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Gary Johnson

Gary Earl Johnson (born January 1, 1953) is an American businessman, former Governor of New Mexico, and candidate for the Libertarian Party nomination for President of the United States in the 2012 election.

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It's hard to take a libertarian (Gary Johnson) seriously who thinks Sharia law is a big issue facing America...
We will be prepared for Sunday lunchtime test, says boss Gary Johnson.
Governor Gary Johnson is on on Fox News right now.
I liked a video from Krauthammer gets owned by Gary Johnson on China
I've never seen the est. Repubs work so hard to remove Trump. Is Gary Johnson part of the plan?. Where were you for 7yrs? Trash
Gary G thang Johnson will be coming into your home soon with a one hour comedy special on Netflix!
Gary Johnson looks like a guy who should be talking to other drunks in a bar, not running for president
"Gary Johnson believes he is the voice of reason America needs." …
Gov. Gary Johnson running for President for the Libertarian Party. Bravo.
Oh good, Gary Johnson. The guy helped give Florida to Obama. Yawn.
Wait. Gary Johnson is running for president again? It doesn't bode well for him that I only found out due to his appearance on
I'm voting for Gary Johnson if Tr*mp is our nominee. Or rather, he'll be your nominee. Not mine.
A Gary Johnson is running for president as a libertarian. Isn't this the third on the match?
My next-door neighbor's two dogs have created more shovel-ready jobs than t...
Get your tickets right now for my big All Star comedy show Feb 6th at the Hollywood Improv Gary G thang Johnson live
THIS. This is why I'll be voting (Gary Johnson) if he's the nominee. I'm against fascism.
Yes, but we will have to part ways if Trump is the nominee. I'll vote for Gary Johnson if that's the case.
Funny when someone thinks I'm a "Liberal" yet I voted for Gary Johnson in 2012, a libertarian. I just respect principles more than economic
If everything goes up in smoke this cycle... we could just vote for Gary Johnson.
Gary Johnson is the best candidate, that is IF you're at all interested in actually fixing what's wrong with this...
Cheltenham Town: We need to get our game going, says boss Gary...
.Trump plays a buffoon to get mouthbreather support. Gary Johnson is slicker about duping people.
If this keeps up, I'll be voting third party for a guy who can barely speak coherently, who probably listens to Alex Jones, Gary Johnson.
Anyone thinking about voting for Gary Johnson wants Hillary Clinton as president. (Getting an early start.)
To quote Louie Walsh: "Darren reminds me of a young Gary Johnson"
Gary Johnson is my candidate for US pres now he's officially in, hands down. He hasn't got a chance in *** but hey
Gary Johnson: "Libertarians draw as many votes from Democrats as they do Republicans." (via
Gary Johnson is running for president, got work uniforms, bought a sega genesis, and Heather caught water on fire! Today rocks! :D
Former gov Gary Johnson, seeking nomination for pres: "No delusions of grandeur" So, unlike
"Gary Johnson wants you to know he's not delusional." with the lede of the day.
I talked to Gary Johnson today about his 2016 ambitions. Spoiler quote: "I have no delusions of grandeur here."
Gary Johnson announced hes running for pres. Curious to what you think of him as a candidate.
How much is Hillary and Orgy Island Billy paying Gary Johnson to rob votes? It must be a hefty sum.
Gary Johnson: Caveat Emptor - The 'cosmotarians' have their candidate by
Gary Johnson seeks Libertarian nomination for president:
Gary Johnson, 2012 Libertarian presidential candidate, will run in 2016
Wish I could say I was glad Gary Johnson was running for pres. again, but some of his new policies are questionable.
"Joe Smith has announced he will challenge Gary Johnson for the Libertarian candidaz"
Gary Johnson, who in 2012 got 1% nationally (1,3 million votes) & 3% in some Western states, to run for Pres again:
Gary Johnson 2016 Pres Race As Paid for As Hillary/"Repuglicans"- Just here to detract from Bernie.via
Gary Johnson is in Capitol TV studio next door to my office. I just heard him say he IS running for president as a Libert…
Oh my god if Gary Johnson decides to run for pres I am going to be so happy
Dope Brazillian special from the Mr Bongo Record club with label boss David Buttle & Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson: “some news about the Presidential Election” on Fox Business w/ Neil Cavuto…
Cheltenham Town boss Gary Johnson lands his "number one target" Dan Holman https:…
My proposal. Think this might be a worthy platform?. I don't suppose Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, or Tom Woods would...
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What about real people like Rand Paul, Gary Johnson or Jill Stein? Am I the only "crazy" one to see what they're doing is "right?"
Sounds exactly like Hillary Clinton, what's your point? Vote for Gary Johnson, former New Mexico Governor 4 Prez? If so, good.
VIDEO: I've started so I'll finish - Gary Johnson will not leave for any other club. http…
Unsurprisingly manager Gary Johnson has ruled himself out of contention for the job
Said all week that, while Johnson looked great last week, he's still making his first career start in Gary Patterson's building
Got my girl up on the roof under the moon, after a nice meal. @ Grand Bohemian Hotel Mountain Brook
Gary is the man for the job and after a year of adjusting to a system+ great recruiting class. We are in a good spot
The next thing will be.will be colour blind as a result of his boxing debacles!!
Gary Johnson if he runs. Otherwise an undetermined third party
just had an intense flashback to me wasting my first ever vote on libertarian candidate Gary Johnson because I was a total rube in 2012
Dan Hodges sporting the Gary Glitter & Don Johnson 'mash-up' look... Not sure it'll ever catch on
VIDEO | Gary Johnson: It's time to start putting the pressure on title rivals. Read more:
Former Gov. Johnson weighs in on Martinez scandals, Syria - Gary Johnson is arguably the most athletic governor...
and that's another thing. Libertarian Gary Johnson got 1.3 million votes in 2012. My guess, all those Johnson voters go Trump
Happy Friday, everyone! Always remember this: "When devotion and skill are working together, expect a masterpiece". ~ Gary R. Johnson
. to speak to young men in Gary, Hammond and E.C. Monday:
Four years on from his passing, remembers Gary Speed.
06:00 from Berwick southbound delayed again. Why can't someone update the 'live' screens so folk know what's going on?!?
I just added "Debate Contrast Compilation" to Gary Johnson Presidential Campaign on
I like Gary Johnson 2 but is he even running this time? Bernie is best choice amongst the realistic candidates
Gary Johnson on Trump, the Presidential Election, and Life as a Pot Company CEO
Calvin Johnson is open earlier than Wal-Mart.
Can't have a rookie on Calvin Johnson.
.believed to be keen on Cheltenham Town defender Jack Deaman, who is not part of Gary Johnson's plans
Gary Johnson misses out on Macau GP podium
The Gospel Acc. to the Blues dares us to read Jesus in conversation with Robert Johnson, Son House & Muddy Waters
Will be speaking at LibertyFest NY this Saturday at 5:30 PM.
Gary Johnson on the loan signing of Andrija Novakovich from Reading...
We will get even better - Gary Johnson's message to the floating .
Gary Johnson misses out on Macau GP podium: Motorcycle racer Gary Johnson, from Broughton near Brigg, secured ...
Honourable mentions going to Gary Goals, Boris Johnson, Lord Voldemort and Ainsley Harriott too
Even better than Gary Johnson getting the elbow on my birthday 😉
Random 4 of the last 5 managers are Yorkshiremen! The odd one out of course was Londoner Gary Johnson
If you do Periscope again, I'd like to hear about politics. Writing from NM, our former governor was libertarian Gary Johnson
I side 85% with Bernie Sanders - Where is Jill Stein and Gary Johnson in these results?
Out of nowhere, former NM governor Gary Johnson weighs in on what NY is doing (via DraftKings)
If I were a liberal, I'd vote for Jill Stein before any Dem. I'm not a fan of a lot of govt so I'll likely vote for Gary Johnson
Special thank you to my parent side kicks: Laura Neal, Heather Schlaeppi, Lisa Huff, & Lisa/Gary Johnson. We couldn't do it w/o you ALL!
that's exactly what I did! I voted for Chuck Baldwin in 2008 and Gary Johnson in 2012. Establishment picks are progressives!
VIDEO: Cheltenham Town manager Gary Johnson after the 1-0 win at Grimsby Town | Gloucestershire Echo
Gary Lew reminds us that "This is 'our' world...shape it or someone else will."
Rebel Football vs. Tremont in Round 1 of IHSA Playoffs Saturday at 1pm at Gary Johnson Field
Could there be anything more satisfying that 99 cent Jack in the Box tacos? Oh yeah, Gary Johnson as president.
like Bernie's style/ sincerity more than others. for issues (not all) Gary Johnson (libertarian) is intriguing.
was it Jill Stein or Gary Johnson calling? Lol
I think the person who just called my cell at 6:45 on Saturday night wanting Jill Stein and Gary Johnson put in our polls needs a new hobby
Don’t forget the clocks go back at 2am tomorrow morning! Read more about why we adopted Daylight Saving Time:
Gary Johnson is literally a one man band. Does not rehearse songs requested and does it right on the spot.
Put my writing playlist on shuffle and have hit a string of alternating songs by Sam Cooke, Robert Johnson, Gary Clark, JR. Very pleased.
(hey, if we can't have Gary Johnson...)
I don't think Gary Johnson bothers with the concept of defending!u'll finish the job Tues & draw us in Rd.1
Watching my boy Gary Johnson killing it If you don't follow him. You're missing out.
Or Cheltenham Town just so we could sing about Gary Johnson again 😋
-during his campaign. Last election, I voted for Gary Johnson. It's hard to find close, but -
If I had a perfect trio from each side, it would be Joe Biden (Dem), Rand Paul (GOP) and Gary Johnson (Libertarian)
Rick_Sincere: Gary Johnson Daily is out! Stories via revandyw BeABuff bobarcher1
come in Agent Johnson your job is complete
VIDEO: Cheltenham Town boss Gary Johnson after the 3-3 FA Cup draw at Havant & Waterlooville
I Was close to tears when Kane arrived on the scene and tombstoned him! I was convinced Johnson could stop him
LISTEN: boss Gary Johnson talks to about Havant & Waterlooville draw
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Join us for an evening with spiritualist Gary Johnson on Friday 30th October here at Wayfar…
WATCH! Gary Johnson reacts to today's draw
LIVE on Gary Johnson after the FA Cup game at Havant and Waterlooville
If Gary Johnson wasn't happy after the Eastleigh second half. I'm sure he won't be happy after throwing it away and forcing a replay
Gary Johnson wanted to make changes. Taking Wright and McLennan off. On this evidence you would take Waters and Vaughan off.
LISTEN: manager Gary Johnson ahead of match against
Gary Johnson on his side to face Havant & Waterlooville in the FA Cup...
Great insights into our relationships with our area coaches!
WATCH! Gary Johnson on this afternoon's team
LIVE on Gary Johnson on his FA Cup team
Here is postgame interview. & I chat with coach after win over Henrico
Cheltenham Town boss Gary Johnson: We're always looking for an.
Gary Johnson, Owner & Director of Bluebird Care is a proud crew member of 🌊 🚢 -
Gary Johnson is a beast. He was such a great governor and he'd be an even better POTUS
Throwin this out there, when Gary Johnson was governor he had vetoed more bills then the other 49 sitting governers COMBINED
New presidential poll shows Libertarians want Gary Johnson to enter the race
Gary Johnson is talking about his achievements as governor. Sounds like he's likely to announce for 2016 candidacy here.
Gary Johnson fails to understand consequences of its own deeds - ex-governor
What are the Libertarian Party's best presidential candidate contenders? Gary Johnson and a nut are all I can think of
. Lovely mate. Interesting to see you say Johnson. That's Gary Johnsons son yeah? Went into management very
Started Chris " my grandma does my dreads " Johnson and he has 18 pts already.
I would have gone for experience. Gary Johnson or Carl Robinson of MK Dons (budget permitting) Harris has no experience
Gary, Keith, stop it. TC's not gonna play Kelly Johnson at SS in the playoffs. Stop.
Gary and Keith finally talked about Kelly Johnson's Yo sleeve, and he wasn't wearing the Yo necklace anymore :(
Here is Fox Sports 910 postgame interview. Gary Hess and Gary Criswell visit with Atlee coach Roscoe Johnson...
Here is Roscoe Johnson postgame interview, & I chat wcoach after comeback win over Hanover.
Gary Johnson, performer, photographer and Arizona anthropologist, dies at 59 via
Hey Gary and Keith, Johnson hit the game-tying HR off Strasburg and Nieuwenhuis hit the go-ahead HR off Papelbon. Sooo yea you're wrong
A room full of comedy. Martin Lawrence Mike Epps and Gary G thang Johnson.
Tranmere are the party poopers as Gary Johnson suffers defeat on day of 60th birthday party.
Gary Johnson just sang happy birthday to me.
VIDEO: Gary Johnson&post match interview after the loss to Tranmere
Come and join us for a 'Demonstration of Mediumship' with famous spiritualist Gary Johnson on 30th October!
GALLERY: Tranmere inflict first home defeat of season on to deny Gary Johnson early 60th birthday present:
Met TT motorbike racers Ivan Linton and Gary Johnson now trialing
2nd in the league now and only 3 behind FGR Gary Johnson's red and white army!!
Refuse to watch until the cowards let a third party in Presidential debates. Gary Johnson deserves to be heard.
Cheltenham Town boss Gary Johnson making notes from his position in the dugout at Moss Lane
Here is a list of Better Candidates for President of the United States: James Webb, Gary Johnson, Jill Stein,...
Born on this date: Jim Finks, Larry Fitzgerald, Gary Johnson, Pete Barnes... see more:
Gary Johnson and Jill Stein will be the Libertarian and Green party nominees. Trump would have to run as an independent
Top two candidates, from John Stossel:. Rand Paul (R). Gary Johnson (L). That would be a White House capable of...
Gary Johnson would be great if the F-ing 2 party system would ever let him attend a debate.
If that's my choice, I'm voting Libertarian or writing in my own *** name. NO SALE with those choices. (Save us Gary Johnson!)
" he supports DemocratBernie Sanders and the former governor of New Mexico, libertarian Gary Johnson.". Sounds about right
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
I'm not either. I'm an Independent who voted for former 2 term New Mexico GOP governor Gary Johnson last time.
Rand's not really a libertarian either. a little bit, like drug laws. but he's no Ron Paul or Gary Johnson.
ELI5: Isn't Gary Johnson suing a private corporation (Commission on Presidential Debates) to be allowed to particip…
Last time I voted for former 2 term GOP governor Gary Johnson.
Bosses Gary Johnson and Darrell Clarke in conversation before v friendly
Dustin Johnson is the 1st player since Gary Player in '74 to lead US / British Open after 1st round. This from the dept of …
booking made by for guest name Gary Johnson
Interesting video with Gary Johnson, the 2012 Libertarian Party nominee for President of the United States...
Why was Gary Johnson celebrating like they've won the league because they beat Bristol Rovers in a friendly?
What do you guys think about Gary Johnson?
All Defensive team over the past 30 years. Dennis Johnson. Gary Payton. Scottie Pippen. Dennis Rodman. Hakeem
Confirmed: Gary Johnson to speak at LibertyFest NYC! - htt…
Confirmed: Gary Johnson to speak at LibertyFest NYC! - LibertyFestNYC: Confirmed: Gar…
Confirmed: Gary Johnson to speak at LibertyFest NYC! -
REACTION: listen to Gary Johnson, Billy Waters and Harry Pell after 2 Bristol Rovers 1.
Update your maps at Navteq
VIDEO: Gary Johnson after the 2-1 home friendly win over Bristol Rovers (part one of two)
.on the Presidential Election, and life as a pot company CEO. via
Great game! So much respect for Gary Johnson coming over to the fans to celebrate and thank us for the support. True legend
Nibali saying "Hey guys, wait for me. I got a flat.guys?!"
warming up watched by Gary Johnson and Darrell Clarke
excellent stuff.better bring your waterproofs mate!! Good luck anyway!!
have a fantastic holiday Gary! Coming up to Stamfordham tomorrow, racing up the Ryals!
heading down to Hull next week for the ferry! Better than having to go to Dover by a million per cent! Great place too!
more than the record number of people that voted for Gary Johnson in 2012
Glad to see Gary Johnson treat immigration and border security as two distinct concepts. On border security:...
its funny that just last night I changed my bio from to 'why did we ever doubt Gary?' May just be changing back...
We all thought that Gary Johnson knew what he was doing too,Cotts should be in Bristol not bloody Portugal?
This video shows Gary Johnson the owner of Have Trunk Will Travel demonstrating how he must use the sharp tipped... htt…
Took my nephew to the Johnson County fair. He won a fish. And he loves the carnival games but he's on the verge...
Spending too much time filing emails? I just shared a post on "I threw all my email folders in the Trash"
Watched the playoff highlights again there for the first time in about a month. The NOISE when Johnson scores is out of this world 👋👋👋
Per Gary Cohen at start of Game, he said "There are Reports on verge of acquiring Juan Uribe & Kelly Johnson from
Juan Uribe and Kelly Johnson coming for the says Gary, interesting
This is what I'm repping in my CD player shout out to Gary G Champion Garry Johnson Champion
And to be completely frank about it, Gary Johnson was more qualified to be POTUS than Mitt Romney
Rand Paul is the only decent candidate running on the Republican Party ticket. Rand Paul or Gary Johnson, good people, hard decision...
Is Trump working for Hillary Clinton? Listen to Gary Johnson, former Republican governor of New Mexico via
TB to Watford away with the green army 'ayyy Gary Johnson ooh ahh I wanna knowww if you love the town'
To that end I'd like to thank Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, Thomas Woods, Scott Horton, Adam Kokesh, Charles Goyette and Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson will be the best candidate to vote for. Gary Johnson will get the Libertarians support. No More Bush's or Clinton's.
If Rand Paul is not the nominee, I will have no other choice but to vote Gary Johnson in 2016. Gary Johnson will be the candidate I support.
Accurate in spirit, but FYI we did an event with Gary Johnson (who was technically GOP prez candidate at time) in 2011-12.
the Libertarian Party Candidate last cycle was Gary Johnson. Bam, point destroyed.
One other candidate, Gary Johnson, has him beat on this...
How about including Libertarian Presidential candidates Gary Johnson and Marc Allan Feldman as choices?
if your right about thode 4 i doubt GOP gets white house.. they dont like lib. I'll vote for Gary Johnson or Harry Brown.
Serious question, who would u rather have had as manger? Gary Johnson or Darren kelly? Surely Gary would have joined us in a second
Hutchy's lead remains at 9 seconds at Glen Helen on lap 3. Anstey 11.896 ahead of Martin, Hillier 4th, Gary Johnson 5th and Lee Johnston 6th
So after that pit stop where do they stand at Glen Helen on Lap 3?. 1. Ian Hutchinson. 2. Bruce Anstey +6.667. 3. Gary Johnson +0.833
Hutchy's lead up to 2.171 seconds at Glen Helen on lap two. Anstey now second, 0.753 ahead of Gary Johnson. Lee Johnston up to 4th
Gary Johnson on the pace from the off tonight, leads by 2.054s from Dean Harrison at Glen Helen on lap one. Hutchy 3rd
Gary Johnson knows his way on a 600 round the Isle of Man. He'll be up there in the top 3 come the end. Fastest to Glen Helen.
Gary Johnson takes the lead at Glen Helen.
Order at Glen Helen on lap two +1.610 from Anstey 3rd, 4th, 5th and Gary Johnson 6th
Gary Johnson over the moon with second fastest time behind Ryan Farquhar at
Ryan Farquhar and Gary Johnson both impressed in opening practice session at TT 2015, Photo by Kelvin Wong.
Gary Johnson and Ryan Farquhar were quickest on lap one at 114.86 and 114.82 respectively
Be nice if the GOP realized that former two term New Mexico governor Gary Johnson needs to be back in the GOP.
"3rd Party" candidates like Jill Stein, Gary Johnson actually mean what they say. Not Bush/Obama types.
When New Mexico's two term governor, Gary Johnson, was running, didn't include his name in poll, then said he couldn't debate.
Didn't realise Gary Johnson was managing Cheltenham now. He's nearly completed his West Country managing bingo card!
@ Gary Johnson is keeping Hanks, Kotwica, Bowen and Williams at the Robins next season
Harry Williams on the ball at AFC Wimbledon, with Gary Johnson and Russell Milton watching on. Pic
Russell Milton will remain as Gary Johnson's assistant manager.
Paul Baker: I would like Gary Johnson to be our manager next season
Football League manager of the year results are in:. 1st place- Paul Buckle. 2nd place- Mark Yates. 3rd place- Gary Johnson
Former Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson falls over during Marijuana debate at CPAC: via
Chairman Paul Baker says he wants Gary Johnson to stay on as manager of Cheltenham Town next season.
Cheers mate. It's going to be a tough ask. It sounds like Paul Baker wants Gary Johnson to stay on as manager
Baker: I want Gary Johnson to be permanent boss - and I want a deal in the next week.
Paul Baker confirms Gary Johnson is the top target to lead the Robins back into the Football League. Wants decision in next week ideally
I didn't vote for him in '12 if that tells you anything. I voted for Gary Johnson.
not to mention magic..Gary Payton..Tim hardaway Kevin was great players in the 90's fool
Gary Johnson from last election lol
he def. supported gary johnson last time that prob was it. funny now he’s supporting rand.Sounds like he learned a thingor2
why do you consider those who vote for Gary Johnson over Rand Paul "retarded"?
"Yin and Yang" zebra canvas giclee print by Gary Johnson signed/numbered
"In 2012, I voted for Gary Johnson. Next year: Rand Paul."-am with Let's vote for
Here it is!! I Challenged Monchai Sukmungsa, Jason Carriere, Vern Miller, Doug Simpson, and Gary Johnson to this...
Pretty cocky for a Gary Johnson fan!
SO MUCH WIN! Forget Rand Paul or Gary Johnson I know where my vote's going!
Gary Johnson convicted of kidnapping 1st degree and 2nd degree, and pharmacy robbery. Took hostages at Anniston Kmart in 2010.
Gary Craig's podcast on coverage of jury selection in the trial of Thomas Johnson III
Gary won the Guess Who baby picture contest!
I added a video to a playlist Gary Johnson calls out Rand Paul
Jury is about to get the robbery/kidnapping case of Gary Johnson, from 2010 incident at Anniston K-Mart
It's time the GOP got honest and started trying to get people like Gary Johnson back:
I Concur However I Believe He Will only Serve 2 Disappoint Us but What do We have 2 Lose? Incidentaly Go Gary Johnson
1965 - President Johnson dedicates the Gary Job Corps center outside of San Marcos.
Excited to partner with Gary Johnson and for today's Level Up Seminar
the pats will win in INDY but to your point there's no secondary, forget Hilton. Who's gonna cover the 6'5 Andre Johnson?
Johnson Co. KY man, Gary Ward could face 10 years in prison for killing Christina Barnett back in 2013 sentencing is May 14th.
Proud of my son Gary who is now running for the Harry Johnson Trust, see
LOL at all of you who are voting for Gary Johnson because he wants to legalize marijuana ^.^
Nice job tonight by birthday boy-Gary Johnson at We escaped the escape route and the ominous dark clouds. Cheers!
Last Post for the night. El Rey Feo Jon Gary Herrera put on a wonderful dinner for King Antonio Mark Johnson.
Gary Johnson is better than the rest of the garbage running in 2016
The evangelical and Gary Johnson voters didn't help. I love W but hope I don't have to vote for Jeb. Will if he is nominee
Gary Johnson: Tramitinib induces formation of super enhancers in triple negative breast cancer
I don't smoke but if Gary Johnson won the Presidency I'll light one up on 4/20 just for him.
.They want Gary Johnson to run is my guess.
all you guys should be voting Gary Johnson, not these Jesus freaks on the right today
a former governor like Gary Johnson
UGP NEWS: Gary Johnson – Proven on the Roads pt II: Part 2 – Comfort, protection and performance In part one o...
why do you think I'm a Susana Martinez stan? But she don't wanna run. *** even Gary Johnson would be a better choice.
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Gary Johnson was governor for eight years ... so he kinda did something
Gary Johnson was elected governor twice in a democratic majority state... He never once attacked his opponents
As usual, Gary Johnson speaks some sanity into the debate over drugs. .
Either Rand Paul or Gary Johnson can play a kingmaker if they latch onto Henry David Thoreau's strategy, and disavow "representation"
"Libertarian vs. Republican politics with Tamron Hall on MSNBC:. Gary Johnson
at this point in the previous election cycle there were two as well (Gary Johnson and Fred Karger).
Personally I'm looking forward to Yeovil v Blackpool in the 2019 Conference play-off final with Gary Johnson and Ian Holloway…
Tony Cottee, Paul Jewell, Gary Johnson and Iain Dowie, a Soccer Saturday line-up dreams are made of.
Iain Dowie, Tony Cottee, Paul Jewell and Gary Johnson in the studio, Soccer Saturday isn't even bothering this afternoon.
Gary Johnson's a little nutty in a good way
I’m just gonna vote for Gary Johnson…I agree with almost all his policies as they’re listed on
I know, I was merely kidding. I would have voted for Gary Johnson in 2012 if I had the chance to.
“Whom would you like to see run for president?” Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, Kristin Powers, an English teacher...
From last PM: 1st candidates to announce have terrible track record of winning-Newt, Gary Johnson,Howard Dean explain
Oh brother not libertarians again.Clue Gary Johnson former libertarian governor of New Mexico
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"We are looking at a legalized environment nationwide. I think California is going to legalize pot in 2016.
True. I'd still pick Gary Johnson over Rand tho
yea Im part of the 1% that voted for Gary Johnson in 2012.
I like Gary Johnson a lot. I'm amazingly fortunate enough to have him follow me.
At least I'm going to do better than Gary Johnson and I won't mount a sore loser third-party campaign.
i just wanna know who's idea was it to drop the Gary Payton card!! That's like making calvin johnson an FS lol
I can't. People had their last shot with Ron "It's happening" Paul and Gary Johnson. Now, it's over. You can't stop it.
Come at me Gary. It'll be like Eden Hazard vs well.Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson is Best on Civil Liberties According to the ACLU
I'm going to puke. America needs Gary Johnson!
Tw Gary Lineker (ex-player): "For those of you saying I'm up Messi's *** can I say what a wonderful *** it is." [
well we can't go with Bush or Christie or that *** Gary Johnson or Susan Martinez.
And dont start with that "Gary Johnson" is a good choice crap. He was a good choice in 2012, but He was not a voice that could garner 5%.
the curse of being first:why early prez announcers face uphill battles.w/cameos from Newt,Gary Johnson,Howard Dean
it does but then you were actually class that day. Welcome to the world of Gary Johnson.
All purpose parts banner
I hear ya dude. He isn't as progressive in some areas like I'd like him to be. I like Gary Johnson but he won't
Maybe Gary Johnson but I think I saw a picture of him wearing a t-shirt with a pot leaf on it somewhere.
Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose. -Lyndon B. Johnson
It *** because I want to vote republican.Looks like another vote for Gary Johnson from me in '16
BREAKING --- Syracuse transfer B.J. Johnson has committed to LaSalle, source told Two years of eligibility le…
(Since I don't think Gary Johnson is running again)
Callum gets a tip off his cabbie that Gary Johnson has applied for the Notts job
Finally! Lol. Gary Midas Johnson been holding out on y'all for a while. Glad it's out... Enjoy it world
Happy fiftieth birthday to Gary Whitehead, American poet, professor, and crossword constructer! http:/…
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