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Gary Johnson

Gary Earl Johnson (born January 1, 1953) is an American businessman, former Governor of New Mexico, and candidate for the Libertarian Party nomination for President of the United States in the 2012 election.

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if you took all the Gary Johnson votes and put them towards Romney, Romney would of lost still.
I'm telling you now, unless you elect as your nominee, libertarians like me will be voting Gary Johnson. Don't be stupid.
marlins had him for a day, trading Gary Sheffield, Charles Johnson, Bobby Bonilla, Manuel Barrios, and Jim Eisenreich to LA
What does Norman Lear Russell Simmons & Gary G thang Johnson have in common?!?. Stay tuned. It's…
Charles Johnson signed my copy of Now all I need is Gary Chartier!
Johnson In Demand Last week it was Newport, this week it's Cheltenham with former Yeovil manager Gary Johnson one …
Coach Gary Johnson is my all time favorite coach! Can't believe he got this for us 5 seniors! Senior night tomorrow!
Where were you lot when Gary Johnson's Yeovil side came round the other Tuesday at -1? Some horrible preston mancs in our stand
Photo: to Gary Johnson on your 2010 from Buchi Okoh at Stewart Cadillac!...
it's true! The plot of "Gary's Johnson" centered around his libertarian beliefs
This is appropriate news for Presidents Day.
I didn't vote for Obama. I voted for Gary Johnson.
Nice to see 19 of 20 pix used to promote stories about on website are TWM images, 20th is a pic of Gary Johnson
Gary knows the route to the 16 points and 6 rebounds in the next W for
Our most recent property ideal for of wanting to stay in the region. Sleeps up to 32.
WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Gary Johnson burst into his ex-girlfriend's home in Stanley, County Durham, and attacked Christopher
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Wait, there's a good side to Gary Johnson?
he was unplayable in two games, decent in about 5 others and anonymous the rest. We paid 600k for him. Bad side of Gary Johnson
Definitely. I know a lot of people want Gary Johnson but worrying how quickly things went downhill at Yeovil this season
I don't want Gary Johnson anywhere near the club.
John Ward and Gary Johnson shown interest for Cheltenham Town...
Gary Putland would be a good buy when Mitch Johnson is unavailable.
I agree. Bryan Cranston was excellent. Hate he was killed so early. I'd love to see Aaron Taylor Johnson more fleshed out
My choice as far as what? I voted for Obama in 08 sadly disappointed. 12' I voted for Gary Johnson
Jim Belushi & Gary Kroeger will reunite TONIGHT to watch at an Iowa City area Chili's.
what was it Samuel Johnson said about Scotsmen again? Think it particularly applies to those guys.
One more big show tonight at Uptown Comedy Corner.Gary Gthang Johnson LIVE.
Show tonight at Uptown comedy corner is soldout. 1 more. Let's go. Gary Gthang Johnson LIVE.
Gary Johnson: “I hope to” run for President again, would do so as a Libertarian -
Now following these guys also-from another old(ish) guy,and user,who is always looking for followers too!
Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson will be on the front row for the 2015 Daytona 500.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
NEWS: Gary Johnson relieved of duties at Huish Park.
The JRLP interview with Gov. Gary Johnson! He is hilarious, and smart!: submitted by jazzyadams00 [link] ...
Is Gary McCord on some of Dustin Johnson's coke
Proud to be one of first guests on We discussed & Watch:
make one think Gary Johnson must be a right ah%€$% canonise paddy lol
Attending a workshop for small businesses. "Starting and Running a PROFITable Small Business" by James Gary Johnson.
White TV guy thought Ty Law and Darrelle Revis are related because they say "fam"
If I was a Repub strategist , I'd gamble on cross-over / hybrid candidates such as & Gary Johnson to win
Johnson GOP hopeful, CEO of Marijuana Company - People w/ chronic pain love hearing he's not a robot :
I'm a Dem but know Jeb was okay Gov in - & Gary Johnson are great choices for in General Election
WGSweet published Gary Johnson: Poor start on pitch that made Barcelona play...: GARY Johns...
- Shows just how good Matthias Brändle's really was, his record seemed to go under the radar a little
YOUTUBE: Gary Johnson reflects on the Peterborough United defeat.
Tough pitch, "poor" first half and a lack of attacking quality. GJ dissects defeat at -
Pastor Denise Johnson Praise God for your sharing this flyer on Restoration of civil rights workshop. Judge Faye...
What's Gary Johnson ever done to you?
Oh-so familiar for Sluggish start on sticky pitch, better 2nd half without the quality. My report here -
Would love it if they got relegated, hate Yeovil but in particular Gary Johnson
Reigning supersport TT race 1 winner Gary Johnson is aiming to compete in this years lightweight TT.
Gary Johnson with for previewing today’s match.
What a ride by Jack, unfortunate that he didn't get the record this time, maybe he will have another go?
Gary Johnson stresses the importance of back-to-back Yeovil Town wins Yeovil Town travel to Peterborough United to…
Should've been Cole! DON JOHNSON TRIVIA: Beat out Nolte, J. Bridges, M. Harmon, L. Wilcox, and Gary Cole for the role of Sonny Crockett.
Gary Payton II v. Stanley Johnson: Who will have more fantasy points tonight?
One of my children voted for Gary Johnson. He liked the no tax thing. Shows I did something right as a parent.
Yur right.My first choice was Gary Johnson during primary. I ended up vote 4 Mitt in general though I knew O would win CT.
who says I didn't vote? I voted for Gov Gary Johnson. As governor, he vetoed more spending bills than all governors COMBINED
Gov Gary Johnson Choice between GOP and Dems is like choosing between Pepsi and Coke: via
After defeating Mitt, Jeb now focused on taking Gary Johnson voters away from Rand.
Catch up with what and Gary Johnson had to say before tomorrow’s trip to
Our hometown hockey team has folded: - Tx Billy Johnson & owner Gary Jacobs for some really great times.
Well Done Gary Johnson, the only one who didn't rate
I'm incredibly skeptical of the Libertarian Party. And if we agree to play politics, a Rand Paul is better than a Gary Johnson
Words from Gary Johnson, who came in Third, in the Election of 2012. I started writing my Book, Change 2012, a few months before the Election of 2012. I was writing about the need of a Third Party, so we could uncover "The Truth" ourselves. I hate to tell you, "I told you so", but "I told you so". I believe the State of this Union, is Pathetic, a direct reflection of the Pathological Liars "Ruling" it. Also, ruining it, for all of US. 9/11 was referenced twice in first minutes of Speech. I believe we will Die, if we continue to Live, the 9/11 Lie. If anyone believes all the Goliath Problems this so-called Nation faces arrived with our so-called President, What's His Name born in Who Knows Where, they don't even know what the Evil Royal ZioNeoNazi Messianic Satanic Problem is. Guessing, the first ones, to attack me. If, the World hates you, remember they hated me first (John 15:18). How does it feel? Like A Rolling Stone, the "Story" of my crazy Life, being "Ruled" under Secrets and Lies. But, when you hav ...
Gov. Gary Johnson . Wonderful words on tolerance!! False words on the notion that the government...
I'm not in favour of Gary Johnson and Ron Paul.
there are different type of Libertarianism, I think Gary Johnson is way more viable option than Ron Paul was/is.
1st debate last cycle was in May '11. Debaters: Tim Pawlenty, Ron Paul, Herman Cain, Rick Santorum and Gary Johnson.
I understand that Shaun Derry once threw water over Gary Johnson during a game. Try that today, Shaun, and there'll be trouble.
GJ is meeting with the board this week as review their entire football operation. Full details -
Yeovil Town boss Gary Johnson to get share of windfall to bring in players. Full story via
Bray Hill 2013 Have a listen to the MV. Gary Johnson. Got over 20k hits on YouTube, we were very lucky to be invited to the garden to watch.
GJ will get share of cash for players. Figures being finalised as we speak. Full story -
Wait, so the MLB HOF is racist for letting Randy Johnson in and not Gary Sheffield? WOW….
Come on get in Gary Johnson's & Mr Fry's ears and make these signings happen
Little Giant Ladders
Some top freshmen hoopers in the city:. Gary Solomon. David Dejulius. Ron Hill. Arshaun Parker. Keyon Brown. Deante Johnson. Pierre Mitchell
Yeovil Town boss Gary Johnson bans his players ...
I say that, but my last to presidential votes was for Chuck Baldwin, and Gary Johnson. Go figure
This sums up most of my thoughts on the subject:
following in footsteps of Holly Johnson, Gary Numan and Adam Ant. my bakers dozen on QUIETUS,
He was a joke. Was Kelv there under Gary Johnson?
I have not heard anything about that Drew, but I would not count it out down the road.
the folk who live there must be, wait for it.dotty! If they had a quid for everyone who said that eh!
My F.T was long... I shoulda never cut it 😑
Shane Ray, his mother Sebrina Johnson, Craig Kuligowski, Gary Pinkel and Andy Hill all here.
Giants rookie WR Odell Beckham Jr. is replacing injured Detroit WR Calvin Johnson in the Pro Bowl.
if gary can't go to cody Johnson I'm just not going 😩
Paging Dr. Krenard , Mrs. Johnson is ready for her appointment.
Tureano Johnson alongside Gary Shaw speaking with the media at the open media workout.…
"As long as you`re looking on the bright side of things you`ll be ignoring the not so good things in your life". ~ Gary R. Johnson
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"Let me take a selfie..." But maybe not in front of Yeovil Town boss Gary Johnson. Read more:
Kevin Johnson and Gary Clark had big nights for the Bearcats in their win over ECU.
Gary Johnson (Yeovil manager): "I don't want the lads having selfies with Rooney. Being star-struck by Manchester United is a concern."
Yeovil Town boss Gary Johnson bans his players from requesting memorabilia ... - Daily Mail:
“"Glen Johnson at his frightening best" carlton palmer esque
Paul Festival and Gary Johnson on medical marihuana at PaulFest -
Looking at freshman impact of Gary Clark, I think would sign up for production like that from Ibrahima Diallo and Ryan Johnson.
Its actually a moot think Gary Johnson is more well known? Maybe Russell Means? Browne? Really?
This is me compared to the last batch of US Presidential wannabes.
Right then someone tell Gary rowett to get Andrew Johnson now he's a free agent
Gary Johnson bans Yeovil players from taking selfies ...
Cool, so the same logic applies to Gary can't get 1% Johnson right? Cuz not voting for squish?
1st Club withholding finances from the 3rd round game to force johnson out?
Looks like everyone loves Gary again.
how about Johnson goes in as Expo and we get Gary Carter back as a Met ?
Hamilton Collection
"Hall of Fame Class of 2015: Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, John Smotlz and Craig Biggio" Total snub for Gary Sheffield.
Gary Johnson sings bittersweet symphony after show verve in defeat tby
For the Presidential debate there were other candidates. Gary Johnson was on the ballot in 48 states. Jill Stein was on 32
Yeovil manager Gary Johnson on Angel Di Maria: "If I had £59m, I'd find someone like him as well."
Have to say, the Yeovil players done themselves proud today, great strike from Herrera and a great finish from Di Maria for the second. Man utd had to fight hard for this win. Yeovil Town need to take this performance into The league. The only thing missing from the Yeovil side is a proven goal scorer. Let's hope Mr Fry lets Gary Johnson bring a proven goal scorer into The team. Should be positive posts tonight , not negatives.
Yeovil manager Gary Johnson has told his players not to be star-struck when they host
Yeovil Town boss Gary Johnson: “If the cameras only go to the places where they think there might be an upset, well thanks very much. Of course we’d need a miracle to pull it off, but The FA Cup is The FA Cup, that’s the beauty of it. It’s 11 men against 11 men and on the day nobody knows what’s going to happen. Everybody thinks they know, but nobody knows for sure...I was over the moon when we were drawn against Manchester United. I was in the house watching the draw with my wife and we both jumped up in the air and high-fived each other. Man United is the biggest draw in that Third Round, that’s what most people would be looking for - and now it’s our turn. We played Liverpool 10 years ago, and Arsenal 10 years before that. But Man United was the draw we all wanted so it was a moment of great excitement.”
Think the united draw has kept Gary Johnson in the job for this long. Think they'll lose to united and their next league game. That'll be it
what are your thoughts on Gary Johnson? You can rate him at .
Manchester United to face Yeovil in FA Cup Louis van Gaal's first FA Cup tie as Manchester United manager will be a third- round trip to take on Yeovil Town. The League One club beat League Two side Accrington Stanley 2-0 at Huish Park tonight (Tuesday), courtesy of two late goals from Simon Gillett and Kieffer Moore. Their reward for winning the second-round replay is the televised contest with United on Sunday 4 January 2015, kicking off at 15:30 GMT. "Oh, what a prize!" remarked the Glovers' manager Gary Johnson on BBC Radio. "The pressure was on us a little bit because everyone in Somerset wanted Manchester United to come down here and play at Huish Park. So the pressure was on my shoulders and on the players as well. I could see they were nervous, both teams were, because of the prize at stake. "When the second goal went in, that was when the Yeovil fans could really celebrate and think about the United game because at that point we were in the ascendancy. "I think all our directors were on their kne ...
Gary Johnson says face one of the most important games in their history vs Accrington Stanley in tonight's 2nd rou…
That's what Ron Paul understood. He ran for president to deliver a message to people who probably don't know who Gary Johnson is.
On Jeopardy: "This Former New Mexico governor was the libertarian candidate for President in 2012" Picture of Gary Johnson. Nobody got it.
Gary Johnson joins new GBmoto Kawasaki roads team | RR 0
In 2012, Libertarian Party, Gary Johnson, was not invited, even though he was starting to make some noise, and...
is it me or does Gary Johnson look Ray Winstone .
and your reason for not voting for any of the other candidates? Gary Johnson? Virgil Goode? R.Anderson?
. In 2012 I didn't follow back Gary Johnson because of my support for Dr Paul & his position that limited use of mil is advisable
scenes when I run on the pitch tonight, slide tackle Johnson and injury him forcing retirement 😂😂😂😂
Thanksgiving message from the Parties Gary Johnson -
is Gere worse than Don Johnson though?
GJ: "Judging by the mark, he was obviously hurt". Nathan Smith has bruises to prove force of challenge -
Here's Coach Giacoletti, Gary and C.J. talking about tonight's win
2015 Douglas Hs 6'2" Gary Johnson had 26 points and 23 rebounds in win over DAR 55-54.
Try some Eric Johnson Gary Price you might like this:-)
I voted for Gary Johnson, but there are too many Rand followers among self-identified libertarians for my liking
Beautiful inside-out play. Gary Clark to Kevin Johnson for the trey.
Another example of a manager being right for certain clubs…look what Gary Johnson did at Yeovil…then what he did at Northampton
How Relationships affect your Business Online and Offline with Gary Loper via
So it was a foul was it Gary Johnson? Bit like it was a sending off!
Travel Channel shared a post. We caught up with author and travel blogger, Clint Johnson (aka TripHacker), to...
I won't disagree. (If we're not counting Gary Johnson whose chances of winning are... well... bad.)
The FA say that Nathan Smith faces no punishment for his role in the incident as playing for Yeovil & Gary Johnson is punishment enough.
Steve Cotterill had a better points-per-game average (1.84) after 50 matches than both Gary Johnson and John Ward managed at
4 for you Gary Johnson, yo go Gary Johnson
- The comments to Gary Johnson's post make me sad. - Missouri police officer not charged in black teen's shooting
Gary Johnson now the 13th longest serving manager in the country after Mark Yates's exit.
Video interviews with Gary Johnson and Jordan Clarke will be uploaded shortly to save you all from watching XFactor!
MOTORCYCLING: Strong return to action for Brigg’s Johnson at Macau GP: Brigg rider Gary Johnson completed the ...
Peter Hickman and Gary Johnson revved up for Macau Grand Prix battle - Grimsby Telegraph
Ben Swann & (smokin' hot) Erin Ade Talk with Gary Johnson on Libertarians and the difference between the GOP and...
Susan Wyatt and Gary Johnson at an educational conference in China. They attend as participants and presenters.
Susan Wyatt (SPC) photographs Gary Johnson (SPC) on an int. ed. panel in China. NSW ed. again on the int. stage.
This is Mark Bray's close? I voted for Gary Johnson... Most people are saying, huh?
Famous Managers Terry Cooper, Joe Jordan, Gary Johnson and Alan *** 1967-81 inc promotion to top flight
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Gary Johnson, the former governor, is one of four members joining a new advisory council for Santa Fe Advisors LLC.
I like that Jill Stein actually discussed issues in her debate with Gary Johnson, even tho I disagree with her overall.
Gary Johnson who is the ex governor of new mexico and self made millionaire general contractor endorses Adrian...
Gary Johnson weighs in on NM governor's race
Gary Johnson weighs in on governor's race | New Mexico News - KOAT Home via
Gary Johnson weighs in on governor's race: Former Gov. Gary Johnson is quite outspoken, and he shared his strong…
Gary Johnson weighs in on governor's race
Gary Johnson on Gov Race: Former Governor Gary Johnson was very popular. Healso quite outspoken. So you ...
Gary Johnson's two extremely successful terms as Governor of New Mexico, and entrepreneurial success made him the most qualified presidential...
Illustrating how carried away marijuana advocates can get, former Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson pitches the idea that the FDA should allow his marijuan...
Former Libertarian Pres candidate Gary Johnson pushes more Libertarian inclusion in Hattiesburg
As I move forward in West Africa with the Gary Johnson Outreach.Thankful for all the prayers,calls and emails from family and friends that's in agreement with me on this walk of faithAid Is On The Way
A NUMBER of Yeovil Town players must question their Sky Bet League One ability according to manager Gary Johnson after defeat to Sheffield United.
Great night at the Past players evening, many thanks to Sammy Lloyd, John Joyner, Barry Johnson and Gary Stephens.
Gary Johnson has taken from the Championship to the relegation places in League 1 in just over a year. Takes some doing that.
Certain players must look at themselves to see if they can impact a Lg1 game, says GJ after defeat -
Gary Johnson: Yeovil Town players must look at their League One impact after Sheffield United ... A NUMBER of Ye...
Gary Johnson, Dixie Lee Wines & Liquors wine manager, left, responds to Farragut Rotarian Tom King's request at...
If you don't know politics and you have faith in my ability to choose suitable leaders then please vote for Gary Johnson in the election.
"It's amazing how politicians -- of all stripes -- become so concerned about civil liberties when an election is in sight." Gary Johnson
There's no question about that. via A Libertarian Future.
and you'll find my foreign policy views align with Ron Paul and Gary Johnson pretty closely
Y'all. I might get to meet Gary Johnson today.
YOUTUBE: Gary Johnson reflects on the 2-0 defeat to
No claps from Gary Johnson will away fans ever get Anything from him
Ah so Euan gets this habit from Auntie Charlotte. Oh and thanks mum Sue Johnson and dad Gary Johnson for...
We'll see you at tonight's University Forum, feat. former presidential candidate Gary Johnson:
Gary Johnson being attacked on tv for being a Liberalist. Shame on this government for his "idea" w weed n Ebola
Majority are corrupt. There are a few good ones ie. Ron Paul, Justin Amash, Gary Johnson.
Yeovil Town must be aware of Sheffield United's knack of finishing games strongly with killer goals, according to manager Gary Johnson. The Glovers head north on the back of a spirited 1-1 draw with...
Just ran into James O 'Keefe at the Forbes I told him I voted for Gary Johnson in hopes that he was secretly recording.
.Did you just say "both sides"? There are three sides and two of them of sponsored by
Yeovil Town: Blades will be after us, but we can compete there...
There is no "both sides." There's a Dem side and a side. Pick one:
he's an opportunist, not a principled libertarian. gary johnson has better chance of getting elected than a clown like Rand.
c'mon Steve. U gotta deeper on the bucks knowledge than Gary Payton. Marques Johnson, terry Cummings, Ricky pierce, big dog etc
Gov Haley has 3 opponents including a libertarian WHY cant they just stop After all Gary Johnson was such a *great* governor right?
the changes are just actually gary Johnson, he's the size of 8 men
Does anyone know why Gary Johnson did disappear from the dug out for all those games?
Gary Johnson brought him in didn't he?
Gary Johnson believes marijuana is "potentially an actual cure" for the Ebola virus - See more at:
Batten down the hatches is on it's way tonight.
Not whole hog, but remember when I was obsessively following Gary Johnson while I was with j? Close enough.
Paul Festival and Gary Johnson on medical ... -
Settled line-up for Glovers: Yeovil boss Gary Johnson may stick with a more settled line-up having ...
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1/2 re piece on Mark Coopers thoughts on Gary Johnson. Reality is post THAT day at Wembley Gary has failed...
The snake Moore birthday wishes have been smashed out of the water by Ian 'Gary Johnson' Glutes.
Just what did Gary Johnson mean? Former New Mexico governor and one-time presidential candidate Gary Johnson is in the news after comments he made in an interview suggesting the marijuana might provide a cure for Ebola. Johnson is the president and CEO of Cannabis Sativa Inc.
Thankful for small favors, if PapaPaul and Babydoc Paul are the best we can do. Gary Johnson seemed ok.
LibertyFest NYC tomorrow in Gary Johnson, Tom Woods, Adam Kokesh, Robert Murphy & more. -
Today we honor Robert Vradenburgh of Newburg, NY, John Hecker of Erie, Pennsylvania, Ronald Horn of Eunice, New Mexico, and Gary Johnson of Norwalk, California. View each of their photos to read their remembrances.
2012 Libertarian Presidential Candidate, Gary Johnson, joins Stephen Kruiser to discuss the future of the Libertarian Party in 2014 and 2016...and beyond.
Ok suppose Rand Paul is the Republican presidential nominee in 2016. Do you vote for him, the Libertarian Party candidate (probably Gary Johnson again), or not vote at all?
This game needs an iconic play by play, and Ernie Johnson sounds as if he's on Prozac. Where's Gary Thorne, for crying out loud?
Ernie Johnson should have taken a lesson or two from Gary on the home run calls, Gary is the best, It's Outta Here!
Check out photos from CI College Libertarians hosting at CSU Channel Islands
what if your house, no what if your dope was on fire? Impossible sir its in Johnson's underpants
I know he did it last year too, but Ron Darling calling this game on TBS is weirding me out. Gary Cohen sounds just like Ernie Johnson.
Hap: NYC and Yale..Gary Johnson is coming to you...
You're missing out if you're not in the LLSC listening to Gary Johnson!! Come out and join the fun, take a break from studying!!!.
Ernie Johnson rocking the Gary Cohen jinx right before the homer.
You should have voted for Gary Johnson instead of the lessor of two evils. If people voted conscious, OBozo gone
Appearing at a Songbird near you on Thursday October 23. Chris Grabau, Dade Farrar, Gary Hunt and Justin Johnson...
I agree with Gary Johnson one ONE thing, Libertarians are "flaming liberals" on social issues. Enemy of Conservatives
looks very close to your offices Gary.
Gary Johnson has a show on 10/02/2014 at 12:00 PM @ Pace University in Pleasantville, NY
Johnson's brick sensationally defects to -
Is Gary Evans at this Johnson Rice & Co 2014 Energy conference? If not, why isnt $MHR presenting?
A huge THANK YOU to Gary and Debra Johnson in Ashville, NC for your donation of our first sound…
"My challenge is to live as long and as well as possible" - Gary Johnson
Of course not. I voted for Gary Johnson.
theres a guy named Gary Johnson. I think hes green party w/some good ideas about direct rep
May and Johnson have a small cadre of parliamentary acolytes who hope they'll succeed Cameron - -
Leadership hustings and Dutch auction: Theresa May and Boris Johnson have a small cadre of parliamentary acol...
Dave with Gary Johnson earlier this year, fighting the power. Vote David K...
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Posh's record is identical (W6 D1 L3) as when they won promotion in 2010/11. Gary Johnson started the season as manager.
Boris Johnson: "That's the new Fisheries Policy we need, first chuck Salmond overboard then eat the Kippers for breakfast…
"After they've tried those chillies, believe me Theresa, they'll be begging for water canons" I love Boris Johnson
A look back at 2012 presidential campaign.
Yeah they are coming this November 8, Cody Johnson & Gary Allan are coming too
Are their names Gary McGuinness, Alphonso Johnson and Benjamin Brown? Or is the randomizer broken?
Gary Gthang Johnson is coming to your city. When you hear my name run out and buy your tickets. Even…
I think every politician should strive to be like Ron Paul and Gary Johnson in America.
This one for Patrons only, but you get to read it at any level. Gary Johnson: Super Soldier - Part Three
The problem is the courts may not hear it until after the debates. They did that to Gary Johnson.
or he will be uninterested and get completely outboxed, like he was by Tureano Johnson, who got hosed by Gary Rosato
he also said he would vote for Gary Johnson.
Objectively, only a Gary Johnson vote wasn't. But that was a vote to kill medicare, medicaid and SS. Great options we had.
I think N'Dam wins this one… unless the referee Gary Rosato from the Tureano Johnson fight is back.
Gary Johnson to get him out our club
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Old Pardew is getting a bit of a hammering from the Newcastle fans. Never met the bloke but he seems like a think Gary Johnson.
great to see Gary Johnson of Lubrizol but sad he's retiring. we'll miss you Gary!
Gary Johnson: I'll leave Yeovil Town squad to go karting if they fire us up ... - Western Gazette
Gary Johnson: Town were powderpuff in defeat to Crawley Town | Western Gazette
Really? There are no Ron Paul or Gary Johnson type candidates you could vote for? What made you want to vote for Wendy Davis?
Peterborough United face Yeovil and former boss Gary Johnson at Huish Park today. Phil Adlam will be joining Nick Fairbairn for commentary.
Gary Johnson has a show on 09/17/2014 at 12:00 PM @ Sussex County Community C... in Newton, NJ
If Rand Paul is libertarian leaning, he should pick Gary Johnson as a running mate. Talk about a ticket...
Thank you Colleen Barr for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Nomination. . I now nominate Gary Johnson, Ron Paul,...
I voted for a true freedom candidate Gary Johnson only because Ron Paul was not on my ballot
Ulster GP: Johnson and Cummins ruled out of Dundrod: Gary Johnson and Conor Cummins will miss the Metzeler Uls...
Johnson and Cummins miss Ulster GP: Lincolnshire's Gary Johnson and Manxman Conor Cummins will miss the Ulster...
. When have you ever heard Dr. Ron Paul, Gov. Gary Johnson or Judge Andrew Napolitano say there should be no laws⁉️
Johnson expecting Gillett decision: Simon Gillett's Yeovil future will be resolved soon, boss Gary Johnson has...
Gary Johnson has confirmed that Simon Gillett will link up with tomorrow at their training camp in Cornwall.
A little late now for self recrimination, do you think? Ask Ron Paul, Gary Johnson,others
Did you watch the 2012 third party debate between Jill Stein and Gary Johnson?
I'm hoping a good Governor steps up. Still like Gary Johnson & John Huntsman from the right. Unsure abt the left.
Top Transfer News (Football) ● Morgan to make Yeovil departure: Yeovil striker Adam Morgan is set to leave Huish Park, just months after arriving from Liverpool. The 20-year-old made only seven substitute appearances after making his loan move from Anfield permanent in January and Glovers boss Gary Johnson confirmed he will be playing his football elsewhere this season. "His future lies away from here," he told BBC Somerset. "We feel he won't be in our squad so we need to help him find somewhere to play some football." ● Fiorentina announce signing of midfielder Joshua Brillante: Fiorentina have announced the signing of Australia defensive midfielder Joshua Brillante from A-League side Newcastle Jets. Brillante underwent a medical on Monday before completing his permanent transfer to the Viola. "I'm very happy to be in Florence," Brillante said on the club's official website. "I look forward to seeing the team soon. "I can't wait to get started." Brillante, who also holds an Italian passport due to hi ...
Gary Johnson caught this stonking Brown Trout from Stenhouse Fishery near Burntisland on a Claret Snatcher! The...
It's a very sad day my uncle heinz in Germany and my uncle Gary Johnson here im san Antonio passed away earlier this evening Rip love yall and yall will be truly missed
Well today was a good day at the casino! 👌Gary Johnson
lol.Staam was was Ronny Johnson...Gary Neville was the standard right back...check your facts sir
Sarah Mastny would like to say a big Thank YOU Gary & Lee Johnson. 2014 srx
Ben Swann, Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray on American politics and libe...
When former presidential candidates join commerce you know the time is nigh:
Gary Johnson from The Johnson Dealerships, Pittsfield, MA and the infamous green screen!
CBDS just hired Former New Mexico Governor and presidential candidate Gary Johnson. Is this marijua…
Salut, beat that London you may have Buckingham Palace and Boris Johnson but we have the passion and Gary Verity!
Did you vote for Obama or Gary Johnson .
My answer to What does Ron Paul think of Gary Johnson?
The top teams in at the moment all have Pendles, Rocky, Fyfe, Selwood, Johnson & you guessed it, Gaz!
My next-door neighbor's two dogs have created more shovel-ready jobs than this current administration. Gary Johnson
Gov. Gary Johnson on Ukraine crisis, NSA spying, guns and immigration reform
top point guards it's way more of course magic Johnson Gary Payton Jason Kidd Steve Nash John Stockton Oscar Robertson
Gary Johnson Is Now CEO of a Marijuana Company. And He Wants to Run for President.
We will host a 7-on-7 this Wednesday (July 9) at Gary Johnson Field in Wyoming. 8 teams attending, games start at 6:00 P.M.
I’ve never seen a Prius with a Romney, a Ron Paul, or a Gary Johnson sticker, have you?
Hidden Gems (Columbus Oh) 6'1 Guard Azende' Johnson hitting 6 of 6 straight from beyond the arc …
Sec. Jeh Johnson tells again "our borders aren't open to illegal migration." Why are illegals in refugee c…
Sec. Jeh Johnson says we don't have a right to be frustrated by these illegals bombarding our borders.
Gary Johnson: a happy go lucky guy who did a great job as governor of New Mexico |
Alan Colmes With Gary Johnson: Alan Colmes talks to former Gov. Gary Johnson about his role as...
Former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson is now CEO of a weed company.
A NEVADA-based start-up that plans on selling medical and recreational marijuana products named Former New Mexico governor and U.S. Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson as its CEO and president, the company announced Tuesday.
Coming up tonight on at 10, hear my interview with former NM Gov. Gary Johnson, who was named CEO of a pot firm today.
Reform the Income Tax? No, Replace It! by Ken Hamilton The 16th amendment to the U.S. constitution was passed in 1913 and has become a drag on economic growth and an administrative nightmare for taxpayers. The cost of compliance with 74,000 pages of regulations costs individuals and businesses over $430 billion per year. The privacy of citizens is intruded upon when we are forced to report personal financial information to the IRS. The true cost of the massive federal Leviathan is hidden in products and services throughout the economy. No one interested in efficiency and fairness would create such a monstrosity from scratch. There is an alternative that has been talked about for years. It was advocated by 2012 Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson and would be a vital ingredient in jump starting the economy. It is a national sales tax, otherwise known as the Fair Tax, to completely replace the income tax, regressive payroll taxes, as well as estate and gift taxes, which are particularly damaging ...
Gary Johnson takes victory in Monday's Supersport Race 1 at the Isle of Man TT after a thrilling battle with Bruce Anstey.
To be fair Gary Stevens aged about 45 is still better than Johnson.
SPORT: manager Gary Johnson tips winger Joel Grant for a big season in League One.
More on Monday from 2004. Tracks by the Scissor Sisters, Kanye West & Syleena Johnson, Twisted X, the Farm, O-Zone and 4-4-2.
GL with the golf gary I got on Johnson at 35/1 an Scott and Rory are clinging on hopefully it will pay for both of us
Could be looking at a Randy Johnson or Gary Sheffield. Which reminds me that I have some box sets in my mom's attic.
Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, who ran for President as a Libertarian in 2012, says he plans to run again in 2016. The former Republican wants to run on the Libertarian Party ticket beca...
in no particular order... Bob Cousy, Magic Johnson, Gary Payton, Isaiah Thomas and a toss up between Nash & Paul
Bobby Kendall sets fast time in SLM 17.542 Casey Johnson, Jamie Wallace, Gary Lamonte, Dave Feiler the top 5.
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