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Gary Neville

Gary Alexander Neville (born 18 February 1975) is an English former footballer.

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Just seen Ivan Gazidis in Manchester chatting to Gary Neville. Interesting.
Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville face Manchester skyscrapers backlash.
This is how Gary Neville's development will change Albert Square
Former Manchester United stars Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville attacked over "aggressive" skyscraper scheme
Gary Neville has high hopes for Anthony Martial
Adrian Durham bleated on & on about Gary Neville. We, the listener, tune in to hear talk about sport. Adrian should remember that
Adrian has just put Gary Neville is a basket and sent him away to reconsider his own validity. Well put.
Adrian if everyone lost respect for Gary Neville he will still be held in higher regard than u you are totally irrelevant
The hypocrisy of Adrian Durham on talkSPORT having a go at Gary Neville for calling that Arsenal fan an *** is breathe taking!!
Adrian Durham is spot on today Gary Neville should of never called a fan an ***
I fear Gary Neville has entered into a war he just can't win. No one can take down Arsenal fans. No one. Not even Hitler.
'GARY NEVILLE is willing to go on Arsenal Fan TV to defend Gunners boss Arsene Wenger.'
ArsenalFan TV, Gary Neville and the problem with taking yourself too seriously -
.says he'd happily go on ArsenalFanTV to defend Arsene Wenger
Arsenal fan slams Gary Neville after pundit calls him 'an *** during Chelsea defeat. ARSENAL fan Kane Hopps h...
Gary Neville says Jose Mourinho deserves credit for tactical switch in Man United's win over Leicester:
Hamilton Collection
When Robbie unleashes DT, Claude and Troopz on Gary Neville all at once
On This Day: in 2005 Roy Keane took offence when Patrick Vieira started picking on Gary Neville in the tunnel.
Nah honestly. I can't even begin to imagine Gary neville on arsenal fan TV. It'd be something else
I don't understand Gary Neville. He was the same one who slated Wenger for continually making the SAME mistakes each season...
Claude & Robbie vs Gary Neville & Andy Tate *** in a Cell at Wrestlemania heard it here first
Gary Neville telling it like it is again!
still think Gary neville wasting his time... AFC TV is full of retards no point wasting time on them
I liked a video from Gary Neville vs Arsenal Fan TV |
Highlight of the game: Gary Neville saying Hector was beaten too easily and outmuscled for the first goal when HE WAS LITERALL…
Gary Neville the man who ended Reyes Arsenal career after kicking him to pieces .lectures to Arsenal fans...
I wrote this about the ArsenalFan TV people
Arrogant Neville had no right to call unhappy fan *** for protest. Gary Neville knows all about the powe...
Robbie is actually getting Gary Neville to come on Arsenal fan tv ffs he's so smart, the amount of views he'll get will b…
What's going wrong for Leicester? Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher Analysis
Gary Neville would be "happy" to go on Arsenal Fan TV after slamming "embarrassing" Gunners supporters.
I like Gary Neville as a pundit, he's probaly a decent coach as well to be honest
Gary Neville vs ArsenalFanTV beef.. the world is just one enormous meme
Robbie with a passionate defense of AFTV after Gary Neville drama. Addresses lots of common complaints found on…
Gary Neville: "The idea that Brazilian players aren't tough is a myth. Some of them have grown up in places we couldn't ev…
Gary Neville slating Arsenal Fan TV on Sky Sports. My hero, my mate.
Gary Neville now offering Arsenal tactical advice after joining and getting sacked by Valencia in the same season. 🚮
Hope Phil Neville & Scholes turn up in the background for Gary's ArsenalFanTV slot, craning their necks to get in shot…
ICYMI: - featuring Gary Neville, Civil War at Arsenal, and a horse kicking someone in the ***
The ArsenalFan TV phenomenon is here to stay
Waiting for the banner geeza on AFTV to call out Gary Neville, like he did Adrian Durham 😭
The weekend gets better. Gary Neville is hammering the Arsenal Fan TV crowd
Jurgen Klopp finds an unlikely ally in Gary Neville after FA Cup exit
At least it's not as outrageous as genuinely thinking Gary Neville was a better player than Phillip Lahm.
Something about watching Gary Neville, Geoff Shreeves and Jamie Carragher go through a McDonalds drive through is strangely quite hilarious
Gary Neville spent his England career crossing from those deep positions!
Gary Neville 'was the worst coach I've ever seen' - former Valencia president blasts former Neville's time in Spain
Gary Neville & Sunday Oliseh are proof that being a good pundit/analyst doesn't mean you'll be a good coach.
Gary Neville blasts disgraceful treatment of Mike Dean .
Gary Neville: Sofiane Feghouli sent off due to Man United players' reaction
Described as goal of the season by Caragher,goal of the century by Richard Keys,as for Gary Neville he said''...
Jamie Carraghers favourite moment of 2016: "Gary Neville at Valencia"
Jamie Carragher asked for his best moment of 2016:. His reply: "Gary Neville at Valencia" 😂
Gary Neville on Ross Barkley's shot: "there's not a stoke defender within 2 yards of him". Yes Gary, that's because th…
Jamie Carragher on his favourite moment of 2016:. "Gary Neville at Valencia!"
Eden Hazard included in both Gary Neville & Jamie Carragher Team of the Season so far
My bit on Gary Neville and the other grandees commanding Loris Karius to shut up
Gary Neville: "It’s performing really, really well. Marcos Rojo and Phil Jones have really been good these last few weeks."
Gary Neville:"Antoine Griezmann should be Manchester United’s top La Liga target.". Yes please 😉🔴
Manchester United are more arrogant this season says Gary Neville
Gary Neville: "If Man United don't win the League, I want this team to win it." Surprising! . https…
Could you please add Roberto Mancini, Gary Neville and Frank De Boer to the Crystal Palace exchange market?
so beckham, scholes butt, Gary Neville and Phil Neville all deputised in 90/91 blimey I missed all that!!..
I've only just come across that Gary Neville video. Tony Adams' son! Oh man, creasing!
If you prank call Gary Neville, feel the wrath. 😂😂
Trying to figure out how Gary Neville has left out Alexis Sanchez in his team of the season so far..
CLASSIC: When a bunch of school kids got hold of Gary Neville's mobile number. 😂😂
Manchester United transfer news: Old Trafford legend Gary Neville believes Jose Mourinho will be ...
When some kids got hold of Gary Neville's number..
Today's Sport on TV column about Gary Neville on Sky Sports Sunday Supplement
Gary Neville on Sky Sports Sunday Supplement, talking Loris Karius, Jurgen Klopp, the press: TV review  vi
Always said Gary Neville wants us to win the league, he gets so passionate when we lose
Not good enough arsenal Gary Neville is right walking around no leadership on de pitch we need a adams
😂😂 did Gary Neville say 'let his hair down' about Wayne Rooney??
Gary Neville presented with a bag full of rubbish at Salford City stadium meeting
Jurgen Klopp hits back at Gary Neville looks like you lads defo hit a nerve lads
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Gary Neville is a Red, he hates Scousers 👍
Klopp hits outs at Neville brothers after Karius criticism
Gary Neville tried his hand at managing & failed abysmally. Who cares what he says about current players?!
'Now you have your headline!!!'. Klopp bites back at the Neville brothers today. . Love him sticking it to Gary...
Disappointed that Gary Neville hasn't changed his bio to "The one who was the manager."
I liked a video How has Man U keeper David De Gea turned it around? Gary Neville tracks his rapid
Jamie Carragher on Karius: "He's had a pop at Gary Neville. He's had a pop at me. My advice would be shut up and prove you…
Carragher just said Karius should shut up and do his job instead of taking shots at Gary Neville.
Karius:" I don’t care what Gary Neville said after the game. He was a manager for a short bit and now he is back to being an…
So Jurgen Klopp thinks gary neville can't judge a player just because he didn't do well in his first year as manager.
Klopp hilarious in his press conference today. His PR team must love him! Right about Gary Neville.
That's because we're playing far more exciting football And is generally always right!
I love that Jurgen Klopp referred to Gary Neville as "the one who was a manager" 😂😂💅🏻
Klopp: "The one who was a manager [Gary Neville] should know criticism never helps. But he's not interested in helping a…
I'm sure you are not as pleased as I am...Gary Neville's ought to shut up from time to time
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Another poor, unfairly maligned Liverpool keeper who suffered at the hands of the ever-biased (Er, no, wait):
Gary Neville at the beginning of 2016 vs Gary Neville at the end of 2016.
Klopp: "He (Gary Neville) showed he struggled with a job to judge players, why we let them talk about players on televi…
Take a look at this Jürgen Klopp attacks Neville brothers over Loris Karius criticism
Jurgen Klopp vs. Gary Neville is bringing out the best in each other:
Klopp on "He showed he struggled with job to judge players so why do we let him talk about players on TV?
Klopp: "Gary Neville is not interested in a Liverpool player I imagine, The Neville brothers don't like Liverpool, ther…
Gary Neville has more than earned his right to voice opinion, but Jurgen Klopp's job is to defend his players. There are always 2 sides.
Jurgen Klopp destroyed Gary Neville after his criticism of Karius via
"Keep your mouth shut": Jurgen Klopp launches scathing attack on Gary Neville
Jurgen Klopp responds to Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville's Liverpool criticism via
'He already showed he struggles to judge a player' - Klopp doesn't hold back on Gary Neville
Jurgen Klopp goes in two-footed on Gary Neville after his criticism of under-fire goal... (via Class!!
Jamie Carragher on Loris Karius' recent comments about Gary Neville: "My advice would be, just shut up and do your job." h…
Gary Neville preparing to talk about Loris Karius
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"My advice to you would be 'Shut up, and do your job'.". - Jamie Carragher on Loris Karius' criticism of Gary Neville.…
Gary Neville: "It's nothing to do with the manager. He's made the substitution for the right reason and the player has let h…
LOL Karius don vex put Gary Neville where him belong 😂😂. . "Aproko Neville weh no fit win one match for Valencia come…
Still p*ssed off that Gary Neville inferred Zlatan kicked Coleman intentionally on Sunday. Zlatan said it was an accident & thats it end of.
'It's garbage from him': Gary Neville savages Marouane Fellaini's contribution to Man…
Gary Neville described Marouane Fellaini's challenge for the penalty as "pathetic".
Gary Neville: "The top games this season are a lot higher quality"
Cheers Andy. Bet you never thought you'd be agreeing with Gary Neville 15 years ago did you?
Gary Neville: "Chalobah was right to come over and push [Aguero]. You have to defend your teammates when you see something l…
. Martin Tyler and Gary Neville thought it was worthy of three red cards. 👀
Gary Neville "Pep changed the colour of the nets from black to white. I don't know why, it hasn't helped"
back on pundits ,I thought Gary Neville was superb today I rate him anyhow but his explanation of the handbags at the end was 👍
Jurgen Klopp blasts Gary Neville after stupid comment!
Gary Neville claimed Chelsea are starting to show signs of being potential Premier League champions after their 3-1…
Tony is just like Gary Neville in my opinion x
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one day I'm going to turn MNF on and I'll see you on there alongside Gary Neville giving your views
Gary Neville was forming tactician in Sky Studio. He saw what coaching entails at Valencia. He swore never to return to coaching.
Throwback to when Gary Neville was scared by a sprinkler.
You've got boys like Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher who you could listen to all day then you've got Chris Sutton... stealing a living.
Gary Neville: He has been the best striker in the Premier League for four years -
Squat yourself a miracle. Seriously. go Squat and see if they throw you out...
Gary Neville: "It's far too early to crown champions but it's the type of performance that you do see from champions." http…
"What I saw at the end, I liked that" - Gary Neville's honest appraisal of Manchester City-Chelsea brawl
Liverpool's new signings Cristiano Panucci and Gary Neville are getting on like a house on fire says new boss David O'Leary.
Gary Neville: . "David Luiz has gone from PlayStation player to perfect."
David Beckham, Gary Neville and Nicky Butt walk along the Red Square.
Gary Neville: "At the moment nobody is questioning Anthony Martial, but he cost Man United £55m. He needs to start deliver…
Gary Neville: "It's embarrassing. Wayne Rooney shouldn't have apologised. Or, if he did, his fellow teammates should have…
EXCLUSIVE: Gareth Southgate is plotting his England revolution with Gary Neville coming back in to the fold
Gary Neville on Gareth Southgate:. "I think he should get the job. The fact he's gone through the pathway with under-21s s…
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The Premier League is not the best in the World - Gary Neville ▶
Gary Neville: "When I see Rashford & Lingard on the pitch, it makes me feel proud that Manchester United is true to itself &…
Ouch. . Gary Neville would leave out both Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Wayne Rooney from Manchester United's starting XI.
Gary Neville names best Manchester United XI... and there's no space for Zlatan Ibrahimovic or Wayne Rooney - Daily Mail …
Gary Neville says Man United can't just sack Jose Mourinho if the Red Devils miss out on top four spot.
Gary Neville warns Manchester United that they can't just sack Jose Mourinho if he misses top four.
Gary Neville has revealed he told Manchester United to sign Cristiano Ronaldo and Louis Saha after finding it...
Gary Neville Reveals He Tried to Convince Liverpool Legend to Sign for Man Utd in 2004 >>
Gary Neville says that DWIGHT YORKE used to balance a tray of shots on his head.
Good take by G.Neville on the Shaw & Smalling situation.
Want to see Gary Neville do some Watch the above 👆🏻☺️
if it's Gary Neville I bet he's pleased.
Gary Neville explains what Luke Shaw has to do to win over Jose Mourinho -
Gary Neville: "Jose is looking to make his name at Manchester United and he has to make sure he has the players alongside hi…
Gary Neville reveals wanted Cristiano Ronaldo to come to Old Trafford
Former captain Gary Neville claims that Luke Shaw must mature and improve following uncertainties about his future at the club.
So many picking Gary Neville over Steve Nicol in their "England-Scotland XI" They can't have seen Nicol play.
Squawka : Gary Neville picks out superstar trio who were Man Utd's "pinnacle" - I've never seen anything like it…
Good luck to all of the 2016 finalists tomorrow night has been revealed as the speaker
Gary Neville: "So I am not quite sure what Jose has seen, but he is the manager of the club and has to make the calls he…
Gary Neville: "I find it difficult to believe Chris Smalling has ever been anything other than completely committed."
Very much looking forward to tomorrow and hearing from our guest speaker Good luck everyone!…
Wrt Shaw, this is Neville. The tone of his comments indicate there's a problem with Luke
Gary Neville makes a stark warning to Luke Shaw after Jose Mourinho's criticism
Gary Neville revealed as MEN Business of the Year 2016 speaker The Class
Big night tomorrow with confirmed as Business of the Year 2016 speaker. Good luck…
Former announced as speaker for Business of the Year 2016 - can you guess who?…
Gary Neville has admitted his surprise at questions over Chris Smalling's commitment -
Gary Neville: "It was a magical time when Ronaldo was playing with Rooney and Carlos Tevez; I've never seen anything lik…
Gary Neville: The Man United dressing room were desperate to sign Ronaldo... and this star
Manchester United news: Gary Neville reveals how he wanted Cristiano Ronaldo and Louis Saha to come to Old Traffo...
Gary Neville says Cristiano Ronaldo and Louis Saha were the only opponents that he willed Manchester United to sign.
Gary Neville has revealed the role he played in bringing Cristiano Ronaldo to Man United
Gary Neville makes shock comparison: Ronaldo reminded me of this Manchester United ace
Gary Neville: I wanted Manchester United to sign Louis Saha after he destroyed me
Gary Neville "It's not Mourinho's team." After £160m spent. . Claudio Ranieri won the league with Nigel Pearson's team.…
Gary Neville's verdict on Manchester United's 4-0 defeat by Chelsea at Stamford Bridge:
Gary Neville saying "This isn't Jose's team". He spent £159 million in the summer. It absolutely is his team & his mess.
Given what Gary Neville thinks looks good (Hotel Football, Bootle Street) he probably thinks they're playing quite…
Can't believe we're playing London in three days 😱 rumour has it are bringing glitter canons and Gary Neville x
Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher pick their Liverpool and Man Utd opposition teams |... via
Alan Smith or Andy Townsend. I never thought as a Liverpool fan I would miss Gary Neville
Gary Neville on THAT celebration against Liverpool: "It was worth a 120-match ban!"
Manchester United transfer news and rumours: Inter Milan launch £13.5m bid for Matteo Darmian?: PLUS: Gary Neville…
Man United legend admits - 'I tried to influence the referee against Liverpool'. *** 󾌽
Giggs to join Carragher and Neville on Monday Night Football.
Ryan Giggs to join Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville on Monday Night Football as show...
Nani crying at Anfield and influencing the referee... and
Own goals, tough tackles and badge-kissing - Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher relive some Liverpool-Man Utd moments…
Pass the Gary Neville: Which word tribe do you belong to? 
Ryan Giggs to join Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher on Monday Night Football for Liverpool-United clash
Ryan Giggs to join Neville and Carragher on Monday Night Football special.
Gary Neville says his infamous badge-kissing after Rio Ferdinand's late winner v Liverpool in 2006 would have been worth a 1…
WATCH: and relive their classic v moments here:
Gary Neville takes on Everton’s Graham Stuart in the 1995 FA Cup final.
Gary Neville: Cristiano Ronaldo was "butchered and battered" during his first couple of years at Manchester United.
Gary Neville: "Cristiano was butchered and battered for two or three years at Manchester United and he has said it made him…
Gary Neville: 'Ronaldo to Manchester City makes sense.'
Gary Neville on Cristiano Ronaldo: "He didn’t arrive at Manchester United as someone who was setting the tone for everybody else."
Strong support from Sir Richard Leese in the defence of Gary Neville's controversial St Michael's Square proposal:
You just know somewhere along the road. Gary Neville will still manage the England national team. Huge feelings.
"Gary Neville was a bad influence & should have been told to sit down & shut up" Big Sam. Ten times the man you are y…
Gary Neville is far from convinced that Paul Pogba and Ander Herrera can be Jose Mourinho's midfield two…
Manchester United news: Paul Pogba and Ander Herrera cannot be trusted in midfield yet, says Gary Neville - The…
Gary Neville: "Mourinho has a squad from 4 different managers. It's like a bolognaise with tikka masala and a roast dinner…
It's time for Gary Neville to come home. He simply hasn't got it as a manager. Not sure he would have the same credibili…
That's the equivalent of making Gary Neville manager of Man Utd because he opened a hotel next to Old Trafford *shudders*
Sam Allardyce on Gary Neville's input during Euro 2016:. "Tell Gary to sit down and shut up, you’re the manager, you do wh…
Gary Neville on Rooney: "His form hasn't been good and the fact he has been left out is the right decision."
Gary Neville angers Manchester United fans with his latest Wayne Rooney .. Related Articles:
It's been 4 years since I randomly bumped into Gary Neville! Good times x
Gary Neville says that Jose Mourinho must axe some of the players bought in error by Moyes & LVG that “do not fit the prof…
Sam Allardyce 'slams predecessor Roy Hodgson for lacking personality' and takes swipe at Gary Neville
Wouldn’t want to be in a Gary Neville half-time roasting if he’s like this on the touchline…
Full story on the breaking Sam Allardyce do the FA react to this? htt…
Gary Neville: "Paul Pogba influenced the game, it was his best performance so far and he needs to keep doing that."
Gary Neville: "As soon as Utd scored, the belief went right through them. They looked good and confident."
Exclusive: Sam Allardyce mocked predecessor Roy Hodgson - and hit out at Gary Neville
I liked a video Manchester United vs Leicester City Analysis by Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher, and
Who are the Manchester United stars who don't fit Gary Neville's profile? - Manchester Evening News
Sam Allardyce allegedly caught mocking Roy Hodgson and Gary Neville, but that could be the least of his troubles
England boss Sam Allardyce blasts Gary Neville: Roy Hodgson should've shut him up - report
Prediction: Sam Allardyce to be sacked by 6am and Gary Neville to be announced as Interim by 11am tomorrow
Roy Hodgson, gary neville, jack wilshere, prince william & harry. On these people, he has a point. LOL!
Gary Neville has a sly dig at Jamie Carragher & Souness's face when Gary Neville laughs at him 😂😂😂
When this is the less serious of two allegations, you know the other one is huge
Big Sam mocks Roy Hodgson and Gary Neville and talks how to evade FA rules on transfers to undercover journos! Good…
Would have been spectacular with Gary Neville :D
No Gary Neville on tonight, he's on a three-day bender with Martin Tyler celebrating Pogba's header and watching the 199…
Big Sam "Roy should have told Gary Neville to sit down and shut up" ahh you've won me over sammy💕💕
Actually wish Gary Neville was on tonight so Jurgen could sly in a few comments about United 😄
Dissing Gary Neville is funny, but failing for the sting shows vanity and arrogance of the highest order, not leadership
Aysteran, who only replaced Gary Neville as Los Che boss in March, was sacked after they lost their first three league games.
Gary Neville is sat in Corbyn's seat. He gave his up for an old fella, good man.
Gary Neville: 'Antonio Conte & David Luiz is a bizarre pairing... it's like me and Miss World'. Or him and management 😂
Gary Neville: "David Luiz going back to Chelsea is like me being with Miss World."
ON THIS DAY: In 1992, Gary Neville made his Man Utd debut vs. Torpedo Moscow. He went on to make 602 appearances.
Gary Neville and Sir Alex celebrate Michael Owen's Derby winner at Old Trafford
I actually like Gary Neville not so much Phil, he reminds me if Stu
Gary Neville: "You might as well start the game a goal down with Moreno at left back."
WATCH: Jamie Carragher had been waiting six months for this! What did Gary Neville learn from his time at Valencia? https…
Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville felt Diego Costa should have been sent off against West Ham on Monday Night ...
Ahead of Monday Night Football, Jamie Carragher recalls the time he and Chris Kamara pranked Gary Neville.
Peter Drury and Gary Neville commentary will definately be the best ever. Should happen soon and often.
Gary Neville explains why Ibrahimovic and Pogba's "arrogance" can guide to the
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Gary Neville: "I will say Manchester United for the title with Arsenal in second, Manchester City in third and Liverpoo…
Gary Neville explains why Manchester United can win the Premier League title:
I want to come out & say I love Gary Neville, well on Sky Sports anyway!!So glad he will be giving us his erudite views over the new season!
Paul Pogba will restore some of the personality that has been missing, says Gary Neville
Gary Neville on Man Utd's move for Paul Pogba: "He fits the profile of the club - powerful, dynamic going forward." https:…
After his failings in Spain, Gary Neville telling managers where they went wrong is like Robbie Savage giving tips on h…
I hope Gary Neville's new punditry contract with Sky means he has to start every sentence with "I couldn't do any better but"
Enjoyed Gary Neville on Sky Sports previously but how can he go back & critique others after his Spanish shambles? 🙈 http…
OFFICIAL: Sky Sports confirm that Gary Neville will rejoin them as an analyst and commentator for the coming season. https…
Rooney the passenger's time to do a Gary Neville and retire gracefully !!
BRILLIANT: Jamie Carragher's response to Gary Neville re-joining the Sky Sports team.
Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville are back together again! 😂👌
Gary Neville returns to TV punditry role after Valencia
Gary Neville rejoins SKY. A great day. Will be interesting to see how experience changes his analysis, if at al…
Gary Neville will return to TV punditry following his ill-fated spell at Valencia:
ffs does this mean Friday night games basically turn into League Of Their Own?
If it's you want, the reunited crew are on it already
Predictably Gary Neville waltzes back into a multi-million pound job at Sky to educate us all about something he was a…
Gary Neville to return to TV punditry after management misadventure in Valencia -
I see Gary Neville is back at Sky Sports with his tail between his legs. Had a crack at the big time and flapped it.
Can't wait to see Gary Neville telling Pep, Jose, Klopp, Conte etc. what they are doing wrong...
Are you happy to see Gary Neville back on Sky Sports? I voted YES in the poll! Have your say:
Gary Neville: 'Aubameyang to Liverpool makes sense.'
Gary Neville returns to Sky Sports - and Jamie Carragher instantly trolls him
Gary Neville going back to Sky with his tail between his legs.
3) is returning to Sky Sports and football fans are VERY happy .
Gary Neville: 'Henderson to Arsenal makes sense.'
The football season back and now so is this man!. Gary Neville the king of Monday night analysis squats returns!
BREAKING: Gary Neville rejoins as analyst and commentator:
Kind hearted Gary Neville makes Paul McGrath's day with classy gesture for charity   10% Off
Revealed: Gary Neville's plans to reshape Manchester City centre
I've just seen Gary Neville working in a Bar in Paris.?
Done a big interview with Gary Neville for tomorrow's He's insightful and honest on his time at Valencia and with England.
Gary Neville should not be part of the England coaching staff. His tactics are over complicated and stupid.
ah! No joke, Gary Neville. Could be the Loew of England!
Gary Neville will not return to the England set-up as number two to new manager Sam Allardyce. (Source: Telegraph)
Gary Neville handled being England asst manager and punditry even though there is a little difference
Rui Faria & Gary Neville as Jose Mourinho's assistants would be GREAT.
Glenn Hoddle is now FAVOURITE to be next England manager on Betfair. A reminder of his first spell from Gary Neville https:/…
Roy Hodgson also confirmed that Gary Neville will be leaving the England set up: "They [Ray and Gary] will leave with me…
If you think Hoddle, Gareth Southgate, Gary Neville, Tim Sherwood or Harry Redknapp would make a good England manager, un…
Gary Neville laughed when England got Iceland in the last 16 (Guardian Audio)
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