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Garden State Parkway

The Garden State Parkway (GSP) is a 172.4-mile (277-km) limited-access toll parkway that stretches the length of New Jersey from the New York line at Montvale, New Jersey, to Cape May at New Jersey's southernmost tip.

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Privatized toll collectors may start work in July Jan. 28, 2014 9:29 PM Written by Larry Higgs Asbury Park Press WOODBRIDGE — New Jersey Turnpike Authority officials say a private company’s employees could start collecting tolls on the Garden State Parkway in July, during the height of summer tourism season, if a contract is approved. Opponents of privatization started making their case at Wednesday’s Turnpike Authority board meeting in advance of a March 6 deadline for proposals to be submitted by private companies in response to a November request for proposals. So far, the authority has fielded 80 questions from eight companies, said Veronique Hakim, its executive director. The request also includes the authority’s E-ZPass operations currently run under contracts with Xerox. If approved by the board on April 29, a contract would be implemented in phases, starting with manual or cash toll collections on the Parkway on July 1, followed by toll supervisors in 2015 and a full takeover by July 2016. ...
A male driver whose vehicle overturned on the Garden State Parkway, in Egg Harbor Township, this morning was pronounced dead after being transported to an area hospital.
The traffic lights at Jimmie Leeds Road and the Garden State Parkway will be out of service today due to road work. Officers will be directing traffic. Please use caution in the area.
I have a Townhouse available to rent for the Super Bowl 2014. It is located in the town of Montvale right off the Garden State Parkway. It's about 20-30 minutes from MetLife Stadium 20 minutes to NYC. 3 bedrooms 2 full baths, fully furnished, parking for 2 cars plus vistor parking. Asking $2,500/day or BO 2 day minimum 7 day max. Refundable Security deposit required. Payment: half up front and half at arrival. This is a very nice unit. Brian Cushing of the Houston Texans rents this during his off season. Message me if you are interested, know some one, or have a business client that needs a place.
Disappointing when your signal dies when I'm driving to work. It's gone by the TOMS RIVER TOLL PLAZA on the Garden State Parkway!
The speed limit has been lowered on northern stretches of the Garden State Parkway and New Jersey Turnpike as salting operations have begun
You'd think I was from Jersey by the way I drive on the Garden State Parkway lmao do 70 or more or gtfo
The Turnpike and the Garden State parkway are both behaving tonight? Truly a Christmas miracle.
it's Snowing at bergen toll plaza. On the GARDEN State Parkway.Everyone Drive safe!
The garden state parkway is a life size game if Mario kart rn god help us
Attention motorist driving the Garden State Parkway. Why should I expect you to drive any different than any other day? You're still a bunch of morons going to North Jersey was one step short of driving on bumper cars there was more accidents than I can count
The rest stops along the Garden State Parkway are way better than what I've seen elsewhere
Everyone should experience the Garden State Parkway once in their life.
On our way to Christmas Eve! Santa's sleigh is out of control. @ Garden State Parkway South
Christmas greetings from exit 102 Garden State Parkway. Here's a Christmas tune for you. Enjoy!
I really hate the Garden State Parkway with all of me
Swung by Montclair St,totally changed great to see an old friend. Not so great taking Garden State Parkway back. Don't miss that or tolls
I had a great christmas accomplishment right now by changing some wand flat tire on the side of the garden state parkway as she was heading to North Jersey to be with her family. 󾮗󾔒🚘
Cruisin' north on the Garden State parkway. Listening to Elvis sing Gospel and the grandparents playing Yahtzee in the back seat.
Driving down to the Garden State Parkway to see Dad real quick, then up to Plattsburgh to see Mom.
Just listened to the first Carol from King's College Chapel in the parking lot of a rest stop on the Garden State Parkway. That's different.
On an blustery winter New Jersey Saturday afternoon in March 2013, ice caused many accidents along the Garden State Parkway in the vicinity of Lacey Township. One young driver lost control of her car in the icy conditions, ending up on the shoulder of the busy toll way. The kind driver of a...
Christmas Eve and not a creature was stirring, oh wait a minute forget that. there are the usual bunch of *** on the Garden State Parkway this morning. took 14+ hours, but we're home. Got off 95 above Richmond to avoid construction traffic...and hit 40+ minutes of Shopper traffic! Got to the Garden State Parkway, after miles of traffic on the jersey Turnpike...and we could see the traffic waiting to get on the we went over the GWB. Extra miles, extra time...but we're back and there's no snow. Going to Stew's tomorrow to pick up the Christmas Day barbecue!
Vehicle fire on the Garden State Parkway northbound South of Exit 138 - CR 509 in Kenilworth. All lanes open to traffic.
Never been so happy to exit onto the garden state parkway
Accident on the Garden State Parkway southbound Colonia Service Area in Woodbridge Twp. All lanes open to traffic.
Delays on NJ 4 eastbound between Garden State Parkway in Paramus and Teaneck Rd in Teaneck Twp delays due to volume.
Disabled vehicle on the Garden State Parkway southbound North of Driscoll Bridge in Sayreville. Right lane blocked.
If you’ve ever been in a car accident then maybe you will relate to this. You know how when you’re in an accident things slow down and you can remember every tiny detail? It’s like 10 second is 10 minutes long. Well made it into a song that contains exactly what was going through my thoughts in slow motion as I experienced every bump, smash and hit in detail while my car was spinning, flipping and tumbling off the Garden State Parkway, up a hill and back down the hill at 90mph at mile marker 125.1. I thought I was a goner and was going to have left behind all these unresolved items in life. Honestly it was both the thrill of a lifetime and the scariest thing that’s ever happened to me but in the moment everything was clear as day. Just like being on stage a seriously bad *** grooving rock band. Lol
So excited to see the nannies in Toms River NJ. Although I have not missed driving on the garden state parkway. Putting 8 lanes where there is only room for 4 is not good planning.
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It's warm and it's wet here this morning. (@ Garden State Parkway - Exit 105)
I hate the garden state parkway with a passion
I feel like I've logged at least 10,000 miles on the Garden State Parkway
Jets players are now carrying Rex around along the Garden State Parkway backing up traffic for miles.
Country music and the Garden State Parkway just doesn't feel right
I feel like I've been on the garden state parkway for 12 hours is it ever gonna end ?
Forbes and His Harleys Malcolm Stevenson Forbes is popular for two things. First and foremost he is known as the founder of the successful Forbes magazine. Second, and perhaps he is more famous for this, as a loyal rider and collector of the Harley Davidson motorcycles. Forbes tried to dabble in politics for a while between 1951 and 1957 but he settled to managing Forbes magazine in 1957. The success of the magazine today is evident of the hard work invested by Forbes in his business. But all work and no play can make jack, in this case Malcolm, a dull boy so he compensated hard work with a very lavish lifestyle which included his priceless art collection, a B727 trijet named Capitalist Tool, yachts and of course, his collection of Harley motorcycles. His name has always been included in the list of top Harley motorcycle collectors. In fact, he always topped the list thanks to his over-50 Harley motorcycle collection. Forbes is known to mingle with the most powerful people from Hollywood, politics and bus ...
In Bass River Twp there is slow traffic on Garden State Parkway NB between Burlington/Atlantic County Line and ...
somewhere on garden state Parkway ..
It's the Philly area they change you to if there's a traffic issue THERE BETTER BE A CRASH OR BLOOD thanks Schuylkill & Garden State Parkway
found my way through montclair cuz i managed to remember how to get to Jason house from Garden State Parkway Lol
My dad just gave me a 10 minute oral history of the Garden State Parkway
First day of our winter get-away, Exit 0 on the Garden State Parkway..
Just saw the sign for garden state parkway. Lol
On our way to a Christmas party. Surprisingly light traffic at the Garden State Parkway south. But not in Paramus where we came from. Malls are pack w/ last min shoppers.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Our tax dollars at work. NJ State Troopers escort Brandon Jacobs and friends on the Garden State Parkway
So I driving on the GSP this morning (that's the garden state parkway for you non Jerseyans), and was behind this guy who had white smoke coming out of his exhaust. As soon as I thought to myself 'dude, you need an oil change', he loses control of his car, careens across two lanes to the right, spins and does a 180 back across and crashes passenger side into the median. Right in front of me. I saw him lose control and slammed on my brakes, thinking 'please don't hit me'. When he stopped, he was no more than 15 feet in front if me, and I was looking at his panicked face. Luckily he seemed to be okay, another driver who was next to me pulled along side him to check. I immediately thanked my aunt. I know some may not buy into all that, but I sure do.
that thing ha also told me to make a legal u turn... On the Garden State Parkway!! If you don't know the road, look it up
Garden State Parkway rest stop Buffet is the best. Where else can you get KFC,BK,Pizza *** Nathan's, and TCBY all at once?!
I would agree but alas, I am currently on the Garden State Parkway which happens to be on the east oops
I can not believe the amount of construction on the garden state parkway. I just home after a 3 + hour drive. Not a happy camper!!!
In Essex Cnty there is stop and go traffic on Garden State Parkway SB between The Essex Tolls and X145/I-280
Lets close all the lanes except one on the garden state parkway! State troopers really need to be iq tested here because there so retarded that they think that's a smart idea. Even better, lets do it on FRIDAY. Cops, go to school and learn something for once in your life
Just leaving Nutley New Jersey. Ridiculous traffic on the Garden State Parkway
Today has been a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day. First, I had to get up well before dawn in order to drive up the Garden state parkway to get to Newark. The little guy in the toll booth that takes my dollars and gives me a receipt was MIA, so I had to drive on through (no place to turn around). I'll probably get a fine. Next, I arrive at Newark International about 3 hours before my flight. Which is a good thing, since it took from just before 7am until after 8am to check my one bag and get through security. I then get to my gate. The flight boards on time at 9:40. At 10:30, 15 minutes after we were to leave, we are told that the flight crew has not yet showed up. We are ON THE PLANE, people! And there's no flight crew! The flight crew shows up, but now there's no GROUND CREW! Finally, after 11am, we push back from the gate, where we sit for between 5-10 minutes before (finally) taking off. Almost and hour and a half late. I have a connecting flight from Houston to home with a layover o ...
Major delays Garden State Parkway SB Essex Tolls to x145 with construction
Were playing a game of snake on the garden state parkway
Dead stop on the parkway at 1130 pm Ugh I HATE the Garden State Parkway.
A very proud moment for the Irvington Manor...In the December 19, 2013 Irvington Herald there is an article written up on us and this is what it says... Reopening of Irvington Manor has excited many residents By Chris Sykes Staff Writer Daniel Frett, the owner of the newly renovated and reopened Irvington Manor hall on Washington Avenue just off Springfield Avenue across from the Irvington Bus Terminal and adjacent to the Garden State Parkway, recently received what he considers to be the ultimate compliment regarding his establishment from longtime township resident, community activist, youth advocate, and ex-Board of Education member Harry Paden. But Frett was not aware of it at the time. He only heard about it days later from the Irvington Herald reporter who was there, at the Irvington Manor, on Nov. 14th during current Board of Education President Anthony “Tony” Vauss’ official 2014 mayoral campaign kickoff event that took place at the hall. Paden was one of the hundreds of township residents, ...
Spent 10.5 hours getting home from Rhode Island yesterday. Sarah's car broke down on the Garden State Parkway north of Saddlebrook. Alternator needed to be replaced.
We saw two flipped over cars one the Garden State Parkway today. Be safe out there!
Dinner rolls sprawled across lanes of the Garden State Parkway... Now I have seen everything.
Hazlet teen saves grandmother who faints while driving on Garden State Parkway
So we meet again Mr. garden State parkway 🚗💨
After a very stressful day dealing with the kids and a lock down now I'm on the Garden State Parkway which I understand it closed due to an accident I'm sorry about the person who got into an accident this is the icing on the cake for the day
HAZLET - Fourteen-year-old Peter Donnelly was staring down at his phone when his grandmother lost consciousness while driving both of them north on the Garden State Parkway. The seconds that followed on Saturday, Dec. 7, could have changed both their lives forever, and maybe even ended them.
Now I've seen it all. A woman curling her hair on the Garden State Parkway while driving with her knees! Crazy!
I've gone exactly 1 mile in the last hour and 15 minutes on the Garden State Parkway south. Awesome!
Attempting to jump on the Garden State Parkway south. On-ramp speed? A so unsupersonic 2 miles per hour.
I have never been more stressed and freaked out driving! i drove in circles on Rt.17, while trying to find rt. 3 (which I missed). the whole the trying to figure out which direction to take to get to the Garden State Parkway from rt. 46. After five go arounds of the same routes, I finally had to say screw it took the turnpike...thats gonna cost me $50 because I didn't have any cash or an EZ pass. but well worthy my sanity and peace of mind...And i had to go to the bathroom with my two napping kids in the car. Smh! I can figure out five ways to get from EW to Princeton and back, but not out of the entangled mess they call highways of North Jersey. **sigh**
The left land on the Garden State Parkway southbound, from the Monmouth Service Area to south of Exit 98 is closed for repairs. The left lane is close
I have lived most of my life in Philadelphia where I have raised my family, have great friends , and had a phenomenal career. However, when I am in NYC , pay the Bergen County toll on the Garden State Parkway, and am in Miami I feel like I am home.
Garden state parkway same as it ever was..stop go stop go
Is anyone in the vicinity of Cranford, NJ? Exit 137 off the Garden State Parkway ;) Before the weather warms up, there is a Snoopy Snow Sculpture on Springfield Avenue in Cranford, NJ. If it wasn't brutally cold tonight, I would take a ride, since I am not far. Enjoy and have a great night, folks.
I don't think its ready for the Garden State Parkway in summer time, but pretty cool
About 1 yr. ago on Feb. 28,2011 a gentleman by the name of Russ Serratelli was the victim of a devastating motor vehicle accident  on the Garden State parkway in which his daughter Danielle was not in
To anyone out on the road today in a Mercedes C63 AMG, Pontiac GTO, Nissan 350Z, BMW M3, Toyota Supra, Mazda RX7 or Ford Mustang, you are an *** pull over before you kill someone. Your car barely has any traction in July, so if you think it's a good idea to own a RWD sports car in the middle of December in North Jersey, you might as well slather your tires in anal lube and remove your brake pads and rotors altogether. It is not cute to get stuck in a quarter inch of snow. No one wants to watch you Tokyo drifting down Route 4. The Garden State Parkway is not your childhood Slip n Slide. Get yourself into a Subaru. *** I'll give it to you at dealer cost! Love Jazz
Need directions to our store? They are now listed on the website! Look on the homepage on the top left, and click the "directions" link. Directions available from the Garden State Parkway and NJ Tpk, and a picture of the shopping center is attached as well! We look forward to seeing you soon!
POLICE SEEK SOUTH TOMS RIVER HIT & RUN DRIVER The Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office and South Toms River Police Department are requesting the public’s help in locating a vehicle involved in a Hit & Run accident early evening on Monday. The vehicle has been described by a witness as a small black or dark colored vehicle with possible damage to its front passenger side and windshield. On December 16, 2013, at approximately 5:54pm, South Toms River Police Department responded to a hit and run involving an 84 year old pedestrian. The victim was struck in the eastbound lane on Dover Road at the intersection of Chamberlain Street near the 7-Eleven. The suspect vehicle continued east on Dover Road leaving the area, possibly entering the Garden State Parkway north bound. A witness immediately called 911 for assistance. The victim, William Gaughan, 84, of South Toms River was airlifted to Jersey Shore University Medical Center with severe head and body trauma. Mr. Gaughan sadly succumbed to his injuries at the ...
A southern New Jersey man and his adult son were killed when their sport utility vehicle crashed on the Garden State Parkway.
Headed to NYC? Watch out for speed restrictions on the Garden State Parkway and the NJ Turnpike north of I-195 due to weather
Good god New Jersey I never saw more snow plows on the side of the road by the Garden State Parkway in my life we ain't get no snow
To those driving on the garden state parkway: Yes it is snowing But due to the wonderful thing called salt the parkway is just wet There fore there is no reason to be doing 30 If you do feel the need to be tracking this slow then the left lane was not made for u.
Just make sure my Eulogy goes just like this: "She died trying to get into the Exact Change Lane on The Garden State Parkway on her way to her beloved daughters graduation..."
Can anyone tell me how the the roads on the garden state parkway northbound from lakewood
What is happening with all the accidents? My god I feel sorry for the families losing loved ones right before Christmas, father and son killed in car accident on Garden State Parkway.
Just thinking about the day me and Donna went to Big Lots to buy these red and gold bows that she wanted for the porch. We went down to the ferry to watch the sun set then on the way back we got into checking out the Christmas decorations. Some how Donna missed the turn and we ended up on the Garden State Parkway and Donna started to freak out, and I couldn't stop laughing. Then Donna started laughing, because she didn't know how to get off the Parkway. We ended up in Stone Harbor and made the turn and headed back towards home down Rt. 47. We got home and that's all me and Donna could do was laugh all night just thinking about it. I remember telling Donna, now we have to drive to A.C. because theres no exits, and she fell for it. Just a good memory. (-:
Yep. Just sitting here on the garden state parkway with a flat waiting for assistance
Fun times...blow out on the Garden State Parkway...left lane doing 80 and I hear a piff piff piff against the jersey I get in the right lane to pull off ...and then the Jersey barriers are on this side so nowhere to pull off...I have to keep going meanwhile slowing down to a crawl as my car is shaking uncontrollably...then I have to wait for a breakin traffic to cross 3 lanes so I can get to the pull off and shoulder. Glad my father Roger Taylor Pritchett taught me how to change a flat. Not fun with trucks and cars whizzing by as the whole car moves on the jack due to wind from said trucks and cars. At a tire place to get it replaced.great times in central jersey.
People laying on the highway a truck tipped over and crush the minivan in Saddle Brook by Garden State Parkway exit
SOLIDARITY ALERT Fight to Oppose NJ Turnpike Privatization Lend Your Support on December 17th Date: Tuesday, December 17, 2013 Time:9:00 a.m. Place: New Jersey Turnpike 581 Main Street Woodbridge, NJ 07095 Workers on the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway have agreed to more than $30 million in concessions in order to keep their jobs. Yet, the New Jersey Turnpike Authority has been unmoved by the ongoing sacrifice of its workers and continues its pursuit to privatize Turnpike and Parkway jobs at the expense of middle class families. The Turnpike Authority’s incessant demand for concessions with the threat of privatization is clearly an attack on working families that we must strongly oppose. The New Jersey Turnpike Authority Board of Commissioners is preparing to make its final decision this March on whether or not to approve a privatization contract. Therefore, we ask you to join in a show of solidarity at the Board’s upcoming meeting to defend middle class jobs. The plight of these workers ...
Garden State Parkway At of 7:05 a.m, there is a 6-mile delay due to volume on the Garden State Parkway northbound from south of Exit 135 (Central Avenue) in Clark to Exit 140 (Route 22) in Union, according to On Route 22 eastbound in ...
Listen, if the "flow of traffic" dictates I do 83 in a 55 on the Garden State Parkway, who am I to argue?
I hate paying with a $20 bill at the $1.50 toll on the garden state parkway. They always give you strange currency. I just fell victim to this and received half dollars, gold dollars, and a $2 bill 󾮠
Seriousness by Stephen Dunn Driving the Garden State Parkway to New York, I pointed out two crows to a woman who believed crows always travel in threes. And later just one crow eating the carcass of a squirrel. "The others are nearby," she said, "hidden in trees." She was sure. Now and then she'd say "See!" and a clear dark trinity of crows would be standing on the grass. I told her she was wrong to under- or overestimate crows, and wondered out loud if three crows together made any evolutionary sense. I was almost get- ting serious now. Near Forked River, we saw five. "There's three," she said, "and two others with a friend in a tree." I looked to see if she was smiling. She wasn't. Or she was. "Men like you," she said, "need it writ- ten down, notarized, and signed.
UPDATE: Two women were in critical condition after their SUV crashed and overturned on the southbound Garden State Parkway in Paramus, State Police said. Three ambulances and two rescue units were requested at milepost 162.1, north of Route 4 and south of Century Road after the SUV collided with a 2...
Hey NJ: How are the driving conditions on the Garden State Parkway south towards Atlantic City from NYC?
A father and son from Linwood were killed in an early morning crash Saturday near Exit 44 on the Garden State Parkway in Galloway Township.
Even the Garden State Parkway is think it's donut time!!!
Speed restrictions have taken effect on the Garden State Parkway, in both directions, from Exit 90 in Brick to the New York state line in Montvale. Th
Arrived in Mass in one piece. Left last night at midnight, drove to Montvale rest stop on the Garden State Parkway, slept for 2 hours then from that point the weather and driving was very challenging. arrived in Conn and slept another 2 hours then arrived in Billerica at 1:30 long 13 hours looking forward to hitting the pillow tonight.
Driving on the Garden State Parkway just now...hands down the scariest of my 12 years of careful out there if you're on the roads
Snow is up to 4 inches up north and so much ice on the roads!! Garden state parkway from exit 98 to 148 was so bad and it's just going to get worse!!!
WALL - Fatal Accident (occurred earlier) - Garden State Parkway at mm 96.4 South. NJSP requesting FD/EMS to respond back to the scene.
WARRANT ARREST: On 12/1/13 at approximately 2:13 P.M., Charles A. Maugeri (31 YOA of Beach Haven, New Jersey) was arrested on the strength of (3) warrants issued by Bordentown, Paramus and Toms River, New Jersey, totaling in the amount of $1250.99. The arrest stemmed from a motor vehicle stop that was conducted on Route 72 near the North bound Garden State Parkway entrance in Manahawkin, New Jersey. Charles was subsequently transported to Stafford Township Police Department Headquarters where he was processed and later released after posting bail in full, pending a future court appearance. Ptl. M. Potter was the arresting officer.
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Garden State Parkway in Toms River is totally flooded
Former New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey was recently ordained as an Episcopal minister. Just what the world needs! His mission, to spread the gospel of brotherly love as he understands it.    “Reverend McGreevey, I am beset by doubts about my sexuality. Sometimes I find myself attracted to women.”    “That’s a common error. Look at me – I was married twice! The woman distracts men from their true mission in life, communing with other men’s backsides.    “That is why, when I was governor, I instituted an engineering project to eliminate barriers between men, particularly in public toilets along the Garden State Parkway. Remember, as Shakespeare once wrote: ‘A butt is a terrible thing to waste.’”    “What play was that in, Reverend?”    “Two Gentlemen of Forty-Second Street. Shakespeare was *** you know.”    “You don’t say!”    “Yes. His greatest play was originally called Romeo and Homeo, but they changed the name.”    “Reverend, I heard that New Je ...
Plymouth Rock Assurance details the latest construction projects for the Garden State Parkway in New Jersey.
Please "like" & share Sarge's page. It's a great resource for missing pets. Sarge's is a sad story. His family lost their home on Staten Island to Hurricane Sandy & temporarily relocated to the Jersey shore. Sarge didn't know where he was so, when he got away from them, he couldn't find his way back. Some of you may remember the pleas from his family for help in finding him. He was eventually discovered deceased on a shoulder of the Garden State Parkway. With a commitment to keeping Sarge's memory alive, the family shares lost and found furbabies who need to go home.
But honestly how desperate do you have to be to hit on me on the garden state parkway?
Accident on the Garden State Parkway northbound North of Exit 165 - Ridgewood Ave in Paramus. Right lane blocked.
Delays on the Garden State Parkway northbound exiting at Exit 109 - CR 520 in Middletown Twp due to volume on Rt. 520.
So Jersey. Garden State Parkway construction from exits 9-40 not as bad as it could be. is still the only station.
Vehicle fire on the Garden State Parkway local lanes southbound North of Exit 120 - Laurence Harbor in Old Bridge Twp. Right lane blocked.
Is tom really walking home on the garden state parkway
Southbound Garden State Parkway is jammed from Exit 149 to 136 due to a stalled car in 1-lane.
Current situation garden state parkway north bound jamming and enjoying this lovely weather while…
Glad to know Eagles have been rising strong. I saw one on the Garden State Parkway just this past weekend!
HOLMDEL - Fire/Police Activity - Reported brush fire on the Garden State parkway at m/m 115 north center median
Disabled vehicle on the Garden State Parkway express lanes northbound South of Cheesequake Service Area Right lane blocked.
Driving on the garden state parkway 🚗💨
"Oh I thought you said they shut down the garden state parkway"
5-mile delay on Garden State Parkway, Union to East Orange
Overturned vehicle on NJ 440 northbound in the vicinity of US 9/Garden State Parkway in Woodbridge Twp. Right lane blocked.
All the people on garden state parkway hate me Carly and Claire right now lmfao
A multiple vehicle accident on the Garden State Parkway has closed the right lane of southbound ramp to Route 1 in Woodbridge
So if anyone didn't know, the Garden State Parkway is awful
I hate living right by the garden state parkway. Literally all I've heard for the past hour is tires squeaking.
Bus route no. 319, 6:45p (NY to ACBT) is operating 45 minutes late due to an earlier mechanical problem on Garden State Parkway
To the kid riding his bike in the rest area of the garden state parkway: how did you get there? From the highway?
on the garden state parkway ppl used to do that all the time... Go like 100 thru the booth & be like Sup Dan
The Garden State Parkway is like a twisty-turney rollercoaster ride. I'm certain we just drove through a vertical loop.
Where's the best place to eat lunch just off the Garden State Parkway, anywhere between, say, Exits 130 and 160?
The Garden State Parkway is the only thing that lies between me and a nice shower after Sunday Funday and a long day at work.
You've played too much Mario Kart for Wii when you are driving down the Garden State Parkway & 4 yr old asks "what place are we in?"
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Garden state parkway over everything
There's a sign at the end of the parkway that says THANKS FOR TRAVELING THE GARDEN STATE PARKWAY
The fact that there is one way signs on the garden state parkway is scary
Disabled vehicle on the Garden State Parkway northbound. Left lane blocked.
Ha some kid just got a ticket for riding his bike on the garden state parkway lolz
re. Garden State Parkway from the ramp at Route 166, I bet the exact change lanes take EZpass - just need signs saying so.
Nothing like your tire popping on the garden state parkway changing your tire sweating your balls off. I have no luck man.
BERKELEY-At approximately 2:30 pm on Sunday emergency service personnel from responded to a call of an overturned...
Overturned Vehicle on the Garden State Parkway. MM 77.9 NB. Police, Fire and EMS on location. MedEvac enroute.
This guy caused all the traffic on the garden state parkway
Accident on the Garden State Parkway northbound Exit 150 - Bay Ave in Bloomfield. All lanes open.
Garden State Parkway rest stops on weekends during lunch is the absence of any society
The garden state parkway is one of my most frequent hangouts this summer.
Everyone needs directions. Please just look for the sign that says Garden State Parkway North. Thank you.
Wow, overturned jeep on the Garden State Parkway. Just happened. Looks like everyone got out alright though
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Delays on the Garden State Parkway southbound exiting at Exit 98 - NJ 138 in Wall Twp due to volume.
Delays on NJ 72 westbound approaching Garden State Parkway in Stafford Twp delays due to volume.
Overturned tractor trailer on the Garden State Parkway SB approaching Exit 168 in Woodcliff Lake, delays back to the NY state line
Casually walking on the garden state parkway 😁 🚶
Stuck on the garden state parkway the traffic is literally about 35 miles long and all of the cars are parked smfh
on the state parkway NJ going north.
If you're thinking about taking the Garden State Parkway anywhere near Westwood, probably find a different route. Backed up to NY line.
Walking down the Garden State Parkway is something I can add and check off my bucket list
I've never seen this many Carmelo Anthony jerseys in one garden state parkway rest stop.
Saw a car go off the road, flip and land in trees, right off the Garden State Parkway. Pretty crazy.
There was a car flipped over on garden state parkway and there was about 8 cars and tons of people stopped around it to help and keep
Watching the mark move. One of life's simple pleasures. @ Garden State Parkway North
Driving on Garden State Parkway I hear the Sopranos theme song
Weird things people do while driving on the Garden State Parkway on Sunday: read; paint their nails; eat fried chicken; use a lint roller...
Garden State Parkway. Last time I was on here, I went to visit my ex.
A car got pulled over and it stopped the entire garden state parkway 😂😭
Glad I am not coming home today CT is a disaster MA is a disaster Garden state parkway has a 30 mile SB delay from Union area to toms river
Just saw a woman puking on the side of the garden state parkway.
Traffic heading to the shore is backed up to exit 121 on the Garden State Parkway.
The only thing I have to say about the Garden State Parkway.WHY.
Chris Christie should build another garden state parkway specifically for out of state drivers
Not even on the garden state parkway and already stuck in traffic.
Dave is knocking back coffee and yelling at people while driving aggressively on the garden state parkway.. Now I know where I get it from
Kids never take two blunts too the head right before getting on Garden State Parkway. That drive was serious 😩
the garden state parkway is simply not the look right now. Traffic on traffic on traffic and cops and cops and cops
Gig in New Jersey got canceled so ill be telling jokes at a rest stop on the Garden State Parkway until someone asks me to leave.
If my team doesn't win the first game tomorrow I'm throwing myself out of a moving car in the middle of the garden state parkway
We are literally in park on the Garden State Parkway.
Lordy Lordy stuck on the garden state parkway heading out for beach day
Three-mile delay on the Garden State Parkway through Union County
Motor vehicle accident on the Garden State Parkway northbound near exit 116. …
Not even normal that it just took us an hour and 15 minutes to go 2 miles on the garden state parkway
Garden State Parkway southbound, how you doin?
Traffic on the garden state parkway is absolutely brutal exit 116 north bound apparent big accident
Stuck behind a goon with a Bentley on the garden state parkway with bumper to bumper traffic
Located off the Garden State Parkway, the Owl Motel is convenient to all attractions, sights, and nearby activities.
Is it okay to ride bicycles on the garden state parkway
I am at Exit 4 on the Garden State Parkway at the shore. I have been BTR BLOCKED for this show. Boo hoo
A dog hanging out of the sun roof on the garden state parkway. It has goggles on & is the happiest thing on earth.
When Pennsylvanians drive on the garden state parkway it is not a pretty sight
There is no larger gathering of half-breeds, Neanderthals and scum than at Garden State Parkway rest stops.
"WILDWOOD OR BURST" - actual words actually written on sign taped to back of actual truck at Garden State Parkway rest stop.
Building the Panama Canal didn't take as long as this Garden State Parkway project to widen the road in Ocean County.
Note to self: NEVER stop on the Garden State Parkway
NJ: Photo overturned car now on the Garden State Parkway, please drive safely
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Kiss our big Amish *** Garden State Parkway. here we come!
511nj: An overturned auto blocks the left and center lanes of Garden State Parkway south near Grand Ave in Montvale.
This protected area of the Pinelands, is in danger of a pipeline running through it and Fracking being an issue of it's destruction! SIGNIFICANT HABITATS AND HABITAT COMPLEXES OF THE New York BIGHT WATERSHED New Jersey Pinelands COMPLEX of Species of Special Emphasis Maps I. SITE NAME: New Jersey Pinelands II. SITE LOCATION: The core region of the New Jersey Pinelands, exclusive of its northern outliers, extends north-south 100 kilometers (177 miles) from Lakehurst to Cape May, New Jersey, between the Garden State Parkway on the east and the inland extent of pine barren communities on the west. The habitat complex consists of a mosaic of upland, aquatic, and wetland habitats occupying a contiguous area of well over 400,000 hectares (1+ million acres) on the outer section of the Atlantic Coastal Plain of southeastern New Jersey about 130 kilometers (80 miles) south of New York City. TOWNS: 56 municipalities (see list) COUNTIES: Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, Monmouth (outli ...
Just in case you will be driving in NJ in the near future, keep this in mind!!! = Here's the latest NJ State Police Initiative (Radio Station 101.5 Confirmed this info). Starting July 28, New Jersey will launch a 30-day speeding ticket Frenzy. The state estimates that 9 million dollars will be generated in Speeding tickets. One million dollars will go to pay state troopers Over-time. There will be 50 state troopers on duty at all times patrolling the 9 Main intersections and highways as follows: I-295 North and South, I-95 Jersey Turnpike North and South, I-80 East and West, I-287 North and South, MI I-78 East and West, I-195 East and West, I-280 East and West, Route 130 - North and South, Garden State Parkway - North and South 5 MPH above the limit can justify a ticket and every state trooper is Supposed to pull a car over and write a ticket every 10 to 20 minutes. They have issued 30 brand new unmarked Crown Victoria cruisers and are Bringing in all of their part-timers on full time. If you work in NJ, ...
Great round of "Links" golf with the Old Ball Coach as Jane Fonda in a row boat (don't ask), we finished 18 as the rain began to fall and if you hide the driver and use 5/4/3 irons you play like a Scotsman in a kilt as the wind blows (don't ask).Hunter's Oak is doomed (terrible ownership) but the "Links" golf is fun and after July 1st the Old Ball Coach and I are taking our golf bags, Bubba golf balls and Zen golf to another local 18!!! Be Brave McBride We Will Fight Another Day!!! KofC 4th Degree met tonight...great pasta and salad...Mackrel Snappers always eat well and Knights are a great bunch of ex cops/ex teachers/ex union workers and ex everything if we can just get the Catholic Church to fix it's broken parts! OK weekend and July on the way...Bridget off to Aruba, I am taking Amma to exit on Garden State Parkway for her .5 transfer to MASS (many thanks Cuz Joey), Morning Mass Mafia, cut the grass, porch time and let the SUMMER OF FRED BEGIN! Sleep tight and don't let the bed bu ...
I'm off to the U.K (or, at least Newark Airport...well, before that the NJ Turnpike & the Garden State Parkway).
This is what we did: The AmericanLegion Post 534 here in Ocean City invited an active duty serviceman and his family for a week's stay at a condo which was donated by Phil Marsh. SSGT Stroh has recently returned from Afganistan.See link below for a video of his welcome at the Post. is some of what we did in addition to the welcome: About 53 motorcycles from The American Legion Riders met them Saturday morning on the Garden State Parkway at the Rest Stop (mile 42) and escorted them to exit 30. The Ocean City Police and Fire Depts and the Riders escorted them from the GSP to our post. Channel 40 and the Press of Atlantic City covered their arrival here. In addition to the escort we were able to get for them: $100 gift card at Shoprite; $100 gift card at Acme; $50 gift card at the Windjammer Restaurant; $25 gift card at Sack O Subs; Week's membership at the Aquatic Center for the entire family; Complimentary Beach Tags from the Mayor; Oil Change/Car Detailing/Car Wash from Perry-Egan Chevy; Dozen Mallon's .. ...
FBF I am so close to tears it just hurts to think that as far as we have come the further behind we are. I was in Newark by Vailsburg Park where the access to the Garden State Parkway entrance is.I could not believe my eyes, there is a noose hanging from a tree there. I couldn't believe my eyes so I went around the corner and came back yes it is there. I felt like I went back in time where a white man in VA pointed to a tree and said to my sister Dotti & I, see that tree that is where we hang ya'll smart a$$ "ni_ _ as". In GA with the white & black water fountains & going around back to get food from a restaurant or going thru the alley to go up the fire escape to see a movie. Dr Martin L. King said "how long" I'm praying real soon. I asked Author Andrea Clinton to put the pic I took on FB, I just couldn't look at it again. Peace my FBF.
DAY 16, Tuesday, June 18 We've put most of New England behind us now on the long road home from Prince Edward Island. We got an 8:30 start this morning in Sabattus, Maine, and kept up a good pace through New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. We're now in for the night at Niantic, CT, just south of New London. The trip meter reads right at 3,000 miles, and tomorrow (Wednesday) we face my LEAST favorite part of driving up this way; we have to get around New York City. It doesn't matter how wide a berth you give The Big Apple as you swing by to the west, it's still a death-defying nightmare populated by vehicular lunatics. As much as I hate to do it, I'm going take the Garden State Parkway down to pick up most of The New Jersey Turnpike. I'll try to enter the Pike somewhere south of the free-fire kill zone. The hope is to put Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Deleware in our wake tomorrow and to hole up and lick our wounds somewhere near Baltimore. We could skirt Washington completely on Thur ...
DEAR JERSEY SHORE GOERS: I'm working 2nd shift tomorrow. Closing up shop around 10pm. Now, I KNOW many of you will be travelling in the vicinity of Exit 80 of the Garden State Parkway. Just a 1/4 mile off. 389 Dover Road in South Toms River. The infamous Delta Gas Station is ready to fill your tank. Come on by. And cover me while I go on a bathroom break.
All northbound lanes of the Garden State Parkway just north of exit 58 are closed due to a sink hole.
A sinkhole has opened up on the Garden State Parkway by Little Egg Harbor.
Bass Pro Shops Lead Retailer for Largest Retail Development in North America | June 10, 2013 Springfield, MOBass Pro Shops, America's most popular outdoor retailer, will open a store at Luxury Point, one of the largest new mixed-use developments in the United States, in Sayreville, New Jersey. The new 200,000 square-foot Bass Pro Shops® Outdoor World will be located at Garden State Parkway and Chevalier Avenue and is scheduled to open in 2015. Some 400,000 cars per day pass directly by this site and, with more than 15 million people within a 50 mile radius, the company predicts this will be their highest sales volume store to date. Luxury Point, located just 30 miles from Manhattan and minutes away from Staten Island in Sayreville, NJ, will center around a 1.2 million-square-foot luxury mall and 723,000 square-foot entertainment district encompassing luxury retail, waterfront and recreation destinations, along with 2,000 high-end residential units, office space, high end hotels and two luxury marinas. Th ...
i deserve the gold star for bravery cuz i just drove on the garden state parkway in my dad's BMW during this tropical storm
***TRAFFIC ALERT: WALL*** Emergency construction on the Garden State Parkway southbound in the Wall area is...
Jersey Shore Champions Cup Tournament this weekend. First game is Saturday at 8am. Arrive by 7am! Red shirts and shorts. White socks. Bring all alternate gear. Ocean Township Intermediate School. Exit 105 on Garden State Parkway. Let's finish the season strong, with two great tournament performances in June!
Your donation can help save the life of a patient in need, giving them the chance to create their own summer of stories. Live a story. Give a story. Donate blood or platelets.
All my life, I have heard the sound of traffic out my windows. Those times when I didn't, I was too young to appreciate it. Now, all I want is to stop all of the cars outside my window so I can hear all of the birds that are singing. Maybe I'm getting old, but there is an increasingly large part of me that just wants more quiet in the world. I used to joke that as as kid I fell asleep at night to the sound of the Garden State Parkway, one of the most traveled roads in the US. Ah, but now, I just want to move to Walden Pond.
Accident and volume are causing delays on the northbound Garden State Parkway from Hillsdale to Bloomfield. Check 4 details
Starting next week, work begins to shift Route 72 at the entrance to Cedar Bonnet Island, moving eastbound lanes to the westbound side, which will be widened and reconfigured to accommodate maintaining two lanes in each direction. This will be the first visible sign of the Manahawkin Bay Bridges Pro...
Motor vehicle accident shuts down portion of Garden State Parkway in both directions
TRAFFIC ALERT GARDEN STATE PARKWAY: South bound at exit 139 an accident is taking up the left lane. Use caution in the area. This is in Union.
Thank you all my friends for your love and concern for my recent car accident, I did loose something yesterday.I lost my baby Hyundia Veloster 2013, which can be replaced, but friends like all of you I could never replaced so really I'm a rich man...Thanks again! I'll post some pictures in a few days. Lord knows how long its going to take to get fixed it or even if it can be fixed...Who knows. LOVE YOU ALL
This tropical storm is supposed to flood the garden state parkway which means that there is no way to get to wildwood
I'm so proud of me! I drove past New Brunswick NJ taking the Garden State Parkway and coming back during rush hour the NJ Turnpike without my crutch (Curtis)! I didn't even get lost! Wow! That's big y'all for real!
There's redbull running through my veins if your currently on the garden state parkway I suggest you scatter
400 at Pilgrim Mill, qty 6 Forsyth and GSP makin' money both N and South, right now!
I do not miss the garden state parkway gr jersey !!
Thursday evening update! SPECIAL TRAVEL ALERT FOR TOMORROW! Showers have moved into the area. It will get steadier & heavier tonight. The problem is that heavy rainfall is quite possible for Friday Morning commute and also Fri PM commute. I urge people who take the usual flooded roadways to get up earlier tomorrow AM too see if they need to make alternate plans for travel. Rainfall should range from 2-4 inches will possible 6 inch amounts within a short period of time! There will be some wind aspects to this event. coastal areas will see winds up to 35 MPH or so in gusts but again the main threat is flooding! Rain should taper off Saturday AM and we should see some breaks of sun, Saturday PM but with another shot of a shower. Sunday looks good with a mix of sun n clouds with a high in the 70's. We then get unsettled early next week. We will keep you updated but I put out this special message so our fb fans know to set your alarm earlier than normal! Have a great night and be safe! - Adam
Press Conference, June 6, 2013 (Transcript Below) Governor Christie: Good afternoon. It's my honor today to let you all know that I intend to appoint New Jer...
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Garden state parkway. Yes it is a parking lot
Garden state parkway is the worst road ever in the history of roads
Is he playing in the median? Special event on the Garden State in both directions Exit 116 PNC Arts Center Dave Matthews Band.
Mama's home and is very pleased at what she got done today. The lady's house she cleaned: 2 full baths scrubbed, bed made, one load of towels washed/dried, washed what few dishes were out, counters/stove-top scrubbed/shined, all floors swept/mopped, all carpet vacced, pledged all wood furniture, touched up a few windows (smudges), half bath wiped down/disinfected, ran the cob-webber thingee along the ceiling/wall joins & corners, swept screened patio floor and washed off tables out there. Picked up all shoes/jackets scattered about the house (lots of shoes!) and put them away in their rightful closets. Kitchen sink scoured/polished. Looks good, smells good, feels good. Thinks the lady of the house will be happy when she comes home from work =) Took mama 3 hours. *a job well done feels FABOO!*
Found on the Garden State Parkway at work today
Which side of the GSP token will YOU be wearing this summer? You pick!
So and I came to the conclude that Jersey stinks because of the Garden State Parkway
At a standstill on rte 84 West. Bob opens the door to see why the traffic is at a complete stop. Ok are you ready? Guess what flys into the car? A cecada bug. Yuck!! Told him to not open the door anymore. He thought it was a butterfly at first. Lol.
Honest to goodness Truck Nutz on the Garden State Parkway
20 years later I remember how dark the NJ Turnpike is and the smell as you get close to the ocean, Wildwood and Capemay at night. I picked up so many boots for my USCG base at the Philly airport. So long ago, and still fresh.
Photo: Crazy looking on the parkway (at Garden State Parkway)
So, lets recap what we have done this season. We started off with 3 goals this year. The first goal was to win the division and conference. Well not only did we do that, we went undefeated in doing so. We stayed hungry, and accepted every challenge that was given to us. The next challenge was winning the district. The district meet has only been around 7 or 8 years, and until this year, the only name on that trophy was Cherokee. We then faced one of the biggest challenges yet, competing at the Burlington County Open. Not only was the meet a tough one, but it was the morning after prom. In the past 5 years, this team has not managed to finish the season with all of its seniors. We showed everybody that yes, you can come compete at the meet after prom, and not just compete, win. At this point in the season we had achieved all of our real goals, but we needed to set 1 more, the possibility of a sectional title. Although we did not win or get second as a team at that meet, we had more people qualify for state ...
beat an old *** subaru in a race on Garden State Parkway today.
I called the garden state parkway the freeway and got odd looks. =]
All purpose parts banner
People do the craziest things on the garden state parkway.
I just adore the new (captain obvious) Alert Signs on the parkway. Delays Ahead. Yeah well we are stopped so I kind of figured that. Definitely would be cooler if it said something like " Patience is a virtue" Or "The odds of you making it home for dinner are equal to experiencing an alien abduction" Instead of it only thing Long Beach Island 26 miles ahead It could say something like seagulls that attack over a cheese doodle, 26 miles ahead. Kind of boring Garden State Parkway just saying
you know what is not fun? driving a 15-passenger van on the Garden State Parkway at rush hour.
truck with 6,000 gallons of Scotch overturns i: Commuters traveling this week on the Garden State Parkway may ...
BEESLEYS POINT â Contractors are staging equipment in Somers Point to begin a three-year project to demolish the Beesleys Point Bridge and build a new southbound Parkway bridge.
If we drive on a parkway, why park on a driveway?
Trying to figure out which region in the US is the best to live in is a tough thing to do. I've narrowed it down to the southern Cascades, the southern Appalachians, or the Ozarks.
A groundbreaking ceremony is set to commence on Monday marking the start of a construction project to remove the traffic lights from the Garden State Parkway The $110 million project will improve
Is it possible to get out of the Millbrae BART parking garage without circling through the same level at least twice before figuring out which is the exit ramp? You can guess my answer. :-/
Just a reminder to all classic car fans. Bloomfield's Classic Car Cruise Nights kicks off Wednesday , June 5. Each and every Wednesday night between 6 and 9 p.m. during the months of June, July, & August. Located on Broad street right off Bloomfield Avenue. 2 blocks off Garden State Parkway. It's Free. Owners bring their Cars from the 40s, 50s, 60s & 70s. Come meet new friends, show off your "wheels'. Classic music by DJ Eddie. Hope to see you there.
You know those guys in the Smoky Bear hats who sometimes pull you over on the Garden State Parkway or the NJ Turnpike and harass you for going over the speed limit? Guess what? They're heroes, too:
I thought the Garden State Parkway in New Jersey during summer and the Long Island Expressway in New York at any time was bad. WOW!
This day in Rock n Roll history...Bruce releases Born in the USA... I will always love the BORN IN THE USA album! It makes me think of the GLORY DAYS in MY HOMETOWN of Fort Lee, New Jersey...when I would daydream about driving to DARLINGTON COUNTY with Bruce while he sang I'M ON FIRE to me... It reminds me of my lifelong desire to cross the George Washington Bridge and escape to my favorite city- New York- on a DOWNBOUND TRAIN. The album was the soundtrack of summers down the was always playing on the radio while dealing with constant traffic on the Jersey Turnpike or Garden State Parkway... thanks to construction crews WORKING ON THE HIGHWAY... Every single time I hear DANCING IN THE DARK, I have no problem admitting that I still want to be Courtney Cox in that music video... The album brings me back to all the silly fun with my bff Cheryl otherwise known as BOBBY JEAN...knowing she would always COVER ME...and lift my spirits if I felt I'M GOING DOWN... Our friendship is still strong today b . ...
How many times do we have to explain this
The cicadas annoyed me in 98 in TN. How loud could they possibly be in the NYC 'burbs? Loud enough to be heard in rush hour traffic inside the car on the Garden State Pkwy! Pestilence
When talking about development in the Capital Region -- or just something people want -- it's not uncommon to hear: "Hey, it'd be great to get an IKEA." The topic came up during the (Re)Imagining Troy project, and we've heard elected officials bring it up in the past.
State trooper on the NY state thruway South right after the Garden State Parkway!
Don't ever drive the Garden State Parkway in NJ then...It'll drive you batty. $1.00 or less tolls every 5-10 miles.
Garden state parkway about an hour out
That moment when you see another Delta...
Them State Troopers on Garden State Parkway ain't playing they all over the place!!!
Advice needed almost 6 here have to go from Keasby NJ back to Temperanceville, va should i go 95/ New Jersey pike or the garden state parkway.
back from a glorious reunion and gig with Tammany, the 40+ year musical commune. Even the crazies on the Garden State Parkway didn't dull the glow.
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