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Gary Neville

Gary Alexander Neville (born 18 February 1975) is an English former footballer.

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Gary Neville wearing the worst jacket of all time
Gary Neville has obviously had a few sherbets before he's left the house by the look of his eyes! &tho…
Why has got Gary Neville as his profile pic? 😂😂😂
Into the future to find that David Beckham hasn't aged well and Gary Neville is still wearing a rubbis…
Can't get over Gary Neville's Frankenstein suit jacket/coat hybrid here
Jamie Carragher responds to Gary Neville's not-so-subtle dig at Liverpool in brutal manner -
Gary Neville on his way to have a scrap with Biff Tannen in a 1950s diner
Gary Neville on Harry Kane: “I cannot think of a time when he will ever not be in form. He is of the highest quality.”
We all know Gary Neville's feelings towards LFC but at least he can be complimentary and non biased most times!
Ha ha. As long as you are not like gary neville, you will be ok
Jack Wilshere analyses Gary Neville's defending on Instagram... -
Gary Neville: 'Matic to PSG makes sense.'
I think you're a bit obsessed about Gary Neville's champignon.
Find it hard to listen to any of those so called ‘experts’ apart from Souness and Gary Neville.
No second yellow for Alonso . Very reminiscent of Gary Neville down here
Want (need) Gary Neville to narrate my life ha ha x
Valencia is better than Gary Neville!. But Gary won the Treble & his partnership with Beckham is one of the Greats!
For some reason it reminds me of Gary Neville.😬
Alexis Sanchez looks distracted at Arsenal, says Gary Neville
It’s why Gary Neville has been so refreshing overall as a pundit, as he just calls it as it is. An…
Thanks Dan, he wanted to know why he can't watch Gary Neville's show on the Optus sport app on the Apple TV…
Gary Neville to come out of retirement and join Celtic?
Never mind making tea, watch Gary Neville struggling to find his way around his own kitchen…
Me personally I prefer an old fashioned gary neville type right back
Gary Neville: 'Benteke to Leicester City makes sense.'
Gary Neville: 'Alonso to Manchester United makes sense.'
I'd say it's close between him and Lee Dixon. But Gary Neville way ahead
Gary Neville: 'Bender to Manchester United makes sense.'
Valencia u re joking FAM ,will pick Rafael over Valencia @ right back but the all time RB remains Gary Neville
Gary Neville: 'Neuer to Tottenham makes sense.'
And if Gareth Southgate or Gary Neville become England manager I'm never watching a match again
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Gary Neville not being sent off at Stoke after twice scything down Etherington.. 😠😡😠
Video: Jack Wilshere analyses some dodgy defending from pundit Gary Neville. [IG story: jackwilshere]
Gary Neville on Man United: "Pogba is a loss but Marouane Fellaini has come in, and United have got Ander Herrera, Michae…
I have no idea what Phil & Gary Neville are smoking. Ever since they became pundits they have been nothing but jokes. 😕😕😕
Utd fan commenting on liga is like gary neville managing in spain. A pointless exercise in stupidity.
Gary Neville: "He'll admit himself that last season he fell below his standards but he started off this season brillian…
Gary Neville on Paul Pogba: "He's a big miss, you talk about characters and personality on the pitch, Pogba always want…
Gary Neville's soccerbox now on SS3 .. he's with John Barnes on this episode.. That's some brilliant TV
Gary Neville: "There's a really exciting battle going on between Rashford and Anthony Martial for that left-side strike…
Read more on my blog 👉 Things Suarez getting Messi for Gary Neville in Valencia… .
Gary Neville predicts the title will return to Manchester United or Manchester City this season: The former United……
Gary Neville: 'Henderson to Dortmund makes sense.'
This is what happens when kids are brought up on nothing but Sunny Delight and Gary Neville.
Gary Neville: 'Henderson to Real Madrid makes sense.'
don't have enough passion...😂😭 Look at Gary Neville, Joe Hart AND THE WHOLE SQUAD!! htt…
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Gary Neville's TV analysis and actual work with the team hasn't helped England either, but…
Gary Neville: "Nobody in the stadium thought it was a foul"
Wow, Gary Neville needs to do this to the England team. At the moment, Raheem sterling couldn't even finish on his…
Gary Neville's prediction comes true as Matt Ritchie escapes red card for identical challenge to Sadio Mane's .
The man is actually doing a Gary Neville in England
Cech could be replaced with Schmeicel or VDS. Rob Jones for Gary Neville. Stam/Adams for Terry, Vidic or Ferdinand
Just need the Indian answer to Gary Neville with a touch screen.
They have *** like Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher, Jamie Redknapp, Phil Thompson, Graeme Souness working for them what you expect
There's only one reason Gary Neville still wants Wenger to stay - it helps Manchester United.
Gary Neville: “Manchester United make up of their team and squad looks like they can handle a title challenge.” htt…
Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher left stunned by Aaron Ramsey
Gary Neville "I'd stick them all on the transfer list. None of them will get a better club than the one they're at."
Gary Neville: "The only positive is Arsene Wenger has 6 days left to get rid of as many of these players as he can."
Sad, isn't it, that Gary Neville seems to know more about what it means to play for Arsenal than the actual Arsenal team.
Gary Neville was absolutely FUMING at Arsenal's first-half display against Liverpool.
"I've heard 3 or 4 of these Arsenal players want to leave... Who wants to buy them?". - Gary Neville 😂
Gary Neville: "How sweet was it to score at the Etihad?". Wayne Rooney: "What... again?".
West Brom boss Tony Pulis has a new fan - and it's Gary Neville! - Sunday Mercury
Gary Neville claims one man at doesn't get enough praise | HITC
HITC: Gary Neville claims one man at West Brom doesn't get enough praise
Gary Neville on what Man Utd need: "If they could get one world-class winger, you'd say it's a pretty complete squad." htt…
Photographer has spotted Gary Neville with the Salford supporters in the Frank Nagington Stand. Here's the…
Gary Neville doing his level best to be a monotone and wooden as Michael Owen
Gary Neville on Nemanja Matic: "I have no doubt Conte has not sanctioned that move, he is not happy with it and ultimately…
Always thought that Matty cash was as good as scholes and joe worrall is the next Gary Neville shut Kenny burns
How cruel! He's like Ledley King was to Spurs or Gary Neville was to Man United! Really horrible people
Gary Neville who once claimed he will never critique head coaches after his stint at Valencia is now advising on yo…
Gary Neville on Roy Keane and Patrick Vieira's famous tunnel spat 😲
Great pic from '77. Kenny with Gary Neville? Or is it Dale Winton? 🙄
Manchester City vs Manchester United for the Premier League title is Gary Neville tip
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Gary Neville: hotel for homeless was purely the right thing to do.
Gary Neville has offered his backing to Rachel Riley after she leaves Sky Sports
Gary Neville has strongly defended Rachel Riley after she leaves Sky Sports
Gary Neville says what most of us are thinking about this
Can won because he's LFC,simple as that! Gary Neville rated Giroud's as best... Nev knows.
Brilliant time at Hotel Football, first Scholesy and now Red Nev himself - Gary Neville!!…
Carragher really doesn't like Gary Neville does he? 😂. A few moments ago at Michael Carrick'a testimonial friendly. ht…
Gary Neville's reaction to Juventus getting out of the group stage in 1999.
Hammered by the distinctly average Paul Parker who was jettisoned after only a few seasons when Gary Neville got into the team
Ok some more names (ambitious): Steve Clarke, Gary Neville, Roy Keane ... will be interested to see the odds when they're issued
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at Gary Neville's hotel to meet David Attenborough
Gary Neville on Pablo Zabaleta (2013): "Every time I watch him play I think of myself and wish I was him."
Gary Neville believes David Luiz is the one to watch next season. Can he fill John Terry's position? I believe so. He has…
Why do insist on having Alan Smith commentating on Spurs games, then swap him out for Gary Neville when playing Manure?
Gary Neville: “The spine of the team, the power of the spine, the job Conte’s done with David Luiz is incredible.” https:/…
Join live from planning, where a decision will be reached on Gary Neville's new house…
Gary Neville on the funniest chant he's ever had fans sing at him...
Gary Neville reveals the funniest chant he ever heard during his career 😂.
Council poised to reject Gary Neville's latest luxury home plan EX-FOOTBALLER
Gary Neville was embarrassing himself on MNF. As if De Gea, Valencia, Shaw, Martial, Rashford, etc aren't good enough.
Express: Gary Neville works out Jose Mourinho's huge transfer budget at Manchester United
Gary Neville: Why this Man United side are the worst side Jose Mourinho has managed
Gary Neville reveals two things United must do to bring back success .
Between David Moyes, Gary Neville and Tony Adams, I think the rep of all British managers is truly dead in Spain.
Gary Neville warns Man United cannot afford to lose this player
Gary Neville: "Toure, David Silva, Sergio Aguero and Kompany will go down as one of the best spines you will see in the Pr…
Gary Neville: This player should be next captain | The Peoples Person
Gary Neville on Manchester City: "Over the last 4-5 years they have been littered with fantastic players & should have won…
On Tuesday evening, watch Gary Neville sit down with Mike Summerbee and Denis Law..
Steve Cram, excellent commentator. Doesn't get enough recognition...smooth as silk, never misses a beat. We all like Gary Neville though
and don't forget gerrard, lampard, Gary Neville, rio Ferdinand, Ashley Cole, John terry, Michael Owen, and Rooney
Gary Neville was mates and invested with Peter Lim who owns Valencia, had sky work a…
My dad is genuinely the worst person to watch football with he's like Gary Neville, Robbie Savage and Michael Owen rolled into one...
Oh and if you're wondering, Ashley Cole's book is one of the worst I've read. If you're going to read a defender book, Gary Neville's is OK.
Luke Shaw on Gary Neville,The chat I had with him has changed my complete mindset, coming from the experiences he’s been t…
Gary Neville: 'It's probably the best I've seen a front pair play for United for a long time.'
Cruyff baba! This is the type of thing Gary Neville was using to buss Peter Lim head. Before they showed the two of…
🔫 Gary Neville... "Are they that finely tuned that if they lose a left back they fall apart? He’s not Roberto Carlos."…
Gary Neville on Lingard,Criticism of him is unjustified, he’s done well and scored in two cup finals for Manchester United
All of the Sky Sports pundits picked as the PL Young Player of the Year, except one. Gary Neville picked Sane. 🤔
Nev the only pundit to snub Alli as Young Player of Year - Gary Neville believes Leroy Sane, not Dele Alli, des...
Did you think Dele Alli was a shoe-in to be named Young Player of the Season again? Gary Neville has other ideas
Gary Neville has picked a City man over Dele Alli for Young Player of the Year
Chelsea News: N'Golo Kante will win player of the year - Gary Neville - Daily Star
Gary Neville: Jose Mourinho needs more players like this Man United star
Gary Neville snubs Dele Alli for Leroy Sane for Premier League Young Player of the Season
Manchester United legends Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville paid a surprise visit to the Home United Youth Academy on...
Kenny Dalglish has put youngsters Gary Neville and Paul Scholes into the first team at Blackburn Rovers
Gary Neville: "Jose has said some harsh things about a few players this season at times, not just Shaw, & others have r…
Gary Neville believes Luke Shaw's future at hinges on his response to Jose Mourinho's latest comments
Arsenal and Manchester City accused of lacking desire to win by Thierry Henry as fellow pundit Gary Neville slams …
Manchester United legend Gary Neville: "The most disturbing thing for me today, is learning that James Bond is a Li…
Referees turn the tables on Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher
Gary Neville is the most useless commentator, still better than Michael Owen though
Celebrities including Gary Neville, Sair Khan and Dawn Ward at Grand Pacific launch party
Gary Neville must be watching a different game some terrible calls
Gary Neville claims that Wayne Rooney's future at Manchester United is doubtful yet insists that the forward still has a lot to…
The council chief executive joined Gary Neville and Tom Bloxham at the world's biggest development conference...
- Gary Neville, lineker, Mabbutt, Speed, Woods(goalie) or Cahill
Cant forget the day Peter Lim took Gary Neville over him 😭
Gary Neville knew Chelsea would storm to the title after Antonio Conte rectified defensive problem - Metro
But obviously they'll never have a patch on Ashley Cole & Gary Neville - unfortunately.
Could genuinely hear the disappointment in Martin Tyler & Gary Neville's voice when Burnley missed that last minute chance.…
I bet Gary Neville cries when he nuts.
and side note. I hardly ever listen to what Gary Neville has to say lol. Where u think his best position is?
Getting WiFi out of a Virgin Media router is just as likely as Gary Neville kissing a Liverpool badge
Manchester United great Gary Neville opens up about his embarrassing final days at Reds: Former Man Utd skipper……
apparently it was Gary Neville's fault
SOCCER: Gary Neville puts Man Utd's Zlatan Ibrahimovic on par with Eric Cantona
Sky have phased out Alan Smith from co-commentating alongside Martin Tyler and brought in Gary Neville. New voice in FIFA 18?
ICYMI this Leicester City fan is demanding that Gary Neville replaces Claudio Ranieri!.
Someone on Radio 5 Live calling for Gary Neville to replace Claudio Ranieri at Leicester City 😂
Gary Neville on being a United fan when Liverpool won everything.. what would he know about frustrations of a supporte…
Arsenal fans at WAR: Gary Neville says Gunners divided in fan TV showdown
opens up on Liverpool rivalry: Ive never been without a police escort
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Gary Neville wishing Jamie Carragher good luck for his commentary today. 😂😂😂
A great day to be born. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Roberto Baggio (50), Gary Neville (42), Claude Makelele (44) and Jermaine Jenas (34).…
I agree wonderful. . "Gary Neville we thankya, we thankya"
When you're meeting Gary Neville at 1 but you've got paintballing at 3.
Never thought I'd see or hear Gary Neville show more respect to Arsenal and Arsene than actual Arsenal fans. World gone mental
This is quality from 😂. Scousers asked to wish Gary Neville Happy Birthday!
Two-time winner & Manchester United legend Gary Neville is 42 today! 🎉🎁🎂
Just seen Ivan Gazidis in Manchester chatting to Gary Neville. Interesting.
Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville face Manchester skyscrapers backlash.
A couple names that could throw their names into the hat for the Barcelona job..Avram Grant,Terry Connor, John Carver,Gary Neville 🤠🤠🤠🤠
This is how Gary Neville's development will change Albert Square
Former Manchester United stars Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville attacked over "aggressive" skyscraper scheme
Gary Neville has high hopes for Anthony Martial
Adrian Durham bleated on & on about Gary Neville. We, the listener, tune in to hear talk about sport. Adrian should remember that
Adrian has just put Gary Neville is a basket and sent him away to reconsider his own validity. Well put.
Adrian if everyone lost respect for Gary Neville he will still be held in higher regard than u you are totally irrelevant
The hypocrisy of Adrian Durham on talkSPORT having a go at Gary Neville for calling that Arsenal fan an *** is breathe taking!!
Adrian Durham is spot on today Gary Neville should of never called a fan an ***
I fear Gary Neville has entered into a war he just can't win. No one can take down Arsenal fans. No one. Not even Hitler.
'GARY NEVILLE is willing to go on Arsenal Fan TV to defend Gunners boss Arsene Wenger.'
ArsenalFan TV, Gary Neville and the problem with taking yourself too seriously -
.says he'd happily go on ArsenalFanTV to defend Arsene Wenger
Arsenal fan slams Gary Neville after pundit calls him 'an *** during Chelsea defeat. ARSENAL fan Kane Hopps h...
Gary Neville says Jose Mourinho deserves credit for tactical switch in Man United's win over Leicester:
When Robbie unleashes DT, Claude and Troopz on Gary Neville all at once
On This Day: in 2005 Roy Keane took offence when Patrick Vieira started picking on Gary Neville in the tunnel.
Nah honestly. I can't even begin to imagine Gary neville on arsenal fan TV. It'd be something else
I don't understand Gary Neville. He was the same one who slated Wenger for continually making the SAME mistakes each season...
Claude & Robbie vs Gary Neville & Andy Tate *** in a Cell at Wrestlemania heard it here first
Gary Neville telling it like it is again!
still think Gary neville wasting his time... AFC TV is full of retards no point wasting time on them
I liked a video from Gary Neville vs Arsenal Fan TV |
Highlight of the game: Gary Neville saying Hector was beaten too easily and outmuscled for the first goal when HE WAS LITERALL…
Gary Neville the man who ended Reyes Arsenal career after kicking him to pieces .lectures to Arsenal fans...
I wrote this about the ArsenalFan TV people
Arrogant Neville had no right to call unhappy fan *** for protest. Gary Neville knows all about the powe...
Robbie is actually getting Gary Neville to come on Arsenal fan tv ffs he's so smart, the amount of views he'll get will b…
What's going wrong for Leicester? Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher Analysis
Gary Neville would be "happy" to go on Arsenal Fan TV after slamming "embarrassing" Gunners supporters.
I like Gary Neville as a pundit, he's probaly a decent coach as well to be honest
Gary Neville vs ArsenalFanTV beef.. the world is just one enormous meme
Robbie with a passionate defense of AFTV after Gary Neville drama. Addresses lots of common complaints found on…
Gary Neville: "The idea that Brazilian players aren't tough is a myth. Some of them have grown up in places we couldn't ev…
Gary Neville slating Arsenal Fan TV on Sky Sports. My hero, my mate.
Gary Neville now offering Arsenal tactical advice after joining and getting sacked by Valencia in the same season. 🚮
Hope Phil Neville & Scholes turn up in the background for Gary's ArsenalFanTV slot, craning their necks to get in shot…
ICYMI: - featuring Gary Neville, Civil War at Arsenal, and a horse kicking someone in the ***
The ArsenalFan TV phenomenon is here to stay
Waiting for the banner geeza on AFTV to call out Gary Neville, like he did Adrian Durham 😭
The weekend gets better. Gary Neville is hammering the Arsenal Fan TV crowd
Jurgen Klopp finds an unlikely ally in Gary Neville after FA Cup exit
At least it's not as outrageous as genuinely thinking Gary Neville was a better player than Phillip Lahm.
Something about watching Gary Neville, Geoff Shreeves and Jamie Carragher go through a McDonalds drive through is strangely quite hilarious
Gary Neville spent his England career crossing from those deep positions!
Gary Neville 'was the worst coach I've ever seen' - former Valencia president blasts former Neville's time in Spain
Gary Neville & Sunday Oliseh are proof that being a good pundit/analyst doesn't mean you'll be a good coach.
Gary Neville blasts disgraceful treatment of Mike Dean .
Gary Neville: Sofiane Feghouli sent off due to Man United players' reaction
Described as goal of the season by Caragher,goal of the century by Richard Keys,as for Gary Neville he said''...
Jamie Carraghers favourite moment of 2016: "Gary Neville at Valencia"
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Jamie Carragher asked for his best moment of 2016:. His reply: "Gary Neville at Valencia" 😂
Gary Neville on Ross Barkley's shot: "there's not a stoke defender within 2 yards of him". Yes Gary, that's because th…
Jamie Carragher on his favourite moment of 2016:. "Gary Neville at Valencia!"
Eden Hazard included in both Gary Neville & Jamie Carragher Team of the Season so far
My bit on Gary Neville and the other grandees commanding Loris Karius to shut up
Gary Neville: "It’s performing really, really well. Marcos Rojo and Phil Jones have really been good these last few weeks."
Gary Neville:"Antoine Griezmann should be Manchester United’s top La Liga target.". Yes please 😉🔴
Manchester United are more arrogant this season says Gary Neville
Gary Neville: "If Man United don't win the League, I want this team to win it." Surprising! . https…
Could you please add Roberto Mancini, Gary Neville and Frank De Boer to the Crystal Palace exchange market?
so beckham, scholes butt, Gary Neville and Phil Neville all deputised in 90/91 blimey I missed all that!!..
I've only just come across that Gary Neville video. Tony Adams' son! Oh man, creasing!
If you prank call Gary Neville, feel the wrath. 😂😂
Trying to figure out how Gary Neville has left out Alexis Sanchez in his team of the season so far..
CLASSIC: When a bunch of school kids got hold of Gary Neville's mobile number. 😂😂
Manchester United transfer news: Old Trafford legend Gary Neville believes Jose Mourinho will be ...
When some kids got hold of Gary Neville's number..
Today's Sport on TV column about Gary Neville on Sky Sports Sunday Supplement
Gary Neville on Sky Sports Sunday Supplement, talking Loris Karius, Jurgen Klopp, the press: TV review  vi
Always said Gary Neville wants us to win the league, he gets so passionate when we lose
Not good enough arsenal Gary Neville is right walking around no leadership on de pitch we need a adams
😂😂 did Gary Neville say 'let his hair down' about Wayne Rooney??
Gary Neville presented with a bag full of rubbish at Salford City stadium meeting
Jurgen Klopp hits back at Gary Neville looks like you lads defo hit a nerve lads
Gary Neville is a Red, he hates Scousers 👍
Klopp hits outs at Neville brothers after Karius criticism
Gary Neville tried his hand at managing & failed abysmally. Who cares what he says about current players?!
'Now you have your headline!!!'. Klopp bites back at the Neville brothers today. . Love him sticking it to Gary...
Disappointed that Gary Neville hasn't changed his bio to "The one who was the manager."
I liked a video How has Man U keeper David De Gea turned it around? Gary Neville tracks his rapid
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Jamie Carragher on Karius: "He's had a pop at Gary Neville. He's had a pop at me. My advice would be shut up and prove you…
Carragher just said Karius should shut up and do his job instead of taking shots at Gary Neville.
Karius:" I don’t care what Gary Neville said after the game. He was a manager for a short bit and now he is back to being an…
So Jurgen Klopp thinks gary neville can't judge a player just because he didn't do well in his first year as manager.
Klopp hilarious in his press conference today. His PR team must love him! Right about Gary Neville.
That's because we're playing far more exciting football And is generally always right!
I love that Jurgen Klopp referred to Gary Neville as "the one who was a manager" 😂😂💅🏻
Klopp: "The one who was a manager [Gary Neville] should know criticism never helps. But he's not interested in helping a…
I'm sure you are not as pleased as I am...Gary Neville's ought to shut up from time to time
Another poor, unfairly maligned Liverpool keeper who suffered at the hands of the ever-biased (Er, no, wait):
Gary Neville at the beginning of 2016 vs Gary Neville at the end of 2016.
Klopp: "He (Gary Neville) showed he struggled with a job to judge players, why we let them talk about players on televi…
Take a look at this Jürgen Klopp attacks Neville brothers over Loris Karius criticism
Jurgen Klopp vs. Gary Neville is bringing out the best in each other:
Klopp on "He showed he struggled with job to judge players so why do we let him talk about players on TV?
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Klopp: "Gary Neville is not interested in a Liverpool player I imagine, The Neville brothers don't like Liverpool, ther…
Gary Neville has more than earned his right to voice opinion, but Jurgen Klopp's job is to defend his players. There are always 2 sides.
Jurgen Klopp destroyed Gary Neville after his criticism of Karius via
"Keep your mouth shut": Jurgen Klopp launches scathing attack on Gary Neville
Jurgen Klopp responds to Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville's Liverpool criticism via
'He already showed he struggles to judge a player' - Klopp doesn't hold back on Gary Neville
Jurgen Klopp goes in two-footed on Gary Neville after his criticism of under-fire goal... (via Class!!
Jamie Carragher on Loris Karius' recent comments about Gary Neville: "My advice would be, just shut up and do your job." h…
Gary Neville preparing to talk about Loris Karius
"My advice to you would be 'Shut up, and do your job'.". - Jamie Carragher on Loris Karius' criticism of Gary Neville.…
Gary Neville: "It's nothing to do with the manager. He's made the substitution for the right reason and the player has let h…
LOL Karius don vex put Gary Neville where him belong 😂😂. . "Aproko Neville weh no fit win one match for Valencia come…
Still p*ssed off that Gary Neville inferred Zlatan kicked Coleman intentionally on Sunday. Zlatan said it was an accident & thats it end of.
'It's garbage from him': Gary Neville savages Marouane Fellaini's contribution to Man…
Gary Neville described Marouane Fellaini's challenge for the penalty as "pathetic".
Gary Neville: "The top games this season are a lot higher quality"
Cheers Andy. Bet you never thought you'd be agreeing with Gary Neville 15 years ago did you?
Gary Neville: "Chalobah was right to come over and push [Aguero]. You have to defend your teammates when you see something l…
. Martin Tyler and Gary Neville thought it was worthy of three red cards. 👀
Gary Neville "Pep changed the colour of the nets from black to white. I don't know why, it hasn't helped"
back on pundits ,I thought Gary Neville was superb today I rate him anyhow but his explanation of the handbags at the end was 👍
Jurgen Klopp blasts Gary Neville after stupid comment!
Gary Neville claimed Chelsea are starting to show signs of being potential Premier League champions after their 3-1…
Tony is just like Gary Neville in my opinion x
one day I'm going to turn MNF on and I'll see you on there alongside Gary Neville giving your views
Gary Neville was forming tactician in Sky Studio. He saw what coaching entails at Valencia. He swore never to return to coaching.
Throwback to when Gary Neville was scared by a sprinkler.
You've got boys like Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher who you could listen to all day then you've got Chris Sutton... stealing a living.
Gary Neville: He has been the best striker in the Premier League for four years -
Squat yourself a miracle. Seriously. go Squat and see if they throw you out...
Gary Neville: "It's far too early to crown champions but it's the type of performance that you do see from champions." http…
"What I saw at the end, I liked that" - Gary Neville's honest appraisal of Manchester City-Chelsea brawl
Liverpool's new signings Cristiano Panucci and Gary Neville are getting on like a house on fire says new boss David O'Leary.
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