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Gary Anderson

Gary Anderson (born 22 December 1970) is a Scottish professional darts player from Eyemouth, Scottish Borders, currently playing in the Professional Darts Corporation, and a former BDO and WDF world number one.

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Gary Anderson deserves to win. He knocked out the Green Machine.
GALLERY: Gary Anderson celebrates as he beats MvG 6-3 to reach the World Championship final!
well done Gary player tonight. Now for The Power v Barney. What a night of darts :-D
Brilliant from Gary Anderson. Always great to see Eric Bristow being massively wrong too 👍🎯
Back to business. Michael van Gerwen v Robert Thortnon & Gary Anderson v Peter Wright to do battle for a place in the World semis.
Sims reminds me of former buc Gary Anderson
Gary Anderson (will have to be on top form to beat Reyes.
What a game of darts! Buzzing for Gary Anderson but would love to see Jelle Klaasen get back up the order of merit
Some show Gary Anderson just put on!
Utah made several offers to Sitake. Ultimately his long time friendship & relationship with Gary Anderson pushed him to Or…
feeling confused!!turned on channel 5 Dirty Dancin is on!:here's the thing-I'm sure Gary Anderson is playing the lead role!
Dean Winstanley is like Gary Anderson a couple of years back, far too inconsistent.
We're sitting at dinner talking about what we're thankful for and everybody's saying friends and family... My brother says "Gary Anderson"
Scott Kirchner faces Gary Anderson after hammering Mark McGrath 4-0 in the preliminary round:
RESULT: Scott Kirchner beats Mark McGrath 4-0 as he sets up a first round clash against Gary Anderson later at Ally Pally!
Scott Kirchner sets up a first round clash with Gary Anderson later after a 4-0 whitewash of New Zealand's Mark McGrath in the Prelim!
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The Wisconsin Badgers are trying to find a new head coach after Gary Anderson announced that he would be leaving to coach Oregon State. There are a number of potential candidates for the open position, but this one doesn't seem likely...
A lot of talk about Gary Anderson leaving the Badger football team. After giving it some thought, do you think he would really rather be at Oregon State, or do you think maybe Barry Alvarez told him that if he was approached, it might be a good idea to listen to the offer.if you know what I'm saying. I'm starting to think its the second of the 2.
Probably the best story I've read on Gary Anderson leaving
Unbelievable that Wisconsin is losing another coach. Gary Anderson going to Oregon State. Wow.
I have been thinking about this whole Wisconsin football situation. I think besides maybe Mike Eaves, Gary Anderson was the most replaceable. Hard to replace Bo Ryan, Mark Johnson, Mike Byrne, Whitney Hite, Kelly Sheffield, and Paula Wilkins. The coach I would choose is Darrell Bevell. He has obvious Wisconsin ties and a track record of making quarterbacks better which we really need. Paul Chryst would be an alright pick however he is 500 at Pitt.
I think Gary Anderson took it too literally when the Wisconsin fans told him to "Jump Around"
So I was watching BTN last night when they broke in with the news of Gary Anderson the former coach now of the Wisconsin Badgers resigning and taking the job at Oregon State. Then I listened to all the so called experts give various reasons why he resigned and moved out West to Oregon. One thing I did not hear was the Possibility that the Wisconsin Alumni, Administration and most certainly AD Barry Alvarez were so mad about the Humiliation put on their football team by The Ohio State Buckeyes. I know around hear in Buckeye Nation we would have been calling for Heads to Roll. Just give it some thought and tell me what you think.
Melvin Gordon going pro and Gary Anderson going west??? What is going on in Badger Land!
Gary Anderson Wants a sexy raver that slangs drugs
We may miss Gordon, but not Gary Anderson. Is it true Anderson asked Barry to coach the Outback Bowl? The last time Barry stood in to coach the Roe Bowl, we lost.
I really liked Gary Anderson. I think Alvarez got this one wrong. His offensive creativity is exactly what WI's power running game needed to balance it. I thought it looked like his hands were tied this year. Might have beaten LSU and Northwestern. Who knows what we might have been able to do against Ohio State if they had to scheme for Anderson's entire offense? Bad move Barry. Bad move. I can't imagine us landing a better, classier coach than Gary Anderson.
I'm thrilled that Gary Anderson had the nerve to call out Who let's academics interfere with football anyway?
With Gary Anderson out at Wisconsin, I say is the front runner for the job!
So far the rumors of Coach Baldwin leaving Eastern are just that for now. Oregon State hired Gary Anderson as their next coach. Eastern needs to do whatever they can to keep Coach Baldwin in Cheney. He is by far the best coach we have ever had and I'm a big fan of Coach Zorn.
Gary Anderson called me. He was so proud when he said, "Hey bro, Wisconsin coach sure do Jump Around."
Wisconsin Badger head football coach Gary Anderson is heading to Oregon State. They AD there must've been impressed by Saturday's nail biter against Ohio State.
Deuces Gary Anderson. Don't let the door hit you on the *** on the way out. Who's next? I'll take Paul Chryst right now
If it's true Gary Anderson left Wisc in part b/c academic stds 2 high + Oreg St has lower stds, it's a sad state of affairs for Collg FBall.
Okay, I'm just a little ticked right now. I think I know why the badgers did so horribly in the Big Ten championship game. Gary Anderson is leaving!!! He probably told his players his plans before the game. The second coach to leave Wisconsin in the last four years.😡😡 I think the problem is the AD Barry Alverez. He's holding too tightly to that program let's get a new AD and a new coach this year and start fresh.
Barry Alvarez on Gary Anderson leaving Wisconsin: "I had no idea this was in the works."
Coaching change at Wisconsin should affect three recruits' decisions. Talking about it here:
Thanks for helping out recruiting by leaving Gary Anderson. Where's your loyalty? Be a man and coach the bowl game and have some
Bad day to be a fan: finalist RB Melvin Gordon announced will enter & HC Gary Anderson leaves for
Urban beat down Gary Anderson so bad, he went running back to oregon!! Seriously, leave Wisconsin to go to Arkansas? I can see that. Leave Wisconsin to go to Oregon St.? That takes a beat down. Thanks Urban.
College coaching is a business, yet people take it SO personal. Is Gary Anderson THAT good a coach Or is it that the guy d…
quass brought Gary Anderson with him to Oregon State!
Barry Alvarez neutered Gary Anderson during the bye week after Illinois. It was obvious. So no, I'm not surprised he wan…
Gary Anderson is a traitor leaving Wisco for Oregon State? Smh
Screw You Gary Anderson and Screw Oregon State. Nothing is better than the
Disappointed to hear that didn't hire former kicker Gary Anderson, but rather former coach.
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Gary Anderson essentially left UW because our academic standards are too high. I take that as a compliment.
Gary Anderson couldn't handle Big Ten. Badgers should bring back Tressel!
Really like the Gary Anderson hire for OSU. I think he'll make us relevant again
do you think Gary Anderson left Wisconsin because he fears Coach Riley? That's what I think.
When Gary Anderson said Wisconsin's academic standards are too high to get the best athletes...
Gary Anderson left Wisconsin because he wanted these sick unis and a certain D1 bound athlete
Gary Anderson leaving Wisconsin has got to be the worst indictment of the Big Ten's perception, even among those within …
Gary Anderson leaving Wisconsin for Oregon State? How about Darrell Bevel for our next Head Coach?
Urban straight ran Gary Anderson out of the Big Ten.
With Gary Anderson leaving Wisconsin- can't wait to see how much Barry Alvarez pays himself to coach the bowl game. Last ti…
Since Gary Anderson bolted from Wisconsin after only 2 years of not trying can we get Bo Pelini?
"Oh, so you are saying it would have been 59-17 if we just paid your assistants better?" -- Barry Alvarez to Gary Anderson, maybe...
So is in the 2015 NFL draft and Gary Anderson is going to Oregon State...Pull Barry out of retirement for the bowl game?
Mike Riley and Gary Anderson when they left
In a crazy turn of events Gary Anderson pursued the Beavers not good ol' Biels. (I do love me some beaver)
Wow Gary Anderson quits the after just 2 years...I've had vapes last longer than that!
So was the issue with Gary Anderson that he couldn't get jucos to Wisconsin or that UW won't pay enough to keep assistant coaches around?
It's just Gary Anderson leaving. I mean seriously right?
Also feel that Gary Anderson is taking a step backwards? Wisconsin to Oregon State doesn't make sense.
Starting to think Barry Alvarez is not a fun guy to work for. Gary Anderson to Oregon State! Wow!
Remove the emotions and you still have to label Gary Anderson as a terrible human being.
Gary Anderson, Todd Graham and Rich Rod walked into a bar...but they didn't stay very long.
it's been a pretty busy day in college football news. Just in case you missed any of it, i'll give you a little highlight. 5 Star DE Josh Sweat commits to Florida State Melvin Gordon will forego his senior season for the NFL Gary Anderson will leave Wisconsin to become the new head coach of Oregon State JT Barrett involved in domestic violence -Scott
I am certain that sleezbag Alvarez pushed Gary Anderson out. Anderson isn't the type of guy to leave like that.
I'm not sorry for this post ! Gary Anderson was NEVER the right coach fir this team!! Way to passive and running a two quarterback set WRONG! He is taking the easy way out because it wasn't his team he recruited ! Yeah thanks BRETT FOR THAT! he is not a Big Ten coach! We need to recruit speed ! And a secondary that can hang! Foot ball is all pass happy now! Get them! We have no receivers and our secondary is sub par! Go get them and make them know we run first but will pass if you come here and showcase talent ! BARRY NEEDS TO GO AWAY FROM THE 90's pass and get these kids here and then let them see how that O LINE BLOCKS AND RUNS TO SET UP THAT PASS!
Gary Anderson pulls a Tubby Smith to Minnesota! Reset the shot clock
Now that Gary Anderson has left Wisconsin I've decided to throw my hat in the ring as their next head coach. How hard can it be?
First game for Gary Anderson at Oregon State is against and the Weber State Wildcats. Changes the dynamic fo…
Just added reaction from a four-star commit on Gary Anderson leaving.
Maybe OSU isn't the dumpster fire others would like you to believe. Gary Anderson 2 OSU
Thinking about pulling a Gary Anderson and going to a school with lower academic standards for finals
A lot of posts about Gary Anderson here. Given the time of year I would expect you all to keep in mind what is actually important. And by that I mean Packer football.
what do you make of Gary Anderson leaving? Clashing with Alvarez, wouldn't let him bring in juco guys, etc..? Thoughts?
They say things happen in threes. Gary Anderson left today. Melvin Gordon left today. Sandy and I took Spaetzle Pratt-Bennett to the vet for the last time. May of 2013 the UW vet clinic told us if the did not give him a boat load of intravenous drugs once a week at there clinic he would die in two weeks. That is when Sandy stayed at a holiday inn and became a vet. By making sure he got the proper amount of amino acids she kept him alive for over a year and a half. She worked unbelievably hard to keep him going. I am so proud of her. Spaetzle had the best personality of any dog I have been around. Sandy would have him listen to NPR on the radio. I would have him listen to conservative talk radio just to help him get both sides of the story so he could make informed decisions. In the end he liked showtunes best. On Badger home game Saturday's I always left the TV on the channel the game was on so when we got home we could discuss the game. It makes sense there is a Badger basketball game on tonight. He woul ...
Anybody know of a good joke about Gary Anderson and how it looked like he had already left for Corvallis during the B1GCG!
So Gary Anderson didn't like our standards of enrollment. Crazy theory that student athletes actually have to go to class.
I somewhat get Bielema leaving for Arkansas due to the SEC factor, and he was a d-bag so I wasn't sad to see him go. But I honestly don't understand Gary Anderson leaving for Oregon State. How is that an upgrade in job???
Dennis Mohr Did you see that Gary Anderson quit Wisky to go to Oregon State after only 2 years. He must have figured that he isn't good enough to coach against Urb.
Next year will be interesting for Badger Football, No Gary Anderson and no Melvin Gordon III.
I just woke up today and saw Gary Anderson left Wisconsin *** I didn't see that coming.
So Wisconsin lost so bad to Ohio States 3rd string QB, that Melvin Gordon and Gary Anderson are jumping ship (though Melvin was a foregone conclusion already)
Way to go Gary Anderson. Badgers are better without you anyways!
Wow!!! Fantastic hire by Oregon State. How did they snag Gary Anderson?
Heres hoping Gary Anderson is as succesful as Brett Belema.
Have you ever seen what an angry Badger can do to a Beaver? Good luck Gary Anderson with your new furry friends... Not!
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Well now that Gary Anderson is out...I suggest Brett Favre
Gary Anderson, not sure what to think. But it's too bad he left after Lance Liepold went to Buffalo. I would have supported UW taking a flyer on Liepold's first major job. Big upside potential and a guy who would NEVER leave Wisconsin.
Wisconsin coach Gary Anderson headed for Oregon State, *** didn't see that comin.
If football coach Gary Anderson thought academic standards at UW were too high, he could have waited for Scott Walker funding cuts to lower them.
Nice move by the Beavers, selecting Wisconsin's coach Gary Anderson, to replace Mike Riley.
Dear Gary Anderson! I wish you the same luck as coach Bret Bielema. After you recruited and put in the work into then leave because the academics of the program. You my friend are the biggest fraud ever to coach at Wisconsin.
Now whenever I hear the name Gary Anderson in the future, I will always think of my last memory of him at Wisconsin. 59-0.
Gary Anderson leaving should make for an interesting awards banquet on Friday.
OSU has hired Gary Anderson as head coach.. Hiring him away from Wisconsin. I sure didn't see THAT coming! Beavers knocked it out of the park with this hire! This is a huge win for Oregon State! BEAVER NATION!!!
Let's go Utah! Take it to those max hall loving cougs. And does anybody have any idea what Gary Anderson was thinking leaving Wisconsin for Oregon State. .. Say what!!!
Never loved Gary Anderson as an X's and O's coach so good luck and god speed. Who do I want? Jim Tressel!!! Time to bring him out of the wilderness!
Wait. So the reason Mike Riley had such a bad record at Oregon St is because they have a bad facility, not alot of financial support and don't have the resources to really recruit top notch talent. But he IS a great coach and given the resources and facilities and tradition with his great coaching will be just what the Huskers need to get to the top of the Big Ten. Makes sense, right? Enter Gary Anderson. Who just left one of the most successful programs in the B10 who had all the facilities, all the resources, all the support a coach could want. Who already competes at a very high level and recruits top notch talent. But Anderson really wants to take the next step. So where does he go? Oregon State. Mind Blown. Here is my prediction: Nebraska will regret hiring Riley and Anderson will regret leaving Wisconsin. These just might be the two worst coaching moves I have seen in my life!
What Gary Anderson said Saturday: "I failed them." What Gary Anderson did today: he deserted them. That's a great example to set for kids of all ages! Run for the hills, coach!
*** you know you spanked the other team when their coach quits within days, Gary Anderson leaves Wisconsin to coach at Oregon State after the 59-0 loss!! He traded a Badger for a Beaver, lol!
I wonder how comfortable the plane ride to Oregon State will be for Gary Anderson what with him having Barry Alvarez's shoe lodged in his ***
Why did Gary Anderson leave Wisconsin for Oregon State? Nick Bromberg of Yahoo Sports answered that and more with Gunther and Ben
This is for the Oregon State fans. Do you think Gary Anderson the new coach for the beavers is goin to put the beavers back on the map?
Welp... if it was about academic standards being too high, good riddance and gtfo. If he wanted to be closer to his family, best of luck to him. RIP Gary Anderson
Though there is no correlation, I will forever link the day that Gary Anderson bailed on the UW program with the day that Ndamukong Suh had this to say when a reporter asked him to share some highlights of his time playing for the Lions at Ford Field: "Wins, Thanksgiving. Other than that, I don't know."
Pete Simpson, when I heard OSU hired Gary Anderson I was shocked to hear the Steelers old kicker was coaching now .
Gary Anderson leaving Wisconsin to take head coaching job at Oregon State
Gary Anderson apparently had a great relationship with Barry... Bo to Wisconsin?
I'm pretty sure that everyone from Wisconsin doesn't have to repost a story about Gary Anderson leaving. ALL of wisco already knows, unless you have no access to the news.aka, you live under a rock.and we all know that wisco's only fit under boulders!
Let's hope Gary Anderson takes Stave with him
How in the *** did Oregon State actually get Gary Anderson?! I'd imagine their paying him a boat load!
Wow! Oregon St. hires Gary Anderson as the HC from Wisconsin. The Pac-12 continues to be loaded with great coaches.
a price on James Wade vs Gary Anderson final?
Chances that Utah goes after Gary Anderson if Whit leaves?
*inserts saucer of Hendricks into mouth like an oversized letter into a postbox*
trick is to put the rim of the upturned glass in a saucer of gin first. Also, try crushing some juniper and sprinkling on top
if Gary Anderson don't win player of the month than there's something wrong!
Gary Anderson 8/1 to lift his first World Darts title -
sleuth award to Gary Anderson’s report: 3DSystems Gets 8% of Formlabs’ Sales in patent suit settlement: ht…
& follow to the exact setup as used by 2014 Players Champion Gary Anderson!
spoke to Gary Anderson (tech support) and he fixed everything! I'm truly happy with service and highly recommend
Brilliant from Gary Anderson to win the Players Championship Finals - beating Adrian Lewis 11-6 in the final. Richly …
Gary Anderson sees off Adrian Lewis 11-6 win the Players Championship and his first darts major title
MATCH STATS: All the averages from the final between Gary Anderson and Peter Wright.
RESULT: Gary Anderson wins in Coventry after beating Peter Wright 6-5 in the final at the Ricoh Arena!
Gary Anderson v Adrian Lewis 180s all the way
. knocked out Gary Anderson, if Anderson had been on his game he would've been there not Taylor.
SNAPSHOT: Phil Taylor celebrates his 10-6 win over Gary Anderson in the
Phil Taylor and Gary Anderson talking to the media after a great quarter-final!
Hmm, The Power silenced the crowd, and the game felt like it was missing something (doubles from Ando!). Phil Taylor 10-6 Gary Anderson
139 FINISH Phil Taylor for the match! . Phil Taylor 10-6 Gary Anderson
RESULT: Phil Taylor books his place in the semi-finals with a 10-6 win over Gary Anderson! Follow at: http:…
Phil Taylor remains on course to retain his Masters title after a 10-6 win over home hero Gary Anderson!
Another great win for Hampshire's James Wade. Beat Phil Taylor last night and now Gary Anderson. Wade through to tomorrow's final.
"James Wade beats Gary Anderson to book his place in the World Grand Prix Final! The machine.
beating Phil Taylor often takes a lot out of a darts player, and Gary Anderson is in great form. I pick him to win.
If Brady Hoke, Bo Pelini and Gary Anderson can hold onto their jobs for a few more years I'll be very optimistic about
Patrick Murray has more field goals this season than Morten Andersen and Gary Anderson combined.
SNAPSHOT: Gary Anderson celebrates as he impressively beats Brendan Dolan in the first round of the http:/…
Badgers fans, your thoguhts on Gary Anderson? Good discussion this weekend. We're talking about it now.
When does the story break that Barry Alvarez actually hired Gary Anderson, a retired life insurance salesman from Duluth?
Barry Alvarez should strongly consider dumping Gary Anderson and coaching this team himself.
If the SNP had been led by Gary Anderson, not Alex Salmond, Scotland would be independent right now.
If Scotland does vote "Yes", we're keeping Peter Wright and Gary Anderson in the break-up.
Michael Smith been getting a pep talk from Gary Anderson in the break. . Mervyn on the practice board. . The final is coming up.
Gary Anderson was right when he woke roommate Michael Smith up this morning, shouting "SHOWTIME!". Bullyboy is putting on a show for him here
Has to be Gary Anderson's mindboggingly incomprehensible inexcusable decision to not play Melvin Gordon.
Can someone tell Gary Anderson to stop pounding this square peg into the round hole. Is Bart Houston that bad?
Sounds like Tanner McElvoy cannot throw the ball. Very questionable decision from Gary Anderson w/ Bart Houston riding pine.
Jocky Wilson memorial cup in Alloa to feature Les Wallace, Gary Anderson, Jamie Harvey, Rob Thornton and Peter Wright
you know how Gary Anderson missed that field goal, that's how I feel every time I write a check paying back college
Eddie Jordan & Gary Anderson at the launch of Jordan Grand Prix, with the Jordan-Ford 911 later renamed '191'.
Brilliant effort from Gary Anderson. Played some terrific stuff & could have won it. Hope MVG beats Taylor tomorrow
Come on Michael Smith let's beat the Power! Also Class performance from Gary Anderson!
Congratulations to Gary Anderson who beats Steven Bunting 13-8 at the . Next up Phil Taylor 1/5, Michael Smith 7/2
Phil Taylor meets the man who knocked him out of the Worlds Michael Smith. Also BDO World Champion Steve Bunting v Gary Anderson, Lewis also
MVG, Barney, Taylor, Lewis etc are all good players but I'm backing Gary Anderson to win the
Born on this date: Barry Sanders, Aaron Glenn, Gary Anderson, Jerry Sisemore... see more:
The Coming War with the Caliphate: By: Gary Anderson. Osama bin Laden may be dead, but his vision of an ...
My gift from my u7s footy team signed by Gary Anderson, Wes Newton and David Pallett
Adrian Lewis, Simon Whitlock, Gary Anderson, Terry Jenkins and Robert Thornton all book their place in the 2nd Round of Players Championship 12 - Follow live results here
Happy birthday daddy ( Gary Anderson)hope you have a great day love you lots from Kieran Emily Jason tasha. Xx
It's an all-Scottish final of the Players Championship 11 with Robert Thornton taking on Gary Anderson. You can follow the live scores here
The semi-finals are now confirmed at the Players Championship 11 Ronny Huybrechts v Robert Thornton (4) Gary Anderson (2) v Joe Cullen Follow the action here
Players Championship 11 QF's - Gary Anderson is 4-0 up on Terry Temple with an average of 116.07. Follow his match here
Samsung Galaxy Light (T-Mobile),Brown GREAT DEALS → Light (T-Mobile),Brown Entire world Matchplay Darts: Defending Winner Phil Taylor Is Firm Favorite Phil Taylor is all established to defend his Environment Matchplay title on July 18, the 3rd working day of the 9-day opposition. In his opening spherical, the defending winner from Stoke-on Trent will face debutant Mark Hyton. The event will also have planet winner Adrian Lewis in the fray. The to start with round will witness Lewis in action in opposition to Kevin Painter, with Gary Anderson having on Andy Hamilton, in a different opening round face. Samsung Galaxy Light (T-Mobile),Brown Hikers Beginners Guideline To Getting The Correct Climbing Backpack If you are new to mountaineering it is essential you uncover the appropriate backpack. You really like to hike, but lately you have discovered that the pockets of your clothes can only maintain so considerably, and it undoubtedly does not make for a very comfortable mountaineering experience. So, what . ...
My love and thoughts go to Christine Anderson, Annette Lawrence, Greg Anderson, Gary Anderson, Gary Ruff, Teri Lyn Ruff and all that loved Jon I'm so sorry if I missed any anyone. I truely Love my ruffs and Anderson's hugs
Bristow, Taylor, RvB, MvG, Priestley, Lowe, Wilson, Lewis, Bob Anderson, Bobby George for me. Gary Anderson just misses out
Anybody remember the old Gary Anderson scifi shows he used to do? Not talking Space 1999, or UFO . Im talking say Thunderbirds. I watch The Weather Channel each morning to find out what my kids have to deal with. This new guy Sam Champion, I keep looking for wires coming from above him.
I just got finished applying for a position for the Football Operations Coordinator at Weber State University in Ogden UT. The program just hired a new football coach, Jay Hill. Coach Hill played football at RIcks College in the late 90's after I had graduated and gone to Creighton. Coach Hill was an assistant coach at the University of Utah and coached under some of the biggest names in college football: Ron McBride, Urban Meyer (Utah, Florida, Ohio State), and Kyle Whittingham. He also coached with Gary Anderson (Utah State, Wisconsin). Gary was the graduate assistant at Ricks College my last year there. All the coaches I worked for at college were also his coaches at Ricks. I hope to have the opportunity to assist Coach Hill in turning this program around and making it into a national powerhouse that it will soon be.
A big big thank you to Gary Anderson and Kelly Anderson and the team down at SunCoast Auto Sales for the big savings that my son received $3000.00 and he got $1500.00 for his truck.. WE LOVE OUR TN FAMILY. Johnny Vice , Barry Williams, Lance Daugherty, Elizabeth Daugherty
Some results from the last 32 Brendan Dolan - Richie Burnett 6-4. Gary Anderson - Matt Clark 6-5
Cracking first match at the 02. MVG prevails over Gary Anderson, winning 8-7. Taylor vs Barney up now on SS1:
Phillip Taylor to beat Gary Anderson in the final. MVG 3rd.
Here's the semi-final line-ups for tonight's Betway Premier League Darts Play-Offs at The O2 - looks like Michael van Gerwen had a special message for Gary Anderson too!
Big night of Premier League action ahead for Gary Anderson in Brighton!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Phil Taylor, Gary Anderson and Peter Wright in desperate battle for last two semi-final spots in Week 15 of Premier League Darts
Premier League Darts betting 2014 is down to the final week of the regular season and there are still issues to be settled. Three players are left in the hunt for the remaining two spots to join Michael van Gerwen and Raymond van Barneveld at Finals night. The pressure is on now for Phil Taylor, Gary Anderson and Peter Wright. Phil Taylor and Peter Wright went hea… Read the rest
NO EASY DAY: THE FIRSTHAND ACCOUNT OF THE MISSION THAT KILLED OSAMA BIN LADEN Though published in Sep 2012, the book continues to raise issues. Here's a review by Gary Anderson, a retd Marine Corps Colonel. “No Easy Day” is the story of the raid by members of Navy SEAL Team 6 to kill Osama bin Laden in May 2011. The author is a former SEAL and was on the mission. The author’s pen name is Mark Owen. Although his real name has been revealed by leaks, I’ll use the pen name in the review because Mr. Owen claims to have delivered the coup de grace to bin Laden after the terrorist was shot in the head by another SEAL. That will likely make Mr. Owen or his family a terror target. I’ll honor his request for anonymity, even if others have not. The author and his co-writer have done what they set out to do. They give a feel for the sights, sounds and emotions of the raid and how the special operations forces of the United States train for and plan such operations. The first portion of the book deals with ...
The fight for the remaining two places in the top four goes into the last night of the Premier League after Phil Taylor was denied a guaranteed third spot, drawing to Scotsman Peter Wright 6-6 in last night's 14th Premier League meet. Adrian Lewis secured 6th place in the League with a 7-5 defeat of Robert Thornton, picking up his first win in nine matches. Dave Chisnall suffered defeat to Gary Anderson with the pair sharing the first six legs before the 2011 champion won four of the next five to pick up the points. We will be announcing the winner of the Target Premier League 180 Competition later on today.
Gary Anderson will be announcing a partnership after this match with his new coach, Carol Vorderman... or that other gi…
Gary Anderson is the king of bottling a match
Phil Taylor is aiming to continue his charge in the Betway Premier League Darts when he takes on Gary Anderson in Manchester on Thursday, as the battle for Play-Off places continues at the Phones 4u Arena. Six-time Premier League Darts champion Taylor had suffered his worst-ever start to a season when he lost four of his opening five games during February and early March. However, he is now unbeaten since Week Five in Exeter, having won five and drawn one of his last six games, and has ominously moved into the top four, a point ahead of Thursday's opponent Anderson. Taylor picked up a European Tour victory on Easter Monday when he defeated Michael van Gerwen in the German Masters final - seeing off the World Champion for the second time in a week after also claiming a Premier League win in Aberdeen - and is keen to push on now to claim a Play-Off place. "I'm fighting for my career, to see if I can get back to world number one and World Champion one more time, but my main objective is to get to the Premier ...
Little man worked hard today at baseball tryouts. So proud. Gary Anderson.
Gary Anderson's trackside F1 verdict - AUTOSPORT+ via very interesting write up by Gary
Me and my baby Iamjanalien Outtathisworld Weirdopeness making a wedding playlist for the wedding and stumbled back on to that miami jooking music brings be back Bronson Leecounty Layton Patric Coula Gary Anderson Josnan Slowstick Avila man I miss it can't wait to slide to the M.I.A
We spent a good part of today outdoors, soaking up the sunshine and singing along with the birdies. We are so thankful to God for giving us beautiful Spring weather so we could go for our walks these past 5 days in a row;Yay! Gary Anderson is building me a couple of sturdy raised beds so I will still be able to grow vegetables and garden this year!
I just had to order a whole Banana Pudding Cake for tomorrow! I know I am wrong, but I will just have to deal with it... This is the only & last break... Trey Brown Diana Hughes Nita Jackson Kelia Smith Eddie Nick Amisha Gary Anderson, just shut up & join me tomorrow, when I make it back to Port Gibson! Kimberly L White, I am bring you a slice, with my tore up hair...
"The noir [is] almost formulaic...this normalcy juxtaposed with the strangeness really makes the novel interesting."
In 1970, Gary Anderson created the Recycle symbol for a design contest to raise environmental awareness
I really feel Gary Forbes and Alan Anderson are the same person
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I want this will it fit in the house lol Melissa Ashley AndersonAnderson Gary Anderson
Football with Davy Reynolds was fun tonite exept when Gary Anderson acidentaly kicked my hand an slitely knocked my pinky out of shape. Will get you next time Gary lol
I'm giving away: Stealers football card Gary Anderson. Check it out -
at bullies half way through training Gary appears behind dugouts cuffed by Paul and Paul thinks he caught the main source
I've got mvg in my coupon but I'd still like to see Gary Anderson we this.
Happy anniversary to a wonderful husband Gary Anderson. Love you!
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my aunt and uncle Melissa Ashley Anderson and Gary Anderson!!! Love you all!!!
So me and my dad were 20 minutes from chilling with Gary Anderson 🙈🙈 wounded ain't the word
All cars being ranked in Autosport based on Chassis performance. Ranking being done by Gary Anderson so Ferrari...
Trackside observations from GARY ANDERSON and all 11 cars ranked by chassis performance
Gary Anderson set aside engine characteristics and ranked the F1 grid based on the performance of each chassis:
"...normalcy juxtaposed with the strangeness of the future world...really make the novel interesting." Gwousz Affair
"Anderson does an admirable job of deftly bringing together all the elements of this bizarre world he dreamed up..."
Gary Anderson "The Spaniard HAS ADAPTED. Whenever I watch Alonso on the track, I see someone who modifies his driving style from lap to lap"
To make your Easter Sunday even better we thought we would treat you all to the first band announcement for Mo Fest - Amber Road Andy Spiller Dylanish Emerald Sunday F'n'3Gs Gary Anderson Fubar Hard Rock Outfit KJB Lorraine McCauley & The Borderlands Medicine Well NOT Proven (Ft Linda Jaxson) Partisan Red Pine Timber Company Stanton The Brothers Reid The Coaltown Daisies The Rag n Bone Man Two Wheels Good & Urang Matang. As we are now only 5 weeks from the festival we will release more bands weekly for you all. Mo Fest Team :)
Phil Taylor beats MVG in the German Masters Final. Will his form continue Thursday on Sky Sports he plays Gary Anderson
So I had to google what my neurosurgeon said today that I was suppose to tell Gary, cuz I couldn't r e member what he said. Smartass Terry Jacob Anderson said : that's a symptom. Then when I told Gary some of things he's suppose to be aware of: I. Stubborn, Gary Anderson response was"how can u be more stubborn" what the *** and when I said 2. Irritability, he just gave me a smerk. Not feeling much live around here :) lol
"Dude I love here sister, we are practically brother in laws now!" Anderson's got somethin special..
when do the new Gary Anderson darts go on sale to the public?
That awkward moment you see Gary Anderson at Copps and cant find the nerve to say anything
Check out what's up for auction this week! 100% of the profits benefit
Anderson Cooper's uncontrollable giggle fit over Dyngus Day is the same reaction I have when I see Gary Busey.
and Gary Anderson - looking forward to welcoming you to Turriff on 9th & 10th May 2014
This is sicily with fancy lol Gary Anderson
Had to miss my radiation treatment today with much THANKS to my car! Antifreeze leak, might need a new water pump, will carry a jug with me wherever I go to replenish what leaks out. It's a small leak, thanks to Gary Anderson for coming over to check it out. This couldn't happen at a worse time, if it isn't one darn thing it's another! Getting so tired of this crap. Wish I could come into some $$ to get another car, don't get paid enough to afford another one. And when you live in Central Maine, you depend on your vehicle for work, appointments amongst other things!
Once again, I have reached the end of Candy Crush (also reached the end of the "owl" Candy Crush game). Only Gary Anderson and Ormand O'Neal have met me at the end. Come on you other CC players, you can do it!
Gary Anderson, Kevin Clarke and 15 others posted in Bernie Sanders admiriers.
Mega analysis from and Gary Anderson, explaining Ferrari aren't particularly in the hunt this weekend http…
you got Phil Taylor confused with Gary Anderson last night. You been on the Martin Atkins diet?
Have to back Wright. Home nation carried Gary Anderson over the line. Chizzy's not the best of players.
Where is Gary Anderson? Bring him back please. And somebody get rid of Ben Gallop instead.
Premier League Darts coming up tonight, Gary Anderson - 2.78, takes on Adrian Lewis - 2.38, first.
TRIVIA QUESTION FOR APRIL -- In 1970 with some time on his hands, a young Gary Anderson created this now ubiquitous design as an entry into a contest. Winning him not only $2000.00 but everlasting notoriety. What design did he create? Remember the first 5 to correctly post & are eligible to win will receive the $5 credit on their accounts. (if you won in January, February, or March - you are not yet eligible to win again)
Check out "Rosie (Written by Eric Bogle, featuring Gary Anderson)" by Charlie Williamson -
I cannot stand Peter Wright... backing my boy Gary Anderson to destroy him
Wow, this was quick. Gary Anderson already getting a raise. This isn't a surprise to me, he deserves what he gets!
Gary Anderson: Did you change your driving style? Lewis: No. GA: Just keep pushing? Lewis: Flat out (smiling).
Congratulations to the Virginia Cavaliers of Spokane Washington. Yeah, only you get that Gary Anderson but you are the only Cavs fan I know and I'm in Virginia. ACC Champions and over Duke. Very impressive.
good luck to all the scots today Robert Thornton, Gary Anderson, Jason Hogg, Jamie Bain, Mark Barilli, Jim Walker, Gary Stone and [cont]
A 111 average from Gary Anderson as he edges Andrew Gilding (107) 6-5 to win today's Players Championship!
Gary Anderson and are the first two players through to QFs of Players Championship 1
Come on Gary Anderson get into him, show him who's the boss. Come on the flying scotsman !,!
Time to climb aboard the flying scotsman , Gary Anderson ..
You cant now look past MvG for UK Open, if not it will be Gary Anderson IMO
great question. So far it's between Gary Burden who does NeilYoung & CSN albums/posters & Eric Anderson, Wes Anderson's brother
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Gary Dean Anderson designed the recycling symbol in 1970
I would absolutely love for Gary Anderson to win a major this year, premier league and UK Open are looking good so far!
No Gary Anderson on BBC F1 coverage - what a stupid decision. Just when you need someone to give a good description of 2014 technology
went to a night with John Anderson and Gary Bennett got told some good stories about Gazza, like how Gazza banged...
A fun read from Gary Williams high on Justin Anderson … (FREE)
And where's Gary Anderson now? Oh, that's right, working for Autosport!
never thought i'd see the day but when Gary Anderson beats him u know somethings no right lol
Adrian watching UK open how do they decide who plays on main stage both Gary Anderson & melv king were on the back stage boards
Would u believe Phil Taylor knocked out uk open by a 20 year old . Well done again Gary Anderson great win 9-3 come on Gary .
gary anderson pl 2012 in nottingham and in the worlds round 2 2014, Michael Smith
Phil Taylor has lost 6 out of his last 7 televised darts matches. Michael Smith, MvG, Adrian Lewis, Peter Wright, Gary Anderson, Aden Kirk
At an evening with Gary Bennett and John Anderson. My dad only bought me this .
Taylor loses to Gary Anderson in the league 7-5 and he loses tonight in the UK open to Adan Kirk 9-7
The scenes in my living room when Gary Anderson hit that last dart man 💷🎯
So. My sister gets a '95 Z-28 camaro. I'll bet she can't drive it like Gary Anderson and I can.sticking my tongue out and making that fart noise right now!
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Gary Anderson and Alex Roy are the latest to make it through. They beat Andy Smith and Nick Fullwell respectively.
Gary Anderson through. My bet for this UK Open
Gary Anderson continues his fine run of form with a 9-3 thrashing of Andy Smith!
Gary Anderson inexplicably misses a field goal and Morten Andersen clutches up in OT.
But seals the match with double ten GAME SET AND MATCH GARY ANDERSON ! Final score 9 3!!
Phil Taylor on the main stage but I want to see Gary Anderson come on Gary and come on another Nottingham Kirk Aidan
AGI ACQUIRES REM GRAINVAC PRODUCT LINE Feb 03, 2014 PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE WINNIPEG, Manitoba - February 3, 2014 - Ag Growth International Inc. (“AGI”) has entered into an agreement to acquire the REM GrainVac product line from REM Enterprises Inc. based in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. REM has led the grain vacuum industry over the last 40 years and with the recent introduction of the VRX model grain vac REM is well positioned for continued leadership in this area. The REM GrainVac will be manufactured in AGI’s recently acquired 114,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Swift Current, SK, along with the Batco belt conveyor product line. Sales and manufacturing will transition to AGI immediately with no planned interruption in business. “We are very pleased to add the REM GrainVac to AGI’s industry leading grain handling catalogue”, said Gary Anderson, President and CEO of AGI. “The REM GrainVac is the market leader in grain vacuums, known for product innovation, quality and ...
AGI CONTRIBUTES $100,000 TO HELP FUND GRAIN INDUSTRY EDUCATION PROGRAMS Oct 08, 2013 MINNEAPOLIS (Oct. 7) – The GEAPS Foundation is pleased to announce the receipt of a $100,000 commitment from Ag Growth International (AGI). The contribution is the largest to date by a grain industry equipment, service or technology solutions supplier company to the GEAPS Foundation Professional Development Programs Endowment Fund. The GEAPS Foundation was established by the Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS) in 2011 as a mechanism to secure a stable and predictable funding stream to support GEAPS’ training for grain and processing industry operations professionals. “It is in everyone’s best interest to develop trusted, credible and reliable training on operational best practices for our industry. It will encourage the next generation of grain system designers and operators to seek high quality safe and efficient solutions. We at AGI are very proud to participate in this very creative and worthwhile ini ...
as long as it's in hd, who needs fancy graphics when you have Gary Anderson with all the knowledge & stats
what do you expect... Gary Anderson is his mentor?
Hey, Jenny. Just read the coverage this year, how come Gary Anderson is not about?
My father with Gary Anderson in the uk open
Utah State would beat WKU by 3 TDs. They aren't just Chuckie, still stocked w/ players from Gary Anderson's regime.
when the new Gary Anderson darts launching?? 😃
is Gary Anderson not part of the coverage this year?
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
USC engineering student Gary Anderson designing the famous recycling logo. He won $2000 in the design competition.
why were you not in the comm to watch the mighty Gary Anderson win last night?
Gone for Stephen Bunting and Gary Anderson in the outright betting for this weekend.
Premier League darts: Adrian Lewis draws with MVG as Phil Taylor loses again - Michael van Gerwen and Adrian Lewis played out an entertaining 6-6 draw as they clashed in the Premier League in Exeter, where Phil Taylor was back to losing ways with a narrow defeat to Gary Anderson. -
FLAWLESS Simon Whitlock claimed his first Betway Premier League Darts victory of the season as he hit seven doubles from as many attempts against Robert Thornton in Exeter, as Gary Anderson condemned Phil Taylor to a fourth defeat of the season. Australian star Whitlock had travelled to the Westpoin...
Another Power failure Phil goes down 5-7 to Gary Anderson. Only 4 weeks to go before relegation
Gary Anderson produces a superb 97 checkout to close out a 7-5 victory over Phil Taylor!
There are times as entertainers we have career moves and I believe my performance tomorrow at the Smith Center for the Performing Arts is one of those I hope you will join me at 2pm I have planned to take you on a musical journey that has influenced my life Along with the Michael T 12 piece orchestra conducted by Gary Anderson
In a mini bus with Gary Anderson, terry Jenkins, adey Lewis and Paul nicolson. Good times.
Adrian Lewis and Gary Anderson padding about the town :-)
Premier League Darts: Glasgow crowd inspire Gary Anderson and Peter Wright to victory
I will never forget this moment. Thank you. “Thank you Gary Anderson.
Great day of visiting with my bro John Wonson, my sister in law Dianne Libby Wonson, my whisker faced brother in law Gary Anderson and my sister Faye Wonson Anderson...who I am so proud of! And of course my girls!!!
Andy Smith v Gary Anderson in uk open draw.
starting to think I have Gary Anderson disease
Hamilton Collection
[Breaking] A Strategy for Dealing with the Islamic Jihad: By: Gary Anderson. In the struggle agains...
But Chris, 9/11 was a conspiracy too, so both parties are controlled by Zionists. Look at my ebook:
Bahrain test is final chance for Formula 1 teams By Edd Straw Wednesday, February 26th 2014, 12:47 GMT Formula 1's final pre-season test kicks off in Bahrain on Thursday, giving teams and drivers their final opportunity to prepare for the 2014 season. With just four days of running left before Friday practice at the season-opening Australian Grand Prix on March 14, the teams in best shape are aiming to focus on upgrades, car performance and race simulations. So far, only Mercedes-powered teams have attempted race simulations and with the 100kg-per-race fuel limit placing a premium on efficiency, there is still uncertainty over how races will pan out. This means that any team that has not completed a proper race distance will head into the Australian GP blind. Ten things we learned from Bahrain F1 test With most teams launching a relatively basic car specification to allow work to focus on understanding the new 1.6-litre turbocharged V6 engines, there were relatively few major upgrades in the previous test ...
The Premier League of Darts returns tomorrow from Glasgow, some very tasty fixtures indeed... Week Four February 27, The Hydro, Glasgow Peter Wright v Adrian Lewis Robert Thornton v Wes Newton Simon Whitlock v Phil Taylor Michael van Gerwen v Raymond van Barneveld Dave Chisnall v Gary Anderson The games begin at 7pm UK time and will be available to watch on the website...
Could the same thing not be said about Gary Anderson and Whitt? Gary > Whitt in my opinion.
Never thought about it that way...Kate Bateman Gary Anderson
Hi Ronald. I am engaged in controversy. My natural father was Jewish. i am adopted. Zionism not a race
Alex, Nice work on Mondoweiss but don't deny the 9/11 and Sandy Hook Conspiracies. They are REAL.
NZ Post obviously arent customer focused - with the drop in mail i thought NZ post would want to make things...
MEP Anderson calls for a Single Boat Payment for fishermen
Gary Anderson on the Exhaust, rear suspension, sidepods,coke bottle,diffuser and platypus nose of F14-T
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