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Gary Linekar

Gary Winston Lineker, OBE (born 30 November 1960), is a former English footballer, who played as a striker.

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I nearly dropped dead then! Gary lefty linekar giving man city praise? Must be drunk or on a promise! Pity his poor…
Will suffer uber hypocrite Gary Linekar and watch
it's ok Gary linekar and Benedict cummerbund will take them all in justcsend them their addresses
maybe Gary Linekar will be willing to take him in?
how's about binning Gary linekar from your ads instead of making staff redundant and I may return from buying seabrooks 😠
I blame Gary Linekar. Sales must have plunged after his rantings. Along with people boycotting 'Walkers' because of him.
...does that mean old Gary Linekar is out of a job.
Leicester next do Gary Linekar out of a job.
I wish you would do it to Gary the mouth linekar,Madness,Lilly Allen and the ignorant self centred snowflakes.
I know you're right mate. Just that orrible Steptoe Racist *** Paper Clappers. Gary Linekar etc. make this lot very unlikable
Has John Major now taken over from Gary Linekar as the leader of the opposition?
should do a duet with Gary linekar singing SOS
I added a video to a playlist Juan Mata on Ibrahimovic & Pogba Exclusive Interview By Gary Linekar
At the end of Match of The Day when Linekar says let's have a quick look at the table, Yeah go on Gary let's have a look! 🔵
Watching this interview with Gary linekar. Top man
You'd think Gary Linekar scouted Kante himself the way he speaks about him
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Wasn't Mata doing an interview with Gary linekar in London yesterday ? That could explain why he didn't travel with the squad today
sleeping over at Gary Linekar's house
virtually every economist, Angela Merkal, Gary Linekar of course
Gary Linekar's interview with Juan Mata easily the best one to one chat I've seen. . A fine blend Humour and Profession…
Gary linekar has to put away the tissues he got ready for today's wanking sesh now
Gary Linekar cried after Leicester sacked their manager
I liked a video from Gary Linekar Interviews Juan Mata
Why don't Leicester give the job to Gary Linekar and Lily Allen they want to run the country so it wud be a breeze.
I thought the Ranieri sacking was a terrible decision. Then I heard it made Gary Linekar cry. Maybe it wasn't so bad after all!!
Is the the same Gary linekar that couldn't leave us quick enough back in the day
I thought the new leader of the Opposition was Gary Linekar ?
Might get rid of Lily Allen, Gary Linekar et al. So every cloud as they say.
Is crying? How about Gary Linekar. Probably for the rapist
To be honest Clapham, l'd completely forgotten what Gary Linekar looked like
True he makes Gary Linekar look like Keith Flint
Breast Cancer Awareness
Divorce Law blog: What do Nigella Lawson, Gary Linekar, Katie Price and David Walliams all have in common?
Paul Ince, Paul Gascoigne, Owen Hargreaves, David Beckham, Glenn Hoddle, David Platt, Gary Linekar... they all played on the continent.
good goal pal. Like a young Gary Linekar popping that away in box ⚽️👍🏻
Difficult to decide which Remainer had become most unhinged: Dan Hodges, Alistair Campbell, Gary Linekar - then Anna Soubr…
never to say it ever again. Football, as Gary Linekar once said, is a simple game; 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and
Plus Gary Linekar (probably by accident) walked into me at the after party so there's my claim to fame
Gary Linekar's sons look like creatures from Narnia
Or Gary Linekar dies in not fussy me.
probably exterior filming soon. Seem to remember Gary Linekar introducing a new series trailer, so they've got form.
You guys have always got it right before - but if it turns out to be Gary Linekar I'll throw a strop.
is it Gary Linekar? People watch Match of the Day for football, not DW. Being cool I watch both anyway.
should've stayed on the pitch and Gary Linekar'd everywhere
Big Nev getting Reidy to talk to Gary Linekar for him, jokes! Nev you don't need to do that.
Gary Linekar never being booked is far worse.
Gary Linekar is so eager to appear on TV in just his undies. Lmao
If Spurs win the league will Gary Linekar claim he supported them all along
Spurs fans now "Hate" Gary Linekar, a man who won us the FA cup, because he supports Leicester. Sort yourselves out you mugs
Gary Linekar is good man and a professional. Don't assume the worst in people.
funny enough this could be about 4-5 people. Gary Linekar, Michael Owen, David Moyes, Gary. Lol
Is Gary Linekar allowed to be the most bias media worker going because it's Leicester and not a big team?
I'm sure the busty ex Mrs linekar made your heart race even more Gary.
"I'm gonna find Gary Linekar and shank him" - Aaron Cox
That was a definite dive by vardy Gary linekar needs to pipe down
Is it Gary Linekar updating this page??
You know if Gary linekar says it shouldn't be a pen for his own team it shouldn't
Where's Gary Linekar giving it the big'un???!
West Ham saving Gary linekar
Daniel Sturridge can be the next Ian Rush, Gary Linekar or Alan Shearer if he just stops falling apart with injuries.
Yes. The best bit about that is that it will f off that absolutely c Gary Linekar
I love the fact that even Gary Linekar has lost his cool and unbiased view with this title run. Even if he is wrong
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The Gary Linekar/Jeff Stelling level of bias is exactly what you need from your presenters
There are only three men that look *** good with the salt & pepper look; George Clooney, Paul Hollywood & Gary Linekar! That's it!
Anyone else think Gary linekar is looking a bit gaunt? Hate to body shame, if there's medical reason i apologise, but please, eat a burger!!
FT in Extra Time and we go to penalties. Was Jason Cumming doing a Gary Linekar there? Peeing on the pitch.
soon it'll be Sky News, CNN, Gary Linekar and Piers Morgan.
gotta pad the retirement fund! Didn't Gary Linekar have a stint over there briefly?
Other celebs to walk past me whilst queuing for watching Are You Being Served be filmed were Gary Linekar and Alan Shearer!
Can't wait for the endless memes when Gary linekar does motd in his jocks next season
My quote of the day was actually Andy saying "doesn't Gary Linekar look like Elliot". True Story.
So Gary Linekar and Rio Ferdinand were filming at uni today and Tom Hardy was filming for BBC where I live..
whether for a rep team or school team, they will have been involved in some way - David Beckham, Gary Linekar, Joe Hart...
Qatar Barca out,Qatar PSG out-must be a mistake-they had more possession and passes-and money Whatever next
Gary Linekar must be lost without a couple of Man Utd pundits alongside him. Wouldn't happen at BTSport
Has Gary Linekar gone off the rails.
Anyone else pished off that Gary Linekar just called Kun a villain!! Leave him the *** alone..he's being hacked continuously
I only recently found out that Gary linekar hilariously shat himself playing football. Before that I just knew him as the crisp guy.
4 - Former striker Jay Bothroyd has now equalled Gary Linekar as the all-time British top scorer in the J1 League.
Alan Hansen doesn't think Gary Linekar should act
Alan Hansen doesn't think Gary Linekar should act...
Gary Linekar scored a goal every 1.7 games for England, and was never booked in his 17 year career.;
used to see Gary linekar quite a lot in Godalming when his son was at charterhouse
Ben Kyle's album with Romantica. Effortless songwriting. Belfast, Donegal and Gary Linekar... at on 28th
Gary Linekar, Andy Gray amongst others on the lineup for European games this year. Impressive... read:expensive
Gary Linekar's magic. He wears a magic hat. And when he played for England. It's on the pitch he shat
No Gary Linekar tonight,he's langers inside the great escape with the top of the FA cup missing!
Gary linekar is going to kill someone one day over that shat on everything comments
Anyone else of the opinion Gary Linekar is actually looking quite sexy since he's grown a goatee?
Enjoy the banter. Even Gary Linekar is on it ;)
Wonder if people will ever get bored with constantly abusing Gary Linekar😐 it's getting old guys
Gary Linekar is too reckless love that guy
crisps are like sex. They are crunchy, there are lots of flavours, Gary Linekar is there,
When will Gary Linekar give this terrible beard up? Has he not won the bet yet?
Gary Linekar needs stfu about Leicester ffs
Ok Ian Wright needs to stop laughing at every scripted joke by Gary Linekar before I turn the tv off
I feel like Gary Linekar's interviews on Match of the Day are just their to show Sky Sports that they're not the only ones with a big screen
Ian Wright must be the only man so unintelligent, he finds Gary Linekar's jokes funny.
Gary Linekar still looks a bit silly with that beard
Suppose Jermaine jenas career has been as good as gary linekar and ian wright.
Gary Linekar is funnier than most comedians 😂👌
Manchester united can cope without De Gea - Gary Linekar: Many Manchester United fans are desperate for Louis ...
Gary Linekar's book of ghost stories
. But it's all going to pay off, when I get you to help me evade tax. And fiddle my will so Gary Linekar gets everything I owned.
Gary Lineker, to facial hair or not to facial hair, that is the question. .
gary linekar in Cardiff for the day?
Still *** myself laughing at all the replies to Gary Linekar that say "shat on" 😂
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Gary Linekar on (tw) about messi's last night performance : Oh Messi, behave yourself. No need to show off this...
Imagine Gary Linekar getting raped by a giant salt and vinegar crisp
Gary Linekar is literally the most modest, unbiased former pro ever
Whys everyone replying to Gary Linekar with 'Shat on'
imagine thinking Gary Linekar isn't the king of banter
Gary Linekar, Terry Venables, father of a student!! That was just today! We have definitely laughed a lot!
*pictures Gary Linekar and Andy Gray in a passionate embrace*. *throws up lunch*. THANKS
Richard Bacon, Dynamo, Gary Linekar, not sure, and that guy from Miranda
Wow. Martin Kemp on ITV news right now. Looks like he's went for the Gary Linekar look.
I have got a few videos so far including from Gordon Darcy, Rob Kearney, Gary Nevile, Match of The Day with Gary Linekar
Gary Linekar's facial hair takes me back to the days of Worzel Gummidge. Shave the bum fluff off dude, seriously!
Gary Linekar: "Alexis Sanchez was offered a rest today against Hull City today but he refused...he want to play"
There's Gary Linekar trying to be banterful and interesting on tv picking his best 11. Time for me to go plump cushions and wash lettuce
what's the problem? Gary Linekar was looking forward and prepared for career in the media before retiring.
If North End win tomorrow then I'll be bouncing all the way to Town. Lose and its a night in with Gary Linekar.
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Have I ever mentioned the time I was in a lift with Gary Linekar and Alan Shearer?. Linekar smelt AMAZING.
Qatar World Cup May' Stunning incompetence to award to with no clue as to how or when
Quality journalism here - count the mistakes. I got to eight and gave up
Footballer says hello to DJ. Stop the presses:
Gary Linekar says pl isn't the best in the world No it all needs a massive re structure the whole league system
Gary Linekar speaks the most sense about football
Gary Linekar's response to Piers Morgan there is unbelievably hilarious!
Gary linekar always keeps it real man...solid geezer
Well said Gary Linekar! Premier league is most entertaining, NOT the strongest!
LRT: Gary Linekar is one of the very few sensible pundits in England. Love him.
Gary Linekar: "We might have to stop pretending that the strongest in the world. Most entertaining it may be but …
Really impressed by John Aloisi on the TV. He should do a Gary Linekar and take over from Tara as presenter
Nice to see Gary Linekar having a pop at FIFA and their Pope Sepp Blatter over the suspicions of corruption surrounding world cup finals being given to Russia and Quatar. But why does the knob head make such a statement during the Commonwealth Games? The time and place to be screaming his thoughts would surely have been better trumpeted when he was in Brazil covering the World Cup when anger against Blatter was an inferno not when everything has died down. But that's our Gary never be controversial it might embarrass the Beeb and shock us. He carries out his duties on the BBC like he did on the playingfield..steer clear of pain and controversy!
Helen Skelton is the natural successor to Gary Linekar
Gary Linekar just asked why does Britain produce so many breast strokers? A question for operation yewtree perhaps
How much of a wopper is Gary Linekar
Gary linekar and Piers Morgan, arguing to each other is hilarious!
Piers Morgan vs Gary Linekar on here is too funny
google Gary Linekar. And then see what comes up. Poo.
:L what team do you support Gary Linekar
I know... I wonder if he will get better.. am reminded of Gary Linekar when he started in 5Live
As much as I'd like to see Gary Linekar commentating DOTA.
Just had to unfollow Gary linekar as his sarcasm was becoming unbareable
Had a dream that Gary Linekar was helping me move house. Very odd
now that's much better sports reporting than Gary Linekar !
Saw Gary Linekar's bro walking around yesterday. Hanging around with all the stars.
"20 odd man kicked a ball around for 120 minutes and at the end - do I really need to tell you - the Germans won." Gary Linekar
definitely! It seems strange not having Gary Linekar talking us through each evening.
Why would anyone in their right mind prefer Adrian Chiles over Gary Linekar? Watch the final on BBC One.
gary linekar's sons are SO annoying
caught Gary Linekar for a cheeky selfie, he is in great shape it must be said
Fantastic WC final. "Soccer is a game for 22 people that run around, play the ball... and in the end, Germany always wins". Gary Linekar.
not saying I don't like Adrian just like Gary linekar more who doesn't ?? Just don't think AC is good on itv compared to MOTD
the difference is Gary linekar and Adrian Chiles
World Cup Final. BBC1: 16.72m ITV: 3.96m. Not quite as humiliating a defeat as Germany 7 Brazil 1 but not far off. Gary Linekar > Adrian Chiles
Do you know what they call me back home?. Walkers Crisp. Why?. 'Cause I take her in the Gary & Linekar.
as much as I like Gary linekar. The others are boring
Tbf Gary Linekar has been a fantastic presenter
it had to be done, Gary Linekar isnt 86 rated for nothing
You lucky *** . had Gary Linekar.. was soo good for Al Jazeera in the Euros and the CL 12/13
We had Gary Linekar and Alan Hansen tipping Germany since the last world cup here
Bbc have Gary linekar in a posh studio. Itv have Adrian Chiles sat by a few wooden desks on the beach outside and a set of broken mics
much better than itv coverage. Linekar will become sir gary linekar soon for services to football and TV
Gary Linekar is such a natural presenter, I'd be stuttering all over the place
I think the main question everyone wants to know the answer too is, who picked Adrian Chiles over Gary Linekar this evening?
Gary linekar rounded it off perfectly 👌
Gary Linekar tells Alan Hansen and Alan Shearer it's been great working with them, whilst saying nothing to Rio Ferdinand.
Football is a game played by 22 men for 90 minutes and then win - Gary Linekar
Legendary Real Madrid forward Alfredo Di Stefano passed away at the age of 88 on Monday after suffering a heart attack. Several football players from around the world - Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Luis Suarez, Gareth Bale, Gary Linekar, Mesut Ozil, Sergio Ramos and several others – have taken t…
If you are a Super Eagles fan and you thought the match against Iran was cringe inducing then look away now because you’d be more embarrassed if you read what BBC commentators said about the Nigerian players. “Oh no, the Nigerian attack is going from bad to worse,” exclaimed one of the commentators during the match when a Nigerian midfielder lost possession of the ball to an Iranian player. “These Nigerians are always looking for the glory cross, the glory shot. That’s not the way to play football, build the pace, organise your team and the right moment will come.” Said another after a Nigerian player sent the ball from the midfield to the Iranian box but to no one in particular. After the match came the post match analysis and the criticisms continued. In the television studio former England internationals Gary Linekar and Rio Ferdinand were joined by two other analysts. On Efe Ambrose: “Ambrose can’t cross a decent ball. That’s not his speciality. He may be good at other things but don ...
England players past and present were today asked about their opinions on wives and girlfriends accompanying them during tournaments. Steven Gerrard said it's sad, I miss my wife but it's for the good of England. Gary Linekar said, we didn't have wives around in our generation, we just left all our wives at home. John Terry, was unavailable for comment.
maybe Gary Linekar and Micky Hazard blocked me by accident as well
Gary Linekar on MOTD that Man Utd have just bid 27million for Luke Shaw, what a signing that would be
What famous people were born in your city? — Tina Baker, Sam Bailey, Lady Jane Grey, Gary Linekar and Parmindar ...
Gary Linekar is not much of a mate to him - fancy not passing on his tip about using Creme de la Mer?
if you think Gaby Logan should replace the sarcastic overpaid Gary Linekar
With Alex and god daughter Georgia to see Jez Butterworth's play Mojo. Embarrased Alex by chatting to Alison Steadman at the bar so had to ignore Gary Linekar in the next row!
At Harold Pinter Theatre to see Mojo Jez Butterworth's play about 50s gangs Chatted to Alison Steadman at the bar; just ignored Gary Linekar
A weekend treat for all you England Football fans a new article by star writer Tom "Too sweet" Pitt Rashid... Overpaid. Egotistical. Uninterested. Unpatriotic. These are a few of the accusations regularly levelled en masse at the English national football team. The tipping point? The 2010 World Cup. England, with a spinal cord of world class talent, were expected to deliver. You know what happened next and you know whodunit too. Yet again, we crashed out of major tournament prematurely. Over the last 20 years England have had great teams. Think of the players we’ve had: Paul Gascoigne, Alan Shearer, Paul Scholes, Gary Linekar, Steven Gerrard, Ashley Cole, David Platt, Wayne Rooney, John Barnes, Rio Ferdinand, Frank Lampard, Gary Neville, Tony Adams, Sol Campbell. It goes on. On top of that, think of the players the England team never got the best of: Matt Le Tissier, Robbie Fowler, Steve McManaman, Andy Cole, Ian Wright… Michael Owen? Yet still, nothing to show for it. The focal point of the debate co ...
Shame on you BBC. Gary Linekar and Claire Balding to lead Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014 coverage. Surely Hazel Irvine should be the lead! She's good enough for The Open.
Gary Linekar on MOTD. We have the top four in action and Man Utd. Classic.
Gary Linekar. Legend motd. "Tonight we have the top 4 teams and Man Utd" brilliant
Was Prince Charles the face of Walkers before he got too old and Gary Linekar took over? If he wasn't, then that is just wrong.
Wonders what is doing in the photo with Gary Linekar in today's
Roy Hodgson better hope Gary Linekar doesn't open up a can of whoop *** on him. He still wouldn't get booked.
Gary linekar.twice criticized England performances this year,twice apologized,backed down and said Hodgson is doing a good job
Roy Hodgson hits back at critical Gary Linekar: Roy Hodgson has accused Gary Lineker of having a selective memory.
We gave Gary Linekar and Italy have this
Gary Linekar from the world of Crisps ?
Hope you've got Gary Linekar lined up for your party on Saturday
I hear the sound of frantic back pedalling from Gary Linekar.
remember to write 'I'm the son of Gary Linekar' under achievements.
England were held to a 0-0 draw against Ukraine last night in what Gary Linekar described as a "woeful" and...
alright then let's say the Gary linekar hat trick, Gazza goal against Scotland we have had a few.
Tired of playing second fiddle to Gary Linekar, Jake Humphrey has taken David James & Michael Owen prisoner in his home-built studio/prison.
Yeah he is the worst. Makes Gary Linekar look as enthusiastic and as personable as Bill Cosby in comparison.
"Scrappy start to the match ... Come england get the ball down and move it round. cheers gary linekar
Im Gary Linekar and i have a stunning wife and here she is world, suck it...shes mine. But ill try and play it casual
was too busy watching Gary Linekar's greatest finishes in Rainbow last night
there's been better English footballers than Gary Neville, sol Campbell, Gary linekar and sheringham! ffs
If you can assume Gary Linekar is being sarcastic why can't you assume the same with me? My mentions are about half an hour long atm lol
If you're going to follow a celebrity it has to be Gary linekar be hilarious👌
Can someone explain to me why Gary Linekar is in the Barcelona themed Qatar Airways advert? What a knob.
That qatar airways / Barcelona advert is class. Duno what gary linekar is doing in it though
Danny Ings will be the next Gary linekar before long...
This the second coming of Gary Linekar?
Gary Linekar doing his toilet business on the pitch
Watching Gary Linekar's Who Do You Think You Are? Episode and its amazing to see the inside of Leicester prison. Driven past it numerous
I'm getting a lot of Robbie savage and Gary linekar. Ruining my Friday vibe
Gary Linekar: you must have worked/watched this player Harry? Harry Redknapp: No Gary, I haven't seen him tbh
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Wish we had this geezer commentating instead of gary linekar !
Now back to the man with the straightest ears & the man with more wrinkles than a bollock-Gary Linekar & Alan Hansen
Did you see our two goals last night!? If they were scores in the prem, Gary Linekar would be creaming his pants!
Is Gary Linekar, you know, okay in the head?
"No thanks, I'm not into that sort of thing." Gary Linekar
Fifa Ultimate Team Legends only avalable on Xbox 360/one. Stars such as Ruud Gullit, Gary Linekar, David Burgkamp & Pele only in Gold packs
If Jonathan Edwards had big ears he'd look just like Gary Linekar!!
Team: Tottenham Hotspurs Best Player: Do u really need to be told Worst Player: Sandro Favourite Player: Gareth Bale Least Favourite Player: Clint Dempsey Overrated: Kyle Walker Underrated: Gylfi Sigurdsson Legends: Jurgen Klinsmann, Gary Linekar, Glen Hoddle This is coming from an Arsenal fan so I don't know how reliable my opinion is. G.R
This England team is worse than Sri Lanka Football Team! What are players like Rooney, Glen Johnson, Jagielka, Milner and countless other worthless players doing in a team which once had David Beckham, Michael Owen, Alan Shearer, Steven Gerrard and Gary Linekar!!! SHAME!
paddy you absolute hypocrite. Last week you were saying it was futile trying to get a response from gary linekar
what are those crisps Gary Linekar schills? ‘Poison Crisps' or something?
and you Gary are going from Gary Linekar to Gary Wanka
How long before they snare Gary linekar in this Peado ring. Looks like a slimeball, young wife, high up in bbc, fake tan, he has to be
has his bets on Orville the bird coming out of the woodwork next, but I'm convinced its going to be Gary Linekar
that's just what Gary Linekar has done
lol yeah crisps are my favourite food, I'm like gary linekar
nik just watched football matters and all I can say is gary linekar better watch out, you were a terrific presenter
Gary Neville is hands down the best. Shearer, Hansen, Lawrenson, Linekar are all terrible. They need a change in pundits!
yea ya right and I forgot you was the Gary Linekar of rugby
you are both class as Bale won them two last night and Gary Linekar is the 2nd top scorer for England
UK/Suffolk:David Beckham, And and Dec and Gary Linekar donate lots for Sir ... - East Anglian Daily Times
Charlie wouldn't consider him for 2nd team job so doubt it! Linekar or Bertie
Watching the snooker. Is it possible that Willie Thorne is a bigger brown nose than Trevor Brooking or Gary Linekar?
I mean have y'all seen Gary Linekar's wife. She's amazing. My man looks like the potato chip he advertises for.
So you're the female version of Gary Linekar then :)
Sorry didn't realise you were gary linekar
NBC's starting lineup for EPL next year: Rebecca Lowe, Arlo White, Robbie Mustoe, Lee Dixon, LeSaux, Gary Linekar. You had me at Lowe.
pack a punched match of the day. Does it make Alan Hansen and Gary Linekar go mental?
and no Gary Linekar or Claire Balding so huge improvements, just lose the twit doing post round interviews
my third fav player behind Bryan Robson and Gary Linekar
Dr Cool the foot massage man on the beach has just told me where all the celebs are staying. See you later for a rum punch Gary Linekar
Everton are gonna struggle against Wigan next week cos Liverpool made them look poor ~ they had chances to score but for some world class saves from Reina ~ & you're missing some key players too like Jagielka with a gash (always knew he was a fanny) Big Dunc (is he still banged up btw) Gary Linekar (busy doin Match of the Day & new Mrs Linekar ~ worra great life) ~ another year with Moyes and the bluenoses blaming being skint ~ J
ON THIS DAY On this day in 1984 over 10,000 Evertonians watched the Blues reach the Milk Cup final with a 0-1 reversal at Villa Park. Everton had won the first leg 2-0. A fantastic night for all Everton supporters as they reached the final to meet Liverpool, only two months before the club was in turmoil, by this time it was all starting to turn into a dream. On this day in 1986 Everton beat Liverpool 2-0 at Anfield with two goals in the last 16 minutes from skipper Kevin Ratcliffe and Gary Linekar. It looked as though that victory would seal the championship, but a super-human effort by Liverpool denied us. We also lost 0-1 to Oxford and drew 0-0 at Forest when we really should have won. It was cruel that that team never won a piece of silverware (other than the charity shield). (Martyn B)
Pete Whiteley's over zealous text to me: "Willie Thorne, Gary Linekar, Kasabian and Lloyd F***g Dyer, your boys took one *** of a beating!"
Finally Leicester will be known for something other then crisps and Gary Linekar... we found a king under a car park!
does Brian Cox see himself as the new for Patrick Moore? Should Gary Linekar be worried as football must have a physical dimension.
Finally seen a footballer I know! Gary Linekar - and there were no crisps in sight :-o
Yeah I'm doing alright thanks man. Doing a masters in Sheffield in Beoadcast Journalism. Loving it. Gary Linekar watch out.
Dad: With your hair short like that, you remind me of Aaron (my cousin) Me: Well, with your hair grey like that, you remind me of Phillip Schofield being in a fatal car crash with Gary Linekar. I rest my case.
Ben Ainslie has ruined the stage. Gary Linekar has somehow made Jonathan Ross look like a good host of awards..
Where the *** is Gary Linekar? I thought Colin Murray would have stepped in at the very least.
Gary Linekar, Paul Gasgoine, Linford Christie, Jonathan Edwards, Derek Redmond and Austin Healey. That was too easy...
soon as the going gets tough off he goes to football always his ultimate goal, wanted MOTD but Gary Linekar didn't leave
Johan Cryuff (Ex Barcelona) – “For the world of football, Messi is a treasure because he is role model for children around the world.” Maxi Rodriguez (Liverpool FC) - “There is no doubt, you’re from another galaxy. Thanks Leo” Demba Ba (Newcastle United) - “Is Messi a human being?” John Heitinga (Everton) - “Mejores jugador del Mundo Messi! Best player in the World!” Gary Linekar (Ex England) - “Fella’s a genius! Best ever by a distance in my life time! Never really saw Pele. Wait til he grows up! Souness, Gullit, Venables and now Rooney agree Messi is the best they have seen. He plays a game to which we are not familiar.” Eden Hazard (Chelsea) – “Is Messi the best player of all times?” Meneses (Coach, Brazil) – “Messi? We will play against the best in the world.” Johan Cryuff (Ex Barcelona) – “Messi will be the player to win the most Ballons d’Or in history. He will win five, six,seven. He is incomparable. He’s in a different league.” Rio Ferdinand (Man Uni ...
well yes, that is true. Except for the the obvious - ie Alex Reid, Eamonn Holmes, Gary Linekar, Peter Andre.
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Where’s the goal hanging Gary Linekar type?
Is it just me that finds Gary Linekar stangely attractive?...
a Fruit Pastille ice lolly and whatever is in Gary Linekar's anorak.
Am I the only one who thinks "smug" every time Gary Linekar apprears on television.
I'm never buying walkers crisps again. The bag I just had was 95% air. I blame Gary Linekar
as strikers go your way up there with Berbs and Gary Linekar and Morgs your a lot of things but not a ***
Nigel Adkins looks a bit like Gary Linekar
Ah you're dead right. If only I put forward a sensible argument like you did to Gary Linekar.
ano, what is that all about!! Why can't Gary linekar do MOTD2 also .
Gary Linekar tries but he is just not as funny as me - Clattastrophe > Clangerberg
When even Gary Linekar says the ref shouldn't even watch Match Of The Day you know you got cheated out of it. Cheers Gary.
Where are your crisps? Where are your crisps? Gary Linekar, where are your crisps???
"A gargantuan, bulgarian, horse of a player." Good punditary Gary Linekar, good.
Am I the only person who gets annoyed when Gary Linekar calls Mark Lawrenson "Lawro"on MOTD?Maybe I am expecting too much?
Can't be the only one who caught Gary Linekar smelling his fingers!
Wish I had Sky+ so i could remind and pause , after Gary Linekar finished picking his nose. Lol.
Gary Linekar bare picking his nose on Tv
Awesome. I'll bring Pato Banton. Please dont invite Gary Linekar..Pato will kick off.
Gary Linekar you are a genius/legend but i've met cement more interesting than you man
According to Gary Linekar, Berbatov is a Bulgarian horse of a player
Good lineup on MOTD, I love Gary linekar me
Ayy Gary Linekar try send for Tulisa I'm done! Lool this guy sick (Y)
there's a whole initial shallow fry AND oven baking process. That's how Gary Linekar does it anyway.
Gary Linekar is a bit funny isn't he lol
Saw Gary Linekar in The Strand on Wednesday. He looks taller and thinner on TV. ;-)
Days like today I love my job Colin Murray,Dion Dublin & Gary linekar all in the same day.I love working at :-)
Since when have you two become the smaller versions of Gary Linekar and Alan Hanson?? Hm.
Arsenal's goal was offside. Gary linekar confirms it
the likes of Sue Barker and Gary Linekar are effectively fulltime BBC staff though I suppose
Gary linekar on my train, bumped into him on the station
Still buzzing about meeting Gary linekar the other day
“Discovering my five chest hairs have all gone grey was a bit depressing.” - Gary Linekar
I'm in oz where it's summer and 20C + everyday but my eyes as still peeled for that elusive male Gary Linekar
I didn't want to highlight your mistake! But if you get photographic evidence of a male GARY LINEKAR, you win the game and it ends
massive Gary LINEKAR show today, out in force!!! Xx
Had to open the aut doors for Gary Linekar at Starbucks again today.Proving that.Money don't buy sense and I drink too much Starbucks!
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