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Game One

Game One is a French television channel owned by MTV Networks Europe.

Stanley Cup Finals

telegram​.com >> Red Sox overwhelmed by Astros in Game One loss
Red Sox 2, Astros 8: Chris Sale disappoints and Game One goes poorly for the Sox
WATCH: Despite five hits from Michael Wielansky, the lost Game One of the VBL Finals 9-7 against Strasburg:
. Tamaqua Blue Sox takes on Southern Area in Game Two of a best of three series to advance to Legion playoffs . SA took Game One
One player from another teams said ( he doesn't need advice from kobe ) like are you serious he is a legen…
No one said it was just for devs the game is just called Developer rush for cleverness
when will you add roblox to PS4? I miss the game from Xbox one and I don't have that system anymore Roblox is very addictive Miss it
MBE contributor Spencer Paxson likes to suffer so much, that he makes it a game. In one 3-day weekend, he rode...
When I got them on the Xbox, they came after I'd finished the main game. But Dawnguard doesn't really WORK for starting a new one.
"Ron couldn't see what was exciting about a game [football] with only one ball where no one was allowed to fly.". 😜
The only game that matters is the one being played off the court. starts August 20 on
More fun! Will post some renders later, so making a voxel game one day!
Also has one of my favorite soundtracks ever. Just an amazing game all-around. USE A CONTROLLER THOUGH KEYBOARD ***
I don't think there's much 'lower' one can go than to wish death on someone who was an innocent bystander…
Would kill to play one more game of football 😩
How bout we let the kid play an NBA game before we start comparing him to one of the best PGs of all time...
Kids today will never understand what we went through for one game
Anyone who hates Louie (why tho?!) - you'll be delighted in a bit... Alex's game is a utter one
We present to the official trailer for S.O.N, Action/Adventure game ! It will surely be one for the ages!
And it's tiring. White youth destroy all type of things during football game. They get drunk and harass everyone. No one call them
I liked her early on since she was actually one of the first nw girls I got and learned about in game
Wake. Forest. Game. Ya know, the one where Smith quit on his team and his coach?... 😂
Specially since they probably know the audience that they'll reach with this mobile game is wider and di…
It's not an excuse, it's an opinion and I'm allowed one. You won, we lost, that wic…
No moves, Darius at my crib sleep, no one playing the game 😴😴 no food
This is harder for someone whose entire game depends on being one of the more athletic guys on the court
Can anyone game share me MWR on xbox one?
In Norse mythology, Loki tied one end of a rope to a goat and the other end around his *** and began a game of tug…
You wait forever for a pirate game and two in one expo. Remembering Sid Meier's Pirates fondly.
Playing Realms of the Haunting, a spoopy 90's FPS exploration game, and one of my favorites growing up. Come join…
Never had the game crash on Xbox One but today it's done it 3 times while attempting to matchmake.
That is why T20 cricket is so unpredictable - one bowling or batting performance changes the game.
One thing I need to do is finish collecting game consoles.
Season ahead. Time to roll up the sleeves and get us back where we belong. Every game a war to be…
I know the game cause we're playing the same one
they want to win a football game, so I think if it was one of the wide receivers, it's a different way of reaching players.
Mind you its last years strip. New one fae masters Puma and Ashley oot in couple of we…
Akoya - known you for years, one of my closest friends on this, mw2 beast but you should start playing another game
Favorite part was definitely the Scorpio/Xbox One X reveal. Waiting to preorder mine and game on 4K!
Salem Safi's ugly & dangerous game. Putting Khan's life into danger by associating him with Iran. How low can one get f…
No man one of the nicest men in the game Mr Atzeni got a pint thrown at him by some Berkshire thug
How to get the best Xbox game streaming experience on PC
Absolute pleasure playing with a legend of the game (albeit and Arsenal one) at a great course t…
4 hours of play time today and only got 2 complete matches. Every other one crashed. So disappointe…
I really hope Louis spence gets locked in one of the game and don't get him out please
Typical Philly. Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons diss Lonzo Ball. Embiid injury prone. Simmons not one game in NBA.They suck.
The more this team grind while no one watching the easier the game going to be while everyone watching
My favourite moment was at Xbox press conference when you show Anthem, that gam…
Ok next one, little harder than the last two, which game is this from?
is not creating a Game 🙄. Late night lesson with one on AI to follow.
Might not watch one bulls game this year
I have a feeling tonight is going to be one sloppy game. . Man that's just brutal
Assassins Creed Origins reveal on Xbox One X and the new Metro game
Y'all need pokemon and animal crossing in one game + poop hair
My favourite moment was when they showed state of Decay 2, and obviously Xbox One X game plays!
I'm also giving out **10** codes of Rivals of Aether on Xbox One! . Winners will be announced on June 25th!!.
LaVar Ball does a lot of talking, but one writer thinks Lonzo Ball's game speaks for itself.
It takes one to kill one in the latest red-band trailer for American Assassin
Game of Thrones only has 1 more season after this one n im going to cry
This new Pokémon *** game is sick I'm about to go catch me one
I swear every time me and my friends get drunk one of us pulls this game out to play 😂
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Welcome to ! One thing is for sure, suit game is already ready
To be fair tho, Cardiff usually only gets one game per year (not including tournament…
I need to play one game in the with me!!! Do it For the culture !!!
Carr out here talking about the one yard line in the Super Bowl like he's ever gonna even see that game 😂😂😂
Toronto 2016: It's too hard to sell out a Grey Cup and a Outdoor NHL game in one year!. Ottawa 2017: Hold my Dom Perignon.
I so totally & completely concur - like one of those Japanese game shows where you only get…
Unfortunately no one cares about the truth in the UK! All is political and legal game ! Whoever has the…
The little waddlers are called Noots, they're so cute! One got hungry & ate all the berries from my shop - you're in this game!
Rihanna at Game One of the in Oakland last night wearing Spring 2016 Matthew Adams Dolan and
Mike Lange: “Game One belongs to the Pittsburgh Penguins, and it was drama at its very best.” Re-live the rollercoaster of to…
Game One vs. St. John's will start Friday at 11 am Central on the SEC Network. Patrick Raby expected to throw vs. the Red…
Coach Sullivan confirms that Patric Hornqvist WILL play tonight in Game One.
New Locked on Warriors podcast! joins me to break down a wild, tense Game One.
NBA Wrap: Warriors get lucky in Game One; Celtics were robbed by ... Warriors ♥➡️
Here are your three stars for Game One.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Play ball! Join me in Cedar Hill at 4:45 for Game One of pool play - Fort Worth Blackhawks Baseball
Do not miss and I chop up Game One of the playoffs. post game TONIGHT!
Son Carlton and I are at Game One thanks to and enjoying with Justin and his beautiful wife. Awesome day for C…
Uh oh. Markus Howard buries a three and the Golden Eagles lead 8-4. He was a nightmare in Game One, made 9 threes.
It was on to St. Louis. We were nervous after John Lackey out pitched Jon Lester in Game One. Wow, I ate a lot of n…
The Indians take Game One the thanks to Andrew Miller's ability to wiggle out of…
And the other young man although failed to score an hundred but went onto the become one of the greats of the game.
great win streak: but only picked up one game on the Giants during the streak
oh I don't mean the game it self I will be buying that day one ..I just meant between the 79 tf2 or the 59 tf2 ..
Much better competition that one. Was actually exciting, much more so than game 1.
get ready to offload those tickets for game 3 because no one in NSW will pay $10 for them.
seems that way but anyway one thing is sure USA has improved so much in football (soccer) and lifted their game to great level 👍
Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Nintendo Only Needed One Game to Wow at E3 2016
I mean.this is the lead character from a scrapped game concept I had that maybe one day I'll revive IDK.
One Premier League club have asked about Martin Odegaard's availability...
If we truly are characters in a video game being played by an advanced civilization, the one controlling me is a noob.…
£77 from one rugby game, I'll take that 🔥🔥
Cam Smith: "No one can ever question our effort" -
"Top 10 reasons that Float is the most mediocre game of 2017". "One man made video of him dressing up as float". "Top ten tumors!"
11 days before I leave 🇦🇺 & tonight I decide to learn about Rugby 😂 it was one *** of a game though
If this is to be our last game at Euro 2016, one thing is for sure... They've done every single one of us proud!
is so underated! One of the best in the game. Atm, im liking 'sorry not sorry' and his behind bars. 🔥🔥
This Saturday, one of Japan's premier college football teams plays a game against one of Mexico's premier teams:
only scored one non intercept try. Fail attack need a new coach and drop mic jennings massive errors to loose game
Kwaz is good with Lil Mac, no one is taking that. But if you can't see that Mac is good you don't understand the game.
what do you mean? I was like that before the kickoff game one..
Morning! If you think small things don't matter, think of the last game you lost by one point.
Let's play a game called: who can pretend to be asleep for the longest while Sammy begs one of us to pick her up
If i have one solid complaint about Overwatch on PS4 its that i can put my controller down and watch the game scroll through menus alone.
Another one in the books well done great game tonight.
omg literally same though. I went to one game last year and it was so depressing lol
I feel a 3 nil whitewash coming on again! One more game boys! Great game! Congratulations! QUEENSLANDER !
.Showed a lot of dif types of clues and one of them used Kodable for directional lock. Not a whole coding game.
Excellent draw, happy with that! I'm feeling a live game on Sky for that one.
You probably didn’t notice the Stark kids ALL did this one thing on
Couldn't agree with you more 👌😀 Have you seen this one of the previous game? Messi's hat-trick
Jack Bird, Tom and Jake Trbovich should be selected in game one next year and told they will be in the team next 10 years. The future...
The little league team I coach surprised me with pizza last night but the one thing that would really surprise me is win…
audience. If it's too realistic/difficult probable no one will play it for real.. I wish they also had GP2/GP3 in the game
The game started as 1v3, but the third one didn't advance for some reason, and the others couldn't win 2v1 and were destroyed
yeah it does. Looks mad intense one of them is prob gonna die Bc of the game or something
says that a game is just starting but is in the 60th minute and one is just constantly suspended.. O/6268428/023
Trump says, “I love playing with debt.” Someone should tell him our economy isn’t a game.
See you all at for game three. Lol. No we wont. No one is going.
- has lost another Euros game. The last one was 12 years ago (1-0 vs Portugal, 2004) .
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Cruz still has $6 million.. And a ground game of 200,000 trained volunteers ready. He's the only one who does.
One thing ik bout this world...its so much fake love ..people only fuk wit u unless it's beneficial...yu cant cry about it…
I watched a Red Sox game on TV one time & couldn't believe how boring it was and we play cricket!
So i go to boot up some mighty no 9. And my xbox one says i don't own the game. So i try cleaning it trying other games .
Chanyeol bought the game 'overwatch' for jongin and Sehun but Suho is the one who's playing it.
This one is for all the video game freaks.Tag a friend who is obsessed with video games.
What's the point of a game three really. No one in nsw gives a flying f
One bad game and people forget how great you have been.
Know the best part? They'll blow selection in game three. They won't commit to the mass change needed in game one. They'll half *** it.
I feel like i'm the only one who doesn't watch game of thrones
saw that game live. Could not believe that goal! One of the best.
We're back in action one month today in the first game of 2016! Get the key info:
When you're one of the few people who still think Mighty No. 9 could still be a great game.
✔️Game One. ✔️ Game Two. An Championship is on the line tomorrow, let's PACK Dudy Noble at 5 p.m.
Stephen Curry Drains Six 3-Pointers in Game One of the Western ... - -
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Check out the Game One recap of the & recap:
BASEBALL:(Game One) Effingham 6, St Anthony 5 FINAL. Game 2 on the way on 979xfm
I agree because the Daniel Briere OT offside GWG in Game One of the 2012 Flyers/Pens series stills haunt my dreams.
"This year, from Game One, doubt got into us." - Bob Hartley ~
Clippers take the field for Game One (finally) vs. the Indianapolis Indians. Mike Clevinger vs. Tyler Glasnow.
Bears Hammer Ducks in Game One: Cal hit the cover off the ball at PK Park on Friday night and rou...
Perth Wildcats, Perth Arena = LOUD great atmosphere. Game One go wildcats
It's a final in Game One of the Navy defeats Air Force 3-1 on the strength of 13 K's by Luke Gillingham.
Feels like that Game One of that Governors Cup. Playing loose, playing with no pressure.
If you were to sum up this insane game with one GIF...which would you use?
you're a better person than i am. I went to one rugby game and that was enough for me lol
What a play by Vernon Adams. Wow. If you have to stay up until 2 am to watch a game. At least is a great one.
One final mission in MGS5. I'll put a wrap on the game tomorrow.
RNH top 5 in takeaways. Him and Hall also one and two in ice time/game amongst forwards. Doing the dirty work and scoring.
...and this was one of the 22 shootout kicks in the game, which will go down as one of the craziest in MLS history: http…
One Game, in one Day, Only one Winner. The East L.A Classic. Garfield vs Roosevelt.
After one game, I'm a huge fan of this Joffrey Lauvergne fellow
Let's play a game directioners! first seven comments will be the players. • comment "One Direction 🖖🏻", first...
This was one of those nights.. what a game
Another bet let down by only one game! 4 in a row! Surely a big win coming soon! 🏀
I run game better than most *** so I guarantee you ain't gone pull one over on me, na fr
Editors' Buzz: Find one woman somewhere, anywhere, being forced by her in-laws to fast today and go on rampage against Hi…
Five had multiple points as No. 1 Minnesota topped No. 7 UND 5-1 in game one.
I showed you the game everybody else was playing, that's for sure Superman got nothin' on me, I'm only one call away
People need to stop allowing everything to be a game. Complicating everything helps no one.
, you guys still one the JV game, aren't we both winners? 🙃
bro-in-law: Is that a new game?. me: ... Yes?. sister: At least she's not playing her cat one anymore. me: Hey! I'm still playing that one!
There is one crazy Pac 12 game going to overtime and it's less than 4 hours to sunrise in the East.
I feel like I'm the only one that's still up watching this game
Lol if Oregon had recovered that, we are talking about one of the greatest late game meltdowns of all time
One time can we learn how to close a game... One time. Please. Once. Please.
What a game. At the end of the day no one in the Pac12 is going to the playoffs
Bruh I swear this Oregon game the best game no one watching
Can't believe game still going at 2AM, but a great one between Arizona State and Oregon.Thanks for giving me something exciting to watch!
If we lose this game no one better bring up Oregon or football to me until we play them again and beat their *** into the ground
Can a group of 5 of us purchase an inner sanctum experience for one game next year or is it a season pass only?
Balls, I'm not gonna be near my WiiU for this week's . Win this one for me Team Ninja!
[plays an otome game with one hand on my phone and an eroge game with the other hand on my computer] ENTER THE *** ZONE
Just the one game to go & it's the return fixture against Merrimac
If he ever gets off that table, that guy from the Operation game is going to have one *** of a grounds for a lawsuit.
there is no bad episode of DS9. . But this one's close. . Oh, and the one with the deadly kid's game.
How do you miss 3 field goals in one game...
I'm up on the east coast watching one *** of a game at 2am
This will be Victor Matfield's last game in the green and g.. How many “last” games does one get. Mk mk.
My team and I had one hella of game tonight 💪🏼⚽️ Just one game left, stay humble ❤️
Western Bulldogs lobby AFL as only one women's game makes fixture
ASU’s defensive line is amazing, so maybe smart not to put the game on one play. Teams are close were you could either way
This is the second best game of the season. What's number one? WHAT'S NUMBER ONE?!
What a game! That ASU fan bout to end up on the internet. I don't wanna be the one to do it.
[SBS The World Game]One of those people at the top, who has had a roundabout crossing of …
If you come to one of my shows, Rule : Pre-Game, Rule : Be ready to catch me because I did my first crowd surf and …
Before this season, there was one 300-yard passing game in Denison history. Hunter Watson now has three in nine games.
"This game needs more fades and trick plays and less Royce Freeman running," said no one watching this.
Kinda wish we would have just gone for 2 there and put this one away. I can't stand this game.
That was one of the plays of the year. This game has been crazy to watch. Lot of huge plays. OT now.
Are you kidding me? 4th and goal, game on the line, toss up, 2 players jump & one scores game tying TD at 41! OT here they go!
Thank u 4 being there today while I cheered my heart out for one last football game, love u guys so muchhh!!! 😩💕
This UOvsASU game is one of the most entertaining games of the season!! To bad 75% of the country is sleeping.
You had one job ASU and that was to intercept and win the game. Smh...
Final, EU Frosh over Central Catholic 35-21! Great job men! 9-0 so far!!! One more, it's the biggest game of the year!
Watching the highlights of last night's game. Some of the one touch counter attack stuff was mesmeric... And Kelechi w…
This game is insane!!! Glad I stayed up.. Only one who stayed up it seems too.
You said on Patriots Game Day Tom Brady had 2 picks, when was the second one? Only saw the bent finger bounce.
An article mentioned a character in a game and the admin said it was a spoiler. I brought up one of th…
One more item on the list and it's time to make a new list. (Math Attack game)
feel like I'm the only one up watching this game...
drose I was the one giving the rhythm to the audience in the United center during the Toronto vs Chicago game in …
Too bad no one on the east coast is up for this Oregon/Arizona St game
Am I the only one watching this game?😳😳
Herrera: "I would like to go to one away game with the fans one day because our away fans are unbelievable."
GREAT GAME, PLAY IT. ignore the second one.
Luciano Figueroa tops the scoring charts for in this season's with 5 goals. One game to go! https:…
Why is no one talking about this game
Who says Thursday night football is boring? One heck of s game going on between Oregon and ASU! On
I haven't won one game of Pixduel against any of my friends 😂 Life is hard.
see if you would like two keys (same game maybe give one to a friend) to a game named Contagion
Knights back in the win column. Great game! Big one next week.
Lmao Johnny almost caught the game saving play for Oregon!!! 😮😮😮 BUT STILL one crazy *** play!!!
Turkey cracks down on media outlets, Tokyo Motor Show opens to press, Royals take Game One...
KANSAS CITY, Oct 27 (Reuters) - Kansas City starting pitcher Edinson Volquez took the mound in Game One of the World Series after learning
Hamburg jumps out to an 11-6 edge in Game One. Jack Lillin, Jon Gordner and Austin O'Shei have kills.
Game One of the Auckland Nines is between the Raiders and the Rabbitohs!
It's a great day to be a Blue Hen . Game One.
Western Suburbs Magpies vs Blacktown Workers at Campbelltown Sports Stadium on Sat 22nd Aug 2015. Game One at...
Photo: Ellen Page attend Game One of the 2014 NHL Stanley Cup Final at the Staples Center on June 4, 2014...
NBA-Iguodala a towering presence for Warriors in Game One (Reuters): While Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson led...
The Chicago Blackhawks strike against the Lightning in Game One of the Stanley Cup Finals -...
Queensland wins Game One of State of Origin series after beating NSW ∞ 83
a great Game One tonight Rangers. Now, together, let's go to the Stanley Cup Finals. Let's go NY Rangers, you're the Best!
After one scoreless period of play here in Game One, the are outshooting Tampa Bay 11-7
W2W4: It's Game One of the ECF this afternoon vs. Lightning; game primer:
Tennessee takes on Longwood in Game One of the Knoxville Regional, Friday at 6 pm ET on ESPN3
The Hartford Wolf Pack will play the Providence Bruins in the first round of the AHL playoffs. Game One is Wednesday.
KING “win Game One here 2-1 on goals from Brassard and McDonagh, and 24 Henrik saves!!!”
Is this the same game that saw Polotau Nau throw two punches in one ruck and get a penalty and a turnover?
That one game of the year, it was my life at one point, and its basicly got the same game mechanics
Torres - "I had one career with Stevie & another without him. He changed my game, my motivation and ambitions".
Pouring down. Praying for game to get called off. One is not amused 😞
have to keep an eye on us asians- I hope your game went well last night- I need to check it out one of these days
In the stu w one of the hardest working underrated rappers in the game from the midwest
Huge night at Phoenix. The Great One ices his last home game. AW's last game too. Two staff finish tonight. And a Cov place up for grabs.
yeah hes cool man! hes one of the UKA Admins! V good pvp player and knowledgeable about the game!
. You've already done the nation proud boys, one more game to go! Will be watching in the wee hours in the UK
one question always disturbs us...why only Muslims are in trouble in the it sm BIG game to curtail Muslim countries ???
I loaded up mt fav game of all time for the first tome in a while (Beyond Good & Evil) and one of the characters goes
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Great night. Once they had 10 men I've never seen a more one sided game. Nobody saw what Flynn & Oji were sent off for
Baby kids zone provides best and safety baby supplies products with baby foods, baby toys etc
heard the all blacks are in joburg but there game is on same time as the show.ah well we'll be playin them in World Cup…
YG, Yo Gotti, DJ Mustard and The Game should just make one killer track to cover the whole of 2015!!
Game day and it's the big one v who we welcome to Ringsend. . Should be a great game get down and take a look at it
Someone said one time it crashed a game due to some bug and they wouldn't risk it. But who knows..
is finally on Play one of the most and "One tap" new on
Check Tougi Ou: King Colossus, one of this week's recommendations. See rating:
We witnessed one of the best players to ever play the game at Anfield. Imo
Prayers out to my bro on a speedy recovery! Many people like to play this game, but he's one…
VIDEO: Russia/Montenegro game suspended after Akinfeev is struck by flare inside ONE MINUTE
If football taught me anything about business, it is that you win the game one play at a time.
Big game today. Charity day and battle for 3rd and even a bit of pay back. Gutted I can't be there have …
another one of those: I wish it were converted to an Ipad game for me... love to play that again.
Another powerplay goal!! gets his second of the night to put Everett up 5-1 with one minute left in the gam…
Order Miche Bag Online!
One thing i am certain of, these elections will be a game changer for real.
we should have won the cup. But it's ok. It's a game atleast. One have to be lost either. 😊👍
Does anyone want to declare apocalypse yet? Indians decide to stunt one maybe .. Indian GoT? Dafaq!
I need one right handed R.A.T 9 and one left handed, I have an idea! To the eBays .
One more try boys and the game is ours!
Tough game. Glad we got that one done! Great display from 1-17. Fantastic support once again from the HKR faithful! 👏👏👏 …
BREAKERS WIN!! Game 7 Sunday night at 7 in a one game take all for the title!
One day she'll start sending you mixed signals and you'll get mad because she's finally learnt how to play your game.
Forgot to add to my dead rat removal and vacuuming post. A game changer. Still avoiding 'victory' posturing. No one wins this one.
Dark Souls' Great Wolf Sif, one of the saddest boss fights in the game.
Just won our second game against the italians!! GGs! 2-0 in pool play, one more match today.
Last game of the season for North today and a massive one for the ladies 1s, they would love your support at Gordano 2…
I just want to take care of my parents one day... I will.
There's ONE reason yall playing Game of War lol
Every supporter game at a time they say, but let's dream as well!
Don't call yourself a gamer if you only play ONE game
I like this guessing game. Do you think I am going to win or lose this one!? Watch to find out!
We are Ready to rock NYC one more night SATURDAY Night AFTERHOURS, if you wanna hear we are the…
Game day fuel up. Who's fighting for promotion/survival?
i cant believe we won last night. We were only one point ahead for most of the game.
Not a bad day at work meeting one of the legends of the game!
. The Game is one of those books which will have you on the edge of your seat turning page after page until its finished.
Rydalmere get one back, game on, Zak Elrich involved heavily in the build up. 1-2
That's why football is such a great game ! Get in Harry Kane !!!
C is for Caps. The Cap. I'll be wearing one to the game tomorrow!
yet unfortunately we are just fair game to this uncaring bunch in charge. They have one agenda, destroy the Welfare State
. You missed me scoring a 1st half hat trick with 2 wonder strikes in one game
Play a game where you murder everyone in hyper violent ways no one cares. Play a game that has sexual themes with no nu…
Covering the Ryman League Division One North game between Chatham Town and Harlow Town today
Have Fun, Play Hard, Play as One. Play with Passion! Honor the Game! 1-0...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
So what was driving narrative of again? Because the game sounds kinda one-note and boring.
Stoke City: No one forgets smell of first game | Stoke Sentinel via :-)
One game away from sitting on the bench in Croke Park😍
Winner bracked YEa boys Gread job yesterday flawles no lossen only one map but sitl won the game
Can't touch this! Apparently only winners can touch cup. One more game
Check Doom Warrior, one of this week's recommendations. See rating:
What a game of Badminton ! 9-17 down at one stage, Intanon wraps this thrilling first game. 21-19.
Where can one find more info on the game? Blog, website, FB, something... :)
Tough call. One things for sure we need to be on top of our game for the full 90+ can't afford anymore slip ups! 2-1
Imitation Game. One of the best movie. :)
My guys on the road, best one on one game I could find this time a night !
Devin Brown, who started Game One for South Al, will get the ball again. Brown has 126 Ks on the season. For the Cajuns, Christina Hamilton.
Saint Rita 0 Providence 0 after 2 periods of Game One of Kennedy Cup Semi-Finals
For those of you who attended my Younique party, winners were drawn at random for all five games. Still waiting on Nicole King to confirm our grand prize winner. Below I have the winners of the five games that were played. Thank you all for coming to the party, I had a blast!! We will be partying again soon!! Game One - Barb Hicks Game Two- Destiny Grace Rolett Game Three- Tiffany Davenport Game Four- Morgan Abigail D'Angelo Game Five- Elizabeth Benanti
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