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Gary Johnson

Gary Earl Johnson (born January 1, 1953) is an American businessman, former Governor of New Mexico, and candidate for the Libertarian Party nomination for President of the United States in the 2012 election.

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Your better than Trump, Hillary, Gary Johnson, and the Green Party lady
Get Gary on the debate stage! Gary Johnson: the Presidential Candidate for Non-Crazy Americans
Bernie Sanders isn't a candidate. Gary Johnson is.
Gary Johnson: Admission of marijuana use shows transparency via
Trump v Clinton is a false choice. Gary Johnson is a real alternative:
Instead of complaining about either candidate the major parties offer, look up the independents Jill Stien and Gary Johnson, better choices!
. Gary Johnson is probably going to become a bigger threat to Hillary than Trump. :P
Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gov. Gary Johnson on guns, debates and pot via
is a Gary Johnson on national Review rights
The US Libertarian Party picks Gary Johnson as its presidential nominee, seeking to capitalise on disaffection with mainstream politicians.
Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson on why he's running for president
.Glad I watched this-Gary Johnson is a wacko wannabe politician & anybody who ever votes for him better be kissing "it" byebye
Someone's missing. We shall not speak his name. Gary Johnson.
"We love Mississippi. It's been fantastic to us. We're within three points here, doing way better than Goofy Gary Johnson"
Sarah Palin for VP . Condoleezza Rice would drive to vote for Gary Johnson . Trump must Palin !.
From to Gary Johnson sees huge jump in new poll.
libertarians preach toleration. You're right on the money. have you heard about our good lord Gary Johnson?
He is the only one who will eradicate ISIS. Obama will not, Hillary will not, Paul Ryan will not nor wi…
did you hear Gary Johnson on the Joe Rogan podcast? Nothing but a pot-smoking Jeb!
Well, this is about as bizarre as I would expect from a 3rd party nominee. | GARY JOHNSON Be Libertarian with me.
his name is Gary Johnson! Socially liberal and fiscally conservative.
Gary Johnson and Bernie Sanders came up on my results. And if Bernie merges with Clinton. I'm for Johnson.
Gary Johnson would be polling at 15% by now if he had eyebrows
Gary Johnson will be president since Hillary won the nomination.
Is it finally Gary Johnson's chance to make the libertarians a legitimate contender?
Hillary is a criminal. Trump is a bigot. Gary Johnson for President!
is a Gary Johnson on national Review party
Dems and republicans when Gary Johnson gets to 15%.
Gap between Clinton and Trump is pretty consistently smaller when ex-Republican Gary Johnson is included, not bigger.
Yes. I wish there was another candidate but there isn't. Except for Gary Johnson. I get all the issues, but think.
If Murray Rothbear were alive to see Gary Johnson
Nah. I prefer a President who doesn't want to punish the press for disagreeing w him. Gary Johnson 2016
I may swear my allegiance to Gary Johnson until November, but I'll be a FREEDOM NINJA FOR Austin Petersen 4 LIFE!!! — feeling FREEDOM NINJA
Well, you have a better chance than Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson: peel a Libertarian and you still have a Republican ***
That awkward moment when you realize Gary Johnson doesn't have any eyebrows
.& that isn't even factoring in that Jill Stein & Gary Johnson will b in the General! In the poll w/ Gary, Clinton…
Gary Johnson moving up in the polls, Hillary and Trump moving down.
Libertarian hopeful Johnson insists he can mount competitive campaign
Hillary can't beat Trump. She can't even beat Gary Johnson. We've got a month and a half to bust her for tampering wit…
Gary Johnson is far from a libertarian and it's really sad that I have to pick between him Bernie and trump I don't agree with any of them
I'm glad John McAfee isn't supporting Gary Johnson for the libertarian nominee bc Johnson is so far from being a libertarian it's scary
California Business Man to Bankroll a Super Pac in Support of Gary Johnson
I really hope Jill Stein will be on the ballot. *** I'd even vote for Gary Johnson before Trump or Hillary
Independents like Gary Johnson more than Hillary. I'm sure most have no idea who he is. Not good. https:…
Donna, I know you are beholden to the Clinton's. Please look at Gary Johnson as an alternative. I'm
Vanarama Managers of the Year. North - Marcus Bignot. South - Paul Doswell. National - Gary Johnson.
Gary Johnson isn't as good as Harry Browne or , but he's better than Trump.
Mitt Romney says he's not ruling out supporting Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson getting to be on the debate stage might come down to how many pollsters include him and not Jill Stein.
Libertarians who hate Gary Johnson, vote for Jill Stein. That'll show'em.
Write in Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, or Barack Obama. Vote for Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, or Donald Trump. Just don't vote Clinton
She could've endorsed Gary Johnson or Jill Stein, but hypocrisy is what DC is all about.
The only real reason Gary Johnson is beating Jill Stein is because he's better known and the media will cover him.
Hmmm let's put Gary Johnson & Jill Stein in the polls and debates
and I'm pretty sure you won't agree with Jill Stein and Gary Johnson as candidates either if you don't support Bernie ideas
Gary Johnson (and possibly Jill Stein) could get enough support to HAVE to be put in the debate
42% of Americans = independents. So can third party candidates Jill Stein & Gary Johnson save the 2016...
Why & not Jill Stein? I bet Stein will have bigger impact on vote than Gary Johnson.
People are worried about Gary Johnson, however I think Jill Stein will steal a lot of Bernie voters from Hillary, a la Ralph Nader
Gary Johnson & Jill Stein are about to come into the political spotlight
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Neither can you, $hillary! The better options are, suprisingly, Jill Stein, Bernie, or even Gary Johnson!
I think she's talking about Gary Johnson or Jill Stein.
Has anybody seen polling with Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson, Jill Stein and Donald Trump together? No? I didn't think so.
Looking at Gary Johnson or Jill Stein, not the Rep or Dem both are corrupt organizations for elite establishment
stop feeding right wing anti-tax anti-vax crowd. Gary Johnson no more a part of race than Jill Stein. Stop pushing right.
unless you want to look into Jill Stein or Gary Johnson
Jill, you can win. But you must expose election fraud!! That is what destroyed Bernie. It will destroy you and Gary Johnson.
My favorite is when people are both anti-Hillary & anti-Trump, but have no idea who Jill Stein & Gary Johnson are.
I doubt he will, but there will be those that vote for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson because weed. Some will also go to Trump.
There's Hillary, Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, or not voting at all. All of these options are better than voting for trump.
I'll either vote for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson. But more likely Jill Stein
But is it possible people are driven to a 3rd-party candidate out of sheer dislike? (Hello Jill Stein and Gary Johnson!)
I would say Jill Stein, Gary Johnson or writing in Bernie Sanders
Disagree. Does nobody remember Nader? No Jill Stein or Gary Johnson, just suck it up and vote Hillary.
I find her uninspiring but she might get stuff done. I would consider Jill Stein or Gary Johnson featured in NBC s Science of Love
Meanwhile, Gary Johnson, Bill Weld & Jill Stein sit at the grownups table.
Would you argue the same for third party candidates like Gary Johnson & Jill Stein who don't have a chance?
I'm thinking about voting for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein. Can't write Bernie in, he's a fraud for working with Hillary.
Gary Johnson with the Libertarian Party or Jill Stein with the Green Party. You have four choices for President! https:/…
Honestly hope people vote libertarian (Gary Johnson) or Green Party (Jill Stein) come November. Both are actually decent candidates.
check out and see who you match up better with, Gary Johnson or Jill Stein.
Seriously, just google Gary Johnson and/or Jill Stein. Nobody NEEDS to vote for a lesser of two evils.
or maybe Jill Stein or Gary Johnson... There are more than two candidates.
Love Bernie supporters. I'm voting for HRC, but voting for Gary Johnson or Dr Jill Stein in the general is perfectly respectable. Just vote!
Still seems fair to me to name Gary Johnson and Jill Stein with so many voters looking for an off-ramp this year.
They aren't the only ones running though. Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, Bernie, Hillary and Trump are in it.
Besmam. Praying for you and everybody else who still seriously thinks trump is the best option ✊🏾😂 Gary Johnson? Jill Stein?
More people need to find out about Gary Johnson and Jill Stein
Debate Corner • Re: Who will win the 2016 election?: Who on earth is Jill Stien and Gary Johnson?...
Trump and clinton aren't the only options. There's still Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party or Jill Stein of the Green Party👀
Bernie Sanders, Gary Johnson, or Jill Stein. Idc as long as it's not Hillary or Trump. Tired of the 2 party system & all that comes with it.
more specifically Gary Johnson. While I align more with Jill Stein, Johnson has a better shot at it.
but he is MUCH better than Gary Johnson has basically coopted the lib. party as an establishment republican.
Why is everyone trying to pick between trump and Hillary. Honestly, though, Gary Johnson is the best candidate left.
many will likely vote for Hillary (if E. Warren is the choice). Otherwise, Jill Stein and even Gary Johnson look like winners here (2/2)
Do you think I'm a racist if I tell you I was for trump months ago before Gary Johnson came to be? Obviously I'm not.
FWIW I'm for Ind. Gary Johnson, but the political agenda of plugging Trump and his supporters as sure-fire racists is utterly ridiculous.
Honestly, this focus on "the weed" re: Gary Johnson is absurd. He climbed Mt. Everest & was a successful governor. What have…
Just because I can fish and shoot a gun doesn't mean I like trump. I support Gary Johnson
oh definitely. It's sad isn't it? Gary Johnson will be getting my vote! Just like last time! If more people would look at the
there is a ticket like that. The Libertarian Party has Gary Johnson and William Weld
Thousands of folks will vote for well-known candidate Gary Johnson. Ron Paul says 2016 provided the worst candidates list ever.
Democrats believe in privacy rights and Gary Johnson loves privacy rights
Gary Johnson wore a pair of Nike running shoes "symbolic of getting away from the imperial presidency" to an interview. . Li…
Ron Paul: I’m not ready to endorse Gary Johnson
Ron Paul was kind to Gary Johnson. I'm not.
thoughts on Gary Johnson? I know he doesn't have a chance in *** just curious.
Libertarians name Gary Johnson, former Republican governor of New Mexico, as their presidential pick
Former Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson falls over during Marijuana debate
Kristol's 3rd Party guy.. there to stop Trump. Gary Johnson.. there to stop Trump. Nobody is there to stop Hillary.
Gary Johnson: I stopped using marijuana to be "knife sharp" - Gary Johnson, New Mexico's former governor and no...
From in "Gary Johnson is your third party candidate"
Watching Libertarians and Campaign 2016 May 31 2016 Gary Johnson former Gov of New Mexico Libertarian candidate for President
Gary Johnson is a Libertarian like how John Boehner is a Republican.
Gary Johnson: Legalizing marijuana will lead to less overall substance abuse
The media needs to be more inclusive for third party candidates like Jill Stein and Gary Johnson.
Gary Johnson on whether he'll attack Trump and Clinton: "Absolutely not"
If they wanted a conservative alternative to Trump why would they go with David French over a former governor Gary Johnson?
Looking forward to seeing if/how Gary Johnson could influence policy in this election cycle via
the biggest supporter of Gary Johnson running is Hillary. Maybe the Bernie druggies will vote for Johnson, but it's not good.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Gary Johnson sides w/ Bernie Sanders 73% of the time! We have sold the LP to a progressive Republican.
Gary Johnson wins Libertarian presidential nomination at the party convention
Gary Johnson getting booed here for saying he would have signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
UPDATE on Gary Johnson throwing out Petersen's gun. Johnson camp offered Petersen camp $500 to have it back
Decision made. I'm voting Gary Johnson in November. The Libertarian Party may be the last stand.
Chuck Todd asked Gary Johnson a ? that a major party cand. would get, "what legis. would you fight for in first 100 days?" H…
Gary Johnson tries to woo skeptics in his party in hunt for Libertarian nomination
Can Libertarian nominees Gary Johnson and Bill Weld siphon votes from Trump?
jan 2001-open the border,flood of Mexicans would become tax payers (Gary Johnson) "horse pucky"
. Please tell us it is not Gary Johnson! 😣😣
If you couldn't vote for Xyz Repub because they support the War on Terror, why are you supporting Gary Johnson, who wanted to "catch Kony?"
Libertarians have picked Gary Johnson and William Weld as their election ticket.
Finally a presidential nominee who believes in liberty: Gary Johnson. Good to have one who isn't embarrassing!
There is a fat man wearing just a thong on stage at the now. I feel bad for Bill Weld and Gary Johnson -
I find it amazing that Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are trending. Seriously, these are 2 wannabes who stand NO chance in…
Libertarians have picked 2nd-place Gary Johnson as their presidential nominee, after Satoshi Nakamoto fails to show fo…
Not only was Trump a very poor choice, but so was Gary Johnson for Libertarian nomination. Pick better candidates!
Gary Johnson is the Libertarian Party's nominee for president. So there's three liberals on the ballot now.
Gary Johnson's nomination for the LP has made my vote for President even more useless. Won't vote for Trump, Clinton, or Johnson.
Gary Johnson's '12 running mate Jim Gray starts speaking in favor of Bill Weld. "Go home statist!" man tells from back of the room.
Gary Johnson just won the Libertarian presidential nomination:
Gary Johnson is the 2016 Libertarian Presidential nominee! Congrats to the governor and his team.
All I'm saying is that Walter White was just a mild-mannered High School teacher when Gary Johnson was Governor.
ask Doug McIntyre what he thinks of Gary Johnson.
Gary Johnson wants to deprive Stevie Wonder of a drivers license. Racist.
Please god no. Do not vote for Gary Johnson.
The entire convention center is embroiled in a shouting match "Austin Petersen" -- "Gary Johnson!"
Gary Johnson could launch the Libertarians on a big third-party run
Gov. Gary Johnson, live with Joe Rogan on the Joe Rogan Podcast! via /r/Libertarian
Gary Johnson and William Weld are fake libertarians miseducating the public | RedState
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Arguments made FOR Gary Johnson demonstrate why some Libs will sell out values for recognition
Gary Johnson tells me that David Koch is not giving him millions of dollars, as far as he knows.
let him debate Gary Johnson that would rip the GOP from limb to limb
Arguments made against Gary Johnson demonstrate why Libertarians will never hold Power.
Because, for the who care mostly on economic policy, definitely see Gary Johnson & Libertarians as a good third choice
When you say this like a HUGGGEE TRUMP sized crowd? or a Gary Johnson nevertrump crowd?
while I disagree with your backing of Austin Peterson I certainly agree with your reply. Gary Johnson's my choice
Exactly. But I will only vote Libertarian if Austin Peterson is their nominee.Can't vote for Gary Johnson. He's nuts
You should see about running Gary Johnson's team in Indiana.
, Mary is talking about Austin Peterson, not Gary Johnson! Austin Peterson is the most like ! Check him out and see!
Gary Johnson' is a dufus ... vote Austin Peterson
check out Austin Peterson, Gary Johnson is not a good candidate.
Gary Johnson wants all drugs legalized and Austin Peterson wants polygamy (cont)
Gary Johnson is crazier than Donald Trump (who is himself exceptionally crazy).
Gary Johnson to Donald Trump on and for
Pay attention to libertarian Gary Johnson — he's pulling 10% vs. Trump and Clinton:
Is Glenn Greenwald going to write-in this little Prince, or Gary Johnson?
Two recent nat'l polls show Gary Johnson at 10% ... shades of Ross Perot & the 90s, America! I got some here: https:/…
Gary Johnson is a suck-up to the LGBT community. Austin Peterson and John McAfee are really the only two...
Don't like Trump or Clinton? Likely Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson wants your vote
Gary Johnson set to be powerful alternative to
is Gary Johnson paying you for advertisement?
Roger Stone: "I am a giant fan of both Gary Johnson and Bill Weld."
Roger Stone says Gary Johnson deserves spot in debates - and maybe even his support
Top Trump ally Roger Stone still for Trump, but won't rule out supporting libertarian candidate Gary Johnson:
Koch brothers are reported to be funding Gary Johnson. Just another step towards becoming the undisputed controlled oppo…
Unless people that don't like Trump, Hillary or Bernie can vote for Gary Johnson. Then we might have a real leader.
Spokesman: Koch brothers not funding Gary Johnson presidential campaign
David Koch was LP VP candidate in '80. Koch pledges “tens of millions” to Gary Johnson, camp. srce allegedly claims
Koch brother pledges "tens of millions" to presidential campaign of Gary Johnson:
He joined Dem Party to run for President. Without Dem, he'd be Gary Johnson, Mike Shannon, etc. Heard of them?
Does this mean you're cool with Gary Johnson or Ben Sasse running in the General, as well?
They say a 3rd party candidate winning is like climbing Everest. Gary Johnson's already done that. LITERALLY.
Ugh that's not the Peter principle Gary Johnson it's when u reach ur level of incompetence i.e. John Bell hood as Lt. general
Terrific!! I will be listening. I heard Gary Johnson on Michael Medved show.
Gary Johnson leads MIcheal Dunlop in the superstock race
What rock has Gary Johnson crawled out from under? The same one Glen Beck & Mitt Romney came from!
Gary Johnson on the OBSERVER, follow party
Gary Johnson to Donald Trump on and for party
I called Gary Johnson is ready to derail the ;) MSNBC
Husband, Bill, has in his language long ago. I am voting for Gary Johnson for President along w/Mary Marlin.
Gary Johnson would at the very least win Utah probably North Dakota. Maybe Montana, Nebraska, Idaho, Kansas, Wyoming
false if Gary Johnson wins his lawsuit against the debate commission. Game changer!
Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson must get to 15% in polls to participate in prez debates this fall. Will he get there? 9% now
is a Gary Johnson on national Review
Mr. Cuban might be better served supporting the Libertarian Party & Gary Johnson, former NM Gov.
I was truly disgusted with my options my first year voting until I discovered Gary Johnson..
Current plan for November: Cast my vote for Gary Johnson and hope for the best.
Pick would lock it up.stick him in the corner.Ron Paul or Gary Johnson would also work.
Hillary is pretty terrible. Trump's crazy. Gary Johnson has my vote, for sure.
I don't think it a likelihood, but I believe the odds of a Gary Johnson presidency are significantly higher than...
Martini's in Plymouth with Bob Bowlby, Peter Kontrimas, Gary Johnson and yt. Lotsa fun. Great to have Billy Thompson sitting in
Sean Trumpity should know, now that he's on the all Trump all the time network. Gary Johnson! Make America Sane Again
To change Americas future we need to cut away from the 2 party political system vote for Gary Johnson.
Listening to Gary Johnson, he is the new pick for
Ben if you like Gary Johnson check out Austin Peterson.
So captain america was pretty cool. He would definitely vote for Gary Johnson. Meanwhile stark is Mr. Neocon.
Derrick Grayson: You know, Gary Johnson may be pretty cool
Gary Johnson -- you mean the supposed libertarian who can't decide whether he'd ban burqas or not? Yeah I'll pass
Gary Johnson is getting airtime? 😂 A former Governor that GOP voters care less about than Gilmore.
I really wish they would pick someone other than Gary Johnson. He'd force Christian bakers to bake *** wedding cakes...
Wonder if Gary Johnson could get 5% of the vote this year, which would get the Libertarians federal funding.
He’s a doctrinaire Libtard who’s trying to curry favor with conservatives to try to upset Gary Johnson.
Gary Johnson won't be elected president, but Republicans should coalesce behind him anyway:
Gary Johnson is a nice man. But, I think if I was standing behind him and said, "Boo" in a normal voice, he would jump out of his skin.
How the One World Order is made, One Party . Voter 3rd party! Gary Johnson!
"In a state that's 2 to 1 democrat, me being a fiscal hawk, people in New Mex. today wave at me with all 5 fingers, not just 1" Gary Johnson
We’re talking about parties that put up people like Ross Perot, Gary Johnson, and Ron Paul. Not worty of serious discussion
If it's down to Trump and Clinton, Gary Johnson is the best choice for president:
Why not let him know about the Libertarian candidates like Gary Johnson and Austin Petersen?
I was hoping for James Mattis, now Gary Johnson
The Libertarians have Gary Johnson, Austin Petersen, and John MacAfee. Talk about a bag of mixed nuts.
Big spike in Google searches for Gary Johnson.
Gov. Gary Johnson, a Libertarian is the early front-runner for me. Austin Petersen also deserves a look.
I was a Rand supporter, now I'm voting Libertarian (Gary Johnson or Austin Petersen). Definitely won't go Trump/Hillary
No doubt. Although I think Austin Petersen is a better choice than Gary Johnson.
Gary Johnson, John McAfee, and Austin Petersen are your guys!
I'm giving serious consideration to Austin Petersen or Gary Johnson
he's wrong there but Gary Johnson has proven himself in government link me what Austin Peterson has accomplished
Honestly I wouldn't mind an Austin Petersen Libertarian Presidential candidate instead of Gary Johnson. He's better than Trump/Hillary, too.
I'm voting for Gary Johnson... Otherwise I have to vote for a democrat regardless of party.
I really hope McCaffee can come back and win the LP nomination. I'd support Gary Johnson but not Austin Petersen.
Why aren't we looking at the Constitution Party? Austin Petersen seems reasonable, but Gary Johnson is not.
there's one aside from Gary Johnson. Austin Petersen.
As Between Trump and Clinton, Gary Johnson (or Austin Petersen) is the Best Choice for President
yeah, I guess people are wary since Ralph Nader split D vote in 2000. Any chance Gary Johnson will split the R vote?
Ya, some will, cuz Hillary. But NOTA is better. So is Gary Johnson! Frankly, so is the dog crap in my backyard.
Bill Kristol announces on Hugh Hewitt show he's voting Libertarian! Gary Johnson or
If Donald is nominated we should vote for Jill Stein or for Gary Johnson, lets not waste out votes
indies I know are talking Gary Johnson or Jill Stein, not abstaining. Might be good to end the duopoly founders…
Has anyone ever seen Blackhawks coach Mike Kitchen, and presidential candidate Gary Johnson in the same place at the same…
In my pleasant dreams, the election is actually between Jill Stein and Gary Johnson, not Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
What's your 3rd party candidate of choice? Gary Johnson? Darrell Castle?
I'm thinking of voting for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian. I want the gov't to stay out of my uterus.
I agree with 70% of Ratues article. And that's a first.Johnson no, Matulino no, but the rest yes.time for us to wake up as a club
Balance the federal budget now, not 15 years from now, not 20 years from no...
Thank you Gary Johnson for making the effort to see the Brownies!
VIDEO: Cheltenham Town boss Gary Johnson after the win against Lincoln City via
Let's all just have a drink and vote Gary Johnson, think how free we'll feel, one with the Universe...the smart one.
The time is now for to be bold with their candidate choice. Gary Johnson isn't bold. is.
I'd rather vote for Hillary than Gary Johnson.
i just abandoned the party and went with Gary Johnson tbh the only republican I'd support is kasich
Gary Johnson tshirt spotted at April brews day cc
Siri, can you give me directions to Gary Johnson’s house?
. Probably. But Gary Johnson is on ballot in all 50 states. If 3 candidates, who gets 270 electoral votes?
moved down on INQUIZIE celeb ranking by "-3". know Y? Goto & tell “Gary Earl Johnson's fans
I love Gary Johnson. But my gosh he is such a bad debater 😂😭
I did the last election cycle with Gary Johnson. This time im just so annoyed I might just write me in
Not voting Hillary, probably Gary Johnson. Nice try. Trump's a liberal on a power trip, just like Hillary.
There already is a Republican running as a third party candidate, his name is Gary Johnson, 2-term Republican Governor.
I liked a video Gary Johnson on criminal immigrants release
It is clear from the reaction to our campaign so far that our message is re...
I'll give you one word to describe Gov. Gary Johnson - president.
General Election will Be Clinton - Johnson and Trump. Gary Johnson will win w & votes
I ll always have a special place in my heart for Gary Johnson. But I'm committed to Bernie
LOL, the only candidate getting National Coverage is Gary Johnson.
*Rand Paul technically, but he dropped so its Gary Johnson
See? It can be done. Gary Johnson for POTUS
yeah I never really liked Gary Johnson. I think Austin could really make a splash in November if given…
Voting Gary Johnson is not about making him president. It's about breaking the 2 party system that holds our election proc…
"The LP will go the farthest in 2016 with Gary Johnson at the top of its ticket"
Gary Johnson is a good man. He always did what he said he would in NM.
I'd go for Sanders but I'll probably go for Gary Johnson. But I need to do more research
Boris Johnson speaking should always be followed by this 😂
There are options. Have a look at Gary Johnson
The IRS is trying to silence nonprofits during season! says we can't let that happen.
Exactly Allan. Gary Johnson can win with the and voting blocks!
We need to get accross that Voting for Gary Johnson will help their Down Ballot Candidates so they don't stay home.
Yep, only way to beat Hillary is to Vote for Gary Johnson. Trump alienates %60 of repubs will
Shiela 60% of Repubs will Trump can't beat Clinton, only Gary Johnson can.
No i wont I have voted for Gary Johnson when the GOP Robbed Ron Paul. I knew Romney invented Obamacare.
WATCH! Boss Gary Johnson on receiving his winners medal, for Robins TV
And don't forget there's always Gary Johnson. Frustrating that he's open borders and pro abortion.
All this assumes Gary Johnson can stop getting high on the campaign trail & actually run a real campaign
We live in America. We live in a free society where we are able to make cho...
Gary Johnson on criminal immigrants release via
Gary Johnson on criminal immigrants release |
By making it LEGAL! Gary Johnson explains how libertarians would fix illegal immigration
exactly. I'll vote Gary Johnson. . See, Sean? I can still vote. Don't be a dope.
Gary Johnson on criminal immigrants release
Does that mean you'd consider a 3rd party candidate like Gary Johnson or Jill Stein?
If you buy based on ad, you should not vote. Research. While doing so, also research Jill Stein and Gary Johnson.
Someone on The View actually talked about Jill Stein and Gary Johnson and said "I am more of a libertarian than a Democrat"
I'm on your side. I think Jill Stein & Gary Johnson for that matter deserve some media attention.
This matters, because if both Gary Johnson & Jill Stein gets a min of 15% in the early general polls, they'd both be on the debate stage.
Gary Johnson: Never Trump: submitted by /u/Thomas_Eric [link] ...
if Gary Johnson wins I'll have to go with the constitution party or write in Rubio for the *** of it
What’s on Barack Obama’s Marijuana Schedule? - Gary Johnson openly guessed Obama would remove cannabis from Schedu…
Gary Johnson to stay on as Cheltenham Town manager:
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