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Gary Johnson

Gary Earl Johnson (born January 1, 1953) is an American businessman, former Governor of New Mexico, and candidate for the Libertarian Party nomination for President of the United States in the 2012 election.

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Kryssie took Jason's 20 votes that would have put him over the top. She literally is Gary Johnson
if you're wondering where I'm at with election healing, I was behind a car with a Gary Johnson bumper sticker and had some violent thoughts
I wonder what Gary Johnson's plug is like?
Not to be outdone, Gary Johnson has requested a recount from his weed dealer.
"Now hold on, hold on. What is 'Wisconsin'?"- Gary Johnson upon hearing the Jill Stein news.
Jill Stein has reached $4.5M and upped the goal to $7M. I wonder at what point does Gary Johnson plan to show up
Jill Stein raised $4.5 million for a vote recount, meanwhile Gary Johnson at home in a pair of dirty sweatpants looking for his weed grinder
Let us never forget that Jill Stein and Gary Johnson cost HRC a landslide electoral win. . Jill is no hero. I just want that c…
thanksgiving cast:. Donald Trump as THE RACIST. Hillary Clinton as THE ONE WHO COOKED EVERYTHING. Jill Stein as DUMB AUNT. Gary Johnson as weed
It's funny that they never said that a vote for Trump was a vote for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein.
It's like Gary Johnson or Jill Stein warning about the dangers of voting 3rd party
Jill Stein needs to go away, Gary Johnson has! Game over, quit showing how stupid you are!
Jill Stein. vs. Gary Johnson, Darrell Castle, and Evan McMuffin. you guys STILL lost.
Full offense when I say this. I hate Jill Stein and Gary Johnson lol.
In that it was the egos of Jill Stein and Gary Johnson that were partially responsible for giving us Trump…they should be held accountable.
Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are the two main reason the independent 'party' will never gain ground. They are box of…
Jill Stein is fighting for a recount in multiple states. Meanwhile, Gary Johnson is figuring out the difference between a…
Gary Johnson's finally gonna get the oval office guys
With my foot centric paper turned in I will now join the prestigious UNM Alumni like Gary Johnson, Penny Marshall, and Luc Longley.
LIVE: Gary Johnson on an 'inept' performance against Colchester United
WATCH: "It's a vital run of games coming up". Gary Johnson says the next six games are critical for .
Lots of free publicity for his film for spewing such hatred Wonder what he thinks of Gary Johnson voters like me? LOL
Johnson got more votes than Trump though because Gary Johnson stole from Trump. Without Gary Johnson, HRC lost by more than Feingold
will destroy you BIG-TIME for wasting Obama Stimulus money to quarter the area for Hillary to win office etc. Or Gary Johnson!
to take a page from Gary Johnson, the coasts will get swallowed by the sea eventually, so why even count their peoples' votes?
The only time I've been involved was with the voting process and it wasn't even fascist when I voted for Gary Johnson
Ayyy Gary Johnson is savage asf for this 😂😂😂
A lot of my own dollars if Gary Johnson as an Independent from the Supreme Court in D.C. can
like voting Gary Johnson would be cutting your *** off?
D.C. Will remain the same NO change. Should have voted for Gary Johnson or mucky mouse fool me once but not twice
All I see is both sides doing wrong and justifying it by the other side's wrong. Where's Gary Johnson when you need him?
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Cast of The Lion King delivers powerful statement to Gary Johnson: "Stop walking up and down the aisles selling heroin t…
I might vote for Gary Johnson after all.
Gary Johnson supporters are NOT liberals-they take voters away from conservatives, like Trump
Who is NASCAR’s greatest racer: Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt or Jimmie Johnson?
The "Doctor" Danny Johnson will drive the Gary Mann next year in the Brett Deyo races.
I feel like she's the Donald Trump of the group & Kelly Dodd is the Gary Johnson (delusions of grandeur & no concept of reality)
if two hook up, I assume you'll raise your kids as Gary Johnson libertarians?
right. Blaming Dubya for losing HRC the election is like blaming Gary Johnson voters who are right-wing libertarians.
Then you, and all like you who voted for Jill Stein/Gary Johnson can take cool comfort.
i would expect this from Gov. Gary Johnson
guy sez he voted for Gary Johnson hehehe we know dude it's cool (whisper) MAGA!
A shot in the dark, but is he a Gary Johnson voter?
Clinton and Trump come out swinging today while Gary Johnson has major Aleppo gaffe, all as polls show a tight race. https:…
but would you really dream up a Gary Johnson voter? 🙃
. you're*. I voted for Gary Johnson you mouthbreather. I wanted Hillary and Trump to lose.
CraigReski : BarryMarkson1 ? for John McCain. I voted Gary Johnson over Trump's rhetoric on torture and killing f…
just because Jeff is ignorant to marijuana doesn't mean he's a bad politician. He's very honorable—Gary Johnson is a cuck
So glad Gary Johnson isn't seeking office in the future, Jeff Dunham's set just hasn't been the same without him
10A) 6th, the 3rd pty vote, esp. for Gary Johnson was often more than Trump’s winning margin over HRC in Rust Belt
Spoiler alert. All of Jill Stein's votes and 60% of Gary Johnson's votes STILL would not have won the election for Hillary.
Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson, distant runner-up in presidential election, plans to be a bicyclist:
Gary Johnson is already talking about his next challenge, and it won't be another try for public office... He...
tbh, I didn't know Gary Johnson was the governor of New Mexico
comparing mittens to hitler is a complement. Mitt Romney is the Gary Johnson of the Republican Party
Only 300 people in my town voted for Gary Johnson. His VP-pick was William Weld, former governor of MA for 6 years.
won 47.8-47.5, 4% voted for Gary Johnson, those are not Democrat voters. Johnson is a former Republican governor
Gary Johnson got 106,442 votes in WI and 173,012 votes in MI. Former R governor.
Gary Johnson would have been a great choice. Just to really enrage everyone
Farting in the woods was part of Gary Johnson's platform.
semi related; the best thing to come out of this election are the Gary Johnson/ spongebob memes
Gary Johnson was the republican governor of New Mexico- his presence helped Clinton in the race
- better story, how Hillary denied election of either Jill Stein or 2term governor serial entrepreneur Gary Johnson
Again, I voted for Gary Johnson. I didn't want Trump or Clinton.
I ran into Gary Johnson in the woods behind the Circle K and he asked if he could bum a smoke
I voted Gary Johnson. He was a nut bar, but not dangerous, and a very effective governor
Gary Johnson, as a republican governor from New Mexico, had what actually happened, as his primary intention.
Independent candidate, Gary Johnson, got the highest number of 3rd party votes in American history at 3.3 million o…
1. Gary Johnson leans conservative. 2. He served as Governor of NM as a REPUBLICAN. No, 3rd party voters wouldn't have voted Hillary.
"Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson earned Tuesday more than the 154,040-vote threshold necessary...
Bernie & his supporters didn't do this. Jill Stein/Gary Johnson & their supporters didn't do this. Neoliberalism failed. Y…
Don’t blame Gary Johnson and Jill Stein for Hillary’s failure. You have no idea how their voters would have split off.
Gary Johnson is a former two-term Republican Governor. I have a hard time believing many Dems would have voted for him.
Why all the hatred for Gary Johnson voters? I thought y'all were tolerant & liked the democratic process or is it only when it aligns w you?
Your vote was stupid and Gary Johnson is a bumbling *** who wasn't even a good governor.
Gary Johnson got over 200k votes in Florida. Trump beat Clinton in Florida by 134k. Do you feel proud of that protest vot…
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yeah. I mean Gary Johnson was GOP governor for years before he switched to the LP. If anything he took more from Trump than HC
Gary Johnson was a republican governor more of his voters would have leaned trump then Clinton
never won?? Gary Johnson was a 2-term governor in NMexico. Reelected as a republican in a Democratic state. Educate urself
Gary Johnson got more votes than Jill Stein. Without third parties, it's likely Trump would've won by more. Stfu liberals. Bla…
Gary Johnson is a republican governor from New Mexico. If anything, he took votes from Trump. Stop blaming him.
but Gary Johnson used be a Republicans governor there's no way on earth his supporters would've voted Hillary
if the people who voted for Gary Johnson and Jill Stein truly wanted them to be president, they have every right to…
Louisiana is a nonfactor as far as electoral votes go but Gary Johnson votes literally gave trump the e…
Gary Johnson is a former Republican and Libertarians don't have a history of voting Dems. It doesn't.
Actually Hillary lost Florida by less than 2% or 2k votes. Gary Johnson (former Republican governor of New Mexico)…
I liked a video from Gary Johnson on Glen Beck
Pretty sure most of Gary Johnson's voters would favor trump so
LOL. Meanwhile the numbers who voted for Gary Johnson exceeded the Trump/Clinton split in six key states, if I'm not mist…
If you voted for Gary Johnson you voted for Gary Johnson
If you voted for Gary Johnson, then you voted for Donald Trump.
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Anyone that voted for Gary Johnson should think about what they did
What if neither candidate reaches 270 and the decision goes to the House and they vote to make Gary Johnson the President.…
So, Gary Johnson won 137,947 votes in Pennsylvania – a state where the difference between Clinton/Trump is about 50,931.
Gary Johnson needs to go open a head shop in the woods and never be heard from again
Gary Johnson is a former Republican governor with a former Republican governor as a running mate. But, sure, *he* lost it for Hillary. Okay.
Ya talkin about Gary Johnson but don't even know what state he's the governor of 😂😭
Also, Gary Johnson is a republican governor. If he took votes from someone it was trump not Hillary. My conscience is plenty clean.
Definitely tearing up the Good Citizen award I got in third grade signed and sealed by my then-governor Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson is dead to me...I don't care that he was governor of my state, we could've won so many more states without him
even if everyone that voted for Gary Johnson, an ex Rep governor, somehow voted for HRC she still would lose in many races
At the moment, Gary Johnson's votes in Florida would push Hillary ahead of Trump. Don't ever talk to me about a protest vo…
It would be hilarious if everyone just voted for my boy Gary Johnson
At least Jill Stein and Gary Johnson won't be president
The fact that Gary Johnson has climbed all seven of the Seven Summits, makes him so much better 😂
Gary Johnson couldn't even win the state he's the governor of I'm shook
Gary Johnson probably not even bowl eligible
Still feeling good about that Gary Johnson protest vote???
not a chance, Rand Paul or Gary Johnson.
Gary Johnson is about to make Hillary Clinton the Al Gore of 2016. FML.
unfortunate😒. Hoping votes would go to LP since Gary Johnson was their Governor
Wait wait wait, Gary Johnson has reached 3%?!
2) if 3rd party voters do vote with a consistent ideology, then Gary Johnson's support hurts Trump way more than Jill…
Gary Johnson was a terrible governor. His vote totals in his own state should show that. Yet his ruining this all.
Gary Johnson was such a fantastic Governor that he lost his home state. Way to help Trump win, Third Party voters.
Gary Johnson was the governor of my state, that video of him is the best.
Gary Johnson may not know where Florida is or who's their governor but his 200K votes are huge right now
Maybe Mitt Romney and George W. Bush should have endorsed Evan McMullin or Gary Johnson.
Shout out to New Mexico w/ nearly 10% voting for their former governor Gary Johnson
"Gary Johnson being governor of New Mexico is like being principal of a homeschool. No one lives there." . 😂
As it stands, Max Abramson for N.H. Governor has more votes than Gary Johnson in NH.
Gary Johnson is a former republican governor just so everyone knows lol Those votes don't automatically go to Clinton.
People in Florida who voted Gary Johnson: Here's what we meant when we said you shouldn't waste your vote. h…
How's that Gary Johnson protest vote treating you right now?
If you voted for Gary Johnson, you're part of the problem.
To the 200,000 people who voted for Gary Johnson in Florida, you let the whole team down.
You Heard it here first - Gary Johnson is not going to be POTUS.
what if Gary Johnson ended up winning? . like how Jimmy & Jeffy were in the lead in The Ringer & Glen won the whole thing on accident. 😂😂😂
I need a fake American passport so I can go vote for my guy Gary Johnson.
I'm not voting for Trump or Clinton... Gary Johnson all the way legalize
Gary Johnson looks like if Dr. Frankenstein had made his monster out of James Woods
Gary Johnson can still become a comedian if the Presidency 'thing' doesn't work 😂😂😂
Hi Patricia, I hope you voted today! Did you support Gary Johnson? We're counting on you!
Matt Welch in a suit and Gary Johnson in a Cubs hat. It doesn't get much better than this.
Gary Johnson & Bill Weld are actually more qualified than Clinton/Kaine when looking at Ex…
My 19 year old son 1st supported Bernie Sanders, then Gary Johnson, today he is voting for Donald J. Trump🇺🇸
Roy I voted for Gary Johnson. And I'm neither on Meth or do I use QuickBooks in my underwear.
The least you could do is vote for Gary Johnson and give him a shot. You don't have to leave it up to those two.
Thomas Spence, 19, voted in his first election. He didn't like either major party, so he voted Gary Johnson. https:/…
Honestly guys if we're talking about accomplishments, Gary Johnson climbed all seven of the seven summits. So.
Smartest thing my roommate has ever said: "I'm voting for Gary Johnson.". One less Trump vote right there.
WATCH Gary Johnson faking a heart attack when talking about marijuana is the best video you'll see today.
Libertarian Party convention delegate writes to tell me that Gary Johnson has been a "huge disappointment," so he'll vote for…
I bet Gary Johnson has really pointy nips
what is the point in that? Gary Johnson can be put in that clown category too
Let Gary Johnson coach the Heat for a game Hassan will be punching dudes while Stoned Gary makes weird faces and yells at fans.
No it can't because the electoral college decides not our votes .. Vote Gary Johnson !!
For anyone thinking about voting for Gary Johnson: . If you support(ed) Bernie, you will not support Gary Johnson.
GJ for me. Yes, i voted to legalize weed. ½ the people don't even know Gary Johnson. Just my opinion.✌
So if gary johnson (3rd party) wins New Mexico it could force congress to choose between hillary, trump, or johnson. New Mexico vote Johnson
I assure you Gary Johnson will be our 45th president! Never lose faith
My vote for Gary Johnson wasn't a protest vote. It was a vote for Gary Johnson, his polices, and leadership. Been a suppor…
Should Gary Johnson and Jill Stein really be distracting voters this year?
Libertarian Gary Johnson tells Lakewood crowd to vote for him, not against opponents by
Calling on all Gary Johnson and Jill Stein Supporters to Trump . We must defeat you do not want to t…
ngl I kinda want Gary Johnson as president
Let's go live now to the final rally for Gary Johnson.
I voted for Gary Johnson because I wanted to make sure it didn't count
Someone please tell me Clinton is a lock to win it so I can still "throw away my vote" on Gary Johnson.
Why I just switched my vote from Gary Johnson to Donald Trump.
Are people really voting for Gary Johnson, the man that didn't even know what Aleppo was?🤔Wallahi I'm done. Wake me up in 2021
I'm pretty sure we could convince Gary Johnson that picking up your phone and whispering a candidate's name to Siri counts as a…
Coolest thing about voting tomorrow, is while I only collected a few signatures, I was a tiny part of helping Gary Johnson get on NY ballot
I just made an autobiographical movie of Gary Johnson about this election in the style of a typical teen movie and I'm cackling
Gary Johnson hits a home run in the 10th inning!
just watching youtube, came across a legend, GARY JOHNSON
So what are Gary Johnson and Jill Stein gonna do tomorrow night lol. 5
Papa Berns, the GOP debates, our candidates, Gary Johnson acting brazy.
[Gary Johnson cutting out newspaper prints and pasting them on a map of the USA, his campaign watches sadly] . what IS…
amen. Have you seen the video of Gary Johnson standing up for marijuana though?? Too good
The Libertarian Party is trying to position itself as an alternative to both Clinton and Trump. It isn't.
bet u didn't expect me to say GARY JOHNSON
Also, if splitting the vote isn't enough of a deterrent, this is who Gary Johnson is. The man is a baboon. Don't wa…
smh you obviously didn't read the picture... Vote Gary Johnson!!!
$REFG Reminds me of $CNBX way trades in 07 to .10 range-once clears .10 will move in chunks. another Gary…
If you don't want to support one of the 2 main parties, even Ron Paul says Jill Stein- better choice.
If you don't know who Gary Johnson is on Election Day, don't vote! You didn't do your homework. Catch you next time. Peac…
So If you're 18+, Vote for my boy Gary Johnson for our president.
I do like Gary Johnson to an extent, but there is no possible way that he will win this election. Not enough people even know who he is.
Gary Johnson is the man this country needs!
Can't seem to come up with a good Gary Johnson pun. :-/
My vote is not going to Hillary or trump it's going to my man Gary Johnson
one last friendly reminder bc i keep reading things that make me sad: Jill Stein exists. Gary Johnson exists. Read about them. then vote.
Then I hope you are voting for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein.
‼️ very important Matt Roy! Voting Gary Johnson in CT has the benefit of possibly adding 3rd parties to ballots!
Don't tread on me: At Clinton rally, Kevin Moran says he's voting for Gary Johnson.
Glen Beck is a mental patient. Slams Trump nonstop and entertains half wits like Gary Johnson and Evan McMuffin who r joke candidates.
New Mexico is the top state searching Gary Johnson in the past week. See top trending questions on the candidate: https:/…
I'm voting for Gary Johnson because of his excellent fiscal record as Governor of New Mexico
You have to love Gary Johnson's record as the Governor of New Mexico. Gambling absolutely exploded in New Mexico under him.
What has Gary Johnson done to get your vote though? He seems pretty dumb.
Yeah you're a candidate sorta how Gary Johnson is a candidate. He is one but no one knows that until last minute.
Former Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson falls over during Marijuana ... via
Global Warming: What would Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson's environmental policies look like?
Can't believe I'm just hearing this. Your analysis of Gary Johnson & the electoral college is dead on.
Bernie Sanders is a real mensch. And so is Republican Gov. William Weld (Gary Johnson's running mate) (for...
Gary Johnson spent his time as governor championing private prisons and austerity. He’s not worth a protest vote.
Support for Gary Johnson is plummeting as Election Day nears via
I have seen neither major candidate address this squirrel uprising dilemma. Gary Johnson however...
To give an analogy of what happened in Turkey today.Imagine Trump, Gary Johnson or Bernie Sanders being arrested while Hillary i…
Nicholas Sarwark - Five days to go.. Bill Weld... Gary Johnson
Whomever had that text message conversation with Nicholas was correct. Bill Weld&Gary Johnson are definitely disgraces to LP
Gary Johnson is a comedy genius and that's really all that matters
The Hayden Collins Radio Program at the Gary Johnson rally in Atlanta, G... via
Gary Johnson walks around like he's still HIGH on pot.:Constitutionl LawyerLevin10/17Podcst Denver Colorado Springs Aurora Fort Collins Reno
Gary Johnson clowning this woman arguing against weed.
This man Gary Johnson has no chill 😂
Gary Johnson looks like Senator Palpatine don't @ me
*please research all of Gary Johnson's policies before supporting him off a funny video :)*
I'm not rooting for the Cubs or Indians, I'm rooting for Gary Johnson
The Tribune Editorial Board endorsed Gary Johnson. Who did 50 other top newspapers pick for president?
Forget Trump and Hillary, this man Gary Johnson has no chill 😂.
I bet Mark Bellhorn is way into Gary Johnson
If Jill Stein and Gary Johnson debate on PBS, does it make a sound?
WOW, Gary Johnson is crazy! I thought he was gonna hit that other guy.
I think so; I live on the south side of Denver in trad GOP. Gary Johnson has more visible support than DJT/HRC
Remember when Gary Johnson asked what Aleppo was and compared himself to a disciplined cat
Bill Weld does not agree with Gary Johnson about Hillary. Bill is a big fan and can't fathom a Trump presidency. I respect…
A fresh and FREE today: No. 1 and it may not be close...Gary Johnson fallout and more recruiting Q&A:.
Once media discovered Gary Johnson pulls more votes from Hillary, the Media put on the coverage freeze out. Moved to McMuf…
Not every white who hates the NFL is voting for Trump. I voted for Gary Johnson
Trump is now winning in EVERY STATE for google trends on voting preference!
Clinton or Trump? Don't know who's worse. Each has selfdestructive impulses to fuel army of detractors.
I voted for Gary Johnson the same day and adopted 2 black kittens! They are less scarier than the two monsters tryi…
Just to be clear, Gary Johnson's stance is the same. He could have written this... .
Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson: A Hillary Clinton presidency "may well end up in impeachment"
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Meanwhile Gary Johnson and Jill Stein get no love at all when they are clearly the better alternatives...
all that remains uncertain is whether or not Gary Johnson will give his State of the Union address while stoned.
I was hoping Gary Johnson would be polling higher nationally at his point. Trump it is!
Probably still vote Gary Johnson, and hate myself for it.
I don't know ! I don't trust him ! But the other option "Hillary" no thanks !Gary Johnson has no chance in FL so is a waste vote :(
Gather round for story time: Gary Johnson’s VP reads ‘1984’ on ‘Morning Joe’
Watching Pt. 1 of the Gary Johnson/Jill Stein debate on Tavis Smiley; neither's my candidate but I'd say Stein walked away with this one...
Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson hosting rally at Crowne Plaza tomorrow at 6pm.
the Gary Johnson signs on Atherton make me lol every time
Of course you don't mean Hillary. Gary Johnson is the only decent option Maria
No tricks if Gary Johnson is President, only peace, prosperity & freedom! (And treats!!)
"I’m voting for Libertarian Gary Johnson" writes in
Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson: Clinton presidency 'may well end up in impeachment'
Should be online at soon. 2nd half of the show is on tonight.
In 1/2 hour, Jill Stein & Gary Johnson, moderated by covered more serious ground than all the Clinton-Trump…
Update your maps at Navteq
Yeah no hidden agenda. Thinking Gary Johnson best option for young Rs.
Margin of error +/- 3 percentage points. Gary Johnson may in fact have 0% of the vote, Jill Stein could be on -1%
Gary Johnson’s running mate says Trump is straight out of "1984"
No scandals, no federal investigations, no charity scams, no pay for play deals... Gary Johnson is the only honest candidat…
"Editorial: 'A vote for Gary Johnson is not wasted' " via
here's a fun activity for you: find a state where Gary Johnson is competitive enough to get electoral votes!
probably announcing that Gary Johnson is too *** high.
high Gary Johnson would be a better candidate than abstaining Gary Johnson. he’s exactly what I’m like without weed.
my grammar here was so bad I don't even care Gary Johnson wouldn't detect the error anyway
In related news, "High Times" endorses Gary Johnson or Tommy Chong- your choice!
When they go low, Gary Johnson gets high.
the most amazing thing here is that Gary Johnson has such a high score!!
I can't for the life of me work out why Jill Stein and Gary Johnson are non existent in this race.
Just voted for Gary Johnson. In Indiana. Right now, I'm just shooting for that 5%that ends the binary expectation going forward.
"A wasted vote is voting for somebody that you don't believe in." . Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party Candidate for... h…
There are a lot of Jackie Walorski signs in my neighborhood, two Gary Johnson signs and zero Donald Trump signs 🤔🤔
One or more of the following could do it w/ credibility: Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, Bill Weld, Billl Bradley, Bill Richardson,
Gary Johnson believes man is causing climate change, but doesn't want to spend $ on fighting it. 🙄 Watch.
Gary Johnson & Jill Stein are only in it out of vanity at this point. Can't possibly win. Only there to suck votes…
What?!?!? Also, what percentage of Alaskans think they're voting for Levi Johnston, not Gov. Gary Johnson?
Uh-oh: Gary Johnson supporters ABANDONING him for via
Gary Johnson is a big hit at the Western Carolina State Fair.
MEDIA RELEASE: Gov. Gary Johnson's statement on the Reopening of the FBI Investigation into Hillary Clinton
MindyFurano Here is Mila as Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink voting for Gary Johnson (holding my brother's vape) htt
Gary Johnson and Jill Stein need to drop out and endorse Trump. Both hate Hillary more. Corruption > Mean Words
Gary Johnson's becoming a poster child for why pot should never be legal. He's high IQ, but his neurons are as warp…
WATCH: Gary Johnson explodes when pressed on tax policy
Gary Johnson on new Clinton probe: "Obviously the FBI didn’t do this lightly"
Gary Johnson on the FBI's Clinton probe: “There has to be something there” with 11 days before the election
Okay that's Gary Johnson lol there are more people on the ballot
because Gary Johnson asked what Aleppo was. Lol
Gary Johnson erupts when asked about his tax policy and the success of his rival
Whoa, Gary Johnson is deranged! Watch till the end, he acts like Jack Nicholson in
Gary Johnson blows up when interviewer presses him on his tax policy
drops out of the race. He has also endorsed Gary Johnson and Bill Welds presidential campa…
Gary Johnson makes Bill Pullman's character in Ruthless People look like Bill Gates.
I'm sorry, but Gary Johnson is not connected to reality & I don't understand why Bill Weld, who's a brilliant man &…
Gary Johnson's runningmate, Bill Weld (former gov of MA) urges voters to stop Trump by voting for Clinton
Multi-millionaire and Libertarian Party pres. nominee Gary Johnson donated $20 to his own campaign; Bill Weld, also…
Watch “Vote for Gary Johnson and Bill Weld. Are you in?” by on
A very angry Gary Johnson gives a bizarre, testy interview to The Watch the video:
In Syracuse, New York, there are more Gary Johnson signs than Hillary Clinton signs! For you guys in upstate NY, vote…
Gary Johnson will truly shock people(good for supporters or bad for supporters) on Election Day. His poll numbers are all over the place
Gary Johnson on show today with Neil Cavuto made no sense. He needs to smoke another bowl & look for Aleppo.
Neil Cavuto went from the Trump optimism rally to the Pot head Johnson gloom. No wonder Gary Johnson is polling in single digits.
My Aunt Angelica & Uncle Lazaro with Gary Johnson at rally
Gary Johnson is in an Aleppo Pot fog ( or is it an app?). He should avoid embarrassing himself further on Cavuto's show. Neil, spare us!
They've got *** waffle Gary Johnson on Your World with Neil Covuto. A moron!
Gary Johnson why are you lying to the American public thank you NEIL
Neil Cavuto why put Gary Johnson on to blast Trump..?. Trump is right you guys are scum!!
seriously Neil, Gary Johnson! Does he get a 'toke break' on your show?
BREAKING: the bombshell vid Gary Johnson doesn't want you to see. Starring and me
Great news! Many young voters that had toyed w/voting for Gary Johnson or not voting at all are now voting for HRC. https:/…
About time. . Gary Johnson's poll collapse is happening, as predicted
Just no way I could vote for Gary Johnson so I voted for the only other Republican on the ballot -
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