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Gary Johnson

Gary Earl Johnson (born January 1, 1953) is an American businessman, former Governor of New Mexico, and candidate for the Libertarian Party nomination for President of the United States in the 2012 election.

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Man bun Ken booed Hillary at the Democratic Convention and then voted for Gary Johnson but he wants Barbie to know it's he…
I'll vote for Gary Johnson in 2020 to slap them in the face with trump again. Petty is my middle name.
Gary Johnson is a fine man. He didn't know what Aleppo was though so points off.
Interesting, Gary Johnson favors open borders! His immigration policy is to the left of mine!
Except, well I'm not a Trumpkin. I voted for Gary Johnson. Twice. But thanks for pr…
Yo-kai Watch anti-fans will be *cough* Walter Peck having no *** and I vote Gary Johnson to spite my dampened ***
Republicans always wanted this, I blame Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein, Gary Johnson for this disastrous withdrawal from the P…
The hypocrisy of Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein and Gary Johnson voters for being outraged when they held their vote hostage, n…
Why are people surprised? Trump left the agreement as promised. You are equally guilty if you voted for him, Gary Johnson, or Jill Stein.
There are two types of people I like to say "HOW DID THAT WORK OUT FOR YOU??" To. 1) Gary Johnson voters 2) Jared Kushner supporters
I feel the same way with Gary Johnson. Would've been a whole lot better if Austin P…
Idk I think I'm just gonna vote for Gary Johnson since none of the…
Wasn't there one by the name of Gary Johnson in the 80s?
Yes Ron Swanson is a Libertarian and no he would not have voted Gary Johnson because he doesn't vote for lightweight goo…
Dont worry about your healthcare, Bernie Sanders, Cornell West, Marc Lamont, Susan Sarandon, Jill Stein, Gary Johnson has u…
Unlike Jill Stein and Gary Johnson my VP WILL be at the debate tonight. You cant ban Jesus!
A reminder that if you voted for Gary Johnson, you voted for the Muslim ban.
if any motivation is needed to win on Saturday just read the last paragraph of this interview with G…
Sorry but I am a Democrat who voted for Gary Johnson. Calling a whole party including all the woman who voted GOP is asinine.
..or Jill Stein or Gary Johnson... Very few pro-Trump votes in Berkeley
sure&U're puling yo reasoning from your Perineum&By t/way TH,Johnson&t/Bern got cash from Putin2destroy
Each Mason would have to answer that. I voted for Gary Johnson in the last Presidential election.
Oh yeah is that why you voted Gary Johnson
Seems like the grinch murdered in gary johnson's defense, reclining on wilshire.
Gary Johnson would've never bombed Syria!. He doesn't even know where it is!
Stranger than Gary Johnson sticking his tongue at you?
Come and meet tonight and find out more:
Boris Johnson has called Jeremy Corbyn a mugwump, but what does that even mean?
that's the blinding fireball duo of Gary Johnson and William Weld, too beautiful for this world
This week, & discuss speaking your mind as a figure in the public eye:
In fact, even more people would vote for Gary Johnson if they could.
Breast Cancer Awareness
"God does the greatest of things in the least likely of ways." . -Gary Johnson
Jill Stein AND Gary Johnson are not special- Should the rules change? Yes. Was there some conspiracy? No.
When Gary Johnson inevitably retires at the end of the season, can we not be sentimental and appoint Russ Milton? Cheers
Gary Johnson has been re-admitted to hospital, just six weeks after a heart operation.
Ummm in what way is Dave a trump supporter? He is a liberal who I believe voted for Gary Johnson ...
Looks like Gary is saying that when you disavow you don't need to wait for the site linking to you to be recrawled, but y…
Now available: D.C. Cir. argument in Gary Johnson v. Commission on Presidential De:
we made the worlds first arena. Let's make u the 1st🌎
Cheltenham Town manager Gary Johnson has suffered a setback in his recovery from heart surgery, which has left h...…
Inspection for roaches. - Gary V. checked in near W Pine St Johnson City, TN
I added a video to a playlist When Gary Johnson got that Bray Hill Feeling!
'Carrot Man' voted for Gary Johnson in the general election. I guess he really does have a…
Pretty Tony is Pretty Stupid. People like this are the marks for Cons like Trump, Sanders,.Stein, and the never-hea…
Sounds like Gary Johnson on climate change:. Why bother when the sun will someday swallow Earth?. We still…
The military wants someone to take their muzzle off. Republicans tend to war monger. Gary Johnson d…
Little Giant Ladders
The Military supported both Trump & Gary Johnson over her though. I've personally only ever trusted one p…
U voted for Gary Johnson, ur a cuck
Tickets still available for tonight's HEROES event with and . Book now:…
Gary Johnson for you mate, absolute hero, great manager
If I was going to vote in 2016's election, I probably would've voted for Gary Johnson. Im tried of there only being 2 mandatory parties.
The joke is on you, pal. I voted for Gary Johnson.😂✌🏽
It's funny that Gary Johnson was all but disqualified for not knowing what Allepo was (I still don't.)
Gary Johnson is unlikely to be present at Whaddon Road on Saturday afternoon.
Boris on LBC: “Let me explain, as I mean no insult to mugwumps everywhere.”
Boris Johnson defneds his comments about Jeremy Corbyn, telling LBC - there is a risk people won't quite get what a risk…
Stupid hats will be *cough* "Broccoli" by D.R.A.M. and Li'l Yachty so I vote Gary Johnson to spite a Latino Tyler Perry.
just greg things pt2: takes off work for a week, goes skiing in NM, befriends gary johnson, leaves sick kids at home, but…
.If multiple third parties won one state and blocked…
'it would be the height of folly' for us to disarm says Johnson
I have two classes with this libertarian kid who voted for Gary Johnson in Florida on *principle* and I lit…
I dunno bout u but Im ready to see Gary Johnson fly sideline to sideline in Austin!
I see only one Dem in that photo. Will there be a "unity tour" with Jill Stein and Gary Johnson next?
No pity either for the Jill Stein/Gary Johnson "protest" voters either. Remember Toyota's old jingle "you asked for it."
many many more ppl voted Gary Johnson but *** hillbots like you ar…
2012 BHO and Biden, done nothing. Repubs Romney/Ryan. At this point the country is screaming third party. Gary Johnson? Dr. Jill Stein?
The FLP - out Sunday!. Harry Pell explains how manager Gary Johnson is still playing a key role following heart surgery
Actually, Gary Johnson was a libertarian on the ballot. As was Rex Bell.
Wait you're supposed to take Phil DeFranco seriously? I lost that ability as soon as he seriously pushed Gary Johnson
I wonder if Gary Johnson or Rand Paul would have launched the Hmmm.
I think you're right. It's kind of a big loop around. Lol I voted for Gary Johnson in 2012.
I prefer the way Gary Johnson bombed Aleppo to how Donald just did.
Gary Johnson ready to make Whaddon Road comeback
Cheltenham Town manager Gary Johnson will make his Whaddon Road return for Saturday's ...
Gary Johnson hopes to be back at Whaddon Road tomorrow as he continues recovery from heart surgery -…
Assistant manager Russell Milton in charge for the fourth match in succession this afternoon, while Gary Johnson re…
should my friend still hook up with this guy even though he voted for Gary Johnson?
Gary Johnson is now back home recovering, Russell Milton has confirmed
Olds were presumedly Keemstar yelling the n-word then I vote Gary Johnson to spite more children than the ideal
All that Gary Johnson 'Aleppo' weed done wrecked your brain, hippie.
Urgent Bulletin: Ariana Grande is going to fight with Gary
my dad and my mom both voted for Gary Johnson lol.
His remarks & backing of Gary Johnson make me think he prefers the freedom TO smoke dope over freedom FROM poverty though
I saw Libertarians boo Gary Johnson because he said he believes in drivers licenses.
I want to say thank you to the 24 people who voted for me. You probably also voted for Gary Johnson. Maybe a new st…
and from Mars with Gary Johnson and Jill Stein.
Yeah, the Rand and Ron Paulites. Unfortunately, them and freaken Gary Johnson we got for libertarians. Not great examples.
Why did u & lie against A 30-second Google search yielded this from 2012.
I just had an argument with a Gary Johnson voter..oh my god. The guy was really advocating for full-on capitalism. Lol
For the record, Gary Johnson isn't a (l)ibertarian!. Neither is Glenn Beck!
Why when we speak up for what we believe in do we risk facing backlash and where does that backlash come from?
Not a Hillary supporter. I usually vote for Gary Johnson, but he dropped the ball this time.
No, I voted for Gary Johnson. I don't like Trump but anyone is better than Hillary or Joan Crawford.
Thoughts lately-. "I should have voted for Gary Johnson"
Who is "him", Gary Johnson? That doesn't make any sense. A vote for Stein is a vote for Stein. What "current admin"?
So which is it? I'd love for these items to be extremely successful for you. Again, I voted for Gary Johnson.
Heaven gained a true Angel today. Rest in peace Gary Wayne Johnson. I love you. Please pray for our family. —...
If you voted for Gary Johnson, you're partly responsible for the gutting of public education.
That makes all of us much danger. I really want to see Gary Johnson believes we have!
Ben voted for Gary Johnson because military industrial complex and civil liberties and stuff and definitely not jus…
I disagree. Jill Stein and Gary Johnson were on many ballots as well. Not to mention people writing in names.
After selling its canvassing app to politicians like Gary Johnson, raises $1.3M to focus on businesses
oh yeah this is funny bc he's the guy who spazzed out about being libertarian & complaining about no one liking Gary Johnson
I don't know any stars that told me to vote for Gary Johnson. You tried it, though.
the same independent press that declared Pewdiepie to be a NAZI. But heym. I voted for Gary johnson
Comey claims Putin's hatred for HRC is why he was helping Trump. Why not Gary Johnson or Jill Stein investigation? They were running too😕
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I don't doubt it, especially because Bernie was blacked out, & Jill Stein and Gary Johnson weren't allowed in the debates.
I agree. I hope Gary Johnson is listening. Lol.
Why can't Gary Johnson be in office ):
GARY JOHNSON!!! There weren't two options there were three. Can't forget about Gary! Everyone always forgets about us!
Birthdays today for Reda Johnson,Gary Shelton and Mark Smith.All 3 legends of our club and gave it everything in Blue & white 🦉
you still aren't getting it. You're still talking about Hilary and Gary Johnson and blah blah. WHO CARES! I didn't like
many of us voted Gary Johnson becoz we don't want govt regulating any aspect of our life- including abortion
Why does one follow the other? It doesn't. By that inane logic we could argue Putin wanted Jill Stein or Gary Johnson to win.
Gary Johnson borrowed my violet wand and didn't give it back
You support Gary Johnson, go into the bedroom, turn on the lights, look your wife has a son, you got cucked
Agree, a true Libertarian might win today but not Gary Johnson.
Both are corrupt as far as I'm concerned. Few good ones—like Ron/Rand Paul, Sanders, Raúl Grijalva, Gary Johnson, etc
Gary Johnson is to undergo heart surgery today. Read our club statement here 👇.
Great fun gig last night filling in with Pickup Line. Always a pleasure to play with Gary Johnson, Marshall McDuffie, and Ryan Shafer.
Provide a clear, constitutional, limited government message. (Now that Gary Johnson got rid of himself)
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Roger Stone apparently also worked on Gary Johnson's campaign in 2012.
Gary Johnson lost touch with reality after he left the NN governorship. I thinks its the K2 air. He isnt the bright...
Reminds me of the Gary Johnson trip on Michael Chopra.
It was a good day for one legend on Saturday. Here's what Gary Johnson thought about the match...
Ex-Yeovil Town manager Gary Johnson on getting one over on his...
Because of you and Gary Johnson, millions of people, school children, and the environment will suffer greatly. Was it worth it?
Angry dudes will be *cough* Celtic magic but I vote Gary Johnson to spite dated Harambe jokes.
Would the Gary Johnson version be. Johnson: I'm sorry for your loss. We stand with Norway at this difficult time. What's Norway?
Did you see the interview where Gary Johnson claimed to be off weed for the entire campaign and then slipped up on that lie?
also like Gary Johnson conducts himself like a hired, spacey toddler?
...convinced themselves that (a) Gary Johnson isn't incompetent, and (b) Gary Johnson has a legit shot at the Presidency.
Gary Johnson denies the election is rigged or that he was high for his 'Aleppo moment' -
What ultimately screwed Gary Johnson from getting 5%?
Thanks again to the 558,000 people who voted for Jill Stein and Gary Johnson in Mich, Wisc and Pa. Trump won those stat…
. Gary Johnson was on the ballot. Former Gov of NM - only one who had experience leading ppl.
oh wait Gary Johnson supporters don't know where alleppo is my bad. I'm sorry you really don't know what's happening do you?
Heck, all I had to do was watch the C-SPAN broadcast of the convention, where they booed Gary Johnso…
And Democrats aren't for open borders, that would be Libertarians (Ron and Rand Paul, Gary Johnson, etc).
Gary G-thang Johnson live at The Comic Strip. Here in Edmonton Canada. S/O to my boy Damon…
lol. They had a good one with Austin Peterson but blew it on Gary Johnson.
Gary Johnson’s cringe-worthy interview about the big Hillary Clinton email news – htt ...
Milo's position should be viewed in a context where Gary Johnson's support of statutory rape laws made Libertarians question…
I'm not sure there's evidence to suggest that Gary Johnson voters would have been happy if Gary Johnson had won. https:…
U won't quit will u! tRimp is president bcuz of u n Gary Johnson! Neither a chance in *** to get 10%!!
Gary Johnson himself always seemed to me like he assumed Clinton would win, and was hoping to help GOP hold Congress to c…
I would like to read more interviews/profiles of swing state Gary Johnson voters. Is this the outcome they were expecting…
christine acting like Gary Johnson on some wings & things bull
so did Gary Johnson. The problem wasn't the war it was the aftermath of it.
. The is growing and needs a 'face' other than Gary Johnson nationally. LP, Clay voted Johnson in Nov, talk to him.
if not for Gary Johnson, Trump would've easily won CO, ME, MN, NV, NH, and NM, too. Hillary was the wrong candidate.
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Gary Johnson was a very entertaining and chill candidate
Gary Johnson is not the only presidential candidate who forgot about Aleppo...
But not every candidate on the left would have worked for us. Jill Stein was cozy with Putin just like Trump and Gary Johnson
should have listened to my dad on that one. I protest voted Gary Johnson. Romney was the most dignified candidate in years.
Gary Johnson defends tying Donald Trump's deportation plan to the Holocaust
I remember when people thought Gary Johnson wasn't an extreme candidate...he was supposedly a sensible choice lol
1/2 Poorly uneducated, Jill Stein Steiner, Gary Johnson stoners, last but
yea that sounds right- our retarded libertarian party candidate Gary Johnson thought he was cool
Jennifer did you Gary Johnson the libertarian candidate has CELIAC DISEASE HE IS ON GLUTEN FREE DIET
Hank Hill would have almost voted for Gary Johnson until he heard someone call him a "protest candidate"
If you and Gary Johnson would've debated a tree, the tree would've become a viable third party candidate.
Meanwhile, while you and I voted for a candidate who could have won, your buddy votes for Gary Johnson.
The MSM should harp on this for days like they did CANDIDATE w/ Gary Johnson. Who in the *** elected these MORONS?…
See, Gary Johnson voters? You got lucky! Even though your candidate lost, they're still effectively getting rid of the DoED. Congrats!
Oh Lord, why did you only know let me realize that 2016 libertarian candidate Gary Johnson kind of looks like Anthony Bourdain? WHY NOW LORD
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Did third-party candidates Jill Stein and Gary Johnson lose Clinton the election?
-You understand that the Liberal Candidate was Gary Johnson.
3rd Party candidate Jill Stein told her followers to vote for Trump, Gary Johnson told his Hillary.
Yes, yes! I'm a registered Libertarian. We just ran a doofus for a candidate this year: Gary Johnson.
is agree with you but Gary Johnson was a terrible candidate he would have been destroyed.
But my friends who I KNOW chose to vote for any other candidate, even Gary Johnson, were literally such a wide array of people.
This makes the same statement as me voting for Gary Johnson. Our votes could swing election for good candidate
"A Wasted Vote (is)one Which(is) Cast for a Candidate Whom One does not Believe". Gary Johnson.
US Libertarians can't nominate a decent candidate. Gary Johnson was a joke!
If you're a Floridian who wrote in a joke candidate like "Mickey Mouse" or "Gary Johnson," thanks. Thanks a lot.
A big thank you/congratulations to Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, as well as Nicholas Sarwark and everyone who in...
Remember that time we could have elected Rand Paul or Gary Johnson or Bernie Sanders or Deez Nuts or literally anyone else…
Maybe Rand Paul is Han Solo, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are Uncle Owen & Aunt Beru.We could then assume that Kanye West is Luke Skywalker.
Must be a Libertarian Party thing. Didn't Gary Johnson sort of reenact this w/Kasie Hunt on a park bench ...
Gary Johnson is an early preview of the city's plan?
I was a Gary Johnson guy too. A lot of good stances on the issues. Who cares if he doesn't know where Aleppo is?
joy behar on the view told Gary Johnson to withdraw because he was stealing HRC votes. They said he had 9 or 13% of voters
Also note that school vouchers were Gary Johnson's pet project as governor here, though he luckily failed to get th…
was Gary Johnson elected governor as a Libertarian? Or did he switch to run for president
Gary Johnson got a pretty good bang for his buck.
Nation's top JUCO ILB, Gary Johnson, enjoys his official visit at Texas (VIP)
I liked a video from Gary Johnson on Fortune - Let The Banks Fail
I'm reminded of Gary Johnson's reinding us that the USSR fell because of its debt.
Compare: Gary Johnson and the Libertarians getting a long look in the national spotlight. How'd that turn out for them?
Gary Johnson had 9 sacks as a LB his first year in JuCo 😳
Dodge City CC LB Gary Johnson gave high marks after his official visit to
Classic what? I'm a libertarian, I voted for Gary Johnson. Yes, I support natural law & that is classic.
Good grief. Gary Johnson is worse than Ryan or Trump on health care. Johnson's platform wanted to raise ages of SS & Medicare
But I thought Gary Johnson said Jews have to be forced to bake Nazi cakes as part of libertarianism?.
Isn't this true of everyone (except the 5 people who voted for Gary Johnson)? It's not like Trump was a big fan of…
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Gary Johnson and his voters last night.
Dak: Locked in 🔒. Prescott will be first rookie QB to start a playoff game in Cowboys history.
is the heavy favorite for the nation's top JUCO LB Gary Johnson
JUCO ILB Gary Johnson enjoyed his Texas official. Oregon & USC up next
JUCO LB Gary Johnson. Arguably the top defensive priority for
Top JUCO LB Gary Johnson wrapping up his official to Texas
JUCO 🌟🌟🌟🌟 LB Gary Johnson takes unofficial visit to Texas. Official visits scheduled for Oregon on Jan. 20 and USC…
Top target LB Gary Johnson on his official visit.
My friend Gary Johnson took this picture of a Bald Eagle that lives at the Sheep Ranch, pretty neat.…
Bill Weld was a very mediocre governor here in Ma He was a poor choice of running mate. Gary Johnson blew it with Aleppo :/
I love Ron Swanson but he would have voted for Gary Johnson
Hillary was so flawed Putin, Trump, Wikileaks, Comey, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein had to join forces just to keep her u…
Wait Jon did you count the write ins, the Jill Steins, the Gary Johnson voters??? I think its more.
the vote for Jill Stein and Gary Johnson are also American votes
here ya go! Third-party! They were our biggest champions for Gary Johnson! So guess again!!! (I can't s…
Yeah, all those people who voted for Gary Johnson, Evan McMuffin and Jill Stein did too
Remember when y'all voted for Gary Johnson & Jill Stein over Hillary bc somewhere in your head you genuinely though…
You do realize that nearly 4 times as many people voted for Gary Johnson then Jill Stein right?
Don't forget the Gary Johnson voters, the Jill Stein voters and the voters that regretted not voting as well.
PROTEST VOTERS lacked moral & rational ability – so they VOTED for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson!
To everyone who threw away his/her vote on Jill Stein or Gary Johnson, or rested your dawgs on the porch Election D…
U could've chosen Jill or Gary Johnson... YOU chose hatred and racism... are YOU proud of that?. that's disgusting if U ask me..
Your health insurance is gone. You were warned. Wanna ask Gary Johnson or Jill Stein bout that? .
and don't forget the folks who chose Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, & others. They aren't celebrating either.
"Thank You, Gary Johnson, for Being the Best Thing in 2016!" is the title. Gillespie idolizes GJ like the regressiv…
this dude probably voted for vermin supreme or Gary Johnson . If you're an anarchist and believe in the ideology of…
Carrie fisher ain't dead she secretly Gary Johnson and acted like she took another L but like always the W goes to Gary
if the metro ticket warrant is used so I can't see Sarah for the inauguration of Trump then Gary Johnson gets executed that's
11. Dr. Jill Stein and Gov. Gary Johnson didn't make it to 5% in the election this year.
You mean the two party system where Jill Stein and Gary Johnson got enough votes to potentially tip the election?
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It's directly in my hands that we continue to have prestigious alumni like Penny Marshall, Gary Johnson, and Luc Longley
So... Ron Paul, who did not run, received more electoral votes than Gary Johnson and Evan McMullin. 2016 is the gift that keep…
I received just as many electoral votes as Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, and Evan McMullin combined!
Ron Paul has more EC votes than Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Evan McMuffin, Gary Johnson, Marco Rubio
I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure today is the day that Gary Johnson becomes the next president.
Meanwhile, Gary Johnson is still searching for a path to the White House! 😂😂😂
For the white elephant I should steal my roommate's Gary Johnson campaign sign (which he stole from campus) and do that 4 my ASU-origin gift
And if u don't count old white guys Gary Johnson would have beat Trump
.is a neocon posing as a Libertarian. Just like Gary Johnson and Bill Weld.
right. why can't kids just be kids? Emma liked Gary Johnson bc I did. She has no investment or knowledge in politics
Not Ron Paul or Gary Johnson; This is the Greatest Libertarian Candidate Harry Browne via
Gary Johnson proposed pretty much exactly what Ted Cruz's bill would do.
I want Colin Kap, Ye, Trump, Bill Gates, & Gary Johnson all in a room
Did they get the Presidential debate commission to not invite Gary Johnson? Did they get Bill Weld to vouch for Hil…
I voted4 Gary Johnson. Trump winning=silly. But liberal whining& self-righteous angst in the aftermath is driving me into…
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Ted Cruz has a bill to do what Gary Johnson has long supported.
What are you talking about Amy, I don't see Gary Johnson or a watermelon in this very nice art, I just see Sans and Papa
5% popular vote here we come. Gary Johnson and Bill Weld have made history.
Why did I just think Steven Weber was actually Gary Johnson on the Mindy project..?
Come on, it takes nothing to find out what Kasich really wants. Have you thought about Bill Weld or Gary Johnson?
Gary Johnson and Bill Weld knew they made a mistake. I'd be shocked if either show their face again in a POTUS election.
Gary Johnson demands compensation from Chelsea over sexual abuse claims
She's talking nonsense but forget Trump and Hillary, this man Gary Johnson has no chill 😂
Johnson another very brave man speaks out about sex abuse in
Which is more abhorrent, Chelsea for buying his silence or Gary Johnson for taking the money to keep quiet?
This also seems to forget that Gary Johnson exists
Did Jill Stein&Gary Johnson receive$ from GOP donors? They did siphon off enough votes from HRC to alter the election outcome.
I like the ones that insist that Gary Johnson voters would've voted for Hillary.
just help Gary Johnson he's one of your own
And Gary Johnson voters. I've always said that libertarians are just conservatives that smoke weed.
the rent boys living up to there name r they help Gary Johnson
"I think Gary Johnson laid out a pretty good blueprint of what not to do." -- An Evening with
Oh yes? And what about Gary Johnson voters? Most crucially Trump voters? You can't shame people looking for a legitimate third option
Former Chelsea striker Gary Johnson says he was paid £50,000 by club to keep quiet about being sexually abused
Gary Johnson and myself playing for Aldershot FC. Really good lad!
If you are not sure how, or whom to help... the Sevier County Humane Society needs cash donations. They are...
Ex Chelsea footballer Gary Johnson kept the abuse a secret for decades, until the scandal had encouraged him to speak out.
that Chelsea FC paid 50k to keep Gary Johnson quiet about being sexually abused by a former chief scout!
Gary Johnson is the victim remember. Chelski covering it up and the Paedo involved are the perpetrators
Gary Johnson is not a libertarian, and what to do about it
Find it extraordinary that a club could insure against such a thing, still more that they were advised to do it:.
Gary Johnson says Chelsea paid him £50,000 for silence about abuse
Gary Johnson cost her the election is the more correct take.
Club will get fined over Gary Johnson affair.
Former Chelsea star says club paid £50,000 to gag him after he told them on abuse at the hands of one of its scouts. h…
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A day of surprises.Gary Johnson, liberal democrats take Richmond Park and then Nico Rosberg.what next 🙄
A terrifying example of power of socio-cultural environments in supporting specific narratives & silencing others http…
Gary johnson how dare you put a price on sexual abuse. Talking to the police is free! You then have the gall then to go to the tabloids.
Pretty sure Gary Johnson came in third
. Ill just tell sam not to sell you none gary Johnson
Video Chelsea paid me £50,000 hush money over abuse, says Gary Johnson
Plus many Gary Johnson voters would have gone for Trump.
Ex-Chelsea player: I was paid to 'keep a lid' on being sexually abused by club scout
I think the election madness has finally died off. Got one more month to go. Oh Gary Johnson. -_-
He actually endorsed Gary Johnson, and got a lot of flak for it.
If Chelsea FC paid Gary Johnson £50,000 to silence his child abuse allegations then it has supported the…
If proven, what would you do if you were a sponsor?
but yeah, you have to credit her ingenuity. LOL . Look at Gary Johnson, if you can find him. Prob off doing smthg weird. :D
Notice how they only talk about Stein's votes and not Gary Johnson's. PA Margin 46,765, PA Stein 49,678, PA Johnson 146,205.
Ex-Chelsea player says he was paid by the club to keep quiet on being sexually abused by its chief scout
Breaking the Glass Ceiling. . The only 2 women who lost election want a recount! You don't see Gary Johnson asking! Sore Loser…
Kryssie took Jason's 20 votes that would have put him over the top. She literally is Gary Johnson
if you're wondering where I'm at with election healing, I was behind a car with a Gary Johnson bumper sticker and had some violent thoughts
I wonder what Gary Johnson's plug is like?
Gary Johnson received twice as many votes as Abraham Lincoln in 1864
Not to be outdone, Gary Johnson has requested a recount from his weed dealer.
"Now hold on, hold on. What is 'Wisconsin'?"- Gary Johnson upon hearing the Jill Stein news.
Jill Stein has reached $4.5M and upped the goal to $7M. I wonder at what point does Gary Johnson plan to show up
Jill Stein raised $4.5 million for a vote recount, meanwhile Gary Johnson at home in a pair of dirty sweatpants looking for his weed grinder
Let us never forget that Jill Stein and Gary Johnson cost HRC a landslide electoral win. . Jill is no hero. I just want that c…
thanksgiving cast:. Donald Trump as THE RACIST. Hillary Clinton as THE ONE WHO COOKED EVERYTHING. Jill Stein as DUMB AUNT. Gary Johnson as weed
It's funny that they never said that a vote for Trump was a vote for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein.
It's like Gary Johnson or Jill Stein warning about the dangers of voting 3rd party
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