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Gareth Edwards

Gareth Owen Edwards CBE (born 12 July 1947) is a former Welsh rugby union footballer who played scrum-half and has been described by the BBC as arguably the greatest player ever to don a Welsh jersey .

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Just remember: you can almost spell The Raid with letters from Gareth Edwards, who didn't direct The Raid.
director Gareth Edwards won't be back for the sequel after all.
difference is Gareth Edwards cut his teeth w/ MONSTERS b4 doing GODZILLA; KONG is being done by the Sundance bro who made KINGS OF SUMMER...
I am a little disappointed there's no Gareth Edwards commentary but just like TFA if there's another release I'm willing to double dip lol
Great programme just started on S4C, . Cofio gyda Gareth Edwards .👍
I'll probably get my nerd card revoked for admitting this, but I enjoy Gareth Edwards' GODZILLA as much (if not more) than the original.
Gareth Edwards chasing his own kick and touching down in the mud… Watching moments like these in black & white mad…
This time next week we'll be putting the final touches on our special Gareth Edwards event. Read more about it here…
Let's see. Actually I liked Gareth Edwards as director.
ahhh doctor JPR. I remember him running down the wing like the wind and own personal hero John bevan. Gareth Edwards Sigh.
I didn't realize Gareth Edwards had a cameo in Rogue One until now. He disengaged the Tantive IV's landing claw at the end.
Someone just bought an incredible piece of Welsh rugby history.
Guess aim was to bridge gap between prequels + original X-Men films, but...well, someone should've talked to Gareth Edwards & Co.
Gareth Edwards from breakfast moved to digital footprint &paperless in new offices
"We just tried to make the most realistic version of Star Wars we've seen." -Gareth Edwards,
I want Gareth Edwards to never direct a movie again. He can go work on special effects or something.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
If Halo came 2 the big screen only JJ Abrams or Gareth Edwards can direct it -they both saved Star Wars
Maybe? I'm trying to remember who from Rogue One came to SWCA; I want to say it was just Gareth Edwards?
Read features on 2017 Keynotes & Gareth Edwards in the latest SXSWORLD.
- Sam Warburton backed by Gareth Edwards to captain Lions, Gareth Edwards is convinced flanker Sam Warburt...
April 14th. Trust me *wink* . Also, Gareth Edwards is doing a talk at BAFTA!
Looking forward to going to this next week. An Audience with Gareth Edwards | |
.re this ep about directors. Considering Godzilla, Gareth Edwards should direct a DC movie.
I wanna see Origins by the Duffer Bros as a series. Let's watch a new Logan/James grow up! Gareth Edwards as backup.
NEW EVENT: 1st March with - An Audience with Gareth Edwards...Monsters, Godzilla, Rogue One and more…
41 years ago today, Hall of Fame inductee, Gareth Edwards, helped Wales beat Ireland in Dublin for the first time in 12 yea…
My review of "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story", directed by Gareth Edwards and starring Felicity Jones and Diego Luna.
Pics of Diego w/ Felicity Jones, Riz Ahmed and Gareth Edwards from BTS of
I would love to see what Villeneuve or Gareth Edwards or Neil blomkamp could do with this.
Apocalypse wil waive Bryan Singer to make room for Gareth Edwards. Included in th deal will b Ewan Mcgregor and rights to Adam Warlock film
Who knew that Gareth Edwards would have the next Blade Runner
you'd be surprised. Had adjoining dept trying it in tears of laughter earlier this week. BTW thought Gareth Edwards (rogue1) 👍👍
Gareth Edwards confirms Rogue One almost had a very different ending than the one filmed [WARNING: HUGE SPOILERS ...
I love that Gareth Edwards paid homage to Ridley Scott's 'Alien' (1979) film in 'Rogue One'.
It's up. with the wonderful Gareth Edwards. Listen here or here
Star Wars Rogue One Review: Director Gareth Edwards made character development great again.
Star Wars director Gareth Edwards & creative team at Academy screening in Hollywood waxed lyrical abt working on an…
kinda did in The Hidden Fortress, which if deliberate, was a brilliant nod by Gareth Edwards
How did Gareth Edwards fare with the very first Star Wars standalone film, Rogue One? Josh reviews
Seriously, how do I not LOVE a Star Wars movie starring Ben Mendelsohn, Mads, Riz Ahmed, Alan Tudyk, and more, directed by Gareth Edwards?!
was great. Gareth Edwards, Felicity Jones, Riz Ahmed, Diego Luna and Alan Tudyk introduced our screening.
With just days away, Gareth Edwards, Felicity Jones & Diego Luna at the Tokyo press conference
Gareth Edwards describes as the antithesis of C-3PO with a little bit of Chewbacca’s personality in a droid body
Alan Tudyk, Riz Ahmed, Gareth Edwards, Diego Luna & Felicity Jones on the red carpet with
Caught a picture of Gareth Edwards and the Jyn Erso costume at Skywalker Ranch.
Gareth Edwards pretty much confirms that Rogue One will get a comicazation!
I liked a video Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Gareth Edwards on the Fall of the Jedi
Gareth Edwards critiques the poster at ILM.
director Gareth Edwards pays a visit to
George Lucas' word of advice to Gareth Edwards on the set of "Don't screw it up." 😂 https:…
Gareth Edwards on George Lucas calling to tell him he loved "I can die happy."
George Lucas saw Rogue One two days ago. Gareth Edwards: "I can die happy now. He really liked the movie. It was t… https…
George Lucas saw two days ago, called Gareth Edwards and, “I can die happy now. He loved the movie.”
I hope Kathleen Kennedy and Gareth Edwards just stare blankly when they're asked if there's a sequel to
Kathleen what you DOING. Like I love Gareth Edwards but come on now... there are women of colour with more experien…
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is an upcoming American epic space opera film directed by Gareth Edwards and written...
This is embarrassing but I only realized tonight that Gareth Edwards and Gareth Evans were two different Gareths.
34) After a completely disastrous movie by Emmerich, the new Godzilla by Gareth Edwards is a…
If you've seen the Gareth Edwards flick & wondered who provided the hypnotic score:. Jon Hopkins is his name.
Speaking of director Gareth Edwards, here he is talking about Adobe Creative Suite:
It's not by Gareth Edwards, director of The Raid. So, the actions may not be of that calibre. But will check it out.   10% Off
But here's a question, who should direct the Stan Lee biopic? Mira Nair or Gareth Edwards? Although I would vouch for Paul Thomas Anderson.
Gareth Edwards is worried that George Lucas didn't find his "Caravan of Courage" poster funny. Yub nub!.
.Word is that's what Gareth Edwards envisioned, but Disney disliked the teaser & hired Gilroy to rewrite. Just a rumor tho
Check out Gareth Edwards opinion about the new desert planet in Rogue One: Credit to A.V. Club. Hope you enjoy . https:…
Gareth Edwards isn't in charge of Star Wars: Rouge One post-production...oh no...
Gareth Edwards confirms Han Solo will not appear in Rogue One. htt…
Gareth Edwards on his “organic” approach to shooting a Darth Vader scene in ‘Rogue One’: https…
"Now, I can't tell you what role James Earl Jones plays in the film (laughs)" - Gareth Edwards
Gareth Edwards met Mark Hamill on set hoping a camera was around: "No one’s going to believe I met Luke Skywalker."
I am excited for Rogue One for many reasons but the fact that Gareth Edwards is such a fan adds to it!
Meet the new Star Wars heroes and villains from Gareth Edwards ‘Rogue One’:
Neil Kinnock, Gareth Edwards, Dylan Thomas, Aled Jones - we gave your boys one *** of a beating!
So the studio doesn't like the war vibe Gareth Edwards was going for ALL ALONG?
Is this why Gareth Edwards wants to go back to smaller films? Expansive 'Rogue One' reshoots
SW Thu, 5/22/14 - Gareth Edwards and Gary Whitta announced as director and screenwriter, for a Star Wars film set to be released 12/16/16
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
BREAKING: Gareth Edwards no longer directing Godzilla 2 for Legendary and Warner Bros. Pictures.
.will kick off with a panel ft Kathleen Kennedy & Gareth Edwards! https:/…
As Godzilla 2 has lost it's director, Gareth Edwards, who would you like to see step in? Maybe James Wan or Ridley Scott?
To me, Gareth Edwards (the director) perfectly depicted just what is. He's not humanity's protector, he's the earth's
So it turns out 's own Gareth Edwards is Rogue One's director.
Right after reducing his teeth with the exceptional very low price range sci-fi drama Monsters, Gareth Edwards is...
Following slicing his enamel with the superb minimal spending budget sci-fi drama Monsters, Gareth Edwards is...
Immediately after chopping his tooth with the great reduced funds sci-fi drama Monsters, Gareth Edwards is set to...
Rogue One director Gareth Edwards wants to see YOUR entry for the Star Wars Fan Film Awards! https:…
Star Wars episode 9. I'm still convinced of Gareth Edwards.
Gareth Edwards did such a grand job
Gareth Williams-Spiers fools the Marist defence and puts Regan Edwards away for a try. Suburbs lead out to 26-13
updates Gareth Edwards for rank 1065 to 737
Number 11 in this list has a typo It's Gareth Edwards not Gareth Roberts
Carlo del Fava finishes the Falcons' equivalent of THAT try in 1973. Gareth Edwards eat your heart out!
gareth edwards, Kathleen Kennedy, George Lucas, dave filoni - arc-trooper: arc-trooper: i will do all your...
I love the commentary on that famous Gareth Edwards try for the Barbarians, Brilliant... brilliant... brilliant!
My old school friend, Gareth Edwards is directing Star Wars Rogue One right now. Very proud (and jealous) of him!
'Across the Lake' by Gareth Edwards Our 'Newlyn Today' show opens May 14.
really has to be cliff Morgan..Edwards, Gareth Edwards, WHAT A SCORE!! Baa-Baas v All Blacks '73, or any sid waddell gem
This is Gareth Edwards,a dramatic start, what a score, Cliff Morgan
I think you can put on a par with Gareth Edwards. No finer accolade can be given
A big CONGRATULATIONS to Gareth Edwards and the entire team on the release of their first trailer! WAY TO GO, TE…
Rogue One director discusses building barbarian army on home computer
Gareth Edwards se moer! Aplon is simply the most balanced , quickest talented runner ever. That Go's for American...
conversations with Gareth Edwards Rogue One director https:/…
Why? JJ did a great job with TFA. But I agree, Gareth Edwards is a great director for this film
Top event this eve with a great talk given by Sir Gareth Edwards. And this view after over wine.
I have shook hands with one of the greatest Welsh men tonight- Sir Gareth Edwards. 39 years after the photo of him + me in S. Wales Echo
Forget all that Gareth Edwards Barbarians nonsense. Wide to West, Joynt, Joynt, Joynt!! The greatest ever try
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
- Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Directed by Gareth Edwards; starring Felicity Jones and many more.
Sean what did you think about Gareth Edwards as a player ?
Looking forward to our event this evening with Sir Gareth Edwards and - starts at 6.30pm.
God no. I forgot about that one. Should have specified - the one directed by Gareth Edwards. Epic!
I've pretty much buried the hatchet, at least we finally got an actual Godzilla movie now, Godzilla 2014, Thank you Gareth Edwards
you'd be pretty gutted to lose to a *** rugby team 😂 mind you, they could have Gareth Edwards in their team
Rian Johnson is directing episode VIII.not Gareth Edwards
I think director Gareth Edwards has a weird obsession with Asian culture, who knew
The hype begins for our patron Gareth Edwards' forthcoming film.
Barclays' corporate FX chief has left the bank by
director Gareth Edwards can’t wait to see YOUR Star Wars Story in this year’s
gareth edwards made godzilla smirk like Rogue One is gonna be sO LIT
Personally, I think the trailer looks promising. I love Gareth Edwards' approach to film-making. is superb.
Directed by Gareth Edwards, who successfully revamped Godzilla to critical acclaim last year, One is being
WATCH: In 2008 Gareth Edwards won the 48hr Film Challenge at the London SciFi Fest with "Factory Farmed'"
Yo that trailer is fire. My man Gareth Edwards kicking *** and taking names.
I loved and Godzilla (2014, Gareth Edwards), it is just I cannot see how King Kong could possibly match Godzilla.
Your Safe at Tho but Glen Webb at might lose his place. Gareth Edwards at Steve Fenwick
Check out all our pics of Gareth Edwards, JJ Williams, Bob Webb, and at our
Are you a rugby fan? Spend an evening with Sir Gareth Edwards
Watching , I could sit and listen to Gareth Edwards all day!
The Welsh haven't forgotten That Try by Gareth Edwards against the in 1973.
I loved the "new" Godzilla directed by Gareth Edwards. I'd love to see more in that vein.
Your Godzilla is too suck. . and Gareth Edwards
I can understand that... Although I don't think Gareth Edwards will stay with the masses, nor will Johnson.
In about a few months, it'll have been two years since Gareth Edwards' Godzilla came out. Life is moving too quick.
Did you explain to him it's being directed by Gareth Edwards and that alone is reason enough to be at least intrigued?
'73 production of The Petticoat Rebellion by D Emyr Edwards & Gareth Thomas
The FFR also contacted Richie McCaw and Gareth Edwards. Heard they have skills. Interesting for Wales game
Has Trump been watching Gareth Edwards' Monsters? A giant wall between US & Mexico to protect America from aliens...
Hi Gareth I've seen a Rhys Edwards on the riders list for the 6 day race, is this your Rhys? my son is in cat 4
Maybe he got the idea from Gareth Edwards' "Monsters", and failed to realise he was the monster in this scenario.
Gareth Edwards : gazedwards82. We invite u to J0IN our FREE iPh0ne 6s giveaway. Pls read my bi0 :) Thx
Finally watching Gareth Edwards' 'Godzilla'. Getting acquainted with the director.
I always think of Warbs as a bit like Gareth Edwards. Primarily an int'l.
you know that time Gareth Edwards scored that try in the mud against Scotland like that really
I like Gareth Edwards, so I'm hopeful there
. I have the legend that is Gareth Edwards!!
if Danny was Welsh we'd start him! Gareth Edwards agreed and who would go against God?
years ago I bought my husband Gareth Edwards - his idol😍
the Gareth Edwards one with and Scoot?
Even if Gareth Edwards directs, and his movies are TERRIBLE.
We have just three of these shirts remaining on our store
Welsh ancestry. In fact I was named for Gareth Edwards the famous number 9
A message from Gareth Edwards, who some of you may have met as MC of the CHAMP awards last year and is a...
Website Builder 728x90
We definitely need to get into this one :P...
The team included the Welsh stars Barry John, Mervyn Davies, Gareth Edwards, Gerald Davies and the Pontypool front row, Willie John MacBryde
Wales rugby great Gareth Edwards says they must raise the bar against Scotland
The Gareth Edwards version? It was a poorly constructed film, narratively speaking, but the portrayal of Godzilla was bang on.
Yes please. Yes. Please! . "Gareth Edwards was going for a War like movie much like films such as Saving Private Ryan"
This is COOL! Gareth Edwards Jones is ground worker! Enjoy it
No Let-ting up as manager Gareth Davies looks to keep their distance at the top this evening
It's 43 years today since Gareth Edwards scored *that* try for against the http…
43 years ago today "That Try" was scored by Gareth Edwards in the Barbarians vs New Zealand at the Cardiff Arms Park. Greatest try ever
if not Colin, Innaritu (Revenant), Gareth Edwards or Spielberg. Maybe Kurtz Sutter as a writer.
the Gareth Edwards one. Been something I've been wanting to watch for a while, but never getting around to
Plot details of Star Wars spin-off Rogue One from Nuneaton director Gareth Edwards emerge
Disney unveil 2016 movie lineup - including Star Wars spin-off from Nuneaton director Gareth Edwards: All you need…
Godzilla director Gareth Edwards to direct first Star Wars spin-off | Film | The Guardian -
I want to say 'high', since the director Gareth Edwards made "Godzilla ( 2014 )" and I thought it was really good !
Gareth Edwards is directing the film (director of 2014 Godzilla) JJ is not involved this time
373: "Monsters". Director: Gareth Edwards. 2010. Light on action but doesn't suffer for it. Enjoyable.
New movies from the Coens, Mallick, Linklater, Jeremy Saulnier, Drake Doremus, Duncan Jones and Gareth Edwards next year. COOL.
Gareth Edwards: will illustrate "the reality of war. Good guys are bad. Bad guys are good."
Hi Lee you also 2nd to The best try of all Times France 2009 That Famous Gareth Edwards Try. Merry Christmas
RTM Spokesperson Simon Zwane with Gareth Edwards on urging road users to obey the rules of the road.
I am interested in how Rogue One turns out. The director behind it (Gareth Edwards) did a decent job rebooting Godzilla.
Also no offense to Gareth Edwards and company but can we just skip Rogue 1 and get Episode VIII sooner?
I'm going to make an effort to get in to it before Rogue One. Love Gareth Edwards and Mads. Also I feel left out!
17. the wait for EPVIII is long, but Gareth Edwards Heist Spin-Off will tie us over.
I know its Gareth Edwards directing so giving him another chance but he's gotta put more action in over one character's story
raises the question will Vader be in this film or what? And I hope Gareth Edwards has learnt from Godzilla what not to do
So psyched for that. Loved Gareth Edwards' Godzilla. And it's not main trilogy canon, so I think I can relax. I think.
Then I saw Gareth Edwards was the director and I'm like NO. Not even my boy Donnie Yen being in it won't hype me up now.
A special note from Gareth Edwards to sound designers Erik and Ethan :)
Gareth Edwards is doing the next Star Wars movie? :(
I think im seeing it again boxing day as well! I am so excited for what Gareth Edwards does on Rogue One
Gareth Edwards is doing the first spin-off film.
I think once you've been a Lion you deserve the wages of a Lion. Somebody is still paying Gareth Edwards after all
- 10:12pm, Gareth Edwards. Camera setting up southbound on Mitchell freeway after ocean reef road entrance
Rogue One is Gareth Edwards. The Miller Bros from the Lego Movie are doing Young Han.
Then IX is what's-his-name, from Jurassic World. Rogue One is Gareth Edwards and Han Solo Movie is Lord and Miller.
Gareth Edwards is doing Rogue One. Lego Movie guys on the Han Solo, er, solo
This is how far Gareth Edwards will go for accuracy in his 'Star Wars Rogue One' film
currently wrapping up his part in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the Gareth Edwards-directed spin-off from franchise
also, it's interesting that Gareth Edwards is shooting Rogue One digitally.
I heard y'day that Gareth Edwards is shooting some of Star Wars: Rogue One on 65mm stock with the Hateful Eight Ultra Pa…
Feeling merry . . . or miserable?. It can be a tough time of year for many. I remember the cold, dark days of...
I completely disagree. Gareth Edwards directing a SW universe movie that isn't beholden to OT? I'm in
I believe he was once a knock-off version of Sir Gareth Edwards. Easy wound up, too 😉
American Idol star Constantine Maroulis appears in court
Kind of bugging me I'm waking up to see the Maes Gareth Edwards council estate instead of the French Alps
The guys from Gareth Evans' movie are in Star Wars and the next one is a Gareth Edwards movie so that doesn't help me from confusing them
Yeah. The anthologies look good at least. Gareth Edwards can really make Rogue One work.
Im looking forward to that, I really liked Godzilla 2014 so Gareth Edwards is alright by me
nope, wrong Gareth. It's Gareth Edwards, as in MONSTERS and GODZILLA
I will always ask a Gareth Edwards film to dance.
Yes. First, the spinoff, Rogue One from Gareth Edwards (Godzilla, Monsters), then Rian on ep. 8.
directed by Gareth Edwards, I thought he did a phenomenal job on the new Godzilla!
"Sir Gareth Edwards" get in!! Honours list credibility restored. Can we keep it that way please?
BOD, Richie McCaw, Carter - even Gareth Edwards - never over played. Elite rugby players should not be flogged..
would have saw TFA opening night if Gareth Edwards was on 9 & Trevorrow was on R1. Instead I’ll see it tomorrow. Your loss, Kathleen Kennedy
Can't wait for Star Wars: Rouge One now! Bring it Gareth Edwards!
Do you have high hopes for Gareth Edwards directed spin-off, Rogue One? I know you liked Godzilla.
I'm just waiting for Rogue One now... I know Gareth Edwards won't disappoint.
This hope comes in the shape of Gareth Edwards & Rian Johnson. The 2 filmmakers responsible for the next two installments of the franchise.
Yes, I believe so - Gareth Edwards has Rogue One next Xmas with Johnson's Ep VIII May 2017. Colin Trevorrow has Ep IX.
A Massive Thank You to Sir Gareth Edwards and Alun Wyn Bevan for coming down today
And I'm certain that Gareth Edwards, Christopher Miller, Phil Lord and Rian Johnson will take the franchise even further.
I liked a video from Gareth Edwards - Time of Cheer
The Gareth Edwards one will be the best of the next 5 years.
actually it's a stand alone film directed by Gareth Edwards, the autuer behind last year's Godzilla
Saw her at on a panel w/ Gareth Edwards and a couple others. KK might have been there. Josh Trank was "sick" that day.
Gareth Edwards, Rob Jones, Rob Howley, Terry Holmes...inside half factory! Mike ranks in top 5 but Webb is a huge talent
Scarlet fans have form for this, they'd argue Selwyn Williams better than Gareth Edwards ffs
Gareth Edwards is so talented. Very pumped to see what he brings to the Star Wars Universe.
Mads Mikkelsen talks about Gareth Edwards (director) forthcoming
Here's a reply to your illogical point:
Jonah Lomu was the Diego Maradona of rugby and brought so much to the Welsh game - the Gareth Edwards verdict:…
Gareth Edwards: was the Maradona of rugby... he brought so much to Welsh game
The best and most exciting rugby player since Gareth Edwards
Now that's how to put your safety helmet on lad. Sent in by Gareth Justin Edwards.
Few tables remaining for festive lunch with legend Sir Gareth Edwards.Call 01792 634889
► 'A great man - a great player' says Sir Gareth Edwards paying tribute to Jonah Lomu
I still feel so lucky that I got to meet both JJ Abrams and Gareth Edwards in person. Two great directors who will reinvigorate
Hearing Sir Gareth Edwards recall his memories of Jonah Lomu just sums up the true traits of a rugby superstar. Talent, humility, charisma.
Alliance annual conference takes place with support of Director, Gareth Edwards
Sir Gareth Edwards on Jonah Lomu: "What a gentle giant he was, a man who had time for everybody. He had a great impact on the Cardiff Blues"
My rugby hero was Gareth Edwards but the person to have the biggest impact on the game in my lifetime was Jonah Lomu.
I still didn't believe it when Gareth Edwards was telling us he was coming
Signed copies now in-store including Brian Blessed, Gareth Edwards and Adam Jones
My favourite piece in aid of Emilyforgot's piece celebrating 'That Try' by Gareth Edwards:
"Stop with the anti-refugee stuff and show some humanity."
Very well, "Gareth Edwards" and "Guy Parker-Rees." You have made a very powerful enemy today.
Kathleen Kennedy, JJ Abrahams, Rian Johnson & Gareth Edwards featured in video talking past & future of
Gareth Stanford Edwards became a LLPDMEM at Oxford Property Management Llp. More there
Gareth Edwards of Godzilla fame? He must've had a bad experience with dinosaurs.
Been watching Godzilla on repeat. It has its faults, but Gareth Edwards’ scene construction is excellent. Fantastic transitions & reveals.
Not every Friday night you meet Gareth Edwards
what a great gesture by Francois Pienaar towards Gareth Edwards in the studio after by wearing the red tie with pride.Respect
the great 1970s Welsh rugby team with Phil Bennett, Barry John, Gareth Edwards, JPR & JJ Williams, Mervyn Davies etc.
Watch: Gareth Edwards and Lewis Moody give their England v. Wales match reaction
I'm looking forward to see Wales having to bring Gareth Edwards, Jonathan Davies, JPR Williams back as out of fit players
Is it crazy that I'm more excited to see what Gareth Edwards, Rian Johnson and Colin Trevorrow do with SW than JJ Abrams?
Black Belts next for students: Congratulations to Andrew Loder, Tania Deitch and Gareth Edwards on attaining 1...
Congratulations to Tania Deitch, Andrew Loder and Gareth Edwards on attaining their 1st kyu Brown belts yesterday...
2005, 2008 and 2012 - Ryan Jones, Adam Jones and Gethin Jenkins. 1971, 1976 and 1978 - Gerald Davies, Gareth Edwards and J P R?
my point though was Rian Johnson, Gareth Edwards and Colin Trevorrow
Here's our first look at Gareth Edwards' upcoming film! Edwards will return to direct for 2018.
JJ Abrams, Rian Johnson, Gareth Edwards and Colin Trevorrow all directing Star Wars films. Gonna be awesome seeing the v…
I don't wanna care about but JJ Abrams, Rian Johnson and Gareth Edwards are among my favorite people in Hollywood, so...
If Rian Johnson or Gareth Edwards creates a masterpiece, I'd figure they get chance for IX.
Yeah, I think it has a tremendous cast and a fantastic director in Gareth Edwards. This holds all sorts of promise!
"Rogue One - A Star Wars Story" is the official title of Gareth Edwards' movie, according to the logo. And we have a cas…
Rogue One film just started production. Godzilla director Gareth Edwards doing that. Seeing video from him.
My personal favorite indie director selected for a blockbuster:. Gareth Edwards, from MONSTERS to GODZILLA
IF you're interested VHS 2 (anthology horror flick) has an AMAZING segment directed by Gareth Edwards of The Raid movies
I love Gareth Edwards Monsters. A visually impressive creature feature, held together by a beautiful romance at its core.
Never been to Mayhem? We’ve hosted Gareth Edwards, Mark Gatiss, Nic Roeg, Astron-6 & more!
And so my movie list goes on. Monsters and Looper down. Now it's time for the Gareth Edwards Godzilla.
movie watch continues. Last night was Monsters from Gareth Edwards. Next is Rian Johnson's Looper, then Edwards' Godzilla.
It's directed by Gareth Edwards, before Godzilla. I liked it, not bad at all.
And if Gareth Edwards can get a scene like the HALO jump into Rogue One it'll be great!
Just watched Gareth Edwards' for the first time. What a great film, would definitely recommend it.
i think you'll find Sir Gareth Edwards is the answer to life, the universe and everything
close but no cigar. Sir Gareth Edwards is the answer for at least 12 of the questions
Hands down Bill McLaren Wales v Scotland '72 Gareth Edwards try.He may well get there and he has.10 years before I was born.
Brilliant fundraising training in Edinburgh Tues with Gareth Edwards Thanks G, am currently putting it into practice
MONSTERS Director Gareth Edwards talks about his journey from VFX to directing
See I'm over here not content with dumb fun on this front. I'm down for Gareth Edwards' film and Rian Johnson's though.
Edwards I give up with paywalls too. No point. Just frustration
Gareth Edwards’ Rogue One shooting in three weeks:
Is this a sequel to the Gareth Edwards one?
Gareth Edwards officially begins filming Rogue One in about three weeks
Gareth Edwards starts shooting in about 3 weeks.
Even Gareth Edwards looked good ringing that ball at the SWALEC - are these piemen ambitious, or what?
The end of Gareth Edwards' "Monsters" is absolutely mesmerizing. Makes total sense why they picked the guy to do Godzilla now.
When we prompted director Gareth Edwards for a few Godzilla promos at the Warner Bros lot last…
Everyone take a moment to feel bad for Rogue One director Gareth Edwards, who turns 40 today. Officially over the hill.
oooh - all the news. pleased to see Gareth Edwards & in top spot. (alongside Steven Spielberg)
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Gareth Edwards edited Monsters in his bedroom a few years ago. He's now directing a Star Wars film
I missed this news! SW panel confirmed that Gareth Edwards‘ Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One starts shooting in 3 weeks!
Gareth Edwards (Godzilla) is confirmed to begin production by the end of summer on Star Wars: Rogue One, starring Felicity Jones
on 1946 Gareth Edwards, Welsh rugby player and sportscaster
Started by Phil Bennett with an amazing side step & finished by Gareth Edwards with an amazing sprint.
The "Gareth Edwards" style was born out of budget limitations, but seems to have become more of an affectation. Totally sunk Godzilla for me
Big thanks to Ashes team, Sir Gareth Edwards & for fabulous generously auction prizes!
Happy birthday to the one and only Gareth Edwards!
On his Birthday 󾍇 The legend that is Sir Gareth Edwards
One of the greatest rugby players of all time and Wales' youngest ever captain, Happy Birthday to Sir Gareth Edwards
Happy Birthday to Sir Gareth Edwards. Hope you are having a great day. All the best from your mates at ESR.
Welsh rugby great Gareth Edwards is knighted, remember he was one of the 200 celebs who signed THAT letter asking Scotl…
Did you know they made a sequel to Gareth Edwards' 2010 indie gem Monsters? Here's our review of Monsters: Dark...
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