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Garden Ridge

Garden Ridge is an American privately held home decor retail chain based in Houston, Texas. Starting with just one store, then known as Garden Ridge Pottery, in Schertz, Texas in 1979, the chain now carries a broad assortment of furniture, framed art, home textiles, decorative accessories, holiday decorations, and garden decor.

Hobby Lobby Garden Ridge Pottery San Antonio Super Target

My house is like Garden Ridge lol just look at my snapchat. My mom loves to decorate for the holidays!
Garden Ridge and Stein Mart are my favorite
At Home/Garden Ridge had Easter stuff out last night...which is kind of like casket shopping at a birthing center
This trip to Garden Ridge has made me realize I have a strong want for boxes disguised as books
Next year I go to At Home "garden ridge" first. I could have gotten almost all my gifts for people there.
We are looking for a buyer on 4219 Garden Ridge Rd
If I get to add something to your garden from Maple Ridge!!
: Garden Ridge - Dec 2014 sales forecast predicted as hesitant.
Motor bike under earlier's scorging heat from my house to garden ridge. Dayumm girl
Need to go to Garden Ridge!! Don't feel like driving out there.
did you finally get one? Traci finally found hers at garden ridge
We went to willowbrook & never even made it to Garden Ridge.πŸ™ˆ
It's freaken Twilight Zone inside Garden Ridge. . I will never not be afraid for my life in here.
: Garden Ridge - Consumers growth trends is seen as light during Dec 2014.
go to garden ridge they have neat cheap stuff there!! Like neat lil statues :^)
Currently about to get kicked out of garden ridge with Nicole and mom
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Shopping with wife at Garden Ridge. Someone please come save me.
im going to that store that use to be Garden Ridge,,, hopefully its not Harwin Level insane traffic
I've had it from Critics in the greece ridge mall & plum garden. It's amazing 😁 I definitely recommend it
Beginning 2015 - The Texas Reptile Expo-San Antonio is moving to a new location (still in San Antonio!). 2015 show dates are: March 28-29, June 20-21, Sept 18-19 and Nov 7-8. We will be moving to the Garden Ridge Community Center, 9400 Municipal Pkwy., San Antonio, TX 78266. (Exit Natural Caverns Bridge). Please share with your herper friends!
School garden work party at Camas Ridge this Sunday. Snacks and tools provided.
It's beginning to look a lot like November.πŸŽ…πŸŽ„ Garden Ridge wasted no time putting out decorations!
This girl that smells like Garden Ridge sat by me in class again.πŸ˜’ girl got this whole row smelling like Christmas.πŸ˜‚
I'm old enough to remember Fairfield, Ox Ridge and The Garden in their heyday, and...
I need to go to trader joes,garden ridge,&somewhere to find the lace top thigh highs
Lewisville: SB35E/Main mishap now 2RL. Backup already to Garden Ridge. Dallas FD looking for prob EB LBJ @ 75.
garden ridge is near 249/1960 behind HootersπŸ‘€πŸ‘… and kirklands is on 1960 where Barnes n Nobles is at!
Christmas stuff is out at garden ridge πŸ˜πŸŽ…
Leave it to Garden Ridge to ruin a great weekend. Thanks for the ticket ***
I don't know about the Canada Lands, but Garden Ridge and Hobby Lobby have pretty cheap wooden treasure chests.
so did target and garden ridge. Let's go shopping
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
At garden ridge and all this Christmas stuff makes me so so happy like I can't wait to buy gifts and decorate the house
By the way, how's Olive Garden working out? I reapplied for a job at Kings Ridge Publix, so I just can't wait :)
Funny thing is went went to garden ridge today aswell...
it's just got shelves inside. 49 at the place that used to be Garden Ridge
β€œI've been looking everywhere for a Moses basket for my nephew.” Did you try Garden Ridge?
Aldis, Wegmans, Kohl's, Home Depot, Olive Garden, AMC Maple Ridge 8. Going to be a pricey day.
Hanging out in Garden Ridge eating a bagel
- Purple crown headboard at Garden Ridge lol
Garden Ridge has been rebranded and is now "At Home" decor. I would have appreciated it if you all had told me this. πŸ˜’ lol
- Overheard reports of a possible protest. Lewisville 1171/Garden Ridge. Don't know when or for what.
Jonathan having fun at garden ridge with his new pinwheel
Hobby Lobby and garden ridge with mi madre😊
At home/Garden ridge is the One huge painting, a small painting, and four throw pillows for just $27
Garden Ridge has some beautiful stuff man!
Colleges team up to build greenhouse on Pine Ridge Reservation
ya it's called something else instead of garden ridge but it's still in the same location and Soros have all kinds of scrubs
days like today make me wanna go to garden ridge, I have not clue why, it's not even garden ridge anymore
My room smells like garden ridge pinecones ye
Yes! Love your you SUV and your Garden Ridge fall decor!
Found the cutest brown faux leather chaise at At Home (aka Garden Ridge) for 90% off!!! Originally $179.99 for $18! So...I bought two lol
Fun with a pinwheel and am auto door ag garden ridge
Breathtaking ... sunrise over Hope Valley and the Great Ridge in Derbyshire england
FW: NB35W/Northside crash still LL. Backup to Hattie. NEW trouble in Lewisville NB35E past Garden Ridge LL.
Babe, Yes, the mirror can lie, it doesn't show you what's insideπŸ’‹πŸ’‹ @ Gateway Garden Ridge - Pioneer,…
Why do I allow myself to go to Garden Ridge alone!? Lost in a maze of throw pillows and potpourri.
Suzanne having fun today with her Garden Ridge lower primary class:)
Rep Smith met w/ Alzheimer’s Assoc members in Garden Ridge to discuss a disease that effects over 5 million Americans
The garden-style homes of Rosemary Ridge are designed for people who value quiet time.
The garden at Hillbilly Ridge Bed n Breakfast is still…
. I wuz urs since our 1st date at Garden Ridge
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Mountaintop fair in Blue Ridge Summit benefits memorial garden.
Wonderful weekend with Jim and Donna Blackstock. Donna and I went to the TWR Gumbo Cook off in Kemah Saturday afternoon, visited with Carolyn, Cheryl & Mike, Carla, Bridget, Dougie, Libby and Blaze Rucker. Tons of fun! And then we shopped! Sunday watched the TEXANS game and went to the new Garden Ridge store and found Halloween and Christmas decorations. Then attended the Pearland Cowboy Church where Jim was the featured artist playing with the group! Always love hearing Jim play the piano! He is some kind of wonderful! These two are getting ready to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary next Saturday and been good friends to me, longer than that! Now I can't wait to get up to Hunstville one of these weekends and visit with them!
there are no home furnishing stores like Garden Ridge here and its starting to drive me crazy!!!
Saw a police public call box dvd tower at garden ridge lol i wish i had the money :( -Omega
So garden ridge is now "at home" with cool lower case font and a grey/blue paint scheme. Isn't that like lipstick on a pig?
so does just about everybody else that went to Garden Ridge and said "give me the cheapest chairs that aren't terrible."
I want to go to Garden Ridge tomorrow.
Spent my life today at Garden Ridge for the new house 🏠 Sorry bank account.
Garden Ridge painting. Garden Ridge is changing their name to "At Home".
all these *** in the garden I call mineral ridge
One of Us: Lucinda Clark's garden 'casts a pleasant light' on Kings Ridge Apartments: The first time Max Suter...
Tempted to go to garden ridge but I'll buy everything 😩
Take a Child Outside at Prairie Ridge Saturday 9/27, 9am-noon and explore the garden, prairie & pond.
Getting lost in this strange infinite place they call "Garden Ridge"
Just heard that Garden Ridge has changed it's name to At Home
Apply for a at Garden Ridge in Indianapolis, IN.
Your is over. Garden Ridge wants to you in Indianapolis, IN.
Garden Ridge just needs to make their vases more durable and fort-proof πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Garden Ridge or Marion or La Vernia would be perfect
you also left Annie at Garden Ridge.
Garden Ridge & Hobby Lobby are the 2 places I could spend all my money at
see what my boy Rashad "garden ridge" Jennings came up with today?!? Money in the bank. And a nicely decorated house too.
Garden ridge is having a sale and I just went crazy
Your new one. You still at Garden Ridge?
ngl I'm a little upset that garden ridge is gone
I'm at Garden Ridge. I remember when I brought Annie and Jacky here and we looked for stuff for our future apartment πŸ˜‚ I lost the girls too
I've spent 2 hours shopping in garden ridge by myself. Sadly it's my favorite store
Is the Olive Garden open in ridge hill?
Date in Garden Ridge, riding the carts cause I can't walk, and gettin a water bottle was so much fun . Thank you So much! 😍😍
$170 at lowes and $130 at garden ridge..I've seem to lost my mind. such a huge selection at Garden Ridge, how did you not find anything? Lol
My mom takes me to garden ridge and I always get so tired in the store
baha yeah they expensive. Garden ridge has the cheaper ones, unfortunately I'm a guy. So I had to go elsewhere.
I wanna go to garden ridge and ikea. I need to spruce up my room.
best place to get scrubs, garden ridge, HUGE selection & not pricey!!
High Ridge farm has everything from upscale kitchen to llamas
Major Accident (Lewisville)- 2800blk of NB 35E. Between FM 407 and Garden Ridge.
Sometimes, when I am bored, I go into the garden, I cover myself in earth and I pretend I am a carrot.
I need to go to Hobby Lobby or Garden Ridge asap.
Garden Ridge stores changing name to At Home: Hamburg Pavilion customers of Garden Ridge may have wondered if the...
Pic of model in Garden Ridge using glass door for perfect
Garden Ridge stores changing name to At Home
garden ridge has a whole section of scrubs. Landaus next to target forest hill would have nice ones!
Garden Valley and Idaho City areas will experience smoke impacts from Freeze Out Ridge fire this evening.
Look for "From our Garden" signs Everything we grow on our Peach Ridge farm is free of chemicals:
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Helped nearby drivers by reporting heavy rain on Garden State Pkwy N, Chestnut Ridge on - Drive Social.
Losing my mind at Garden Ridge rn..
thanks lady! Got it for a steal at Garden Ridge!
go to Garden Ridge. You'll see stuff from that december holiday along w/ pumkins and turkeys.
I'm not sure honestly, might just be a name change to confuse ppl into thinking it's not a boring *** Garden Ridge store.
These were at Garden Ridge today. I am not a fan. Maybe the silver...but the orange one?! Only 126 days til Christmas
Quality my dad and I will be in the Bell and Hare garden at about 1200. Hopefully see you there
oh, it's mine too. I scope them out. Garden Ridge has a lot of elephant stuff and so does Pier 1!
Im in garden ridge. Look at this cool mirror
Pic i found just at at home which was garden ridge i won a gift dollar gift card while there hee hee
Beet root lasagna. Still beet roots in garden so next will be beetrootlasagne dry martini @ Loresho Ridge
If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden. @ Rough Ridge
My hatred for garden ridge is unreal
Full arch of the rainbow spotted in Garden Ridge area! Absolutely gorgeous!
A rare sight to see! Double rainbow spotted in Garden Ridge near 1-35! 🌈
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Dual view of the storm near Garden Ridge headed SW.
why did I pass garden ridge on the highway?!?! That name change threw me off
Dumbest name change ever. Its still Garden Ridge! "Garden Ridge is now called "At Home"πŸ˜’πŸ˜’"
I need to go get a lamp from Garden Ridge, I hope I can get in and out of there real quick
Listen go to Ross, Marshalls, Walmart, or Garden Ridge and get you some velvet hangers.
Garden Ridge is one of the greatest stores ever. How dare you!
I wonder if garden ridge is having a sale this weekend...I need a big floor mirror
When it rains it never comes out toward garden ridge/college πŸ˜’
I think this is the first time I have been to Olive Garden and not liked their food😷
garden ridge. It's like tons of stuff in there.
Glad Garden Ridge has changed its name to At Home. It just makes more sense.
Celebrating At Home's brand transformation & name change from Garden Ridge. for
How bout that quick 180 on garden ridge..
"Do you want my garden ridge cream cheese?" ~ Brianna
Thanks to Meca Sportswear in Garden Ridge for becoming a live football scoreboard sponsor! They get 15 weeks of radio commercials as well. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Who feel like driving me to Garden Ridge πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
it's called "at home" used to be garden ridge. It's right off 132nd and center
well cougar books Is the one that sold out or you talking about the book store inside garden ridge
I gotta get out of garden ridge.I'll spend every red cent in this dang store.
Lithia don't have em I never seen em but I went to garden ridge they didn't have any small pants. But thanks 😘
yeah either one should have them where the bras and stuff are and I heard garden ridge has some too.
Garden ridge is the best store ever
yeah, so is Garden Ridge and a few other home type places. Way too stinking early
Just left garden ridge and starting driving to my old apartment. Whoops. Don't live there anymore.
Why is there more Christmas decorations in garden ridge than Halloween.
Fantastic CNE this year! Love the sand sculptures and stone stacking. Lots of interest in our Fern Ridge native plant garden!
Had a good afternoon with my girl Lucy Rangel we went to Garden ridge and Fallas and to eat in and out burger...
Since when did Garden Ridge become "At Home"??? I don't like this. 😐😑
When did Garden Ridge in Noblesville change to "At Home?"
I'm a manager at garden ridge and I work at hair pop in north east mall
Garden Ridge is one of my favorite stores, not gonna lie.
My mom said she'd help me with all of my crafts and go to Garden Ridge with me tomorrow :3
Went to Garden Ridge! Found this nice rug for the living room! Still need more things but coming along!
oh hemmed!! Dang😁 speaking of that did you get them from garden ridge??
An east to west boundary extending from New Braunfels to Garden Ridge to Hollywood Park will produce gusts up to 40 mph next 5-10 mins
Dear Garden Ridge, after all these years, not even a goodbye?!
Today's letter is C for creativity, clarity and consciousness. // metallic sign from Garden Ridge for…
Pleased to the following companies for Garden Ridge, It Works!, &
I was actually excited to go shopping at Garden Ridge Pottery. Does this mean I'm getting old?
It will grow on you. Folks outside of TX had no idea what Garden Ridge was - they thought it was outdoor supplies
Garden Ridge has changed their name to at Home?
Here are today's Cross Timbers at Morriss. 5000-5400 blks Riverhill. Area of Forums/Olympia/Acropolis. 600-1800 blks Garden Ridge
omg is this at garden ridge/At Home because I totally took a pic with it
Holy macaroni I have found the home decor mother load 😍 @ Garden Ridge
Garden Ridge is now looking for qualified applicants in Bridgeton, MO.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Garden Ridge would like you to work for them in Bridgeton, MO.
30th St update: SB traffic will be diverted at Mesa. NB closed at Fontanero. To access GOG, use Ridge Rd or Garden Dr entrance
Going to switch pharmacy . One on Garden Ridge and407 is too dirty snd gross.
gotta admit tho, lotta cool things in Garden Ridge!
going to Super1 for food, gets us sidetracked into Garden Ridge for over an hour
I'm not even finished decorating the yard for summer.and Garden Ridge already has pumpkin and Christmas ornaments out =/ is it just me or are folks not savoring the moment more than usual?
After Garden Ridge, Anns linens, and Sears, its dinner time!
And last post for tonight (maybe), saw this yesterday at "at Home" (formerly garden ridge) in Irondale. You too could be the owner of a tiki fire pit! Run, don't walk, and get yours today! Only two left!
Interview at 10 am tomorrow at Garden Ridge it's only part time but atleast it ain't working with food :-P
Garden Ridge already has their Christmas stuff out, in case you want to decorate 5 months early
Anyone in garden ridge wanna get their toes done with me?
Remember High Street is closed. north campus stops at are The Ridge or bottom of on Garden
Garden ridge already has Christmas things in here ☺️
We do screen printed shirts and other promotional items for lots of schools and especially love doing apparel for...
no! From the garden that says Hunters RidgeπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Beautiful sunset at my Garden Bites event at Pioneer Ridge tonight!
Commercial Hay Operation Manager (Garden Ridge): Immediate opening for a manger to take charg...
I could shop in garden ridge for hours! It has everything I love to shop for - candles, rugs, furniture, art. Ugh perf
Just got to Palmetto Home & Garden for the Piedmont Blue Ridge meeting. We are sharing about the Asheville Kitchen & Bath Show.
Say 'hi' to the Garden Ridge staff for me!
I need to know if there is a way that I can find an item online that I seen at Garden Ridge seen elsewhere.
I haven't looked, but the one by Burlington and Garden Ridge always has the stuff I'm looking for!
Heads up there's a cop on Garden RidgeπŸ‘€πŸš¨
Article about my uncle Jimmy and his Narrows Botanical Garden in Brooklyn:
Another busy day at Together. We have Pine Ridge Presbyterian Church coming in to work on the garden today!
4 swivel barstools, dark brown leather like covering. Bought new at Garden Ridge for $59.99 each ($240). Used maybe a couple of times...just taking up space. About 29" high and about 18" across. Selling for $40 each or all for $150
I don't think anyone on my TL cares. But there's an awesome scrub sale at Garden ridge.
Garden Ridge is having a sale on there scrubs $2.99. I got me $40 worth and I had a lot lol!
Proud to have made a difference this Mandela Day, by proving smiles to the children of Rabie Ridge, and a vertical garden to
So y'all just going to keep taking your mama plastic flowers she got from Garden Ridge & making them into headbands,huh ? πŸ˜’
I guess that is what happens when garden ridge is your career
Has anyone been to the new garden ridge they opened up? It's magnificent.
Now I want to go to Garden Ridge but I know I won't have money after
I bought a tin whale to go on my wall by the pool put ur nick backs on and some towels good ole day at garden ridge 10% off tho son
The Sunset Ridge Park Butterfly Garden is starting to take shape!
Hey medical friends, Garden Ridge has scrubs for $2.99!!! Just got 15 pair all for under $50 πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜›πŸ’‰πŸ¨
I think they have some at garden ridge 😐 are you getting the marcel? 😬
He's asleep in the front seat... I could be wrong but I think he hates Garden Ridge.
Kevin Michael Phelps and I have shopped all weekend for the best deal on patio furniture cushions. FYI Garden Ridge has a huge selection on clearance, if you're in the market. Now we can start "The Deck Re-Vamp 2014"
Garden Ridge is a strange place where you can buy furniture, scrubs, and Justin Bieber songbooks.
now sitting on a pile of pillows in Garden Ridge cause mom and gma are taking forevaaa
I'm about to spend all my money in garden ridge
Sick kids are making it possible for you to snoop through someone else's gardens. The Maple Ridge Garden Club is...
Garden Ridge stores getting new look, new name | News - Home
Very frustrating situation. I have heard a particular pop song in different places and I like it but have no idea who the artist is or the name of the tune. I was in Garden Ridge Pottery this morning and heard it again. It's a rather rhythmic number and the guy singing it sounds a bit like the R&B singers from the 60's...high voice. The bridge/hook of the song is pretty much a monotone thing with about two notes and repeats itself. I can hum it and it's stuck in my head. Very frustrating.
I guess I'm bout to get ready to take this ride to garden ridge in Mississippi
Virtual farm tours: Connecting with animals at Apple Hill: In anticipation of Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture’s...
Well we had a good night's rest now on to Garden Ridge-San Antonio. About another 4 to 5 hours to go. Can't wait to get there and see my family. Yay. It's 9:36. Praying for traveling Mercies.
my neighbor told me about garden ridge. I'll prob go out there today
Sitting outside garden ridge in tri county... They don't open for another hour and half 15mins
Home Sales Trends in 2013 for the Garden Ridge subdivision οΏ½ Lewisville, TX
Came up over the ridge only to discover the backside of Garden of the Gods today.
Have to share... I was at Garden Ridge today and asked one of their associates if they carried succulents. I could immediately tell the woman had no idea what succulents were so I clarified "like do you have little cacti?" She responded, "yes we have cactuses on the next isle." Then, she led me to the next isle and pointed out the "cactuses," and it was a big pile of starfish. I just said "great thanks so much!" and continued my search.
Going to garden ridge & addi's wearing her Cinderella princess dress... Can you say attention seeker?
Big Joel's safari, red robin , and garden ridge with Julie Ann Poirier Amanda Tracy and Aaron William French
Omg good good sale at Garden Ridge. I didnt bring enough money. Lmao
Where are you Dawn Sutton Anderson? You need to check this out. Garden Ridge Pottery comes to Colorado πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
Decided to check out the Home store in Stockbridge. It's Garden Ridge with a different name- booo.
Shopping with Trinitie Holliman and her BFF Emily. Garden ridge for now then off to Wolfchase.
So garden ridge is now called At Home wonder if it is still the same store
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Dalton trying out a slide at Garden Ridge!!
I've just introduced robin to garden ridge. I think I've created a monster!!!
Emergency trip to Charlotte is required next week!!! IKEA, Garden Ridge and Hobby Lobby are calling me!
Trying to pick the girls (Stacy Walker, Crystal Howery & Ann Howery) up off the floor - I went from one end of Garden Ridge to the other and am walking out empty handed!! It's a good day to be shopping!!
So, I was introduced to this store called Garden ridge and fell in love! Anything and everything you could ever want for your house! Why nust I be obsessed with interior decorating and cute garden patios?! Im in trouble now lmao. If your looking for ideas of what to get me for my 21 birthday, GARDEN RIDGE GIFT CARDS & of course some shots of tequila lmao
FOR SALE: Gently used Couch/Bed bought new from Garden Ridge about one year ago. Teen daughter no longer wants/needs in room. White pillow sold with.asking $125.00 OBO...comment below or PM me if interested. Thanks!
Garden Ridge, schooling the niece about hooking up the crib!
Garden Ridge, the home accents and crafts chain, has purchased the former Super Target in Orange Park. The company has not confirmed its plans.
Had a great day, went shopping at Garden Ridge with Deanna and then the playoff game for Max. Way to go Max!
seriously I read all of the cards and then took my dog on a walk where garden ridge is and was just balling😭
Went to high school with him in Glen Ridge, NJ...reppin the smallest, most beautiful town in the garden state.
Garden Ridge, which closed its Regency location in 2011, is in talks to take over the former Super Target space on Wells Road.
We are debating on adding another garage. Does anyone have a good reliable builder (we live in Garden Ridge)? Please only refer if you've been pleased with their work. Thank you!
The City has contracted with SAZ Infrastructure, Inc., to perform repairs on the alley off of Garden Ridge and Cimmaron Strip, serving homes on Glenhill Ln. and Chisholm Trail. The repairs will begin on Thursday, June 5, and should be completed by Tuesday, June 10, weather permitting. This will require that trash and recycling bins be placed in front of the residences until the work has been completed. Most residents will still have access to their driveways, with the exception of those immediately adjacent to the repairs.
Facilities Technician - HVAC (Atlanta Metro): Garden Ridge opened its first retail location in Schertz, TX in...
June 14 Home and Garden Tour benefits Family Promise! Get tickets at Book People or Fiddlers Ridge Garden Center
Free goodies out here at the Beer Garden! Come find us all week at Buffalo Ridge
happens all the time at At Home/Garden Ridge whateveres. Our patio furniture is right under the vents too.
The newest addition to the Brewer Library garden! I cannot wait to see these flowers! They are Tennyson Ridge Iris
Everyone is leaving me this week for vaca including the bay who left this morning. If you need me for the next week I'll be drowning my sorrows at garden ridge. Time to redecorate to keep myself busy. Rip to my bank account. Oopsies.
$40 for all THREE.bought at Garden Ridge.
Photo Frame, brand new, purchased at Garden Ridge for 34.99 asking $20.00.
Grateful for the garden ridge youth who did a great job with the lip sync contest and had a blast performing . I loved every minute of it. You guys are all rock stars in my book!
Shay and Nikki, Tonight is the night for Maleficent at the Festus 8 cinema. Nikki let's meet at Garden Ridge at 6pm. Can't wait! Frannie Banannie is going, too :-)
So this Saturday we are going to do a yard sale. Tools, baby stuff, more weird stuff we have found in this weird old house. A whole box of free cords and wires for fre because that drawer full of iphone and usb chargers is not moving with us again! Actually most of this stuff just has to go. Giant denim blue chalet style wool rug from crate and barrel 11'x14' $50 - training chair and potties freee! Giant Mondrian style rug from garden ridge 9x11' $20- drills, circ saw, SO. MANY. FLASHLIGHTS. Garden tools? Comforters? Giant 80's awesome bamboo chest? You know you need this stuff. Come drag it off my lawn. Plesae.
Saw this sick piece of artwork at Garden Ridge
I'm in my happy place... GARDEN RIDGE
Our Beverage Garden features wine from Cedar Ridge Winery & Distillery! Don't miss out since the first experience is o…
Our baby Kaitlyn has graduated 5th grade & is off to middle school next year :( She looked so beautiful! She walked away with awards from Student Council, Safety Patrol and A/B HONOR ROLL :), Her daddy saved the day since I forgot the flowers! He swooped in and made his little girl smile! Well the flowers and the HUGE cake she was eyeing in the back for 5th grade LOL. Her sister Kayla & brother in law Landon would have been so proud of her today! So many people are to thank at GRES! Sayde Morrison Dunlap is a miracle worker! She saved my child when I didn't know how to help her. Julie Carse Cronkhite was so wonderful to Chris and I when we came to Garden Ridge. She helped us so much to understand Kaitlyn and her needs and to find a curriculum that would work for her. She gave Kaitlyn the tools to "want to" learn. Joni Hughes Coker has the kindest heart and is one of my bighest supporters for Kaitlyn. I will always be grateful to her for every opportunity she gave me and our family! From every teacher Ka . ...
the cashier at garden ridge did not just ask for my Instagram ...
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
thought you'd enjoy knowing that these are being sold in a store called Garden Ridge in my area
Pleasant Ridge Home and Garden Tour is this weekend to help raise money for museum renovations.
A lone bug yodels along the ridge line of a blackberry leaf.
Pls do visit our newly opened laundry shop along cabancaln right across garden ridge.. Red building.
Accion Labs is hiring a Technical Writer (IT Systems and Software Documentation) (TX)-contract in Garden Ridge, TX danc
like any day i leave the house & pass garden ridge but when i came home it was a new store called 'At Home'. must have been some ninjas
Rdwork, Rdwork on Garden State Pkwy north South of ex 171 - Glen Rd to Chestnut Ridge Rd (Woodcliff Lake) to North of ex 171 …
Artists in the Garden at Ridge Road Nursery in this Sat, 6/7/14, 9AM-4PM
You could decorate a castle with the stuff found in Garden Ridge
For all the Dr. Who fans. These are at Garden Ridge (Old Sam's).
We walk into Garden Ridge and Ana says "This may as well be a retirement home."
Katy sisters charged with scamming Garden Ridge out of $2 million. Hear the story on
the McDonalds by garden ridge. they have open interview. On Mondays from 2-4
4 women charged in scheme to defraud Garden Ridge: According to a news release from Magidson's office, Johnson...
Authorities: Katy sisters schemed to defraud Garden Ridge of millions
JoAnn fabrics!! But I found the Hobby Lobby and Garden Ridge has even cuter ones!
Garden Ridge soon to new At Home. A place where you can hold family reunions and that's are specialties...
have you been to garden ridge to look? Everyone keeps telling me to go there.
I need Hobby Lobby, Bed Bath & Beyond, Garden Ridge, Lowes and Target to be open after 9pm till about 2am... There should be a national holiday "Shop without your kids Day"... (Actually weekly) THAT would be AWESOME!!
WOODSTOCK - Big Lots - 3:30 ACWORTH/KENNESAW - Wade Green Big Lots - 4:15 KENNESAW - Garden Ridge - 5pm Ya'll come see us.we have lots of goodies to save you and your family money!! WHITE F250 PULLING A WHITE ENCLOSED TRAILER.
(USA-MI-Grand Rapids) Associate: Garden Ridge employees are enthusiastic, passionate about t...
Almost done with this house. I bet Bed Bath and Beyond, Kirkland’s, and wal-mart are tired of seeing me lol gotta hit up Garden Ridge this weekend.
The Garden Ridge Police Department is looking for a missing woman.
Woman missing after going for walk - KABB - San Antonio Top Stories - News, Sports, Weather, Traffic:
There needs to be a Garden Ridge in Kansas, I'm in love with their home decor 😍
Garden Ridge PD search for missing person
β€œGarden ridge got plenty scrubs at reasonable prices” are they durable tho?
Garden ridge got plenty scrubs at reasonable prices
Garden Ridge is just up the road from us. Literally. Just a couple miles.
Woman missing after going for walk.
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Just left Garden Ridge with 2 baskets FULL of stuff 😁😁😁
Thank you garden ridge for making it affordable for me to redecorate my apartment, it looks awesome!
Went to Garden Ridge in Eastgate this evening and I got 7 pairs of scrub pants for $15! The store is closing January 26th I believe. Great deals!!
Found this big as rose at garden ridge today! I feel like I'm in Alice in wonderland.(:
Garden Ridge has all there Christmas trees 75 percent off! Found a beautiful 9 footer for 25.00!! BooYah!
Having a blast at Garden Ridge Pottery with my mom
I *** near lost my grandma in Garden Ridge
Cause never was Walmart the only store. I'm thinking garden ridge, target, sears, gordmans we can go any *** where.
Garden Ridge is my new favorite store
Garden ridge is the best place on earth. Can't wait to decorate our home next year 😍🏑
Someone wanna tell me why the old target building has 2 signs that say At Home on it? I thought it was Garden Ridge?
For the next "Ring" movie, they should replace the video tape with running errands at Garden Ridge.
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