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Garden Bridge

Garden Bridge is a planned pedestrian bridge over the River Thames in London, England. Conceived by the actress Joanna Lumley in 1998 and designed by Thomas Heatherwick, working with Arup, on a commission from Transport for London, it is planned to feature trees and gardens.

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'It's been spent...' Sadiq Khan flounders over taxpayers' £50m for FAILED Garden Bridge
London's chided over 'Garden Bridge' design contract
The design of the Garden Bridge has plenty of celebrity support but has drawn its fair share of critics.
So the Garden Bridge was going to be "free"? Maybe it was going to have Magic Money Trees on it?
Excellent news, and well done - no more public funds or support for the wasteful, pointless Garden Bridge
Great news that Boris & Joanna's vanity project the Garden Bridge has been scrapped! It would have destroyed the beautiful South Bank.
Joanna Lumley lives here. Yet she thinks it is "shabby" & demands the Garden Bridge to help her deal with the "hus…
If the story of the Garden Bridge (was a feature film starring Joanna Lumley, what would it be?.
Yeah, home to Nudelyn Bridge, Madison Nude Garden, Nudeway, Nudes Square, Statue of Nudes, etc
Excellent report by exposing terrible choices and personal vanities that led to Garden Bridge…
I'm all for wacky projects but not at the expense of people who have less than nothing. Everything about the Garden Bridge is o…
My response to Margaret Hodge's report into the Garden Bridge's finances
Talk to us too if you want balance. Damning review suggests scrapping Boris'pet project at cost of £46m
So presumably that's that. And presumably Boris Johnson will called upon to explain such good use of £46m ?
Garden Bridge is a sorry tale about how high profile individuals with the ear of the Mayor can gain access to funds with…
Could Boris pay for the Garden bridge debacle with the money on the side of his bus🤔 .
Garden Bridge - Everyone involved in this fiasco should be put on permanent "gardening" leave.
Not another penny of public funds should go on the Garden Bridge. There are proper bridges like ready…
Blistering & brilliant comment on by as vows 2 plow on!!
Come on now is a good time to scrap The Garden Bridge
Tory Party of Fiscal Competence... £60m public money spent on planning Garden Bridge, should be scrapped say review https:…
Enough about the garden bridge. If you want to see lots of birds and good value bridges in a garden setting, go and…
⚡ Garden Bridge 'should not be built', says review.
Now garden bridge folly is ditched, can HS2 be cast aside too until UK has some money? Tories keep telling you (when i…
Review calls for London Garden Bridge project to be scrapped
Now we're saving a few 100 million on the garden bridge, lets use that money to give every black cab driver a free zero emiss…
Just published - Garden Bridge: Sadiq should pull the plug, finds Margaret Hodge
I.T. - Blokes: Stories of the Day; Garden Bridge should be scrapped, Hodge revi… see more
I'm the only elected official to formally vote against the Garden Bridge. I endorse this message
Garden Bridge should be ditched, finds financial inquiry
Build 8 new secondary schools or a Garden Bridge. Garden Bridge should be scrapped, Hodge review finds -
Garden Bridge 'should be scrapped', says review
London's Garden Bridge. Nice idea, but badly, and improperly, planned.
.on Hodge report: "London Assembly can only feel vindicated for the many, many concerns we’ve raised"
BBC News - Garden Bridge should be scrapped, Hodge review finds
Garden Bridge Trust claimed they could hire out the bridge for £60,000 a go. Three times the cost of the Shard.
Scrap garden bridge to avoid wasting more public funds, report says.
NEW: Brutal withering report into Garden Bridge by recommends cancellation as not "value for money". Cost…
Garden Bridge should be ditched, finds financial inquiry -
Garden Bridge should be scrapped-Hodge. We have a £1.7Tn debt for God's sake budget budget budget.
Dame Margaret Hodge’s independent report into the Garden Bridge Project has been published. Read it here:
200 million could buy a lot of useful things in the uk, not a useless garden bridge, another Londoncentric vanity project
Tonight on at 6pm, more on the Hodge report into the Garden Bridge. Dahn by the river.
Could this be the end of the bridge? -...
Garden Bridge officially killed, good as. Now can we have our £46.4m back from Boris and Cameron?
Margaret Hodge report into London's garden bridge project recommends scrapping it rather than risking the waste of any m…
Yr10- Garden Bridge should be scrapped, Hodge review finds
Isabel Dedring. Formerly TfL Deputy Mayor for Transport. Awarded Arup the contract for the Garden Bridge, then left to work for…
The Garden Bridge is dead. This is the full, remarkable story of how London’s "floating paradise" fell down
Fascinating vignette in Hodge report on Garden Bridge Trust's seemingly high-handed response to opposition (person named…
£46m wasted on the Garden Bridge debacle. In other news, record numbers are homeless.
Garden Bridge should be scrapped, Hodge sez. It's a mystery how ANY contract is agreed without a FIXED cost.
'Cancel says Hodge in damning report supporting findings of my 2.5 yr investigation
NEW: Architects v v critical of Tfl & Garden Bridge process: "Competition didn't smell right from the start" "Tfl contin…
Would be very glad to see the back of the garden bridge - expensive and mendacious white elephant.
Boris to blame for fiasco over garden bridge that has already cost taxpayers £37 million, says independent review .
Instead of a garden bridge, why not build some affordable homes for the lowest paid workers in London? . Much b…
Garden Bridge should be scrapped, Hodge review finds
Each day Garden Bridge misTrust staff must walk over Waterloo Bridge from Somerset House & think "eugh, that view's…
Says the mayor who is enabling Boris Johnson's environmentally damaging vanity Garden Bridge!…
what about the previous joker.? Garden Bridge, Cable Car, Earls Court, CSH, Olympic Stadium giveaway!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Nick True told me it wasn't for him to comment on Garden Bridge scandal but apparently you are allo…
Totally happy to support motion to stop mayoral guarantee to Garden Bridge (& to push Diamond Jubilee Bridge as doa…
Designed by Thomas Heatherwick, the 367-metre-long Garden Bridge is proposed across River Thames
Garden Bridge goes from London to Gloucestershire. Allows people from South East to push up Bristol property prices.
Thanks Kathy. My life's work and discovering the same Graeme Craig and Niall Brolly involved in Garden Bridge and Uber fuels me
PAC Chair has written to the top official at about the Garden Bridge project in London
Stop the private Garden Bridge! Iconic views will be ruined, truncated & lost forever.
Interesting day as we found the same people were involved in UBER, Garden Bridge and Disuse…
Sadiq Khan dismisses Garden Bridge question and the GBT issue another via
One for - protest info signs on South Bank trees marked for felling to allow construction of 'Garden Bridge'…
Main surprise of tonight's meeting is that neither Tower Hamlets nor Mulberry Trust were involved in the Garden Bridge process
Garden Bridge - Steel construction contract went to Italy. Imagine cost of Italian workers wages/transport rising as £ falls...
Lumley reveals Garden Bridge land permission is in doubt | News | Architects Journal
Garden Bridge: Lambeth sets date for cabinet decision on lease. (public land !). challenge this in the High Court!
Save the South Bank from the private Garden Bridge development. Help us challenge this in the HIgh Court! .
And the Garden Bridge rep at Lambeth Country Show told me £3.5m
*They arrive at the park, taking a short wooden bridge of sorts over a rock garden. The park itself is mostly occupied-
“Don’t throw good money after bad!” Audience plead with Sadiq to scrap the Garden Bridge
Lies being traced back through Disused Tube Station and Garden Bridge project.
// is she not conflating a Samuel Johnson [no relation to Boris btw :-) ] with hating the Garden Bridge project?
Can we make a concerted effort to rename the Garden Bridge "the Boris Bridge" as a political campaign to sink the brand please?
If you love life come on the stop the garden bridge tour and celebrate beauty, diversity and good transport policy
Happiness levels high. Rage levels also. If you are opposed to the garden bridge you are opposed to life apparently.
Tower Bridge & Tower of London from the Sky Garden. Alex's 21st birthday treats! Now on to Crazy…
You claim to be a Mayor for all Londoners. Gain some respect by scrapping the hated bridge Boris Johns…
If you thought the Garden Bridge was good for the environment or 'green', explains why you're wrong!. http…
This is not only a warning about a possible traffic Kerfuffle, it is also a great name for a creek.
Do let landscape architect what you think of his Garden Bridge. He refuses to discuss it despite huge e…
Let's bring back the fireworks on Elliott Bay and watch them from Alaskan Way Elevated Park - a new garden bridge...
A history of Coin Street Community Builders who could stop the Garden Bridge. Will they?.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
That and the ridiculous idea of a garden bridge.
Just when the financing of her (and BoJo's) pet project, Garden Bridge, is challenged and, hopefully, never built...
GARDEN BRIDGE U-TURN. We deserve better from you. Was it all about the money?
Assembly Member wrote this about the Garden Bridge for to read:. ht…
Glencore, bringing the and child labour together
Bridge over North Prong Stinking Quarter Creek near Pleasant Garden to be replaced
. Traffic jam at 5 Garden & Wadala Bridge also. From where we should go? Wadala or Sion?
You could say that the investigation into the is news
A lovely article from the about the Garden Bridge. Jo x
How could it be more costly to abandon Bozo's Garden Bridge folly...than to build it?
The new garden bridge has been given a name 'Traitors' Bridge' in memory of & https:…
Save the South Bank from the Garden Bridge - Sign the Petition! via
Sign the petition💖. Save the South Bank from the Garden Bridge via
Hopefully this will scupper that dreadful garden bridge idea once and for all.
I've update my rough cost comparative graphic with Garden Bridge and Millennium Bridge.
It'll be cheaper to build London's planned "Garden Bridge" than scrap it, new mayor says
This seems like a good day to remind everyone that the taxpayer contribution to the Garden Bridge is actually £60m. https:…
Why is London’s Garden Bridge worth as much as five Lancashire museums? Ask Joanna Lumley
*spoiler alert*. Midnight Special. Atmospheric John Carpenter-style movie, ruined by Joanna Lumley's Garden Bridge at the end
Thames Central Open Spaces: "8 toilets for Garden Bridge...condemns the whole Waterloo into a public toilets"
Slick new ad for the Garden Bridge says it's paradise, but it's just a massive misuse of public money
There'll only be 8 public toilets for use by visitors to the Garden Bridge...
If Sarah Sands thinks Garden Bridge "will be our Eiffel Tower" she probably sees Emirates Cable car as our Taj Mahal
Do you agree with Sarah Sands on the Garden Bridge? What is your official position on it please?
This piece misses the point in so many ways. The list of reasons to oppose the Garden Bridge is as long as my arm...
'What have we come to when we discourage philanthropy?' Sarah Sands on Heatherwick's Garden Bridge
Sarah Sands in the Standard tonight defends the Garden Bridge: "Gardens of all things should not be politicised". Jesus wept.
In the standard, Sarah Sands bigs up the Garden Bridge and slams critics. But fails to address main concern: it should be somewhere else
Let the Garden Bridge flower free from politics
Hugely misguided article on Garden Bridge - it is widely unpopular & will be nothing like the NY Highline.
Gardens 'should not be politicised' says Sarah Sands defending Garden Bridge in Standard, Sure no political fixes used to get bridge granted
Sarah Sands: Let the Garden Bridge flower free from politics Lets talk Geography then. Yet again South wins
Great article from 'Let the Garden Bridge flower free from politics'
Waterloo Sunset. . Because the beautiful song will be the only way to remember it if the Garden Bridge gets built.
Garden Bridge will go ahead, says trust -
London's Garden Bridge project was rigged by Boris Johnson and Joanna Lumley says https…
My debut on the rigged Garden Bridge design contest
London mayor tried to convince Apple to sponsor 'Garden Bridge' project
Boris Johnson met Garden Bridge architect before the contract was awarded
Boris Johnson met Garden Bridge designer before contract awarded
Osborne offered funding to Boris Johnson for Garden Bridge that might not have been approved if normal processes...
George Osborne under attack over Garden Bridge cash pledge
Villagers did consider building a Garden Bridge but decided giant golden Chairman Mao would actually be more useful
Turns out your EE phone is monitored at Hyde Park the same way it will be at the Garden Bridge. Surveillance framed as 'for our own good'.
Actually, put the Garden Bridge in Patsy's back yard, better
The Heckler: why we must stop Thomas Heatherwick's Garden Bridge
Is London's Garden Bridge going to be public space or a police state? …
Can I just urge all Londoners to sign the petition against the expensive, pointless, destructive Garden Bridge?
More reasons to oppose Garden Bridge. Great to see .leading the opposition (unlike supine Labour!) ht…
The truth is out there sign here thx &
Update: Bridge work on WB from West of Exit 5 - US 9 to West of Exit 7 - Garden State Pkwy
Thanks Murrell Smith for the update on the bridge between the Sumter Ymca and Johnny's Garden juice bar - LIVE. LOVE. JUICE
When one sits in a garden too long... @ Charles Bridge
A garden bridge over the river by cjerd09
Beautiful, 4 bed Victorian property with secure rear garden just moments from park
New bridge over Garden Street in is coming soon!
Met police urged to investigate procurement process for contracts
Cincinnati Skyline and Historic Suspension Bridge, Ready to Hang - Various Sizes & Prices
Met police urged to investigate garden bridge contracts
There's one for yer mate. Ledge geeze indeed
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
A lot of talk of Boris Johnson's latest LedgeBantz rugby tomfoolery. Here's more of his Top Lad behaviour
Speed gun at the safari park bridge...Traffic police waiting for guys near garden city
More scrutiny of procurement next week at City Hall
Garden Bridge set to enter the dustbin of urbanism. Historians will use it to illuminate the absurdity of our age. http:/…
'world's first vertical rain garden' in London Bridge. GLA's Drain London programme for sustainable urban drainage
Police to investigate how Thomas Heatherwick was awarded garden bridge project
Cycle over Waterloo Bridge? Support the consultation but don't support the mad plans for Covent G…
Tree selection process begins for Garden Bridge
Cleared: Roadwork on NB from Garden State Parkway - Cheesequake Service Area to North of Driscoll Bridge
Garden Bridge no longer represents value for money. I’d put the money towards pedestrianising Oxford Street.
I think Pimlico Battersea bridge makes sense. Comparison was to show absurdity of Garden Bridge.
Right on Garden Bridge, only half right on - reduce traffic yes, but careful with public transport
London’s Garden Bridge blatantly just a scheme to funnel public money into private hands. Osborne to be investigated. http:…
Really cool talks last night by curator Sarah Lee and projector leader for the Garden Bridge
she is also associated with the Garden Bridge
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Greg Clark: Boris Johnson: put the Garden Bridge where it's needed without using public funds or sc... via
As deputation goes to Lambeth Council over Garden Bridge tonight, Green emergency motion refused:
Garden Bridge opponents throw paper planes at councillors from the public gallery at Lambeth Town Hall
Waterloo Bridge asks Garden Bridge "what is the point of you?"
Is there anyone ANYWHERE that honestly thinks that the Garden Bridge is a good idea?
I hope the Garden Bridge lives up to its promise. I love London's oases. There are plenty of them, if you know where
- Our public spaces are our oasis in the City, of which we have far too little. I think the Garden Bridge will be like the O2
Excellent article from today's Observer on Garden Bridge - many questions Mayor must now answer
Delighted to be speaking against the Garden Bridge on Monday at 7pm, St George's Church, Waterloo. I am only mayoral c…
Just upriver from the Garden Bridge, Battersea's getting its own one
'I think bridges in cities should keep a low profile' - Chris Wilkinson answers an audience question on the Garden Bridge
Surprise, surprise - Mayor is running scarred in answering written questions over Garden Bridge 1st e.g
Anti-Garden Bridge campaigners call for parliamentary inquiry
Garden Bridge to go to judicial review for 'unlawful' planning:
Boris accused of misleading us all over how much public money the Garden Bridge is getting
London plans to build a Garden Bridge across the Thames to rival NYCs High Line
Dissertation done!! If I see the words Garden Bridge one more time...
Fun night on the bridge at Madison Square Garden! Go Rangers! ejsphotos
Must have been a temporary removal of the sign then..I can't keep up! And don't get me started on Covent Garden & Bridge St!
Planning rules sidestepped so £70m will be spent on a useless luvvie bridge, while the Prols pay £10 to use QE Bridge
hello! May I ask what your views are of the Garden Bridge? Thank you
If anyone can donate seeds etc. to Penny Bridge Academy, they're creating an edible community garden and would appreciate any support!
Excellent investigative work by of into Joana Lumley's garden bridge vanity project
Hey how many fire stations could your garden bridge vanity project have paid for?
that would be Absolutely Fabulous dahling but it's not going to happen. Pls sign/RT thx
Lumley's garden bridge letter must surely make the pages of the Guardian. Extraordinary reading.
Garden Bridge plug, recognising citizens like but not acknowledging access or maintenance issues
quelle surprise. Garden Bridge Trust, We're sitting down with you right now; let's talk
what happens if you can't raise the funds to maintain the Garden Bridge?
Let's just all live on the Garden Bridge, then everything will be fine!
Need to spk to 1 TOWER BRIDGE social tenant! MT Social housing tenants banned from luxury garden
Joanna Lumley, & the colossal scandal of the Thames Garden Bridge. Mind-blowing. From
It's a bridge ... and a park! London approves construction of garden bridge
We'll build the garden but not the bridge and see what happens, yes?
I have this amazing idea! The Garden Bridge is going to be fugly, let's spend millions on a TRIAL Garden Bridge instead, no?
indeed, they should trail the Garden Bridge in that manner
Wait till they close the garden bridge in the summer for "Bankers social evenings"..
sshh no one mention the garden bridge ! Bugga I just did ! How much ? Could do with homes for locals 1st
The Trust has been created to oversee planning, construction, operations and maintenance of the Garden Bridge
Congestion, avg 10mph on Garden State Pkwy NB between Parkway Bridge and US-9 -
This will result in a much reduced planted area and erode the benefits of the bridge as a garden.
The unacceptable sway of celebrity in London - whatever you think of the Garden Bridge, via
'Heatherwick's Garden Bridge is the ultimate product of a post-public … see more
Boris Johnson gets approval for a new £175mil Garden Bridge over the River Thames in
Mayor approves £175m garden bridge sorry but this is disgusting there are people spend it on them
City Hall says yes to Garden Bridge... but they need to find £65m before work can start
Do any artists' impressions of the Garden Bridge show what view from Waterloo Bridge will really be? All seem to be from aerial perspective
Garden Bridge: a blot on the landscape? via
Replica St. Paul's to be built on Garden Bridge to protect existing views from South Bank
Garden Bridge: "With security guards & ticket barriers, this will be neither functioning bridge nor functioning park"
Mayor approves £175m garden bridge. Wouldn't a new Thames crossing be money better spent ?
when the Telegraph also comes to that conclusion, then...
delighted to play a key role in the new London Garden Bridge.
Garden bridge approved by London mayor
Garden Bridge: a blot on the landscape?: Gardeners are do-ers who don't like to be negative, but opposition is...
Garden Bridge: a blot on the landscape?: The vision of a Garden Bridge for London is more controversial than i...
It sounds like a great idea to me, but not everyone likes Heatherwick's Garden Bridge.
London's £175 million Garden Bridge was today given final approval as Boris Johnson claimed it would be an “oasis of tranquillity” in the heart of the capital.
seriously, someone tell BoJo that I will turn westminster bridge into a garden bridge and I will do it for a fiver!
Great news! Westminster City Council granted planning consent for Garden Bridge - now its up to the Mayor! Arup are the Planni…
The annual maintenance bill alone would fund the entire annual green spaces management in a London borough:
of course the garden bridge will be welcome. what's not to like? More green space and pedestrian walkways are goo…
Heatherwick garden bridge looks set to proceed after Mayor's approval
A bridge and a garden. Because the lack of both are a real concern in London. Suspended above the crystal clear Thames.
With that garden bridge, overseas money, migrant workers etc, London's really turning into Europe's Dubai, isn't it?
Malign buffoon Boris Johnson continues with plan to de-civilise London as he approves that loathsome "garden bridge" h…
Garden Bridge: a blot on the landscape? Occasionally I agree with the
So London's is going ahead. What does everyone think?
A controversial garden bridge is to be built across the River Thames as the Mayor of London approves the scheme.
Garden Bridge: a blot on the landscape? - via
I thought the country was in austerity measures??!! - Mayor approves £175m garden bridge
Garden Bridge: a blot on the landscape?
£170m for London Garden Bridge. Obviously far more essential than affordable homes, especially when we are skint!
Why would anyone object to the beautiful Garden Bridge? Well here are a few good reasons.
175 million London Garden Bridge nice idea but surely better to invest this money in cycling infastructure
Originally an idea from the Garden Bridge has just been approved by Boris Johnson
We are facing swinging cuts So why on earth R tories planning to waste £30 million on a garden bridge
The Thames garden bridge is nothing but a wasteful blight | Rowan Moore
The London garden bridge folly: the Thames is now a playground for private fantasies
“Garden Bridge. Another absolutely pointless waste of time & money. . If public putting up millions should have access rights
Will London Mayor demand public right of way on Garden Bridge for £60m of transport funding? htt…
so the Garden Bridge has been approved. Here's a blog post I wrote about it:
Garden Bridge - NO public right of way - closed 12 days/yr for sponsors - groups of 8 need prior permission 2 cross
the Garden Bridge would benefit more Londoners if it was turned into a 'gateway' into the Greater London National Park!
PW: Garden Bridge gets mayoral approval: Mayor of London Boris Johnson has approved a new Garden Bridge over the…
Central London has great public spaces already. Garden Bridge much more beneficial in a poor suburb
The point of the Garden Bridge is to act as a memorial in years to come of Boris Johnsons Mayoral stint.
People who will actually be allowed on the Garden Bridge: . Tourists. Tories. Tori Amos. Tomás de Torquemada. Terry and…
Not too happy to hear about the cycling embargo on London's Garden Bridge - again making cyclists feel like pests:
London’s new Garden Bridge will be privately-owned tourist attraction. No public right-of-way.
Petition · Lambeth Council; put the Garden Bridge where it's needed please consider signing this
Interesting idea. Joanna Lumley: "We need a Garden Bridge over the Thames"
Turn to BBC1 now - we're joined by Joanna Lumley who wants a Garden Bridge in London, and Lord Adonis who is heading a Bridge Commission
Progression for Garden Bridge but Mayor admits he's not really sure what the bridge is for >
"Has Patsy been at the nose candy again?" Favourite comment on the Garden Bridge story so far
I think I could get behind ANYTHING Thomas Heatherwick does - next, a Garden Bridge across the Thames
An official Grants Ceremony will take place on the 26th of May at the City of Cockburn where Coogee Primary School will be presented with the grants award for The Obstacle Course. Once again thank you everyone - without your support this would not have been achievable. The Obstacle Course project constructively aims at targeting obesity and encouraging physical education by establishing an all ages fun “bootcamp” style fitness activity. The entire community including the school students and sporting clubs will all utilise and benefit from this obstacle course. The project and installation will commence in approximately 3 weeks time. We are also pleased to announce the grounds project will include a Garden Bridge, located at the front of the school (across the front garden) and act as a direct thoroughfare to the front office… a very exciting new entrance.
UK: Landscape designer Dan Pearson to speak at AIPH Green City Dinner: A talk on London’s Garden Bridge by its...
A planned Garden Bridge to connect South Bank and West End by 2017.It will be amazing for sure to walk on it.
London Television Centre (South Bank) from Arundel St, WC2. The line, I believe, of the proposed Garden Bridge.
* The River Thames Bridge Going Green * If current proposals are given the go ahead, two new bridges are set to change the landscape and environment of the Thames. The bridges would be named the "Garden Bridge" and the "Diamond Jubilee Footbridge"- these two new structures would give priority to pedestrians and look to add to the natural surroundings rather than damage them. There will be 100 different plant species and the bridge itself will be narrower at the ends and wider in the middle, encouraging people to take their time in crossing. For the full article go to
London’s Garden Bridge will be a stunning new public garden and pedestrian crossing, spanning the River Thames, linking the South Bank to Temple station and beyond.
London’s Garden Bridge will draw “visitors from across the globe”, George Osborne said today as he kickstarted the fundraising appeal with £30million.
A Garden Bridge to be built in London.
Joanna Lumley's Garden Bridge is a wonderful idea. The Creeping Ivy will be delighted to get to the South 2045!.
"Joanna Lumley champions plans for new Garden Bridge" -
Proposals launched today for Garden Bridge across the Thames between Temple and the Southbank
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