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Gary Farmer

Gary Dale Farmer (born June 12, 1953) is a First Nations actor.

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ICYMI, I wrote up a celebration of Gary Farmer and the movie Dead Man.
Pls encourage brave senators to pursue legal challenge to HB7069
FL Sen Gary Farmer taking closer look at a challenge to HB 7069
Grandpa was POW, tortured, entire family killed in front of him. Gram was farmer, ha…
great video about an awesome new invention from a Battleford farmer.
I could never have been a livestock farmer. I would have named all my animals and would have been happy to see...
Farmer's are terrified that are getting what they voted for...
Yeah, thats what the lonely, drunk farmer was doin w/ his *** out in the barn. Starting a "fight".
don't lie Gary, we all know you want Pro Farmer 17
Farmer and consultant Gary Zimmer discusses the “Big Four” minerals:
Let's hope not. Where did you hear that Gary?
Congrats to our partners Steve Jaffe, Gary Farmer and Mark Fistos for their recognition as 2017
Also farmer's tans and home underpants etiquette
Taste Buds! at the library every Thursday during the Farmer's Market. This Thursday it was Knife Skills with Gary Wahl!
farmer panelist Harrison Topp shouts out to Gary best session quote was "new farmers must learn how to be farm kids"
New post Gary Farmer to Rick Scott: Veto ‘dreadful’ HB 7069 - A new state senator who is also a prominent trial...
Little Giant Ladders
Amber is all "Since when was Gary a farmer" and I'm all "I dunno since when were you Anna Nicole Amber"
Kanye is a musical farmer and everything he planted has flourished. Yet white kids that know the words to Juicy think they know music
This is good actually. It shows Floridians exactly which "lawmakers" to vote OUT next elec. Gary Farmer (D) is one.
A son of a British Farmer who had a change of heart reads an inspiring poem, directly from the depths of his soul
had an 07 w/ c15 acert. Sold it to a farmer w/ million on it. Never been opened up.
Pittsburgh billionaire Thomas Tull adds farmer to his list of titles – Pittsburgh Post
Bold Google starts the apocalypse 5 am in Wendy's. Gary Wright reporting for Farmer's Only Progress Report.
If Florida had stricter gun laws, "perhaps this tragedy or others could have been prevented," says state Sen. Gary Farmer
This farmer went out for groceries and came back to find his house in a 'different country'
Gallup Sun Publishing Sept 23rd issue features a Q&A interview with one of our special guest, Gary Farmer, and 2pg…
,, and I think Adam Henson once mentioned he is a farmer!!! 🚜
.farmer Gary Porter has perfected his farm over 40 years with conservation in mind:
Goodbye drinks with the inimitable He's leaving to become a farmer. Big loss for us 😰🙈
garyfarmsocial: SalesHacker B2B_SalesTips Hi all, I'm Gary Farmer and I work for Digital Boutique. We build ecom sit…
'Who wouldn't want to see Gary Farmer as Bob Cratchit?'...
Live now with on the Sunday late late show on
FYI: founder on why rural Americans need their own dating site
am not kidding when I say Gary Do Me Ehh is the only good thing to come of 2016
whoaaa, I don't know any farmer with a money clip like that
I'm gonna have to go with Vern and Gary. I can hang with Namath and I'll have someone to talk football with. 😂
EMP Bombs, China, the US Navy, Cyberwar, a farmer in Iowa –Wow, what a story!
Farmer focus writer Gary Mitchell shares his wishlist for Santa
Gary farmer now playing live roxette
Gary farmer now playing live John Lennon
Gary farmer now playing live Elvis Presley
New post: Christmas tree farmer focuses on tradition
Gary Farmer talks about the message of his travel book: challenges will come, but in the end you need to live how y…
Gary Kubiak has no idea what he's sitting on or how to use it. Because if he did, there's no *** way he would trot Siemian…
Partner Gary Farmer has been officially sworn in as Florida Senator for District 34! We admire his commitment to ou…
Tallahassee got a good one in Gary Farmer. Super excited.
Gary Kubiak's comment about Marlon Brown the day the Broncos waived him, in August:
The incomparable Elizabeth A. Davis and the living legend, Gary Farmer, in INDIAN JOE, at NYS&F reading. Coming soo…
We had fun with at the HS farm yesterday for Here's Gary the farmer&his little helpers i…
Ur so hot Gary ehh fackin do me ehh
Gary Farmer is going home with one of the NEW Duo Sonic guitars!
Who else is going to stop by their local Farmer's Market today? Does yours look anything like Gary Niblett's One ***
Dunbar lost in last year's state semifinals, and is also the alma mater of Farmer coach Gary Collier
Nobody (Gary Farmer) several time exclaims "Hootka!" or "Huht-kah!" According to Farmer not a word but slang for "W…
Bro Gary Farmer Nailed it!!! . The same people who want 60 minute worship services rent 2 hr movies and watch 3...
Do you have any questions on 2. Why not ask one of our devs? Info here on Linked In:
Late night live now with Gary Farmer on
Friends Gary and Charlene brought me and autographed picture of Red Farmer from their trip down south! Cool gift!
Join me on the Gary farmer show at 10pm only on 2ndcityradio with guest artist Michael buble
Had an awesome morning with Jean, Gary, and Karin while registering voters at the Des Moines Farmer's Market! Join us next week!
"You can't be a farmer if you act like a puss Gary" -Carla 😂😂
the ghost of Gary Harkness has renewed ... thought I'd seen the last of that avatar !
Excellent. I will be there with my Father, (not thee) Tom Farmer ! I'm driving!
I'm a fan for 1 day 2moro. Allegedly a long lost Uncle (Philip Farmer), had Cup last! #
That's not me. I took the picture of my buddy, Farmer Gary. He cuts, bales, & hauls it away to feed his cattle. It's a win win.
Yes, farmer Gary Glowaczeski said many markets he attends would close without these benefits.
.panel with , Farmer Gary, and Sheryl talking about food affordability
Farmer Gary Glowaczewski: "people know what they want" that makes healthy food affordable for SNAP and WIC customers helps all
Why not Join Gary Farmer on a Sunday from 10pm for great music
Looks a nice place & I'm not a farmer, but seriously, after the day I've had I'd do it for free & give you the £1.
Andi Farmer and Gary Smith attended the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce South Hall Business Coalition Meeting in A…
Gary, our farmer has been interviewed by Read the full interview
Lord Farmer: A Brexit will be a 'bright new beginning' | via
Our farmer Gary has been interviewed for the Yorkshire Post - read the article here.
Listen to "The Gary Farmer late late show live" by via
LIVE on Gary Farmer, Derek Miller, Marc Brown & Blues Crew at the fundraiser in Anchora…
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Great to see Gary Farmer and Derek Miller in concert tonite.
Gary Farmer & Forrest Whitaker in Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai. Brandon Lee (kind of) in The Crow.
Fun barbecue and fire with family and dear friends tonight. With Barry Paisner, Gary Farmer, Deborah Lamal,...
Fennig Equipment is proud to present The Ohio Ag Net’s coverage of the 2015 Pro Farmer Crop Tour. Gary Fennig of...
Wooster cattle farmer receives county honor: Gary said he might do things a little differently than other farm...
Happy 2 work with Gary Farmer & the facilities team for this weekend. Many hands make light work.
Tonight I'll be joining Gary Farmer & the Troublemakers at Boxcar on Guadalupe ST @ 8p
One more reason to be distrustful of our Government ->Dairy Farmer Fighting Feds After IRS Milks Him for $30,000 |
As corny as in August at the farmer's market.
Robert Farmer's balls just gone from plums to watermelon size ...
is ok that the little yellow fellow on Adams desk is sucking on a small pair of balls.
It was a legit struggle, but I powered through and now my bed looks all purdy!
Love notes:. "Good Morning Farmer Gary!. My husband and I are first-time members with Ploughshare Farms. I have...
I know what you mean. Makes you wonder if you really need a bed skirt.
Fourth-generation cotton farmer Lawson Gary shares what he thinks the future holds for the cotton industry:
I grew up on George,Conway, and Gary... Not Sam, Luke, or Thomas..
Gary Farmer & the Troublemakers has a show on 08/19/2015 at 08:00 PM @ Evan... in Santa Fe, NM
Come say hi to our new Organic Farmer -- Rainfield Farm -- let's make sure he sells out and comes back to our...
Tito Ybarra doing a lead for Young Spirit looking like Gary Farmer is the best thing that can happen 😂
Are you a milk farmer unable to make a living from producing milk? Have you considered doing something else not so massively ov…
$32/lb for BEEF? What are you seeing for Farmer's Market Prices?
Just met and shook hands with Mr. Gary Farmer (aka Captain Stonetree on "Forever Knight"). I love King St. West!!! :)
Gary Danielson explaining the concept of taoist farmer to us in college football terms.
Truth is that the Congress gave troubles to farmer cultivating Basmati rice: Narendra Modi
...a Native American called Nobody (Gary Farmer) who confuses him w/the poet William Blake. Haunting film
Luke Prosser: "Gary Deegan would kick his own nan if it meant winning the ball back for us."
Gary Moran & Robert Farmer join Paul Adey and I on on - 8:30pm. We discuss plenty & highlights from Hamburg & Hull
Went home this weekend and look who I found..:) farmer Gary
“We love to see guest stars like C Thomas Howell And Gary Farmer!
like the farmer problem. Like no they aren't solving for X to know when to harvest. Come on Gary.
Proud of Board member Gary Sharp, named "Eminent Farmer" by SDSU. Congrats, Gary!
goToday at 8:24 AM Skins (2002), produced by First Look Entertainment, Grandview Pictures and Starz! Encore Entertainment, directed by Chris Eyre, written by Adrian C. Louis (novel) and Jennifer D. Lyne, with Eric Schweig, Graham Greene and Gary Farmer, cinematography by Stephen Kazmierski, original music by BC Smith Fact: About .8 percent of the United States’ population are American Indian (or Native American, if you prefer.) Based on this statistic, there are very few American Indian filmmakers and probably even less American Indian filmmakers making movies about American Indians. Chris Eyre is probably the most successful filmmaker to be of American Indian descent making movies today. A Portland, Oregon native, Eyre is a member of the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes. His first film, Smoke Signals,came out in 1998 and was a hit at Sundance. Critics described Smoke Signals with words like “poignant”, “funny” and “soulful.” For his follow-up film, Eyre would take things in a whole other directi ...
THROWBACK THRUSDAY Powwow Highway is a 1989 comedy-drama road movie based on a novel of the same name by David Seals. It stars A Martinez, Gary Farmer, Joanelle Romero and Amanda Wyss. Wes Studi and Graham Greene who were relatively unknown actors at the time, have small supporting roles. This film was a George Harrison production, funded by George Harrison & Ringo Starr.
Useless trivia time. I was trying to figure out my favorite film characters, so I mapped 'em out a bit: Male: Morgan Freeman as Detective Hobbes (Seven) Peter O'Toole as T.E. Lawrence in 'Lawrence of Arabia' Harrison Ford as Will Deckard and Rutger Hauer as Roy Batty in 'Blade Runner' Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch in 'To Kill a Mockingbird' Edward James Olmos as Jaime Escalante in 'Stand and Deliver' Clint Eastwood as Joe Kowalski in 'Gran Torino' Henry Fonda as (guess what?) Mr. Roberts Michael Caine as Harry Palmer in 'The Ipcress File' Edward G. Robinson in 'Soylent Green' Eric Bana as First Sgt. (Delta) 'Hoot' Gibson in 'Black Hawk Down' Gary Oldman as Drexel in 'True Romance' Humphrey Bogart as Rick Blaine in 'Casablanca' Willie Nelson as Barbarosa in 'Barbarosa' Jonathan Pryce as Sam Lowry in 'Brazil' Gary Farmer as Philbert Bono in 'Powwow Highway' Viggo Mortensen as Nikolai Luzhin in 'Eastern Promises' Jean Reno as Leon in 'The Professional' James Stewart as Ransom Stoddard in 'The Man Who Shot Li ...
Dead Man is a 1995 Revisionist Western film written and directed by American independent film director Jim Jarmusch starring Johnny Depp as William Blake and Gary Farmer as “Nobody” aka Exaybachay.
"The Red Road" is on, now, on Sundance TV, 9pm U.S. Eastern. Glad to see Gary Farmer in it! (As Lenape Nation chairperson.) Show is set in Indian Country just outside NYC. Did you know? That's Indian Country, too. :)
Unveiling the spiritual nature of Dead Man Germany/Japan/USA, 1995. Directed by Jim Jarmusch, written by Jim Jarmusch. Starring Johnny Depp, Gary Farmer, Lance Henriksen, Billy Bob Thornton, Iggy Pop, Robert Mitchum. In English, 121 minutes. Miramax. "It is preferable not to travel with a Dead Man." Henri Michaux The analysis that follows is based in great part on the above quote that opens Jim Jarmusch's 1995 picture Dead Man, as well as on the movie's title. These elements, as well as the opening scenes, often embody the concepts, ideas or messages that the filmmaker wants to get across to the audience, in other words, the movie's essence. In Dead Man, Michaux's words prompts the viewer to put aside the logical, straightforward narrative arc and look at the movie from a deeper, symbolic point of view. Michaux's phrase contains two fundamental elements: the idea of voyage and the reference to death. Everything in Dead Man points toward the notion of journey. The movie sets in motion with a train ri ...
Watching "Dead Man"- one of the coolest movies ever filmed. Gary Farmer and Johnny Depp. Crispin Glover, Michelle Thrush, Robert Mitchum, Iggy Popp,. the movie is pure ART.
Directed by Jim Jarmusch. With Johnny Depp, Gary Farmer, Crispin Glover, Lance Henriksen. On the run after murdering a man, accountant William Blake encounters a strange North American man named Nobody who prepares him for his journey into the spiritual world.
Happy Saturday! Day number four of the Fest. Full day today here are some highlights! Don't miss Yellow Fever at Jean Cocteau followed by the live screenplay of Chris Eyre's Up The River at 1pm. Fashion Heat starts at 4:30 at Eldorado hotel and the ambassador of filth himself John Waters live one man starts at 7pm followed by Gary Farmer and the troublemakers at San Francisco Bar and Grill. 7:30pm don't miss Feeding Mr. Baldwin followed by Pig Death Machine!
Go see this Movie... It won a big award at the San Diego Film Festival!.. Chaske Spencer will surprise you with his acting, Saginaw Grant, plays the wise elder.. love his role in this.. and Gary Farmer is a hoot!... You will laugh and you will cry... please share!
Further: Gary Farmer referred me to your studio. email AnthonyKingATl
This is Tony King in US. Attch pic is from your client Gary Farmer. I want to purchase art. Will you sell?
When they say "Nobody puts baby in the corner" I can't help but picture Gary Farmer manhandling Jennifer Grey
last week I enjoyed Gary Farmer as a contrary...funny stuff...
we got sum cool native's the scene in NM? Gary Farmer still playin around? Ur bf plays for him eh?
Thanks, Maya. I agree on Gary Farmer's performance. Grounded in this world while dipping into some other one.
A voir bientôt ! "Psychothérapie d'un Indien des Plaines", avec Benicio del Toro, Michelle Thrush, Misty Upham (Frozen River), Jennifer Podemski... "Although the casting of Del Toro in the lead, rather than a Native actor, met with disapproval from many in Indian country, Jimmy P. does feature some leading Native actors in other roles. Veteran actor and musician Gary Farmer appears, as does Michelle Thrush, who has been lauded for her work on the Canadian rez drama series Blackstone. Misty Upham, who wowed with her turn in Frozen River and is in August: Osage County, plays Jane, and Jennifer Podemski and Michael Greyeyes are also in the cast"
Louise Erdrich author of the American Book Award winning THE ROUND HOUSE (narrated by Gary Farmer) interviewed by...
I honestly think we'll finish 3rd. :)
.But Gary Farmer, president of the Florida Justice Association, disputed that there are what he called "set up...
The Swansea result was massive I think. We'll do it from here.
I'd definitely like to be the one slapping them in the face!
there was a farmer who had a cow and Gary was his name-O
no probs keep the Yid family growing.
Morning cloudy and bitter in the South.
how about two badges and a Spurs flag.:P
Strawberry Point farmer Gary Bockenstedt was a Grow Communities program winner - he gave his $2500 to the local 4-H
dunno what's up with me I find Gary lineker attractive as a farmer
Gary Windle was found dead by a farmer near Brierfield on Saturday
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
I'm sure we'll be able to think of something between us. Any suggestions? ;)
Why is it so tiring doing nothing, but won't sleep later.
What would you call Gary if he lived on a farm? "The Farmer in the Shell"
Don't miss your chance to see Gary Johnson on Monday, April 1st, 6-8:30 PM, Farmer School of Business 1000. We...
Wanna experience our Country on a whole other level go do one of these epic events! Life changing Go Farmer Gary
what was you saying on Football focus, Spurs no chance of top four.
Hope with all the Spurs player scoring in the week that's a good omen.
Farmer Gary and his son Wesley are out doing the 2 Oceans Ultra marathon this morning. The runner with the...
Good luck Farmer Gary and Wesley on your Ultra 2 Oceans.Remember your own motto Gary,Greens never give up.Guess who will win?
Today's Interview on RavenHawk Talk Radio with Gary Farmer on podcast.
Call in and speak with Gary Farmer, he is live on the RavenHawk Talk Radio Show now!
Love Rachel On RavenHawk Radio on the hour: Guest Gary Farmer was born in Ohsweken, Ontario into the Cayuga...
In just one hour. Gary Farmer will be interviewed on RavenHawk Talk Radio. Tune in to listen LIVE and Call...
This was such a great movie Gary Farmer is a really good actor and an amazing musician with his band the Trouble...
Gary Farmer (actor) was born in Ohsweken, Ontario into the Cayuga nation
Cheers, I'm hoping for three points rather than any eggs
seen Gary the mad farmer parked in the disabled bay at tesco twice this week is mad disabled?.
Farmer Gary and Nicky Green testing out the route for the Old Mutual joBerg2c. Are you looking forward to pics...
Everyone wanted Liza out, Gary was influenced by the house, especially Farmer Boy.
Farmer Gary and Wesley taking part in another Old Mutual event, 2Oceans? Good luck to both! :D
no doubt about that! Gary to give us another SSWC rendition. Dancing on the stage
To be fair, you also get the best race briefings in SA with and farmer gary!
The tiny is the sweetest lamb yet to be saved from the snow. And by a farmer called Gary Barlow.
Photo: khenti-renaissance: Johnny Depp and Gary Farmer in the 1995 film Dead Man by Jim Jarmusch
Finished listening to 'The Round House' by Louise Erdrich yesterday. Not sure if Gary Farmer was the best choice as reading talent.
I bought the 5 Westerns for $4.99 deal at my local supermarket last week. Two of them could be written off on the basis of the actors(loosely applied)involved. Texas Rangers starring Ashton Kutcher and Casper van Diem. Watched it, did not enjoy. A Willie Nelson vehicle(Willie needed a paycheck)that I got a third of the way through before shutting it down. One was a made-for-TV movie from CBS with two Star Trek alums: Captain Tracy from The Omega Glory and Dagger of the Mind, and Jam from The Empath. Clint Walker starred. Considering it was made between The Dirty Dozen and Killdozer, it wasn't bad. The fourth one I had heard about from my N8tive chums. Dead Man starring Johnny Depp and Gary Farmer. Gary was just as much a hoot as he was in Powwow Highway, And Johnny now has a movie I like him in. Lance(As the Greeks say, anyone named Lance must be pretty cool)Henriksen plays a bounty hunter. Crispin Glover has a cameo. as does Alfred Molina. It's black & white, which adds to its realism, as ev ...
An inspirational tale about the relationship between two Sioux Indian brothers living on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation. MPAA Rating: R Rated R for language and violence. Cast: Eric Schweig, Graham Greene and Gary Farmer
WaDo to my Friend, Niculina, who found this movie in Spanish and reminded me of it. "Dreamkeeper" . . . Great movie with a great cast which includes several of my Famous FB Friends: August Schellenberg as Grandpa, Eddie Spears as Shane, Gary Farmer as Iktome, John Trudell as Coyote, Chaske Spencer as Eagle Boy, Teneil Whiskeyjack as Quillwork / Powwow Girl, Alex Rice as She Crosses The Water, Michael Greyeyes as Thunder Spirit, Tantoo Cardinal as Old Pawnee Woman, Dakota House as Dirty Belly, Sean Wei Mah as High Horse, Sage Galesi as Mae Little Wounded / Blue Bird Woman (as Sage), Gordon Tootoosis as Kills Enemy, Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman as Iron Spoon, Sheila Tousey as Janine, Scott Grimes as Red Headed Stranger / Tehan, Victoria Aberdeen as Thin Elk's Wife, George Aguilar as Grandfather Stone, Nathaniel Arcand as Broken Lance, Gerald Auger as Crow Hunter, Sekwan Auger as Little New Rider, Zachary Nolan Auger as Fourth Brother, Joanne Badger as Two Lodges, Russell Badger as War Chief, Simon Baker as Se ...
Watch attorney Gary Farmer address law students at St. Thomas University as part of the Florida Justice...
So I decided to go to Hasting's music store in search of some good music. I found Gary Farmer and The Troublemakers CD "Lovesick Blues". GREAT STUFF! Talk about some in your face Roadhouse Blues! Gary also has a new CD "Under The Water Tower" so that will be next on my to buy list!
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Native American actor & blues musician Gary Farmer serves as co-chair on the advisory board of the Santa Fe Independent film festival (SFIFF). The 4th annua
Tracy Lee Nelson & Gary Farmer meet for the first time on stage and perform together at The World Famous Palomino Club in North Hollywood California. Actor a...
I cannot urge you ENOUGH to see the movie Dead Man! It is wonderful. It IS like watching a Cormac McCarthy book...think Outter Dark! And the people in the film...besides Johnny Depp...Gibby Haynes, Crispin Glover, John Hurt, Robert Mitchum, Gabriel Byrne, Iggy Pop, Billy Bob Thorton but greatest of ALL...Gary Farmer who played Nobody!!
Written and Performed by; Hurshel Green, Produced by; Gary Farmer, Edited by; Paul Jimenez SDSaxMan. This is the Unofficial version. This song was made becau...
Just finished watching our dear friend Gary Farmer in Tales from the Crypt "Demon Knight".
so i was sauntering around a restaurant today, checking out the decor, menu, etc, and i noticed a man watching me. As i neared the table our eyes locked and for some reason we started laughing. He gestured for me to join him, turns out he was Gary Farmer, from Pow Wow Highway. We talked about how all the servers were probably in the walk in fridge having sex, thus our being unable to get a (him a refill, me a fresh cup) cup of coffee. It was all a great laugh. He told me he hoped to meet,me again.
Delaware Nation Pow wow this weekend ! Gary Farmer and Brock Stonefish live tonite !
Just finished watching the DVD ... The Big Empty ... With Jon Favreau ... Joey Lauren Adams ... Bud Cort ... Jon Gries ... Daryl Hannah ... Adam Beach ... Gary Farmer ... Rachael Leigh Cook ... Brent Briscoe ... Melora Walters ... Kelsey Grammer ... Sean Bean ... Story about a struggling actor turned delivery boy ... Who gets a job to deliver a blue suitcase for $25,000.00 ... To a small desert town in the middle of no where ... Awesome ... And to think I found it at a Walgreens for like $5.00 ...
Man I'm missin out on all the good stuff! I thot it was rumors, Guess last week Adam Beach and Johnny Depp were here in Browning. . . I did see Gary Farmer, he was in front of us ordering dinner at the Casino, we ate the same thing Pork Chops n salad :) I was to shamed to ask him for an autograph and picture, and besides he was tryin to eat. and now Leonardo De Caprio and Johnny Depp are in Heart Butte! looks as tho they'll only be there for a bit longer. maybe me n my little sidekicks will travel out there and check things out :D
Directed by Jacob Tierney. With Nick Stahl, Joshua Close, Gary Farmer, Michèle-Barbara Pelletier. A *** "Oliver Twist" update set in the hustler district of modern-day Toronto.
Thanks for shedding some more light on this Chris Eyre and Gary Farmer. Glad to see an objective assessment of Depp beyond the facepaint, dead bird, and disputed lineage. After working with Gary Farmer on the set of "Dead Man," Depp attempted to get him a part in "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas." Depp also wrote and directed "The Brave," starring alongside the late Indigenous rights advocate Marlon Brando, Floyd Red Crow Westerman ("Custer Died For Your Sins"), and Cody Lightning ("Smoke Signals"). The film might be terrible, but Depp is taking a large risk at this point in his career to alter the perception of Native peoples in film.
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