I was pretending to be a boy for a variety of reasons’
Russell Brand " I'm Married, I'm in Enough Pain, " with Gayle King on Jimmy Fallon: via
Usa News – Gayle King on her revealing interview with Ivanka Trump
So kane out, but not sure if that means rooney lacazette or aguero in. For me in str it's 3 of kaku/kane/aguero/lac…
An anchor on couldn't say white, so Gayle King chimed in and said it.
Gayle King you can hear the terror and the voices of the nine-one-one call but it's not terrorism
Why was that reporter on struggling to say white male ... Gayle King was like spit it up girl it's a white man
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
you're not vulnerable gayle king. You're a YOU're the ones who preach hate against conservatives every day.
So nice she did it twice! Gayle King wears her dress backwards AGAIN
Everyday this week I escort Gayle King to her car. Yesterday she asked me my name, and today she said "thank you Ardit." She knows my name!!
Watson is going bad form so drop watson and get in gayle ans captency handover to abd this is the best i…
They will B able 2 visit WH this time! King Obama didn't allow th ppl in the ppl owned WH - does!
She's good at telling people how to be so the Dem's would love it, (Gayle King), not sure…
Just remembered this anecdote about how Oprah once randomly found $482 in her pocket and offered it to Gayle…
Does that mean I can sue Chuck Todd, Gayle King, Joy Behar ect..?
Danielle Brooks and some if Orange Is The New Black cast on CBS With Gayle King, Charlie Rose and Nora O'Donnell.
Definitely. Unpopular opinion but Gayle King is another surprising option for the evening news. 🤷 anyt…
stop interrupting the guests Gayle King especially Oliver Stone..
Didn't Gayle King back up Cosby? I'm sure we could find the clips,of her denying early on old bill w…
Gayle King do u hear yourself when you speak. Dam
Instead of Gayle King saying Putin was fascinating, why not ask Oliver Stone about…
On this day 2 years ago with Gayle King
.Gayle King has done with Hillary Clinton and other democrats.
Ngl he's been ghosting still. Ain't heard his name in a minute.
The same Bill Cosby that Gayle King defended when the accusations first came out on CBS This Morning?
Gayle Starr & her dirty king county cops (Hennesy) & friends who don't know me called up Christian churches & New Age centers with only lies
Gayle King. Ophrah's best friend does a morning show on CBS. They had experts saying the Russians are coming after us. 😂😂
Boiled plantain is so much sweeter and nicer. Grow up man.
Gayle King is proof that we should be wearing our clothes backwards via
Gayle King can you say sexual harassment. You wouldn't ask a woman to take her top off to see her muscles.
Moron Gayle King trying to make Comey look like a truthful one & Trump as a liar! Your news is fake as ***
I detest Gayle King, Hate that she goes on vacation with Obama. Top secrets given to her?
Gayle King wore her dress backwards on Wednesday during the CBS Morning News. The dress has a zipper that is...
Gayle King commits ultimate fashion faux pas on CBS by wearing dress backwards -- again!
- Gayle King wears her dress backwards on CBS AGAIN, Gayle, 62, sported the same...
Has Gayle King ever been mentioned in a news article that doesn't also make reference to her friendship with Oprah?
Drop what you're doing & read on NOW. I'm such a proud Mama Bear!!
Gayle King to host Princess Diana special for CBS
Lana Marks discussing Diana, Princess of Wales, with Gayle King for CBS' 48 Hours.
Gayle King's vacation with the Obamas is a case study in why Americans distrust the media..THAT & ALL THEIR BS LIES..THE FAK…
Couldn't agree more. Awful is the best word for her, Gayle King, Charlie Rose, Scott Pelley and then Todd he is the…
Scarlett Johansson found Ivanka Trump's interview with Gayle King cowardly and uninspiring
Between letting this w/o a fight & asking Chelsea Clinton if she'll run for Senate how does Gayle King keep her job?
Freewheeling news anchor and Oprah BFF Gayle King celebrates five years with 'CBS This Morning'
Norah O'Donnell, Charlie Rose and Gayle King did a good job this morning, not allowing the b…
Gayle King knew Megyn Kelly was going to make a move
Yes, just TELL us what James Corden said, Gayle King, while you play a clip of James Corden silently SAYING what you say he is saying.
Gayle King was into it during the Kennedy Center Honors. Every time they showed Obama, she was behind him singing, eyes closed
Patti with Gayle King from the taping of Patti LaBelle's Place
Worked the CBS holiday party and saw Gayle King, Scott Pelley, and most importantly MO ROCCA!
TONIGHT - Gayle King sits down with Rakeyia Scott, widow of Keith Lamont Scott who was fatally shot by police in Charlo…
Is this click bait? Can't find a Gayle King/ Bob Schieffer exchange in the whole thing.
Видео "WATCH Gayle King asks Bob Schieffer to sum up last night's debate in one word What do you think it"
📷 the-movemnt: Watch: Kevin Hart, Michael K Williams, Gayle King and John Oliver (?!) also have words...
Kudos to you this am for your professionalism. Gayle King owes Melania an apology regarding her outfit last night.
Gayle King where did you have to go to dig up that weird name of Melania's dress,you hate skinny girls 😡💃
Really Gayle King?? Bringing up fashion name for Mrs. Trumps outfit?? Just report the news! Stop campaigning
On Gayle King just asked the Trump Campaign Manager about Melania's interesting blouse choice.
My first memory of the Rolling Stones is listening to 'Satisfaction' at a sixth-grade slumber pa
I have to admit, if Oprah were a man, I would marry her.
Gayle King was not a news reporter or anchor while you have been , she should be secondary to you
OMG Gayle King, could your bias be anymore obvious? Why don't you mention Hillarys crimes as much as you diss DT!
just switched to Abc. They are busy talking about emotion. Gayle King, "audience gasped".
Dear Gayle King:. When U and Oprah are just chewing the fat...U mean 2 tell us that nary ONE off-color comment or word was uttered?.
They say when you been in relationship for so long y'all start to look alike. Gayle King n Oprah I'm just sayin.
Gayle King has really taken advantage of that Oprah relationship!
Gayle King has a Contact Depression from this
CBS has Gayle King reporting the debate, what school of journalism did she go to? Cause she *** just like she does in the morning
was the Chief White House Correspondent for CBS, so why is Gayle King doing all the talking after the
Gayle King of CBS This Morning regarding the debate has apparently never been in a men's locker room. Raunch rules. Bad!
There will be no Debates Im not a Gayle King Fan And I don't care for her Craft Table
Gayle King, they did shake hands at the end, and it was Donald who initiated it.
Did end with handshake? Missed it! Gayle King on CBS said it did not.
Gayle King is the wrong person to cover this debate. She looks miserable and bored
Gayle King is to Oprah, as Melissa is to Rihanna, only thing is Gayle is an anchorwoman now.
Expect 3 Things:. 1. Trump deflecting, deflecting, deflecting. 2. Hillary will spin into the air. 3. Gayle King will lip sync.
When the *** did Gayle King become a president debate reporter?!
Surely, America would never listen to someone with no discernible skills or actual credentials for the job. Now, here's Gayle King.
Why is Gayle King doing pregame on the presidential debate for CBS
S/O to Oprah for putting her homegirl Gayle King on!!
Minute 0. Gayle King has already given up.
ABSOLUTELY the very best morning show! Norah O'Donnell, Charlie Rose, Gayle King,all attractive, intelligent!
Here are a few of the people that were there at the Juke Joint last night: . Naomi Campbell, David Blaine, Bradly Co…
For every king there is a queen and to every man his own... Gucci Slimaz Gayle bae
. It has been a long time since the "Gayle King Show". on Hartford's Constitution Plaza!. I still remember, I am still here
Gayle King narrated my life, and I'm still here!
Gayle King and Memphis Bleek probably the two most loyal *** people ever in the history of loyal *** people walking the earth.
I wish there was something where you could blink an eye and be somewhere. I'm a very nervous fli
I still remember Ray Dotch interviewing me for the Oprah Show
Gayle King Please do story on Yulin dog meat trade. Need help to pass H Res 752 to stop horrific…
People respond faster to you on a text than an e-mail. Why is that? Why will they ignore an e-ma
One is a hurricane graphic, the other is Gayle King.
for me it was Stephen King's The Eyes of the Dragon.Have just given it to my 9-yr old to read
Gayle King interrupting a storm chaser on the phone: "Matthew! Matthew! Matthew!" Charlie Rose, off-camera: "It's Jeff."
Bonita Stewart, Gayle King & Elaine Welteroth as guest speakers for Event.
Going to take Gayle King's advice and hop into a bubble bath this morning a...
On this day in 2013, I was Brooklyn prepping to see Beyoncé. I would later meet Kevin Liles & Gayle King
Why is Gayle King interviewing folks on the Can anyone tell me? Does know? Does know?
Why is Gayle King being treated like a reporter?
Gayle King gets ALL the awards for not throwing shade all over Omarosa during that interview
I had no idea how biased Gayle King was .
Gayle King and Omarosa exchange my favorite part of the RNC so far.
Give it up, Gayle King! You ain't gonna ruffle that gals feathers!
Gayle King, Omarosa! OMG, can't you find someone legitimate to interview? OM, DT is a caricature!
Gayle king trying to keep it together
Gayle King going in on Omerosa on CBS right now.
Gayle King CBS morning drives me nuts. She is the queen of saying the obvious. "but the RNC loved Milania's speech" OF COURSE!!
I'm thinking when I meet the right person - and I do believe that I will - he's going to be younger. Not
Spotted at across from me, Gayle King. Noticeably absent: 🙄👋🏻
Gayle King's ex-husband publicly apologizes for cheating on her
protester in the now-iconic photo from Baton Rouge speaks out
It's odd how much I respect and like and how much Gayle King annoys me, all in the same show.
Why is Gayle King in Cleveland? She's doing nothing but slamming Trump. Why is a "social" reporter with two seasoned vets?
Lol they dragging the *** out of Trump's campaign manager on CBS. Charlie Rose and Gayle King have time today!
Her photo has become iconic representing Hear her talk on this video interview with Gayle King.
Gayle King opens up about that time she caught her ex-hubby in bed with another woman
Gayle King’s ex-husband has issued a public apology for cheating on her 26 years ago.
Come on, NBC, you put poor Gayle King on the floor??
Two delegates from James Evan, State Chair & Phill Wright just interviewed by Gayle King
Gayle King just used the phrase "much ado about nothing." Most intelligent thing I've heard so far during Because
Gayle King is killing it. Straight up asked Christie if he was livid about not being veep and said "huh?!" to a black Utah Trump supporter.
CBS is interviewing literally the only black guy they can find, Gayle King telling him to his face he's a novelty.
CBS Nora O'Donnell called Gayle King by the wrong name...Gayle Anderson. You made it to the RNC national coverage!
.tells Gayle King he was "disappointed" he was chosen as Trump's VP: If I compete for something, I want to win
Did I just see Gayle King covering the For which network? OWN? I've officially seen it all.
Christie tells Gayle King he was "disappointed" that he wasn't VP pick, but glad that Mike Pence is on ticket as fellow governor.
Gayle King blaming the cops yet as she usually does?
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"There was no fear in my body," woman in iconic Alton Sterling, Philando Castile photo reveals.
Gayle King looking at this white lady like...
Wish a GOPer would say to Gayle King "Weren't you celebrating Obama's first Inauguration at the White House with Oprah? Who put you here?"
I look forward to the tension of Hillary supporter Gayle King covering RNC. Comedy/drama
Gayle King is awesome and totally earned her job at Had NOTHING 2 do w/being buddy. Said no one ever.
Crystal Gayle Spradlin is the best f**king wh**e in Fitzgerald!
That moment when you run into Gayle King at the
Gayle King's moving interview w/Ieshia Evans who's featured in iconic photograph in Baton Rouge
I would love to have dinner with Jay-Z and Beyonce. I think we would have a lot to chat about. I like th
How do yah'll like this pitchure of Oprah and Gayle king roomers say it's true it looks like they are Liz bins.
Thank you Charlie Rose, Norah O'Donnell and Gayle King for your support of killing police. Charlie, you should be ashamed
There WILL actually be black women at the Republican Convention... Their names are Gayle King and Robin Roberts...
and Gayle King, co-anchor of CBS This Morning and editor-at-large of O, the Oprah Magazine.
Has anyone else noticed just how similar Gayle King and Oprah sound? Like the same inflection in their voices and everything... 👀
"Consider it swung." --Gayle King with the quote of the night from our first Swingtime Canteen rehearsal!
domain names
Why would u go to the house? U don't see gayle king ,don lemon in there!!
I know too many lovely drag queens for me to be okay with Gayle King's hair unit. . You girls are letting me down.
Bill Maher is eloquent and balanced (2 adjectives I don't often use for him) talking police problems on Colbert.
Shout to my friend gayle king for coming to my event giving back to the less fortunate.
One of the best parts of working at 'O' is that people just love to send us stuff.
Gayle king- What do "we" need to focus on now, the Democrats, to make sure that they maintain control of the Senate?
did the same and Charlie Rose let him ramble on. Gayle King tried to interrupt and question. This must stop
Governor Scott made it clear in an interview with Charlie Rose and Gayle King made it clear that one thing we...
339964 - Donald Trump has a contentious interview with Charlie Rose and Gayle King on Monday's broadcast of CBS...
Bravo for to Charlie Rose and Gayle King for not backing down from Donald Trump & calling out his irresponsible rhetoric on
watching Charlie Rose and Gayle King try to reign in Donald Trump on
OMG. Gayle King obviously has brain damage... so smug..and so stupid!
When King of Comedy met King of T20 . Kapil sharma with Chris Gayle-SPARTAN (y)
Saw a pic of Joan Collins recently. For once, her wig was on straight. Now if she can just share her secret with Gayle King.
Gayle king was wet for Mariah Carey. She was sweating her *** off. Her *** off. And armpit off. Ew
Today's sightings in NYC: Oprah's BFF Gayle King at breakfast; Goldman's Lloyd Blankfein, also at breakfast, -...
17 and 18 need to rock in the final...about gayle he will be a KING OF THE MONSTER BEST OF LUCK.ALL GANGS!
Gayle King and cohorts on CBS need to re-take Journalism after their "ROAST" of Trump's campaign manager.
I bet Gayle King's account did the same for her.
comments by reminds me Gayle King & S Wojcicki panel. Gayle asked if 5 kids had same dad
Corey Lewandowski sounds like an *** dodging Trump tax questions arguing with Charlie Rose, Gayle King, and
who wil won today. or its Strom king Super Man and Champion agains. the...
I majored in psychology, and I still love listening to people's proble...
I have an impressionable palate. A well-worded menu or beautifully pre...
budding in. Could not resist. like the Lion King.
Latest pic of Chris Gayle from sets of an Indian Television show. All hail the King
Megyn Kelly and Gayle King share same flight down to Kentucky Derby. via
Gayle King's bland, irritating mini-editorials after every news story she reads add NOTHING and are NOT NEWS.
Matter of fact, I will only refer to him as Gayle King from now on.
Monty is the Gayle King of our time.
OMG Do Gayle King and Charlie Rose not understand how percentages work???
I consider myself lucky that Sheila Johnson, the cofounder of Black En...
*** no. Oprah & Gayle will always be great friends
Virat kohli snaps a pic with the Sixes king Chris gayle !
Amla : ABD is a combination of kohli and gayle. Yaaa..He is 50% kohli and 50%gayle.. Bcoz ABD couldnt be a 100% kohli.
Our sexy señorita 'Maria' played by Gayle Bruce and Leona one of the chorus members! The Musical https:/…
Gayle King's ranking is 1,888. Know why? Go to and tell fans why
Norah O'Donnell and Gayle King all so sickening and unprofessional regardi…
Curtis Sittenfeld is interested in giving the treatment to Wendi Deng, Paris Jackson & Gayle King.
Big plug for CBS News. Scott Pelley, Charlie Rose, and Gayle King out for a bow.
In fairness he had several black judges on Miss Universe such as the great Emmitt Smith and Gayle King!
We heard Gayle King wasn't a fan of carrot cake.. We're hoping Lloyd's may have changed that 🙏🏾🙏🏾
The first-rate team of Charlie Rose, Gayle King and Norah O'Donnell has transformed the CBS broadcast
Gayle King reacts to rumors of an alleged feud between Oprah & Tyler Perry
The Cicely Tyson interview Gayle King will never forget
The King and Queen have arrived! WELCOME TO THE BEACH, or should we say, WELCOME BACK!
David Foster and Gayle King leave the Adele concert at the Wiltern Center in Los Angeles
i remember gayle king telling oprah on her show " a guy who can beat u black and blue can kill u" i agree. Johnnie used LA riot
Gayle King was on my flight to LA. Pretty sure she farted. Smelled like potpourri.
From . 98/0 to 99/3. Lahore Qalandars to LOL Qalandars,. Ravi Bopara to Ravi 'King' Bopara who gets Gayle and Bravo out in the same ove.
Gayle King was exactly correct...We do not want a President who constantly uses profanity and continually demeans other people in public.
Qalandara are the best because the King of t20 Gayle is in action today
Krachi king looking . 170. 180. But gayle is hare
Gayle King couldn't change the subject fast enough when Charlie Rose brought up her beloved potus reading from a teleprompter.
Hey students don't get crazy abt your bloody Looks like has some problems as well /bk .
Hi we hear the has issues. Let our help you out! https:…
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