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Gary Glitter

Gary Glitter (born Paul Francis Gadd on 8 May 1944) is an English former glam rock singer-songwriter and musician.

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I'm pretty sure this is not on anyone's playlist except maybe Gary Glitter and Jerry Sandusky
The best you've never heard Gary Glitter - Another Rock And Roll Christmas
why were people dressed up as Gary glitter? That's just creepy.
Enjoy the royalties Gary Glitter son xx
a quote from a famous peadophile ay. Got any from Gary glitter ?
Extraordinary radio on 3RRR this morning with breaking to an incredulous Gregory Page that Gary Glitter was, well, evil
I have done my time living on the run. I'm British and I want to c...
Goddammit they're playing Gary Glitter. Now I REALLY want the Leafs to lose. Quit giving that pedophile money and airtime!
dressed up like Gary Glitter says it all.
What do Harold Shipman and Gary Glitter have in common?They both enjoyed euthanasia
They just played Gary Glitter at this lacrosse game. ***
Piped-in Gary Glitter isn't nearly as fun as the version. starts the 3rd on the PK.
Will you follow him across to TV3/or stay listening to Gary Glitter tunes?
Know what you mean, but there’s always limitations on free speech. It’s why we haven’t had a Gary Glitter paedophilia op ed- yet.
we perhaps need a band to play Gary Glitter's classic tune: "Leader of the Gang".
they sang a Gary Glitter song in it, it's it's only flaw.
did you know spice world had to edit out loads of Gary glitter
that is to say, treat them the same way we treat ISIS and Gary Glitter.
I hear ginger express is good give us the number Gary glitter
. Gary Glitter turns down request to play at Trumps inauguration, Charles Manson still weig…
The best in the world Gary Glitter - Rock And Roll (Part 1)
how about Rolf Harris ,Gary glitter and special guest of honour Jimmy Saville
oh yes. I had us in the pub by the ground by 10! Gary Glitter disco too!
When will someone do a musical based on the songs of Gary Glitter?
Gary L. Glitter. (Just to make sure he's not confused with the other one.).
"You know what they say,Gary rhymes with glitter"- Isaac 2017
Bobby George's original 'walk on' music was 'I'm The Leader Of The Gang (I Am!)' by Gary Glitter - One year he changed it. Dunno why
You've had an absolute Gary glitter why was u fighting lool
The Krankies, Gary Glitter and Susan Boyle's second cousin Big Agnes is singing at my
If that was Penn State’s band playing “Rock and Roll Part 2” by Gary Glitter, they need to stop.
"Wheres Charles?", Elizabeth pondered out loud,"He's in the Gary Glitter taking Camilla up the Gary Glitter" replied Philip
Dear entertainment industry grim reaper of 2017, here's my list for you:. Gary Glitter, Phil Collins and the entire line-up of Nickelback.
don't forget Bobby George 'the Gary Glitter of darts' 👀🙄
You can grant bail to Rolf Harris and Paul Gadd ( Gary Glitter ) but not Alexander Blackman? What's he going to do? Kill another terrorist?
Gary Glitter - Remember Me This Way [DVD] hello amazon I don't care but why are you selling this?
Seems strange how radio stations still play Michael Jackson songs but have stopped playing Gary Glitter and Lostprophets songs? Bettermusic?
Gary Glitter numbers used to be popular. Not quite so much now.
Bit Gary Glitter megamix on in the barbers today
It's annoying that Gary Glitter's Christmas song is really catchy...
Someone also asked me to play Gary Glitter this weekend... I can only confirm my reply contained the letter 'F'...
this is the Dr Who song ft Gary Glitter/TOTP Thoughts?
depends if its Gary Glitter doing the glittering.
hows the holiday going Billy? Have you bumped into Gary Glitter there yet?
have you got that Gary glitter Xmas song?
My Top 3 favourite movie psychos: . 1. Gary Oldman in Leon. 2. Michael Biehn in Tombstone. 3. Mariah Carey in Glitter
will we get to see your glitter balls Howard & Gary? 😉 xxx
aye. Changed into Gary Glitter sat at home wanking over brown showers
I think "Black Skinhead" has replaced "Rock N Roll Part 2" as a stadium song, since they sound similar, but Gary Glitter was a kid-peeper.
I added a video to a playlist Rock and Roll Part 2 Hey Song Gary Glitter
Lovely time ice skating but is Another Rock 'n Roll Christmas by Gary Glitter (x4) really appropriate music for this event??
When you put a Christmas album on and forget there's a Gary Glitter song on it.
I reckon David Brent should do a Christmas show every year just like Gary Glitter did, but without the paedophilia ...
I have an incomplete album that I want to finish. I have been thin...
pmsl I think we've stumbled onto some kind of Gary glitter funding conspiracy
Bellend level : nuclear. Stays in Gary glitter did. 'Nuff said
I think my TV quiz show mishap is nothing to worry about when I remember someone went on Stars In Their Eyes as Gary Glitter. Twice.
Today in 2013, Lostprophets singer and *** Ian Watkins landed 35 years in jail for offenses that would make G…
in the pub with Gary Glitter for match
Sajid Javid is calling for all in public office to take an oath to uphold democracy. That's like asking Gary Glitter's advice on parenting.
Another Rock and Roll Christmas . Whys this not on Spotify?
no dee.god loves a trier but he doesn't love Gary Glitter
Rock N Roll part 2 (the hey song) by Gary Glitter will forever be my sports jam.
Gary Glitter made one of the best Christmas songs of all time . Don't @ me
Dec 2016. NHL still playing Gary Glitter during games.
Gary Glitter - Hello! Hello! I'm Back AgainNaughty for their first visit back? Inside Track etc???
Finally I'm hip and down with the youngsters.not in a Gary Glitter way or anything 😅
Hey will you consider removing Gary Glitter from y'know for the convicted child abuse and stu…
if you put it in the fridge you're definitely a fan of Gary glitter
What in the name of Gary Glitter just happened... 🙈
He's just salt the only Glitter he's used to is Gary
better? Your like Kim K and she's like Gary glitter..
good luck mate. Don't be known as YouTube's Gary Glitter
Tbf Gary Glitter was also supposed to be in Spiceworld
"At the end of 1996 they toured Britain with Gary Glitter on his last 'Who's in the Gang' tour."
And, what with having a slightly older Christmas album, now Gary Glitter... Strangely not on Xmas compilations much nowadays...
of course, on blokes, the Gary glitter is purely an exit. females however...
domain names
but still the establishment will protect their own like Gary Glitter, Ted Heath and cover up
Do you mean Gary Glitter, aka Bro. Paul Gadd, a like Bro. Jimmy Bro. and Bro. Gerry…
One is and udda is Gary glitter can you telling which one
You all want to hear Hulk Hogan singing a Gary Glitter song. Don't try and deny it. .
Monthly reminder that Hulk Hogan once released a cover of Gary Glitter's leader of the gang
I am unsure if even Gary Glitter could unseat Murdoch at this point. The man needs a league with Hitler and Satan in it.
When was the last time you heard Gary Glitter's 'Another Rock And Roll Christmas' being played on the radio? Many Christ…
That awkward moment when the Christmas market plays a Gary Glitter song.
Its like putting Gary Glitter in charge of Social Services 😂
Dave I thought you'd take it up the Gary Glitter?
"What do Gary Glitter and Napalm have in common? Both can strip the clothes off a small Vietnamese child in under two seconds"
15,000 members - give it up boy (Gary Glitter Fan Club has more than that)
don't lie tops we know you love Gary Glitter you even say you do.
it's cleansing me of the Gary Glitter. So soothing.
Gary Glitter but it wasn't my fault. 😭
Thought he'd come out to a Gary glitter song
Kitty glitter is not Gary. Do you even read lololololol
I'd rather be a retard than a noncelover tops. Remind us what Gary Glitter does again ?. That's right he molested sp…
Tops promotes Gary glitter yet disses people who find Donald Trump funny ?. I can see why he voted hillary now.…
Gary Glitter wants to be cremated when he dies, and his ashes put in an Etch-a-Sketch. Just so the kids can still play with him.
I'm about to blast some Gary Glitter down the interstate with my windows rolled down and the can't stop me.
Given that we are spared from hearing the music of Rolf Harris or Gary Glitter on the radio, how come Michael Jackson still gets played?
Are playlists generated by algorithm or human? Either way, Gary Glitter is not an acceptable inclusion
any old grunter with a mouth that foul definitely takes it balls deep up the Gary Glitter...
if I was invited I'd look like a right Gary glitter so I would have passed anyway soz
Gang? That's very Gary Glitter. My hope/prediction is that take that self combust.
When Cliff was accused of touching things he shouldn't - we won him a visiting order with Dr Fox and a Gary Glitter wig…
Wonder why we never hear Rock and Roll Christmas by Gary Glitter?
Gary Glitter and Puff Daddy debate UN Pacifism at the Union
The best all over the word Gary Glitter - Another Rock And Roll Christmas
All purpose parts banner
I dream of Gary Glitter dying in an armed stand-off on the roof of a building. KIDDY FIDDLER ON THE ROOF
tonight tonight consisted of; a fairly tidy Deirdre Barlow, Gary Glitter and a fella whose ex girlfriends are all buried 👇patio
My mom has bought a Michael Jackson cd for her car... That should sit well along side her Gary Glitter and Rolf Harris greatest hits.
Three days. Three days I've had Gary Glitter stuck in my head. It's not as if I even heard it playing somewhere.
Bet Thailand won't let paedo Gary Glitter sneak back into the country
Any american pedo for Gary Glitter and Jimmy Saville. Wait, nevermind. (Sorry.)
Creepy, but Gary Glitter has never killed anyone (to my knowledge).
I herd a rumor that has Zsa Zsa Gabor to speak and Gary (Pedophile) Glitter to sing at one of her rallies today
you seem pre-occupied with underage sex. Bit weird. Your hard-drive must be Gary Glitter levels.
Halt in play as stewards remove Gary Glitter from the field as he heard there was a Littleboy on the pitch
appointing these three was akin to asking Gary Glitter to judge Jimmy Saville & expecting impartiality
How did Gary Glitter get the Watford managers job??
Its only a matter of time before someone gets one tattooed on their gary glitter.
wondered why folk called thee Tarn's version of 'Gary Glitter' 😑😑😞
Shout out to NottsPlayhouse again. Excellent prodn of Revenger's Tragedy last night. Some feat to reference Gary Glitter in C17th tragedy!
"That Gary glitter bloke, he's a right nonce."
You know an awful lot about Gary Glitter!! He's the leader of hot gang isn't he? 😬
will you be interviewing any more pedos? Gary Glitter might do it
Fair enough. Just wondered if it was a reference to someone like Gary Glitter.
All you guys are too old for Gary glitter. He was a pedophile.
instead of a square, he can keep Gary Glitter and I keep you ;)
Tin holds of my old tickets. Look at prices! Punk. Gary Glitter's 'farewell' tour. Then I moved to…
More delusionals who think they own the TL...Gary Glitter could sing about '' My Gang '' for a while.
Okay, scratch that idea…. and Rock and Roll Part 2 is out because Gary Glitter is a d-bag right?
X. Well that Trump effigy on the bonfire went up like Gary Glitter when the doorbell goes. Must have been too oily.
There's more chance of Gary Glitter presenting Children In Need than Donald Trump winning the presidency.
Mum, I'm famous. No such thing as bad publicity. Unless you are Gary Glitter.
When? Reply or Nott'm Forest beat Luton Town 4-0 .. while Gary Glitter topped the charts with "I'm the Leader of the Ga..
Safe to say Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump both make me heave. . I'd rather vote for Gary Glitter as head master at our Islas nursery. 😷😷😷
"thought his Internet benefactor was a *** Gary Glitter." Not something u hear every day.
"Indonesia has also discovered that all the AIIB glitter is not gold" Gary Hogan on AUS-RI ties
. Could have been a Gary Glitter cover.
Can't see me winning a bet tomorrow, £20 down the Gary Glitter.
Chosing between or is like chosing who you'd prefer to molest you out of Gary Glitter or Jimmy Savile
Gary's got too much glitter. Leave the kids alone.
Gary Glitter what a man, nothing compared 2 Rotherham Asian Kiddy fiddlers!
i heard Gary Glitter turned down head of childrens services because even he knows the migrants are fully grown men!
Choosing Clinton or Trump for the US Presidency is abit like deciding whether to pick Gary Glitter or Jimmy Saville to babysit your kids !!
I read that as Gary Glitter monkeys. I need a lie down.
I always thought that David Essex track was Gary Glitter. Shame it isn't, as we then wouldn't have to hear it.
tired brain read this as Gary Glitter :|
I did have a link to his Gary Glitter support somewhere, but I can't find it :(
unless that person is Gary Glitter or Rolf Harris or Josef Fritzl or Brett Cowan 😕
What make R Kelly any different to Gary Glitter they both nonsense
There’s a house in the village near us that used to be owned by Gary Glitter. Always on the market.
London I was 6ft and had sideburns when I was 13, used to be able to get into clubs till I was told I looked like Gary Glitter
'Gary Glitter is cool and all...' he?
Welcome to where everything is totally on the up and up. Here's Gary Glitter, he'll be showing you around.
It's a shame about Gary glitter bc that one song is actually brilliant imho
oh she will be your new mate then. I'm still laughing about Gary glitter earlier! 😄😄😄
My favourite one is writing to Savile asking for him to "fix it" for her to meet Gary Glitter. 😂
Me: So what countries are you banned from?. Gary Glitter:.
ain't that Gary Glitter sitting next to him
Ryan Giggs on as a pundit who next Gary Glitter.
first Gary Glitter Christmas show. Oh actually forget that one.
young??!!! Even Gary Glitter wouldn't touch them they're that fooking old.
No. You just want to blow kids, that's why you're the leader + manipulator of these youngens like Gary Glitter. Sicko.
UKIP was always nothing more than Farage"s backing band. Without their Gary nobody wants their Glitter.
Gary Glitter is cool and all, but deadmau5 just dropped the sickest electronic sports anthem of the decade. T...
Can't believe we're playing London in three days 😱 rumour has it are bringing glitter canons and Gary Neville x
It's good to see a Gary Glitter documentary being re-release in time for Christmas. A popular stocking filler, no doubt.
😂😂😂 Gary Glitter "you can't polish a Turd but you can leave it sparkling"
hi Gary :) please can you tell us if will come in italy for the next tour?
hi Gary! Please come in italy for the next take that tour!!! It's important for us!!! 😭💜
Gary please tell us it's not true that you're not coming in Italy... . please come guys,don't destroy all our re…
Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris & Gary Glitter all thought they could just grab anyone they wanted. Are Donald Trump & Jacob Zuma any…
Lee from has adopted a Gary Glitter look. Surely a mistake?
2 years ago today I did a gig at a nursery. So what? That doesn't automatically make me Gary Glitter!
The Gary Glitter-sampling on 'Hello' was a joke within the band. "I started singing, 'Hello, hello, it's good to be back', everyone laughed
So Gary Glitter is still able to cash in with the release of this. Sick & sad. Amazon will make money from anything
the crowd barely react anymore which to me means it doesn't work. Only reason we ditched the old intro was cos Gary Glitter.
don't get involved Gary glitter I mean Lineker married a women you could of been her dad
Gary Glitter never faced any charges in connection with Duncroft either, which has never been explained by the Establishment.
"You can do anything to women when you're a star" - Trump, or possibly Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris, Dave Lee Travis, Gary Glitter,
Paedophile ex-Radio 1 DJ Chris Denning 'introduced victims to Gary Glitter and offered boy to BBC colleague'
1973 - The BBC broadcast the 500th edition of Top Of The Pops. On the show were Slade, Gary Glitter and The Osmonds.
Execution Of Gary Glitter for a second I thought i dreamed it
do you think it's a good idea to have Gary Glitter album on the new added to
Thats like asking if I want Gary Glitter or Jimmy Saville to babysit my 8yr old child!!
That's like asking Gary Glitter about his thoughts on Jimmy Saville.
Gary glitter looks like he's having a poo 💩and as for Nicola Sturgeon.
It's got to be Alan Pardew now surely fall back Harry R .Gary Glitter has a better chance of being the manager of nursery b4 you get the job
how about a job share? Rolf Harris,Stuart Hall, Gary Glitter,at least the kids will get a chance.
Said every girl who had to work for Gary Glitter
is it the Gary Glitter come back schools tour ?
the greatest since until Gary Glitter: Another Rock And Roll Christmas on
Considering what Gary Glitter is jailed for, Maybe Rock and Roll pt1 wasn't the best backing track for that!
You can also see who's made inappropriate choices. Like circus man Gerry Cottle choosing Gary Glitter in 1984..
she's got glitter nail varnish n her dads called gary. But yes he do
I told everyone in my seminar that my dad met Gary Glitter when I meant to say The Yorkshire Ripper and the Kray Twins. Okay thankyou bye
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Diane Abbott calling people racist is like Rolf Harris telling Gary Glitter he's a nonce.
Im at the Wogan tribute. I've just popped out for a quick *** with Duncan Norvelle, Gary Glitter, Sue Cook, Paul Coia, and The Green Goddess
Most mornings I wake up w a random song stuck in my head. Today: "Do You Wanna Touch Me" by Gary Glitter. May need the Joan Jett version.
If I asked my mates who they were registered with they'd probably just tell me Gary Glitter
Or it was still acceptable to buy Gary Glitter records?
love Thin Lizzy. But Trump seems more like a Gary Glitter Rock and Roll Part 2 kind of guy.
I'd no more vote for Hillary than I would for Jimmy Savile or Gary Glitter. All swim in the same moral sewer
.LIVE on This is nothing Not Gary Glitter refs???
Rather have gary glitter as England manager
Newcastle voted remain and Gary Glitter would get in if he stood for Labour.It beggars belief. And i'm a Geordie
Darth Vader using the Force to get his dance on to the Gary Glitter tune, Rock and Roll.
Been watching Gary Glitter on YouTube. . 1, No, I don't want to touch you there and. 2, I don't want to be in your gang.
So, you're , , Gary Glitter, & Jon Venables. Not a list of names I ever expected to see together 🤔
It's one of those mornings when I could just climb back in the shower straight away , I'm sweating like Gary Glitter in Mothercare
just like Rolf Harris, Jimmy Saville, Cyril Smith and Gary Glitter me
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Corbyn could appear alongside Gary Glitter and the clapping seals would approve.
from someone who goes on holiday more than Gary Glitter gets deported, not everyone has your situation Marianne.
I've always said he looks like Gary Glitter, so I think between them I'd get nightmares
Apparently, Corbyn is visiting a few schools with Gary Glitter.
Psy in cahoots with Gary Glitter in a baggy style, produced by Dr Dre
When I ran into Gary Glitter I knew I was in Gary ***
For those who don't know the "hey song" aka rock and roll is by Gary Glitter. Mr. Glitter spent a good 16 years in prison for child abuse.
can't believe you played a song by a child abuser (Gary Glitter), but refuse to play Whitney Houston. Good job guys.
Are you quoting directly from Gary Glitter chat up lines now?
Remembering Dj'ain at Penrods L I, Soap Factory NJ and The Top Floor NYC..Gary Glitter had many other tracks that...
Kanye West and Gary Glitter debate UN Technology at the Union
Don't listen to him mate it's a scam. He steals your season tickets and dresses up as Gary Glitter
You have to think outside the box. Think Gary Glitter.
There are a long list of Labour and Tory councilors who'd qualify for Gary Glitter's endorsement.
Anyone know when Gary Glitter will announce his support?.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
En route to Banbury; home town of Gary Glitter, serial killer Benjamin Geen, and The Honourable Victoria Prentis Tory MP.
It's a musical about Gary Glitter & Jimmy Saville going on holiday to Butlins. Saved you a click.
What was that (dreadful) Gary Glitter song Do You Want to Be In My Gang.
sounds good, sounds like a cracking adventure, I'm sure Gary Glitter would let you bunk with him 😁
It is really unfortunate how much our Graham looks like Gary Glitter 😳
Have you ever seen 'The Woodsman' or 'The Execution of Gary Glitter'? Those are worth a watch.
remember Gary Glitter from cult lust
Fun fact: What do the Spice Girls and Hulk Hogan have in common? They've both covered Gary Glitter's 'I'm The Leader of the Gang'
That's like saying because Gary Glitter made good music, the fact he's a raging nonce doesn't count. Bad mongs
Oi mate can you give us a setlist of the tunes they play in the prison showers. I reckon a wee bit of Gary Glitt…
The amount of Gary Glitter and Jimmy Savile videos I've watched today has left me feeling empty inside.
your childhood memories. All the best, Gary Glitter, Jimmy Savile, Stuart Hall and Rolf Harris
Gary Glitter abused at the Holiday Inn in as did Lord Greville Janner . that needs looking at!
Like pay attention to who I play next to Kim Fowley or Gary Glitter ; - )
it's an interesting look. A bit Gary Glitter??? 😀
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
No but it's going to replace the one of Gary Glitter I use to keep kids away at Halloween.
When you're an American and you just discovered a fact:
well it's the celtic jam tonight, aka, brendan tries to get the gang to play rock and roll part II by gary glitter as a fiddle tune
Just been asked if I would like to work with off big brother. I'd rather work with Gary Glitter annoying waste of oxygen
I know but Danny Dyer called me Gary Glitter fam, bang out of order
This woman said she had been in a room with Jimmy & Gary Glitter, the latter whom she claimed was having sex with
Gary Glitter should've said he was a Moslem, he would've got off with this new UK morality we have.
Gary Glitter has nowt on the boy ferg
It should be noticed that the site of Long Tan is beside Vung Tau. Best known as where Gary Glitter operated from. I know the place, let’s
I'm listening to a Gary Glitter album. My life has come to this.
Playing Rock And Roll Part 2 by Gary Glitter from the album The Hey Song (The Greatest Hits) - iTunes:
I couldn't even walk on that balance thing without falling off let alone do stuff on it in a bathing suit and glitter i…
Trump's "Leading The Way" web banner ads made me think a take on Gary Glitter called "I'm The Führer of the Reich (I Am)" would be apropos.
we all need a little Gary Glitter in us ,,,or do we..
And I have embraced Sean White as much as I have embraced Gary Glitter. GREAT RIDDANCE.
UK No.1 on 16 Aug 1973: 'I'm the Leader of the Gang (I Am!)' - Gary Glitter
. Mans a genius, he's realised Gary's name is the same as Gary Glitter.
People need to stop clinging onto Wengers past. Gary Glitter had 3 number 1 hits, that doesn't make what he did justifiable…
Having Peter Jones tell you you're "coming across as absolutely ridiculous" is like Gary Glitter telling u you're coming across as a nonce
1) When Gary Glitter had to go on slop... never gets old and I die of laughter every time . "My Life is Gourmet" https:…
Things Gary Glitter wish he knew how to do.
Gary glitter didn't even no the answer tho
it's a step down from an 'Ian Watkins' and half a step from a 'Gary Glitter'
1973 ‘I’m the leader of the gang (I Am)’ by Paedo Gary Glitter hits on the UK charts
I met Eddie Tudor at a gig in the early eighties, shared a beer & had a chat. Top bloke. The gig was Gary Glitter!
thanks for playing "Wanna be in my gang" by Gary Glitter. You rarely hear it these days.
Imagine if the only musicians you liked were Gary Glitter and Lostprophets. Your Spotify playlists would be so unpopular! Also, paedophiles.
Ticket information for Gary's new BBC One talent show will be announced today
Are we meant to even frown upon Gary Glitter soundalikes nowadays?. Pity.
Necro production discography is a 1984 album by English musician Gary Glitter.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
are by any chance related to Gary glitter 🤔
Can we get a a little Gary Glitter too?
We all have a cheeky past, Gary! For many of us, it was MySpace, Land of the Glitter GIFs. 😂 But a puppet is even cooler. 😎
The world will only go back to normal when Gary Glitter comes back
could we please change the goal song to Gary glitter's rock and roll part 2? Its perfect for crowd interaction after a goal.
Shame he didn't hit Gary Glitter when he shot at him!
Brought the kids to Disney Orlando in '99 for 1st time. Couldn't get my head around all the Gary Glitter songs being played
aye and an egg custard tart is the Gadd to Gary's Glitter
gary glitter loved quiche I'll wager! Evil food!
Why does this remind me of a Nickelback/Gary Glitter summer tour?
We would gladly pay $40 a game for parking if you bring back Gary Glitter
Im in Montreal and they are playing Gary Glitter in the city centre. North America really dont care what happens in ot…
Imagine Hibs fans calling Lee Wallace a grass when their manager has put involved in more court cases than Gary Glitter.
"I'm not that hateable, am i?" . Well... On a scale of Mother Teresa to Gary Glitter, ur about a John Terry, love .
I thought this was a joke meme. But no. It's on straight after Gary Glitter standing in for Jimmy Savile.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
So the is on they've done a Gary Glitter number Michael Barrymore is dancing what next Fred West laying a patio
I don't know if it's cool to say this anymore, but I grew up listening to Gary Glitter. A ma...
Just waiting for the inevitable news that Gary Glitter has been made Education Secretary and the Grim Reaper is up for Health Sec
There was Gary Glitter's song, but that's not an option anymore.
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