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Gary Shandling

Garry Emmanuel Shandling (born November 29, 1949) is an American comedian, actor and writer.

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this is the worst gary shandling costume I've ever seen
Oh Gary Shandling - you're never on your best behavior!!!
Dressed up like a million dollar canned thing, trying hard to look like Gary Shandling, shipping and handling
Gary Shandling Passed away today at the age of 66. He was one of the greats
It's actually from Gary Shandling show... but I digress, dualing banjos this aint.
I thought Gary Shandling was dead? How can he run for president and when did he change his name? 😜
Do we get to see Gary Shandling again this episode?
I think that his chances will evaporate once it's disclosed that Gary Shandling's "Hail Hydra Senator"…
Life is short but sometime not short enough. Gary Shandling
At 1:26 comedian Gary Shandling nails what it means to follow Jesus. LISTEN:
'Do things that people don't tell you you can do' - GS. This conversation between Gary Shandling & is fu…
Starting off with the best TOM PETTY & GARY SHANDLING interview ever! — Steemit
Gary Shandling may be deceased. But from what I just saw, he is still following you.
One of my fav Gary Shandling joke: I told a woman,”I want to make love to u badly.” She said…
My Zada looked like Abe Vigoda. My Dad could pass for Gary Shandling. I don't have an attractive legacy.
Tom Petty in his home studio with Gary Shandling taking about tube amps and Neve consoles. Cool.
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I’m still not sure the panty man can compete with Gary Shandling
My friend wrote this great piece in THR about harassment on the set of the Gary Shandling Show:
# rip sean hughes. brilliant surrealist comic . Sean 's show on Channel 4 was brilliant even if it was rip off of Gary Shandling.
Its been bugging me and I finally put my finger on who he reminds me of here, Gary shandling
Ahhh, we're responsible for double digit inflation, forced homoness, modern art and Gary Shandling. Who in horrible *** are we.
I am very fond of your Gary Shandling.
But it's a dry heat. The late Gary Shandling: "So is an acetylene torch!"
Remember when Tim Allen, Jerry Seinfeld and Gary Shandling all looked like the same man, good old the 90s
A&W PopTarts, Larry The Cable Guy Mac and Cheese, and Gary Shandling Frozen Pickle Pops. All the food available in the $ store
Just mentioned Gary Shandling show to a coworker and now. We're almost to the part. Of where I start to whistle ...
In the right angle John Kasich looks just like Gary Shandling.
He had a different god. Gary Shandling.
FOLLOW THE BOXES - Sherlock put up some party pics and this caught my eyes what's up her...
you & Gary Shandling on the Larry Sanders Show. Amazing!
Saw Larry Sanders trending and thought someone was reprising Gary Shandling's old show.
In March 2016. Sick ploy from Gary Shandling's PR team to profit from other celebrity deaths like George Michael &…
Did I already know Gary Shandling had died? I just saw his face pop up in an IMDb memorial video and I was kinda shocked.
So, trump Photoshopped with a better haircut looks like Gary Shandling in Iron Man 2. I would like to point out...
What if the late Gary Shandling had been half Dachshund? Fascinating question
I told B you think that one guy in FF is Gary Shandling
Gary Shandling was more than a comedian.
Flying tiger, rainbow rider, launch off a building joking as Gary Shandling
||5843C454TDSY|| pentagon officials deny that gary shandling hides in the service station and rebuilds the hammer. ||EOT||
||58438C14TDSY|| our reporters claim that gary shandling takes his stoned dinosaur and is concerned about wall street. ||EOT||
The train looks remarkably like Gary Shandling.
||58413D74WKBS|| destroy one-time pad after decoding - king arthur is the pickled hemisphere ; gary shandling flew toward sj games. ||EOT||
I can't walk past a pigeon without adding Gary Shandling's voice to it.
we also don't get to hear Gary Shandling duet with him on "The Rainbow Connection".
I'm not counting the Gary Shandling-esque whisper in Bannon's ear...
It should have been Gary Shandling's birthday today...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Gary Shandling was born 67 years ago today in Chicago comedian, actor, writer, and producer,The Larry Sanders Show
Gary Shandling RIP : "My friends tell me I have an intimacy problem. . But they really don't know me" .
bill eating grilled cheese and laughing at Gary shandling worth price of admission
I remember a world with David Bowie, Prince, Michael Jackson, Rik Mayall, Gareth Thomas, Gary Shandling and Crossroads.
Why didn't I hear about Gary Shandling dying now I gotta watch the Larry Sanders Show
In honor of Gary Shandling his weekly b-ball game went on. My broken wrist wouldn't keep me away. RIP buddy.
Wagner: In honor of Gary Shandling, the top workplace TV shows
In honor of Gary Shandling, Jeff Wagner takes your calls on the top workplace TV shows. Tune in this hour:
Gary Shandling's Doctor won't sign his death certificate and now my family thinks El Chapo had something to do with it
Overdosing on Larry Sanders tonight in homage to Gary Shandling. Looking forward to explaining 90s 'celebs' to the young Elder leeches.
real life fact - Gary Shandling was the only comedian I've ever paid admission to see, Circle Star Theatre, many...
RIP, Gary Shandling was a comic genius. Jokes and stories share a similar structure.The set up. The punchline.
I remember watching Gary Shandling's show. Not Larry Sanders, the one before that. I was super young but watched it with my grandma. RIP
"What Planet Are You From?" is my husband and I's favorite Valentine's Day movie! 😥😭So sad about Gary Shandling! 😢
66 is too young. RIP, Gary Shandling. Thank you for the laughter.
On Howard Stern replay today they played the "Hey-Now" argument w/Gary Shandling.
RIP Gary Shandling, this film is a great little gem I recommend, with Annette Benning, written by Peter Tolan
RIP Gary Shandling. The Gary Shandling Show was, with Kentucky Fried Movie and Airplane, the first self-aware media I ever saw.
Is that Kasich or Gary Shandling running for nomination?
It's not what Gary Shandling says, it's how he says it.
he has a great resume. Gary Shandling show, Arrested Development. 2 of the best ever
If looks like an older Owen Wilson, is Gary Shandling.
"A great man is one who gives love he never received.". -Gary Shandling
Gary Shandling looks like Billy Crystal had an allergic reaction to his own face.
Seated adjacent to Gary Shandling at dinner right now. Apparently, he wrote several of Chris Rock's jokes at the Oscars.
plus...he's sitting next to the love child of Gary Shandling and Vince McMahon!
"You know what those Matthew McConaughey Lincoln commercials need? A comedian in the passenger seat." — Gary Shandling
. The Larry Sanders you're think of was a character played by Gary Shandling.
"It's not the hair on your head that matters. It's the kind of hair you have inside."~Gary Shandling
'Bernie's brother , Larry Sanders, looks just like Gary Shandling, who played...
Little Giant Ladders
has anyone else noticed that John Kasich looks like Gary Shandling?
Imagine a world where Gary Shandling had a cameo as R.J. Brande and cool kids wrote Interlac on their binders.
Until the AP story this am, had no idea that Sanders' brother's name is L:arry..of course it is...just perfect-Gary Shandling smiles
He looks like a fat Gary Shandling.
Mind the Gary Shandling show ... Mind that theme ... You're welcome 😏... You will hear it forever now until you meet your last breath
It's interesting that his name is Larry Sanders and he kind of looks like Gary Shandling.
So many Jews to keep up with. Bernie Sanders. Larry Sanders..NOT the Gary Shandling show..Larry David as Bernie Sanders. Where does it end?
I liked a video Jerry's Next Guest is Gary Shandling
and he looks like Gary Shandling so U get two in one
So funny that David Duchovny now looks like Gary Shandling.
See I'm not the only that thinks he looks like Gary Shandling!
||56C069E8WKBS|| please investigate report that gary shandling is the amiable toast ; rocky was joined by the outback. ||EOT||
Gary Shandling should go away, as should the good Dr.
Kasich looks too much like Gary Shandling for me to take seriously.
The more I see John Kasich, the more he looks like Gary Shandling.
Cruz is a robot. Carson doesn't have a pulse. Kasich is Gary Shandling, except boring. Trump looks like a Cheeto. And Bush is a Bush.
Gary Shandling now sharing his views on national security.
Why does Gary Shandling want to punch Russia in the nose?
For whatever reason I thought Kasich was Gary Shandling
Working thru CCC episodes & just finished the ride w/Gary Shandling. You 2 are sheer brilliance. Bring back
That reminds me: The Larry Sanders Show with Gary Shandling and Jeffrey Tambor. Well worth another binge session.
It's comforting that TV sitcom writers are still using tropes first introduced and developed on It's Gary Shandling's Show.
might as well be Gary Shandling predicting that p/t, stupid
Ricky Gervais: God doesn't exist etc. Me: Remember the time you got repeatedly bodied by Gary Shandling?
There is no healthy reason why I should have the theme to The Gary Shandling Show stuck in my head.
Truthfully, it sucked because Mickey Rourke mailed it in. That performance was awful. Without Hammer & Gary Shandling, oof
||568E18A8WKBS|| pentagon officials deny that gary shandling destroys the slimy computer and the lecherous cash. ||EOT||
I'm too shy to express my sexual needs except over the phone to people I don't know. ~ Gary Shandling
Herb Kunze show in the vein of Its Gary Shandling Show would have big potential!
Nice guys finish first. If you don't know that, you don't know where the finish line is. Gary Shandling
"Just saw a few of these comparisons of John Kasich and Gary Shandling.
great one. My other favorite is the Gary Shandling playing Mulder and Téa Leoni as Scully.
and now the Gary Shandling Show theme song is in my head...
Gary? Gary Shandling is alive? Use to love him, well not like I love you Rob
Today is the 333rd day of the year, aka me & Gary Shandling's birthday. Does anyone wanna take me &…
||5659BF19WKBS|| abort immediately unless gary shandling joins bullwinkle and my flag. ||EOT||
||565978C8WKBS|| 4 out of 5 dentists recommend that gary shandling must take the atomic engine from the home of a trusted friend. ||EOT||
on a scale of Mickey Rourke to Meryl Streep, I'd say I'm aging at about a Gary Shandling.
This week on Do You Like Colin Farrell movies and discuss Bradley Cooper in Burnt and Gary Shandling as Steve Jobs
and Gary Shandling is the sage of guy who knows what's going down.
looks like he is doing a Gary Shandling impersonation
may I suggest your first guest be Gary Shandling?
Gary Shandling: Czar of Housing would ensure breasts would come with windows costing over $1,000.
Remember the Gary Shandling Show when he wanted to move time forward he manually moved the clocks ahead. I want to do that right now.
Hasn't anyone commented on Kasich's resemblance to Gary Shandling?
Eleanor Roosevelt. Is it Gary Shandling you’re thinking of?
Halloween Leonard Maltin suggestion: 'S'Garry Movie--the films of Garry Marshall or Garry Shandling (or any other Garry or Gary)
I came to the conclusion yesterday that is a cross between 30 Rock and the Gary Shandling Show.
It's Gary Shandling Show blew my mind when I was a kid. It was so brilliantly absurd. Thanks for making me laugh!
I need to find one of my musical friends who can cover/parody the theme to the Garry Shandling show.
Special thanks to Gary Shandling and Richard Lewis for their encouragement Aug 29th . … …
Grodin is still alive and besides Gary Shandling no one deserves more roles now and appreciation
...there's a scene where actor Gary Shandling makes a cameo and whispers "Hail Hydra". If you didn't see Iron-Man2 you (cont)
I love your new theme song, it's verry Gary Shandling show esque!
Chris Rock, Bill Maher, Dennis Miller, Gary Shandling, David Cross, & John Oliver all went on to better, fresher more innovative stuff
a mix between Gary Shandling and Alfred E Newman.
Sitcom idea: Expos great Gary Carter & funny man Gary Shandling star in Garys' Hairy Situations. Co-proprietors of a hair salon.
I'm considering writing a "fictional account" of Gary Shandling's twin brother whom Gary imprisoned in a basement for some zany reason.
Gary Shandling for president? Kasichs is a dead ringer for him, am I right?
Gary Shandling failed to become a regular at the Comedy Store nearly 3 dozen times. Moral of the story.PASSION beats TALENT every time!
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Following It's Gary Shandling's Show with an episode of Dr. Katz. Feels natural.
Watching It's Gary Shandling's Show again. It's so *** 80s in the best way.
Oh hello Gary Shandling host of the show making milli vanilli and Phil Collins jokes
That means you missed Gary Shandling and Fine Young Cannibals in '92! Oh my...
Currently watching Town & Country with Warren Beatty, Diane Keaton, Gary Shandling and Goldie Hawn. Haven't seen it?
I had a promising pyrotechnics career until the one 4th of July I designed a that looked like Gary Shandling getting head in a VW.
Love the show. Vice is terrific (TY) What would you say to inviting a funny guest like Gary Shandling or Craig Ferguson back?
Gary Shandling's another; now he looks like current-day James Spader with a brillo pad on his head, after rotting a few days.
I use to be your bodyguard during the Gary shandling show. How have you been?
Captain America: The Winter Soldier The latest outing for Marvel's All American Hero. As always the Superhero finds himself pitted against a Super-villain (The titular Winter Soldier) who is at least as strong as the Cap and much more ruthless in his villainy. It features Samuel L Jackson as the Director of SHIELD Nick Fury, with Scarlett Johanssen reprising her role of Black Widow, and a new (to me) hero: The Falcon, played by Anthony Mackie. Robert Redford plays another director of SHIELD and there is a smattering of other stars in minor roles (Jenny Agutter and Gary Shandling to name but 2) This is standard Marvel fayre - Good Organisation (SHIELD) versus Bad Organisation (Medusa), lots of high energy fighting, special effects and superheroes saving the day. As usual no spoilers in these reports; so I can't say much about the plot, except that there was good plot development, the story built tension quite well and the characters came across as human and not the usual 2 dimensional cartoons they all ...
It has been brought to my attention the Captain America movie has Jenny Agutter doing karate and Gary Shandling. Well played, Marvel.
I saw Captain America: Winter Solider. You can add me to the list of people who loved it, It's easily the best Marvel and perhaps best superhero movie to date. One of the tightest scripts I've seen in years. Excellent direction that gives not one false note. Yes, I liked it more than the Avengers. The humor here was less, but more on point and less snarky, Moreover it was a more believable story grounded in real issues so it made me care more about what happened. My only disappointment was when Gary Shandling was revealed to be the Red Skull ;) The two ending scenes in the credits were also very solid. I am nervous about Gardians of the Galaxy now because it seems campy and Marvel has been on a winning streak so far, We'll see. Go see this. It's excellent. Also, loved all the Easter Eggs. Especially the Pulp Fiction reference.
Just saw Captain America 2 and really enjoyed it. Lots of action and great dialogue, plus an excellent line from one actor's previous career carved on a tombstone, funny cameos by Stan Lee and Gary Shandling, and the pleasant surprise that the good-looking older gal was Jenny Agutter from Logan's Run.
I saw Gary Shandling as the corrupt Senator... Where was Sinise?
Larry David and Bill Maher were in the house tonight! Gary Shandling was there on Thursday.
This is still terrific. Mel Gibson + Jamie Foxx + Gary Shandling making fun of Robert Downey Jr.
Did you guys ever watch that RDJ tribute sketch video with Jamie Foxx, Mel Gibson and Gary Shandling? HILARIOUS.
Humor is a cornerstone of the mission of NFF as humor serves to break the ice on important subjects that can be uncomfortable to discuss and laughter always heals the spirit. Power of Comedy Award honorees have included Russell Brand, Amy Poehler and Seth McFarlane. Other performers have included Will Ferrell, Will Arnett, Maya Rudolph, Sarah Silverman, Nick Kroll, Ken Jeong, Aziz Ansari, Gary Shandling, Casey Wilson and many more. Red carpet attendees have included Melissa Etheridge, Katy Perry, Helen Mirren and Gene Simmons - See more at:
For my Colorado friends: brother George is playing a gig next weekend. He is like Gary Shandling meets Jon Stewart, with the mechanical skills of myself and the Tool Man, and the verbal skills of George Carlin
David Bowie in Zoolander because I believe I might be of service. Or heck even Gary Shandling giving the thumbs up.
We just followed Gary Shandling. Now if only he would follow us. :/
Just watched you meeting Gary Shandling for the first time. Tell me you told him he was a *** before you left?
Since when did Gary Shandling start to look like my soon-to-be nephew's 3D sonogram?
didn't he have a talk show on HBO and look like Gary Shandling ?
I liked Larry Sanders better when he was Gary Shandling.
Yes, I'm very aware of the Huey Lewis / Gary Shandling hair situation going on right now on my head.
2/3 Later, Gary Shandling, as Larry, asked Gene how Roger Ebert was. Larry's next guest was Warren Zevon.
From the great Gary Shandling similar to my new book, "Life is short, but not short enough." Good luck...”
||517652F4TDSY|| it is not true that gary shandling is destroyed by the death star for the silver demon. ||EOT||
If Sharon Osbourne married Gary Shandling she would be Sharon Shandling. Say that 10 times fast...
In some other dimension Gary Shandling is the starting center for the Bucks.
Everybody's favorite Larry Sanders (sorry Gary Shandling) goes over Chris Bosh to narrow the Miami lead to 38-32. Sanders has 6 and 5 rebs
the best theme tune since Gary Shandling. # itskevin
it is Gary Shandling. If he runs for Prez, SNL will be licking their chops.
My lips are as dry as a Gary Shandling joke right now.
Gary Shandling looks like Money Mayweather's cut man.
If the first "celebrity" Showtime highlights at the Alamodome for this fight tonight is Gary Shandling, well...
Out of 40K people they only show Gary Shandling, Mario Lopez & Whitney Cummings? Jesus christ
Gary Shandling is not telling any jokes on the stage of
When did Gary Shandling become the govenor of Massachusetts?
Deval Patrick can probably do a great Gary Shandling imitation.
Is it just me or does the governor of Massachusetts sound exactly like Gary Shandling?
With your head turned, the Governor of Massachusetts sounds just like Gary Shandling.
The governor of Mass sounds like Gary Shandling. Not what I expected at all.
When did Gary Shandling turn black and become Governor of Mass?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Deval Patrick is a voice doppelgänger for Gary Shandling...close your eyes and listen, he's about to speak...
Not to make light of a situation but does anyone else think Gov. Deval Patrick sounds exactly like Gary Shandling?
Anyone ever notice that Deval Patrick sounds just like Gary Shandling?
Does this guy sound like Gary Shandling?
On radio Deval Patrick sounds exactly like Gary Shandling.
Why does the Governor of Massachusetts sound so much like Gary Shandling?
||5170FEE4TDSY|| delete all evidence that gary shandling takes your fly and was destroyed by poland. ||EOT||
“I once made love for an hour and fifteen minutes. But it was the night the clocks were set ahead.” – Gary Shandling
I'm up to 3 celebrity sightings in Hawaii... Julia Louis Dreyfus, Jeff Probst & Gary Shandling. Which one is the coolest?
Just hung out with Gary Shandling and Canelo Alvarez at my homie's boxing ring.Apparently Canelo left shortly after I left.I intimidated him
Does anyone's face and personality blend more perfectly than Gary Shandling?
.If you, Gary Coleman, Gary Oldman, Gary Numan and Gary Shandling got in to a fight, who would be the first to die?
Milton Jones, Dara o Briain, Ellen De Generes, Gary Shandling, David Walliams are always good for a laugh.
Does Bobby Collins looks like Gary Shandling and Vince McMahon merged together? LOL!
Judd Apatow on what he learned from Rip Torn, Jeffrey Tambor, and Gary Shandling on The Larry Sanders Show. Tomorrow on The Treatment
As they age, Jerry Seinfeld resembles Gilbert Gottfried who resembles Billy Crystal who resembles Jackie Mason who resembles Gary Shandling.
Larry Sanders Show > Curb Your Enthusiasm > Seinfeld. Gary Shandling is the best Jew
The kids are watching Over the Hedge... So funny, but such a weird combination of actors...Bruce Willis, Gary Shandling, William Shatner...=)
Only at 1am would you find a comedy directed by Mike Nichols starring Gary Shandling as an alien wanting to impregnate Annette Benning.
Watching a funny as movie..."What Planet Are You From" Annette Bening: I just don't trust you!" Gary Shandling: "Why not" AB: Well men are awful. They just say what they have to get into your pants" GS: "That's so terrible. So what is it that I have to say?" AB: "What do you mean?" GS: "To get into your pants. What do I have to say"
Watching Dreamworks movie "Over the Hedge" with Steve Carrell, Wanda Sykes, Bruce Willis, Nick Nolte, Gary Shandling, William Shatner, Avril Levigne and more.
Greeny has turned into the modern day Johnny Carson; who will fill in for him next? Joan Rivers or Gary Shandling
Just asked to identify a rapper in a song and his guess was Gary Shandling.
Gary Shandling did a normal sitcom where he used the break-the-third-wall stuff. It was very influential for people my age ...
You and Gary Shandling need to work together.on not being on camera anymore. Our eyes are burning.
Jesus Jeff u look like a sadder version of Gary Shandling..
Did you know that gary shandling wrote this?
wish you guys would have made more Gary Shandling shows.
Gary Shandling's mouth looks like it was drawn on his face by a child.
I'm following Gary Shandling now because he looks like my dad...REALLY. :-)
Gary Shandling's first appearance on network television on the The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson
Ask Gary Shandling or David Brenner, they're the same person.
Garys don't want to say how much they love Gary Shandling in public, but they all own (and rewatch) the show's box set on dvd
Gary Shandling is alive and well and living in my pants.
Gary Shandling is the scariest man on earth.
"We used to shoplift salamis when we were kids. You go into a grocery store, you put one in your pants and you walk out, because no one's gonna stop you and go, 'Excuse me, is that a salami in your pants?' If they do, you just go, 'Thank you very much! I'm very proud of it myself'" - Gary Shandling
Sad *** room? Super funny! Perhaps pictures of Gary Shandling & John Cleese would be more fitting for Sim!
Missed Comedy Store set by 30 minutes. Only okay with it b/c I was watching Jeff Garlin interview Gary Shandling at Largo.
I may have just watched the most ridiculous movie ever. Anything with Gary Shandling as an alien is...well... Gary Shandling as an alien.
Hanging with Gary Shandling trading some funnies .
Sorry Gary Shandling but your lips are just too much.
I'm great in bed. I never fall out. --Gary Shandling
it only rates 3 & a half stars, I've always thought you look more like Gary Shandling
What's a gary activist, hon? An apologist for Gary Shandling re-runs?
Why do I sometimes wake up with the theme song to the Gary Shandling Show in my head, there must be something wrong with me, right?
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I thought Gary Shandling was a character played by Martin Short.
"Team: Bob Saget or Tosh 2.0? between Gary shandling and andy pettite
Hey! Just realized that's Gary Shandling pretending to be a Senator.
Does that mean that the senator from Iron Man and Gary Shandling do or don't exist in that universe?
Dr. Zizmore looks like a younger, meltier Gary Shandling.
"I think the cliche is true that money doesn't buy happiness... It can actually let you focus more time on your misery." - Gary Shandling
// SOT 4FE1E0B3 G7W // confirmed report: gary shandling assassinates the extraterrestrial mason jar and the conquering viru
Okay, now there was just a dude who looked like Gary Shandling but when I took his photo he came out looking like a totally Asian Gary Shandling.
Uhh, no one told me Gary Shandling was in The Dictator. I would've gone opening night!
I'd like to mention that I really enjoyed Gary Shandling's appearance in THE DICTATOR.
The Hump looks like a 100 year old Gary Shandling with a touch of Gaddafi...
I keep whistling the theme to Gary Shandling's show.
Ok so why is she screaming like Gary Shandling
Ok, it makes my skim crawls that every time I see Jerry Seinfeld, he looks more and more like Gary Shandling...
Danke for Rip Torn MiB3 info sad really he was great in 90s TV series The Gary Shandling show.
Best bit of The Dictator by far is Gary Shandling's cameo - nothing on telly now comes close to Larry Sanders.
Gary Shandling lustfully looks on as Alison Brie works her balloons on the Tonight Show. +
I uploaded a video Gary Shandling for Comic Bible Mag
Good natt "My dog watches me on TV. So, if I may take this opportunity, "No! No! No!" ~ Gary Shandling
I'm still mad at her for interrupting so many great interviews. Never found out who plays B-ball at Gary Shandling house.
"would u rather play golf with gary oldman or gary coleman?"...(I'll go option C...Gary Shandling)
Bill, when will Gary Shandling be on again? he was hilarious, tonites show not too many jokes/laughs, that gal thumbs down
WOW.. Gary Freakin Shandling. I thought you were dead or something. I use to love the GS Show!
Still laughing about Gary Shandling being in Iron Man.
I came up with 100 band names this afternoon, don't touch that dial (*Gary Shandling clicking thing*) I'll list them in alphabetical order.
The comic's birthday is May 12 but fellow comedians and his daughter will gather at the Hermosa Beach Comedy & Magic Club to celebrate tonight.
There's an episode of Larry Sanders where Ellen Degeneres & Gary Shandling kiss. It was disturbing to watch, yet oddly arousing.
The one weird aspect of revisiting the Larry Sanders Show is watching attractive women pretend Gary Shandling is "sexy"
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Last night was amazing. The celebration was great Gary Shandling, Louie Anderson, Bill Burr, Dom Irera more
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Don't confuse Shilling & after reading this, you'll stick with Shandling via
I think I can help. Gary Shandling showed up at the Improv.
Couldn't fit the Gary Shandling joke in there, which is good...I didn't and still don't have one.
Thanks for the follow! I'm not a gambling man, a rambling man, or a Gary Shandling fan. Bet u don't get it. Maybe u do. Nah.
Larry Sanders of the milwaukee bucks must have been told by an Indiana pacer that he plays like Gary shandling!
Larry Sanders is trending right now. I wonder of Gary Shandling gets residuals for that.
I feel like only you would understand. Gary Shandling showed up at the Irvine Improv tonight. Yes. It happened. Incredible.
got really excited that Larry Sanders was trending. until i realized it has nothing to do with Gary Shandling.
Reading about an NBA fight involving a player named Larry Sanders. First thought: "Gary Shandling's old TV character is playing in the NBA?"
What's the profile for the crossover fan of Indiana Pacers/NBA Larry Sanders and Gary Shandling Larry Sanders? Self Loathing Indiana White?
nah *** poor all round. Not as cringey as Ricky Gervais interviewing Gary Shandling.
THE EPISODE WITH GARY SHANDLING AND ZOMBIES!!! WOO! Why can't more shows i like have seven plus seasons?
Reasons to love LA- did shows this wknd with Gary Shandling & Sherri Shepherd..And was eating at California Vegan...
Are you sure that's not Gary Shandling & not Larry Sanders seating next to Jack?
Only successful fadeaway I've seen in this game so far is Gary Shandling's hair.
Gary Shandling and Pat Riley are here lol
Gary Shandling's face looks like it hurts...justsayin
Man, Gary Shandling not aging well at all
dang I hope to look as cool on tv as you do tonight! Laker game vs. Houston good luck. Tell Gary Shandling hello!!!
Gary shandling as whiny and pestering King Hamlet
"Because of your lips?" -my gfriend, after I told her someone said to me at show that I remind him of Gary Shandling.
Eew. I would have to die if I found out anything about my boss' sex life. My boss looks SO MUCH like Gary Shandling. Ick.
brilliant titles - remininscent of Gary Shandling's show titles
He was a little older on the Gary Shandling ShowRT I'm pretty sure Jeffrey Tambor has been the same age his entire life.
Thank you, for reminding me that Gary Shandling is, in fact, a Gary. Dude is the ESSENCE of Gary. He started it.
I am dating a woman who, evidently, is unaware of the fact. - Gary Shandling
After making love I said to my girl, "Was it good for you too?" And she said, "I don't think this was good for anybody." -- Gary Shandling
Is it just me or does Octomom look like Gary Shandling and Billy Crystal had a mong lovechild.
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