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Gateway Arch

The Gateway Arch, or Gateway to the West, is an arch that is the centerpiece of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial in St.

Jefferson National Expansion Memorial St Louis Jefferson Memorial Eero Saarinen Mississippi River Saint Louis New Black Panther Party Black Panthers

the fake story marian and i made up for the gateway arch while we were palling around St Louis is my favorite Friend Meme
Good night St. Louis. I gotta say, it was a good day. @ Gateway Arch
Here’s what it’s like inside St. Louis' Gateway Arch — the tallest man-made monument in the US
SCSN’s Anarchy Under the Arch Beneath the Lights Aug. 3-5 at Gateway - -…
Life goal: False flag the conspiracy theorists by opening a pizza parlor by the gateway arch called "Pizzagate"
Life is now complete.. I saw and went up in the gateway arch in Missouri.
Gateway Arch among top summer attractions
Based on year-over-year search activity, the Arch comes in at No. 10 -- ranking above attractions like Mt. Rushmore.
We are so excited to be a partner with Gateway Arch Park Foundation for Blues at the Arch again this year. Come...
On a day trip with the hubs. My 2nd hometown. We are hungry. @ Gateway Arch
A semi tanker is hanging over the side of the EB 44/WB 70 overpass just North of the Gateway Arch downtow…
Gateway Arch named one of the 'Trendiest U.S. Attractions'
Just want to point out its Gateway Arch, with a CH, not Gateway Arc
The has been named one of the 'Trendiest U.S. Attractions' by
transgender people to speak at the Gateway Arch Grounds at 5:30 on Sunday, that would be awesome. Our hearts go out to...
Our team worked really hard today and is ending the evening hanging out at the Gateway Arch!
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I have always marveled at the St. Louis Gateway Arch. Someday I will visit and give it a thumbs up.
Nothing tops when The Fantastic 4 fought the Hulk on top of the Gateway Arch.
PHOTOGRAPH OF THE DAY from the road - Gateway arch of Saint Louis shot at 70 miles an hour!…
Currently at the top of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis and I have so much anxiety I feel like it's going to fall and I'm going to die
Blues at the Arch is back on Aug 4! New location by and at the new North Gateway! ht…
Anything to make lil man happy! @ Gateway Arch, Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
Do you know what the tallest U.S. monument is? The St. Louis Gateway Arch! Learn about it in my American Road artic…
Went over to the Gateway Arch and Old Courthouse. The arch is unfortunately closed for renovations right now.
Visited the Arch on our way out today. @ Gateway Arch, Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
Such a beautiful day for St. Louis! @ Gateway Arch, Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
Cooler than I thought it would be @ Gateway Arch, Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
Eero Saarinen was a Finnish architect who is famous for designing public spaces, including the Gateway Arch and TWA Flight Ce…
I worked hard with Jay Nixon to keep the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. I owed it to the great State of Missouri for th…
1965: U.S. - construction is completed on the 630 ft high Gateway Arch, designed by Eero Saarinen, on the waterfront o…
Standing tall with the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, MO!
Standing 630 feet high and weighing 17,246 tons the Gateway Arch greets us in St. Louis!
Mysterious blinking light seen over St. Louis' Gateway Arch
The iconic Gateway Arch, the tallest monument in the U.S., offers unparalleled views of the St. Louis area and is...
Finishing up a great weekend in St. Louis! Under the Gateway Arch and then a super nice guy let us in Busch...
don't forget the Gateway Arch here in St Louis
And the Gateway Arch needs some giant truck nuts!
View from the top of the Gateway Arch, St. Louis. Expansion of the Jefferson Memorial grounds below.
The city of St. Louis, viewed from atop the Gateway Arch.
Finally got to see the Gateway Arch!
Changing planes in St Louis, enroute to Philly! Gateway Arch in the center. I'll be in Pittsburgh by Thurs midday.
One step at a time leads to success
The gateway arch is an amazing sight but god *** St. Louis is ghetto. Pretty fun though
When most people think of St. Louis, they think of AB, the Cardinals and the Gateway Arch. We offer an experience...
The Gateway Arch is 192 mts wide and 192 mts in height. It is the tallest monument ever made in US.
A black and white photo of the Gateway Arch in Saint Louis. Nikon d800e,ISO 50, 50mm, f8,
The St. Louis Gateway Arch. Crazy to think that the Pioneers built this on their way out West to the gold rush!
A cool pic of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.
Enjoyed a family visit to the Gateway Arch.
Span the West at The Gateway Arch, St.Louis. Since its opening in 1967, the iconic Gateway Arch at Jefferson...
A little sight seeing before its back to the gym!!☀️. @ St. Louis Gateway Arch,…
Went to the top of the gateway arch today👌🏽
To reach the top of the you have to ride a tiny pod.
= Gateway Arch we only have 10 days remaining. fans.
Looking back towards the Old Courthouse and the Gateway Arch in
Family Night in St Louis at the Gateway Arch! Planned this trip last minute! Enjoying Life…
A delightful view of St Louis! An awesome view from top of gateway Arch!
What to do with paper scissors and glue
there are quite a few similar arches now - Eero Saarinen's Gateway Arch, St. Louis for instance
Staying at the hotel right next to the Gateway Arch in St. Louis😭😛
In 2017, Kiener Plaza and the museum and visitor center under the Gateway Arch will open.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I see you're in or on your way to St. Louis! Hope you get to at least pass by the Gateway Arch!
Bit of a parable this morning, thew me for a curve @ St. Louis Gateway Arch, Missouri
XPRIZE and Topcoder Team-Up: Crowdsourcing a Mobile Application: Twenty years ago, with the Gateway Arch (St.
Another reason driving is better than flying...spontaneous pit stop at the Gateway Arch in St. Louis!
Jay Nixon was pretty stoked about the progress of the project
*buys and smokes weed under St Louis Arch*. "Hey look guys I'm smoking a GATEWAY DRUG!". *promptly gets shot on sight and dumped in the river*
Riverfront renovations at the Gateway Arch grounds via
Fireworks at the reopening of the riverfront at the Gateway Arch!
Enjoying the Picnic at the Riverfront downtown. I barely recognize the Gateway Arch.
Lucky she to work in the shadow of Eero Saarinen's Gateway Arch
Mass at the Old Cathedral near the St. Louis Gateway Arch ...
✨ So lucky to be able to say I've been to the top of the Gateway Arch ✨ @ Saint…
Was that Bay Area at the Gateway Arch today? Always loved your Letterman appearances!
We went to the top of the Gateway Arch in Illinois
Here's what St. Louis is doing with its riverfront.
the original bridge that Carnegie built. All the way from the top of the Gateway Arch
The new Riverfront path at Gateway Arch will be celebrating their unveiling tonight!
Fun !! Head over to the Gateway Arch, Jefferson National Expansion Memorial on the for the...
Under the Arch in St. Louis...the gateway to the the Old Cathedral @ 1770 ...
BND front-page news: Your first chance to see the renovated St. Louis riverfront under the Gateway Arch ...
Riverfront paths at Gateway Arch to open Thursday in St. Louis
Wish this summer tour included St. Louis. We miss you here at the gateway arch.
Video: Riverfront renovations at the Gateway Arch grounds via
Video: Riverfront renovations at the Gateway Arch grounds
Bih mouf shaped like the Gateway Arch
The 630-foot Gateway Arch monument in St. Louis was designed by Finnish-American architect Eero Saarinen in 1947!
I have a sinus infection. My head feels like it is in a vice full of needles. Still, it's better than the St. Louis Gate…
Why specifically do YOU hate the St. Louis Gateway Arch? If you're in Seattle, there's no wrong answer
Why specifically do people in Seattle hate the St. Louis Gateway Arch? It's a Pacific Northwest thing. You'd get it if y…
They were sold out for the day, but the Arch was still great to see! @ St. Loius Gateway Arch,…
Come threw a portal out the gateway arch/ an alien nice as Canadians here for peace but disintegrate mc's that's cremation.
Register to win tickets for a Gateway Arch Riverboat Brunch Cruise!
Faced 2 fears today as I went up the Gateway Arch..fear of heights and claustrophobia 👍😬
Is it coincidental that the Arch/ Gateway to Baal goes up on this exact date?? Nothing is coincidental to G-d...
takes time out today to visit the Gateway Arch
Vista sign takes many by surprise. [from The San Diego Union-Tribune]
Vista sign takes many by surprise: Facing pushback from unhappy residents, Vista’s elected leaders say they plan to…
Quick stop to view the St. Louis Gateway Arch.
Which state has the famous Gateway Arch, which symbolizes US westward expansion?
Sending you kisses from 630 ft in the air at the top of the Gateway Arch! 💋
Missouri is known as the “Gateway to the West.” Gateway Arch symbolizes westward expansion:
Some info from a DEEP Military Industrial Complex Insider on the Anunnaki and some thoughts on what was revealed...
Replica of Arch from Temple of Baal being Reconstructed in NYC & London. Baal worship ?
I've been missing Aurelia a little extra lately :( @ St. Louis arch: The Gateway to the West
Hello from St. Louis! Within shouting distance of the Gateway Arch, Syracuse will face Dayton today at 12:15 (EST) in the NCAA tourney.
The fact that the Gateway Arch is closed for renovations is just terrible.
We made it to St. Louis and we're ready @ St. Loius Gateway Arch,…
The Wildcats in front of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.
By the way, the Gateway Arch is equally dumb in person.
Fine!. Meet me in “The power of a beautiful face lifts me to heaven”. https…
60. Can't go to St. Louis and not see the famous Gateway Arch!
From one Gateway to another... Welcome to the Gateway Family! .
Willie McGee to visit Gateway Grizzlies on opening day May 13 - Arch City Sports
The inflatable arch is a versatile, brand-able gateway appearing today at most major and minor events worldwide.
TIL Architect Eero Saarinen, who designed the Gateway Arch, the Washington Dulles International Airport, and the T…
It's a bright and sunshiny day, perfect for a 1:30 p.m. sightseeing cruise on the Gateway Arch Riverboats!
If you're visiting be sure to book a sightseeing riverboat cruise
Did you book tix on the Gateway Arch Riverboats? Great views of me & STL from the river + history lesson!
I want to see Gateway Arch in St.louis
Help me out, tweeps. If I'm gonna do one thing in St. Louis this weekend that's not basketball for the Gateway Arch, what should it be?
As a kid, I remember going to a Bob Dole rally under the Gateway Arch. Instead of Sam & Dave's 1967 "Soul Man," it was "Dole Man."
Another view of St. Louis looking down from the Gateway Arch observation deck. The beautif…
Running from KC to Nashville. Just past the St Louis gateway arch.
Did you know has the largest surviving Roman gateway in Britain
. We have a second rounder from the man standing under the gateway arch!
Seeing the Gateway Arch this weekend was pretty rad 🌚🛣👌🏻
Saw Oh was looking for a new nickname. He mentioned The Arch as being what he knew of the Midwest as the gateway to the 1/2
Life is so fragile... We must protect our world. @ Gateway Arch
Elastic energy w/in plantar fascia adds to arch shortening during push-off phase/running.
My clients are always shown excellent service when staying at the Hampton Inn St. Louis-Downtown at the Gateway Arch. The staff is great!
Looking East towards Downtown St Louis City and the Gateway Arch, from my front door. Headed to…
stopping in St. Louis to see the Gateway Arch. I'm very excited
Just entered St. Louis and saw the ionic Gateway Arch...another thing to cross of the bucket list
It's NOT the St. Louis is the Gateway Arch. I don't know why that bothers me, but it does. /
On October 28th, 1965 workers completed the famous Gateway Arch in St. Louis!
Eero Saarinen described his Gateway Arch as "symbolizing the gateway to the West, the nati…
Selfie with Christopher at the Gateway Arch! We had such a great time! 😁🌆🏙 @ Gateway Arch
Selfie with Christopher inside the top of the Gateway Arch! 😁🌆🏙 @ Gateway Arch
The view of Illinois and the Mississippi River from the top of the Gateway Arch!!! 😁🌆🏙 @ Gateway…
Going into the North Tram of the Gateway Arch!!! 😁🌆🏙 @ Gateway Arch
I checked in at The Gateway Arch on …
how sweet is it to be loved by you @ Gateway Arch
pit stop to 700 ft in the St. Louis air @ Gateway Arch, Jefferson…
Saint Louis arch : the gateway to the s…
Saint Louis arch : the gateway to the south 😂 …
In line for the Journey To The Top of the Gateway Arch!!! 😁🌆🏙 @ Gateway Arch
Saint Louis arch : the gateway to the south 😂
I got why it wasn't an arch but does it need gates to be a gateway? There must be a word for square-arches: we need
an arch is a curved structure - this temple entrance I would say is a gateway - what do you think?
It looks like you've got the Gateway Arch on above your eyes.nice try
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Wow this is near my sister. Remember epic flood fm years ago that reached Gateway Arch
Beginning 1/4, will close for construction. Old Courthouse will remain open: ht…
Have you ever visited St. Louis? Check out our amazing Gateway Arch gallery! (Peter Herzog)
that a flea can jump 130 times its height? That's like a human jumping over the Gateway Arch in St. Louis!
The Arch and the mighty river. A beautiful night in @ Gateway Arch
Busch Memorial Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri with Civic Center and Gateway Arch [link removed]
The sunset reflecting off the Gateway Arch as the Cardinals put 4 on the board in the 1st.
Jefferson Memorial at St Louis framed by Gateway Arch. Misleading image from this distance as the…
Postcard # 1173 - Gateway Arch and the Old Cathedral, St. Louis, Missouri - New
Wouldn't want to spend my weekend with anyone else ❤️ @ Gateway Arch
I added a video to a playlist St Louis Gateway Arch = Accidents [1 / 3]
But seriously, STL is stellar. With mkerkman09 and @ Gateway Arch
Gateway Arch, St Louis, MO. Featuring the Mississippi River and the state of Illinois.
Shoe Bear™ at Gateway Arch headed West to Colorado with Claire & Bill. St. Lewis, Missouri. Claire
Working on weekends isn't so bad when you get to explore new cities @ Gateway Arch
Incredible view. Taking in the sights in St. Louis. @ Gateway Arch,…
View from the top of the Gateway Arch (630 feet above the ground).
View from the top with Great Grandpa. @ Gateway Arch, Jefferson National…
1. accept grant from the EPA 2. Form Gateway Arch community outreach 3. Deploy undergrads to survey home owners for well info
Me inside taxpayer-funded, big government claustrophobic tramway of doom. @ Gateway Arch
. You know in St. Louis they cut pizza into squares?. Gateway Arch... TO ***
Playing tourist with this one. r.musick @ Gateway Arch, Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
Photo: A quick stop at the before leaving (at Gateway Arch)
Seattle looks great in the morning sun @ Gateway Arch
Here we go, folks! The Street Car Super Nationals ''Anarchy at the Arch'' race at
Large-scale, project in St. Louis aims to connect Gateway Arch to downtown area:
from the view, and my hazy memory, it's directly behind the photographer, through a little arch/gateway. You can still see Duomo
Did you know the Gateway Arch is clad entirely in 300 series stainless You do now!
Incredible color shots of Busch Stadium II (and the Gateway Arch) under construction, 1964-66.
Stargazing under the Gateway Arch with tonight's Gateway to the Stars...
The giveaway is for 4 sightseeing cruise tix on the Gateway Arch Riverboats! Click through to see how you can win!
View from my Suite in St. Louis. Gateway Arch & Miss River across the street
Just touchdown in St. Louis..catch me at Blank Space tonight. . @ Gateway Arch
A beautiful day for a walk in St. Louis. @ Gateway Arch
Bout to climb this sucker @ Gateway Arch, Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
I thought it would be more golden. @ Gateway Arch, Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
Gastblog van over Gateway Arch in St. Louis en Louis & Clark Expedition:
St Louis Gateway Arch pictures travel city museum facts .
Someone called their children, Katy and Perry, at the Gateway Arch! I'm going to pretend they did that on purpose.
My Tram Ride to the Peak of the Gateway Arch
I'll go up another day 👈🏻 @ Gateway Arch, Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
Home to Budweiser, the Gateway Arch, and too much red! @ Busch Stadium
Looking above all of St. Louis from the arch! 🌃 @ Gateway Arch & Old…
I took this 630 feet in the air inside the Gateway Arch where we rode in egg shaped trams to the top.…
He's got the St. Louis Gateway arch hairline
Great time at the arch! The best part was the ride to the top. @ Gateway Arch, Jefferson…
i visited the Gateway Arch yesterday. that was fun.
Sunset through the gateway arch, nightfall in the old Ozarks =>
Enjoying the start of the conference. Checked out the Gateway Arch, very cool
go to the gateway arch. I know that's typical but really cool museum down there. Also BPV across Clark St. from stadium.
And as we look out to the Gateway Arch! Go Cards!
my part is clean. Way better than the Gateway Arch.
The Gateway Arch has anchored the skyline for 50 years. What will stand with it 50 years from now.
The Gateway Arch has better range than Chris Johnson
Casually throwing up some spurs at the Arch! @ Gateway…
Hello St. Louis. We're ready for our close up. @ Gateway Arch &…
YO!! St Louis has been good to me 😎 @ Gateway Arch, Jefferson National Expansion…
Enjoyed the views atop The Gateway Arch. Now, off to the ballpark!
New post on my blog: 12 facts about the Gateway Arch (St. Louis, MO)
Can't believe I got to go to the Gateway Arch in St. Louis and cross it off my bucket list! It was…
watched on St Louis from atop The Gateway Arch
Sometimes I imagine us doing a continental high-five like some kind of digital St. Louis Gateway Arch.
Anyone wanna come see the Gateway Arch in St. Louis with me...?
Marked off the St. Louis Arch off my bucket list today❤️ @ Gateway Arch, Jefferson National Expansion…
I'm at the Gateway Arch right now in St. Louis and this thing shouldn't be possible
Despite the optical illusion, the Gateway Arch in St. Louis is exactly as wide (630 feet) as it is tall.
Be back for good in a month @ Gateway Arch, Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
Road Trip day 7: St. Louis! Chilling near the famous Gateway Arch on a cute cobblestone street where…
Ground broken on latest Gateway Arch makeover bid; updated museum, guest center in the works
Enjoying the groundbreaking for the new museum and visitor center at the Gateway Arch. A great day for our region! http:/…
At the Mississippi River. No sign of Huck Finn of Tom Sawyer.. @ Gateway Arch
I love vacations and my family and taking artsy pictures. @ Gateway Arch
Yes, the Gateway Arch in St Louis IS taller than me.
Location scouting for tonight's sessions @ Gateway Arch
Cleaning the St. Louis Gateway Arch - video: *** naw
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I like flowers and the Gateway Arch🌸
We hope to see everyone at 7pm for our meeting tonight in the Alumni Center (Arch of the Gateway)! 😄
Roadtrippers: the controversial and remarkable building of St. Louis’ Gateway Arch
Don't forget we have a meeting tomorrow at 7pm in the Alumni Center (Arch of the Gateway)! Hope to see you all there! 💚
A warm welcome! I love my room and the view of Gateway Arch is spectacular!
On top of the world! Or, at least 630 feet above the crazy. @ Gateway Arch
Had the best time exploring St Louis this weekend 😊 @ Gateway Arch
Gateway of India, Raj's mighty imperial arch in Bombay, completed as UK's Asian empire was on the point of collapse http…
this coming from the dude with the St. Louis Gateway Arch stretching above his eyebrows
The Gateway to The West. So tall we couldn't even fit our whole heads. @ Gateway Arch
I thought my view would get old, but it hasn't yet. @ Gateway Arch
Bigger than I thought it would be. (@ The Gateway Arch) on
The Arch is always a great running destination. @ Gateway Arch, Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
Gateway Arch x Thank you St. Louis for a great getaway weekend. @ St. Louis Arch
of a quick stop since we drove right by the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.
for Gateway Arch, MO to make the sites!
Currently at the top of The Gateway Arch in St. Louis!
Because we do Easter a little unconventional 😋🐰 @ Gateway Arch
It's amazing how much that love has grown ❤️❤️ @ Gateway Arch
Came here for our honeymoon almost 5 years ago ❤️ @ Gateway Arch
Happy Easter! "a gateway-arch of pillars leads to beyond your nature" J. George ARCHER
Ezekiel . The Seraphim Sphinx Paw. Tree of knowledge and Well of knowledge. The Cherubim Arch Star Gateway .Crystal Disc Glyphs of Atlas
[STL Post: Business] A new vision for the Gateway Arch comes into focus
New blog post on the Arch of Trajan - A Gateway to Benevento in italy -
Photo: I stand and shout to the world - you have nothing against me. Hello from Gateway Arch in St. Louis.
We only have hours left, Be good to me. @ Gateway Arch
“The St. Louis Gateway Arch being built, May 1964 shout out to the lou at the east border ~🌕.
Gateway Arch, the tallest monument on earth. Location: St. Louis, Missouri, USA.
Bein all touristy n stuff in St. Louis @ Gateway Arch
Pano of downtown St. Louis from the top of the Gateway Arch.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Shockers visited Gateway Arch and Saint Louis University on our stop in St. Louis traveling back from…
St. Louis. An arch above the rest. @ Gateway Arch
Photo: Good morning, St. Louis! in front of your Gateway Arch is a great start to my day. (I tried to...
Too foggy to see the Gateway Arch. WAH! (@ Amtrak Station (STL) in Saint Louis, MO)
Gateway Arch in St. Louis is awesome. 63 stories high!
Selfie from the Gateway Arch in St Louis! They are the cutest.
View of St. Louis. from the Gateway Arch on the Monument to the Dream Tour
Yesterday/this morning I saw the Empire State building, the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, and the back of an ambulance all for the first time.
Oh hai St. Louis. We are in you now. @ Gateway Arch
They in SL “Protest prompts closure of Gateway Arch in St. Louis ht…
The St. Louis Gateway Arch needs no introduction. Easily one of the most iconic structures in…
From the Gateway Arch to Central West End, St. Louis, we've got you covered. Order delivery from Pickles Deli...
In St. Louis, where we fly through the Gateway Arch only to discover there's a toll for doing that.
In 1 week I'll be on my way to St. Louis. I don't know what I'm more excited for, seeing the Gateway Arch or spending New Years Eve in Iowa.
Litchfield, Illinois is conveniently located 60 miles from St. Louis' Gateway Arch
Great day so far.St. Louis is an amazing city! @ Gateway Arch, Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
Had an amazing day yesterday at the Jefferson National Expansion Monument & going up the Gateway Arch! I ❤️St. Louis😊
Livin large and in charge ✌️ @ Gateway Arch, Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
Two members of the New Black Panther Party arrested last week on federal weapons charges were planning to bomb the Gateway Arch
Serious *** Not good. Be lucky the media isn't give u shine for this RT
This is absolutely terrifying. People are terrible.
Ferguson plot: Two men indicted on weapons charges allegedly planned to bomb Gateway Arch and kill prosecu
.has more on FBI sting operation, where agents tried to get 2 men to acquire pipe bombs to blow up Arch
ST. LOUIS BOMB PLOT FAILS BECAUSE OF MAXED OUT EBT CARD Sources say the men planned to kill St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch, and Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson, and also planned to bomb the famed Gateway Arch in downtown St. Louis. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports the men bought what they believed to be a pipe bomb from undercover police but could not afford more bombs "until one suspect’s girlfriend’s Electronic Benefit Transfer card was replenished." by WARNER TODD HUSTON 26 Nov 2014 Just as in the Boston Marathon bombing the taxpayer is paying for protesters criminal activity. Obama's America.
via sting op: 2 men remain n jail after alleged attempt acquire pipe bombs to blow up STLOUIS Arch
Yes, there was a bomb plot. Suspects couldn't get more materials until "EBT was replenished."
Black Panthers to bomb gateway arch, busted!
Obama should find jobs for the protectors, not for illegals. They have time to protest because they are on welfare:
.planned to blow up arch w/ bombs paid for by cards. Also kill prosecutor & chief
2 arrested for plot to blow up St. Louis' Gateway Arch, assassinate county prosecutor:
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Plot to destroy St Louis arch by Ferguson protesters foiled because his girlfriend had no money on her EBT card
St. Louis's famed Gateway Arch is exactly as wide as it is tall.
Black Panthers plotted St. Louis attack. Men planned to kill Ferguson officials, bomb Gateway Arch. Read more at
New Black Panther Party plotted to blow up the Gateway Arch and murder McCulloch
Two men indicted in plot to blow up St. Louis arch
The picture says it all @ Gateway Arch, Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
The Arch is is more impressive up close. @ Gateway Arch, Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
bad to the bone ☠ @ Gateway Arch, Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
Well, this thing is just magnificent. @ Gateway Arch, Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
My nephew and I at the St.Louis Arch @ Gateway Arch, Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
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