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Garrett Jones

Garrett Thomas Jones (born June 21, 1981 in Harvey, Illinois) is a Major League Baseball outfielder/first baseman for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Nathan Eovaldi

I think Zeke is a joke but what's more funny, or…
Our friend dropped in on the final night of + threw down w/ our multimedia team using his…
Chief would like to thank NFL Commish Roger Goodell and Dallas Cowboys CEO Jerry Jones and HC Jason Garrett for joining no on Sirius XM
I'm truly sickened by Julio Jones actions.
What is going on with the Dallas Cowboys and it's culture of violence? Garrett/Jones basically shrug off any incident that happens off field
Yankees traded Phelps with Martin Prado to the Marlins in the Nathan Eovaldi, Garrett Jones swap December 2014
Miami got Phelps and Martin Prado AND millions in cash; sent back Nathan Eovaldi, Garrett Jones and Domingo German.
I just uploaded "Things With Words is music with Megan Garrett-Jones. Show 2" to Listen at
The last time Pirates had multiple rookies with walkoff hits in the same season was 2009, when Garrett Jones and McCutchen each had two.
New show "Things With Words is music meeting words via a focus on lyrics with M..." up now at Check it out now!
Charlie Garrett hates the big city. Jessica reunites with distant relative in Vineland, only to find them dead - Simon Jones guest stars.
Is it July 29th yet? . Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones continue to trash talk via social media htt…
The annual Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett press conference that officially opens training camp. I've collected insig…
I ilke Jerry Jones and but this is what is wrong with society.
5 year old Garrett thought Cobi Jones was the best player in the world, sorry Brazilian Ronaldo or zizou
Garrett has no balls when it comes to standing up to Jerry Jones! That's why players do whatever the hec…   10% Off
Comments made by Coach Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones today at Cowboys Football Clinic were truly inspiring! What an amazing organization.
Any of my friends free to fill in for my buddy's softball team tonight at 7 & 8 at Midwest? Garrett Jones Michael...
A series of murders lead in New Orleans leads Jessica to a bitter rival, played by Renée Jones. Charlie Garrett meets movie star.
agent, Emma Brown-Garrett, draws on and acting background for novice win.…
Hit Mike Jones up on the low, 'cause Mike Jones is about to blow
Jerry Jones, Stephen Jones & Jason Garrett .RetiredCop (24 years) offering my security services to your team.
Agreed. Of course, neither I nor the person I quoted was writing about the US. .
Jones will never let Garrett sit Elliott. It will take the league to do that.
Nah, I've been to Singapore; guest workers don't bankrupt the country. It wouldn't work in the current U…
Guest workers go over OK, not perfectly, in Singapore, some Gulf states. I'm not writing about the US i…
I'm not writing about the USA--I'm actually quoting someone else. Thanks for your comments.
That's one alternative; but legal immigrants who import new worldviews will still likely change the gov…
I actually wrote a book saying the opposite; this article too, but thanks for your comments: .
My team is a *** circus and Jerry Jones is wearing the big honkin clown shoes while Jason Garrett itches his fat c…
Jones and Garrett are leafing through their excuse Rolodex as we speak
Not claiming to know anything about this specifically. But there is a trend in Dallas that has gone one for years u…
ICYMI: Garrett Williamson was the Player of the Game in Canada's Jones Cup opening win
Idk, seems worse for cowboys fans. Garrett and Jones still get paid to put up with this kind of nonsense.
If you think your Monday is going badly, you can always imagine you are Jason Garrett or Stephen Jones.
We can always bring back Garrett Jones
Quincy Jones ft Chaka Khan, Seidah Garrett, Caiphus Semenya, some choir - Places you'll find love
Come on by. I'll play ya some George strait, Merle, and of course George Jones!
One thing OF Garrett Zech could always do: run. With John Jones batting from left side, Zech did a straight steal of home.
Love you Michael, but you are WAY out of touch with DAL situation. Garrett was Jones' long term plan…
Limited Late Models are green at Jones leads Garrett into turn one.
Garrett Jones currently 3rd in the Points Standing. Southern Super Late Model Series. Way to Go! Garrett...
The potential of Garrett outweighs the "certainty" of Jones.
Question. If the Cardinals had the option to trade Chandler Jones and his 5-yr/82M contract for Myles…
Garrett Hulsey by Quinn Jones for 2nd at halfway! Hulsey all over Axsom for the lead! Lap traffic ahead.
Jones and Axsom doing battle as Garrett Hulsey is QUICKLY closing in.
Does the suggestion that God authors evil make anyone else sick to their stomach? My article…
Jerry jones jason Garrett will realize why we push elite tony Romo out the door not let him compete…
Today in 2002 Garrett Jones ties a record with 4 HR's in a game vs
I think J. Garrett and Jerry Jones "right type" of people comes from same list as Marvin Jones and Bengals
Never forget when Nyjer Morgan missed a fly ball and then had a tantrum, while Adam Jones proceeded to get an inside the…
Please share 15, missing from since 14/6. Seen her? Call 116 000 htt…
HC Jason Garrett was on The Big Podcast with and was asked about the misconception of Jerry Jones…
Alex Jones is a POS whether Megan Kelly edited the piece or not. Children died and he's profiting off of their deaths & his lies.
WE CHECKED: did say no children died at Sandy Hook. .
BREAKING: Rare photo of Butch Jones and his Daddy surfaces on Father's Day.
1/ On the eve of Megyn Kelly's risky interview with Alex Jones, I offer in this thread a fable. It's title: The abyss of…
Have you ever heard of author Rebekah Jones?
Think about it Garrett Jones was above him in value for that deal
A reasonable point - but what about Garrett Jones' argument:
Jerry Jones' decisions to stick with Garrett/Romo should get him Executive of the Year. Few owners would've done it.
And the economic destiny of migrants also comes over.
Cubs have a ton of guys on their staff who have played in the last decade. Eric Hinskie, Garrett Jones and Henry Blanco. more should do this
I'm not sure we've heard disavow ANY of Jones' nonsense, including Sandy ***
I miss Garrett Jones what he up to these days
Strong turnout of cars for practice today including Pierce, Sellers, Thaxton, McCarty, Jones, Burton, Garrett, Oak…
Anyone who remembers the Garrett jones saga might have the same idea I do...
I added a video to a playlist Saying Conor McGregor is the best P4P fighter is just stupid,Jon Jones
I'm more eager to see the Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier fight than the Mayweather vs McGregor fight
You'll never win anything. Jason Garrett & Jerry Jones will never lead you anywhere. Whenever you have a great seas…
Jason Witten, Byron Jones get into a "fun" shoving match at last minicamp practice
Do immigrants influence economic freedom? If you look at the true long run-not 10 or 20 years--the answer is yes:
Witten, Byron Jones barked at each other after a play. Asked about the exchange, Garrett smiled. Coaches love competition…
And it has to be a position player, who could be either Garrett Jones or Casey McGehee.
Myles Garrett's takeaway from watching his game film with HOFer Bruce Smith: "I was slow off the ball."
Garrett Jones you are the man without a doubt.
2019 5'10 PG Garrett Jones- pg w/great feel that sees the floor & finds guys while scoring at all levels.
Garrett Williamson made mid-range jumper in front of bench and exchanges words with coach Jones. Williamson NEVER does that
This is a very bad place for you to go to, Rick. Like, Alex Jones bad.
Garrett is an average Coach that Jones can control.
.Additionally, Jones announced that he will provide free museum admission to children from Operation Bre…
Come out and support Harrison Martin and Garrett Jones in Anna at 7:00 as they participate in the 1st Annual All -T…
Go watch Harrison Martin and Garrett Jones represent the Tigers tonight as they play in the All-Texoma land All-Star game. Anna HS 6:30pm 🏀🏆
That might work: immigrants likely shape the institutions of the countries they move t…
Adam Jones has donated $20,000 to the *** Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City, Missouri.
National SAT scores: States, Agriculture, Technology. Ang's paper is the one to read:
Pfttt. Propaganda. Read a HISTORY book. Perhaps about authoritarianism & how di…
so what you are saying Alex Jones and PJW are SJWs
becouse Jerry jones jason Garrett going to pay the price 4 not letting Romo compete for his job back when Prescott fails watch
jerry jones jason Garrett was wrong 4 not letting Romo compete 4 starting job 2017 vs Prescott now there going 2 pay the price
His bots block you based off of who you follow. I follow PJW…
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LOL I forgot that Garrett Jones was a Yankee for like 30 seconds.
dying.. this is why I am scared to open any texts, snaps, or anything else from my boys!!😂
Congrats to Drew Jones, Garrett Watson, and Kyle Williams on being inducted to the National Honor Society!!…
Looks like the love child of Jason Garrett and Bill Jones.
Can't wait to read "Catharsis: How Calvinism Blurs our View of God" by GARRETT H. JONES!
Quincy Jones the places you find love . fea. SIEDAH GARRETT / CHAKA KHAN .
Lancaster's Jaden Jones beats out an infield hit. He went 3-for-3 and had huge RBI double in the 7th to tie the game vs. CW.…
Hot new single . Came up from nothin-. Lil'Colorado, Jawz and Mookie jones. Produced by Garrett Brown of TrakkSounds…
Yeah Jerry Jones because he's annoying. Jason Garrett too...just because.
John Daly and 'Dad', Jerry Jones walk in to the clubhouse with Jason Garrett at the annual golf tournament.
With 13 games at DH for Pittsburgh, today's PotD is Garrett Jones
Alex Jones is actually just "playing a character," claims his lawyer at custody hearing
STATESMAN EXCLUSIVE: In Travis County custody case, jury will search for real Alex Jones
Happy Easter Jones Family! Still misss you guys in the Burgh! Hope your finger heals fast Garrett!
Garrett, Trubisky, Peppers, Sheehan, Mixon, Sidney Jones... Would fans like that draft?
Hamilton Collection
Fellas,Kenny Latimoore,Mlu & Quincy Jones alongside Cindy Garrett,that's how we started the show,gd aftrnn MrL &RR family
If you aren't Conor, jones or before getting her fa…
No Garrett believed he was a passing guru and wouldnt stick with run enough. There is a reason Jones took it away from him
First Listen: Siedah Garrett and Common sing of the "G.H.E.T.T.O."
.4A Baseball: Garrett Jones needs just 9 pitches to retire…
Garrett Jones needs more playing time
Both Montasia Shannon and Monae Garrett secure the 💰💰 and move on to the Area Meet next week. Grea…
Garrett, Trub/Mahomes, Obi, Sid Jones, Godwin, Butt. Make it happen, make my dreams come true
Garrett, Conley, Davis, Jones would be a dream haul. But then what at QB? Roll with Kessler or Rock with Brock?
Garrett better be the second coming of Deacon Jones in his prime to pass on a QB.
. I doubt Jones Falls to 99 but Moreau would be a good fit there
Top of the 2017 class so far (out of 10.00):. Myles Garrett 9.98. TJ Watt 9.97. Marshon Lattimore 9.95. Fabian Moreau 9.94. J…
RBI single by Garrett Jones, 3-0 Covington in danger of blowing this one wide open
have bases loaded 1 out Garrett Jones up
One out single for Garrett Jones for
And that bullpen. 🔥🔥🔥 Not to mention soon to be ROY, Amir Garrett.
Jason Garrett and Stephen Jones discussed extension today in Phoenix.
Need more info? Attorney Logan Jones explains our Garrett Criminal Law fee system!
Yomiuri Giants IF Garrett Jones broke his left index finger in practice and could need surgery to repair it
Cameron Armstrong, Joel Linn, Garrett Jones, & Isaac Gossage placing 1st in the 4x4 relay and advancing to area!
Browns getting Garrett, Mahomes, Zay Jones, and McDowell with first 4 picks is a home run draft
Draft Garrett. They need to stop trading down and missing on stars (Watkins, Jones, etc.)
Matt, I would like Eagles to look @ Zay Jones, Garrett Bolles, Kevin King, Corey Davis,…
Jerry Jones move up in the draft get Myles Garrett. Brown have a problem with him, again and again Brown pick the wrong guys.
Glad is on our team. This piece on Marcell Ateman and Garrett McCain is so awesome.
Most well balanced team Romo ever had. And Jones and Garrett took that from him this season. They took t…
Lubbock native Colt Garrett finds De'Quan Bowman, who is stripped by Tony Jones! Jamile Johnson pounces on it, and Black i…
Jones and Garrett should have given your the chance to win the game in the playo…
Jerry jones jason Garrett was scared u would win your job back vs Prescott they knew…
Jerry jones jason Garrett don't believe in team competition not allowing Romo to compe…
Seriously unlikely that Garrett had any choice i.e. Jerry Jones
Shanahan loves Gordon and may think he can be their Julio Jones. Trade up from 12 to 2 and take Garret…
Garrett Jones hit one over the batters eye in Philly in his rookie year.
Garrett Jones did it once when he was with the Pirates
oh and I added Garrett, Adoree Jackson, Sidney Jones, Marcus Maye & Blair Brown to the defense.
Garrett can't make team decision without Jerry jones input that affects cowboys from w…
I currently have (in my last mock): Garrett, Trubisky, Budda Baker, Desmond King, and Zay Jones. Through 3. No trades, obv.
cuz jerry jones is the only figure head that's not a player in DAL, he'll get the credit b4 Garrett
bingo. Also, Garrett is just a puppet for Jerry Jones. If anything give Jerry COY over Garrett.
Myles Garrett when asked about K-State's 4-0 mark vs Texas teams in 2016: "It's our state. Whoever comes in here gotta cat…
Myles Garrett on Leonard Fournette skipping the bowl game: "Leonard's been trying to leave since sophomore year."
Jason Garrett doesn't call the plays and he doesn't decide who plays. What does he do?
Jerry Jones "puppet master", Howdie Doodie Garrett "the puppet", the star, America's team" saying, the stadium, diva Bryant, and..
Couple of former Ducks in the crowd tonight - Garrett Sim and Fred Jones!
Jason Garrett... the Cowboys will miss the playoffs again and Jones will have to beg Wade Phillips to come back…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Has to be Garrett.. None of these others have to deal with Jerry Jones
jason Garrett isn't coach of the year he's puppet of the year Garrett is no leader he follows Jerry jones
jerry jones jason Garrett treating Romo wrong prime example why Romo don't have a ring right now no team leadership
someone inform the clowns there Jerry Jones doesn't tell Jason Garrett who to start. How'd that JJ will ruin this thing work out?
Coach Garrett hooped up on that big round table and told B Jones "get the *** out of my meeting" I'm over here like o ish
yeahhh that was rumors but Jason Garrett and Stephen Jones kept insuring that it was Dak's job
Jason Garrett isn't even the coach. Jerry Jones is. Lmao. I'll take black jack over anybody. W…
I only managed 4 out of 5 Cattle Egrets at Malltraeth today but met Brian Iddon, Alan Jones and Bob Garrett
Jerry Jones is the cowboy's coach, Garrett is his puppet.
agreed about COY. Plus Garrett should win BECAUSE he did it with Jones as his Owner
And if Jason Garrett wasnt married into the Jones family ,would have been fired years ago . And now people saying coach of the year ?
correct. Stephen Jones and Will McClay run the personnel now. Garrett is good with personnel also.
Jerry Jones wants to force out Jason Garrett bc he's not playing Romo
my guys are Adams Allen Barnett Garrett jones Corey Davis Fournette cook foreman perine Mike Williams Ross & white
4. Grace Jones and Maud Adams play Goldeneye 007 at a launch party for the game in New York, 1997. Photo by Jim Sulley ht…
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the reason Dallas turned around is Will McClay, Garrett and Stephen Jones run personnel now.
do we count Jason Garrett.cause him and Romo are are like Roy.all of em are Jones Jrs.
would love a top 4 picks of Garrett, S. Jones, Butt, Baker
Jerry Jones stuck with Garrett through several 8-8 seasons and built thru the draft. End of the day, you still need talent!
I would go Myles Garrett first then Jamal Adams if he's there. Then Sidney Jones if Adams isn't.
The Steelers, Patriots, Green Bay, and the fact that Jerry Jones has stuck with Jason Garrett. They keep coaches and win. A few examples.
Do they ever ask Jason Garrett about his own decisions? Lmao no way *** like working for Jerry Jones, young..
Jerry Jones endured three straight 8-8 seasons with Jason Garrett. It got him two division titles in three years. Pegulas need to take note.
Jason Garrett has the easiest coaching job. Jerry Jones makes all the decisions lol
Well j.Jones took a lot of heat for always staying with J.Garrett but he's be rewarded for it now
Jason Garrett is not the coach. Jerry Jones is
I really respect Jason Garrett/Jerry Jones for not holding Back Dac b/c they have clinched! When you think complacent, you play complacent!
It's almost comical how "little credit" Jerry Jones gets for "grooming AND sticking with Garrett as Head Coach"
Even our punter Chris Jones is taming the Lions... 😱
I feel like Garrett purposely didn't put Romo in on the last 2 drives, just to prove a point to Jerry Jones.
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I see Jerry Jones told Jason Garrett to use that reverse play that his grandsons team used
so funny it's Jerry Jones announcing, Garrett is a puppet
Jason Garrett coach of the year 3 reasons:. 1. Rookie QB and RB . 2. Always has this team prepared . 3. He has to deal with Je…
Arqy Cammy, Garrett Jones and Luis Cruz will be teammates next year in Japan.
courtesy of the Herald Palladium Nate Nannfeldt finds open ground while Phillip Paea and Garrett Jones sustain thei…
Came to Lubbock on business. Taking home some tortillas and a dub. 🌯 @ Jones AT&T Stadium
must feel like Jason Garrett does most of the time.
Missed sbtrkt! Jack Garrett and Moderat were ace. Can't wait for Grace Jones tonight now.
What happened to golden state tn jones??
Cory Jones picks up a Dysart fumble and rumbles 63 yards to the house! 62-10. Cactus 4:43 to play.
Malbag: Headley, Young, Garrett Jones give the Yankees the power off the bench they lacked from 2013-14
Yeah but we are built to succeed now. Garrett and the Jones' have drafted really well lately.
"Garrett's greatest accomplishment thus far... is persuading owner Jerry Jones to spend three first-round picks on offensive linemen" Yes.
you think there's a ton of pressure? I think Daks comeback against the Eagles really spoke volumes to Garrett and S. Jones
jones thought bulls were in the west. Everything he says is wrong.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
not without Jones, Watt, Garrett, Reynolds, Hall, Evans, Gennesy & Washington they gonna suffer don't let this lucky season
I've always liked Jason Garrett. Fans are like Jerry Jones, they want results right now or boot the person.
I still can't get over the fact that Garrett called a fake punt so deep in our own territory. It would have been...
People want there to be a BIG press conference where Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett announce Prescott as "The Guy". Sorry, you wont get that.
he's been doing it as long as I can remember. Thought he was gonna be the black RF Chipper Jones for the Braves
We should've traded Garrett Jones a long time ago
Hey folks! I've posted Week 6 (Oct. 24 show) of Only Death Is Real up on Mixcloud, it's available at
We keep hearing how Jerry Jones feels about Romo vs Dak... How come when don't hear what Jason Garrett thinks? Should be his call right?
Don't miss performance artist Megan Garrett-Jones and Athelstan Sound at on 10 November 2016
Summary of Jason Garrett's thoughts on Jerry Jones' Romo/Dak comments: "We're focused on Wednesday."
FB: Anthony Service and Garrett Jones connect for a long TD to increase the lead to 30 -0
Garrett Jones made the initial contact with Donnie Wilson.
Are we a good team? Gotta wait and see. Is our team consistent. Not until Garrett and Jerry Jones die.
Jason Garrett has lived long under Jerry Jones. But when will he prosper? |
any word/update on Garrett, Speedy, and Seals-Jones?
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At the start- Chris Warren, Danny Garrett, Locky Kennedy and Etienne Blumstein-Jones leading.
Garrett Jones sets fast time in the second practice for the ARCA/CRA Super Series for the Winchester 400.
Jerry Jones or J. Garrett betta not bring Romo back..
Bene Benwikere, Panthers CB who guarded Julio Jones during his 300 yard day, was released today. Yeah, Julio's THAT good. 😅
Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett give updates on Friday (Week 5)
Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones give updates on Tyron Smith, Dan Bailey and more ».
Garrett presser and Jerry Jones on the air at the same time. They’re trolling us. Just saying.
you might've seen this (it was in the SSC links post) but seems relevant to our earlier discussion:
Co-founder Garrett camp raises $50 Million from dream team of investors via
Our officers are working what is now known to be a Murder at 8th and Garrett. . Early indications are that...
If the Cowboys give Romo his job back with the way Dak is playing, it will only go to show how inept Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett are.
New Jersey's Garrett hit over comments on ***
My tribute to George Jones the night before his funeral
Remember when Van Jones got run out of govt because they found his name on a truther petition? Different times!
Just got offered Matt Jones and Brandin Cooks for Paul Perkins And Demaryius Thomas. Thanks buddy!
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is only slightly creepy when he does this face. CC:
Before today's workout, we surprised our own Bobby Jones with this tribute in honor of his 50th & final season in https:…
there's probably a lot of truth to that statement, a real Jerry Jones/Jason Garrett vibe there.
Scorers for Aaron Garrett (og), Matthew Thomas, Dave Vincent, Mark Jones with Sam O'Sullivan and Josh Brown for
Could Jerry Jones allow Jason Garrett to have a few secrets? He tells all on the radio show before practice is ove…
I've watched this whole city get behind Andrew Jones and Marcus Garrett, some later than others but thy did
Cowboys Hot Topic: The Great Jason Garrett - Dallas Sports Media Feud: But now the major sources for Cowboys ...
Cowboys Hot Topic: Dallas sports reporters are not getting along with Jason Garrett - at all.
I added a video to a playlist Garrett Jones Trio - Live at Crystal Bridges
Today I learned: Garrett says Chris Jones isn't their best option as a backup kicker. That would be Jeff Heath.
Jason Garrett says Jerry Jones should be a first-ballot Hall of Famer
Almost forgot about Garrett Jones. He's apparently hanging out with Brent Morel in the NPB.
I honestly feel like Jerry Jones gonna have Tony start but I know Garrett wants Prescott to be starter
HUGE Congrats to Garrett Jones on his DOMINATING win! Such a great feeling to be a part of a first "W" especially...
I've j officially read up on the Garrett Phillips case...really confused as to why they never seriously investigated Sheriff Jones?
it would've been nice to have him, but jones/Garrett are trying replicate 2014. Hopefully it works
No worries bro Paxton Lynch gonna be da truth! Can't forget Prescott has Jerry Jones as GM & Garrett as his HC.😏
Yomiuri Giants' Garrett Jones is first Giant to hit 20+ HR's in his 1st year in NPB since Shane Mack in 1995
I'm balling my eyes out because my mouth hurts so bad but I don't wanna wake Garrett up
I love looking over and seeing Garrett even if I'm in so much pain he makes it a little bit better 💗
since my mouth is sore & I can't sleep, I'm so excited to get better so Garrett and I can go to the fair 🙂
Jones, Marinelli, Garrett, Prescott, Bryant & Stepnoski, LLP. Anyone in Miami just call us for emotional support.
If I was Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones, week 1 of the season I'm sending out Dak Prescott and giving romo a clipboard
My dad and I said Dak was gon take Dallas to the ship it's on Garrett and Jones to put that man in I'd rather start him over romo bum ***
If Dak Prescott does not start week 1 Jerry jones and Jason Garrett have issues...
I added a video to a playlist Dana white - Conor McGregor is not worth $4 billion, Jon Jones has 12
common sense except with Jerry Jones and his "yes man" Jason Garrett at the helm
Garrett QB Kenneth Jones is sacked for a loss of 22 yds. With the exception of a few sloppy plays to open the game, PG has looked dominant.
I want Jones to stay with Garrett, too!!!
My name is Junie B. Jones. The B stands for Beatrice but I just like the B and THATS all.
Good afternoon, I'm Chad & I love whoever is responsible for your existence.
Happy birthday to L.Q. Jones seen here in my favorite scene from Sam Peckinpah's 'Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid '1973
.completes a 22-yard pass to Garrett Jones. After a timeout, Auburn will have it on their own 47 w/ 17 seconds left in half.
Nolan Reimold pinch hits for Jones in the 7th, singles. O's up 12-5.
35 yard pass from Garrett to Ashton Jones followed by a 9 yard run by Thomas leads to 1st and goal Broncos.
me and Garrett better be going to the fair tomorrow, im so ready for the food & everything else 🍗🌽👢
Chris Jones and Jason Garrett beat Romo and Dak in a throwing competition? Man, Dak threw a nasty egg too
OXNARD, Calif. - The Dallas Cowboys can thank punter Chris Jones for not having meetings. Coach Jason Garrett...
Meanwhile Jerry Jones is texting Jason Garrett that he's got to find a spot for Ryan Lochte on the Dallas Cowboys roster.
Garrett isn't going anywhere. He knows exactly where to rub Jerry Jones and when to do it
No beach day today, but Jason Garrett just gave the team off of night meetings after Chris Jones successfully hit some target practice.
Mrs. Jones enjoyed lunch with Lane Garrett,top boy fundraiser. Lane loved the glasses Marco's sent!
Jason Garrett touts Hall of Fame credentials for Cowboys owner Jerry Jones via
Jerry Jones & Jason Garrett after Dak's performance in Saturday's preseason game
Jones fired Tom Landry too. Not just Johnson. That dude fired Landry/Johnson & Garrett has a life pass lmao
New Albany had five HRs in the win, including two shots by Tucker Biven and one a piece from Liam McCauley, Garrett Jones and James Gill.
Freshman year, Omar, Trey & Najee nem had a kickback in Jones 😂 Garrett fined bout 10+ people that day😂
I'm never gone forget my freshman year at southern In jones Garrett said " ya shorts cute but come back down the stairs " on the speaker💀
Yeah, I was expecting something like $3.75MM for Garrett, $1.5MM for Jones.
Stephen Curry and Chance the Rapper do the "Jones BBQ and foot massage" 😂.
with Thomas jones now signed, what's the max we can offer Garrett?
Jones signed last night. I don't have any sense on Garrett.
Omg, a cross between Leif Garrett and Mickey Jones with a flair to be Frankie Avalon?? Lol
and it is mcclay, garrett and the Jones fault for bringing in guy most teams wouldnt touch
Raiders Garrett Jones and Joe Walkowiak are headed to DelVal.
let's go later I already ate this morning
okay really craving Fuji's now.. SOS
Garrett I'm taking you up on your offer for Fuji's.. And Justice you can buy the next movie for all of us 😂
well I mean me and Lauren kinda planned a cruise so that's one up on you👌
I'll tak you to fujis and a member movie and shopping. 😇 Justice>Garrett
I forget you're a working man these days
okay lol? We can eat fujis everyday of the week
Garrett did make a Fuji's date with us 😇
I'll take it. It's kinda like I'm the real fav though? And Garrett is the participation trophy fav🏆
geeez I can have more than one favorite. You're like the only ones I even like 💁🏽
what's this nonsense about JC being the fav😴
Wow I never realized how color coordinated is until I watched his Snapchat story tonight. Garrett ROYGBIV Jones.
(only if Garrett Jones doesn't get jealous)
If you think Myles Garrett is one-of-a-kind on the field, showed why he's even more unique off of it.
Myles Garrett just spoke in detail about his favorite dinosaur. That just happened.
Garrett on choosing to avoid the spotlight off the field.
Ricky Seals-Jones is currently at 242lbs, DE Myles Garrett weighs 262lbs! They almost have the same build.
*Sumlin on Myles Garrett: He just wrote a 12-page short story in the elevator while mean-mugging Butch Jones. *very loose transcription
Ricky Seals-Jones on Myles Garrett: "If Myles keeps doing what he's doing, he'll be a first round pick."
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