Gary Coleman & Emmanuel Lewis

Gary Wayne Coleman (February 8, 1968 – May 28, 2010) was an American actor, known for his childhood role as Arnold Jackson in the American sitcom Diff'rent Strokes (1978–1986) and for his small stature as an adult. Emmanuel Lewis (born March 9, 1971) is an American actor, best known for playing the title character in the 1980s television sitcom Webster. 5.0/5

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Why didn't Herve Villechaize, Emmanuel Lewis and Gary Coleman get together for a TV show about being detectives?
That's what started the careers of Gary Coleman and Emmanuel Lewis.
Emmanuel Lewis vs Gary Coleman in their hay day.
My favourite as a kid. 'New movie of the week, The Gary Coleman Story, starring Emmanuel Lewis.'
I remember how careful we had to be about the advertising. I also had a weird flyer with Gary Coleman and Emmanuel Lewis.
Emmanuel Lewis and Gary Coleman in an 80s movie about a rag-tag group of army brats trying to save the local YMCA. SALUTE YOUR SHORTS
"He was Heathcliff to Gary Coleman's Garfield." – Me, describing Emmanuel Lewis to my co-workers at lunch
Gary Coleman and Emmanuel Lewis burned Bridges and soccer tees with Plato.
fair enough, but Emmanuel Lewis and MJ were probably the same age in that pic, or am i confusing him with Gary Coleman
I still can't put my finger on who dude looks like tho...Gary Coleman? Emmanuel Lewis? Somebody really short...
Can you paint me a young Gary Coleman boxing Emmanuel Lewis like in the last scene of rocky 2
Favorite midget actor to star on a sitcom in the 80's? Gary Coleman, Emmanuel Lewis or Michael J. decide.
Emmanuel Lewis and Gary Coleman are than Beyonce hair
"I'd like to thank all the little people", Gary Coleman, Emmanuel Lewis, Danny Devito. Who I think of whenever I hear that.
NyQuil causes hallucinations. Just saw Gary Coleman and Emmanuel Lewis playing dominoes in my kitchen.
Happy Birthday to TV's 3rd favorite Black midget of the 80's (behind Gary Coleman and Alf), Emmanuel Lewis!
Gary Coleman tried to get in shorty *** for calling him Emmanuel Lewis lmao.
Emmanuel Lewis & Gary Coleman in the same tv show, you gotta be CRAYZYZ to think that could work !
Michael Vick's oldest brother did jail time in the 70's for sponsoring fights, Emmanuel Lewis vs. Gary Coleman
I doubt most CVHS students would know Todd Bridges or Dana Plato. Heck, probably not even Emmanuel Lewis. But how come they all know Gary Coleman?
I turned on the tv and I see Emmanuel Lewis and Gary Coleman fighting.
I feel like I'm watching Emmanuel Lewis(Robinson) vs Gary Coleman (Bynum) on the court
I want to go back to a time where people still went to school to be a travel agent and Gary Coleman is still alive, but Emmanuel Lewis isn't
it's okay...still funny. and I almost wrote Emmanuel Lewis instead of Gary Coleman.
What a good nap. I had a dream that I was on a cruise drinking lattes with Rick James trying to figure out who the little girl was that didnt know who he was at that famous BET awards that made him spaze out, lol. Fantasia dumb butt was sitting with all the kids reading them a book with her illiterate *** getting stuck on words like "stop and go"! Ike and Tina Turner was there giving couples therapy, smdh! Gary Coleman and Emmanuel Lewis was arguing over who was the cutest short child star, it was wild, I tell ya. I woke up in cold sweats looking for the remote to the tv because the theme song from Good Times kept playing in my head throughout the whole dream, I was trying to turn it off. No more eating and laying down for me, lmao. I think I need a Coors Light now!
Barbara Walters tried on many occasions to interview Emmanuel Lewis & Gary Coleman at the same time. But now that dream is lost!!
Emmanuel Lewis or Gary Coleman topping the list. Can't be anyone else, unless Bart Simpson counts
Ok thats interesting...this Lady just told me I look like Emmanuel Lewis then ask if she can get my autograph. I dnt knw if she was being funny So I told her she look like Gary Coleman that gets no booty...Was I wrong FB friends & family??? LMS if u think that was wrong..
Gary Coleman and Emmanuel Lewis are the same person.
if he sounded liked Gary Coleman or Emmanuel Lewis it just wouldn't be right...
Alex Karras died today. When he got to the other side, and if he was disoriented from the journey, do you think he mistook Gary Coleman for Emmanuel Lewis?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
True story: I tried to make a film with Emmanuel Lewis and Gary Coleman with Michael Bay.
When the U.S. found and killed Osama Bin Laden, they realized it was just Gary Coleman and Emmanuel Lewis in costume.
Carrot Top, Emmanuel Lewis, Jaleel White, David Faustino, Gary Coleman and Corey Feldman all have a Bacon number of 2. Are any actors at 3+?
Why is Emmanuel Lewis Gary Coleman... I bet Gary Coleman would whip up on Emmanuel Lewis. Punk.
Today in Nassau I saw Emmanuel Lewis and his posse of five body guards. Why Emmanuel Lewis needs security? I don't know. I do know I wanted to take a picture with him, but they wouldn't let me pick him up. Maybe it's because I kept calling Gary Coleman. Moral of the story never run into your favorite 80's sitcom celebrity after too many Bahama mamas.
Gary Coleman and Emmanuel Lewis were cursed with bein a midget cuhz of the illuminati
Katt Willams fame took a huge hit when Kevin Hart came around. Thats too bad. Must be how Gary Coleman felt when Emmanuel Lewis emerged.
Little Black Stars Love You Avril. Sure, Gary Coleman's dead, but there's still Emmanuel Lewis.
I always get Emmanuel Lewis n Gary Coleman confused
Ever notice we never saw Emmanuel Lewis and Gary Coleman in same room together?
who you think would've won a 1-on-1 between Gary Coleman vs. Emmanuel Lewis
I'm telling you Emmanuel Lewis and Gary Coleman spent half the 80s on Olden Polynice's lap.
Emmanuel Lewis had Gary Coleman wacked!! It was only room for one former child acting African American midget in Hollywood
Is this little boy on the 2012 version of Gary Coleman and/or Emmanuel Lewis or is it just me??
New report reveals that Mitt Romney once hired Gary Coleman and Emmanuel Lewis to oil wrestle each other at a Bain Capital holiday party.
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Oh that's you? I though that was Gary Coleman or Emmanuel "Webster" Lewis playing a child muslim.
I got a light-skinned friend looks like Emmanuel Lewis, got a dark-skinned friend looks like Gary Coleman
whatever, you thought that Emmanuel Lewis was on Different strokes. When it was obviously Gary Coleman.
lol or he's always been older just had that Gary Coleman and Emmanuel Lewis syndrome
lol idk mini movez when I think of thugs Gary Coleman and Emmanuel Lewis don't come to mind lol
Cool if that's what the kid wants to do and all, but seems that IS the difference b/t Gary Coleman and Emmanuel Lewis.
I just betted my mom that Gary Coleman wasn't dead. I lost, I was thinking about Emmanuel Lewis! Just got cheated outta $2 lol
I had a dream lastnite that me and Gary Coleman was in a limo with Chaka Khan and Grace Jones. Emmanuel Lewis was the chauffer. Don't kno where that dream came from, no more chili dogs after 8 pm for me, lol.
JUSTIN BIEBER is 18 yrs old & looks like he hasnt hit puberty. Does he have that Gary Coleman / Emmanuel Lewis / Andrew Milonakis disease?
Do you think Emmanuel Lewis and Gary Coleman ever tag teamed dem *** How much chest hair does Jewel have? These are questions I ask myself
Sometimes I wonder if Gary Coleman was ever resentful towards Emmanuel Lewis for stealing his tiny black thunder.
Birthday wish 21: Gary Coleman & Emmanuel Lewis swap bodies and are adopted by Hervie Villachez in new sitcom.
If you still won't admit that you lost that bet about Emmanuel Lewis not being Gary Coleman
Have you ever wondered which is longer-Mo'Nique's belt or Countess Vaughn. Vaughn is 4"10. I can't find Mo'Nique's measurements. I began thinking while watching "The Parkers" reruns. I love that show. Danny DeViti is only 4"9; he would be a lot taller if his age were his height. Emmanuel Lewis is 4"3 and Gary Coleman, 4"8. That's so sad. That's when it doesn't pay to weigh 120. It's not good for my size either: 5"2. Still, it looks a lot better on my me than them. Mo'Nique is 5"6.
Imagine if Emmanuel Lewis and Gary Coleman replaced Eddie and Martin in the movie Life.
Poor Emmanuel Lewis always getting called Gary Coleman. Gary Coleman has been dead for 2 years!!
when you purposely mistaken Emmanuel Lewis for Gary Coleman and then it turns out you're on the same flight together.
This or That: Emmanuel Lewis or Gary Coleman?: We asked Comedian Shang, “Emmanuel Lewis or Gary Coleman?” Check out his answer belo...
You think Emmanuel Lewis caused Gary Coleman's death using voodoo? I do sometimes.
I had a similar experience when I thought I saw Gary Coleman, who unzipped his skin to reveal Emmanuel Lewis from Webster.
I got that Gary Coleman, Emmanuel Lewis condition... I'm really like 47
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