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Gary Cohn

Gary Cohn (born January 25, 1952) is a comic book writer, and co-creator (with Dan Mishkin) of the DC Comics characters Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld and Blue Devil.

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Look forward to reading abt how Gary Cohn is sad, John Kelly will restore discipline, and 2 unnamed sources say Jared+Ivanka a…
Agreed that Goldman Sachs is evil, and that Gary Cohn should take the GS stench from the WH. Dina Powell can leave with him,…
the "globalists" and the "West Wing Democrats." That's Bannon-speak for Ivanka and Jared, Gary Cohn, H.R. McMaster and Dina Powell. . Axios
White House chief economic adviser Gary Cohn considering his position in wake of Trump's response to neo-Nazi rally…
Bill Dudley says Gary Cohn would make good Fed Chair, but NY Fed has no say
I'll pay or donate to charity for a copy of Gary Cohn's resignation letter.
Gary Cohn has one very good reason for not bailing on Trump
Bannon's ouster a big win for Gary Cohn and Wall Street
What's next, Gary Cohn is gonna call up N+1 to vent about Bannon?
Why hasn't Gary Cohn resigned yet and why no left wing push to make him? Because Goldman Sachs is deep state. Like a tick, a…
Gary Cohn is a coward and a collaborator.
Steve Bannon and Gary Cohn struggle for White House supremacy
False rumors that Gary Cohn is leaving the White House just spooked Wall Street — for a good reason
For those speculating: there is no indication here in Bridgewater now that Gary Cohn is going anywhere.
Gary Cohn "disgusted" by Trump Charlottesville comments but not planning to leave White House: report
Frustrated by Trump’s comments faulting both sides in Charlottesville: Gary Cohn and John Kelly
Stop giving Gary Cohn, Steve Mnuchin and John Kelly credit for looking or feeling disgusted - either they resign or they…
Want proof infighting is encouraged in Trump WH? Bannon goes ON RECORD to swipe "Gary Cohn & lobbying”
Gary Cohn was "enraged" for having to stand at the president's side at Trump Tower press conference, an as…
Then let history reflect that Gary Cohn chose to collaborate with a neo-Nazi sympathizer.
Now says would be an issue for Trump if Gary Cohn or Wilbur Ross resign from the administ…
No reason for Gary Cohn to stay at the White House if he is "disgusted." He doesn't need the money and will be remembe…
Gary Cohn said to be deeply upset by last few days, per multiple sources. Not leaving admin but not happy
Gary Cohn said to be deeply committed to Trump's defense of white nationalists, per his silence. Not leaving admin because this…
Gary Cohn, NEC chair -- who is Jewish -- was 'disgusted' and "upset" by Trump's comments on white nationalists, per 3 ppl…
Econ advisor Gary Cohn says WH will seek Congressional approval of infrastructure bill right after tax reform. Hope's it's…
Trump says Gary Cohn is in the running for Fed Chair, along with reappointing Yellen
"...we expect Janet Yellen to step down as Fed Chair and Gary Cohn to take over in 2018.” Brett Ewing in...
says Gary and Janet are contenders to lead the via
Look at it this way: the Fed was a piggy bank for entities like Goldman. This would just take out the Middle man.
Gary Cohn is a top candidate to lead the Fed, Trump says, but he hasn't ruled out renominating Janet Yellen
His comments about personnel matter a lot though. Gary Cohn's so going to be our new Fed Chair.
And Gary Cohn that bastion of the middle class just like the whole Goldman Sachs crew. Trump will never…
Gary Cohn"in the mix” to be next Fed Chair. "Mr. Cohn responded by laughing, and placing his hands over his ears."
President Trump says Janet Yellen, Gary Cohn are contenders for next Chair
Christ, I've been using Gary Cohn all day as my example of Trump admin awfulness. Thanks for reminding…
Gary Cohn is a serious candidate for Fed Chairman, says the man who gets to decide
Trump says Gary Cohn and Janet Yellen are contenders to lead the Fed via
Gary Cohn is a contender for Fed chief even though 'he doesn't know this,' Trump says
Trump floats Gary Cohn for Fed chief — or maybe he'll keep Janet Yellen
Donald Trump wants Janet Yellen to beg for a second term as Fed Chair so he can give the job to Gary Cohn instead
Gary Cohn, who had a reputation for being a huge *** *within Goldman Sachs*
BREAKING: Trump says Yellen "absolutely" in running to stay as Fed Chair, also sees Gary Cohn as top contender - DJ
Trump says he’s considering top aide Gary Cohn for Fed Chair
President Trump says he's considering Janet Yellen and Gary Cohn for Fed Chair
Senate Banking Chairman says Gary Cohn would be a good pick to lead the Federal Reserve
Gary Cohn is reportedly the top pick to take over for Janet Yellen as Federal Reserve chair via
How successful has the Goldman troika of Gary Cohn, Steven Mnuchin, and Dina Powell been in containing Trump?
Sally Struthers can do a commercial with a fly-specked Gary Cohn. "Won't you help?"
Trump's crowed really excited! Only part that got crickets was that weird encomium to Goldman's Gary Cohn.
Gary Cohn has no MBA, no economics degree and BANKRUPTED Goldman.
Mr. President, it's time to can this fool Gary Cohn. You said you support the coal miners. Now this Goldman... https:/…
The same Goldman Sachs whose former exec Gary Cohn was hired by Trump & is now pushing sa…
Trump wants to sell US infrastructure to Goldman Sachs and has Gary Cohn, the for…
Gary Cohn, left Goldman Sachs, joined Trump Admin, has plan to privatize America, have you pay higher fees.
Gary Cohn, who just left Goldman Sachs, is leading a plan to sell off public infrastructure to Goldman Sachs
BINGO! CNN just reported that Trump adviser Gary Cohn says the president is considering lifting the sanctions on Russia…
McMaster, Reince, Gary Cohn, Dina Powell have never been attacked by the media. These are the 4 main…
And the airlines want to have greater control on your flight with Gary Cohn's privatization…
National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn explains proposed changes to the tax code
Trump Economic Advisor Gary Cohn just now: "We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to finally do tax reform.". Yup. Let…
Treasury Sec. Mnuchin, National Economic Director Gary Cohn are speaking at WH briefing:
Gary Cohn on Trump tax plan: “Our basic premise here is to simplify the tax system, lower rates and make it easy."
"Death Tax" = "Estate Tax". Only applies to people with estates over $5 million. This is a tax cut for the wealthy. "Gary…
Economic adviser Gary Cohn: Don't bet against President Trump on tax reform. "He will get this done."
Asked whether the death tax would be immediately repealed or phased out, Gary Cohn responds: It would be immediately phased…
By Wall Street, for Wall Street. alumni and Gary Cohn stand with for the an…
Trump adviser Gary Cohn says he'd "never, ever bet against" Trump on financial matters. How many people lost their life s…
Gary Cohn - "I would NEVER, EVER bet against this President- He will get this done for the American people.".
Gary Cohn, Steve Mnuchin and Pence have all arrived at office for the closed-door tax meeting
Gary Cohn: "One thing is certain: I would never, ever bet against this president*.". *Trump literally had a CASINO go bankru…
Gary Cohn said all that to say this:. Trump ran for president so he can repeal the estate tax so he can pass his business on t…
Gary Cohn on President Trump's tax proposal: "One of the biggest tax cuts in American history."
HF guys can't get all the benefits. Need balance. ;). That is joke. Gary Cohn is high quality person is my point.
.Sec & NEC Dir. Gary Cohn answering questions press briefing, re: t…
Copy of Trump's tax reform plan that is being pitched by Gary Cohn.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Here’s the Trump tax plan that Gary Cohn and Steven Mnuchin are unveiling now. (h/t
is buzzing about the possibility of Gary Cohn someday replacing -
Trump's tax plan is tall on promises, short on details - Gary Cohn, the White House Economic Council director, ... https:/…
It's staggering how incompetent Trump and his team are. Reince, Katie Walsh, Helen Ferre, Gary Cohn, Din…
Trump.. has now been seized entirely by the Vampire Squid’s in the White House — Gary Cohn, Steve Mnuchin and Jared Kushner. David stockman
•Gary Cohn is a Dem . •Dina Powell (lives w/d Obama's) part of NSC. •McMaster/Patreus took over NSC. Dems in DT Adm going after
Nor did I elect Jared, Ivanka, Gary Cohn, Dina Powell etc. I elected Trump for what he said he would do. Not a…
I'm seeing more and more photos like this⤵Wherever Jared and Ivanka are, Gary Cohn and Dina Powell are.
Goldman Sachs may have Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, former COO Gary Cohn and several other alums in...
In his place is economist Gary Cohn, a former Goldman Sachs CEO and, according to King, Trump's "pro-immigrant" adviser.
A coterie of advisers from NYC, including former Goldman Sachs prez Gary Cohn, has reportedly taken the helm at the White House. --Breitbart
We have Gary Cohn running economic policy while Jeff Sessions supervises immigration and law enforcement so it's now pret…
Just watched Grover Norquist on Bartiromo carbon tax (Gary Cohn) used to offset t…
"I'll be surprised if Bannon is back in the office after this weekend. Reince is next. Gary Cohn calling the shots now."
Gary Cohn is just one of Goldmans typical stooges. People like Andy Summers - Wall Street overlords.
Jared Kushner, Gary Cohn, Dina Powell: the three big-government liberals tightening their hold on the White House
Janet Yellen met with Gary Cohn and Steven Mnuchin in February, her calendar shows
Trump official Gary Cohn says he'd be willing to work with Elizabeth Warren to break up the banks. [head explodes] http…
Necessitated by fact that the White House is populated by people who loathe Gary Cohn and leak against him prolific…
Why does criminal Kushner's son have more say than Gary Cohn? What's the President of Goldman Sachs doing besides trying to kill Dodd-Frank?
If there was a way to put money on Gary Cohn somehow Frank Underwood-ing this presidency I would do it
Reminder that Gary Cohn and Dina Powell, the former Goldman Sachs executives and Bush allies, are in the WH colluding despi…
Ivanka, Jared, Gary Cohn, Dina Powell--this is the bloc of Goldman-New York-aligned allies to watch.
If we weren't focused on the president as Putin's patsy, we'd be able to focus on Gary Cohn's lies re bank capital https:/…
An "inside" look at Gary Cohn's role in Trump administration
"And, in The Wall Street Journal, Gary Cohn, the administration's senior economic adviser, was more than happy to...
A rule to protect retirement accounts was completely misintended, Trump advisor
Gary Cohn says limiting choices is bad... wonder if his 3 kids got the Barbie Corvette, or if he opted for a tricycle.
Elizabeth Warren to Trump's $285 million Goldman Sachs man: Recuse yourself
Trump advisor Gary Cohn: All tax reform options are on the table now
Gary Cohn wants to put unhealthy food back on the retail financial services menu
Trump adviser Gary Cohn: Will try to stimulate economy as fast as we can
Fantastic interview with Gary Cohn on Dodd-Frank. Thanks very informative
Gary Cohn, President Trump’s top economic adviser, says American banks are over-regulated
ALERT: Trump looking to remove laws that protect our Retirement Accounts! .
Trump Economic Advisor Gary Cohn says the White House wants to get banks lending again
Goldman Sachs gave a QUARTER BILLION DOLLAR PAYOUT to Cohn upon him getting job as the govt's top economic adviser https:…
Gary Cohn in intv says fiduciary rule “like putting only healthy food on the menu" and not allowing unhealthy https:/…
Jared, Ivanka and Gary Cohn distancing themselves in the press from Trump, a first but sizable chunk in the armor.
Trump Adviser Gary Cohn to Rollback of Dodd-Frank will free up capital for small businesses.
The investment advice Gary Cohn's Goldman Sachs provides to individual clients is fiduciary. Apparently it's good for those…
Trump claimed he would stand up for working people, but it turns out Goldman Sachs is still running the show.
Gary Cohn now speaks fluent Trump, saying two opposite things in the same sentence.
Gary Cohn, behind the fiduciary rule repeal, got $285M for being part of Trump's team. Can't make this stuff up.
Meet NEC Director Gary Cohn. He's the financial genius WORKING PRO BONO for Trump and the American People.
17. Oh look, Goldman is a huge investor in Kushner family biz, and so he picks GS president Gary Cohn to be Trump's chief…
Gary Cohn: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac reform will be high on Mnuchin's agenda
Proving Goldman Sachs runs our Government regardless of which corporate party is in power. 👇
Gary Cohn's analogy on fiduciary rule: "It is like putting only healthy food on the menu." Retirement advice should have…
Ex Goldman prez Gary Cohn privately told aides to the president that he was disturbed it was even being considered. https…
Dodd-Frank do-over a win for banks: advisor Gary Cohn
Trump letting Goldman Sachs' Gary Cohn make it easier for Wall Street to steal your money. So much for
Gary Cohn: "Hi honey, sit down I have some crazy news. Trump talked me into quitting my $20 million dollar a year job to
American University will trade you a Gary Cohn and raise you a Secretary Sylvia Matthews Burwell.
Gary Cohn meeting now with House FinServ members to discuss CHOICE Act 2.0 and Dodd-Frank EOs.
General Kelly & Gary Cohn will be great additions to the administration. Right experience to
how many Goldman Sachs alumni has Trump hired? Bannon, Munchin and Gary Cohn. Drain the swamp and fill with Vampire Squid.
Army Secy posting for Vinnie Viola reunites him with Gary Cohn, exec and old Nymex buddy, in White House
Here is what Gary Cohn, the Goldman executive tapped for a Trump White. House Post, thinks about financial regulation https:/…
Trump picks Goldman Sachs president Gary Cohn to be economic adviser? The same Goldman Sachs that Hillary Clinton got…
Order Miche Bag Online!
Trump names Goldman president Gary Cohn as director of National Economic Council
Donald Trump expected to tap Goldman Sachs president Gary Cohn for economic post.
Trump is expected to make Goldman Sachs' president the head of National Economic Council
We had a great time at Premiere with Co-writers, Sheldon Cohn & Gary Wolfson, and Director,...
Donald Trump said he'd drain the swamp. The president of Goldman Sachs is expected to join his team
Donald Trump picks Gary Cohn, Goldman Sachs COO, to lead the NEC. It's the third Goldman Sachs executive in Trump's cabinet.…
Gary Cohn, Goldman Sachs' COO and President, will be Dir. of Nat'l Economic Council & Asst. to POTUS for Econ. Policy —
Goldman Sachs stock has risen 33% since Donald Trump was elected president - S&P 500 is up 4.5%
Trump picks Goldman Sachs president for top economic post
Donald Trump said he'd drain the swamp. He just appointed the president of Goldman Sachs to his team
ok.. i'm starting to worry about Trump's selection of Gary Cohn and Rex Tillerson... :-(
With Gary Cohn advising President Trump, Goldman Sachs will have one of its own advocating on economic policy
Trump’s anti-finance posturing was perhaps his greatest con job
Trump to name ANOTHER Goldmans boss to his team: Gary Cohn via
Build the Swamp Higher: Donald Trump just appointed a key architect of the 2008 global meltdown to economic team
Trump offered yet another Goldman Sachs veteran a spot in his administration.
Goldman Sachs alumni will likely have the two top Trump economic policy jobs
If Goldman Sachs' Gary Cohn goes to the Trump administration, the succession plans at the bank will be left in flux.
announces president Gary Cohn and WA's for Cabinet appointments:
The president-elect has asked Goldman Sachs’ Gary Cohn to lead the National Economic Council. .
For someone who wants to Trump keeps reaching into Goldman Sachs for appointments:
If Gary Cohn goes to Washington, he can sell his Goldman stock tax-free. Worth $212m after post-election surge.
Goldman Sachs' (now Trump's) Gary Cohn is long-time (& big) Dem donor: only started giving to GOP in last couple years (ht…
After savaging Goldman Sachs, Trump stocks his admin with Goldman alums.
Here are comments Gary Cohn has made in recent years about economics and regulation
"Trump just offered yet another Goldman veteran a spot in his administration" -
Trump picks another Goldman Sachs exec to join his administration via
Kids in a Candy Store: Our hard earned taxes is the candy. Say you want a revolution?
Trump is draining Goldman Sachs not the swamp: Trump seen close to naming Goldman’s Cohn to top economic post
Are you frigging kidding me? Well tell me Trump voters, how do you you feel about that?
At Goldman Sachs, Trump’s new economics advisor Gary Cohn outsourced thousands of US jobs to India
Donald Trump is expected to name Gary Cohn, the president of Goldman Sachs, to direct the National Economic Council
Worth noting that FEC disclosures show Gary Cohn has donated to the campaigns of Crapo, Brown, Shelby, Toomey, plenty of others.
COO Gary Cohn is being considered for energy secretary after meeting...
. No 2 Gary Cohn considered for OMB was early Wall Street supporter of obama more at 3
Wall Street basher Donald Trump loves Steve Bannon, Steven Mnuchin and Gary Cohn for his administration
Dan Mishkin and Gary Cohn are now my favorite comic creatos from the 80s for coming up w/my 2 favorite comics: Amethyst an…
Hanging with two of the coolest guys in comics, and Gary Cohn
Could disaffected young voters shifting towards Gary Johnson go over to Clinton if it looks like Trump is gaining on her?
There is a finite group of major financial players... and overall, the best thing for all of us
is Gary Johnson taking points off Clinton or off Trump?
Dealing with decades of in schools. Gary Cohn investigates the nationwide issue https…
Keep yourself motivated. You've got to be motivated- ...; you've got to have goals...-Gary Cohn
Now President of Goldman Sachs, Gary Cohn is a dyslexic. Read his story:
Heart disease is really cardiovascular disease, often involving many organs. - Jay Cohn MD
Should you start drug therapy for your heart? - Jay Cohn MD
truly bad almost disinterested. Give me Gary Cohn and Keith Hernandez.
Amazing story of how Gary Cohn made a bold personal move to land his first job in finance
Now I know how in Goldman's dark pool minted money. Like shooting fish in a barrel. No wonder Gary Cohn freaked last year
Noto left for now Evans goes to How soon till Gary Cohn is next CEO
Goldman's Gary Cohn says there's just one thing that separates the successful people from the rest
Inspirational story on Gary Cohn getting his first job. .
.Gary Cohn is my hero at Goldman Sachs.I love seeing him and Lisa. I will always treasure my GS tenure.
Sharing our story ... with Doug Larkin​ ... ADAO Turns Awareness into Action by Gary Cohn
Well done to Gary Cohn of Goldman Sachs in winning NCAA charity bracket
Big win for youth and families on Saturday. Thanks to Gary Cohn for picking both the Badgers and
Gary Cohn picked all final four teams correctly
Great AM w Gary Cohn supporting Great plan to
Gary Cohn nailed the final four, and head Wisconsin vs. Duke in the final.
Goldman's Gary Cohn says oil prices to go further down
Gary Cohn: Oil to stay low, Yellen to remain "dovish"
What a game!Thank you Gary Cohn for picking us and & for an unforgettable
Thanks Gary Cohn for his prognosticative powers & generosity & for making this gift possible!
how about that Gary Cohn and - a HUGE thanks from all children and families
Gary Cohn on oil market, the Nasdaq Composite Index, & Federal Reserve
Gary Cohn: Oil to Stay Low, Yellen to Remain `Dovish' - Bloomberg for iPad $ECO
Gary Cohn, all Woodman Garbage. Human Resources / Waste Management = WMan Quotient words of mine, understand ya'll? k
The COO of Goldman Sachs is killing it in a bracket challenge against other executives
TV Clipster Alert - Gary Cohn has been mentioned just now >
Ray Dalio, Gary Cohn, Larry Summers and Christine Lagarde debate world markets and quantitative easing:.
Goldman Sachs president Gary Cohn: Being part of EU 'best for UK' - What a load of rubbish, UK would be better OUT.
In response to the Goldman Sachs President, Gary Cohn, saying that the UK should stay in the EU, UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said: "EU politics is dominated by big banks, big business and big government.
Bank chief wants UK to stay in EU: Goldman Sachs' president and chief operating officer Gary Cohn said it is t...
Goldman Sachs Group Inc. President Gary Cohn said low volatility and interest rates that are holding in tight ranges have resulted in ...
Goldman Sachs has put forward Gary Cohn, president and chief operating officer, to speak at the Sanford C. Bernstein Annual Strategic Decisions Conference. The presentation is available here and outlines how the …
I guess there's just a few of us who find it ironic that, should North Middle ever be modernized and taken care of (remember, it's not guaranteed -- neither what they're actually planning to do or even if it will happen AT ALL), parents and staff will be lining up to pour on the gratitude to the school board rather than calling for the heads of those who let it get that way in the first place. There's yet another pro-bond letter to the Herald today, and again the argument is that North Middle is in such bad shape that we simply MUST vote for the entire $256 bond package. But, I have to say there is one thing I absolutely do agree with this North teacher on, and that's this statement of hers: "We have great students, teachers, administrators, and support staff." Yes, I agree wholeheartedly. When my son moved on from a horrendous 5th grade year to North Middle, I was worried sick that bullying and other psychological pressures associated with the middle school years would eat him alive. That has been anythi ...
Reporter Gary Cohn exposes the rise of California's corporate Democrats, vying with the party's progressive wing
Dyslexic COO of Goldman Sachs Gary Cohen shares how he got his start .
Great piece on California politics by Gary Cohn in Capital & Main:
VIDEO: Gary Cohn from Brasilia after meeting with Brazilian President on
Gary Cohn, president and chief operating officer of Goldman Sachs, talks to the "CBS This Morning" co-hosts about consumer and corporate confidence and its role in the nation's markets. Also, Cohn discussed the Veterans Integration Program or VIP, a program his company uses to recruit and train vete...
Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen, Palantir co-founder Joe Lonsdale and Goldman Sachs COO Gary Cohn sat down today at the Goldman Sachs conference...
Reach Of Gary Cohn Extends To Silent Monastery Over at Fortune today you will find a story about Marty Chavez, a Goldman Sachs partner who rejoined the firm 2005 after leaving for several years to found a business, sell it, and retire to Fire Island. Chavez would’ve been content to live out his life on the beach but one day, this happened: …he got a call from now-president Gary Cohn, then co-head of global securities. “I heard you sold your company — congratulations,” Chavez recalls him saying. “I heard you retired. That’s ridiculous. I was just calling to share with you that you’re coming back.” When Chavez told him he was burned out on commodities, Cohn suggested investment banking. Chavez didn’t know the first thing about banking, but Cohn was insistent. Generally, when Gary Cohn talks, you listen. He doesn’t call to offer you a job, he calls to tell you you’re taking it. He doesn’t give you time to think things over, he sticks his grundle in your face and asks “What’s the ...
Daughters of the Dust: The Changing Face of by Gary Cohn
'You look at corporates in the US, basically corporates in the world are in phenomenally good shape, they've got more cash on their balance sheet than they've had in a long period of time.'- Gary Cohn, Goldman Sachs president and chief operating officer
Daughters of the Dust by Pulitzer Prize winning author Gary Cohn, explores the relationship between 4 women warriors-
June 14 (Bloomberg) -- Entrepreneur Mark Cuban, Goldman Sachs's Gary Cohn and Senior Advisor to the President Valerie Jarrett discuss investing in America wi...
This is an excerpt from “Public Schools, Private Agenda: Parent Revolution,” by Gary Cohn of Frying Pan News.At  first glance, it is one of the nation’s hottest new education-reform movements, a seemingly populist crusade to empower poor parents and fix failing public schools. But a closer exam...
GS NO. 2 Gary Cohn still debating whether he wants to wait years to takeover for Lloyd Blankfein. we discuss GS succession on FBN
Goldman Sachs braces for bond market blow up By Stephen Gandel Goldman Sachs is growing more nervous about the bond bubble. In the past year, the investment bank has dramatically cut the amount of money it could lose on any given day if interest rates were to rise, which would cause bond prices to fall. The bank has also upped its own borrowing in order to lock in low interest rates. The moves mirror cautious statements recently made about the bond market by Goldman's two top executives. Last week, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, COO Gary Cohn, who is the firm's No. 2 executive, warned that many banks and investors might not be prepared for the possibility of a "significant repricing" in the bond market. Cohn told Bloomberg, "At some point, interest rates will go higher again, and all of the money that has piled into fixed income over the past three years, some of it will come out." Cohn, perhaps tellingly, noted that a bond crash would be "interesting" for Goldman.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Where can you find Dan Loeb, Lloyd Blankfein and Gary Cohn in one place? Davos party
Bond crash would be &for us says Goldman Sachs COO Gary Cohn via
Add another bull to the pile: Goldman's Gary Cohn
Cohn is Bullish on Global Equities: Goldman Sachs President and COO Gary Cohn told Bloomberg TV's Erik Schatzker...
DAVOS DOOM LOSES TO MERKEL-DRAGHI AS EURO DEFIES ROUBINI-PAULSON Dr. Doom got it wrong. The parade of economists and investors led by Nouriel Roubini predicting Greece’s ejection by now from the euro zone failed to appreciate the resolve of European policy makers to protect their union and the amount of pain Greeks are willing to stomach. “People underestimated these factors,” Roubini, chairman of New York-based Roubini Global Economics LLC, said in a telephone call 12 months after predicting Greece’s exit in remarks to the 2012 World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland. A Greek departure “is certainly a less likely event this year, although not a zero probability.” Joining him in questioning whether the 17-nation euro region was built to last and declaring Greece’s departure imminent, inevitable or in its interest were hedge-fund manager John Paulson, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. President Gary Cohn, Nobel laureates Paul Krugman and Joseph Stiglitz, Pacific Investment Manage ...
It is safe to say Lloyd Blankfein and Gary Cohn are the 2 most powerful men in the world.
Gary Cohn @ introducing Geoffrey Canada: Everyone here is talking about passion and Geoffrey knows how to channel his
Big banks morning on BofA CEO Brian Moynihan and GS's Gary Cohn exclusive from Tokyo with
Its good to see that Wall Street has cause to celebrate with a return to the self-congratulatory galas of 2008... (From NYT DealBook feed): "Don't Pack Away Your Gala Wear J. Michael Evans, a Goldman Sachs vice chairman, and his wife, Lise, who recently upgraded their abode, are two co-chairs of an event tonight at Cipriani 42nd Street on behalf of the nonprofit New Yorkers for Children. The black-tie gala, which begins at 6:30 p.m., is to support children in foster care. Downtown at the Cipriani Wall Street, George Soros is being honored tonight by the Institute of International Education. Bloomberg News has details of the season's social calendar, featuring events with the likes of Vikram Pandit, Gary Cohn and John Paulson. "
In the race to succeed Lloyd Blankfein as CEO, Goldman’s Gary Cohn unveils his unique value proposition
Goldman Sachs’ prez Gary Cohn tells Bloomberg that Goldman should stay out of the limelight (on national television):
June 20 (Bloomberg) -- Goldman Sachs COO Gary Cohn talks about the banking industry and says markets are prepared for Fed action today. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)
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