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Gary McKinnon

Gary McKinnon (born 10 February 1966) is a Scottish systems administrator and hacker who was accused in 2002 of perpetrating the biggest military computer hack of all time, although McKinnon himself – who has the mental health condition known as autism – states that he was merely looking for evidence of free energy suppression and a cover-up of UFO activity and other technologies potentially useful to the public.

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"This feels like a big story" . Tucker, for the love of our future please bring in the experts.…
Same w McKinnon and MIN- they may not play starters very long at all.
Cam is ranked this week, Olsen is T2 this week, Jones is WRand McKinnon is RBthis week. T…
If you don't believe the testimony from the many SSP vets watch this video on GARY MCKINNON - FREE ENERGY DEVICES,…
First hand experience, so an obvious yes. I could talk about Roswell, Travis Walton, Bob Lazar, Gary Mckinnon... but that's history.
Gary McKinnon performed the 'largest military computer hack of all time' in 2002 and claims to have found evidence of…
My video on What exactly Gary McKinnon saw in the NASA hack, its certainly interesting to t…
'“It’s called Cyber Fox and based on the stories of Gary McKinnon and Lauri Love.' - love…
If you are outraged over this. See "Gary McKinnon" Gary is an Aspie, he is Scottish…
Fun with disclosure:. "When Gary McKinnon hacked into U.S. Space Command computers several years ago and learned...
I wonder how Gary McKinnon feels about this Pentagon UFO investigation team..
we have a space fleet , look into gary Mckinnon..op solar warden
. Janis Sharp, Gary McKinnon's mom, interviewed re the fight to
Gary McKinnon: Why Lauri Love should be spared the nightmare of extradition via
Gary McKinnon will be under active DOJ indictment the rest of his life. He cannot leave England & Wales. Should he also be kicked offline?
Congrats to Gary McKinnon, retired Nova FL Sales Rep on being inducted into Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame!…
Nov15 - Gary McKinnon - saved my life. Now she's the only hope for the Human Rights Act
Janis Sharp, mother of Gary McKinnon, on the potential extradition of Lauri Love:
Amber Rudd was like as Home Secretary 4 Gary McKinnon. Vulnerable Pple like u need special treatment w/some crimes.
peter's intrest : Gary McKinnon Interview 2015 - Why he thinks, his ...
Extraditing Lauri Love would be cruel. Justice must be done in the UK | Janis Sharp
If somebody with a modicum we'd be employing Lauri Love/Gary McKinnon not extraditing them to be prosecuted for doi…
Have you mentioned the NASA hack by Gary McKinnon in LPotL yet?
No he's fleeing criminal investigation. When Gary McKinnon was charged by the US he served his time in a British prison.
"The first time I had ever encountered Gary McKinnon's work...Re: "Star Wars"" re: "good decision"...
Gary McKinnon Interview 2015 - Hacker who Hacked NASA looking for UFO! Interesting! - Anonymous
I liked a video Gary McKinnon Interview 2015 - Why he thinks, his case was a Psy-Op (full) -
Good to see a publication like CW running a piece. This by Gary McKinnon is a .
NASA hacker Gary McKinnon lost his latest bid to be tried in the UK, and is now certain to face trial in the US.
She did prevent Gary McKinnon from being the English Chelsea Manning.
I added a video to a playlist UFO Hacker Gary McKinnon talks about NASA Hack.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Gary McKinnon. You didn't hear it from me. Look it up.
Like Gary McKinnon, the Americans should offer Lauri a…
Gary McKinnon said even the Pentagon was using "password" for a password. made state business safer going private, I reckon.
Okay that's Gary Johnson lol there are more people on the ballot
because Gary Johnson asked what Aleppo was. Lol
Hacker finds UFO conspiracy:   A man named Gary McKinnon was able to break into NASA (National Aeronautics an...
so you must agree that Eric Snowden should be pardoned and Gary McKinnon should be granted freedom in UK? Right,
'We crucify our geeks' Janis Sharp, the mother of Gary McKinnon on Lauri Love's extradition: https:/…
May used the Human Rights Convention she scorned as a means to halt the extradition of Gary McKinnon to the US while allowing…
Welcome decision not to extradite Gary McKinnon; but why allow extradition of Babar Ahmed and Talha Ahsan when no UK pros…
Interesting how Theresa May supporters are citing her decision on Gary McKinnon, where she defied the US, as an example…
Alan Johnson = no guts to defend Gary McKinnon, wants Ivan Lewis to be mayor of Greater Manchester!. So loyal Andy Burnham will be a shoo-in?
Gary McKinnon who hacked into the NASA's servers, talks about his findings regarding UFOs and extraterrestrial life
Don't trust Alan Johnson, ever since Gary McKinnon. Can't get my head around his stance on that one sided extradition. He got leaned on
check out the Project Camelot interview with Gary McKinnon from 2007 interesting stuff
Did you know that Gary McKinnon has said that the a duck's bladder full of vomit is 'a new low for Welsh politics'.
When Gary McKinnon hacked NASA, he found evidence supporting UFOs & a list of "Non-terrestrial officers"
Project Camelot interviews NASA/Pentagon Hacker Gary McKinnon:. He tells what he found:.
Hello Mr.McKinnon, I was just watching a few video's about what happened in '02. Pretty interesting stuff, I must say.
apparently the fabulous fall back is Gary Bollan or Ray McKinnon according to Jim Spence
Your homework for today: research on Gary McKinnon . Link to the screenshot:
What has Gary Bollan, Jim Mcinally and Ray Mckinnon been up to last 5 years?
plenty of good candidates for @ dundeeunitedfc job if they don't get Yogi. Ray McKinnon, Jim McInally, Gary Bollan could all do the job.
Yes, yes, yes! Gary McKinnon has been praised by critics, with some hailing him a Thames estuary airport.
By the power of Greyskull, Gary McKinnon has performed the quadruple handstand in weightlifting, in front of the theory of
Gary McKinnon, the English hacker facing 70 years in U.S. prison for searching Pentagon sites for UFO evidence-
What did NASA hacker Gary McKinnon find? A look back
Alex that Dr Phil reaction vid works great paired with Gary Jules - Mad World & I'm upset you didn't include that in the story
maybe next time trolls on TF harrass me for being an "unintelligent" aspie theyll learn that Gary McKinnon and Adrian Lamo have aspegers too
What can we reckon? Gary McKinnon has a face the size of Park.
Little Giant Ladders
...kinds of odd beliefs, for example Gary McKinnon looking for evidence of UFOs, conspiracy theories common with this type,...
Not Gary McKinnon has been airlifted from the Rio music festival after an incident involving A-Levels.
What's that stench? has 'knocked on the armpits' claims that he supports the Tories.
Gary McKinnon on the UFO and the non-terrestrial officers he found when hacked into NASA
The CEO Jessica Doen looks a bit to the likeness of Gary McKinnon
My letter to US Attorney General Eric H. Holder urging him to halt the extradition of Gary McKinnon
So, does Stan confirm the existence of the two ships hacker GARY MCKINNON released data on?
Baffling: Gary McKinnon survived an incredible seven thousand minutes buried beneath a top hat!
Exopolitics, Gary McKinnon and the Secret Space Program - by David Griffin
did right by Gary McKinnon. But Shaker Amer has been left to rot. 13 years without charge.
Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Gary McKinnon, Dr. Leir, Dr. S.Greer, are they ALL
Edward Snowden, Gary McKinnon, Julian Assange, Dr. Leir, Dr. S. Greer, Phil Schneider.are they all lying?.no...
World's Top Five hackers: (1)Gary McKinnon: USA declared him as the biggest military computer hacker ever. He hacked the security system of NASA and Pentagon. This made him one of the great black hat hacker celebrities and got his name into the hacker's community. The nerd is now facing 70 years of imprisonment and is deprived from accessing internet. He has illegally accessed 97 computers and has caused around $700,000 damage to the economy. (2)Robert Tappan Morris: He is the creator of first internet worm Morris worm. He was a student at Cornell and from that where he started writing codes to create worms as he wanted to know how large the internet world is. But the worm lead to the slow speed of internet and made the systems no longer usable. There was no ways to know how many computers were affected but the experts alleged that around 6000 machines. He was sent to 3 years imprisonment, 400 hours of community service and was fined $10,500. At present he is a professor at Massachusetts institute of tech ...
I liked a video from Project Camelot interviews Gary McKinnon
Uses of Human Rights Act No1: Allowed Theresa May to stop extradition of Gary McKinnon
uh, yeah - not to mention the likes of Wikileaks, Snowden, Bradley Manning, Gary McKinnon and others threatened by US
For the users of this blog I am specially posting the names of top 10 hackers of the world who sometime in the past really rocked the news of the world. Kevin Mitnick: Known worldwide as the “most famous hacker” and for having been the first to serve a prison sentence for infiltrating computer systems. He started dabbling when he was a minor, using the practice known as phone phreaking. Although he has never worked in programming, Mitnick is totally convinced that you can cause severe damage with a telephone and some calls. These days, totally distanced from his old hobbies and after passing many years behind bars, he works as a security consultant for multinational companies through his company “Mitnick Security.” Gary McKinnon: This 41-year-old Scotsman, also known as Solo, is the perpetrator of what’s considered the biggest hack in the history of computer science – into a military system. Not satisfied with this, in the years 2001 and 2002, he made a mockery of the information security of N ...
OK...I admit it..that's me in the black hat !!! Orchard Street Saturday... or Rivington with Hans Wolf, Gary McKinnon..etc
Project Camelot caught up with Gary McKinnon in North London to discuss the real reasons the American government...
Oh Gary McKinnon has linked Micky Mouse, Van Gogh & the World Wide Web.
Played my part supporting Assange - Snowden - Chelsea Manning - Richard O - Gary McKinnon Where were the voices of so called "anti-Fascists"
Gary McKinnon has returned from Syria he you back Smarties.
Amateur jockey Gary McKinnon memorised the exact location of spurt of Coca-Cola.
Thousands of lawyers opposed to legal aid cuts in England and Wales are staging a second walkout this year. The Criminal Bar Association (CBA) called the cuts "crippling" ahead of the action, which is set to affect trials across the country. The government is pressing ahead with fee cuts for barristers and solicitors in an effort to save £220m from the £2bn annual cost of legal aid. It said reform of the "expensive" system was vital in austere times. Thousands of criminal case lawyers staged a first walkout in January, causing widespread disruption. Trials affected On Friday, barristers will not attend proceedings at major crown courts in cities including London, Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool, and hundreds of lawyers will march on Westminster in protest. They will be addressed by speakers including former Blur drummer turned solicitor Dave Rowntree, the mother of Gary McKinnon, who narrowly avoided extradition to the US, and Paddy Hill, one of the Birmingham Six. High-profile trials are set to be ...
In "Exopolitics, Gary McKinnon and the Secret Space Program" David Griffin examines the evidence that substantiates what UK computer hacker Gary McKinnon fou...
gary McKinnon explains his findings on nasa's computers
Gary McKinnon: Hacking the Pentagon London, June 2006 I [Kerry Cassidy] caught up with Gary McKinnon in North Lo...
After everything and Gary McKinnon went through we can neither afford or allow another situation like it in imposed by USA!
Many people wonder how, if as the British and U.S government have always claimed that U.F.O’s do not exist, how can computer nerd Gary McKinnon be charged with breaking into U.S. files and reading them? How can you read what does not exist? And we are told 97 of these U.S defence computers held this U.F.O data. So to prosecute him, means an about turn on official policy and all statements since Roswell in 1947. Today Gary was sent to the U.S.A. to go on trial. Enforced rendition has already been declared illegal under international law. Remember, the Human Rights Act instructs us that a prosecution based on untruths cannot legally go ahead, and both British and U.S administrations have based their complaint on a bed of lies. But why not? The British government lies continually, over Iraq, immigration, the N.H.S, crime rates, the Deepcut army barrack murders, the heterophobic agenda, W.M.Ds, and so much more. So after so many opportunities to tell the truth to the public over the huge numbers of U.F.O si ...
Fantastic! George Mudie has original example of breaking "secure" databases: Gary McKinnon rather than Snowden.
I kinda see Danny Granger & Gary Sacks having this kind of meeting tonight -->
Judging by Gary McKinnon's experiences (I've not tried) it's easier to hack the Pentagon than log into your online a/c
Did the US government go after them like they did with Gary McKinnon?
UPDATED RE-RELEASE AT HIGHER RESOLUTION. I caught up with Gary McKinnon in North London on my way back from safari in Kenya. The interview was shot using a h...
46-year-old Gary McKinnon of the UK is accused of of hacking into 97 United States military and space agency computers. In November 2002, he was indicted by a grand jury in the Eastern District of Virginia on seven counts of computer-related crimes. On October 16, 2012, his extradition to the United...
the paper that stood up against racists and get justice for Stephen Lawrence & asbergers sufferer Gary McKinnon
That Julian Assange patently has some kind of Autism Spectrum Disorder makes his case even more like Gary McKinnon's.
Computer hacker Gary McKinnon, whose extradition to the US was blocked, will not face charges in the UK, bringing to an end a 10-year legal battle
absolutely - Gary McKinnon a decent man misunderstood (Aspys). Assange sexist, racist, anti-Semite - Aspys or no
in that case you'd have Gary McKinnon deported to American then?
Exclusive: Gary McKinnon has set sail from India in hope of discovering a baby pig.
nothing is impossible when it comes to hacker and programmers. Example Gary McKinnon.
Interview with NASA database hacker Gary McKinnon... about non-terrestrial officers and off-world cargo operations ─►
. "There was an excel spreadsheet and the title was. NON-TERRESTRIAL OFFICERS." First Published: 26-12-2012 Gary McKinnon Hacks Department of Defense & ...
Janis Sharp, Gary McKinnon's mum, talks to Matthew Bannister on the BBC World Service Radio Program OUTLOOK .
Amanda Palmer plays live in the studio. Gary McKinnon's mother, Janis Sharp.
From UFOTV®, accept no imitations. Research by Matthew Williams - In 2001, a British man named Gary McKinnon allegedly carried out the "biggest military comp...
Kerry Cassidy with Project Camelot has interviewed Gary McKinnon, from Britain ...
Let me just clear up some of the NSA hype. In mid 2009, a berau in china connected to the Peoples Liberation Army attacked google users. These attacks targeted Human Rights Activists. These attacks included a series of attacks against smaller sites frequented by the victims, and also a large security hole in Adobe Reader's browser plugin. These attacks shook the security world, and was an eye opening experience to many. Information was valuable, privacy was valuable. It can be used by media's, both national and foreign, to propagate propaganda and censorship. The NSA has no intervention in this operation, and in fact hadn't even conducted forensic investigations. In fact the NSA has been around since the '50s. Much of what they were doing was never a secret. Its just recently that the news is plastered with the NSA agenda. In fact phone surveillance had been petitioned early 2000's. Simply not enough light was shed on this. No media coverage. Now to think that all of the sudden, without much cause the med ...
Top 6 Black Hat Hackers In The World 12:30 Posted by [SUNNY] Labels: Hackers, HACKING There are two types of hackers. First one are good hackers who are known as "white hat" hackers and another one which we will be talking about today are called "black hat" hackers. In this article, we will be talking about six famous black hat hackers and their hacks which made them famous or wanted. George Hotz Young and talented and what is the most important bored teenager, George Hotz wanted to have fun one summer night and as a result he hacked the Sony’s company Iphone. It happened in June of 2007, by that time George was 17. It was a bit of a challenge, because how to hack device with assistant things? The secret is to figure out how “to speak to the device”.He also mentioned that what he did was completely legal.It seems people can be dangerous in certain way when they are bored. Who knows what may happen if crazy smart geek will find thy way of his ideas. Kevin Mitnick Kevin Mitnick is well-known as ...
very random, but kinda funny how similar Gary McKinnon and Richard Ramirez look.
Background: A Briton accused of hacking into Nasa and US military computer networks has spoken out about his experiences. (Gary McKinnon was arrested by the ...
At a world press conference in London the President of America states that he will respect a UK decision on the fate of UFO truthseeker Gary McKinnon. The BB...
To my beloved husband, Valentine this year is 19th Valentine we had been sharing together. Thank you for always being there with me. This poem will be expressed my love for you Gary McKinnon SINCE YOU CAME Since you came The moment my eyes met yours Fire in the eyes , fire in the hearts Since you came Spring flowers blossom Since you came Into my life, things have been changed Brighter by day and day... Since you came I can feel no cold and chill in winter days I can feel no hot in summer days You inspired me since you came Since you came I feel safe to be with you I feel the warmness of your touches I feel the sweetness of your kisses I can see whole world in your eyes It feels great to have someone like you, Since you came... HCM 13/02/2014
Hacking the system can be both ethical and unethical.. There are many hackers who are famous for hacking computer systems/other communication systems.Read the article to know who are the world's top 10 most famous hackers. 1. Kevin David Mitnick:- At the age of 16 Kevin Mitnick hacked the computer systems of Digital Equipment Corporation and copied the software, which they had developed for their computer's operating system and also hacked the Pacific Bell voice mail computers... Kevin used social engineering to get the confidential information of the people by manipulating them... He used cloned cell phone to hide location from the police. He even copied the valuable software by hacking into the computer systems of Motorola, NEC Corporation, Nokia, Sun Microsystems and Fujitsu Siemens... 2. Gary McKinnon:- His nick name is Solo. He is famous for hacking military and NASA computers... Gary hacked military computers and deleted very important files from the operating systems of the computer network, whic . ...
Did you support the Gary McKinnon case? = US UK Extradition treaty
Thanks James - we went through the Free Gary McKinnon Campaign didnt we?
After the persecution of Gary McKinnon , I really couldn't believe could stoop any lower ,,,
Hooray, I just bought Saving Gary by Janis Sharp, only €3.90 in France, what a bargain :)
I just bought Saving by Janis Sharp, on special offer for Kindle at the moment. Only €3.90 for me...
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Ha ha ha! Gary McKinnon has been to a massive dose of his own home.
If extraditing Gary McKinnon would breach his human rights, how is continuing to detain Isa Muazu any better?
I appreciate that she has made some unusual decisions on the Gary McKinnon case, but I am still sympathetic +
Cant believe it was 2 years today when Gary Speed died
Looks like NASA's state of the art security involves windows XP, blank admin passwords & remote desk top switched on!
Did that Gary Mckinnon guy ever go prison lol?
version of 'SavingGary by Janis, available on Amazon. and on hardback with glossy pics
My mum & dad met Gary Mckinnon mum & dad at - also got on well with sweet Janis &
on . . written by Janis published by
Thank you for your lovely inscription to & me. Settling down to read "Saving Gary McKinnon"
US wanted to extradite Gary McKinnon, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden for Spying on them. should we extradite Obama for spying on European Countries?!
Congratulations to Gary McKinnon! Free at last! Good luck man in getting on with your life now that the black cloud has passed! I went to see Crosby Stills and Nash play at the Royal Albert hall on Friday and we all celebrated your 'release' back stage. Dave Gilmore was there too in fine form. The band played all the songs we hoped to hear. It was a bit of a mind f**k in fact - so much time has passed and so many events since the days when little KSU students like myself played the first Crosby Stills and Nash album on heavy rotation throughout the summer of love and all the ensuing mayhem. It was great to hear Graham, David and Stephen in fine voice. There really is nothing to compare with great harmonies and well crafted songs. Sorry if I sound like a muso, but it has to be said. I was on my feet cheering along to 'Almost Cut my Hair' and they threw in a few Buffalo Springfield tunes and all. Long Live Crosby Stills and Nash! chx
Gary McKinnon downloaded every known fact to man, making Arthur Scargill reveal the Solway man was Cagney & Lacey in fast-forward
Top 10 Hackers in WORLD / Famous Hackers till 2011 [ Pasok ang PINOY] ™ Hackers a group that consists of skilled computer enthusiasts. A black hat is a person who compromises the security of a computer system without permission from an authorized party, typically with malicious intent. The term white hat is used for a person who is ethically opposed to the abuse of computer systems, but is frequently no less skilled. The term *** was coined by Richard Stallman to provide an alternative to using the existing word hacker for this meaning. These are the top 10 Hackers in the world till date, Few has become famous by their Black hat work and few of them are famous by their Ethical Hacking. Below is separate list of World’s All Time Best Hackers and *** Although I represent them by Hackers only because what every they did, was wrong but one thing is sure they were Brilliant. Hacking is not a work of simple mind, only Intelligent Mind can do that. 1. Gary McKinnon top 10 hackers gary in world Gary ...
What I still struggle to get is Gary Mckinnon! How did we win that one, how did he, when it's reminded how close UK and USA are with leaks
Gary McKinnon, operating from his bedroom, hacked into the NASA system. Think their password was *password*
yeah,only thing that saved Gary mckinnon was campaigning by his family due to his aspergers.just coz he saw truth.
Gary McKinnon should count himself lucky
did u notice the Gary McKinnon vid? mentions freeenergy anti grav tech gov is supressing
this guy should team up with Gary McKinnon
He husband looks suspiciously like Gary McKinnon
...strange things part X - Gary McKinnon will not be extradited to US, Theresa May announces via
yeah.. and Gilmour challenged his country and ours by vocally supporting Gary McKinnon
The automatic right of appeal - which saved Gary McKinnon from - is under threat. Email your MP today!
I liked a video from 'UFO Hacker' Gary McKinnon Tells What He Found on NASA Comp
An interview with Gary McKinnon explains exactly what he saw whilst hacking pentagon computers.
Gary McKinnon The Truth, The Facts and the lies. By Jay Matthews. As an enquiring mind some years ago I came...
If I ever want to worsen my mood I just watch the Richard & Judy x Gary McKinnon interview. Pretty postal after 5 minutes.
Who can 4get Home Sec May pissin off USA by not extraditing UFO discoverer Gary McKinnon using Human Rights Act? Now thy attk it constantly
you're taking requests ask him about whistle blower Gary McKinnon where's the UFO info
2 slips in 4 years (champagne with Gary McKinnon last Thanksgiving and a wedding 3 months ago) - all good now- thanks Alan
next you'll be saying he innocent like Gary McKinnon ,
How come no one wants to talk about what Whistle Blower Gary McKinnon found in those secret computers HUH? WHY?
I know to be intelligent, principled and determined. He led the campaign to prevent Gary McKinnon's extradition
Theresa May wants to scrap EU convention on Human Rights... That thing she used to prevent the extradition of Gary McKinnon
Gary McKinnon found evidence of alien spacecraft and non-terrestrial officials
I love St. Theresa for stopping the extradition of Gary McKinnon. But she'd be daft to get involved in Sun's campaign to bring down Cameron.
Publisher's Note: Found this in Google News and knew I had to share it with our readers. Edward Snowden is looking a lot like Gary McKinnon the infamous UK CIA leaker. Dirk By CARACAS, Venezuela – Edward Snowden, the leaker of NSA...
Last weekend we welcomed over 2,000 visitors to The Autism Show Manchester in EventCity. This year marked the first year the show has moved outside of London. Visitors were also welcomed by high profile speakers Carol Homden CBE of the NAS and mother of Gary McKinnon, Janis Sharp. It was great to be a part of such a thriving autism community, sharing experiences, advice and progress. We'd love to hear what you liked about the Manchester show.
Hide your groceries: Gary McKinnon has agreed to wear a blue ribbon in support of a billion herrings!
Gary McKinnon who is a foreign national just like her but isn't protected by the CIA and military intelligence.
Gary McKinnon was the 'World's most dangerous hacker' in 2008
What she's got right - those leopard print heels (liked those!) and Gary McKinnon. She's screwed up everything else!
the UK denied access to confessed hacker Gary McKinnon just this year
Gary McKinnon, (computer hacker who broke into high-security military and government sites).
I am US and Military Hacker Gary Mckinnon, Ask me anything.
By the of Greyskull, Gary McKinnon has stumbled all Pike.
client Gary McKinnon listed in 100 great Britains of 2012 in Independent newspaper
Benedict Cumberbatch schmoozed to play Pentagon hacker Gary McKinnon - Join Talk at:
Gary McKinnon {Top hacker } Was Imprisoned for 70 years for hacking in 2001!! He hacked NASA and DoD!!
that's a whole new debate hacktivists, hackers Gary McKinnon or Irhaby 007
The UK Home Secretary did veto a decision to extradite Gary McKinnon o the US, so it seems the treaty is veotable.
Tomorrow's MBA class is a Harvard case about Gary Vaynerchuk/Cork'd. Right after the Chateau Margeaux case.
Cyber security is needed in our world, but empowering the US with offensive cyber abilities is not the solution...
yes, the Gary McKinnon interview he says that. USed to call them astronauts lol.
UFO's are real but I believe there probably ours, especially with Gary Mckinnon's NASA leak
Hard to equate him standing up for Gary McKinnon with his thinly veiled prejudice against same sex couples wanting to marry.
New article: 'UFO Hacker' Gary McKinnon Tells What He Found read more at here
'UFO Hacker' Tells What He Found - The search for proof of the existence of UFOs landed Gary McKinnon in a world of ...
WHAT A GOAL FROM GARY ROBERTS!! Lashes the ball in on the half-volley from the edge of the area. What. A. Goal
Dumb US government going after Gary McKinnon and Wikileaks when the Chinese have free access to anything they want. Legislate against that!!
But May relied on Article 3 to prevent Gary Mckinnon's extradition in the space of a few days.
before there was Gary McKinnon, and > was just the same abt him
Theresa May is an *** - she's talking of restricting the Human Rights Act yet it was the same Act she praised when it freed Gary McKinnon!
Reports yesterday say that Gary McKinnon has been injured after the biplane he was in was struck by his local watering hole in
My sympathies lie more naturally with Gary McKinnon & others facing extradition on Blair's asymmetric treaty with US
announced on friday that: Gary "The Snail" McKinnon will not face charges in the U.S over Hacking.
THey've tracked me down!. I shouldn't have mentioned the "hacking" thing last night in which i nearly became the new Gary McKinnon
Did i mention... i nearly became infamous 2 months ago... i nearly became the new Gary Mckinnon. I would have been all over the news.
Gary McKinnon extradition still blocked - alien secrets he found on U.S. government computers continue to interest us -
Chicago - Change the World - David Gilmour, Chrissie Hynde, Bob Geldorf and Gary McKinnon Video
I'm sure that's what Richard O'Dwyer and Gary McKinnon thought too lol
U.S. strategist calls for Gary Mckinnon help recruit hackers A senior U.S. military strategist has called for British hacker Gary McKinnon to be pardoned - as part of a drive to recruit hackers to the U.S. military. John Arquilla, a professor at the U.S. Naval Academy, called for the British hacker to be pardoned by Obama in an essay entitled 'Uncle Spam Needs You' in Foreign Policy magazine. Britain's Home Secretary ruled against Mckinnon's extradition on humanitarian grounds - but the U.S. charges against him remain in place. 'If the notion of trying to attract master hackers to our cause is ever to take hold, this might be just the right case in which President Obama should consider using his power to pardon,' says Arquilla. 'One presidential act of mercy, such as in the case of McKinnon, won't entirely repair relations or build trust between hackers and the government, but it would be a strong signal of officialdom's growing awareness of the wisdom of embracing and employing the skills of ...
The Sandy Hook Massacre…the MAJOR DISCREPANCIES LIST In a related article, mentioned by the above article, Riddle me this: Adam Lanza, 'computer genius,' left no online footprint (legitgov): According to numerous media reports and witnesses, alleged Newtown, Connecticut shooter Adam Lanza was a 'genius' with computers. And yet, we are told that Lanza apparently left no online footprint. The question must be asked: Was the electronic history of Adam Lanza scrubbed? Many articles, including witnesses' accounts, have described Adam Lanza's advanced skills with computers, a skill-level common with Asperger's sufferers. Indeed, many computer hackers have Asperger's syndrone -- Adrian Lamo, Ryan Cleary, and Gary McKinnon, for example. And yet, Adam Lanza 'left no online footprint?' According to a New York Daily News article (15 Dec 2012), "[Adam] Lanza, who friends and officials said suffered from Asperger's syndrome or a personality disorder, had a tortured mind. He was socially awkward and at times unstable ...
Here are my thoughts about Aaron Swartz in light other hackers, such as Mitnick, Knight Lightning and Gary McKinnon
A new Foreign Military Intelligence Main Directorate (GRU) report circulating in the Kremlin today is saying that one of the United States top computer geniuses, named Aaron Swartz (1986-2013) , was, “in all probability,” suicided by forces loyal to the Obama regime seeking to “set an example” for other dissident forces opposed to the American governments continued crackdown on leakers of US secrets. According to this report, GRU intelligence analysts tracking the Obama “death squads”, that in the past fortnight have assassinated two prominent American gun support activists, indentified one of these VIPER teams “operating” in the Crown Heights, Brooklyn, section of New York City this past week where shortly afterwards Swartz was discovered dead of an apparent hanging. Swartz, this report continues, fits the profile of computer dissidents long targeted by the US; which include Gary McKinnon, the Scottish systems administrator and hacker who was accused by the US, in 2002, of perpetrating th ...
5 top Hackers 1. Kevin Mitnick Kevin Mitnick is a most famous hacker. He is the author of two books The Art of Deception & The Art of Intrusion. He damaged some Communication networks like Nokia, Motorola and Sun Microsystem etc. Kevin Mitnick has damaged DEC systems source code [Digital Equipment Corporation has spent around $160,000 in cleanup the DEC systems]. To to win a bet he occupied administration privileges to IBM Computers at the Computer Learning center in LA [Los Angeles] . 2. Adrian Lamo Adrian Lamo is a Grey Hat Hacker. Using his hacking skill he hacked many computer networks like The New York Time, Yahoo, Microsoft . 3. Gary Mckinnon Gary Mckinnon is a Biggest Military Computer Hacker of all time. In one interview Gary Mckinnon said "Hacked into US military computer systems looking for information about UFO's". He Broken security systems of NASA and Pentagon And using his hacking skill he hacked 97 Computer systems [It damaged around $700,000 to the society]. Source: BBC News 4. Robert Tap ...
Every Programmer must read my this article = World's most dangerous HACKERS: 1. Jonathan James: he managed to hack into a number of networks, including those belonging to Bell South, Miami-Dade, the U.S. Department of Defense, and NASA 2. Kevin Mitnick: "most wanted computer criminal in U.S. history.” He was Involved in breaching the national defense warning system and stealing corporate secrets. 3. Albert Gonzalez: he collected over 170 million credit card and ATM card numbers over a period of 2 years. Yep. That’s equal to a little over half the population of the United States. 4. Kevin Poulsen: Kevin Poulsen, also known as “Dark Dante, he hacked a radio station’s phone lines and fixed himself as the winning caller, earning him a brand new Porsche. He then earned his way onto the FBI’s wanted list when he hacked into federal systems and stole wiretap information. 5. Gary McKinnon: Gary McKinnon was known by his Internet handle, “Solo.” Using that name, he coordinated what would become the l ...
December 14, 2012 3:10 pm McKinnon's tears as case dropped Computer hacker Gary McKinnon wept tears of relief after it was decided he would face no criminal action in Britain. Gary McKinnon was spared extradition to the US due to his Asperger's syndrome The decision followed a review of the case after the Government's decision to block his extradition to the United States in October on health grounds. The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Keir Starmer QC, said a joint panel of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and police had decided there should not be a new criminal investigation. Mr McKinnon, from Wood Green, North London, would have faced up to 60 years in prison if convicted in the US. The 46-year-old, who suffers from Asperger's syndrome, was permitted to stay in the UK after medical reports showed he was highly likely to try to kill himself if extradited. Both Prime Minister David Cameron, who held talks on the case with US president Barack Obama, and his deputy, Nick Clegg, had condemned pla ...
Two different headlines today: Gary McKinnon and Margaret Moran's charges dropped. It pays to be white!
Calls for pardon from President Barack Obama as UK shelves prosecution of Crouch End hacker Gary McKinnon:
Britain's Director of Public Prosecutation (DPP) announced today that Gary McKinnon will not face prosecution in the United Kingdom for hacking into the compute
So glad to see Gary McKinnon won't face charges in the UK for hacking into the USA defence computers. At last his family can go back to a normal life
الجهاد McKinnon not charged for U.S. hacking: Computer hacker Gary McKinnon will face no ch...
A joint CPS/police panel recommended to the Met that it should not investigate Gary McKinnon. Scotland Yard has accepted that advice.
I am watching Firewall with Harrison Ford as Jack Stanfield. Free Gary Mckinnon!
You won't believe your eyes: Gary McKinnon has vowed kick virtual reality.
Gary Mckinnon wanted to know what the US government knows about UFOs. He also had a suspicion that the US had advanced energy systems that could be used to help humanity.
so I'm guessing you disagree with Teresa May's decision not to extradite Gary Mckinnon to USA?
So it seems that Barack Obama has won the US election race, although from the two candidates its the best choice in my opinion. Although he did some good work in his first term lets not forget that there is still alot of work to do The detainment of Bradley Manning, who since July 2010 to Feb 2012 was kept in solitary confinement The extradition attempts of Gary McKinnon, the treatment if Julian Assange and wiki leaks The seemingly over use of drone strikes in Pakistan, the complete failure to put any form of serious pressure on Israel to seek a political solution to the 2 state solution between them and Palestine I will only consider him a good president once he has started to redress the balance towards these issues and many more that get so little challenge by the mainstream media
The Home Secretary has halted the extradition of Asperger's sufferer and computer hacker Gary McKinnon (pictured) to America on medic...
INQUIRER readers think Gary McKinnon should work for the US government via
Eat this: Gary McKinnon gone business with an alien's pretty shoulders.
why are you supporting that cyber criminal Gary McKinnon?
SAI, why has Gary McKinnon made my life miserable when he hacked into the Pentagon?
Aye, it seemed so obvious he was in the mix so not sure what it means now? Could be the new Gary Mckinnon.
NewsNoys McKinnon has flown a helicopter all over a chocolate
Look: Gary McKinnon has been spotted wielding a broken nail gun & a steak and pancreas pie.
Why it's right to keep Gary McKinnon out of US hands
My autistic son could be next Gary McKinnon. Please give him education he needs before adulthood
EXCLUSIVE: Gary McKinnon saved from extradition by Theresa May
New blog post where I actually approve of something Theresa May has done -
A winner is you: Gary McKinnon has pushed five cockroach over an
I'm listening to members only hour as Gary McKinnon hacked your system and got me added without paying.
This Week on Gary McKinnon extradition: 'Even "Labour class warrior" Dennis Skinner warmly welcomed the news.'
I added a video to a playlist Gary McKinnon Governemnt ALIEN UFO cover up conspiracy
People like Gary McKinnon don't deserve to be put in prison -- Neuroscientist and autism expert at
Never mind I hope someone's had the good sense to confiscate Gary McKinnon's laptop.
Here is simple tribute to the defiant and valiant Gary McKinnon for his increadible bravery as both a hacker of US gov computers and as a UFO researcher. *** ..
Gary McKinnon poll Should Gary McKinnon face a court case in the UK, now that he won’t be…
MPs back change in extradition law to put Gary McKinnon in U.S. jail - MPs back change in extradition law to put...
Green Party - Green MP and Scottish MSP welcome "landmark decision" on Gary McKinnon -
Several eyewitnesses in different areas of eastern Kentucky reported seeing a strange, cylindrical UFO hover for two hours in clear skies last week, but an amateur astronomer's striking video and images of the object are now coming to light. Astronomer Allen Epling was at home on Oct. 16, when one o...
This is the source for 'One law for non-Muslims', as promised -
Oh like that muslim bloke, Gary McKinnon? Worked really well for him.
why am I peer reviewing Gary McKinnon/Theresa May assignments at 9.30 ? -.-
My son Gary McKinnon has won justice at last
Gareth Peirce: "Talha is a vulnerable individual just like Gary McKinnon... How will he cope in extreme isolation in America?"
like for example if Richard O'Dwyer or Gary McKinnon get 'exported' it's time to have a support structure on the arrival side.
Justice done for Gary McKinnon Now need justice for Pal Sahota
Breast Cancer Awareness
Ocean Park "looking better Sunday than he did on Friday" - Gary Hennesy. McKinnon Stakes likely next start (Saturday)
David Griffin - Exopolitics, Gary McKinnon and the Secret Space Program - Part 1
As U.S. Presidential candidates debated, UFO Sightings Daily reported that Gary McKinnon “discovered files about twenty to thirty non-terrestrial officers (off
Gary McKinnon, Prince Charles' letter and free speech- the HR roundup by Sam Murrant
You can listen to me discussing extradition, Gary McKinnon and Talha Ahsan on BBC Radio 5 Live this morning here:
Call me skeptical but I've got a feeling that if Gary McKinnon was a non-white Muslim, he'd be on the first plane to a US supermax jail
Great though it is that you support Gary McKinnon, to avoid confusion, now might be the time to remove any Twibbon that says 'Free Gary'.
I see Thesa May is being hailed as"HEROINE" saving Gary McKinnon from extradition, Could'nt be to do with mother S/tndg against Jack Staw??
Disclosure? Skip to 2:00 minutes for the damning evidence. Take from it what you will. Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is m...
“To extradite a man diagnosed with Asperger syndrome to America for trial would have been extraordinarily cruel and inhumane.” Thus spoke Boris Johnson yesterday afternoon in reaction to the Home Secretary's decision to halt the extradition of Gary McKinnon.
Alan Johnson tells me that on the Gary McKinnon decision the 3 words guiding Theresa May were not 'law and order' they were 'The Daily Mail'
I made this video to say thank you to Gary McKinnon for his brave acts. Here you learn what he has done, what he has seen and how deep the rabbit hole goes.
Someone please raise the irony of Theresa May invoking the Human Rights Act in the Gary McKinnon case.
Gary McKinnon and the Solar Warden secret program
That was a good thread about Savile, started by Catherine Osborn and Lou Blakeway wondering about FB silence on the subject. Now, I have a similar concern, about the silence from FB over Gary McKinnon not being extradited. Are we to assume that our FB friends don't know, don't care about Gary, or perhaps can't admit that occasionally a right-wing politician might get it right (even if accidentally) ?
Theresa May, the Home Secretary, blocked the extradition of Gary McKinnon to the United States [
It was an unusually high profile week in disability news, as three separate stories each garnered multiple headlines. • On Tuesday morning, Home Secretary Theresa May halted the extradition...
THE Americans are to retalliate for us not extraditing Gary McKinnon: they're going to find Lord Lucan and keep him.
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