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Garbage Truck

Garbage truck refers to a truck specially designed to collect small quantities of waste and haul the collected waste to a solid waste treatment facility.

New York City Grand Central Station Pacific Grove

Needed more text to prove the point. Shredder dominated FOUR protagonists. Took an industrial sized g…
I don't know. Maybe, they could hold an office on the back of a garbage truck.
When you have 4 dogs you live with the comfort of knowing that no garbage truck will ever sneak up on you.
I think national flag on the garbage truck
Would our fine girls in blue be reeking of bourbon and driving the garbage truck?
Now how did this box make its way up the tree?. My guess is the garbage truck.
Lights furnace up in the garbage truck roll.
I'm going to sleep. I hope the garbage men check this dumpster before dumping it in their truck. . I hate landfill swimming.
Throw him straight in the rubbish truck not even the garbage pan .
Im more than a trash im a garbage truck for leo
Learn about the working of excavator bulldozer dump truck fire truck garbage truck | Kids videos
These garbage collectors were going about their usual duties throwing trash bags into the compactor when they...
Miley Cyrus could run me over with a garbage truck and I'd thank her
Why is she attacking us? She should find a new career. Perhaps a garbage truck driver.
City worker in hospital after downtown garbage truck and SUV crash - 680 NEWS via
He didn't just take out the power he took out a 4 phase electrical pole!Deadliest in a natural gas…
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I have absolutely no idea which way this garbage truck is going.
I'm surprised the garbage truck didn't pull over and pick me up on my walk to get coffee this morning
Trust me bro, I’ve been dying to play Destiny 2. is garb…
Justice for Cat Soaked in Petrol, Left to be Crushed in Rubbish Lorry!
Tennessee officially in the garbage truck
Whenever the garbage truck goes by my house it sounds like the world is ending
Don't let the Hail Mary Fool ya, we still stink like hot garbage truck juice!
Who made garbage trucks the loudest kind of truck?
One garbage truck will haul out all the white trash.
Country Music is garbage and i'd rather have a sports car than a truck
Rescued this little muffin last week as he dodged a garbage truck. He's bunking with u…
CFD units and extinguish garbage truck fire. Hydraulics failed on garbage truck, only access was t…
Spotted: Foraging bear hitches ride on top of garbage truck in New Mexico
I was thinking more Alaska than N.M. but it IS a bear on a garbage truck. All bets off.
I saw "Mack" on the grill of a garbage truck today and I got this horrible feeling that I was lost
Smart MT “Bear traveled 5 miles on garbage truck B4 it made its Escape https:/…
Garbage truck driver needs to follow policy of no riders. Maybe post a sign on truck in back? In bearly visible letters?
The bear traveled at least 5 miles on the garbage truck before it made its escape up a tree https…
New Mexico bear hitches a ride on top of a garbage truck.
Bear hitches a ride on top of garbage truck for 5 miles
He's basically just rhyming duck with truck and getting paid for it. It's garbage
Bear hitches ride on garbage truck for five miles in
truck simulator: This experience will be first for you for why you cant have this chance
Wednesday night's suck because I have to hear the cars at CP and the garbage truck
Did anyone else not know that the garbage truck is out at 2:00am?!?!
My broda, why do you even open your mouth to talk to people when you breathe smells worse than a garbage disposal truck?! Why!😷
My little guy goes nuts over the garbage truck bro lol...knows a couple of the drivers by name 😁
Lake Como: Bus got stuck on a narrow road with a garbage truck & our driver almost hit a wall. But we did find George Clooney's lake house.
The garbage truck of the future. What a time to be alive.
Garbage truck can't get into my place, so garbage began to pile up.…
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this is bcoz the garbage truck creates a lot of traffic on the very narrow Kinawataka - Mbuya road.
Sweatshirt - Jacob Stegosaurus. The sound of a garbage truck picking up trash sounds better than this.
Big shout out to the garbage man and his truck for entertaining my son long enough for me to pee solo.
I look like I got ran over by a garbage truck smh
The garbage truck is coming time for me to go step outside
Fact-checking Donald Trump’s garbage truck of lies in latest Hillary attack
When the garbage truck honks at you and screams selfieee 🚮
So we came across this garbage truck online. How innovative. RT
Nature is like a runaway dump truck: hot, fast, and full of garbage.
"Why'd you change your wallpaper to a garbage truck??". "To remind myself i'm garbage :^)"
Unsure if mouse who was in our paper bin managed to escape orrr has gone for a ride into the garbage truck... Cause bins got emptied..!
garbage truck parking: There square measure one cars having completely different performance in gara
Me when I forget it's garbage day and hear the garbage truck coming down my street
you should look down when in your car, there is so much garbage that I'm starting to see the resemblence of a Was…
Trump’s garbage truck of lies: accusing Clinton of corruption riddled w/fiction/conspiracies
Slept in truck 6 months 900 miles from family. So they could have a house to sleep in. This garbage is a joke
truck hill climbing: Avoid the rocks and stones found around the damage t the vehicle. Re
05:44 a garbage truck stuck in the midlane msa rd near capital center is a death trap in the nite. No reflective signage. via
Trump's speech accusing Clinton of corruption is a garbage truck of lies
Iggy, its Marvin. Your cousin, Marvin Azalea? You know that new sound you're looking for? Listen to this. (sound of garbage…
Fact-checking Trumps garbage truck of liesHis speech is riddled with fiction and conspiracies
Garbage truck crash alters lives of two Rockford families
I'm at my most fitness when I hear the garbage truck at my neighbors house
I can't answer that. But for some reason we have the 6 AM garbage truck every Thursday :)
Sometimes people fall in love, and sometimes [sound of garbage truck driving past]
I like it when the garbage truck comes 'cause they play all these hiphop club dance songs.
7am. the garbage truck beeps as it backs up and I start my day thinking about what I've thrown away. Could I push rewind?
Governor a truck is pushing garbage into the Indian Ocean at Kibarani.Any plans to relocate the site? ht…
I was about to get upset about the garbage truck being loud outside but then I remembered it's 2 am and I need to go to bed...
Toddler is trash man’s biggest fan A little boy in Ohio waits eve…
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The garbage truck wakes me up every single night
He got one nice song other than that he's garbage truck juice.
Toddler is trash man's biggest fan - Top Stories
Whoa Babe, did you brush your teeth this morn? Whatcha do, slurp up the bottom of a garbage truck with a straw?
Toddler is trash man's biggest fan October 20, 2015 at 10:38AM
"Hopelessly devoted to you..." - Your friendly neighborhood garbage truck
CNN News: Toddler is trash man's biggest fan
"I treat my body like a precision race treat yours like a garbage truck!" -- sam to callen lol :)
New: Toddler is trash man's biggest fan for more
stories Toddler is trash man's biggest fan
A garbage man in Atlanta makes about $60,000 before taxes. My degree is basically the same but I make a lot more w/o riding a garbage truck
Toddler is trash man's biggest fan via [CNN Int.]
Huge Network | Toddler is trash man's biggest fan
Toy Factory | Garbage Truck | Car Garage And Service: Toy mechanics for kids of all ages! Colorful shapes and ...
Sir I'm not any of these aforementioned things and I already know your album is hot garbage truck juice.
There was a big garbage truck accident there
I knew u would feel the love ... Wait for garbage truck to drive over it ;)
Burgundy truck cab and Garbage truck looking oil trailer
Saw a truck carrying a bus shelter, and noticed that it was travelling with an iconic seattle bus shelter green garbage can
I don't follow politicians for the same reason I avoid following the garbage truck on a hot day. Yuck!
dude is straight garbage and the laziness just makes it that much worse. Bobby would have him on a turnip truck to Toronto.
So you would really like someone who drives a garbage truck? — perfect
This bus is more of a garbage truck than a bus
The smell of the garbage truck makes me want to throw up...
So whn my lil bro hears the garbage truck heading towards my house he runs to all the doors in my house and locks thm and starts screaming 😂
aw thanks. He got distracted by a garbage truck so we got him ☺️
JFC I put put my little garbage can and they threw that in the truck *** give it back
thank you garbage truck for hitting a power line and BLOCKING THE ONLY ENTRANCE OUT OF MY NEIGHBORHOOD
Did you know?. …that if you have large heaps of trash that is prohibited from. the municipal garbage truck...
Meth lab remains found in Evansville garbage truck - 14 News
If a big garbage truck is passing you, you should be in the right lane.
Lastnight I hit a garbage truck and I'm lucky to be alive
The garbage truck is headed straight for the orphanage!
Opened report via iphone at 18 Clifford St, Roxbury Garbage truck would not pull over to let traffic through. the...
that's exciting, I heard the garbage truck outside
Note to self: don't drive behind a garbage truck with the windows open
Go home, garbage truck. You're drunk.
When I can see my car in the valet line but there's a garbage truck holding up the line. Amazing.
Piece of garbage International truck lost the a/c now.double fun !!!
My neighbors are going crazy & screaming at the garbage truck ...
Morning I woke up in a garbage truck. Saw a crumpled paper lying next to me. It had a rejected half-written story on it, si…
“I wasn’t the first woman he pulled over his garbage truck for.” “But she was the last.”
How to tell you watch too much SVU? You're behind a garbage truck and theorize what to do when you see the arm of a dead body sticking out.
I'm so excited for this. Pumped to see you join the flaming garbage truck that is KindaFunny
I feel like a garbage truck. I just fill myself with a bunch of crap.
Aww, so romantic! I mean, not the movie (Corpses in a garbage truck! Cue the violins!) but the story of renting it together.
Good thing I'm awake so I don't have to wake up to garbage truck
Never mind. Polite Seattle drivers who would rather sit behind a garbage truck for 5 minutes than go around.
I always felt like if a female listen to and likes boosie her *** taste like garbage truck juice
Where should you never take a first date? — Garbage truck?
I'll take you for a ride in my garbage truck 🎶
I hope there's time for a garbage truck to hit Harry Crane in the MAD MEN finale.
Miss Gladys waiting for favorite 'bark at' on Fridays... the garbage truck!
This bus smells terrible, the bus driver won't stop at my stop, I keep having fetid refuse poured on me, I'm in a garbag…
Why are people so eager to get their garbage bins to the curb - 20 hours before the garbage truck comes?
Cuz your the garbage truck perfect for taking care of channel xD Jokes aside it's be awesome to see a vs with you 2
She got hit by a garbage truck in high school
A Garbage Truck for Recycle Thoughts… at The tittle even rhymes, go figure.
kid: hey mom I'm learning about Sacajawea in school! . mom: Sacajawea? more like saca la basura! seriously I can hear the garbage truck
Great show today guys, really cheered me up after a rough day :). Keep that garbage truck a-rollin'!
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I prefer the Garbage truck juice flavor. Kind of earthy.
Im really good at other peoples relationships but my own love life picture a a garbage truck going into a pool.Literally me
I know they said I'm good to go, but if u drive a garbage truck u might want to use something else.
Every guy once dreamt of becoming the garbage man just to ride on the back of the truck. 😂
Daimler just launched a self driving (freight) truck… self driving garbage trucks not far off imo
Knife-wielding Florida man tries to get imaginary girlfriend from garbage truck. FULL STORY:
I see garbage truck workers everywhere.
Colin & Greg live on is usually a garbage truck on fire rolling down the street. Today it flew off a cl…
I'll have to swing by and pick you up in my garbage truck.
I hate when they're doing roadwork in my area and I have to detour past my ex's place and dump all the garbage from my truck on his lawn.
If cops "die for your freedom," then way more farmers, fishers, pilots, truck drivers, and garbage collectors do too.
I hope my ex get hit by a garbage truck !
It is much more dangerous to be a farmer, fisher, pilot, truck driver, or garbage collector than a cop.
Garbage Truck Fire (Ingleside) Fox Lake FD BC22 on scene with a working garbage truck fire in the rear of the...
jordan called leigh a gold digger and said that she didnt make a lot of money someone PLS get a garbage truck nd take that trash to the dump
Getting closer.keep movin that garbage truck SA!
The garbage truck men in my neighborhood played a joke on everyone. They left all the trash lids open so their trash filled with rain water😂
In honor of starting Scott pilgrim today Sex Bob-Omb - Garbage Truck:
Law of the Garbage Truck 🚛 This has to be one of the best messages I have received because when you sit and think about it. It is so true! One day I hopped in a taxi and we took off for the airport. We were driving in the right lane when suddenly a black car jumped out of a parking space right in front of us. My taxi driver slammed on his brakes, skidded and missed the other car by just inches! The driver of the other car whipped his head around and started yelling at us. My taxi driver just smiled and waved at the guy. I mean, he was really friendly. So I asked, 'Why did you just do that? This guy could almost ruin your car and sent us to the hospital!' This is when my taxi driver taught me what I now call, 'Law of the Garbage Truck' He explained that many people are like garbage trucks. They run around full of garbage, full of frustration, full of anger, and full of disappointments. As and when their garbage piles up, they need a place to dump it and sometimes they'll dump it on you. ...
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Welcome to the North Jersey / NYC area, the only place you will find a Garbage Truck that looks like this!
No excuse for smelling like a garbage truck. Ion care who's gym you was in for however many hours.
My brave little soldier is braving on after her car was rammed by an *** in a garbage truck...
I might go to Bren's unitarian church or get hit by a truck full of hot garbage juice
Garbage pickup day. I run outside as soon as I hear the truck. I yell, "hello, it's me, trash, take me away" and I disappear forever.
I wish for all these fb CLOWNS would get a life talking bout money they dont have *** they wish they had raps they stole or sound like the garbage truck need to pick it up wensday. Im just sayin A LIFE
I know , I know . The garbage truck come on Sundays though , talk about good timing .
When my little cousins are asking him questions like marriage , kissing, loving , and throwing me in a garbage truck ... 😂
Garbage truck juice. "Wat in between her thighs smell like y'all?
Guy driving around in a weird lil garbage truck thing just asked if i would want some company when I get back to my apt. Nah bro. Just nah
I hate when they go in reverse...Beep, Beep, Beep. Like really?!? Your not a garbage truck! I never move for them.
Experience this at leat twice a wee. Drivers.its not that hard. Slow down and give us space.most don't seem to have a clue what to do and some even wave at usxas they rev their engines and speed past. This includes the man in the garbage truck. Lucky our horses are good on the road. Keep sharing everyone.
Is that directed towards the garbage truck people?
Chevy's campaign is garbage. Since when does a truck company get to philosophically redefine marriage & family?
My 2 year old sister just screamed, "garbage truck!" and then proceeded to burp in my face. Who is this kid.
Watson patiently waiting on the garbage truck to get close enough to hear him roar!
Phoenix Police say a driver of a City of Phoenix garbage truck was responsible for a crash between his truck and a motorcyclist Thursday afternoon.
WOW!!! 9pm on a Saturday night and the garbage truck is just rolling by in KC north! That *** for them. Dark, cold, sloppy streets. (Old school: They still have two guys on the back running the garbage here.) Dang!
Interesting and useful garbage truck theory! Share with you!
Lawl I feel bad for people stuck in a taxi behind a garbage truck in NYC.
The garbage truck is one of the streetcars worst nemesis.
Golly I just love it when people throw their garbage into my truck bed
I've been stuck on Cromwell behind a garbage truck for 30 minutes and counting somebody's gonna have to pay for this w/ their life...
ONLY IN Pacific Grove: On Fri., Feb. 7 at approximately 5:40 a.m., the Pacific Grove Police Department and the Monterey Fire Department responded to a traffic collision at the corner of 14th Street and Lighthouse Ave. in Pacific Grove. A small garbage truck had been picking up a dumpster when the dumpster came loose from the truck and began to roll downhill, northbound on 14th Street. The driver jumped out hoping to stop the dumpster but he forgot to put the truck in park. The truck began to roll downhill, too, and veered onto the sidewalk where it struck two parked cars and a house. It then struck an SUV that was parked in the driveway of another house, which pushed the SUV into that house. Both houses were damaged. The damage to the first house included a broken gas line, which was contained by responding firefighters. Pacific Gas & Electric was called to assist. The surrounding homes were temporarily evacuated until the scene was made safe. The drive received minor injuries from attempting to stop the ...
One child sleeping and the other perfectly content watching garbage truck videos. Easy night baby sitting
Il take ya for a ride,in my garbage truck.
Now see here Gretta Davis, this right hear ain't even right. Call the police, call the fire department, call Superman, even the garbage truck will do. Smh.
2 days ago I saw a garbage truck coming down my street from my window and I thought it was a transformer and I literally almost screamed.
Hey Mother nature we need to have a talk about this weather Number 1 I Work for waste management on the back of a garbage truck and the last few days its been cold and raining here in florida would you or could you please bring the tempeture up a few degrees and take a break with the rain i would prefer it being back in the 80s and sunny I would appriecate it thank you
how come no Job Classes? Like, level30 can drive garbage truck for $$$, level 70 can EMT, level90 can police, etc
Today we drove by a garbage truck and I scream no! My mom stops the car and asks why I screamed, and out of breath I say."They just through a basketball out!"lol My real world problems
wonder how I would be as a garbage truck driver lol its a job right
He was so excited to get his play dough garbage truck!
What were they called like the garbage truck boys or something like that
You will remember that you forgot to take out the trash when the garbage truck is two doors away.
Ok like imagine you picked up a garbage truck and through it down the stairs. THAT'S WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE. AND THEN LOTS OF WATER SOUNDS.
Are you believe when audi r8 is much much more , slower than garbage truck ?
Finishing garbage truck up in next couple hrs hopefully
INF: Garbage Truck Driver: Details: Waste Connections, Inc. has an immediate opening for a Gar...
It sure is hard to take a nap around here. If it's not the garbage truck banging the dumpsters down then the phone rings.
U know I'm sick if I didn't eat all my food feel like I got in a fight with a garbage truck and it won
Garbage Truck was here today- They don't usually come on Saturday- Anyway they did not pick up. the garbage. It is up to HERE
Trying to tune a 12-string with a strobe tuner.and a garbage truck rolls by. I finally realize that I have tuned my guitar to garbage truck, flat...
There is no panic like hearing the garbage truck and suddenly realizing you forgot to take the trash down for pick up day.
So my friend made a status expressing his dissatisfaction with Jesse Eisenberg playing the role of Lex Luthor. I replied "Hearing his voice makes me want to German Suplex a garbage truck onto my face."
BOISE -- Garbage truck drivers see a lot on their routes. But on one freezing day this winter, a driver for Republic Services in Boise saw someone...
I know this is an inane thing to complain about but my (nor the rest of the street's) recycling has not been picked up in four weeks, nor did they come to get the trash yesterday. I have a feeling it's b/c of the snow and ice, but by now the streets are clear, but even if they weren't, if I can get up the street in my Prius, you can do it in your big booty garbage truck. That is all.
I am ahead of onto cleaning my room. Where's the pick fork and garbage truck??
How you chase the garbage truck down the street in your work uniform...Some people have no shame in their Game, I guess that's what makes us different... Kmsl:)
Hey I was looking for that video of the garbage truck and the guy throwing in the mailbox. Does anyone remember posting that?
To the person that put a big bag of garbage in the back of my truck.. I will find you and I will, well not kill you but I'll be plenty mad!
I feel like a garbage truck parked on top of me...
seriously. I thought it was a garbage truck driving thru. 🙊
That was, indeed, one of my chosen careers. My first one was garbage man, though. I wanted to ride that truck.
Hmm...earthquake or a garbage truck?
LEGO Movie: LEGO Movie 70805 Trash Chomper: Rise up against the robots by converting the garbage truck with opening t
Woke up from a crazy dream. I was in Dragon Ball Z being trained by both Master Roshi & Goku. I had to pull a stalled Garbage Truck up a Hill as part of my training. I was able to do it in the dream. Now let's see what I can do at the gym!
For those that are interested in my book, I have added to the first chapter. Here is the entire work so far, for those that missed it a few weeks ago. It has been protected.. Enjoy... Vicious Circles Epilogue The sky was just starting to lighten up as he sat there on his perch, his head cocking to one side and then to the other. Not seeing well in this dim light Mr hawk's keen ears detected scurrying on the ground below He watched as the bunny poked his head out the hole. Mr bunny emerged and stood up on his hind legs and looked around to see if it was safe to come out. He didn't smell or hear anything threatening nor did he see the creature of prey high above him. Emerging from his burrow he began to dine on the little foliage buried in the snow. Mr hawk sat motionless as he watched his prey. " Just a little farther from the hole", he thought. A dusting of snow fell from the branch has he left his perch. Mr bunny knew the sound that he heard from above. He turned to flee to the safety of his burrow a mil ...
A runaway dumpster and garbage truck Friday morning left a broken gas line, damaged buildings and cars and an injured driver, according to the Pacific Grove Police Department.
Pacific Grove runaway garbage truck leave havoc in wake
What kind of garbage truck is that? What type of trash truck collects my waste? What do you call that sanitation truck? What kinds of refuse trucks are there...
silly jokes Q: What goes up and down but does not move? A: Stairs Q: Where should a 500 pound alien go? A: On a diet Q: What did one toilet say to the other? A: You look a bit flushed. Q: Why did the picture go to jail? A: Because it was framed. Q: What did one wall say to the other wall? A: I'll meet you at the corner. Q: What did the paper say to the pencil? A: Write on! Q: What do you call a boy named Lee that no one talks to? A: Lonely Q: What gets wetter the more it dries? A: A towel. Q: Why do bicycles fall over? A: Because they are two-tired! Q: Why do dragons sleep during the day? A: So they can fight knights! Q: What did Cinderella say when her photos did not show up? A: Someday my prints will come! Q: Why was the broom late? A: It over swept! Q: What part of the car is the laziest? A: The wheels, because they are always tired! Q: What did the stamp say to the envelope? A: Stick with me and we will go places! Q: What is blue and goes ding dong? A: An Avon lady at the North Pole! Q: We're you long ...
It feel like a garbage truck is dumpin da pain
55X55 * Day 15 of 275 * The Recology garbage truck hit my son's car and drove away. The short story is the driver and the company is going to get away with it because their insurance company feels no compelling reason to pay. This is stressful. To paraphrase Dewey Oxburger, I swallow a lot of stress ...along with a lot of pizzas. I had made broccoli beef over rice for dinner, but Marilyn was extending her 14 hour workday into a 16 hour day. I had to stop cooking to bring her our favorite cold remedy. "Oh boy, now she's getting sick.", I thought. Dinner's sittin' on the back burner and I want to eat. I decide I can throw a potato into the microwave and gulp it down. Then, when Marilyn comes home, we can have dinner together. And that's what happened. We split a cookie for dessert.
I just saw a GFL garbage truck driving up bathurst at King. The driver was talking on a cell Phone!! can we track this and find out who it was? We got the time, a location and direction...
Matchbox garbage truck. Talks and lights up Johnstown $8.00
2 years ago today since a friend of mine was killed at his work , slipped on ice and was driven over by a garbage truck that was backing up. R.I.P. DAVE TARENTA
Check out these pics of the Trash Pack Garbage Truck Tour! Were you lucky enought to meet the Trashies?
Ima die.this chick keeps taking her *** shoes off and her feet smells like garbage truck juice...wash ya feet trick
Obviously trash and recycling pickups were affected by the storms this week. Therefore, this Saturday ONLY you can drop off regular household trash at the garbage truck stationed at the Village Recycling Center, 1 Village Lane, 9am to 3pm. You bring your paper and glass/metal recycling as well. Recycling dropoffs are available every Saturday, also from 9am to 3pm.
stinky the garbage truck asking 20 each or 40 for both u put the cars on the top out the bottom says things makes sounds need gone asap as need to get food for my kids I have two of these selling separate must pick up in peterborough
Here's part two of my first garbage truck video made with my new HD camera! Some of the shots didn't turn out as good as usual since I'm still getting used t...
hey dad, I was thinking of you and giggling last night. I pulled up behind a garbage truck, and realized I'd be stuck there for a while, so I backed down the street, and using my blinker;) backed onto the cross street and got out of there. TWICE. It was very satisfying to pass by the truck after I went around the block (BOTH TIMES). Seiler driving, always resourceful.
Beep beep beep beep. Seriously, garbage truck pick up at 7:30 on a Saturday morning? Is there no day that one can sleep at least until 8am? Just once?
Nothing like waking up in the morning blessed to hear my son and husband snoring and to the sound of my baby girl laughing...what I CAN do without tho is waking up to the realization that my daughter did a stinky while we were sleeping thru the night and the heat was blasting so now my room smells like the garbage truck dropped off the cities sanitation in my room...
I don't know many mommies that would get up and get themselves and their kids bundled up on a Saturday morning, when it's below zero, just b/c they missed seeing the garbage truck go by, so instead they are going to drive around the neighborhood just so their little guy will be happy! You're such a good mommy Melissa Webster! :) 1 day to sleep in and the garbage truck decides to empty the dumpster at 7:15! Seriously.calling the office immediately!
4 SMALL SOILDERS ACTION FIGURES COLLECTABLES £10. stinky the garbage truck in great working order £10 and 2 x aladdin mugs with giant candy canes, sweet and lollies £6.50 each or both for £10 pick up blackmill
By far the worst customer service I have ever received at a TA. 3 people working behind the fuel desk for the 1 person line and not one of them said a *** word to me other then the total for my garbage truck stop food.
A garbage truck on our street at 1:45 am? What's that about?!?!
Lying in bed, listening to the very early morning Paris: quiet rain, few cars swishing down the boulevard, a lonely bird, an occasional garbage truck, distant church bells gently chiming the hours... long day ahead and miles to go:)
That's how my cat Sunny looks when the garbage truck comes by!
We are elated to announce that we took delivery of our first CNG-powered garbage truck today! Truck (as it will be known among our crew) is the beginning of Muskogee's FIRST & ONLY garbage truck fleet powered by plentiful, domestic, clean-burning natural gas! We embrace this innovation to better serve our community & our environment. Look for & our other trucks as they proudly serve in your neighborhoods & in the communities of the Greater Muskogee Area!
Saw a diesel with brand new fords and thpught there goes the garbage truck
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I've lived at the top of a Very Steep Hill for the last thirteen years. It's also a secondary thoroughfare, and as such, gets pretty regular traffic; not heavy, especially, but maybe 4-5 cars every minute. And being such a Very Steep Hill, the vehicles coming up are usually coming up pretty quick, (read; loudly revving engines,) and sometimes there are people stupid enough to come roaring down, thinking that they might catch some "air" under their vehicles, (think Steve McQueen in "Bullitt.") All makes for pretty consistent road noise that I have mostly, but for the occasional emergency vehicle, garbage truck or obnoxiously loud motorcycle, been able to tune out. Then, there are those rare times when OC gets a significant amount of snow, and being a Very Steep Hill, it's also one of the first ones in town to be closed to motor traffic due to it. And there it is.beautiful, blessed silence. (I love snow.)
Came home at noon today feeling a garbage truck had hit me and unloaded all its junk on me. I couldn't warm and ached all over. Basically it is no wonder, people come in the tax office coughing and sneezing all the time. Took me a couple of days to come down with it but I have this weekend to get over it. Didn't really want to come home but didn't feel up to passing out at work either. Des had called about four and said I was grouchy pants and didn't come home until about 9 pm. Didn't want to be around me with all the stress she is going through at work right now, didn't want it at home besides. Can't really blame her. For we both agreed, put up with enough drama at work NOT going to deal with it at home. it is A 2014 resolution thing we both agreed on.
"Like a garbage truck dropped off the Empire State Building"
Almost crashed into a delivery or garbage truck today, stopped an inch or two away from them. Ordered batteries I thought were in pack of three, it just has an image of three and you get one. fml... anything else you want to throw at me? A seizure maybe?
Troopers are investigating a deadly wreck involving a garbage truck in Spartanburg County. Click through for images from the scene.
My dog got hit by a garbage truck and they didnt even stop what creep rhe will be ok but they didnt know that it`s going to take her a while to heel tgank goodness ! But what a creep
So, i made a post the other early morning as to the suspected beauty of the ladies here who sweep the streets in the wee hours of the morning. They all wear hats and the designer surgical masks, and thus all one sees are their eyes and a small area about it. I commented that I believed them to be all most attractive. My friend, Garry Barnette, commented back that beer would cause one to think such. I removed the post as I did not wish to worry my daughter, Kelly Creighton, who would think her Dad was insane intoxicated in some place in Vietnam. But yesterday, during the day and late last night, I walked up to a couple of them, spoke, and then asked if they would lower the mask; not saying every one of them are, but these two were more beautiful than I had imagined. And to top it off, as the garbage truck comes to collect their carts refuse it plays this soft relaxing Vietnamese music. I am thinking we need to overhaul trash pick up in America!!
Note to self...stop procrastinating. Because you never know when a garbage truck will slam into the side of one of your neighbors house knocking out the power for half the day. -Side note, nobody in the house was harmed.
Search "garbage truck" on You Tube. You'll find a 10 minute, 41 second video of garbage trucks dropping their loads at a landfill. To my son, this is the height of entertainment.
A riddle for you... How many people does it take to get an insurance claim filed when a city garbage truck rams a parked pickup truck into the back of your parked minivan? ;)
Mitch garbage truck is ready to pick him up. What a honer for the country.
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Allegheny - 116 Darren Court - White Oak - Contents of Garbage Truck on fire.
Stuck behind a garbage truck, good. Not like I have to go to work or anything.
Girl with a mouth like a garbage truck
The garbage truck comes at this time?? Lmaoo didn't know that lol
So the garbage mans truck just caught on fire and he had to release all the trash 👀
Garbage truck picking up the garbage ♻️
This garbage man or salt truck been outside for like 2 hrs
And *** a garbage truck doing running at 4 in the morning
You know you're up too late when you look out your window and see the garbage truck
A does the garbage truck past by tomorrow? Idk if I should put the trash containers on the street.
I guess it sounds more like a garbage truck. Either way, ***
Lol when I was little I had nightmares about the garbage man kidnapping me on to the garbage truck and I would cry whenever he would come by
Why must the garbage truck people make so much noise?!
LOL. I have always loved transportation, except planes. I wanted to be a mailman, garbage man, and a dump truck driver ha
I would specifically request you. And I would pick myself over a strange garbage truck driver any day.
Living in white neighborhoods, the garbage truck comes at 6:30am!! waking up to take out the trash
I have a better chance of getting hit by a garbage truck than winning, I'll throw 22 in there somewhere :)
Jump in a garbage truck to save my life so I know it's real..
I've always been slightly afraid of the garbage truck 😟
This lady is showing of that she has 300 pairs of shoes.except about 296 are old af & need to be in the back of a garbage truck NOW..
I wanna be a garbage truck when I grow up
Mattie's garbage truck from gramma.
How do they expect me to lose the cops in a garbage truck?
*** to be a garbage truck worker this week. Give 'em a hug and say thanks.
Take you for a ride,. On my garbage truck
After 2 days with the fam, I feel like I've been run over by a truck full of hot garbage.
all I wanted to do was steal a garbage truck. But I suck at games lol and the garbage man beat me up and I died lol
Random: if Tom Brady was a Boston garbage truck driver & Michael Buble was a deli worker in Brooklyn, would they be married to Super Models?
I want to win a Play-Doh Trash Tossin' Rowdy the Garbage Truck playset from
That garbage truck hit my freaking Lamborgh and baam!
How am I supposed to hide from the cops in a garbage truck?
“We lost cause of Jordan Hill garbage *** that truck
this is false. Get this garbage truck out of here before I set it on fire.
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Any Play-Doh Fans? This one is cute!. Trash Tossin' Rowdy the Garbage Truck. $24.96 (free shipping with Prime).
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