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Garcia Band

Garcia was a German Eurodance project formed in 1996. They released six singles, two of which reached the top 20 in Germany and charted in Austria and Switzerland.

Jerry Garcia Band Merl Saunders Melvin Seals Grateful Dead

JC seems we all need a little light
Dobie lariaettes went to the super bowl Dobie soccer made it to state. Dobie band is in florida performing at disney rn…
Great video Mario Flores and The Soda Creek Band see you guys on Sunday with special guest Gabe Garcia on stage...
The only other time I cried when a musician died was Jerry Garcia. Prayers go out to his family and band mates RIP
A portrait of Jose Stewart Garcia taken during a performance of his band Sonus de Gaya at…
According to a email sent to teachers, Vigil for Mr. Garcia starts at 6:30pm at the band pad. Spread the word!
Meet the "Princes of K-pop," the chart-topping South Korean boy band SHINee.
shocking news, a music legend gone to soon, Condolences to his family, friends, band mates, & crew. Rest In Peace, Chris Cornell
I just want to do congratulations again but with the mariachi band
😂😂😂😂 LMAO that video got some memories attached to it ❤ I miss summer band
I been a fan for a decade. You wanna talk about boys hopping the band wagon look no…
Garcia's will be beaming with the music of the Grateful Dead with on SAT, JUN 17. Tickets & Info:…
Mr.Garcia's Vigil has been moved to tomorrow at 6:30pm on the band pad. Spread it around.
The Hooters - 500 Miles via my first band at age 3 my Dad had Crystal Sound with Marty Garcia sound guy
Vigil for Garcia will be held Thursday 5/18/17 from 6:30-7:30 Band pad
PSA TAFT STUDENTS. In student emails:. Mr. Garcia's vigil will be held Thursday, May 18th (tomorrow) on the band pad from 6:30-7:30 pm ❤️
It's been changed to on the band pad. Rip Mr. Garcia. You will be missed. ❤
It kinda did though in 79, 80...some of Garcia's hottest hummingbird leads in the 2nd solo frame, over f…
Dimples may be cute, but they are an inherited genetic flaw caused by a fibrous band of tissue that connects the skin to an under…
Jerry Garcia Band - Shining Star 1991 via Thxs for turnin me on 2 da Dead
Saw them open for Jerry Garcia Band in Shoreline. They were hot!
You know the drill! Kenny's Garcia Band is in the house tonight for Dead Thursday's. Come enjoy cold drinks, good f…
When your band mate is dating the judge who almost got you sent home on the X factor: .
Happy Mother's Day to all the "moms" of the friend group. They make jokes about us being such moms, but when they need a ban…
This evening it's all about ft and his band. I'll be playing some tunes with and
Garcia: "okay guys, since we can't do anything correctly, I'm going shut down this band program"
BTS of their music videos are one of the most funniest things I have ever seen. This band is so comedic! 😂
We Were Promised Jetpacks is still one of the dopest band names.
Great day for some Jerry Garcia Band
SO happy to finally see my dude kill it on stage with his band
Hi what's is your favourite boy band international
Mr Garcia's farewell and yearend band concert!
Once again, congratulations to E. Bergan and C. Garcia! Joined by coaches A. O'Malley & S. Roualet
Swingin' 70th to Bill the Drummer, Jerry Garcia called him the Gang of One.
Melvin Seals (Jerry Garcia Band) & Ras MG (Sublime) performed on ROOTS OF CREATION's new CD! Come on out this...
James Booker (Jerry Garcia Band, many sessions, others, solo) was born on this date in 1937. He died on November...
I'm listening to Tangled Up In Blue by Jerry Garcia Band on Deep Tracks.
I had a second grader one year singing Jerry Garcia Band and asked if I could play any Old and In the Way songs on the banjo
could you send me the link for the deal for the Jerry Garcia Band vol. 2 CD that posted earlier???
Tonight at CCSG Joel Garcia will teach on the Attribute of God's Goodness @ 7pm. Youth band will be leading us in worship VBS starts at 6:45
September 9th Carnival Overload at the hour bar field featuring Destra Garcia, Kes the Band & Ricardo Drue
That moment you realize a fancy lakefront restaurant in is playing Garcia Band tunes Mystery Train & some spacey Hooteroll jazz!
This 9/1/74 Jerry Garcia Band show w/ Merl Saunders on the channel right now is ridiculous. So good!
Music selection: Edge to AM has Dre's Chronic (and new album) with all Jerry Garcia Band. Spotify has 1st 2 Pac albums
Jeff Austin Band Live at Pocahontas State Park on 2015-08-01: Jerry Garcia Birthday Celebration opened for Dar...
Today's random song from my iPod: Friend Of The Devil by Jerry Garcia Band
So awesome to surprise Edmonton with a band tonight. So much fun thank you for screaming so loud ! ❤️
Listening to some Jerry Garcia Band on my, delivered today, GH-1s! Sound very good out of the box.
Augie Garcia's band is first Rock band that Dylan got into, via
viviana, u know more of the muscians who played In, alphaville Our Band, in 196,1997,1998, 1999
I hope he wont leave the band because of this..
I personally think the biggest shock, worst thing & moment of the year is still the fact that Zayn literally left the…
Some people should be band to have social net works 😂😂 so childish oh I forgot Sophomore duh explains a lot. 💅💋
And the guys in the band would be the first to point this out. As did Jerry Garcia with regard to the Dead.
32 years ago today, Garcia Band rolled into South Yarmouth, Mass...Jerry immortalized the Cape Cod Coliseum with...
G & I are thinking about going to Melvin Seals (Jerry Garcia Band) tmw night at Quiotes if you want to meet us out . 😄
"We're going to have a VERY special guest perform LIVE with us for the first time han
WIN TIX to hear psychedelic rock quintet Andy Coe Band this weekend at 's Jerry Garcia Celebration -->
Check out the latest Mike García’s Arquivolta band Illustration. Pretty swell don’t you think?
There's one band that will always remind me of you...
GarciaLive Volume 5 | Lone Jerry Garcia Band New Year's Show. We've really enjoyed the first four installments of...
Just-Announced: The next installment of GarciaLive features the only Jerry Garcia Band New Year's Eve show
Hi U Ok? :) if you can, please check out my band new video n follow us?
management DOES NOT have access to their individual accounts, only the band acc!
Ashton "if someone has no pants on you all must have no pants on. Band law."
Waiting For A Miracle 1989 by Jerry Garcia Band dj: JBJ - tune in
Yo baby what you doin "voting for my favourite band to win an award at the vmas"
I got 99 problems and band members growing up is all of them.
Tonight will be magical,Arturo Sandoval band performing with Andy Garciamusic,
Thanks for following!! Please could check out and follow my fav band they are amazing!! 😊💛🎶
"5SOS is just gonna fade away like every other dumb band that only 12 year old girls like".
I'm still convinced most of you don't know of my band You should check it out, you might like it.
Jerry Garcia Band... The flatlanders ... My 😍 right now.
In honor of the anniversary of Jerry’s passing I’m listening to all the dirgiest Garcia Band versions of “Night They Drove Old Dixie Down”.
~ STELLA BLUES BAND ~ Live Webcast from Garcia's at the Capitol Theater tonight 9pmish ET Watch Here :...
Mighty High Lyrics: Crawford, Downing Music: Crawford, Downing Played by Jerry with Donna Godchaux in the Jerry Garcia Band in 1976. Originally recorded by T...
Was your family always supportive about the dreams you had for this band?
Tried not coming into the band hall because of how I look right now but I needed to charge my phone.
But now it's playing Jerry Garcia Band, different but still white.
We did things this year that centrals band/percussion haven't done yet and I couldn't be happier to be apart of it😊
Going to head to the Red Eyed Fly soon . . . Jaime Garcia Band Jaime R Garcia Jr .. . .come down and catch the guys SET!
The Gig Garcia Band plays original music in the style of "Tropical Rock" or "TropRock", rock, reggae with latin rthym.
The Dinosaurs, formed in 1982, were a Bay Area supergroup to emerge from the psychedelic music era of San Francisco. The group consisted of Peter Albin of Big Brother and the Holding Company, John Cipollina of Quicksilver Messenger Service, Papa John Creach of Hot Tuna, Spencer Dryden of Jefferson Airplane, Robert Hunter of the Grateful Dead, Barry Melton of Country Joe and The Fish and keyboardist Merl Saunders from the Saunders-Garcia Band. In the 1990s David LaFlamme of It's A Beautiful Day and Jerry Miller of Moby Grape also toured with this group. All-Stars indeed! On this day 31 years ago in 1983, The Dinosaurs played at Country Club in Reseda California. This great poster was created by one of the BIG Five rock artists, the late Alton Kelley. After driving the band to the Bay Area Music Awards in the "Posterville Limo" that same year, the band presented me with this poster signed by all of the members of the band as well as Kelly's. A wonderful keep-sake of that evening. Boy I'm lucky! Share a Steg ...
The latest from Jaime Garcia Band (We are a three piece band out of Austin. Keep checking back for updates and show dates. Nice to meet you! Austin Texas
Garcia Band plays an NYC boat in '76. Drunk *** s Angel steps up to request "dat boogie beat dere."
Jessabell is now playing Rubin and Cherise by Garcia Band.
PuppyJones is now playing Cats Under The Stars by Garcia Band.
RE H is now spinning Road Runner by Jerry Garcia Band (Jerry Garcia Band)
'Palm Sunday' Jerry Garcia Band ok, that's all I've got
The Mighty Quinn is now playing Stir it Up ☮ by Garcia Band, 7/23/77.
PuppyJones is now playing It's Too Late by Garcia Band.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
PuppyJones is now playing After Midnight > Eleanor Rigby > After Midnight by Garcia Band.
Here's a look at the performance line-up. We've got a bit of everything and many more to be announced!!! -Inner Expressions Performing Arts Center -Lucky Garcia Band -The Show Stoppers Drill Team -Terrence Williams Bold New Poets -Arm the Poor Ska/Reggae -Debe Teenage Pop Sensation -Troupe Duende Tribal Fusion Belly Dance -Stone Cutter's Union Blues Band -Quixotic School of Performing Arts -Mother Nature Puppets -Ms. Star -Jason Divad, fire performer, juggler, trixster extraordinaire -If I Could Change the World, Spoken Word Project -Street Style Academy street dance -Hrvatski Obicaj Slavic Orchestra and Kolo instruction -Nicolette Page, singer/songwriter and last but definatelt not least. -Vibe Tribe KC .just to name a few :) This Festival is for the community! It is meant to showcase all the local, diverse talents and creative energies among us. If you'd like to be involved or an opportunity to perform, please contact us. We'd love to have you!!
JerryGarcia is now spinning Catfish john 3/19/78 by Jerry Garcia Band (Jerry Garcia Band)
Tonight get to Tammany Hall for Don't Let Go (Jerry Garcia Band tribute) ! hope to see you there
Quentin Jammer is now spinning Ride Mighty High by Jerry Garcia Band (Jerry Garcia Band - 7-9-76)
Let this one haunt you for a while - Shining Star - Garcia Band - 11-9-1991 Hampton, Va. set2-02: via
Garcia Band plays Lanois' The Maker. Loved this since seeing Daniel L perform at Festival Hall 1989. Hard to get right; Jerry nails it.
Just got free tickets to Cats Under The Stars (Jerry Garcia Band cover band) by simply asking for them on their FB page! Score!
Grateful Dead, Ratdog, Jerry Garcia Band, Phil and Friends, Furthur (and more) 24/7! Enjoy streaming Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia Band, Phil and Friends, Ratdog and other bands.
Sweet! set so far by on String Cheese, Jerry Garcia Band covers, Tim Carbone of joins in.
Yeah, gonna be tough to go to this one. Got String Cheese Incident, Jerry Garcia Band, &Tedeschi-Trucks coming up.
Come check out the ken Garcia Band every Monday night! So good
DEL: is now spinning A Strange Man by Jerry Garcia Band (Jerry Garcia Band - 1-27-76)
JerryGarcia is now spinning Pigs Boogie (11-17-75) by Jerry Garcia Band (Jerry Garcia Band)
Shining Star: This is the third official CD set to chronicle the Garcia Band's early '90s period and as such it ...
Jerry Garcia Band: Live at Shoreline: On September 1, 1990, at the Shoreline Amphitheater, the Garcia Band perfo...
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