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Gary Johnson

Gary Earl Johnson (born January 1, 1953) is an American businessman, former Governor of New Mexico, and candidate for the Libertarian Party nomination for President of the United States in the 2012 election.

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When does Gary Johnson get to debate?!? 😤🤔👀
You know, if everyone who is voting for the "lesser of two evils" just voted for Gary Johnson., we'd get a good leader.
The not as bad as the worst in my life..but come on:. Mitt Romney (R). George HW Bush (R). Gary Johnson (R). Garold Ford (R). Jill Stein (G)
LRT: Looks like Jill Stein was concerned John Oliver didn't make her views seem as outrageous as Gary Johnson's
John Oliver thinks voters are crazy for supporting Gary Johnson, Jill Stein via
have you seen John Oliver on Dr. Stein and Gary Johnson?
John Oliver on third party candidates Jill Stein and Gary Johnson wanting to be taken seriously is remarkable.
John Oliver's brilliant exposure of the nonsense policies of Gary Johnson and Jill Stein.
Ready to bail from the but Gary Johnson doesn't bring the crazy for you? I've got good news!
John Oliver on "Last Week Tonight". On the 3rd Party Candidates: Jill Stein and Gary Johnson
Funniest part is Gary Johnson at 8%. Total imbecile. Watch John Oliver this week...
Jill Stein is an imbecile. So is Gary Johnson. Thank you, John Oliver.
John Oliver Expose Third Party Platforms' Huge Problems. "The more you look at both Gary Johnson and Jill...
it's tough man. I wish Gary Johnson was a little more like a Ron Paul libertarian and then I'd vote for him. Seems too wishy-washy
Anyone thinking of voting for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson, PLEASE Watch John Oliver's latest episode of Last Week Tonight and rethink.
John Oliver tore into Gary Johnson's tax plan — and barely scratched the surface - Washington Post
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I see that you're for Gary Johnson. Who is Ben Ghazi? P.S. Just kidding.
John Huntsman, Mike Lee, Jason Chaffetz, Chris Stewart and Mia Love could make an impact by endorsing Gary Johnson
watch the new John Oliver segment on Gary Johnson, you'll like it lol
Watch John Oliver expose huge holes in third party platforms by Jill Stein and Gary Johnson https…
“The more you look at Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, the more you realize the lack of coverage they complain about...
'The lesser of four evils': John Oliver is not a fan of Gary Johnson and Jill Stein
John Oliver vets Jill Stein and Gary Johnson not as spoilers, but as “legitimate potential presidents”
John Oliver perfectly explains why Gary Johnson and Jill Stein shouldn't get your vote
John Oliver on why you shouldn't vote for third-party candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein: https:…
Gary Johnson has experience, he's a problem solver. He's not a maniac or a liar. He's a really refreshing candidate.
Breaking down the times Gary Johnson didn’t know what he was talking about
why do the presidential debates not include the three other people running Jill Stein and Gary Johnson and Richard Duncan???
SOMEBODY tell me who is Richard Duncan and Gary Johnson? 😭
Trump: we should have to take a drug test. Hillary: that is unprecedented. Gary Johnson: oh *** yah i could ace that…
Gary Johnson: 'Bernie was right’ on Clinton surprise he can remember Bernie
Hamilton Collection
Trump's collapse gives Gary Johnson an opening:
Gary Johnson: 'Bernie was right’ on Clinton Bernie will one of the main reasons the Dems loose this election cycle.
Gary Johnson: on Clinton This man is an *** he has not idea of foreign policy, barely understands domestic policy
Gary Johnson: 'Bernie was right’ on Clinton YOUTH were LIED to by HILARBAMA used and disposed of Fool me ONCE ,TWICE
Gary Johnson asks Bernie Sanders voters to give him another look
Hey Mike how are you?. I'm already through about 6 Miller Lites and just told this girl I'm voting for Gary Johnson. So good.
I am given to understand that Gary Johnson's exclusion was not an oversight.
Gary Johnson beating Trump and Clinton in Ohio mock vote, but who is Richard Duncan winning it all?
really Gary Johnson , who can't name the leader of any other county?
Gary Johnson, Ken Bone and some actress to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live post-debate special Oct. 19.
Gary Johnson looks like coach Marty in Blue Mountain State.
Another this time it's Gary Johnson at TT2010 getting a bit firey at the end of Sulby straight
I would feel less "doomsday-ish" if it was Joe Biden, Rand Paul, and Gary Johnson in this election seriously- why Trump…
Don't tell Gary Johnson. He'll be eating breakfast, lunch and dinner at Wendy's!
You know, the Libertarian Party could probably be a potent political force if its most famous members weren't Gary Johnson and John Mcafee.
If any of the people who voted for me take a hard look at what Gary Johnson stands for, they will not support him. https…
both you and are unfit!! Gary Johnson is the answer to change and a GREAT country!!
It is possible for Gary Johnson to be elected president even if he does not get in the debates. First he must win one state like New Mexico.
I get the impression from observing Gary Johnson that being a successful governor of New Mexico is easier than it sounds
they weren't covered up they plastered all over the place. We also still have Gary Johnson. Our best option really
I don't care if it's for Jill Stein, Gary Johnson or if you just write Aleppo on a ballot, please vote this...
Gary Johnson should have watched this ep of Martha Stewart cooking school because she just explained where Aleppo pepper comes from.
Let's face it, neither Gary Johnson nor Jill Stein have a snowball's chance in a steel mill of winning.
Hillary as Janeway fits. I submit that Jill Stein is Beverly Crusher and Gary Johnson is Bruce Madox (Measure of a Man)
This next question comes from Gary Johnson, "What is Aleppo?"
is talking about Aleppo. Dear God. I hope Gary Johnson is watching. And maybe taking some notes.
Gary Johnson is googling Lincoln right now.
Gary Johnson lost me when said World War II was a mistake. Cause you know Pearl Harbor
My teacher hates Gary Johnson and says he's terrible. She wanted Ted Cruz for president. Ironic
I haven't spoken to Pence but Gary Johnson fully updated me on Aleppo MIke Flynn agrees
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Gary Johnson, screaming at the TV in a Wendy's: "Hey! Heyyy! That's the Aleppo question! Lemme answer! Lemme answer! I can do it this time!"
I wonder where Gary Johnson is getting high right now.
Hillary will give a hundred low blows trump will try to follow suit. Let's get Gary Johnson out there
Why I switched my endorsement to Gary Johnson.
Actually yes. And I know enough about Gary Johnson to know that there's no way in *** I would vote for him if he were the o…
Trump is horrible, Hillary is horrible, and Gary Johnson is Sean Penn's character from Fast Times at Ridgemont High.
Shut up Gary Johnson, you aren't fit to run a Wendy's.
Gary Johnson says the Clinton campaign and its Super Pacs may dump $50 million on him. What are they so afraid of?
Gary Johnson would be a better choice than either Hillary OR Trump
Tho I don't like him either, the fact that I've seen more Gary Johnson signs encourages me. Maybe we'll break this 2 party system eventually
Ron Paul to independents: You can vote for Jill Stein instead of Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson may help determine the winner of the 2016 election. We spent 36 hours with him. …
I wonder if there's discussion among GOP to endorse Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson has issued the following statement: "Who's Donald Trump?"
The GOP dilemma: don't want Donald... don't want Hillary... would save America, but love power too much to endorse Gary Johnson...
We need a policy guided by principle, not politics. via
Can Gary Johnson please commit a few more gaffes? That would really help everyone out here.
Gary Johnson once clamped an alligator clip on his tongue, to show he could withstand pain. Our profile from 1999 https:/…
that's why I'm voting for Gary Johnson so I can show them I don't like the 2 options they gave us
Gary Johnson give us a break, another payoff from Bill & Hillary Clinton!
according to the polls, the GOP position is second place, but watch out. Gary Johnson in the rearview mirror.
Donald Trump should not be president. Hillary Clinton should not be president. GARY JOHNSON AL THE WAY!
Gary Johnson - you better smarten up and get your act together, cause here is your chance.
you want to beat Hillary? denounce Trump and endorse Gary Johnson and the libertarian party.
I don't know for a fact if Gary Johnson has "Gary Johnson" tattooed on his arm so he can remember his name, I just know it's true
Hillary says Millenial 3rd party voters are a . Gary Johnson says they're the
Gary Johnson chances never looked better right now.
I've given money to Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, & Gary Johnson this cycle, but I just passionately argued for Hillary Clinton at dinner tonight.
Gary Johnson welcomes the support as well.
The Gov of NM does not have the nuclear codes. Bill Richardson was Gov of NM & an *** Gary Johnson is an *** …
Yeah we have Gary Johnson who is a giant *** and Jill Stein who's a *** hippie.
POLL: Hillary Clinton's lead vanishes in New Hampshire as Gary Johnson voters go to Donald Trump ht…
.says he would pardon Snowden: "No one has been hurt by these disclosures"
What if the gets desperate and offers Gary Johnson the nomination but then he's SO anti-big government he can't find D.C.
Hillary Clinton and Gary Johnson are going to do phenomenally in Utah. Not win. But better than any non-Republicans…
Gary Johnson says working "hand in hand with Russia" will solve the crisis in Syria via
Let the record show that Gary Johnson has never been associated with sexual assault in any way. Clear conscience!
If he does I really think they should invite Gary Johnson and have it without him
It would be better for Trump and Pence to just say "Vote for Gary Johnson"
Back in 2012, warned about Aleppo. So do your homework, So you owe Gary an apology.
Al Franken: "Gary Johnson did not know the name of the president of Mexico when he was the governor of New Mexico"
I can't see them removing from ticket. I *can* see them endorsing Gary Johnson instead.
"Gary Johnson takes another step in the wrong direction"
I'm annoyed that Gary Johnson is the one getting quizzed on geography & world leaders. Ask Trump those questions & expose hi…
I am losing friends over my support for Gary Johnson but not my conscience!
Gary "Aleppo" Johnson is looking like a better choice every day.
In May, Gary Johnson -- with coffee cup -- securing the Libertarian nomination.
.Sorry, but Gary Johnson not ready for prime time.
I don't know much about Gary Johnson's sex life. That's just awesome.
Pence should endorse Gary Johnson, and not wait another day to do it.
Gary Johnson talks foreign policy at U. of C., chides media for pop quizzes i want to see this guy at a debate .
Gary Johnson is the only candidate with the experience to fix a broken government. Hillary is part of the problem.
I like Gary Johnson but he's wrong that only solution to DPRK threatening USA w/nukes is diplomacy via China. Military invasion long overdue
Guys, GOP isn't endorsing Gary Johnson. They love power more than they love America. We have to do this Gary Cooper-style:…
at it again! Bomb bomb bomb. Kill kill kill. I'll stick with Gary johnson
US election: Gary Johnson voters apparently switching to Trump (in NH). Story supports one of theses ("parkin…
TRUMP: i sexually assault women and see no issues with it. UNDECIDED VOTER: i dunno, hillary seems untrustworthy. GARY JOHNSON…
sorry, I hate the word hate for Gary Johnson, it's what I've decided to do as a protest lol
People should stop being concerned if Gary Johnson knows where Aleppo is & find where missing boxes are! https…
Bill Maher: Gary Johnson shouldn't be my President, he should be my weed dealer
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Gary Johnson and "Moral Equivalence": The moral bankruptcy of the New York Times (and Bill Weld)
Although for Gary Johnson, a joint appearance tonight is still on.
I don't know how religious convictions can lead someone to vote for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, or Gary Johnson..
so ur voting for Gary Johnson for absolutely no reason
Gary Johnson: I'll sleep soundly if Donald Trump wins via
36 hours on the campaign trail with Gary Johnson
Jimmy Kimmel says to leave Gary Johnson alone. Then he mocks him. via
Bernie Sanders: If my supporters 'take a hard look' at what Gary Johnson stands for, they won't v... via
Mentally ill Libertarian Pres candidate Gary Johnson says he's having an "Aleppo moment" in Q & A
Also interesting to note: Gary Johnson got a respectable 11% of support in Lucy Brenton even got 8% in Senate race.
Gary Johnson thinks Bashar al Assad and President Obama are morally the same. And someone wants to vote 4 him?
Tim Kaine said Gary Johnson's Syria remarks were "incredibly disrespectful to the troops"
Took me about 24 hours but I just read Gary Johnson's Syria comments. What a dumb man.
Gary Johnson is as Libertarian as The Democratic Peoples Republic of North Korea is Democratic
Dear "progressive protest voters," Gary Johnson is a Libertarian, so are Ron & Rand Paul. Think about that!
Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson couldn't name the leader of North Korea
Not sure what Future 45 super PAC is all about- but looks like they are anti Hillary so they must be supporting Gary Johnson?
We pray that God will meet the needs of Gary Johnson's family and grant special grace to his wife in her pregnancy. Strength, love, grace
Do you really want Gary Johnson as your president? The answer is yes.
This is why a vote for Gary Johnson would be a waste of you vote. Sorry John Hansen. I know you're not just...
OK let's bring the magic jenny out of the bottle and elect Gary Johnson for President and Bill wade for VP !
and people forget how bad Gary Johnson is at debating. It's a good think they didn't make it
I can't believe Gary Johnson hasn't gotten a shout out in the Aleppo section.
Gary Johnson thinks having a president who doesn't know geography is a good thing.
Drew Carey to become Gary Johnson's honorary California chairman
Gary Johnson says he still can't name his favorite foreign leader - and explains why
Personally, I don't want the Seventh Fleet to invade France. In a Gary Johnson administration that would never happen.
props to Gary Johnson for still finding an unoccupied niche this election year
Gary Johnson might be the dumbest of all the candidates which is really saying something.
I'm stuck in between voting Vermin Supreme or Gary Johnson.   10% Off
Casual Monday for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. this was before his rally tonight at CU-South in Parker. more…
Gov. Gary Johnson came to Parker, explain why he should be via
Reporting tonight from the Gary Johnson rally in Parker, CO
"With Donald Trump there's the certainty of uncertainty."— Gary Johnson in Parker, CO
.is live from the Gary Johnson rally in Parker.
Pretty close to a full house in Parker, Colo for Gary Johnson
Waiting for the the Gary Johnson rally to begin in Parker, Colorado.
Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson to campaign in Parker Monday - KRDO
That's what Libertarian do. He must have been Gary Johnson's puff puff pass recipient.
sure Gary Johnson keeps "saying the wrong thing" but he also thinks the poor should be harnessed in mills to power rich pe…
Jeb Bush for Gary Johnson, Ron Paul for Jill Stein, John Negroponte for Hillary Clinton, my racist cat for Donald Trump. Ple…
A vote 4 anyone but Hillary is a vote 4 & the GOP. Gary Johnson has appeal however ppl don't realize how Conservative…
Plot twist. Trump arrested for not paying income tax and the FBI arrest Hillary for emails and Gary Johnson wins the el…
Poll: Clinton’s lead in blue state New Mexico down to four points — thanks to Gary Johnson
Need a sign or bumper sticker to show your support on your way to Parker, CO to see Gary Johnson? Shoot us a...
Gary Johnson: We don't need a Constitution, baby. We only need one law: "have good times with your best dudes". That's J…
Today is the day! Gary Johnson in Parker Colorado this evening. Go show your support for the
Clarissa explains why you should vote for Gary Johnson! . Sabrina The Middle Aged Libertarian!. Melissa and Gary! . https:…
Gary Johnson & Bernie Sanders R polically/socially on opposite ends of the spectrum. Only ignorance would allow swi…
Corrupted mass media doesn't have air time to even mention the name of Gary Johnson, but they do air the voice of a…
[Opinion] "Voting for Gary Johnson is as sensible as writing in 'Puff the Magic Dragon'"
Gary Johnson has support because some in this country have a sense of humor.. The only thing he could do 4 me is puff puff past!
Just a reminder to millennials, Gary Johnson is AGAINST universal healthcare and free public education, a horrible stance.…
Seriously guys. Gary Johnson didn't know who Harriet Tubman is.
DT is a lying racist misogynistic criminal. Gary Johnson is an uniformed fool. Republican leadership needs grow some balls a…
Or 170 years before Gary Johnson asked "Who is Harriet Tubman"?
Gary Johnson is not worth any liberal's protest vote:
Anthony Bourdain and Gary Johnson are basically the same person to me, except I would much rather have Bourdain as the Lib Party candidate.
I hope Gary Johnson and Jill Stein eventually find the Christopher Guest movie they belong in.
Lib Party's Gary Johnson has another "duh" moment. Shelve 3rd party protest and vote to keep away from WH.
Excellent article showing why Gary Johnson is the wrong candidate for supporters.
Gary Johnson subtle message to millennials: unsure world security but a definite Drug Free America!
FYI, eventual answers from Gary Johnson and Bill Weld: Vincente Fox and Angela Merkel, respectively.
Donald Trump, police of morality & physical fitness. Gary Johnson doesn't know what Aleppo is. These men criticize Hillary. WHAT A JOKE!
Could you write a note to your boy Gary Johnson that just reads "Angela Merkel. Justin Trudeau. Pick one "
I can understand voting third party if the choice were Eugene Debs, Norman Thomas or Theodore Roosevelt. But Gary Johnson & J…
"Libertarian politics in general are a dead end for anyone trying to build a voice for the 99%."
Small protest of Gary Johnson supporters outside CPD. Dude walks by and yells "Save Aleppo!"
Hillary Clinton is terrified one man could cost her the White House, and it's not Donald Trump
GARY JOHNSON - just a lovable old doof in service to a monstrously nihilistically callous political ideology
Now that's the kind of take-charge world leader Gary Johnson should be appreciating.
Obviously impressed by his grasp of global affairs, the endorses Gary Johnson for POTUS.
interviewer: how would you support our vets?. Gary Johnson: maybe petco coupons? . GJ: oh did you mean VETERANS
And if nothing else, I'd like to party with Gary Johnson.
For those considering a protest vote: here are just a few of Gary Johnson's positions. There's a lot more where this ca…
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Why no one should vote For Gary Johnson or Jill Stein:
Libertarians have been waiting for a smart, respectable candidate to represent their values…and the wait continues. ht…
The Chicago Tribune has endorsed Libertarian Gary Johnson for president, calling him "practical" and "experienced"
Governor Johnson is the ONLY candidate who will follow what the Constitution says about immigration and free trade.
Oh, sure, NOW, limited-government Libertarianism is in vogue. Too little, too late.
Because many have asked, I will now give my official statement on the Chicago Tribune's endorsement of Gary Johnson for pres…
When asked his favorite color, Gary Johnson stared uncomfortably for a full 25 seconds before answering, "socks?"
The Chicago Tribune Editorial Board, has endorsed Libertarian Gary Johnson for president
And publication that could endorse Gary Johnson is as big a joke as he is - maybe a small town mayor perhaps! 😡
Well at least the didn't endorse Hillary for U.S. president: Endorsing Gary Johnson, Libertarian
Gary Johnson had an "Aleppo moment" after asks who his favorite foreign leader is
Here's you how can vote for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein without feeling guilty
If you went into a lab and created a candidate who has the opposite view of corporate power as Bernie, he would look a lot…
A guy who probably doesn't remember what he ate for lunch instead of a qualified, experienced woman. Makes sense. http…
I don't think Gary Johnson's going to be invited to celebrity Jeopardy folks. Sad!
When informed about the endorsement, Gary Johnson said, "Chicago is my favorite place to visit when in California."
Adding Gary Johnson would certainly bring an element of humor to the debates.
Chicago Tribune endorses presidential candidate days after he fails to name world leader
The Chicago Tribune just endorsed Gary Johnson for POTUS, a candidate who can't name a single world leader.Yup, United Stat…
If you plan on voting for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein you're practically giving your vote to Hillary!
This is a well articulated article endorsing Gary Johnson. Please, read it! This might be how we move past...
Headline: aging clown without make up, Gary Johnson , names Kentucky Fried Chicken as favorite state.
If you are voting Gary Johnson because you believe Trump/Clinton are not
Did just have its own Aleppo moment?.
Today we endorse Gary Johnson, Libertarian, a principled option for president
We reject the cliche that a citizen who chooses a principled third-party candidate is squandering his or...
Be ye not deceived: is a wolf in sheep's clothing (or, more aptly, a Kochwhore in stoner's clothing): https:/…
Name a more iconic duo... I'll wait . GARY JOHNSON: I can't think of one
Reporter: How do you feel about the Chicago Tribune endorsing you?. Gary Johnson: What is Chicago Tribune?
Jill Stein & Gary Johnson are "cool" to them. is a fad. Then something else becomes "the…
"an aide directed (Gary) Johnson to a room named for Harriet Tubman, and Johnson replied, “Who’s Harriet Tubman?” https:…
Chicago Tribune joins The Detroit News in endorsing Libertarian Gary Johnson for president:
The Chicago Tribune endorses Gary Johnson for president, what a joke!
WATCH: makes chuckle when asking who her favorite world leader is:
Me when Gary Johnson couldn't name one world leader he admires but people still think he is a smart alternative choice in Novem…
Yeah, because that's what I'd do if I were in Chicago's shoes - endorse Gary Johnson. Good grief!
We are truly living in Idiocracy. When the Editorial Board of the endorses a fool like Gary Johnson to run this…
If you like Donald Trump go register to vote. If you like Hillary Clinton go register to vote. If you like Gary Johnson put down the bong.
Chicago Tribune endorses Gary Johnson, a candidate who thinks Chicago is in . . . well, he's not exactly sure.
"Hello President Johnson, it's Angela Merkel. How are you?". Gary Johnson-"Sorry, never heard of you. Must have the wrong number ". *Click*
Gary Johnson has more editorial board endorsements than Donald Trump.. think about that one for a minute.
First the SunTimes hired Jenny McCarthy as a science writer, now Trib endorses Gary Johnson...
Melissa Joan Hart is supporting the Libertarian candidate which is appropriate since Gary Johnson will probably forget her name too.
Gary Johnson believes healthy free markets will protect the environment. Gary Johnson is a fool ...
Gary Johnson opposes Collective Bargaining. He believes free markets will assure safe working conditions. He is a fool.
note to Gary Johnson. Angela Merkel is dressed in white.
This has been bugging me for weeks. I FINALLY figured out who Gary Johnson reminds me of.
Gary Johnson struggles to name his favorite foreign leader via
just sayin.still voting for Gary Johnson, btw Gary next time youre asked just say Angela Merkle
Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is comic relief. He doesn't know Angela Merkle or Theresa May? Saving grace --…
I feel like Gary Johnson is a smart guy, but is clumsy, and not as strategic and manipulative as other candidates😅 i like him bc he's
.throwing some shade at Gary Johnson
Lol!! Was it the MSM that tied Gary Johnson's tongue when he was asked about Aleppo?!
Trump got the Gary Johnson world leader q from NECN. He said Angela Merkel, then quickly added he doesn't like Merkel anym…
if I wanted someone who knows nothing, I have that in No need to vote for Gary Johnson - he is clueless BTW
Not sure what's worse, Gary Johnson not being able to name a world leader he respects or B. Weld naming Angela Merkel. Libertarians? Lol no.
Detroit News endorses Gary Johnson - who can't name one world leader, and whose Veep admires Angela Merkel
Gaffes beg the question: Why is Gary Johnson still in?: Gary Johnson is the new punching bag of the 2016 camp...
everyday Gary Johnson says something even more unbelievable
Sen. Warren, you should think about a new mission to figure out how to minimize Gary Johnson. Remember Nader.
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Gary Johnson cannot name one world leader via And endorsed him?! Bet the staff is proud!
I can think of someone.. As nice as Gary Johnson seems, he's unfit to lead…
no no guys Donald Trump isn't Bobby Newport irl. Gary Johnson is
"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome your new President, Gary Johnson.". *incredibly loud noise as Johnson slams into a door…
Horrifying news. Far more important than Trump debate preps, Trump sleaze, or Gary Johnson's
How many years has Gary Johnson set back the marijuana legalization movement?
Have we ruled out the possibility that Gary Johnson is three kids in a trenchcoat?
"The solution is voting for Gary Johnson." Well put, Ms. Atienza. via
Would it have been better if Gary Johnson said his favorite world leader is Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte?
Gov. Gary Johnson set to hold rally in Phoenix Saturday via
I'd have trouble thinking of a foreign leader I admire too. Can't fault Gary Johnson for that.
To be fair, not a single foreign leader knows who Gary Johnson is either.
I finally decided to be with her partly when I realized Gary Johnson is the Brick Tamland of the election.
Gary Johnson wants to pardon Snowden & couldn't name ONE world leader he admires. Bring on . I just can't anymore
Gary Johnson is the Kellen Moore of candidates. Fans want to imagine ways he *might* succeed, but pretty clear he doesn’t have minimum tools
Update your maps at Navteq
"I guess I'm having an Aleppo moment." Gary Johnson was asked to name his favorite foreign leader. He couldn't.
Gary Johnson could not name a single foreign leader past or present, living or dead. What is wrong with this man?
"libertarian" Gary Johnson said Anthony Kennedy is his favorite current Supreme Court Justice not Samuel Alito or CJ Roberts
Someone quick tell Gary Johnson he's running for President of the USA, _not_ Delta Psi Beta.
Aleppo, a city where grief is overflowing, is now a joke for Gary Johnson. The man is clearly mentally unstable.
Someone recently asked me what I thought of Gary Johnson running. I think this is a solid answer on his ability to do the…
Gary Johnson for sure thinks Elon Musk is a very expensive brand of cologne.
Gary Johnson is not John Fitzgerald Johnson! Need equal airtime!
Gary Johnson has a worse memory than Rick Perry. Who thought that was possible?!
Gary Johnson is pretty much Jindal on a lotta high grade pot.
Gary Johnson can't name ONE foreign leader he respects.
Gary Johnson always looks stressed when he's answering questions. Ugh.
Obama just said "A vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for Trump". Both major parties are scared of losing their grip on power…
I fought till bloody in Iraq,came home,started a family and support Gary Johnson as POTUS.Bring our…
I was JUST reading this. A former Bernie supporter in my family was talking about Gary Johnson and this is a good rebuttal.
Jill Stein and Gary Johnson should've been allowed to debate. It doesn't mean you have to vote for them but they deserv…
Gary Johnson, Cease and desist! It's our lives you're sacrificing on the altar of your ego.
New poll not only did beat Hillary in the debate so did Gary Johnson a…
radio doing an interesting show on Libertarians, Gary Johnson and the Free State Project in New Hampshire
“Democracy Now” has invited Gary Johnson and Jill Stein to a post-debate event on September 27
If nobody wants either Trump or Clinton as president, vote for either Gary Johnson or Jill Stein. There are two other…
PRECISELY. We have lots of choices when it comes to your vote. Jill Stein and Gary Johnson need to share the podium…
there's a case to be made for a third person at the debates, but that person is Gary Johnson, not Stein
If we want better debates and better options, let's let Gary Johnson and Jill Stein debate. We have more than two choices.
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