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Gary Larson

Gary Larson (born August 14, 1950) is the creator of The Far Side, a single-panel cartoon series that was syndicated internationally to newspapers for 15 years.

Bill Watterson Happy Father

Gov. Gary Herbert will be at UVU Friday at 11 am in CB 101A for a 1-hour Q/A with students.
Gary Larson is my favorite of all time.
ripping on Gary Larson in too many ways. Should give him credit.
My little sister and I used to read lots of Gary Larson which explains why we are so hilarious.
when was the last time you enjoyed a Gary Larson cartoon? :)
So does Gary Larson just not draw anymore? What's that like.
.also, I checked out your cartoons and enjoyed them. Are you a fan of Gary Larson?
This Gary Larson cartoon sums up what I feel, at times:
Deepest sympathy to the Larson family and Dolores on the passing of her son, Gary. Our hearts are with you and...
…the cows stared wide eyed back at him. Somewhere, off in the distance, a dog barked. - Gary Larson
Chickens...and some of their stories... Gary Larson
The Other Side...Why do you need a reason? ... Gary Larson
Like Gary Larson once said, people wrote him to complain that dinosaurs & humans appeared in the same comic. Not that the …
Gary Larson memories makes me feel old.
Instead of giving a politician the keys to the city, it might be better to change the locks. ~Doug Larson~
I'm giving away something for you on The Farside Gallery 4 Gary larson. Get it here -
Today, the late Tupac Shakur would have been exactly as old as Gary Larson was the day he retired from drawing The Far Side: 16,211 days
my love for Gary Larson cartoons knows no bounds
📷 redditfront: Why I love Gary Larson. - via
"OMG!", I think. "That Gary Larson cartoon with the cocktail party cows is true!". Sneaky *** geese!
Resuming Ontario's Spring Bear Hunt is simply just dumb-headed. Gary Larson communicates that best!
You should always leave the party 10 minutes before you actually do. ~ Gary Larson
Why I love Gary Larson.: submitted by ddavid45 [link] [16 comments]
The Prehistory of the Far Side: A 10th Anniversary Exhibit by Gary Larson
Just watched that was some excellent Gary Larson inspiration ^^
Some Gary Larson to get you through the end of the day (
It's like some sort of Gary Larson cartoon.
. I'm almost certain this was taken outside my high school. (Gary Larson, The Far Side) -
Proof that Gary Larson is the creator...
. Absolutely. To borrow from Gary Larson's one frog to another, "Crimony, you (pitch) like you've been pithed!"
In it, Gary Larson says how he once sketched an idea for a cartoon with Rocky the flying squirrel…
domain names
Anatidaephobia is the fictional fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you. (From Gary Larson’s The Far Side)
Look what I just found in the archives! Via 'Far Side' Cartoonist Gary Larson
Mid week giggle, one of Tammy's favourites by Gary Larson . . .
Congratulations on your 2013 Chevy Silverado Gary Larson. We appreciate your business here at Miami Chevy*Buick*GMC.
I had to reshare this because it's my favorite Gary Larson cartoon of all time.
Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle. – Christian D. Larson
Is that a giant cigarette? Gary Larson was right after all about what killed off the dinosaurs.
Excuse me, MICHAEL Larson. Gary Larson is the guy from The Far Side, and current Orcas Island resident. (
Press Your Luck is a cornerstone of my game show watching childhood, and the Gary Larson story is incredible & sad.
I miss The Far Side. Created by Gary Larson, the comic strip ran from January 1, 1980 to January 1, 1995
Yeah yeah, I know is getting on a little, but I do love a bit of Gary larson 😁
Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you'd have preferred to talk ~ Doug Larson
The Far Side (comic): What is the best Gary Larson The Far Side cartoon? - Quora
Pearls Before Swine cartoonist is begging Tacoma audience to meet Cartoonist Gary Larson
Awesome at CMS Library! There's a hair in my dirt by Larson, Gary.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
.UPDATE releases name of baby who died in SUV Friday, Trenton Cason-Collins. Boy left in SUV by tea…
looks like Busta + Gary Larson on a bad trip together
Missing Gary Larson today of all days.
Gary Larson: People, after a few vinos and great conversation, JohnM reminded me of my love of Gary Larson. . ...
TIL that in the 80's Gary Larson of The Farside drew into a panel a phone number to prank call Satan. Only it was …
Now that is involved, America is truly Dancing with the Stars.
Gary Larson this unfortunately was not mass murder but the result of terrorized citizens fleeing their homes...
there's very funny Gary Larson cartoon about this,with a patient (top of angry head visible) surrounded by laughing,pointing doctors
keep speaking bro. As what I recall Gary Larson saying as a kid, "don't let the turkeys keep you down" :)
Gary Larson info may not be on topic but is always welcome. :)
Dan Piraro fills the void left from Gary Larson's retirement
I wish I'd figured out a way to track down Gary Larson to interview for my book, but it weirdly didn't even occur to me.
As you can see I'm a fan of Gary Larson !
"I don't believe in the concept of *** but if I did I would think of it as filled with people who were cruel to animals." ~ Gary Larson
Gary Larson's Far side comic strip was being published before going on to bigger things xx
ur Gary Larson . I always knew there was something special and secretive about you
Gary Larson, please come out of retirement, update Far Side cartoon to show vaping killed dinosaurs.
And my Far side collection is now complete. Thank you Gary Larson for this.
Where's Gary Larson w/crosswalk scene when we need him Claim: Arctic researchers assassinated!
his tackling achievements are nearly up with Gary Larson !
Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Gary Larson, the comic strip king of not spelling everything out.
If you're being Censored you're on the right track...or totally disgusting...this time the former! Gary Larson smiles on yee!
I feel bad for the younger folks who don't know who Gary Larson/ The Far Side Are
Black Friday shopping...Gary Larson is one of the greatest minds ever...every work of his from 1980 to 1994
Gary Larson went on a year-long sabbatical from "The Far Side" in 1989. These were the last two cartoons he publi...
my faves: Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh, Seriously I'm Kidding by Ellen DeGeneres, The Far Side Gallery by Gary Larson
grew up on Gary Larson. Had all the Far Side books as a kid. Explains a few things.
Gary Larson cartoons never fail to make me laugh
“Voters should not exercise their "spirit of adventure" in 2015. Apologies to Gary Larson.
The Far Side makes me so happy. Thank you, Gary Larson.
Website Builder 728x90
So, Gary Larson was wrong (see Dogs seem to understand us after all.
WEIRDPODGE: Gary Larson says that when this comic first hit papers, "weird" was the word people most often used to describe it
"If you guys pull me for secret Santa pls get me a lot of weed for my birthday" - from Gary
with the all-black dachshund sail? I love The Far Side. Glad Gary Larson was clairvoyant
Like Gary Larson's Boneless Chicken Ranch, only with limp licorice.
"Robin Hood spent several years robbing from the rich and giving to the porcupines" Gary Larson still totally slays me
Are you going to the 2015 conference in NOLA? Vote for our own Gary Larson's sessions!
Great moments in science: Einstein discovers that time is actually money. -Gary Larson. ,0
Wonder how Harbaugh feels being eyed by the Jets and the Raiders. Bet Gary Larson could draw a Far Side for that.
to me he is way superior and a source for Gary Larson...
If anyone can consistently make me laugh, its Gary Larson, through his Far Sid...
Far Side's slow fade from culture is Gary Larson's fault for toeing the Syndicate line about online-sharing-as-theft.
What do John Quincy Adams, Stephen Colbert, Mark Harmon and Gary Larson have in common? They were all communication majors
Everyone has off days, whether you're a thoughtleader, cartoonist, neurosurgeon, or air traffic controller! -Gary Larson
Happy Halloween to all via Gary Larson's Far Side & Friday shoutout
Did you know that Gary Patterson & Kyle Larson are the only 2 drivers who have won both the Turkey Night Grand...
Gary Larson's Tales From The Far Side - via I love this!
The first and only time it was ever shown was 20 years ago. Many people don't know that it exists. Gary Larson...
* * * * * 2 More! " THE FAR SIDE " by Gary Larson * * * * * It can't get any Better than This!!! Back by Popular Demand!! I'm not just offering one, but an additional TWO, THE FAR SIDE books, THE FAR SIDE Gallery 2, and THE FAR SIDE Gallery 5. Both Gently used books are loaded Full of . and . for your Enjoyment. Bidding starts at $2.00 ends Thursday, the 16th of October at 7:11 pm
Check out 1986 The Far Side Gallery 2 by Gary Larson - foreword by Stephen King comic book via
Gary Larson tried to warn us, but we didn't listen. We didn't listen.
Hey...there's always "the far side" until then peanut ... Gary of my personal favorites an intriguing alternative
I don’t believe in aliens having visited Earth, but if they do I want them to be Gary Larson aliens:
Him and Gary Larson - All the philosophy you'll ever need.
To everyone I know who has some kind of flu. Get well soon!. (Credit: Far Side, Gary Larson)
I always liked Gary Larson whos really funny for a cartoonist obviously. a
The Bluebird of Happiness long absent from his life, Ned is visited by the Chicken of Depression. -Gary Larson
Gary Foster, Melanie Larson, and share some wisdom.
I just learned that Gary Larson lives in the neighborhood where I work, comes in fairly regularly, and left an original drawing here once.
This is a Gary Larson cartoon waiting to happen:
So did Bill the Cat and the Gary Larson cows, by the way
.I feel like Gary Larson would have drawn this, with the caption "trouble brewing".
the humor of Gary Larson never gets old
What do we need to do to get Gary Larson out of retirement?
reveals Gary Larson is one of his biggest influences
Reminds me of Gary Larson Far Side classic: "Suffering from low self esteem, Bob took a job as a speed bump."
The device itself still works -well known voice mashed up with weird book. I'll do Schwarzenegger reading Gary Larson from now on..
I'm pretty sure Gary Larson answered that question.
Gary Larson on the use of his comics online (tldr DONT)
Gary Larson could easily exert more control by having any sort of presence on the Internet at all.
Gary Larson would have a field day with this ;)
Maybe it had read some Gary Larson cartoons.
“If I pull this off, I'll eat like a KING!” h/t Gary Larson
Today, Tina Fey is exactly as old as Far Side cartoonist Gary Larson was the day he retired: 16,211 days.
Wonderful tribute to cartoonist Gary Larson by
Words cannot express my love for Gary Larson (though I gave it a try last year:
Rutgers' air display keeps Michigan in rut - Gary Nova threw for a career-best 404 yards and three touchdowns and ...
Why Jeremy Renner (took on the role of Gary Webb in WATCH:
Gary Larson tightly controls his Far Side comics. I grew up with those and have ideas I can communicate with them. What about my rights?
F-1 on TV, on computer, Indycar in the house playing the violin like the dog in a Gary Larson Cartoon
.thinking of putting a custom elxn sign on our lawn: Beware Of Doug. (Courtesy of Gary Larson)
By the time they had diminished from 50 to 8, the other dwarves began. to suspect "Hungry" ... -- Gary Larson, "The Far Side"
Gary Larson's Far Side comic was a work of genius. I loved his Far Side...
How do we square. with Gary Larson's wishes?. (letter from 2008).
(Miniaturized me kneels before giant spiders.) "But I'm the guy who puts bugs in a cup and brings them outside!" (Apologies to Gary Larson.)
My husband says I remind him, today, of Gary Larson's cartoon Boneless Chicken Ranch. I laughed ambivalently.
I love Larson! If you can read Spanish, here's the article I wrote last year:
Fake accounts, ghost accounts, bots and spammers. Gary Larson got there first:
Gary Larson? Mum to American hero, prior the revolution: "Enough of that give me potatoes or give me death nonsense!"
Funny Friday from the FAR SIDE!! MY FAVORITE Gary Larson Cartoon...lot of "F" words have yourselves a...
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
. -- when you are in NY for pls interview Amy Sedaris and (& WA... & Gary Larson)
How could I have forgotten, even briefly, the utter genius that is Gary Larson? I have the whole collection :))
Explaining Gary Larson cartoons to a 4 year old boy. More fun than you'd think.
what would have done if there were no Gary Larson?
"I think I'm maintaining the quality, but internally I'm paying for it.". Gary Larson.
Reminds me of this gem from Gary Larson ...
A Gary Larson Fan Art WIP in between fixing the reel... This one's fun! Love GroupLoops! Love
You. If the spider manages to catch you, HE’LL EAT LIKE A KING! (stole that from Gary Larson)
Check out far side gary larson mug first pants, then your shoes 1983 cup euc via
The Complete Far Side by Gary Larson Reply w/ to add this via The best laughs ever.
I always liked Gary Larson's version & wanted to re-enact it.
Gary Larson explores Motivational Design in this Farside cartoon…
What is that mountain goat doing way up here in the clouds? — Gary Larson, in a well-known 'Farside' cartoon.
Thank you Gary Larson. You are a genius. Reading your wonderful comic strips makes me kinda smart too...
yup, it and the several editions of Gary Larson and Calvin & Hobbes comics have their own area
Hi guys In the Simpsons episode where grandpa creates a sex tonic, is that a deliberate reference to Gary Larson on the back of bart's book?
Miss Gary Larson and his hilarious Far Side books.
5 of 5 stars to The Far Side Gallery 4 by Gary Larson
Happy Birthday to Gary Larson of The Far Side. And (Thanks to for posting the cartoon
There's an old Gary Larson cartoon with a gorilla pondering the nature of his love for bananas. That's me with sausages.
In Search of the Far Side by Gary Larson 1984 by JohnGermaine via
How come Gary Larson never drew a cow waitress that had some kind of "cow tipping" pun?! He covered every other kind of cow h…
Today's NEW Obscure Gentlemen comic is an homage to Gary Larson.
In honor of the great Gary Larson: submitted by kalkent [link] [comment]
"Father, I have sinned – I have drawn dinosaurs and hominids together in the same cartoon.", Gary Larson, Far Side http:/…
Gary Larson.guaranteed to make you *** your knickers laughing.
Thagomizer: The spikes on the tail of stegosaurid dinosaur Coined by Gary (Far Side) Larson, used by paleontologists
Omg stealing Gary Larson's material!! You young people.
Gary Larson, the guy who did Far Side. He's great!
a lot of rubbish, Larson, was the best fact. No wonder ur paper is losing readers with the rubbish u write
Gary Larson please come back we need you.
Are you, sir, related to cartoonist Gary Larson? He purportedly lives in Tacoma.
looks like a parody of a Gary Larson cartoon
This potato salad in my fridge is bad; it just tried to rob some condiments. So I threw it out for blatantly ripping off Gary Larson.
What I enjoy about is the Gary Larson cartoons.
SeattleInsider: Notable people who attended WSU: Paul Allen, Ed Murrow, Gary Larson, Patty Murray, more:
Check out Lot of 6 Comic Books Bloom County The Prehistory of The Far Sid Gary Larson via
Adult comic/ cartoon strips, Hound of the Far Side
It's 2:20am and it's just come to me that Toy Story references Gary Larson. Howdy, howdy, howdy!
Think I'm gonna get comfy and have a laugh or two by reading 'The Far Side" by Gary Larson. Have a yummy weekend my beautiful birds.♡
.Does Gary Larson get a cut of the profits?
The one in the centre looks like a Gary Larson chicken, I'm working on the rest.
What if Gary Larson created Spider-Man? by Rachel Ordway. Check out more of her work
Gary Larson was right. The cows ARE coming.
my favorite Gary Larson cartoon of all times...
James Kerr's satirical GIFs appear to have evolved from Gary Larson's The Far Side. Legendary!
Gary Larson is the hero that Gotham deserves
Incidentally, I blame Gary Larson for my curious fondness for sausage dogs. "Wiener Dog Art" was one of my favourite Far Side compilations.
FYI : The Far Side is a single-panel comic created by Gary Larson and syndicated by Universal Press Syndicate, which ran from 1980 to 1995
… a good dose of insecurity helps your work in some ways. Gary Larson
Reminds me of Gary Larson's take on *** s video store":
“Imagine two Viking oarsmen arguing over the window seat”
I saw a Gary Larson cartoon that was exactly the same, this must be its photographic rendition :-)
So much to learn from them. I have them all. Next should be "The Far Side" Gary Larson
at least they aren't getting 'tutored' (from a Gary Larson Farside cartoon)
If you know where your business is you can plan where to go - if not you're lost with no map. . image c. Gary Larson
There needs to be a website called "That one Gary Larson comic I saw that one time" because Google is not being helpful right now.
Listening to Fats Domino and reminded of one of my favourite Gary Larson cartoons
Too bad Gary Larson retired. He'd have a field day with stuff going on.
Reminds me of this gem from Gary Larson:
If ya don't get Gary Larson, I really do feel sorry for you.
Check out The Bride of The Far Side by Gary Larson 1984 Cartoon Paperback via
Check out 2001 The Far Side Gallery Off the Wall Calendar by Gary Larson Humor Goofy Fun! via
The last 3 books I've read are by Tacitus, Plato and Machiavelli. Up next: Gary Larson. :l
Dear Infosec "community", Gary Larson retired long ago but he wrote a metaphorical comic for you:
Photo: A highly coveted piece of pop art in my home that would make Gary Larson proud.
I've waited a long time to tell Gary Bettman this.
My childhood heroes were Gary Larson and Bill Watterson
Gary Larson always finds a way to make me laugh out loud ->
Wolf in tacky clothing, by the genius that is Gary Larson
someone noted recently that gary larson is way more reclusive than Bill Watterson in a lot of ways; I don't even know what he looks like
"My favourite cartoonist is Gary Larson. Greg Moodie's work features far too few cows for my liking, and almost no chickens."
Gary Larson's Far Side .. The reason I am like I am today ..
It's Here is a fun related Far Side comic by Gary Larson.
Happy Fathers day to all the dads out there and to the best dad Gary Larson Happy Fathers day DAD! Miss you.
Stole that from a Gary Larson comic. 9 year-old me was big into comedy plagiarism.
Today on the phone, my father lamented the "tragic" retirement of Gary Larson and his buffalo meat supplier. God bless that beautiful man.
Happy Father's Day to my own amazing dad, Gary Larson! I love you!
Happy Father's Day yo two of the most amazing dads I know, my dad Gary Larson and my husband Tony Oddo. You guys are both amazing. Thank you for all you do!
Bill Watterson sure is in the news a lot lately. That makes Gary Larson the new King of Recluses.
Where is Gary Larson when we need him??!!
“You always hear a headline like this, 'Man Killed By Shark', you never hear it from the other perspective, 'Man Swims in Shark Infested Waters, Forgets He's Shark Food'.” ― Gary Larson
like a Gary Larson cartoon. Expect cat will sit down to read the newspaper with a cuppa and a *** when you leave the room
The Far Side shaped my dark and odd sense of humor. Thanks for keeping me weird since childhood, Gary Larson.
Here comes the 20 weird facts 1. The longest time between two twins being born is 87 days . 2. The world's deepest postbox is in Susami Bay in Japan. It's 10 metres underwater. 3. In 2007, an American man named Corey Taylor tried to fake his own death in order to get out of his cell phone contract without paying a fee. It didn't work. 4. The oldest condoms ever found date back to the 1640s (they were found in a cesspit at Dudley Castle), and were made from animal and fish intestines. 5. In 1923, jockey Frank Hayes won a race at Belmont Park in New York despite being dead — he suffered a heart attack mid-race, but his body stayed in the saddle until his horse crossed the line for a 20–1 outsider victory . 6. Everyone has a unique tongue print , just like fingerprints. 7. Most Muppets are left-handed. (Because most Muppeteers are right-handed , so they operate the head with their favoured hand.) 8. Female kangaroos have three *** Ian Walton / Getty Images 9. It costs the U.S. Mint almost twice as m ...
Doxies have been the subjects of much art including work by Pierre Bonard, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, David Hockney and Gary Larson.
Badger theme continues w/Danny D's latest watercolor. "Holstein dice game", or some other Gary Larson like theme.
Now I know how my family feels since I'm practicing monogramming for Office Candy & everything around the house is being labeled as I experiment... It's perfect that it's Gary Larson too, he's my favorite!
Well, certainly Gary Larson. He really paved the way for single panel cartoonists of our era. But I also ...
I was hoping it would be called Gary Larson.
Is that where Gary Larson plots world domination?
One of my favorite comics from The Far Side by Gary Larson
When I was 6 years old I was kidnapped by headhunters and never seen again and wish Gary Larson still made comics because they suck now.
I know you really need it Gary and I'm always happy to be a friend you can count on. 😊
Special thanks to Sarah Larson for this wonderful article in the New Yorker!
If your work environment is a lot like a Gary Larson cartoon, or pharmacy technician.
Gary Larson's hole in one tournament.
Houdini in clearwater . Gary larson. I hear things
(not my joke, though... credit the genius of Gary Larson:
Why not start the day with a & try an adult with that morning cup of or
Gary Larson showed me what the world looks like to birds.
I want to go to the cartoon library in the Watterson documentary and live there. I bet they have Gary Larson stuff in there.
If you go to Gary Larson's home town, there are talking animals. Bill Watterson's hometown? Talking people.
They probably just found that one Gary Larson cartoon.
I hope someone in this Dear Mr. Watterson documentary admits Gary Larson was better.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
If Gary Larson did something like that I may just start crying.
Gary Larson truly had an eye to capture the human qualities in animals
We dont realize that Ill actually forgive Whilst gary Larson with regard to retiring in 45
The End is Nigh one is genius, could be a Gary Larson cartoon
I"m familiar with - just noting the replacement of Gary Larson in academic presentations.
Tune in to KUNR tonight at 9 pm for "Our Metropolis" elex discussion w/ me + & Gary Larson
This is when the world feels Gary Larson’s absence the most
Basically, Gary Larson nailed the present day conservative in 1985.
Sounds like your drawer and my filing cabinet folder of Gary Larson’s finest might just get along. Or be mortal enemies.
Gary do you really think we should keep Larson?
Seen Gary Larson at his dads house couple days ago.nice to see old friends
Tonight for the first time in about two years of daily efforts, my dog "Cool" snatched the dog biscuit balanced on his nose!!! Every time I tried this, I thought back to the following cartoon: "Easy. I'm gonna kill him..." Of course I tried it again, but he was unable to "repeat the feat". If you are a Larson fan, you must someday go to De Young Museum/Academy of Science in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park and see the "Gary Larson Hall" exhibit, "A Far Side Looks at Science" to see some of his best work. I saw it when it opened in ~1986 and was surprised to see they were his ORIGINAL 8X10 pen amd ink drawings!! Too cool as you could see the endless amounts of white out he used and the iterations it took him to create some of our most favorite cartoons! Sadly these originals have been replaced by copies for the ongoing exhibit (my kids were bummed as I had told them excitedly of this). See the following link: for this quote: My favorite bit of ingenuity in the Academy is Gary Larson Hall. Gary Lar ...
Gary Larson's The Far Side is probably the largest single influence on Maybe on my writing, thinking, worldview generally.
I'm leaving Umass but I'll be baaack
We used to have Gary Larson's The Far Side... now we just have a bunch of jpgs with text written by comedy hacks
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Next to the Gary Larson artist's muse saying "Rent's due, Artboy" this is my favorite on the nature of art and art buyers.
An exciting event for Gary Larson Oval Enhancement Group - GLOEG! Hosted by the Miriam Vale Rodeo Association, GLOEG will be the main beneficiary for Bulls and Barrels on 14 June 2014. Volunteers from our three tenants - Miriam Vale Senior and Junior Rugby League Football Clubs and Miriam Vale Touch Association will be operating the gate, bar and canteen. A very special thank you to Miriam Vale Rodeo Association Inc and all our sponsors who have made this event possible - we could not have done it without you and your support is greatly appreciated. Star Roadhouse And Caravan Park, Miriam Vale being the event major sponsor and all our other sponsors - The Shop - Miriam Vale, Bororen Caltex, Chris Trevor & Associates, Rides n Slides, Miriam Vale Concrete, Miriam Vale Pharmacy, Morgans Financial Services, Miriam Vale Gift Shoppe & Post Office, Heavy Equipment Electrical and Maintenance, Greg Hansel, Gary & Michelle Dingle, Bob & Dell Bayliss.
this reminds me a bit of Gary Larson
I think you'll find science has differing opinions on the matter.
For some of us, drinking coffee while attired in white clothing is akin to opening a day care center next to a dingo farm. (Thanks and a tip of the hat to Gary Larson...)
Here's a funny Gary Larson cartoon with devils in it.
This is priceless. I can't read the cartoonist's signature, I it reminds me of the sadly retired Gary Larson, of Far Side fame. Thanks, Linda.
Bit like being trapped in a Gary Larson cartoon isn’t it?
I used to read a lot of "the far side" comics, so i guess you could say my drawing style is influenced by gary larson. I mean, i see it
Doing the right math via Gary Larson's Far Side:
Gary Larson would like his joke back, thanks.
From this point on if you want to preserve the precious theatrical moment, bring a courtroom sketch artist. Even better, hire Gary Larson.
when you speak Case it reminds me of this Gary Larson cartoon
Surfboard of the Day :: Gary Larson shaped Fusion Pro, perfect for moms who RIP! 9'2" X 23' X 2 5/8"…
I wish Gary Larson had starred in Titanic.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Clearly, autocorrect, we want to livestock our event; why the blazes would we ever want to livestream it. Brava, Gary Larson would be proud.
Reminds me of this Gary Larson cartoon.
that sounds like something Gary Larson from the Far Side would say.
Most people don't realize but the other guy in my AVI is actually a famous person. Be jealous. Gary freaking Larson yall
An example from Gary Larson (the Far Side cartoonist) that your limitations become your greatest instructors:...
Happy National Cartoonists Day to the best thing since Gary Larson
sorry to hear that. It's so annoying when IT goes bad. I sense a Gary Larson cartoon, wonder if could oblige?
Fun pics to help you win more coaching clients.
I've always considered music stores to be the graveyards of musicians. - Gary Larson
I'm giving away: The Far Side Gallery 2 by Gary Larson. Check it out -
lol that's my favorite; look at the imbecile's expression, looks like a Gary Larson comic strip
That was the point I was convinced that art is cultural. The only reason Gary Larson is funny, is because you're American, and can dig him.
The U of I used to post Gary Larson's Far Side cartoons in a glass case at the entrance to the student union building.
Had fun with the labeller and a redundant switch on my plane. Inspiration from the great Gary Larson
B. Kliban, aka the guy Gary Larson ripped off to make his ill-gotten millions
Always near…We made Nerdkid for the cover of Gary Larson's book!
One of the many things I love about my local gym is that they post The Far Side panels in the restroom so you can get a few chuckles while washing your hands. Had a shock today while giggling about today's post and a sweet young teen came in and declared "I don't get it". What? You don't get one of these? "No, I never get any of them". Ok, surely this is the downfall of society if our youth does not "get" Gary Larson's Far Side, right? Am I so Far out there that I am already gone? Oh dear.
Nice! Sounds like a perfect Gary Larson cartoon…
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