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Gary Sinise

Gary Alan Sinise (born March 17, 1955) is an American actor, film director and musician.

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I would wonder where my tuition is going at Alabama if Gary Sinise is narrating your commercials.
I've always loved Gary Sinise, but I love him a lot more now. ❤️
Surprised I'm not reading more hot takes about Gina Torres replacing Gary Sinise in the preshow for EPCOT'S Mission: Space
" The Hollywood Repoer is talking about our new Steve McQueen film.…
Of course Gary Sinise is there and Cubbies are dominating- I passed on going to today's game 😭
That's Gary Sinise's meal ticket right there. You know how many Chicagoans I know that just call him "Lieutenant Da…
The Holloywood Reporter is talking about our new Steve McQueen film.
"We can always do a little more"... you are a man of character and worth Lieutenant Dan... Gary Sinise Foundation...
Fantastic stretch from Gary Sinise there. Decent set of pipes!
Love it when Gary Sinise sings the 7th inning stretch!
Gary Sinise taking a break from helping Jack Donaghy tank NBC to lead the 7th inning stretch at Wrigley today, I see.
Gary Sinise is one of my all time favorite people and sings the stretch so good!
Stretch time at Wrigley as Chicago native and Actor Gary Sinise will sing!! 11-7 Cubs!! LET'S GET SOME MORE RUNS!!
Yeah, but he needed Gary Sinise's help.😉
ask Gary sinise about the friends of Abe
Thanks to the Gary Sinise Foundation for there donation to the Tribute To Veterans Festival & Wheels 4 Purple Hearts!
Order Miche Bag Online!
The work Gary Sinise is doing is heric.
Go to graph at bottom & tell me why Tom Hanks & Gary Sinise wouldn't be strong election candidates
Besides Gary Sinise, this dude is one guy in Hollywood who loves his country and Americans.
At first glance I thought it was Gary Sinise
Introductions of our guests Gary Sinise, Chef Robert Irvine, and Stolen Silver...
Nothing but love for Gary Sinise here. But some of the other casting choices were... not good.
I think highly of Gary Sinise and all he does God bless him all my disabled brothers including myself salute you sir
Great to be at the Constantino Brumidi Lodge with Gary Sinise raising $ for our veterans and first responders
Actor Gary Sinise is doing the narration for "Steve McQueen:American Icon.".
Mary Prophit shares her heartwarming story of teaming up with Gary Sinise and Operation Iraqi Children in 2003.Visit:h…
Men of Honor, starring Edward Norton and Gary Sinise. Directed by Frank Oz, music by Ciccone Youth. Budget: $75m
Great vid from the Gary Sinise Foundation.
Gary Sinise aka Captain Dan from Forest Gump addressed the group at foundation event. Amazing message
Tom Hanks and Gary Sinise on the set of Forrest Gump (1994).
Gary Sinise called me short when I met him after a Lt. Dan Band concert. (This one is for Moejoe)
Vietnam Veteran reacts to Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band singing 'God Bless The USA'. Photo: .
Join us May 28th for an evening of remembrance featuring General Colin L. Powell, Renée Fleming, Gary Sinise,...
Happy Birthday to bass player Gary Sinise! Word on the street is that he's also an actor in his free time.
Wanted a trashy 90's thriller to watch, so i threw on Snake Eyes starring Nic Cage, Gary Sinise, and... Carla Gugino
Hollywood is SHOCKED as Gary Sinise, a Trump Supporter, is Singled Out For...
Gary Sinise is a truly great American and patriot. This award is very much deserved.
Gary Sinise had a great time visiting wounded hero USMC Corporal Garrett Jones (Ret.) and his family at their new... h…
I like Gary Sinise and Alana De La Garza. Matt Cohen from GH is going to be in this season.
Ever since Gary Sinise didn't win an Oscar for playing Lt. Dan in Forrest Gump, my mom has been boycotting the Oscars.
Check out this video from last November 2016, at our annual Salute To The Troops event with American Airlines, US... https:…
Gary Sinise answers your burning fan questions:
I always thought Gary Sinise would've killed it in the 90's.
Great concerts in Hawaii this past weekend. Thanks to all our service members and families who came out to see us... https:…
Gary Sinise is the best actor in a real-life drama: Dennis McCarthy
Gary Sinise and The Lt. Dan Band tickets are all gone! BUT you can show up on Saturday, and if we have no-shows,... http…
Reminder to Gary Sinise & The Lt. Dan Band Concert ticket holders, you must be in line by 6:45 pm or you forfeit...
Barksdale!!! .and the LT Dan Band will be at base tonight! Get excited, it sounds so fun!…
About to take off on our 6th Gary Sinise Foundation Soaring Valor trip with 45 WWII veterans and 45 high school s... https:…
Last nights Welcome Dinner with our amazing WWII veterans and Grapevine High School students at the National WWII... https:…
Barksdale AFB here we come. Tomorrow Gary Sinise and the LT Dan Band. Come out to see us.
.Please award Gary Sinise the Presidential Medal of Freedom. He deserves it tenfold for his work with our military.
our latest national TV spot, voiced by Actor Gary Sinise.
yeah, cuz James Woods, Arnold, Gary Sinise, Jon Voight, etc are all suffering so badly.
Thanks to Gary Sinise for signing my photo of him singing Take Me Out to The Ballgame!
Gary Sinise speaks about Planes of Fame Air Museum via
I'm writing a screenplay at lunch, calling it Breaking Lucky, and sending it to Gary Sinise's agent.
I feel bad Space Gary Sinise got too sick to go in the rocket.
Underworld, starring Meg Ryan and Gary Sinise. Directed by John Woo, music by M.I.A.. Budget: $500
if I told my life story to random strangers at a bus stop I'd probably focus more on the New Years I spent with Gary Sini…
I believe while we can never do enough, we can always do a little more. There are many ways to serve. It’s an h...
Here’s a look back at my trip to Pearl Harbor for the 75th anniversary of the attack. Among many great WWII vet...
Had the honor of meeting and knowing Gene Cernan. A great American. Rest In Peace my friend.
Oh, I don't know about him; Tim Allen, Rob Lowe, Patricia Heaton, Gary Sinise all come to mind tho.
Trump should ask Gary Sinise for VA advice & help. He has his own foundation & always helps vets.
Beautiful, moving interview with Gary Sinise on A must see! Watch it on EWTN app if you missed it. Great…
Obama would never recognise a white hero-against his nature. Gary Sinise should be VA Sec as he kn…
One of the best HBO Movies ever. Gary Sinise was amazing
Gary Sinise is a great choice for VA Head. He has supported us for years.
It was in the book and in the great HBO Movie Truman starring Gary Sinise based on the book.
please consider Gary Sinise for head of Veterans Affairs. No one has done more for veterans.
please, not palin!!! She has become a joke! Scott brown, Gary sinise, good choices!!!
Sarah Palin not suited 4 VA- would be best 4 Energy Secretary. VA needs organizational skills like Gary Sinise
‘There was a time POTUS did this’: Gary Sinise visits the troops in Afghanistan on Thanksgiving via
'The Stand' came out in May of '94 and was seen by 60 million people ...
Gary Sinise would be a great man to lead the VA.
Today I give thanks for my family, friends, those who stand in the line of duty to protect our nation daily & t...
"Lt. Dan" you Sir are a hero to our heroes! Thank you for your support of our troops. W2G once again Gary Sinise
Gary Sinese served Thanksgiving to troops in Kandahar
"Gary Sinise is also a good choice in terms of having vets' interests at heart." — Kletterin
"Wow...Gary Sinise. ... he would be a fantastic…" — E Deplorable Unum
"I'd rather see Gary Sinise or Allen West to be honest. Sarah seems unhinged at times." — Fah Qew
Have you thought about actor/director Gary Sinise for vets. He loves them and seems like his heart is all in. just saying.
Gary Sinise is always there for our military. Thank you!
I would love to see Gary Sinise be considered for this post. No politics only fixing the VA for the Vets.
The chance to play a romantic character who kisses somebody onscreen...
I had the honor of visiting wounded USMC Gunnery Sgt. Guillermo Tejada and his family in their new custom smart h... https:…
just watched you torture Gary Sinise on The Outer Limits. Great for comparison with Kingpin. Good entertainment. Thanks.
I have veterans in my family. But I didn't know anything about DAV, Disa...
Learn more about NAVL involvement in the Gary Sinise Foundation R.I.S.E. program, Cpl Christian Brown:…
SAY NO to Sarah Palin! make Gary Sinise the head of veterans affairs
Which they would give Gary Sinise a shot.
PLEASE tell me your not making Sarah Palin Sec of Vet Affairs. How about considering someone like Gary Sinise.
my suggestion would be Gary Sinise for Sec. of Vets Affairs. Just saying
Final Days of shooting Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders Season 2. We had a little fun on set. https:…
I'd rather see Gary Sinise or an actual military veteran
Gary Sinise and the Gary Sinise Foundation are amazing! I just realized this house being built…
After learning about the Travis Manion Foundation, I sent an email to the amazing man, Gary Sinise. Here was his...
Im holding out for Glenn Beck, James Woods or Gary Sinise. Or Cher.
Hey Las Vegas, come out to Fremont Street tonight to our annual Salute to the Troops/Gary Sinise & The LT Dan Band concert.…
Gary Sinise dedicates 'smart home' for wounded veteran [Fox]
Gary Sinise was in our neck of the woods today, in Chevy Chase, MD. The Gary Sinise Foundation built a smart home...
feel good foundation, Gary Sinise has one, etc
Mind-blower: this is Gary Sinise in Snake Eyes, as a character called Kevin Dunne, doing a scene with Kevin Dunn. https:…
Gary Sinise is doing wonderful things for our Veterans.
check to the Gary Sinise Foundation I'll accept that as your apology. . If you'd like, I'll even
Good that Stu's leading the "Tom Cullen: Spy" project. Gary Sinise looks like he can already hypnotize people to kill in his personal life.
Second USO tour to Iraq, November 2003, at Camp Anaconda, Balad Iraq. This is where and when I first visited th...
Baba O'Riley - Gary Sinise & the Lt. Dan Band at the 2010 CSI:NY Mid-Sea... via
The last girl I slept with looked like Gary Sinise with really great ***
they're bringing out a new season of that over here shortly, called Beyond Borders, staring the main guy from CSI:NY (Gary Sinise)
Gary Sinise and David Bedore could be twins, just saying.
The most incredible thing I saw at Epcot today was the toupee Gary Sinise wears in the Mission: SPACE video.
Being a De Palma movie is actually underwhelming, but the opening sequence and Gary Sinise make up for all the downsides
“Abraham Lincoln once said, 'To care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan... https…
Gary Sinise and will perform at Fleet Week San Diego on September 17, 2016. Get your tickets here: ... http…
It was a great day full of construction progress in Canyon Lake, TX for one of our specially adapted cust...
My dear friend Jon ( Mickey Donovan ) Voight paid a visit to the offices today. .
First Responders Outreach Program to learn more or to help support, Gary Sinise Foundation:.
Military veterans. Scholarship available to use you skills learn to help fellow veterans .
Congratulations to pal, quadruple amputee Dave Riley, US Coast Guard, on being named National Commander of Dis... featured in NBC s Science of Love
Playing private event at House of Blues Chicago tonight. Final show for a while for our on stage monitor mixer...
We're listening to partition and talking about Gary Sinise so idk
35mm Slide of Connie Nielsen, Gary Sinise and Jerry O'Connell from a 2000 scienc
is in awe of Gary Sinise's dedication to his craft. You don't see Beau Bridges amputating anything for a role!
Saving Private Ryan meets Raiders of the Lost Ark - Gary Sinise plays a friendly realtor. Written by Quentin Tarantino.
NASA wants to send people to Mars, huh?. Well as long as they don't send Harland Williams, Gary Sinise, or Matt Damon they should be okay.
Gary Sinise at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point with the Great Bob Hope! Nice photo Tim!
Tom Hanks and Chicago's own Gary Sinise on the set of Forrest Gump.
check out the Gary Sinise Foundation if you have extra funds!
Gary Sinise to Receive Bradley Award and $250,000 for His Charitable Foundation via
Gary Sinise's Lt. Dan Band kicks off the at the historic Howard Theater in DC. Luft Gangster screens tomorrow
Lt. Dan was comically great pre-injury, angsty great post-injury. Gary Sinise did that. https…
Photos: Gary Sinise performs with the Lt. Dan Band for a USO show at the Little Rock Air Force Base Friday night.
Gary Sinise, Mac (CSI NY), LT Dan, and the band put on a great show tonight on Little Rock Air Force Base.
Gary Sinise acceptance speech in receiving the Saint Pio Award
For those of you who are NCIS/Forest Gump fans, Gary Sinise and the LT Dan Band is performing this Saturday! The... https:…
Attempting to watch Beyond Borders. This isn't working for me. Dear Gary Sinise, I so wanted to like this, but it's not CSI!
So good to see Gary Sinise again after CSI NY finished
Let's give this Gary Sinise Criminal Minds a go then
Before discovering theater, I was sloughing off and didn't have any passion...
glad to have Gary Sinise back on the screen
Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band to put on free concert - KSWO |
Gary Sinise always looks like he wishes you'd turn the keyboard clicks off on your phone
Why has gary sinise turned grey all a sudden.
Why has gary sinister turned grey all a sudden.
United employee James Weston working with Gary Sinise on tv project
Gary Sinise, from CSI to the new Criminal Minds spinoff?
I watched that tonight...I like Gary Sinise..
Gary Sinise is so good in this show. :)
"With a hero's welcome, the Gary Sinise Foundation brought WWII veterans and their guardians to The National WWII...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Soaring Valor foe our WWII Veterans with Gary Sinise! Please "take a look".
I just did a fun survey all about Criminal Minds Beyond Borders + Gary Sinise. They wanted to know if he should retire, I put no way!
Plus Gary Sinise is on it which honestly just makes the show automatically great
For some reason I think Gary Sinise would make a great Batman villain. Don't ask me why. Two-Face, maybe?
"Gary Sinise" is also how an Italian guy would say "Gary's niece."
Man I hope Gary Sinise is getting PAID, because that show looks like trash even in promos.
I don't tend to find old men sexy, but Gary Sinise & Patrick Stewart are the exception.
Here's the full article to go with the video: Actor Gary Sinise to Receive Saint Pio Award
Yeah, I volunteered to support the troops, and get out there and show them ...
gary sinise is doing a new version of Criminal Minds. . I :) want :) csi :) new :) york :) back :)
Gary Sinise Foundation Press Release. NWFA is honored to support GSF and our veterans.
Always proud to be involved with the Gary Sinise Foundation
Gary Sinise Foundation building Duluth home for injured veteran
well, there was an interview with Gary Sinise where he talked about his character. He is married an…
'CSI: NY' and 'CSI' crossover: Gary Sinise on his first trip to the Vegas set
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Dude. Gary Sinise in a long black trench coat!!! ❤️🚨
The real star of CSI New York is Gary Sinise's wig. Time to give it a series of its own..
I study to learn, to be an educated person.
God bless Gary Sinise for his support of veterans and service members.
excellent show. Spinoff starting soon on 'W' channel Criminal Minds Beyond Borders w/ Gary Sinise - looks really good.
If there's ever a movie about Goya, Gary Sinise should play him.
We need more support from guys like Gary Sinise.
I think if Criminal Minds Beyond Borders had someone other than Gary Sinise the show would be so much better.
(Castaway) Tom Hanks escaping from (Forrest Gump) Tom Hanks and Gary Sinise on a rowboat.
Join The Gala on 5/16 with Marie Osmond, Magic Johnson, Fran Drescher, Gary Sinise, Dolph Lundgren, and more.
“Careers, like rockets, don’t always take off on schedule. The key is to keep working the engines.” – Gary Sinise
Local news coverage of Staff Sgt. Jason Ross an Afghanistan veteran
LIVE on Gary Sinise speaks at JFK Medal of Honor celebrations.
Watchin Apollo 13 w dad. Love this movie. Love Gary sinise
I hope CM: Beyond Borders wont b another Criminal Minds spinoff failure (like d 1st 1). I like watching Gary Sinise on the small screen
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Gary Sinise & the LT. Dan Band will perform a FREE concert on April 23 at the Fort Sill Polo Field.
All characters replaced with Gary Sinise. All combat scenarios resolved with deus ex machina.
Actor and beloved patriot Gary Sinise celebrates his 61st birthday today.
As Mac Taylor on "CSI:NY," Gary Sinise spent nine years tracking down criminals in New York City. As Jack Garrett on his n…
1st time to catchCrminal Minds: Beyond Borders on AXN. Interesting so far.Just can't get the image of Gary Sinise as CSI NY's Mac Taylor yet
A9) Supervising Goofy @ Disney when he handed Actor Gary Sinise "Ice Cream to Lt. Dan". I snort laughed..sigh.
Happy belated birthday to Gary Sinise aka Detective Mac Taylor. We love you!!!
Am I the only guy who looks at a photo of Gary Sinise and thinks "Hey, it's Lieutenant Dan!"...?
Random thought about Forrest Gump: I guess it's a good thing Gary Sinise isn't a method actor. Daniel Day Lewis would have cut his legs off.
Happy Birthday to Actor Gary Sinise, who turns 61 today! What's your favorite Gary Sinise movie?
Today in film history: & Actor Gary Sinise is born in 1955.
St. Patrick's Day is the birthday of astronaut Ken Mattingly, and the actor who played him in "Apollo 13," Gary Sinise.
Happy Birthday to bassist Gary Sinise. I heard he's an actor on his free time :P
Gary Sinise, actor/director/producer, 61. Academy Award nominee for his suppor…
Just heard on the radio that today is your favorite Actor Gary Sinise's birthday! I recently found & love Kat Chats btw!
Gary Sinise, more than just an Actor, turns 61 today.
so, you got to work with two of my favorite actors. Sam Waterston and now Gary Sinise
Looking forward to seeing this new Criminal Minds series tonight with Gary Sinise. Great actor, love his work!
Dinner with ground breaking actress Irene Tsu perform with Doris Day, Gary Sinise, Henry Fonda & more
"You do realize Gary Sinise was Lieutenant Dan in Forest Gump and NOT in Saving Private Ryan…" — Lindsay Adams
well... I think it was red planet. Gary Sinise in that one right?
My Dad has met Gary Sinise, Lt. Dan, and my dad's girlfriend has met Stephen Lang. When will my time come!
Looks a lot like a young Gary Sinise and a young John Malkovich.but could be stunt doubles.
It's almost FUNraising time! Learn more about one of our charity partners, the Gary Sinise Foundation, by...
I swear, Gary Sinise just can't stay off CBS 😂
FUNraising is our favorite time of the year! Here is 1 of 10 foundation we raise funds for! . At the Gary Sinise...
I'm thrilled I can make a living doing something I enjoy.
Gary Sinise will star in a spinoff of called Beyond Borders. His 2nd. "Ok I get it I need a co-signer for my own show"
Kirstin's and Scott's mum are at the same level as Gary Sinise ***
Thank you Gary for your support and showing the rest of Hollyweird how a true American will stand up for our...
whaddya think happened to Gary Sinise that he became such a mean jerk
Gary Sinise Takes Moment at Grammys to Thank Troops Serving ‘in Harm’s Way’
MAPEI Americas and the National Tile Contractors Association have partnered to assist the Gary Sinise Foundation...
are you sure that isn't Gary Sinise?
Gary Sinise's two iconic and familiar characters share a last name. In CSI: NY and in Forrest Gump.
I thought it was implied that Superman usually kept his *** IN an IMPOSTER dvd starring Gary Sinise
in New 52 it's canon that Supermans *** is a DVD of the movie Imposter starring Gary Sinise
Cheers!. Hope no one minds me saying, it would be great if it was Gary Sinise in the pic instead;)
I cant stand Criminal Minds but looks pretty good and gary sinise is in it which is a bonus. :-)
Single greatest Oscar injustice ever? Has to be Gary Sinise in Forest Gump. Sorry - I'll hear no arguments to the contrary
Alchemy is proud to announce the home entertainment release of FINDING NOAH narrated by Gary Sinise. FINDING NOAH on DVD on March 1, 2016.
A nice, fairly subtle Gary Sinise voice cameo there.
Always good to see Gary Sinise because you know David Caruso didn't get the invite.
If Gary Sinise--a quality guy--likes this movie, you know it's going to be good.
Gary Sinise is in quite a few iconic films y'know
.Adele suddenly champions the authenticity of spontaneous generation or Gary Sinise claims alchemy is real, for example.
why do they call you Gary Sinise in Chicago but Sinisay on the east coast?Lol
Gary Sinise does. As do many of the "celebrities" who are involved with the USO.
I got a call Saturday afternoon from Gary Sinise saying, "I need a favor" and I said of course what can I do for...
and Ben Affleck and Gary Sinise as I keep seeing ads for their work with the veterans on ME tv
Gary Sinise and Joe Mantegna are two who also care. There are others, but it's rarer than it should be.
I played a character in 'Ransom' who was as evil as they come.
Gary Sinise’s video - “One of our Hero's, single amputee, US Army SFC Joe Bowser, powering through the DC
I was always fascinated with rock 'n' roll, or girls, or something like that when I was a kid. - Gary…
they didn't even give it to Gary Sinise for Forrest Gump. I don't even remember who won that year
I just selected Gary Sinise Foundation Who will you support?
Gary Sinise was actually handsome hey.
LIVE: President Obama tells Gary Sinise Refugees more important than USA wounded.
SHUT THE FRONT DOOR 😁 I just looked it up. It has Gary Sinise. I love him so I'm ready
I saw Gary Sinise at LAX last year and all I wanted to do was yell "Lieutenant Dan you got new legs!!!"
This is really touching. Thank you Gary Sinise and all the people that support this operation
TRUMAN - HBO TV movie, not a full-fledged film. I liked it. Gary Sinise was really great.
Can't wait for it to start!! Gary Sinise is one of my favorite actors/people!!
but think about this: Gary Sinise and Gary Sinise's voice
J Fallon, Tim Curry, and Gary Sinise are all part of the extended family!
Gary Sinise deserved an Oscar for his portrayal of Lt Dan. Brilliant acting
Because of Gary Sinise, it 'feels' like much longer, though.
Shut Up and Get Down with Lieutenant Dan Gary Sinise is probably the most patriotic celebrity ever,
nah. It's Gary Sinise. You're thinking of the Miami one :)
"Hey, Gary! It's your cousin, Marvin Sinise! You know that new gruff accent you've been looking for? Well, listen to this!"
Wait... so Gary Sinise isn't the bad guy in every movie he's in...?
With Dunagan’s injury came a struggle. This is where The stepped in. Video:
The Gary Sinise Foundation is proud to sponsor
There's always the ongoing actor frustration of finding the great role to do nex...
2016: Gary Sinise Foundation. We invite you to watch our 2016 impact video via
Ripple & the reached an important milestone this week. Read more here:
Gary Sinise has Been Hard at Work This Week, and What he’s Done for Veterans is Awesome via
. God Bless Gary Sinise and all his volunteers. Everyone should give what you can.
Please check out the great work my pal continues to do for our vets-> 2016: Gary Sinise Foundation
he does rock for the vets!!! Great man Gary Sinise, God bless you.
. Many locally owned across US step up to help our Vets - Thx for showcasing the work of Gary Sinise
Just started the morning with a 3 1/2 page scene between me and Academy Award nominee/Golden Globe winner Gary Sinise. No big deal.
Gary Sinise, Tim Robbins and Don Cheadle... If this guys couldn't get me to watch it all without fastforwarding, Van Kilmer sure af won't.
Was honored to meet Gary Sinise today, a great American with a heart for Veterans, I support the Lieutenant Dan Foundation.
Today I learned I don't have to be ashamed of my feelings for Gary Sinise.
Anthony one consultations You cant United Four CSIS??? in CSI Cyber??? Ted Danson David Caruso and Gary Sinise?
Congrats to Gary Sinise! He recently received West Point’s 2015 Thayer Award for his work with our military
Patton's Own, Actor Gary Sinise, aka Lieutenant Dan, was honored by USMA today. Sinise is known for his great...
Pete Wentz & Twista think the Cubs will beat the Cards;Scott Bakula disagrees. Gary Sinise declares himself "jazzed"
West Point to Give Award to Actor Gary Sinise: West Point to give award to Actor Gary Sinise, known for portra...
Let's put Gary Sinise & Bridget Fonda in a movie together where the backstory is they lived down in a hole for a decade
Check out this video that the Gary Sinise Foundation put together of Gary Sinise' visit with us! We had such a...
At today's taping of the upcoming Next Home TV show with Actor Gary Sinise. The Gary Sinise Foundation is...
Gary Sinise is our generation's Bob Hope. He is selfless in his support of our combat wounded
Tonight - Detroit Pub (14 & Harper) Stoney & the EDGE benefit Concert 100% of proceeds go to Gary Sinise and Wounded Warriors Foundation
Our full interview with Actor Gary Sinise from last week's concert @ Fort Jackson.
My friend Gary Sinise is one of the most selfless people I've ever known. Look at what he's doing to build homes... http…
Gary Sinise actually chopped off his legs to play Lt. Dan in Forrest Gump. My dad even said so.
A Staff Sergeant was selected by Actor Gary Sinise to have a home built around … http…
Christian Slater on USA. Kevin Bacon on Fox. Gary Sinise was on CBS.
Gary Sinise will always be Lieutenant Dan
Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton and Gary Sinise. Dude loves Apollo 13. But only the original crew, none of this Kevin Bacon nonsense.
Gary Sinise Foundation: Today we remember the we lost from in Afghanistan on August 6, 2011.
to when we took part in the Gary Sinise Foundation dedication ceremony for wounded hero Marine...
GARY SINISE: It's hilarious to me that anyone thinks I'm mad. MODERATOR: why are you onstage?
I don't think John Malkovich and Gary Sinise realize how their performances in of mice and men effected high school kids in The UK
Gary Sinise recently came to stay with Kelsey and Chloe at the he helped them build...
Gary Sinise’s Det. Mac Taylor is NOT a fan of dog people in S1 E12
What's this about Wilshere being mercy killed by Gary Sinise a la Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men"?
I don't like spin offs of shows but I love Gary Sinise so much you don't even know
It was an honor to have Gary Sinise come stay with us a few weeks ago! We are so thankful for him and all that he...
Your Wednesday is about to get better...Gary Sinise & The Lt. Dan Band are coming back to Malmstrom!! Concert...
Lt. Dan Band returning to Malmstrom, with Gary Sinise of Forrest Gump fame, reports via
Here at Actor Help, we too, are looking forward to getting to see this Gary Sinise Documentary. In the meantime,...
Check out new Blog of recent trip to Korea.
its criminal neglect that Private sector orgs like Gary Sinise Foundation & Wounded Warriors do more than Gov
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