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Gary Younge

Gary Younge (born 1969 in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, UK) is a British journalist, author and broadcaster, born to immigrant parents from Barbados.

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On a personal journey across white America, writer Gary Younge came face to face with alt-right leader Richard Spencer
Gary Younge has the hunger and raw aggression of a young Mike Tyson. and…
Great piece by Gary Younge."The only way to truly know if something is electable is to fight for it & vote for it." http…
Jeremy Corbyn. Jeremy Corbyn has defied his critics to become Labour’s best hope of survival. Gary Younge. His...
The cause of death that dare not speak its name: austerity | Gary Younge | Membership | The Guardian
"Justice is indivisible. If it is accorded to some but not others it is not justice but privilege." Gary Younge
Strong list. Happy to see Naomi Alderman Gary Younge and David Olusoga on there.
Trump fears terrorists, but more Americans are shot dead by toddlers | Gary Younge.
Guardian journalist Gary Younge in conversation at the @ Olympia…
per the article, "Ten young lives: 10 deaths from guns. But Another Day in the Death of America is not a book...
Gary Younge discusses his book Another Day in the Death of America at
So it is with guns, says Gary Younge. "They are designed to kill people"
Gary Younge brilliantly skewers the 'Guns don't kill people. people kill people' mantra ...
Gary Younge at there's no national list of children shot in the US. He found the daily number himself. Ten.
On page 15 of 267 of Another Day in the Death of America, by Gary Younge
Fantastic to hear Gary Younge at hear him this Monday on African Arab Asian Caribbean unity
"We live in a world where money moves more easily than people" - Gary Younge
"We live in a world where money can move more freely than people... there are no border guards for capital" Gary Younge
The right is emboldened, yes. But it’s not in the ascendancy | Gary Younge.
it's not like with like. Also off top of head Dawn Foster, Gary Younge, Aditya Chakrabortty much less guilty of this
Bravo Gary & Jason. Great article. Succinct and timely. | Gary Younge and Joseph Harker
Black British actors in Hollywood has sparked a debate... | Gary Younge and Joseph Harker
Samuel L Jackson hit out at black British actors in Hollywood. Was he right? | Gary Younge and Joseph Harker
Another Day in the Death of America: A Chronicle of Ten Short Lives by Gary Younge
Looking forward to catching Gary Younge at the Oxford Literary Festival
*** Foley out here sharing Gary Younge columns
V honoured 2 be on Jhalak book prize longlist - alongside Gary Younge and Malorie Blackman and many talented writers. http…
Is anyone else following this? >> The view from Middletown: join Gary Younge for a unique look at the US election
"I like your book." "And I like yours." Oh well. Gary Younge and Phil Redmond to look forward to next week.
Understanding the US election: An evening class with Gary Younge
Corbyn’s critics are hellbent on destroying the party they claim to love | Gary Younge
Gary Younge exposes the lack of logic & sound reasoning in .
John Harris, Gary Younge, Dreda Say Mitchell, Paul Mason all well worth listening to on why Brexit won & what next
Live debate with various columnists here - rather good so far: John Harris, Gary Younge, Anushka Asthana, Paul Mason
Carmen Segarra, the whistleblower of Wall Street | Gary Younge -Gov.s can't keep banks accountable(pun intended lol)
Really? You've never read a Gary Younge article?
Hi! Is it possible to book for the Gary Younge lecture as a non-LMH but Oxford student?
'When Black Lives Don't Matter': a lecture by at on Tuesday 26th April. To book, go to:
14 year old Gary Younge article on antisemitism. Hasn't aged a day.
Yes, he tried: what will Barack Obama's legacy be?
Well worth re-reading this old article, by Gary Younge, in light of latest revelations of corruption-
Not one for politics, so I'm grateful for (seemingly?) balanced articles like this one. What will Obama's legacy be?
Gary Younge in 2012: 'A web of privilege supports this so-called meritocracy'.
A web of privilege supports this so-called meritocracy | Gary Younge .>
Regardless of what he said or did, President Obama was always going to be a lightning rod for political polarisation
Let me find that Gary Younge quote.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
wishing I could make this! "Slavoj Žižek in conversation with Gary Younge"
I kind of want to go to Žižek's conversation with Gary Younge, but just because I love to hate him. You feel me?
Gary Younge alone is worth double the price of admission, plus the plane ticket. I am fangirling SO HARD.
I just saw the program for LJ's Day of Dialog, and I think I screeched 11 times. Gary Younge?! Scott Brick?! Simon Vance?! ARE YOU KIDDING?!
Gary Younge excellent article, help get
Black deaths don’t matter: why journalists keep missing the story | Gary Younge:
great news about Gary Younge btw. Well done!
Article from 2005, good read. . Gary Younge: OJ Simpson and America, ten years after the trial
If you're not in London for the Feb 26 launch, head to
The fractures in America’s political landscape have been exposed | Gary Younge:
Hugely personal tale on why the lodestone of race is ever present with us via
Gary Younge is an absolute powerhouse in the race debate. An inspiring writer who questions race and class
Stranger in a Strange Land: Encounters in the Disunited States, Younge, Gary, Ve
I'm going to "How to find your voice as a writer with Gary Younge"!
For N5s and anyone with an interest in US politics.
Great piece by Gary Younge on The People v OJ Simpson
The will deliver the next James Cameron Memorial Lecture on Mon 22 February:
Decisions like this don't illustrate why I left America. But why, as a black father, I don't regret leaving.
"Lessons I learned about life from my mother’s early death." Three truths Gary Younge carries with him for life:
I liked a video Don't let Donald Trump fool you: rightwing populism is the new normal - Gary Younge |
It's the Republican Racism, Stupid: Gary Younge, The Nation. Three years ago, as the Republican-led ***
Tickets going fast Caryl Phillips etc 26 Feb Book now!
Gary Younge writes, "Trump is the party’s most obvious emissary. His blatant xenophobia emerges from the GOP’s...
Great event from coming up on 26th Feb
It’s the Racism, Stupid by Gary Younge via
Get tickets to 2016 James Cameron Memorial Lecture with 'Democratic imbalance? Who decides what’s news?'
Gary Younge on Newsnight 2015 Review Special summed up my view on this topic. Too complicated for me to say with 140 characters.
Farewell to America as the country’s racial frictions seem certain to spark another summer of conflict | Gary Younge
the crisis is that the old is dying and the new cannot be born - Gramsci | Gary Younge
Greer does a bit to Gary Younge all self impressed academics do. He mentions the necessity of a moral core - she just rejects the question.
Gary Younge over at the Nation writes:. “America is very segregated, and its criminality conforms to that fact.
"Gary Younge on the 70s black activist"
Reading this article from Gary Younge about the Left's progress almost felt like physical relief: .
people I respect on here say same but as Gary Younge said yesterday, the old is over, the new is being prevented from happening
Gary Younge - who spoke in our Festival of the Future City in November - on the Left and power:
activist Gary Younge pollutes this newspaper he bad mouthed the UK on TV claiming the crisis in Europe & folk from Syria is about racism?
Gary Younge's keynot speech at the launch of the Stuart Hall Foundation
Gary Younge fails to grasp the distinction between movement and momentum.
Newsnight, 18/12/2015: "'Race' is a nonsense but racism isn't." Gary Younge.
It’s abundantly clear that the left can gain ground – but it cannot yet hold it | Gary Younge
Guardian columnist Gary Younge honored by Harvard University Very well deserved, one of the main reasons I read TG!
cf today’s class. v interesting article Gary Younge's 12yrs as a black British journalist in the US.
Gary Younge - we are going backwards, we need a national conversation. Obama's presence makes it difficult.
Gary Younge "the British civil rights movement took place in Ghana , Kenya, India"
Gary Younge "movements change things not one person"
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Gary Younge "we can have a black president as long as he doesn't stand up for other black people"
Gary Younge "thugs have rights too. The penalty for stealing cigarettes is not execution"
Gary Younge "people who start out fighting for equal opportunities end up settling for photo opportunities"
Gary Younge "without the disturbances, no one would of known Ferguson existed"
Gary Younge "there has being no spike in police killings, just a spike in interest in then."
Gary Younge "the way we are taught history, their was racism in America but no racists"
Gary Younge speaking on race in the US and blacklivesmatter debate. Poetic. Excellent!
Gary Younge: "I know what you have to remember and what to forget to put the Great in Britain"
Excited to be during waiting for tonight's talk by Gary Younge
Hope you can join us for Gary Younge talk Tue 20 Oct
Tickets still available for Gary Younge speaking on "Race in the Age of Obama" via
Fantastic talk by Bonnie Greer last night as part of Cheltenham's Black History Month, looking forward to Gary Younge's next week
Back in the UK, land of cooking on gas (and wine). Gary Younge's diverting piece:
See the excellent Gary Younge talk on race at LSBU tonight - some free tickets remaining!
Listen to Gary Younge's farewell letter to America – On what racism is in everyday life in the US.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Hosting Black History Month event with journalist Gary Younge at LSBU Events Theatre tonight. Come along if you are in the area.
Now we’re cooking on gas (and wine) | Gary Younge Network Front | The Guardian After a decade in the US it’s been …
we are a charitable people. Ignore that we forced Indiana to deal with Gary
Masterclass on finding your voice as a writer by in Oct glad he's back in blighty! …
No, Theresa May – immigration is not the real threat to national cohesion | Gary Younge
Just listened to excellent speech by Gary Younge of the Guardian at Off the Shelf
Tickets also still available for Gary Younge talk for Tue 20 Oct http:/…
Unless you read Gary Younge's first book where he says he's from the Deep South...of Stevenage. (I'm from the Frozen North.)
"When you stop dreaming you live in other peoples nightmares" - Gary Younge
Corbyn victory energises the alienated and alienates the establishment | Gary Younge
For every Gary Younge there is a Sarah Vine. Today she describes Yvette Cooper as 'better known as Mrs Ed Balls.' Keep i…
Gary Younge: you can't fight White Supremacy by behaving better. Thug lives matter too.
State sanctioned killings without trial: are these Cameron's British Values? by Gary Younge
Far from facing the truth, the US is telling new lies about | Gary Younge
Gary Younge on Ferguson, Selma and a mood for change
partly, anyway keep reading the thread and you'll find the Gary Younge quote that comments in that. Thanks
Coca-Cola's Super Bowl ad showed that some Americans still can't take diversity | Gary Younge
Gary Younge really is one of the best journos this country has to over.
Langston Hughes showed me what it meant to be a black writer | Gary Younge
EXCELLENT ARTICLE BY GARY YOUNGE . Ferguson, Selma and a mood for change !!!
Open season on black boys after a verdict like this | Gary Younge via
Gary Younge. Great journalist. Ferguson, Selma and a mood for change
At Stop by and see us at booth 4032! Howard Zinn, Rebecca Solnit, Gary Younge, and lots more!
I'm just always so happy to see anything by Gary Younge, he's so good he's a joy to read.
'We are much more than we are told. We are much more beautiful.' Eduardo Galeano to Gary Younge
Good article by Gary Younge on US foreign policy hypocrisy in light of American Sniper film just out.
Gary Younge on the meaning of MLK and Selma today:. "Depictions of Martin Luther King, be they on page or screen,...
In Ferguson the violence of the state created the violence of the street | Gary Younge
On the Voting Rights Act, the colour-blind have been led by the blind | Gary Younge via
Michael Brown jury: putting a value on a black life in the United States | Gary Younge | The Guardian
Gary Younge: One Federal Reserve employee’s refusal to play along with a rigged financial game has made her a true modern dissident
Brilliant journalist Gary Younge has faith in Karen Lewis, if she runs, many stand ready to support.
For Ferguson’s black community, justice may be elusive | Gary Younge.
For black community, justice may be elusive | Gary Younge via
Like Michael Brown in Ferguson, to be poor and black renders you collateral | Gary Younge
Aug 24 2012: Dan Rather speaks out in a candid, one-on-one interview with The Guardian's Gary Younge in which he reveals the disturbing truth about the corpo...
On race, the US is not as improved as some would have us believe | Gary Younge
"If you have to read just one piece today, it should be this: Gary Younge on Stuart Hall -->>
If Darrin Manning were a high school dropout, he'd still have the right to walk the streets unmolested | Gary Younge
Blazing stuff from Gary Younge on Darrin Manning, another young US victim of police brutality:
There was a great article written this week by Gary Younge. He pointed out that Charles Munger, the billionaire chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, said that the...
Ted Cruz is compared to George Wallace | Gary Younge via
Gender, Race & Political Activism 10th Oct 2pm with Gary Younge, Ahdaf Soueif & others free but limited places.
The heroism of Antoinette Tuff reveals what's missing from politics | Gary Younge via
Whistleblowers have become the ultimate patriots in the age after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, writes Gary Younge.
This hard hitting commentary by Gary Younge expresses anger at a tragedy, and condemns FL's "stand your ground" law.
“Gary Younge is simply brilliant on the Supreme Court and the Voting Rights Act.
Gary Younge: The supreme court thinks racism no longer exists at the polls. The actions of Republican legislators prove otherwise
Common Dreams' writer Gary Younge might as well as declare himself TeaLeft Party cuz his publication just like in 2010 are aiming to split the Progressive ranks in the Democrat Party .the publication has become nothing more than impeach Obama center...I now realize why the Conservatives getting their encouragement from
Superb article by Gary Younge about Obama on civil liberties:
From Edward Snowden to Bradley Manning, whistleblowers are the new generation of American patriots | Gary Younge via
Gary Younge: The violation of civil liberties in the name of security has had a profound impact on those who came of age after 9/11
Fifty years ago, three seminal events – a standoff with Alabama's governor, a presidential speech and the murder of Medgar Evers – left an indelible mark on American history, writes Gary Younge
'It is an outrage that soldiers who killed innocents remain free but the man who exposed them is accused of 'aiding the enemy.'' Gary Younge, Guardian UK
Hypocrisy the heart of the trial of Bradley while soldiers who killed innocents remain free | Gary Younge
Gary Younge: Kevin Johnson was pilloried for suggesting Obama has not been good for African Americans. But his question was a good one
Gary Younge is a feature writer and columnist for the Guardian based in the US
as gary younge says of US, rewards for success high but price of failure also. Left culture pretty sparse too. NY an aberration?
On McCain, Graham: "Their devotion to constitutional rights... is partial; their embrace of guns is complete." Gary Younge, The Guardian
At the end, Gary Younge noted affirmative action should also take class into consideration, not just race. More info
Here is some info about the book, The Speech,
taking a break from finding aids and undergraduate theses to see Gary Younge give the University Libraries author’s lecture
More about Gary Younge and the talk today.
Welcome to the 7th annual author lecture with Gary Younge.
Less than one hour before Gary Younge comes to the library to speak. Don't forget to attend if you RSVP'd.
Indeed. Gary Younge is one of the best.
Guns don't kill people, crazy *** with guns kill people. Read this excellent article by Gary Younge
.Atrocities like the Boston bombing are hard to tackle, but gun crime isn't | Gary Younge via
Obscene contradictions in political responses to Newtown and Boston killings. | Gary Younge via
great piece by Gary Younge on the discrepancy of response between terrorism and gun massacres in the US.
and as if by magic Gary younge appeared
The NRA defend the right of terrorist suspects to buy guns while 85 die every day of gunshot wounds | Gary Younge
Gary Younge, Klein, Hayes, and Wagner are always excellent value and that Kornacki is a bloody genius. Steve, get Carville
The Iron Lady is dead but Thatcherism lives on | Gary Younge
on affect ... I hate Tories. And yes, it's tribal | Gary Younge
Obama will use his state of the union speech to call for stricter gun laws. In Chicago, where regulation is strict but gun murders high, Gary Younge hears how the problem is being tackled
Gary Younge: President Obama's appeals to respect human life in the US are at odds with his backing for drone strikes in foreign parts
Gary Younge: Be it lip-synching or doping, deception abounds. The danger is that we'll soon stop feeling outraged over this erosion in trust
Gary Younge at the UK Guardian, right before the 2012 presidential election, wrote a commentary that would either be considered insulting to black people or enlightening, depending on what side of the fence you're on. Younge talks about the tremendous enthusiasm that the black community has had
Gary Younge: With 27, including 18 children, shot dead in Connecticut, it's not 'politics' but basic decency to insist America have this debate
Gary Younge: It's time for progressives to stop fawning over the president and start pushing for change
Barack Obama and the paradox behind his African American support base | Gary Younge via
Obama bends over as Jacob Philadelphia touches his hair during a visit to the Oval Office in 2009
Why Should Poor Vote For More Poverty? Gary Younge of Guardian had an article a couple days ago about why the "worki...
Gary Younge: The ascent of the first black president has coincided with a steep descent in the economic fortunes of black Americans. But that hasn't impeded their optimism about Obama
the elections and after - what has to come next. Article by Gary Younge from Redpepper and posted in the U.S. by Portside
Gary Younge quoting Thomas Frank:'what's the matter with Kansas'?
Liberals question why poor voters who use public assistance still vote for Republicans who want to cut those very services. The real story, Gary Younge finds, is much more complicated
For Halloween Gary Younge and Laurence Topham go to Scaremare – a popular 'house of death' experience run by evangelical Christians in Lynchburg, Virginia
Gary Younge Biden in Lynchburg, VA - home of jerry Falwell - advocating reproductive rights and equal pay. Big crowd, lapping it up.
Gary Younge: The president did better than an unconvincing Romney – but it's difficult to imagine this debate changed minds or won hearts
Guardian reporter Gary Younge nails it with this report on poverty in Fort Collins, CO. via
The US poverty rate has risen 19% since 2000. Gary Younge talks to voters in Fort Collins about the struggle to stay afloat – and whether Obama or Romney offers any kind of solution
Biden and Ryan fight to a bloodied draw in VP debate | Gary Younge via Biden!!
Gary Younge: Affirmative action faces renewed challenge in the supreme court, but in truth, it's class, not race, that fixes college admissions
In a thoughtful piece about the choice Americans have this election, Gary Younge concludes that despite Obama's many flaws, a vote for Romney leads to quantifiably worse outcomes: Insisting it makes no difference who wins is not tenable. Last year Chelsea Shinneman of Roanoke, Virginia, had a baby, ...
In the first part of a new interview series, historian and philosopher Noam Chomsky talks to Gary Younge about the significance of the Occupy movement in the US and how it will affect the upcoming presidential election in November
Today's "Up with Chris Hayes" on MSNBC guest-hosted by Sam Seder begins with a fantastic discussion on Poverty and Education. The Guardian's and The Nation's British writer Gary Younge is on the panel, too.
Gary Younge writes, Republicans are going to any lengths to capture and keep the white vote : The tension between the projection of a modern, inclusive, tolerant party and the reality of a ...
When John Carlos raised his fist at the 1968 Olympics, it changed 20th-century history – and his own life – for ever. He tells Gary Younge how he feels about it now
Gary Younge: US conservatives are increasingly keen to interpret their country's woes primarily in terms of threats from abroad
and /The American right is trapped in a hyperbolic and dysfunctional world | Gary Younge via
The world as seen by Republicans, in a land of myth and amnesia | Gary Younge
California congresswoman Barbara Lee talks to Gary Younge about what it was like to be the lone voice against war in Afghanistan in the days after 9/11
In 2001, Lee was the only vote in Congress against the war, just days after 9/11. Eleven years later, she's not gloating
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Gary Younge on how some US states are dealing with homophobia in the education system >>
Excellent article by Gary Younge in examines the causes of gun violence in the USA.
"Possib of arbitrary death, like systemic incarceration, is undrstd 2 b price u pay 4 being black or Latino in USA." Gary Younge,
Gary Younge's 'Who are we?' book really put me off, mostly because I don't care about your life story, Gaz. I'm not kidding, it's a chapter.
Guns don’t kill people: people kill people … but guns let them do it much more easily… (via Gary Younge, The Guardian
How Mitt Romney is turning into the John Kerry of the 2012 election | Gary Younge via
Great analysis by Gary Younge on why Romney is hurting from Bain attacks.
You might like Gary Younge's view instead:
Who thinks about the consequences of online racism? | Gary Younge via
America needs to talk about gun control in the wake of the Colorado shooting | Gary Younge
Human Writes is a UK-based non-profit organization, coordinating penpals for prisoners on death row in the USA. The website displays art and writing produced by the prisoners.
Gary Younge: Just as Kerry got cast in 2004 as an upper-class flip-flopper, the perception of Romney as robber baron is becoming his reality
"...The process of buying, slicing, bankrupting, restructuring and selling (Romney) practised at Bain is known as "creative destruction": that means creating profits for the shareholders and destroying people's livelihoods if necessary. That's what capitalism is; that's what capitalism does. It's essentially amoral. Its goal is not to create jobs, let alone keep them in a certain country, but to make profit." Gary Younge in today's Guardian
In this full-length interview, Gary Younge talks to US historian and philosopher Noam Chomsky about why the Occupy movement is so important
Gary Younge: Obama himself has never challenged the kind of rapacious capitalism he is desperate to associate with his opponent
In an interview with The Guardian’s Gary Younge, veteran activist Noam Chomsky expressed his thoughts about the Occupy movement and whether it can be expected to have any impact on United States politics.
Gary Younge: Obama and Romney's challenge is to provide a plausible narrative for the crisis without taking responsibility for it
Gary Younge: "Charlie Brooks went to Eton with Cameron – as did the Tory mayor of London, Boris Johnson." Brooks to Cameron
So good I posted it twice- Gary Younge's piece from The Guardian. To give a flavour: "That makes Tuesday's vote(to recall, ie replace, Republican Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin) a rare chance for a clear referendum on who should pay for this economic crisis- those who created it or those who have suffered most because of it. So in a state with a larger population than Ireland's and a GDP greater than Portugal's, people here will vote on the causes and consequences of austerity." Pardon the awful attempt at a joke, but Governor Scott Walker has, like his namesake, lost that lovin' feelin' for public services, the unions, equal pay for women etc..
Guardian: There's class war in Wisconsin, yet the Democrats sing Kumbaya | Gary Younge: A vote to recall the sta...
Gary Younge: The white working class is said to 'vote against its own interests'. This only exposes the patronising assumptions of their accusers
Lawyer says men are 'in shock' over allegations they tried to make a Molotov cocktail ahead of NATO summit protests.' Gary Younge, Guardian UK
Gary Younge: The spotlight is on the Chicago mayor as he hosts the Nato summit, deals with "anarchy on a plate" and tries to avoid clashes in Obama's hometown – six months before an election
Best quote / joke re: NC Amend 1 I've seen: "Now North Carolina's preserved the sanctity of marriage we can all get back to the John Edwards trial & how he cheated on his dying wife." Gary Younge
Sparkling new Granta with essays by best of British: Gary Younge, Jim Crace, Adam Foulds, Jon McGregor, Mark Haddon, Robert Macfarlane
Gary Younge on Angela Davis, the 70s black activist via
I love this comment on Gary Younge's column regarding Bin Laden raid one year on
DTN Iraq: As the US leaves Iraq, it is blind to the price for intervention paid by Iraqis | Gary Younge: Every e...
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