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Gautam Rode

Gautam Rode also known as Gautam Rhode(गौतम रोडे)(born on 14th August 1977) is an Indian actor and a former model, working in Bollywood and TV serials.

Jennifer Winget Karan Wahi Mohit Raina Karan Singh Grover Nach Baliye 6 Rithvik Dhanjani Gurmeet Choudhary Maha Kumbh Karan Tacker

News : Gautam Rode : Gautam as Rudra will appear from Monday's episode in Winget : Her Movie Phir Se is scheduled to release on May 2015 Monica Bedi : Actress is playing a positive role in Zee Tv's show Bandhan
Do you know that my heart Sees you every day😌😶You are only person for me I don't want anyone else😍😍
all the best fr the show bro! And looking forward to seeing u in Jan... Love always
The laughter club! With and ! The two spoke their hearts out that night:)
"Watch never seen before FUNNY avatar: Guys do share it...
yaa man dat's true. 15 is da lucky number for JenAm...
Gautam Rode wishes Life OK on its 3rd anniversary
Sach mein, he looks killer in white our angel.
The deadly combo of ,guys will take television to another level. Loved watching t…
Ary I meant may be jenny gauti will meet at again somewhere soon...
True! It was unbelievable! And we saw it many times in our dreams before it happened !rt?
Still thinking that is that even real ??,did it really happen ??!! 😭😭
l so glad to hear that and I hope to be fine now take care yourself Gautam ♥♥
I'm really sad to see you in this case God heal you and become good health InshaAllah :'( we love you :-)
good to hear tht . i love u gautam !! Take care n come back with a bang !!
l hope to be fain take care yourself Gautam ♥
OMG?? 8 stitches?? But will be fit n fine very soon! Our love n prayers are always with him :)!
Happy to hear you are better gautam
Yes we praying for u tc and get well soon 😊 Ps- if u could jus wish me its my Birthday today ^.^ ;)
glad to know u are getting better . Lots of luv and good wishes .
Happy to hear that, Take care yaar. Love u Gauti 💕
"Hi friends...getting better thanks to all your wishes and prayers...will be back in action soon :)" Thanks To Allah💕
Gautam rode's new serial many seen the first look?...
thanks God..good to know your felling well..tke care always hearthrob
We are really happy to hear that Gautam. Take care. Lots of love 😊❤️
thank God u r better now Gautam tc plzz God gives you Health & Wellness 😘😘😘😙
L wish you aspeedy recovery and much concern you and l love you 💚💚💚
My Lovely Gauti Congratzzz For 82K.. Followersss 👏👏👏👏 you deserving best of everything 😍😍 ~
I am praying for your speedy recovery Gautam Rode...
Aww thts good. Take care hero. Tc of ur health and Blessu.
Hi there ..hope to see you soon in action...take care...get well soon..always in my prayers..just wish ur not too much pain:(
, star of injures himself on shoot,! Get well soon Gautam 😢😢😢
I wish you all the best in your life Gautam
Hey Gautam, glad that you are getting better:) wish you all the luck for a speedy recovery:)Lots of love! Please takecare &
Take care of yourself well, rest and fully restored your health does not tire yourself, we love you so much and support you : )
Life OK actors Mohit Raina and Gautam Rode injured. On one hand Life OK channel is on cloud nine launching many new shows containing interesting concepts, on the other it seems that things are not working out quite well with the channel’s actors. Wondering what we are talking about? Well, sources have informed us that both Mohit Raina (Devon ke Dev... Mahadev) and Gautam Rode (Mahakumbh) injured themselves while shooting for action sequences for their respective shows. Recently Mohit, who is portraying the role of Mahadev, injured himself while shooting for a fight sequence, where he was seen fighting with a sword. Our source said, "Mohit injured himself while doing a sword fighting scene and suffered leg injury. But he was brave enough to continue with the shooting that day and is doing well now”. Just two days after this incident, today, Gautam Rode, who is currently busy shooting for his upcoming big budget show Mahakumbh, also injured himself while filming an action sequence. “Gautam was suppose ...
Get well soon both of you Mohit Raina and Gautam Rode and please be careful while work.
Sid, Karan Tacker and Gautam Rode together. But sid ka ab pata nahi. He met with a accident today
People should really calm down n stop trying to own Fawad Khan Barun Sobti n Gautam Rode . Even the craziest-est fan has his limits
part 10. Thanks gautam. Massege writen by. I'am from egypt
part8massege for gautam I would love to tell finished Gautam person unmatched and wonder ful actor and gautam is the best
part7massege for gautam sataswatichandra that surprised the whole world the wonderful love story (Saras ♡ Kumud)
part6 massege for gautam I want to finish my message and I say thank you for the wonderful ,and outstanding saraswatichandra
. Please please please please please follow me please
It would make my day, or even my week, and maybe my year if replied back. Please
part5 massege for gautam Iwant to say that the series saraswatichandra is fantastic and unprecedented and I love Saras♡ Kumud
part4massege for gautam Whatever I said, whatever I spoke would not even impossible to describe Gautam
part 3 for massege for gautam. iwhatever I said I can not describe gautam but i can say gautam rode is the best :):):):);)
part 2for massege for gautam . Gautam is the star of a wonderful and humble and gautam is the best actor in the world
part 1 massege for gautami know people all over the world love to Gautam in all its programs,a special series saraswatichandra
You make my world a better place... Goodnight I love you 💕💜
. What features did Gautam have when he was a child and still has them?? His eyes!!
Guys, please vote for Gautam Rode, Jennifer Winget and for the show here! to spread!
Gautam Rode & Jennifer Winget will be Amazing as Hosts.They will definately rock on it...
Gautam Rode and Jennifer Winget they're both amazing hosts 👌😍
Vote for Jennifer Winget & Gautam Rode here: We've the chance to reward them for their awesome performance! PLEASE!
Gautam Rode and Jennifer Winget are outstanding actors! They deserve to win! Please VOTE for them and the show!
Please cast Jennifer Winget as the female lead in Maha Kumbh opposite Gautam Rode:)
Please cast Jennifer Winget opposite Gautam Rode in Maha Kumbh! They have an amazing chemistry:)
Who is the fittest male ? - Vote in the survey : Kushal Tandon,Karan Singh Grover,Gautam Rode or A…
Telly actor Gautam Rode replaces Mohit Raina in Mahakumbh. To know more, tune into today at 1 pm only on zoOm
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Mohit Raina was the original choice for 'Maha Kumbh': Mohit Raina lost the battle against Gautam Rode in Life ...
What d hel I cant live without watch
"Don't we just love them in the most casual pose!.
A very Good morning sir ve a gr8 day u loads :):)
It has to be none other than Gautam Rode aaka Saraswatichandra..:-).
. . Best actor on screen. Gautam rode ..means .
I really want to know y u r gonna quit sarawatichandra.without u the show is gonna b a flop a and ur doing the main role :)
"Video - Saraswatichandra. - TEAMJENAM". Why Gauti eatin with servin!!
Edits from the emotional SaMud scene in today's episode 😊❤️ (14/07)
Very romantic & enjoyable moment.wish your good future.
Good moorening have a nice day. Lots of love. Big wala hug.
Gd Mrng..Hve a great day Ahead..and tc. :-)
Gautam and Jenny from a recent interview
Good morning And everyone have Great day ahead :) :-)
This when CVs come with nice Samud, Jenam, G n J scene
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Goodmorning sunshine.. Have a great day ahead.. Takecare.. 😊😊. Lotss of lovee.. 😘😘
"&; talking about their plan to scare Prashant! 😉 . via
Happy News For All Admirers :-). “No, I am not. quitting Saraswatichandra. That is not true...!!". .
& talking about their plan to scare Prashant! 😉 . vi…
Saras and Kumud need to think about having babies soon. we can't wait to see mini Saras and Kum…
Video - Saraswatichandra on location : New and short interview of . . …
Story startd beautifuly let end also be captivating
Gautam Rode & Karan Tacker's pics on my TL... My smile comes back ! :D
The Best Reality Show Hosting Jodi - Gautam Rode and Karan Wahi. Result of the Poll:. 1. Gautam Rode and Karan...
Which reality show hosting jodi you like the most?. 1. Gautam Rode and Karan Wahi. 2. Drashti Dhami and Ranvir...
Poll ^_^. Who is the sexiest actore of the five :-*. 1.Gurmeet Choudhary. 2.Karan Singh Grover. 3.Gautam Rode...
. I prefer he is so hot and i haven't met him i'm so sad i tears coming out of my eyes
Five things you did not know about Saras(- . -TeamGAUTAM
I hope i will get too meet Gautam one day . Love you Forever
. Good Night my love . Sweet Dreams . We will meet in our Dreams . Love You Forever . Night . Love You featured in NBC s Science of Love
ru bein blamd fr global warmin ..cuz...your too hot for this planet to handle!..ya I knw u said urfans hndle
I love u so much 😘 U made me smile 😊😊😊😊 I just felt like to make something on 😍😍😍😍
make a film starring fawad khan barun sobti and gautam rode…And guess wht it is gng 2 break all the records in the history
that ture both 2u2allwayxz. Goine. Be such. Best Daanny kumsm. To. Bestone. Keep up best lock 💕
Cute smile on his face n she is in deep thought
gudnyt bro.. Swtdrmzz.. Take care.. 😊. Lots of love.. 😘😘. God bless you alwayzz.. 😊😊
Hina Khan (Akshara), Gautam Rode and Kapil Sharma were honoured by the Dadasaheb Phalke academy award. Farhan Khan and Juhi Chawla also ...
Like for Saraswatichandra - Kumud (Gautam Rode - Jennifer Winget) Comment for Anshuman - Paakhi ( Mohammed Iqbal Khan - Shradha Arya) These two couples have one thing in common. A business tycoon married to a village beauty. Which one you like?
You don't have to be great to start, But you should start to be great - Gautam Rode
Saraswatichandra : Gautam Rode and Jennifer Winget try hard to get romantic – watch video!
No we are not Gautam Rode or Jennifer Winget. This is just a fanclub dedicated to both of them!
Photoset: Gautam Rode backstage getting ready to perform for Zee Tv Gold Awards.
:)Hello Gautam! U look charming.., cool., good memories are always pleasurable:).,Tc:)
U go 2 bed tonite, I beg D moon2 giv u li8, Tell my angels2 hug u ti8 &make sure u,re all ri8, (cont)
Oh hide and seek continues! Running practice can qualify Saras to next years Marathon. Disappointing plot.
Update your maps at Navteq
Did you like my design simple, give me your opinion? ☺ ؛
Saras can now qualify for London Marathon .
excited for tomorrow's episode.true love.sach main SC has become an imp. necessityof my life:)
Saras to fight to save his brother Kabir’s life in Star Plus’ Saraswatichandra Indian TV shows are all about entangled relationships and high drama revolving around it. And something similar is unfolding in Star Plus’ Saraswatichandra (Sphere Origins), currently being shot at beautiful locales of London. Over there, rather spending some cosy time, Saras (Gautam Rode) and Kumud (Jennifer Wingett) will be seen running around the city trying to save Kabir (Ashish Kapoor). Well, with Saras finding out that Kabir is his brother, he has been happy about it but took a hit after learning that Gumaan (Monica Bedi) threatened to kill Kabir as soon as he would land in London. Informs a source, “With Gumaan’s threat looming over his brother, Saras will be trying hard to locate him in the foreign land, with Kumud supporting him in every step.” Viewers will also get to see Kabir being attacked by some goons who will kidnap him and take him to a secluded place to kill him. With Saras getting a whiff of the l ...
enjoyed today's episode! Saw raj baddhan in d epi...u we're der in 2 scenes...
Recalling Days, One of my most favorite cities...
Edit - Kumud, upset, doesn't want to talk to Saras😊😁 Bechari Kumud! . . - TeamJenam
Saras tries to talk to her bt Kumud keeps being silent..!! .
Saras from Oxford University,so he must know each and every place, no need of map:)may be concentrate only study that time:):)
wow u looks so handsome,adrouble ,lovely ,charming, love ur style ur way how u stand all the best my dear . Arbice fans.
"Recalling Days, One of my most favorite cities... :)
Edit - Saras tries to talk to her but Kumud keeps being silent!. . - TeamJenam
“Recalling Days, One of my most favorite cities...
husband listen 2his wife,act acordin 2 her wish,is not on this him on Mars Lol😜
Gautam we don't want to trouble u.. just one confirmation. . Plz
"Gautam can u plz confirm if SC is going off air? Plz we are waiting for your reply :)"
Saraswatichandra - 6th May 2014 : Ep 326 Published on May 6, 2014 In episode 326 of Saraswatichandra, aired on 6th May 2014, a goon attacks Danny Ghuman instructs her associates to move Kabir to a different place. She informs Menaka that she is aware of her conspiracies. Kabir leaves a hint for Kumud and Saraswatichandra. On seeing Kabir's hint, Saraswatichandra and Kumud suspect that he might be in Rob Garden. A lady informs Saraswatichandra that she will take him to Rob Garden, and misbehaves with him. Kumud becomes upset with Saraswatichandra. Danny rescues Kalika from a few goons. Later, a goon hits Danny on his head. Will Saraswatichandra be able to rescue Kabir? To know more, keep watching Saraswatichandra... Saraswatichandra is a poignant love story of two soul mates: Saras and Kumud, who are denied the joy of becoming one by destiny and tradition. Whenever they try to move away from each other, life keeps bringing them together again. Category Drama Entertainment Soaps Starring: Gautam Rode Jennif ...
Karan Singh Grover and Jennifer Winget to make a comeback on a TV show together! what we hear, KSG and Jennifer are in talks with a channel about a new show, which will feature the popular duo in lead roles If the recent reports are anything to go by then popular real life couple, Karan Singh Grover and Jennifer Winget might soon pair up onscreen for a brand new show on Star Plus. Don’t adjust your eyes. You read that right. Grover and Winget, who triggered a craze of sorts with their sizzling chemistry in Dill Mill Gaye will recreate the same magic. Reportedly their new show is loosely based on popular American sitcoms F.R.I.E.N.D.S and Sex And The City, and will be modified to suit the Indian audiences’ taste. Now we really don’t know if that will work. That’s because how much ever you modify any American show for the Indian masses, it just completely falls flat. And we have innumerable examples to prove that. But since this new show features TV’s power couple in lead roles, you never know. An ...
Gautam Rode teaches how to make mango lassi to beat the heat. For latest breaking news, other top stories log on to: &
INTERVIEW : Gautam Rode on Dadasaheb Phalke Award Share your Views.Scroll down to comment.
Jennifer Winget & Gautam Rode talking about Current Track : Will Saras rescue Kumud in time?: via
Tomorrow is a special day for Star Plus and Sphereorigins Saraswatichandra featuring Jennifer Winget (Kumud) and Gautam Rode (Saras) will finally complete 300 episodes. We're sure that the team wil...
"Gautam Rode: I would like to play Holi with Nigar Khan as she is my best friend.".
Fawad Khan owns a Gautam Rode owns a . wonder if Barun Sobti has got one yet ¶=
The very first interview video of Gautam Rode and Jennifer Winget at the launch of Saraswatichandra by :) I do not own this video.
Congratulations to Rithvik Dhanjani and Asha Negi for Nach Baliye. Karan Wahi and Gautam Rode, you were amazing hosts. Love you guys
Surbhi Maheshwari tell me about Karan Wahi and Gautam Rode fun moments scenes u lyk most LEWIS love their relationship and even the Ritwik asha Wahi banter.
Gautam Rode: Well, it should be. the jodi of me and Jennifer. (Winget); people like our. chemistry in...
Star Struck party for the successful 10 years completion of India-Forums! TV stars made their presence felt at the success bash of the 10th anniversary of the entertainment portal India-Forums… Stars shone bright at the India Forums 10th Anniversary party last night. The first amongst the actors was Gautam Rode who came early, settled himself with friends and then stayed back for a long time mingling with them. The actress Prerna Wanvari who was looking stunning in her simple once piece black attire made an entry just 5 minutes later than the actor Gautam Rode arrived. Adding more in the list was Telly town's cool hunk Siddharth Shukla who is a fitness freak had to go to the gym the next morning but yet he made it a point to come to the party and enjoy. He was accompanied by Vipul Gupta who was seen mingling with his co-actress Esha Kansara. It was only after Vipul left since he had an early morning shoot that Esha was seen with good friend Siddharth Arora giving her company till the end. The lovey dove ...
Asian Sexy list 2013 Ali zafar from Pakistan at 1st Barun Sobti at 2 Kushal Tandon (9), Gurmeet Choudhary (11), Karan Singh Grover (13), Rithvik Dhanjani (15), Salman Yussuf Khan (20), Gautam Rode (23), Vivian D’Sena (24), Eijaz Khan (42), Karan Wahi (46) and Mohit Raina (50). Barun sobti though its one year after his show but still ruling Indian Tellywood who is ur more sexy according to u
Telly stars Gautam Rode, Karan Wahi many more to attend Ravi Sargun Wedding!! .
Karan Wahi: I hate Gautam Rode – he is too hard working! It's crazy when they come together onscreen. Their witty one-liners and random jokes leave you giggling. And their chiselled bodies and great looks. oh-so-hot! Gautam Rode and Karan Wahi are hosts of the couples dance reality show Nach Baliye once again and are rocking the stage with their comic acts as bade and chote. The duo talk about fitness, their roles on the contest-show, and what makes them crazy. How does it feel coming back to the show and working together again? Karan Wahi: It feels great. What is your equation with each other? Karan: We don't have to meet every day to create an equation, but it's great. The gap hasn't changed anything. Just 'coz we are friends doesn't mean we have to meet every day. He has his own set of friends and I have mine, but whenever we meet we start off from wherever we left off. Tell us one bad thing about each other. Karan: Gautam is too hard working and I hate that about him. He is a perfectionist and I can ...
the poster boys for Fair and Lovely are Gautam Rode (plaid shirt) & Mohit Raina (MJ tee)(TV stars) No idea on the third ;)
Karan Wahi and Gautam Rode shake a leg with Kareena Kapoor Khan and htt…
Karan Wahi is the culprit - Rithvik Dhanjani 29/10/2013 If any person Rithvik and Asha's fans as a couple have to thank is Karan Wahi. Karan Wahi was the one who disclosed to Star Plus about Rithvik and Asha being a couple said Rithvik and that is how they are doing Nach Baliye 6 today, Karan Wahi is one of the hosts of Nach Baliye, along with Gautam Rode. Rithvik even said that both Karan Wahi and Gurmeet Choudhary knew this well, as they have told them earlier and the very much love story between Rithvik and Asha started few months ago. Rithvik, Asha, Karan and Gurmeet were also recently together in South Africa attending SAIFTA awards.
my vote for goes to Sanaya Irani and Gautam Rode
Nach Baliye six returns with 11 new jodis ...though with same host and anchors this November Popular dance reality show 'Nach Baliye' returns this November with its sixth season though with same host and judges. Star Plus gets ready to launch the new season with 11 new celebrities couples vying for the final title with best dancing talents. Mostly husbands ,wives girlfriends and boyfriends are eligible for the show...and this time makers of the show are leaving no stone unturned to get the best celeb couple dancing talents. Shilpa Shetty , Terence Lewis and Sajid Khan will be judging the show yet again while Karan Wahi and Gautam Rode doing the all boys Dostana anchoring yet again this season. About the celeb couples this year it would be mostly TV stars couples that would be majorly dancing though its is tried that some fresh couples also join the show. Few couples have been confirmed and have already shot for the promos as well. Here is the list of confirmed celeb couples;- -Nakul Mehta and Janki: Nakul ...
Mr Rode you make your audience believe you are saras.The passion and emotion with which you act.Superb
Gautam ARE YOU ?? Or AINT YOU hosting ?? Plz we want to hear it frm u 1 last time ??
FRIENDSHP is like a tree.Its nt MEASURED on hw TALL it cld be,but is on how DEEP it is.
he is Incredible Magnificent and only Masterpiece!! :) love him! :)
Those eyes.. . Your eyes seem like a paradise to me, I could drown in them, yet be alive!!!
How Many RTs for this Dashing and Cool type ?. PhotoShoot Pic :)
The way you portray Love, Loss & Pain at the same time is commendable !! Felt the Pain... Loved ur scenes...
Just watched Saraswatichandra. "Pls Meri..." This slip of the tongue was truly a Truth of his Heart! So much pain in his Eyes
Pramad to develop soft cornet for .
. I could feel the love pouring out of Saras at that moment.
Gautam , V appreciate ur love 4 all of Us
Raj said 4 those asking has told me that he hasn't signed up for as host. Just rumours.KW is confirmed tho
Gautam Rode and Karan Wahi to continue as Nach Baliye hosts ..i hope its true *fingers crossed* *prays*
"If sources are right, a big congo to our darling who will cohost Nach 6..along wid
Good Morning and all our lovely Gautam'Holics. Have a beautiful day !
Good Morning Team..:) Spl Good Morning to Our Spl Friend one and only Gauti..:) Keep Rocking as always..:) TC
have u any idea about participating pairs??? Is karan s grover n sanaya is thr??? Plzzz tel
subah subah itni achi news?wonderful...THANK U. soo soo want this news to be true..cant w8 …
Raj and Pooja approached for Nach Baliye 6; Karan Wahi and Gautam Rode to host? |
Chances are high that Star Plus Dance Reality Show Nach Baliye 6 will be hosted by Karan Wahi and Gautam Rode.
Pramad to turn positive in Star Plus’ Saraswatichandra Drama is running super high on Star Plus’ Saraswatichandra (Sphere Origins) and in this coming week get to witness the biggest twist when the wicked Pramad (Aanshul Trivedi) will turn colours and get positive towards his wife Kumud (Jennifer Winget). As seen in the last episodes, Kalika (Soni Singh) had run away from the house to avoid getting married. This will infuriate Pramad and he will physically abuse Kumud. Not being able to take his ill treatments any further, Kumud will confide in her in-laws and tell them the truth about their son. She will also announce her decision of leaving the house and going back to her family. Saras (Gautam Rode) will be relieved seeing her leave and he himself will drop Kumud outside her parent’s house. Her family, who is going through a tough time financially, will be shocked to see her back but will decide to share not their problems with her. But Kumud will overhear them talking and decide to leave the house ...
An old interview of Gautam Rode of the year 2008. I do not own this video. :)
Y d *** gautam rode iss becumin more n more handsome in each epi!!
Hamilton Collection
Star Plus’ Saraswatichandra, produced by Sphere Origins will see a high point in tonight’s episode (19 September 2013) wherein Kumud (Jennifer Winget) will go ahead and finalize the wedding of Kalika (Soni Singh). However, Kalika will try her level best to avoid the nuptials. When she will not succeed, she will decide to run away from the house. Kalika fleeing home will bring a smile on Kumud’s face though. But when Pramad (Aanshul Trivedi) will get to know of this, he will hurt and humiliate Kumud. Saras (Gautam Rode) who will notice this will remind Kumud that it is high time now that she gets back to her house. The fact that Pramad has not changed even after Kalika running away proves that the time has come for Kumud to get out of her house. Will Kumud really leave Pramad and move on? To find out watch Saraswatichandra Mon - Fri at 7:30pm ekta sinha
Raaj TV presents another special interview with the famous Indian TV star Gaurtam Rode from Saraswatichandra. Gautam Rode was born on 14 August 1977 and he h...
Gautam Rode 18h Thanku friends for all ur love n support... I am happy that I have so many friends n admirers n trust me I value u all.. God bless u -Muniba-
Gautam Rode 7h Gm friends thanks for all the appreciation for yest episode. .. I am truly overwhelmed. .. have a great day ahead God bless u all tc :)
Gautam Rode 2h Hey sorry for the late reply. the winners n I really like ur ideas of spending time with me... connect soon tc :)
Gautam Rode 2h And am going back now for shoot:)...hoping that I don't get stuck in traffic due to 5th day of Ganpati... God bless u all tc:
Gautam Rode 2h Hi friends hope u r well:). Finished my shoot late last night n then workout from 2.30 am to 4am...All possible due to your love n support:)
site looks great, but where are the telephone interviews? eg. Mohit Raina, Gautam Rode?
The more I praise you...the more I search for words to praise u.stay blessed...Have a wonderful day ahead...Gud mrng.
Gud one shri...nice and apt collection for samud scenes
wow!! this is gr8 news..thanks Noreen..ask our questions to him plz.
Good Morning, hope u have a wonderful day !!
Today's episode of was really good. Loved scene...and are just too gorgeous together.
Hi gautam rode and I see saraswatichandra and I really like you so much because you are handsome and gautam I really want make friend for you and I really like it but we just friend and please make friend . Karan Wahi is your friend ? Because my favourite is gautam rode and Karan Wahi and My name is Ramendeep Kaur Taker and I live Toronto Canada and my nickname Ramen
GR's eyes SEDUCES the screen, captures the attention his EYES speaks volumes n keeps echoing
blue and white attire Suits you a lot more .After ages saw slightly relaxed . Precap was smart
please dont let any screaming hyper girls on.I'll have headphones in!!!
- how u doin fella, hear ur comin to London on Friday, shud be fun
Nw the req, I m doing all i can 2 *** c u soon, plz allow me a few moments of ur time n jst say YES u can, amidst al d busyness
Cudn't break d tradition, was away so got late, here s the Q:"Life was alwz a matter f w8n 4 d right moment 2 act."Gud Night :)
Saras and Kumud scene today after ages. Miss these two together :(
would love to call in, will be at work, what time would Gautam be on air?
recently came across this show during one of my trips home Thanks for the heads up! :-)
If you're a fan of you can come on the show and speak to him too! Make sure u tune into my show this Friday and spread the word
So if u watch Saraswatichandra I have some exciting news for you. The male lead will be live on my show this Friday! Yay!
Goodnite GR - hope u had a wonderful janmashtami xx
old scenes during the storm, eye lock and Saras pulling Kumud back
One of my fav old scenes Saras holds Kumud's face during the storm
Half the viewers are fed up with the Saras bashing and change from Saraswatichandra to Kumud Sudharo husband centred track.
Message from Saraswatichandra fans. Please ask the cvs to change the current track.
good night gr...hope enjoyed janmastmi celebration In Mumbai...??sweet wishes ahead.
janmastmi gautam rode %% so very hen.m to the saraswTichndra in star plus so nice saras
I died and went to heaven! You looked so fit today! Well u do everyday but today even more so! You're God's gift! So hot!!
Boss you make my day!! We don't miss a single episode of your show!! Keep it up man
Saras idea for Saras who is really looki so SARAS n will look all the more SARAS with Gopis around him LOL ;)
right dude u just luk too fab, too hot as wel n fit! tenu nazar na lage saadi mere punjab de sher GR! GR. GNtc
Yea me too :) Both Salman & wore Red Kediyus! But G totally rocked the outfit today!
hey gautam u an awesome actor.. May God bless u n we will meet once😇
Btw loving the current track :) I actually dont mind Saras-Kusum together. Will give a new take to this love saga! What say? ;)
Now hoping to see Saras in the centre of the circle doing Garba in Tomorrow's epi & all the Gopis around him LOL ;)
A Genuinely Wonderful Convincing performance by has made us all fall in love with SARAS,u wr FAB in d Indian look..♥★GNSD GR :)
Hi gautam rode I"m your fan and u good person and we are love u all fans and yourself and I am so happy I see saraswatichandra and u are sad I don 't like tear and everything
Happpie Bday to my crazy n sweet buddy n a FAB coactor as well.Hope all ur dreams come true.God Bless:-) http:/…
I've got on my mind! If I'm still unemployed til December I shall go hunt him down!
Hey GR. H0pe u r fine.. L0ve ur Party Getup In U r luking Hands0me As Always. is being interesting day by day
Hope your day was good today, Gautam :-). Good Night, Sweet Dreams :-)
Nw d req, G! I really want 2 come c u, plz say dat u can spare a few moments, jst a 'yes' is all I care 4. Have a good night!
hii gautam! Plz reply me ..its my birthday today:-)
God nit buddy,,, had a gr8 day, tc :)
you should make a video of you trying to speak in punjabi! I'd love to hear it
"Gm friends n have a great day ahead :)"
Unconditional interest thanks for such a sweet show:) lots of luv.
Hope d truth abt n understble by all:) if it revealed ^_^ looking fwd with more hope.
no ur not, because I was watching tellytalkindia and they show the real account of gautam rode
Gautam Rode to attend a special interactive meet with fans in UK .
After seeing kumud smiling 2day.missing previous epi of n specially Samud moment.lots of love to
Oh..precap unexpected...hate kalika..tough situation for u guyzz r best
Saras n kalika...that's lil funny...n specially Saras always sends her out n not allowing her to enter..superb...
ohh...todayz episode was ossom...happy to see kumud smiling...n talking wid Saras...awesome... both were amazing
gud evening G . H0pe u r fine. Have a great day ahead.
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Silence & smile are 2 powerful tools. Smile is the way 2 solve many problems and silence is the way 2 avoid many problems.
whar gift u gave to ur sis on rakshabndn ? Eager to knw. :-) :-) eagerly waitng fr tdy's epi
Help us in gaining lots of here by RT
Haal-e-dil of my dearest ( co-admin of THIS FC)on her bday gifts reachin . Her topic in IF. htt…
thnx for the CLASSIC "tadap tadap ke" song seq on SaMud last nite..My topic on it in IF. http:/…
Less then two hours remaining for liked when Saras says Bas Kumud..!!
Eid Mubarak to u too and to ur family
Gautam , edit dedicated to U .of ur pics by me :) Hope U like it :)
Gud evening:))gautam ji:) Waiting For action seq, hope this time no disappointments
Note Guys : Trend with no HashTag (Its Just. "Happy Birthday Gautam Rode" .. Expecting everyone to be here :) . 14 Aug…
nah? Ah cool thanks for breaking my heart :(
Me with and very beautiful Alesia Raut at dinner last night
Eid mubarak to u too gauti, may this eid bring lots of happiness and gud things in ur life. May all ur wish come true tc
yes it vil be a hugggeee success on hs bday !Happy Birthday Gautam Rode !
thank you so much gautam. Was just waiting for ur wishes :D
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aww same to uh gautam:) god bless uh alwayz n may uh succeed day by day mre n mre !lots of luv:D
same to you Gautam ...MAY GOD bless u with all the happiness & success in ur carrier & life😇😇😇
Eid Mubarak , hope u r having a great day !!
thanks GR. we think ur wish came true :)
Thank u so much. wish u d same..come for biryaani today evening.:-P
hi, i was just waiting for ur Eid Mubark..Lots of love to u.May God bluss u!
Same to u.. Stay blessed... Love u :*
Just realised, this year I am going to see my favourite two Artists, 1st Sonu Nigam and then Gautam Rode, this summers going to be the BEST!
How are you G. Did u create a bank of epi to travel to Delhi for your bday & surprise sum admirers ;) ??
i think Billion is an Under Statement!! :) UNIQUE is the word :)
Watching the repeat of . Sooo tragic .
people are funny.They spend money they don't have,t2buy things they don't need,2impress people they don't even like.
Just wanna share this with you,you're truly blessed with good looks 😍 ❤
hey gudnun! Hope u fine again a new week of SC have a great week love takecare
Good morning prince Have a wonderful day ahead keep smiling :)) GOD BLESS U love uuu u so much
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good morning GR! here's wishing u a great start to the week 😉 looking forward to this weeks line up of Saraswatichandra xx
good morning gautam & good morning all. Sooo Looking 4ward 2 saraswatichandra. Weekend been dull without it
HI G. GM:) Have a Blessed Day . have a gr8 time at shoot.
Varun's favourite buddy on the set of SC is
GOOD MNG!! What a fab pic to see of first thing!! 😊😘 have good day!! X
gud morning. Hope u had tym 2 relax a little over the weekend. Tc n have a gr8 week:))♥♥
watchin d rerun on a mon morn..gettin late to work..but what d heck !! Gaadi thoda fast chala lenge..;-)
A very gud mrn Dear.thanx a lot.thanx reaxed now...thank you so so much fr ur kindness..n support...:)
A very good morning to all crazy fans of :)
goodnight Mr Rode here is to a good weeks filming.god bless.
Hey GR! Hope you had a relaxing Sunday. Looking forward to this weeks Have a great week!!
Goodnite GR - rest well as I'm sure u have hectic schedules during the week! xx
I wish I cud meet you in person soon and tell you that u have made me crazy..I wonder how ru still single.. :O
Can't wait for tomorrows episode ! it's going to be brilliant ! Saras has such an adorable face when he's apologizing.
agree with Aarti n also hope u appear online suddenly now:)) thinking
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Super excited for tomorrows episode! & Cannot wait for SPA. Hope your having a wonderful day :) TC!
Same here , can't afford to miss r hearthrob !! Everthing & everyone cease to exit when show is on !
hey we want segment with gautam rode . Please.'s all because I just wanna meet ...he is so ossom..I can say best actor...:-)
yeah it was amazing I'm loving more now pleasee tell him to be back tc of urself and gautam :* :D :)
awwe ne too...watching maah real hero As ...n the adorable ones
GR lukd so great in purple traditional style..cant wait 2 c him break the fast ;-)
Goood evening.. :) hope you are doing welll. waiting for saraswatichandra.. :)
g0od evening gauti.. H0pe u are d0ing well. Have a great day ahead. Luv u al0t. Waitng for an0thr chat sessi0n :-)
hi I wonder if this fb page is hacked or r u really promoting Jodha Akbar the whole day;)
u must be a great runner becoz u r always running in my mind but iam a bad shooter becoz I MISS U...
Good afternoon to you too!! hope the sun is shining there as it is here :)
Gautam rode is one of a unique and fantast person..personally I m in luv with saraswatichandra vyas he is someone any gal will love to be with
Wow so superbly said ''CHAL JHOOTI'' felt so gud to here something new from lovedovey :) million dollars n pounds smily :)
Gautam Rode in his first Bollywood film- Annarth
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Two engineering students were walking across campus when one said, "Where did you get such a great bike?" The second engineer replied, "Well, I was walking along yesterday minding my own business when a beautiful woman rode up on this bike. She threw the bike to the ground, took off all her clothes and said, "Take what you want." The second engineer nodded approvingly, "Good choice; the clothes probably wouldn't have fit."
good evening G. How are you? Shooting or working out or resting? Pls check ur DM when u can find a minute. Thanks
. Best friends are like family and you can never say goodbye!!
MY Edit On ur frndship bro. . Best friends are like family and u can never say goodbye.
Dashing duo & one of the most entertaining hosts & the audience loved them.
Good afternoon gauti. U r really hard working guy n we can see that in da epi. Keep rocking rockzz tc
Wishing lots of love, luck , success & happiness to both !!
--Very Gud Day to u : ) take care n be safe xx God bless u !
I Love u very much.More as a brother dan as a fan...!! :) :D
His mob was just fab(even better dan iphone) So I want dis dream to b true.!!. N I want to ask can u accept me as ur sis 2/2
Today in d early morning I dreamt of as my elder Brother..He was at my house...!! He gav me his mob(m passionate abt mobile)1/2
watching first epi. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD wid a white sweet in hand wow superb entry.luv u gud time at shoots :)
I'm going to have a chilled out day at work today seeing as I'm the BOSS! Ooh I think I'm going to declare it a 👍😘
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