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Gareth Cliff

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"If there was a God, he'd have taken Bobby Brown first" Gareth Cliff.
and you interviewed Gareth Cliff for?
Akere Gareth Cliff and others will say it's Freedom of Expression for racists to hurl insults at our leaders
A long, wide-ranging and enjoyable interview with Gareth Cliff
Most people ignores that even gareth cliff came later an is still only radio to win awards competing with terrestri…
A proud moment was at the Linkin Park concert when Gareth Cliff came out to open the act and the crowd booed him. lol :P
May as well pay tithe to Gareth Cliff!Now we see y Floyd & were faking anger at def…
Waiting for Gareth Cliff to ask who's paying for Joost's funeral
Here's a gif of an eagle dragging a goat off a cliff to make a meal out of its smashed up body.
Just reminded me of Gareth Cliff's 5fm show 😅
Good Morning it's Friday Amigos! tune now on The Gareth Cliff Show.
Gareth Cliff accused of fat shaming women | Channel24. Fell off the couch laughing. Its true
Gareth Cliff is a fun vampire. We can't deal with people who are always conscious about what they say. Chill is unmonitored
Babes! Gareth Cliff breakfast show was everything!!
Best breakfast show to date Gareth Cliff on 5FM dont @ me
When Gareth Cliff celebrated the death of Manto Tshabalala it was not racist and but when its a white man, its racist.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Gareth Cliff is bae waitse 😍. Lord please bless me with a white man 😦😥
myb they think its freedom of speech ' ask" Gareth cliff
Did Eusebius just throw shade at Gareth Cliff?! 😂😂😂
Those DA Staning Gareth Cliff groupies love to try & shutdown discourse claiming scientific fact, yet ignore the science of gender identity😊
I'll be on Cliff Central at 8am tomorrow morning with Gareth Cliff.
Eeh. Wow this one 'calls' Gareth Cliff. Gareth doesn't pick up 😂😂💔
Gareth Cliff said some stuff after Manto died, people said it was all in poor taste and what not...
like NHS privatisation and decimating social care eh Cliff? I'll keep the rampant Kipper corruption aside for now.
nothing like a succinct and memorable soundbite eh Cliff?
So awkward calling the most famous someone you know just to prove you know them... this one said Gareth Cliff and he didn't pick up 😂🤣😂🤣
Folks keep calling Gareth Cliff a bigot on here but can't provide answers when I question their statement 😏
By the way, Sir Cliff looking fab on his official 2017 calendar.
Gareth Cliff made a point about this in his book. 😀 Just putting it out there. I'm black and I agree with him. ✊🏾🇿🇦
!Gareth Cliff spiked Mara Louw's drink with alcohol and Mara Louw was expelled from IdolsSA :She was at that time one of the judges
" Transformation is a very poisenous word" - Gareth Cliff
Anele better ask her about the Gareth Cliff saga.
Changing to Telkom tomorrow. Cell C is getting too greedy 😡 . Warrappen Gareth Cliff & T-Bo Touch 🤔
The interview is on timeline. Also his interview with Gareth Cliff which gives some background story too
Such an honor to have met Gareth Cliff yesterday! Amazing show on CliffCentral thank you for the opportuni…
will there be a repeat of the show with Gareth Cliff...bummed I missed it!
Battle of the tribes on my TL😂😂😂 Gareth Cliff was right, yall morons!
the Gareth cliff show is the only reason I wake up on 6 am. Especially the first part
This Gareth Cliff interview is breathing life onto me! . 😂😂😂😂 .
Dali Mpofu have represent Gareth Cliff. Now is time to defend Helen Zille. Protecting white racist monopoly.
it's nice seeing this side of Gareth Cliff. One of the best conversations. His self awareness
Guys did Gareth Cliff just say we are made up of bacterial DNA? 😂😂😂
Jacques Kallis is the sporting version of Helen Zille who is the political version of Gareth Cliff who is the media versio…
Watching as she interviews Gareth Cliff . Gareth always speaks his mind…
Why is Gareth Cliff trending...? 😀 my favorite Idols judge ever and he's no longer a judge but a businessman now.👌🏽🔥
Y'all ain't really mad at Gareth cliff,u mad at urselves coz he made u realise hw stupid u R 4 readily believing anything
"If you're gonna be yourself, you have to accept that some people will won't like you" Gareth Cliff.
No-one should make money from drugging a woman. Suport campaign to block sales of Gareth Cliff's book 'Cliffhanger'. https…
Only "morons" will get touched by the statement Gareth Cliff made on
Missed the Gareth Cliff interview . Where can I get it online? I'm out of the country.:(
Gareth Cliff is now trending in South Africa, ranking 2
Gareth Cliff is insanely interesting! I think I could listen to him all day.
Wow wow wow guize, watched less than 2 minutes of Gareth Cliff speaking on Anele's show and was so die moer in.
I'm gonna read the Gareth Cliff book if i get it for free
Dear God. Can somebody get me Trevor Noah and Gareth Cliff books. Thank you🙏🏾
"Everybody has a unique set of circumstances and experiences" - Gareth Cliff
Gareth Cliff is a smart guy struu! I'm taking so much notes from this interview. Stuff that I need to apply in my life.
Gareth Cliff called us Morons, all tweeps!
Gareth Cliff is one of the most influential people in SA.
Mara Louw singing like she was drugged by Gareth Cliff.
Gareth Cliff suing Sunday World, he will prolly be represented by Dali Mpofu 😆
Nah, it's all right, Dali Mpofu will defend Gareth Cliff again & say his only crime is being white, cause "liberal Constit…
Even if Mara Louw sues Gareth Cliff he will win, he's got Dali Mpofu on his side smh...
Let's hope Dali Mpofu can represent Mme Mara Louw against Gareth Cliff for spiking her drink which led to her dismissal…
Gareth Cliff's legal team (Dali Mpofu included ) will tell him to apologize . I mean after all we are euphoric. Tomorrow we will be over it
if "Gareth Cliff" gets arrested.Dali Mpofu will be his attorney. EFF idlalile ngabantu
Dali Mpofu didn't mean what he said,he just want to make money and go home . He knows that Gareth Cliff is racist!
Gareth Cliff, David Bullard, Leon Schuster and so on and so forth...
brings outdoor adventure to city centre this Saturday & Sunday! . ht…
Podcast: Allister Sparks shares 66 years of journalism wisdom with Gareth Cliff
Pachida from Gareth Cliff's show explains how she felt her mother was a shared commodity: commodified nurture. 18h00 on
If my name was Gareth I would jump off a cliff
What would you like ask Gareth Cliff??? . Let's put him on the spot 😊.
Here's a shoutout for Gareth Cliff, listen to him at for hard hitting news stories
Dont worry Lucas this chap comes under this title "Man who leaps off cliff jumps to conclusion." 😂
Managing Director Gareth Simm & Steve Hodgkiss are attending the Official Opening of London O2 today
Saw Gareth Cliff wearing track pants at the airport and now I'm scarred for life
I thoroughly enjoyed my interview with Gareth Cliff this morning. Thank you to all who sent…
Does Gareth Cliff makes money with his radio show tota??.
Your legal expect is wrong. Gareth Cliff was reinstated at with only an email
This pic was taken just after Gareth Cliff had given me that YES & golden ticket! & These are…
is replacing Gareth Cliff with Jack Parrow?😕...That guy has no right to judge anyone😑, he's a bore on his own nje😑😑...
it's why Gareth Cliff has a career and can give those Renegade Report goofballs a platform, no matter how small/irrelevant it is💅
While we focus on Gareth Cliff, Penny Sparrow and Chris Hart; the worst racists are getting away with it in our sporting bodies.
now get Gareth Bale to return home to Spurs!
New post on my blog: Risky Business. That’s what Gareth Cliff talked about at the last Creative Mornings in Joburg.
'Break out and be brave' Gareth Cliff . Philosophy for the morning 😂😂🙌🏾
Those cliff hangers and cannot forget the outro music.
not seeing Gareth Cliff in this ANC MCM list
Have Gareth Cliff and Fikile Mbalula kissed and made up?
Morning. So what was the result of that silly fox hunt? Have we all agreed that I'm Gareth Cliff?
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
old Gareth Cliff would've complained about this...that thing that happened was good for SA😅
Gareth cliff such a *** But the crew too funny,especially yaaseen barnes
CreativeMornings // Risk // Gareth Cliff . Thank you to our amazing sponsors htt…
Finally a place Gareth Cliff will feel at home.
The way I used to love 702 growing up. Gareth Cliff and John Robbie were my fav humans. Imagine.
May not be what Gareth Cliff had in mind with "It's the Weekend Baby!!"
I wonder how many people miss listening to Gareth Cliff in the mornings
Gareth Cliff is an expert in the field and also had an awesome online radio station you can stream. I messaged...
I once met Cliff Richard... he called me Gareth too!!
Im sure Gareth Cliff is loving this 90% story... Streaming has just became that much more of a necessity
What is your take on SABC's new local music policy?
Another superb interview by Gareth Cliff chatting with Judith Sephuma. She had cool stories and how she met Brenda Fassie.
29.3.16 Pt3: Gareth Cliff got to hear the amazing story behind the sweet voice by chatting to South Afric...
Jack Parow is replacing Gareth Cliff as Idols judge on the 12th season of the Mzansi Magic (DStv 161) show:
Gareth Cliff had to go to court after being sacked for expressing an opinion at variance with the new wide "hatespeech" metric
By the way M-Net has fallen over Gareth Cliff, what are the latest over Andrew Barnes before I could jump to Penny.?
What's happened in SA this January is more than what has happened the entire 2015; abo Penny Sparrow, Gareth Cliff, now…
Re-instated Idols judge, Gareth Cliff says freedom of expression is a fundamental human right.
Now i Apologie to Gareth Cliff, Dali Mpofu and The Jugde.thats all it takes for justice to prevail
Now I feel like auditioning at just so that when they say no I can ask Gareth Cliff for Dali Mpofu's number.
So Dali Mpofu can fix ikinga za ka Gareth Cliff in a week but the Marikana miners 3 years & counting.
Idols judge Gareth Cliff is taking his fight to be reinstated by M-Net to the South Gauteng High Court on...
South Gauteng High Court today will be the highlight for the Law suite for 25 million, matter between Gareth Cliff vs M-Net.
And, media personality Gareth Cliff and M-Net will go head-to-head in the South Gauteng High Court.
Pierce Morgan and Gareth Cliff are cut from the same cloth or trash bag if I'm being honest.
In all fairness, we are being prejudicial to Gareth Cliff. The statement wasn't harmful, M-Net took a premature step trying to defend itself
Let me troll on the Gareth Cliff issue and let the great debaters handle it. Viva !!!
Gareth Cliff: It happened because white people came here and in an armed, forceful way took what they want. Ntsiki Mazwai: Tha…
Gareth Cliff: I paid for all of this. Nobody helped me. Ntsiki Mazwai: Yes, because you get paid a whole lot more as a white m…
Do people understand freedom of speech? (On Mnet 'firing' Gareth Cliff.) via
Order Miche Bag Online!
All the people that were told by Gareth Cliff that they can't sing on idols, they're probably like;
Times they are changing! Being racist is costly people so don't be. And if you are then you better tuck that shi* in. Peac…
Gareth Cliff to consider legal option after Idols firing: report
Gareth Cliff is not racist, believes M-Net
'"Gareth Cliff got fired for defending free speech"
Gareth Cliff Speakout of quickly escalated into
Do you agree with the move to fire Gareth Cliff for saying “some people really don’t understand free spee…
Gareth Cliff fired from Idols after race comments
White folks who are upset at Gareth Cliff being fired are exposing their own pathetic racism.
Do not tell us that Gareth Cliff was not condoning racist. He even reiterated the view that black people are moneys. https:/…
As to black folks defending Gareth Cliff, I have no words for you
If people cared as much about the fiscal cliff as they do about Gareth Cliff, our economy might not be in the state that it's…
M-Net announced that Gareth Cliff won't be part of the judging panel for season 12
Gareth Cliff Speakout of quickly escalated into | The Edge Search
Gareth cliff still trending ohh no, people of the South let's move on!
Gareth Cliff basically saying he didn't need the Idols SA Job anyways.
Gareth Cliff an ANC voter who once voted for COPE, I wonder who he is voting for now.
Honestly what is the difference between what Somizi said and what Gareth Cliff said? If you fire Gareth Cliff surely Somiz…
Guys I have an interview with Gareth Cliff tomorrow on his show.pls don't think I'm doin a Thuli on you. I will be the…
How we should be thinking about freedom of speech vs hate speech: thanks
Penny Penny has applied for Gareth Cliff s job. Our next judge, I can't wait 😃
This championing of Gareth Cliff as a martyr for free speech is nauseating.
Gareth Cliff talks Referring to his sacking from Idols after he voiced his opinion of the Pe...
Let the narratives around Gareth Cliff not be limited to just his statements this week. This was only a matter of time.
Regardless of your attitudes towards Gareth Cliff's character & tone, being dismissed for defending free speech (NOT Sparrow)…
Do people understand freedom of speech? (On Mnet ‘firing’ Gareth Cliff.)
Gareth Cliff was defending Penny Sparrow's "advocacy of hatred" by claiming it had legitimacy. He buttressed racism.
Catch me at 8am with gareth cliff...theme song The Mighty Have Fallen - Ntsiki Mazwai
I don't think Gareth Cliff knows there are rights and responsibilities ku Constitution. Idols SA must get him a copy as his …
Gareth Cliff has a long history of spewing racism it finally caught up with him. Here he insults Former Health Min https…
White privilege must be so nice. was just “an extramural activity” for Gareth Cliff not a job.
Gareth fired from Does that show still exist? Sounds more like they have done him a huge favour!! 👏👏👏
Oh gosh, now we have those who suffer from the Uncle Rukus Syndrome saying Gareth Cliff's dismissal is a bit extreme ..ei anime tuh
The swiftness of M-NET in dealing with RACISM- re: Gareth Cliff speaks volumes about re: Chris Hart.
A sad time for S Africa in the Gareth Cliff witch hunt.
Liberal media props up boring people like Gareth Cliff, Mmusi Maimane then you wonder why people don't care for them. He was never a thing!
First Cliff Jones and now Gareth Bale; wingers produced in North London taking Wales into major tournaments.
Gareth Cliff and his team on my way to school & Dj Fresh and his team on my way back from school. 🙌
Gr8 memory also was Days of our Mornings on Gareth Cliff show.
Nick Wilson's website is live!. "...South Park spliced with Animal Farm. I like it” – Gareth Cliff.
Judging from the no. of followers some of these celebs have ( i.e Gareth Cliff) yes it's possible
people mistake me for Gareth Cliff.signed a few autographs in my lifetime as well. Met him few months ago, funny moment
Tune in to righ now to stream/listen the Sean Digga interview with Gareth Cliff
Gareth Cliff has been cool since his afternoon drive show days on 5fm, what a legend this guy is.🙌🙋
Lol I love this mlungu called Gareth Cliff
The love I have for Gareth Cliff. . . He is my celebrity crush yaz!
"You cry for everything." - Gareth Cliff. Anathi holds back tears in and shouts back "No, I don't!". lol
Tomorrow on The Gareth Cliff Show, K2 Twins Ex-Manager Johan Stephan sets the record straight on all the controversy!
Does still opens his show wit hot trance tunes like he used to on the # freshDrive? I don't listen his show because Gareth Cliff
I dare you to call Gareth Cliff and all you guys should fire him like he does on idols
Gareth Cliff celebrated the death of Cadre Manto Tshabalala Msimang , Im not ready to forget
Gareth Cliff had the scoop this morning when Griff Or Dewaine called in live from to CliffCentral...
My brother holds Gareth Cliff in such high esteem. That's where we differ.
it was u Fresh whn I asked about Gareth Cliff 'dafaq u on about' I asked u to do' its the weekend baaaby' I was stunt! I apologis
Gareth McAuley would jump off a cliff for Northern Ireland
.finds out all about Fon on this week.
Kana Gareth Cliff was on 702 at some point. They're again trying to attracting younger listeners
Get a restraining order on Gareth Cliff in advance.
I always hold my breath when has something to say during The Gareth Cliff Show, you never know what will spew out of his mouth
Just to Gareth Cliff but only when I get to work
I need to brag. I went to high school with her. That's her, Nicole Flint and Gareth Cliff same high school. 💅💅
Great two days on the Module 3 course with Joe Sargison,Lewis Dickman & Gareth Morgan. Great group of coaches
Gareth Cliff enjoys sitting next to so much! 😁
Is it for real is out? I can't wait for Newspapers headlines
It can't be, it's just wrong and you know it too,
You once had a top17, what stops you from having top11?
I can't even watch that's how hurt I am,
Thami is better than most of the girls, you made a BIG mistake
Gareth cliff the token white guy on idols 2015
Unathi might just ask Gareth Cliff for a job on Cliff central
Will they suspend Gareth for promoting Cliff Central now??
Cde's when Gareth Cliff,The anarchist had so much issues,the Presidency invited him,gave him tea.Listened to him
Tottenham Hotspur legend Cliff Jones, the Welsh wing wizard who went to the 1958 World Cup, believes Gareth Bale can become the greatest
He's the ONLY one on SABC After Gareth cliff.
That time that Gareth Cliff of all people shows disapproval for the attack on "panties" but Black Feminist twirra is quiet
... Grew up listening to Gareth Cliff. I respect that he has views, I agree with most & find others hilarious. mornings
Let me pretend I know about The Gareth Cliff Show
Gareth Cliff left mainstream, started his own radio & thrived. Unscripted, uncensored, unradio. Chatting with...
Hey Sarah, mike here from The Gareth Cliff Show. Please DM me your contact details.
As much as you may argue, Gareth Cliff's morning show on 5fm with Mabale Moloi, Leigh-Ann Mol & Damon Kalvari WAS the bes…
I know who exatly you reffering to..lolcliff
CliffCentral tomorrow morning at 07h30 Gareth Cliff speaks to Scott Picken. Dont miss it
she's been handling it very well. Listened to her interview with Gareth Cliff & she was so cool & level headed about all this.
*digression* that ogre Gareth Cliff had a skit called "Angry Black Poetry" that 'lampoons' angry blacks & slam poetry
You got mentioned this morning on the Gareth Cliff Show, at the 8m35s mark for Pixels
"You can hear a 30-second ad on radio but it doesn't mean you're going to do anything about it" - Gareth Cliff
Gareth Cliff tryna use to get listeners for his Mxit radio station SMH
.and the team chat to Rianette Leibowitz from about cyberbullying
I forgot to download a Gareth Cliff podcast before I left home, so my day is off to a bad start already.
Gareth Cliff was bold, people were skeptical, but I've got a feeling they're starting to realize he was on something.
Gareth Bale can become the greatest Welsh player in history, says hero of 1958 World Cup team Cliff Jones 
As a leader you may want to consider following Gareth Cliff in order to gain a better understanding of your own followers. -
DJ Zinhle was on CliffCentral recently when she revealed to Gareth Cliff that she earns around R70 000 a show. Nice.
Catch us on The Gareth Cliff Show tomorrow morning at 8am :-)
no ways my mums cuzin has a crush on Gareth Cliff and her man is straight tripping about it.hayini
Also, the young, male DA MPs sound like Gareth Cliff
Comrade Bae, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi from the EFF was not here for Gareth Cliff telling him how he should behave in Parly.
So Maps can walk in heels, Gareth Cliff on the other hand, lol
My Good Friend Mark Sham is holding an amazing talk with 3 amazing speakers. . Gareth Cliff. Brent Lindeque. Mark...
These judges are too soft. Where's Gareth Cliff and Randal .sp
Gareth Cliff's letter to the government! *thumbs up*
Hey, Please DM your contact details, would like to book you for an interview on 'The Gareth Cliff Show'. Thanks
"I'm not looking for the mass audience, I am looking for the right audience," - GarethCliff
I need to somehow get a listen of the Gareth Cliff show tomorrow... I will try and hustle a live stream or a miniature radio by my desk
On the music video set with Gareth Cliff
Watching Johnny Cash as a paedo-murderer country singer on Columbo is the best. Don't see Cliff Richard doing that. T http:…
Gareth Cliff talks all things 'Central' and the future of radio in Africa.
Gareth Cliff shares the joy of taking his content online.
"I'm not looking for mass audience. I want the right audience" -Gareth Cliff
"People tune into radio for the personalities and not music which is downloadable" - Gareth Cliff
Gareth Cliff out here in all black looking all rugged and yummy. Bless him.
Gareth Cliff talking about year one of Unradio
'100 000 podcast downloads per week for -Gareth Cliff
Gareth cliff of cliff central in the house
Gareth Cliff has just arrived! cannot wait to hear what he has to say :D
Just heard Gareth mention my name on catch me on cliff central this morning 9am with siya on untapped talent
How is this retard going to play this Gareth Cliff podcast so loud but I've already listened to it? Annoying. 😒
If Gareth Cliff owned oxygen , Id have to eat 5Kg of rattex and die straight
Im not giving Gareth Cliff my money,even if he uses black faces like Sbu for his bread business like i wont waste my data on his trash radio
Does anyone outside of China and Gareth Cliff's house use WeChat?
Gareth Cliff is one of the few white South Africans who put an effort to pronounce black South Africans names properly
Best environmental award presented by Mr South Africa and Gareth Cliff
the guy that went to the gym on campus looked so much like Reus, with a touch of Gareth Cliff. so cute 😍
Start taking Gareth Cliff seriously as a leader and influencer in SA. He is becoming a real game changer on several fronts. -
I rate Gareth Cliff is the South African equivalent of Piers Morgan
dude there will always be haters demanding this and that. Don't crack man, Gareth Cliff himself would tell you.
Gareth Cliff is a leader in the new reality, the attitude of the so-called ‘followers’ is changing, or has already changed. -
Lol Flex rapping on the Gareth Cliff gotta love this radio show though.
The Dagga Couple school a doctor on dagga.
I am a big follower of Gareth Cliff and my friend argues i follower a counter revolutionary. Is Gareth so, wish he could explain.
As an African and a blogger, 's Tedx talk "Africa's New Voice" inspired me. Watch the talk
Why did Fikile Mbalula block Gareth Cliff on his TL ?
on air today. Cara the beauty, Helen the playful, Jen the adorable. Gareth the Cliff, Chace the...
Have y'all asked Presidential Chief-Of-Staff Gareth Cliff if "Shoes" will get a State Funeral?.
The pioneering minds of Gareth Cliff & Rina Bloomberg Its happening now in Norway:.
So sorry! unfortunately the interview with Gareth Cliff today isnt happening due to personal reasons. Sometimes,...
keeps getting better and better each week. So many twists and cliff hangers in every episode
The South African Music Awards red carpet. Catch the glamcam lowdown on Gareth Cliff mornings now!
Beatenberg sweep the SAMAS with 6 awards! Chatting to you now on Gareth Cliff Mornings CliffCentral
sweeps the South African Music Awards (SAMAs) with 6 awards! Catch my report now on Gareth Cliff...
So ALL radio stations in SA except won at least something at the yesterday, I blame Gareth Cliff. :)
Awazi wena. The prof pulled a Gareth Cliff on us in a calm voice
S Africans who wear default race lenses don't know how2 react2 who sounds like Malema Gareth Cliff & S Hofmyer ro…
Gareth Cliff proper chowed FM/AM Radio format debate at the ON AIR conference earlier. So many variables that radio couldn't account for.
please spread the word! We need support for the gift of the givers collection in pretoria!
This Gareth Cliff guy is quite arrogant and "cannot" be found to be wrong
Having a tough time deciding who's opinion irks me more between the Neville brothers & Gareth Cliff
Great interview look out for the podcast with Gareth Armstrong @ Future CEO's compliments of Cliff…
South Africa The Good News shared the following link and had this to say about it: Source: Gareth Cliff blog
Disrespecting another’s culture. . Strengthening dis with laws?. Surprised @ the result?. How stupid!
Gareth Cliff, controversial Ex 5FM radio presenter, on the movement.
If it makes just one person gain perspective, or decide not to share Gareth Cliff's latest blog post, then I've done my job.
Gareth Cliff weighs in on the Rhodes debate!
I am not a big Gareth Cliff fan, but I do like this piece!!
The Gareth Cliff Show, 14 Apr 14.04.2015 listen to interview with
Are u going to be part of the Gareth Cliff welcoming of a new year? Coz I saw Miss Pru on the line-up?
My Last RT.. Gareth Cliff just put it perfectly! Bunch of useless individuals working at Eskom.
"Shock jock’s ‘uncensored, un-radio’ station on WeChat: - well done Gareth Cliff keep it going
Gareth Cliff is showing his true colours.
I knew I would have your attention...but I m followed by Gareth cliff.but your not a celeb.get over yourself
Neighbours finished on a cliff hanger now on a festive break until the New Year! Cant believe it!. Devo'd
as if theres anybody who respects you Gareth Cliff
- goosebumps when u announced about on show a year ago and kept your voice together for the world:D
Fun interview with Gareth Cliff on this morning! Thanks for having me :) It's the weekend baby!...
Is there any way I can listen to Gareth Cliff's radio show, on an actual radio or is that not possible?   10% Off
Gareth Cliff "Black Lez I guess? Hope I don't get attacked:( "Name one nationwide celebrity from Pretoria?""
That Jonathan Witt guy has a Gareth Cliff kind of act on Social Media. Check LRT. He is trying to be controversial yet so late. LOOL!
roxstar_bikini swimsuit show 2014. This Friday with Gareth Cliff
lemme listen the podcast of THE GARETH CLIFF SHOW on NEED to analyz how cliffcentral main choir fumble.
please I wanna know is this true cause I'm heart broken hope is a scam
Barney you mentioned awhile ago a New Years party at Hard Rock Cafe. What are the details? HR website says Gareth Cliff?
Please ask your guest if gareth cliff's comments are racist or 'normal' as he put it
Just sang with the Soweto Gospel Choir, Proverb and Gareth Cliff at the Lyric Theatre. So cool
"Gareth Cliff looks like Salif Keita" - (2012. I think)
I would love to win this what a way to get into the new year with a party with Gareth Cliff
I wonder how Gareth Cliff is doing with his whatsapp radio station
I don't get enough of Gareth Cliff Show podcast!!! This guy talks smart. Am addicted.. cc
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