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Gary Larson

Gary Larson (born August 14, 1950) is the creator of The Far Side, a single-panel cartoon series that was syndicated internationally to newspapers for 15 years.

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(Miniaturized me kneels before giant spiders.) "But I'm the guy who puts bugs in a cup and brings them outside!" (Apologies to Gary Larson.)
My husband says I remind him, today, of Gary Larson's cartoon Boneless Chicken Ranch. I laughed ambivalently.
I love Larson! If you can read Spanish, here's the article I wrote last year:
Fake accounts, ghost accounts, bots and spammers. Gary Larson got there first:
Gary Larson? Mum to American hero, prior the revolution: "Enough of that give me potatoes or give me death nonsense!"
Funny Friday from the FAR SIDE!! MY FAVORITE Gary Larson Cartoon...lot of "F" words have yourselves a...
. -- when you are in NY for pls interview Amy Sedaris and (& WA... & Gary Larson)
How could I have forgotten, even briefly, the utter genius that is Gary Larson? I have the whole collection :))
Explaining Gary Larson cartoons to a 4 year old boy. More fun than you'd think.
what would have done if there were no Gary Larson?
"I think I'm maintaining the quality, but internally I'm paying for it.". Gary Larson.
Reminds me of this gem from Gary Larson ...
A Gary Larson Fan Art WIP in between fixing the reel... This one's fun! Love GroupLoops! Love
You. If the spider manages to catch you, HE’LL EAT LIKE A KING! (stole that from Gary Larson)
Check out far side gary larson mug first pants, then your shoes 1983 cup euc via
The Complete Far Side by Gary Larson Reply w/ to add this via The best laughs ever.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I always liked Gary Larson's version & wanted to re-enact it.
Gary Larson explores Motivational Design in this Farside cartoon…
What is that mountain goat doing way up here in the clouds? — Gary Larson, in a well-known 'Farside' cartoon.
Thank you Gary Larson. You are a genius. Reading your wonderful comic strips makes me kinda smart too...
yup, it and the several editions of Gary Larson and Calvin & Hobbes comics have their own area
Hi guys In the Simpsons episode where grandpa creates a sex tonic, is that a deliberate reference to Gary Larson on the back of bart's book?
Miss Gary Larson and his hilarious Far Side books.
5 of 5 stars to The Far Side Gallery 4 by Gary Larson
Happy Birthday to Gary Larson of The Far Side. And (Thanks to for posting the cartoon
There's an old Gary Larson cartoon with a gorilla pondering the nature of his love for bananas. That's me with sausages.
In Search of the Far Side by Gary Larson 1984 by JohnGermaine via
How come Gary Larson never drew a cow waitress that had some kind of "cow tipping" pun?! He covered every other kind of cow h…
Today's NEW Obscure Gentlemen comic is an homage to Gary Larson.
In honor of the great Gary Larson: submitted by kalkent [link] [comment]
"Father, I have sinned – I have drawn dinosaurs and hominids together in the same cartoon.", Gary Larson, Far Side http:/…
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Gary Larson.guaranteed to make you *** your knickers laughing.
Thagomizer: The spikes on the tail of stegosaurid dinosaur Coined by Gary (Far Side) Larson, used by paleontologists
Omg stealing Gary Larson's material!! You young people.
Gary Larson, the guy who did Far Side. He's great!
I don't believe in the concept of *** but if I did I would think of it as filled with people who were cruel to animals. …
a lot of rubbish, Larson, was the best fact. No wonder ur paper is losing readers with the rubbish u write
Gary Larson please come back we need you.
Are you, sir, related to cartoonist Gary Larson? He purportedly lives in Tacoma.
looks like a parody of a Gary Larson cartoon
This potato salad in my fridge is bad; it just tried to rob some condiments. So I threw it out for blatantly ripping off Gary Larson.
What I enjoy about is the Gary Larson cartoons.
SeattleInsider: Notable people who attended WSU: Paul Allen, Ed Murrow, Gary Larson, Patty Murray, more:
Check out Lot of 6 Comic Books Bloom County The Prehistory of The Far Sid Gary Larson via
Adult comic/ cartoon strips, Hound of the Far Side
It's 2:20am and it's just come to me that Toy Story references Gary Larson. Howdy, howdy, howdy!
Think I'm gonna get comfy and have a laugh or two by reading 'The Far Side" by Gary Larson. Have a yummy weekend my beautiful birds.♡
.Does Gary Larson get a cut of the profits?
The one in the centre looks like a Gary Larson chicken, I'm working on the rest.
What if Gary Larson created Spider-Man? by Rachel Ordway. Check out more of her work
Gary Larson was right. The cows ARE coming.
my favorite Gary Larson cartoon of all times...
James Kerr's satirical GIFs appear to have evolved from Gary Larson's The Far Side. Legendary!
Gary Larson is the hero that Gotham deserves
Incidentally, I blame Gary Larson for my curious fondness for sausage dogs. "Wiener Dog Art" was one of my favourite Far Side compilations.
FYI : The Far Side is a single-panel comic created by Gary Larson and syndicated by Universal Press Syndicate, which ran from 1980 to 1995
… a good dose of insecurity helps your work in some ways. Gary Larson
Reminds me of Gary Larson's take on *** s video store":
“Imagine two Viking oarsmen arguing over the window seat”
I saw a Gary Larson cartoon that was exactly the same, this must be its photographic rendition :-)
So much to learn from them. I have them all. Next should be "The Far Side" Gary Larson
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at least they aren't getting 'tutored' (from a Gary Larson Farside cartoon)
If you know where your business is you can plan where to go - if not you're lost with no map. . image c. Gary Larson
There needs to be a website called "That one Gary Larson comic I saw that one time" because Google is not being helpful right now.
Listening to Fats Domino and reminded of one of my favourite Gary Larson cartoons
Too bad Gary Larson retired. He'd have a field day with stuff going on.
Reminds me of this gem from Gary Larson:
If ya don't get Gary Larson, I really do feel sorry for you.
Check out The Bride of The Far Side by Gary Larson 1984 Cartoon Paperback via
Check out 2001 The Far Side Gallery Off the Wall Calendar by Gary Larson Humor Goofy Fun! via
The last 3 books I've read are by Tacitus, Plato and Machiavelli. Up next: Gary Larson. :l
Dear Infosec "community", Gary Larson retired long ago but he wrote a metaphorical comic for you:
Photo: A highly coveted piece of pop art in my home that would make Gary Larson proud.
I've waited a long time to tell Gary Bettman this.
My childhood heroes were Gary Larson and Bill Watterson
Gary Larson always finds a way to make me laugh out loud ->
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Wolf in tacky clothing, by the genius that is Gary Larson
someone noted recently that gary larson is way more reclusive than Bill Watterson in a lot of ways; I don't even know what he looks like
"My favourite cartoonist is Gary Larson. Greg Moodie's work features far too few cows for my liking, and almost no chickens."
"The Bluebird of Happiness long absent from his life, Ned is visited by the Chicken of Depression." - Gary Larson
Gary Larson's Far Side .. The reason I am like I am today ..
It's Here is a fun related Far Side comic by Gary Larson.
Happy Fathers day to all the dads out there and to the best dad Gary Larson Happy Fathers day DAD! Miss you.
Stole that from a Gary Larson comic. 9 year-old me was big into comedy plagiarism.
Today on the phone, my father lamented the "tragic" retirement of Gary Larson and his buffalo meat supplier. God bless that beautiful man.
Happy Father's Day to my own amazing dad, Gary Larson! I love you!
Happy Father's Day yo two of the most amazing dads I know, my dad Gary Larson and my husband Tony Oddo. You guys are both amazing. Thank you for all you do!
Bill Watterson sure is in the news a lot lately. That makes Gary Larson the new King of Recluses.
Where is Gary Larson when we need him??!!
“You always hear a headline like this, 'Man Killed By Shark', you never hear it from the other perspective, 'Man Swims in Shark Infested Waters, Forgets He's Shark Food'.” ― Gary Larson
like a Gary Larson cartoon. Expect cat will sit down to read the newspaper with a cuppa and a *** when you leave the room
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
The Far Side shaped my dark and odd sense of humor. Thanks for keeping me weird since childhood, Gary Larson.
Here comes the 20 weird facts 1. The longest time between two twins being born is 87 days . 2. The world's deepest postbox is in Susami Bay in Japan. It's 10 metres underwater. 3. In 2007, an American man named Corey Taylor tried to fake his own death in order to get out of his cell phone contract without paying a fee. It didn't work. 4. The oldest condoms ever found date back to the 1640s (they were found in a cesspit at Dudley Castle), and were made from animal and fish intestines. 5. In 1923, jockey Frank Hayes won a race at Belmont Park in New York despite being dead — he suffered a heart attack mid-race, but his body stayed in the saddle until his horse crossed the line for a 20–1 outsider victory . 6. Everyone has a unique tongue print , just like fingerprints. 7. Most Muppets are left-handed. (Because most Muppeteers are right-handed , so they operate the head with their favoured hand.) 8. Female kangaroos have three *** Ian Walton / Getty Images 9. It costs the U.S. Mint almost twice as m ...
Doxies have been the subjects of much art including work by Pierre Bonard, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, David Hockney and Gary Larson.
Badger theme continues w/Danny D's latest watercolor. "Holstein dice game", or some other Gary Larson like theme.
Now I know how my family feels since I'm practicing monogramming for Office Candy & everything around the house is being labeled as I experiment... It's perfect that it's Gary Larson too, he's my favorite!
Well, certainly Gary Larson. He really paved the way for single panel cartoonists of our era. But I also ...
I was hoping it would be called Gary Larson.
Is that where Gary Larson plots world domination?
One of my favorite comics from The Far Side by Gary Larson
When I was 6 years old I was kidnapped by headhunters and never seen again and wish Gary Larson still made comics because they suck now.
I know you really need it Gary and I'm always happy to be a friend you can count on. 😊
Special thanks to Sarah Larson for this wonderful article in the New Yorker!
If your work environment is a lot like a Gary Larson cartoon, or pharmacy technician.
Gary Larson's hole in one tournament.
Houdini in clearwater . Gary larson. I hear things
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(not my joke, though... credit the genius of Gary Larson:
Why not start the day with a & try an adult with that morning cup of or
Gary Larson showed me what the world looks like to birds.
I want to go to the cartoon library in the Watterson documentary and live there. I bet they have Gary Larson stuff in there.
If you go to Gary Larson's home town, there are talking animals. Bill Watterson's hometown? Talking people.
They probably just found that one Gary Larson cartoon.
I hope someone in this Dear Mr. Watterson documentary admits Gary Larson was better.
If Gary Larson did something like that I may just start crying.
Gary Larson truly had an eye to capture the human qualities in animals
We dont realize that Ill actually forgive Whilst gary Larson with regard to retiring in 45
The End is Nigh one is genius, could be a Gary Larson cartoon
I"m familiar with - just noting the replacement of Gary Larson in academic presentations.
Tune in to KUNR tonight at 9 pm for "Our Metropolis" elex discussion w/ me + & Gary Larson
This is when the world feels Gary Larson’s absence the most
Basically, Gary Larson nailed the present day conservative in 1985.
Sounds like your drawer and my filing cabinet folder of Gary Larson’s finest might just get along. Or be mortal enemies.
Gary do you really think we should keep Larson?
Seen Gary Larson at his dads house couple days ago.nice to see old friends
Tonight for the first time in about two years of daily efforts, my dog "Cool" snatched the dog biscuit balanced on his nose!!! Every time I tried this, I thought back to the following cartoon: "Easy. I'm gonna kill him..." Of course I tried it again, but he was unable to "repeat the feat". If you are a Larson fan, you must someday go to De Young Museum/Academy of Science in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park and see the "Gary Larson Hall" exhibit, "A Far Side Looks at Science" to see some of his best work. I saw it when it opened in ~1986 and was surprised to see they were his ORIGINAL 8X10 pen amd ink drawings!! Too cool as you could see the endless amounts of white out he used and the iterations it took him to create some of our most favorite cartoons! Sadly these originals have been replaced by copies for the ongoing exhibit (my kids were bummed as I had told them excitedly of this). See the following link: for this quote: My favorite bit of ingenuity in the Academy is Gary Larson Hall. Gary Lar ...
Gary Larson's The Far Side is probably the largest single influence on Maybe on my writing, thinking, worldview generally.
I'm leaving Umass but I'll be baaack
We used to have Gary Larson's The Far Side... now we just have a bunch of jpgs with text written by comedy hacks
Next to the Gary Larson artist's muse saying "Rent's due, Artboy" this is my favorite on the nature of art and art buyers.
An exciting event for Gary Larson Oval Enhancement Group - GLOEG! Hosted by the Miriam Vale Rodeo Association, GLOEG will be the main beneficiary for Bulls and Barrels on 14 June 2014. Volunteers from our three tenants - Miriam Vale Senior and Junior Rugby League Football Clubs and Miriam Vale Touch Association will be operating the gate, bar and canteen. A very special thank you to Miriam Vale Rodeo Association Inc and all our sponsors who have made this event possible - we could not have done it without you and your support is greatly appreciated. Star Roadhouse And Caravan Park, Miriam Vale being the event major sponsor and all our other sponsors - The Shop - Miriam Vale, Bororen Caltex, Chris Trevor & Associates, Rides n Slides, Miriam Vale Concrete, Miriam Vale Pharmacy, Morgans Financial Services, Miriam Vale Gift Shoppe & Post Office, Heavy Equipment Electrical and Maintenance, Greg Hansel, Gary & Michelle Dingle, Bob & Dell Bayliss.
this reminds me a bit of Gary Larson
I think you'll find science has differing opinions on the matter.
For some of us, drinking coffee while attired in white clothing is akin to opening a day care center next to a dingo farm. (Thanks and a tip of the hat to Gary Larson...)
Here's a funny Gary Larson cartoon with devils in it.
This is priceless. I can't read the cartoonist's signature, I it reminds me of the sadly retired Gary Larson, of Far Side fame. Thanks, Linda.
Bit like being trapped in a Gary Larson cartoon isn’t it?
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I used to read a lot of "the far side" comics, so i guess you could say my drawing style is influenced by gary larson. I mean, i see it
Doing the right math via Gary Larson's Far Side:
Gary Larson would like his joke back, thanks.
From this point on if you want to preserve the precious theatrical moment, bring a courtroom sketch artist. Even better, hire Gary Larson.
when you speak Case it reminds me of this Gary Larson cartoon
Surfboard of the Day :: Gary Larson shaped Fusion Pro, perfect for moms who RIP! 9'2" X 23' X 2 5/8"…
I wish Gary Larson had starred in Titanic.
Clearly, autocorrect, we want to livestock our event; why the blazes would we ever want to livestream it. Brava, Gary Larson would be proud.
Reminds me of this Gary Larson cartoon.
that sounds like something Gary Larson from the Far Side would say.
Most people don't realize but the other guy in my AVI is actually a famous person. Be jealous. Gary freaking Larson yall
An example from Gary Larson (the Far Side cartoonist) that your limitations become your greatest instructors:...
Happy National Cartoonists Day to the best thing since Gary Larson
sorry to hear that. It's so annoying when IT goes bad. I sense a Gary Larson cartoon, wonder if could oblige?
Fun pics to help you win more coaching clients.
I've always considered music stores to be the graveyards of musicians. - Gary Larson
I'm giving away: The Far Side Gallery 2 by Gary Larson. Check it out -
lol that's my favorite; look at the imbecile's expression, looks like a Gary Larson comic strip
That was the point I was convinced that art is cultural. The only reason Gary Larson is funny, is because you're American, and can dig him.
The U of I used to post Gary Larson's Far Side cartoons in a glass case at the entrance to the student union building.
Had fun with the labeller and a redundant switch on my plane. Inspiration from the great Gary Larson
B. Kliban, aka the guy Gary Larson ripped off to make his ill-gotten millions
Always near…We made Nerdkid for the cover of Gary Larson's book!
One of the many things I love about my local gym is that they post The Far Side panels in the restroom so you can get a few chuckles while washing your hands. Had a shock today while giggling about today's post and a sweet young teen came in and declared "I don't get it". What? You don't get one of these? "No, I never get any of them". Ok, surely this is the downfall of society if our youth does not "get" Gary Larson's Far Side, right? Am I so Far out there that I am already gone? Oh dear.
Nice! Sounds like a perfect Gary Larson cartoon…
Funeral services for Gary Larson are Saturday in Sauk Rapids: Gary L. Larson, age 66 of Milaca, passed away Su...
Huge fan of late night TV. It's up there with the way my dad, Mel Brooks , the Zucker brothers, Gary Larson, Matt Groeining and Carl Reiner shaped what I find funny. I remember the first time my parents let me stay awake to watch Johnny Carson, Joan rivers was the guest. The time my mom let me stay way awake to watch my comedic hero David Letterman, the guest was Bill Murray. Seth Myers, you need to step it the f word up.
There's a "Far Side" cartoon that how a momma chicken making soup for her kids. She says: "Stop worrying, chicken soup is good for the flu and besides, it's nobody we know." Anthromporphic humor, thy name is Gary Larson
I've always liked the cartoonist Gary Larson's polar bear joke where one is holding up an igloo another P. Bear standing
Sometimes I remember "Gary Larson and his Far Side" bit from his fan letter to Claire Danes and I die from laughter
Goodmorning Seattle Photograph by Gary Larson - Goodmorning Seattle Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale
Come and escape the rain here at Sonz tonight. We have Live Jazz music with Gary Larson and a nice glass of wine to soothe those rain cloud blues.
Is it me, or does this look like it was decorated by Gary Larson?
'A hypothesis formulated 30 years ago by the eminent paleontologist Gary Larson'
bc Wayne Rooney. Bet you wish it was Gary Hooper or Henrick Larson.
Gary Larson did that rare thing for a cartoonist - stopped *before* he ran out of ideas.
I know its a little long but even if you just skim it there are some really cool facts in here about Washington State :) 35 Stats about Washington 1. 70 percent of the nation’s hops used to brew beer are produced in Washington State. To overcome beer breath, the majority of the nation’s mint is also grown in the state. 2. Starbucks, the biggest coffee chain in the world, was founded in Seattle. The state is the Coffee Capital of America, with more coffee bean roasters per capita than any other state. 3. EPA and American Lung Association say the cleanest air in the nation is found in a Washington community of Bellingham. The air is washed daily. 4. Everett is the site of the world's largest building, Boeing's final assembly plant. 5. Father’s Day was founded in Spokane in 1910. 6. Governor Albert D. Rosellini Bridge at Evergreen Point is the longest floating bridge in the world. It connects Seattle and Medina across Lake Washington. 7. Grand Coulee Dam, the largest concrete structure in North Americ ...
I was sleepily glancing around my room, and I realized that I had no idea what was inside of the large cardboard box under my coffee table. Further investigation uncovered a large box of old books and knick-knacks! Ancient surgical tomes and books on frog anatomy, in addition to some Martian Chronicles and Gary Larson comics.
There's a Hair in My Dirt!: A Worm's Story by Gary Larson, Edward Osborne Wilson (Foreword by)
"By the time they had diminished from 50 to 8, the other dwarves began to suspect 'Hungry' ..." -- Gary Larson, "The Far Side"
Gary Larson - I miss your beatings. My arms are starting to look like green beans! Optimistic I can lift with you on Friday for our weekly pain session!
Certainly there are some Gary Larson fans among us bug-lovers. "The message is not so much that the worms will...
What celebrity death will make you cry? // There's a good representation here, but, I'm gonna go with Gary Larson.
Radulov looks exactly like what Gary Larson would draw if he were drawing his idea of a stereotypical Russian
Tragedy is when i cut my finger. Comedy is when you walk into an open sewer & die . - Mel Brooks ko na yung malaking book ng Farside by: Gary Larsons :)
I wish Gary Larson would come back and lay waste to the internet.
If you don't know who Gary Larson is and how he defined comedy, I don't know about you.
I said I'd do more by the way I don't make these Gary Larson does
In the 1970s the various American phone companies requested that TV and film producers use the 555 prefix for fictional numbers to prevent genuine numbers from being accidentally used. This backfired slightly in the 1980s when a Gary Larson cartoon, depicting Satan's number as 555-1332, was reprinted in Australia where 555 is a genuine areacode. The owner of the number became the subject of harrassment and he later sued Gary Larson and his syndicate.
Since tonight is Valentine's AND the Full Wolf Moon, stay & see what you're possibly in for: (Gary Larson's Far Side)
Tonight is a Valentine's Full Moon, usually known as the Wolf Moon. Via Gary Larson's Far Side:
How to judge a man via Gary Larson's Far Side:
How to get a man via Gary Larson's Far Side:
a clip from tales from the far side, 1994 by gary larson. brodcast by the bbc. Song = "I'll Be Seeing You" music by Samm...
"No beein bosee"... "No hittn sumbudi." It's like Gary Larson dogs attacked downstairs with post-its. Am feeling the love
Today I am reminded of this Gary Larson cartoon from 'The Far Side'
My favorite comic from Gary Larson. "Frog pioneers"
Gary Larson, creator of 'The Far Side', doesn't want you posting his comics on the internet.
I thank my uncle Mickey Gates for introducing me to the world of Gary Larson so many years ago. I still love reading his work.
"My favorite comic from Gary Larson. "Frog pioneers"" –
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My favorite comic from Gary Larson. "Frog pioneers": .
l LOVE Gary Larson - haven't see any of his stuff in ages so thank you for refreshing my memory
Joy to the world via Gary Larson's Far Side:
The purpose of the universe via Gary Larson's Far Side:
Damned if you, Damned if you don't via Gary Larson's Far Side;
In the middle of Nowhere via Gary Larson's Far Side:
Some of the best Gary Larson Far Side cartoons and the story of his creative genius.
"You’re writing a cartoon caption for a cartoon that doesn’t exist…. It’s the old Gary Larson trick,"
ANATIDAEPHOBIA - The fear that somehow, somewhere, a duck is watching you. – GARY LARSON
I think it's maybe a bit more Gary Larson influenced, hard not to be drawn to a cartoonish nature with ducks eg: Daffy/Donald
correct/wrong. it was Gary Larson when he did his far side comics
So an old Gary Larson 'Toon' just slammed into me head! Its a framed drawing of a swarm of bees, and in the center of it is one bee with his hands over his ears shouting, " I can't stand it! This incessant buzzing sound!"
I actually laughed out loud. Reminds me of Gary Larson.
Gary Larson draws a comic in the style of Dave Berg about Pink Floyd's best selling album. The Far Side's The Lighter Side of The Dark Side of the Moon.
Gary Larson called this years ago in a FarSide strip.. "Pay attention you fools, I'm only going to do this once!"
Some of the best of Al Reinnikka's photo from the action at Gary Larson Oval in Miriam Vale on Saturday. See all the photos uploaded to the Photos section.
Big Thanks to Miriam Vale RLFC especially President Beau Hancock and the legend Owen Harms. Thanks for all the hard work everyone put into the Central Queensland Capras v SC Falcons game on Saturday night. The fact that nearly 1000 people turned up to Gary Larson Oval in the inclement weather is a real credit to the people of Miriam Vale and the footy club. Hopefully we can have a rematch in 2015 at Gary Larson Oval!
I would like to take a moment to formally thank Gary Larson and The Onion for helping to shape me into the person I am today.
Was great to see and catch up with the legend Gary Larson down at the oval named after him in Miriam Vale last night to cheer on the Central Queensland Capras boys. Still looking fit enough to pull on the boots. 24 straight State of Origins, 9 Test matches for Australia and 250 NRL games. Love the fact Gary is getting along to our Capras Gladstone Squad training sessions on Wednesday nights at Marley Browne Oval to help out and pass on his expertise. Humility personified. Absolute Champion!
We lost a good man this week RIP GARY LARSON you will be greatly missed!
The sunny coast. They run it on the fifth tackle and it pays off with a try in the corner. That's game over. Kick is successful and the sea eagles defeat the Capras by 38-28 at Gary Larson oval in Miriam vale. Good hit out boys in the conditions
It's a thriller at Gary Larson oval!! Try to Rockhampton Leagues Club Capras five eighth Reece baker. Dives over from close range an is having a really good game. Rogers converts and Capras lead 28-26 with seven minutes to go
Converted try to the Sea eagles and seven minutes into second half at Gary Larson Oval the Rockhampton Leagues Club Capras lead 16-14. Gonna be a close one
Tough conditions here at Gary Larson Oval. It's getting a bit scrappy in the wet conditions. Rockhampton Leagues Club Capras still trail by 2 points
Always nice to see familiar faces at Buzz's! :) Gary Larson Music
"I'd like to introduce you to my friends Gary Larson and Scott Adams. They're here to take some of the pain away."
Just back from a happy visit w/ my dad at rehab. Mom and my two great sisters were there, too. Dad has dubbed physical therapy "The Dark Side" (he's a Gary Larson fan). Thanks again for your many kind thoughts and prayers for my father. Appreciated more than you know!
Gary Larson had a theory that cartoonists can only draw Rocky the Flying Squirrel successfully once.
Bjarne Byberg immigrated to Valley City, from Stavanger, Norway in 1929. In 1937, he married Dorothy Rood, daughter of Dan O. Rood. Bjarne Byberg worked at the Dr. Van Houten Dairy farm when he first came from Norway. Later, Bjarne and Dorothy worked together for a number of years at The Lutheran Home of Valley City. Bjarne worked as a carpenter for DeVries Construction, for Scherr and Edlund and at the time of his death was employed by Edlund Construction Company of Valley City. Bjarne Byberg and his father-in-law, Dan O. Rood, both died in 1972. Bjarne leaves two sisters, three brothers and his mother, in Stavanger, Norway. Three children were born to the Bjarne Bybergs. Mario, a teacher, of New Rockford, North Dakota. He is married to the former Bonita Johnson, of Norwood, North Dakota. They have three children, Tamara, Trisha and Trent. Barbara also a teacher, is married to Gary Larson, formerly of Valley City. They live at Moorhead, Minnesota and have three children - Michael, Kevin, and Christine. M ...
Gary Larson's thoughts on sharing his work online: The unfortunate result? The Far Side has vanished.
Great SinC Speaker's Bureau panel in Tewksbury, MA today with Gary Braver, Ellen Larson, Dale T. Phillips:
it's good, but essentially a version of (I think) a Gary Larson - not saying which came first or that one saw the other.
matt are you writing for the Brevity comic strip guys now? this is p bad. like sarcastically bad Gary Larson bad
My dad just gave me his old copy of "The Far Side" by Gary Larson I'm so :)
Enjoying videos of my faves- Gary Larson, carol Burnett, David sedaris, Chris rock
Well i know a few people who would do this Holly Larson Terry monquie Monique Williams Gary Petifurd Desirae...
I suspect my critics have tried to undermine my appeal on behalf of Alaskan Inuit society by pointing to a cartoon by Gary Larson.
Bill Watterson and Gary Larson are recluses together, just always drawing jam comics in a bunker somewhere.
me and closed down grizzly Gary's last night!! You and Larson need to come soon
Remindes me of the Gary Larson style
Have you ever seen the Prehistory of the Far Side book? These post it notes are sort of like Gary Larson’s notepad chapter in it
Happy Thanksgiving! Thankful for so much, and also this Far Side cartoon by Gary Larson.
As you can see, Gary Larson's Far Side explains A LOT of what has happened to my mind. I love him.
Dogs and alcohol, the tragic untold story via Gary Larson's Far Side:
Gary Larson's Far Side simply cannot be beaten!
Before there was Duck Dynasty there was Gary Larson.
reminds me of a Gary Larson cartoon: 'Every dog has his day. And this is yours, Rex'.
Things that always make me smile: Gary Larson comics!!
The Chief of the Manhattan Indians addresses his tribe for the last time via Gary Larson's Far Side:
Horses are introduced to America via Gary Larson's Far Side:
Gary Larson (writer of The Far Side, incase you didn't know) is one of my favorites. Love his drawings and humor.
and a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, compliments of Gary Larson
TIL - Paleontologists use a word coined by Gary Larson (of The Far Side comics) as an anatomical descriptio... at
I bet the very idea of *** pics makes Gary Larson reconsider retirement.
I would love to sit down and have a meal with Gary Larson, Steve Martin and Garry Shandling. I have a feeling they would hate it.
Meanwhile, in the alternate universe where Gary Larson went into horror:
As I go to sleep tonight my farts will be narrated by Gary Larson in balloon form.
Still...he does look a bit like how Gary Larson always drew God.
I’m not sure I could imagine a better introduction to Gary Larson’s work:
Where's Gary Larson when you need him?!
There is a fantastic Gary Larson 'The Chickens Are Restless' where the chickens protest the farmer with pitchforks & burning stakes :-)
I reckon the NRL integrity unit does more work in defence than Gary Larson used to !
Jan Mulder The comedians I liked were Bill Cosby and Steven Wright, like just always as a comedic actor. I always liked Gary Larson, who's really funny for a cartoonist, obviously.
RIP Gary Larson. See you on the other side
Billy, next time, I'm bringing the pliers H/T Gary Larson.
Gary Larson, Father of Mutual Preference Judging, Calls into Question its Impact on USA Policy Debate -
You can thank Gary Larson for this one.
Happy to realize my kids already like Gary Larson Far Side cartoon jokes.
Sounds like something out of a Far Side cartoon.
blah blah blah blan blah Where's Gary Larson when you need him most.
Who misses the genius of Gary Larson's The Far Side?
Ga'dat sounds like some kinna Gary Larson-type *** in Farside*
The day you waste 45 minutes looking for Gary Larson's 'Horse Parliament' cartoon online is the day you can call yourself a writer, my boy.
In today's corporate culture Gary Larson would have been outsourced to make Farsi-side.
In the mood for a little Gary Larson before bed.
.What if a cow is rude to me at Starbucks? Or if a cow is trolling about Doctor Who?...Related Question: Why am I Gary Larson?
I googled snagging and got stuck with the a Gary Larson cartoon image of feline surveyors and the mincing Cat from Red Dwarf.
October 3: OTD in 1994 Gary Larson announces he is retiring "Far Side" strip. Larson majored in communications & played jazz
1994 Gary Larson, announces he is retiring from doing cartoon Miss this cartoon!
"Roses are red, violets are blue, that's what they tell me, because I'm blind". Happy everyone! (and thanks Gary Larson)
Sometimes I think it would be cool if Gary Larson drew me.
I like to imagine Rick Ross is a Gary Larson fan when he says, "I can take you to the far side" on "Poor Decisions".
The Far Side has always been my favorite single frame comic of all time I wish Gary Larson was still at it
WSU safety Deone Bucannon needs four tackles to pass Gary Larson (1971-74) for No. 8 in total tackles all-time at WSU with 318.
I think if Matthew Inman and Gary Larson teamed up my head would explode.
...And then we saw Gary Larson during lunch break - THE Cartoonist and Creator of Thr Far Side comics. Wow.
The genius of Gary Larson. you just can't help but smile!
I suspect my tendency to use cows as background extras in comics every so often can be traced back to how I love Gary Larson’s work.
Gary Larson, where art thou? MT Prediction: Jay Leno does spoof video of the things panda does once not under video surveillance.
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