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Gautam Buddha

Gautama Buddha or Siddhārtha Gautama Buddha (Sanskrit: ; Pali: Siddhattha Gotama) was a spiritual teacher from the Indian subcontinent, on whose teachings Buddhism was founded.

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Even Gautam Buddha left his wife, 'son' parents n family 4 d sake of Dharma n his people's goodness. Offence is accepted when A Man leaves his wife n children n keeps illegal relationship wit others n begates illegal children n so on, not who has sacrificed his life for d Mother Land
When Siddhartha reached the age of 16, his father arranged his marriage to a cousin of the same age named Yasodhara. They had a son named Rahul. At the age of 29 he left his palace, his family his wife and became an ascetic. The world knows him as Gautam Buddha. After Na Mo's news all i have to say is Rejoice for a great leader has come who has sacrificed everything including his wife and family for the freedom of people. Har har Modi .. ghar ghar Modi.
Over 61 per cent voter turnout in Gautam Buddha Nagar Press Trust of India Noida, April 10(PTI) The voter turnout in Uttar Pradesh's Gautam Buddha Nagar Lok Sabha elections was recorded at 61.93 per cent today. Polling percentage was recorded at 55.40 in Noida, 63.10 in Dadri and 61.6 in Jewar,...
Some fun.. There are 3 Hema Malini contesting from same constituency!! There are 2 AAP candidates from lucknow!! In Gautam Buddha Nagar (near Ghaziabad)..whether one votes for BJP or congress ..bjp will win .. as congress candidate joined bjp after last date of nomination was over.. so he retains congress symbol!!!
From yesterday Congressies creating cause for Narendra Modi regarding his marriage, they are shouting words like Mahila ka apmaan, fraud Modi , but they firget that even Lord Gautam Buddha did the same even having a son, if Lord Buddha did that thing what' Wrong with this. Even after mutual understanding between modi and his estranged wife. Vote for modi Namo Namah
Media ..political dogs and some insane ppl should read story of Gautam buddha before making issue of modi‘s personal life...
You love dis one... 1 day in a school in LONDON, a tchr asked a class of 5yr olds: I'l giv £10 to d child who can tel me who ws d mst famous man who evr lived?? Irish boy said "St.Patrick" Buddhist boy said "Gautam Buddha" Muslim boy said "Mohammed" Finally,a Gujrati boy Jigness said, "Jesus Christ" Tchr said-Datz rite. As d teacher was givin Jigness those £10, she said, "U know Jigness, since u'r a Hindu Gujarati I was very surprised u said Jesus Christ.. Jigness replied- Yes madam, in my heart I knew it was lord KRISHNA, but for Jigness, Bijness is Bijness , Girl: What's the proof that you miss me ?? .. . Boy:" See my cheeks, My mom slapped me ..Because i was smiling while sleeping "Thinking of You" . . . Girl:" Aw Itna Pyaar karte *** (^___^) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Boy:" Nahin, Shakal dekh ke hassi aa jati hai ..
Uttar Pradesh records 65% polling, 14% higher than 2009. Uttar Pradesh increases voting percentage than 2009 A total of 1.74 crore electorate in 10 parliamentary seats in Uttar Pradesh today locked the future of 146 candidates on an incident free voting day. As per latest reports from the Election Commission of India, the poll percentage was 65 percent, which is 14 percent more than 2009. Here are the numbers for a few of parliamentary constituencies/districts of the state: Aligarh: 60.04 percent Baghpat: 65.60 percent Bijnor: 65.38 percent Bulandshr: 59.36 percent Gautam Buddha Nagar: 55.83 percent Meerut: 65.68 percent Muzaffarnagar: 67.78 percent Shahranpur: 70.64 percent Shamli: 70.85 percent Another state that went into polling is Madhya Pradesh. A turnout of 55.98 percent was recorded in the nine polling constituencies while Maharashtra registered 54.13 percent in the 10 parliamentary constituencies in Vidharbha. In Jammu, 66.29 percent exercised their right to franchise. 6.30 pm: Naxals, security f ...
The big temple of "Gautam Buddha". This place is also known as 'Pagauda'.
Modi left his wife to serve people..Such a self-centered man. gautam Buddha left his family fr the same reason..GOD
Gautam Buddha left his family for the betterment of the society.. Its a sin Wen u leave ur wife for some other women Wen u have kids with some other women Wen u t not full filling ur duty as a husband... I am strange to see that some who call them nationalist are creating fuss out of a child marriage which was never a marriage...rather than appreciating the fact of sacrifice u r criticizing, its really a shame..
Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared. - Gautam Buddha
Narendra Modi mentioning his marital status and wife's name is becoming an issue now. Intellectual bankruptcy at it's best. People criticizing it fail to understand that Gautam Buddha also forsaken marital bliss and followed the path of HIGHER CALLING. It's takes a lot of conviction and courage to set on to such mission.
Believe nothing, No matter where you read it, or who said it, Even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason , And your own Common Sense. Gautam Buddha
100% Gautam buddha birth place is nepal. Not india. never be confuse greedy india.
Feeling great. Cast my vote after a gap of more than 20 years. This is one advantage of home coming. Voted for a party which is unlikely to win in my Gautam Buddha Nagar Constituency. But this is a symbolic vote against the so-called 'wave' and those seeking to divide the nation along religious lines. Down with fascism.
Gautam buddha was bron in NEPAL if any indian claim that he was bron in india then i claim that Mahatma Gandhi was sell panipuri in ktm.
Noida: Voting percentage in Gautam Buddha Nagar (Noida), the bustling suburb adjoining New Delhi, was over 11 percent in just two hours after polling began in the state at 7 a.m today.Wonderful beginning with huge turnout of voters, both young and old, at most of the polling booths in Noida.
Over the last 7 months, I have been a resident of 4 different Lok Sabha constituencies across 3 states and a union territory; viz. South Delhi, Gautam Buddha Nagar, Hyderabad, and Maval. As one cannot expect the election commission to give me a new voter ID card every 3 weeks or so, I think my absence from the polls this year is justified. Which is sad, because the only time I have ever cast a vote was in the 2003-2004 School President elections at Bethany High School, Bangalore. I wish I had a voter ID card, I could then perhaps to try canvass for bribes from politicians. Yes, of course I would try to sell my vote; I'm not just an armchair cynic, you see. I follow my cynicism out in the real world, I practice what I preach.
When you dig a well, there's no sign of water until you reach it, only rocks and dirt to move out of the way. You have removed enough; soon the pure water will flow," Gautam Buddha
Today just heading to my lovely village lumbini the birthplace of Gautam Buddha
This is the place where Gautam Buddha gave his first speech to his five desiple(the four novel truth)and the Buddhism was spread all over the world..The birth of buddhist religion started from here.I am very pleased to be here as a part of it...
What is real success and what is real unsuccessful event? These parameter repeats in our life but they don't live long. How to get constant success without any deflection? Off course, becoming a billionaire I cannot, other will be too, I bring a character like greed, anger , ego in between. Then what is success? Who are the successful personality then? Are they the personality with success, Jesus Christ, Gautam Buddha or lord Krishna? How come they only? Why not we? Mysterious life!!!
Universal truth is lord "Gautam Buddha" was born in LUMBINI zone of NEPAL. His father name is Sudodhan and mother is Mayadevi. We have proof regarding this matter and Indian mass media is broadcasting fake news. India is hurting us, Nepal and Nepali people time and again? But why our government stays pasive in this matter? Or we have 2 start movent against the government of Nepal and India for preserving our great history and identity?
Presenting Official Trailer of Siddhartha. Siddhartha is coming of age drama loosely based on Hermann Hess Novel Siddhartha, Siddhartha Gautam Buddha and int...
KP Singh, Aam Aadmi Party candidate from Aam Aadmi Party Gautam Buddha Nagar in rally with Manish Sisodia.
" When you are feeling down, Don't stay there. Do something. Keep in mind that nither success nor failure is ever final... (Gautam Buddha, 563-483 BC) Good Night Frndzz
rejects plea to defer election in Gautam Buddha Nagar Lok Sabha seat in view of Cong candidate switching to BJP after filing nomination
"If during the whole of his life a fool lives with a wise man, he never knows the path of wisdom as the spoon never the taste of the soup." --- Gautam Buddha
Many Jains have contributed to development of India and its culture. Some of them have got place on the postal stamps and postal stationary of India. Here are some of the stamps and postal stationary featuring the great Jains. Bhagwan Mahavir Bhagwan Mahavir, also known as Vardhaman Mahaveer was one of the greatest philosophers of ancient India. He was reformer of Jainism. Here is a special postal cover featuring Gautam Buddha and Vardhaman Mahaveer. This cover was issued on the occasion of Tourism and Trade Mart held at Gaya, Bihar on 24.12.2002. Gautam Buddha and Vardhaman Mahaveer were born in Bihar. So the cover says: Saluting for hundred and hundred times to the great land of Bhagwan Buddha and Mahaveer. Please read biography of Bhagwan Mahavir at Vardhaman Mahaveer and His Life Chandragupt Maurya Chandragupt Maurya was founder of the great Mauryan dynasty, He was the first emperor of greater India. His empire was spread almost all over the South Asia, excluding Sri Lanka. He was a follower of Jainis ...
The energy of the whole has taken possession of you. You are possessed, you are no more, and the whole is. This moment, as the silence penetrates in you, you can understand the significance of it, because it is the same silence that Gautam Buddha experienced. It is the same silence that Chuang Tzu or Bodhidharma or Nansen. The taste of the silence is the same. Time changes, the world goes on changing, but the experience of silence, the joy of it, remains the same. That is the only thing you can rely upon, the only thing that never dies. It is the only thing that you can call your very being."
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
"Mount Everest is shining, Gautam Buddha is laughing, Our NEPAL is wining " look look Nepali Rhino Kicks Afgan !! SUPERB :*
The new show on Zee Tv will narrate the life of Gautam Buddha - his life's journey and various teachings."Buddha", which goes on air on Zee Tv Sunday, will s...
:) '' My body will not be a tomb for other creatures. '' :- Leonardo da Vinci '' Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet. '' :-Albert Einstein '' All creatures are deserving of a life free from fear and pain.'' :-Laura Cummings. '' One should not kill a living being, nor caused it to be killed, nor one should incite another to kill. Do not injure any being, either strong or weak, in the world. '' :-Gautam Buddha '' There is no fundamental difference between man and animals in their ability to feel pleasure and pain, Happiness and misery.'' :- Charles Darwin. '' Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed. '' :-Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi '' For as long as men massacre animals,Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love.'' :- Pythagoras. '' Could you look an animal in the eyes and say to it, '' My appetite is more important than your suffering??? '' ''W ...
Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment in Bodh Gaya of Madhesh which is now in Bihar,India. Buddha should be shared both by …
Buddha, the life story of Gautam Buddha as televized by Zee Tv seems to be more fiction than fact, picking instances and characters from various sources and often mixing them up.
Will stop 'Buddha' serial if content found offensive: Bombay HC The Bombay High Court on Saturday said if it finds any offensive content in television serial 'Buddha' that hurts religious sentiments then it would be stopped, but at the same time maintained that it would not interfere if the issue is trivial. The remark was made by a division a bench of Justices S J Vazifdar and B P Colabawala while hearing a public interest litigation seeking the court to stop telecast of the serial based on Gautam Buddha on Zee Tv as it is factually incorrect and hence hurts sentiments of his followers. "If there is something really wrong in the serial and if it hurts religious sentiments then we will put a stop to it. But if the issue is trivial then we would not get into it. If there are two different philosophies followed in the religion then we will not interfere," Justice Vazifdar said. The court issued notice to the Union and state governments, the serial's producer B K Modi and Zee channel. It directed the respond ...
Years later , when Pipala met Gautam Buddha he immediately became his disciple . Buddha gave him the name of Mahakashyap , which means ' great sage ' . Only eight days later , Mahakashyap is said to have attained the state of arhat . He was the first to receive dharma transmission from Gautam Buddha , persisted in Buddhist practice and won Buddha's deep trust . Mahakashyap followed dhuta , Buddha's teachings designed for those who wish to live as simply as possible , and became one of the strictest and most achieved in this practice to remove all form of attachment .
"You ask me: Is it your supreme ability to communicate that makes you the master of masters? The situation of the world has changed dramatically. Just three hundred years ago, the world was very big. Even if Gautam Buddha had wanted to approach all human beings, it would not have been possible; just the means of communication were not available. People were living in many worlds, almost isolated from each other. That has a simplicity. Jesus had to face the Jews, not the whole world. It would not have been possible, sitting on his donkey, to go around the world. Even if he had managed to cover the small kingdom of Judea, that would have been too much. The education of people was very confined. They were not even aware of each other's existence. Gautam Buddha, Lao Tzu in China, Socrates in Athens—they were all contemporaries but they had no idea of each other. That's why I say that before the scientific revolution in the means of communication and in the means of transportation, there were many worlds, su ...
Life Events of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. 1891 Apr 14 Born at Mahu (Madhya Pradesh), the fourteenth child of Subhedar Ramji Sapkal and Mrs Bhimabai Ambedkar. 1896 Death of the mother, Mrs Bhimabai Ambedkar 1900 Nov Entered the Government High School at Satara. 1904 Entered the Elphinstone High School at Bombay. 1906 Married Ramabhai daughter of Mr. Bhiku Walangkar, one of the relations of Gopal Baba Walangkar 1907 Passed Matriculation Examination, secured 382 marks out of 750. 1908 Jan Honoured in a meeting presided over by Shri S K Bole, Shri K A (Dada) Keluskar Guruji presented a book on the life of Gautam Buddha written by him. Entered the Elphinstone College, Bombay. 1912 Dec Birth of the son Yeshwant. 1913 Passed B.A Examination with Persian and English from University of Bombay, secured 449 marks out of 1000. 1913 Feb Death of father Subhedar Ramji Maloji Ambedkar at Bombay. 1913 July Gaikwar's Scholar in the Columbia University, New York, reading in the Faculty of Political Science. 1915 June 5 Passed ...
Centuries ago, on the plains of the Terai region along Nepal’s southern border, the ruling influence was predominantly that of the Aryan power raging in north India. In this milieu, Gautam Buddha - Prince Siddhartha of the Sakya clan - renounced his royal luxuries in search of enlightenment, wandering around the plains of Lumbini. The Mauryan king Ashoka, the other famous Buddhist reformed royal, visited Lumbini in 249 BC almost three hundred years after the Buddha was born. The Ashoka Pillar commemorating the visit still stands at the Sacred Garden there. With the death of Ashoka, the influence of Buddhism across his quite sizeable empire began to wane. As within India, even the Nepal Terai saw a Hindu resurgence of sorts. Then, when in 200 AD the Lichhavis of north India invaded the Kathmandu valley Hinduism came to be firmly established. The temple of Pashupatinath and the Swayambhunath stupa were built in a tradition of religious tolerance that abides even today. They ushered in an age that was high ...
Timeline of Indian History . • 2800 BC Indus Valley Civilization begins in the northwestern region of India • 2600 BC Mohenjo-daro and Harappa phase of the Indus Valley Civilization begins, in Punjab and Sindh. Other cities like Lothal, Mehrgarh also emerged during this period. • 1600 BC India is invaded by the Aryans from the west • 1400 BC The Vedas, the Hindu scripture, was written • 600 BC The Upanishads written • 599 BC Mahavira, 24th Tirthankar of Jainism is born • 563 BC Gautam Buddha, founder of Buddhism is born in Lumbini • 527 BC Nirvana of Mahavira • 492 BC Bimbisara dies and is succeeded by Ajatashatru in Magadha Empire • 483 BC Death of Gautama Buddha in Kushinagar • 326 BC Alexander the Great moved into India, King Porus who ruled parts of the Punjab, fought Alexander at the Battle of the Hydaspes River. • 321 BC Chandragupta Maurya established Mauryan dynasty defeating Dhana Nanda • 305 BC Chandragupta Maurya defeats Seleucus Nicator of the Seleucid ...
Gautam Buddha's personal name was Siddhartha. Gautama is his family name so his name was Gautama Siddhartha. Buddha is not his name, it is his awakening. Because I have named our discos ZORBA THE BUDDHA, the ambassador of Sri Lanka -- Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country -- the ambassador wrote a letter to me, saying, "It is very disrespectful and it hurts our religious feelings that you have given the name ZORBA THE BUDDHA to discos. Please take the Buddha out of it." I wrote him a letter saying, "Perhaps you are a born Buddhist, but I am a buddha. And I have every right to call the discos, ZORBA THE BUDDHA; it has nothing to do with your Buddha can be satisfied. If I were calling it "Zorba the Siddhartha", there would be a point to your being disturbed. But buddha is not a personal name; Gautam Buddha is only one of the buddhas amongst millions. And Zorba has every potential to become a buddha. I cannot prevent it and neither can you. And you are only a Buddhist, just a follower, an imitator. You don' ...
Buddha relics found in London Buddha relics found in London Shyam Bhatia in London | Mar ch 26, 2004 18:09 IST Last Updated: March 26, 2004 23:38 IST The secretary general of London's Buddhist Society is canvassing ideas to build a modern stupa in the British capital to house a collection of jewels that may have rested next to the mortal remains of Gautam Buddha. Paul Seto is secretary general of one of the oldest Buddhist societies in Europe and he discovered the small but priceless collection of jewels in a corner of the society's offices, close to Victoria station. The provenance of the collection has yet to be clearly established, but the box containing beads made of sapphire, cornelian, amethyst, ruby and rock crystal appears to be part of a larger collection of relics from a stupa at Birdpur in Uttar Pradesh, close to Buddha's birthplace at Lumbini in southwest Nepal. Barely able to contain his excitement, Seto told that his preliminary plan is to exhibit the collection of 12 jewels in a ...
B.C 2500-1800Indus Valley Civilization. 599Birth of Mahavir; Nirvana in 523. B.C. 563Birth of Gautam Buddha; Nirvana in 483 B.C. 327-26Alexander's invasion of India and the opening of land route between India and Europe. 269-232Ashoka's reign. 261Battle of Kalinga. 57Beginning of Vikrama era. 30Satvahana dynasty in Deooan. Pandyan empire in for south. 326Alexander defeated Poras in the Battle of Hydaspas 261Ashoka defeated Kalinga in the Kalinga War A.D 78Beginning of Saka era. 320Beginning of Gupta era. 360Samudragupta conquers the whole of N. India and much of the Deccan. 380-413Rule of Chandragupta Vikramaditya, age of Kalidasa, renewal of induism. 606-647Rule of Harshavardhana. 629-645Hieun Tsang's visit in India. 622Beginning of Hijra era. 712Arab invasion of Sind by Mohd. bin Qasim. 1001-27Repeated attacks of Mehmud Ghazni. 1025Sacking of Somnath temple by Mehmud. 1191First battle of Tarain in which Prithviraj Chauhan defeated Mohd. Ghori. 1192Second battle of Tarain in which Mohd. Ghori defeated Pr ...
and the land of Lord Gautam Buddha birthplace of Buddha featured in NBC s Science of Love
Bodhidharma reached China. He was one of the greatest Buddhas of all the ages. After Gautam Buddha, Bodhidharma seems to be the most precious person in the Buddhist heritage. When he reached China, his fame had reached far ahead of him. Even Emperor Wu who ruled over the whole of China came to receive him at the boundary. And the conversation that transpired between the two is of immense importance. It has to be meditated upon again and again. It has a tremendous message for you all. Emperor Wu was not only a great emperor, he was very religious too, and he had done much for Gautam Buddha's message. In fact no other person except Emperor Ashoka had done so much for Buddhism as Emperor Wu had done. He transformed the whole of China into a Buddhist world. He made thousands of temples for Buddha, he made hundreds of monasteries -- millions of Buddhist monks were supported by the royal treasury. He translated all the Buddhist scriptures into Chinese. Thousands of scholars worked for years, almost their whole ...
" Gautam Buddha " is creating eyeballs recently as the show is in search of young Buddha. The makers wanted it to be a secret as to who will be the new face of Gautam Buddha .
To read quotes of Abraham linkon, Gautam Buddha, or Albert einstein visit
"ManOfCentury never won can still make suitable amendments" and to Gautam Buddha.
This line is for my a lzy friend who think that she cant rememberize her study. "The mind is everything. What you think you become.” -Gautam Buddha
Whatever we achieve in life will never satisfy us.. we look for more! because we r just ordinary people n not mahatmas like: GANDHIJI aur Gautam Buddha! what do u say?
Gautam buddha was born in nepal,not in india.
If any god is supreme in the world then it is lord of peace that is Gautam Buddha coz u cant get love without peace in ur mind n all components of love. I salute the god which say satyamevjayte (truth allways win)
I think Mahatma Gandhi was born in Nepal and Gautam Buddha was born in bouddha. I was born in lazimpat and I'm I'm in thamel.
"lord Gautam Buddha was born in nepal" but indian(dhoti) was say that buddha was born in india . do u agree this statement?
0n3 b3st way t0 prove that GAUTAM BUDDHA was b0rn in nepal iz by giving him the citizenship 0f nepal
He,the infinite and absolute,incarnates himself and descends to earth from time to time to.vanquish the evil,reestablish the divinity and uphold the cosmic principles.he has made himself perceptible as lord krishna,gautam buddha,Jesus Christ,hazrat mohamma
Please tell me that have you actually met The Gautam Buddha, if yes then how did you so that. Also why can't everyone meet them.
The statement of Friedrich Nietzsche that God is dead, is only symbolic because God has never been in the first place--not even born. How can he be dead? But it was a tremendously powerful symbol to declare that God is dead.Hence, I celebrate myself and I celebrate you.Friedrich Nietzsche's statement also includes another part: "God is dead, therefore man is free." God was the slavery of man, he was the bondage. He was the prison that did not allow humanity to rise to its ultimate heights. He was keeping the whole of humanity reduced to subhuman beings, sinners. His death is a great moment to celebrate.I have chosen this title, I Celebrate Myself from one of the most important poets of America, Walt Whitman. celebr01In the three hundred years of America, there have not been many men who can be compared to the great mystics of the world. Only one man, a poet, comes very close to the mystics, Walt Whitman. One of his beautiful songs is: I Celebrate Myself. America has not paid much attention to Walt Whitman ...
Where was Gautam Buddha born Nepal or India If he was born in Nepal plz like it or he was born in India plz comment it
which one is good for life Religion or Science ? - Osho Speaks (Zorba the Buddha) The moment a child grows to became whole, Society starts suffocate him, what to be and what Not to be.He will be only a fragment, and fragment Can’t know what life is. He can’t decide his own.Others have been deciding for him ---His parents, the teachers, the leaders, the priests. So new man is tht be ll be Zorba the Greek & He ll also be Gautam Buddha , means new man will be sensuous and spiritual. Nw we need a new humanity in which religion and science became two aspect of one human being. Religions talks only of flowers…….dnt be a flowers
Today i come to know the story of dhoom actually " amir khan stole the head of lord Gautam buddha saying that it belong to india n Gautam buddha belong to india entire movie is about this" so tell m guys you want to watch dhoom 3
We Nepalese are doing great job to show the international community that Gautam Buddha was born in Nepal but we can't stabilise peace
I promise u .. u will laugh when you find your role model ! No cheating. Even I didn't believe at first; but was pleasantly surprised in the end! Simple maths...then scroll down and check. No peeking.Steps : 1. Pick up ur favourate number between 1 & 9. 2. Multiply it by 3. 3. Add 3 to that. 4. Again multiply by 3. 5. U will get a 2 or 3 digit number. 6. Add those digits together. Now scroll down.To That number u got in the end. . . . .See, who is ur role model. . . . .! 1. Ronaldo 2. Rajnikant 3. Mahatma Gandhi 4. Gautam BUddha 5. Sachin Tendulkar 6. Salman Khan 7. Amitabh Bachhan 8. Laxmi prasad Devkota 9. Asharam bapu 10. Prithvi Naryan Shah Gr8 Choice . .!!!.
Man asked Gautam Buddha- "I want Happiness". Buddha smiled: 1st remove "I"- that's Ego then remove "want" - that's Desire. U r left with only "Happiness". :):):):)
Hope is believing you have the will and the way to accomplish your goals,our thoughts we make the world, Gautam Buddha
Nepalese enthusiastic on a noble mission of "World peace Tour " carrying idol of Lord Buddha with us with the objective of spreading the message of world peace and harmony. After Visited Thailand , Malaysia ,Singapore ,Indonesia , Philippine , Hong Kong , Japan , South Korea , China some other part of Asia Now they have arrived at Brazil they have conducted activities promoting Lord Gautam Buddha and Lumbini -the birth place of Lord Buddha. They are planning to visit all over the world more then 60 country. According the letter of Caravan Broadcasting Private ltd a team comprising 3 members will be led by Mr. Saroj Aryal Chairman of Caravan Broadcasting. Please comments how do you like ! WANT TO SEE BIG PICTURE PLEASE CLICK THE FOLLOWING LINK.
Gautam Buddha was the first Indian Philosopher who used dialectics 2500-year before Hegel.
6. Gautam Buddha was born in which place ?
"The basis of the teaching of Gautam Buddha: Shil, Samadhi and Pragya."
Nominate as the Youth Ward Co-ordinator for the proposed rally of Narendra Modi on 19 Oct 13 in Gautam Buddha Park Indra Nagar Kanpur.:)
Spiritualist and pioneer of the Vipassana meditation in India, S.N. Goenka, 90, passed sunday 30 sep'13 night at his residence in Mumbai due to old age, an aide said on Monday. He is survived by his wife Mata Elaichidevi and six sons. The funeral was held on Tuesday in Jogeshwari electric crematorium, said aide Gautam Gaikwad. Mr Goenka started teaching Vipassana meditation in 1969 and followed it up with a meditation centre in Igatpuri, near Nashik, in 1976. Last year, Mr Goenka was conferred the Padma Bhushan, India's third highest civilian award. Born and raised in Burma, Mr Goenka was a successful businessman when he came in contact with the late Sayagyi U Ba Khin, who taught him the Vipassana techniques. After 14 years training under Sayagyi, Mr Goenka decided to settle in India and started teaching Vipassana meditation in 1969. He established the Vipassana International Academy, a meditation centre in Igatpuri in 1976. Later, 172 more such centres blossomed worldwide, including 75 in India. In 1982, ...
Q2142. Gautam buddha deliverd his first sermon at A) Vaishali Pataliputra c) Sandhi D) Sarnath
You and only you have the supreme power over your life, no one else can guide you and no one else's testaments need to be followed .. - Gautam Buddha
You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.- Gautam Buddha
'Let me walk around and tell people what to do.' — Jesus Christ, Gautam Buddha and the Dalai Lama.
Covering Delhi-NCR in heavy traffic has become a tough territory. One site at Gurgoan sector-103 and other at Yamuna Expressway in Tech zone near Gautam Buddha University, Client's office at Knowledge Park, Greater Noida, Surajpur-Dadri Road are east & west of NCR. Going Gurgaon today.
Q.6 who was the teacher of gautam buddha A.kakra B.karakalam C.aalarkalam D.nyasu E.harisen
34th World Tourism Day 2013 Celebration in Nepal Tourism entrepreneurs during the 34th World Tourism Day celebration expressed the need to bring competitiveness in the natural, cultural and adventure tourism aspects of the country. Speaking at the programme, secretary at the Ministry of Culture, Tourism & Civil Aviation Sushil Ghimire said that ere is a need to conserve and protect the natural resources of the country and promote them through public-private partnership. “Unless tourism entrepreneurs come up with aggressive marketing programmes our tourism industry can never take off,” he said. He also focused on the conservation of water resources and development of proper infrastructure. Mr. Ghimire also informed about the present status of the aircraft purchase procedure. According to him, government is all set to make an agreement with the Chinese government for the purchase of two aircrafts on grant and four on loan. He also confirmed that the Gautam Buddha Airport project will be completed by Jun ...
Turning at the age of 35 +/- 5: At this stage of life, we much of live childhood, younger state, married life and moved towards maturity in life. We also experienced many events, thought of many things and acted upon many thoughts. Then we have experienced God’s help, God’s existence in our past life! Responses to this statement will be many yes and few nos. But real question is have we satisfied with God’s knowledge that we possessed? There are no doubts, no unclear thoughts, and no ambiguity! This is step where we must define clearly our thoughts about life and to move with it in life. God’s understanding and realization helps to clear thoughts. To whom we say great, did this, some one’s in very early stage of life and because of this they able to shape up their life. One who at this stage to moving in life with his own path then he/she must get crystal clear knowledge of God. I heartily welcome you in this path of life. The very reason of this is all greats slowly-slowly improved and becomes ...
why there is fight between gautam Buddha among Nepal and india ok there is fight between them then why interapting mahatma gandi I have lot of thing to say but don't make gandi come in middle. I am also satisfied in saying gautam Buddha was born in Nepal. please don't fight for it for just a small thing
Goenka's technique represented a tradition that can be traced back to Gautam Buddha who taught Dhamma as the non-sectarian way to liberation
Gautam Buddha came out of a palace and went into wilderness to find the truth. But nowadays we see, the modern age gurus, come out of the wilderness and wind up in palaces.
Expectations are the cause of sorrow -Gautam Buddha
Fashion your life as a garland of beautiful deeds. - Gautam Buddha
All in Pali. 82,000 discourses of Gautam Buddha & 2000 Discourses of his seniormost Disciples.
"To keep the body in good is a duty. otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear." - Gautam Buddha
I love this pic! I'm a firm believer in - I also have many collectibles of Gautam Buddha in particular.
like in Buddha religion Gautam buddha secrifice his family for his religion n in christian jesus secrifice his life for christian
baba! Pls don't compare yourself with Gautam Buddha.
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Btw Gautam buddha was also false allegated by ppl n we all respect him till tdy but wht abt ths conspirators does any1 rem thm
"Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship." - Gautam Buddha
A best friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have,our thoughts we make the world, Gautam Buddha
I die the king's faithful servant, but God's first - Thomas Moreour thoughts we make the world, Gautam Buddha
Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before, - Mae Westthoughts, Let them serve truth, Gautam Buddha
Gautam Buddha ws jus another king, until god told him - 'Wake up Sid'. :P
And the real fact is 'Gautam Buddha' was born in Nepal :)
The Kanpur administration finally granted BJP permission to hold Narendra Modi's rally at Gautam Buddha Park,Indiranagar in Kanpur on Oct19
Gautam Buddha sir does a share ip takes u to yor Web Hosts site or ur personal website
Handbuilt Pottery you all must see this
Now you must know why I love Buddha cos I live in Gautam Buddha Nagat :-)
answers to all three questions: Q1. Lalu Prasad Yadav; Q2. Gautam Buddha; Q3. Armadillo
Gautam Buddha Mine answer is late before the Internet was disconnected due to technical errors.
The only Mahatma's I believe in are Lord Mahavira and Gautam Buddha.
[ Religion & Spirituality ] Open Question : Gautam Buddha: Why did he followed just half the MANTRA.
It was so rainy in Australia in 2010 that global sea levels dropped, s21 thoughts, Let them serve truth, Gautam Buddha
voices - ? strangely! in West just now, while on East such known since Gautam Buddha, ... because since they were the same(an one) on West.
I love to visit Nepal. My aim to climb Mt. Everest and visit Loard Gautam Buddha Birth Place Lumbini, Nepal. wow Nepal.
Gautam Buddha's life and his path of life - watch this Saturday at 6:30pm & Sunday 11am on
Dear married friends,. Gautam Buddha had to invent a whole new religion. to escape from his wife. That's how difficult it is.
Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. - Gautam Buddha.
Today is 2nd October the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, father of the nation or Bapu as he was lovingly called in India. This day is the third and the last national holiday in India (the 26th January – the Republic day and 15th August- the Independence day are the other two). A debate on the relevancy of Gandhi in today’s time has become a routine affair on every 2nd October. For some people Gandhi is still relevant today whereas some think that India (& the world at large) has changed so drastically that there is no role of Gandhi in it. No matter what exactly the truth is, the biggest truth of all is that if you go to any corner of earth and ask any stranger to name two Indians he has heard of in his lifetime; the answer in all likelihood will be (1) Gautam Buddha and (2) Mahatma Gandhi. Among all Indians born during the span of last 2600 years, these two mans are the most popular, most loved and worshiped by millions. There is some kind of charisma in them which simply fails to fade. I reserve my thou ...
--- Is Muhammad an example of a spiritually enlightened human? --- The biography of Muhammad and his sexual mis-conduct including pedophilia does not even allow Muhammad to be called a moral man from any moral point of view, let alone Muhammad being called a "prophet" in the league of Buddha, Nanak, Krishna & other spiritual leaders of our human history. Infact to call Muhammad a prophet is an insult to Buddha, Nanak, Jesus, Krishna and all other sages & spiritually enlightened humans mankind has ever produced. After enlightenment, the great men became morally superior both in words & actions. Gautam Buddha after his enlightenment left the joys of his married life and spent years in penance & meditation and emerged a spiritual self who spent the rest of his life giving the message of peace. Guru Nanak, left the comfort of his home and travelled on foot as far as Rome in the west and Assam in the East and Ceylon in the South, spreading the message of one humanity & opened free food serving kitchens (Gurudw ...
History of Darjeeling From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Darjeeling general view. 1912 The History of Darjeeling covers the history of Darjeeling town and its adjoining hill areas belonging to Nepal (the birthplace of Gautam Buddha), but eventually part of British India so now in the Indian state of West Bengal, which is intertwined with the history of Sikkim, Nepal, Bhutan, Bengal and Great Britain, i.e. the East India Company. Originally part of the state of Sikkim, Darjeeling became part of an important buffer state between Nepal and Bhutan. The British, using the area as a sanitarium, found that the climate provided excellent tea-cultivating conditions and soon began to grow tea on the hills of Darjeeling. Darjeeling tea stands as a famous export from Darjeeling until this day. Contents [hide] 1 Early days 2 The lease 3 Establishing the sanitarium 4 Beginning of tea plantation 5 Annexation into the British Indian Empire 6 Further development 7 Administration 8 Development as a tourist destination . ...
Evev Bollywood king Amitabh Bachchan says Gautam Buddha was born in Nepal.Truth is strong and never hides..
Sarita Giri wasn't born in Nepal but Gautam Buddha did !
It is better to travel well than to arrive –Gautam Buddha Start the week inspired.
Three things cannot be long hidden . The Sun , The Moon And The Truth . -Buddha . Gautam Buddha was born in Nepal .
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Since everything is a reflection of our minds...Everything can be changed by our minds. ~ Gautam Buddha.
Come on all Nepali's let's prove that. Gautam Gambhir was born in India but not. Gautam Buddha.
Gautam Buddha is not any country's PRIVATE PROPERTY! Please don't argue where does he belongs to...
Gautam was born in what is present day Nepal. Kingdom of Kapilvastu. Why the controversy?
Gautam Buddha was born in erstwhile Bharat
Gautam buddha was born in NEPAL not in india.
Gautam Buddha was conceived when his mother was following eight percept, the third precept was that of celibacy.
"He who sees Dhamma (Dharma) sees me. He who sees me see the Dhamma." - Gautam Buddha
can u tell me where was Gautam Buddha born ??
"d gr8st impurity is ignorance. Free urself frm pure." -Lord GAUTAM BUDDHA ; I dedicate it 2 doz ignorant ppl n zeetv show team
I liked a video Gautam buddha born in Nepal NOT IN INDIA.
Let the world knows Nepal, birth place of Gautam Buddha...
Mahaveer & Gautam Buddha are our ancestors despite all the folklore woven about them. For followers they're 'special'
Gautam buddha is the symbol for peace
Indian embassy accepted Nepal is the birth place of Gautam Buddha by published notice. Jay Nepal
heard Gautam Buddha won the DV lottery & emigrated to USA. i don't blame him meditating/gaining enlightenment in Nepal/India must be
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Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule- Gautam Buddha
NEPAL is the country of MT EVEREST and GAUTAM BUDDHA
Your country requires heroes. be heroes. your duty is to go on working,and then everything will follow of itself. - Lord Gautam Buddha
The Light of Asia Gautam Buddha was born in. Nepal
We don't disagree on the fact that Gautam buddha gained enlightenment in India.. BUT he was Born in NEPAL!! Get it Right..
Do you know?¿ : : Siddhartha Gautam Buddha was born in NEPAL !!!
“ Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it ” . ― Gautam Buddha ( Nepal )
GAUTAM BUDDHA WAS BORN IN NEPAL AND NO one can change this reality.
Ofcourse Gautam Buddha was born in Nepal..because kapilvastu is in Nepal..
GAUTAM BUDDHA was born in NEPAL... apologies in ur TV netwoRk,,Not over here!!
Zee Tv stop claiming that Gautam buddha was born on India!!
Correct answer lord gautam buddha was born in Nepal. (
Lord Gautam Buddha was born in Nepal. make a show about this come in nepal and please make one show about it and about Nepal
If our gautam buddha was born in india..then mahatma gandi was born in nepal.
Indian people r little bit. confused.They think that Gautam. Buddha was born in india but in. actual only Gautam Gambhir wa. born in india.
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Gautam buddha was born in canada ! Jesus was born in Japan ! Mohammad was born in Mexico. Abraham was born in...
and also real name of Gautam Buddha is shidartha sakya, sakya is surname of ppl frm nepal.
Gautam buddha was born in Nepal not in india mind it.
If someone wants to name his child Rahul, then the father has to behave like Siddharth aka Gautam Buddha
plz sir Gautam Buddha was born in nepal :) check out the history!
low rate Prpt in best location in front of yhe gautam buddha university
SIDDHARTHA gautam BUDDHA Was Born In ÑÈPÅL:-not in inDia:-
Isn't country's Private Property So, lets not argue where does he belongs to..Truth is Truth he was born In Lumbini Of Nepal
To live a pure, unselfish life, one must count nothing as one's own in the midst of abundance - Gautam Buddha
Gautam Buddha was born as Prince to king Shuddhodana and queen…
there is Ram,Harish Chandra,Gautam Buddha,Netaji Bose,Bhagat Singh..why is this only Gandhi's country?
his teachings was inspired from Gautam Buddha's preaching during this period.. but many would disagree
A TRUTH is bitter in the start , sweeter at the end. A LIE is sweeter in the start , bitter in the end. - Gautam Buddha
Suhelseth Irony 1: the Grand Prix Circuit (the loudest race in the world) named after Gautam Buddha, the most peaceful …
World Trade Center Office Spaces | Commercial Property Noida: Commercial for Sale - Spire Group has launched its p...
Does it real matter where Gautam Buddha was born or what matters is what we have learnt from him
The problem is, you think you have time- Gautam Buddha
sometimes seeing truth and accepting it can change u completely as a person... like Gautam Buddha...
Which one of the following ancient cities is not related to the life of Gautam Buddha ?. (A) Champa. (B) Saketa. (C) Pataliputra. (D) Kosambi
Rates double as govt goof up stops legal sand mining: Sand mining caused a lot of grief of Gautam Buddha Nagar...
I am interested in the Stupa found at Mohenjodaro. Should predate Gautam Buddha
‘Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without’. - Gautam Buddha
"The trouble is... You think you have time." . -Gautam Buddha
charges money for rally = Mahatma Gandhi, abandons wife = Gautam Buddha BUT WHEN Gujarat burns not equal to NERO Wah!
View of tilaurakot. 2nd palace of buddha! Suddhodhan made it 4 gautam buddha to make him bg in material world!!
Gautam buddha was born in Its is ancient structural comflex. This is the palace where gautam buddha spent his 29 year!!-kapilvatu
-== Gautam Buddha ==-. "Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth." .
Are you suggesting all those Buddhists are peaceful cuz Gautam Buddha asked them to be so? And, "billions"?
“All that we are is the result of what we think. What we think, we become. The mind is everything”. - Gautam Buddha
Starting new series on legendary personalities of India:
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Starting new series on legendary series of India:
we want to c u desperately in action wid huge bang. I always praying my god fr ur combak lov u cricketing lord gautam buddha
Soulfully have not encountered in knowledge or physically more UNBIASED Human Being than after Gautam Buddha !
My humble pranams to THE GURU, in each one of you; fortunate 2 have been at Kushinagar, the final resting place of lord Gautam Buddha today!
You only loose what you cling to. Gautam Buddha.
Quotes by Gautam Buddha: “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the pr...
There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting. ~ Gautam Buddha
Lord gautam was born in not in india.
I favorited a video from Gautam Buddha Life Documentary FULL in (Hindi)
Came across the name 'Dhul-Kifl' in Surah Swad (23rd para). Many top scholars believe its the name of Gautam Buddha.
WaterColor Painting of Gautam Buddha is offered for for Rs.10,999/-. For more details, click here:
Hi Amish,any suggestions for good book reads on Gautam Buddha? Have a lot of interest in learning about him
Unlike brahmins, Gautam buddha never used Sanskrit and preached in Pali, which was language of people.
Has this world changed into a good place or what? Everyone is saying as if they don't want money and talking like gautam buddha!
"Goodwill towards all beings is the True Religion.". -Lord Gautam Buddha.
“As you walk and eat and travel, be where you are. Otherwise you will miss most of your life.” — Gautam Buddha
"See the false as false, The true as true. Look at your heart. Follow your nature.''. ~ Siddhartha Gautam Buddha ~
Guruji doesnt unblocks me. I saw Guruji today in Delhi in Red Pajero at Gautam Buddha Road, He gives foods to children
Can you name the lake and SpiceJet destination where this iconic Gautam Buddha statue is located?
India A land of beauty, A land of culture, A land which truly signifies UNITY Among DIVERSITY. A country which has the largest, oldest and continuous civilization in world. A country which is the largest democracy in the world. A country of people who truly believe in "Vasudhev Kutumbakam" meaning this whole world is a family. A land of "Vedas" which are the most ancient scriptures in the world. Vedas are written in "Sanskrit" the language which is mother to all the languages in the world. Sanskrit even today is considered most suitable language for computer software. A civilization which despite being the richest and most advanced in past times never invaded other countries. A country that is proud to be the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, Mahavir Swami, Swami Vivekananda and Gandhi. A land of peace. A land of inventors who gave the world foundation to build all the scientific discoveries. A place which invented ZERO The place value system, the decimal system was developed in India in 100 BC. A land which g ...
The heritage of the Buddha(Renewal) by OSHO Just one day before Gautam Buddha left his palace to seek the truth, a child had been born to his wife. It is such a human story, so beautiful... Before leaving the palace he just wanted to see at least once the face of his child, the symbol of his love with his wife. So he went into the chamber of his wife. She was asleep, and the child was covered, under a blanket. He wanted to remove the blanket and to see the face of the child, because perhaps he would never come back again. He was going on an unknown pilgrimage. He was risking everything, his kingdom, his wife, his child, himself, in search of enlightenment--something he has only heard of as a possibility, which has happened before to a few people who have looked for it. He was as full of doubts as any one of you, but the moment of decision had come. He was determined to leave. But the human mind, human nature... He just wanted to see--he had not even seen the face of his own child. But he was afraid that i ...
Gautama Buddha, 1st century CE, Gandhara Born” 563 BCE Lumbini, Nepal Died: 483 BCE Kushinagar, India Occupation: Prince, Spiritual teacher Home town: Kapilavastu Known for: Founder of Buddhism Predecessor: Kassapa Buddha Successor :Maitreya Nepal is the birthplace of LORD Gautam Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. The four holy places associated with Gautam Buddha in India are – Lumbini, his birthplace, which lies in Nepal; Bodhgaya, where he attained enlightenment; Sarnath, near Varanasi, where he preached his first sermon; Kushinagar, near Gorakhpur, where he achieved Mahanirvana. These can be considered part of the broader region of Ancient India. His father was King Suddhodana, the chief of the Shakya nation, one of several ancient tribes in the growing state of Kosala; Gautama was the family name. His mother, Queen Maha Maya (Mayadevi) and Suddhodana’s wife, was a Koliyan princess. On the night Siddhartha was conceived, As was the Shakya tradition, when his mother Queen Maya became pregnant, she ...
Today Morning at 5 as I woke up a thought came with a doubt in my mind.. I heard that "doubt clarifies" Its good to have a doubt. ..and until the present I started studying the facts And the question that my mind was wandering was: "Where was Gautama Buddha actually Born? " And I found this: Kapilavastu, the capital city of the Sakyas,and Lumbini, the actual birthplace of Gautam Buddha, were situated in the Nepalese Tarai. The main basis of this belief is the inscribed pillar of Rummindei, recording the visit of the Mauryan emperor Ashoka, the great to the place where Buddha was born. It is little known that the same fact in similar words and script existed in Orissa. So much has been taken for granted on this issue that few scholars are now prepared to go deep into the matter. That Buddha was born in India and not in Nepal, needs to be accepted on the basis of a number of proofs. (This link will take you to the article with the facts that Gautama Buddha was born in India not in Nepal.) And even if Gauta ...
is the only modern sadhu/Sanyasi who went to Himalayas in early age to lead a hermit life but returned and now living lavish life. So what is the fuss about Swami Vivekananda? Nor Vivekananda nor Gautam Buddha loved material pleasures. He has never given explanation why he returned to live a lavish life. He is modern Sadhu because he is also using public funds for his material pleasures.
'Maitreya Project', proposed to be set up in Kushinagar district. In view of the Allahabad high court staying the land acquisition proceedings till further orders, theproposed inauguration date of the project was postponed last month.The court has issued notice to the Maitreya Project International, which intends to set up a tall statue of Gautam Buddha, besides other charitable institutions including a university, as part of the project. The court has directedthe state government to file a counter-affidavit within a month. The petitioners include Surya Pratap Shahi, former state president, BJP and many marginal farmers from Kushinagar, who have been opposing the move to acquire their land for the project.The notification for acquisition of around 660 acres of land in Kushinagar for the project was first issued in 2004 under Section-4 of the Land Acquisition Act, 1894. The subsequent notification of Section-6 of the Act was issued in 2005.According to Hari Shankar Singh, Lekhpal, "Initially, around 660 ac ...
Recently on a interview about peace. Sharukh Khan said mind blowing words. Reporter: " That mean you feel proud to be an Indian. Where Symbol of peace Gautam Buddha was born?" . SRK said " I don't know why Indian Goverment and media said Buddha was born in India... Every body knows that Buddha was born in Nepal. Kapilbastu is in Nepal. Gautam Buddha and Kapilbastu are properties of Nepal" Once baba Ramdev said " Gautam buddha Nepal maa ka santan hai... India Goverment ye jo kar raha hai. Ye galat hai. India Goverment k kehenese sach nahi badlega" how many salute and likes for these two indians
"PEACE N HARMONY" "When there is beauty in the character, There is harmony in the home” (The wise sage Confucius) “When there is harmony in the home, There is order in the nation, When there is order in the nation There is peace in the world”. ( Gautam Buddha) The high idea of’s poetic lines is: "Peace comes from harmony and harmony comes from the beauty of character! (A.P.J. Abdul Kalam)
Prophet Mohammad was born 1,400 years ago. Jesus Christ was born 2,000 years back. Gautam Buddha was born 2,600 years back, whereas Ram was born 7,000 years back. Hence, discovering the details relating to Shri Ram's life would be lot more difficult as destruction caused by floods, earthquakes and invasions etc., would be far greater. But, should that stop our quest for learning more about our cultural heritage? As people of Indian origin, let us all take pride in the fact that the Indian civilization is the most ancient civilisation today. It is certainly more than 10,000 years old. Therefore, let us reject the story of Aryan invasion in India in 1,500 BC as motivated implantation. In fact Max Mueller, who was the creator of this theory had himself rejected it. Let us admit that during the British Rule, we were educated in the schools based on Macaulay school of thinking which believed that everything Indian was inferior and that entire "Indian literature was not worth even one book rack in England". If ...
It is a big fight.a fight for the entire nation.I dont understand how everybody can sleep so casually?? dont we have any responsibility towards our MA?? Its high time brothers and sisters! It feels me with deep grief, sorrow and pain to see my bothers and sisters, ie, the sons and daughters of BHARAT MATA going down and down! Why are they forgetting our culture?? Hey my brothers, why r u all... forgetting that we are the people of Swami Vivekananda, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, Sri Ramakrishna, Gautam Buddha?? Why r u all accepting western culture? We all should maintain our own culture! And my dear sisters? What the *** has happened to you all? What is it that makes u all so happy to expose off your bodies?? I know i am being very harsh but i just cant tolerate this fate of my sisters anymore!! Why the *** r my sisters so eager to show off their bodies? Why do they have so much problem in covering up the god-gifted bodies? Why r they not maintaining their "abhru"? Pls my sisters, dont forget that you ar . ...
Wish you all a very Happy Vesak Day i.e. Happy Buddha Jayanti: The festival of Buddha Purnima or Buddha Jayanti celebrates the birth of Gautam Buddha in 563 BC. Siddhartha Gautama or Gautam Budhha was a spiritual teacher and the founder of Buddhism. The most important of all the Buddhist festivals, Buddha Purnima is considered the most auspicious of all the days in the year. The festival commemorates the Buddha's enlightenment and death. Although there are minor regional variations in the way Buddha Purnima is observed, the festival is generally observed by lighting oil lamps before the image of the Buddha, by reciting prayers or reading from the Buddhist scriptures and worshipping the statue of Buddha. Meditation and offerings of flowers, silk scarves, incense and fruit are also part of the worship rituals. Bodhgaya (Bihar) and Sarnath (Uttar Pradesh) are, in particular, known for the Buddha Purnima celebrations which are held in these two cities. Bodhgaya is the place where the Buddha attained enlighten ...
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Read About Anguli Maal "The man with a garland of fingers Either you make your energy creative, or it will turn sour and become destructive. Energy is a dangerous thing--if you have it, you have to use it creatively, otherwise sooner or later you will find it has become destructive. So find something--whatsoever you like--to put your energy into. If you want, painting; or if you want, dancing or singing; or if you want to play an instrument. Whatsoever you want, find a way in which you can become completely lost. If you can be lost playing a guitar--good! In those moments when you are lost, your energy will be released in a creative way. If you cannot be lost in painting, in singing, in dancing, in playing guitar or a flute, then you will find lower ways of being lost: anger, rage, aggression; these are lower ways to be lost. Gautam Buddha initiated a murderer into sannyas--and the murderer was no ordinary murderer. Rudolf Hess is nothing compared to him. His name was Angulimal. Angulimal means a man who ...
trust of 120cr people also broke when riots took place where Gautam buddha resides
Gautam Buddha and Mt Everest both are pride of NEPAL but some ignorant individual and ill-minded people often try unsuccessfully to cover up the truth.
I never see what has been done; I only see what remains to be done - Gautam Buddha
Indian text book used in Nepal misleads on Gautam Buddha
Q2. Jataka Tales, written in Pali language, are the previous birth stories of which religious Guru ? Buddha
Thailand Queen : 100 kg Gold donation to Bodhgaya-Vihar, in India. Surprise ... it is called a trust and faith towards Buddhism . What our Indian king and queen are doing ? fighting on the name of religion . and doing politics on the name of religion. Give salute to such woman . who is doing something as per her capacity .
true line.if u want to update about education field.then u like Gautam Buddha College of Education page
GBCE offers students from all around the world the prospect to come to BUNDELKHAND to study the BBA Course specializing program in Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Information Technology. BBA, BCA, MBA
Peace comes to those who let others live in peace. - Gautam Buddha
Oh man!! Rise above mundane desires of life , aim for bigger - Gautam buddha
Thought to ponder - The Buddhas do but tell the way; it is for you to swelter at the task - Gautam Buddha
Bihar have historically ... Magadha, Bihar named "Buddhist monasteries' is a corruption of the word, which is the ancient name of Patna was Pataliputra.! Today you go to a scenic spot which many people know about -. Nalanda Nalanda district in Bihar ... in Sanskrit means "giver of knowledge" (Nalam = lotus, which symbolizes wisdom; Da = pay). Says that the installation of AD 470/450 AD [?] Kumargupta was king of the Gupta Empire. It was one of the world's first fully residential university where 10,000 students and 2,000 teachers lived. Taxila University established the first university in India, the world's seventh century BC, the Nalanda University was founded nearly 1200 years ago. The second ancient Nalanda University in India, which is being Punrnirma ... training. Nearly 1,000 years ago, long before the establishment of the University at the time of Gautama Buddha (500 BC), the Nalanda is the nerve-center. Nalanda Buddhist proofs mentioned many times in the Gautam Buddha came. There is a common gard ...
Fanaticus is an independent club which aims at conducting events which give intensive exposure to engineering students and gives them an opportunity to prove themselves.
.If you want to understand exactly what meditation is, Gautam Buddha is the first man to come to its right, exact definition - that is witnessing. ~Osho -
By Devika Poudel, USA I have been here in USA for 5 years working as photographer and during my stay in this country I have seen lots of Buddhists from all around the world most of the days. During...
ABOUT OSHO: Osho’s teachings defy categorization, covering everything from the individual quest for meaning to the most urgent social and political issues facing individuals and society today. Osho is known for his revolutionary contribution to the science of inner transformation, with an approach...
wth?! Now i must say the wig seriously looks weird!!! :P And that gautam is such a buddha!!! A over 50s man he is in reality.
'' Save anger is like holding a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone, are you burns.'' Siddhartha Gautam Buddha
A Wonderful Act for Fortune and Joy in 2013 When we give, we receive back a hundred fold. One of the purest, richest forms of giving is the sponsorship of monks and nuns who have dedicated their lives to benefiting others. This year, under the guidance of our Spiritual Advisor, H.E. Tsem Rinpoche, Kechara is seeking to sponsor the education, spiritual practice and welfare of monks of the prestigious Gaden Monastery in India. We invite you to be a part of this very meritorious act to usher in auspicious blessings for prosperity and good fortune for 2013 and beyond. Benefits of Sponsoring the Sangha - Collection of merits for good health and long life - Invite the energies of good fortune for yourself and loved ones - Overcome obstacles to success and eradicate problems - Create the causes for abundance and prosperity - Develop strong, firm spirituality - Ensuring the growth of authentic Buddhist teachings and spiritual values for a harmonious society Token of Appreciation -- the Bodhgaya Vajrayogini All su ...
Gautam buddha as bron in nepal n0t in indiea
Gud mrg, "v r sharped by our thoughts,v become what v think,ven d mind is pure,joy follows like a shadow that never leaves" -Gautam Buddha
Extreme Adventure Planet is one of those trekking offices established in Nepal, birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha and Mt. Everest, enriched with highly experienced, energetic, motivated youth grown up playing with current of river and heap of snow that has decorated Nepal with endless clusters like the soldiers are ready to parade. Adventure is a path. Real adventure is self determined, self motivated; often risky forces you to have firsthand encounters with the world. Doing trekking is our passion. So, since 2011, we are leading the trek and climbing in all corners (east part to west part) of whole Nepal. Where we introduce the glory heritage things: Such as life style, cast system, religion, culture, Custom, norms and values, nature, flora and faun and many more different things. Distinguish those things are great happiness of our. It is great participating for creating uniqueness of Nepal. Seeing that things are make us jealous and greedy.  Those things are giving me courage and pleasure. It impresses ...
The man who wrote two of the 20th century's greatest novels, Animal Farm and 1984, was born in Motihari. But few come to the sleepy Bihar town seeking George Orwell. | This is how we preserve the birthplace of a great writer
Overcome anger by love, ill will by good will; overcome the greedy with liberality, the liar with truth. ~Gautam Buddha
We are the same as plants, as trees, as other people, as the rain that falls. We consist of that which is around us, we are the same as everything. If we destroy something around us, we destroy ourselves. If we cheat another, we cheat ourselves. Understanding this truth, the Buddha and his disciples never killed any animal.
Abstain from telling lies. Abstain from harsh, rude, impolite, malicious, or abusive language.
Focus on one thought or object at a time. By doing this, we can be quiet and attain true peace of mind.
The wheel of life and death is kept turning by the three poisons of greed, hatred, and stupidity. By cutting off the three poisons, we can escape the wheel and become enlightened
Once Lord Buddha was in some deep serious thought. So he became Gautam Gambhir.
When Buddha was on hid death bed , his wife Yashodhara asked him what was the reason for pain and sorrow in life. Buddha Replied : "Poverty". Then she asked him : What was the way out?. Buddha replied : "Redistribution of Resources through Govt Intervention (For example progressive tax system, distribution of land among landless and Welfare Activities by the State like establishment of educational institutions and hospitals for the poor and incapable). Yashodhara then said: " you could have done this being a king also, why did you choose to be a saint renouncing everything?" Budhha just nodded.
Gautam buddha ko naman love u Sent Buddha .
The reason India was called pure land/holy land was due to the 'vipassana meditation' technique which helped the meditators to get rid of the stress, sufferings, and helped achieve higher spiritual states. As Buddha's teachings declined in 4-5th century AD, ritualism, idol worshiping, and all non-usful commercial techniques of worshiping were propagated throughout India. In the current situation satyanarayan, narayan nagbali and other non-sense ritauals have occupied people's lives in India. Saint Tukaram, Vithoba, mahatma Jyotiba phule, Babasaheb ambedkar all have campaigned against ill practices in India, but Indians keep falling prays to business of ritualism and myths. Indians are exactly same as described by the character of Mithun Chakrobarty in the movie-"Oh My God" Vipassana meditaion camps are now available throughout the world, please visit vipassana igatpuri website for details. The website is-
One of the best pj ever- ." wat is d opposite of laughing buddha?? .Gautam Gambhir!!"
"No one saves us but ourselves. No one can no one may. We ourselves must walk the path" Siddhartha Gautam Buddha
Brahma vihaar, as taught by Gautam Buddha. I hope you will share the source of your knowledge out of Gratitude.
Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life. - Gautam Buddha
French Legion Vs gurkhas. defeat is not in their vocabulary: what british say
The fun box is a thematic DIY (do-it-yourself) activity kit for kids and parents to do together. A concept that combines learning and fun. Every monthly subscription box is loaded with ALL the physical materials- projects, activities, books,plus know-how content to engage with your kids!
If Gautam buddha ws born In india than taj mahal was built by Prithivi Narayn Shah
Lord gautam buddha was born in nepal.a place called lumbini.he was born in royal family.he was born on 2531 years before.
Last one... Q10. Which Indian state is related to the enlightenment of Gautam Buddha?
Npl is th brthplc of Gautam buddha..
Words are the Foundation of your Life - WINDOW TO OUR SOUL Gautam Buddha said: ‘All that we are is the result…
Wolfgang OneHand hat Gautam Buddhas Foto geteilt. Gautam Buddha Peace and Love for you _/\_ :
Breast Cancer Awareness
first day is dedicated to Lord Gautam Buddha
The CBI director is a suspect, Why did he bend and then now act as if he is Gautam Buddha?
Q-What is the name of Gautam Buddha's Son ? A) Jatin B) Siddharth C) Rajiv D) Rahul
Lord Gautam Buddha d light of d world...
Every people in the world,do u know where is nepal?not only the birth place of the gautam buddha,not only place where everest is located,we are very professional player of one compete with nepal.
this vdo is response to the indians who always say that gautam buddha was born in india but he actually was born in Nepal
The word Buddha will be repeated again and again by Bodhidharma so you have to understand what it means. It is not a personal name of anybody. Buddha simply means one who is awakened. Gautam Buddha is the most famous awakened person but tha...See More
'' The law of the mind is relentless. What you think, you create. What you feel you attract. What you believe, becomes reality.'' Siddhartha Gautam Buddha
Lets help nepal to get her stolen identity frm india Jst sign digitally at www.News24nepal.Tv or www.change.Org to prove world that GAUTAM BUDDHA was born in nepal! So guys jst sign for nepal your every sign counts Lets Show the world.
Bulan depan ke Nepal. Foto bareng Gautam Buddha was born in Nepal
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