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Garth Brooks

Troyal Garth Brooks (born February 7, 1962), best known as Garth Brooks, is an American country music artist who helped make country music a worldwide phenomenon.

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What does Garth Brooks have in common with your Find out w in this episode
Apparently two people playing covers at this bar in Raleigh was one too many. Or maybe "God *** Lonel…
Personal gripe: when people say they love country music but have to qualify it as not *that* kinda country music. Gonna g…
You know that new Garth brooks song ask me how I know? Story of my life.
Because that’s where you buy music. Garth Brooks doesn’t have his music on Apple Music or like Spo…
UK coaches sing karaoke to Garth Brooks at Music City Bowl
Could Garth Brooks be any more patronising on Football Focus? Had it been a male presenter, I don't think he'd be saying…
Ronan didn't write tomorrow never comes! Garth brooks did! It's not his song, he just sung it after
Plus, shouldn't the jazz have Garth Brooks honorary jerseys to go with the banner?
Today is the day! Tickets to see Garth Brooks at RODEOHOUSTON 2018 go on sale at 10 a.m.! Join the online waiting r…
Oklahoma gave us Garth Brooks. Georgia gave us Sam Hunt.
I had to temporarily “Unblock” the UK football account, to read the words Garth Brooks.can’t get much worse that that
.talked about all things music in his new FB Live video last night:
As if I couldn’t love UK more, the coaches sing Garth Brooks 😍😍😍
And now UK coaches singing Garth Brooks. Somehow got out of it.
Coaches Karaoke turned into a team rendition of Garth Brooks.
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Eek so excited for croke got my tickets for plz plz dnt do a Garth Brooks on us.Ireland needs u roll on J…
The last time I was in a night club in cavan they played Garth Brooks AFTER the national anthem.
I added a video to a playlist Garth Brooks - Unanswered Prayers (Lyric Video)
For the Country folks that Love Country Music. Wild Horses (Radio Version) [In the Style of Garth Brooks… h…
Heard it live at Garth Brooks on Saturday... A fantastic song
I am so 💓'ed! My hubby got me Sour Worms for my stocking and Garth Brooks' anthology The first five years.. And I had no idea!
Garth Brooks opens up about the toll touring has taken on him
I need to see Garth Brooks in concert... badly.
Y’all Garth brooks is coming to Houston. I might actually cry :,)
Garth Brooks hints at stadium tour.
I’d pay good money to get real Garth Brooks on my phone, if only there was a way
And she’s had too many bad. No wonder the record and concert sales went…
I love America as a country. And I love country music. And Garth Brooks is a living music legend. But touring America,…
Did hint at a stadium tour in his future!? 😲
Listening to What I'm Thankful For (The Thanksgiving Song) (with James Taylor) by Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood,…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
What other stars have done something like this?
Garth Brooks made the greatest Christmas album of them all, don’t @ me
Thank you for an amazing night !!! My first and last Garth Brooks concert with my first and last love 💞
Chills, Goosebumps & omg Thankyou Garth Brooks for having open on your last tour show unbelievable! Than…
Garth Brooks radio on Pandora really thinks they can just play every love song ever and make me think I need a boyf…
Hubby got me tickets for Christmas to see this man Garth Brooks. Omg amazing concert. His wife Trisha Yearwood was…
My Apple Music playlist just went from Garth Brooks to Rage Against the Machine to Coldplay so when I say I like a…
Garth Brooks in Nashville at the last show of his world tour! Merry Christmas to me!
Louisville woman injured by metal pole at concert in Nashville.
Garth Brooks records the final night of his tour for a new live album
via . Dearest you and your crew are welcome back anytime!.
. really went out of his way for the songwriter who wrote "Ask Me How I Know": htt…
I wanna go to a Garth Brooks concert
Listening to Baby, It's Cold Outside by Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, on my Echo!
Dear Santa: All we want for Christmas is rain, ‘Top Chef’ and Garth Brooks. What would you add to this SLO County l…
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Garth Brooks was my first concert I ever went to several years ago with my…
George Strait is real country music. Alan Jackson is real country music. Hank Williams is real country music. Gary…
Ask Me How I Know by Garth Brooks is the song of my life
Ask me how I know by Garth brooks is currently my favorite song 😌💙
Garth brooks song ask me how I know. story of my life
Garth brooks "ask me how I know" is the best country song out right now.
Ask me how I know by Garth Brooks. Listen. NOW.
If you play Garth Brooks’ Friends In Low Places at exactly 11:59:13 on New Year’s Eve, you can yell “cause I’ve got frien…
Always wanted to see Garth Brooks live neat
Listening to Ugly Christmas Sweater by Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, on the album: Christmas Together
It's GARTH BROOKS and Trisha Yearwood sharing Christmas memories and music until noon on KiiM-FM 99.5!
Killary jump? A song just popped in my head, Garth Brooks, thunder rolls!
I mean, it’s not like the rest of her collection is Garth Brooks albums...
List of the best Christmas albums:. 1. Whitney Houston. 2. Luther Vandross. 3. Chance. . 17. Garth Brooks. . . 54. Kenn…
Garth Brooks World Tour... he was recording live last night for his upcoming album... after the…
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Forever wanting to know who Garth brooks song "the dance" is about
Garth Brooks is the greatest entertainer Ive ever seen. Easily. . the show = passion of SEC Football, the larger than lif…
Totally agree Kirk. My wife and I flew from Texas just to see the show. Garth Brooks did not disappoint.
My all time favorite Garth Brooks song.
"2019 is going to make everything look small that we've done" ~ GarthBrooks
That's old country my friend. Garth Brooks changed all that. Plus there's Rodney Carrin…
Garth Brooks wasn't the only country music royalty to fill Catch Barbara Mandrell in "Charley to the Re…
“Mike Naughton (Owner of the CIA) does whatever he’s told by Garth Brooks and Todd Helton”
Garth Brooks has a challenge for Carrie Underwood’s husband, Mike Fisher
Driving home from HEB, listening to the Garth Brooks channel on XM, and Call Me Maybe comes on?
What would be Awesome for my friend Mike Mueller & a great Christmas Present would be to be one of the opening acts for Garth Brooks!
If you ride with me. Expect the radio to go from Post Malone, to Ja rule and Ashanti, to Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks a…
hey my fav DJ just wondering would u plz play Bella Wood by Garth Brooks. For Ivan McEwen in Legahory…
Next? Probably gonna study Garth Brooks and go back to The Beatles...
Garth Brooks fans in New Jersey left in the dark thanks to a power outage
I've got 4 tickets for Garth Brooks for Sunday night if anyone is interested
December 4, 1993 Garth Brooks hits on the country singles chart, with "American Honky Tonk Bar Association"
I get mad at least once a day bc Garth Brooks isn’t on Apple Music or Youtube
When Garth Brooks offers extravagant giveaways to fans, he means it. Trisha Yearwood
Garth Brooks concert on Saturday got me like
Sittin out back drinkin a Busch light listening to Garth Brooks and watching the dogs run around. Monday's are rough 🐶🍺
Garth Brooks fans in the dark when power goes out at NJ show - Fox News
. Last night we went to the Garth Brooks concert and it was amazing!! (See…
Notable box sets and period releases of 2017, including Garth Brooks, Johnny Cash and Ella Fitzgerald…
What else would you do while waiting for Garth?
Garth Brooks who has never played baseball, has a wife who pitches for And his story is in the musi…
Garth Brooks Hints at Live Music Project in 2018 - get content from:…
PHOTOS: Garth Brooks thrills N.J. for 3 nights at in Newark. Photographed for…
Congratulations Garth your the man. All hail Garth Brooks we are not worthy
Power outage leaves Garth Brooks fans briefly in dark - A power outage left Garth Brooks' fans briefly in the dark…
It's not just a publicity stunt. When and say they'll pay for college or bake a cake, they…
Sorry to tell you but we canceled the order from the Garth brooks Books at Amazon uk and have ordered i…
.achieves his first Country Airplay No. 1 in 10 years with "Ask Me How I Know"
Power outage affects packed arena for Garth Brooks concert
For the first time since 2007, Garth Brooks has the number-one song in country music!
Did everyone go see Garth Brooks last night except for me? 😒
I’ll take John Gorka and John Sebastian over Garth Brooks any day.
"I bet Garth Brooks is into Joy Division" - April Richardson
I fell in love with NPR in grad school (my parents were into Garth Brooks, not Garrison Keillor), but I n…
I could listen to George Strait and Garth Brooks all day
My dream guy is somewhere between George Strait, Garth Brooks, and Nicholas Sparks
I'm not sure who looks more alike. Chris Gains and Garth Brooks or Chad Smith and Will Ferrell. I'm…
Ask Me How I Know by Garth Brooks will forever be a jam
I am going to throw on some Garth Brooks while watching so the broadcasting will stop.
Oklahoma, birthplace of Olivia Munn, Will Rogers, Garth Brooks, tornado alarms & the parking meter is the only state that p…
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Can we get a petition to put Garth Brooks on Apple Music already
your tour of the year category is U2, Coldplay, and Garth Brooks. I guess the biggest reunion of our generati…
Hey y’all What would you ask Garth Brooks?!? KHQ Matt Rogers and I are interviewing him this afternoon!!!
Bought a copy of Sacred Hearts Club by Foster the People and Gunslinger by Garth Brooks 💿
Garth Brooks has admitted he lip synced his performance at the CMA (Country Music Association) Awards on Wednesday night
The are tonight! Who should win Entertainer of the Year? . • Garth Brooks. • Luke Bryan. • Eric Church. • Chri…
Garth Brooks has a special place in my heart
Garth Brooks wins entertainer of the year at CMA Awards
Garth Brooks as Entertainer of the Year and Alan Jackson closing out the got me feeling all 1994.
"2017 CMA Awards: And the winners are..." Fox411 Country: Garth Brooks, the Brothers Osbourne, Chris Stapleton and Miranda Lambert all took…
I know Garth Brooks could be my dad and all but I’ve always had the biggest crush on him. ❤️
I’m way behind on the CMA broadcast but man, I️ cannot express how much of a legend Garth Brooks is. Inspiring, talented and a class act.
Not a fan of Garth Brooks lip singing
Just flipped over to the CMAs in time to catch Garth Brooks. Was it just me or did his facial expression as he sang…
Ever since I learned my own name as a kid, Garth Brooks has been my idol. (for obvious reasons) Still love listenin…
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Garth brooks. Just for men and lip syncing
You can never go wrong with a little Garth Brooks.
LOL, people are really angry at Garth Brooks right now 👀 I was just relieved he was trending bc of lip syncing...
Garth brooks lip syncing was worse than that time I caught crabs from that stripper.
I love lots of different music and I love me some Garth Brooks.
I like country music. When I say that people think, "you like today's country like Sam Hunt." And I'm like, "lol no…
Holly crap . Garth Brooks. Killed it tonight!. My all time favorite.
CMA highlight for me was seeing singing his amazing song with Garth Brooks! Freaking awesome!
They say your first love is supposed to be your dad, but I didn’t have a good one of my “father” figure…
Was Garth Brooks just lip synching on the
Watching forgot what a powerhouse Garth Brooks is at the mic!
*** yeah! Miranda and Garth Brooks killed it
Garth brooks spoke to me & said hey baby you ready!? I was close enough to feel his his spit hit me from the stage…
Garth Brooks just shattered my existence by lip syncing at the
GARTH BROOKS! YES! 😍😍😍 So happy I finally got see him in concert, took a train to Philly earlier this year 🙆…
I just can't adequately express how much I love Garth Brooks. 😍
that was some pretty bad lip syncing by Garth Brooks
Garth Brooks is still a great artist!
I feel like there is country music singers and there is Garth. Not sure anyone will ever be on his level. Can we just give him…
Good look there, Garth Brooks. Full beard looks good on ya. Manly.
My mom just got mad at my dad because he called her during Garth Brooks’ preformance 😂
Garth Brooks is lip syncing. Not what entertainers of the year do.
There are many reasons why Garth is the reigning Entertainer of the Year and this is one of them!
If Garth Brooks holds onto his Entertainer of the Year and Reba wins Female Vocalist of the Year my 2017 year will be SAT…
So why is Garth Brooks lip syncing at the ???
Is Garth Brooks in the witness protection program?
Official beard ranking at the 1. Dierks Bentley (overall MVP). 2. John Osborne (stache too small for that much…
Anyone else disappointed that Garth Brooks was lip syncing tonight.
My mom and dad said Garth Brooks was the best performer and they loved his concert!
I want to be a tenth as cool as Garth Brooks is.
Garth brooks is on my tv not Niall 😡
Garth Brooks makes dream come true for cancer survivor
If I could see Garth Brooks again and leave with another $100+ tab on beer 🍻 I would 🤣😄
Garth Brooks having the songwriter share the microphone with him shows incredible generosity and class.
How cool to see WMCO favorite artist sing with Garth Brooks on tonight’s Awards stage | htt…
Is that what Garth Brooks has going on this week?
I️ love the man, but Garth Brooks is strange. Not a bad thing. Just strange.
Garth brooks and Chris Stapleton have killed the CMAS, they are true talent!
Looks like Garth Brooks is the new Britney Spears of lip syncing.
He's still on top! Garth Brooks fired up the 2017 CMA Awards with his epic performance of "Ask Me How I Know" alon…
Great cover of Garth Brooks "Learning to Live again" by Craig Campbell! Very talented artist and an all around...
billboard: Garth Brooks returns to Washington with fives shows at the Tacoma Dome
Mariachi Huenachi are with Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood tonight at the Tacoma Dome. The group had a meet and greet bef…
Garth Brooks at Tacoma Dome review: a joyous romp through his greatest hits
George Strait, Alan Jackson, Reba, Shania Twain, and Garth Brooks will always be legends, don’t @ me
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the only concert I've EVER seen them drop for is Garth Brooks in Lincoln.. I never risk…
Props Alabama fans and Bryant-Denny having a certain Garth Brooks song to sing along to. Now where is the extra stanza?!
I thank my momma for raising me on George Strait, Dwight Yoakam, Johnny Cash, Tracy Lawrence, Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, and Brooks & Dunn
Some celebrities dress up as other celebrities for Halloween, and some dress up as their partners.
There were huge sound problems, but that didn't keep fans from loving every minute of it!
HA! Trisha's Halloween costume is hilariously awesome.
Went to see Garth Brooks last night!! Awesome concert!!
Multi-sport, not multi-purpose: Garth Brooks fans demand refunds over sound issues
Not everything that glitters turns to gold Fans in Low Places: Sound woes mar show -
Wow all of the sudden everyone is a HUGE Garth Brooks fan😂 please
You oughta know that does an incredible Alanis Morissette cover:
Terrible sound at the Garth Brooks concert Section 213 wasted time and money. Such a bad first time experience.
Lmao drove past the Garth brooks concert and was reminded of all the cowboys from the wild Wild West of Alpharetta Georgia
In today's EU: New movies in theatres this weekend; Garth Brooks, retiring?: and a debut-album release from one...
I feel like I basically went to Garth brooks last night via Snapchat
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Garth Brooks fans complained of audio issue during first concert at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. If you shelled out...
I’m voting for Garth Brooks for Tour of the Year at the Vote here: HAND
Garth Brooks is the Michael Jordan of country
So much fun seeing Garth Brooks in concert last night!!
Trisha Yearwood dressed up as her husband, Garth Brooks, and it's AWESOME!
Last night I high-fived Garth Brooks. So that was kind of cool.
Garth Brooks for the second time was on point!
Trisha Yearwood dressed up as husband Garth Brooks, and we’re kind of terrified
.& ATL is filled with 1000s of Friends in Low Places today after your sound bungle.
We are working to get more details about the audio problems at the Garth Brooks concert.
This one is True, I was there you could not hear a word of the songs. Garth was Great, crowd sang the song we knew.
Why is everyone so obsessed with Garth Brooks?
I got to watch the whole Garth Brooks concert and i wasnt even there
Audio: is flying solo on his new album Garth Brooks plays for his Sixth-Millionth Fan.
Check out this video of last night in Atlanta!!
Y’all don’t even understand how incredible Garth Brooks and the Mercedes Stadium was. One the nights I’ll never forget...
WOWWW! When performs, it's not just a show, it's a production. Check out this MASSIVE 90 yard stage...
Chris Young is flying solo on his new album
I just entered to win tickets to see a secret show with Garth Brooks from
Can we start a petition to get Garth Brooks on Apple Music??
“We cannot understand a word!” Garth Brooks fans angered by audio issues at MB Stadium’s first concert: |
Watch Perform “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” in Front of 73,000 Fan in Atlanta. h…
Well I was at home listening to like y’all should have been.
A screeching sound made it difficult for fans to hear Garth Brooks during his concert.
I’m super jealous of all the people who saw Garth Brooks last night.
Garth Brooks fans demand refunds over Mercedes-Benz Stadium sound issues via the App
Audio engineers are working through the sound issues with the artists. Garth Brooks will take the stage soon.
Fans say a screeching sound made it impossible to hear Garth Brooks' lyrics at concert at new Atlanta arena.
Variety ♦ The Eagles, Garth Brooks, Train, Jimmy Buffett, and Zac Brown are among the artists who will pay tribute…
I feel sorry for everyone that went to the Garth Brooks concert last night and missed Jimmy Reed and I play at the Pour House. 🐸
Country legend Garth Brooks is coming to Tacoma this November... for the FIRST TIME in almost 19 YEARS! Who's gett…
Someone buy me tickets to Garth Brooks at the Tacoma Dome😩😩
Garth Brooks - The Dance. Follow my instagram in the link!.
I regret to inform you I am strongly considering seeing Garth Brooks at the Tacoma Dome 🤠
Garth Brooks is set to rock the Tacoma Dome on November 4th ! This is a chance to see the Legendary Garth Brooks...
Entertainment news!! Garth Brooks is coming to Washington. (Photo via Getty Images)
Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are coming to the Tacoma Dome.
Garth Brooks is coming to the Tacoma Dome in November who wants to go!!??!!
♥♥♥♥ Garth Brooks to play Tacoma Dome this November via
Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood coming to the Tacoma Dome - Garth Brooks is one of music industry's most succe...
Just announced...Garth Brooks! Win tix Thursday and Friday morning with Clay and Karen! KD
Casually watching NFL Countdown and quotes a Garth Brooks song. 🙌🏼
with the Garth Brooks reference on Sunday NFL Countdown 👌🏼🤙🏼
Sam Ponder just quoted Garth Brooks on NFL Live and I think I'm in love.
Garth Brooks will play five concerts in Lincoln. Here's how to buy tickets - Omaha World-Herald
Garth Brooks until next Saturday then it'll be Justin Timberlake.
The only people who can wear a microphone like that are Garth Brooks and Tony Robbins
Garth Brooks at Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, NE. On sale Fri, Sep. 15 at 10AM!
I liked a video Rob Riggle's parody of 'Friends in Low Places' by Garth Brooks | FOX NFL SUNDAY
I get to see Garth Brooks, Justin Moore, Jordan rager, parmalee, and old dominion within the next 4 weeks 😍😍😍😍
could you do Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood kids?
So far, Garth Brooks has sold more than 70,000 tickets to his upcoming run at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in...
Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are two of the busiest stars in country music, but when they're off the road,...
Listening to Night Rider's Lament by Garth Brooks, on my Echo!
Garth Brooks adds second show to schedule; will perform Oct. 6 & Oct. 7
UPDATE: Garth Brooks adds fifth concert date in with Oct. 5 show at Bankers Life Fieldhouse https:…
Old Garth Brooks music is 100x better than his new stuff
This is what I imagine a mosh pit at a Garth Brooks show would look like
I have Garth Brooks playing tonight, went to support my friends in the NWL earlier, and e…
Nothing better than Garth Brooks having 50k people saying "you can kiss my *** all at the same time 😜😜
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Things I would do to go to a Garth Brooks concert
It use to be beautiful music. The days of Toby Keith, Reba Mcentire, Garth Brooks, and Shania…
ain't nobody better than Garth Brooks
Believe me I love the deuce more than anyone I know but how the *** does the music go from 50 cent to Garth Brooks?!
I feel like I say this often but I love Garth Brooks so much.😭
So you're saying Garth Brooks is bad country music?
To every guy that's letting a good girl go bc he'd rather have a good time-listen to "ask me how I know" by Garth Brooks…
Garth Brooks is the king of country music
Any ladies want to go to Garth Brooks for free? Doug needs a date
Garth Brooks comes to Indy in October.. I was going to surprise Ty with tickets.. turns out, he's already planned to buy them for me. 💁🏼👫💕
Country music icon to perform concert in Indianapolis.
I need to go see Garth brooks in concert :/
The man. The myth. The legend. Garth Brooks will be in Indy in two months 😻😻
Garth Brooks will forever be one of the greatest
Garth Brooks bringing world tour to Indianapolis with October 7 concert   10% Off
If you don't love Garth Brooks that's your opinion and it's fine but you're wrong and I hate you.
When people ask what my favorite type of music is-. "I am a Garth Brooks, Fetty Wap, Eminem, Jason Aldean, Nickelback, G…
Garth Brooks still is, and always will be the definition of country music! Wow! 🎶🎤🎸🤠
life update: stressed about math but i'm listening to Garth Brooks, eating ice cream and dancing around my room crying.
Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks and Ronnie dunn and Blake Shelton bring back the country I grew up on .
The only winners of the Pinnacle Award ever are Garth Brooks, Taylor Swift, & Kenney Chesney!
I'm pretty sad that won't be at Garlic Fest this year. Who is going to end my night with Garth Brooks?!
Got myself 4 CDs today best of Brooks and Dunn, best of Clay Walker, best of Tracy Lawrence, and best of Garth Brooks.
Garth Brooks needs to be on Apple Music
George Strait, Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Reba, Chris Stapleton, Dixie Chicks should do a benefit concert for Randy Travis.
Callin' Baton Rouge by New Grass Revival I didn't realize that this was covered by Garth Brooks
Men, if you want to know how to treat a woman listen to Randy Travis, Garth Brooks, Tim McGraw, and George Strait. Thank me later.
Garth Brooks is classy, Unlike Kenny Rogers who didn't even thank high school kids who accompanied him at a concert.
Tomorrow's concert at the California Mid-State Fair is Garth Brooks! Get your tickets below and stop by the DAJO...
Garth Brooks took time out of his show to help a couple reveal the gender of their baby
Moves game that was at same time as Garth Brooks concert at on 9/22. Now starting 2 hours before Ga…
With seven Garth Brooks shows running back to back, Denny Sanford PREMIER Center staff is gearing up for a marathon. The story AHEAD at 10.
Interviews, photos and video: Garth Brooks tours Child Life Zone at Oklahoma City's Children's Hospital at OU……
New post (Garth Brooks buys Events Center) has been published on South DaCola -
my wife got to check off a Garth Brooks concert from her bucket list Saturday night, front row center.
Garth Brooks coming to the Saturday, Sept 16. Another HUGE show for Sioux Falls.
Big news for Sioux Falls SD. Garth Brooks sold ou…
As Sioux Falls hosts 6 Garth Brooks shows-source saying Civic Center in RC wasn't even brought in to look at tour because Arena is too small
and Bette Middler's, The Rose. A good one, Friends in Low Places by Garth Brooks. I wouldn't be singing alone.
Can't figure out how saw this couple, but then he did something unbelievable:
Im sorry but the new Garth Brooks song is SO bad
IM CRYING he opened for Garth Brooks y'all I'm STARSTRUCK
There will never be another Garth Brooks, that man makes me melt ❤️
I'm listening to Friends In Low Places - Garth Brooks on
Garth Brooks offers to send couple who got engaged at his concert on their honeymoon
Garth Brooks will be the first performer on this stage which will make it historic.
If you aren't willing to dance to Garth Brooks with me barefoot in the kitchen I don't think it's going to work out.
Man proposes at Garth Brooks concert. Brooks offers to pay for honeymoon.
Happy 1 year anniversary to Garth's "Inside G Studio"!! Do you watch it weekly? Bev
Ask me how I know by Garth Brooks just makes you want to cry but I love it so much
I'm excited! Definitely going to see a Garth brooks show!!!
Go ahead and check out Garth Brooks and John Denver, maybe then you'll hear real talent
Couple Gets Engaged at Garth Brooks' Concert . . . Garth Offers to Pay for the Honeymoon [Watch].
When Garth brooks knows you better than you know you
You won't believe what gave away at his Oklahoma City concert!
Let's all take this moment to remember Garth Brooks as Chris Gaines.and laugh heartily.
What's going on OKC? Video: Garth Brooks reflects on record-setting Oklahoma… Get found ->
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