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Gang Stalking

Stalking is a term commonly used to refer to unwanted or obsessive attention by an individual or group toward another person.

Predator 2 sees our eponymous alien hunter stalking the streets of LA, picking off gang members. Danny Glover is on the case at…
! CIA scientist exposes gang-stalking trauma is used by CIA NSA DOD DHS terrorists to link all *** sapiens specie…
When no means no, some stalking. Obviously Eileen was totally creep out by the gang of street musicians
THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN WHITEWATER played a major part in my gang stalking. my proffesors and classmates were involved.
Gang stalking becomes even more expensive when the victim Moves. Now the perpetrators have to start all over or Give Up & find new victim
Been stalked by the worst convicted stalker mr Christopher Hobby from bournmouth uk. Go google him "Stalker Christopher Hobby" Made hundreds of people's lives miserable.
Have you ever spoken out about gang stalking?
Gang Stalking and Electronic Harassment in national TV via
Organized crime, gang stalking , San Pedro , life as a whistleblower
Told her had gang stalking problem. She said I sounded paranoid. Told her I am celebrity. Said she hadn't heard of me.
gang stalking. When the work hour shift changes after a few hours to the really degenerate horror video game teenager gang stalkers or
aliens of Satan Lucifer are depopulating millions and millions and millions of our human *** sapiens specie populace with gang stalking
Gang-stalking is a technique used to destroy a person or group through isolation. TIs need to pull together at all…
Never forget *** Gregory talked about how they used EMF to kill celebrities ... look up people cooking and gang stalking
Gang-stalking is organized crime. They're operating outside the law. Changing laws won't stop it. People have to be convinced to change.
On other cooks: If you haven't seen it yet, I advise you to check out Targeted Individu…
Get your gang stalking under control Gangs happen when people have low options. Your community wat…
Why don't u refund c I a and tis program along with the other insane programs gang Stalking
Gang stalking bottom feeding off of that but, it is of them originally. I witnessed mine unfold. W…
Gang stalking requires seeing what the victim sees
Metro transit authority agents aren't connected with the gang stalking. You're being tor…
I was gangstalked by FBI in USA and by NCIS Doug Boyce. Why? To turn me into "this generation's Lee Harvey Oswald".…
As I alluded to in my post Gang Stalking Sabotage Slashed Tires and Possible Assassination Attempt,
"Gang Stalking and Harassment, job description is Surveillance Roll Players.These *** are out of…" — stalked562
Killing squads around my flat, what a surprise
I'm raising money for End Gang Stalking. Click to Donate: via
Like, my life after watching riverdale became so busy stalking the gang esp. him. Hayyys. My heart. ❤❤❤
The 'echo chamber of paranoia': great peice with and on gang stalking
Stop gang stalking in communities..people are suffering with harassment from these creeps..they use call centers..also!🙏
What would you do if this was your family? From Electromagnetic Torture/trauma mind control/org. gang stalking/V2K/…
I'm being directly target by agents of the Metro Transit Authority. When will this gang stalking end???
Its all to do with gang stalking. They are watching the truthers so then make them sound crazy so…
Gang stalking is connected with programs of mind control and sponsored by government. It will take a lot.
It scares me that gang stalking has been going on for such a long time and nobody has ever been able to stop it.
Gang stalking. Evidence tampering. Constant surveillance. False imprisonment. Indefinite detention with no due process.
Incredible video- deprogramming, targeted individual by Dr. Katherine Horton# , my blog
overcome numerous psychic attacks, gang stalking, sleep deprivation, suicidal thoughts...if you mad I pop a pill for my PTSD gtfo!!
Tonight show is focused on gange stalking on women.
Millard is also along with his SuperTroll Gang of convicted criminals stalking &abusin…
When you read these articles together its frightening then & finally
Why shop staff of major stores get involved in gang stalking. Maybe their bosses invite them todo it just to keep workers from complaining
Things they don't want you to know organized gang stalking
All of gang stalking is that attack done over and over using random people who happen to be around the victim
Architecture is visual art, and the buildings speak for themselves -- Julia Morgan. When dreams become a nightmare
Everyone must know all about 'abduction & experiment' by Jimmy bank # , my blog,
Targeted individuals; threat -if you don't listen they will kidnap your child, killed your wife, record
Human are Genia peg,as a facilitating by the TCHC, Police installed cellular antenna in the roof for experiment
There's only room for two Cointelpro, Gang Stalking, & Counterintellige... via
Reported for targeted harassment and gang stalking
Gang stalking. Another cult terror tactic. L Ron Hubbards cult practiced this as well by his order.
Perpetrators of gang stalking are heathens. They know legally they can't surrender me. So, they use devious ways to ma…
What the evil Gang Stalking program,that targets mainly innocent Americans, can be thought of visually as a twisted…
nephilim descendant demonic spirits themselves without human souls or they are demon-possessed by evil spirit entities. This gang stalking
I added a video to a playlist MOGS Interview with MIKE - Gang Stalking, Mind Control, Street Theater,
Struggles I kept to myself..while dealing with gang stalking and street performance..unemployment&. homelessness..
Next up on . THE TERRORISTS ARE HERE AT HOME (Part III) Are America's police gang stalking you?…
Highest level of US government and rich multi millionaires are involved and these people are the real face of gang stalking.
Police also set about creating all kinds of wierd circumstances to lay down highly distorted records on the individuals being targeted so as to be classified as "dangerous" yet individuals can nover see their own file under FOIA requests. The book Closing the Gap is a good reference.
Instead of being keepers of peace and just investigating crimes police set about with and upside down approach of "construction" of crime by trying to think up ways to find susceptibility in individuals to make and force an individual to commit crimes to get the targeted individual criminalized.
He's done very good ones on Tavistock Clinic; Maurice Strong; now he's stuck on gang…
Police use the technique of "indirection" to set about to indirectly cause circumstances that change the behavior of the "TI" to intentially cause them to commit a crime even when they do not want to or are well intentioned.
Witnessed several police officers unlawfully entering a vacant house on the real estate market on my street in Columbus OH in 1996. They were carrying a large flat box & a lot of burlaries were occurring in our neighborhood with theft of jewelry.
So called "gangs" are often prisoners given deferred sentences along with supervision & cooperation of police and religious wealthy elite to create a new world that bring people to Jesus Christ or causes their death and destruction.
Gang stalking is religious based hate crime with the targeted government program modeled after an evangelical christian right religious theme of the Chrisitin Bible.
There are 4 levels to the program: black operations, psychological operations, self harm phase (where individual breaks down from psychological no touch torture) & final phase but possibly eugenics/electronic harrassment.
According to an original Ted Gunderson statement (different from LaValle statement) it is a covert US government program with overall ultimate objective of causing the TI or targeted individual to commit suicide, be institutionalize or criminalized.
I have a 27 year experience with so called "gang stalking." I believe it originated from the United States Government Army/Department of defense which coordinatse with the 16 to 17 Defense of our country.
Do you have anything on targeted individuals (TI's), microwave weapons, Gang-stalking?
Do you know the "Organized Gang Stalking"? This crime is let a victims to commit suicide by organized harassment.
Electronic Harrassment and Gang stalking is in your area right now, are you being harassed, and or stalked, affiliated with the FBI,
Supreme Court of India: Covert Gang Stalking in State of Karnataka , Bangalore - Sign the Pe... via
Love to hear some experts on gang stalking of cops and federal judges
Gang stalking is similar to what the KKK used against African Americans in the Deep South, what Hitlers Brown Shirts used against the Jews.
I adore the level of commitment you have to defending a gang of 10+ me…
There's a thing called and some pretty creepy people do it | via
When you get so deep into fb stalking that you discover your primary school friend's mum is now in a biker gang
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Too much for me to read, but these gang stalking and their enablers, need to be removed from society!…
Gang stalking Asian perps use secrete agencies that always show me satanic symbolic items such as "Obey", "Lucifer", "666"
Directed energy weapons and the dynamics of gang-stalking via
those who pin Thier problems on Islam, Islam isn't gang stalking or neurally monitering you, our "democratic, civilised"…
Exposing and Defeating Organized Gang Stalking - with Dr Eric Karlstrom ... via So much truth in one video
This is what bad energy and nightmares looks like. Lies, abuse, entrapment, deceit, gang stalking, abuse of power,…
Information on electronic harassment and gang stalking Silent subliminal presentation system
Gang stalking is the same as news hoaxes:Local & federal news, emergency services, police, crisis actors (perps)&govt lie to…
I am currently writing a newer version of my gang stalking testimonial to publish on my website...
Moved to Hayward, CA on Feb. 1. Gang stalking started again a few weeks ago
Gang Stalking Exposed by Police: Hundreds Arrested for Spying on Unemployed Woman via
TCHC trapped & equipped home with EMF 20mg, RF 200 μW/m2 for human experimentation, Housing ***
and gang stalking of humans was burned down by human *** sapiens specie ally groups. Under interrogation, Barack Obama confessed
'14 Stop gang stalking! The peaceful protest for the law enforcement. of electronic harassment crime japan
What you need to know about TARGETED INDIVIDUALS and GANG STALKING
Empathy is part of who we are. When did people stop hAving this stalking targets
Support someone tArgeted by these corrupt monsters help stalking is real around us.every minute our strength
Perps of gang stalking get hold of secretive information about the T I in question n try to embarrass him using it in public with supporters
In Australia too "Electronic harassment & group or gang stalking not just in America
JewelNature: law reform MORE new laws needed re electronic harassment, gan…
END GANG STALKING NI man dies in Australia boat accident: A man from Northern Ireland has...
Escape from Australia: A Gang Stalking Primer - | A Must Read Report on Government or Gang Stalking https…
END GANG STALKING Australia 'would welcome EU In vote': Australia would welcome the UK v...
END GANG STALKING UK woman stabbed to death in Australia: More than 30 people witnessed ...
Organized Stalking, Gang Stalking, & Vigilantism are a direct violation of numerous .
I'd like to hear your stories and experiences please share stalking your voices heard strong
Gang stalking pizza gate police in case of my untimely demise via South Atlanta, Georgia HELP!
and senator beall is the organizer of south bay gang stalking. Political targets activists women who are too outspoken in this
I was targeted for organized gang stalking by the scientologists and trans humanism cult weirdos tortured so I was so tormented
You should check out my post history. I think gang stalking is much more likely to be ULF or microwave than something else
I liked a video Why First Responders are Gang Stalking You (Police, Fire, EMS)
Many years of research in the gang stalking made me realize that perps n their henchmen teach the locals never to reve…
Dr Katherine Horton Discusses Gang Stalking, Energy Weapons, and What to Do about It on WBB... via
I feel like I was stalking Lala & Kate that day, I have gang ones of them 🤣
Perps of gang stalking n their henchmen however high they are do not deserve anything but contempt. They should be treated with disdain
Perps of gang stalking use people from different strata just to make the T I feel that he is their topic discussion.
Gang stalking is nothing but psychological warfare intended to destabilize the mental n emotional faculties of the enemy.
oh dear - Neil's a PILLAR of the establishment; you've opened a nasty can of worms here - i think it's called 'gang-stalking'...
First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. - mahata gandi -
Among a people generally corrupt, liberty cannot long exist. -- Edmund Burke --#
To find yourself, think for yourself -- Socrates --, When dreams become a nightmare: # ,
I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think -- Socrates -- When dreams become a nightmare:
There is no compromise when it comes to corruption. You have to fight it. A.K. ANTONY.#
Mind control, your thoughts are not your own by Neil Sanders# when dreams become nightmar…
guardian allies to the human *** sapiens specie. The CIA is panicking right now, because all of their assassinations, gang stalking,
The worst disease of the world today is corruption. And there is a cure: transparency. - Bono # TED 2013
gang stalking and assassinating Christians and patriots and human whistle blowers and scientists who have helped them create
San Jose even has organized gang stalking positions on yelp! And it goes all the way to California state senator James beall
for the intentionally illegal actions of country workers judges court officers even our Leo's and city hall funds gang stalking
Make someone smile and put an end to Gang Stalking Now!
Corruption, the most infallible symptom of constitutional liberty -- Edward Gibbon. When dreams become a nightmare
'Gang Stalker' I want it known that a person called 'Popple' is associated with gang stalking in Dorset e,g, Bournemouth BH1 area.
That elaborates on gang stalking that occurs in a community
blogdog: Jeff Rense talks to Karen Stewart NSA Whistleblower and Gang-Stalking Victim
How many people has the government caused to kill themselves due to gang stalking and illegal electronic surveillance and false allegations
Gang stalking illegal electronic surveillance slander defamation& merciless bearing on my EARDRUMS started0800
Gang stalking, harassment of friends/family, loss of income, character assassination, police ignore.
COINTELPRO gang stalking Program is a strategy of tension provoking murder-s
I Havent seen one not one mention of Trump stopping Gang Stalking.Millions Affected any Politician that Allows it,is Corrupt
Look up gang-Stalking. I saw it...I know how they do are threat!
The goal of Gang Stalking The expressed goal of Gang Stalking is to silence a victim, drive a victim insane and possibly to the
I don't lose. U trying to defend internet stalking. And ppl agree with ur work. U lead a gang of creeps
Stop stalking my page lame *** *** you can't hang if you ain't gang
If you have or are targeted by organized gang stalking criminal activity, send me a message
In a matter of weeks (January) it will be the 16th anniversary of the beginning of the mind control and gang stalking. We're talking DPD.
Universal Gang Stalking activities r conducted under an Organized Spy network the main intention of which is to destroy T I.
I liked a video from Gang Stalking for Non-Human Exposure Caught on Video! (Oct. 20, 2016)
I liked a video from How the gang stalking program is trying to use a mentally
Hon. , . I will prove to you that is gang-stalking a man he made w/ illness.
END GANG STALKING... Champions Leicester beaten at Hull: Leicester's defence of their ti...
END GANG STALKING... Man dies after 'walking along M66' near Bury: A man dies after bein...
END GANG STALKING... Mike Bushell tries out synchronised swimming: Mike Bushell is dropp...
A gang of canadians are stalking an American father right now, live: Open Discussion I think they want his kids
END GANG STALKING... Samia Shahid death: Victim's first husband and father in court: The...
that would literally freak me out. Journalistes & activistes can be targets of gang stalking via unsuspecting players. Fact.
END GANG STALKING... Newspaper headlines: EU cash match and rowing gold in Rio: A pledge...
END GANG STALKING... Canine challenge: As the Dangerous Dogs Act reaches its 25th annive...
There is a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman and child. PRES. JF KENNEDY# ;
END GANG STALKING... Special advice?: What lessons can business leaders learn from footb...
[Organized Gang Stalking] This is brutal terrorism crime. Many people are crossed out secretly.
END GANG STALKING... Wiggins makes history with cycling gold: Sir Bradley Wiggins become...
Give me a bucking freak Only when the gang stalking criminals (esp. in gov. n law) r behind bars, will there be "respect"
In organised stalking, perpetrators use tactics which include – but are not limited to – "slander",...
END GANG STALKING... Royal Bank of Scotland to disappear for non-Scottish customers: The...
END GANG STALKING... Railway station cat to 'run' 5km for charity: A station cat is taki...
I liked a video from Gang Stalking Show
This is a little explanation of this syndrome.
This gang is stalking me,satellite,lasers,they murdered Gabriela Leon de Oaxaca, 2008. Trying to take me right now.
The founder statements & media interpretation is priceless. Everyday folks know what gang-stalking looks like u lackeys!
END GANG STALKING... Bristol photographer jailed for drugging and raping men: A photogra...
I liked a video from Gang Stalking - About Trust
END GANG STALKING... Joshua could fight at 'Bird's Nest': IBF world heavyweight champion...
Charlie, while stalking the waitress, brings the gang out to the new restaraunt mystery she works at, and she "dies"
END GANG STALKING... Breast cancer genetic discovery hailed: Scientists say they now hav...
END GANG STALKING... Vardy is writers' Footballer of the Year: Jamie Vardy beats Leicest...
END GANG STALKING... Third body found after house fire: A third body is found by rescuer...
END GANG STALKING... MOTD to show Chelsea v Spurs highlights: Highlights from the Chelse...
[State of Emergency!!] You have the targeted risk. Please know the "Organized Gang Stalking"!!
Organized gang stalking is corporate/state sponsored terrorism.
END GANG STALKING... Resuscitation orders 'kept from families': Thousands of people are ...
END GANG STALKING... The pioneering women of the BBC's early years: The women who worked...
Just saw a conspiracy vid that called TMZ a "Hollywood Freemason Gang-stalking organisation" lol. I can't...
I've been told there has been a lot of gang stalking in Southern Cal. I've been to Catholic Churches off&on to...
My idea of a productive Sunday= stalking my dogs and taking pictures of them all day
Navy Grad, Protests To Advocate for Microwave Victims Google How this Crime is Connected to Gang Stalking
The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil but those who watch & do nothing -Alvert Einstien-#
Mind control victim, hearing voice could be recorded, by Max H. Williams# my blog#
many victims of gang stalking arenot victims. SUNRISEMAN arenot a victim, some say.
END GANG STALKING... New chapter in hunt for Shakespeare's skull: Where is the final rest...
END GANG STALKING... Brexit warnings and Brussels arrest: Health and terrorism are invoke...
Community gang stalking in is getting crazy these criminals don't think about kids when it come to use
END GANG STALKING... Stop-and-search rules for vehicle stops: Rules governing police stop...
END GANG STALKING... Tight security for Berlin friendly: Security is tight in Berlin as G...
Confirmed- a Mexican gang has been stalking me prior to the attacks seen at a big church I slept at. Eyewitnesses. ..the church security!!
END GANG STALKING... England reach World T20 semi-finals: England hold on to reach the se...
is difficult to capture w/ a camera, exception: brighting (see Urban Dict.: Gang stalking methods) -- ht…
END GANG STALKING... Teachers to hold academy strike ballot: Teachers are calling for a o...
Nerf people projectiles launched caused obfuscated death...s?. "GANG STALKING: GREENSBORO, NC" on YouTube -
Legitimate do not participate in For examples of stalkers visit https:…
END GANG STALKING... Adele 'sorry' after fan hurt at concert: Pop star Adele says she is ...
END GANG STALKING... Suarez scores on Uruguay return: Luis Suarez scores on his first com...
END GANG STALKING... Konta wins as Djokovic sees off Edmund: Johanna Konta reaches round ...
I added a video to a playlist US Army Intelligence Officer: Gang Stalking Phenomenon is Precursor to
I added a video to a playlist Gang Stalking - Targeted Individuals - Psychological Harassment
END GANG STALKING... Referendum profits and dairy warning: Plans to make profits from the...
END GANG STALKING... Sun Muslim jihadi article 'misleading': An article in the Sun that c...
END GANG STALKING... Man charged with double Redcar murder: A 34-year-old man is charged ...
Evidence prove that this is a serious problem in other states and guess who are the biggest participates in it?
END GANG STALKING... Will smart meters be worth the money?: Will smart energy meters be w...
END GANG STALKING... Eurostar 'not expecting further delays': Eurostar has said it is not...
Wake America, harassment and stalking is alive!
When dreams become a nightmare: the Secret that you're not supposed to know about#
Attorney General Kamala D. Harris: Investigate and Prosecute "Gang Stalking" in California - Sign the... via
The “Domestic Gang Stalking Investigation” is now in the Attorney Generals Office, Gang Stalking
Petition:. The European Court of Human Rights: Investigate and outlaw Gang Stalking and Electronic Harassment.
STOP Gang Stalking under review by: Attorney General Kamala D. Harris: Investigate and Prosecute...
This is good news, because statistically UK rank in Gang Stalking & America follows right behind as 2nd across...
Here is a quick reality check for the gang of trolls gang stalking myself and my family/friends. I am a 65 yr old...
W. Greg Kierce is gang-stalking "Perelman_19104" with FIRST RESPONDERS, using government resources.
Gang stalking is COINTELPRO deemed illegal by the Church Committee now practiced by civilians. under the auspices the of the corporate state.
Please read this blog otherwise you will miss a real and pathetic story:.
i know one lawsuit against gang stalking by Soka. the victims won n the Soka family moved.
Straight Outta Basement, crazy loser named Star Wars fan, from the gang with Mark Hamill-stalking plans
Gang stalking (also known as “organized stalking”) is the covert organized surveillance and harassment of a...
What are you Talking About Their a are Millions of Blogs Implicating Polices N Volvment N Gang Stalking Crimes
Why is it When Police R Shot it's all over the News but When a Gang Stalking Victim is Victimized By Police NO ONE CARES Why ?
What if I told you, Thats their Indisputable Evidence That these Mass Shooting are staged Google Gang Stalking and Mass Shooting Just do it
Are you sure it is funded by the government? Do you mean that tax payers are paying for this gang stalking organization?
Well u r the one who follows me, jumps into my T/L & asks for attention. Modi & gang often fail 2 recognize stalking
what about Gang Terrorizing and Gang Stalking in Los Angeles, now that's a story the needs to be told and taken seriously.
Targeted Individuals are not killing themselves because of sensory deception or simple gang stalking they are being tortured.
What's more creepy... Gang stalking or a stalker. .
Organized Gang Stalking and Electronic harassment in national TV mp4 360p via
Aoba (taking stalking to a new level ft jealous gang member)
There is of course not believing in gang stalking you'll say Aaron and Mayron weren't being gang stalked. Weed isn't legal in my eyes.
8/26/15 San Diego Park Ranger Says It Worked when…: How did they Know where she was, Gang Stalking?
It's not just gang-stalking terrorist, ben thomson who threatens anal rape Here's another big hard man >
How did they know Where she was Illegal Tracking and Surveillance Gang Stalking?
Gang Stalking Do you now what I Like about truth it beats lies TORTURE in Dearborn hasn't Forgot
Same neighbors admitting to being involved in electronic harassment & gang stalking. In this video they...
Gang Stalking is like the movie Haniball. He's eating your brain then drugs you to make you eat it yourself alive then kill you.
Losing this ENTIRE bunch around Halloween would be a criminal victory for the Stalingrad Gang that's been stalking me for the past 10 years
"If I tell him that there's a murderous gang of cats stalking are territory, he'll definitely take action."
Thanx for the program on Gang Stalking (S.T.o.P.)Apparently didnt see it otherwise he wouldnt question ppls anger
Turncoat Julie Miles post > which sums up GANG-STALKING TROLLS who have endangered and harmed many
Buy Miche Bag Online!
One's shocked he chooses to stay in with the violent gang-stalking "in-crowd" > Must need company eh?
. Then they fund controls over Americans,. Eugenics and black ops. -cointelpro. -organized gang stalking
James Walbert, electronic harassment and gang stalking via
James Walbert, electronic harassment and gang stalking
[WARNING!!] Organized Gang Stalking is the real terrorism! You also may cause to be targeted!
Does gang stalking go hand in hand with V2K, surveillance? the extent of mind reading, Religion & control? Family?
And lo! One by one > individual gang-stalking TERRORISTS began to reap their karma Little by little it came
because of and a cover-up come get ur desease and filth out of my head. Your gang stalking is over
Gang Stalking Victims are Tortured and Experimented on DAILY DAILY &Thats Not all Our Government are Nothing but CRIMINALS
Do the Prime minister know about this "Gang Stalking" and "Electronic Harassment" ? To bad ! Bad morning. So I became a serious illness.
Information on electronic harassment and gang stalking
Saw two cats stalking on top of our roof. I hope they're not trying to enter Candy's territory & gang up on her. There might be a bloodbath
the truth about them. Gang Stalking is extreme evil which is designed for your total destruction. Real Christians do not
Deborah Tavares: MK Ultra-Ization of our Schools and Gang Stalking - Red Pill Reports (April 16, 2015)
My answer to: I need a pit bull civil rights lawyer for Gang Stalking and defamation of character.
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Gangsterism definition, the methods or behavior of gangsters. See more. via includes gang stalking
Gang stalking is police stalking. normally stay in the background, TI's only see their low life stooges, but cops are the organizers
With the gang stalking S.T.o.P.ers crawling all over this city(esp. HSR) yor industry is Mental unHealth!
Someone else has been treated like Rebecca Black lately. Gang stalking isn't pleasant. Praying to Creator for mercy requests mercy.
The perps are under mind control not you -How to END Your Gang Stalking!
Tell um about the gang stalking program sir
Things they don't want you to know: Organized Gang Stalking:
Not really! The most impressive thing is that I'm still alive to tell the horror stories of those who endure gang-stalking.
Good article on gang stalking. my life ina nutshellSince life on SOCIAL SECURITY…
Isolation is to me as gang stalking is to other Monarch's.
While these CORRUPT *** that put me into the Gang Stalking program still have their jobs and many others assisting the CORRUPT ***
"Everybody thinks he's out of his mind (because that's the gang stalking harass-me-to-death gossip) but he's an intelligent person". Gaslit
:-) GANG-STALKING TERRORISTS who CLOSE DOWN personal email accts should be JAILED >> Coz it's illegal
FLUFFER Gang still stalking me. Bouquets of *** in my opinion. Horrendous nasty Gang stalkers need to be stopped! On with the show... 😄
While this situation is horrifying, as we all know, when you really think about it Gang-Stalking is kind of hilarious. There Nazis...
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Stop phone stalking my family as U did already today. . U stalking gang R under federal investigation
Gang Stalking .An act of Terrorism !!.Know it when you see it .And stop it !
Organized Gang Stalking: New Torture Tactic to Neutralize Citizens? by Bonnie Calcagno (Paperback) - Lulu -
Data for future generations to search their famhist. Stop Oceanside and Carlsbad Police From Gang Stalking Citizens -
Police intimidation/gang-stalking especially of survivors/whistle-blowers in main CAUSE of mental illness.
Satan may ask God for permission to sift you for concentrated attack. Luke 22:31 Satan's Plan h…
To find out about the organizers of electronic harassment and gang stalking programs you need access to secret govt an…
Was it Muslims who were Responsible for 9/11 Gang Stalking Exploded all over this Country right B4 & Since 9/11
"Gang Stalking" is a conspiracy story produced by the Five Eyes.
Gang Stalking is a Government/Organized Crime Relationship Im sorry for Your Brother Listen to me SHARE THE VIDEO & Reserach
My brother is a retired LEO (gang unit and narcotics) had verbal death threats, stalking, graffiti death threat tags...
Intro to Gang Stalking: Tactics and Personal Experiences. by Deesh James via New Age Bul...
100s of students from UCLA, USC, Loyola Marymount university and others have been involved in gang stalking innocent
Too many patients like myself have been subjected to gaslighting, blacklisting, gang stalking, stalking, from docs.
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How to deal with being a T.I. and Gang Stalking
Two armed thugs with histories of violence and known gang ties were approached while stalking when a hero involved shooting occurred...
Huge -- Gang-Stalking is Huge. I am working on content for this page -- that is worthy of its title.
Weakness -- in the Perp System. Weaknesses in the Gang-Stalking System. Gas: Attack their finances -- vehicles that...
When you are a victim of Organized Gang Stalking, you will see an influx of cars in your neighborhood/town/city...
Gang stalking by adults and mass media abuse of a single person since their own poverty-stricken childhood is not easily forgiven.
I liked a video Gang Stalking of Dr. Pozner (Great Advice for Targeted Individuals)
This video takes a look at the mind of a gang stalking participant. You are not crazy, THEY ARE!
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