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Gary Johnson

Gary Earl Johnson (born January 1, 1953) is an American businessman, former Governor of New Mexico, and candidate for the Libertarian Party nomination for President of the United States in the 2012 election.

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I liked a video Glenn Beck shares his views on Libertarianism and Gary Johnson | 'Dana'
Glenn Beck endorsing Gary Johnson is like vote for Perot why is he a spoiler ?
. Glenn Beck to get Gary Johnson, Mary Magdalene, Brad Thor together on air to discuss Johnson as Alternative.
Well, Glenn Beck is now promoting Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate. He has gone over the edge. So disappointed in him.
Gary Johnson is pulling support from both Clinton and Trump via
Gary Johnson left New Mexico with a budget surplus while Trump is the self-described "King of Debt". .
Glenn Beck Talks with Erick Erickson About. What Can Be Done Now with this Election. Trump, Hillary or Gary Johnson?.
Listening to the Glenn Beck program this morning, and he claims that Gary Johnson has refused/ignored to come onto…
Gary Johnson was a great 2-term governor of New Mexico. Now he's running for POTUS. Look him up and see if you like him.
Glenn Beck: "I'm probably going to vote for Gary Johnson"... Via News Break:
Glenn Beck says that he will likely vote for Gary Johnson via
Ted Cruz wasn't on that list. I feel like he is the best fit for the job. Someone like Gary Johnson would actually nominate him
A Bernie Sanders supporter voting for Gary Johnson in a real life election is like a Ted Cruz supporter voting for Che Guevara.
Gary Johnson is almost at15%.You don't think a"which is why I'm joining the Green Party and Jill Stein"wouldn't have rocketed him?
No. I'll vote for Jill Stein. If she's not on my state's ballot, I'll vote for Gary Johnson.
Ted u proved your anti establishment u should endorse Gary Johnson he's the best candidate available I supported u
. What if both Bernie and Ted made a joint endorsement of Gary Johnson as a placeholder until grownups come back in 2020?
And how many Ted Cruz, John Kasich or Gary Johnson supporters did we see last week?
Gary Johnson must be who you're voting for
Sending telepathic waves to Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders, Mitt Romney, and the entire Bush family for them to endorse Gary Johnson.
Trump being Trump, and all this stuff from the Dem's camp recently (Debbie Wasserman Schultz)... how is Gary Johnson not immediate choice?
says 's Trump snub is really an endorsement of Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson is a twin brother of Trey Gowdy's. See the head similarities? Beware of Trey Gowdy in disguise. Deer...
Gary Johnson: Cruz did say to vote for Gary Johnson, didn't he?
This is a time for choosing. Vote for Hillary Clinton. Vote for Jill Stein. Vote for Gary Johnson. Write in Ted Cruz.
Word. Debbie Wasserman Shultz is gone. I think I'm still voting Gary Johnson.
Anyone else want to go third party? These two groups are a mess. Bernie supporters, meet Gary Johnson
so write in Sanders or vote for Gary Johnson.
Summary of Gary Johnson's 2016 platform. Why he's the best choice for https:/…
Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Presidential Candidate, doesn't know who Harriet Tubman was. https:/…
CNN: Let Jill Stein and Gary Johnson into the Presidential debates - Sign the Petition! via
Jill Stein is an anti-vaxxer and Gary Johnson is just promoting the weed company he's CEO of. Enjoy your protest vote.
I'm back on the fence. What you think about Gary Johnson ?
Gary Johnson is the John Kasich of the General election
I wish everyone would shut up about trump and Hillary and listen to what Gary Johnson has to say
You don't like Trump or Clinton? I feel you. There are other options, like Gary Johnson. Expressing your beliefs is not a…
Ben Shapiro clinging on to his conservative credentials -but it's clear he's voting Gary Johnson!
D254vid- According to CNN, some GOP delegates to endorse Gary Johnson after tonight's speech...
why does Gary Johnson look so much like coach Daniels from BMS 🌚
The nightmare in Cleveland . God help us. How about Gary Johnson talk about this guy.the Independent party guy
Chris Christie on CNN, attacking the idea of including Gary Johnson in the debates, using some of the same lines...
Root cause of police shootings is failed war on drugs, says Libertarian candidate for president Gary Johnson
The cannabis community needs to support Gary Johnson for president.
Yooo!! The Gary Johnson website is crashing and going really slow! Alot of people checking him out
Gary Johnson is currently hosting a small event at the Winking Lizard downtown.
Gary Johnson, Libertarian, makes his pitch for the presidency
Then vote for Gary Johnson if you want change.
So is Creepy Cruz voting for Gary Johnson, then?
Fake Libertarian Gary Johnson is pulling in more Hillary voters than Trump voters.
Hey what do u think of this Gary Johnson? With social media now, This is type of year a 3rd party guy could make a run
For what it is, Gary Johnson seems to be gaining quite a bit of traction.
Can trump and Hillary both shut the *** up for ONE DAY . Gary Johnson is looking pretty good right now..
I loved it. Cruz basically endorsed Gary Johnson and the RNC. The Tea Party Spirit Lives.
What? He just did. Didn't you just hear him endorse the Libertarian candidate former GOP governor of NM Gary Johnson?
Apparently Gary Johnson's foreign policy consists of "bend over and hope they use lube".
I see everybody wants to talk about Gary Johnson now
Gary Johnson at the to drive '6-lane highway between Clinton and Trump'. He's at 13%. This cd get weirder. http…
If Ted Cruz would've gotten up there, said what he said, then endorsed Gary Johnson before kicking the podium, he would've…
From your lips to God's ears. I'm not a big fan of Gary Johnson, but he's the least loathsome of the 4 candidates.
Gary Johnson's website is crashing. That's exciting and encouraging... But also, the website looks like it's hosted by…
Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson reacts to having 13% support in the polls: "Yahoo!" https:/…
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I don't like Trump or Hillary, so idk what to do. I'm thinking about looking at Gary Johnson, but I'm afraid he's 💩 too.
I think Gov Gary Johnson will do just fine.
Cruz should have endorsed Gary Johnson. It would have been a Hulk-Hogan-joins-the-NWO level shock.
You know, Sen Cruz sure made Gary Johnson's night. He should book some serious tv time tomorrow.
I liked Gary Johnson before it was cool
He basically endorsed Gary Johnson. Loved it. Way to stand on principle and promote liberty.
Had it been me speaking in Cruz' slot, frankly, I'd have endorsed Gary Johnson, flipped off Donald, and pranced off the stage…
that doesn't make sense Gary Johnson won't win his home state
Gary Johnson watching the end of Cruz's speech.
if you ran with Gary Johnson you'd be Johnson/Wood
I can't stand Ted Cruz, but I'm glad he said "vote your conscience". And my conscience says Gary Johnson
Wishful thinking nevertrumpers, Gary Johnson has a bigger following than Cruz does now.
Who will be the next President of the United States? Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Gary Johnson, or Jill Stein
Americans Really Dislike Trump, Clinton. So Why Aren't Gary Johnson and Jill Stein doing better in this election?
Pence incorrectly says only 2 names on the ballot for President. Head in the sand or deliberate? Gary Johnson for President!
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Ted Cruz just gave millions of Republicans cover to vote for Gary Johnson, whether he meant to or not.
Somehow that seems better suited for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein...
...and don't feed me that Gary Johnson vote crap. That dude has no chance in *** of winning. Wasted vote.
Republicans wish there were only two names on the ballot. Unfortunately for the GOP's chances, Gary Johnson is also runnin…
Here's exactly how much Trump has inspired millennials, per latest Pew poll: among voters under 30 he has 21% support, beh…
Excuse us, Mr Gingrich, but Gary Johnson would follow the constitution far better than Mr Trump.
I'm sure she could not be prouder of her husband for the black eye he just gave Trump by basically endorsing Gary Johnson
I sincerely hope that Gary Johnson reaches the 15% mark to be added to the presidential debates.
(1/2) Rand Paul, personally. Then when he fell through, Austin Petersen, however, Gary Johnson was more
Gary Johnson has neither the absurdity factor of Trump nor the laundry list that should make someone rightfully skeptical of…
Former Florida Governor and Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush is expected to endorse Gov. Gary Johnson for President next week.
"Gary Johnson makes his pitch..." A great editorial from the Chicago Tribune. via
great point. Mitch Daniels would have been a great option, but his family wanted no part of it. Kasich was my hope. Gary Johnson?
Gary Johnson is pro legal immigration. Not open borders.
also "witness Gary Johnson nutmeg Sam Winnall" now I've seen it all
Aftermath of Gary Johnson 'nutmegging' Sam Winnall, who took it in good spirits, and then scored twice
So Michelle Obama also plagiarized My Little Pony according to now? Aren't we ready for Gary Johnson
Believes in Due Process and Gun Rights, on arbitrary lists Gary Johnson t: ?
FALSE PREMISE: Whenever a Republican says that voting for Gary Johnson is a vote for Hillary, and a Democrat says...
If I could've voted then- I doubt I would've voted for Romney (instead Virgil Goode or Gary Johnson). Same deal now with Trump.
We don't want you to have to deal with one of those nightmares! Join us in our dream to elect respectable Gov. Gary Johnson! 🇺🇸
Gary Johnson better get into the debates
The fact that Hillary and Trump have such bad approval ratings is why I think Gary Johnson and Jill Stein will do so well this election.
Well it can't be Trump, can't be Hillary... Must be Gary Johnson.
... and says he'll vote for right-wing extremist Gary Johnson. And pals around with Milo, Steven Crowder and Ben Shapiro.
Well take another selfie with that delicious double chin of yours, then look up Gary Johnson for president.
Let's go progressives! We can get up over Gary Johnson by end of July.
Drew Clark: The conservative case for Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, not Donald Trump and…
Gary Johnson is that alternative. Vote liberty this November via /r/Libertarian
As much as I agree with him, even without the 2-party system, I don't Gary Johnson stands a chance. via /r/Liberta…
For my own reasons. I like Rand Paul and Austin Petersen. I never said I would vote for Gary Johnson for any reason.
Success with YouGov! They now include Gary Johnson in more questions! Be sure to give them good feedback on it! vi…
Give me the lowdown on Gary Johnson. via /r/Libertarian
Is it just me, or was Gary Johnson much more articulate and well spoken back in 1994? via /r/Libertarian
are you going to vote? If so, who would that be. Please do not say Gary Johnson 😲🔫
stupid people will write in Gary Johnson. Ugh.
Jeb Bush is actively floating the idea of backing Gary Johnson. What would his support mean for Donald Trump, and …
Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson doesn't get this whole vaping thing
Maybe a vote for Gary Johnson isn't a vote for Hillary Clinton?
Jesse Ventura: Why I'm voting for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson for president via
you got Jill Stein and Gary Johnson. Check both out
This is very important... "Gary Johnson is the only Presidential Candidate that doesn't listen to Nickelback".
This is everything you need to know about Gary Johnson he stands with abortion barbie Wendy Davis.
Gary Johnson has been trying since George W Bush. Please look at him. Worth at least getting him on CNN
"Gary Johnson gaining support; he is up to 12 percent among voters." via
From 1 to 10 how would you rate John Kasich? And Gary Johnson?
Wow.Is Jeb Bush going to vote for Gary Johnson.
"Gary Johnson may be the pro innovation candidate that Silicon Valley has been waiting for" via…
I'm voting to stop the 2-party strangle hold that is dividing this nation! Gary Johnson and Bill Weld! https:/…
Charleston WV Mayor leaves GOP, saying he had decided before his party switch to vote for Gary Johnson.
Funny, I never thought I'd listen to fellas like Nigel Farage or Gary Johnson speak and say to myself "It's about *** time."…
After doing some research and considering the options I've decided that I will be voting for Gary Johnson in this...
I really LIKE Gary Johnson's race relations plan to change us but not so sure we're going to be able to get Rocky to fight Ivan Drago now
I would look for Gary Johnson to do a similar thing if elected president of the United States. Any laws...
Michael, pls when u get a chance: How abt Gary Johnson for President? Thoughts?
at least with Gary Johnson we could all just get high and listen to music as the world burns
hes not running Gary Johnson is the Libertarian nominee
do a Gary Johnson impression. I wanna see that.
WHAT is going on? It seems we have fallen into a "National Lampoons" plot line.. Seems like Gary Johnson might be...
Gary Johnson isnt racist and doesnt hate brown people enough for them.
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Gary Johnson has my vote but it will be impossible for him to beat Hillary.
I know I share a lot about Gary Johnson, but I want everyone to know there's a third option.
Have you considered voting for Gary Johnson if Bernie doesn't make it?
Right down the middle: Gary Johnson sticks to the issues
Or if you want to include Gary Johnson. 55% Crime and Punishment. 37% The *** 8% Notes from the Underground
Spongebob's imaginaryness disqualifies him. vote Gary Johnson.
Tommie Sunshine will unblock you before Gary Johnson ever gets elected President.
They are both damaged goods. Vote for Gary Johnson and other Libertarians in November.
no need to write in Gary Johnson, he's on the ballot in all 50 states! And he's honest/experienced.
Final straw. Not voting for Lite. was our only hope. Bummed rn tbh.
Gary Johnson Wants a damned boss that loves farts
I wish Gary Johnson wouldn't make me feel so torn by defending Hillary Clinton. I have to wonder what hope he has now.
I'm going Gary Johnson like last election.
I think he's endorsing Gary Johnson over Dr. Jill Stein, obviously a tough call to make!
Gary Johnson Says Hillary is No Criminal - Yesterday’s announcement by FBI Director James Comey, outlining the ...
This election, man. // Libertarian Gary Johnson quit smoking pot to run for president | New York Post
What ,Libertarian nominee for president, wants to do to America /
Gary Johnson is turning libertarians into statists faster than he can turn statists into libertarians.
LETTER: Why my first ballot will be cast for Gary Johnson
9 things to know about Gary Johnson
What do you think about Gary Johnson? (not the likelihood of his presidency, just his platform)
I called Gary Johnson, he's ready to derail the so
alternate universe where the Republican party could have been sane enough today to have kept Gary Johnson on board and be their nominee
Gary Johnson on Fox Business this morning via /r/Libertarian
Brilliant new Gary Johnson/William Weld ad is one of the best Presidential ads
I wrote a campaign ad for Gary Johnson. Gary Johnson... he's not Trump and he's not Hillary. Vote Gary Johnson 2016
For those of you who think Gary Johnson is a libertarian... I told you he was as corrupt as the rest of them.
Gary Johnson Has a straight trick that eats ***
Politicians mention gun control a lot, Gary Johnson is the only one mentioning Drone control
Convinced the Libertarians do not want to win. Would tarnish the cachet via   10% Off
I'm devoted to libertarian principles, but Gary Johnson is about as weak a LP candidate as I've ever seen. No backbone.
Gary Johnson should drop out for not defending free speech!!! Looks like the neocons took over the libertarian...
Will you have on your show? Your fans would LOVE to hear about another choice.
CNN: Include Gary Johnson in national Presidential polls - Sign the Petition! via
You know who's and Gary Johnson. Experienced, honest, and on the ballot in…
If you vote for Gary Johnson your definitely wasting your vote. Dudes got no campaign, and he hasn't debated once. I get he's an alternative
I clicked on political trending and apparently more people are talking about Gary Johnson criticizing Trump than Clinton emails
GOP and Dem nominee are quite possibly the two worst possible choices excluding possibly Charles mason, and Gary Johnson will be ignored
Feeling like I might have to look into Gary Johnson as a Presidential Candidate a little more closely...??
Trump is RACIST and should be DISQUALIFIED from running for Prez – Libertarian Gary Johnson
Please help support Gary Johnson 2016, add a now!
Gary Johnson's opinion doesn't matter.Voters have the sense to see thru his nonsense.
Gary Johnson says he will sign Libertarian Party is not an alternative to Can't at…
slams 'racist' Donald Trump after his take on hijab-wearing TSA agents v…
Comparing the ideologies of Bernie Sanders and Gary Johnson.
all you "I like trump cuz he tells it like it is" folks, Gary Johnson also tells it like it is, and he isn't racist
'Babes of Liberty' Want to Break the Internet, Too via
Gary Johnson says Trump is a 'racist' & should be disqualified from the presidency .
A vote for Gary Johnson or Bernie at this point is a vote for Hillary. BE SMART
Racism is probably the most clearly developed, consistent, prominent theme of the Trump campaign.
Voters who are hungry for a positive alternative should pay attention.
Gary Johnson: You are one of the primary reasons why I can't identify as a libertarian anymore.
I think you need to look at gary johnson, felt the same until I checked him out , I'm actually excited to vote
I liked a video from Hillary, FBI, Trump. Libertarian - Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson
I'm 100% now that Gary Johnson backs Green Party is on 20 ballots. Nothing bad could come of us he…
Now that a political insider, he gets jumpy when the Libertarian candidate comes up.
Gary Johnson is an immature fraud. He instituted civil forfeiture in New Mexico (Gov't. can take your property).
Gary Johnson/ Weld are a factor! Kaine & Warren do nothing to stop Johnson! Jerry Brown *** the oxygen from these alternatives!
Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, your dog or cat (rodents and snakes), even Trump. I lived through them in '90's. Warren is a fraud. Ugh.
Gary Johnson or Hillary Clinton? Russ Belville and Leland Berger have a battle of political ideas over at...
but Gary Johnson is a libertarian candidate. He wouldn't be a write-in! That's why I'm pushing for him, cause writing in Bernie is
Gary Johnson, the choice for the morally conflicted: Column via And those who value American liberty.
Look I don't really like either of them. But Donald certainly should not be president. I'll probably vote for Gary Johnson.
you should support Gary Johnson & Bill Weld, IMO. Break out of the old club; u don't tote that banner anyway! Ur better than that.
Don't count out Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson for president, says Gary Johnson
Drew Carey to host fundraiser for Gary Johnson.
Gary Johnson was beaten almost to death because of video he had of Bill going into Jennifer Flowers place on regular basis
Assessment of the Gary Johnson - William Weld CNN Libertarian Presidential Town Hall, the National Libertarian...
Libertarian town hall on CNN: Who is Gary Johnson? How to watch, livestr.. Related Articles:
Have you seen this? From the libertarian debate yesterday, Gary Johnson is the man!
Gary Johnson should propose 100% free trade deal with UK.: The narrative...
I disagree, Politics is a business in itself. No president is ever going to be ideal, but Gary Johnson has my vote lol
Liberals created Trump and Libertarians will save you from him. Vote Gary Johnson! :p
currently Weld is to Johnson as Cheney was to Bush. I hope Gary can turn that around soon.
I pray Gary Johnson makes it to the debate stage in the fall! . Let's go!
Hamilton Collection
Gary Johnson offers voters a PLAN C on msnbc
I'm voting for Gary Johnson so I am "wasting my vote" or I'm "helping Hillary win"
In June 1998 Jesse Ventura was at 7% in polls. Then he won. via
Will voters be swayed by Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson?
Have you taken a look at Gary Johnson (Libertarian)
...neither is being a freak and a pothead // Gary Johnson: 'Nativism is not an American value'
Gary Johnson just called for replacing mass incarceration with the Hunger Games. The audience is literally levitating.
We've got our country back, it's no longer in the hands of the elite and safely with Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson and Ru…
Or vote for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson which will produce the same result.
If you say "Gary Johnson" three times in a row he'll appear in front of you.
Sanders and Gary Johnson, the Libertarian presidential nominee, addressed this year’s NALEO crowd. Clinton and...
I dunno, you might wind up with a lot of people like me who are going to vote for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson
If more people knew of Gary Johnson and Libertarianism, they would support him.
Gary Johnson will receive at least 15% in national polls allowing him to debate.
if gary Johnson can attract 15% of voters he will get to participate in debates with the republican and democratic canidates
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Gary Johnson's VP candidate is a Republican who's supported the LGBTQ community well before mainstream politicians. https:/…
Johnson: I disagree with Trump on immigration, trade
she basically has same stuff as Bernie except drones . Her polls numbers have risen while Gary Johnson's has fallen
Gary Johnson: Abortion decisions "should lie strictly with the woman involved"
Gary Johnson: I'd eliminate income and corporate taxes, abolish the IRS and add federal consumption tax
Gary Johnson jokes: Election season so strange, I might be president
The Northeast was one of the biggest beneficiaries of Eu funding. We'll see what Gove, Johnson and F*e think of us northerners now.
Looks like a lot of people were Googling Gary Johnson & last night. htt…
Gary Johnson: "There should not have been military intervention in Syria"
.this is my assessment of Gary Johnson & why I don't think I'm going to endorse him as
I don't know if I'll vote for Gary Johnson (Libertarian) or write-in Scott Walker or Ted Cruz.
and re: Gary Johnson, I'd love to see the Libertarian Party become something viable but time to move on from this joke.
Lol not at all that would be Gary Johnson who wants to shrink govt power & expand liberty!
Gary Johnson failed at representing libertarian ideas. So, I've given my own responses to the CNN townhall...
Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate, Gary Johnson, made his case at CNN Town Hall
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Hah! So, Gary Johnson the Libertarian choice? Yeah, definitely doing a write-in this general.
Gary Johnson says he does not plan on any "name-calling" during his campaign
"Gary Johnson says 'you might be a even if you don't know it yet'" - ton 9p https:…
Gary Johnson will disrupt and derail the
Great interview by Gary Johnson on MSNBC after the Town Hall. Where was ...
Your better than Trump, Hillary, Gary Johnson, and the Green Party lady
Get Gary on the debate stage! Gary Johnson: the Presidential Candidate for Non-Crazy Americans
Do you know who Gary Johnson is? Maybe you know his running mate, former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld. A lot...
Bernie Sanders isn't a candidate. Gary Johnson is.
I really want to like Gary Johnson but he just doesn't seem very smart.
Gary Johnson: Admission of marijuana use shows transparency via
Trump v Clinton is a false choice. Gary Johnson is a real alternative:
until or unless Gary Johnson steady polls at 15% and can get a debate spot, I will stand by those numbers
Instead of complaining about either candidate the major parties offer, look up the independents Jill Stien and Gary Johnson, better choices!
. Gary Johnson is probably going to become a bigger threat to Hillary than Trump. :P
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Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gov. Gary Johnson on guns, debates and pot via
is a Gary Johnson on national Review rights
The US Libertarian Party picks Gary Johnson as its presidential nominee, seeking to capitalise on disaffection with mainstream politicians.
Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson on why he's running for president
.Glad I watched this-Gary Johnson is a wacko wannabe politician & anybody who ever votes for him better be kissing "it" byebye
Someone's missing. We shall not speak his name. Gary Johnson.
"We love Mississippi. It's been fantastic to us. We're within three points here, doing way better than Goofy Gary Johnson"
Sarah Palin for VP . Condoleezza Rice would drive to vote for Gary Johnson . Trump must Palin !.
From to Gary Johnson sees huge jump in new poll.
libertarians preach toleration. You're right on the money. have you heard about our good lord Gary Johnson?
He is the only one who will eradicate ISIS. Obama will not, Hillary will not, Paul Ryan will not nor wi…
did you hear Gary Johnson on the Joe Rogan podcast? Nothing but a pot-smoking Jeb!
Well, this is about as bizarre as I would expect from a 3rd party nominee. | GARY JOHNSON Be Libertarian with me.
his name is Gary Johnson! Socially liberal and fiscally conservative.
Gary Johnson and Bernie Sanders came up on my results. And if Bernie merges with Clinton. I'm for Johnson.
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Gary Johnson would be polling at 15% by now if he had eyebrows
Gary Johnson will be president since Hillary won the nomination.
Is it finally Gary Johnson's chance to make the libertarians a legitimate contender?
Hillary is a criminal. Trump is a bigot. Gary Johnson for President!
is a Gary Johnson on national Review party
Dems and republicans when Gary Johnson gets to 15%.
Gap between Clinton and Trump is pretty consistently smaller when ex-Republican Gary Johnson is included, not bigger.
Yes. I wish there was another candidate but there isn't. Except for Gary Johnson. I get all the issues, but think.
If Murray Rothbear were alive to see Gary Johnson
Nah. I prefer a President who doesn't want to punish the press for disagreeing w him. Gary Johnson 2016
I may swear my allegiance to Gary Johnson until November, but I'll be a FREEDOM NINJA FOR Austin Petersen 4 LIFE!!! — feeling FREEDOM NINJA
Well, you have a better chance than Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson: peel a Libertarian and you still have a Republican ***
That awkward moment when you realize Gary Johnson doesn't have any eyebrows
.& that isn't even factoring in that Jill Stein & Gary Johnson will b in the General! In the poll w/ Gary, Clinton…
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Gary Johnson moving up in the polls, Hillary and Trump moving down.
Libertarian hopeful Johnson insists he can mount competitive campaign
Hillary can't beat Trump. She can't even beat Gary Johnson. We've got a month and a half to bust her for tampering wit…
Gary Johnson is far from a libertarian and it's really sad that I have to pick between him Bernie and trump I don't agree with any of them
I'm glad John McAfee isn't supporting Gary Johnson for the libertarian nominee bc Johnson is so far from being a libertarian it's scary
California Business Man to Bankroll a Super Pac in Support of Gary Johnson
I really hope Jill Stein will be on the ballot. *** I'd even vote for Gary Johnson before Trump or Hillary
Independents like Gary Johnson more than Hillary. I'm sure most have no idea who he is. Not good. https:…
Donna, I know you are beholden to the Clinton's. Please look at Gary Johnson as an alternative. I'm
Vanarama Managers of the Year. North - Marcus Bignot. South - Paul Doswell. National - Gary Johnson.
Gary Johnson isn't as good as Harry Browne or , but he's better than Trump.
Mitt Romney says he's not ruling out supporting Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson
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