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Garth Crooks

Garth Anthony Crooks OBE (born 10 March 1958 in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire) is a retired English football player of Jamaican ancestry.

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Garth Crooks: "It is some of the best football ever played in the history of the Premier League. Think about it as…
Throwback to when Garth Crooks died on Final Score
Seeing Garth Crooks talk for 0.000243 seconds got me like.
Time for Garth crooks to call out pogba for his haircut, not stopping the first goal and not playing 90mins
With the exception of being Garth crooks
Will Callum Wilson and Nathan Ake make it into Garth Crooks team of week as he seems he avoid us most of time. Exception Cookie
✂️ 💬 Garth Crooks in October: "There is so much for the midfielder to do at United and he still insists on behaving like…
If that's an insult that refers to yourself, someone who's watched your 'analysis: then if agree. You m…
Paul Pogba comes back and smashes it. Hopefully the retarded looking frog Garth Crooks pays his dues instead of ran…
Wonder if Garth Crooks will put Pogba in his team of the week? Or is hair too... flamboyant?
Garth Crooks today on Final Score:. "I don't think the scoreline does Manchester City's football justice. It is some of…
Garth Crooks absolutely spot on here on his analysis of the game today.
Former Tottenham Hotspur and West Bromwich Albion forward Garth Crooks has suggested on BBC Sport that Everton...
The intern at the BBC who gets to call up Garth Crooks for his team of the week on Monday morning has got it good
Garth Crooks going full Claire Rayner outrage over Bakayoko’s hair. I bet if Eric Dier dyed his white he’d commend his passion and loyalty.
what does Garth Crooks know about loyalty and standing by your own promise
Garth Crooks is a foolish man that wants to be relevant. His punditry isn't good enough so being the bla…
Please RT!! Man United &Chelsea fans are furious with Garth Crooks…
47.14 Merton//Kings. Finally wrote last weeks review. There is an extended Garth Crooks analogy https…
What gas Garth crooks ever won in the game
Garth Crooks picks three Chelsea players in his team of the week via
Garth Crooks thinks Tiemoue Bakayoko is skipping training to hand-create the hues & manually dye every strand of ha…
Garth Crooks is a grown man & he said he dreads to see what Bakayoko's hair colour will be next week lool so weird
Garth Crooks on Tiemoue Bakayoko: "The time and effort it takes him to dye his hair could be far better spent on the training pit…
Garth Crooks going full 'yer da' on Bakayoko and Pogba...
A more minor classic from Garth Crooks this week - managing two paragraphs on Bakayoko's hair despite not being in his team of the week
I'm thinking of dying my hair and popping round to Garth Crooks's house, just for a laugh.
What a season Garth Crooks is having.
Hmm some people just talk because they want to be recognized but who is Garth Crooks in the world of football?
Garth Crooks with a clear dig aimed at Pathetic.
As if anyone cares about what Garth Crooks has to say
Jose Mourinho 'frightened' team choice claims Garth Crooks:
Garth Crooks is a very grumpy old man.
Garth Crooks has hit out at Tiemoue Bakayoko's change of hair colour -
BBC Sport - Garth Crooks' team of the week: Eden Hazard and Jamie Vardy feature
BBC Sport pundit Garth Crooks names his team of the week for Gameweek 10 ... via…
Garth Crooks saying that Azpilicueta needs to have a word with Bakayoko because of it ffs
Garth Crooks is onto Bakayoko now that Pogba is injured. This fat jabba the hut look alike needs to stfu
Chelsea and Leicester City supply five players between them to Garth Crooks' team this week. Plus, who is not a catwalk model but makes the…
Garth Crooks gets a prediction right and Geoff Hurst uses an unpleasant word:
Garth Crooks' team of the week: De Bruyne, Jesus, De Gea, Sterling, Cleverley. What is like asking Ryan Giggs to fight Mike Tyson? Find ou
I find it embarrassing how some pundits are still around in the Garth Crooks, Michael Owen, Robbie Savage and Phil Neville prime
Mildly aroused by how balanced a team of the week that looked. Someone needs to send this to Garth Crooks
Which Mustafi were you watching? 😀😀.Thought he was outstanding. He even made Garth Crooks…
Garth Crooks: the only person I've seen/heard that thinks it wasn't the right time for Rooney to leave He ge…
Congratulations to for making it to the BBC Sport - Garth Crooks' team of the week
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Garth Crooks' team of the week: Stones, Lascelles, Gross, Kane, Choupo-Moting.
UK households squeezed again, Garth Crooks might make it worse survey
Garth Crooks' team of the week, featuring Matip and Salah.
Garth Crooks adds severe warning after picking Newcastle star in team of the we -
'A goal to remind me of Maradona' - Garth's team of the week: Which club has three players in Garth Crooks' te..
Garth Crooks was not having it this weekend. Not a second of it.
I must admit, I do admire the way Garth Crooks has tried to get round simply saying Kolasinac is built like a brick…
A reminder of Garth Crooks' analysis of Mike Dean 🙌.
Garth Crooks' team of the week resembles an actual playable team, this world is crumbling
ALERT: Garth Crooks' team of the week could play as an ACTUAL team without the need for the usual 2-2-6.
Am at Stamford Bridge sitting beside Garth Crooks and can confirm that Willian WILL NOT be getting in the Team of the We…
Garth Crooks' team of the week: Aguero, Jesus, De Bruyne, Valencia, Kolasinac
It's some strike force. But who else made Garth Crooks' team of the week?. 👉
Garth Crooks was absolutely outraged by Raheem Sterling's red card. Watch his reaction:
Raheem Sterling received a red card for "excessive celebration". Garth Crooks is absolutely perplexed.
Garth Crooks' team of the week: Romelu Lukaku, Wayne Rooney, Dele Alli, Kyle Walker, Steve Mounie…
What does Garth Crooks know about football his Olympic football team of the tournament and it as no Craig Bellamy.
Danny Murphy doing his best Garth Crooks impression this afternoon
Didn't know we had signed Garth Crooks ,thought he was too old
'Garth Crooks' team of the week' is the best I've seen
He'd score the same in an IQ test. Labour's very own Garth Crooks.
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at Top Gear Live to meet Garth Crooks
No not him, I was thinking more Garth Crooks
He's got Robben at the base of the midfield ffs. Why would you get a tattoo that looks like Garth Crooks' BBC Sport…
Stevie Nicol is on Garth Crooks tail at the moment as the most annoying "expert" out there . Exasperating 😡🔫
Chance to meet & Garth Crooks. Hosted by . Photo opportunities and signings. Sept 22 Ti…
Martin Keown and Garth Crooks performing their interpretive roller skate ballet "Nietzsche and the flat back four"
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at the bit where the bins are to meet Garth Crooks
Garth Crooks looked at that formation & came in his pants...
Garth Crooks don't look to happy to be there
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And I didn't even get to see Garth play the first song my family inside had to get up a nd…
Garth Crooks would be the littest rap name.
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at the Gardener's Arms to meet Garth Crooks
A big thank you to the and Garth Crooks for their support in my efforts to become a p…
When you see a 'World* XI' does anyone else think. 'Well the balance in that team is shocking, they'd never win'. *See also Crooks, Garth
Garth Crooks . Now Garth spends most of his time in the Pink Coconut Bar in Brighton. You will find him sat at the b…
Garth Crooks has friends in low places doesn't he?
Jesus christ. Garth Crooks nowadays looks like a ballooned corpse, left to fester in water for like 4 weeks of a yo…
Stunning quality of young men supported by Amos Bursary. Message to RAF peopl…
Garth Crooks just compared David Luiz to Paolo Maldini. Give it up mate, you've lost the plot completely.
'Lift Muntari's ban or every self-respecting black player should strike'. Some strong words from Garth Crooks:
On this day 1976 beat Stoke at the Victoria Ground 1-0 with Barry Powell scoring ,young Garth Crooks makes S…
📺 Garth Crooks scores the only goal of the game as Spurs beat Stoke City 1-0 at the Victoria Ground
It's that time of the week. Harry Kane has made it but who else is in Garth Crooks' team of the week?.
What I will say is that it would be FAR easier to listen to Garth Crooks and not laugh if his name was Darth Crooks.
Garth Crooks: This star is really impressing me
taking Alli out for Sanchez makes it look like a Garth Crooks team Frank is better than that but would argue Heaton over De Gea
Garth Crooks team of the week right there
Wouldn't surprise me if got in Garth Crooks Team of the Week on the back of scoring 2 goals different competition/league or not
read garth crooks on BBC I quote him
Garth Crooks talking sense. The world is ending.
Don't normally agree with garth crooks lol
"Ex-players like Bony, Gomis, Michu & Ayew have all played their part in keeping the Swans afloat over the years". - Garth…
I actually agree with Garth Crooks on this.
am i the only 1 who voted for Garth crooks
.makes Garth Crooks' team of the week on alongside Kane, Vardy, Silva & Boruc 🙌 ⚽️
Pretty sure Garth Crooks is the voice of easyjet. Thank god he's not flying. Not sure where we'd end up. Flying coordinates 2-3-3-1-1
yeah don't mind those sort of pros. Because they've been there and done it. Garth Crooks is the worst. Terrible
Jose Mourinho's state of mind questioned by former Tottenham hero Garth Crooks
2 of these lads made Garth Crooks' BBC Sport Team of the week. "Norwich might have lost their way" - sadly true.
Score Kitty “He [Garth Crooks] looks a lot of money Say 'Look hospitals not 'destructive habits' l… Dude needs to be amazing Spare bed is
Want to know how I tried to make Garth Crooks' Team of the Week more usable? Check here: Li…
Tottenham are not yet guaranteed a top-four Premier League finish, warns Garth Crooks
let's be serious... Garth Crooks could do the same with that team 😂
Garth Crooks is talking sense here. The first and last time I will utter that sentence:
Get that monotone robot Adam Virgo off football on 5. Brutal pundit, Christ even Garth crooks is better!
Garth Crooks questions Wenger leaving out Sanchez for Welbeck. "Youngsters might have the legs but where is the knowhow?". Welbeck is 26.
No Spurs defenders lmao at least Garth Crooks is entertaining
Garth Crooks' TOTW has been lacking recently, suppose I'd rather that than let him become self aware and start putting Robbie Brady at CB
How can Garth Crooks miss out Mane from his team of the week!? Bloody farce - best player on the pitch!
This week in the crazy world of Garth Crooks: Tyrone Mings "would have been disappointed" if Ibrahimovic hadn't elb…
On the FB page, I took Garth Crooks' Team of the Week and tried to make it into something workable. Did I succeed?
Ibrahimovic has lost the respect of Garth Crooks today because he didn't admit he elbowed Mings on purpose. Tough day for the Sw…
'It was chaos!'. We love a Garth Crooks rant, and this one is spectacular.
The first one will be tomorrow. I'll post them each morning. There are some very Garth Crooks formations coming.
All purpose parts banner
BBC pundit furious - 'I simply can't understand this Jurgen Klopp decision'⁉
Garth Crooks has a dig at Jose Mourinho: The Man United boss is crazy for thin
GARTH CROOKS has had a dig at Jose Mourinho for considering the Community Shield as a trophy.
"He spends so long in the barber shop and on social media, but he's just not good enough.". Garth Crooks on Paul Pogba.
Garth Crooks great analysis on Mike Dean. Awful referee.
Garth Crooks thinks Sergio Aguero is the 7th best striker in the Premier League. I repeat, seventh.
Garth Crooks praises Romelu Lukaku but asks if he can actually win trophies at Everton
Garth Crooks is just the ultimate pundit.
TOTP from 1982. Took me ages to work out this is Garth Crooks!!!. The years have not been too kind. (Sorry, G.)
Hazard in a midfield three. Garth Crooks stuff.
Garth Crooks is the master at faking interest...
I'm not Garth Crooks, love, and I don't have his number, either
I see you're teaming up with Garth Crooks these days ?
Andre Bikey. Craziness personified. God bless Garth Crooks for this piece of analysis.
The last time Cameroon and Ghana met in an AFCON semi, Andre Bikey did this and Garth Crooks had one of his greates…
The 80/81 Goal of the Season contenders were strong. Includes Garth Crooks before he became everyone's moody uncle.
Garth Crooks: This Arsenal star is really impressing me
showing us once again why he's up there along with Garth Crooks as one of the worst pundits in the game. 1/2
Confession: I watch that Garth Crooks nodding masterclass video at least once a day.
Garth Crooks sees something of Bobby Moore in David Luiz following his impressive display against Man City. [DailyStar…
So within the space of 25 minutes I've seen Sam Billings and Garth Crooks
Genuinely worried this year has ruined the emotion of surprise for me. Garth Crooks could be elected PM and I wouldn't even bat an eye
In case anyone missed the Garth Crooks nodding masterclass on Football Focus.
A week on from that bizarre rant aimed at Bob Bradley...
Garth crooks is stealing a living as a pundit
West Ham keeper has the game of his life and Paul Robinson lets in 2 soft goals. Garth Crooks ladies & gentlemen.
Did you check out Garth Crooks' Premier League team of the week from the weekend?
Garth Crooks says Everton are in a mini crisis
Garth Crooks explores Talent Without Borders on the 13th December at Bournemouth University
Victor Moses is "playing out of his skin" according to BBC pundit, Garth Crooks.
"There is surely nothing worse than washing sieves. With possible exception of being Garth Crooks". HMHB, let me count the ways...
Garth Crooks has claimed Pep Guardiola could lose his job over the handling of Sergio Aguero and compared it to Mancini Vs Tevez. (Goal)
Chelsea star Victor Moses is sticking two fingers up at Jose Mourinho, says Garth Crooks via
Garth Crooks team of the week. Think he might need to go to Specsavers.
Forget Garth Crooks - here's JBurtTelegraph's Premier League team of the week.
'Guardiola playing a dangerous game with Aguero at Man City': Garth Crooks believes the Spanish…
Forget Garth Crooks - here's Premier League team of the week.
Garth Crooks ... FFS Thinks Aguero's goals were "superbly taken" - not a scruffy tap-in and a lucky bounce off his…
Hands up if you think Garth Crooks is a clueless bell end.
Hands up if you don't care about Garth Crooks' team of the week selections.
Hands up if you missed Garth Crooks' team of the week selections. Catch up here 👉.
Garth Crooks aims dig at Man United boss Jose Mourinho over treatment of Chelsea star
oh the midfielder you're playing up front. How long has Garth Crooks been working with you guys? 👀
"Born goalscorer". Sergio Aguero is one of two stars to make Garth Crooks' Team of the Week:.
BBC pundit Garth Crooks names TWO Swansea City players in team of the week after bizarre rant at Bob Bradley: The…
Hamilton Collection
BBC Sport - Garth Crooks' team of the week: Moses, Sanchez, Valencia, Aguero, Milner
Why was Garth Crooks so angry earlier?
Draxler out of position there. Garth Crooks like.
trying to decide who is a worse 'pundit', Danny Mills or Garth Crooks? 🤔
Is Garth Crooks ever wrong? He's like that annoying guy in the pub that has his opinion and spends half an hour telling e…
If Sam Allardyce wasn't let go by the FA, then he could have appointed former Spurs striker Garth Crooks to his backroom staff!
Tottenham legend sets title challenge for Arsenal star: Garth Crooks has challenged Petr Cech to make a title...
thanks for voting Garth Crooks into our Hall of Fame!
Garth Crooks: This Tottenham star has answered his critics: Son Heung-min has answered his critics with his g...
you're hearing it right here right now, I'm campaigning for Garth Crooks.
I think I've got the qualities to be the next England manager, with my expansive attacking philosophy we could win the World Cup in 2018
I agree! Pards, Bruce, Dyche, Hoddle, *** McCarthy, Garth Crooks, Roy Keane, Dave Bassett... how much fun would it be?
has gone, so the only one man for the job now is Garth Crooks.
Garth Crooks proving that he doesn't watch our games in his team of the week but no surprises there!
Hall Of Fame? Garth Crooks played 125 games from 1980-1985 scoring 48 goals. Vote or
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Who has made Garth Crooks' team of the week?:
or a forward if you leave the tactics to Garth Crooks.
Think it's time England ditched Allardyce and appointed Paul Ince. Get Garth Crooks in as assistant and watch them go.
BBC pundit names Liverpool FC man as his favourite Premier League player
Imagine Garth Crooks becoming England manager & then struggling to name a starting XI as not enough Englishmen had scored at the weekend
BBC pundit: This is what Arsenal defender offers that Gabriel doesn’t: Garth Crooks has praised Laurent Kosci...
2 Manchester United players in Garth crooks team of the week. Paul Pogba and Chris Smalling
my favourites got to be Garth Crooks who says if we don't sign a left back we'd be relegated!!
snooker. 1 of the reds should be filled with exploding paint. Squirrel badminton. Bare knuckle boxing: garth crooks v davina mcall
Novel idea. Get Garth Crooks to pick a team BEFORE the games. let's see if he's any good (no).
Tottenham legend: This is what really impresses me about Arsenal defender: Garth Crooks has singled out Hecto...
Garth Crooks: This is who Arsenal need to keep fit to win the title: Garth Crooks says Arsene Wenger needs to...
Two Reds make Team of the Week, but he’s completely contradicted himself
What are your thoughts on Garth Crooks' team of the week?
Garth Crooks: Paul Pogba has shown what the fuss is about at Man United via
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Garth Crooks puts 2 LFC players in Team of the Week, but totally contradicts himself on Coutinho!
Pundit says Pogba has justified his £89m price tag at Man United
Who is in Garth Crooks' team of the week?. And who is in yours?
Which Arsenal stars join Paul Pogba in Garth Crooks' team of the week?
Garth Crooks' Team of the Week, including 4 Arsenal players. [BBC]
Garth Crooks' team of the week: Cech, Smalling, Pogba, Sterling, Aguero - BBC Sport
It's not a bad defence 👍. But who made up the rest of Garth Crooks' team of the week?. Agree with this?
he's the Garth Crooks of Irish punditry, just with added whiskey...
Garth Crooks: "If he keeps Alberto Moreno in the team, he can forget the top four – he’ll get relegated."
Liverpool need to replace Alberto Moreno at left-back or face relegation, says Garth Crooks
Paolo Di Canio down to 5/1 for the Vale job. Garth Crooks will love that. . Up the 4th Reich Vale.
Nah. We'll get Garth Crooks before we get anyone of that nature
Troy Deeney was Garth Crooks' favourite holding midfielder this season.
Chas n Dave, Alan Sugar, Ossie Ardiles, Garth Crooks your boys have taken one *** of a beating.
almost sprayed tea every where when I saw him described as the Garth Crooks of the Snooker World
Why on Earth does John Virgo always commentate on the final session of the world final when he's the most annoying? Garth Crooks of snooker.
Just spoke to Garth Crooks and Jermaine Jenas and both of their score predictions are: 1-1
F9 Sport Blog: Garth Crooks' team of the week:Iheanacho Nigeria i...
Garth Crooks: "Newcastle's first clean sheet in four games.". Three games. The other two being against Man City and Liverpool.
Don't need to see it to know Garth Crooks is a moron of the highest order who doesn't know anything about formations. Teach him.
should this not be referred to as Garth Crooks’ team of the week END
Garth Crooks asks if our latest win will mean we'll relax a bit and let Martinez do his job until the end of the season at least. No.
Have you seen Garth Crooks' latest team of the week?
From Garth Crooks' Team of the Week write-up. Or as I like to call him, an understudy journalist.
Heard your dad rates Garth Crooks as a pundit
why do the BBC give guys like this airtime and don't get me started on garth crooks
Garth Crooks' team of the week: Mane, Iheanacho, Darlow
"De Bruyne is the future of Manchester City. I'm not sure what in the world has happened to Raheem Sterling." - Garth Crooks
Kelechi is in Garth Crooks' team of the week
Garth Crooks is surely one of the worst pundits on the BBC
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"What Tottenham have for the first time in a long time is hope. Hope of a future. Hope of winning a title in that near future."-Garth Crooks
"This kid who was playing for a non-league team in Fleetwood 4 yrs ago is now the Football of the Year. Incredible." - Garth Crooks on Vardy
"The game tonight is Chelsea's season. It's their chance to *** the title hopes away from their hated rivals." - Garth Crooks
Garth Crooks is such a fraud, his team of the week is literally always just full of players who scored goals 😂
Lay off Martinez and let him do his job? Leg it Garth Crooks ✊💦
Sadio Mane 💪. Do you agree with Garth Crooks' team of the week?
Garth Crooks blasts 'lamentable' Leandro Bacuna, jokes about him signing for Real Madrid
.fans will be signing is . Garth Crooks, Les Ferdinand & Ruel Fox aren't amused 😬
Garth Crooks knows .The way Cresswell is playing at the moment, shouldn't we be talking about him making the England squad for Euro 2016?
Garth Crooks' team of the week - Which striker is classier than Vardy and Kane and who should be in England's E...
OTD 1981 goals from Garth Crooks (2) and Ricky Villa win the FA Cup SF replay 3-0 vs Wolves at Highbury.
OTD in 1981 a Garth Crooks brace and a Ricky Villa rocket vs Wolves secure a spot in the final
Garth Crooks is Toad of Toad Hall and Yoda's love child.
Garth Crooks looks like he's OD'd on super malt
Dion Dublin presents Homes Under the Hammer? Brings back memories of Garth Crooks on Dispatch Box.
Tottenham players & fans celebrate as Garth Crooks settles the North London derby at White Hart Lane in 1982 https…
Our Michael Yiakoumi at Stamford Bridge with Arsenal and Spurs legends Lee Dixon and Garth Crooks
Schlupp is a walking embodiment of a Garth Crooks team of the week player perennially not playing in his preferred position
Garth Crooks 'people who scored goals team of the week'
looks like Garth Crooks in the front.
Lucas made it in to Garth Crooks team of the week!
BBC Sport - Garth Crooks' team of the week: Our Clyney and Lucas!
Is this Robbie Savage & Garth Crooks moonlighting on Gotham...
I want Garth Crooks and Piers Morgan in there to complete the look...
Garth Crooks fully looks like geodude
I don't know about the team but Garth Crooks is one weird little bloke.
Garth Crooks team. JT gets a slating even when not playing. Is Crooks racist? His obsession is unhealthy & promotes racism.
Refuse to believe Garth Crooks exists in real life.
Garth Crooks: “I can finally see light at the end of a turgid season for Manchester United."
BBC pundit says he hopes Tottenham kill Arsenal's title chances: Garth Crooks made his allegiances clear when ...
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Garth Crooks&team of the week: Rashford, Toure, Caballero, Lucas - BBC News
or Garth crooks? Which one is worse? Only one way to find out. FIGGHHHT
There is certainly one player in Garth Crooks' team of the week...
Garth Crooks is a bizarre human being.
Hope you have read Garth Crooks TOTW... interesting advice RE John Terry and for linos to let refs "do their jobs"
Garth Crooks, do employ him because they feel sorry for him? How many away games have won this year Garth? 2? Try 4!!
Also Garth Crooks claims that if fans stop "ridiculous fixation" with Terry that means the team will win trophies again. Hmmm...
Ivanovic scores from corner which means Terry no longer needed... More top work from Garth "football analyst" Crooks
Garth Crooks is an absolute clueless nob jockey. Why the bbc continue with Im, I will never know
Garth Crooks has always been a clown. 'Ridiculous fixation with Terry'. *** What's the BBCs fixation with Crooks. Get rid
Garth Crooks' team of the week. . Who proved that loyalty still pays? Who got Garth all fired up? And who knew precisely what he was doing?
What do you know anyway Garth Crooks?
Garth Crooks what are you on you absolute mad *** of lunatic proportions.
Must admit I love paying a licence fee for such nuggets from Garth Crooks as...
Garth Crooks strikes again. Look at that midfield!
I might start to like Van Gaal if he plays Herrera more, says Garth Crooks
Garth Crooks ' If beat next week it will almost certainly put the Gunners' title hopes to bed. Now wouldn't that be a shame!'
I'm sure Garth Crooks is a real life parody
Whose goal got Garth Crooks fired up?. Here's his Team of the Week:
If you think Tim Sherwood and Danny Murphy are bad pundits, watch Martin Keown and Garth Crooks in action
Miller Galloway does look like if it wasn't *all* being manipulated tbh Watching Final Score Kitty “He [Garth Crooks] looks a bit out of my
leveraging opps for Sierra Leone's change makers. with Garth Crooks - Tottenhan, BBC
Garth Crooks says Liverpool players should be questioning Jurgen Klopp in the dressing room via
You'll go a long way to find a more clueless football pundit than Garth Crooks.
I now officially love Garth Crooks. In his latest TotW he claims that are "almost guaranteed" a top four finish..! ❤️😂
Garth Crooks has picked a reasonable team of the week - this is not a drill.
At 5) right now is Mediawatch. It features Garth Crooks' method of telling Zabaleta and Sagna apart.
So, Garth Crooks has JWP in team of the week but uses it as a platform to say the Austin deal will spark the sale of Mané.
Garth Crooks selects ‘real dark side’ Newcastle player in Premier League team of the week…
Eriksen makes Garth Crooks' team of the week: submitted by sirjimmyjazz [link] [2 comments]
domain names
failing that 5 clones of Garth Crooks (all play at the same time to mimic his teams of the week)
Glad that have finally got Garth Crooks' opinion on transfers. What does that know anyway?
What has the world come to? Garth Crooks team of the week actually has a normal formation.
once again Garth Crooks picks a southampton player in his TotW and then links Mane away
Garth Crooks labels Tottenham 'ordinary' after Sunderland win
Fines Mori must be fuming to to have made Garth Crooks' team of the weeek He scored a goal and everything.
Garth Crooks' team of the week: Smalling & De Gea included.
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