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Gary Johnson

Gary Earl Johnson (born January 1, 1953) is an American businessman, former Governor of New Mexico, and candidate for the Libertarian Party nomination for President of the United States in the 2012 election.

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Top Tenner: Official blunders MARCH 28, 2014 7:25:13 AM PDT By Nick Miller After Andre Marriner dismissed Kieran Gibbs instead of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain last weekend, ESPNFC picks out 10 of the best/worst (depending on your point of view) refereeing blunders from down the years. NB -- this does not included anything that occurred at a World Cup, as we have a World Cup Top Tenner for that ... 10. The worst/best dive ever, 2008 A staple in the canon of referee blunders is not spotting a clear dive. From Jurgen Klinsmann at the 1990 World Cup to Robert Pires against Portsmouth in 2003 to the long list of good honest Englishmen who were dropped by fresh air over the years, officials are frequently duped by falling players. However, this is arguably the daddy of them all, from a 2008 game in Colombia between Atletico Junior and America, and the man in question is Emerson Acuna, who flung himself to the ground with a clear 3 yards between him and his nearest adversary. This space notwithstanding, the referee p ...
Sounds like they took "The Music Man" and made it sad. I presume there is no singing about Gary, Indiana in this one?
Harrison fiddle convention Gary Johnson on fiddle.
From the we hear from Sean Dyche, Kevin Phillips, Gary Johnson, John McGovern and others :: Sat 6am
Gary Rothfeld Ernie Johnson on the Final Four's move to Turner - Awful Announcing: Ernie Johnson ... Baltimore MD
Spending time with Gary Johnson going home tomorrow ugh I am going to miss him but believe me I will be back soon
Honored to judge spelling comp. today for JAG conf. Willie Johnson, 1st pl, Marquis Gary, 2nd. Excellent!
Just ONCE I’d like Scooby and gang to assume it’s someone dressed up like a ghost.
I think J manchin & Gary Johnson B gd leadrs Both centrists Prob is Dino whackos in DC now
Bob Barr 2008, Gary Johnson 2012. I have no right to force behavior from others. That is the DemoRino way,sadly
Yeah. I'd've loved to have voted for Gary Johnson, but mine is a swing state and I couldn't have lived with Romney.
Football - No problems for Johnson - Yeovil boss Gary Johnson could name an unchanged side for the third straight ...
If for some crazy reason...Gary Johnson ran for president again but under the GOP and Rand Paul ran as the Libertarian candidate who would you vote for? Does it change if the parties are flipped? and if so why?
Wishing good luck to Audra and Gary Johnson this morning for a fast and easy delivery and recovery! Now hurry up and get Trent's new lil playmate outta there!
Woke up to find myself & the neighbourhood in room 101with Gary Johnson & Michael Gove. Thanks
Who still up with me? Gary Johnson Lmaoo them stickers tho and I won... I always win
Thats nice of Points West on breakfast tv this morning reporting on Yeovil's latest upcoming match (again) and an interview with Gary Johnson..they also said the following about Bristol Rovers and Bristol City's weekend matches.NOWT.
I found another human that voted for Gary Johnson. Stoked on that revelation today.
Thx to those who helped me while I've been here! Hugs to & DWayne Johnson!
I was OK with Gary Johnson - I liked his lack of trying to moralize via government
This artical was written by Hospice of Cinncinnati for my husband Gary Johnson for veterans day in 2010 for him severing his coumtry in the army for 8 years before he passed away of cáncer in janaray 15 of 2011
The country should eliminate all income, corporate and payroll taxes and replace them with a consumption tax, Libertarian Party 2012 presidential nominee Gary Johnson told an audience today.
Ok, what did Fitz just tell Mellie? Directv is really trippin in this rain! I'm serious though?? Anybody?? Neely Madise, Brian Anthony, Shakita Monique Alexander, Gary Johnson.I know good and got *** well all y'all know!
History marches on! Reported in today's UT-San Diego: DEL MAR — The company that’s handled the San Diego County Fair’s elephant rides for decades announced Thursday morning that it won’t participate in this summer’s fair. Have Trunk Will Travel of Riverside County — which hires its elephants out for rides, TV commercials and films — has been criticized by animal rights groups who have accused the company of treating its animals poorly. Those groups have been urging the fair to yank the rides for years. In 2011, the fair board — citing the company’s strong reputation and conservation program — decided to allow Have Trunk Will Travel to continue through the 2014 fair and then revisit the issue again. Company owners Kari and Gary Johnson said Thursday that it was a “very difficult decision” not to attend this year’s fair, which will run from June 7 through July 6. The Johnsons said it was primarily a business decision and not based on criticism about how they treat animals. “It is ...
Deep in thought he is!! Michelle Johnson Gary Johnson Kathy Bockheim Johnson Becky Tanner Ron Tanner
Let's be real. Reggie and Steve Kerr covering their teams is less a problem than Magic Johnson covering his ... Or Gary Payton a month back
Got an email from Goob (Gary Johnson) this week...with this shot. Goob and wife Rhonda visited Cy Ketchum in Alaska. He said this is the view from Cy's home...his house is just to the right. Goob said his driveway is a mile long...and he and Linda live VERY remotely. It's beautiful...but NOT for him. But they had a great time. Thought I'd share a shot of our old pal.
I'm Gary Payton vs Kevin Johnson in the old
My bday is in 7 days... TIME TO TURN UP
Gary Johnson continues quest to get third party in debates
Ross and Hub got together to "thrash out" some guitar bits tonight. Gary Moore cooks dinner for Calvin Johnson is our new vibe.
. Ritter . You got Mj and Pippen. Alonzo Mourning and Larry Johnson. Larry Bird and Kevin Mchale. Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp
Chris Kaman did not make the trip because of a personal issue. Jordan Hill & Ryan Kelly will start with Johnson, Meeks & Marsha…
My earlier post was not in preparation for this one. Apparently Gary Johnson and I are psychically linked (or he's stalking me).
The way 2016 is shaping up, looks like I'll be voting for Gary Johnson again. Part of me wonders if Robert Sarvis isn't considering a Presidential run, too.
We made some great strides under Gary Johnson then Richardson came in & reversed everything!
The Goddess Workshop by Margaret K. Johnson now at Look 4 Books -
Why is Gary Johnson from Utah sending me email? Did I do him one very very very roofied and drunken night?
REMINDER: is tonight at 7pm where we'll be discussing Cyclists with regards to
Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson says the country is actually becoming more libertarian in its policies.
An outside bet for permanent Pompey boss in summer if not Awfs ... Gary Johnson
TBT... 1979-ish for a NorCal Concours line-up. On the right is my Bolink Mk. 1 Scirocco body with Larry's Bug Shop livery. Full interior, driver figure, tinted windows, moonroof, blue BBS wheel inserts, Flaming Peanut Racing stickers. Also in the line-up is Butch Berney's Ferrari 512BB with FPR stickers. Both on Team Associated RC12e chassis. And I believe that's Gary Johnson's foot doing the Concours judging.
Republican, Tea Party, Libertarian? With upcoming elections this year and more to come in 2016 the question arises as to which party to support. The Libertarian Party: The Libertarian Party has been floating around for decades without being able to make any real footprint on the political stage. Voting for this party does sound like the right approach however one must remember that if you do vote for this party you might has well have stayed home as it is unlikely that your vote will count for anything more than your conscience and is a take away from conservatism and a plus for liberals. The Tea Party: In congressional races the Tea Party is obviously having an impact but in presidential races not so much. One must remember that during the Republican primaries of 2012 The Tea Party remained mostly silent and didn't even support Ron Paul who by most accounts is the father of The Tea Party. This was pretty much a slap in the face and I have chided them muchly for doing nothing. Their support might have mad ...
I am so proud of you Gary Johnson!! You're going to do Amazing today :-)
Manager Gary Johnson previews the visit of Barnsley to Huish Park.
Message from Kari and Gary Johnson:. Fighting the deadly elephant virus, EEHV, is important to us. When our...
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YOUTUBE: Gary Johnson previews the visit of
Enjoying my time with Gary Johnson. We have so much to catch up on.
Governor Gary Johnson, the 2012 Libertarian Party candidate for President, will be hosting a fundraising dinner at the Riverchase Country Club at 2000 Club Road in Birmingham, Alabama on Wednesday, April 9, 2014 from 7-10pm. The dinner will feature
Johnson to keep on fighting: Gary Johnson insists Yeovil will not stop believing in their survival chances as ...
On the Frontline Radio Show tonight sharing resources offered at Parenting: It's a Journey Conference. Listen in at 7:00 pm, 880 am with Gary Johnson. Call in:305-541-2350
hate Warnock more than having Gary Johnson as manager-even if they took is to Champions League.Have to have some principles!
Making dreams come true - 's Gary Johnson turns researchers' equipment needs into real tools
Manager Gary Johnson said 'didn’t park the bus' last night. Read more
Yeovil manager Gary Johnson: "Premier League fans, Premier League club." This is our year
Gary Johnson, Rand Paul, Hilary Clinton, Ralph Nader, or other. Which lever do you pull?
in your days do you remember the Name Gary Johnson from Kansas? Oh and thanks for the follow.
We've been live at Huish Park this morning, where spoke to manager Gary Johnson
Well it's been busy around here I didn't No buying a house was a full time job but it is... I just know my little family is so blessed and it all because my hubby works so hard for everything we have I love u Gary Johnson and miss u so much wish u was home..
Thanking God for his blessings this morning! Taking Christian Boykin to school, lunch with Gary Johnson, meeting with a new client, & picking Garrett up from school :)
My letter to Leslie Davis for Minnesota Governor Mr. Davis.I wholeheartedly support your campaign for governor.I read your book that you sent me. Thank you much. It is much appreciated. I do understand your very valid points about Mr. Ventura. I wish that we could change the world over night.I see your book best as a "what not to do" in regards to people like you and I.however.I find the corruption that exists in this world to be far greater than anything that Ventura has ever touched.I think you could fill libraries if you were to write similar books on the other possible Presidential candidates that are possibilities at this time.except for perhaps those like Jill Stein and Gary Johnson.of whom.I voted for the latter in the last presidential election.I would love to see a world where there were a plethora of politicians that do not have pages of dirt to be had on them.but until that day comes.I will continue to support both yourself and Mr. Ventura. Again.I support your campaign and I greatly appreciate ...
'IT'S all to play for' was the defiant message from Yeovil Town as Gary Johnson's men remained in the hunt for survival despite surrendering a winning position for a third straight match. Chris Wood...
“It’s all to play for” says GJ ahead of vist. Huge weekend ahead -
JF: "If we do go down we will invest in the team and in Gary Johnson. We have got the best management team in the Football League"
Thanks to guest blogger for his thoughts on 2014
Gary Johnson I need u to do this for me! Lmao!
I had a blast at youth group. I love going I have my twin Jazzy Rose, Cindy Hatcher, Gary Johnson, Courtney Hewitt,Justin de Rose, Jenna Garcia, Billie Jean, and so many others. I feel like I'm in a family.
Gary Johnson has pocketed all balls in one visit! Nice clearance!
Meeting Gary Johnson, back in the day
I'm no Libertarian, but I liked what I saw of Gary Johnson in 2012. I'm not saying I would...
2012 presidential hopeful Gary Johnson to speak at Libertarian Party convention
Well, maybe not Elliot. He possibly voted for Gary Johnson or some other libertarian lol candidate
Albany has a guy named Gary Johnson who is presumably not the libertarian politician but I can't be too sure
Get your tickets now! . Support The Libertarian Party of Colorado. Guests include Gary Johnson, Ben Swann, and many... …
Gary Johnson: Americans Becoming More Libertarian: via Thank goodness for that Governor
I know Julie Borowskie likes the senate deal, but I'm a Gary Johnson for President guy
I prefer Gary Johnson over Ron Paul. Gary was the libertarian candidate in 2012. You'd like him. A lot. I adore him!
As posted on Gary Johnson's thread:. We smoked pot on the ski slopes of Colorado before it was legal here. Also,...
I added a video to a playlist Gary Johnson: Americans Becoming More Libertarian
Gary Johnson on Why the LP Is Better Than GOP-Lite; Ralph Peters and Stephen Hayes on Why Libertarians Are...
Shrewd money is on Gary Johnson winning the award Eddie Howe has been nominated for.
Gov. Gary Johnson will be holding a press conference at Legislative Plaza on Friday March 14th at 3:15 PM with TN state legislators who are promoting the Medical Marijuana bill currently in the house. The Libertarian Party of Tennessee and TN NORML are organizing this press conference.
I want to thank everyone for wishing me a Happy Birthday. A special thanks to my Goat Island family & Skinner Boat Storage Joseph-Paula, Michael Babb , Andy Parker, Lisa Barton ,Mandy Johnson,Gary Johnson , Ann&Mickey. Thank you all for everything. Dana Gray Gann had a great time Sat night.
I posted my standing with Santorum. You all may have read it? I posted it on ★"Republicans, Libertarians, Democrats, Political Debate Arena."★ page... Here's 2 responder's comments I got... My comment /response to them!!! Josh Hiatt Deportation is a human rights violation and an international crime. It is fiat law violating natural law. It is unreasonable use of force and could only b supported by stout statists about an hour ago · Like · 1 .. Phil Mccanless I support open borders. Every human has a fundamental human right to travel unmolested by governments. Sick Rantorum sounds like he is still running against contraception, common sense and the twenty first century. I'd rather have someone like Gary Johnson, who is fiscally responsible, but not a social statist. about an hour ago · Like ..Joe White: what country do you hail from? America has border's and if you cross them illegally and walk into a town and demand all laws be excused from you, as you don't believe they should pertain to you, as y ...
Gary Johnson pushes Obama to end criminalization of marijuana | Sunshine State News
if RINO means John McCain or Chris Christie, count me out. If it means Gary Johnson or Justin Amash, count me in.
Open to the General Public. Welcome to our 2014 state convention registration website. Offering early registration for $35.00 with a great lineup of speakers listed below. Following the convention will be Candidate Cocktails with Gov. Gary Johnson and our Libertarian Party of WI state candidates for...
to vote for Gary Johnson to win the Outstanding Managerial Achievement Award at the
I would love to see both of those, which Jill Stein and Rocky Anderson and I think even Gary Johnson all advocated.
Ok bored doing laundry, I'm reading a report that the NCAA is thinking about banning storming the court over the insodent between Utah Valley State and New Mexico. All I have to say is maybe the player in question who by the way was suspended by the school and is facing expulsion from NM, shouldn't have acted like a jack *** His actions of throwing the ball at another player then starting the altercation between himself and students celebrating a regular season championship showed nothing but bad sportsmanship, a lack of character and over disrespect for his college, the state of New Mexico and the great governor Gary Johnson. The act of storming the court after a big win should be allowed to stay and disrespectful character should be the one banished. Its truly funny how this jack *** is being portrayed as the victim. Class warfare and race bating at its finest.
Former NMGov.Gary Johnson on HATE bill: 'But to Gov. Brewer, Vetoes are easy. I did it 750 times
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Yeovil Town manager Gary Johnson chats after the important 1-0 win over Doncaster Rovers.
In the last 2 weeks Rick Perry has come out in support of legalizing pot, Wendy Davis is supporting open carry and hemp has been somewhat legalized by the federal government. Gary Johnson may not be the president, but Libertarian ideas are gaining a lot of ground in une...
For legalization of cannabis. Ben Swann, Jesse Ventura, Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, Rocky Anderson, Jill Stein, Ralph Nader, Rick Perry, ...wait a minute...yeah I guess.Rick Perry... .John Hanger.*cough cough*Marco name a few folks. let us see here.what parties are represented here. Well first and foremost we have a Doctor and a former navy seal. we have Republican party(Paul), Libertarian Party (Johnson), Green Party (Jill Stein), Justice Party(Rocky Anderson) , we have a former Independent Governor of Minnesota, we got Hanger a democrat running for Governor.backed by the majority of citizens of the united states and the world. is it time to take action yet?
"Alligator speculation ended up half right when it comes to the selection of a new ABQ police chief. The Gators pinpointed Corrections Secretary Greg Marcantel as a possible chief. But in the list of three finalists released by City Hall, it is another Martinez cabinet secretary--Public Safety Secretary Gordon Eden--who makes the final three. Eden is the former US Marshal for NM and also worked for former GOP Guv. Gary Johnson. Given the tight circle that Mayor Berry and Chief Administrative Officer Rob Perry have drawn around APD, we would say that Eden is the favorite. But he has some hurdles to jump for those who want a chief from outside the state and with no connections to current political circles to lead the deeply troubled APD. The other two finalists are from Texas. Here's a Dem Alligator with the first round of analysis: Gordon Eden? Really? Talk about putting no imagination or effort into finding a new Albuquerque police chief. When the APD is desperately in need of a reformer from outside the ...
The Republicans went with a plutocratic, neoconservative, and Mormon Gordon Gecko Mitt Romney. He only appealed to one demographic I am not a part. I voted for Gary Johnson, and proud of it.
heres a hint. its not what cnn or fox tells you it means. Ron Paul and Gary Johnson are the closest to being libertarian.
I drank it the FIRST time, NOT the second! I voted for Ron Paul's replacement , Gary Johnson. My daughter "believes" O'Care is
Listening to the Beatles tribute brings back great memories of being with my friend Louise Tucker- Yearian at the Greek Orthodox church and dancing to the Beatles music played by Dale Yearian, Gary Johnson and their group. Good music and good friends and a simpler time.
so you think actively promoting Ron Paul or Gary Johnson was sitting in a corner?
I'm very excited to be speaking at the Libertarian Party's (WA State) annual conference with Gary Johnson! Come join us and other liberty lovers in Seattle on May 31st.
I remember being more impressed with Gary Johnson and Rocky Anderson than with Jill Stein.
Gary Johnson has revealed that Ishmael Miller can play in the FA Cup but can not play against Nottingham Forest.
Peter Hooley, John Puk, Gary Johnson and DJ Evans all with 2 fouls and on the UA bench. 1:30 left in half. game tied 25-25
BIG SHOUTOUT AND SALUTE TO: "The General - Cornell Candy" aka Crazy C. Oh these memories. Now whose next to be given credit in spfld. Slowly but surely it will come . Peace. Doug Thomas. Bill Mosley. TadPole. Orlando Mosley. Tony Jackson. Melvin Jackson. Greg Scott. Darren Scott. Richie Allen. Larry Shockley. Dennis Shockley. Doug Rainey. Tony Rucker. Mike Rainey. King Wells - General... Terrance Candy. - General Dewaine Dodd - General. Winky - aka Durley. Terry Jackson - General. Ugene Johnson. Flake - Kenyun M. - General. Ramone Herron - Big mone - Peace. Doug Starks. Mike Goodwin. And there are many more amongst your midst, who all share in what we have been able to uphold, hold down and maintain although they knew it not that this, is where it would end. Happy New Year Fellas. Heres a cheer's to Gary Johnson. - "General." Peace.
Looking to impress that special someone? Revised Arrangement, a barbershop quartet, will deliver “singing valentines” in the Corning area on Valentines Day, which is Friday, Feb. 14. The quartet, which consists of Gary Johnson (lead), Bob Miller (bass), Tom Knoll (tenor) and Don Many (baritone), is part of the Painted Post chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society. For $40, they’ll come to workplaces or homes, sing two old-fashioned love songs, and deliver a card and a rose. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to a fund that sends local youths to the Harmony Explosion vocal camp at Hobart College each summer. To book a singing valentine from Revised Arrangement, call Bob Miller at 562-3533.
Lunch at Scarborough Beach, a walk at Cottesloe Beach and City Beach an Ice cream at Rockingham beach a beer and Mandura foreshore and now dinner at Singleton beach wit Peter, Gary Johnson and Deborah Bourne Johnson! A beachy kind of day!
I apologize for the quality on this one but I think it's worthy of posting. This is Mrs. Parmenter's class of 63 -64 in Jump River. From left to right; Gary Johnson, Jim Hoehn, Doreen O?, Lorna Latz, Jean Olsen, Monica Manglos, Marcia Brunschmid, Ken Finke, and I need help with the last two. I could guess but I don't want to get the names wrong. I was told that our class was one of, if not the largest class to pass through the district, peak of the Baby Boom I assume. We were split into two classrooms so some of us are not pictured. A bit of trivia here; this group was in this classroom on November 22, 1963 when we were told that President Kennedy had been shot in Dallas. This photo was taken very close to that date as you notice the artwork above the chalkboard is of Thanksgiving theme.
in Zach's world, Ron Paul started the housing bubble, and Gary Johnson l…
I'd like to say Happy New Year to everyone! As you know, I think it will be a particularly important year to vote in a particularly important Congressional race in the 2nd district of California. Hint, hint... And I'd like to thank four particularly interesting and well known people who became my fb friends yesterday. They are all people who care about the world and put themselves out there to make a difference: peak oil activist and author Richard Heinberg, former NM governor and pro-pot legalization 2012 Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson, TV economist Maria Bartiromo, and our favorite pro-medical cannabis TV doctor CNN's Dr-Sanjay Gupta
Still think we should vote for the lesser of two evils after we get spied on by presidents in both parties? After presidents in both parties kill children in the middle east? Guess what would have stopped if Gary Johnson was president? Put the two parties down for good. Move forward. Support independents and alternative parties like the LP.
I've supported dr Paul for a long time. I voted for Gary Johnson in '12.
Current managers who returned to their club for a second time. Whatever happened to not going back… Perhaps Glenn Hoddle to will be shortly added to this list. Jose Mourinho (Pearson (Leicester City) Billy Davies (Nottingham Forest) Eddie Howe (Bournemouth) Gary Johnson (Yeovil) Darren Ferguson (Peterborough) Micky Adams (Port Vale) Graham Turner (Shrewsbury) Peter Taylor (Gillingham) Ronnie Moore (Tranmere) Graham Westley (Stevenage) Keith Hill (Rochdale) John Ward (Bristol Rovers)
denies cert in "Sore Loser" law case from Michigan involving Gary Johnson and Libertarian Party
Actually I voted for Gary Johnson last year tho I (and a lot more) should've voted for Jill Stein
Today my dad would have been 94. He also shared his birth date with my cousin Gary Johnson, Frank Sinatra, and Bob Barker who celebrated his 90th on today's If the Price Is Right. Happy Birthday Dad!
I highly respect the Libertarian Party. *** I even voted for Gary Johnson in November 2012. Still, I must say this: let's not split up the liberty vote in the 2016 presidential election. If Rand Paul is good enough for Ron Paul, then he's good enough for me. Rand's presidency will be a big step up for liberty if he's able to do even half of what he's been lobbying for in the Senate.
This Reddit with Gov. Gary Johnson is happening in 15 min.Rocky Anderson,Jill Stein,Vermin...
FOR THOSE OUT THERE THAT ARE SOME KIND OF STUPID…….. Libertarian Party (United States). The Libertarian Party is an American national political party that reflects, represents and promotes the ideas and philosophies of libertarianism. The Libertarian Party was formed in Westminster, Colorado, in the home of David Nolan on December 11, 1971. The founding of the party was prompted in part due to concerns about the Vietnam War, conscription, and the end of the Gold Standard. Although there is not an explicitly-labeled "left" or "right" designation of the party, many members, such as 2012 presidential nominee Gary Johnson, state that they are more socially liberal than the Democrats, but more fiscally conservative than the Republicans. The party has generally promoted a classical liberal platform, in contrast to the modern liberal and progressive platform of the Democrats and the more conservative platform of the Republicans. Current policy positions include lowering taxes, allowing people to opt-out of S ...
So after sharing a horrible pic of you in curlers, figured I would share a good one of us together lol! So many great memories with you! From playing hockey growing up, you teaching me to roller blade and ride a bike, playing puppets with me before I could even talk lol, torturing your friends bc you always brought your little sister along to hang out, teaching me to drive your stick shift truck as a teen, going to Texas even though I gave you the flu on the way down lol ;), horse backriding, you teaching me the great group of sublime, going to Georgia with you while you were stationed down there with your hurt foot you drove on lol and many many many more! So thankful I have you as my big brother! Love you and happy birthday! Gary Johnson
I was tagged by Ellis Carrington and asked to list 10 books that have stuck with me in some way. Don't take more than a few minutes and don't think too hard. They don't have to be the "right" works, just ones that have touched you. Tag 10 friends including me so I can see your answers. 1. The Return by Brad Boney 2. Chase in Shadow by Amy Lane 3. Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan 4. Faith and Fidelity by Tere Michaels 5. Don't Let Me Go by JH Trumble 6. Atom Heart John Beloved by Luke Hartwell 7. Lover Awakened by JR J.R. Ward 8. The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson 9. Openly Straight by Bill Konisberg 10. The Nothingness of Ben by Brad Boney I will tag Denise Milano Sprung, Lila Rose, Julio-Alexi Genao, Sara York, KZ Snow, Gary Johnson, Mitch Sandusky, River Mitchell, Valerie Degeorge, Jules Lovestoread
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
to *** marriage for the longest. I voted for Gary Johnson last election cycle, but Jill Stein is rad I like the Green Party.
Where's an '06 J Williams when you need him? Also acceptable, Ruben Davis, Shawn Lee, Gary Johnson or John Parella.
eovil have loaned in striker Ishmael Miller from Nottingham Forest and Everton midfielder John Lundstram. Former Manchester City forward Miller joins the struggling Glovers on an initial one-month deal having found his chances restricted at The City Ground. England Under-20 midfielder Lundstram ended last season as a key part of Doncaster's League One title-winning team and will stay with Yeovil for a month. "Everton have watched all our games this season with Shane Duffy being on loan here," manager Gary Johnson told the club's official website. "They are more than happy for us to take John on loan and we are delighted to welcome him here to Huish Park." Johnson had been keen to add to his side's attacking options with last season's top scorer Paddy Madden on the transfer list and his current squad having managed just 10 goals in 16 league games since promotion to the Champions. And his new signings are both available for Saturday's trip to Watford.
I'm very very happy with the 3 loan signings Gary Johnson has made. I'm pleased we've signed Miller because he's got good experience
Gary Johnson (Yeovil Town Manager) says Sheffield United have not contacted him or the club about a loan move for Paddy Madden. It's in our hands!! Come on Paddy!
To be clear spoken to Gary Johnson who tells me he's had no contact from for Paddy Madden
Paddy Madden could leave Yeovil Town today as Gary Johnson lines up three signings. Full details here -
Gary Johnson hopes that three players will hopefully be signed by the end of today.
So yeovil fc can't score everyone know that but Gary Johnson y put your only striker that can score on the transfer market ( Paddy Madden. ).
Cant beileve Paddy Madden is on the transfer list what the *** is Gary Johnson thinking.
Paddy Madden: Yeovil Town striker has to deal with competition says Gary Johnson -
More people voted for Gary Johnson in 2012 than the number of people who watched the first episode of Up Late With Alec Baldwin on MSNBC. Seriously, it wasn't even 700,000. I guess there's still some hope among the populous.
2012 - I campaigned for Ron Paul until he was out and then campaigned & voted for Gary Johnson. Worst pres ever is Wilson.
I'm not asking anyone to vote libertarian (although I do highly recommend Gary Johnson!). Consider that this guy's major opposition in the last two elections were John McCain and Mitt Romney. If you haven't done so already, maybe it's time to start looking "outside the box" for political candidates?
Beating Northampton at home, then Wolves at home and getting Gary Johnson and Stale Solbakken sacked
I wish we had someone like a Rocky Anderson or Gary Johnson here.
Another angle to the Libertarian spin: is Gary Johnson in bed with democrats? Is the Libertarian "party" a democrat orgy by another name?
Robert Sarvis and the Libertarian Party was the spoiler in last nights Virginia disaster just as Gary Johnson held the door open for Obama.
maybe. Thoughts on Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, and Justin Amash? Good barometer. ;)
There is NO Conservative and Libertarian - there is ONLY SCREWED - First by Gary Johnson - now by Robert Sarvis!
Department of Defense should be Defense, not Offense.” – Former New Mexico Governor & 2012 Libertarian Presidential Candidate, Gary Johnson
You guys know our candidate in 2016 is Gary Johnson, right?
I'm not to sure about that. I am libertarian/rep and it seems 2 me votes for Gary Johnson would have went to Romney.
Gary Johnson, Rand/Ron Paul, etc all run as R! face it, any Libertarian candidate is either a poor loser or a Liberal plant! grow up!
Gary Johnson was going to run as a Republican. Decided early that wasn't going to work, ran on Libertarian ticket.
I would agree with your analysis IF Sarvis was a legit libertarian, like Gary Johnson. Doesn't seem so
It would be a real shame if Libertarian vote for Sarvis gave Liberals another win as Gary Johnson did in giving Obama another term.
Gary Johnson is a good dude, for a politician, but sadly as a Libertarian he got no real play prior to 2012 election.
He is better than most, still not a true libertarian. I align more with Gary Johnson, etc.
Breaking on the blaze: libertarian gubernatorial candidate Gary Johnson is a Democrat plant to split Republican votes ! Wake up Virginia !
So, the Pauls endorse Cuccinelli in VA, Gary Johnson endorses Sarvis...and Johnson's not the "real libertarian" here?
. True. But few people are perfect. If Sarvis wasn't a Libertarian, Gary Johnson wouldn't be backing him.
. Understood, but presidential candidate Gary Johnson supports his fellow Libertarian. Principles matter😊
Glen Jacobs to fight Gary Johnson for 2016 Libertarian candidacy at Survivor Series.
Why This Libertarian is Voting for Ken A vote for Ken is the Only Way to Continue the Political Rise of Libertarians Many Libertarians say “I need to vote my conscience.” But voting purely on who you perceive is the best Libertarian running hinders politically astute and successful Libertarians who have a strategy higher and farther than what (Robert) Sarvis offers. Politics is a team sport, so “voting your conscience” as a Libertarian means this: “What candidate will advance the Libertarian movement politically ?” The Libertarian Republicans have already proven third parties don't work and that the system is stacked against them. Ron Paul proved it to himself in 1988. Ross Perot proved it in 1992. Gary Johnson proved it again in 2012. Dr. Ron Paul, who has 30 years political experience and has earned the trust of Libertarians in his runs for President, as well as his son US Senator Rand Paul, and all other experienced Libertarians have chosen the proven strategy of commandeering the Republic ...
If you're an American libertarian you need to dump Rand Paul and get behind Gary Johnson. That is all.
Few Libertarian Party candidates have ever actually been libertarians. Gary Johnson, for example, is a Republican
I'm a sinner so yeah in a way. Either way lets not argue. You're libertarian right? Do you like Gary Johnson?
Too bad Gary Johnson doesn't move to Florida and run for Governor as a Libertarian.
I think Cory Booker has similar positions (in some areas) to libertarian Gary Johnson. .
I'd vote Libertarian if they didn't put drug addled people up for president (Gary Johnson?)
I think Gary Johnson was a terrible Governor. But he is the closest to a true Libertarian. Unlike the grifters, Ron and Rand Paul.
If (say) Ron Paul or Gary Johnson had got more I could make case US public wants minarchist/libertarian state.
Three politicians that should have more power in Government Ron Paul, Rand Paul, & Gary Johnson. I'd even add Dr. Ben Carson they all seem like their heads aren't up their *** !!! " Power To The People, One Love."
If only Jesse Ventura or Gary Johnson were President of the United States, I'm sure things would be a lot different for the better.
Mr. Hendy is ready for his close-up now, Mr. DeMille. Mad about the boy! Sunset Blvd was magic in the making! ...with Gary Johnson and
I usually abstain from talking politics on here. I feel that Gore Vidal Pretty much summed it up when he said the left and the right bear too striking a resemblance to each other. I voted for Gary Johnson in 2012 because I believe the majority of Americans are socially accepting and fiscally conservative. But this, this my friends is absolutely disgusting and believe it or not, I actually worked for the Obama Campaign in 2008. But this is disgusting and absolutely Horrific. Although Camp David and Barack Obama's Chefs have been deemed essential, Employees at the National Institute of Health who offer last-chance experimental cancer treatments for children suffering from Cancer have not. What's even more embarrassing to this former Obama Supporter, is that House Republicans have offered to compromise with the president and Single out the NIH for funding. Obama has threatened this with a Veto. This is Sick, petty, and disturbing.
not buying the money thing. Hes had more than enuf. Gary johnson is ur example. 37 players in 2 years 4 dj.
On a purely personal level beating Yeovil yesterday with Gary Johnson in charge was lovely jubbley :-).
Yes proven quality. where are Yeovil in the league? Which Club does Gary Johnson manage?? Rest my case.
Gary Johnson who has only ever done owt at little Yeovil.
Gary Johnson works well on a budget? Yeovil currently on 4pts after 8 games, -8 goal diff & in bottom 3!
why ? Gary Johnson works well with a budget Dave Jones doesn't his side played us off park too last week with 10 men !
Give Gray a go on temporary basis if not we should go for Gary Johnson or go back for Terry Burton the brains behind our promotion
out of our league I reckon. And Gus poyet is a bad egg. Gary Johnson for me.
Share if you want this to become a reality!. Go to Gary Johnson's page and tell him you want him to run! He...
Me and my ex will be making a youtube show called " ShowTime with Gary Johnson and Marcayla Taylor "
So true! Gary Johnson on the 3 Simple rules of life. "1 if you don't go after what you want you'll never have it.
Football - Johnson proud of Glovers - Yeovil boss Gary Johnson was proud of his team's display despite a fifth str...
Congratulations Esther (Beninati) and Gary Johnson!! What a beautiful wedding! Can't wait to see everyone at the reception!
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I would love him 2b a success dont want 2 change managers again but sometimes you have 2 . Gary Johnson would b my choice
QPR manager Harry Redknapp hailed Richard Dunne after their 1-0 victory at Yeovil, whose boss Gary Johnson was proud of his side's di...
. A 3rd party will split the vote. If those potheads that voted for Gary Johnson had voted for Romney he'd be Prez
it's also a load of rubbish, doesn't always fail, look at Lord Gary Johnson of Yeovil.
Have a lot of time for Gary Johnson. Decent Chap
That all sounds real good Rand, but why did you endorse Mitt Romney and then refuse to answer reporters when then asked you why and then you tried to get them fired? Something about this guy isn't right! His dad said 'look to Gary Johnson' who was running as a republican at first but then he was blocked form the election, kept out of all the debates, so he then ran as a libertarian. So Rand endorses another corporate puppet. Doesn't that seam real strange to you?
Unless you're a big name. Fair to say Gary Johnson, Eddie Howe etc wouldn't have been on Sunderland's radar ...
Gary Johnson done a Rooney at the end and clapped the ref sarcastically as he walked past
Cutting off John Ward for Gary Johnson?? Granted, a higher league but surely more listeners interested in JW??
Cutting off John Ward to talk to Gary Johnson (aka the fat controller)!? What's that all about??
Cutting John Ward off for Gary Johnson? What's that all about?!
Every single manager city have appointed since Gary Johnson have been a pile of *** SOD OUT
Really, it should be someone called Johnson. We don't have enough of those. Gary Johnson?
The refereeing decisions against are now borderline farcical. Yet Gary Johnson won't be allowed to say that.
Gary Johnson just killed it at conference.
Am I the only one who thinks the RNC pulling the plug on having CNN debates next election is a bad idea? I think it's a great idea! I think so because it serves them right for the stupid debate criteria they had last time. Admitting the lower polling Rick Santorum (and occasionally the lower polling Jon Huntsman too) but not allowing Gary Johnson in when he was qualified. So screw CNN. With regards to the actual reason of the RNC walked away from the agreement. I kinda don't blame them. You make a kiss *** biographical documentary of Hillary Clinton when she is considered a potential presidential candidate yet you don't show any others of the other potential candidates like Chris Christie, Rand Paul... or Gary Johnson. (Man, would that last one be something)
In the tunnel waiting for Gary Johnson. England international Rob Green strolls past on way to warm up. Quite a day
Gary Johnson "is on more than our team, our supporters and our chairman put together".
And we've got columns from Gary Johnson, and fan
is that a rivalry from non-league days? Northampton Town fans join in the hate - due to Gary Johnson's terrible spell at
Libertarians were much more cooler before they picked up the tea party psychos. Gary Johnson Good, Ron and Rand bad.
see? Why can you see that and so many of my (R) friends not? That's EXACTLY why I didn't vote for Romney. Gary Johnson for me!
LOL. I may vote for Gary Johnson and his tie dye t-shirt/linen suit combo.
that's ok. I voted Ron Paul in the primary & Gary Johnson in 2016. Please pass the doobie
Gary Johnson in sin bin for Pirates. Key moments in the game now.
Pirates down to 14 men with Gary Johnson sent to sin bin
MK Dons desperately trying to make tomorrow their cup final. Have they got Gary Johnson in charge?
Not only that!!! In return for the incredible support from Gary Johnson has agreed to join us for a section of the final day!
love your profile pic. Gary Johnson rules!
oh sweet Jesus for sure I'm jumping ship&I don't want to use Christie as my flotation device. Gary Johnson as my vote
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
If Americans had voted right ... this is the man that should of been our President ... GARY JOHNSON ! Get to...
By having Gary Johnson and Rand Paul run in 2016 on the Republican ticket, would be to have a "fifth column" if you will, in the Repub party
Put your hand down. No one cares about Rand Paul or Gary Johnson or who ever no name cookie cutter politician your about to talk about.
Yeovil can match QPR - Johnson: Boss Gary Johnson says his Yeovil side must believe they can compete with ex-Premier League club QPR ...
Gary Johnson, winner of the Barry Sheene Trophy: 'The bike's running fantastic - hopefully we'll pull of the win tomorrow'
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