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Gavin Turk

Gavin Turk (born 1967) is a British artist, and is considered to be one of the Young British Artists. Turk’s oeuvre deals with issues of authenticity and identity, engaged with modernist and avant-garde debates surrounding the ‘myth’ of the artist and the ‘authorship’ of a work of art.

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Check out the link to see some moving work from Gavin Turk, Assemble, Nick Knight, etc
Fantastic article about our The House of Fairy Tales duo of summer exhibitions, 'Clockwork Garden' and 'Turkish...
Flower couple: Gavin Turk and Deborah Curtis tiptoe through the tulips at The Bowes Museum .
Me continuing to make a bad decision when somebody warns me to learn from their mistakes
I guess I should find out what a' young turk' is before I comment, but I can take a guess..losers...
Can’t believe I’m seeing this vine for the first time LMAO
UNtitled installation view at the Inside Out event curated by Gavin Turk & HWED Director Anna…
UNtitled installation view hereeast for the recent InsideOut event curated by Gavin Turk & HWED…
Close up of a Guardsman - 'Somebody's Son', a Gavin Turk piece at Damien Hirst's…
to when Gavin Turk took over London's Freud Museum. 'Who What When Where How and Why' opens November 23.
On my radar: Gavin Turk's cultural highlights
Excited to be flogging ‘art’ at in in July alongside Tracy Emin, Peter Blake, Gavin Turk, Martin Cr…
Finally met my neighbour Gavin Turk tonight
Our exhibition closes today. Goodbye from Gavin Turk's 'Oscar'
Yesterday we were joined by artists Gavin Turk & Neil Lawson Baker + Tim Marlow of in aid of https:…
Gavin Turk delivers the artist’s verdict on the new Tate Modern extension.
Gavin Turk’s Rich Biscuit in silver, rose gold and gold, each in an edition of 100!
"Architecturally, I was excited" Read Gavin Turk's verdict on the new extension
Selection Box taking over and looking amazing feat Peter Blake,Jamie Reid,Gavin Turk
Anish Kapoor, Gavin Turk, Jenny Holzer, Cheryl Dunn and Paul Smith among hundreds of new 7
Man of taste. Gavin Turk, Damien Hirst, Peter Howson in David Bowie's collection
'Olafur Eliasson, Yoko Ono, Cornelia Parker and Gavin Turk are among more than 300 signatories of an open letter...
Neon by artist Gavin Turk at Almine Rech Gallery -- Frieze Art Fair -- London 2012
Acrylic cover for this 'blob' painting by Gavin Turk
Bet its killing him. . You reckon something dodgy with the gavin pull out too ??
Does anyone know if has a CS:GO team anymore??
do yall by chance do teams in the US??
to Sell New Prints to Help to Celebrate 10 Years & Gavin Turk auction
Gavin Turk Limits, Chatsworth House. Two innocuous objects, replicated in bronze for posterity.
hi there I had some questions if I could ask them?
The Gavin Turk exhibit at (Sorry to admit I had to google it to find out about it)
Life is weird. First: a blue sleeping bag by Gavin Turk from 2003 in a museum. Ten minutes later: a blue sleeping bag in the streets of Bxl
To celebrate the launch of Fast Loot!. - RT. - Follow and Winner on the 30th!
Estimate of global population as of March..
The installation at Larkrise Special Educational Needs School is based on Howard Hodgkin, Barbara Hepworth & Gavin Turk
Enter now for the The National Open Art Competition recommended by Gavin Turk
Gary Hume, Tracey Emin, Julie Verhoeven & Gavin Turk are all fans, tapestry looms again
No game update today, just this. Enjoy your night.
hey can we talk? I was told to ask you my questions?
It's a Gavin Turk, part of his Port series
hi there I was told to talk to you about the cod team?
sorry I was at church but can we DM?
Cup by Gavin Turk, more weird and wonderful art for our bespoke box frame service.
I can't get over how much this looks like Apex
hi there can I ask yall a couple questions in a DM?
hi there can we DM I have some questions about sinister   10% Off
hey I wanted to see if I could ask yall some questions about the team in a DM?
hi there I wanted to ask you a couple questions regarding the team synergy
Hey guys hit me up if yall want to play some cards against humanity on tabletop simulator!!
hey can we DM please I have some questions for you
hi there I had some questions I wanted to ask you if we could DM that would be great
Currently there is no team that has a try out spot for it.
so I couldn't try out for the team then?
hey I'm interested in joining or trying out! Hmu
so it would have to be in like 20 min if I do anything
yeah man that sounds fair I would have to put money in my paypal
Gavin Turk: We Are One exhibition is the Pick of the Week
Hey come watch me live stream at I'll be playing for a little bit
hey I have some questions I would like to ask you
hey I have some questions I want to ask you can we DM?
Gavin Turk: We Are One continuing until 8 February. in the gallery and bronzes in the park.
'Taking the biscuit' by Gavin Turk. Gorgeous little 18ct £2size only 8 of them.…
Last chance to see the Sir Peter Blake and Gavin Turk exhibition at ending on Saturday!
On the BBC, artist of the year. I was looking for the second part of the Spike Milligan gubbins. I miss Gavin Turk, and more so, John Peel.
Report on fantastic with Gavin Turk, Jim Moir (Vic Reeves) Tracey Emin (sort of)
Overheard at the Royal Academy "We could buy a Merc for that price and youd be more comfortable" (not ironic ref to Gavin Turk's white van)
Major new works by leading contemporary artists including Martin Creed, Mark Wallinger, Gavin Turk, George Shaw, Bill Woodrow and Richard Long are to be exhibited as part of The Crisis Commission.
Just been working, with BBC1 Pointless on in the background. My ear was caught by the final category, "Contemporary artists", which was then refined into Young British Artists of 1997 (are you listening Sharyn?). The contestants - who had themselves chosen this category - came up with David Hockney, Damien Hirst and Banksy. Now, the point of Pointless is to find an answer that the majority of the audience don't know or don't guess. However, every single artist was "pointless", apart from Hirst who scored only five points, and Tracey Emin who scored a little more, apparently. The others were: Chris Ofili, Gavin Turk, Gillian Wearing, Marc Quinn, Mark Wallinger, Michael Landy, Rachel Whiteread, Sarah Lucas, Sam Taylor-Wood. All totally pointless, because nobody in the audience had heard of them. How about a visit to Tate Modern, folks?
well Pete Townshend being inspired by Metzger definitely more important than Gavin Turk inspire…
So here we go folks, the next exhibition opens this Friday, the 18th, at The Mayors Parlour in Bow, featuring work from The DnA Factory, among a host of other super exhibitors, including Franko Black, John Tiney, Tracey Emin, Gavin Turk, Mat Collishaw, Polly Morgan, Peter Lamb, Henry Martinez... doors open at 6pm, expect fine boozes & much frolicking...we'd love it if you can join us, DnA x
The Art Car Boot Fair was a great adventure today with Kamala and Praveen, and it was great to see Gavin Turk, Jeffrey aka Disastronaut, PAM HOGG, Giuliana Molinari, Wild Cat Will, Noel Watson, Spencer Mac, AK47 and many others. And thanks so much for the painting, Jeffrey!
Anyone into art: this looks amazing. Artists like Sir Peter Blake, Gavin Turk etc in their cars at a car boot sale.
Richard Wentworth, Gavin Turk and Bob & Roberta Smith are among names at The Big Bamboozle dinner and auction later.
'Punk Rock: Artifice or Authenticity' from Borthhwick, S. and R.Moy (2004) Popular Music Genres: An Introduction (Edinburgh University Press)   An overview of the genre   The term 'punk' can be used adjectively in order to qualify a range of activities. Recent academic analyses of punk phenomena point towards the possibility of there being punk politics, punk journalism (such as the work of Lester Bangs), punk clothing and fashion (including both the haute couture work of Vivienne Westwood and Zandra Rhodes, and the no less spectacular clothing of punk bands and everyday punks), punk poetry (as performed by the Mancunian wordsmith John Cooper Clarke), punk cartoons (such as the commercially successful comic Love & Rockets), punk art (the work of 'young British artist' Gavin Turk or the Sex Pistols' art director Jamie Reid), punk fanzines (such as Sniffin' Glue), punk fiction (Gideon Sams or Stewart Home), punk cinema (Derek Jarman's Jubilee), and even punk etiquette (which often involved spitting). Wha ...
Gavin Turk to bring hovering magic carpet to Bristol for Museums At Night
Royal College of Art to Stage Sixth Annual Macmillan De’Longhi Art Auction - With artist donations including Antony Gormley, Gavin Turk, Rankin and many more - On the 25th September, 60 acclaimed artists will join forces with De’Longhi at the Royal College of Art in Kensington to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. Now in its sixth consecutive year, this year’s auction will see an exciting and eclectic mix of contributions, including photographs, paintings, sculptures and prints, all go under the hammer. Donations include pieces from an array of high profile and celebrated international artists and designers including Antony Gormley, Rankin, Ringo Starr, Gavin Turk, Maggi Hambling CBE, Jack Vettriano, Natasha Law, Sam Taylor-Wood, Gillian Wearing and many more. With 520 people calling the Macmillan support line every day and over 2 million people currently living with cancer in the UK, each artist will make a noticeable difference to the charity by kindly donating one of their valuable works. ...
Website Builder 728x90
The Vinyl Factory is pleased to announce a collaboration with Gavin Turk and Hussein Chalayan on an exclusive Vinyl Edition for Britain Creates 2012. Britain Creates 2012: Fashion & Art Collusion, is a project, led by the British Fashion Council/Bazaar…
I can't say there was any useful advice in that interview at all.good promo for Gavin Turk and that's about it.
Gavin Turk talks to DACS about the importance of the Artist's Resale Right:
Read an introduction to SNAP 2012 at featuring Brian Eno, Maggi Hambling, Gavin Turk and much more:
EVENING TALK: Join fashion designer Hussein Chalayan and artist Gavin Turk as they discuss their creative collaboration for the Collusion display, with curator Susanna Greeves.
Join us at King's Place tonight 6-8pm to view some amazing prints by Tracey Emin, Gavin Turk and more!
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