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Gary Lineker

Gary Winston Lineker, OBE (born 30 November 1960), is a former English footballer, who played as a striker.

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Celebrities front appeals to help hurricane hit and poorer countries but go to enormous lengths to ensure that they avoid p…
I'm a fan of Gary Lineker and Bono. But they've avoided paying taxes by using complicated off-shore schemes most of us haven't…
Football robots will be 'BETTER than MESSI' claims AI expert
Congratulations on becoming the tenth Tottenham Hotspur player to Captain England, Eric:. Vivian Woodward. Art…
will be 'BETTER than claims expert .
If people like Gary Lineker dropped the preaching about how others should behave he wouldn't be regarded as such a knob.
Virtue signalling to the left of me. Virtue signalling to the right of me. Here I am stuck in a tax scheme with
So that's where the pounds went! Gary Lineker steps out for first time. Podgy odious creep!.
So that's where the pounds went! Greedy Selfish Treacherous EU Rremainer steps out for first time
Karim Benzema explains why he feels sorry for Gary Lineker -
Benzema claims he feels 'embarassed' for Gary Lineker as striker hits back at former player's 'over-rated' jibe
Real Madrid star launches scathing attack on Gary Lineker
Real Madrid star Karim Benzema 'feels sorry' for critics after Gary Lineker labels him 'overrated'
Gary lineker hits back now in spat with Karim Benzema | via
Gary Lineker saying Jose was shushing the fans when in actual fact it was the media. That Utd hate-agenda rearing its ugly hea…
Karim Benzema branded "over-sensitive" as war of words with Gary Lineker continues to hot up.
Karim Benzema 'embarrassed' for Gary Lineker and accuses him of 'spreading hatred'
Kieran Canning doing his best to console Gary Lineker for having bad football opinions
Karim Benzema 'embarrassed' for Gary Lineker and accuses former Tottenham striker of 'spreading hatred'
Karim Benzema says he ‘feels sorry’ for pundits following Gary Lineker criticism Zinedine
Benzema was so hurt and I can comprehend his emotion.
Lineker Lewin - find your perfect white shirt like Gary from
Zidane and Benzema really trying to start an anti Gary Lineker conspiracy to cover up the fact that Benzema doesn't score goals.
Karim Benzema says he 'feels sorry' for pundits after Gary Lineker criticism
"There's no in-between - you're either good or bad, we were in between" Gary Lineker.
Gary Lineker, now a presenter on BT Sport, called Karim Benzema 'overrated' after the French striker failed t..
Real Madrid star Karim Benzema hits back at Gary Lineker after ‘overrated’ jibe
Real Madrid's Karim Benzema feels embarrassed for Lineker : Gary Lineker, now a prese..
Gary Lineker: My thoughts on Liverpool's draw with Borussia Dortmund
We're running it first. Even getting rid of lefty libtard Gary Lineker so Paul Joseph Lord and Saviour…
A 16 year old Gary Lineker after signing his first pro contract for Leicester.
Anyone know the addresses of Alistair Campbell, Gary Lineker, Nick Clegg or any other whiny remoaner? 😎
40% - Gary Lineker has the best chance conversion (excluding penalties) in World Cup finals since 1966. Crisp.
Send them all to Lily Allen, JK and Gary Lineker to put up. Let's see how safe they feel
D’you know who’d make a better theatre critic on that new BBC arts show? Gary Lineker. I’m always seeing him at the thea…
When those in power & the people like Gary Lineker, Bob Geldof, Lilly Allen, Owen Jones, Nicola Sturgeon read the K…
Bob Geldof, Emma Thompson, Nicola Sturgeon, Owen Jones, Gary Lineker, Lilly Allen & many more of you ! refugees you support w…
Apologists for "child refugees" are very quiet - Gary Lineker, Yvette Cooper, JK Rowling, Lily Allen.. Of course they don…
Gary Lineker's gesture to the England bench - "Have a word with him" - has become almost more iconic.
Hard to understand how Gary Lineker is worth more than Graham Norton.
"It says a lot that the most left wing senior person at the BBC is Gary Lineker"
Gary Lineker: Wayne Rooney 'the one England world class player' in his career
My tuppence, part 1. As a young boy, I remember Gary Lineker as a good role model and top scorer at Mexico 86. I wa…
Just coincident, he could have screamed Piers Morgan or Gary Lineker,
Gary Lineker, no reason I just can't stand him, oh and Blair, Brown & Campbell for lots of reasons
22:00 BST on the Red Button and website you can relive the first Match of the Day: Des Lynam with Alan Hansen and Gary Lineker.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Gary Lineker.. Jamie Oliver.. Lily Allen, come on people name some remoa…
Exclusive - Gary Lineker on why Romelu Lukaku gives Manchester United ...
They get rid of prawn cocktail Walkers I'm setting fire to Gary Lineker.
As gender pay gap row intensifies at the BBC, Gary Lineker and Claudia Winkleman show solidarity by parking together http…
Chris Evans, Gary Lineker and Claudia Winkleman together cost 30,000 licence fees. Not one of them would be mi…
Let's all call for non-renewal of contracts for the likes of Gary Lineker and Stephen Nolan. We do not need these big hea…
I think the right-wing witch hunt of Gary Lineker just bc he stood up for refugees is getting a bit out of hand
Actually there's plenty of good role models for British boys. Gary Lineker's agent. Mrs Browns Boys. Jonathan Freedla…
Gary Lineker is alright.He's a good person, a humanitarian.Alternatively, Gary's wages could be going to a Jimmy Savile type
to be fair, Gary Lineker has done a better job of holding the government to account than Laura Kuenssberg AND he hosts M…
Is it right that one Gary Lineker or one Claudia Winkleman is worth more than ten thousand Piers Morgans? (Yes). https:…
JOIN and earn considerably less than Gary Lineker or Claudia Winkleman...
"That means the budget will be gone for the year" says after claims Gary Lineker will be help cover…
Personally don't care how much Chris Evans or Gary Lineker are paid. Sad news day if this all it will be about
BBC to reveal number of its presenters who are paid more than £150,000 a year of which two thirds are men…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
BBC paying our money for Gary lineker and stupid Graham Norton,it macks me throw up
That time of the year when Gary Lineker does first MOTD presentation in his pants.
Who cares about Gary lineker , not me !
. Gary Lineker on £2million a year at the BBC. We're paying his wages through our tv license
No way is Gary Lineker worth 2 million as opposed to other female sports presenters.
Imagine if right wing media spent all day talking about Gary Lineker's salary rather than the Brexit mess and Grenf…
on why can keep even Gary Lineker happy this season
Why Gary Lineker? because reality is better than your dreams..
So Gary Lineker gets more than £150k? If I was in charge, it wouldn't be 5p. Sport is the ultimate tv bore!
Jurgen Klopp on Liverpool keeping even Gary Lineker happy
Tax dodger Gary Lineker is paid £1.8 million a year by the BBC to read off autocue.
Gary Lineker earns the same as 45 nurses in our hospitals. The BBC has never been fair. I wouldn't pay the *** half a nur…
Gary Lineker is absolutely not worth whatever they're paying him. They could have Fred West presenting and people w…
Haven't seen an *** generate this much commotion since Gary lineker shat on the pitch
Gary Lineker is paid the same as 45 nurses – or 44 teachers. When will this BBC pay madness end?
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Multi, multi millionaire Gary Lineker, one of the highest earners at the BBC. Let's listen to him on politics and our economy. 🖕🏻
BBC's biggest earning stars set to be unveiled with Gary Lineker believed to be one of the highest
Klopp: "We want to play in 3/4 competitions as long as even Gary Lineker is happy. We want to play football for as long as p…
Europe is dying becos of EU, but Gary Lineker becos of own bank balance is a Remoaner. SHAMEF…
All hail Gary Lineker, future leader of the Centre Forward party
"Oh Jeremy Corbyn" as PMQs rolls up at the AMEX. Gary Lineker presenting Saturday night coverage, Gabby Logan o…
Petition to seize Lily Allen's and Gary Lineker's mansions to house those affected by Grenfell Tower fire.
Danny Baker, Gina Miller, Lily Allen, Gary Lineker, if you want to run the country stand for Parliament.
err.. is Big Nev the new Gary Lineker?
David Beckham and Gary Lineker lost court bid to overturn £700 million tax bill
Tax avoider Gary Lineker loses bid to overturn huge HMRC bill over aggressive "scam for scumbags" v…
Gary Lineker: Arsenal will 'probably' miss out on top four again as they are 'further behind' than Wenger thinks
'Unusual day' for Gary Lineker after campaign sees him 'pose' with Jimmy Savile
Gary Lineker 'poses' with Jimmy Savile after PR stunt goes wrong
Gary Lineker ‘poses’ with Jimmy Savile after PR stunt goes wrong
Gary Lineker makes crude joke on after announcing divorce
Gary Lineker makes crude joke on Match of the Day after...
Gary Lineker states he will present in his underwear... but
05-23 Gary Lineker states he will present Match of the Day in...
So too is Lily Allen, Gary Lineker and most despicable Lefties!
Manchester City, Gary Lineker and Tony Bellew are also among those who've expressed their devastation
Vincenzo Montella's campaign against death might be encouraged, says Gary Lineker in an interview with The Daily Mail.
Gary Lineker made the prediction of the season! HOW?! 😱
This is how u grow a goatee gary lineker
Gary Lineker and wife Danielle Bux 'to divorce after 6 years of marriage'
Gary Lineker makes rude joke live on Match of the Day...
Gary Lineker, Leicester, Everton, Tottenham, England and now Labour hero. Thanks for speaking out, a true legend
Gary Lineker and second wife Danielle 'have filed for divorce'
Still voting Tory? What, seriously? Gary Lineker is spot on here. Grateful for help as always.
I've started to love Gary Lineker. I'll hate him again on June 10th but I think we'll be good on June 11th.
Even Gary Lineker is reminding you to vote!
Gary Lineker, you have remained a role model from childhood to adulthood. Good on your sir!
Are you & Corbyn both enjoying fooling the young voters?. Gary Lineker saves a fortune by avoiding tax…
Paul Lineker. The 3rd brother. Lives in Marbs. Bigger sleazeball than Wayne. Detests Gary as a libe…
Hmm... Gary Lineker keeps repeating himself. Do you think he has a bit of a worrying condition developing? Incipien…
How can my 2 year old nephew hammer my brother so much by calling him Gary (Lineker) because of the size of Harry's ears. He is hilarious 😂
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at Gary Lineker's garden to meet the cast of The Full Monty
Gary Lineker ✅. Alan Shearer ✅. Ian Wright ✅. Don't miss Match of the Day on at 22;20 BST.
David Unsworth's cracking debut goal vs in Gary Lineker's last game at WHL.
42 days ago Rio Ferdinand, Michael Owen, Steven Gerrard & Gary Lineker all lost it. Over to you again, Barcelona... h…
Gary Lineker never got a red card in the entirety of his career. How can one maintain such a spotless record?…
'Truth hurts' as the saying goes which explains why Gary Lineker and Diane Abbott have both blocked me! 👌👊
Except Gary Lineker, Lily Allen, and anyone else I disagree with
So it's fine for Gary Lineker to give opinions but not Jenni Murray, as his opinions are the received wisdom at the Beeb, whi…
Gary Lineker seemed surprised by how low Shearer's valuation of the Belgian was
"Is that all?" calls out valuation of Romelu Lukaku
"Romelu Lukaku will leave Everton for £60-70million" - says Match of the Day pundit Alan Shearer: Gary Lineker…
"Is that all?" Gary Lineker calls out Alan Shearer's valuation of Romelu Lukaku.
he shat on the pitch, he shat on the pitch, Gary Lineker, HE SHAT ON THE PITCH
Gary Lineker reacts to Man United’s 3-1 win over Middlesbrough Gary Lineker took to social…
I wonder if mr sanctimonious Gary Lineker will boycott the W/C? I doubt it, money and self promotion will prevail n…
don't listen to Gary Lineker he's a first class *** ! U concentrate on your championship team 😂
fog with flash on, Tge Colombian Gary Lineker, Chicken on the BBW, neighbours dug Oscar
Cheeky from Gary Lineker on Romelu Lukaku. . Lineker left Everton in very similar circumstances... 😂 😂 😂 .
Why don't arsenal get Gary lineker as next manager the *** thinks he's a expert
him, Hessletine and Clegg. There's our opposition. Oh, and Gary Lineker
E always dey pain Gary Lineker when the goal scoring records are limited to the premier league era. It's like he come taya for nothing 😂
Or conversely "Who needs Gary Lineker when you have Rebecca Lowe on set". Steve Eisner
All the moaning from Gary Lineker & everyone else but Leicester City have never looked back since they got rid of Raneiri.…
Lukaku becomes the first Everton player to pass the 20-goal mark since Gary Lineker. Outstanding talent.
you watching GGG? he looks like a young Gary Lineker (it could also be 4am eyes)
"you can just imagine Gary Lineker reading that on Match of The Day 😂😂😂...
Gary Lineker surprised Liverpool sold Benteke despite him not fitting in with Rodger's (the guy who bought him) or Klopp's way of playing...
Why is Wayne Lineker presenting MOTD for and Gary sniffing around Ocean Beach??
Gary Lineker is looking a bit cas this week
Gary Lineker's the only one who has a clue on MOTD every week.
Nippy calling for Lily Allen, Gary Lineker, Bob Geldof and co to move to Scotland.Lord help us, an SNP leftie utopia 😫
Gary Lineker last Everton striker to reach 20 league goals. He wasn't an Everton player the next season.
Fair play to Gary Lineker for turning up to present MOTD, considering he spent 9 hours standing still in the window…
Gary Lineker in the BT Sport dressing room after Leicester made it to the QF's of the
Gary Lineker has promised that if Leicester win the Champions League he won't just wear his boxers, he'll *** them off
Gary Lineker looks more like Jimmy Hill every week.
less of Gary lineker and his buddies
not so many tourists and you dont have to listen to anything Gary Lineker says for at least a year
Romelu Lukaku is the first Everton player to score 20+ league goals in a season since Gary Lineker in the 1985/86 seas…
Gary Lineker reveals Match of the Day running order
Stewart Lee, Gary Lineker, Rachel Johnson, Ralph Fiennes: just some of the names in our Summer programme of talks: htt…
Gary Lineker on Ander Herrera's red card: "To do that after a referee has given a lecture to another player is daft, no?"…
And who stood up and argued against these tyrants? Gary Lineker and Lilly Allen...ah makes sense.
Could you let Gary Lineker and Lilly Allen see the benefits of refugees in this Greek island.
This is a bit like that time I found a Gary Lineker shiny that I hadn't put in my Panini album...
"Inexplicable, unforgivable and gut-wrenchingly sad". Gary Lineker is not holding back... . More:
Claudio Ranieri should have 'a job for life' at Leicester - Gary Lineker
So that narrows it down to Alexander Armstrong, Gary Lineker, Jo Brand, Mel Giedroyc or Victoria Coren Mitchell...
Gary Lineker and Kiera Knightly lead calls to keep child scheme open. Good people who speak out!.
Leicester City, Running up that hill. Gary Lineker leads the way. I think that's Jock Wallace at the top
bloggers: Thoughts on Saturday - Gary Lineker and Shannon Matthews:
Gary Lineker hits back amid claims he 'saves a fortune by avoiding tax'
On today's show: insider David Buik on Gary Lineker and should we feel sorry for Karen Matthews? Call 020 38 29 1234
"Gary Lineker and Robbie Savage invested in tax break schemes that have since been investigated by HMRC" claims The .
Gary Lineker hat-trick stuns Real Madrid. What do you remember about it
Football Association chiefs hit back at Gary Lineker in claims BBC forced to show Manchester ...
Gary Lineker did it on another stage as well 🤔🤔🤔
Gary Lineker backs Show Racism the Red Card's new immigration film
Celebs like Gary Lineker and Lilly Allen bang on about Brexit voters being racist. But how come both live in rich areas where > 90% White?
- was this the perfect team?. No, Andy Gray is missing and Gary Lineker was added. Champs the year before
I thought the highlight of my day was a debate with Gary Lineker - turns out it's Peter "media ethics" Jukes making up a story about me.
Gary Lineker has clearly never heard of Robert Maxwell.
In which Gary Lineker claims no one would ever make vexatious legal threats to shut down legitimate news stories.
All-time great banner behind Nagoya Grampus Eight legend Gary Lineker here
We already want you for next PM. Cabinet: James O'Brien, Owen Jones, Gary Lineker, Jess Phillips.
Gary Lineker's transformation into public political dissident number one is one of my favourite things about this admittedl…
we need to attack all of them walkers crisps Gary Lineker and EU Products
Gary Lineker confirms talks with Walkers over advertising in The Sun
Well known anti CFC pundit Gary Lineker on CFC 5-0 Everton:. "Probably one of the greatest performance we've seen in Premier…
All purpose parts banner
Gary Lineker leads the charge against tabloids' 'barmy' fury over Brexit legal challenge # via
- How Gary Lineker and ex Danielle shocked fellow passengers on a British Airways flight , According to ...
Gary Lineker appointed leader of the opposition - via
Pfft it's probably a trick invented by the lizard people or the feminists or the Bremainers or Gary Lineker or something
High court ruling that MPs must vote on terms of Brexit greeted with approval by Leader of the Opposition, Gary Lineker.
We may as well have had Bob Geldof, Lily Allen and Gary Lineker presiding over the case as these three out of touch esta…
The best, most successful managers in the modern era are those who can ...
He's literally replied and blocked every reply so far like a reverse Gary Lineker.
You'd be lying if you said you wouldn't tune in
Of all post referendum things I thought might happen, wasn't expecting Gary Lineker to become the nearest thing we have…
What's one up from presenting in your pants?
And that's coming from Gary Lineker. Highest goal scorer at a World Cup. Respected striker in his day.
Gary Lineker, the current leader off the opposition. ;)
Newspaper stockists of Leicester: Don't stock The Sun newspaper in Leicester due to its treatment o... via
Loool Gary Lineker asked Ian Wright if he'd ever been caught out on social media and he went 'nah' .
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Judges aren't the enemy, nor Gary Lineker or anyone else that dares challenge the media elite. The Mail & Sun are the…
I honestly think Ed Balls dancing in Labour leader Gary Lineker's pre-election broadcast is our only hope now.
I can't stand Gary lineker he's ruined walkers crisp for me I look at them and see his face and wanna vom 😂😭😷
See! 2016... Now waiting on Gary Lineker for the constitutional analysis.
making himself look stupid although no doubt people will lap it up! Maybe he's trying to become Gary Lineker 2nd
"My name's Gary Lineker and I shat on the pitch"💩
Gary Lineker at it again. Or was it a
EXCLUSIVE: tomorrow's Daily Mail front page accuses Gary Lineker of hating all animals on the planet
Here's Diego Costa taking after his idol Gary Lineker
I wonder how long it'll be before all the blame gets put on the Leader of the Opposition, Gary Lineker.
Leicester 1 - West Brom 2. FT. Another poor result for the champions. Gary Lineker should be fine!.
Mail claim Walkers crisps price hike will go straight to Gary Lineker to fund child masks for middle aged refugees
Gary Lineker will get the blame for this. .
If we went to the polls now our next PM would be Boaty McBoatface, Gary Lineker or Bake Off.
Gary Lineker's feud with the Daily Mail escalates with 'laughable' 'smear' article
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Sack Gary Lineker then - that should save them a couple of million.
In 24 hours I've been attacked by Gary Lineker, Bonnie Greer, and Graham Linehan. It's almost like the luvvies are petrif…
Daily Mail's embarrassing attempt to uncover Gary Lineker scandal is pathetic via
PETULANT: An increasingly desperate Daily Mail are now attacking Gary Lineker for kissing his wife 9yrs ago. Boom!
Superb! Gary Lineker and now Kirsty Wark. There is still a subversive element at the BBC that may not in the end...
Ralf Little stars in the press night later with Gary Lineker, Michelle Collins, David Baddiel and Gary Kemp among VIP guests.
Gary Lineker reunites with busty ex Danielle Bux for Jonathan Ross' Halloween party
The Sun attack Gary Lineker for having compassion for refugees but love Katie Hopkins for not considering them human
Check out my video on - Gary Lineker a no show at London refugee demo...but Lily Cole turns up
please take all these African economic migrants to the homes of Lily Allan, Gary Lineker, Cumberbatch, Lily Cole, G…
Gary Lineker and Lily Cole will be joining a demo for child refugees in Calais
Gary Lineker and Lily Cole to join demo over child refugees stranded in Calais
Gary Lineker the new Joey Barton the new Jeremy Corbyn, The new Alexis Tsipras. Ian Wright, Plato, and saviour of all mankind.
This week's cartoon on the lefty luvvie Gary Lineker
Gary Lineker has raised his head above the parapet on child refugees. He should be supported. The BBC should back him to…
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Gary Lineker has a great track record of fighting He joined with Bobby Robson https:/…
Pierce Morgan,Gary Lineker & Lilly Allen never. mention this kind of immigrant do they.Their are many of them.
I voted for Gary Lineker in the NTAs… You can too!
DON'T vote for Gary Lineker! It would make The Sun very cross indeed if he won!
I voted for Gary Lineker as best TV presenter. Go on - you know it makes sense
Decisions - some were genuine, some were because no one else in that category deserve it and then Gary Lineker...
Just after Fraser Nelson emerged as a champion of Scotland’s underclass, now Gary Lineker is England’s Che Guevera: htt…
I'm sure no-one would be so immature as to troll the Sun by voting for Gary Lineker to win a Sun-sponsored TV award, usi…
I voted in the NTAs… You can too! (sponsored by The Sun) I voted for Gary Lineker best tv presenter
Wouldn't it be deliciously ironic if Gary Lineker won an award at the Sun sponsored Why not vote here:
Gary Lineker to present Match of the Day in his underwear after Leicester City's Premier League…
Why is Gary Lineker doing a better job of challenging intolerance than the leader of the Labour party?
Walkers to reveal Gary Lineker's pants on digital screens if Leicester City wins the league…
Gary Lineker comments on Premier League title race and two former teams
My bit on Gary Lineker, toddler culture and free speech
Gary Lineker ready to strip if Leicester win the league
The Sun is having a go at Gary Lineker yet the rag was happy to publish bile from Kelvin MacKenzie and Katie Hopkins.
Gary Lineker is a great champion of humanity as well as of sport! There is still hope for this country!
Ah, so that's why The Sun went after Gary Lineker. To divert attention from this...
Gary Lineker has an arrogance that borders on megalomania.
Leftie luvvie Gary Lineker 'should be sacked' for peddling charity lie about 'child migrant, 38'
Gary Lineker is free to come up to Scotland, talk football and sell Space Raiders. We like folk who show compassion for r…
Gary Lineker turning out to be complete hero.
Hope Gary Lineker isn't going to be no-platformed by special snowflakes who can't cope with different opinions. Can't s…
says 'shows Britain at its best' as he blasts Tory criticism for defending refugees
Gary Lineker doesn't get to pretend he cares about racism when he gave Jamie Vardy a pass due to the ~Fairytale of Leice…
Until we treat as a toxin rather than a newspaper hatred and violence against the vulnerable will continue. . h…
The Sun:. Supports Katie Hopkins for comparing refugees to "cockroaches". Attacks Gary Lineker for his compassion to refu…
For a fascinating insight into running of a football club watch our piece with Alan Pardew & https:…
What we're witnessing in coverage of Lily Allen and Gary Lineker is an attempt to make compassion towards refugees socially un…
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Gary Lineker is right to challenge the hate being drip fed to the public by the right wing tabloids. Retw…
People are pointing out the irony of the Sun's Gary Lineker 'migrant lies' front page
Join me in supporting Gary Lineker and Fatima Manji against media & racist bullies – sign HOPE not hate’s card now https:/…
As The Sun calls for his sacking over "migrants lies", Gary Lineker says he may follow their lead and apologise in about…
Wanting Gary Lineker to be sacked on account of being a decent person using his voice to express concern for fellow humans i…
This morning, *yet another* Murdoch 'journalist' is to be sentenced at Old Bailey. Sun, meanwhile, calls for Gary Lineker…
Seeing that baying mob on last night and the level of abuse directed at Gary Lineker makes me fear for future of t…
And Gary Lineker & Lily Allen are receiving similar abuse from the Right-Wing Tabloids that Corbyn gets when he stands up fo…
If you were upset by what Gary Lineker said, please point out on the doll where he offended you, & email:. CryBabiesAnon…
The Sun:. Defends: Katie Hopkins saying refugees should be gunned down. Attacks: Gary Lineker saying refugees should be sav…
does Gary Lineker still want to house the 1st migrant from Calais?? h…
The tabloids are trying to turn Gary Lineker, of all people, into Hanoi Jane. Britain has lost its mind.
The year 2038. Claudio Bravo knocks a cup off the table at breakfast. Richard Keys, Gary Lineker, Niall Quinn all quietly mouthing. 'Joe'.
Tommy Robinson actually said to Gary Lineker 'name one thing I've done that's racist'. Least self-aware human being ever?!
Pod Two - Tommy Robinson calls out Gary Lineker the crisps-pushing hypocrite! 19th October
Gary Lineker just launched the best attack yet on Tommy Robinson for child refugee doubts via
Gary Lineker, You Hero! Plus its true, Tommy Robinson is a racist ***
Gary Lineker receives torrent of criticism after calling response to child refugees' arrival - The Independent
But Douglas Carswell isn't in government... Would you believe Gary Lineker if he said we were going to bomb China? .
Gary Lineker's so lean these days he's turning into Emilia Fox in later seasons of Silent Witness
Gary Lineker is up there with the Bradley Walsh's of the presenting world
Analysis of accused's laptop showed he had saved home addresses of Simon Cowell, Katie Hopkins, Gary Lineker and Mr Simm…
On this day 1985 3 (Bowman Regis) Leicester 0,Sunday morning KO, Lineker has gone,Fox…
Graham Norton interview: 'It will be me or Gary Lineker for the chop next'
> implications of the UK governments latest immigration proclaimations. Even the likes of Gary Lineker see it - >
Graham Norton: "it will be me or Gary Lineker who gets sacked by the BBC next". We can but hope...
Met Gary Lineker today at school, so random 😂
I added a video to a playlist Christian Fuchs has a message for Gary Lineker
We sat down for some with presenter .
As long as you didn't speak Richard's lines in the style of Gary Lineker! And I can say that as I'm from Ratae!
Order Miche Bag Online!
Gary Lineker enters the Scottish independence debate.
Graham Norton told me why he or Gary Lineker will be next to get the axe from the BBC
Anyone who references Gary Lineker in a Brexit or race debate immediately loses the debate.
'It's me or - Norton's concerns over potential axe from BBC
'It's me or Gary Lineker' - Graham Norton's concerns over potential axe from BBC
not alot of great moments since 66, Gazza, David Platt, Gary lineker. thats about it. Not alot in 50yrs.
Graham Norton interview: The BBC will be picking on me or Gary Lineker next
What a good idea! >> Graham Norton says Gary Lineker will be next to go via
My fiancee's brother-in-law was recently paralysed in an accident and it really brought home t
just listened, another great listen! With John Lineker you've just gotta keep giving him contenders until he makes weight…
Someone trousering £2m a year from might be out of touch with the revolting:
.So he's wrong? Gary Lineker. Nothing wrong with patriotism, but we're edging horribly towards xenophobia by the day.
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