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Gavin Smith

Gavin Smith (born September 4, 1968 in Guelph, Ontario) is a Canadian professional poker player who won the World Poker Tour's Season IV Mirage Poker Showdown Championship event and the WPT Season IV Player of the Year award in 2005, then at the 2010 World Series of Poker he won the $2,500 Mixed Hold'em event along with his first bracelet.

Oak Park Angeles National Forest Ben Edwards

More people would learn from their mistakes if they weren't so busy denying them. -- Harold J. Smith.
I've Gavin Smith, who's fundraising for GMFA on Donate now ""
In my opinion, the best male singers of this generation are; . Top 5: Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, John Legend, S…
Hope you got your tickets already b/c tonight’s Smith and Myers show at is !
Why would you waste beer by throwing it over someone, Gavin Smith would never waste beer!! Ben duckett take note lad 🍺🍺🍺 😂😂😂
Well done Gavin Reilly again what a man and cammy smith
Hi guys. You have a lovely encyclopedia but I did not write Dogfellow's Ghost, that's the other Gavin Smith.
For once and all, my middle name is not Gavin, I use the middle initial to…
Congrats to the SCKMEA 1234A District Band and District Orchestra. Orchestra Member:. Amanda Perez, clarinet. Band Membe…
Join us in welcoming nine new Rockets to the Toledo Baseball family: Frank Ciacchi, Darryn Davis, Thomas Eitniear, Kyle…
Kevin Sherrer was said to be a possible replacement defensive coordinator at Alabama. . Jeremy Pruitt just brought him t…
Gavin Williamson Defence sec said people who leave here fight for IS…
What if I told you, all fan bases have a voice, but one fan base in East Tennessee had the loudest voice... What if I t…
If we took all the hours Southern women spend on Christmas cards and directed that time, energy and money to space explorat…
The masterclass by Gavin Fenn-Smith and Diya Misra ended on a high note with a self evaluation acti…
How to be the trusted advisor to the CEO? Gavin Fenn-Smith speaks
Activities in full swing to understand the CEO's leadership journey by Gavin Fenn-Smith and Diya Misra…
Welcome to the next masterclass session on becoming the CEO's trusted partner by Gavin Fenn-Smith and Diya Misra…
Hi Gavin, our bets for tomorrow will be live this afternoon. But here is a link to todays Acca if you're…
BULLION BABE and running out easy winners of the opening race today at Fairview. Congrats to Gavin…
The launch symposium is tomorrow! Here is the final programme to whet your appetite
On Taiwan This Week tonight around 8:15 with Gavin Phipps and Nicola Smith! Somehow managed to stick in…
Labour MP Owen Smith a 'twit' for welcoming terrorists to UK, SLAMS Tory on Question Time
the problem with this is you're right, but you also make your living working for Shane Smith and Gavin McInnes (formerly).
Kurtwood Smith is excellent on Patriot. Seriously, he deserves an Emmy nomination.
Miciah is Mr. Boyd's Smith Middle star student of the day!
My colleague, (with whom I'm collaborating on a project exploring
More 🏆 for the Dawgs!. SEC Freshman of the Year ➡️ Jake Fromm. SEC Coach of the Year ➡️ Kirby Smart. SEC Defensive Player…
The 8th grade boys' basketball team came from behind to beat Carlisle 53-40. The Indians took an 11-0 lead to start…
Time to watch gavin and Stacey all over again for the 500th time:)
God, I hate the political class. Owen Smith essentially admitting that he agrees with Gavin Williamson but he takes…
though TBF, that issue also had at least one "unnecessary poke" (you know what I mean) in LITERALL…
'British fighters should be hunted down and killed. Otherwise they might come home and tell everyone that I p…
Smith & Myers have hit the road for the Songs for the Soul tour...Will you be there?
John Moss talks to Alex Brindley of Manx Radio and Gavin Smith from Manx Telecom on this morning's Mandate about th…
Man sentenced to 11 years in prison for killing Fox executive Gavin Smith via
AMA with Gavin Smith: First Global's Founder to Interact with Community on Sunday August 6th. More info ➡
Thank you for highlighting Gavin Smith's Hurricane Matthew recovery work that was backed by
and the first of our bright young guns, Gavin Smith will take over on leg 2.
RIP Juan. That man was Santa Monica. Surely will be missed by many.
72% done with The Hangman's Daughter, by Gavin G. Smith: Welcome to the stereotype festi...
(krlree) just met legends and my all time fav players Gavin miller and mike smith last time i had pic with em i...
I never thought I'd see Gavin McDonnell dwarfed in there but it's like he's fighting a Callum Smith. The size of this guy! 😳 .
Dee Smith leads Alamo with 8 points, Chamar Norman and Gavin Guerra each with 6
can you help settle a debate? Are the stripes on your Kirkcaldy High School tie purple (Adam Smith) or red (Beveridge)?
Paul Smith gave Gavin the benefit of every doubt and he had it 117-113. IJL strikes me as jobs for the boys.
Update your maps at Navteq
How can Paul Smith give Gavin that last round unreal
some scoop for u 👍🏽The Walking Dead: Interview with Savior Gavin, Jayson Warner Smith
Substitution for as Cornell is replaced by Gavin Smith.
Shout out to Ms. Smith and Gavin for representing the Lone Stars at the Eagle Run!
The Supreme Court called out for referring to Gavin Grimm with the wrong pronoun
Today we're celebrating the birthday of the big man with the big bass, the Reverend Gavin Smith. Hallelujah brother…
Congrats and Gig 'em to the 2017-2018 Yell Leaders: Ian Moss, Cooper Cox, Ken Belden, Gavin Suel, and Connor Joseph!
Baez has new tattoo, just finished it last night
You should go on "Real Time"!. Oh wait, Shane Smith won't let you anywhere near HBO.
let me know if you can make it up to Canberra! Safe travels and enjoy melbs!
Where does the alpha in U.S. small cap outperformance come from? Gavin Smith of discusses with
What do you want to hear next - SAM SMITH, GAVIN DEGRAW, or SEMISONIC? Driven by the Matthews Buick GMC Collision...
Meet Gavin Grimm. He is 17. He is wry and poised. And now, like Roe & Obergefell, he is headed to the Supreme Court. https:/…
We all have a little Will Smith in us
KASHMIRA storms in to the lead close home the win the 4th Fairview. Well timed ride from J P V`D Merwe for Gavin…
domain names
On tonight at 8:15, along with Courtney Donovan Smith, Ross Feingold, and Gavin Phipps!
For the first time ever, I'm paying for political content to watch show. Cantwell called in to argue w/Dave Smith=awesome.
I've started watching the Gavin and Stacey behind the scenes now because I've watched Gavin and Stacey too much
Is of an astronaut? Likely! Race to the moon with us in this month's SpeakEasy:…
Gavin Smith, chair of IoT Alliance Australia, and president of Bosch Australia, launched the IoT Security Handbook.
Emmitt Smith had a better team forevor proven by the total rings(these all factor into total career yards)
Gavin Smith, Chair, giving his address at the Potato Security Guideline launch
Gavin Smith, Chair, giving his address at the Cyber Security Guideline launch
An important thing to do now is let Gavin and other transgender youth know that you stand with them.
Police have changed their profile pictures to a blue flame with PC Gavin Smith's collar number in tribute to the cop. htt…
Katy Perry looks like Sheridan Smith as Rudy rapping with in Gavin & Stacey
Did the silent auction finish for PC Gavin Smith? Was going to bid but can't find the link.
In support of our friends during a difficult week. Thoughts are with you and the family of…
Archer Wrestling sends 11 to state with 1 alternate. Quinn Miller, Gavin Smith & Logan Smith are sectional champs.
Devontae Lane finished his career with 8 interceptions, tied for 4th in school history with Gavin Smith and Bruce D…
Anyone know Emily Smith? We found her bag in the toilets at Liverpool Sound City and handed it in at the entrance http…
A few pics from a somewhat frustrating Saturday at Duxford. The wind refused to blow from the south-west so I...
More of the resident honey bee swarm. I think they were trying to colonise my chimney so I had to smoke them out.
Time is the first important point for a leadership . Said by Gavin Fenn-smith
Gavin Fenn-Smith giving a speak in about the insights of leadership practice
Rise to the Peak! is welcoming the speaker Gavin Fenn-Smith
Fabulous night with Gavin Smith Tracey Moulson Suzanne Smith laughed our *** off !!. Can't wait till our next date !!
Abilene RB and Tulsa commit Abram Smith had a big day at the Northwest SQT today also impressed with Northwest WR Gavin Holmes
Posters are up at Pontyclun temple for Summer Ball. Please show your support to by booking a tab…
"The same Important Question for my CEO connections" by on
"This last part *** ~ Gavin Smith, said aloud during our USH final
Paul Carroll ,Michael McCarthy,Gavin Fleet and Bevin Smith at the Killashee Irish Tatler Style Icon competition...
A special word to our own representitives Gavin Smith with the minors and Niall McDermott and Thomas Moore with the seniors.
My amazing friend Gavin Smith is fundraising for STV Appeal. Donate to Gavin's JustGiving page
New species of 'dancing' peacock spiders discovered.
Gucci Mane is iced out in the studio right now
OFSAA QUALIFYING MEET UPDATES: Gavin Smith 2nd in the 1500m, Sienna Lalonde 1st in the 80m hurdles, Mackenzie Barnard 4th in the 100m 🏃🏻
Gavin Smith's Mongolian Beef. It'll be right one day
Gavin Smith! Brilliant editor of Film Comment mag & programmer of Lincoln Ctr. He got Russellmania retro in there!
Gavin Smith registered 25 points for the Staples-Motley Cardinals in their 74-57 loss to Sauk Centre
Hutch's Tracy Geddes finishes 2nd in the 200 free behind Rose Hill's Gavin Smith. Program says Gavin Smith, but may be Michael Phelps.
Thanks , , and Gavin Smith for a great Industry Connect at St Leonards today
Well done Graeme Hislop, Gavin Smith and Darren McKenny. Pilrig triples champions 2015 🏆
yeah some top shows coming up. Eggington vs Gavin, Smith vs Fielding, Crolla vs Perez etc...
What do u do when ur roommate starts singing Hold on Going Home???
The Cubs get ready for their late plane ride by wearing onesies. What a night for that team. (via arizz_44/Instagram) htt…
BREAKING: Jake Arrieta strikes out 12 batters as he throws 1st career no-hitter vs Dodgers. Cubs win, 2-0.
Did anyone else just see Jaden Smith do black power?
Gavin Smith (Duke-NUS) says bird flu has cost USD20bn and massive loss in protein from human food supply
Listening to leading virologist Gavin Smith talk on emerging infectious diseases at Sci21
Website Builder 728x90
aye. We were bigging up Gavin and Mhairi and they bbq the smith report. Hence my reservations.
After being ejected, Steve Smith Sr. watched the rest of last night's game with his family. -
Setting up filming for Tim Naish and Gavin Smith
6 years since the king has passed, Gavin Arvizo is still alive, Anna Nicole Smith's doctor is still free, I miss MJ 😔 ht…
Never mind the J. they left out Dave Smith
Happy Bday to the kid that claims to have the "best *** game in Kirkwood" !
totally. Shows how awful it was in all those previous years with Buckley, Smith, Little etc...
leave ur lover, make it to me, nirvana by Sam smith, not over u & chariot by Gavin degraw,& stolen by Dashboard confessionals..@ cheers😂
Shout out to Gavin Smith for showing us Tigers to throw down. We love you Colonels as long as it isn't game day 😉
small signs mate. Awful Leeds card aside he will at least be giving us Smith-Fielding and Gavin-Eggington.
Thanks to Gavin Smith for joining us today and providing insight on S&T's Coastal Hazards COE!
S&T partner joins us for this Gavin Smith, the director for the CRC!
Huge thanks to Gavin Smith in Baggott street permanent TSB for providing amazing customer service👌👍
Gavin Brennan-Smith and Andy say hello from VISION HQ
The are 21-4 in their last 25 games. Basically,
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Join CRC's Dr. Gavin Smith along with to discuss coastal resilience tomorrow at 12pm
Check out on Instagram to see the next week of my images for by Gavin G Smith!
Gavin Smith, Bosch. Should not have to choose 5-star vehicles. There should be no cars that aren’t 5-star for sale.
Gavin Smith from says in the next 10 years the cars we will be driving will be electric & autonomous.
highlight from the same thread, on upcoming movies: "my friend Gavin Smith tells me that VALKYRIE is very exciting."
Awk moment when u don't have females in your whole school
Following the publication of Gavin G Smith's - some more of my images are being blasted at your...
Early Father's day supper with Lindsey Rozsa Dustin D Smith Melissa Rozsa and this cool guy Gavin Smith
Mallards improve to 12-8 with a 2-0 win against Peoria Heights. Freshman Gavin Smith went the distance for the Mallards striking out 5.
Convicted drug dealer John Creech indicted in the murder of Fox exec Gavin Smith
Convicted drug dealer indicted in murder of Fox exec: John Creech is accused in the 2012 death of Gavin Smith,...
Suspect in the murder of Fox exec Gavin Smith has been indicted & could face the death penalty
Definitely a Dave Perlman or Gavin Smith thing to say. I hate you guys.
Arraignment delayed for man accused of killing Fox executive Gavin Smith in Glendale
If you haven't been to mass yet, make your way to St. Isaac's at 12 tonight to see the double threat of Aidan and Gavin Smith altar serving.
All purpose parts banner
Rumor is that Todd Brunson and Gavin Smith will be here in Toledo for the main event.
First Global Credit CEO, Gavin Smith: ‘The Blockchain has the Potential to Take the Stock Exchange to the Next Leve..
One of my favorite poker moments of all time. Gavin Smith's rendition of "Amazing" for Phil Ivey
Movie exec Gavin Smith's body finally found, but the mystery just gets deeper via
Police know how, why Hollywood executive Gavin Smith was killed - KABC-TV
Police know how and why exec Gavin Smith was killed:
officials say discovery of Gavin Smith's remains beings them closer to an arrest. Latest with
Discovery of Fox executive Gavin Smith's remains moves authorities closer to arrest in case
BREAKING: Two and a half years after he disappeared, the body of missing Fox executive Gavin Smith has been found, according to the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office. The remains were found by hikers on Oct. 26 in a rural area of Palmdale. A cause of death has not been determined. Smith was last seen on the night of May 1, 2012 leaving a friend’s house in Oak Park. Read KTLA's story here:
Police have found the remains of Gavin Smith, a Fox executive who vanished two years ago
Sad news reading about Gavin Smith. Didn't sound random, but hope it brings closure to his family.
LOS ANGELES - More than two years after Fox entertainment executive Gavin Smith vanished in Southern California, his body has been found, authorities said. Smith disappeared in May 2012 after leavi...
Authorities: More than 2 years after Fox entertainment exec. Gavin Smith vanished in California his body was found.
Fox executive Gavin Smith's remains found in shallow grave. Coroner's official: Cause of death may never be known
The body of former basketball player Evan Smith's father, Gavin Smith, has been found. Sending our best to his family.…
Update your maps at Navteq
Remains of Fox executive, missing for two years, found in a California forest:
UPDATE: Multiple people believed to be involved in killing of Fox exec Gavin Smith, sources tell
The body of 20th Century Fox executive Gavin Smith has been found, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. An official at The Los Angeles County C...
Remains of Fox executive Gavin Smith, missing for 2 years, found in California forest: Gavin Smith, 57, was l... http:…
Authorities find the body of former Fox executive Gavin Smith in the Angeles National Forest.
Ah, bummer. Sort of a foregone conclusion by now, but still hoped for the best. RIP Mr. Smith.
The body of Gavin Smith, the Fox executive who went missing in May 2012, has been found, a source in law enforcement tells Deadline. The body was found last week in Angeles National Forest. MORE
The tragic end to a story of "infidelity, addiction and money woes." Remains of Fox exec, missing for 2 years, found.
Remains Discovered in California Confirmed as Those of Missing Hollywood Studio Executive via
Investigators to Discuss Discovery of Fox Exec's Remains: Details regarding the death of a Fox executive who d...
Gavin Smith remains found: Missing Fox executive's death investigated as murder - Newsday
Remains found of missing U.S. movie executive: The remains of a 20th Century Fox executive who disapp...
Remains of long-missing Fox movie exec Gavin Smith found
What Happened the Day Gavin Smith Went Missing: Hollywood executive Gavin Smith, whose remains were just found two years after ...
The remains of Gavin Smith, a Hollywood executive missing since 2012, have been found and identified, authorities said.
The remains of Gavin Smith, a movie executive who disappeared more than two years ago, have been found
Palmdale man and granddaughter show us trail where their Labrador found the skull coroner ID’d as Smith.
Gavin Smith, 57, was last seen May 1, 2012; his disappearance had been investigated as a homicide
Remains of missing Fox exec, Gavin Smith, found:
No suspected yet named in apparent homicide of Fox exec. Gavin Smith. Prayers going out to the Smith family tonight
The body of Gavin Smith, the 20th Century Fox distribution executive who mysteriously disappeared in 2012, has been found.
Gavin Smith disappeared in 2012. His body was discovered last week in the desert north of Los Angeles.
After two years, authorities have recovered the remains of Gavin Smith. The Fox executive disappeared in 2012 after leaving a friend's house.
Body of missing Fox exec Gavin Smith found in rural Palmdale, CA; autopsy not yet finalized
JUST IN: Body of Gavin Smith, entertainment executive that went missing, has been found, coroner says:
“Body of missing Fox executive Gavin Smith found Forbes hooper too
BREAKING: Body of Gavin Smith, the entertainment exec who went missing in 2012, has been located and positively identifi…
Minnesotans Brennan McGuire, Blake Busch, Matthew Littler and Gavin Smith all play for the St. Jerome Panthers of the …
Gavin Smith on Australian Reform Commission's final report on serious invasions of
Congratulations to Gavin Smith, trainer of the EPOL fed -. DIVINE INVITATION 5bG Dupont (GB) -...
Judge in LA County signs off on death certificate for Fox executive Gavin Smith, who's been missing for 2 years.
Herbert Smith Freehills is launching the 2014 edition of "The European Energy Handbook" which provides an in-depth s…
Without & its foresight we wldn't have Gavin & Stacey, Little Britain, Being Human, In the Flesh, Sheridan Smith, Russell Tovey...
Watching topsy & tim,gav asks y is that lil boy always round that girls house? Erm gav thats tim,topsys brother,did u never read the books Gavin Smith x
Not sure how imma feel when I'm married and my wife wake up by me and try to talk to me with that morning breath. might be a deal breaker 👌
Smh at these girls sayin they gotta watch they weight because they ain't a size 0. Y'all dumb. Ain't nothin wrong with yah 👌
Folsom counters with a Gavin Smith three to go up 57-56, then Churchill of Grant hits tough shot. Its now 58-57 Grant with 2:30 left
Somebody save me from boredom. Pleasseee
Guys it's going live this spring break place, be there!!!
Kevin gates nonna have to step his game up!
All I can say is the rap game is in trouble
Boosies about to drop the hardest album ever!
and daily and Gavin good job bros proud of yall.. much love
Gavin is making me very upset, 5 X Box controllers and he has broken them all except for 2. I've even put them on...
“You can now watch bonus episodes of Game of Thrones on Google Play.”
All I know is that I want some steak 👌
Gavin & Stacey & Ideal both started on BBC3 and were some of the funniest programs ever!
Cape trip with the grandparents. This should be fun 👌😳😂
Without BBC3 there would be no Catherine Tate, Mitchell & Webb, Sheridan Smith, Gavin & Stacey Little Britain.
WOM WEDNESDAY. Gavin Smith Clock Repairs. Repairs to most makes of mechanical calls can be arranged for large clocks. Call...
Here's branch manager Robert Garnish and project manager Gavin Smith at our new York shop, opening April 10th!
PocketTube is a greate app to get music videos on YouTube !.
No matter what team your on people always are in pictures from minden!
Talk text me I lost all my contacts!
Gavin is obsessed with Kirstin o'neil and Kerry smith. He said he wants to talk to them both and get the know them
Little Britain, Gavin & Stacey, Torchwood, Being Human, Mighty Boosh, Pramface, Ideal - BBC3 is the home of new comedy &…
Will Smith has never won an Oscar *** I think hes one of the best actors by miles!
Plus we'll go to South Africa and chat to Kepler Wessels on Graeme Smith plus new development coach Gavin Brown
I need to find a girl to take on a date.
Okay look I'm honest. Girl I can't lie, I miss you.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Our under-22 bats have more promise than our 22-25s I think. No catcher, but Dom Smith, Dilson Herrera, Gavin/Amed, Nimmo.
I got a blak I frum chasin a litle rabit at treyhoes. Stewpid rabit.
have you seen this zx spectrum bluetooth kickstarter project :D .
“Since you can't where hats at this school I don't think you should be able to where wigs!” Caint spel. Smh dum peeple
I've been watching Gavin and Stacy from the beginning and its just as lovely as I remember the first time
Gavin and Stacey will never get old!
you don't even knowww.. They are stuck in my head 24/7
I should prolly get up and shave and all that stuff, but my bed is such a sweet talker 😂
“Growing protectionism throttles the very forces that created global prosperity - Fred Smith
Congratulations to Gavin Smith - ~!~! WOW - Senator Elect - University of South Carolina Darla Moore School of...
Odd question but does anyone have any old photos of me with long hair or band related? Needed for promotion for a project. Michael Cutler Emma Lenthall any 6th form long hair pics? Was it David Couch or Gavin Smith who took my Layne Staley pose at Party in the Park?
Michael Dake posted his colors over Gavin Smith's All Superheroes Must Die pencils at his blog. The result is great:
Okies your update of the rest of your xmas entertainment Sat 21st disco Sun 22nd kids christmas party 3pm till 6pm with the Pete Sam Covington disco Sun 22nd open mic christmas special with Mat Roberts and Danni Bentley from the v.i.peas with bucks fizz n mince pie yummm 24th xmas eve open 12pm till 2.30pm then 7pm till midnight n Gavin Smith disco 25th xmas day open 12pm till 2pm 26th boxin day .open 12pm till 5pm all day disco closed evening 28th dec is the awsome dave e q who sang with the band at the royal wedding another cue for the Conclub Kempston 31st dec Keith Stewart roadshow Then the first big ngt of the new year we decided we woukd start as we mean to go on giving you the best entertainment out there so on the 4th jan we only have elvis this guy won best elvis trbuite 2009 Please ring 01234 851120 for more details n details of joining in January x
To those interested ... There is a Big O (5-Card Omaha Hi/Lo) tournament at the Golden Nugget tonight for $100 i believe ... and Gavin Smith, Daniel Negreanu and a host of others Poker Stars will be playing in it. If your interested .. get your *** down there and beat em up!
Well first day of the con is done sat in amazing panel and listened to Neal Adams, Humberto Ramos, Ron Garney and Darick Robertson. Then met Gavin Smith of the the accelerators and the surprise of Norman Reedus making an appearance tomorrow and Sunday after canceling.
Good Luck to all qualifiers tonight who are playing in the quarter finals of the Club Championships. Gents High Handicap Quarter Final for the Charlie Duffy Cup The quarter finalists are:- 5.16pm - Raymond Kerschat (11) and Gavin Smith (17) 5.24pm - Paul Equi (16) and Paul Battram (11) 5.32pm - Scott Rendall (14) and Gordon Haines (18) 5.40pm - Colin D Matheson (14) and Neil Smith (11)
We had an amazing turn out at our Campaign Kick-Off. There were over 800+ in attendance and we appreciate all of the 26 Elected Official's that came out to show their support. Thank you to Sheriff Tommy Gage, Capt. Kevin Pullen, Constable David Hill and Constable Gene DeForest for being on the program tonight. Dr Charles "Rusty" Walton prayed a beautiful prayer and Glen Starr was an outstanding Master of Ceremonies. Jessie and Gavin Smith sang like angels and Greg & Will Smith we awesome Auctioneers. The WAYNE TRAIN has truly left the Station. We feel so very blessed and honored by everyone's overwhelming support. Our Executive Committee and 35 volunteers all did an amazing job!!!
Most interesting time was watching Phil Ivey and Gavin Smith in person own same table in NOLA for several hours 5 years ago.
Police believe they have found the missing car of Gavin Smith, father of former USC basketball player Evan Smith
L.A. Police thought they found a motive in the disappearance of film exec Gavin Smith, but it's just a DVD of Robert Altman's "The Player."
Godalming Town 1-1 Woking – Godalming win 2-0 on penalties An enthralling match at Wey Court saw Godalming knock out the current holders of the Surrey Senior Cup 2-0 on penalties, after the match had finished 1-1 after extra time. Godalming had Ben Edwards and Jon Palmer unavailable, whilst Michael Blount and Lewis Cotugno were ineligible, meaning joint boss Jon Underwood was named on the bench, along with Gavin Smith, Johnnie Dyer and Warren Harris, who was carrying an injury. The Woking XI included 5 players who were in the squad for Saturday’s 1-1 draw against Lincoln, whilst the remainder was made up by squad and reserve players. The first chance of the game fell to Woking’s Brett Williams, on loan to the club from Reading, who rounded Jake Somerville, only for the keeper to claw the ball away as Williams hesitated. Godalming were keeping the ball well, and Wheeler went close with a long range effort, before Johnnie Dyer, on as a sub for captain Adam Foulser – who suffered a slight hamstring s ...
The heroes in my life today: Kim Kok Kim Johnson Kim Leonard Kim Springston Trayce Slumsky: cousin, duty in Iraq. Curt and Ronnie: friends since birth. Gavin Smith: best friend ever. My Aunt Dar Aunt Barb, Uncle Eddie Mom Dad Who are your heroes?
Now for 5A. Sam Horner placed 11th in the 200 Free. In the 200 IM William McCandless placed 10th, Trent Pirner placed 12th, Alex King 14th, and Austin Farber 16th. In the 50 Free Greyson Heckman placed 2nd with a new Junior National time!!! Gavin Smith placed 8th in the 50 free as well. Greyson Heckman won the 100 Fly with a new Junior National time and Gavin Smith was 4th. In the 500 Free Alex King was 11th and Austin Farber was 14th. Jake Barrett placed 6th in the 100 back, and Brady Mounts placed 14th. In the 100 Breast Trent Pirner placed 3rd and William McCandless placed 4th. Way to go WSC swimmers!!
Visiting Las Vegas doesn't guarantee that you'll see celebrities but for a good chance that you will, come to Sapphire where more than 250 celebrities have made Sapphire their place to hang out and have a good time. So, if you're eager for a celebrity sighting, make plans to visit Sapphire and hang out where the celebrities hang out. Some of those recently spotted are listed below: Flo - rida, Criss Angel, 50 Cent, Pamela Anderson, Jenny McCarthy, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather, Zab Judah, Will I Am, Zab Judah, Robert Horry, Von Miller, Julio Jones, Aldon Smith, Montel Williams, Avril Lavinge, DJ Deadmau5, DJ Darude, DJ Tiesto, Jenny CaCarthy, Tasha Riegn, Carmen Electra, Eddie Griffin, Seth Green, Louie Anderson, Antonio Esfandiari, Gavin Smith, Michael Mizrachi, Mike Matusow.
When last I heard of Patrick Joseph Day, he was wandering around compensating himself for being robbed by a colonial university which had , in his opinion, stolen its courses from Oxford and Cambridge. I have previously noted the sudden transformation of the University of Toronto into a colonial university under the guidance of Gavin Smith in the office of the Assistant Dean of Arts and Sciences. The university is now attached to a large school of business studies, which situation I interpret as a real estate play by some ethno-religious group which believes that they are striking the death blow against a Nazi takeover of Canada ... . I have no idea how Gavin Smith came to be professor of anthropology and assistant dean, but I doubt that anyone will want to study the real stuff in Toronto and devote their lives of diligence to the support of Patrick and his alumni, or the school of business for that matter . The labours required to develop and maintain the courses which I remember, and to compose th ...
Thank you, Zaragoza! We had a great night in La Ley Seca last night. We'll be heading on the short trip to Monzon shortly... Our last stop on the tour! We'll be going especially big this evening as it is our Guitar Tech / Front of House Guy / Chief Cwtcher - "Safety" Gavin Smith's birthday today! Penblwydd Hapus Gav'! Also, later on we'll be doing a phone interview with Beth Elfyn for her BBC Introducing show! Last day of tour... Chin's up boys... Let's do this thing! Punter, Von Goose, El Rey & Sparkles - Buffalo Summer
The last time we played on this date was in 2010 when Gavin Smith, & Jamie Jackson scored in a 3-0 win at Willenhall in the NPL.
SANFLUA is once again proud to be associated with the City of West Torrens Camden Classic Carnival at Camden Oval on the afternoon of Sunday February 3rd. This is a great tradition which is more than 30 years old and is a vital part of the Camden Classic carnival. The Andrew Vickers Umpires Race has a long and proud history with the following winners: 1980 Peter Symons 1981 Tony Cooper 1982 Bob Goss 1993 Darren Trennery 1994 Darren Sheppard 1995 Julian Cooling 1996 Rob Mayston 1997 Michael Abbott 1998 Kevin Chambers 2000 Steve Axon 2001 Jeff Brown 2002 Aaron McPherson 2003 Michael Palm 2004 Gavin Smith 2005 Michael Avon 2006 David Lewis 2007 Craig Doddridge 2008 Nadia DeBellis 2009 James Ralston 2010 Mark Hardham 2011 David Sobieraj 2012 James Gwydir We are looking for nominees for the 2013 edition over 400m. The race is handicapped to give all a chance. It is a lot of fun and brings out the competitive streak in all. If you would like to know more and/or nominate for this year’s race, please email Coli ...
Some terrible jumping from Nick Carter and Geordie Dan, with some pretty poor follow ups from James Allen and Gavin Smith
And big respect to the amazing John Hansell & Lew Bryson in The US, & the best of the UK 'old school' - Gavin Smith & Ian Buxton...
Breast Cancer Awareness
Want to say congratulations to the wrestlers today at Cumberland. 19 kids compete today! Here are the results: 1st Place finishers: Blaine Winningham, Zeth Stallings, Austin Phipps, Jesus Cancino III, Gavin Smith, and Kolton Fuentes. 2nd Place finishers: Wade Miller, Jayden Miller, Ethan McKinstry. 3rd Place finishers: Douglas Salhani, Leaf Curtis 4th Place finishers: Dalton Ulrich 5th Place finishers: Wade Lackey, and Daniel Miller and to the guys who didnt place today, keep your heads up and never quit. you all had some tough matches and just learn and continue giving it your all. WE WILL GET A PICTURE OF THE BOYS WHO PARTICIPATED AT THIS TOURNAMENT AND POST IT IN ACOUPLE OF DAYS! GREAT JOB GUYS!
Jesus allegedly turned water into wine, Macgyver once made a bomb out of a pot plant, a paper clip and a comic book and Sydney permaculturistas Paul Boundy and Gavin Smith will pull off their own amazing feat - building a snazzy and almost free worm farm with an old bath tub and recycled wood. What...
What's difference between a tea bag and man city ? Tea bag stays in the cup longer! Credit to Gavin Smith -Fowleh
Michael Pattison and Gavin Smith discuss the significant reforms to Australia's laws passed today:
Listening to old vinyl records with my 19 year old, love sharing classics!!! Gavin Smith
Absolutely brilliant piece on Denzel Washington as an actor/star by Gavin Smith - outstanding!
Neil Baker, Jon Underwood, Ben Edwards, Jamie McClurg, Jon Palmer & Gavin Smith back at Larges Lane on Tuesday...
Read the Obituary and view the Guest Book, leave condolences or send flowers. | Carol L. Smith, nee Hunter , 61 years, beloved wife of Del; loving mother of Andrea N. (James) Smith-Traut and Kurt (Erin) Smith; cherished grandmother of Gavin Smith; dear sister of Ronald (Janet)
Congrats to Sir Peter Singer, Rhys Taylor & Gavin Smith on Jordans Innovator award for FamilyArbitrator site & work
Not bad!!! Another great spot on |H|igh Roller Radio - player profile of Infiniti Poker's Gavin Smith
Card Player heads up to Beale street in Memphis, TN for a night of drinking with Gavin Smith, pro wrestler "Disco Inferno" and various WPT staff and media.
Anyone know the latest on the missing Isabel Celis in Arizona, or that poor Koran kid in Oregon who disappeared after science day, the one whose stepmother is a bodybuilder? These cases, so much in the news at the beginning, cool off so quickly months later and we never hear anything. Gavin Smith, the missing Fox executive, is another one.
American film director, screenwriter, and producer born in chicago. "..a Mann film can be imagined as a combination of Antonioni's art sensibility, Kubrick's meticulous construction, and Herzog's Method recreation of reality applied to Sam Fuller material." (Gavin Smith) Michael Mann invented th...
Gavin Smith: Police search LA family's home in the hunt for missing Hollywood executive
According to numerous reports, the disappearance of veteran movie executive Gavin Smith has been dubbed a criminal homicide. Smith disappeared earlier this month, after having been last seen drivin...
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Watching 'the Insider'. Does anyone else think it's kinda strange that 2 weeks ago, movie exec Gavin Smith goes missing and now movie star Nick Stalh (T3:Rise of the machines) has been missing for a week and was last seen on 'Skid Row'?
Among journos trying to elucidate disappearance of Gavin Smith: & Christine Pelisek
UPDATED: Gavin Smith was last seen May 1 leaving a family friend's residence.
Evan Christian Smith is networking as only an Internet-savvy son with a desperate mission can -- to find his father, missing film executive Gavin Smith, who disappeared one week ago seemingly without a trace. 
WEST HILLS - The search for missing 20th Century Fox distribution executive and former UCLA basketball player Gavin Smith intensified today, as the sheriff
News for Hoosiers: Examiner Examines: Gavin Smith's family pleads for help by Hoosier Herald
Law enforcement officials continue their search for a man who went missing after last being seen in Oak Park. Gavin Smith, a 57-year-old San Fernando Valley resident, has been missing since last week. He was last seen leaving a friend's home on the 500 block of Callwood Court in Oak Park b...
Gavin Smith was a member of UCLA's 1975 national championship men's basketball team.
Gavin Smith, who has the UH single season record for scoring average (23.4 in 1976-77), has been reported missing
Going to play in celebrity charity poker tournament on Saturday 5/12 in Santa Monica. Others playing include Don Cheadle, Ben Affleck, Jon Hamm, Gavin Smith, Annie Duke, Jason Alexander, etc. With my entry get to bring a guest who can spend the day with free massages, facials, food and drinks all day and gift bag. Anyone interested in going with???
New blog post : This Week in Poker - Jason Lee, Gavin Smith, and Phil Hellmuth
Gavin Smith talking essence of community, and how you can have fun, play and be creative
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